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Mary Charlebois Kevin McGoff Noreen Kompanik

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Jed Vaughn Art Stricklin

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From the Publisher We have exciting news from our

Publishing Team. We have established a forward-thinking opportunity to help our creative staff. With all of the talent in social media looking for opportunities to grow or start a career, we are implementing an opportunity for motivated individuals to work with us in publishing new and fresh ideas, artwork and social media approaches to our current and future publications.

We know there is a vast pool of talent to collaborate on our productions. We have the ability to use our virtual office to begin bringing in individuals who would like to “create” new visions. Our “Links & Libations Luxury

Travel Magazine” will remain using a basic format of dreamy pictures supported by our World Class Team of Writers. But we also have innovative delivery methods which will be introduced in December’s Issue and they are unique to this format.

I am always delighted in finding new submissions of travel and sipping articles, while working with new contributors to our magazine So, I am like our readers. I pull up a fresh cup of coffee every morning, while reading our magazine, I harbor the same zest and passion for travel and escape while rapidly turning the pages of “L & L”, just to see the pictures “first”. Our magazine gives me peace, and a momentary escape from the “honey” or “corporate” “To Do List”.

Expansion with Links & Libations However, when I read the early submitted offering of our writers, I sometimes want to wait until the publication date. It’s fun to see when all of their pictures are wrapped within our writers featured articles. I know the passion of our writers; and I hear every day how much they love traveling while embedding their heart and soul in their words and cameras. We are working every month to present a basic premise, “Pictures tell the story”, while creating spontaneous emotional moments where we all feel we can fantasize and imagine we’re embedded in the scene. “Links & Libations Luxury Travel Magazine” should provide readers a momentary escape, while being a bit fanciful. A Glimpse into December Holiday Issue: •We will be featuring noted photographer, Daniel Sullivan and his new fresh collection from Maui. •An update at time of publication of the December issue with Dave Trevelino, Master Chef at TPC Potomac at Avenel Farms, on his work feeding the Navy Sailors of the USS Chicago and USS Mississippi on December 25, 2018. •A glimpse in the LPGA #inviteHer initiative, and our own (Miss Kira 18+1 Steps into Golf) •An update from The Distillery on their new National “Barrel to Coffee Program”. It is easy to understand why we need fresh faces to help us cover the world of talent we have on the team. If you have a “Travel Dream Destination” fantasy, please send it to me. We will see if we can get it covered in an upcoming issue. Now wouldn’t that be fun!! I think so. Cheers for the Holidays, Randy Weckerly

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“Once you’ve hooked’ll be hooked too!” The El Cid Marina and Beach Hotel is

among the finest in all of Mazatlán. The resort offers first class service, fine dining, and luxury accommodations. There are an abundance of activities to try, including sunning on the beach or pool-side, sightseeing and snorkeling tours to Deer Island, superb golfing with 27 holes divided into 3 courses with 9 holes each, and last but not least… my reason for being there… charter fishing for huge Marlin!

billfish for the challenge, the trophy, or to catch and release.

The adventure begins at the Marina Resort in the golden zone of Mazatlán. The bait is prepared and the gear is stowed as you board at 6:30am. It’s still dark as the Aries 9, a 36’ Sea Ray Sport fisher taxis its way towards open water. El Faro lighthouse, the tallest in the Americas, is emitting a dim light in the distance and the excitement of hooking a trophy Marlin starts to build. You’re heading for the blue water line, 18 miles straight out to sea. One the best places to catch Marlin is in the blue waters near the city of Mazatlán, often referred to as the “Billfish Capital of the World.” Where the southern end of the Sea of Cortez meets the Pacific Ocean, big game fishing flourishes year-round with blue, black, and striped marlin along, with an abundance of Rooster fish, Dorado, tuna, and sailfish frequenting the waters. It is also the only place in the world you’ll find swordfish sleeping on the surface, exhausted from a full night of fishing the murky water below. It’s a place where you can experience

the thrill of doing battle with a huge colorful fish breaching the water. Big game fishing fanatics come to the El Cid Marina from all reaches of the globe to land a giant

The blue water line defines where the green

water, rich in plankton, ends, turning to a clear aqua marine blue. It’s a beautiful scene with the morning sun shimmering off the ripple and the wake of the boat. The blue line is where all the trolling action starts.


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After cruising for about an hour we were

nearly 20 miles out and anticipation was growing. The captain pulled back on the twin caterpillar engines, slowing to trolling speed, as the crew mate began setting out the Penn fishing rods, each with reels carrying 980 yards of 80 lb. test. Five lines: three out the back with 6” lures and one straight off each side with outriggers, baited with ballyhoos and mullet bait fish. Captain Herberto and crew mate Carlos were constantly scanning the sea. They keeping an eye out for groups of feeding frickets, birds that can see up to 30 miles, and great for locating feeding surface fish.

We reached the blue line and had been

trolling to about 30 miles out without seeing any marlin… and suddenly it happened. One of the outriggers released with a loud bang.

A cry from the crew mate… “It’s a Marlin!”. After setting the hook, Carlos brought the pole to the fighting chair and I took my seat. Relaxing my arms as I reeled in line, then pulling hard to bring the Marlin a little closer. When the reel screams, you just have to let it go and wait for the big gamefish to relax. For the first 10 minutes, it seems like it’s going to be a long battle as I wasn’t making much progress. I would gain some ground and he would take it back. This went on for another 10 minutes. Eventually the marlin began to wear out and I was drawing him nearer to the boat. I was having the time of my life, fighting the large billfish, who would show his brilliant colors when breaching the water. As the huge billfish drew closer to the boat, we could tell it was at least 7 feet long and more than a 100 lbs., and my heart was pounding like a school boy anticipating his first kiss. With tiring arms, I was determined to bring the tiring marlin to the boat.

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Within 5 minutes or so, my fishing fantasy

was fulfilled, and I got a great photo of the magnificent striped marlin with whom I had just done battle.Once the excitement died down, we continued to troll, and it appeared the next fisherman would get a chance to battle a big billfish. We saw 4 marlin cruising behind the boat and the excitement built again. Then, as suddenly as they appeared, the marlin were nowhere to be seen.

Time was running short for the remaining fishermen to get their turn and, at 1 p.m., the captain set a course back to the marina. It had been an awesome day of fishing in the Sea of Cortez. We had reeled in two giant fish totaling 150 lbs. In the end it was a great adventure and everyone had a fantastic experience. I can truly say that my “Marlin Fishing Fantasy” was fulfilled on the outing with the Aries Fleet charter, from the fabulous El Cid Marina Resort of Mazatlán, Mexico. At 11:30 a.m. the captain steered the

Aries 9 back towards Mazatlán, leaving us only another hour to hook some more gamefish. The boat had caught yellowfin tuna the day before and the captain decided to try some rooster lures to see if there were any of those in the area.

With five lines dragging behind us, time slipped by as we were quietly trolling along. Once again the sound of line ripping from a reel was heard and it was fish on again. The next fisherman up was excited as he took the fighting chair. The battle went on for 25 minutes and once the fish neared the boat, we could see it was a yellowfin tuna. It looked to be over 60 lbs. The large tuna can put up a tough fight and, in the end, the pole handler was happy to bring the fish aboard as his arms were burning from pulling and reeling.

El Cid offers three hotel locations in the Golden Zone of Mazatlán. Marina, Moro, and Castilla Beach. Each one offers their own set of amenities. A stunningly elaborate pool set at the Marina Hotel, with the charter fishing available right outside your hotel room. Beautiful beach access and luxury accommodations at the Castilla Beach, also center of the Golden Zone with easy access to shopping and beach front. The Moro is known for its and late-night activities.


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Big Cedar Lodge By: Art Stricklin



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Branson, Missouri- Like many great visionaries, now lauded for their life-long contributions, Johnny Morris got his start in humble beginnings. The 71- year-old most unlikely golf

tycoon, who first built a national hunting and fishing empire under the title of Bass Pro Shops, while selling beer and other libations from his dad’s humble highway ice and liquor store, he created the largest privately held outdoor shops in the country.

But the golfing mecca he is currently

constructing near Branson, Missouri, piece by green grass piece, may one day eclipse, with golf destination travelers, what he created for hunters and fishermen.

Morris, who doesn’t see himself as a golf expert by any means, has assembled the mostnotable and names in the golf construction business, Tom Fazio, Jack Nicklaus, Ben Crenshaw, Bill Coore and most lately Tiger Woods, to design what already labeled as America’s next great golf destination.

Using the luminous Big Cedar Lodge as

his destination headquarters, Morris iswell into a multi-million dollar golf tourism quest to provide Branson and Big Cedar Lodge visitors the best and most scenic public golf course destinations between the East and West Coast.

“We are building an experience unlike

anything that’s been done before. It will bring golfers of all ages and skill levels together and create lasting memories.” -Morris

He said the lure of the outdoors and the

chance to build another recreation empire,when he has the money to do it, was too much to resist.

“One thing I know about John is he is

always up for an adventure,” added his wife, Jeanie Morris.

The latest great course to open is the new

Crenshaw and Coore course, Ozark National, which debuted this fall and takes over some of the scenic and hilly land which was once occupied by John Daly’s Murder Rock golf course.

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Crenshaw said the par 72 design, which plays up and down the local hills, is the most natural and appealing land he has ever worked. This is high praise, after his recent collaboration at PGA Tour site, Trinity Forest Golf Club in Dallas, along with other great designs at Sand Hills in Nebraska and Barton Creek in Austin, Texas. While there is no firm date for the opening

of the Woods’ course, Payne’s Valley, he has already finished 12 holes and it should be completed and opened by summer by 2019.

It will be his first public layout anywhere. The par 3 he’s doing at Big Cedar Lodge, further increases golfers who travel, reason to appreciate and experience Morris’ new golfing creation.


“Crenshaw said the par 72 design, which plays up and down the local hills.”


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To get involved in the golf course

business, after taking over Big Cedar Lodge and the Buffalo Springs course, Morris relied on good friend, Herb Kohler, who also built a business empire of his own with bathroom facets, before turning his attention to the creation of Whistling Straits Golf Resort, near his hometown in Wisconsin. He has also purchased the Old Course Hotel in Scotland.

Kohler had Pete Dye as his primary golf architect, but he vouched for golf rookie Morris.


Golf Architect, Tom Fazio has finished his

hugely scenic work at Buffalo Ridge Golf Course for Morris, the current site of a Champions PGA Tour Event. Gary Player completed his short course, the Player Mountain Top Course at Buffalo Ridge. Crenshaw and Coore are done with their project. Next up is Woods.

It’s Morris’ ultimate ‘Build it and they will come’game plan, on golfing steroids, all set in a scenic Missouri backwoods location, with plenty of fishing and outdoor activities, which made him famous, is now funding a great deal of his new golfing zeal.

“It’s Morris’ ultimate ‘Build it and they will come.”


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When Morris and Bass Pro Shops originally purchased Big Cedar Lodge located adjacent to the massive Table Rock Lake in 1987, he immediately fell in love with its beauty and natural setting and began to restore the facilities, which were originally mansions for two wealthy Missourians. Today, the 800-acre facility contains

all manner of waterfront cabins, a hotel lodge, wide varieties of dining, and a spa, fishing dock, pool and nature trails. In the early 2000s, he began to turn his full attention to golf on his property.

The par 71 Buffalo Ridge Springs golf course reopened in 2014, after it originally began life as Branson Creek Golf Course, designed by Tom Fazio in 1999. Morris asked Fazio to return and do some extensive renovation to the course which he renamed and is located 15 minutes north of Big Cedar Lodge. At the same time, Morris began to do

some extensive work on his Top of the Rock facility which is close to his resort and also underwent large-scale renovations, reopening in 2014.

“Today, the 800-acre facility contains all manner of waterfront cabins.�

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Along with the natural caves which dot

the facility, and can be accessed by golf cart tour, and the artifact museum, which takes up part of the two-story facility. Morris commissioned Nicklaus to design a rollicking and tumbling par 3 golf course. Also titled Top of the Rock, it’s 9 holes of pure fun, with many of the short holes looking directly out at Table Rock Lake.

In 2014, Top of the Rock, became the first

par 3 course ever to host an official Champions Tour event, when the Bass Pro Legends of Golf moved to Branson, and is played on both the Buffalo Ridge Springs and Top of the Rock Courses.


In addition, Morris included the Arnold

Palmer Driving Range which opened in 2014 and has 16 target greens ranging from 50 to 325 yards over caves, sink holes and bunkers. It can be lighted for night play using golf balls that look like fireflies in the Southern Missouri skies.

There is the Tom Watson, Himalayan putting green, next to the driving range, is a one-acre green designed by the Hall of Fame designer, who grew up nearby in Kansas City, and shares Morris’ love for nature and Midwestern values.


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Arnie’s Barn, which reassembled parts of Palmer’s original barn from Latrobe, Pennsylvania, is the 19th hole, here to celebrate an incredible golfing experience at the facilities, with food and drink and jaw-dropping views of the nearby practice area and par 3 course.

“This is a one of a kind golf, social, entertainment and environmental experience the likes of which has never been done before,” said Fazio, who has been a part of some off the most unique and acclaimed courses in America.”

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With all the public golf options Morris has or

that will soon be available, you can get a bit of golf travel sensory overload. But the best place to start is Fazio’s Buffalo Ridge Spring course.

Right next to the Fazio Course is the 12-hole par 3 short course designed by Player. It wraps around the Buffalo Springs clubhouse and can be walked and played with a couple of short irons.

It offers some of the same views as the

Fazio course, and overlooks the Coore and Crenshaw golf layout as well. The Player course offers an excellent chance to work on your short game, walking the scenic surroundings, while being close enough to the two-story clubhouse to come in when you’ve had enough. When golf is done for the day or if rain interrupts your round, there is plenty to do off the course. The Big Cedar Lodge cabins perched right on the water for fishing or boating.


Nearby is the massive Dogwood Canyon,

also owned by Morris, which straddles the border of Missouri and Arkansas and includes all manner of wildlife which can be viewed from a one-hour, covered, tram ride.

Dogwood also offers fishing in its wild

steams, charging by the hour or the number of fish caught. There is another museum showcasing Morris’ extensive arrowhead and animal skeleton collection. The collection is the main reason Morris got involved in the outdoors in the beginning.

“We are stewards of the outdoors here in Missouri and these new golf courses along with our hunting and fishing properties, help fulfill our responsibilities,” Morris said at the Tiger Woods’ grand opening.


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There is hardly enough time in a single trip to explore the shooting range, which offers rifle shooting with a variety of different gun calibers, along with a huge amphitheater for concerts. In addition, there is another two-story clubhouse, gun shop and locker room to accommodate patrons of the shooting range and amphitheater.

If you can think of it when it comes to golf and outdoor adventures then Morris probably has it or will build it, all open to the public, in a most unlikely and scenic location.

“There is hardly enough time in a single trip to explore...�

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The golf empire Morris is assembling here with a high-quality public golf and resort, fun for all ages is on a scale rarely seen anywhere in the U.S., certainly America’s most unlikely next great golf destination for sure.



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Saugatuck Brewing Company By: Chuck Warren


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In 2005, after his job’s international

travel demands exposed salesman Barry Johnson to beer variations from around the world, he quit to open his own craft brewery. The Saugatuck Brewing Company was founded in a storage building with a small, 3 1/2-barrel brewing system. However, their quirky flavors and quality products gained them immediate attention and the company quickly outgrew the facility.

After three years, Saugatuck Brewing Company, or SBC to West Michigan beer connoisseurs moved to an empty warehouse directly across the street. The 25,000 square-foot building at the south end of Douglas, Michigan provided SBC with enough room to upgrade their production equipment to a 10-barrel brewing system, and to add a pub with a kitchen. In 2009, Barry Johnson retired and passed the reins to current CEO, Ric Gillete, who brought his hospitality industry experience to the growing brewery

SBC’s rising popularity pushed them to expand the kitchen, and to upgrade their menu from sandwiches and finger foods to unique entrees and appetizers such as Crispy Shrimp Po’ Boys, Three Pigs Grinders, and a Bavarian JumboPretzel appetizer with SBC’s own beer cheese dip.

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Saugatuck Brewing Company’s food keeps locals and tourists alike coming back for more, but it’s their foamy creations that have made them a regional sensation. Known for their experimental brews, SBC flavors such as Blueberry Maple Stout, which really tastes like blueberry pancakes, sell out immediately upon release. Neapolitan Milk Stout, with its hints of chocolate, vanilla, and strawberry, is responsible for 24 percent of SBC’s sales. Driven by their out-of-the-box thinking,

Saugatuck Brewing Company decided to give their customers the opportunity to create their own personalized flavors of beer. Their original 3 1/2 barrel, copper kettle brewing system was installed at the far end of the bar and dining area, and called Brew on Premise. It was an immediate success.

Bring your own recipe, or just an idea, and SBC’s Brew on Premise director, Dexter Gauntlett, will help you balance the ingredients, adjust the flavor, and will coach you through the process of brewing your very own custom beer.



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After fermenting for 3 weeks your creation will be ready for packaging, but it’s up to you to complete the process. A nearby design firm offers templates and graphics for Saugatuck Brewing Company clients and will help you design a custom label. For the final step, SBC provides the equipment, but bottling the beer and applying the labels is your responsibility. The custom labels are just as creative as the recipes. Some of the best are framed and displayed in SBC’s main hallway, including Brian’s Remorse, Hops Like a Bear, Foul Hooked Porter, and my personal favorite Ed’s Last Chance with Amber. The names are fascinating, and it’s easy to dream up a story to go with each. Even SBC’s own product names are intriguing, such as Third Bear, Beam Me Up Stouty, and Oak Wizard.

The Brew on Premise program has been a runaway success for SBC, yielding 300 custom batches per year. Perfect for bridal or bachelor parties, family reunions, and corporate retreats, the process results in a truly memorable product. Whether you decide to sample the finished goods, or just set some on a shelf and admire your handiwork, is up to you. Brew on Premise is not

Saugatuck Brewing Company’s only success. After entering their first beer tasting contest in 2011, they were awarded Best of the Midwest for one of their most popular variations called Bonfire Brown. Since then, SBC has had a string of hits in competitions worldwide.

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Saugatuck Brewing Company beers have won

multiple awards every year since 2011, including repeated wins at the World Expo of Beer held in Frankenmuth, Michigan. Their stouts and IPA’s have won awards in the Alltech Craft Brew and Food Fair in Dublin, Ireland, and the Australian International Beer Awards where they won a gold medal in 2016, again for Bonfire Brown.

SBC’s awards are proudly displayed in the hall

leading to a sports bar themed space appropriately named the Barrel Room. The smaller bar with a rustic feel


features the usual sporting events displayed on a row of wall-mounted TVs, and typical bar games like shuffleboard and darts. However, the main attraction is a glass wall where stacks of wooden barrels full of beer are visible as they ferment in the next room.

The barrels themselves, purchased from a Kentucky distillery for their bourbon flavoring, are used to add character to several of SBC’s variations. Each barrel is used only once and then sold from their website, or to walk-in customers. Rum barrels are also employed for the same purpose, but on a smaller scale.


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SBC has continued to grow, and their

10-barrel production equipment was replaced with a 45 barrel system in 2013. Since then, Saugatuck Brewing Company has become a worldwide distributor, with products available in thirteen U.S. states and seven countries. Their website,, even has a “Find Our Beer” tool which allows fans to locate nearby stores where SBC products are sold.

Try one of SBC’s ordinary, or unusual flavors. Make your own specialty beer to commemorate a major event. Enjoy a flight of beers under an umbrella on the patio or drop in for dinner after a day on the Lake Michigan beaches. No matter what menu option you choose, the friendly staff will help you match it up with just the right beer from one of their 31 rotating taps. Whether you’re visiting West Michigan and want to try some of the many flavors offered by SBC, or you use the Find Our Beer tool and pick up some Bonfire Brown to enjoy at home, you’re in for a pleasant surprise. Saugatuck Brewing Company does an incredible job of proving that variety is truly the spice of life.

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Top Items to Consider When Starting a Distillery

Each distillery has unique characteristics,

resulting in exposure to many unique risks. From converting fermented grains into an alcohol vapor to bottling the final product, the hazards associated with this process are many. Here are some of the major considerations that will need to be addressed when starting a distillery. Building Type & Construction

One of the first considerations is the building

type and construction. The distillery should be built of fire-resistive or non-combustible materials such as masonry or pre-engineered metal. It is preferred that distillery operations are separated from adjacent buildings by at least 100 feet. Adjoining structures should be separated by firewalls and parapets. Ignition Source Controls

Ignitable vapors produced during the distilling process need to be controlled with the propernatural or mechanical ventilation system. All areas of production, bottling, and warehousing need to have an alcohol detection system as well as proper explosion-proof electrical and lighting. These areas must also have suitable lightning protection to prevent it as an ignition source. These areas must have fire sprinkler systems to control and knock down a fire, should one start. The electrical disconnect switch should be located on the outside of the barrel

warehousing building. Primary electrical service should be shut off when power is not is not required for operational purposes. Storage Areas

Milling and grain storage areas need to be separate from the distilling and bottling. Milling produces fine, flammable grain dust and requires a proper dust collection and venting system to void dust build up. Spill Control

Spill control, drainage, and containment are

extremely important as well. This is done with curbing, diking, and scuppers to prevent the flow of flammable liquid throughout the building.

These are some of the major considerations and exposures one faces when starting a distilling operation. If you have specific questions or would like further information, I can be reached at 608-443-4716 or

Randy Krantz, CIC Vice President Neckerman Insurance Services

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A London Hotel With a Secret Past By: Mary Charlebois

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St Ermin’s Hotel has witnessed a lot of history.

Much is stealthy. St Ermin’s is the birthplace of modern espionage.

Spy vs. Spy, trench coats, fedora hats,and carefully

guarded briefcases. Clandestine meetings, letter drops, coded messages, undercover activities. These are the images that come to mind when I think of espionage, but buildings played a vital role in the efforts to learn what the enemy was planning.

It’s said London is the spy capital of the world. For centuries the streets of London have been the workplace for spying, and those that would catch them. Intelligence operation centers often are hidden in plain sight. St .Ermin’s is one of those locations. Churchill’s Auxiliary Office In 1940, Winston Churchill used St. Ermin‘s Hotel as an office and meeting place. Within the hotel walls, he created Special Operations Executive also called Churchill‘s Secret Army.Staff occupied an entire floor for covert operations during WW2. MI-6 was bivouacked two levels above. In the 1950‘s Guy Burgess, a part of the Cambridge Five, handed over state secrets to a Russian operative in St Ermin‘s Caxton Bar. These stories and more are detailed in “House of Spies”, by Peter Matthews. The subtitle, “St Ermin’s Hotel, the London Base of British Espionage,” says it all. MP’s Home Away From Westminster Secret agents aren’t the only group using St

Ermin’s for an auxiliary office. It’s said a tunnel runs underneath the lobby’s twin staircase leading to Westminster. On a pillar across from the concierge desk, a bell hangs. The Division Bell is used to signal an imminent vote in the House of Parliament. Is it fact or urban myth? Is a tunnel used by MPs at St Ermin’s when they need to hurry back for a critical ballot? Most say yes.

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Modern St. Ermin’s Today MI-5 and other tenants have left the building. After a £30-million refurb, in April 2011, St Ermin’s re-opened to welcome guest. The distinctive Art Nouveau/Rococo white plaster decor throughout the hotel was rehabilitated. Marble floors were replaced, ballrooms were restored, guest rooms were modernized. The driveway was transformed into an urban garden retreat. Throughout the hotel, antiques and collectibles mingle with modern furnishings and art. St Ermin’s was returned to her 1920’s glory. Making an Entrance Like all great divas, St Ermin’s knows

the value of a grand entrance. There is an immediate sense of calm and indulgence as you enter the hotel’s lushly planted private drive and garden. The city noise and chaos fall away. Staff is on-hand to assist with luggage for arrivals and departures. Autos, guest, and bags are orchestrated with the skill of an air traffic controller.


Once inside, sweeping twin staircases and undulating balconies are studies in white. You’re in the hall of a grand house rather than a hotel lobby.

Take a stroll through the hotel. Think of it as a gallery or museum. In the white plaster, you’ll find classic scenes from many cultures. Tigers, elephants, monkeys, dancers, plants, fantasy, and people are exquisite and beautifully lit. Art and furnishings are reflective of the hotel’s history. Botanicals are the featured motif. The extensive collection is carefully curated, and an alluring part of your visit.

“Like all great divas, St Ermin’s knows the value of a grand entrance.”


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Extraordinary Staff St Ermin’s greatest treasures are the staff. The multi-national and highly professional group take your comfort seriously. From the moment you arrive your needs are seen to. No request is a problem, no guest is a stranger. They are especially eager to help the first time London visitors make the most of their trip. Food and Libations The Caxton Grill and Caxton Bar offer fine

dining, room service, or quick grab-and-go choices. Menus are based on seasonal ingredients. The bar and restaurant use herbs, fruit, and veg from the rooftop garden and lovely honey from the rooftop apiary. Afternoon tea is an indulgent experience. The tea room is a traditional setting, with white linen, silver, fine china, and elegant service. Add a glass of bubbly to make it a distinctive afternoon.

The Caxton has a brilliantly stocked wine cellar. Fine

European and English wines join English brewed ciders, ales, and beers. From behind the bar enjoy a whiskey or bourbon tasting. Cocktails are served in the bar, restaurant, guest rooms, and most areas of the lobby and mezzanine. In summer the terrace is open. There is no better place to enjoy a G&T on a hot, London summer afternoon.

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Perfect London Setting Four-star St Ermin’s has 331 rooms. Holiday,

family, and business travelers are accommodated in spacious rooms filled with luxurious amenities. The bath and shower rooms will spoil you with soaker tubs, digital shower controls, thick robes, and tremendous towels. Located on a quiet street in Westminster London, St Ermin’s is close to business, leisure, and government landmarks. St James’s Park, Parliament Square, London Eye, Westminster Abbey, Houses of Parliament, and Queen


Elizabeth II Conference Centre are minutes away. The surrounding pedestrian-friendly neighborhood has pubs, restaurants, and shopping. The St James Tube Station is less than 500 feet away. Explore the quiet, narrow back streets on the edge of St James Park, where you’ll find some of London’s most elegant homes.

Central London’s St. Ermin’s Hotel is luxurious, grand, and mysterious. Friendly, attentive service, fine dining, lovely libations, absolute comfort, and no listening devices, compliment every stay at St Ermin’s.


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Golf de Saumane-In the Heart of Provence and the Shadow of the Sade Family Chateau By: Kevin McGoff

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The amenities of the Golf de Saumane

and its proximity to celebrated locations in Provence are paired with the warm sun of the south of France. The rolling hills of the course nestled among the villages of Provence provide an idyllic venue for a combination golf, wine tasting and sightseeing adventure. The distant peaks of the Alpilles range are visible from the shade of the club’s terrace. Accompanied by soft guitar music and an aperitif this late afternoon vista completes a day well spent.

Charm and Challenge Director and course manager

Jean-Francois Girard welcomes all golfers. He describes the play as “very challenging. Golfers will rarely stand on flat feet for a shot.” The aesthetics are unrivaled. The Canal de Carpentras meanders through the 18 hole course. The towpath follows poppy fields and old stone bridges before crossing an aqueduct spanning the valley a few kilometers from the club.

The links are “entirely a reflection of

Provence with thyme and lavender scenting the course”Girard mused. It is the only place in the region from which you can see the both Luberon and Alpilles mountain ranges.

There is no language barrier to be encountered

at the Golf de Saumane. Mr. Girard lived in London for twenty years and his staff speak English as well.

Easy to Reach The club is located three kilometers, about

2 miles, from Isle sur la Sorgue, famous for its antique fairs and one of the largest Sunday markets in Provence. This corner of France is easily reached from the airport in Marseille in an hour’s drive.

Incorporating a visit to Paris and a few rounds in

the south of France is easy. The TGV, France’s renowned fast train, provides a relaxing, 120 mile per hour ride from Paris to Avignon. After three quick hours on the train, it is a forty-five minute drive to the Golf de Saumane.

Reside on the Course There are over one hundred and fifty apartments on the property available to let. Managed by a separate company, Madame Vacances each of the one or two bedroom apartments has a private terrace or balcony overlooking the golf course or a rural setting. The club is complemented by a pool and tennis courts as well, allowing guests who so desire a respite from the city without forfeiting any amenities. Dine in the Shade The ever present chirping of the cicadas, “les cigales” is interrupted at mid-day by the sound of clanging glasses and clinking silverware on the terrace café. Golfers gather,shielded from the mid-day sun, under tent-sized umbrellas. Touted as a gourmet restaurant, the prices at “Les Fontaine du Gerfaut” are decidedly reasonable. Restaurant manager Julien Cadot’s prix fixe menu, appropriately named the “Formule du Golfeur,” provides a three course lunch for $25. A glass of the house rosé will set you back about $3 a glass, while a bottle from nearby “Chateau la Canorgue,” featured in the Ridley Scott film “A Good Year,”can be enjoyed for $25.

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When Not on the Links This venue offers non-golfers traveling with an

enthusiast options to keep occupied while their loved one masters the course. On a nearby hilltop sits the chateau at Saumane de Vaucluse, where the Marquis de Sade spent part of his childhood living with his uncle. Surrounding villages offer scenic vistas for a leisurely lunch. There are numerous vintners close by, producing the light rosé wines of the Luberon, who open their doors for tastings. This corner of France allows for a morning round of golf on the challenging course,followed by an afternoon visit to nearby sites or a degustation-tastings-at one of the nearby wineries.

Other Courses Are Nearby There are two other courses serving avid

golfers in the area. The Golf de Servanes is located in the Alpilles Mountains near Les Baux de Provence.


Spanish golfer Seve Ballesteros designed the course at Golf International Pont Royale near Mallemort. Both are easily reached in thirty-five minutes from the apartments at the Golf de Saumane.

Hard to Leave On a recent visit with Mr. Girard, we sat in

the shade on the restaurant terrace. Aperitifs in hand surveying his course sloping before us, we talked about how he came to the Golf de Saumane. In 2004, a friend asked him to help with the course for six months, then requested that he sign on for a second six months. Mr. Girard never left. As golfers spread scorecards at their lunch tables around us the director-manager leaned back in his chair, relaxed with a satisfied air about him. With a sweep toward green on the 18th hole with an open hand, accompanied by the classic French shrug of the shoulders, Mr. Girard said with a wry smile “Why would you leave?”


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What’s Next The hilltop villages of Gordes and Menerbes, celebrated by Peter Mayle in “A Year in Provence,”are a short drive. The poppy fields are brilliant in May. Lavender scents and paints the summer landscape. There are a number of small vintners producing excellent wines to taste while visiting their operations. The reasonable prices for quality wines will be a pleasant surprise. Olive oils from small producers are abundant.

Visiting the region is easy from a base in the

Luberon established at the Golf de Saumane. In upcoming issues we will share an itinerary exposing the sites, scents, and tastes of the surrounding countryside.

“There is much to share about the art of enjoying life between rounds in the south of France.”

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Torrey Pines-California Pacific Edge Paradise By: Noreen Kompanik

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Ask anyone who’s ever been to Torrey Pines

Golf pros say it’s not unusual to see coyote, bobcat, raccoon, mule deer, Red-tail Hawks, Great Blue Heron, Snowy Egret and more along the scenic course.

Perched above the beautiful rugged coastal

The Golf Shop at Torrey Pines carries an impressive amount of golf-related merchandise and its walls are lined with historic photos that remind us of the iconic golfers who have played here over many years.

and two things definitely come to mind golf and unforgettable Pacific Ocean views.

bluffs of La Jolla, California, the world-renowned Torrey Pines Golf Course is recognized as one of the premier municipal courses owned and operated by a city. It’s no wonder Torrey Pines motto is that “The name itself stirs the imagination of golf enthusiasts all over the world.”

The course is named after the Torrey Pine,

a rare conifer tree that grows wild along this local stretch of coastline in San Diego County. With two 18-hole championship courses, Torrey Pines has hosted a myriad of legendary golfers throughout the years. Home to the PGA TOUR’s Annual Farmers Insurance Open, Torrey Pines is already preparing for the U.S. Open Championship scheduled here in 2021.

And who can ever forget the most memorable

modern-day U.S. Open Championship, when in 2008, the injured and hobbling Tiger Woods defeated Rocco Mediate in a sudden death playoff after 90 grueling holes of exciting and nail-biting golf ? Yes, that happened right here at Torrey Pines!

Designed by William Bell, Sr. in 1957 & newly

renovated in 2016, both Torrey Pines courses boast stunning ocean views. The South Course is the more challenging of the two and hosts the final round of both the Farmers Insurance Open and U.S. Open Tournaments.

Where to Stay in Torrey Pines It’s all about location. And Hilton La Jolla

Torrey Pines is the perfect lodging for all there is to see and do in the local area. Guest rooms boast private balconies with picturesque garden views or in our case, magnificent golf course and scenic ocean vistas.

Amenities include a heated pool, whirlpool,

private cabanas, tennis courts and a fitness center. Best of all, guests can land a guaranteed tee time at Torrey Pines Golf Course. Sunsets here are spectacular, especially enjoyed with a glass of red wine from Torreyanna Grill, while seated around a blazing outdoor fire pit in the cool Pacific air.

Where to Play in Torrey Pines With its practically perfect weather, stunning

picturesque views and a multitude of great trails, San Diego is a perfect hiking destination. And Torrey Pines State Natural Reserve, is one of the best.

Located only 2.5 miles from the Hilton, the

reserve’s well-maintained wilderness paths lead to breathtaking views of the Pacific Ocean atop lofty cliffs overlooking miles of magnificent coastal beach. Surrounded by

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Where to Dine in La Jolla Whether it’s a quick continental breakfast,

light and easy, something in between or more sustaining like a full breakfast buffet, Torreyanna Grill at Hilton La Jolla Torrey Pines has it all. Focus here is on fresh, natural ingredients. And it’s service with a smile in a dining room radiating warm ambience overlooking the sparkling pool and bluffs of Torrey Pines.

Some of the very best seafood can be found

at La Jolla’s Crab Catcher, one of San Diego’s premier seafood restaurants.

Set high on a cliff overlooking a picturesque

stunning sandstone formations, the Reserve offers multiple winding trails of varying lengths and difficulties lined with picturesque pines, desert succulents and colorful wildflowers.

Ocean kayaking in La Jolla is a marvelous experience gliding through the La Jolla Ecological Reserve filled with fascinating marine life. Barking sea lions, basking harbor seals and leopard sharks swimming near the caves were our constant companions as we paddled the cool waters of the bay. Those who haven’t tried paragliding have to

do it here in San Diego at the Torrey Pines Gliderport. It’s not only exhiliarating; it provides a sense of total freedom.

Located on the steep sea cliffs of Torrey Pines

in La Jolla, the Gliderport sits exactly where Charles Lindbergh took his first maiden flight. Guests can experience the thrill of paragliding in tandem with a certified, experienced instructor. Gliders of all shapes and sizes take off and land from this location - enjoying awe-inspiring views of the Pacific Ocean, the Torrey Pines Cliffs and the nearby city of La Jolla. All I could think of was how lucky birds are that they get these incredible views every day.

cove and the La Jolla Caves, Crab Catcher has the most spectacular ocean view in La Jolla. The casual but elegant restaurant serves the freshest trap-to-table seafood. Service here is impeccably attentive. Dining is available year-round in the splendid indoor dining room, or our favorite spot–the romantic outdoor lighted patio. Even a chill in the air is no problem as the eatery has plenty of heaters to ward off those cooler Southern California evening temps.

We love the seafood here and though the menu isn’t extensive, it doesn’t have to be. In addition to magnificent mouthwatering entrees, Crab Catcher features daily specials and a variety of delightful small plates. Can’t decide? Neither could we, so, going with the s mall plates turned out to be the perfect choice. Oven Roasted Pacific Oysters here are

amazing. Oysters are large, meaty and done Rockefeller style- topped with Applewood smoked bacon, spinach and parmesan cheese. We’re fussy about ordering Crab Cakes outside Maryland’s Chesapeake Bay, but Crab Catcher’s are phenomenal. Made with jumbo lump Dungeness crabmeat and served with roasted tomato, corn, fennel relish and wholegrain mustard remoulade, they rival anything Baltimore can offer.


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Topping our seafood extravaganza off with Local Black Baja Mussels

made for the perfect seafood trifecta. Steamed with roasted fennel, sweet onions and tomato in a cilantro garlicbutter-shrimp broth, the mussels were magnificent. Grilled ciabatta bread for sopping up the savory juices was the ideal accompaniment.

The La Jolla community, combined with all the natural beauty Torrey

Pines and its spectacular golf course has to offer, makes for a memorable stay.

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Galveston Island Brewing: The Best on the Island By: Scott Kendall

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Galveston Island Brewing was just named

“Best Bar” and “Best Beer Selection” in the 2017 Best of the Island voting. GIB must be doing something right.

Founded in June of 2014 by Mark Dell’Osso, Galveston Island Brewing is a family friendly brewery on Stewart Street, just blocks away from the beach off 83rd street. With a passion for beer making, sailing, and all things Gulf Coast, Mark and his staff have turned his hobby into a thriving business and a family friendly hangout. Mark started out as a hobbyist, making beer in

his spare time. But his passion soon grew into a business, and today his local brewery brings in locals and tourists to enjoy the fruits of his labor. In a short 3 and a half years, he has developed a core of loyal customers, and is continuing to grow his business.

Along with Jason, the master brewer, Mark and

his staff take pride in their beer and the personal and business relationships they have established over the years. Mark plans to continue the expansion of his little brewery and establish Galveston Island Brewing as one of the premier craft breweries on the Texas Gulf Coast. Judging by what he has accomplished in less than four years, the future looks very promising for this industrious Aggie graduate. Beers on Tap

Tiki Wheat is the flagship and best seller at GIB. The secret ingredient is coriander, the flavorful seed of the citronella plant. This beer goes down smooth, with an ABV of 5.6% and a low IBU of only 16. Other favorites include Citra Mellow, with the aromatic smell and taste of citrus, and the Balinese, a smokey Porter named after the famous Balinese Room. This historic Galveston venue featured some of the biggest names in entertainment, like Frank Sinatra, Bob Hope, Duke Ellington, Mel Torme and Jayne Mansfield. Although a relatively new brewery, Galveston Island Brewing was the proud winner of the Bronze Medal at the 2017 Great American Beer Festival in the American-Style Amber/Red category for their Blue Bridge Hoppy Amber. Blue Bridge was named after the blue painted bridge over the causeway that Mark helped build when he captained a tugboat used for transporting materials for the project.

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Other great beers on tap include Stranded on

an Island, Double Citra, 007 Golden IPA, Night Janitor, and Just the Tip. Brewery tours are held every Saturday at 1:00 P.M. Just show up – no reservations needed.

The Tap Room is open 7 days a week. Special events and activities are sprinkled throughout each month. For example, on the calendar for the coming months are: • Flow & Flight • Chili Quest & Beer Fest • Brewing 101 • Hawaiian Luau • Cheers & Beers • Sunday Hootenanny Family and Dog Friendly One thing that makes GIB unique is that it’s

not just a bar for drinking adults. It’s a family hangout. Kids and dogs (on a leash) are welcome. A playground with swings, a climbing structure, board games, and yard games will keep the whole family entertained. Parents can sit back and relax while the kids have a blast. It’s the perfect place to take a break from a day at the beach or exploring historic Galveston

Pub Grub is available, like the popular soft pretzels with cheese or mustard. Try Galveston’s favorite sandwiches from Maceo’s Spice & Import, or grab a snack from the food trucks that are available on some days. And families are welcome to bring their own snacks and non-alcoholic beverages.

Tremont House in Historic Galveston If you are looking for a luxurious hotel in the heart of the Strand Historic District, the Tremont House is the place for you. The third iteration of this Wyndham Grand Hotel is conveniently located at 2300 Ships Mechanic Row and Tremont Street in the heart of the Strand Historic District. The Tremont House has a grand, epic history.

The original, built in 1839, was the grandest hotel in the Republic of Texas. This center of social life in Galveston flourished until a huge fire destroyed the hotel along with several city blocks. In 1872 the Tremont was resurrected as a magnificent architectural masterpiece designed by noted architect Nicholas Clayton. Times were good at the Tremont, which attracted the rich and famous from all over the world. And then, in 1900, a devastating hurricane hit Galveston, killing over 6,000 people and leaving much of the city, including the grand hotel, in ruins.


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Finally, the third iteration of the Tremont

was opened in the current building in 1985. Legendary oilman and financier George Mitchell acquired the Leon & H. Blum Building, an 1879 building that housed a former dry goods business. The renovation and opening of the latest Tremont House served as the catalyst for the revitalization of Galveston’s historic district. Today it is a highly sought-after address for romantic getaways, weddings, Mardi Gras activities, and business meetings.

The spacious rooms in the Tremont House beckon back to traditional times when elegance and luxury were the norm. High ceilings, hardwood floors, exposed brick in select rooms, and custom period furnishings greet visitors along with the amenities you would expect at a Wyndham Grand Hotel. Free Wi-Fi, Premium HD TV channels and Wolfgang Puck Coffee await you.

Galveston is full of fun things to do. A good

place to start your tour of the island is the Galveston Island Visitors Center at Ashton Villa, located at 2328 Broadway. Get information, maps and the latest news about the great city of Galveston.

The revitalized Strand District is the main

street through historic downtown, with magnificent architectural buildings lining the street. The strand offers lots of shopping, dining and entertainment options. Christmas brings holiday festivities to The Strand, and in February, thousands of locals and visitors flock to Mardi Gras activities to celebrate.

In addition to The Strand, Galveston has

numerous other worthwhile attractions. Check out the fabulous Bishop’s House, the Moody Mansion, Moody Gardens, Schlitterbahn, and other Galveston landmarks. Whether you are in town for a day or a week, you’ll find plenty of interesting and fascinating things to do.

Golf on the Island

Golfers are not left out in Galveston. Top rated

Moody Gardens Golf Course leads the way, a first-class public golf course owned by the city but managed by Moody Gardens. This well maintained 18-hole course offers some waterfront views, and can be challenging because of the design and ocean breezes from the gulf. Also on the island is Galveston Country Club, one of the oldest private clubs in Texas. The scenic 18-hole course has bountiful landscaping, with lots of palms, oleanders, and water hazard throughout.

Also note that many cruises to Mexico and the Caribbean now leave out of Galveston. The $10.6 million renovation and refurbishment in 2000 and further improvements of port facilities have attracted more cruise ships from industry leaders like Carnival, Celebrity, and Royal Caribbean. Today, Galveston in the busiest cruise port in Texas and the fourth busiest in North America. So, sit down with your family or best buddies for

a beer or two at Galveston Island Brewing. Splash on the beach. Play a round of golf. Go shopping and grab a bite. Then end your day with a relaxing stay at the wonderful Tremont House. As you drift off to sleep, you may find yourself humming a few lines of Glen Campbell’s homage to the city; “Oh Galveston, Oh Galveston, I still hear your sea winds blowing …”

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Vibrant African drumming and dancing, Authentic Cuisine and a Sprinkling of Gold Dust at the GOLD Restaurant near Cape Town’s Waterfront By:Elsa Dixon

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Vibrant African Drumming Welcome Step into the colorful world of Africa as you enter the GOLD Restaurant in Green Point, Cape Town. The staff, dressed in bright traditional African dress, warmly welcome you with a joyful greeting song. A special feature at the door is a nearly twice life-size Mali puppet that surprises everyone when he starts moving and shaking hands. His friend is seated at a huge pipe organ, cordial arms outstretched. Throbbing African drums in the larger reception area set the tone for an authentic cultural and gastronomic feast. Participating visitors are seated at individual djembe drums, and are led by two enthusiastic African drummers on stage. Mesmerized by the repetitive rhythms gathering intensity, it becomes uproarious fun while at the same time the professionals get the chance to strut their stuff.

GOLD Restaurant Honors African Traditions The enterprising owner and mother of two boys, Cindy Muller, has always been in the restaurant business. GOLD is her second African and her tenth restaurant. Her passion is developing her staff of 106. She loves to travel to experience people, cultures and food. About five years ago, the GOLD Restaurant moved from its previous venue in the Gold Museum to its current location in a huge warehouse.


Cindy craftily converted the building. African art, fish string puppets and an impressive display of djembe drums create an exciting ambiance, the warm colors of the décor and beautiful tables elaborate on the African theme, while the ‘gold’ theme is woven into the food and entertainment.

The General manager Andrew Phumzile

Mnweba explains that the GOLD Restaurant honors centuries-old African traditions. The drumming is followed by the hand-wash ceremony, as done in Africa when guests are welcomed into African homes. The server comes around to each individual person, pouring lukewarm rose oil scented w ater from a pitcher over the hands into a large ceramic bowl. In days gone by, people had to walk long distances to get to their friends’ homes, and they were greeted by a feet-washing ceremony to cleanse the dust.

Sprinkling Gold Dust The evening unfolds as it would around

open fires in Africa: feasting, talking, singing, dancing, story-telling and drumming. A praise singer introduces the participants while a second performance showcases African dancing, inviting audience participation. Periods of quiet time allow for personal conversations at the table and optional traditional face painting: ladies are adorned with patterns of tiny dots or delicate flowers, while bold stripes transform the men into warriors.


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Diverse offerings include dishes such as spicy

During the culminating ceremony honoring African queens, the queen mother, wearing gold-rimmed glasses with gold lattice across the lenses, blesses and thanks the audience by sprinkling 24-carat gold dust at each table.

Authentic African Cuisine The GOLD restaurant serves a set menu of

small dishes reflecting a few of the many diverse cultures of Africa. The waiting staff explains the flavors and unique story behind each serving. The menu changes seasonally since, contrary to popular thought, authentic African food does not rely mainly on meat, but on organically grown vegetables, fresh fruit and grains.

Zanzibar tomato soup, traditional Cape Malay pea and potato samosas, South African corn pot bread served in individual clay pots, Kenyan Irio patties and Congo free-range chicken infused with mango, lime, ginger, and coriander. The menu offers samplings of street foods like the vegetarian Zambian Kondolo balls and Moroccan lamb phyllo cigar, while the more adventurous palates will enjoy the flavorsome springbuck and ostrich sausage, the Namibian venison pot or the kudu kebabs. The servings end on a high note with a dessert such as the Cape Malay Boeber, a sweet sago and vermicelli delight served with a dusting of gold powder. The Gold Restaurant experience is a memorable, exotic gastronomic safari through Africa, celebrating food, song, dance, and drums.

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Michie Tavern: An Historic American Alehouse By: Cat Holladay

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Battles, beans, and booze. Seemingly unrelated, these three things set in motion the creation of one of America’s finest taverns, located along the Monticello Wine Trail in Charlottesville, Virginia. When Scottish clansman John Michie was

captured in 1715 during the Battle of Preston, his fate as a Stewart sympathizer, or Jacobite, seemed sealed. Sent to stand trial in Liverpool, England, he, along with 1,460 other prisoners were set to be executed. But fate stepped in, not only saving his life but shaping the course of American history.

In late November 1715, prisoner of war John

“Scotch” Michie, pronounced MICK-EE like the famous mouse, drew a black bean from a bag sealing his destiny. The bag held 1,348 white beans, and 112 black beans. Those with a white bean were executed. Those with black boarded the HMS Elizabeth & Ann and set sail for the American colonies. The three-masted ship arrived in York, Virginia in January 1716 unloading the prisoners on the docks.

As a convicted felon, Michie’s future was

uncertain. History assumes he volunteered for indentured servitude, having no other means for food or shelter. The records are vague, but by 1728, he was a landowner and went on to found one of the prominent families of Virginia. In 1746, he acquired 1,250 acres on Buck Mountain in Albemarle County. It is on this land in 1784 where our story begins.

The Construction of Virginia Icon, Michie Tavern John’s son, William, petitioned the New

American Government to convert his residence into an Ordinary,

Government to convert his residence into an Ordinary, Michie Tavern, on his inherited property in 1784. Set along a main stagecoach road, the tavern became a popular stop for travelers and the social center of the community. Accommodating its visitors with food, drink and lodging, the two-story country tavern rivaled in-town establishments with a private room, common room, an exterior tap room, a tap bar room, and an assembly room.

According to a 30-year employee of Michie Tavern, Bea Keaton, “The drink of the day would have been a homemade tankard of ale or a rum punch.” The tavern operated continuously from 1784 through the mid-1800s in the Michie family. But with the Civil War, stagecoach travel diminished, resulting in less traffic. It eventually became the Michie’s private home, remaining in their name until 1910 when it sold at an estate auction.

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Over the next 17 years, the remotely-located

home deteriorated until local businesswoman Mrs. Mark Henderson purchased it to house her collection of antiques. A savvy entrepreneur, she had paid attention to the growing tourism industry in and around Charlottesville. A few years prior, Thomas Jefferson’s home, Monticello, opened bringing hordes of visitors. She set out to move the historic tavern to the foot of Carter Mountain, just a half mile from the former president’s abode.

Moving Michie Tavern to its Present Location In October 1927, Henderson’s contractors

painstakingly marked and numbered each piece of the tavern before dismantling it for the 17-mile move. Reconstructed in just three months, Michie Tavern sits upon stone foundations including the large, slate stepping stones from the original site.


Touring Michie Tavern Today, visitors can step into the tavern’s past, journeying through the restored 18th-century inn and Ordinary. Employees dressed in colonial frocks dot the landscape and knowledgeably share the tavern’s history. The tavern has five rooms and a cellar in the

main house. To the left of the entry hall is the tap bar room, which would have been the hub of activity for the tavern. Guests of the past would gamble, discuss the news of the day, and enjoy a meal in this room. Southern-fried chicken, stewed tomatoes, beans, mashed potatoes, and biscuits was the fare. Ale or a rum punch made with whatever fruit was in season were the drinks of choice.

The relocation and restoration of Michie Tavern

by Henderson were representative of preservation activities occurring around the state and nation during the 1920s. Capitalizing on the tourism that was developing around Monticello and other homes of colonial heroes in the area was genius.

In 1969, a log structure connected to the main

tavern also moved from the original property. Converting this into a dining facility proved fruitful - it serves as the main dining hall today. Though reconstructed, the interior remains much the same as it would have been in the 18th century, right down to the garb of the tavern employees.

One of the most unusual features in the room is the small exterior taproom. It has an atypical ability to serve in three directions. This oddity is an important illustration of the laws which regulated the tavern industry. In the 18th century, there were strict rules defining who could be served at taverns. Certain people were forbidden to frequent taverns and it was common practice to exclude or limit service to local residents. Michie Tavern’s exterior dispensing room allowed service to the interior bar room, service to those on the front porch, and service to those who, for whatever reason under the law of the time, had to be served from the small sliding shutter on the east end of the tiny room.

Eating at Michie Tavern Weary Monticello Wine Trail travelers

looking for a hearty, Southern-style meal to soak up some of that alcohol are in for a treat. Michie Tavern’s Ordinary serves up original midday fare, buffet-style.


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Just like 18th century travelers, visitors

today dine traditional fare. Southern-fried chicken, shredded pork, stewed tomatoes, green beans, and a host of other period food on tin plates. Tin mugs hold all drinks. Guests dine in the original log cabin-like structure, connected to the main tavern in 1969. Period dressed servers bring seconds and refills as well as dessert. One thing’s for sure, whether you prefer a tankard of ale or a cup ofcider,you can quench your hunger and thirst here.

“In addition, you learn some American History at Michie Tavern, one of Charlottesville’s most iconic taverns.”

Of Note Michie Tavern, located at 683 Thomas Jefferson Parkway, Charlottesville, Virginia 22902 is open seven days a week, year-round. Adult buffet $18.50 plus drink Adult tour with lunch $3 The Ordinary serves midday fare from April – October 11:15 A.M.– 3:30 P.M. November – March 11:30 A.M.– 3:00 P.M . The oldest section of the tavern offers self-guided tours daily from 9:00 A.M. – 5:00 P.M. Each outbuilding shop also has their own hours.

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“Swing into A Mazatlán Golfing Paradise” By: Jed Vaughn

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“There is no such thing as natural touch.

Touch is something you create by hitting millions of balls”. – Lee Trevino

What better place to take a plethora of those

swings than in Mazatlán at the El Cid Resort’s 27- hole Championship Golf Course. The world class venue consists of three sets of links. The Marina, Moro, and Castilla courses provide over 10,000 yards of pure golfing pleasure. Lee Trevino was a member here for many years and became friends with the owners in the 1990’s and in 1997 he designed the Marina Course. A gorgeous set of greens and fairways now being highlighted by white contemporary new homes with swimming pools border the fairways. The residences are springing up throughout the exceptional tropical scenery.

Turtles, iguanas, heron, and coots scattered

about the grounds offer a natural feel and beauty amongst tall palms and natural flora. You’re never wanting for an inspiring landscape when swinging in paradise at the Premiere Golf Resort.

Adrian Salum is El Cid’s PGA Head Golf Professional and he shared a story about Lee Trevino, who partook in a little gamble on occasion. Adrian recalled the story of how he lost one wager by logging a 14 on the 5th hole at Moro, a daunting 620 yard par 5 known as “The Monster”. Winding through an aged neighborhood as you weave your way through the eye- catching greenery, Castilla presents long par 5’s and wide-open fairways where tee shots are more forgiving to a slice or hook. You’ll find that all the grounds are well kept and the entire course is maintained perfectly. Serio Ruis is the caddy master and has been at

El Cid for 37 years. He mentioned a few well-known names who have played there. Estabon Toledo, Johnny Miller and of course, Lee Trevino, the national golf legend of Mexico who is still around and playing golf, were atop the list. Serio said it had been a few years since Mr. Trevino has played at El Cid though.

“If you are caught on a golf course in a storm and are afraid of lightening, hold up a one iron, not even god can hit a one iron” – Lee Trevino Before starting a round on the course of your choice, tune up your putting, chipping, or driving. You’ll have the option to take advantage of one of the club’s professional golfers for that. Veteran golfers as well as beginners can learn something valuable from Adrian or one of the 9 other golf professionals staffed there and giving instruction at the club. They’ll hone in your focus on some of the fundamentals that include visualization, balance and alignment, grip and action, breathing, quieting the body, pivot, and power.

The Marina course can be quite challenging with narrow fairways and a full complement of water hazards. Beginners and casual golfers alike should bring plenty of balls for these 9 holes. Each one has a water hazard somewhere on, or near it. The Moro and Castillo courses also present captivating scenes and layouts. Whether you’re learning, practicing, engaging in professional tournaments, or just enjoying the environment, El Cid offers forgiving and challenging yardage distances with 4 tee boxes at each hole. Moro is commonly recognized as the most challenging.

A sea-water canal sweeps inland from where

the Oceanside El Cid Marina Resort Hotel is situated, winding its way towards and through the Marina Course -creating water hazards and natural beauty around every corner. Immaculately landscaped homes with boats and watercraft suitable for the sea are sprinkled along the water’s edge making fora strong draw for golf lovers who enjoy living on or near a course. The older Castilla and Moro courses have beautifully maintained older homes with large trees and water features scattered throughout. At the El Cid Championship Golf Club, a mere golf cart

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The Academy: The David Wright Academy, featuring “Wright Balance” is also a unique part of the El Cid Championship Golf Course. David is a graduate of USC and played

professional baseball as a pitcher for the Angels before pursuing a career in golf. His research on core balance began with Dr. Frank Jobe, who developed and performed the first Tommy John surgery. Starting his golf career at Pelican Bay, Newport Coast, Wright has evolved to a top 100 golf instructor and his Academy has been rated the #1 golf school in the US by Golf Magazine for 8 years running. The academy graduates over 100 students a year from the 3-day program and is teaching the system to upwards of


90 golf professionals that come from all over the country-a clear indicator of the popularity and effectiveness of the nationally recognized instruction.

Owner and CEO of El Cid Resorts in Mazatlán,

Carlos Berdegue, approached Wright at the Academy’s US headquarters at the Arroyo Trabuco Club in Mission Viejo, California about expanding the Academy to Mexico. The Arroyo Trabuco Golf Club is a public-access daily fee facility featuring an 18-hole championship length golf course designed by PGA Tour Professional Tom Lehman and well-respected local golf course architect, Casey O’Callaghan.


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Wright had been solicited several times a year with

such inquiries, but it was Carlos’s invitation to visit Mazatlán that began a serious dialogue about the endeavor. As a result, El Cid Golf Club has now been offering one half day, full day, and 3- day packages to golfers of all ages including beginners and veteran swingers alike, for just over 3 years.

David is at the El Cid Golf Club facility 5 days a

month after having brought “Wright Balance” to El Cid. At Arroyo Trabuco Golf Club. He has also introduced the Bio-Mechanics Lab which, using a matte and computer that measures pressure points relative to weight distribution to determine, among other things, whether a golfer has an upper, mid, or lower, core swing. This is an integral piece of the “Wright Balance” philosophy and approach.

If traveling through or planning a trip to the

beautiful city of Mazatlán, make sure to treat yourself to an awesome golf experience with a stay and play package with unlimited golf or even just a round or two at the luxurious El Cid Golf Club. You will not be disappointed.

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