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The EXCITED MINDS MEDIA by The Distillery Channel, LLC is focused on helping tell the stories of entrepreneurs and their missions to continue and grow their businesses through National and International media resources We are opening up our EMM to savvy content producers that want to tell their story. If you are interested in becoming an Independent Media Provider, we are now able to help grow your content on the fastest growing worldwide delivery .


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EMM Network is opening up opportunities for people like you to share their stories. If you are tired of Social Media Delivery Options, and having a hard time understanding YouTube, you are not alone. Let's see if you your content and desires would be a great fit on our platform. We are designing different revenue models while bringing new content to our Network. Let's see if one works for you.

Want to see your content on Roku? Want your own channel? Want to see if a revenue sharing plan fits? Want to produce savvy content? Want to have immediate status by being on Roku through The Distillery Channel?

 If the answer is yes... Contact : Director of Media Acquisition EMM Network: "A WELL GROUNDED LIFE WITH THE SPIRIT OF ADVENTURE, DELIVERED TO THE WORLD".

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38% 31 % 58.7 ROKU Stats ROKU is the strongest growing market

share in the USA with 38% and 31% worldwide. Altogether, consumers streamed 58.7 billion hours of entertainment through their Roku devices in 2020, according to a news release. Add our EMM CHANNEL TO ROKU channel by visiting the Roku Channel Store at; or by using this code GJCPMRQ on that site as well.

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"Choose a Job that YOU LOVE, and you'll never have to work a day in your life." Confucius


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Revenue Streams Created Add our EMM CHANNEL TO ROKU channel by visiting the Roku Channel Store at; or by using this code GJCPMRQ on that site as well.

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Your Channel We've Made It Logical EMM has grown one of the largest media deliveries for advertisers and commercial sponsorship opportunities created on Roku and other OTT platforms. Once your show is kicked off, we begin aligning sponsors with your show. As your viewer base continues to grow with EMM Promotion on all of our platforms, more people become aware of your show. Your show then attracts additional advertisers with our outreach, while promoting your show in our segmented marketing with major sponsors and potential advertisers The combination of EMM, Roku, FIND/MAJiik Interactive Media,helps continue to bring more followers to your show, thereby increasing your shared income.

Over The Top (OTT) Means APP Driven Shows with App Driven Income Plus: Increased Traffic and Business Awareness for your Brand

Plus Actual Show Sponsor Income:  Roku Automated Inserts  Shows Own Internal Inserts  Commercial Inserts from our Ad Sales  Product Placement

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Possess ROKU Status Your Channel Opportunities MARKETING AND REVENUE SHARING  Your Shows promoted on the entire network.  Create Your Own Show FIND/MAJIIK APP  Become additionally placed on MAJiiK Live Streaming

 Build a Financial Model that works; Your Productions on the EMM Network, Roku Syndication, FIND/MAJiik App Media.  Note: Sensible and workable budgets created on a case by case basis. Nothing in this world is free, but making sense sometimes makes cents.

December 22, 2021

It's Actually Pretty Cool to Watch Your Shows on a Worldwide Production Platform. As your viewers grow in numbers, so does your income. We use a realistic and common sense approach for growing your channel.

Contact Us - Dream a Little We're Giving You the Blank Screen, Show Us Your Stuff ! Get Started Check list:  Provide An Example of your work  $20,000.00 Pay 1 Time fee to begin the process  $ 1,000.00 Pay Monthly fee to onboard content and maintain promotion  Revue and Sign Contract 50% Due  Set Schedule for Story Boarding  Set Schedule for Media Chosen  Set Shoot and Post Production Team  Set schedule for publication  Revue and Sign contract



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Coming Soon to The Distillery Channel Line Up

Next Taste on Tour "Following Professional Golf Worldwide" Golfer's Passions for their games on the greens are celebrated in the mystic of "The 19th Hole". Settling bets, recounting the days best and worst shots, the joy of a good steak, fine bourbon, a sip of wine, are just the outside crusts of what is really unfolding after golf. The momentary escape from the business, family, aches and pains of the day, from amateurs to professional athletes, uniformly say..

"The 19th Hole" Golf's Mystical Sacred Ground" Welcome our new "Mixologist" on July 15, 2022 All Shows distributed on Distillery Channel Media, LLC

Over The Top (OTT) Means APP Driven Shows As people are giving up traditional cable feeds and moving to individual Apps. You never thought of having your own App... Now you Can... Dream a Little... You can be one of ...

THOSE GUYS Add our DISTILLERY CHANNEL TO ROKU channel by visiting the Roku Channel Store at; or by using this code GJCPMRQ on that site as well.

Visiting craft entrepreneurs, coffee shops, distilleries, breweries and wineries, with features on dining and emerging "Best of the Best" top shelf destinations.

Excited Minds Media by Distillery Channel Media, LLC

copyright 2022 MEDIA KIT 15

Next Taste on Tour Phyllis Spielman Host of Coffee N Tidbits, Screen Actress, Army Vet

Dina Garcia, RDN

"Where Golfers Share Their Passions " "The Ultimate 19th Hole"

Piercing the veil of what goes on after a round of golf, where sharing their inner most thoughts, desires, truths and occasional lies, about love, future dreams, broken hearts, vital bonds of men and women looking inside the stories of "The Ultimate 19th Hole"

Featuring Hosts and Moderators Golf's Credentialed Media Team

Nationally Renown and Host of "The Next Taste in Golf"

Tim Bona

Hooters Professional Golfer, 25 YR Vet of Radio and TV, published in over 200 national magazinees

Robert Mills

Historian, Record Breaking Mountain Climber, Out Doorsman


)PTU BOE 'PVOEFS, Spokes Person on Mutual of Omaha's Wild Kingdom, and Host of over 3000 shows on The Distillery Channel

A. J. McAdam

Former PGA Playing Professional and now elite USA & European Instructor of Mind, Body and Golf

Art Stricklin Author, President of Texas Golf Writers Association, Credentials with PGA, LPGA, USGA

Professional Golf Media

Production and Promotion Schedule 1/11 Hosts and Moderators will begin weekly show featuring"The Ellwood" on national production of "The Next Taste on Tour" following the PGA Tour in Hawaii. 1/22-25 Attending PGA Show in Orlando looking for Major Sponsors of attending companies. 2/15 - 4/12 Call out for local and regional groups doing Spring Golf Planning, Setting Dates for Corporate Outings in regional golf courses 5/1- Begin aligning dates for weekly show in The Ellwood featuring Golfers in The 19th Hole.


Robert BBQ IT



Lick One's Chops Tim

The Dina Gracia Show Distilleries Brewweries Wineries

of the World

Grampy Donuts

AJ Dina