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Written by Steven Spielberg Rewrite by Bonnie Rose

Directed by Richard Donner Illustration and Photography by Emily Plitnick




Astoria is the hometown of a handful of kids who call themselves “Goonies.” Not a lot goes on in the quiet, ordinary town of Astoria. Until…Michelle, Mouth, Data and Lindy discover a map in Mikey’s attic. Several hundred years ago, a pirate named One Eyed Willy hid a treausure and left the map for those daring enough to come find it. The Goon Docks are at risk of being forclosed and in need of a hero to save it. It might just stand a chance because the Goonies set out on an adventure to find the treasure. But One–Eyed– Willy’s treasure remained hidden all these years for a reason. The Goonies, determined to save their home, follow the map despite the dangers because Goonies never say die.



Facing foreclosure of their homes in the Goon Docks area of Astoria, Oregon to an expanding country club, a group of children who call themselves “the Goonies”, gather for a final weekend together. The Goonies include optimist Michele Walsh, her older brother, Brandon, the inventive Data, the talkative Mouth, and the klutz Lindy. While rummaging through the Walshes’ attic, they come across a newspaper article, a 1632 doubloon and an old treasure map purporting to lead to the famous pirate “OneEyed” Willy’s hoard located nearby. The map is in Spanish, but luckily Mouth is mostly fluent in Spanish. The newspaper article tells about an explorer, Chester Copperpot, who went missing in the 1890s looking for the treasure. The kids see the treasure as a chance to save the Goon Docks. With just a few days left, they need to head out if they want to find the treasure. Evading Brandon for one last adventure together, the kids follow the map to a derelict restaurant near the coast, which coincides with the doubloon and the map. Lindy checks the garage and finds an ORV with bullet holes in the back. She thinks back to earlier that day when a police chase she watched play out where multiple police cars were in pursuit of an ORV. She hurries in after the others to try to warn them. Once inside the ratty old seemingly abandoned restaurant they encounter a group of adults at the restaurant who seem threatening and suspicious. Michele has to use the bathroom and the older woman tells her it is downstairs. While she is down there, she sees something in a dark room, a huge man that doesn’t seem human. Evading detection of the Fratellis by returning outside, the kids run into Brandon, who followed them and two girls who followed Brand the popular cheerleader Andi, who has a mutual crush on Brandon, and Stef, Andi’s nerdy, tough-talking best friend.



“I smell ice cream!”

Michele convinces Brandon to return to the restaurant to explore after the ORV drives away. They head down the basement as Michele convinces them that’s what the map says. There they discover a money machine with tons of fifty dollar bills. They think their money problem is solved, only to have Brandon tell them the bills are fake. They also find a newspaper with the headline, Fratellis at it Again, with three pictures underneath, matching those of the faces they saw on the adults in the restaurant. Realizing they might be in some big danger Lindy being the clumsy one knocks over a glass water jug and they watch as the water runs down underneath the fire place and hear it dripping down. Brandon breaks through the floor and Michele gets excited when she sees a tunnel beneath the fireplace. While the others are looking down the hole Lindy finds a freezer full of Swenson’s ice cream and begins shouting out flavors. The others stare in terror as they see what else is in the freezer. The body of a FBI agent with a bullet hole in his head. They hear the vehicle return and quickly go to hide down the tunnel. Lindy hurries out of the freezer but the others tell him to go out the window and get to the police and get some help. Flash forward to Lindy crashing through the bushes in the dark. She comes to a road and sees headlights coming. She flags down the car and starts describing the situation with the Fratellis. Then the lights inside the car flick on to reveal one of the Fratellis. Lindy screams as another grabs her from behind. They take her back to the restaurant for questioning. After threatening her with a blender they get it out of her that her that her friends are after treasure.



“They got Swensen’s!”













You never know what he has up his



Volume 1

The Astor

Edition 3



As they head down the tunnel Andi starts to panic that they will get stuck and die down there. That’s when they come across a skeleton crushed under a rock. All too scared to get close to it, Michele is the brave one who checks the wallet, only to reveal that it is indeed Chester Copperpot’s remains. They all fear that him being an expert, they are surely doomed. With Chester Copperpot is a strange metal skull with the eyes and nose holes. Michele figures if Chester had it it must

mean something so she takes it along. Michele also finds a string on the ground and pulls it. They hear mechanisms working behind the walls. They look up and see huge boulders ready to fall. They all sprint to then end of the tunnel and dive into shelter. There they remove a rock to head forward. This releases a swarm of bats that head for the surface. They end up all the way back at the restaurant blasting out of the hole under the fireplace. This alerts the Fratellis who are back the restaurant with

Lindy that there is a tunnel below them. The rest of the Goonie gang continues on in the dark tunnels beneath Astoria. They hear a noise and look ahead. They see a beautiful waterfall but when they get closer they see something even better. The whole room and pond is filled with coins. They jump for joy assuming they’ve found the treasure. But as they look a little closer, they are simply modern quarters and pennies. They look up and see a hole revealing sky. Brand realizes they are at the old

Inside the wallet was a baseball card from the late 1890s. His name was Hugh Duffy.

Mossgarden Wishing well. Mouth insists they still take the coins, but Stef says they can’t because they are other people’s wishes and dreams. A coin lands next to Brand and he tosses it back to his owner who happens to be Troy, a football jock and rival for Andi. Troy is shocked to hear Andi yelling up to him. He sends down the bucket to retrieve her. Michele insists she stays. He tells them that this is their time. Their time to do what’s right. Andi decides to stay and they continue on their way.

ria Legend


MAY 18, 1952

The drivers license inside the wallet is what let the kids know immediately who the owner was.

Another piece of evidence proving the skeletal remains where Chester Copperpots was a library card he signed. THE GOONIES


Back at the restaurant, Lindy was left tied to a chair in a dark room so she wouldn’t go anywhere while the Fratellis searched the tunnels. There was a TV playing next to her along with the creature in the chair, chained to the wall. She pulls out a Baby Ruth and offers it too the creature. He turns around and is excited about the Baby Ruth. Lindy tosses it too him, but it simply bounces off his head and falls to the ground. He starts screaming in protest. Lindy screams and bounces in her chair. The creature busts the chains out of the wall just to reach the Baby Ruth. Lindy sees he might not be that scary after all. He just loved chocolate.


I got a

Baby Ruth. Sir?”

“ruth ruth ruth BABY




They end up on a beach. At that exact moment, police officers who were out their looking for them spotted them on the beach. The officers alert their parents. There is a joyous reunion as parents find their missing children. The Fratellis come wandering up the beach led by Sloth. They are placed under arrest, all three except Sloth because he is honored as a hero. Lindy offers to take him home with her to her family because she came to love him so much. Also present is Mr. Walsh, the one threatening the foreclosure, because today is their last day. He threatens Michele’s father to sign the paper giving up the Goon Docks. He is about to sign when their housekeeper finds Michel’s marble bag filled with gems. The Fratellis missed it. She hurries over and dumps them in her hand. Michele realizes that is means they can keep the Goon Docks and shoves the paper back at Mr. Walsh. One of the officers looks up and says “Holy Mary Mother of God,” because he sees a 1600s pirate ship floating in the ocean. Michele whispers bye Willy and watches the ship sail off into the sunset.






The Goonies  

A commemorative book celebrating The Goonies, a movie set in the 1950s. Many of the pages highlight the props designed for the 1950s set.

The Goonies  

A commemorative book celebrating The Goonies, a movie set in the 1950s. Many of the pages highlight the props designed for the 1950s set.