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May 2014

Features From The Publishers -


Volunteer of the Year -


Congratulations Celina

Jane Huddleston

Leighton’s Gift -


Every Family Has a Story, Welcome to Ours

Celina Economic Development Why Celina?

Celina Events -



Events and Activities In And Around Celina

2014-2015 Bobcat Cheerleaders A New Year of Spirit

Walk Worthy -

Trail Life USA



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On the Cover: L-R Mike Foreman, City Manager; Terry Wilson, Main Street Director; Melissa Cromwell, Chamber President; Cobett Howard, EDC Director

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4 Celina Magazine | May 2014


From the Publishers



Life & St yle in

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“Congratulations Celina”


s we created the 2nd issue of CELINA Magazine, we were amazed at what a wonderful community the City of Celina is! The passion for the youth, family values, small town living and progression are all wrapped up in one big orange package! We are enjoying getting to know the people of Celina, and are blessed to be able to tell their stories. In one short month, we were contacted by many individuals with great news to share, events to promote and accomplishments to celebrate. We are overwhelmed with the support that the community has shown, and we look forward to continuing to promote the people and businesses in Celina. Graduating Seniors at Celina High School: As you close one chapter in your life, the entire world is at your feet…make your mark and show them what it means to be a Bobcat! We would like to know where y’all are heading in the fall. If you’d like to be included in this Special Feature in June’s issue, please email us a photo and the college you’re attending – Congratulations to the graduating Senior Class of 2014!!

Jason & Heat her Reynolds

Volunteer of the Year

By Fran Mask, President of Fidelis Inter Se

Jane Huddleston, wife of Billie Ray Huddleston, does not willingly discuss her many years of service to her church and community and she often downplays her long list of accomplishments. If you can get her to talk about volunteering, she may share with you her philosophy: “if something needs to be done and you are able to do it, then you should just do it”. Jane Huddleston is someone that lives out these words in all areas of her life. Jane has served on a number of boards including Celina Chamber of Commerce, Celina Main Street, Celina Area Heritage, Collin County Committee on Aging, Collin County Red Cross Board, and Collin County Child Development. She has served on the Collin County Historical Preservation Commission. She was also the first female to serve on Celina City Council. During her time on the Collin County Committee on Aging, she was instrumental in establishing the Senior Citizen Center in Celina. After the center was established she delivered Meals on Wheels for eight years. She is currently on the board of directors for the Celina Area Museum. At her church, First Baptist Celina, she has served on two building committees, the personal committee for 5 years and the benevolence committee for fifteen years. She has served meals on Wednesday night for twenty-five years and helps distribute monthly food boxes in partnership with North Texas Food Bank. Jane has been a member of Fidelis Inter Se, a women’s service organization in Celina, for forty years. She has served as President and chair of many committees. Her dedication was essential in restoring Old Union Cemetery. Jane’s tireless efforts are an inspiration to other members of FIS. Her unassuming manner and servant’s heart are only a part of what makes her special to this community and to Fidelis Inter Se Club. It is because of her servitude that she was named “Volunteer of the Year” for Trinity District, which is comprised of 12 clubs from Fairfield to Kaufman and Whitesboro. Presenting the award to Mrs. Huddleston in the photo is Lisa Akers of Trinity District. May 2014 |


Leighton’s Gift

By Amy Skaggs

My husband, Chris, and I were married on July 23, 2005. We knew right away that we wanted to become parents, but like many people, our journey to having children was a long one. After years of tests, treatments, and failed domestic and international adoption applications, we were blessed to become pregnant with twins. We knew they were our miracle babies and could not wait to meet them. When I was a cheerleader and gymnast, my small size was an asset, but when I am pregnant, being only 4’10” becomes an issue. There just isn’t as much room – even breathing is difficult. We both knew that carrying twins would be a hard pregnancy for me, and expected bed rest and maybe time in the neonatal intensive care unit (NICU).

Leighton and Jaxon were so tiny, but they were fighters from the beginning. They impressed us and the doctors and nurses by reaching key milestones quickly. At only two weeks of age, they no longer needed oxygen or the continuous positive airway pressure (CPAP), which helps premature babies breathe on their own. We just knew we were on our way to taking home our healthy miracles! Unfortunately, that is not what happened. Our world was rocked at 12:30 a.m. on June 16, 2011 with a phone call. Leighton had an unusually high fever for a preemie and it was quickly diagnosed as Late Onset Group B Strep (GBS). Leighton had been tested at birth for the bacteria, but it is not always detectable. The infection took over her little body and she was in the arms of Jesus within 48 hours.

The rules in the NICU are strict and for good reason, these little ones are fragile and need to have limited visitors and stimulation. One of the hardest things as a family was that no one ever got to meet our sweet angel. Even though she was only 3 weeks old, she had her own spunky personality. She always looked our way when we were there. She would kick her little foot over to us and shake it back and forth. She would “hum” (just like her twin brother) when we held her. We wish that we could have shared these things with our family.

“There is no footprint to small that it cannot leave its print on the world”

At 24 weeks, Chris and I were planning to have a “viability” celebration. Anyone else who has had a difficult pregnancy probably knows the relief you feel when you pass that date. With the long road to pregnancy, and the added worry of my pregnancy being high-risk, passing our viability date was a milestone for us. As if on cue, on the day of our celebration I started bleeding, and we immediately went to our hospital, Texas Health Presbyterian Hospital Plano. I was on strict bed rest for the next few weeks, which was really difficult. You would think it would be nice to have someone tell you to put your feet up, but all I did was worry! We went through some false alarms, but on May 26, 2011 it became real: the babies were coming no matter what. At 28 weeks and six days gestation, Jaxon Cohen and Leighton Sophie Taylor came into our world and forever changed it.

6 Celina Magazine | May 2014

Shortly after Leighton passed away, we knew that we wanted to turn the tragedy of losing our precious daughter into something positive to honor her. At her funeral, we requested that family and friends make a donation in Leighton’s name to the Texas Health Resources Foundation in lieu of flowers. From this, the concept of Leighton’s Gift, a non-profit foundation to honor her legacy, emerged. We weren’t sure what exactly we wanted to do, but we knew it had to be something at the NICU. After all, it was the only home she ever knew. It wasn’t long after we brought Jaxon home that it dawned on us what Leighton’s Gift would be.

It was obvious to us that Leighton’s Gift needed to be a camera system in the NICU. We quickly began telling friends and family about our idea to install cameras. It was overwhelming how many were eager to help us raise funds to make this dream a reality. At $3,400 each, we have a long way to go in order to reach our goal of providing all available 45 beds with a camera. The last two years have been a long road, filled with both tears of joy and sorrow. Grieving for our precious Leighton has been a difficult journey, but we are so proud to have created such a beautiful legacy in her honor, all while raising Jaxon, our healthy and happy little boy. He definitely keeps us on our toes! He loves visiting our friends in the NICU, and has to say hello to the “fishies” in the tank and count the zebras and giraffes on the wall! For more information about Leighton’s Gift, visit

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Celina Bible Church Weekly service, held Sundays at 10:30 a.m 8730 County Road 57 Celina, TX 75009 (903) 222-3433 “Because we loved you so much, we were delighted to share with you not only the gospel of God but our lives as well.” -1Thessalonians 2:8

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201 S. Preston Road, Suite 200 | Celina, TX. 75009 | May 2014 |


Feature Story

“Why is Celina successful in attracting businesses? Because developers want responsiveness. Our city has put customer service as priority number one.”

-Corbett Howard, Executive Director, Celina Economic Development Corporation

Why Celina? Celina Economic Development Corporation

by Pamela Spencer Nishimoto

When you dig into the roots of the Celina Economic Development Corporation (CEDC), you find a focus on heritage, family and future. Initiated by local business owners, council members and school officials, CEDC’s foundation was firmly established in May 1995. In order to promote and develop new and expanded businesses, Celina voters approved by 66.6-percent an additional one-half percent sales and use tax. Articles of Incorporation were signed in July, and the initial CEDC Board selected. Their focus: quality of life; parks for children and families; infrastructure for growth; and organizing for the future. As the Board developed strategies, it was clear that community needs exceeded the CEDC’s initial Charter for business expansion (4A). In May 1998, Celina voters approved by 84.4-percent an expansion of the Charter, enabling the CEDC to develop industry through infrastructure support, manufacturing through job creation incentives, and funding of projects such as parks, museums, and, sports facilities to help cultivate community (4B). Strategic round table discussions about Celina’s future with development experts resulted in seven committees being established in March 1999 to carry out short and long-term CEDC goals. Community leaders within these committees focused on marketing, history, citizen safety and

8 Celina Magazine | May 2014

protection, culture, industrial foundation, medical/retail and recreation. Later that year, the Historical Committee was authorized to form the Celina Area Heritage Association, and the Recreation Committee focused on identifying available land for a city park. Additionally, the CEDC held several discussions with Brookshire’s about locating a grocery store in Celina. In November 2000, the CEDC unanimously approved their first grant, $20,000 for the Celina Area Heritage Association to remodel a building purchased for a history museum. These funds fittingly supported a community-wide commitment to helping preserve Celina’s heritage, traditions and culture. The CEDC’s next fund contribution was $100,000 in 2002, helping secure a matching grant from Collin County for a city park. These funds became the seed money for creating Old Celina Park. Over the next two years, the CEDC contributed an additional $200,000 for the park’s development and established an interlocal agreement between the CEDC and the City of Celina committing future funding for Old Celina Park. To date, the CEDC has contributed over $600,000 for community parks, supporting a top priority to enhance the quality of life for Celina residents and businesses.

The CEDC plays a leading role in commercial ventures contributing both jobs and sales tax dollars to Celina. A $21,000 CEDC grant helped the infrastructure development for Settlers Ridge Care Center, an assisted living facility which opened in 2003, creating 83 jobs. A $144,000 CEDC grant for infrastructure improvements to help develop Celina Town Center made it possible for the owner/developer to work a long-term lease agreement with Brookshire Grocery Company. The 44,580-square foot Brookshire’s grocery store and pharmacy, as well as a gas station and convenience store, opened in Celina in September 2006, bringing 125 new jobs. Several years of strategic planning and targeted meetings with national brand retailers resulted in the grand opening of McDonald’s in Celina Town Center in October 2011. This brought over 50 new jobs to the local community, in addition to helping establish Celina’s presence to other national brand leaders. In recent years, the CEDC has helped attract diverse businesses to the community, including services -- medical specialists, Children’s Health Resources, and Texas Health Resources; retail -- CVS Pharmacy, Dickey’s Barbecue Pit, Domino’s Pizza, Kwik Kar Lube & Tune, Subway, and Taco Bell; and downtown merchants -- Celina’s Twice Is Nice,

Sunny Paige, and Willow House. Future growth is ensured as major retail/commercial developers are near-terms for several major projects. Celina has a 78-square mile footprint, larger than either Frisco or Plano, with an expected build-out of approximately 300,000 residents. According to Corbett Howard, CEDC Executive Director, “approximately 10,000 residents currently call Celina ‘home,’ with a projected 40,000 residents by 2020. Preparing for this expansion, city and staff are currently working on 11 residential development agreements which have the potential of bringing 30,000-plus new homes to Celina.” Light Farms, a 1,070 acre master-planned community is the newest residential development in Celina. Phase I with neighborhoods such as Indigo, Bluestem, Grange, and Maydelle will include 267 homes from the $240,000-$400,000s, along with a community sales center, fitness center, four pools, tennis court complex, hike and bike trails, and a central lawn with gazebo for events. Projections for the fall of 2014 are to have 670 lots available from eight different residential builders. Total build-out will contain 3,000 lots, with an expected completion by 2024. Helping spur Celina’s expansion is what Howard terms the “Dream Team,” the collaborative efforts of community members citywide, partnered with elected officials - local to federal, city staff, the Greater Celina Chamber of Commerce, Main Street Program, Celina Independent School District, and, members of the CEDC. “Dream Team” members were instrumental in the CEDC’s initial seven committees. Their comprehensive research and assessment of community needs was a strategic catalyst, helping develop Celina’s first Comprehensive Land Use Plan adopted in 2001. Developed by 25-member task forces representing a diverse cross-section of the community, the Comprehensive Land Use Plan was updated in 2009, and again in 2013. Interested residents and business leaders, present and future, can see the plan on the City of Celina website at: http://www. This month, the CEDC celebrates 19 years of service to the City of Celina. The imprint of the CEDC’s visionary planning over the decades is reflected in “Why Celina?” Future issues of Celina Magazine will include updates on major residential, retail and business expansions, and, related projects by the CEDC. Stay up-to-date on current community growth through social media: Celina Economic Development Corporation at http://; and, Celina Magazine at and “Celina Magazine” on Facebook. Pamela Spencer Nishimoto is a freelance journalist, strategic communications consultant and special event planner serving corporate and nonprofit clients. Pamela and her husband Eric are longtime Collin County residents and actively serve in community-building across North Texas.

“In Celina you get a hometown feel with modern conveniences. I love our historic downtown and how friendly the people are here.” -Rachel Baty, President, Celina Newcomers & Friends “Celina is a warm, welcoming, funny, forgiving, giving, caring, family oriented, self-contained community all wrapped up with a big orange bow. Go Bobcats.” -Jane Willard - Board of Directors, North Texas Tollway Authority “As a third-generation Celina resident, I don’t think there’s another city that incorporates community spirit and school support, along with the dynamic location within all of North Texas.” - Rex Glendenning, President, Owner/Broker, REX Real Estate “Celina is an awesome place to live, work, or raise your family while enjoying the small town feel of yesteryear. That is why we say, ‘A day in the country is worth a month in town!’ Come experience Small Town USA in Celina.” -Andy McAnally, Chairman, Board of Directors, Greater Celina Chamber of Commerce May 2014 |


Celina Events

May 2014

LADYCATS SOFTBALL: 5/1 Area Playoffs @ Duncanville 5/2 Area Playoffs @ Duncanville BOBCATS BASEBALL: 5/1 Bi-District Playoffs @ Frisco Heritage 5/2 Bi-District Playoffs @ Frisco Heritage BOBCATS TRACK &FIELD: 5/10 State Meet @ Austin CHS / CMS BAND AND CHOIR: 5/1 PEAK Music Festival 5/3 CHS Solo & Ensemble 5/6 CMS Band Concert & Awards 5/9 CHS Band Concert 5/15 CMS Choir Concert 5/16 Choir Spring Concert 5/25 – 5/27 CHS Texas State Solo & Ensemble Contest CELINA ISD EVENTS: 5/5 STAAR Algebra I 5/6 STAAR Biology CHS Ready Set Teach Reception 5/7 STAAR US History 5/8 STAAR Make Up Session 5/12 CHS Senior Scholarship Night

10 Celina Magazine | May 2014

5/13 5/14 5/16 5/18 5/19 5/21 5/23 5/26 5/30

STAAR 5th Grade Math Re-Test Powder Puff Game STAAR 5th Grade Reading Re-Test CHS Junior & Senior Awards Assembly CHS Baccalaureate CISD School Board Meeting CHS National Honor Society Induction CHS Freshman & Sophomore Awards Assembly Theatre Banquet NO SCHOOL – Memorial Day Holiday CHS Graduation

CITY OF CELINA EVENTS: 5/6 General Election Early Voting ends 5/10 General Election Day 5/13 City Council Regular Meeting 5:00pm 5/20 Planning & Zoning Commission 6:30pm 5/28 Historic Preservation Committee 9:00am SPECIAL EVENTS: 5/3 Cinco de Mayo 5/12 21st Annual Main Street Golf Tournament 5/17 Leighton’s Ride @ Old Celina Park 9:00am If you would like to add your event to the calendar in an upcoming issue, please email:

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A New Year of Spirit CHS 2014-2015 Cheerleaders:

On March 7, 2014, the new Celina High School Cheerleaders were named for the upcoming 2014-2015 school year. These young ladies will be leading our Varsity, JV, and Freshmen teams as well as supporting the other school sports throughout the year. We are excited about a new year with some new opportunities of increased spirit, community service, and student leadership for our community and school. The Cheer Coaches for next year are Paige Juergens leading the Varsity squad, Janice Babb heading up the JV girls, and Amariz Acosta leading the Freshmen group. Be ready to cheer loud and proud for our Celina Bobcats!

Varsit y

Megan Tolbert, Tori Baudendistal, Peyton Gravley, Kailee Worthey, Kinzie Juergens, Cambry Lohmann, Bailee Seelye, Caitlin Weemes, Mackenzie Hernandez, Holly Edmiston, Payton Beall, Miranda Jones CHS Mic Master Samantha Bruton, Bobcat Beenie Mascot Hope Reeder


Jaylan Evans, Tori Howard, McKenna Dunn, Delaney Wright, Mackenzie Graf, Aubrey Duffield Bailey Smith, Catalina Bradley

12 Celina Magazine | May 2014


Brooke Williams, Jeralyn Wilkes, Claire Hefton Celeste Knowles, Kylee Terry, Ansley Smith Macy Robinson, Skylar Thuo

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14 Celina Magazine | April 2014

Walk Worthy by Angela Brescia

“Walk worthy” is a motto that Celina boys are hearing over and over these days. It all started in January when Trail Life USA launched its Christ centered youth adventure program for young men K-12th grade. A fun, exciting, Christian character development program for young men that supports the family’s desire to raise men of Godly character. Troop 382, located here in Celina, is chartered by First Baptist Church of Celina. All weekly troop meetings are held at the church. These young men learn new life skills through community outings and camping. Middle school aged Trailmen grow in their knowledge of outdoor and mountaineering skills and go on monthly excursions together to build character and teamwork. Older high school aged Trailmen will encounter ambitious and challenging outdoor adventures and travel options. We are always looking for new recruits! If you would like your young man to join us in learning how to, “walk worthy in of the Lord, fully pleasing Him, being fruitful in every good work and increasing in the knowledge of God…” Colossians 1:10, then please contact Celina Trail Life Troop 382 by email at For more information on our Christ centered program, go to

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Celina Magazine - May 2014  


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