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Hinwick Hall College prospectus

, e g e l l o c r e You r u t u f r u o y

Your future,

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Hinwick Hall College is an independent specialist college working with learners who have physical, sensory and learning difďŹ culties. Our qualiďŹ cations, courses and pathways enable students to prepare for adult life after college The college is set in extensive grounds on the border between Northamptonshire and Bedfordshire. This is the place where learning is planned around your hopes and aspirations, where life skills training is tailored to your individual goals, and where you are supported by staff who respect your choices and your lifestyle. Welcome to the place that believes you can.

Welcome to Hinwick.

Your future starts here

Your future,

starts here

r u o Y

e g e l l co

You are the heart of the college. Your ideas, opinions and hard work make Hinwick the student-centred place it is

You can get involved in your college by: • becoming a student representative for your house if you are a residential student, or • being elected onto the Student Council • becoming a student representative for people on day courses • giving feedback to tutors • volunteering around the campus or in the community

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• working with staff on specific projects, such as the Summer Ball • taking part in residential holidays, adventure and fun • organising student-led events, like a BBQ

You will have access to a range of social activities and clubs to suit your interests, on campus and in the wider community. The choice is yours to make. You can pursue your interests and hobbies – and try some new things too. If you want to try different sports, clubs and activities, the support you need will be there.

At Hinwick life is about learning...

• being part of community activities – running a stall at our fête or clearing glasses in the beer tent!

Your future starts here

Your future,

t a g n i v i L

starts here

e g e l l co

Living at the college is much more than just ‘staying here’. It gives you the opportunity to find about ‘you’. What do you like to do? What pushes your buttons?

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Who do you like to be with and how do you respond to change and new challenges? Learning to live at college is the first challenge – what skills do you have already that will help you?

• fully fitted kitchens in appropriate houses

When you arrive at Hinwick as a residential student, you will be allocated a room in one of our living areas, depending on the type of support you need. You will be greeted by your keyworker or house manager.

Developing your independence

Our living areas are all different, with wellappointed rooms and specialist equipment available when there is an assessed need. We have eight independence flats, two cottages and three other houses which offer more support to promote your independence. As you develop, you may move from one house to another.

• making choices and decisions

You will have access to:

Your future starts here

• friendly atmosphere and loads of outside space All our accommodation is registered and inspected by the Care Quality Commission.

At Hinwick we will support you to improve skills such as: • communicating in different settings • making your wishes known to others • confidence • assertiveness • directing your carers • keeping yourself safe You will also have the opportunity to learn practical life skills including:

• overhead hoists in all downstairs accommodation

• shopping

• specialist medical and therapy staff

• budgeting

• refectory

• household tasks

• cooking

Foundation learning t supported employmen to e ut ro ng ni ar le : . ne Pathway O or physical difficulties d/ an s ie lit bi sa di ng for people with learni This learning route is e programme for going to work. Th ills sk p lo ve de u yo lp and social This course aims to he nal learning, personal tio ca vo , ills sk ed lat is a mixture of work-re tional skills. development and func

r u o Y

g n i n r a le Getting you on the right learning route is essential. We will take time to underst and exactly what the right route is for you

Your learning will take place in a variety of places and at different times – in therapy sessions, out in the community, where you live, through leisure time, clubs and activities, as well as approximately three lectures per day. We will work with you to find out: • what you want to get out of college • what you want to do after college • your interests, experiences and qualifications • your functional skills, literacy, numeracy, communication and ICT skills • your therapy and support requirements

Your future starts here

Our health and wellbeing services include: • weekly GP surgery • nursing team • physiotherapy

Your programme will: employability skills • support you to gain lop ent to lear n and deve em ac pl rk wo al re e lem-solving id • prov as teamwork and prob ch su ills sk al on rs pe loping • assist you with deve t me more independen • support you to beco p functional skills • help you to develo Pathway Two: lear ning route to supported employment/independent living This learning route is for people with lear ning disabilities and/or physical difficult ies. This course/programme will help you realise your wish to become more independent and play an active role in the community. Your course/programme will be a mix of independence activities, functional skill s and work experience. Your programme will: • support you to gain more independent living skills • provide ‘hands on’ lear ning in practical and subject areas • support you to learn through community or enterprise projects • offer supported employment activities • offer a range of creative opportunities Pathway Three: learning route to independent living This learning route is for people with profound and complex learning and/or physical difficulties.

• speech and language therapy

fun too. The course aims to help you make the most of adult life and have some skills to make Working in a small group with one-to-one support, you will develop the interests choices and communicate them to others. You will explore activities and and try new things. We will take a sensory approach to your learning.

• behaviour management

Activities and interests could include:

• aquatic therapy • occupational therapy

We also access other specialists through Twinwoods Health Resource Centre in Bedfordshire.

• communication • concentration and engagement • managing your behaviour • personal safety

• tolerance of new activities and experiences • daily living skills • sequencing • health and wellbeing

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starts here

d e t a l e r k r o W vocational and arning le If you want to gain a qualification in a specific area, then our range of work-related and vocational learning courses is for you

Offered from entry level 1 through to level 1, we focus on: • generic work skills • horticulture • vehicle maintenance • information technology • retail • environmental awareness • recycling • art and media • hospitality and catering

Your future starts here

You can study for these qualifications as a residential student or day student. You may choose one particular vocational area and decide to add a Personal and Social Development Award and/ or an Employability Award. As a day student at entry level 1 through level 1, you can buy a flexible service to suit your needs – this might be one, two, or more days at college. Your course will include functional skills and work experience with a number of partners which allows you to gain practical experience in the workplace. You may supplement your learning at Hinwick by attending one of three local further education colleges, through a link course.

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A healthy lifestyle is really important and we offer a variety of activities that can support you, including: • aquatic therapy • varied menus and specialist dietary support • health advice and guidance • one-to-one tutorial support • community-based swimming and fitness club If you are already in receipt of therapeutic support, our therapists will work with you, your tutors and residential staff to make sure that therapy support is integrated into your lifestyle and college programme. They will work with you to develop strategies and programmes to support your future life.

Your future starts here

Our health and wellbeing ng g services include: • weekly GP surgery • nursing team • physiotherapy • aquatic therapy • occupational therapy • speech and language therapy • behaviour management We also access other specialists through Twinwoods Health Resource Centre in Bedfordshire.

s n o i s s i m Ad If you want to come to Hinwick, you need to speak with your Connexions adviser (ask at school if you haven’t met them yet) or your social worker They will help you to fill in the forms we need. Your place at college may be funded through: Young People’s Learning Authority (YPLA), local authority, social services and/or health. We do accept privately funded students. If you or your family want to pay for a college place, please let us know when you get in touch.

Livability: choices for disabled people Hinwick is part of Livability, which traces its history back over 160 years when it was established by Christian reformers. This heritage lives on today, inspiring our work and informing our values of quality, inclusion and justice. At Hinwick, we promote equality, diversity and tolerance through positive communication and by challenging all forms of discrimination. We believe in the right of every individual to be in charge of as many aspects of their lives as they are able. Visit our website to find out more.

Hinwick Hall College Wollaston Road Hinwick Wellingborough Northamptonshire NN29 7JD T: 01933 312470 E: F: 01933 412470

Hinwick Hall College is part of Livability. We work to create choices for disabled people and bring life to local communities. Livabiity offers a wide range of services to thousands of disabled people and their families. As well as Hinwick, we run Nash College in Kent and Victoria Education Centre and Sports College in Dorset, both specialising in education for young people with special educational needs. We also run residential care homes and services that support people to live as independently as possible. Our wheelchair-accessible hotels and holiday homes are based in some of the UK’s most popular tourist destinations.

Registered office: 50 Scrutton Street London EC2A 4XQ

Livability is the new face of John Grooms and The Shaftesbury Society

T: 020 7452 2000 E: Registered charity no.1116530 Company registration no. 5967087

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