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28 October - 6 November 2011


‘Enticing Adult Puppetry’ The Independent

Welcome to SUSPENSE London Puppetry Festival 2011 produced by Little Angel Theatre. We were delighted by audience and critical responses to our first SUSPENSE in 2009 and won a Fringe Report Award for Best Festival as well as being nominated for The Empty Space…Peter Brook Award. This year, as Little Angel celebrates its 50th anniversary, we are delighted to have 11 venues taking part and over 30 companies participating. New venues this year include The Roundhouse, The V&A, Wilton’s Music Hall and New Diorama. We have international work from Iran, USA, Georgia and Austria, alongside the most innovative UK companies – all for adult audiences. There is a thread of ‘Puppetry and Politics’ running through the festival. We focus on this with a major symposium, an Iranian production of The House of Bernarda Alba and a trilogy

of pieces by Obie award winning US company Great Small Works formed by ex-members of radical activists Bread and Puppet Theater. We also have puppetry inspired workshops, talks, late-night cabaret, opera, dance and films. Plenty to get your hands on! SUSPENSE is a response to the current renaissance in the UK for puppetry. It is exciting for us at Little Angel to be witnessing such a growing level of appreciation and application of the possibilities of this most ancient of art-forms. As Adrian Kohler of Handspring Puppet Company (War Horse) recently said “Puppetry is not a fad. What we are witnessing is theatre discovering its lost limb”. Peter Glanville Festival Director/Artistic Director Little Angel Theatre

How to book tickets You can book tickets for SUSPENSE in two different ways: 1) Book for all events at all venues via the centralised festival box office - online, by phone or in person. The festival box office is managed by Pleasance Theatre. In person: Pleasance Theatre, Carpenter Mews, North Road N7 9EF By phone: 020 7609 1800 Online:

2) Book tickets via individual venues either by telephone or online: Little Angel Theatre - 020 7226 1787 / Jacksons Lane - 020 8341 4421 / New Diorama Theatre - 0207 383 9034 / Pleasance Theatre - 020 7609 1800 / Puppet Barge - 020 7249 6876 / Rosemary Branch - 020 7704 6665 /

Age guidance: This festival is for adult audiences and we do not recommend anything for people under 12 years old. Some shows have specific age guidance. Join the SUSPENSE conversation at:

Twitter #SUSPENSE11

Roundhouse - 0844 482 8008 / Wilton’s Music Hall - 020 7702 2789 / Note that advanced tickets for Tour de Force Studio can only be booked via the festival box office. Tickets for all performances may be bought on the door at all venues (subject to availability). Note that all workshops must be booked in advance. Events at the V&A are on a first come first served basis.

Little Angel Theatre 14 Dagmar Passage, London N1 2DN Autumn Portraits Sandglass Theater Sat 29 & Sun 30 Oct, 3pm & 7pm £15 / £12 A series of five interlocking vignettes exploring one puppet character and its interplay with its manipulator. Characters in the “autumn” of their existence act out their stories in precise and evocative gestures. This celebrated performance has won awards in Australia, Hungary and a UNIMA Citation of Excellence. This is the first performance of this piece in London by USA based Eric Bass since 1984.

Triple Bill Great Small Works Mon 31 Oct, Tues 1 Nov & Wed 2 Nov, 7pm & 9pm nightly £15 / £12 Award winning USA based Great Small Works present a Toy Theatre triple bill: Short, Entertaining History of Toy Theater: Narrated by singing professor Dr. John Bell A Walk in the City: An elaborate miniature fly system, and pre-cinema technology. Toy Theater of Terror As Usual: Drone warfare, WikiLeaks, and the BP oil spill, with texts from the New York Times, Hans Christian Anderson and Democracy Now.

Stonebelly Wild Theatre Thurs 3 & Fri 4 Nov, 7pm & 9pm £15 / £12 A visual poem exploring the power of the imagination to re-dream the world. Wild Theatre reveal the hoarded memories and deep desires that dwell in discarded and forgotten things, scavenged from the far beaches of New Zealand and the flea markets of Vienna. Reality is not all it’s cracked up to be - those who fall through the cracks are transformed into the creatures who dwell on the fringes of our imagination. Co-produced by Wild Theatre and dreizurdritten, supported by Little Angel Theatre

Plucked…a true fairytale Invisible Thread Sat 5 Nov, 7pm and Sun 6 Nov, 3pm & 7pm £15 / £12 Invisible Thread (formerly Faulty Optic) return to SUSPENSE in association with the London International Mime Festival. Suspend your disbelief and enter the strange world of Plucked … a true fairy tale. Pull from your loins a nest of twigs, beware the wolf-man and the raven too! Plucked follows a journey from beauty to beast and beyond. It is scary and haunting, funny and tragic. “You are plunged into a bizarre micro-world where anything can happen – and what does happen, however strange, seems perfectly normal” The Guardian of previous show ‘Fish, Clay, Perspex’

Jacksons Lane 269a Archway Road, N6 5AA

Little Edie Pickled Image Tues 1 & Wed 2 Nov, 8pm £12.95 / £10.95 It’s been 30 years since once-socialite Little Edie was invited to a high society ball. Her mother, Big Edie, won’t leave her bed for anyone so she dances alone in their crumbling mansion surrounded by chaos, clutter and the ghosts of her past. Based on a legendary true story that inspired the Maysles Brothers’ cult 1975 documentary Grey Gardens, Little Edie is a heartwarming tale about love, loss and the complexities of a tragic mother-daughter relationship.

Memoirs of a Biscuit Tin Maison Foo Thurs 3 Nov, 8pm £12.95 / £10.95 All is not well at number 92…Mrs. Benjamin has disappeared leaving her decaying house to fend for itself. So in a desperate attempt to find its missing owner, the house sets out on an enchanting journey. Follow the story of a wall, a floor and a chimney, a forgotten old lady and the memories that lie within. An Edinburgh Fringe Festival 2010 sell out. Produced by Spiel. Toured in partnership with Dementia UK.

“Touching and beautifully crafted....a little show with a big heart ” Lyn Gardner, The Guardian

Puppet Grinder Cabaret Puppet Grinder and Little Angel Theatre Sun 6 Nov, 8pm £15.50 / £12.50 From the beautiful and comical to the grotesque and wonderfully weird, experience ‘Time Out’s Critics Choice’ and a highlight of SUSPENSE 2009. This year’s festival finale is a feast for the eyes with an eclectic mélange of polished puppetry, including Blind Summit and intriguing animated shorts served up for your delectation by a superb guest MC. “Sick, twisted and depraved puppets! Rocks being a grown-up doesn’t it?” Time Out

New Diorama Theatre

5 - 16 Triton Street, Regents Place NW1 3BF The House of Bernarda Alba Yas-e-Tamam Theater Group Wed 2 Nov – Sun 6 Nov, 7.30pm £15 / £12 A radical new production of the politically and passionately charged play by Frederico García Lorca. Multi-award winning Tehran based Yas-e-Tamam Theater Group present this UK premiere. Bernarda Alba is an isolated widow trapped in mourning with her five daughters. One by one Bernarda’s daughters plan to escape – each with tragic and lasting consequences..

Roundhouse Studio Theatre Chalk Farm Road, London NW1 8EH The Great Puppet Horn Pangolin’s Teatime Wed 2 & Thurs 3 Nov, 7.30pm £12.50 / £10 Cutting comedy from the UK’s leading satirical shadow puppet show, providing cultural critique as only cardboard stuck to sticks can. A changing collection of sketches offering up-to-the-minute commentary on everything from the global financial crisis to Take That. Following sell out shows across the country The Great Puppet Horn returns to SUSPENSE with an entirely new line up of cardboard characters. This is South Park meets Newsnight with a whole load of cardboard. “Scathingly funny... this giggle-fest gets my five stars. ” The Sunday Times

Penumbra indefinitearticles

Fri 4, Sat 5 & Sun 6 Nov, 7.30pm Sun 6 Nov, 4pm £12.50 / £10 indefinitearticles present a wry discourse on the effects of desire and decay… Penumbra (perceptual): an area of shadow which is between fully dark and fully light. …using shadows, puppets and the human body. “Amazing…the elements of dust and light have joined with storytelling to extend the boundaries of theatre.” The Times of previous show ‘Dust’ For age 16+.

Pleasance Theatre Stagespace Carpenter Mews, North Road N7 9EF

The Invisible Cities of Margharita Monticiano Nutmeg Fri 28 Oct, 7pm & 9.15pm £12 / £10 Four of Italo Calvino’s Invisible Cities are re-created - four elusive, decadent, shadowy, reflections of La Serenissima - the seductive, rapacious city of Venice - personified by Margharita Monticiano, an ageing beauty who sees the world from her own erotic viewpoint… A sly confection of shadows and projected images by Meg Amsden, Nutmeg Puppet Co and Joy Haynes, Banyan Theatre.

Urashima Taro Rouge28 Theatre Sun 30 Oct, 3pm & 7pm £12 / £10 Step into the realms of the legend of Urashima Taro - a poor young fisherman who, after saving a turtle, is invited by the beautiful and captivating Otohime, to stay in her palace deep in the ocean. But the dream slowly turns into an unceasing nightmare as Urashima Taro’s fate unfolds. Video projection, shadow play, puppetry and actor merge to create a story of lust, betrayal and loss.

The Tragic and Regrettable Life of Teofila Teadora de la Lima Triptych Wattle and Daub Figure Theatre Sat 29 Oct, 3pm & 7pm £12 / £10 Three stories about love, loss and letting go. A small, lonely figure is lured by the elusive and dangerous promise of flight; a witch within the heart of a tree demands a Faustian bargain for safe passage through her forest; and the oldest man in the world stumbles into a Paris jazz club for one last dance. Triptych fuses innovative storytelling with a distinctive combination of visual theatre, puppetry and masks. Magical, lively and somewhat dark.

Woodenfingers Theatre Company Mon 31 Oct and Tues 1 Nov, 7pm & 9.15pm £12 / £10 To Ezparanza Medina Villanueva and Victor Ramos Herrera a beautiful baby girl is born. Years later, when Teofila’s lost love returns from the dead, it seems a miracle has taken place. But the townspeople of La Lima worry that an unearthly intruder is in their midst… A dark and magical story of passion, endurance and hope. Accompanied by the joyful, witty, sometimes dirty, English folk band Apple of My Eye. For age 15+.

The Ecstatic Truth of Bruno S. Mischa Twitchin and George Tomlinson Wed 2 Nov, 7pm & 9.15pm £12 / £10 Once upon a time, the European past was still visible in the future of Berlin, but then the future was forgotten and the past became invisible. In the “ecstatic truth” of Bruno S. an orphaned voice sings in the city’s courtyards, mixing with characters from the Magic Flute - while in a birdcage shadows flutter. Mischa Twitchin returns to SUSPENSE following his provocative 2009 production I Wonder Sometimes Who I Am. “What must an outcast think when he dreams he is back home? He is shaken from sleep by a song from his native country and finds himself in foreign parts” (Bruno Schleinstein).

JEW(ish) Eye Spy Arts Thurs 3 Nov, 7pm & 9.15pm £12 / £10 JEW(ish) travels from shtetl to city, from past to present, and from the personal to the political in its exploration of cultural identity and belonging. Join us as we animate the diverse voices within the Judaic community – everyone has something to kvetch about! A world is found in an abandoned suitcase, and secrets are revealed in a bowl of chicken soup…. “A little diaspora of Jewish sights and sounds…that brim with ideas and emotions that could speak for anyone.” The Guardian

Madeleine on Tiptoe Hit Gelamp Fri 4 Nov, 7pm & 9.15pm £12 / £10 “Do you never see anything out of the corner of your eye Doctor?” The strange and little known story of Madeleine Le Bouc, the ‘Angel of Paris’ who walked the streets on tiptoe at the end of the 19th century, and the unique relationship she formed with the man who cured her. A contemporary tale of angels and devils, science and religion, faith and disbelief, madness and sanity. “fresh and inventive” Animations Online

Life Still Folded Feather Sat 5 & Sun 6 Nov, 3pm & 7pm £12 / £10 An extraordinarily dark and surreal piece of post apocalyptic sci-fi puppetry. Existence as we know it has terminated. The debris of a long forgotten epoch lies strewn about an apocalyptic wasteland. But this deathly stasis is shattered. With a darkly seductive aesthetic, superb object manipulation and an innovative live soundscape Life Still presents an abject universe which can be both highly comic and deeply disturbing. “Technical artistry” Animations Online

Rosemary Branch

Fragile/Sacred Puppet (R)Evolution Thurs 3 & Fri 4 Nov, 7pm & 9pm £12 / £10

2 Shepperton Road, London N1 3DT Passing On

This true story shows a human life pushed beyond its breaking point, where the animalistic intersects with the sublime. The chains of paternal love express dangerously fanatic control. Hope arrives in unexpected forms, a dance of tenderness and mortality. Drenched in lush imagery and black humour, themes of belonging and transcendence emerge. Shadow and tabletop puppetry interweave with physical theatre and live violin.

Santé Theatre in association with Little Angel Theatre Sat 29 & Sun 30 Oct, 3pm & 7pm and Mon 31 Oct, 7pm £12 / £10 Exploring the dilemmas and issues facing both relatives and health professionals during end of life care. Written by Mike Kenny, created from real life stories of the ordinary extraordinary reality of dying in hospital. A spoken meditation set against a surreal movement backdrop on a person’s last hours of life in hospital. Followed by a post show discussion with health professionals, social scientists and members of the company. Supported by the University of Warwick, Institute of Health.

Spirit Susan Beattie Tues 1 & Wed 2 Nov, 7pm & 9pm £12 / £10 A captivating journey of ordinary people’s otherworldly experiences, combining personal stories with music and puppetry in an exploration of the extraordinary in everyday life. With inspired use of shadow, light, movement and manipulation, Spirit is led by Susan Beattie, whose recent work includes BBC3’s Mongrels and the PG Tips Monkey. The reflections and narratives are humorous, inspiring and in some cases deeply moving. “The staging of the piece was continually surprising…what a treat!” Animations Online

“Full marks for audacity, and passionate commitment to righting a social wrong” Time Out of previous show ‘Hooray for Hollywood’

Die schöne Müllerin and Winterreise GOT Company and Bluebird Puppets Sat 5 and Sun 6 Nov, 3pm & 8pm £12 / £10 The baritone and stage director Thomas Guthrie brings his own GOT company to the festival in magical productions of Schubert’s great song cycles. In collaboration with the puppet maker Mandarava, the characters are brought to life in a way that brings new insight to these beautiful and haunting songs. Die schöne Müllerin (performed at 3pm each day) is a new SUSPENSE commission. Winterreise (performed at 8pm each day) is a revival of the original New Kent Opera production. With surtitles. “A spellbinding evening” The Independent

Puppet Theatre Barge Blomfield Road, Little Venice W9 2PF The Money Game (or The Getting of Wisdom) Movingstage Marionette Company Mon 31 Oct – Sat 5 Nov, 7.30pm Sun 30 Oct & Sun 6 Nov, 3pm £10 / £8.50 A beguiling new marionette spectacle and a reckoning with the economic crash of the decade. Reflections on a poetic lifetime translate into an eloquent drama that takes the medium of marionettes into the digital age with beauty and style. An account of the impact of living in a world run by those that care and by those that believe war and money rule. “The scale of puppetry forces you to surrender your imagination in a way that flesh and blood actors never could.” The Guardian

Wilton’s Music Hall

1 Graces Alley, City of London E1 8JB Boris and Sergey’s Puppet Cabaret Flabbergast Theatre Fri 28 & Sat 29 Oct and Thurs 3, Fri 4 & Sat 5 Nov, 10.30pm £12 / £10 Simply the greatest vaudevillian double act ever conceived for the small stage, your favourite eastern European puppet duo Boris and Sergey present a plethora of pleasing plays and skits! Expect riotous exploits, malarkey, molestation and mirth hitherto unseen, featuring their infamous puppet poker pit. “Flabbergast Theatre’s pottymouthed, Bunraku-style puppets will make you laugh out loud as they bicker over their chips in Puppet Poker Pit...” What’s On Stage

The V&A

Cromwell Rd, London SW7 2RL (in the Theatre & Performance Galleries, 104)

Tour De Force Studio 6 Well Street, Hackney, EP9 7PX Love Suicides at Sonezaki

V&A Puppetry Weekend

Effigy Actorum Thurs 3, Fri 4 & Sat 5 Nov, 8pm Sat 5 Nov, 3pm £12 / £10

Sat 5 & Sun 6 Nov (same programme both days) All events are free and on a first come first served basis on the day. The V&A holds a nationally important puppetry collection and the National Video Archive of Performance. All events presented during SUSPENSE are free, and accompany a display in the gallery celebrating Little Angel Theatre’s 50th anniversary. 12.00pm Screening of Shakespeare’s erotic love poem Venus and Adonis. The V&A recording of the production by the Royal Shakespeare Company in association with Little Angel Theatre. Filmed at the Little Angel Theatre, 3rd November 2004 (62 minutes). 2.15pm V&A Curator Cathy Haill will give a talk on ‘Puppets and the V&A Puppetry Collection. 3.15pm Screening of Shakespeare’s The Tempest. The V&A recording of the Little Angel Theatre/Royal Shakespeare Company co-production. Filmed at The Swan Theatre, Stratford-upon- Avon, 25 March 2011 (83 minutes).

In May of 1703 a pair of lovers committed suicide in the woodlands outside of Osaka. Stirred by the true story, Chikamatsu, widely regarded as one of the greatest Japanese dramatists in history, wrote what is perhaps his greatest domestic tragedy. The simple beauty of the story proved so successful it motivated a multitude of copycat suicides and the play was banned. Adapted from Chikamatsu’s story and inspired by Japanese animation and manga, this moving piece presents a forest of bamboo and a river of blood.

Other Events at Little Angel Theatre Directing Puppetry

Puppetry and Politics Symposium

The Puppet Centre Trust in association with Little Angel Theatre Wed 2 Nov, 3-5pm £8

Central School of Speech & Drama & Little Angel Theatre Fri 4 Nov, 11am-3pm £35 / £20 conc and British UNIMA members

An afternoon of discussion with theatre directors who use puppetry in their work and those who work solely in puppetry. Directors from New York, Glasgow, London and Tiblisi speak about their use of puppetry when creating theatre. Chaired by Dorothy Max Prior, editor of Animations Online and Total Theatre magazine, don’t miss this opportunity to hear expert views and discussion on the art of directing with puppets.

A symposium involving talks and presentations on the relationship between puppetry and politics by practitioners, researchers and performers at SUSPENSE, including Great Small Works. Includes the British UNIMA John Phillips Annual Memorial Lecture. Lunch provided.

More about the Puppet Centre Trust from

Followed by the British UNIMA Annual General Meeting: starting at 3.30pm. Free – all welcome. Presented in collaboration with CROPP (the Centre for Research into Objects and Puppets in Performance).


In collaboration with CROPP (the Centre for Research into Objects and Puppets in Performance)

Workshops and Performance with Nenagh Watson Venue: Central School of Speech & Drama

Workshops must be booked in advance via Little Angel Theatre by calling 020 7226 1787.

‘Ephemeral Animation’ is a term coined by Nenagh Watson to place debris animated by natural elements into a performance frame. We now present two pieces and a masterclass, which take the concept into the studio to inform the creative process. Nenagh Watson is a Creative Research Fellow funded by AHRC and hosted by Central School of Speech & Drama.

Tickets for Conversations with an Umbrella and Concertina for the Gods can be bought via the festival box office and on the door. An Introduction to Puppetry Performance Sat 29 Oct, 10-5pm Venue: Central School of Speech & Drama £40 / £30 conc This crash course by Little Angel Theatre for total beginners assists you in discovering the essential skills needed to bring puppets and objects alive with movement and emotion. An entertaining and comprehensive introduction to the art of the puppeteer, led by Oliver Smart (of Folded Feather – see Pleasance listings). Toy Theatre Workshop Thurs 3 Nov, 10am – 5pm Venue: Central School of Speech & Drama £40 / £30 conc USA company Great Small Works lead a workshop in the 19th-century form of popular home entertainment known as toy theatre. Originally a means of staging dramatic spectacles in the Victorian parlour, toy theatre allowed enthusiastic theatre-goers to perform their favourite plays in their homes. The workshop will include an introduction to toy theatre and its contemporary applications, and the opportunity to make your own toy theatre.

The Choreography of Puppetry Sun 6 Nov, 1-5pm Venue: Jacksons Lane £30 / £25 conc

Conversation with an Umbrella (performance) Tues 1 Nov, 7pm £5

Puppetry is often a choreographic art as three or four manipulators work around each other on a single puppet. SUSPENSE is privileged to welcome Georgian puppeteer Nino Namicheishvili and members of her company to demonstrate the intense teamwork that goes into every gesture. Nino has created over 30 rod puppets, worked by six puppeteers, for Captain Corelli’s Mandolin, a co-production between the Marjanishvili Theatre in Tbilisi, Georgia and the Colchester Mercury Theatre. This workshop is for experienced professional puppeteers only and has been coordinated by the Puppet Centre Trust -

A collaboration with sound artist Kaffe Matthews, created by recording a collection of black umbrellas. Both artists also share examples of their exploration of ‘ephemeral sound’. Hands Off Masterclass Wed 2 Nov, 11am – 4pm £25 / £15 conc This workshop will look at the Functionality of the Object. It will turn puppetry on its head and question the assumption that a puppet wants the life we want to give it. The focus is taken from the object, developing a greater sensibility, which discovers rather

than imposes. It is highly recommended that Masterclass participants see both Conversations with an Umbrella and Concertina for the Gods – half price tickets to masterclass participants (book via 020 7226 1787). Concertina for the Gods (performance) Wed 2 Nov, 8pm £5 Inspired by writer Dennis Silk, this piece follows an erratic narrative about the travels of an umbrella. Originally created for The First World Festival of Puppetry Schools hosted in St Petersburg August 2010. A post show discussion will take place chaired by Sean Myatt, principle investigator of Object Theatre Network.

SUSPENSE recommends… Captain Corelli’s Mandolin 27 Oct – 12 Nov 2011 The Mercury Theatre Company Colchester and Kote Marjanishvili Theatre Tbilisi in association with NFA International Arts and Culture present Louis de Bernières’ production. An exciting international co-production with seven puppeteers who operate scores of beautiful character puppets. To book see

Fri 28 Oct

Sat 29 Oct

Little Angel Theatre

Autumn Portraits 3pm & 7pm

Central School of Speech & Drama

Introduction to Puppetry Performance 10am-5pm

Sun 30 Oct

Mon 31 Oct

Autumn Triple Bill: Portraits Great Small 3pm & 7pm Works 7pm & 9pm

Jacksons Lane

New Diorama Theatre

Pleasance Theatre Stagespace Rosemary Branch

The invisible Cities of… 7pm & 9.15pm

Tues 1 Nov

Wed 2 Nov

Thurs 3 Nov

Fri 4 Nov

Sat 5 Nov

Sun 6 Nov

Triple Bill: Great Small Works 7pm & 9pm

Triple Bill: Great Small Works 7pm & 9pm Directing Puppetry 3-5pm

Stonebelly 7pm & 9pm

Stonebelly 7pm & 9pm Puppetry and Politics Symposium 11am-3pm

Plucked 7pm

Plucked 3pm & 7pm

Conversations with an Umbrella 7pm

Hands Off Masterclass 11am-4pm Concertina for the Gods 8pm

Toy Theatre Workshop 10am-5pm

Little Edie 8pm

Little Edie 8pm

Memoirs of a Biscuit Tin 8pm

The House of Bernarda Alba 7.30pm

The House of Bernarda Alba 7.30pm

The House of Bernarda Alba 7.30pm

The House of Bernarda Alba 7.30pm

The House of Bernarda Alba 7.30pm

The Ecstatic Truth of… 7pm & 9.15pm

JEW(ish) 7pm & 9.15pm

Madeleine on Tiptoe 7pm & 9.15pm

Life Still 3pm & 7pm

Life Still 3pm & 7pm

Spirit 7pm & 9pm

Fragile/Sacred 7pm & 9pm

Fragile/Sacred 7pm & 9pm

Die schöne Müllerin 3pm / Winterreise 8pm

Die schöne Müllerin 3pm / Winterreise 8pm

The Great Puppet Horn 7.30pm

The Great Puppet Horn 7.30pm

Penumbra 7.30pm

Penumbra 7.30pm

Penumbra 4pm & 7.30pm

The Money Game 7.30pm

The Money Game 7.30pm

The Money Game 7.30pm

The Money Game 7.30pm

The Money Game 3pm

Love Suicides at Sonezaki 8pm

Love Suicides at Sonezaki 8pm

Love Suicides at Sonezaki 3pm & 8pm

Triptych 3pm & 7pm

Urashima The Tragic and Taro Regrettable 3pm & 7pm Life… 7pm & 9.15pm

The Tragic and Regrettable Life… 7pm & 9.15pm

Passing On 3pm & 7pm

Passing On Passing On 3pm & 7pm 7pm

Spirit 7pm & 9pm

Roundhouse Studio Theatre Puppet Theatre Barge

The Money Game 3pm

Tour De Force Studio

The Money Game 7.30pm

The Money Game 7.30pm

The V&A

Wilton’s Music Hall

Puppet Grinder Cabaret 8pm The Choreography of Puppetry 1-5pm

Venus & Adonis 12pm / Talk 2.15pm / The Tempest 3.15pm Boris and Sergey’s Puppet Cabaret 10.30pm

Boris and Sergey’s Puppet Cabaret 10.30pm

Boris and Sergey’s Puppet Cabaret 10.30pm

Boris and Boris and Sergey’s Puppet Sergey’s Puppet Cabaret 10.30pm Cabaret 10.30pm

Venus & Adonis 12pm / Talk 2.15pm / The Tempest 3.15pm



central school of speech & drama

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Blomfield Road, Little Venice, London W9 2PF 020 7249 6876


Tube: Warwick Avenue (5 mins walk) Train: Paddington (15 mins walk) – take footbridge at the end of platform 1 or 8, follow signs to “Paddington Central” along canal. Bus: 6, 8, 16, 18, 46 to Warwick Avenue. Water bus: 45 mins from Camden Lock Market.




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Tube: Highgate (1 min walk) Bus: 134, 43, 263

Rosemary Branch

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Embassy Theatre, Eton Avenue, London NW3 3HY

Puppet Theatre Barge



puppet theatre barge

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Little Angel Theatre

The New Diorama Theatre

Great portland st

little angel theatre



The New Diorama Theatre is in walking distance from: Tube: Great Portland St, Warren St), Euston Square (all 3 mins walk), Euston, Regent’s Park (both 5 mins walk), Kings Cross (10 mins walk) Bus: 18, 27, 30, 88, 205, 453, C2, N18 Train: Kings Cross St Pancras (10 mins walk), Euston (5 mins walk)

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To plan your journey go to

New Diorama Theatre

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tower gateway dlr

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aldgate east

n st

In a startling world of ruined beauty and magic reality a very old man with enormous wings crashes to earth in a flurry of feathers. Found by the villagers behind the chicken coop, nothing will ever be the same again.

Pelham st


Tube: Aldgate East, Tower Hill DLR: Tower Gateway, Shadwell Bus: D3, 115, RV1, 100, 79, 42, 25, 205 and 254

Inspired by Gabriel García Márquez’s story for children.


1 Graces Alley, City of London E1 8JB 020 7702 9555

From 19 November 2011 until 29 January 2012


rd t

loe s

South Kensington

A Very Old Man with Enormous Wings





Wilton’s Music Hall

Little Angel Theatre in association with Kneehigh Theatre presents






Coming soon…


Tour de Force Studio

the V&A

ll rd cromwe

Tube: South Kensington (5 mins walk), Knightsbridge (10 mins walk) Bus: C1, 14, 74, 414



grove tudor

The V&A

Cromwell Rd, London SW7 2RL 020 7942 2000

SUSPENSE would like to thank the members of the Steering Committee, the staff at all the venue partners, the staff and Board of Little Angel Theatre, and all the hundreds of volunteers who have given vast amounts of their time to this festival.

The next SUSPENSE will take place in 2013. To keep up to date with our activities join our mailing list at


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SUSPENSE has been supported by: Arts Council England Esmée Fairbairn Foundation Paul Hamlyn Foundation

SUSPENSE is produced by Little Angel Theatre 14 Dagmar Passage, London N1 2DN 020 7226 1787 /



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Chalk Farm

Chalk Farm Road, London NW1 8EH 0844 482 8008 Tube: Camden Town (10 mins walk) Chalk Farm (2 mins walk)

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Kneehigh’s joint artistic director Mike Shepherd and Little Angel Theatre’s founding family - Lyndie, Sarah and Joe Wright – celebrate the culmination of Little Angel’s 50th anniversary year with this exciting new production. For age 6 to adult 020 7226 1787

Vat Registration No: 233 8671 52 Registered Charity No: 232488 Company No: 668339 All details are correct at time of going to press. We reserve the right to change the programme and artists if circumstances dictate. Please note that events may be filmed and photographed for documentary and publicity purposes.

SUSPENSE Festival 2011  
SUSPENSE Festival 2011  

SUSPENSE - London's Adult Puppetry Festival for 2011