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150th Anniversary of the Village of Garden City Special Issue

Vol. 95 No. 42

Litmor Publishing Corp.

Friday, July 12, 2019

“Finely built dwellings of modern design, model in every respect, interior as well as exterior, garden plots and lawns, with shrubbery and growing shade trees and broad drives, assured of an abundance of shade in time to come, and lined with flagged walks, catch the eye in every direction and strengthen the claims of the delightful locality to the name of Garden City, which its founder, the late A.T. Stewart, so appropriately bestowed upon it. Under his management, the once treeless plains has been made to blossom and bear the distinction of being the Eden of Long Island and future generations will see to it that its title remains unimpaired.” - excerpt from a Brooklyn newspaper, five weeks after the death of A.T. Stewart May 17, 1876

Aerial view from the top of St. Paul’s School in 1896, twenty years after A.T. Stewart’s death.

A Vision of a Garden City BY JOHN ELLIS KORDES What exactly was happening 150 years ago in 1869? The man who gave us Garden City, Alexander Turney Stewart, was one of the wealthiest and best known individuals in the country at the time. Having been born in Lisburn near Belfast in 1803 in what is today Northern Ireland, he was of Scottish descent. He comes to America as a young man and marries his wife Cornelia in 1823 and they have no children that survive childbirth. He goes into the dry goods business, “A.T. Stewart & Co.” and is extremely successful. By the time of the Civil War, Stewart is one of the wealthiest men in America along with Vanderbilt and Astor. Okay, but where does Garden City fit into all this? Well, it doesn’t not yet anyway. In the 1860’s, the American Civil War rips the nation apart and Stewart becomes a big supporter of the north and President Abraham Lincoln’s efforts to save the Union. After the Civil War ends and after the Johnson administration, the famous Union General Ulysses S. Grant is elected President in 1868. He nominates Stewart to be the Secretary of the Treasury but the appointment is hung up in the Senate in the spring of 1869 due to Stewart’s vast wealth and real estate holdings. The appointment fails. Instead of spending the next four years in Washington, D.C. Stewart returns home to his 5th Avenue mansion in New York City in the late spring of 1869. It is at this pivotal moment in history that Stewart is told of the sale of almost 10,000 acres of the treeless Hempstead Plains on Long Island. It was his architect John Kellum, who lived in Hempstead, that informed Stewart of this sale. What happens next sets into motion 150 years of incredible history on these treeless Hempstead Plains. On July 17, 1869, the men of Hempstead vote in the Pettit Hotel

and his appointment in Washington failed and with no children, Stewart, in 1869, set out to create his legacy... his Garden City.

in Hempstead to accept Stewart’s offer of $55 an acre for the entire Hempstead Plains stretching from Floral Park to Bethpage. The area is two-thirds the size of Manhattan. What was Stewart thinking? After a lifetime of achievement and unparalleled commercial success why would he purchase what was described as “a barren wasteland?” The Hempstead Plains was a glacial outwash from the last ice age, largely untouched for thousands of years. Thin grass grew in a sandy soil unfit for farming without any trees. Even George Washington, in a 1790 visit to Hempstead looking north at the barren plains, called them “the eastern most of the American prairies.” The newspapers of the day began to speculate on Stewart’s motives. All kinds of theories were published and then reprinted in a vain attempt to get inside Stewart’s head. This was not housing for his employees or affordable housing for the working class of Brooklyn, nor was it to be tenements. The press theorized in many directions but only Stewart knew what he was doing. This was clearly not a money making venture as he would lay out millions of dollars. Here was an intelligent man who did things his way his entire life and was never constrained by convention. He created the concept of the department store, set up a purchasing organization across Europe and he bought up hotels around New York City and Saratoga and was nicknamed “The Merchant Prince of Broadway.” He was now in his late 60’s and beyond the average life expectancy of the day. So what was he doing? He would build his own city, complete with its own railroad that would grow and mature long after he was gone, instilling in it his values and ideals which he might have done with a child. Knowing his will stipulated that his commercial empire was to be liquidated upon his death

A.T. Stewart in 1860

Some in the press criticized the purchase and many called it “Stewart’s Folly.” They could not see what he saw. He had a vision for these lands and it is a rare trait when individuals come along that can envision things that don’t exist. However, there is never a shortage of those who say “it can’t be done”,” it will never work” or “you’re a fool.” Yes, those people are always around. Many of the “experts” of the day pronounced the Garden City project as doomed. Very few people lived there and Stewart owned everything in the beginning.

In less than seven years after purchasing the Hempstead Plains, A.T. Stewart died on April 10, 1876 in his mansion in New York City. However, Garden City continued as his wife Cornelia announced the building of the Cathedral of the Incarnation and the schools of St. Paul’s and St. Mary’s in her husband’s memory and Garden City became the Seat of the Episcopal Church on Long Island. After her death in 1886, her heirs formed the Garden City Company in 1893 to continue the development of Garden City and to manage and sell off lands to the east. In 1919, the Village incorporates basically around the school district lines and the residents take over governing themselves. Stewart could not have imagined all the incredible history that would occur here like early aviation, the Motor Parkway, Doubleday, Adelphi University and so much more. However, he did envision something that could be wonderful on the barren Hempstead Plains and he had the wisdom and the means to begin to make it happen. History has a way, over time, to prove who was right and who was wrong. Stewart was right and 150 years on Garden City is living proof of that.

A.T. Stewart responds in this letter to the speculation about his motives in purchasing the Hempstead Plains.

Historical information and photography by John Ellis Kordes.

The Garden City News greatly appreciates the efforts of John Ellis Kordes in helping to create this special issue.

150th Anniversary of the Village Garden City Special Section The Gargen City News Friday, July 12, 2019



A RETROSPECTIVE OF GARDEN CITY Because 2019 marks the 150th anniversary of the Village of Garden City, now is a good time to take a look back at the Village since its founding up to the present day, and recount its growth from a modest, open grassland to the vibrant, bustling community we all know and love today. PHOTOS AND TIME LINE FROM “VISIONS OF GARDEN CITY” BY JOHN ELLIS KORDES 1869 A.T. Stewart purchases almost 10,000 acres of the barren treeless Hempstead Plains, upon which he begins to plan a new village called Garden City.


A.T. Stewart starts building his own railroad that will serve Garden City.


The Village’s first 10 houses are built, each costing $18,000 to construct. Cathedral schoolchildren later dub them “Apostle” houses.


Cornelia Stewart dies and is interred in the Cathedral of the Incarnation, hopefully next to her husband.



The first Garden City Hotel opens.

A.T. Stewart dies in New York City.


The Cathedral of the Incarnation’s cornerstone is laid.


The Cathedral of the Incarnation is completed.



Garden City‘s first railroad station is completed.

The Cathedral School of St. Mary’s is completed. It is an all girls school begun in houses in 1877 along with St. Paul’s.


The Garden City Company is founded by Cornelia Stewart’s heirs to continue developing the village.


Graverobbers in New York City steal A.T. Stewart’s body and hold it for ransom. It is supposedly returned for $20,000.


The second Garden City Hotel opens. It burns to the ground 4 years later.


The Garden City Casino is founded.



The St. Paul’s School building is completed. It is a boys military school until the early 1890s.

Nassau County is established. The Garden City Company donates land for the new county seat.


The Garden City Golf Club is founded.


The third Garden City Hotel opens.


Garden City‘s first public school building is completed on Cathedral Avenue near Seventh Street.

A House of Prayer for Long Island Since 1885 Celebrate the 150th with a Free Historic Tour See A.T. and Cornelia Stewart’s burial site, hear the amazing story of Stewart’s grave robbery, and learn about the fantastic gift Cornelia gave to the Village of Garden City: the cathedral itself! Tours with our knowledgeable guides can be booked by calling or emailing the cathedral office. Tours are free!

Summer Sundays

8am Traditional Mass 9:15am Neighborhood Mass (outdoor, pet friendly service!) 10am Cathedral Mass

Regular Schedule (starts September 15) 8am Traditional Mass 9:15am Cathedral for Kids Mass 11am Choral Mass

WWW.INCARNATIONGC.ORG Email: Phone: (516) 746-2955





Garden City Estates begins development.

Work begins on the Long Island Motor Parkway that will stretch 48 miles from the Queens border to Lake Ronkonkoma, with one of its access points being located in Garden City.


The Nassau Boulevard Railroad Station is completed and opens in Garden City Estates.


The Garden City Company builds a new headquarters just east of the Garden City Railroad Station.


The Garden City Country Club and the Cherry Valley Club are founded.

Hemlock, Locust, and Homestead are all built.


The Garden City News is founded.


The Garden City Post Office is constructed on Franklin Avenue.



Garden City West becomes the fourth property owners association.

Stratford School opens.


Bloomingdale’s huge building, on the northeast corner of Franklin Avenue and Eleventh Street, opens.



The Garden City Chamber of Commerce is formed.



St. Mary’s-St. Paul’s closes down. The main school building has remained unused ever since.


Garden City’s first high school is built on the corner of Stewart and Cherry Valley Avenues.

Best and Company becomes the first Manhattan department store to come to Garden City.

The third Garden City Hotel is demolished two years after closing down, leaving an empty sand pit.

St. Mary’s School closes down. Its students transfer to St. Paul’s, officially making that school co-ed.


Garden City Central, Garden City East, and Garden City Estates incorporate as one Village under a document known as the “Community Agreement.”

The women-only Adelphi College moves from Brooklyn to Garden City. It eventually becomes a co-ed university after WWII.



A fire burns down the Garden City Company’s building and destroys many of Garden City’s early records.


The Garden City Company builds the Franklin Court houses behind Doubleday’s Franklin Avenue headquarters for the publisher’s employees to live in.



The Garden City Pool opens.



The publishing company Doubleday, Page & Co. establishes the Doubleday Book Publishing Plant along Franklin Avenue.


Charles Lindbergh makes the world’s first successful solo cross-Atlantic flight from Roosevelt Airfield, staying at the Garden City Hotel the week before.


The Garden City Toll Lodge, designed by John Russell Pope, is built as the Long Island Motor Parkway is completed.

The US Military sets up Camp Mills in the Village’s southeast section during WWI.


Lord & Taylor opens.



Garden City East begins development.


The Village of Garden City purchases the St. Paul’s property.


The new Garden City Public Library is built on Seventh Street and Hilton Avenue.


Stewart School opens.


The Garden City Historical Society is formed and is given an “Apostle” house on Fifth Street, by the Cathedral, to use as a headquarters.


The St. Mary’s School building is demolished and replaced with houses.



GARDEN CITY 750 STEWART AVE. BEHIND ROOSEVELT FIELD MALL 516.228.2130 Sale going on for a limited time. Exclusions apply. Ask a designer or visit for details. ©2019 Ethan Allen Global, Inc.


The current Garden City Hotel opens.


Doubleday closes in Garden City.


Adelphi University begins an over $100 million expansion of its campus with a new athletic field and buildings.

ma k e it



The new Garden City High School is built on Rockaway Avenue and Merillon Avenue. The former building on Cherry Valley and Stewart Avenues becomes the Garden City Junior High School.

Friday, July 12, 2019 The Gargen City News 150th Anniversary of the Village Garden City Special Section


William K. Vanderbilt Jr. creates the Long Island Motor Parkway Corp. and establishes its headquarters in the Village.

150th Anniversary of the Village Garden City Special Section The Gargen City News Friday, July 12, 2019


A train ride down memory lane

This is the original Garden City Railroad Station built in 1873. This photo looking east was taken during the 1870s and shows how desolate the area was back then. In 1898, this station was torn down and a new “modern” station was built slightly to the west and still exists today.

  150 



(Proceedsgototheociety’sapitalampaignRestorationProject) 

Friday,eptember20,7-11p.m.,attheardenityotel 

onoring“Local Heroes” workingonbehalfofourchildren:

hendyFoundation—JillPalmeri heMollieFund—MaggieandJackBiggane

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Visitthe..tewartExchangeonsignmenthop, Finduson,or  Followuson The Garden City Historical Society is an essential community resource that welcomes, celebrates and advances our community’s history, and advocates for local historic preservation, by involvement and education.

M 109Eleventhtreet,offFranklinvenue penhursdays11a.m.—2p.m. 516-746-0096;,ourNEW website

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Award-winning care across multiple medical specialties. That’s the level of excellence NYU Winthrop Hospital has achieved by uniting behind a powerful guiding principle: Your Health Means Everything. To learn more, visit For a physician referral, call 1.866.WINTHROP.

259 First Street, Mineola, New York 11501 • 1.866.WINTHROP •

Friday, July 12, 2019 The Gargen City News 150th Anniversary of the Village Garden City Special Section

One of the Best Regional Hospitals in the New York Metro Area.

The Garden City Stable

150th Anniversary of the Village Garden City Special Section The Gargen City News Friday, July 12, 2019


This is the original Garden City Stable constructed in 1874 on the south side of Seventh Street (near today’s Seventh Street Café). At that time, most of the south side of Seventh Street was part of an elaborate stable. Guests visitng the hotel would be dropped off at the hotel, and their horse and carriage would be taken here. The coachmen would stay at a boarding house on the southwest corner of Franklin Avenue and Seventh Street (where Leo’s is today). When Garden City incorporated in 1919, this building was renovated into Garden City’s first Village Hall. When the current Village GCN-150th Anniversary Garden City_2018-19 7/3/2019 4:18 PM Page 1 Hall was built in 1953, this building was torn down.

~ Celebrating 100 Years of Waldorf Education Worldwide ~




The Waldorf School of Garden City is accredited by the New York State Association of Independent Schools and the Association of Waldorf Schools of North America (AWSNA) and is recognized by the New York State Education Department. Our outstanding and dedicated faculty have led the Waldorf School of Garden City to become a leader in the education field, offering a full college preparatory education from Early Childhood through High School.

The Waldorf School of Garden City wishes a

Happy th 150 Anniversary to the

Village of Garden City! Thank you for being our home for the last 71years!

225 CAMBRIDGE AVENUE, GARDEN CITY, NEW YORK 11530 | (516) 742-3434 |

7 Friday, July 12, 2019 The Gargen City News 150th Anniversary of the Village Garden City Special Section

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B ROKERAGE. As Garden City celebrates


its 150th Anniversary

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516-746-5511 19 Office Locations • 650+ Sales Professionals • Listed within Top 200 Brokerages in the United States Awarded Affiliate Brokerage of the Year by Christie’s International Real Estate, and a member of these exclusive networks:

Featured Property: Stately 1910 center entrance Colonial located in Garden City, New York. For details, visit

Garden City Office | 116 Seventh Street, Garden City NY |


150th Anniversary of the Village Garden City Special Section The Gargen City News Friday, July 12, 2019



Friday, July 12, 2019 The Gargen City News 150th Anniversary of the Village Garden City Special Section

150th Anniversary of the Village Garden City Special Section The Gargen City News Friday, July 12, 2019


The dawn of Garden City Estates

In 1906, the Garden City Estates Corporation began a separate community called Garden City Estates. This photo was taken several years into the project showing the new Nassau Blvd. Railroad Station and plaza (note the horses there) and the newly laid out Nassau Blvd. All the streets in Garden City Estates were given names from England. In 1919, Garden City Estates and Garden City incorporated as the Village of Garden City under the “Community Agreement.�

Clancy & Clancy Brokerage, Ltd.

CONGRATULATIONS GARDEN CITY ON YOUR 150TH ANNIVERSARY The Clancy Family have lived here for 59 years and have sold insurance to our Garden City neighbors for 63 years. It has been our pleasure to live and work in this special village.

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11 Friday, July 12, 2019 The Gargen City News 150th Anniversary of the Village Garden City Special Section

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150th Anniversary of the Village Garden City Special Section The Gargen City News Friday, July 12, 2019


Two real estate milestones The first Garden City house This is a photograph of the very first house built in Garden City. After Stewart bought the Hempstead Plains in 1869, he needed to construct a house/office for his architect, John Kellum. In the spring of 1870, this house was constructed on the SW corner of First Street and Rockaway Avenue. Rockaway already existed as a dirt road leading north from Hempstead so the location was a good one. From this house, Garden City was laid out and the plans for buildings created. Kellum would die the following year but his plans were carried out. The first group of ten houses went up in 1872 (later nicknamed “Apostles” ) and the first hotel in 1874. In the early 1960’s this house was torn down and replaced by modern homes.

First privately built house This was the first privately built house in Garden City dating to the mid-1890’s. It was built by George Hubbell on the NW corner of Cathedral Avenue and First Street, a location close to Hempstead where all shopping was done back then. He and his wife, Eliza, called the house “Lonesomehurst.” This photo was taken just after it was built and if you look closely just to the right of the house, St. Paul’s School can be seen in the distance as the area was still very barren. The house still exists today. George Hubbell, manager of the Garden City Company, went on to be the most important individual in Garden City’s development in the first part of the 20th Century. When the Village incorporated in 1919 he became the first mayor. He died in 1959.

   







J U LY 1 7, 2 0 1 9


Friday, July 12, 2019 The Gargen City News 150th Anniversary of the Village Garden City Special Section


150th Anniversary of the Village Garden City Special Section The Gargen City News Friday, July 12, 2019


St. Paul’s School in the early days

The Cathedral

St. Paul’s School as it looked at the beginning of the 20th Century. However, look closely - what is missing? That huge flag pole (the tallest in the Village) is not there. This allowed for an unobstructed view of the front of the building. The original flag pole for St. Paul’s since it opened in 1883 well into the 20th century was at the corner of the property . In fact, at the corner there is still a low hedge of shrubs shaped like a cross and the flagpole used to be in its center.

St. Mary’s School circa 1910

Springtime at the Cathedral of the Incarnation

When the St. Mary’s School for girls was built in 1892 on Cathedral Avenue, it was much smaller than the St. Paul’s School for boys building. It was expanded several times over the years. This photo was taken around 1910 after the tower section on the left was added in 1902. An “Apostle” house on that site was moved across Fifth Street so the tower section could be built. In 1988, that same house was moved again to Eleventh Street. In 1990, St. Mary’s moved over to the St. Paul’s building and closed all together in 1991. In 2001, the St. Mary’s building was torn down and in 1993 the St. Paul’s building and property was sold to the Village of Garden City.

Photo by John Ellis Kordes

Cornelia M. Stewart 1803-1886

Laying the cornerstone of St. Paul’s School

This is a color drawing of the laying of the cornerstone of St. Paul’s School for boys in Garden City on June 18, 1879. It appeared in the July 5th, 1879 edition of Frank Leslie’s Illustrated Newspaper and shows Bishop Littlejohn striking the cornerstone with a small ceremonial hammer. St. Paul’s along with the Cathedral of the Incarnation and eventually St. Mary’s School for girls were built as memorials to Garden City’s founder A.T. Stewart who died in 1876. In the drawing seated on the right in the front row are Charles Clinch (Cornelia’s brother), Judge Hilton (Stewart’s legal advisor) and Cornelia Stewart (A.T. Stewart’s widow). That cornerstone can still be seen today at the base of the clock tower.

15 Friday, July 12, 2019 The Gargen City News 150th Anniversary of the Village Garden City Special Section

Levermore Hall, designed by renowned firm of McKim, Mead and White in 1928

Over the last 90 years, our campus changed. Our classes changed. Our students changed. Our lives changed. What will never change is our love for Garden City. Thank you, Garden City, for being home to Adelphi's beautiful main campus for nearly a century. Here’s to our next century together!

The Nexus Building, new home of our College of Nursing and Public Health, debuted in 2017.

150th Anniversary of the Village Garden City Special Section The Gargen City News Friday, July 12, 2019



For 150 years Garden City has set the standard for Taste and Elegance on Long Island. It’s an honor and privilege to be both business owners and residents in Garden City .... Thanks, The Doukas Family


Anniversaries Baby Showers Bar/Bat Mitzvahs Bridal Showers

• • • •

Christenings Communions Confirmations Corporate Events

• • • •

Birthday Parties Business Lunches Graduation Parties Holiday Gatherings

• Rehearsal Dinners • Retirement Parties • Reunions ....And More!



Military Cadets

Cadets at St. Paul’s School when it had its military program during the 1880’s.

Inside the East Parlor

St. Paul’s School East parlor in 1989.

Photo by John Ellis Kordes

Some of the Athletes

St. Paul’s football team, circa 1900.

Service in the Chapel

Morning services in the St. Paul’s School Chapel in 1990.

Photo by John Ellis Kordes

Friday, July 12, 2019 The Gargen City News 150th Anniversary of the Village Garden City Special Section

Scenes from life at St. Paul’s School


150th Anniversary of the Village Garden City Special Section The Gargen City News Friday, July 12, 2019


School spirit on the St. Paul’s football field St. Paul’s cheerleaders in 1989. The girls from St. Mary’s would cheer the St. Paul’s teams. In 1990, the two schools merged at St. Paul’s. Photo by John Ellis Kordes

Springtime view of St. Mary’s School

St. Mary’s School, along the east side of Cathedral Avenue beteween 4th and 5th Streets in the spring of 1989. 

Saluting Garden City On Its 150th Anniversary



Photographing Garden City and Long Island events for over 30 years Call To Book Your Next Event

Photo by John Ellis Kordes

19 Friday, July 12, 2019 The Gargen City News 150th Anniversary of the Village Garden City Special Section

150th Anniversary of the Village Garden City Special Section The Gargen City News Friday, July 12, 2019


The A.T. Stewart Mansion

A.T. Stewart’s mansion, completed in 1869, on the northwest corner of 5th Ave. and 34th Street in Manhattan. It was considered the most costly and luxurious mansion on the continent when first constructed. After his death in 1876 and his wife’s death in 1886, it became the Manhattan Club and was torn down in 1903. The Stewarts never lived in Garden City.

The Village of Garden City A brilliant experiment that has developed into a wonderful place to live for 150 years and counting.

Westermann Sheehy Keenan Samaan & Aydelott, LLP

90 Merrick Avenue Suite 802 East Meadow, New York 11554 (516) 794-7500


Established 1994

Happy 150th Anniversary to the Village of Garden City Building and Renovating Homes To Last Another 150 years

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Office 516-741-8226 136 Cherry Valley Avenue, West Hempstead 11550 Email: Vinny Muldoon Owner and Garden City Resident

Friday, July 12, 2019 The Gargen City News 150th Anniversary of the Village Garden City Special Section

Old World Quality Corp.

Mr. Hubbell

The Bull Moose

George Loring Hubbell, manager of the Garden City Company, and then Garden City’s first mayor after incorporation in 1919. Did more in the first half of the 20th century to develop Garden City than any other individual.

Former President Teddy Roosevelt laying the cornerstone at the Doubleday building on Franklin Avenue in 1910.

150th Anniversary of the Village Garden City Special Section The Gargen City News Friday, July 12, 2019


A nice Sunday drive

Nassau Boulevard in Garden City Estates in 1910. This was a staged photograph for publicity purposes.








(516) 746. 7724



Beyer Blinder Belle is proud and excited to contribute to Garden City’s future while preserving its history.



GardenCity_Ad2019_FINAL.indd 1

St. Paul’s School c. 1892, Garden City Village Archives

6/27/2019 1:59:14 PM

Friday, July 12, 2019 The Gargen City News 150th Anniversary of the Village Garden City Special Section

Happy 150th Anniversary Garden City!

150th Anniversary of the Village Garden City Special Section The Gargen City News Friday, July 12, 2019


World War I in Garden City

102 years ago, America entered the first World War. In Garden City, in August 1917, Camp Mills was set up by the U.S. Government. It was east of Clinton Road and south of Commercial Avenue and stretched out across the empty plains. The Clinton Road Railroad Station (1910) was very active then transporting troops down the tracks. The only structure associated with the camp in 1917 on the west side of Clinton Road was this house on Locust Street just off Clinton Road. It was the commander’s house then and it was a common sight seeing troops marching along the street. That house still exists there today and is privately owned.

William Bradford Turner, Medal of Honor recipient, who was killed in World War I. The Garden City American Legion Post is named in his honor.

Camp Mills monument in 1976 during America’s Bicentennial.

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Friday, July 12, 2019 The Gargen City News 150th Anniversary of the Village Garden City Special Section

As Garden City’s oldest tavern begins a new era, we would like to salute Garden City on its 150th Anniversary...

150th Anniversary of the Village Garden City Special Section The Gargen City News Friday, July 12, 2019


Aerial view of Camp Mills during World War I

Camp Mills was established in August 1917 in the southeastern section of Garden City. World War I had been raging in Europe since 1914 and in 1917 the United States entered the conflict and turned the tide of the war in the Allies’ favor. This photograph (taken by a low flying plane) is looking southeastward across the railroad tracks and what today would be Commercial Avenue. This tent camp was located east of Clinton Road and south of the railroad tracks. In 1918, as the war dragged on, the tents were replaced with over 800 buildings. The war ended on November 11, 1918, and the camp served as a demobilization center for returning troops. This site in Garden City was chosen due to the excellent railroad transportation and the airfields just to the north (Hazlehurst Field and later Roosevelt Field).

Quentin Roosevelt, for whom Roosevelt Field is named

Quentin Roosevelt, Theodore Roosevelt’s youngest son, who was shot down and killed in World War I in Europe. Hazelhurst Airfield was renamed Roosevelt Field in his honor.

Congratulations to the Village of Garden City for 150 Years of History & Excellence Building homes with a long standing reputation of quality craftsmanship in all aspects of home construction and remodeling. • New Home Construction • Dormers & Extentions • Whole House Renovations • Mouldings & Built-ins • Bathrooms • Basements • Custom Kitchens

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Joseph F. Sparacello, Owner & G.C. Resident


Since 1931 Authentic Pizza from a coal-fired oven and fine Italian eating in the heart of Garden City! Eighty eight years ago all Pizzerias and Bakeries cooked with coal because it gave the pizza a unique flavor, and a crisp crust that is just not possible from gas or convection ovens. Grimaldi’s still uses the coal-fired oven method which makes their pizza taste simply unbelievable. Jennifer Ciolli and her family opened the Garden City location on October 4, 2004. Fifteen years later this go-to eatery serves world renowned signature pizza as well as salads and pasta dishes to satisfy any palate. Their hard working and consistant staff have been part of the Grimaldi’s family since it’s opening. We are proud to serve our loyal patrons at the Garden City location and anyone else who loves fine Italian food for years to come.

Here’s to 150 years of celebrating the Past and Creating the Future We Now Deliver Through OPEN 7 DAYS A WEEK Monday -Thursday 11:30A – 10:00P Friday & Saturday 11:30A – 11:00P Sunday 11:30A – 9:00P

(516) 294-6565 • Fax (516) 294-0370 980 Franklin Avenue, Garden City

Friday, July 12, 2019 The Gargen City News 150th Anniversary of the Village Garden City Special Section

Just Like Under The Brooklyn Bridge

150th Anniversary of the Village Garden City Special Section The Gargen City News Friday, July 12, 2019


Nassau Boulevard 1910

Nassau Boulevard in Garden City Estates looking north from Stewart Avenue, in 1910. While trees had been planted along the boulevard and ladies and gentlemen gathered for the photo, Garden City was still sparsely populated, with houses few and far between. Note the ladies’ period costumes, which must have been quite hot during summers, especially since the trees were still too small to produce a lot of shade.

Author of the Community Agreement 100 years ago on May 15th, 1919, this man, C. Walter Randall, a lawyer, authored what we know as the “Community Agreement.” It was during a tense time when residents were struggling with the idea of incorporation. The Garden City Company, which was operating Garden City Central and Garden City East and the Garden City Estates Corporation, operating west of St. Paul’s School, could not agree on a plan. Garden City Estates, begun in 1906, operated separately from Garden City for 13 years. Neither side wanted to be governed by the other. C. Walter Randall’s solution was to guarantee equal representation from each section and the mayor would rotate from section to section and serve only two years. This agreement was adopted on May 15, 1919, and the Incorporated Village of Garden City was born as the residents began to govern themselves. The Village incorporated basically around the school district lines drawn up in the 19th century (with a few minor exceptions). Interestingly, Garden City West did not receive a trustee until 1931 (a second in 1965) as it populated the slowest. In 1919, when Garden City incorporated it did so with around 2,100 residents and less than 400 houses. Today, we have around 23,000 residents and over 6,500 houses.

s n o i t a l u t a r g n o C

A very rare view from Garden City’s past

This very rare view was taken sometime between 1895 and 1898. It was taken from the second Garden City Hotel which opened in 1895 (and burned down in 1899) looking south down a road called Park Avenue leading to the original 1873 Garden City Railroad Station. That station would be torn down in 1898 and replaced by today’s station built slightly to the west. Where that 1873 station stood, today, is a bust of Garden City’s founder A.T. Stewart. The only remnant today of Park Avenue is the little roadway entrance to the railroad station and it has been renamed Hubbell Plaza in honor of Garden City’s first mayor, George Hubell.

29 Friday, July 12, 2019 The Gargen City News 150th Anniversary of the Village Garden City Special Section

We want to thank the

Village of Garden City for supporting our club since its inception in 1916


150th Anniversary of the Village Garden City Special Section The Gargen City News Friday, July 12, 2019


Garden City in 1912 before incorporation

g arden c ity p izza Congratulations to Garden City for 150 years!

For over 20 years, Garden City Pizza and Catering has been delighting our catering customers with outstanding service and quality at reasonable prices. Delivering to all of Nassau, Suffolk, and Queens.

Visit Us At GARDENCITYPIZZA.COM 670 FRANKLIN AVE., GARDEN CITY Phone: (516) 294-2929 • Fax: (516) 294-1461


130 Fifth Street, Garden City, New York 11530

St. Joseph Parish and Our Beginnings in Garden City

St. Joseph Church and Rectory Circa 1905 In October of 1901, the new parish of St. Joseph’s Garden City was created by the Most Rev. Charles E. McDonnell, second Bishop of Brooklyn and Long Island, who designated Fr. James E. Flynn as founding pastor. Eighty Roman Catholics, constituting the membership of the new parish, gathered in the Stewart Arms Casino to participate inthe celebration of the Holy Sacrifice of the Mass, the first act of public worship conducted for Catholics in the community. Following the first Mass, Fr. Flynn was offered the use of a hall in the building which originally occupied the site of the Garden City Hotel. The increasing number of parishioners during late 1901 and 1902 required Fr. Flynn to move once more - this time to the second floor of a building on Hilton Avenue. This continued growth of the parish pointed to the need for a church. Fr. Flynn began to negotiate for the acquisition of property large enough for a church and rectory. A site on the southwest corner of Fifth Street and Franklin Avenue was purchased for $1,000. The site was on the extreme outskirts of the village, there being no structures south of that corner and nothing but vacant fields up to the gas works on the Hempstead border.

St. Joseph Church Circa 1905

In September 1903 ground was broken for the church, and on Thanksgiving Day of that year, the cornerstone was laid for a striking red brick edifice of Romanesque design. On Sunday, May 14, 1905, the completed church was dedicated by Bishop McDonnell. As a footnote to St. Joseph Church Circa 1912 history, the activities of that day reflected the true spirit of ecumenism, which now embraces the entire church. The Hempstead Sentinel reported the following: “A number of the Catholic priests who officiated at the dedication of St. Joseph’s Church attended service at the Cathedral of the Incarnation at even-song Sunday.” The parish had grown from eighty parishioners in 1901 to 2,200 parishioners between 1926 and 1930. In the spring of 1953, amid mingled feelings of sorrow and gladness, the first step towards building a new church was taken. The Angelus rang out from the chimes of St. Joseph faithfully for over fifty years.


Friday, July 12, 2019 The Gargen City News 150th Anniversary of the Village Garden City Special Section


150th Anniversary of the Village Garden City Special Section The Gargen City News Friday, July 12, 2019


GCCC 1916


We salute the Village of Garden City on it’s 150th Anniversary of its founding Garden City Country Club

Founded in 1916 206 Stewart Avenue, Garden City, NY 11530 (516) 746-8070

Of all the photographs taken on May 20, 1927, of Charles Lindbergh and his “Spirit of St. Louis” at Roosevelt Airfield, this is one of the most intriguing. It is a rare action photo of his plane being rolled out in preparation for his historic flight. Note the spectators standing around and in the back, next to a car, is a man operating a motion picture camera on a tripod. Also note the young boy in the foreground watching in awe. It was an odd looking plane as it had no windshield in front due to the placement of large gas tanks for the flight. The plane was built by the Ryan Company in San Diego, but the financial backing for the flight came from St. Louis. Thus, the name “Spirit of St. Louis” on the name plate and on the back of the name plate all the people who worked on the plane signed their names. Today the plane hangs in the Smithsonian Institute in Washington D.C. In 2002, on May 20th, the 75th Anniversary of the flight, Lindbergh’s daughter Reeve came out to Long Island from Minnesota, and the takeoff was reenacted at Republic Airport with a replica of the Spirit of St. Louis.


Building a community where all are enriched through Christian Love, Service, and Spiritual Renewal Faithfully Reaching Out, Inclusively Drawing In

Summer Worship Services

9:30 am in the Sanctuary Tuesdays in the Chapel – Intercessory Prayer Service Wednesdays in Gardner Hall at 8:00 pm – Contemporary Service

2019 Vacation Bible School “To Mars and Beyond”

2019 Youth Mission Trip

Skid Row in Los Angeles, California

245 Stewart Avenue, Garden City, New York 11530 • 516-7461700

Friday, July 12, 2019 The Gargen City News 150th Anniversary of the Village Garden City Special Section

Aviation history about to be made


150th Anniversary of the Village Garden City Special Section The Gargen City News Friday, July 12, 2019


Aviation takes flight in Garden City Here is a rare post card from 1911 - one of the first to be delivered by air! During the last week of September in 1911, the International Aviation Meet was held at the Nassau Blvd. Airfield in the new community of Garden City Estates, begun in 1906. The airfield was located west of Nassau Blvd. and north of today’s Stratford Ave. on the barren plains. The airfield existed there only a few years, moving to the east of Clinton Road as did the Washington Avenue Airfield in 1912 to form the Hempstead Plains Airfield, then Hazelhurst Airfield and finally named Roosevelt Airfield in 1918.

Glenn Curtiss in his Gold Bug at the Washington Avenue Airfield in 1909.

Interwoven in the History of The Village of Garden City The Mineola-Garden City Rotary Club was Chartered in 1925, following its first meeting at the “old” Garden City Hotel

With its theme

“Service Above Self”

The Mineola-Garden City Rotary Club Serves our communities and beyond with...

RotaCare - Free health Care for Needy Gift of Life - Life Saving Cardidac Surgery for 3rd World Youngsters Supports Efforts to Eradicate Polio Youth Leadership Program (RYLA) Youth Exchange Program Annual Student Scholarships “Interact” Youth Service Club Supports Rotary Foundation Luncheon Meetings and Fellowship Events Annual Community Service Award To join as an individual, corporation or organizational member; or, for more information about Rotary, write to the Mineola-Garden City Rotary Club P.O. Box 42, Garden City NY 11530 Or, contact Joseph Packcard, President, at 516.742.7430 or


The Casino is Garden City’s oldest social organization and has been a huge historical part of the community for going on 125 years, since established in 1895. The Garden City Casino Association, the original governing body of the Casino, was formed so that the managers of Alexander T. Stewart’s estate could turn over the Casino building to this community and it has been thriving as a tennis and social club ever since, right in the heart of the village.


51 Cathedral Avenue, Garden City NY 11530

Friday, July 12, 2019 The Gargen City News 150th Anniversary of the Village Garden City Special Section


150th Anniversary of the Village Garden City Special Section The Gargen City News Friday, July 12, 2019


Mott Section under construction

This rare aerial view shows the “Mott” section under development. The date of the photo is August 30, 1936. The view is looking south with Washington Ave. on the right, Lefferts Rd. in the middle and Wetherill Rd. on the left all running north to south. In the top part of the photo are the large more established houses dating from 1910 to the 1930s. However, it would be the Mott brothers’ development that would be Garden City’s first mass development of smaller houses. After World War II, that trend would continue with split-levels, ranches and capes covering suburbia. The long u-shaped road across the top half of the photo is Osborne Rd. then below that Huntington Rd., then Wyatt Rd., then Kingsbury Rd. with Kenwood Rd. and Claydon Rd. not there yet. The house at the far right at the corner of Osborne Rd. and Washington Ave. was the headquarters and model house for the project. Houses ranged from $9,000 to $13,000 and from the beginning these curved streets formed a section known as “Mott” but its official name (on the deeds) is “Country Life Development.”

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In Loving Memory of Bobby Menges

Friday, July 12, 2019 The Gargen City News 150th Anniversary of the Village Garden City Special Section

Congratulations to Garden City!

150th Anniversary of the Village Garden City Special Section The Gargen City News Friday, July 12, 2019


“Wine Cellar Saved!”

Of the four Garden City Hotels built on that site dating back to 1874, it is the second one that is often forgotten. The second hotel was built in 1895 and was designed by Stanford White in a Georgian Revival style complete with a cupola. On September 7, 1899 (four years after opening) the hotel burned to the ground as can be seen in this photo of the front taken on that day. The next day the N.Y. Times headline read “Garden City Hotel In Ruins - Wine Cellar Saved.” No one was hurt and Stanford White quickly designed the third and most famous Garden City Hotel opening in 1901 and torn down in 1973. Today’s fourth Garden City Hotel opened in 1983.

From all of us at Hengstenbergs THANK YOU to the VILLAGE of GARDEN CITY its residents, schools, houses of worship, business owners, and all of our friends and customers. Garden City is a wonderful community, and a great place to live and raise a family. Thank you for letting us be a part of it.

Best wishes on the 150th Anniversary of the Village of Garden City —Toula, George, Dorothy, Donna, Raquel, Andi, Jillian, Jon … and Holly, too!

Hengstenbergs Florist

30 The Plaza Locust Valley, NY 11560 516-280-6888 10-4 Monday through Saturday

Founded in 1904, Hengstenbergs Florist is a Garden City tradition. Hengstenbergs had been in the same location on Franklin Ave – diagonally across from Leo’s – since 1966! Family Owned and Operated by the Christofides Family since 1972. While other florists have come and gone, Hengstenbergs is the only full-service flower shop still located in the Village of Garden City. From Single Roses to Lavish Parties and everything in between. Don’t forget to ask us about our home and holiday decorating. Always with Free Delivery to Garden City and Winthrop. Hengstenbergs Florist

735 Franklin Ave, Garden City NY 11530 516 741-5500 (free public parking lot behind the store)

39 Friday, July 12, 2019 The Gargen City News 150th Anniversary of the Village Garden City Special Section

For 44 years, we have built our reputation on quality workmanship.

HAPPY 150TH ANNIVERSARY! Custom Homes • Small/Large Renovations Kitchens • Bathrooms • Dormers Extensions • Custom Woodworking Owned by Garden City Resident Howard Tarr 118 New Hyde Park Road Franklin Square, NY • 516-489-2736

150th Anniversary of the Village Garden City Special Section The Gargen City News Friday, July 12, 2019


A sad chapter

The Garden City Hotel demolition began on January 15, 1973, leading to the end of an era.







Long Island Speech & Myofunctional Therapy (631) 689-6858 (516) 597-4344 Licensed Speech Pathologists & Myofunctional Therapists Specializing in the Treatment and Correction of:

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A prank for the ages

41 Friday, July 12, 2019 The Gargen City News 150th Anniversary of the Village Garden City Special Section

During the 1970’s, the Garden City Hotel site was a sad sight. After the famous third Garden City Hotel was torn down in 1973, an empty sand pit existed in the heart of Garden City as the developer and the Village fought it out in the courts. Meanwhile, this small shack existed on the site facing Seventh Street and a local prankster spray painted it creating this infamous image. It was actually put on a t-shirt and sold locally. The fourth Garden City Hotel opened its doors in 1983.

Crowning gesture This photo was taken in the early 1980’s and shows the cupola of the fourth Garden City Hotel being put together on the ground. It bore little resemblance to the cupola on the old hotel which was destroyed during the demolition in 1973. Once the cupola was put together, it was hoisted into place where it has sat ever since. It had a bright gold finish when it was new but has since faded. The current hotel opened in May 1983. To see more images like this, visit “The Garden City Hotel Legacy Museum” in the lobby of the hotel.

D’Angelo Law Associates, PC Stephanie A. D’Angelo, Esq.

Elder Law

Family Care Connections,® LLC Dr. Ann Marie D’Angelo, PMHCNS-BC Doctor of Nursing Practice

Wills & Trusts

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Asset Preservation

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Estate Planning

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42 150th Anniversary of the Village Garden City Special Section The Gargen City News Friday, July 12, 2019

Clinton Road Bridge

The Long Island Motor Parkway was begun in 1908 and completed in 1911. It stretched for 48 miles from the Queens border to Lake Ronkonkoma. It was the first parkway built anywhere in the world exclusively for the automobile. It was conceived by William K. Vanderbilt, Jr., as a crossing free road (only 18 feet wide) with over 60 bridges. The largest (pictured here) went over Clinton Road in Garden City just south of today’s Pell Terrace. The embankment for this bridge remains on the east side of Clinton Road 80 years after the Parkway closed and the bridge was demolished. At the top of the embankment is still a stretch of the Motor Parkway heading east to the north end of Raymond Court. The headquarters for the parkway is just off Clinton Road on Vanderbilt Court and is still there today as a private home.

Garden City Jewish Center

GC Company Building

An inclusive, warm and welcoming Reform congregation.




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This building located to the east of the Garden City Railroad Station was built in 1912. It was the headquarters for the Garden City Company when their building, just to the north of the station, burned down along with the early records of the Village. In the late 1950’s, this became the Garden City Public Library and was torn down in 1973 and replaced by a parking lot. The current library was built the same year just to the east of this building. What many remember about this building was the pale yellow color of the brick which looked beautiful with all the green trees around it.

Ask About Our Free Month of Storage Serving The Community Since 1983 • Residential/Commercial Moves • Safe, Secure Storage Vaults • FREE In-Home Estimates • FREE Delivery of Packing Supplies

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730 Franklin Avenue | Garden City, NY 11530 |

Stratford School circa 1930’s

Friday, July 12, 2019 The Gargen City News 150th Anniversary of the Village Garden City Special Section

Garden City’s first elementary school


150th Anniversary of the Village Garden City Special Section The Gargen City News Friday, July 12, 2019


We’re bringing world-class care home. Are you Made for this?

As a Home Health Aide with Northwell Health At Home, you’ll work in a uniquely rewarding setting. We’re looking for experienced Home Health Aides and offering free training courses to those interested in this truly inspiring work. Join us and enjoy: • Flexible scheduling • Paid continuing education • Compensation for travel time • Advancement opportunities • Health Insurance (Full-time employees) Make the most of your deep compassion for others as a Home Health Aide with Northwell Health At Home. Apply today

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This photo was taken in 1965 looking across Seventh Street where today’s Key Food is located. Back then, it was the Grand Union supermarket with Bell’s store on the right. In the 1970’s, Grand Union spread to the corner and Bell’s moved to the left side of this photo. Bell’s was something called a five and ten cent store (later 5 cent to a dollar store). These were forerunners of the 99 cent stores you see around today. Most places had “five and tens” as they were quite popular in the first two thirds of the 20th century. As for this one in Garden City - do you remember old Mr. Bell? How about the mechanical horse in front for the little ones? Look closely at the photo - it’s there!

PACS Architecture is bringing their white-glove approach to home design to Garden City.

What’s next in skin care? Come find out.

As one of NYC’s leading residential architecture firms, PACS Architecture has developed a scope of services that goes way beyond the industry standard.

• Latest advances in medical dermatology • Cutting-edge cosmetic treatments • Same day appointments • Accepting new patients of all ages


Visit us in our new state-of-the-art location! 229 7th Street, Suite 105 Garden City • 516-747-7778

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NEW CONSTRUCTION | ENLARGEMENTS MAJOR RENOVATIONS Please contact us and schedule an appointment to discuss your home construction project.

PACS Architecture

153 West 27th Street, Suite 606, New York, NY 10001   Office. 347.475.0381

Friday, July 12, 2019 The Gargen City News 150th Anniversary of the Village Garden City Special Section

Remember Bell’s?


Class picture day

150th Anniversary of the Village Garden City Special Section The Gargen City News Friday, July 12, 2019


This photo was taken of the school children at the Cathedral Avenue School built in 1902, which is today’s Public School Administration Building. Based on the clothes and some of the footwear (no sneakers back then) and the eye glasses worn by the school teacher on the right, the photo probably dates to the teens or 1920’s. Interestingly, most of the children are not smiling as it was not customary to smile in photos until well into the 20th century. The photographer instead of saying “smile” or “say cheese” would most likely have said “hold still - don’t move” and then “click” and it was over. A moment in time captured forever because if any of these children are alive today they would be well over 100 years old!

Can you spare a dime?

Loesers Department Store on Franklin Avenue circa 1940’s, later became the A & S building.

Menu from the 1930’s.

Get Hair That Turns Heads McGreevy Hair Studio wishes Garden City a Happy 150th Anniversary!

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Weekly Lawn Maintenance Spring & Fall cleanup Annual flowers Organic Mosquito & Tick Control Holiday Lights Installed RESIDENTIAL • COMMERCIAL 516-328-7780 • GARDEN CITY, NY 11530

This is Garden City’s first high school and this photo was taken just after its completion in 1925. Note the lack of landscaping and the classic architecture which was common in the 1920’s. The cupola on top was inspired by the one on the third Garden City Hotel which was across the street at the time. This building would be expanded many times over the decades, and when Garden City’s current high school opened in 1955, this building became the Garden City Junior High School, and today it is the Garden City Middle School. This photo shows the original flag pole, which was the mast from a ship called the “Shamrock IV”. Note the cables holding it in place. It blew down during a hurricane in the 1950’s and was replaced by the current flagpole. However, the name of the high school yearbook to this day remains “Mast” because of the flagpole in this photo.

Yesterday’s wintertime

Skating on Hubbell’s Pond in the 1950’s.

Landmarks of yesteryear

Gristedes and the A & P supermarkets in the 1970’s

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Friday, July 12, 2019 The Gargen City News 150th Anniversary of the Village Garden City Special Section

First Garden City High School


150th Anniversary of the Village Garden City Special Section The Gargen City News Friday, July 12, 2019


New High School near completion

This aerial view of Garden City’s second high school was taken around 1954. It shows the sprawling ranch design almost complete as it would open in September 1955. Garden City’s original high school, built in 1924, became the junior high school and today is the middle school. This 1955 high school represented, at the time, a very modern layout. In the years that followed, Garden City’s K-3 schools (Hemlock, Locust and Homestead) were built with a very similar design. Those schools today are now K-1. Over the years tastes change and many frown on the architecture as many visitors to this day can’t figure out what entrance to the high school they should go to. However, upon its opening in 1955 it represented the future and the new modern era.

The Klipps building

Honoring A.T. Stewart

The Klipps building, circa 1940 on the northeast corner of Franklin Avenue and Stewart Avenue. The Garden City News has had offices in this building since 1976. This building, built in 1912, was the first commercial building on Franklin Avenue. The upper floors were originally apartments, with retail on the first floor.

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In October 1969, the bust of A.T. Stewart was placed at the railroad station. It was during Garden City’s Centennial and it faces west toward New York City where he made his fame and fortune. Interestingly, the column it rests on is from the original Penn Station, designed by McKim, Mead and White. It was torn down in the 1960’s and Garden City was able to get one of the columns. The building in the background is the old Library building torn down in 1973. It was originally built in 1912 as the headquarters for the Garden City Company.

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A late 1950’s or early 1960’s image of a dance at the Garden City Pool.

Friday, July 12, 2019 The Gargen City News 150th Anniversary of the Village Garden City Special Section

Rock and Roll Dance Party at the Garden City Pool


The Garden City Garage

150th Anniversary of the Village Garden City Special Section The Gargen City News Friday, July 12, 2019


This photo of the NW corner of Seventh Street and Franklin Avenue was taken in 1965. It shows the Garden City Garage just a few years before it was torn down and replaced by a Texaco station. Originally, it was built in 1907 to house the new invention “automobiles” that were coming to the hotel. Back then it was a steel and glass structure which was later cemented over. Across the street, in 1907, where Leo’s is today was a boarding house for the drivers and coachmen as horses were still around and the south side of Seventh Street still had the stables.

Stewart School built in 1937

Owners of the GC Garage

Stewart School was built in 1937 and this photo was taken shortly after that. Wait, is the left hand side missing? Well, yes, the west wing with the auditorium was not built until 1951. The building was built in a “Collegiate Tudor” style with a beautiful main stairway with leaded glass windows that leads to a second floor library with a fireplace. From the tile floors and interior woodwork to the outside stone work, Stewart School at 82 years old remains the most beautiful school building in Garden City’s School District.

The Hughes Brothers, owners of the Garden City Garage, circa 1940. After 36 years… Long Island’s Most Prestigious Performing Arts School

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May Day Celebration

51 Friday, July 12, 2019 The Gargen City News 150th Anniversary of the Village Garden City Special Section

May Day celebrations at the Cathedral Avenue School around 1920. This was Garden City’s first school building built in 1902 as a one story building and shortly afterwards a second story was added. School children of all ages attended this building back then, but of course there were not that many. Garden City’s total population in 1920 was less than 2,000. May Day celebrations were a common sight for centuries around the world welcoming spring each year on May 1st. When Communist countries began to use the holiday as a labor celebration and a Communist day of propaganda, the holiday diminished in the United States and was eventually forgotten altogether. Today, this building serves as the G.C. Public Schools Administration building.

A Class Act

If any of the children in this photo are still alive they would be over 100 years old. The photo dates to the 1920’s as the car on the left is from that period. Also, the clothing and the little girl’s eyeglasses in the second row are in the 1920’s style. The second row of children are seated in chairs, the third row are standing and the fourth row are standing on chairs - making them look quite tall! These children would have attended the Cathedral Avenue School (today’s public school administration building). It had been built in 1902 and was the only school building until 1924 when Garden City’s first high school was built (today’s middle school).

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150th Anniversary of the Village Garden City Special Section The Gargen City News Friday, July 12, 2019


Adelphi College comes to GC in 1929

This is how Adelphi College looked when it opened in Garden City in the fall of 1929. Originally founded in Brooklyn in 1896, Adelphi’s arrival as an all women’s college (men were admitted after WWII) added another dimension to Garden City’s uniqueness as a community. The original three buildings pictured here were Levermore, Blodgett and Woodruff., all designed by the famous firm of McKim, Mead and White. The building on the horizon rising like a castle is St. Paul’s School. Today, that barren land is now a beautifully landscaped campus with an eclectic group of architectural styles incorporated in the buildings constructed over the decades. In 1962 it became a university and is a hugely successful part of Garden City.

Groundbreaking ceremony for the new Adelphi University Garden City campus. Circa 1928.

Levermore Hall, Adelphi University Garden City campus. Circa 1929.

The Garden City Pool, the way it was...

This is the Garden City Pool in the late 1970’s. The pool opened in 1957 and so it is about 20 years old in this photo. It looks pretty much as it did when it opened with the original diving boards. However, one of the lower diving boards on the far right was replaced in the 1970’s with a small slide. In the 1990’s the pool went through a major renovation which included removing the diving boards in the main pool and replacing them with today’s large slide.

It’s Party Time -1994 Style! This photo was taken on October 29, 1994. This was the celebration of the 125th Anniversary of Garden City’s founding in 1869. Over 1,400 residents packed into the St. Paul’s Fieldhouse and an attached tent that night. The event was extremely well planned and well executed and was quickly dubbed “the party of the century.” It capped off a year long celebration that involved the schools, the churches and a cross section of the community. Even a journal was produced. All the restaurants in the Village participated. They were set up around the perimeter of the fieldhouse. There was also a beer truck and plenty of wine. There was live music by “The Village Music Makers” and everyone had a really good time. Photo by John Ellis Kordes

Moving through history

53 Friday, July 12, 2019 The Gargen City News 150th Anniversary of the Village Garden City Special Section

It was 30 years ago, on March 11, 1989, that the Garden City Toll Lodge was moved from Clinton Road to the east end of Seventh Street. The Garden City Toll Lodge was part of the famous Vanderbilt Long Island Motor Parkway built between 1908 and 1911. It stretched for 48 miles from the Queens border to Lake Ronkonkoma. It was the first parkway built exclusively for the automobile in the world and was headquartered in Garden City. The Lodge was built in 1911 and was designed by the famous architect John Russell Pope (who also designed the Jefferson Memorial in Washington D.C.). When modern freeways were built in the 1930’s on Long Island, the Motor Parkway closed in April 1938. The Toll Lodge was then purchased by the toll keeper. By 1989, a Realtor owned it and sold it to the G.C. Chamber of Commerce for $1 on the condition it be moved. On March 11, 1989, it was moved from east of Clinton Road just south of Pell Terrace off Vanderbilt Court (next to the headquarters) north to Old Country Road. It then moved west to Washington Avenue, across the County Seat, to Eleventh Street and then Franklin Avenue. The move continued south on Franklin Ave. to Seventh Street where it resides today in a parking lot owned by the Village. It took over nine hours to move. After three years of restoration, the Chamber of Commerce moved into its new offices in 1992. At that time, a museum was created in the lower level conference room dedicated to the story of the Motor Parkway. Photo by John Ellis Kordes

Hat Trick!

Homecoming Parade

Garden City High School Cheerleaders at Homecoming Parade in 1991 Photo by John Ellis Kordes





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Photo by John Ellis Kordes

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150th Anniversary of the Village Garden City Special Section The Gargen City News Friday, July 12, 2019


We Will Never Forget...

The 9-11 fundraiser event in the St. Paul’s Fieldhouse in September 2001. 

911 Memorial

The Village of Garden City lost 23 residents during the terrorist attacks of 9-11. This monument was erected on the property west of Village Hall in their memory.

• Thomas M. Brennan • Jonathan Neff Cappello • Paul Cascio • Michele Coyle-Eulau • Laurence Curia • Michael L. DiAgostino • William J. Dimmling • Christopher J. Dunne • Paul Eckna • Michael Hardy Edwards • Robert J. Ferris • Peter V. Genco

• Ryan A. Kohart • David Leistman • Robert C. McLaughlin Jr. • James F. Murphy, IV • James R. Ostrowski • Durrell Pearsall • James G. Smith • Eric Thomas Steen • John F. Swaine • Kevin T. Szocik • Stephen K. Tompsett

Photo by John Ellis Kordes

Officer Rich Pedone talking with some Garden City youths on Seventh Street in the 1990’s.

Celebrating Easter in style Easter Antique Car Parade in the 1990’s. Photo by John Ellis Kordes

Photo by John Ellis Kordes

The Garden City Horse

Friday, July 12, 2019 The Gargen City News 150th Anniversary of the Village Garden City Special Section

GCPD on patrol

Horse of a different color


Photo by John Ellis Kordes

150th Anniversary of the Village Garden City Special Section The Gargen City News Friday, July 12, 2019


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Garden City News 150th Anniversary Edition 07-12-2019  

A special edition of the Garden City News celebrating the 150th Anniversary of Garden City, New York.

Garden City News 150th Anniversary Edition 07-12-2019  

A special edition of the Garden City News celebrating the 150th Anniversary of Garden City, New York.