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Vilnius Photo by Marius Jovaiša ©Unseen Pictures


Vilnius Cathedral Š Dansu




‘Filming in Vilnius was brilliant – I loved it – really lovely people, the facilities are great on tight schedule and limited budget and the crew were wonderful. One of the main reasons we filmed there was the theatre we used to recreate the courthouse. It already looked pretty similar, and the production team were able to make it look accurate.‘

‘We opted for Lithuania because we felt both the costs and the passion for the Project were extremely good. If you’re going to do heavy set construction as we did, it is about 40% cheaper to build it in Lithuania than Sweden’.




PETER MEDAK (USA) Director ‘Vilnius is incredible. The space is excellent for filming. It‘s a good place to be and I want to come back. ‘


‘Lithuania is an excellent location for filming. The crews are highly qualified and the Vilnius Film Office was exceedingly helpful. ‘


‘One of the great things about Vilnius is that there are different types of locations all within 30 minutes of each other and that save us time and money. ‘


‘Being in Lithuania has restored my faith in filmmaking.‘


‘I have shot films in Lithuania twice and hope that this will occur again. The people are professional, efficient, dedicated and truly reliable. As for locations, you can find almost everything. Or you make it exist.


‘We have always found the Lithuanian crews enthusiastic and professional. The wide range of skills available has meant that our productions have always been confident of delivering the quality demanded by our international coproducing partners. Our productions have always met their tight schedules on time and on budget. We have found shooting in Lithuania extremely good value for money, without compromising the artistic integrity of the projects.‘

‘Vilnius is a great place to film. Love everything about it. ‘


Elizabeth I, HBO Š Baltic Film Services

BARNEY REISZ (UK) Producer ‘Everything is possible in Lithuania! There are wonderful locations and highly capable construction crews. They built us a staggering 16th century Whitehall Palace set, interior and exterior. They made us some fantastic period costumes and the local crew and facilities are excellent. It’s a really good shooting option in Europe.’

GUIDO SIMONETI (Italy) Producer ‘We came from Italy to Vilnius with a very small Italian crew and group of actors and were provided with local crew, actors, stunt, technical equipment and locations. The city itself is very charming and the fifteen weeks of shooting went very smoothly. The whole experience can be absolutely considered a great success due the great cooperation and professionalism of our Lithuanian collaborators, crew members and actors.’


‘I spent four weeks shooting in Lithuania, in various locations throughout the country, with a small crew, all of whom proved to be dedicated, hardworking, competent in their field, conscientious, and very supportive to me as a director. The entire experience was thoroughly positive, and I look forward to returning for another project in Lithuania.’


Defiance Š Baltic Film Services

The Assets ŠDarran Tiernan

Gentlemen&Gangsters Š Dansu




(2015 Finland) PRODUCTION COMPANY: Solar films DIRECTOR: Antti Jokinen CAST: Krista Kosonen, Tommi Korpela, Lauri Tilkanen

(2014 Sweden) PRODUCTION COMPANY: B-reel Feature Film DIRECTOR: Mikael Marcimain CAST: David Dencik, Ruth Vega Fernandez, David Fukamachi Regnfors



(2015 Finland) PRODUCTION COMPANY: Mjolk Movies DIRECTOR: Mikko Kuparinen CAST: Marie-Josée Croze, Mikko Nousiainen

WAR AND PEACE (2015 UK) PRODUCTION COMPANY: BBC Wales / The Weinstein Company PRODUCER: Julia Stannard DIRECTOR: Tom Harper CAST: Paul Dano, Lily James, James Norton

(2013 USA) PRODUCTION COMPANY: Lincoln Square Productions PRODUCERS: Linda Berman, James Elkus DIRECTORS: Peter Medak, Jeff T Thomas, Trig Diesen, Adam Feinstein, Rudy Bednar CAST: Jodie Whittaker, Paul Rhys, Harriet Walters

ANNA KARENINA (2012 Italy, France) PRODUCTION COMPANY: Lux Vide DIRECTOR: Christian Duguay CAST: Vittoria Puccini, Santiago Cabrera, Benjamin Sadler

THE EICHMANN SHOW (2015 UK) PRODUCTION COMPANY: Feelgood Fiction Ltd, Vistaar Entertainment PRODUCERS: Laurence Bowen, Ken Marshall DIRECTOR: Paul Andrew Williams CAST: Martin Freeman, Anthony LaPaglia, Rebecca Font

LA ADOPTION (2015 Spain) PRODUCTION COMPANIES: Tornasol Films, Messidor Films, Televisión Española (TVE) PRODUCERS: Mariela Besuievsky, Marta Esteban, Gerardo Herrero DIRECTOR: Daniela Féjerman CAST: Francesc Garrido, Nora Navas

SIBERIAN EDUCATION (2011 Italy) PRODUCTION COMPANY: Cattleya Srl PRODUCER: Marco Chimenz DIRECTOR: Gabriele Salvatores CAST: John Malkovich, Eleanor Tomlinson

BLOOD IN THE SNOW (2011 Spain) PRODUCTION COMPANIES: Tornasol Films, Castafiore Films, Zebra productions, Lithuanian Film Studio PRODUCER: Mariela Besuievski DIRECTOR: Gerardo Herrero CAST: Juan Diego Botto, Carmelo Gomez, Francesc Orella


GENERATIONS (2011 Germany) PRODUCTION COMPANY: Team Worx PRODUCER: Katrin Goetter DIRECTOR: Philipp Kadelbach CAST: Miriam Stein, Tom Schilling, Volker Bruch

SURVIVING D-DAY (2010 UK) PRODUCTION COMPANIES: Dangerous Films, Discovery Channel, France 2 PRODUCER: Tim Goodchild DIRECTOR: Richard Dale CAST: Michael Ashcroft, Hal Baumgarten, William Bodette, Robert Sales

GEORGE CROSS HEROES (2010 UK) PRODUCTION COMPANIES: Dangerous Films, Discovery Channel PRODUCER: Mark Hedgecoe DIRECTORS: Charlie Smith, Harry Hewland

KRONJUVELERNA (2010 Sweden) PRODUCTION COMPANIES: Freelance International AB, Svenska Filminstitutet PRODUCER: Leif Mohlin, Ella Lemhagen CAST: Bill Skarsgard, Michalis Koutsogiannakis, Tomas von Brömssen

I CERCHI NELL’ACQUA (2010 Italy) PRODUCTION COMPANY: Palomar Spa PRODUCER: Carlo Degli Esposti DIRECTOR: Umberto Marino CAST: Alessio Boni, Vanessa Incontrada, Giovanni Calcagno

MERRY WIDOW (2009 Ukraine, UK) PRODUCTION COMPANY: Tanarm Pictures PRODUCER: Vladimir Horunzhy DIRECTOR: Leonid Gorovitz CAST: Kamaliya, Marchin Mroczek, Dmitrij Nagiev, Aleksandr Semchev, Jevgenij Voskresenskij

LES DERNIERES HEURES DU MUR (2009 France) PRODUCTION COMPANIES: Maximal Productions, FR2 PRODUCER: Jérôme Bellay DIRECTOR: Jean-François Delassus CAST: André Dussollier, Féodor Atkine, Karim Belkhadra, Grégoire Gros

THE COURAGEOUS HEART OF IRENA SENDLER (2009 USA) PRODUCTION COMPANIES: Baltmedia, CBS, Hallmark Hall of Fame Productions, Jeff Most Productions, K&K Selekt, Most/Rice Productions, Telekompanija Forma Pro PRODUCERS: Jeff Most, Brent Shields DIRECTOR: John Kent Harrison CAST: Anna Paquin, Marcia Gay Harden, Goran Visnjic

TRANSSIBERIAN (2008 Spain, Germany, UK, Lithuania) PRODUCTION COMPANIES: Filmax International, Canal+ Espana, Filmax Group, Castelao Producciones, Universum Film, Telecinco Cinema, Future Films PRODUCER: Julio Fernljndez DIRECTOR: Brad Anderson CAST: Woody Harrelson, Ben Kingsley, Emily Mortimer

MOONSHOT (2008 UK, USA) PRODUCTION COMPANIES: Dangerous Films, History Channel, ITV PRODUCERS: Michael Robins, Tim Goodchild DIRECTOR: Richard Dale CAST: Daniel Lapaine, James Marsters, Andrew Lincoln




(2008 Germany) PRODUCTION COMPANIES: Herold Productions, Lionheart Entertainment PRODUCERS: Guido Gerold, Jurgen Hebstreit, Marian Redmann DIRECTOR: Wolfgang Panzer CAST: Franรงois Goeske, Franka Potente, Lars Steinhรถfel

(2008 UK) PRODUCTION COMPANIES: Company Pictures Ltd, ITV PRODUCER: Gina Cronk DIRECTORS: Maurice Phillips, Metin Huseyin CAST: Rupert Evans, Jane Asher, David Harewood

ICE KISS WINTER IN WARTIME (2008 Netherlands, Belgium) PRODUCTION COMPANIES: Isabella Films B.V., Fu Works, Isabella Films, Max TV, Prime Time PRODUCERS: San Fu Maltha, Els Vandevorst DIRECTOR: Martin Koolhoven CAST: Martijn Lakemeier, Jamie Campbell Bower, Yorick van Wageningen

(2007 Norway) PRODUCTION COMPANY: Filmhuset Produksjoner AS PRODUCER: Alf R. Jacobsen DIRECTOR: Knut Erik Jensen CAST: Ellen Dorrit Petersen, Aleksander Bukharov, Per Egil Aske, Evgeny Sidikhin

The Assets @ Baltic Film Services

L’AFFAIRE FAREWELL, L’ESPION DE LA VENGEANCE (2007 France) PRODUCTION COMPANIES: Roche Productions, ZDF, ARTE G.E.I.E., YLE PRODUCER: Dominique Tibi DIRECTOR: Jean-François Delassus CAST: Tomasz Bialkowski

DEFIANCE (2007 USA) PRODUCTION COMPANIES: GHM Films, Tuvia Productions, Paramount Vantage PRODUCERS: Edward Zwick, Pieter Jan Brugge DIRECTOR: Edward Zwick CAST: Daniel Craig, Liev Schreiber, Jamie Bell

Photo by Saulius Žiūra ©Vilnius City Municipality

WAR AND PEACE (2007 Italy, France, Germany, Russia, Poland) PRODUCTION COMPANIES: Lux Vide, RAMCO, Mosfilm, SF Projektor PRODUCERS: Ferdinand Dohna, Chris Grabowski, Slawomir Józwik, Fanio Petrocchi, Sergey Shumakov, Nicolas Traube, Luca Bernabei, Matilde Bernabei, Andrew Colton DIRECTOR: Robert Dornhelm CAST: Alexander Beyer, Clémence Poésy, Alessio Boni

SNAPPHANAR (2006 Sweden) PRODUCTION COMPANY: Filmlance International AB PRODUCER: Lars Blomgren DIRECTORS: Bjorn Stein, Mans Marlind CAST: Andre Sjoberg, Tuva Novotny, Anders Ekborg

9/11 - THE TWIN TOWERS (2006 USA, UK) PRODUCTION COMPANIES: Dangerous Films, BBC, Discovery Channel PRODUCER: Tim Goodchild DIRECTOR: Richard Dale CAST: William Hope, Robert Ash

UNCLE ADOLF (2005 UK) PRODUCTION COMPANIES: Company Pictures, ITV PRODUCER: Mark Pybus DIRECTOR: Nicholas Renton CAST: Ken Stott, Elaine Cassidy, Danny Webb



(2005 Germany) PRODUCTION COMPANY: Bavaria Film PRODUCER: Stephan Bechtle DIRECTOR: Miguel Alexandre CAST: Ken Duken, Claire Keim

(2005 Belgium) PRODUCTION COMPANIES: Living Films, Independent Productions PRODUCER: Mark Punt DIRECTORS: Guy Goossens, Mark Punt CAST: Peter Van den Begin, Axel Daeseleire, Evgeniya Khirivskaya

WALLIS AND EDWARD (2005 UK) PRODUCTION COMPANIES: Company Pictures Ltd, Atlantic Film Productions PRODUCER: Mark Pybus DIRECTOR: David Moore CAST: Joely Richardson, Steven Campbell Moore, Richard Johnson

VISAS FOR SIX THOUSAND LIVES (2005 Japan) PRODUCTION COMPANY: Fellah Pictures PRODUCER: Yoshinori Fujita DIRECTOR: Takayoshi Watanabe CAST: Sorimachi Takashi, IIjima Naoko


SILENCE BECOMES YOU (2004-2005 UK) PRODUCTION COMPANY: IMS 3 LLP PRODUCER: Karl Richards DIRECTOR: Stephanie Sinclaire CAST: Alicia Silverstone, Sienna Guillory, Joe Anderson

DAS BLUT DER TEMPLER (2004 Germany) PRODUCTION COMPANIES: Medienfonds GFP, Westside Filmproduktion GmbH PRODUCER: Ulrike Koeppen DIRECTOR: Florian Baxmeyer CAST: Harald Krassnitzer, Mirko Lang, Catherine H. Flemming

(2005 UK, USA) PRODUCTION COMPANIES: Company Pictures, HBO, Channel 4 PRODUCER: Barney Reisz DIRECTOR: Tom Hooper CAST: Helen Mirren, Jeremy Irons, Hugh Dancy, Toby Jones


Elizabeth I, HBO Š Baltic Film Services

Soundstage Š Vilnius Film Cluster




Where‘s the best place to shoot? Lithuania, of course! Located in attractive north-eastern Europe, between sedate Scandinavia, effusive Central Europe and exotic Russia, Lithuania offers a fabulous blend of the best of all of its neighbours and then some. We have a wide variety of unexploited locations with a marvellous landscape full of lots of lakes and rivers and there are no nasty snakes or crocodiles or things that would want to kill you. But, most importantly of all, Lithuania provides quality services at a rock-bottom price. Lithuania, we‘re worth more than a look!

Local crew members are multi talented and highly skilled with the experience of many foreign productions under their belts. Art department and construction teams can conjure up 16th century palaces and moon landscapes, and everything in between. Low prices for a quality product are our motto.

SETS Lithuania‘s construction costs are among the lowest in Europe and our sets have received wide acclaim. A Lithuanian crew built a magnificent Titanic and experts billed it as ‘the best Titanic stages constructed since Jim Cameron’s high budget feature film.’ Lithuanians are usually pretty modest, but we do have to say that we do this kind of thing all the time. Talented, experienced and skilful painters and set constructors make authentic items, including sculptures, china, oil-paintings, etc. Lithuanians can manufacture every detail of your interior design or décor. We coordinate the work of woodworkers, painters, plasterers, sculptors, set constructors and metal workers.

Lithuania has experienced crew members who speak fluent English, Russian, German, French, Spanish, Italian, and Polish. Filming permission is easily obtained at very reasonable rates. Lithuania has fantastic production and location managers, cinematographers, set and costume designers, animators, key technicians, stunt performers who are proven and true professionals at what they do.

STUDIO Vilnius has a newly built professional studio – a 1059 m2 soundproof stage with an adjacent 578 m2 of modern offices, make-up rooms, showers, auxiliary and storage space. The studio also offers a 3-wall green screen room (410 m2 walls, 335 m2 floor), motion control facilities, wi-fi, easy access to the premises, convenient and spacious parking. There is a cafeteria in the studio that can provide catering for all your needs.


EQUIPMENT Camera, video and lighting equipment suppliers meet the most demanding of requirements for productions both large and small. Lithuania has teams of true professionals with the highest levels of experience in providing services for the production of film, TV, advertising and commercials. Multiple projects can be serviced simultaneously by the best of the best in these sectors using the latest and most advanced equipment.

CASTING Lithuanian casting agencies provide well-known professional and multi-lingual actors who work on sets in Lithuania and abroad as well as new faces for principal talent or extras. Lithuanian actors have worked with such renowned stars as Daniel Craig, John Malkovich, Jeremy Irons, Helen Mirren, Woody Harrelson, Ben Kingsley, Emilie Mortimer, Thomas Kretchman, Kirsten Dunst and others.

COSTUMES & PROPS Lithuania has a superb collection of costumes and props to offer. With over 100,000 costumes, hairpieces and accessories available, actors can be decked out in everything from a caveman‘s outfit to a space suit to a Queen of England. Historical costumes and footwear are memorable for their authentic details. Furniture and props come in all shapes, sizes and periods. Fabrics of all types are available and props are plentiful. History would not be complete without horses, carriages, coaches, saddles and harnesses, all of which Lithuania has in stock. Period weapons and firearm props are also available.


Verkiai Palace Š Vilnius City Municipality

Verkiai Palace Š Vilnius City Municipality

War and Peace Š Baltic Film Services

Kaunas Yachtclub Š Renatas Kripas

FACTS & FIGURES LOCATION: North-eastern Europe on the shores of the Baltic Sea.

COASTLINE: 99 km of sandy coastline, of which 38 km face Baltic Sea.

AREA: 65 200 sq. km 30% forests. 2, 830 lakes larger than 0,5 hectares, 18 rivers longer than 100 kilometres.

TIME ZONE: GMT+2 (winter), GMT+3 (summer). OFFICIAL LANGUAGE: Lithuanian. English and Russian spoken extensively, Polish in some areas.

NEIGHBOURS: Poland, Latvia, Russia, Belarus. ETHNIC GROUPS: 84,16.% Lithuanian, 6.58% Polish, 5,81% Russian, 1.19% Belorussian, 2.26% other.

POPULATION: 2.921 million. GOVERNMENT: Parliamentary Republic. CAPITAL: Vilnius was established in 1323. Population of 542,932. Old Town one of largest in Europe and is a UNESCO World Heritage site.

RELIGION: 79% Roman Catholic. Other: Eastern Orthodox, Protestant, Jewish, Muslim. INTERNATIONAL AIRPORTS: Vilnius, Kaunas, Palanga.

CURRENCY: Euro PORT: KlaipÄ—da is an ice free port located in the north.

CLIMATE: Maritime / continental. CURONIAN SPIT: is a 98 km long, thin, curved sand-dune spit that is surrounded by waters of Baltic Sea and Curonian Lagoon. It is a UNESCO World Heritage Site shared by Lithuania and Russia. LANDSCAPE: Pastoral with plains, forests and rolling hills.

ROADS: High grade and well developed road system throughout the country. INTERNATIONAL MEMBERSHIP: European Union, NATO, World Bank, World Trade Organization, Schengen Area.









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*Excluding festival admissions



New Year’s Day

February 16

Independence Day

March 11

Restoration of Independence Day

April 5, 6 (2015)


May 1

Labour Day, Mother’s Day

June 24

Feast of St. John (Midsummer)

July 6

Coronation Day

August 15

Feast of the Assumption of the Blessed Virgin Mary


November 1

All Saints’ Day



December 24

Christmas Eve



December 25, 26















































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Lithuania is easily accessible by land, sea or air. It has the best transport infrastructure in the Baltics that is very well maintained. There are four main means of access to Lithuania:

PLANES There are frequent flights from Europe to three international airports that are located short distances away from the cities that they service, i.e. Vilnius, Kaunas and Palanga. The airports in Vilnius and Palanga are both 7 km and 15 minutes driving time away from their city centres. The Kaunas airport is 15 km away from the centre of town. Vilnius airport (www.vilnius-airport.lt) services 85% of the country’s international passengers. Access to Vilnius is quick and inexpensive. Frequent train and shuttle buses run from the Vilnius airport to the centre of town and the main railway station. There are taxi stands at all of the airports outside of the arrivals terminals curb-side (high-cost) or can be ordered online at www.etaxi.lt and www.taxify. eu. Alternatively, you can use Uber to travel in and around Vilnius or a car sharing service City Bee.

AUTOMOBILES Cars from international chains such as Hertz, Avis and Europcar can be rented at the airport in Vilnius (a segment of ‘The Amazing Race’ testified to the efficiency with which this could be done!) The A1 highway runs across Lithuania south to north and connects its three major cities with a route of Vilnius-Kaunas-Klaipėda. Driving speeds are: 50 km/ hr in towns, 90 km/hr on suburban roads and 110130 km/hr on highways. Technical road assistance: call 1888 (24/7)

BUSES There is direct bus service to Vilnius from most European countries. Vilnius’ bus terminal is centrally located and a short distance away from


the Old Town. Routes and schedules are available at www.eurolines.lt and www.ecolines.lt. For transportation within Lithuania, buses are modern and operate frequently and regularly across the country. Fares are low. The bus and coach system is an easy and convenient way to commute within the country.

TRAINS There are direct trains to Vilnius from the main cities of its neighbouring countries of Poland, Russia, Ukraine, Belarus and Latvia. More info at www.litrail.lt.

FERRIES The port city of Klaipėda has regularly scheduled ferry service to Sweden, Denmark, Germany and Poland. Should you have an unlimited budget and would like to make a grand and stately entrance to Lithuania, luxury cruise liners dock at Klaipėda year round.

HOT AIR BALLOONS In Vilnius, you can opt for a hot air balloon to get you from here to there or to get a very good overview of the city itself. It’s one of the very few places in Europe where hot air balloons are allowed to fly over an Old Town. It’s considered an aristocratic tradition and you can wear jeans if you like, but if it’s your ‘first time’, old ballooning traditions dictate that you be treated to a glass of champagne to make the bird’s eye view of the city even more attractive. And, you’ll get a flight certificate at the end to show off to cast and crew. More info: www.ballooning.lt

Vilnius Š Vilnius Film Office

ŠBaltic Film Services


Lithuania has locations to choose from that will impress the most discerning of filmmakers. Robin Hood and his merry band had a great time galloping through Lithuania‘ s forests, the soldiers of World War II landed dramatically on our beaches, Holocaust heroes have waded through our rivers. Vast fields, gently rolling hills, wetlands, thousands of lakes and dense forests of pine, spruce, birch and oak stand ready, more than willing and able to play their role in whatever season you need to film. The topography of Lithuania features a primarily lowland terrain. Moderate highlands lie to the east and south, with several hilly regions in the west. The towering sand dunes on the shores of the Baltic Sea in north-western Lithuania are impressive not only in their stature and grandeur, but also in their dazzling ability to act as a very low-cost stand in for the Sahara. (The dunes don‘t have their SAG card yet, but they‘re hoping for one soon.) The dunes stand on a 98 km sandy peninsula between the Baltic Sea on one side and a lagoon on the other. And just for good measure, in case you should need it, there is also a hundred year old coniferous forest along the pristine white sand seashore. Of particular note is Vilnius‘ outstanding Old Town that has been designated a UNESCO World Heritage site. It is one of the largest ‘living‘ Old Towns in all of Europe. Kaunas, Lithuania‘s second largest city, also boasts a charming Old Town and a restored castle. The ice-free port of Klaipėda is hospitable to filmmakers all year round. Should you need a contemporary urban setting, Lithuania‘s large cities have many sites from which to choose. There are skyscrapers in Vilnius, modern high-rises in Kaunas and upscale architecture overlooking the sea in Klaipėda.

The Soviets left a pretty ugly mark that has been hard to erase in the residential housing complexes that still stand in blocks in some areas of the largest cities in Lithuania. Eventually, they will be all gone, so come before then if you are interested in that type of setting. Right now, the ones that are standing are still all extremely real. Lithuania has rural villages as well. Rumšiškės is an authentically constructed village that can take you back in time and has been a prime location for more than one director. If you‘re looking for even more reality, Lithuania has villages that are oldtime rural in both buildings and surrounding area. Minnesota in the United States may bill itself as unique with 10,000 lakes, but Lithuania will give you more bang for your buck with 2,833 lakes larger than 10,000 sq. m and 1,600 smaller ones in an area about one third the size of the American state. The majority of Lithuania‘s lakes are found in the eastern part of the country. Lithuania also has 758 rivers longer than ten kilometres. The highest elevation in Lithuania is 297.84 metres above sea level, found in the eastern part of the country. And last, but not least – as if all of the above were not enough – Lithuania likes to boast that it is the geographical centre of Europe. Geographic coordinates: 56°00’N 24°00’E. How could you possibly resist a pitch like that.


Kaunas Old Town Photo by Gediminas Banaitis Š Kaunas Film Office

Fireheart. The Legend of Tadas Blinda ŠTauras Films

Photo by Saulius Žiūra ©Vilnius City Municipality

Curonian Spit ©Dansu


Come to Lithuania anytime! We have much to offer throughout the year. Temperatures are never extreme and weather can be made to order with artificial snow when needed and rainfall in any specific location on command. Lithuania has a climate that is transitional between maritime and typical European continental throughout the entire country. There are four distinct seasons and marked differences between summer and winter weather. Summer is normally warm, dry and moderate with an average temperature of 18.1° C and long stretches of daylight. Winters are sunny and can be cold with snowfalls. The average temperature in winter is about -5° C. The warmest month is July and the coldest is January. The weather during May-September provides warm days and cool nights.


Avg. High

Avg. Low

Record High

Record Low




+12,6 (2007)

-40,5 (1940)




+16,5 (1990)

-42,9 (1956)




+21,8 (1968)

-37,5 (1964)




+28,8 (1950)

-23 (1963)




+34 (1892)

-6,8 (1965)




+37 (2011)

-2,8 (1977)




+37,5 (1994)

+0,9 (1971)




+36 (1992)

-2,9 (1966)




+32 (1992)

-6,3 (1993)




+26 (1985)

-19,5 (1956)




+18,5 (1968)

-23 °C (1998)




+15,6 (1982)

-34 °C (1969)


©State Department of Tourism

Vilnius Photo by Raimondas UrbakaviÄ?ius ŠArchitects Association of Lithuania


Vilnius Š State 42 Department of Tourism




MAXIMUM AMOUNTS: Production of a full-length feature – up to 725 000 EUR Production of a low budget feature – up to 650 000 EUR Production of an experimental film – up to 650 000 EUR Production of a short film – up to 60 000 EUR Production of a feature documentary – up to 200 000 EUR Production of a short documentary – up to 85 000 EUR Production of a feature animation – up to 725 000 EUR Production of a short animation – up to 145 000 EUR Pre-production Project – up to 45 000 EUR MAXIMUM % OF FUNDING: Up to 50% of film production costs; up to 75% of low-budget or experimental film production costs. NATURE OF FUNDING: Selective

LITHUANIAN FILM CENTRE CONTACT: Z. Sierakausko St. 15, LT-03105 Vilnius P: +370 5 213 0547 E: info@lkc.lt www.lkc.lt/en

MAIN ELIGIBILITY REQUIREMENTS: Cultural Test SESSIONS PER YEAR: 2 (spring, autumn) MAIN SELECTION CRITERIA: Quality and originality of the project, director’s and producer’s track record, financial aspects, co-productions. CO-PRODUCTION: Films produced under co-production conditions are given priority in allocating state funding. Minority co-productions are also supported.

SUPPORT FILM DEVELOPMENT, PRODUCTION AND PROMOTION IN 2015: 2 201 112 EUR. NATURE OF FUND: National ELIGIBLE GENRES: • Feature • Documentary • Animation • Experimental

• TV Documentary • Cross-Media



filming in Lithuania and the local sponsor is motivated by the opportunity to reduce the local corporate income tax.

The new Lithuanian Tax Incentives went into effect in January 2014. From now on Lithuania offers all you need: marvellous locations, qualified staff, brand new soundstage and up to 20% of of Lithuanian production budget.

ELIGIBILITY The Incentives are available to feature films, TV films, documentaries and animated films. This includes domestically produced, co-produced or commissioned films.

THE SCHEME The new scheme involves a foreign production company, a Lithuanian production company, a local donor providing financial support to the film and the Lithuanian Film Centre that administers the scheme. Foreign producer will need a local production company to be able to qualify for the Incentives. The scheme can be applied to a whole film or a part of it. Further procedures and conditions apply for the Lithuanian spend.

The aggregate maximum amount of the donation funds provided cannot exceed 20% of the production expenses of the film or its part. At least 80% of Lithuanian production costs have to be spent in Lithuania. Film spend in Lithuania has to be at least 43 000 EUR.

The process is explained in the scheme below.

The film cannot be pornographic or promote violence and has to meet cultural content and production criteria.

BENEFIT The production company saves 20% of the budget when

Aplication / certificate

Agreement Foreign producer

Lithuanian production company**


Lithuanian film centre

Agreement for donation

Lithuanian donor*

The Investment Note

*Entities with Lithuanian corporate tax liability, including foreign entities or citizens acting through a permanent office or a permanent base in Lithuania or individuals with income tax liability in Lithuania. **A Lithuanian film producer is considered a natural person, a permanent resident of Lithuania or a citizen of the European Economic Area (EEA), acting through a permanent base in Lithuania, also a Lithuanian entity or an entity of the EEA, acting through a permanent office in Lithuania, who is engaged in film production and is responsible for the creative, organizational and financial process of film production.


CULTURAL TEST & PRODUCTION CRITERIA Cultural test The story is based on events that are part of Lithuanian or European culture, history, mythology, religion or social life. The story tells about a known character or personality who is part of Lithuanian or European culture, history, society or religion. The story is based on a culturally significant work of national or European literature. The film reflects important Lithuanian or European values. The film focuses on the issue of Lithuanian or European identity or Lithuanian and European customs and traditions.

Production criteria It is not a promotional film, an advertisement, unscripted entertainment (e.g. game shows, reality shows, talk shows, talent shows), a music video, a computer game or a television series.* At least 3 days of shooting take place in the Republic of Lithuania during the course of production of a film (except for animation projects). At least 51 percent of the crew hired by the Lithuanian film producer are citizens of the Republic of Lithuania or citizens of other European Economic Area (EEA) countries. *Television series that is broadcasted daily or several times per week and which has certain character schemes and narrative structures that would allow them to be continued endlessly and do not create any artistic value, including but not limited to situation comedies and soap operas.

THE PROCEDURE Producers can apply at any time during the year. Application – which must be completed in Lithuanian – has to be submitted to the Lithuanian Film Centre through the Lithuanian producer or a producer from the European Economic Area acting through a permanent office in Lithuania. After receiving the application, the Lithuanian Film Centre carries out the examination of the application, cultural content and production criteria. In the case of a positive decision the film qualification certificate is issued no later than within 30 business days from the date of submission. Within 3 months following the completion of production of the film or its part, the applicant must submit an independent auditor’s report, a production report and the agreement with a Lithuanian donor to the Lithuanian Film Centre. Within 20 days after submission, the Lithuanian Film Centre provides the decision whether or not the investment certificate should be issued.

Additional information and application forms are available at www.lkc.lt/en

INELIGIBLE COSTS • Costs of a consultation concerning the preparation of the application, and costs of the preparation of the application, • Fines, penalties, litigation costs, • Acquisition of fixed assets, construction, reconstruction costs if they are unrelated to the production of the film, • Travel costs when the Republic of Lithuania is not the place of arrival or departure, • Development costs, • Film promotion and marketing expense, • Film distribution costs, • Payment for actors (if the payment exceeds 4% of the production costs of the film or its part).




VILNIUS FILM OFFICE Member: Association of Film Commissioners International (AFCI) and European Film Commissions Network (EUFCN). Vilnius is a captivating location and the most film friendly of cities. We have the best professionals and optimal working conditions for shooting movies, television dramas and all types of audiovisual productions. Tax incentives were introduced in 2014 and you can recieve up to 20% of your Lithuanian production budget. Your work will go smoothly in Vilnius whether you are shooting a big budget or a small scale production and the Vilnius Film Office will help you every step of the way. We‘ll help you make your next successful film in Vilnius with a smooth production shot in a city that welcomes every single filmmaker from around the world. Film professionals from the United States, Canada, Japan, Sweden, Finland, Italy, Spain, Great Britain and Germany worked with our highly skilled Lithuanian production teams in high quality film production.


• Comprehensive information about locations, logistics, crew, accommodations, technical support and special supplies, • Free shooting permits, assistance with obtaining shooting permits, • Free locations that are administered by the City of Vilnius, • Premises rentals for filmmakers on easy terms, • Information about the rules and regulations of shooting in Vilnius, • Information about Lithuanian laws, taxes, visa issues, insurance, • Contacts in every sector, whether public or private, • City events calendar. We look forward to seeing you and your entire team in Vilnius! CONTACT: Jūratė Pazikaitė Konstitucijos Ave. 3-313, LT-09601 Vilnius M: +370 614 04696 E: film@vilnius.lt S: Film Vilnius www.filmvilnius.com

Photo by Saulius Žiūra ©Vilnius City Municipality

Š Kaunas Film Office

THE KAUNAS FILM OFFICE HAS ASSISTED THE FOLLOWING FILM PRODUCTIONS: ‘Mission Bavaria’ (Germany, documentary) ‘Crónica de Otro Confín’ (Spain, drama) ‘The Legend of Silver Arrows’ (Germany, documentary) ‘Dream Team’ 1935’ (Latvia, drama / history / sports) ‘Anna Karenina’ (Italy, drama) ‘My Sisters‘ (UK-Lithuania, drama) ‘Gentlemen & Gangsters‘ (Sweden)

KAUNAS FILM OFFICE Member: European Commissions Network. The KAUNAS FILM OFFICE operates with the support of the city government. Its aim is to present Kaunas and its locations to filmmakers and attract Lithuanian and foreign film production projects, and provide invaluable assistance to productions filming in the city and its scenic surroundings.

CONTACT: Aurelijus Silkinis Laisves Ave. 54, LT-44246 Kaunas M: +370 614 77112 E: info@kaunasfilmoffice.com www.kaunasfilmofice.com

• We provide high quality services and comprehensive information on the filming terms and conditions in Kaunas city and region; • We liaise with relevant local authorities in order to make the film production process a smooth and rewarding experience; • We provide information about other available film production-related services; • We do location scouting; • We advise on all film production-related issues;


The Excursionist © Rūta Juzėnienė


Mission Bavaria Photo by Gediminas Banaitis Š Kaunas Film Office

PRODUCTION COMPANIES A PROPOS Nugalėtojų St. 3D-2, LT-10105 Vilnius Ramunė Landsbergienė M: +370 687 62 040 F: +370 5 277 7888 E: ramuneland@gmail.com www.vvl.lt DOCUMENTARIES: ‘Tricolor‘ 2013, d. Vytautas V. Landsbergis ‘A Partisan‘s Wife‘ 2011, d. Vytautas V. Landsbergis, Agnė Marcinkevičiūtė ‘From the Top of the World‘ 2010, d. Vytautas V. Landsbergis

ANIMATRIX A. Goštauto St. 8-327, LT-01108 Vilnius Dovydas Vilkelis M: +370 671 17 365 E: info@animatrix.lt www.animatrix.lt SHORT ANIMATION: ‘After death, before hell‘ (in production), 2015-2016, d. Tomas Ramanauskas

ARTBOX Labdarių St. 5, LT-01120 Vilnius Kęstutis Drazdauskas M: +370 687 13 078 F: + 370 5 264 3054 E: kestas@artbox.lt www.artbox.lt FEATURES: ‘Two nights till morning‘ 2015, d. Mikko Kuparinen ‘Santa’ 2014, d. Marius Ivaškevičius ‘Letters to Sofia’ 2013, d. Robert Mullan DOCUMENTARY: ‘Elegy for Honey and Tar’ (in-postproduction), d. Alicija Žukauskaitė

SHORTS: ‘God’s Got His Head in the Clouds’ 2012, d. Gianluca Sodaro ‘Randezvous’ 2011, d. Simonas Gylis ‘Our Father’ 2010, d. Marius Ivaškevičius ‘It Would Be Splendid, Yet...’ 2009, d. Lina Lužytė

ART SHOT J. Savickio St. 21-3B, LT-01108 Vilnius Agnė Adomėnė M: +370 620 88 522 E: agne@artshot.lt www.artshot.lt SHORT ANIMATION ‘Downfall’ (in-production), d. Urtė Budinaitė, Johan Oettinger

BALTIC FILM SERVICES Kražių St. 25, LT-01180 Vilnius Gary Tuck M: +370 699 10 484 P: +370 5 276 2335 F: +370 5 215 1294 E: gt@bfs.eu.com www.bfs.eu.com TV: ‘War and Peace’ 2015, d. Tom Harper ‘The Eichmann Show’ 2014, d. Paul Andrew Williams ‘Romanovs’ 2014, d. Saskia Wiesheit ‘New Zealand’ 2014, d. Mira Thiel ‘Yeti‘ 2014, d. Neil Rawles ‘The Assets‘ 2013, d. Peter Medak, Jeff J. Thomas. Trig Diesen ‘Dyatlov Pass Incident‘ 2013, d. Ant Sharman ‘Geheimbunde‘ 2013, d. Saskia Weisheit ‘Silver Arrow’ 2012, d. Saskia Weisheit ‘Locked Up Abroad’ 2012, d. Harry Hewland ‘Mission Bayern’ 2012, d. Saskia Weisheit ‘The Land of Siberia’ 2012, d. Saskia Weisheit ‘Raiding Russia’ 2012, d. Tilman Remme ‘Surviving D-Day’ 2010, d. Richard Dale ‘George Cross Heroes’ 2010, d. Charlie Smith, Harry Hewland ‘Moonshot’ 2008, d. Richard Dale




Vokiečių St. 24-6, LT-01130 Vilnius Vygantas Kirejevas M: +370 662 40169 E: info@benjaminriber.com www.benjaminriver.com

Gilužio St. 4-34, LT-06279 Vilnius Algirdas Šemeškevičius M: + 370 699 47 910 E: cinemark@cinemark.lt, saule.ona@gmail.com

DOCUMENTARY: ‘Boy Meets Sumo’ 2012, d. Naoki Uchiyama SHORT DOCUMENTARIES: ‘Beyond the Arctic Circle’ 2013, d. Gajene Kalatshjan and Vygantas Kirejevas ‘A place we call home’ 2011, d. Albina Griniūtė

CAT FILM STUDIO Pamėnkalnio St. 24-3, LT-01114 Vilnius Ramunė Čekuolytė M: +370 698 08 176 E: ramune.che@gmail.com FEATURES: ‘Woman in Grey’ 2014, d. Ramunė Čekuolytė ‘Jam jar’ 2009, d. Ramunė Čekuolytė DOCUMENTARY: ‘Hierarchy of Favorites‘ 2011, d. Ramunė Čekuolytė SHORTS: ‘2H_two hours‘ 2010, d. Ramunė Čekuolytė ‘Panaekhali’ 2010, d. Ramunė Čekuolytė

FEATURES: ‘The Excursionist‘ 2013, d. Audrius Juzėnas ‘Land passengers’ 1991, d. Gytis Lukšas ‘Lunar Lithuania’ 1997, d. Gytis Lukšas

CONCEPT EVENTS & MEDIA (Film & TV department) Vytenio St. 9/25, LT-03113 Vilnius Teresa Rožanovska M: +370 618 07 994 E: t.ziboliene@gmail.com www.concept.lt DOCUMENTARIES: ‘Phenomenon’ (in post-production), d. Martina Jablonskytė ‘Alcofootball’ (in post-production), d. Kęstutis Gudavičius ‘Lithuania 1986-1993. Restoration of Independence’, 15 parts (in post-production), d. Domantas Vildžiūnas

ČIOBRELIAI CG BARAKUDA PRODUCTION Gedimino Av. 54B, LT-01110 Vilnius Audrius Steikūnas M: +370 656 68 872 P/F: +370 5 262 0525 E: audrius@cgb.lt, info@cgb.lt www.cgb.lt DOCUMENTARIES: ‘Around Baikal‘ 2012-2013, d. Jonas Grižas ‘1000 opportunities‘ 2011-2012, d. Jonas Grižas ‘2000 km of history‘ 2011, d. Antanas Gluskinas ‘How to Conquer the Road? Everything Depends (not) only on Attitude‘ 2012, d. Jonas Grižas, Eglė Šilinskaitė TV: ‘2000 km of history - The Grand Duchy of Lithuania‘ 2010, d. Antanas Gluskinas


D. Gerbutavičiaus St. 10-91, LT-04317 Vilnius Marija Razgutė M: +370 601 07 802 E: marija@ciobreliai.lt www.ciobreliai.lt FEATURES: ‘Corcovado Borealis’ (in development), 2018, d. Karolis Kaupinis ‘Crisis‘ (in production), 2017, d. Andrius Blaževičius SHORTS: ‘Watch-keeping’ 2016, d. Karolis Kaupinis ‘The Amateurs’ 2015, d. Audrius Antanavičius ‘The Noisemaker’ 2014, d. Karolis Kaupinis ‘The Amateurs’ 2014, d. Audrius Antanavičius ‘Dog’s Life‘ 2013, d. Ieva Veiverytė ‘Identities’ 2013, d. Aistė Žegulytė ‘Ten Reasons‘ 2011, d. Andrius Blaževičius ‘Suicide’ 2009, d. Mindaugas Sruogius

DANSU Paplaujos St. 5, LT-11342 Vilnius Ernestas Jankauskas M: +370 620 83 454 E: ernestas@dansu.eu www.dansu.eu FEATURES: ‘Jellyfish in the Moon‘ (in development), d. Ernestas Jankauskas ‘Gentlemen and Gangsters’ (in post-production), d. Mikael Marcimain ‘Kronjuvelerna‘ 2011, d. Ella Lemhagen SHORTS: ‘The Trolleybus man‘ (in post-production), d. Jonas Trukanas ‘The Ghost I don‘t Remember‘ (in post-production), d. Jonas Trukanas ‘The Queen of England Stole my Parents‘ 2014, d. Ernestas Jankauskas TV SERIES: ‘Thicker than water 2‘ (in post-production), d. Erik Leijonborg, Anders Engstrom ‘Friends of friends‘ 2012, d. Ernestas Jankauskas

‘Gediminas Ilgūnas. The real life‘ 2011, d. Algirdas Tarvydas ‘Academic Vladimiras Toporovas: Lithuanians in Time and Space‘ 2010, d. Algirdas Tarvydas ‘The Space of Creations‘ 2009, d. Algirdas Tarvydas SHORT DOCUMENTARIES: ‘For Me Painting is Whole Life‘ 2011, d. Algirdas Tarvydas ‘Nida’s Expression‘ 2008, d. Algirdas Tarvydas

ERA FILM K. Ladygos St. 1-119, LT-08235 Vilnius Rasa Miškinytė M: +370 682 96 128 E: rasa@erafilm.lt www.erafilm.lt

SHORT ANIMATION: ‘Forest Lights’ 2014, d. Andrius Kirvela

CREATIVE DOCUMENTARIES: ’Exemplary behaviour’ d. Audrius Mickevičius (in development) ‘Aber der himmel – grandios‘ d. Vytenė Muschick (in development) DOCUMENTARIES: ‘Under the Hood‘ 2013, d. Mark Byrne, Rob Dennis ‘Dreaming the Path‘ 2012, d. Jokūbas Vilius Tūras ‘Book Smugglers‘ 2010, d. Jeremiah Cullinane ‘Les Dernieres Heures Du Mur‘ 2009, d. Jean-Fracois Delassus SHORT DOCUMENTARIES: ‘One and Only‘ 2012, d. Linas Augutis ‘Sharunas Bartas, An Army of One‘ 2010, d. Guillame Coudray ‘The Bug Trainer‘ 2008, d. Linas Augutis, Donatas Ulvydas, Marek Skrobecki, Rasa Miškinytė



DOCTOR ANIMA / PETPUNK Meškeriotojų St. 33, LT-10100 Vilnius Miglė Kaušylaitė M: +370 685 51 745 E: hello@petpunk.com www.petpunk.com

Apkasų St. 35-29, LT-08226 Vilnius Algirdas Tarvydas M: +370 698 82 544 E: atarvydas@takas.lt DOCUMENTARIES: ‘Zigmas Zinkevičius. In love with Lithuanian language’ 2015, d. Algirdas Tarvydas ‘Gardens of heaven’ 2014, d. Algirdas Tarvydas ‘Find your inner freedom’ 2013, d. Algirdas Tarvydas ‘The roddle of Creation‘ 2012, d. Algirdas Tarvydas

Valančiaus St. 3-2, LT-03105 Vilnius Stasys Baltakis M: +370 605 07 462 E: stasys@filmjam.eu www.filmjam.eu DOCUMENTARY: ‘1410. Known Unknown Zalgiris‘ 2013, d. Aleksandras Matonis FEATURES: ‘Investigator‘ 2015, d. Jurgis Matulevičius ‘Unexperienced‘ 2015, d. Julius Paulikas 55

FILM STUDIO KOPA Pavilnio St. 16-2, LT-11300 Vilnius Saulius Beržinis P: +370 5 205 6053 M: +370 698 06 788 F: +370 5 231 3179 E: berkopa@hotmail.com DOCUMENTARIES: ‘Petrified time’ d. Saulius Beržinis (in production), ‘1941’. The summer of blood’ (in pre production), d. Saulius Beržinis ‘Lost in Sahara’ (in development), d. Saulius Beržinis ‘When Yiddish was spoken in Jurbarkas’ 2014, d. Saulius Beržinis

FRALITA FILMS Šiltadaržio St. 6, LT-01124 Vilnius Živilė Gallego M: +370 643 30 022 E: zivile.gallego@fralita.com www.fralitafilms.com FEATURES: ‘Emilia’ 2017, d. Donatas Ulvydas ‘Summer of Sangaile’ 2015, d. Alantė Kavaitė ‘Name in the Dark‘ 2013, d. Agnė Marcinkevičiūtė DOCUMENTARIES: ‘The Man who knew 75 languages’ 2016, d. Anne Magnussen, Pawel Debski ‘7 Sins‘ 2010, d. Kristina Inčiūraitė ‘Journey through Lithuania‘ 2010, d. Vaidotas Digimas ‘Dance in the Desert‘ 2009, d. Agnė Marcinkevičiūtė SHORTS: ‘2 Cups of Yoghurt‘ 2011, d. Audrius Mickevičius

SHORTS: ‘The Morning After‘ 2015, (USA, Lithiania), d. Irma Pužauskaitė

IRON CAT A.Jakšto 3-14, LT-01105 Vilnius Paulius Juočeris M: +370 618 87174 E: paulius@ironcat.lt www.ironcat.lt DOCUMENTARY: ‘Tricolour’ 2013, d. Vytautas V. Landsbergis, Agnė Marcinkevičiūtė SHORTS: ‘Book smuggler‘ 2011, d. Jonas Trukanas ’15 years together’ 2014, d. Martynas Zaremba

JONI ART Birželio 23-iosios St. 1-19, LT-03205 Vilnius Rasa Jonikaitė M: +370 670 60 287 E: info@rasajoni.com www.joniart.com SHORT ANIMATIONS: ‘Killer, Penguin, Tom, Doll Face’ 2017, d. Tomas Tamošaitis ‘The boy who never cut his hair’ 2017, d. Tomas Tamošaitis ‘Guilt’ 2012, d. Reda Bartkutė ‘3-2-0’ 2011, d. Vita Lažinskaitė ‘Brother Bebe’ 2009, d. Rasa Joni

JUST A MOMENT iN SCRiP Teatro St. 11-10, LT-03107 Vilnius Lukas Trimonis M: +370 699 14 913 E: info@inscript.lt www.inscript.lt FEATURES: ‘Miracle‘ (Bulgaria, Lithuania) 2017, d. Eglė Vertelytė ‘Life of Beetroots‘ 2016, d. Augustas Liiv DOCUMENTARY: ‘The Wall: Between Esat and West‘ 2016, (UK, Lithuania), d. Neringa Medutytė 56

Pylimo St. 9-13, LT-01118 Vilnius Dagnė Vildžiūnaitė M: +370 686 88 980 E: dagne@justamoment.lt www.justamoment.lt FEATURES: ‘Together Forever’ (in post-production), d. Lina Lužytė ‘Eastern Business’ (in post-production), d. Igor Cobileanski ‘Breathing Into Marble (in production), d. Giedrė Beinoriūtė ‘Non-Present Time’ 2014, d. Mykolas Vildžiūnas

DOCUMENTARIES: ‘Master and Tatyana’ 2015, d. Giedrė Žickytė ‘When We Talk About KGB’ (in post-production), d. Maximilien Dejoie, Virginija Vareikytė ‘Julia’ 2013, d. Johanna Jackie Baier ‘Marina’s House’ 2013, d. Dali Rust ‘Father’ 2012, d. Marat Sargsyan ‘Igrushki’ 2012, d. Lina Lužytė ‘How We Played Revolution’ 2011, d. Giedrė Žickytė ‘Baras’ 2009, d. Giedrė Žickytė SHORT DOCUMENTARIES: ‘A Story of a Deportee Exiled by Her Own Father’ 2011, d. Andrius Blaževičius ‘Magpie II’ 2010, d. Mykolas Vildžiūnas ‘I’m Clinically Depressed and I Hoover the Grass’ 2010, d. Rokas Eltermanas SHORTS: ‘The Last Day of the Honeymoon’ 2011, d. Rokas Eltermanas

KETVIRTA VERSIJA Revonių St. 8-2, LT-03154 Vilnius Teresa Rožanovska M: +370 618 07 994 E: t.ziboliene@gmail.com www.unnecessaryfilms.eu FEATURE: ‘Narcissus’ 2012, d. Dovilė Gasiūnaitė DOCUMENTARIES: ‘Chodakowski sisters’ (in development), d. Ramunė Kudzmanaitė ‘Sheep in the sky‘ (in post-production), d. Gvidas Kovėra ‘The Green Musketeers’ (in post-production), d. Jonas Oehman ‘Gintaras Varnas’ (in post-production), d. Andrius Seliuta ‘Alcofootball’ 2014, d. Kęstutis Gudavičius ‘Disidents’ 2013, d. Petras Savickis ‘Century of Czesław Miłosz’ 2012, d. Juozas Javaitis ‘Artisan’ 2011, d. Petras Savickis ‘Artists’ 2009, d. Petras Savickis

FEATURES: ‘Fling the Stone, David’ (in production), d. Šarūnas Bartas ‘Eastern Drift’ 2010, d. Šarūnas Bartas SHORTS: ‘Romantic Delusions of the Bird‘ 2013, d. Jurga Zabukaitė

KINO KULTAS A.P. Kavoliuko St. 2A, LT-01141 Vilnius Asta Liukaitytė M: +370 647 22250 E: asta@redirectedmovie.com www.redirectedmovie.com FEATURES: ‘Flight Redirected‘ 2014, d. Emilis Vėlyvis ‘Zero 2’ 2010, d. Emilis Vėlyvis

KINOR J. Povilaičio St. 8-97, LT-04346 Vilnius Julija Korostenskaja M: +370 681 74 840 F: +370 5 242 2326 E: info@kinor.lt www.kinor.lt FEATURES: ‘Kavkaz‘ 2014, d. Ruslan Korostenskij ‘The Woman Sun’ 2013, d. Ruslan Korostenskij SHORTS: ‘On the Way Home’ 2012, d. Ruslan Korostenskij ‘We Heard Her Say Mother’ 2009, d. Ruslan Korostenskij SHORT DOCUMENTARY: ‘Dinasty’ 2009, d. Ruslan Korostenskij SHORT ANIMATIONS: ‘Hiroshima’ 2012, d. Ruslan Korostenskij ‘White Snow’ 2011, d. Ruslan Korostenskij ‘Masha and Misha (Masha and the Bear)’ 2010, d. Ruslan Korostenskij

KRISTINOS INČIŪRAITĖS STUDIJA KINEMA Grybautojų St. 30, LT-10103 Vilnius Jurga Dikčiuvienė M: +370 653 88 512 E: studija@kinema.lt www.kinema.lt

Mindaugo St. 23A-61, LT-03231 Vilnius Kristina Inčiūraitė M: +370 615 51 401 E: kristini@takas.lt www.inciuraite.lt DOCUMENTARIES: ‘The Meeting’ 2012, d. Kristina Inčiūraitė ‘7 Sins’ 2010, d. Kristina Inčiūraitė


SINGLE-CHANNEL VIDEO: ‘Mist-Delusion’ 2012, d. Kristina Inčiūraitė ‘Survival’ 2009, d. Kristina Inčiūraitė EXPERIMENTAL SHORTS: ‘The Echo of a Shadow’ 2015, d. Kristina Inčiūraitė ‘Change All the Buttons’ 2015, d. Kristina Inčiūraitė ‘The Fragment as a Proverb’ 2014, d. Kristina Inčiūraitė ‘Nameless’ 2014, d. Kristina Inčiūraitė ‘Following Piece’ 2011, d. Kristina Inčiūraitė

KULTŪRINIŲ PROJEKTŲ CENTRAS V. Čarneckio St. 138-1, LT-11311 Vilnius Asta Valčiukaitė M: +370 676 37 996 E: asta@cuma.lt www.cuma.lt DOCUMENTARY: ‘There’s No Fish’ (in production), d. Šarūnas Mikulskis SHORTS: ‘Limbus’ (in production), d. Ieva Javaitytė ‘Goodhearted Ana’ 2010, d. Mikas Žukauskas ‘I Know You’ 2009, d. Dovilė Šarutytė ‘Noroutine’ 2008, d. Jūratė Samulionytė SHORT DOCUMENTARY: ‘Shanghai Banzai’ 2010, d. Jūratė Samulionytė

LITFILMAS Rūko St. 14, LT-04126 Vilnius Julija Zubavičienė M: +370 657 69 307 P: +44 7402 920 412 E: oksana@litfilmas.com, info@julijazubaviciene.com www.litfilmas.com FEATURE: ‘12 Ravens’ (in pre-production) d. Julija Zubavičienė DOCUMENTARY: ‘Lida, Vanda, Liusia’ 2014, d. Julija Zubavičienė SHORTS: ‘2080’ 2014, d. Julija Zubavičienė ‘Hunger’ 2008, d. Julija Zubavičienė

LITL BAZ PICTURES Ševčenkos St. 16A-310, Vilnius LT-03111 Žilvinas Naujokas M: +370 687 45 758 E: info@litlbaz.com www.litlbaz.com FEATURES: ‘Holly cow‘ 2014, d. Donatas Ulvydas ‘When you wake up‘ 2014, d. Ričardas Marcinkus ‘Lost Valentine‘ 2014, d. Evaldas Kubilius ‘How to steal a wife‘ 2013, d. Donatas Ulvydas ‘Lonely Valentine’ 2013, d. Simonas Aškelavičius, Ričardas Marcinkus, Donatas Ulvydas, Edita Kabaraitė

LITHUANIAN FILM STUDIO S. Konarskio St. 49, LT-03123 Vilnius Ramūnas Škikas P: +370 5 276 3444 M: +370 699 32 500 F: +370 5 276 4254 E: info@lfs.lt, ramunas@lfs.lt www.lfs.lt FEATURES: ‘Our Mothers, Our Fathers’ 2013, d. Philipp Kadelbach ‘Frozen Silence’ 2011, d. Gerardo Herrero ‘Generations’ 2011, d. Philipp Kadelbach ‘War of the Dead’ 2011, d. Marko Mäkilaakso ‘Vortex’ 2009, d. Gytis Lukšas ‘The Courageous Heart of Irena Sendler’ 2009, d. John Kent Harrison ‘Winter in Wartime’ 2008, d. Martin Koolhoven ‘Transsiberian’ 2008, d. Brad Anderson ‘The Bridge’ 2008, d. Wolfgang Panzer

MĖLYNAS TILTAS Turgaus a. 8-6, LT-91247 Klaipėda Ilona Nagrodskytė M: +370 616 03 494 E: melynastiltas@gmail.com www.melynastiltas.lt SHORT ANIMATIONS: ‘Village stories’ 2013, d. Jūratė Januškevičiūtė ‘Lukosiukas’ 2010, d. Jurgita Šurnaitė SHORT DOCUMENTARY: ‘Klemukas’ 2011, d. Jonas Tilvikas


MONOKLIS Naugarduko St. 34, LT-03228 Vilnius Jurga Gluskinienė M: +370 687 90 681 E: jurga@monoklis.lt www.monoklis.lt FEATURE: ‘The Balcony’ 2008, d. Giedrė Beinoriūtė DOCUMENTARIES: ‘Dzūkija‘s Bull’ 2013, d. Linas Mikuta ‘Conversations on Serious Topics’ 2012, d. Giedrė Beinoriūtė ‘The Field of Magic’ 2011, d. Mindaugas Survila SHORT DOCUMENTARIES: ‘Dinner’ 2013, d. Linas Mikuta ‘An Expert’ 2012, d. Giedrė Beinoriūtė ‘Paradise Road’ 2012, d. Tomas Smulkis SHORTS: ‘Temporarily’ 2011, d. Jūratė Samulionytė ‘Souther’ 2009, d. Tomas Smulkis

MOONMAKERS Vytenio St. 50-1, LT-03229 Vilnius M: +370 659 01 278 E: info@moonmakers.lt www.moonmakers.lt DOCUMENTARY: ‘Thanksgiving day‘ 2016, d. Giedrė Žickytė SHORT DOCUMENTARY: ‘Do you remember‘ 2014, d. Maite Alberdi, Giedrė Žickytė

NERUTINA Kauno St. 4-9, LT-01310 Vilnius Jūratė Samulionytė M: +370 620 71 766 E: info@noroutine.lt, jurate.samulionyte@gmail.com

NORDIC PRODUCTIONS Užupio St. 27-2, LT-01202 Vilnius Milda Leiputė M: +370 646 44 407 F: +370 5 212 0825 E: milda@nordicproductions.lt www.nordicproductions.lt FEATURES: ‘The Midwife’ 2015, d. Antti Jokinen ‘Deadly Code‘ 2013, d. Gabriele Salvatores SHORT: ‘I, Veteran’ 2011, d. Darius Jarašūnas TV: ‘Anna Karenina’ 2013, d. Christian Duguay ‘I cerchi sull’acqua’ 2011, d. Umberto Marino

PILOU FILMS Architektų St. 42-10, LT-04122 Vilnius Justinas Piliponis M: +370 618 18 406 E: hello@piloufilms.net FEATURES: ‘Underground’ 2014, d. Tomas Donela DOCUMENTARY SHORTS: ‘Maestro in Black and White’ (in production), d. Tomas Donela ‘Get Trauma’ 2010, d. Saulius Lukoševičius SHORTS: ‘Broken‘ 2015, D. Kristina Šarkytė ‘Introducing Sergio’ 2013, d. Titas Sūdžius ‘The Man Who Sold the World’ (in pre-production) d. Titas Sūdžius ‘The Swimmer’ 2013, d. Gabrielė Urbonaitė ‘The Bathroom’ 2013, d. Tadas Vidmantas ‘Revolution Theory’ 2013, d. Titas Sūdžius ‘Einu gert‘ 2012, d. Martynas Grašys ‘1455,1456’ 2012, d. Domantė Urmonaitė ‘I Am Goda’ 2012, d. Armas Rudaitis ‘Game Over’ 2012, d. Ričardas Marcinkus ‘His Silicon Soul’ 2011, d. Džiugas Šėma ‘Book Smuggler’ 2011, d. Jonas Trukanas

SHORT ANIMATION: ‘Non-Euclidean geometry’ 2013, d. Skirmanta Jakaitė, Solveiga Masteikaitė


POLYFIELD MEDIA Žirmūnų St. 54-70, LT-09226 Vilnius Darius Jaruševičius T: +370 608 09 839 E: daria.jarusevicius@gmail.com ANIMATED DOCUMENTARY: ‘Human Energy‘ 2014, d. Ina Šilina, Darius Jaruševičius SHORT ANIMATIONS: ‘Animated documentary tales: New DVD Option Respects Nationalism’ 2013, d. Ina Šilina, Darius Jaruševičius ‘Stop. The kiss’ 2009, d. Darius Jaruševičius, Ina Šilina ‘The tulle curtain’ 2009, d. Ina Šilina, Darius Jaruševicius

PORTA ARTIS Aguonų 7-16, LT – 03213 Vilnius Ramunė Sakalauskaitė M: + 370 6 15 15 375 E: porta.artis@gmail.com SHORT DOCUMENTARY: ‘On the way to the Quay‘ 2015, d. Ramunė Sakalauskaitė

PRIME FIELD Ateities 9a-2, LT-08304 Vilnius Girmantas Neniškis M: +370 670 70 914 E: girmantas@primefield.net SHORTS: ‘Introducing Sergio’ 2013, d. Titas Sūdžius ‘Juniper Crescent’ 2013, d. Tadas Vidmantas

RAMŪNO ATELJĖ Barboros Radvilaitės St. 8, LT-01124 Vilnius Ramūnas Abukevičius M: +370 699 65 912 E: ramuno.atelje@gmail.com www.ramuno-atelje.lt FEATURE: ‘To Bee Loved’ 2009, d. Inesa Kurklietytė 60

DOCUMENTARIES: ‘Donaleitis’ 2014, d. Inesa Kurklietytė, Ramūnas Abukevičius ‘What Are The Wolves Howling About?‘ 2011, d. Inesa Kurklietytė SHORT DOCUMENTARIES: ‘Cuckoos’ children‘ 2013, d. Inesa Kurklietytė ‘To Bee Loved‘ 2009, d. Inesa Kurklietytė

REGULUS FILMS Gedvydžių St. 31-60, LT-06310 Vilnius Artūras Dvinelis M: +370 654 07 477 E: arturas@regulusfilms.com www.regulusfilms.com FEATURES: ‘We will sing‘ (in production), d. Robert Mullan ‘Gitel’ 2013, d. Robert Mullan

REVOLIUCIJOS IDĖJA Smolensko St. 10d-37, LT-03234 Vilnius Kristina Ramanauskaitė M: +370 629 19 897 E: kristina@ridea.lt FEATURES: ‘Silence’ 2016, d. Joakim Reveman ‘Woods’ 2015, d. Ignas Meilūnas ‘After rave’ 2014, d. Kamilė Milašiūtė

RGB PRODUCTION HOUSE Vingrių St. 6, LT-01141 Vilnius T: +370 5 261 2347 E: info@rgb.lt www.rgb.lt

STUDIJA 2 S. Konarskio St. 49-502A, LT-03123 Vilnius Arūnas Stoškus M: +370 698 08 876 P: +370 5 205 6055 E: studija2000@gmail.com FEATURES: ‘Garden of Eden’ 2015, d. Algimantas Puipa ‘Vortex’ 2009, d. Gytis Lukšas

DOCUMENTARIES: ‘The hum of solitude’ 2014, d. Agnė Marcinkevičiūtė ‘The mistery of Lituanica’ 2014, d. Remigijus Sabulis ‘Maat’ 2013, d. Romas Lileikis ‘Variations on a Subject of Masks’ 2012, d. Goda Rupeikaitė ‘The Way of the Architect Investigator’ 2011, d. Vytautas Urbanavičius ‘Canvas, not white or Zone’ 2011, d. Jurga Naraškevičiūtė ‘Confession’ 2010, d. Algimantas Maceina ‘I walked through Fire, You Were with Me’ 2010, d. Audrius Stonys

STUDIJA JU Naugarduko St. 91-311, LT-03160 Vilnius Natalija Juchnevič M: +370 682 23 949 E: info@studijaju.com www.studijaju.com DOCUMENTARIES: ‘Katia’ (pre-production), d. Natalija Ju ‘Russian French Family of Ivanovs’ (in production), d. Natalija Ju ‘A Fall as a Part of the Flight’ 2013, d. Natalija Ju

STUDIO MITKUS Šeimyniškių St. 42-56, LT-09213 Vilnius Vaida Nedzinskaitė-Mitkė M: +370 650 63 568 E: info@studiomitkus.lt www.studiomitkus.lt SHORT ANIMATION: ‘Cities of Steam and Stone’ 2014, d. Tomas Mitkus

STUDIO NOMINUM A. Goštauto St. 2/15, LT-01104 Vilnius Arūnas Matelis M: +370 612 41 012 E: grupe1@nominum.lt, nominum@nominum.lt www.nominum.lt www.arunasmatelis.com DOCUMENTARIES: ‘Gladiators. A Different World‘ (in production), d. Arūnas Matelis

‘The Cities of Three Hats’ (post-production), d. Ramunė Rakauskaitė ‘Radviliada’ 2015, d. Ramunė Rakauskaitė ‘Among the Grasses’ 2012, d. Ramunė Rakauskaitė ‘Sounds of the Black Grouse’ 2012, d. Eugenijus Drobelis ‘Zone’ 2012, d. Dali Rust ‘UB LAMA’ 2011, d. Eglė Vertelytė ‘The Emerald World’ 2011, d. Tadas Zuzevičius ‘Beguiled by Rusnė’ 2011, d. Eglė Žemaitienė, Vitalija Lapina ‘Man-Horse’ 2008, d. Audrius Mickevičius

STUDIO ULJANA KIM Antakalnio St. 94-25, LT 10202 Vilnius Uljana Kim M: +370 699 26 552 E: kim@lfc.lt FEATURES: ‘Seneca‘s day‘ 2016, d. Kristijonas Vildžiūnas ‘The Gambler‘ 2013, d. Ignas Jonynas ‘Fortress of Sleeping Butterflies‘ 2012, d. Algimantas Puipa ‘Back to Your Arms‘ 2010, d. Kristijonas Vildžiūnas DOCUMENTARIES: ’Cenotaph’ 2013, d. Audrius Stonys ‘Train Stops for Five Minutes’ 2009, d. Janina Lapinskaitė SHORT DOCUMENTARY: ‘Liza, Go Home‘ 2012, d. Oksana Buraja

TAURAS FILMS Būdos St. 5, Smiltinų km., Domeikavos seniūnija, LT-54440 Kauno raj. Žilvinas Naujokas M: +370 687 45 758 E: info@taurasfilms.com www.taurasfilms.com FEATURES: ‘Holly Cow“ 2014, d. Donatas Ulvydas ‘When you wake up‘ 2014, d. Ričardas Marcinkus ‘Lonely Valentine II‘ 2014, d. Evaldas Kubilius ‘How to steal a wife‘ 2013, d. Donatas Ulvydas ‘Lonely Valentine‘ 2013, d. Simonas Aškelavičius, Ričardas Marcinkus, Donatas Ulvydas, Edita Kabaraitė ‘Fireheart. The legend of Tadas Blinda‘ 2011, d. Donatas Ulvydas FEATURE ANIMATION: ‘Adventures of Gustav‘ 2014, d. Vaidas Lekavičius, Augustinius Gricius 61



Pamėnkalnio 23-7, LT-01113 Vilnius Ieva Norvilienė M: +370 686 97 584 E: ieva@tremora.com www.tremora.com

S. Konarskio St. 49-307, LT-03123 Vilnius Algirdas Žvinakevičius M: +370 698 72 303 E: algirdas@tveuropa.lt www.tveuropa.lt

FEATURES: ‘Charmsas‘ 2016, d. Ivan Bolotnikov (co-production) ‘Vanishing Waves‘ 2012, d. Kristina Buožytė ‘Anarchy in Žirmūnai‘ 2010, d. Saulius Drunga ‘Low lights‘ 2009, d. Ignas Miškinis DOCUMENTARIES: ‘Liebe Tante, Guten Tag!‘ (in post-production), d. Jūratė & Vilma Samulionytės ’Sigutė‘ 2015, d. Linas Ryškus SHORT: ‘I, veteran‘ 2011, d. Darius Jarašūnas

DOCUMENTARIES: ‘Cormorants’ 2015, d. Vytas Jankevičius ‘Sneak of the Baltics‘ 2015, d. Vytas Jankevičius ‘Vytautas Paukštė. The secret of life’ 2013, d. Valdas Babaliauskas ‘Children of ice‘ 2011, d. Justinas Lingy

TRIMAZGIS Drujos St. 2, LT-11342 Vilnius Mindaugas Galkus M: +370 604 67 404 E: mindaugas@triplenode.com www.triplenode.com FEATURES: ‘Unexpierenced’ 2015, d. Julius Paulikas ‘Traukinio apiplėšimas, kurį įvykdė Saulius ir Paulius’ 2015, d. Ričardas Marcinkus ‘Lonely Valentine II’ 2014, d. Evaldas Kubilius ‘Lonely Valentine’ 2013, d. Simonas Aškelavičius, Edita Kabaraitė, Ričardas Marcinkus ‘How to steal a wife’ 2013, d. Donatas Ulvydas ‘Moterys meluoja geriau. Kristina’ 2013, d. Alvydas Šlepikas ‘Tricolor’ 2013, d. Vytautas V. Landsbergis SHORTS: ‘Book smugglers’ 2011, d. Jonas Trukanas ‘Barzakh’ 2011, d. Mantas Kvedaravičius ‘The Collectress‘ 2008, d. Kristina Buožytė. DOCUMENTARY: ‘Lida Vanda Lusia’ 2014, d. Julija Zubavičienė SHORT DOCUMENTARIES: ‘The Secret of Lituanica’ 2013, d. Remigijus Sabulis ‘Easily and Sweetly‘ 2003, d. Ignas Miškinis ANIMATION: ‘Around the World on a Flying Windmill’ 2014, d. Augustinas Gricius, Vaidas Lekavičius 62

VILANIMOS FILMŲ STUDIJA Antakalnio St. 116-33, LT-10200 Vilnius Valentas Aškinis M: +370 610 47 151 E: tindirindis_festival@yahoo.com SHORT DOCUMENTARY: ‘Animation magic‘ 2012, d. Valentas Aškinis ANIMATION FEATURE: ‘The golden horse‘ 2014, d. Valentas Aškinis, Reinis Kalnaellis SHORT ANIMATIONS: ‘Luck – bad luck‘ 2014, d. Ilja Bereznickas ‘Independence Day‘ 2012, d. Urtė Budinaitė ‘The Button‘ 2012, d. Ieva Miškinytė ‘Grandmother‘s tale‘ 2012, d. Valentas Aškinis, Jūratė Leikaitė

POST-PRODUCTION COMPANIES POST-PRODUCTION & EDITING STUDIOS ANIMATRIX Laisvės Av. 71B-61, LT-07189 Vilnius Dovydas Vilkelis M: +370 671 17 365 E: info@animatrix.lt www.animatrix.lt All the video post-production services under one roof: video editing, 2D/3D animation, video compositing (chroma keying, wire and dolly tracks removal, 3D elements and real environment integration), color correction.

CG BARAKUDA PRODUCTION Gedimino Av. 54B, LT-01110 Vilnius Audrius Steikūnas M: +370 656 68 872 P/F: +370 5 262 0525 E: audrius@cgb.lt, info@cgb.lt www.cgb.lt High quality visual effects for feature films and advertising production.

FREAKY PRODUCTION HOUSE Olimpiečių St. 1-43, LT-09200 Vilnius Virginijus Juozapavičius M: +370 656 54 917 E: virgis@freaky.lt www.freaky.lt

MADSTONE A. Goštauto St. 8, LT-01108 Vilnius Linas Dabriška M: +370 601 02 019 E: linas@madstone.lt www.madstone.lt We can lead your project from post production supervision on set to DCP mastering for D-cinema including colour grading, 3D animation, matte painting and other services.

STUDIO MITKUS Šeimyniškių St. 42-56, LT-09213 Vilnius Tomas Mitkus M: +370 652 99 880 E: info@studiomitkus.lt www.studiomitkus.lt Traditional (2D) animation and concept art.

WRKS Smolensko St. 10D, LT-03234 Vilnius M: +370 674 36 181 E: info@wrks.eu www.wrks.eu We are 2D/3D graphic, animation, composition, stop motion and motion graphic professionals. Video is not the only field we work in: we also do prints and designs. We do postproduction for films and color correction.

Television, film and advertising production, editing, 2D and 3D simulation, visual effects, animation, compositing.


SOUND STUDIOS & SUBTITLING AP SOUND DESIGN Mokslininkų St. 5-4, LT-08412 Vilnius Artūras Pugačiauskas M: +370 687 88 922 E: apsounddesign@gmail.com Film and TV audio post-production services. Premixing in 5.1 surround sound.

KINEMA POST PRO Grybautojų St. 30-2, LT-10103 Vilnius Jurga Dikčiuvienė M: +370 653 88 512 E: studija@kinema.lt www.kinema.lt Foley dubbing, voice over or narration, dubbing, sound editing, sound design, sound effects, 35 mm sound track transfer to digital format, digital off-line image editing, video screening.

PANOPTIKUMAS Architektų St. 28-26, LT-04120 Vilnius Artūras Jevdokimovas M: +370 676 24020 E: arturas@tinklai.net Editing, subtitling, bluray, DCP, adaptation, authoring.

The Gambler © Studio Uljana Kim 64

SFX LAB Gedimino Av. 26, LT-01104 Vilnius Vytis Puronas M: +370 678 78 099 E: vytis@sfxlab.com www.sfxlab.com Complete sound post production for motion pictures and games. Video encoding and digitization for VOD, IPTV, iOS, DCP. Audio restoration (Cedar DNS), sound editing, sound design, foley, ADR, dubbing, 5.1 mixing, Pro Tools HD.

UP RECORDS Laurų Sodų 1-oji St. 113, LT-10150 Vilnius Goda Rupeikaitė M: +370 607 37 665 E: goda@uprecords.lt www.uprecords.lt Complete sound production and post-production services, including location sound recording, editing, mastering, sound design, Dolby mix, Foley, dubbing and more.

RENTAL & SERVICES ACTORS & CASTING ACTORS AGENCY Šaltinių St. 26, LT-03233 Vilnius Evelina Antanaitienė P: +370 5 261 9890 M: +370 610 40 710 E: info@actorsagency.lt www.actorsagency.lt Casting agency for actors, supporting artists and extras in Lithuania and abroad.

EDITOS KASTINGAS P. Vileišio St. 18, LT-10306 Vilnius Edita Kabaraitė M: +370 686 14 358 E: info@editoskastingas.lt www.editoskastingas.lt Casting agency supplying actors, models, dancers and extras.

CAMERA & GRIP UAB CINESKOPE RENTAL Verkių St. 29, 6 building, LT-09108 Vilnius Tomas Katinas M:+370 646 63 017 E: tomas@cineskope.lt www.cineskope.lt Digital and Film Camera Rental. DIT services.

CINEVERA Kalvarijų St. 151, LT-08221 Vilnius Viktorija Juškaitė P: +370 5 203 4102 M: +370 612 16 523 E: cinevera@cinevera.lt www.cinevera.lt

PRORENT Laisvės Av. 71B-61, LT-07189 Vilnius Tomas Riuka M: +370 611 11 996 E: info@prorent.lt www.prorent.lt Rental of digial cameras and equipment.

STRICTLY BALTIC Drujos St. 2, LT-11342 Vilnius Martynas Mickėnas M: +370 678 57 697 E: martynas@strictlyproduction.com www.strictlyproduction.com Stage rental.

FILM PRODUCTION INSURANCE COLEMONT DRAUDIMO BROKERIS Paribio St. 8A, LT-08101 Vilnius Domas Bačius P: +370 5 210 9660 E: info@colemont.lt www.colemont.lt Film production insurance in Baltics.

FURNITURE & PROPS -RIR- PROPS AND FURNITURE RENTAL HOUSE Mickūnai, Vilniaus d. Rimantas Gailius M: +370 650 45 677 E: propslt@yahoo.co.uk Furniture and props rental.

Lighting, grip and generator rental. 65

STRICTLY BALTIC Drujos St. 2, LT-11342, Vilnius Martynas Mickėnas M: +370 678 57 697 E: martynas@strictlyproduction.com www.strictlyproduction.com Props rental.

HORSES & CARRIAGES BENDORIAI Žirgyno St. 3, Bendorių v., Vilniaus d. Almutis Raila M: +370 687 80 160 E: almisr@takas.lt Film trained horses, professional horse riders for stunts. Animal handlers. Carriages and equestrian equipment for rental.

PYROTECHNICS, SPECIAL EFFECTS & STUNTS FILM EFFECTS Žemynos St. 21-119, LT-06133 Vilnius Darius Cicėnas M: +370 677 43 352, +370 611 47 713 E: filmeffects.lt@gmail.com www.filmeffects.lt Atmospheric, pyrotechnic, fire and mechanical effects.

LITHUANIAN STUNT TEAM Tomas Ereminas M: +370 687 02 547 E: tomoshius@yahoo.com www.stuntsvilkas.lt Martial arts, acrobatics, high falls, body burns, horses, stunt rigs, handling of various weapons. Car stunts.


LIGHTING ARCLIGHT Zarasų St. 24/1, LT-11342 Vilnius M: +370 656 68 812, +370 656 68 803 E: info@arclight.lt www.arclight.lt Lighting, grip and generator rental.

CINEVERA Kalvarijų St. 151, LT-08221 Vilnius Viktorija Juškaitė P: +370 5 203 4102 M: +370 612 16 523 E: cinevera@cinevera.lt www.cinevera.lt Lighting, grip and generator rental.

SET CONSTRUCTION CINEEFFECTS STUDIO Labdarių St. 5, LT-01120, Vilnius Donatas Pirštelis M: +370 679 56 595 E: cinefx@artbox.lt Set construction, props manufacturing, special effects and wardrobe rental.

LITHUANIAN FILM STUDIO S. Konarskio St. 49, LT-03123 Vilnius Ramūnas Škikas P: +370 5 276 3444 M: +370 699 32 500 F: +370 5 276 4254 E: info@lfs.lt, ramunas@lfs.lt www.lfs.lt Set construction, props and costume rental.

SOUND RECORDING & EQUIPMENT AP SOUND DESIGN Mokslininkų St. 5-4, LT-08412 Vilnius Artūras Pugačiauskas M: +370 687 88 922 E: apsounddesign@gmail.com Film and TV audio post-production services. Premixing in 5.1 surround sound.

KINEMA POST PRO Grybautojų St. 30-2, LT-10103 Vilnius Jurga Dikčiuvienė M: +370 653 88 512 E: studija@kinema.lt www.kinema.lt Foley dubbing, voice over or narration, dubbing, sound editing, sound design, sound effects, 35 mm sound track transfer to digital format, digital offline image editing, video screening.

PANOPTIKUMAS Architektų St. 28-26, LT-04120 Vilnius Artūras Jevdokimovas M: +370 676 24020 E: arturas@tinklai.net

SFX LAB Gedimino Ave. 26, LT-01104 Vilnius Vytis Puronas M: +370 678 78 099 E: vytis@sfxlab.com www.sfxlab.com Complete sound post production for motion pictures and games. Video encoding and digitization for VOD, IPTV, iOS, DCP. Audio restoration (Cedar DNS), sound editing, sound design, foley, ADR, dubbing, 5.1 mixing, Pro Tools HD.

UP RECORDS Laurų Sodų 1-oji St. 113, LT-10150 Vilnius Goda Rupeikaitė M: +370 607 37 665 E: goda@uprecords.lt www.uprecords.lt Complete sound production and post-production services, including location sound recording, editing, mastering, sound design, Dolby mix, Foley, dubbing and more.

Editing, subtitling, bluray, DCP, adaptation, authoring.

The Eichmann Show @ Baltic Film Services

BROADCASTERS LIETUVOS NACIONALINIS RADIJAS IR TELEVIZIJA (LITHUANIAN NATIONAL RADIO AND TELEVISION) Channels: LRT televizija, LRT Kultūra, LRT Lituanica, LRT HD S. Konarskio St. 49, LT-03123 Vilnius P: +370 5 236 3209 E: lrt@lrt.lt www.lrt.lt

TELE–3 Channels: TV3, TV6, TV8 Kalvarijų St. 135, LT-08221 Vilnius P: +370 5 203 0102 E: info@tv3.lt www.tv3.lt

LAISVAS IR NEPRIKLAUSOMAS KANALAS (FREE AND INDEPENDENT CHANNEL) Channels: LNK, BTV, TV1, Liuks!, Info TV Šeškinės St. 20, LT-07156 Vilnius P: +370 5 243 1058 E: info@lnk.lt www.lnk.lt

The Assets @ Baltic Film Services

BALTICUM TV Channels: Balticum TV, Balticum Auksinis Taikos Av. 101, LT-94198 Klaipėda P: +370 46 390 700 E: info@balticum-tv.lt www.balticumtelevizija.lt

LIETUVOS RYTO TELEVIZIJA (LIETUVOS RYTAS TV) Channels: Lietuvos Ryto TV Gedimino Av. 12A, LT-01103 Vilnius P: +370 5 274 3718 E: tv@lrytas.lt tv.lrytas.lt


FRENCH FILM FESTIVAL ‘ECRANS D‘HIVERS’ January – February Austė Zdančiūtė Didžioji St. 1, LT-01128 Vilnius P: +370 5 219 9696 E: ziemosekranai@prancuzuinstitutas.lt www.ziemosekranai.lt


INTERNATIONAL FILM FESTIVAL ‘BALTIJOS BANGA‘ August Deimantė Vilčinskaitė Vasario 16-osios St. 8, LT-01106 Vilnius P: +370 5 212 0759, +370 643 94 714 E: info@baltijosbanga.lt www.baltijosbanga.lt


INTERNATIONAL WOMEN FILM FESTIVAL ‘SERSELIAFAM’ December Greta Akcijonaitė Šv.Ignoto 4/3, LT 01144 Vilnius P: +370 5 2611516 E: serseliafam@kinopasaka.lt www.serseliafam.wordpress.com/festivali

VILNIUS INTERNATIONAL DOCUMENTARY FILM FESTIVAL September Vilma Levickaitė A. Goštauto St. 2/15, LT-01104 Vilnius P: +370 5 261 0505 E: info@skalvija.lt www.vdff.lt


KAUNAS INTERNATIONAL FILM FESTIVAL VILNIUS INTERNATIONAL FILM FESTIVAL ‘KINO PAVASARIS‘ March – April Algirdas Ramaška Gedimino Ave. 50, LT-01110 Vilnius P: +370 5 249 7221 E: info@kinopavasaris.lt www.kinopavasaris.lt

September – October Ilona Jurkonytė Vytauto Av. 71, LT-44321 Kaunas M: +370 655 06 559 E: ilona@kinofestivalis.lt www.kinofestivalis.lt


EUROPEAN FILM FORUM ‘SCANORAMA‘ INTERNATIONAL SHORT FILM FESTIVAL ‘VILNIUS FILM SHORTS‘ October Rimantė Daugėlaitė Šiltadaržio St. 6, LT-01104 Vilnius M: +370 673 16 548 E: info@filmshorts.lt www.filmshorts.lt

November Gražina Arlickaitė A. Goštauto St. 4, LT-01106 Vilnius P: +370 5 276 0367 E: info@kino.lt www.scanorama.lt


INTERNATIONAL FILM FESTIVAL FOR CHILDREN AND YOUNG PEOPLE October Lina Užkuraitytė M: +370 677 52 036 E: lina.uzkuraityte@gmail.com www.kidsfestival.lt

HUMAN RIGHTS DOCUMENTARY FILM FESTIVAL ‘AD HOC: INCONVENEINT FILMS‘ October Gediminas Andriukaitis Raugyklos St. 15, LT-01140 Vilnius P: +370 5 262 8858 E: festival@lchr.lt www.inconvenientfilms.lt


November Valentas Aškinis Nugalėtojų St. 11, LT-10105 Vilnius M: +370 610 47 151 E: tindirindis_festival@yahoo.com www.tindirindis.lt





Raudondvario Rd. 127, LT-47188 Kaunas P: +370 37 333 433 E: film@acmefilm.lt

Šv. Stepono St. 7, LT-01139 Vilnius M: +370 640 36 999 E: films@incognito.lt

Mokslininkų St. 6A, LT-08412 Vilnius M: +370 620 55 979 E: info@prior.lt




Konstitucijos Av. 9-63, LT-09308 Vilnius M: +370 673 40 590 E: giedrekik@gmail.com

A. Goštauto St. 4, LT-01106 Vilnius P: +370 5 276 0367 E: info@kino.lt

Antanavos St. 2, LT-46280 Kaunas M: +370 613 18 771 E: info@kinofestivalis.lt



Gedimino Av. 50, LT-01110 Vilnius P: +370 5 249 7221 E: info@kinopavasaris.lt

Šv. Ignoto St. 4/3, LT-01120 Vilnius P: +370 5 261 1516 E: pasaka@kinopasaka.lt




Savanorių Av. 7, LT-03116 Vilnius P: +370 5 264 4764 E: info@forumcinemas.lt

A. Smetonos St. 7a-24, LT-01115 Vilnius M: +370 673 16548 E: info@filmshorts.lt



Respublikos St. 40, LT-35173 Panevėžys P: +370 45 467 806 E: kcgarsas@takas.lt

Vingrių St. 6, LT-01141 Vilnius M: +370 601 94 931 E: info@meedfilms.com



Žemaitės St. 21, LT-03118 Vilnius P: +370 5 261 3847 E: info@gpi.lt

A. Goštauto St. 2/15, LT-01104 Vilnius P: +370 5 261 0505 E: vilma@skalvija.lt

A. Vivulskio St. 7-224, LT-03221 Vilnius P: +370 5 260 3863 E: info@filmdistribution.lt

TOP FILM BALTIC Maskavas St. 250, LV-1063 Riga P: +371 26003760 E: natalja@topfilm.lv





Vokiečių St. 2, LT-01130 Vilnius P: +370 5 260 9531 E: ilona@cac.lt www.facebook.com/CACCinema

Šv. Ignoto St. 4/3, LT-01144 Vilnius P: +370 5 261 1516 E: info@kinopasaka.lt www.kinopasaka.lt



Rotušės a. 11, LT-62141 Alytus P: +370 315 76 229 E: info@kinasdainava.lt www.kinasdainava.lt

Tilžės St. 225, LT-76142 Šiauliai P: +370 41 422 923 E: info@atlantiscinemas.lt www.atlantiscinemas.lt



Savanorių Av. 7, LT-03116 Vilnius P: +370 5 264 4764 E: info@forumcinemas.lt www.forumcinemas.lt

Laisvės Av. 54, LT-44246 Kaunas M: +370 670 26 840 E: info@ktromuva.lt www.ktromuva.lt



Respublikos St. 40, LT-35173 Panevėžys P: +370 45 467 806 E: kcgarsas@takas.lt www.garsas.lt

A. Goštauto St. 2/15, LT-01104 Vilnius P: +370 5 261 0505 E: info@skalvija.lt www.skalvija.lt



Ozo St. 18, LT-08243 Vilnius P: +370 5 219 5376 E: vilniusozas@multikino.lt www.multikino.lt


Kauno St. 13, LT-68178 Marijampolė P: +370 343 54 787 E: spinduliokt@takas.lt www.kinoteatras.webs.com




Z. Sierakausko St. 15, II floor LT-03105 Vilnius P: +370 5 213 0643 E: media@kurybiskaeuropa.eu www.kurybiskaeuropa.eu

Vilniaus St. 41, LT-01119 Vilnius P: +370 5 262 2406 E: ltmkm@takas.lt www.ltmkm.lt



Laisvės Av. 54, LT-44246 Kaunas M: +370 698 37 732 E: info@kaunasfilmoffice.com www.kaunasfilmoffice.com

LITHUANIAN ACADEMY OF MUSIC AND THEATER Faculty of Theatre and Film T. Kosciuškos St. 10, LT-01100 Vilnius P: +370 5 261 2028 E: kristina.kazilioniene@lmta.lt www.lmta.lt

LITHUANIAN FILM CENTRE Z. Sierakausko St. 15, LT-03105 Vilnius P: +370 5 213 0547 E: info@lkc.lt www.lkc.lt/en

Algirdo St. 31, LT-03219 Vilnius P: +370 5 265 1137 E: lcva@archyvai.lt www.archyvai.lt

VILNIUS ACADEMY OF ARTS Department of Photography and Media Art Maironio St. 3, LT-01124 Vilnius P: +370 5 210 5442 E: alvydas.lukys@vda.lt www.vda.lt

VILNIUS FILM OFFICE Konstitucijos Av. 3-313, LT-09601 Vilnius M: +370 614 04 696 E: film@vilnius.lt www.filmvilnius.com

MINISTRY OF CULTURE OF THE REPUBLIC OF LITHUANIA J. Basanavičiaus St. 5, LT-01118 Vilnius P: +370 5 219 3443 E: jolita.beciene@lrkm.lt www.lrkm.lt





Gynėjų St. 4-327, LT-01109 Vilnius M: +370 699 26 552 E: info@autoriniokinoaljansas.lt www.autoriniokinoaljansas.lt

Vasario 16-osios St. 8, LT-01107 Vilnius P: +370 5 212 0759 E: lks@kinosajunga.lt www.kinosajunga.lt

ASSOCIATION OF CINEMA EXHIBITORS Savanorių Av. 7, LT-03116 Vilnius P: +370 5 264 4761 E: kinorodytojai@gmail.com Theatrical film exhibition.

CINEMA INDUSTRY ASSOCIATION Raudondvario Rd. 127, LT-47172 Kaunas M: +370 687 45 758 E: pirmininkas@lkia.lt Film distribution.

INDEPENDENT PRODUCERS ASSOCIATION OF LITHUANIA Architektų St. 25-21, LT-04105 Vilnius M: +370 687 13 078 E: info@filmproducers.lt www.filmproducers.lt The Independent Producers Association of Lithuania represents, protects and promotes the interests of the Lithuanian cinema and TV film producers, cooperates with other industry bodies and takes an active role in the formation of the national cinema policy and legislation.


Lithuanian Filmmakers Union is an Association of creative people. It seeks integration of film policy into the context of Lithuanian cultural policy; aims at making problems of filmmakers’ society public and initiates changes in law related to film sector. The Union organises film premieres and reviews, initiates and supports publications on film art, executes and implements educational cinema programs.

VILNIUS FILM CLUSTER T. Ševčenkos st. 16A, LT-03111 Vilnius M: +370 685 29 600 E: info@kinoklasteris.lt www.filmcluster.eu By combining its resources and know-how Vilnius Film Cluster can serve small to medium size productions offering a broad range of film and TV production and rental services at truly competitive prices in Northern and Eastern Europe. In 2014 Vilnius Film Cluster launched a new 1059 m2 sound stage and production centre with largest chroma key green screen in the Baltics.

SPECIAL THANKS FOR THE PICTURES Baltic Film services Dansu Kaunas City Municipality Kaunas Film Office Kaunas tourism information centre State Department of Tourism Studio Uljana Kim Tauras Films Unseen Pictures Vilnius City Municipality Vilnius Film Cluster Vilnius Film Office

Audrius Juzėnas Darran Tiernan Gediminas Banaitis Jūratė Pazikaitė Marius Jovaiša Raimondas Urbakavičius Renatas Kripas Rūta Juzėnienė Saulius Žiūra

LITHUANIAN FILM CENTRE VILNIUS, 2016 (3rd edition) ISSN 2335-7142 www.lkc.lt/en EDITORIAL TEAM Lineta Mišeikytė Rasa Miškinytė Rasa Razgaitis Dainora Remezė GRAPHIC DESIGNER Justė Brukštutė PRINTING HOUSE


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