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Dawn Claypole Rhona Drever Margaret Duff Hannah Fogg Charlotte Kim James Kingett Jenna Lee Michael Leyland Marykate McGrath Jan Papworth Allison Potter Phil Sheppard Tahera Sultana Emile Tambeh Felicia Tennant

And finally, thank you to all of the children who took part, it is their stories that make this anthology so special.

A word from children’s author, Cat Weldon

A word from Hub Manager, Phil Sheppard

I am delighted to have had the pleasure of reading entries from Doncaster.

I am delighted to have had the pleasure of reading entries from Doncaster

I was truly blown away by the quality and imagination of the work

for the ‘Changing World’ competition. Alongside representatives from the

presented. The research and creativity shown is a credit to everyone who

Doncaster Book Award and the Rotary Club of Doncaster St Leger, we all

submitted an entry.

agree that the entries included in this anthology have really made the

In this anthology we have gathered together the best young voices from across Doncaster to explore the theme of A Changing World. I was

local voices from Doncaster shine and are a testament to the creativity of children and young people here.

delighted to see the range of work presented from poetry to non-fiction

Traditionally, anthologies don’t focus on a particular area, nor do they

and short stories. I was particularly impressed with how the entries dealt

often include the voices of children or young people. Yet these are the

with the changes these young people have themselves experienced and

very groups of people with the most creative ideas and the most relevant

they way they expressed ideas and hopes for further changes in the future.


Through reading we are invited to explore far-off lands, meet unusual

Reading builds the imagination and feeds our writing. ‘A Changing World’

people and experience lives far different to our own. Reading gives us a

was chosen as the theme as it can encompass many things – the huge

unique opportunity to step into someone else’s head to experience the

changes our world has seen in recent times, our hopes for how the

world from their point of view and I have been so excited to be able to

world will change, and how we can imagine the world changing in many

see the world anew through the creation of this anthology.

wondrous and fantastical ways. The world of the imagination is endless.

I hope you enjoy reading the entries in this anthology and that they inspire you to keep reading and writing.

It is a place where all things are possible - and writing can take us anywhere. As you read this work from Doncaster’s young people, I hope that you can see as clearly as we did the power of these local voices. Ideas have blossomed and words have been crafted to create new worlds, bringing fresh and powerful ideas into being.


I wish you as much joy reading this anthology as I had in helping to collate it, and above all I hope it convinces you of how important it is to read the stories of others, and to tell your own story.

Winning Entry Debbie B, 10...................................... 17


Second Place Entry

Phil Sheppard

Jack S, 10........................................... 21

Doncaster Stories

All Entries Ruby L, 7................................................... 22

Alfie C, 10................................................. 44

Olly K, 8.................................................... 24

Lily C, 11................................................... 46

Jemimah A, 9........................................... 25

Dylan G, 11.............................................. 47

Keira R, 10............................................... 26

Grace C, 10............................................... 48

Ben R, 10.................................................. 28

Tate H, 10................................................. 49

Jack T, 10................................................... 30

Lorna C, 9................................................. 50

Madison S, 10......................................... 31

Lillien V, 10.............................................. 51

Marvellous A, 10.................................... 32

Alicia M, 10.............................................. 53

Emily A, 11............................................... 33

Ava B, 10.................................................. 54

Caitlin B, 9............................................... 36

Emily L, 9.................................................. 55

Harry H, 8................................................. 37

Max C, 8.................................................... 55

Kade Q, 8.................................................. 38

Summah A, 10........................................ 56

Lexie R, 8.................................................. 38

Nishal R, 10............................................. 57

Lilly-Mai, 9............................................... 39

Sammar A, 10......................................... 58

Lucy B, 9................................................... 39

Amelia W, 9.............................................. 60

Noah M, 9................................................. 40

Charlie, 10............................................... 60

Ethan D, 9................................................ 41

Deacon W, 9............................................. 61

Aaron D, 9................................................ 42

George C, 10............................................ 62

Heidi, 10................................................... 63 Holly G, 8.................................................. 64 Jack, 10...................................................... 65 Kian, 9....................................................... 66 Libby, 10................................................... 66 Leah, 10.................................................... 67 Lilly P, 9.................................................... 68 Maisie D, 9............................................... 68 Lacey N, 9................................................. 69 Mia M, 9.................................................... 70 Mia-Kay, 11.............................................. 70 Millie D, 9................................................. 73 Olaf P, 9..................................................... 74 Oliver, 9.................................................... 74 Poppy P, 9................................................. 75 Riley R, 9.................................................. 76 Sophie J, 9................................................ 76 Jayden, Year 4......................................... 77 Kaitlin, Year 6 ........................................ 77 Macie, Year 6........................................... 78 McAllister, Year 3................................... 80 Pavishna K, 7........................................... 81 Mia R, 6..................................................... 82 James T, 7................................................. 84

Winning Entry

Debbie B, 10

An Evolving Earth. Change... No one enjoys change, but we all have to go through it. Many things change and develop on this planet of ours. Some of these changes are big and quite noticeable, while some are small, minor changes. Either way, everything changes someday. Even nature! When humans arrived, the earth was changed forever. Humans were great beasts -who conquered: mountains, seas, skies, and even other planets. With no: claws, wings, fins or fur. Humans have achieved so much in their long reign, yet there always comes a time to die out and perish... One unfortunate year, a deadly, human-specific virus defeated all humans making them extinct, before dying itself from the lack of humans to leech off of. 25,000 years later, the once heavily human populated cities and towns had been completely invaded by wildlife... Plants clung onto the eroding city sky scrapers, vermin scuttled around inside village houses, birds nested anywhere they pleased, beasts roamed the car-free roads and subways were flooded! If you saw this new world, I doubt you would ever believe me if I told you that this was a city (you'd think it was a jungle)!


Connecting Stories Anthology from Doncaster

After a while, things were a lot calmer-yet it was quite dull and nothing was

Before long, these tribes were turning on each other, spreading rumours

changing. There were a few things that were going wrong now there were

(most of which were lies!) and power was going to the heads of these tribe

no humans around... Lacking human oversight, glitches in oil refineries and

leaders. Finally, the day had come where they could no longer tolerate this.

nuclear plants went unchecked, resulting in massive fires, nuclear explosions

On one unfortunate day, they declared war... It was so devastating, so many

and devastating nuclear fallout. This took quite a toll on many creatures so

died and by ‘so many’ I mean everyone. Everyone one except me... We as

many stayed far away from these monster creations. The only creatures to

a species had too much power; we are the reason that our species will be

adventure here would be insects like cockroaches and scorpions. Similarly, in

extinct. The cycle will start again...

the wake of the human's demise, they left behind mountains of waste —much of it plastic, which persisted for thousands of years. For years it was quite bland, same old birds, same old canines, same old felines, amphibians and reptiles. Any evolutionary changes were small and insignificant...Everything was far too tranquil and quiet, so evolution was out to change that... It might have involved the mass of nuclear explosions at the time, but evolution decided to take control... At first, there were quadruped animals that talked and acted like humans. Soon, they evolved into bipeds, with human sized bodies and used their front paws like hands! They easily rebuilt civilization from scratch (faster than we ever could). Soon enough, they created: farms, schools, jobs, hospitals, shops, jobs and currency! They even taught their offspring about humans. They had a better sense of smell, better hearing, better balancing skills and were way smarter than humans –making contraptions we humans could only dream of! After a while, they were turning out to become more diverse! Some evolved to have different colours and patterns (each individual more diverse and outstanding than the last)! Different tribes were being made; one tribe embraced technology and wore it, another wore skulls like helmets, while others just really liked cheese. Like humans, nothing lasts forever...



Second Place Entry

Connecting Stories Anthology from Doncaster

Jack S, 10 I am crow. I have been Around since The dawn of time. It started as lush Green land, filled with Giant beasts. I have Witnessed many climate Changes throughout the centuries and I have adapted to All of them – including ice ages. Over The millennia the landscape has changed Dramatically. Most of the green has been Replaced with cold hard grey. I have watched Evolution and many of the animals have gotten Smaller, but there are now large, loud metal Birds flying in the sky and big metal rodents all Over the cold hard grey floor. Who can say what changes Are still to come, but know this, I will adapt for. I am crow!



Connecting Stories Anthology from Doncaster

All Entries

Ruby L, 7 A Changing World Once upon a time there was a town called Toadstool Town. The lakes had refreshing water with two doughnut rubber rings so the frogs and flamingos could swim. The flamingo houses had pink blossoms for roof tiles, the windows were made of sugar and icing, the doors were made of cherry juice and the bricks were cake.

“What’s the plan?” asked Bob. “The plan is,” said Doughnut Blossom, “we all split up in our world and see if we can find anything. The frogs might find shrimp and we might find flies.” “Or we might find both,” said Kevin. Next, they set off hunting. All the flamingos found was ten flies and one

There lived a frog called Fred and his friend called Bob and a final frog called

shrimp. All the frogs found was nine shrimps and one fly. They all got back

Kevin. There was a flamingo called Cherry Doughnut. The second flamingo

in a group and they all said, “we didn’t find enough food. Wait, you too.

was called Doughnut Blossom and the last one was Chocolate Chip. The

We’re all talking at the same time. Let’s stop talking now.”

flamingos and frogs were neighbours each with a house to themselves. The frog houses were green with blue dots everywhere with popcorn on the top. One day the flamingos discovered that they had three shrimps left and one

But Kevin the frog said, “well some is better than none. Like my mum says.” So the frogs and the flamingos learnt to be grateful and lived happily ever after.

tomato. The frogs figured out that they only had two wings from a fly and one lily pad. So they all gathered around and the flamingos said, “we will turn grey if we don’t catch some more shrimps. The frogs said, “we’re worse because we only have two wings and one lily pad.” “Oh my gosh!” exclaimed the flamingos. Luckily, the flamingos had an idea. “We have an idea,” said the flamingos.



Connecting Stories Anthology from Doncaster

Connecting Stories Anthology from Doncaster

Olly K, 8

Jemimah A, 9 A Changing World The world I live in is a changing world....I dare to say, it is a changing world! Look around you, what do you see? I see a world of possibility locked up in impossibility...I see a beautiful world! I’m a child born in Africa, migrated to the Great Britain, because the world is a beautiful place to travel through....I’ve seen the world far and near, and now I can conclude that indeed it’s a changing world. The world I was born into is a peaceful one, it is one full of calm and warmth, one full of joy and peace, security and abundance of nature. And yes! I have enjoyed this privilege for 9 years, but today I have come to realise that the world we now live in, is a world that has been reborn, full of

My Unicorn Poem My unicorn gets me a drink while I am getting up out of bed tiredly.

sickness and disease none can cure. When I look around all I see is a changing world, pollution of the ozone

My unicorn builds a snowman while I help slowly. My unicorn cleans my room while I watch TV happily. My unicorn flies to McDonalds to get my happy meal While I wait at home hungry.

layer, deforestation and many ills around us. Looking back in recent times to the world where I was born, where I hail from, all I see is disunity, people killing people and most common of this changing world is the springing up of diseases like giant plants in the garden of life. When will this end, when will the world become the world in my dreams,

My unicorn used magic to make me happy

when will my world become a reality? When will I see my fairy tale I ask...

While I rest thankful.

when will I see a changing world with hopes of possibility? Who can help?


25 25

Connecting Stories Anthology from Doncaster

Keira R, 10

When waters are too warm it causes coral bleaching, They sit where the heat is still reaching, They lose their algae causing them to turn white,

The Problem with the Oceans

They are normally colourful so it doesn’t look right,

Global warming is causing our sea levels to rise,

This makes them stress,

The ice caps are melting shrinking them in size,

Which as they die the reefs get less and less.

Pesticides used in farming end up in our seas, Affecting Marine life and plants bring them to their knees,

Our last problem is over fishing,

The oceans ecological balance has changed,

Trying to feed a growing population means species are now missing,

Atmospheric conditions mean the PH has been rearranged,

They have captured too many fish in their nets,

The more carbon-dioxide that it continues to take in,

Most of which people just don’t get,

The less alkaline it becomes the more acidic within.

They think there will always be a fish to eat, But eventually the demands they will not be able to meet.

Different types of pollution fill the oceans, From plastics to oil and sewage it creates a nasty potion,

As we fight for things to change,

Killing off Marine animals and damaging their way of life,

Some people think saving the ocean is strange,

Foreign materials wash up on beach it is rife!

It is fragile and needs us to change in our ways,

All these things cause problems in their own way,

It is time to act now saving the ocean will take longer than days,

People campaign to try and change this but I don’t know it they may.

I want marine life and plants to be here for future people to see It’s worth saving don’t you agree?

The warming oceans are melting the ice caps, Causing the sea level to rise and be too warm perhaps, This affects the motion of the ocean water, And pushes cold water to where it is hotter, Warmer waters delay ice growth, Solar Energy is being absorbed affecting atmosphere the sea both,



Connecting Stories Anthology from Doncaster

Ben R, 10

One winter’s day when the wind was causing the large ancient oak trees to lose their leaves, Joey wandered away from the other sheep. He was searching for rich, juicy grass in the meadow. Suddenly the sky turned dark. A big evil eagle (Erg!) came swooping toward Joey. Wings outspread, its black tattooed

Baby Joey In 2019 Ben decided to pack in horses and buy sheep. He went to see a nice man who had 2 lambs for sale, 1 had been bottle fed. They were called Lamby and Harry. They then lived happily at the paddocks with 3 horses

talons like claws, it moved in ready to pounce on Joey. He startled and ran as fast as he could back to the farm. Fortunately, the farmer came running and scared the eagle away. Joey was safe for another day.

and 4 Shetland sheep and next door has 3 goats and an ex race horse who

Late that night the farmer made a post on the World Wide Web including

is 30 years old.

photographs of the story of Joey’s rescue from the eagle. The next morning

2020 came along and Ben decided he needed to sell his pet sheep Harry to make way for his new exciting project breeding sheep. So Harry went up for sale and went to live with a lovely family and stayed a pet sheep. In October 2020 Lamby went to visit the ram called Diago hopefully Lamby is due to have lambs in 2021.What do you think she will have? March 2021 came along and one sunny cold morning, when the sun was shining and the daffodils were out. Ben went to his stable and found Lamby had 2 baby lambs (a boy and a girl). Ben was ecstatic, he named them Joey and Cloudy. Joey was quite a weak lamb and was bottle-fed by Ben, the good

there was 50,000 views and 10,000 likes recorded. By that evening this had been increased to 1,000000 views and 500,000 likes. Lots of people commented on how brave Joey was and how much he helped them to face their own fears. Joey had become an internet star! In time Joey was to be famous, for the way in which he made people feel better about themselves. Joey went on to father about 80 babies. The farmer sold the lambs to be support lambs to help people who are scared of things. He put it all over social media. News, television, newspaper and radio did a lot of articles on this.

news is that he survived. As Joey and Cloudy grew Ben kept Cloudy to breed

Amazingly one of these people was the QUEEN. She was scared of spiders.

with, but took the cheeky boy Joey to the market to be sold as a prize ram.

The queen got over her phobia. She invited the farmer and Joey to the palace,

2023 -on a lovely summer’s day Joey went to market and it was really busy

to be knighted for all their good work.

compared to normal. It became Joey’s turn and the bids were getting higher

Joey lived to be a good age. He died happily thinking about all the good

and higher as the moments went on. Ben couldn’t believe it! Joey had made a

had done.

massive £10,000. Ben said “Goodbye” to Joey who went to live in Somerset.



Connecting Stories Anthology from Doncaster

Jack T, 10

Madison S, 10


Second World war

An unknown virus takes over the world.

Instructor in armoured warfare

Holidays, birthday parties and hugs on hold.

Raised over £30 million NHS charity

Lockdown and people panic buying food. Working from home, no school and exams cancelled.

Thomas Moore, popularly known as captain Tom Honorary colonel of the army foundation

Government restrictions are the new ‘normal’...hands, face, space!

One hundredth birthday walk 6/4/2020

Hand sanitiser, face masks and Test and Trace.

Most ever raised on Just Giving fundraising page

Keyworkers keep the country moving forward. The NHS overwhelmed and exhausted!

Army officer in the British Army Served in India and the Burma

Businesses closed and parents homeschooling

Marked his 100th birthday with a fly past by the RAF

News reports every country is struggling.

October 1941 Moore became a member of the Royal armoured corps

Scientists working around the clock. A vaccine is needed to make this all stop!

One amazing legacy to leave behind Raced motorcycles competitively in his spare time Enlisted in the 8th Battalion, Duke Wellington’s regiment

Schools and clubs help children get back to learning. New variants and anti-vaxxer’s are concerning. Lockdown again...will this ever end? Back to online classes and no playing with our friends. Hoping for a time when we can be together. Making new memories in a changed world that will last forever!



Connecting Stories Anthology from Doncaster

Marvellous A, 10

Doncaster! Doncaster!! Doncaster!!! What ’a changing world’? Online learning Online shopping No more social distance


no more face mask

’Doncaster! Doncaster!! Doncaster!!!

Vaccine is coming, hope is coming

What ’a changing world’? Where are we, future, present or past? Past you have normal life

Emily A, 11

Present locked down we see What Future hopes for you? Doncaster! Doncaster!! Doncaster!!!

Teleport to a different dimension

What ’a changing world’?

Monday started much the same as any other day, Molly and her sister Luna

We do enjoyed summer Daddy, mummy, kids do go holidays Uncle, Aunt, Cousin and friends do visit

were arguing about who could use the bathroom first, Mum was rushing around getting ready for work, Dad was sipping coffee like he had all the time in the world. As it was the summer holidays, there was no rush for Molly and Luna. Molly is a 12 year old, very curious and mischievous child,

Doncaster! Doncaster!! Doncaster!!!

a little like a baby chimp. Her sister was named Luna, she was nearly 16 and

What ’a changing world’? No Saturday football training for kids

knew everything about anything (or so she thinks)!

No play time with friends

Luna always said for Molly to keep out of her room, and she was NEVER

No picnic, no visit, no school excursion

allowed to go on her iPad, that is against every rule Luna had set for Molly to

Oh! Covid19 where are the loved ones?

follow. So when Luna decided to go to the shops to get snacks to have while

Where our heroes like Sir Tom Moore?

watching a film later, she made it very clear that Molly was to “Stay out of her

The signs are placed in windows

room”. As soon as Luna left, Molly picked up her mobile phone and called

Our key workers are clapped for

Chloe, they have been best friends for as long as they can remember. Chloe



Connecting Stories Anthology from Doncaster

answered “Hiya Molly, I'm a bit busy now, I'm playing on Brookshaven. Unless you want to join the game?”. Molly thought for the shortest time and made a decision, “One minute while I get Luna’s iPad!”.

actual Chloe, that would be crazy right? They spent what felt like hours playing and it was really fun while it lasted but Chloe had to go because her battery died. Molly got bored and decided

What else was a cheeky girl to do, Mum and Dad had left for work, Luna

to leave. She decided to walk out of ROBLOX and go on Among Us. She was

was out for at least half an hour at the shop??

Crewmate - which means you have to hide from the imposter (murderer).

Molly turned on the iPad and then suddenly started to feel dizzy. When all of this was happening she just thought “Wow, I must be dehydrated or something”. She then tried to log on to ROBLOX, then she started to feel very sleepy indeed. When she opened her eyes again she saw this very bright light, she was really confused. After a few minutes she decided it was worth having a look around wondering, thinking out loud “Where on earth am I?” she is no longer in Luna’s nice cosy bedroom. Molly said “OMG I am inside the iPad!! I can see apps over there, and google

Luckily she won the round but thought it wise to leave that game, “It's far too dangerous” she shouted as the door flung open. As Molly was starting to feel bored of this adventure, she heard Luna walk in the house and say “Molly, where are you? I've come home and I've got a lot of snacks. I even got popcorn kernels so we can make popcorn!” Luna was very confused, where is Molly? Deciding to look in Molly’s bedroom first. Molly wasn’t there, walking to her own bedroom, she was starting to panic, “Molly? Where are you?” She saw her iPad on the floor (not where she left it).

down there, and.... Wait a second, ROBLOX is right there!!!!!!” so she made

“MOLLY, HAVE YOU BEEN IN MY ROOM?” Picking up her iPad,

her way over to it. Finally, Molly got to ROBLOX she was so shocked to

Luna noticed something very strange on it, she rubbed her eyes like she had

see it was a door. She opened the door very slowly, not knowing what to

something in them, and looked again. Shock spread on her face like jam on

expect. A list of all the games Luna has been playing where there, like some

a sandwich.

weird shopping list, “Royale high, Tropical resort Tycoon, Club ROBLOX, tower of dreams, expedition Antarctica and of course Brookshaven... What was Chloe playing again ? Maybe I can find her and try to tell her what has happened to me”.

“OH NO MOLLY I TOLD YOU NOT TO GO ON MY IPAD!” Shouted Luna. This sort of thing must have happened before because Luna knew exactly

Remembering that Chloe was playing Brookshaven, she headed for that game. Thinking back to when the two of them last played, Molly remembered

what to do. A few seconds after she spotted Molly, she refreshed the iPad and Molly popped out of the screen, just like that.

they were delivering pizza, “I am going to head to Mo’s Pizza shop, I am sure

“Sorry Luna, I just wanted to play with Chloe and my iPad was dead so I

Chloe will be there”. And sure enough, there she was, well her avatar not

decided to go on yours. Me and Chloe played for a bit but then her iPad



Connecting Stories Anthology from Doncaster

Harry H, 8

died, I was so worried I'd be stuck in there forever” Later that day, Mum and Dad came home and found out what happened to Molly, and thought it might be a good idea to get rid of the iPad before anything like that happened again. They all had a great movie night with all the snacks that Luna got and they watched a film.

My Lollipop Dreams This year is far from normal, Our clouds are dark and paranormal,

Caitlin B, 9

So my imagination starts to explore, I don’t want to think about this pandemic anymore. I climb the trees with never ending branches, Through lollipop fields and popcorn patches,

Dear Diary,

Marshmallows roasting on a raging fire,

My name is Pinky the peculiar penguin, I live in the Antarctic.

My heart is filled with roaring desire. Home schooling is such a bummer,

Today I asked my mummy what was happening to all my friends as there are

I didn’t even like it in the summer,

so few now. Mummy says fishermen keep leaving their broken nets in the

But roll on playtimes with my friends,

sea, so while we are fishing for food we can become trapped and die. Another

Gotta keep those hands cleansed,

problem is badly organised tourist trips as they come too close and scare our

So back to school and all its schemes,

friends and family. This means adult penguins sometimes leave their babies

Just like my lollipop dreams.

because they are scared. I hope things change in the world soon as it’s becoming lonely. Mummy says we are endangered.



Connecting Stories Anthology from Doncaster

Kade Q, 8

Lilly-Mai, 9

Enchanted World

A Changing World

Road made out of chocolate. Garden made out of rainbows. Building made

A land far away, it has some astonishing cafes, a rainbow waterfall and flowers

out of cotton candy. Doors made out of chocolate. Console made of icing

which are very tall, the room is the one and only Neptune.

and people made out of gingerbread. People inside of cakes. Windows made out of chocolate. Shoes made out of pastry. Nets made of cute waterfalls made out of icing. Sky made out of blueberries. Clouds made of ice cream.

A lime green sky with cotton candy clouds so very high, ice cream trees whisk in vanilla breeze, taking you to the glorious land of juicy fruit. An orange flavour river flows along like a calming flute. I call this a happy

Lexie R, 8

place, where all your anger flies away to space.

Lucy B, 9 If the world you lived in was different. Well let me tell you about three different worlds. 1st one you go in water and come out and a different colour. 2nd a forest of dragons with multi-coloured eggs. 3rd has bottomless ball pit that the longer you’re in the younger you get.

A Changing World I don’t think that we will go on holiday soon. When we can I would love to go to the moon. I really want to go in the rekexsion instead of school. I really like the scrumptious delicious mouth water gorgeous cream with thick buttery smooth ice cream. I think that we can see each other again and hold hands again then we can see my fantastic friends again. I really want to do my sport again. I hope that we can meet up again.



Connecting Stories Anthology from Doncaster

Noah M, 9

Ethan D, 9

A Changing World Oh hello there reader, I am Noah and I am here to tell you what things will be like in 100,000 years. Now be worried everything will be edible! No not the type of edible you are thinking of I mean stuff like chocolate now let's get into this.



Connecting Stories Anthology from Doncaster

Aaron D, 9

her back to her family. It’ll be dangerous and scary because of what’s outside. I may not make it but I’ll try. I’ve packed the last of my food, water, my bobble head collection, my favourite comic and my trusty knife. I hope we’ll be fine,

A Changing World

we’ll set off after dark when it may be safer. I’ll write again later.

March 28th2032

9.45pm - A lot has happened since I last wrote because I’ve found the girl’s

9.13am - My name is Xavier and I’ve decided to write a diary. Where shall I start? The beginning. A few days ago they started coming from the sky. I don’t remember much but I do remember hearing jets, screams and their roars. I ran and hid from them. I now am living in a deep hole in my garden covered by a bit of broken jet wing. I sneak out to get food, water and supplies but it’s still dangerous. They’re everywhere. If they catch me they’ll eat me. I would NOT like that to happen. Why am I writing this diary? Well I’m getting

parents! Can you believe that I’ve finally met humans? I can’t! Soon after I last wrote, I was with the girl and she said she heard something in the distance. We kept walking and after an hour or so we saw the army and some humans! They took us to a fenced off city that had thousands of humans inside. It was protected very well so they couldn’t get in. The girl saw her parents and ran to them. I now feel happy and safe. Tomorrow, I’m going to start helping look for more survivors.

lonely and there’s nothing else to do. I think the only living things are me and them. I’ve to get some food so I’ll report back later. 12.28pm - I’ve some exciting news when I went out I was looking around and found chocolate. I was putting chocolate in my pockets when I heard crying. I hadn’t heard crying for a long time. I went to the source of the crying and I found a little girl hid in a loft! She’s around 9 years old, a very quiet girl, but told me her parents had lost her. We heard noises outside so we waited ages until the sounds died away and then crept out. It was cold in the loft and the girl was scared of the enormous spiders. I brought her back to my garden. What do I do with her now? 3.41pm - I’ve made up my mind. We’d be safer with a group. I need to help this girl, she’s asleep as I’m writing. We can’t stay here, I don’t have enough food, water and my hole isn’t big enough. I want to do the right thing so I’ve decided to take 42


Connecting Stories Anthology from Doncaster

Alfie C, 10

ground) so I took my chances and went exploring in it, it was really dark, wet and cold down there. Later on that day...I was getting really hungry so I made a decision to head

Paradise Beach – A Diary

back to the surface, get something to eat and get a good night’s rest “I need

Wednesday 1st September

to stay low to the ground and keep clear of the animals” I thought to myself.

The boat came to a stop when I reached Paradise Island. I got off the boat and later found a sign that said “Welcome to Palm Grove Port”. A few hours later I reached a big ravine that went straight down into the Earth’s crust and I then decided that it would be best if I avoided it. A dog came up to me and because it looked friendly, I petted it then bent down and gave it a belly rub (it was so soft), I went away from the dog and it didn’t follow. “Maybe it didn’t want to be bothered” I thought in my head, I went to bed. Later on that night...I could hear a warewolf outside my tent I knew it was close but I went outside to see. It was that same dog but it had some strange looking, red dust emitting from behind it. Instantly I knew what was happening, it was said that dating to the early 16th century there was a curse called the “Evilified”. But surely it was over now right?... Wednesday 2nd September

And it’s a good job I did because an evil, killer bunny (that was huge by the way) just narrowly avoided me. Thursday 3rd September It was getting dark and hot, like really hot, I made a decision that I would stay in my boat and sleep near the air conditioning where it was nice and cold. Soon later...the killer bunny came back only this time it was faster than ever, I ducked down and avoided eye contact with it “Phew! That was close”. Soon later that day...I decided that I would go down into the ravine and find the source of the “evilified” and put a stop to it. I found the source (huge red ruby) and broke it. I went to bed and then in the morning I saw that all of the animals were cured and so I packed up my stuff and went on my boat. “Owch!” I turned round sharply to see blood coming out of my leg. What caused that I thought, I saw a snake with red dust emerging from it, it stared at me, it felt like it was smiling at me, the pain was menacing.....

I hurried back to my boat in desperation to get away from the evileties that was going on outside. The wolves weren’t far away from me, I scrambled inside the door and just in time because the wolves bashed against the door. I wasn’t in a hurry to get back to my tent. I thought to myself that it would be better if I stayed in the boat for a bit and have a rest. Not long after... I heard a lion in the distance way beyond the big ravine (big crack in the 44


Connecting Stories Anthology from Doncaster

Lily C, 11

Dylan G, 11

Over last year, it has been different but I'm going to talk about what happened

I am 11 years of age and these are some of the things that have changed in

before the lockdowns and after the lockdowns.

my lifetime.

I was in Year 5 at this time of the first lockdown, it was just a normal year up to then and everything was open. People could go to the pub, the cinema, go swimming with their families and go to the shops with their friends. All of the children are at school, having fun with their friends but what they don't know is is that there is a pandemic on the loose.

Over the past 11 years charities have been raising more funds than ever before. We lost some heroes along the way including Stan Lee the creator of Marvel, Kobe Bryant one of the greatest basketball players of all time and Chadwick Boseman, the one and only Black Panther. In 2020 the world changed beyond belief, as the coronavirus took the world by storm with its contagious spread, the world was kept apart with social

On the week 23th March 2020 everything changed forever, Boris Johnson

distancing, but the rise of technology had improved so much that people

declared that there was going to be a national Lockdown in England. This

have been able to video call each other and keep in touch.

meant that there was no school to be opened and we have to do home-

The advances in healthcare over the last 11 years are now more important

schooling, some families found this really hard.

than ever, the NHS are frontline workers helping to look after those who

Only shops that had food or essentials were allowed to open, this changed all of our lives. In 2021, we are just going back to school on the 8th March, after we have been in the third national Lockdown in one year. There are vaccines available now, that will help to save many people's lives. The changes are that as a human race we will be living with Covid for my years to come.

suffer from disease and virus. The growth of healthy eating has increased, with veganism and vegetarianism never being as popular. Improvements in people’s attitudes and beliefs are making a difference in the world, Greta Thunberg has engaged the world in changing the effects of global warming, BLM and LGBTQIA movements have a bigger voice than ever before, all people should be met with kindness and respect, whoever they are. The world is changing more than ever, and we need everyone’s help to keep it good and spinning!



Connecting Stories Anthology from Doncaster

Grace C, 10

Tate H, 10

We currently live in a life changing world. New things are being designed

The cold, morning breeze danced through the air as the day of 11 September

and built, like buildings, technology, weather and medicines etc.

2001 began. It seemed a lovely day, - we the orange leaves falling off of the

Our climate is constantly changing due to it getting warmer and the ice in

autumn trees – but everyone was unaware of the events, which were going to

some places is melting because of the temperature increase. More animals

follow the beautiful morning. For people, who were going to take a plane or

are coming out of their habitats early due to warm weather, some animals are

worked in the world trade centre, in America at about 8:45 were especially

dying due to the heat and lack of rain. There are many places where forest

not going to enjoy the day. Let's just say that they weren’t going to be at

fires have been happening - Africa, Australia and America recently. Lightning

home with their family on thanksgiving.

is one of the main causes of forest fires, due to the climate change. These

Passengers boarded the planes (unaware of the horrid thing that was about to

forest fires are spreading because there has been no rain or any type of water

follow their day). Families sat playing games together, couples shared a glass

source in these areas due to the climate change.

or bottle together and some people even had a nap. However, also on that

Technology is another part that has changed in the world everyone relies

group of planes, were mean, cruel people – all spaced out, with an innocent

on technology, from space exploration to domestic items like an iPhone.

look on their face.

Technology has moved forward so quickly over recent years by helping our

Soon the plane set off. After about 15 minutes the plane had been in the air,

power requirement need e.g., wind farm and solar panels etc. Another change

five or four people randomly stood up. Bang! A gunshot: someone had been

in the world is the design and build of buildings. These are getting taller and

shot. Pow! A punch: the pilots had been knocked out. And, it was exactly the

more futuristic by design.

same on three other planes. One of the hijackers shouted and told everyone

Medicine is another part of this changing world, the speed at which creation

to stay down and not move a muscle.

of vaccines to control new forms of disease are developed. This can be seen

Soon enough, the suicide bombers had done something terrible. They had

by the speed at which the COVID-19 vaccines were created and produced

crashed the plane into the twin towers and straight away, the building went

in such a short time.

up into flames causing nearly 3,000 people to die and about 6,000 to be

Sea and air pollution are two of the main problems of now and the future

intensely injured. Every headline of the newspaper said ‘plane crashed into

which requires our most urgent attention. Air pollution is mainly caused by

twin towers. It affected millions of people’s lives. Families traumatised to

the fossil fuels.

travel through plane again because they didn’t want their children to get hurt.

As from the above remarks we can see how the world is changing on a daily

It’s an important part of America’s history even if lots – and lots – of

basis and with regard to climate change this is our priority.

people suffered.



Connecting Stories Anthology from Doncaster

Lorna C, 9

Lillien V, 10

Our world is changing

What If?

Our world is changing from forest to town,

Ding, dong, ding, dong. That’s the sound of Big Ben striking at the hair-

Our population is growing,

raising hour of twelve - this hour always sends shivers down my spine. Now,

Wildlife cannot always be found,

you might be wondering, what on Earth am I doing awake at this time of

Our world’s atmosphere is thickening,

night, alone in the depths of the dark, with the only light coming from my

From factories and cars,

dejected bedside lamp? Well, before I tell you why, it would be rude not to

It feels like our world is behind bars.

introduce myself to you: my name is Arabella and I’m ambidextrous. Yes, that’s right - I can write with both hands! Besides this very practical quality

Our Woods are magical as nature grows,

of mine, I have always felt a bit different from others, like I don’t fit in in

A place of happiness a place of freedom,

some ways. Even my name is very unique! Arabella is Latin for beautiful lion:

Protecting the wildlife that loves to roam,

I like this name because it is a very accurate summary of me - I have a lot of

Brambles stretch out for nice warm hugs

resilience when I find something challenging, but I try my best to protect

As leaves offer shelter from the sun and rain,

my family whenever danger is in sight.

Birds and bunnies call it home, It keeps them safe so they are not alone. We are forgetting our planet which needs care like we do,

Tomorrow is going to be full of adventure and mystery. I don’t know how I know, but there’s an antsy, tingling feeling in my bones that says it is, and my mum always says to trust your instincts, because they’re always right.

We need to respect it as much as it does to you,

Anyway, now for the reason I am up at this hour, when I should be sound

The earth’s coat is getting hotter,

asleep. I, the night before, when I was getting ready for bed, noticed out of

It is exhausted and swelling,

the corner of my eye a puzzling figure, that had a resemblance to one of those

The old and the young need to work together,

old-fashioned spinning tops. Bearing in mind that I only noticed this because

Or nature will fade away forever and ever.

of one abrupt flash of lightning, this may have been the light playing tricks on me – maybe a house casting unusual shadows - but a wandering thought



Connecting Stories Anthology from Doncaster

Alicia M, 10

returns to my mind, every now and again. What if that… thing… wasn’t just my mind being funny. What if that… thing… was an unidentified flying object, like in sci-fi movies and books? Oh, stop it, Arabella! You’re just tired, now try and get some sleep. Honestly! A U.F.O? How absurd!

“Do you ever wonder,” Fred spoke with a hint of exhilaration in his voice,” what everything was like before technology, or proper buildings? Back when we knew well...”

Tweet, tweet, tweet. That’s the sound of the chaffinches chirping in the morning light. The gentle breeze barely blows the grass and the glistening

“Nothing?” Anastasia finished.

rays of the sun reflect on our garden pond. All of a sudden, the atmosphere

They were standing outside Terramoore College. The leaves swaying in the

has a drastic change in mood: the sky starts crying, the deafening thunder

ancient oak trees and flowers seeming to stagger didn’t bother the two.

shakes the world and petrifying bolts of lightning illuminate the sky for brief moments. After the puzzling weather had calmed down a bit, we all noticed… something… had landed in our back yard. How strange, that thing… looks exactly like that… thing… I saw 2 nights ago… As we cautiously crept over to it, 4 human-like… things… jumped out of the odd-looking spaceship, only for us to discover that they were our future selves! Hello, we have travelled a gruelling journey from 30 years in the future to warn you about a perilous situation yet to come….

“Yes, but very scarcely, think about it Fred,” Anya (as she liked to be called) continued sounding quite agitated “scientists know pretty much everything and we’ve been taught most of that, about Vikings, Romans and all of that stuff!” “But what about the future?” Ariel interfered with their conversation talking slowly and, in a way, to startle someone. “Az!” Fred cried “you scared me witless!” “Though...” Anya sighed, Ariel always annoyed her, “he has a point.” The three ended up taking turns skating and telling each other what they thought the future would be like. Ariel of course told of a fantasy world type thing. “Dragons and unicorns will be real confirmed real!” he continued with “Donuts will be bombs and teddies will be knights.”



Connecting Stories Anthology from Doncaster

Emily L, 9

Anya went for an end of the world king of thing, “We’ll have special gas masks and there will be too much plastic in the ocean for the environment!” However, Fred went for a ‘technology everything’ vibe. “There will be selfdriving cars that fly and robots keeping everything safe!” “Huh,” the elderly person sighed. “I guess you were right about the future!” “I guess you were!” another said.

The alien attacks!!!! One memorable day, a space ship went to the moon. But there is an invisible barrier! The space ship was so powerful it broke the barrier. Then something terrible happened aliens started attacking. Everyone was panicking. They saw

“Well, this really is a changing world!” said the third. Then Fred, Anya and Az all laughed together!

what happened on the space ship so they made a plan. The aliens were still attacking with the people went to space to fix the force field. They went in space ships and little did they know there was more dimension the distance. There were about 10 space ships but only one survived. There was 20 people

Ava B, 10

on one ship and only 1 person survived and managed to go on the moon

There was a little girl aged around 10 years old named Rosie. Everything

Max C, 8

and at last they saved it and it was all back to normal!

was going great in her life but that was all about to change. In 2020 the first lockdown was imposed and that was when everything paused. Rosie was so happy before the pandemic struck doing dancing and going to school, she enjoyed every bit of what she was doing, When Covid 19 began Rosie was

A Changing World

getting anxiety and depression. School was shut, dancing what shut, what

At the start of my life, I had never heard of Coronavirus. However, 2020 that

was she going to do? So, when school shut Rosie had to do work on Teams,

is when the pandemic began.......... that is when my whole life changed. I

she didn’t like that at all: she couldn’t see her friends and she felt lonely and

could no longer go to park with my friends, not even meet them and there

the worst of all, dancing stopped, she loved dancing it was her passion. Rosie

was also no school. Holidays were cancelled and we were only allowed one

didn’t know what she was going to do. It felt like she was separated from the

hour outside the house to exercise.

world. So, to get her feelings out she...


After a few months some of us were allowed back to school but not everyone.


Connecting Stories Anthology from Doncaster

Nishal R, 10

The rules were different, we had to stay in year bubble groups and we had to stay 2 metres apart. We could only play football with others in our bubble group we were not allowed too close to each other. Now in 2021, we have started the year still in lockdown, but I am hopeful that we can do all the things that we like again, like football and go on holiday. I am really looking forward to having a big sleepover with my friends. The pandemic has really made me appreciate my friends and family.

How we can change the World Be joyful and smile, Don’t think of the negatives, Think of the beautiful positives, Donate to charity, Then spend your time with your family, But we need a vaccine,

Summah A, 10

For the people with the tremendous cancer! Everyone stop littering. Otherwise you’ll start skittering,. Care about nature,

Quarantine The sky was blue the grass was green before we went into quarantine, We used to go to school and everything seemed fine Now we’re stuck at home, home schooling about a mine.

Then go for an adventure, Stop smoking, Or else you’ll start choking!

We used to play outside Playing in the sun until corona came and made everybody run. People rushing to the shops, emptying the shelves, buying all the loo roll, only thinking of themselves We’re waiting for the time to come and we no longer have to run Thinking of that time again to play and have some fun.



Connecting Stories Anthology from Doncaster

Sammar A, 10

above her. Before she could find her voice to scream, the dragon began to sing in the most gentle tone. It’s soothing song made her

Xion Sam was in her room, bored. She had finished all her online school work, for you see, the world had changed. It had changed since a mystery virus had broken out six months ago, in a rural village and had since spread to the rest of the world, killing thousands every day. The world was in lockdown, all schools,and nonessential places were closed. Outside, everywhere was quiet. Because of this, Sam hadn’t seen her friends since November and now she felt like she was going crazy staying indoors. After attempting a drawing for her art project, she gave up and went downstairs to see if lunch was ready. Sam’s mum was a nurse and looked after people who had been infected by the virus. Her dad’s restaurant had to be closed and he was home until it was safe to open it up again.

feel calm and she began to notice her beautiful surroundings. Giant dandelions, and mushrooms were scattered all over the moist grass she had felt before. She saw a shimmering golden stone which she picked up and held tightly in her hand. There were enormous, colourful flowers and the tiny gold rimmed clock she had seen before, wasn’t so tiny after all. Swooping down, the dragon wrapped its scaly body around Sam and rested its head on her lap. She knew that she wasn’t scared

Lunch wasn't ready, so she looked for a snack in the bare cupboards. Food

anymore because it was the first time she had felt happy in months. They

shopping was only done when absolutely necessary to avoid going out. Sam

spent hours playing and exploring the mysterious land with Sam mounted

found an apple to eat and took it back to her room. For a second, she thought

on the dragons back who she had named Xion. She put out her arms and

she saw the apple glow but then her hunger took over and she scoffed it down.

felt free after a long time. Eventually, she began to feel tired and decided

Glancing at the leftover apple core, she thought she could see a tree trunk, with

to sit against the tree trunk and listen to the dragons soft singing while she

flowers, mushrooms and a tiny clock. Sam couldn’t believe her eyes! Maybe,

drifted off to sleep.

she was actually going mad staying at home for so long. Slowly, she reached forwards and touched the moist blades of grass below the tree trunk.

Sam woke up in her bed, feeling confused. “Was it all a dream?” she thought. Looking down, she opened her fist where she saw a golden stone.

Sam awoke to a hot breeze on her pale face. Looking up, she could see a blue scaly tale, which led all the way up to a fierce, blue dragons head, dangling



Connecting Stories Anthology from Doncaster

Amelia W, 9

Deacon W, 9 Coughing sneezing.

Covid-19 When covid-19 struck it changed the world by killing people. Then the Prime Minister said, “we will go into lockdown in March.” Then we did and a few weeks later we couldn’t see our friends. Schools shut down so we did online learning for six months. Suddenly, we came out of lockdown a few weeks later! Then finally we went back 1 month later. More home schooling was set. So here we are now we have a vaccine and we are back in school.

Only people in your household. Rest if you have the virus. Only go out of the house for exercise. No mixing with other people. Another week, no school. Very sad times. Is it over? yes

Charlie, 10

Ready to go back to school. Unhappy I can’t see my family and friends. Super times ahead once everyone is vaccinated.

The future is changing everyday The future is cancer going away The future is people good not bad The future is sometimes frustrating and sad The future is all about fitness and health The future is all about friends, family And YOURSELF!



Connecting Stories Anthology from Doncaster

George C, 10

Heidi, 10

A Changing World

Plastic pollution

Dear diary,

Plastic is damaging our world it is so so so bad because the sea marine

Today I realised over the years many things have changed for example years ago there were only televisions now there are phones, iPads, computers and more. In particular, I like my Xbox because I can play with my friends. But many bad things are also happening too for example; deforestation. Without trees, air can't be made therefore humanity will go extinct like dinosaurs.

creatures will eat it then they will die. Scientist have predicted that in 2050 there will be more plastic than fish. In the North Pacific Ocean, there are 6x more plastic debris than plankton. They are causing deaths to our marine animals who mistake them for food. 8 million pieces of plastic pollution find their way into our ocean daily, 79% of plastic waste is sent to landfills or the ocean! One rubbish truck of plastic is dumped into our oceans every

Another example of a changing world is transport, such as cars, they were

hour!! Turtles are the animal that’s most in danger and turtles will soon be

all petrol or diesel but now more are electric. Personally, my favourite car is

extinct and they are so sweet and innocent and harmless. Plastic bags get

Tesla because it helps save the environment and it is also fast and has modern

around their heads and it will strangle the turtles, they get straws up their

features. In the future I hope cars will drive themselves and a sweet machine

noses. Fish eat tiny pieces of plastic and they will die. Then they will get

to create custom sweets at home.

extinct as well then we wouldn’t have any fish like salmon or tuna. Dolphins

Well, now I'm going to leave it there for now see you tomorrow diary.

are eating plastic bags they think they are jellyfish. Then the dolphin dies because it ate a plastic bag. Dear plastic makers, please stop making plastic because it’s damaging our planet and injuring sea marine creatures and it will end our world and make it fall to pieces then we will not survive and it will not be good it will be HORRIFIC!!!! Please stop using PLASTIC!!



Connecting Stories Anthology from Doncaster

Holly G, 8

Jack, 10

One bright sunny day me and my friends were bored so we decided to go

Hello there. Today I would like to tell you about my bedroom/

on adventures to space. We know the only way up there was a rocket so we

coronavirus experience.

started to build one. A few hours later we were ready to go so off we went as we decided what planet to go to the space ship crashed into an asteroid the ship was banged up and would not move which meant we were stuck in the middle of space! We needed to find out what is wrong but how to check the engines, are they ok?

It all started in January of 2020. Me and my class were watching Newsround (news for kids). Then the journalist and TV presenter started talking about a new virus in China called the Coronavirus. I didn’t think much of this since it was only in China. Them the unthinkable happened. The virus was spreading everywhere and eventually it got to the UK and we went into

”Yes they are fine.”

lockdown! I was very bored and missed my friends. But finally, after months

“Actually, I think something is wrong.” There's a broken booster, how do we fix it? I think there is some spare parts in the back of the ship! Well, that is good, let's go get them. Look there they are now what we need to do is put the pieces together. They are all together so let's put them on the booster put on your space suits we are going out

I was finally back at school. But this didn’t last long and 4 months later, we were back in lockdown. But this only lasted for 2 months and I was then back at school. And that’s where I am today. Thank you for reading my covid 19 experience. I am so grateful to be here today because others have not sadly made it. Thank you again and bye from me.

there and fix this ship. After the ship was fixed they decided to go back home so off they went. They made it home safely. The story of space.



Connecting Stories Anthology from Doncaster

Kian, 9 It’s the year 5050 and an ordinary day or so I thought. I was doing maths in school doing my 12s when I looked up the sky and I saw a spaceship was coming down. At dinner me and my friends looked everywhere. They saw a ship but no aliens and when we had to go in, we saw an alien reading. Then it was the Easter holidays. Everyday after he came to play with me and my friends and let everybody use his space ship.

Leah, 10 A Changing World My heart is panicking I feel like I’m drowning The world is changing I feel like I’m raging Pollution is in the air Littering, how could you dare? Just ride your bike Or even a tryke Cancer is everywhere

Libby, 10

It's not fair Vaccines are given out A life filled with pain and doubt There is no need to groan

The year to remember

There is no need to feel down

2020 was a year to remember.

Be positive

Donald Trump got banned from twitter!

As well as creative

Carol Baskin killed her husband and fed him to tigers,

The world is changing

We all danced on TikTok and got loads of followers.

Please stop raging

Boris told us to stay at home and not venture out,

Our future is bright

1 hour exercise was enough a day, no doubt? Captain Tom Moore a veteran of war, Now for his country he has done even more.



Connecting Stories Anthology from Doncaster

Lilly P, 9

Lacey N, 9

Coronavirus in the air and everywhere can’t stop it or even pop it. Coughing everywhere covid is not going anywhere.

Together trees are part of nature no matter what.

Schools are closed but I am one of those with a key worker and a step mum, not having fun. Smile you dare but we are unaware.

Run and run but there will still be a tree in your life.

Holiday glooms, instead while go for a snooze. Shops are closed nowhere to nose or even pamper our hair Stick to rules so covid never returns

Each tree important

Maisie D, 9

Each green tree is lovely and part of nature.

The Covid-19 world Once there was a little girl called Mia and her childhood was very hard. Mia had most of her childhood was in lockdown. She couldn’t give hugs, hugs and hugs. Mia found it hard to do that because loved giving hugs. So, one day Mia added all the medicines in the world together and luckily it was the cure to Covid-10 so she set off on a journey to give all the people in the world the cure and after two weeks the news said “that was not the cure, it was an infectious virus that has spread all over the world” and they are still in lockdown and it appears that it was all a dream!!! The End



Connecting Stories Anthology from Doncaster

Mia M, 9

Pandemic The world health organisation declared a covid-19 pandemic on March 11th

One morning I felt the ground shaking the trees were swaying. The sun turned into a blue planet there was green goo shooting from the sky. When people went near the goo and touched it, they turned from a human into an alien. All of the flower turned black with prickles. My house was shaking and turned black. Everything was different that’s when I realised the world had changed.

2020, so countries were forced to go into a lockdown. England’s lockdown first started just 5 days after it was announced as a pandemic. What is a lockdown? It sets restrictions for people so they can't have contact with others face to face unless they live together. Going outside of your home is restricted unless essential journeys or exercise. How Covid-19 spreads There are many different ways to spread coronavirus, mainly being in close contact with someone who is infected. This can be due to coughing, sneezing

Mia-Kay, 11 2020 changed our lives

or talking because people can release particles containing the virus into the air. The effect covid-19 has had Covid-19 has affected many different things:

What is coronavirus?


Coronavirus is a family of various viruses causing different strains, such as the

It’s put more strain on the NHS due to staff being overworked as the number

cold or more serious strains like severe acute respiratory syndrome (SARS).

of cases changed on a daily basis.


- Businesses

The first case of Covid-19, a more serious strain of the coronavirus was in

These have been affected because of closure, they’ve lost money, custom and

December 2019, it came to our attention in the UK at the end of January 2020.

some have been forced to close permanently.



Connecting Stories Anthology from Doncaster

- Education

New Beginnings

Schools, colleges and universities all closed resulting in peers loosing

2021 hasn’t started in the best way but thinks are looking a lot brighter,

educational needs, even missed out on crucial exams and results they needed

due to the roll out of vaccines to fight the virus. We’re on our way back to

for their future needs.

normality going back to school and plans in place to open businesses and see family. This makes me look forward to the future.

Mental health One worry for people during covid-19 has been how it will affect people’s mental wellbeing. Many people may be experiencing depression and anxiety, due to loosing family or friends, been isolated and the loss of jobs.

Millie D, 9

Covid-19 made me feel During this time I’ve had many emotions, from being happy to spend more time with my immediate family, that I wouldn’t normally get because of

The Polar Bear that Saved my Life

school and my parents' work, to being upset because I missed my friends

I was in the middle of my adventure, when I slipped into the cold icy water,

and family members. I’ve found it difficult to do my school work from

when I was pulled from the water and I looked up to see a huge white fluffy

home because I liked interaction with teachers at school. Things seemed

polar bear! I soon realise we would be the best of friends. I am not on my

really confusing at first, even though I knew about coronavirus I don’t think

adventure, I am on a mission, a mission to change the world. Over the years

I understood how serious it was. Thinking me or my family and friends

the temperature has been rising this means there is less sea ice in the waters

could catch this scared me because of how ill it made people, even resulting

and this is my best friend’s home. I am going to make people realise that if

in deaths.

they make small changes it can make a big difference to help climate change.

I'm thankful for what Boris Johnson has achieved for our country, I think

I have been on my mission for 5 years now, things have to change but I still

some stuff could have been done sooner than he did them. I’m especially

need to do more.

thankful for key workers for staying working through everything and keeping us safe.


I owe it to my best friend, my best friend forever!!!!!!!!!!


Connecting Stories Anthology from Doncaster

Olaf P, 9 Did you know the world is in danger with rubbish? Animals in the sea are in danger because people are throwing trash in sea and animals eat rubbish and then die.

Poppy P, 9 My Nanny’s life She was born in 1950 the 12th of March. She was born at home because not many hospitals were around then. She had lovely neighbours and friends. She was the 9th child out of 10. When she was 5 or 6 she played on the streets with her brothers and sisters, she played marbles and hide and seek, she never had any

Oliver, 9

electronic devices. If they wanted to phone people they had to go to the local telephone box which cost 4 pennies for how long you wanted. Her mum took her to school and had a mix of 10p sweets. She had a £1 note which was worth quite a lot. She got a T.V when she was 8 which was black and white and she sat

Deep in the field stood an old ruined castle with huge climbing walls. There

in front of it until it came on. She went to the woods once a week and had jam

stood a heroic man in the ground of Myrule castle. His name is Link.

and bread and some water. She started work at 15 at a sewing factory and got

Link travels to the four divine beasts to save the four champions. Those are Revali, Daruk, Urbosa and Mipha. But link was too late. The divine beasts already killed the four champions.

paid £2.50 a week which was a lot. If you had a car which were rare you were classed as rich. You were always safe because there were no robbers or kidnappers. The world has changed so much now. Now there is so much technology. Things have become so advanced and we have all had to learn the new ways. Now we

Zelda will take Link to Myrule castle. On his quest Link will find some memories.

don’t have 6p, 3p, £1 notes or shillings and she didn’t have Nintendo or cars.

Link defeats the four divine beasts to get the four champions abilities Urbosa’s fury, Mipha’s grace, Darula’s protection and Revali’s gale. They get them from the four champions. During, the journey Link sees Koroks and the monks in the ancient shrines.



Connecting Stories Anthology from Doncaster

Riley R, 9

Jayden, Year 4

One night me, Poppy, Sophie and Emily went to a haunted house. We all

Once there was a black panther named Chichawa King of the open space.

knocked on the door and the door opened by itself. We all went in and we

He roamed much of the land. One really early morning Chichawa heard an

heard a loud noise in the kitchen some and Poppy went to see what it was.

unusual noise with impeccable speech Chichawa rushed to the noise.

Sophie and Emily went upstairs they saw someone but they disappeared,

3 2 1 Attack.

Emily screamed so me and Poppy went to go see what wrong with Emily

“Who dares to come upon my land. Lions, Tigers and leopards protect my

then we all screamed because Sophie turned into a vampire. Sophie bit

land,” said Chichawa. “Eagles and elephants invade,” said the King of the

Emily’s neck so Emily turned into a vampire too. Me and Poppy ran out of

Waterfall, just in the horizon. His name was Billy. The lions and tigers went

the haunted house next to relax.

after the elephants. The leopards went after the eagles because of how high they jump. Chicawa went after Billy, no one knows who won!...

Sophie J, 9

Kaitlin, Year 6

One day my whole life changed let me tell you how. It all started on a casual day when I was watching tv, then mum said, “oh no, there’s a new disease”.

Our horrific world that changed its power.

All night I was scared I couldn’t go to sleep!

Hectic, busy, packed

The next day, we were in isolation it felt like my whole life vanished, my mums a nurse so I was hoping this horrid virus would go sooner. Suddenly my mum came home anxious and overwhelmed it made me worried and concerned. But I know I can always count on my mum and dad when I am feeling down.

Families become split apart, Relaxing, Not knowing what’s going on. Pollution filling the air, Plastic filling the waters on the inside,

I am now hopeful that the amazing scientists have found a cure with a special

Sitting in the same sport,

vaccine to free the world from this global pandemic.

Sitting in the grass watching the midnight sky above. But then in 2020, a new horrifying virus came our way!



Connecting Stories Anthology from Doncaster

As soon as a new virus came our way,

Air pollution to blame.

Families became a team.

Smog and soot invades the air,

Kids played outside,

No stars to be seen in the night skies.

Where the nature begins.

Noise from shipping containments traumatise sea animals.

Excited faces,


As they social distance walk.

But then 2020 came along – releasing Covid-19 into the world.

They smile,

Families re-connecting, socialising.

They laugh,

Less plastic waste in the oceans,

They have a great time.

Less animals being killed.

All they need is love.

We always talk about this negative world and not seeing our friends and family, But in the end, lots of great things have happened because of this pandemic. We have stopped getting closer to people,

Macie, Year 6

We have stopped plastic from getting in the ocean – using metal straws and bars of soap. But the most important thing is that... We have slowed the spread of Coronavirus!

A Whole New World The story starts, In the world I once knew, Of the beaches and the streets, A world of poverty; a world of plenty. Families distance, Teenagers stuck in their rooms, Toddlers on phones, children’s eyes grew square. Waste killing marine creatures, 7 million people killed,



Connecting Stories Anthology from Doncaster

McAllister, Year 3

Back to school in the classroom, Finally there will be NO MORE ZOOM!

In life before covid-19, Family visits and friends could be seen.

Pavishna K, 7

I would play football, hockey and gymnastics, Doing them sports was really fantastic. The skies were so blue, the weather was sunny, You could probably see bees looking for some honey.

A Changing World

I went on holiday, in the bright, shining sun,

Once upon a time, in our tranquil world, everybody was gleeful. They lived

Splashing in the pool was so much fun.

with peace and joy. Nobody had tempestuous challenges or difficulties. People and children can go to their relatives and friends. Not even that,

In life with covid-19,

they could go on a colossal plane! So, everybody was living in peace and joy.

No family visits and friends can’t be seen.

The fresh rivers and cool lakes are wonderful natural things. Don’t think our

I would watch TV and play video games,

precious world is a waste of land, instead think it is astonishing.

Reading comics to keep me entertained. The skies were so grey it poured with rain, Being stuck inside is not good for my brain. Stay home, keep safe, hands, face, space, Living in lockdown is not a race.

Then something ruined our dearest world, the thing that ruined our dearest world was corona! Corona is a virus that affected our world. In the past, everyone didn’t have tempestuous challenges or difficulties, but not they have many challenges and difficulties, because of corona. How do you feel about corona? Well, I feel vexed about corona.

In life after covid-19, Family parties and friends will be seen. I want to go bowling and visit theme parks, Seeing the giraffes at Yorkshire Wildlife Park, The sky will be beaming, my wishes go far,

How do you think the world will change in the future? I think it will change like before, without any corona. Nobody can’t go to their relatives and friends like earlier. But their difficulties didn’t last longer. Corona gone away and they lived happily ever after.

At night time we will see shooting stars. 80


Connecting Stories Anthology from Doncaster

Mia R, 6

face to face with a giant ogre. He caught us in his big hand and threw us into the dungeon, where we found six other children, three girls and three boys, hiding in the corner. “Please don’t be scared,” I said. “My name is Mary and this my friend

A Door to an Unknown World I remember that day as if it was yesterday. I was sitting in my bedroom waiting for my friend Elizabeth to call. When she finally arrived, she asked me, “What are we going to do today Mary?” I had been thinking of lots of ideas for our next adventure all morning, so I replied.

Elizabth. How long have you been here?” I asked. “So long we can’t remember anymore,” one of the boys answered. “We were playing hide and seek in the park and ended up in here.” One of the girls started to cry. “I want to go home,” she sobbed. Elizabeth had noticed some keys hanging on a hook opposite. “Look, the ogre has left the key! Do we have any long sticks in here?”

“Let’s write a book!” “What a good idea!” said Elizabeth with a big smile appearing on her face. My mind was full of thoughts. I even had a suggestion for the title of our book - ‘A Door to the Unknown World’. Elizabeth liked the sound of this, and so we were ready to start writing our story, ready for adventure. Our story started in the park at the end of my street. Gold Park was small and rusty, but great for playing hide and seek. As we entered the park, there were lots of old buildings, buildings that had not been used for years. The largest of the buildings, had a tall, black door that seemed to go right up to the sky. We never dared to go near the door, as everyone at school said it was haunted, as it did look quite scary. That day, Elizabeth and I must have been feeling brave, as we pushed on the door and to our amazement it started to open. We decided we would investigate. Our new world was cold, mysterious and nothing like the world we left behind in Gold Park. Suddenly we came to what looked like a castle, like

Elizabeth asked. “I am Tim, my friends call me Tiny Tim,” said a voice from the corner of the room. “I can get my head and both arms under the gap at the bottom of the door. Let me try to reach the key. We made a hook form some metal we found, but never had chance to try for the keys before.” Tim reached under the door and after three times, he hooked the keys onto the stick. We tip-toed out of the castle and back into the dark, forest world. Suddenly I saw a light. “It must be the way home,” I thought. Racing towards the black door, the ogre was not far behind us. We ran as fast as we could, like a tiger in the jungle. The black door seemed to be getting smaller and smaller. It was now or never. “Hurry everyone, one, two, three, four, five, six, seven and eight”. We made it and all we could hear was the ogre roaring, as we waved goodbye to the unknown world.

the one in my favourite book, ‘Jack and the Beanstalk’. It was huge and had a golden key in the front door. Before we could do anything else, we came



Connecting Stories Anthology from Doncaster

James T, 7 251 The men got the blue print and started the boiler, dome, funnel, buffer, cab, whistle, footplate, fender and coupling rod. 251 was made in the plant in Doncaster. It whooshed out in a cloud of steam. 251 looked beautiful in bright apple green. Once on the East Coast Main Line it went 90mph. 251 went as fast as a bird of paradise. Then the diesel came. The diesel wanted to scrap all the steam engines. 251 challenged the diesel to a race to show that steam engines were not useless. The diesel thought he would win. The two engines lined up next to each other. The starting gun fired and 251 and the diesel raced away. The diesel engine roared and 251 chuffed as hard as it could. The ground shook as the engines went past. 251 was very tired but could see the finish line, it was neck and neck but 251 tried his hardest and won by the front of the engine. The people of Doncaster were very proud of 251. He was so special that the news and the museum wanted him to be on display. They put him on a low loader and took him to the museum and could be at home again in Doncaster.



Connecting Stories Anthology from Doncaster

Participating Schools With thanks to the following schools, whose students’ wonderful work is included in this anthology: Bawtry Mayflower Primary School Bentley High Street Primary School

The End

Edlington Victoria Academy Hatfield Woodhouse Primary School Lakeside Primary Academy Pheasant Bank Academy Plover Primary School Scawthorpe Sunnyfields Primary School St Peter's Catholic Primary School Doncaster Tranmoor Primary Warmsworth Primary School



Connecting Stories Anthology from Doncaster


A Changing World By Doncaster Connecting Stories, funded by Arts Council England, aims to increase children and young people's interest in reading and writing, and to promote diverse voices and stories. Children and young people were invited to take part in a creative writing competition which has been judged by publishers, authors and community champions. This anthology celebrates their creativity and hard work. We hope all entrants feel extremely proud to see their story published and that this gives them the confidence and passion to continue writing.

'Congratulations to all the young writers featured in this anthology. I am so impressed by their imaginative and creative stories – a must-read!'

Jonathan Douglas CBE Chief Executive, National Literacy Trust