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Welcome to your NEW Clutter-FREE 2020 There is nothing more life changing than the transformation that happens when you become a minimalist. And YES, I promise - your word count will go up after. • • • • • •

You’re happier You sleep better You’re more productive than you could ever have imagined You love your home + can’t wait to spend time in it You clean less and have more time to do the things that really matter You have more space to think and breathing room to dream

Are you ready? Let’s get going!

Lisa Latte

Planner Boss & Mystery Author

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the first step in crafting the life you want is to get rid of everything you don’t 4

- joshua becker, minimalist

Š 2020 Pretty Pages | Lisa Latte - Mystery Author

2020 | DeClutter Steps

follow this simple 5-step plan Step 1 | Take Before/After pictures to stay motivated - share them on IG with the hashtag #2020declutter Step 2 | Find a rockstar Spotify playlist Step 3 | Create 3 different piles:

Step 4 | Dump everything into one huge pile in the middle of the room - leave NOTHING behind Step 5 | Decide between toss, recycle/donate/ sell and keep

Š 2020 Pretty Pages | Lisa Latte - Mystery Author


clutter steals joy 6

Š 2020 Pretty Pages | Lisa Latte - Mystery Author

clutter steals....

1 your time | you need to work to earn the money

to buy it, then shop for it, pick it up, organize it, put it away, repair it, maintain it, look for it, etc

2 your space | things you don’t use or love simply

fill your space + make your home feel crowded, cluttered and overwhelming + even make you feel like you need a bigger home or more space

3 your money $$ | all the stuff you own used to be money you had + can eventually lead to debt

4 your self-esteem | studies have found people

strongly identify with their home + a cluttered home not only impacts your feelings of contentment with your home but can also even negatively affect your feelings about yourself.

5 your productivity | clutter can visually overstimulate you + make it hard to focus

6 your physical health | studies found that

living in a cluttered home causes you to make less healthy food choices because the clutter contributes to stress and overwhelm Š 2020 Pretty Pages | Lisa Latte - Mystery Author


you are not what you own storing all those books

doesn’t make you any smarter it just makes your life more cluttered

- francine jay, minimalist 8

Š 2020 Pretty Pages | Lisa Latte - Mystery Author

2020 | 1-Week Challenge

one week challenge

Step 1 | You can go in any order Step 2 | Assign one room per day Step 3 | Allocate at least 1 - 2 hours/day for decluttering

Š 2020 Pretty Pages | Lisa Latte - Mystery Author


owning less is way better than organizing more 10

Š 2020 Pretty Pages | Lisa Latte - Mystery Author

day 1


Be honest - you have a 1+ junk drawers hiding in here. Declare once and for all that your new junk drawer is called the Trash Bin or the Recycle Bin but not something you hold onto and add to until you move

we only wear 20% of the clothes we own, 80% of the time. if you’re waiting for something to come back in style, you’ve definitely been holding onto it for too long. scuffed or broken shoes should always get tossed. purge accessories, too

day 3

bedroom this room sometimes becomes the place that decor comes to die - requiring endless amounts of dusting, polishing and cleaning. why not ditch the decorations and give yourself + your family space to enjoy each other’s company

day 2

clothes did you know that clutter is closerly linked to insomnia + hoarding. Fold that pile of clothes immediately when you remove them from the dryer + stop using your bed as an office + dining room- keep it a peaceful + calm sleeping sanctuary

day 4

living room

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how many bottles of shampoo and conditioner are cluttering up your shower alone? How many eye shadow palettes do you really need to get ready? Go with the best + throw out the rest.

day 5

bathroom this is the place where you print everything you can already read on your screen, just in case you want to mark it up, right? Assign an actual project to each piece of paper or simply toss it because you don’t need it

office how many things have you thrown out here becuase you simply couldn’t bear to have them cluttering up your inside home? toss them instead. Aside from seasonal items, only keep those things you truly need every month


garage give yourself grace + be excited that you’re on the right path towards clutterless freedom assign extra days for decluttering. studies show purging stuff provides an immense amount of happiness + satisfaction 12

day 6

day 8

catch up

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DAILY | Action Items

action steps

Step 1 | Go through the list for each room Step 2 | Check off each item as you complete it Step 3 | Google other ways to declutter that room

© 2020 Pretty Pages | Lisa Latte - Mystery Author


action items

If you’re feeling overwhelmed....

sometimes it helps to have a handy dandy list of easy-tofollow steps to go through.

so here’s my go to steps for each room on the list


© 2020 Pretty Pages | Lisa Latte - Mystery Author

Day 1 | Kitchen dump your entire junk drawer into the garbage keep only 2 pieces of anything/person in the house i.e. I’m single so I have 2 forks, 2 spoons, 2 knives, 2 bowls, 2 plates, 2 glasses... toss any appliance you haven’t touched in the last year toss all expired food, spices and condiments toss all tupperware, unless you use it on a weekly basis Š 2020 Pretty Pages | Lisa Latte - Mystery Author


Day 2 | Clothes toss anything that doesn’t fit or is missing its significant other - hello mismatched socks toss anything you haven’t worn in a year toss your wedding dress - someone else could benefit from it and trust me, your daughter will have zero desire to wear it 25 or 35 years from now keep only 1 color or style of every shoe

Day 3 | Bedroom empty out all of your drawers into a big pile in the middle of the room toss anything that needs to be dusted toss any piece of jewelry you haven’t worn in the last year toss any storage bins hiding under your bed toss extra bedding for guests - how much stuff are you keeping for people who only visit once every couple years toss knick knacks that you spend ore time cleaning than enjoying 16

© 2020 Pretty Pages | Lisa Latte - Mystery Author

Check out myown DeClutter IRL BTS Vlog of my

DeClutter Challenge Video © 2020 Pretty Pages | Lisa Latte - Mystery Author


Day 4 | Bathroom choose 1 haircare brand and toss all the rest designate a supply area for extras toss any piece of jewelry you haven’t worn in the last year keep only 2 towels per person toss out old makeup + cleaning products toss out expired medicine - it’s UNSAFE

Day 5 | Living Room clear all tabletops - unless Better Homes + Gardens is coming for a photoshoot, you don’t need Look Books to impress people toss the entire bookshelf - go digital. You’ll thank yourself when during your next move you know you’re already on IG and FB so toss the frames and photos unless it’s an original Monet or Picasso, toss it keep only 2 throw pillows + 1 blanket per couch


© 2020 Pretty Pages | Lisa Latte - Mystery Author

Day 6 | Garage group tools + supplies together into bins Day 7 | Office assume every piece of paper is unnecessary keep only originals like your passport limit yourself to 7 pens, 5 notebooks, 2 pencils and 1 stack of post-its add extras to a supply closet Š 2020 Pretty Pages | Lisa Latte - Mystery Author


EMOTIONS | Advice 20

why we have stuff

Step 1 | Go through the emotions list Step 2 | Ask yourself if you’re experiencing any of these feelings that are causing you to resist throwing items away Step 3 | Ask yourself if you’re hurting your future self by holding onto memories of your past self + not allowing yourself to grow or move onto the next adventure in your life

© 2020 Pretty Pages | Lisa Latte - Mystery Author



feeling guilty because you spent so much of your hard-earned money on that item you never use and probably if you’re being honest, didn’t really need? Forgive yourself, make a vow to be smarter with your $ going forward and let it go

what will you do with all this new found empty space? go onto houzz for some interior decorating inspiration.... DON’T DO IT instead revel in the white space that is now yours


memories send them to or buy a scanner + DIY but don’t allow old photobooks to take up space that could be better utilized for anything. Or simply left unused. it’s also okay to toss old photos. do you want to buried w/them?


decor are you dying to tell a story behind every item you see in your home? That’s great and that’s what memoirs + babysitting your grandchildren are for. you don’t need the physical item to keep the memory alive

photos pre-cellphones

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the heart of hospitality is when people leave your home they should feel better about themselves

not better about you


Š 2020 Pretty Pages | Lisa Latte - Mystery Author


gifts you can scan in all of tax-related receipts the second you get them + store them digitally. going 100% digital does take a while to get used to but the benefits are immesureable. Adopt the GO PAPERLESS mentality



it is perfectly okay to toss anything that has been gifted to you that you will not use, don’t need or don’t want. you’re not a bad person. for future holidays + birthdays, you can let family + friends know that you do NOT want any gifts


everywhere don’t try to become an expert organizer. just because your extra stuff is properly labeled + stored doesn’t help you to declutter. putting things into bins gives you a false sense of accomplishment resist the urge + purge instead

tossing your old size 0 or XXS clothes doesn’t mean you’ll never fit into that size again. you’re not admitting defeat + you’re not giving up on your goals. but keeping items like this from the past are sometimes a form of punishment or torture - release it + free yourself to be who you are now

© 2020 Pretty Pages | Lisa Latte - Mystery Author


clothes 23

Thank You for joining me on this DeClutter Challenge I hope you found this useful + can’t wait to see all of the new and exciting things that can now come into your life with the new space you’ve created While my #1 goal for 2020 is to help you to WRITE EVERYDAY, I truly believe that having less stuff will directly impact your ability to do so. Clutter takes up brainspace, energy, time and money that could be better spent working on your future novel. Remember to tag me @lisalattebooks on Instagram and/or hashtag #declutter2020 with your before/after pics - I can’t wait to see them!

Lisa Latte

Planner Boss & Mystery Author


© 2020 Pretty Pages | Lisa Latte - Mystery Author

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Declutter Challenge 2020  

declutter your home - become a minimalist

Declutter Challenge 2020  

declutter your home - become a minimalist