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No more than one propane, butane or similar gas cylinder, to a maximum size of 5kg may be stored in the beach hut. Any gas cylinders stored shall be used only in accordance with manufacturers or suppliers recommendations and the main cylinder valve shall be kept fully closed at all times when not in use.


A fire blanket has been provided by BVAL. This fire blanket must not be removed or used at any time other than in the case of fire.

 You are permitted to have a barbecue on the terrace of the hut you are letting, but please be considerate to other beach hut users and general public. The barbecue must be placed on the blocks provided or a suitable surface to prevent damage to the wooden decking. Permits must be obtained from the South East Coastal Warden located at Fort House (01670 797323) if you wish to have a barbecue on the grassed area or the beach. 

No alterations shall be made to either the interior or exterior of the beach huts. This shall include, but not be limited to, the installation of coat hooks, shelves, pictures, mirrors, work surfaces, ventilation grilles etc or the repainting of the interior or exterior of the hut.  

No dogs are permitted in the beach huts.

In the event of the hirer failing to comply with these conditions, Blyth Valley Arts & Leisure reserves the right to determine the letting of the beach hut at any time.

Blyth Beach Huts

Blyth Beach Huts

Making your booking

Blyth Beach Huts – General Conditions of Hire

Welcome to South Beach, Blyth, the home of 20 brightly coloured beach huts, the only beach huts in Northumberland.

If you are interested in making a short term ie, daily or weekly booking please contact:

 Your receipt for booking and paying for a beach

Blyth Sports Centre – 01670 542222 – option 1

 Beach huts must be used solely by the hirer and

The beach huts are located on the promenade and look out over the long sandy beach. Each hut has timbered interior with a bench seat and small work surface. A kettle, 4 deck chairs and coat hooks are provided. There is a wooden decked area to the rear and a living green roof. Each hut also has a seaside name and a unique piece of artwork created by local school children. Public toilets, external showers and a water supply are just a short distance away and located at the Dave Stephens Centre.

For longer term bookings ie, annual Julie Chrisp – 01670 542564 or All payments will be taken over the phone, so please have your debit or credit card ready. All hirers must pay a refundable deposit to secure the booking. The costs of deposit are as follows: Annual: £50 Daily: £5 Deposits will only be refunded by card.

The Surrounding Area South Beach is home to a beautifully restored promenade with ample parking, a children’s play area, access to walking and cycling paths and a popular fish and chip restaurant. Blyth town itself is home to Ridley Park with its fantastic children’s water play area, the Phoenix Theatre, the Keel Row shopping centre and market; and Blyth sports centre – a large leisure facility with a swimming pool and a cafe. Renting a Beach Hut The beach huts are available to rent for a year, a month, a week or a day. The rental period is from the first to the last day of the months specified. The price bands are inclusive of VAT. Yearly (The rental period is from April – March) Cost: £840 Daily Cost: £16

Collecting and returning your key The key to your chalet must be collected from Dave Stephens Centre between 8.00am and 10.00am on the day of your booking. Late arrivals may alternatively collect a key from Blyth Sports Centre. The key must be handed back to its collection point, no later than 7pm. Late return of keys will forfeit the right to a refund of your deposit. In the event of a lost key, please inform a member of staff at the Dave Stephens Centre or contact the reception at Blyth Sports Centre (01670) 542570. The hirer must pay for the cost of a replacement key.

hut must be produced when collecting the key. their family. Huts must no be sub-let.  The beach hut must not be occupied between

the hours of 11pm and 7am.  The beach huts must not be used for storage,

trade, business or calling of any kind.  The hirer shall not cause or permit any public or

private nuisance in or upon the premises or anything which shall cause annoyance, inconvenience or disturbance to the occupiers of neighbouring huts or to the public.  Valuables must not be stored in the beach hut.

Blyth Valley Arts & Leisure cannot accept liability or responsibility for loss or damage to the hirer’s property.  The hirer will be responsible for any loss or

damage to the beach hut once the letting period is over.  Blyth Valley Arts & Leisure cannot guarantee the

hirer a particular hut, nor make any refunds for inclement weather.  In the event of the hirer wishing to transfer to

another hut, they will be entered onto the bottom of the waiting list for their desired hut.  In the interests of fire safety please do not

smoke, light candles or have naked flames of any kind in the beach huts. This includes barbecue and cooking equipment. Please note there is no plug point for any additional electrical appliances.

Beach Huts Leaflet  

Beach Huts Leaflet

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