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SUCCESS CHECKLIST INTRODUCTION This checklist was compiled drawing on our many years of experience in the water industry. Our objective is to assist your entire team in improving the selling process so that we can ultimately help more people get good water in their homes. The following questions will identify a plethora of opportunities for improvement. Some suggestions may be carried out quickly. Some ideas may require long-term solutions and commitments. As you read the questions try to be painstakingly honest. Sometimes it is hard to admit that a problem exists. However, this process works best if egos are put aside. Carry out changes gradually and consistently. A 1 percent monthly improvement in your closing rate will equate to a 12% yearly increase. What would a 12% increase in your closing percentage do for your income?

SALES CHECKLIST Below are questions for a sales representative. For the best results, answer the following questions with total honesty. A negative response to any of the following questions may suggest an area that needs improvement. Make a note of the areas that need work. 1. Can you answer, or find the answer to most of the questions that you receive in the field? 2. Are you confident about your product knowledge? 3. Do you understand how a system is installed? 4. Have you read the owner’s manuals for the products you sell? 5. Have you read and studied the product brochures? 6. Are you aware of the competition’s products and prices? 7. Is your presentation boring? 8. Are you enthusiastic? 9. Have you recorded your demonstration within the last 30 days? 10. What have you done today to improve your selling skills? 11. Is your presentation book neat and clean? 12. Would you buy from you? 13. Are you well versed in the necessary paper work?

14. Do you know how to post close a sale? 15. Are you post closing your sales? 16. Do you truly believe everyone should own a system? 17. Are you confident in your company? 18. Have you personally checked out your company? 19. Do you believe in your product? 20. Do you own your product? 21. Do the people you care about most, such as your family and friends, own your product? 22. When you walk out of an appointment without a sale, do you know why? 23. Are you seeking to improve every day? 24. Are you eating properly? 25. Are you getting enough exercise? 26. Do you feel good about yourself? 27. Do you have three good pens? 28. Is your demonstration kit clean, and working properly? 29. Do you double check that you have all of the necessary paperwork before leaving to run an appointment? 30. Is your product knowledge improving every day? 31. Is your knowledge of your industry improving every day? 32. Do you read self-improvement or motivational books at least 15 minutes a day? 33. Do you seek advice from an expert on questions you can’t answer, or on situations you couldn’t handle? 34. Is your transition from demonstrator to closer subtle? 35. Are you over anxious to get an order? 36. Are you asking for the order enough times?

37. Each time you ask for the order, are you providing new motives for the prospect to buy? 38. Are you finding the real objection? 39. Do you give up after one no? 40. Are you consistently on time to your appointments? 41. Are you being affected by the prospect, or are you affecting the prospect? Now that you have identified some areas in need of help, make a plan on how you will improve on a daily basis. All professionals must constantly work at improving in order to stay on top! Even great athletes must practice! The most successful athletes are usually the ones that practice the hardest! Below are some solutions that may help you improve.

IMPROVEMENT SOLUTIONS Record your presentations regularly. It’s amazing how quickly you can unknowingly stray away from “the script.” Watch the recording and make notes of areas needing improvements. The next step is to practice the improvements; this reinforces the corrections and builds confidence. Record all training sessions and sales meetings. After recording a really productive or special meeting, play the recording in the car while driving to appointments. This provides continuous reinforcement of newly learned information. Listening to training recordings repetitively helps to reinforce previously learned ideas. Create a library of sales training information, product information, and competitive information. The more knowledge you have, the more enthusiasm you will display. Knowledge is power and builds enthusiasm; Enthusiasm Sells! Field training with a proven sales professional can be very enlightening to any representative. Often there are techniques that a pro will use in the field that never come out in training. If possible, request to watch, and be watched by a seasoned successful representative. Read Daily. Read sales and motivational books. Practice the habit of daily improvement. Talk to at least three customers every week. It’s easy for a representative to lose “that loving feeling.” They become bored with the product, and reach a point of simply going through the motions. Talking to existing customers is an excellent way to renew your belief in the product. In addition, talking to customers serves as an excellent public relations program. Also, use these sessions as a way of obtaining additional referrals. Temporally turn your system off at home, or install a system in your home. You will quickly see why your product is so great to own. Personally check out the company. This will build greater confidence in the company. “I want to check out the company” is one of the most commonly heard objections. You should be able to reply with total conviction and confidence that the company is totally solid. Your total conviction will be transferred to the customer. Every rep should personally call The Better Business Bureau, The Attorney General’s office, The Chamber of Commerce, and a multitude of customers. Inspect your demonstration kit, and presentation book. Both are a direct reflection of the company. Presentation books should be kept current. The literature should be fresh, and clean. Demonstration kits, and presentation books should be replaced or repaired on a regular “as needed” basis. Evaluation questionnaires filled out by the prospects can offer a tremendous insight of problem areas. These forms can be customized in a variety of ways.

The basic information of what the people felt about you and the demo should be covered. These forms should be mailed back to the office, or filled out over the phone by a manager. To receive more accurate information this process should always be completed after you have left the prospect’s home.

COMMON SENSE CHECKLIST Simple planning can greatly improve sales performance. Check to insure that you have the following items in your car at all times: 1. A flashlight to see house addresses. 2. A readable street map or GPS. 3. A full tank of gas to start your workday. 4. A charged cell phone. 5. Good directions and a planned route to get to the appointment. Although the above items seem quite simple, failure to follow these guidelines can result in lost sales. Every day sales are lost because a representative is late for an appointment. Sometimes, the appointment is completed, but the sale is lost because the prospect harbors resentment toward the company or the representative for being late. Carrying out these procedures can greatly reduce the frequency of the common scenario of running out of time. Prospects leaving to go to work, going to bed, or running an errand, are just a few of the deal killers. Sometimes, five minutes means the difference between a sale and a no sale. Being five minutes late could potentially cause you to miss your next appointment. This frequently causes appointments to simply cancel, thus discouraging the telemarketing room, and destroying the reputation of the company. Something as simple as being five minutes late to an appointment can set off a snowball effect that greatly affects your bottom line. It’s better for a representative to arrive at a home 30 minutes early, than five minutes late. Arriving early allows you time to relax and visualize the sale. However, a rep should never approach the door more than ten minutes before the time the lead is set. Besides the above items, insist that your representatives leave the office in plenty of time to account for traffic and getting lost. If you should become lost, seek help from the office, the police, or a map. You should never drive around searching for an address for more than ten minutes. Driving around in circles hunting for an address is a sure way to cause extreme frustration.

APPEARANCE CHECKLIST 1. Are you well groomed? 2. Is your hair the proper length to please the common person? 3. Are your clothes clean and odor free? 4. Are your clothes free of wrinkles and stains? 5. Are your shoes polished? 6. Is your fly up? 7. Is your shirt tucked in? 8. Is your hair combed? 9. Do you have enough deodorant on? 10. Do you reek of cigarettes? 11. Is your car clean inside and out? Many sales people walk around with silent sales killers. Long hair, facial hair, improper attire, and bad body odors are the most common silent sales killers. How often have you encountered a sales person that smelled funky, or had horrible breath? Did you feel compelled to buy, or to escape when possible? Below are further improvement solutions for these situations.

IMPROVEMENT SOLUTIONS Make a habit of looking in a mirror and performing a self-inspection before leaving the office. Use deodorant & mouthwash before leaving the office. Smokers should be very careful. Non-smokers detect the odor of a cigarette a mile away. It’s tough to make people believe you care about your health when they detect cigarettes, or see the cigarettes in a pocket. This can ruin credibility quickly. Don’t smoke in the car on the way to the appointment. Clothing should be clean, neat, and pressed. Obtain a corporate discount from a local dry cleaner. This is also a good way to sell systems to dry cleaners. Keep shoe polish at the office. Shoes should be cleaned and shined.

Get a haircut. A twenty dollar investment in a proper haircut is substantially less expensive than blowing a good appointment.

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LSP Success Checklist  

This checklist was compiled drawing on our many years of experience in the water industry. Our objective is to assist your entire team in im...

LSP Success Checklist  

This checklist was compiled drawing on our many years of experience in the water industry. Our objective is to assist your entire team in im...


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