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TUESDAY / JUNE 21 / 2015



Want to win a Lion? Kill the rock star and hire Veronica


AS INCREASING automation forces marketers into a zero-sum battle for efficiency, it is just possible that human creativity could represent the last true competitive advantage for brands and agencies. But how much do we really know about this notoriously intangible asset? Is there a way we can use data science to devise a formula for creativity? This was the subject of the Razorfish and Contagious

seminar Cracking The Code Of Creativity, conducted by Daniel Bonner, Razorfish’s global chief creative officer, and Will Sansom, director of Contagious Insider. In the most comprehensive analysis ever of Cannes Lions winner data, Bonner and Sansom explored whether there were any clear patterns that could inform companies’ creativity strategies. And they came up with some interesting find-

ings. The first was that there is no meaningful correlation between creative success and scale. Big budgets, big brands and wealthy countries have not been demonstrably more successful than their smaller counterparts — meaning “no more excuses about cost”, Bonner said. The second finding was that there is a proven connection between creativity and collaboration. Bigger creative

teams, long-term partnerships between agencies and brands, and multi-agency campaigns have all resulted in greater success in Cannes, Sansom said. Thirdly, companies that “kill the rock star” outperform those with an overly centralised creative structure. In other words, they are “more free from ego”, Bonner said. Bonner and Sansom also took some time out to have fun with the data, informing delegates that the most creative country in Cannes Lions history is New Zealand, while the most creative names are Marcello and Veronica. On a more sober note, they also found — based on Cannes Lions archive data — that the industry has made no progress in terms of getting women into senior creative roles over the last decade, with the percentage stuck just under 10%.    

“THERE is a good reason brands become defensive — trolls are revealing the truth,” said provocateur artist-activist Jani Leinonen at yesterday’s hasan & partners’ session, Can Trolling Be A Force For Good In Advertising? Leinonen (right), who made global headlines when he kidnapped and beheaded a Ronald McDonald statue, was joined on stage by hasan & partner’s CEO and executive creative director Eka Ruola (left) and chairman Ami Hasan to discuss the effect of trolling attacks on corporate giants, and how brands should respond    


Standing up for vertical video A NEW vertical video service for advertisers developed by Unruly, News Corp and Moat was launched yesterday in Cannes. The service was developed in response to an in-depth survey by Unruly of 6,000 people across 11 countries that revealed the huge and growing popularity of video-watching on mobile phones.

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“The numbers are impressive,” said Sarah Wood co-CEO and co-founder of Unruly. “Globally, 65.9% of people with smartphones watch at least three videos per week. But the number I find much more exciting is that 25% watch at least 10 videos per week. Equally interesting and relevant is that 53.4% of people hate revolving

their phone in order to watch a video — and that’s important to advertisers, because they need to talk to consumers in their own language.” News UK is to invest millions of pounds in original video content across its title portfolio in a major commitment to the medium. The publisher will create thousands of videos each

year across The Times, The Sunday Times, The Sun and The Sun on Sunday websites.





TEFAN Sagmeister, the New York-based Austrian design guru, demanded the international creative industry smartened up its act at the Adobe Experience session yesterday afternoon. If beauty is a key ingredient in creativity, then what he has seen in Cannes is an assault on the visual sense, he said: “Look at this s*** everywhere. We’re supposed to be creative people; we’re supposed to bring beauty into the world. But if my interns were to design a logo with half a lion’s head, I’d fire them.” He added: “Even if we don’t give a s*** about culture and it’s all about the money, the point I want to drive home is that our industry will work better if you embrace beauty. It will make you more successful and make you more wealthy. So why not make the world a beautiful place while you’re at it?” Sagmeister, co-founder of Sagmeister & Walsh, outlined five reasons why beauty matters in the creative businesses: beauty has always been part of being human; beauty changes our mood and influences how we behave; even when Alzheimer’s patients lose their sense of self, they still recognise beauty; beautifying an ugly place improves its functionality; and most cultures worldwide agree on what is beautiful.  

“This is a huge opportunity for brands to reach our engaged audiences in the context of fantastic, original video content,” said Dominic Carter, chief commercial officer of News UK. “We have already enjoyed significant success in campaigns for the likes of Morrisons and Doritos and, with this new investment in video content, we expect to see many more advertising partners joining us on this journey.”  

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