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We believe our challenges and contests will make it easy for you to determine if that expert is the right candidate for your project. ARE YOU TOO BUSY MAKING MONEY TO MAKE A FORTUNE?

Collaborating is the new currency! Co-Created by Joanne Weiland and Cathy Davis


Table of Contents Meet the authors of Engaging Experts: Cathy Davis,Founder / CEO Davis Creative…………………….....7 Davis Creative – Publishing Partners………………………….…..10 Dr. Maurya D Cockrell, DHPE, MHRM, SHRM-SCP, SPHR, EDAC, IAPMC....12 Deb Gaut, Chief Vision Officer Boomalally LLC…………………..16 Kay Uhles, Author, Coach, Editor…………………………………..20 Joanne Weiland, Chief Collaborations Officer LinktoEXPERT………….22 Where Would You Position yourself?...........................................26 Meet LinktoEXPERT Collaborative Cloud Community members: Cece Shatz, Doyenne Divorce, Dating Mentor in Radio TV WGSN-DB Going Solo Network...32 Elinor Stutz, Int’l Best-Selling Author, Speaker, Creative Sales Blogger………….34 Gary Loper, Twitter Expert, Business-Life Mindset Coach, Speaker, Trainer……..37 Jackie Lapin, Founder of SpeakerTunity® & SpeakerTunity Cities………………..40 Jess Tiffany, CEO, Marketing & Networking University & M.N.U. Digital………….44 Kathy Perry – Social Media Marketing Consultant……………….49 Rev. Lea Chapin – M.S.Ed, BS Psychology…………………..…..53 Mali Phonpadith, CEO SOARCoFounder SCN Nebula..TEDx Speaker…………54 Orly Amor, MBA, JD, CPM, CFM, BA, Speaker, Mentor, Coach, Author, Publisher....56 Women’s Empowerment Conference……………………………...57 Mike Gillespie – Inventor, Inventions Developer Brite Ideas…….61 Answers to Contests & Challenges……………………….…...…..62 Discovery Day………………………………………………………..66

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Engage with Experts is the companion interactive magazine meant to compliment the #1 International Best Seller book “Engaging Experts Your Guide to the People and Connections You Need to Go from Ordinary to Extraordinary”.

In the next few pages, you will meet some of the amazingly talented authors of Engaging Experts:

find your voice • share your story • make a difference “Navigating the Wild-Wild-West of Publishing” If you’ve been thinking about writing a book, but may not be sure where to start — start by joining us for one of Cathy’s highly informative presentations. Cathy Davis, with over 15 years experience working in the world of self-publishing, explains the myriad of options available to authors today. From do-it-yourself (DIY) and self-publishing to traditional publishing — with several buyerBE-AWARE options in-between. Cathy teaches that in today’s publishing world, it’s not about how well your book sells, it’s all about how well your book sells YOU. Attendees walk away with a better understanding of how to become a published author and learn more about how to: • Become the author-as-publisher • Minimize your financial investment • Maximize your return on royalties • Retain 100% of your profits • Secure ownership of your copyright • Access global distribution • Avoid self-publishing pitfalls

Experts hire us to use the power of publishing to build their brand, grow their business, and make a difference in the lives of the people they reach. Cathy L. Davis founded Davis Creative, LLC in January of 2004. Cathy spent most of her corporate career as Creative Director at Bank of America, marketing Trust Services to high-net-worth clients.

Offering Online or In-Person: • A 30 to 60 minute general info break-out session • A one-hour big-picture webinar • A two- to three-hour workshop, including the topics such as Author Brand Platform, Know Your Publishing Options, and Book Content that Sells

(Cathy’s) expertise allowed us to bring our book, “The Anatomy of Accomplishment” from concept to the bookshelf. (Her) leadership allows women everywhere an opportunity to participate in the empowering world of entrepreneurship.” Erin Joy Founder, CEO Black Dress Circle®

Cathy L. Davis

Founder, CEO & Creative Director. Creative Publishing Partner & Consultant. Designer, Dreamer, Imagineer, Publisher. Multiple #1 International Bestselling Author. International Speaker/Trainer.

Cathy and her team of veteran marketing professionals now share their expertise with a client base spanning the globe.

Working with you was one of the best decisions I made around getting my book published. Not being a natural author, (you) made the entire process easy and understandable. I think I have become addicted to writing based on my experience with (you)!”

Davis Creative is an integral part of the entire self-publishing process, and their knowledge, creativity and professionalism proved an invaluable asset to the final published book. I felt like they really cared about my book. I now use them for all my branding needs.”

Connie Whitman Whitman & Associates

Jayne Gardner, PhD, Author, Founder, Divine Intelligence Institute

As professional brand and author consultants, they help individuals and small business owners find their voice, write their story and make a difference in the world. Their books rival those produced by the top five publishing houses — without the big publishing company hassles. Clients include life coaches, therapists, trainers, mentors, physicians, educators, authors, speakers, new thought leaders, influencers, and a spectrum of professional service providers — all having one thing in common — they are making this world a better place. 888-598-0886 voice mail transcript 314-374-7481 text cathy@daviscreative.com



© Copyright, 2021. No part herein may be used, transmitted or altered without explicit written permission from Cathy Davis, DavisCreative.com



How to Spot an Engaging Expert

hen you are considering making a change in your personal life or in your business, you quite often turn to an expert to help you make that happen. We have all been through quite a few changes during this past year (2020); and perhaps, like me, you reached out to at least one new expert to help you navigate your next best steps. I started 2020 with the goal of up-leveling my financial services support. Even prior to the pandemic, I was on the hunt for a new bookkeeper, a new CPA, and was even considering changing banks. As we moved into a Spring 2020 quarantine, I elevated my hunt to my number one priority, reaching out for referrals and recommendations, and scheduling phone interviews. Although it took much longer than I expected, I eventually narrowed down my options and have moved forward with transitioning my business finances to new support staff. I learned a lot about looking for the experts I needed—there’s much more to being an expert than merely claiming the title and “hanging out a shingle.” An Engaging Expert brings with them a combination of education, experience, enthusiasm, and what I call “community collateral.” *****

Education Yes, it’s great to have the schooling and the extra alphabet letters behind a name, but there is much more to being an expert than four-plus years of college. What I’m talking about here is book-smarts and people-smarts, as well as ongoing real-life education. What additional courses, credentials, or adult learning experiences have they acquired since college? Who have they trained or mentored with? Can they carry on a normal conversation without resorting to their industry jargon?

Can they answer the questions I don’t even know to ask? In my exploration to find the financial support I wanted, I soon learned the trick was to find the Engaging Experts who could integrate their book-smarts with ongoing real-life experiences and more effectively help me reach my goals.

Experience I hate technology—almost as much as I despise bookkeeping. I know enough about each to recognize I’d rather be doing something else. I was on a mission to delegate out these tasks to people who had much more experience with them than I did. How long have they been working in their area of expertise? What does their client base look like? Who endorses their work? I was looking for Engaging Experts who have spent years honing their craft and could apply it in creative ways to help me streamline our processes. I needed to be able to trust them to handle the finances, do the work correctly (to keep the IRS happy), and keep me apprised of what I needed to know.

Enthusiasm Years ago, during my corporate years as a team leader for a group of creatives, I learned very quickly to only hire the happy campers. Happy attracts happy. Happy people exude excitement and enthusiasm about their topic of expertise and can usually talk non-stop about this “thing” they love. Their enthusiasm becomes the fuel of their existence and mirrors their commitment to sharing what they know. Engaging Experts don’t have to do what they do, they get to—which is why I knew I was looking for new (happy) financial services experts who were excited and eager to help—and would enthusiastically make my life easier. *****

Community Collateral The first thing I did once I identified the type of experts I needed was to ask trusted colleagues for referrals. Discussing my needs with peers helped me to narrow down more precisely what I was looking for; that is, people who were highly respected by their peers and clients. Street cred can be some of the best community collateral around. Experts who want to get noticed make sure they network with other experts and embed themselves in local and online communities. If someone was referred to me more than once, they got bumped to the top of my “Learn More” list. I soon had a credible short list of Engaging Experts who were highly regarded by their peers and viable candidates to help me grow our business. These three traits—education, experience, and enthusiasm—along with community collateral—allowed me to identify the perfect experts I needed to meet my immediate needs. ***** Engaging Experts, just like those found in this published collaboration, are willing to step up, stand out, and make a difference. Each one shines in their zone of expertise and is committed to helping you take your life and/ or your business from ordinary to extraordinary. No matter where you are in life or in business, these Engaging Experts are here to serve and enrich your day. Reach out (via the contact info and connection resources included in their bios at the end of each chapter). Each holds the magical combination of education, experience, enthusiasm, and community collateral you just might be looking for!

How to Spot an Engaging Expert Questionnaire 1. a. b. c. d. e.

What traits do engaging experts posses? Education Experience Enthusiasm Community collateral All of the above

2. a. b. c. d. e.

When you want to make a change in your life what will make your life easier? Delegate tasks your don’t enjoy Delegate tasks you love to do Excited & eager to help Make your life easier All of above

3. a. b. c. d. e.

What qualities do enthusiastic experts exude? They are happy They love what they do They are excited and eager to help They enjoy making your life easier All of the above

4. a. b. c. d. e.

What activities do Engaging Experts participate in? Network with other experts Embed themselves in local and online communities Continual education Learn from mentors All of the above

5. a. b. c. d.

Why hire an Engaging Expert? When you want to go from ordinary to extraordinary To get elected So you can watch more Netflix All of the above Cathy Davis is founder/CEO of Davis Creative Publishing Partners. After a corporate career as a creative director at Bank of America Trust, Cathy struck out on her own in Janu-ary of 2004. Originally offering brand-ing and design Services, Cathy pivoted the company in support of authors in 2007. The Davis Creative Publishing Partners division now helps speakers, trainers, consultants, and experts use the power of publishing as a marketing tool to grow their businesses. Cathy’s husband, Jack, joined the company in 2008 after almost 20 years at Fleish-man-Hillard, a global public relations firm. Together, they now use their decades of experience as visual and verbal communicators to help their cli-ents reap the benefits of publishing for both personal and business growth. cathy@daviscreative.com www.DavisCreative.com www.linkedin.com/in/cathyldavis www.facebook.com/DavisCreativeLLC w w w . y o u t u b e . c o m / c h a n n e l / UC5L1yOYzT0gPP-tXY02ltVA www.instagram.com/cathyl.davis

It’s not about how well your book sells . . . it’s ALL about how well your book sells YOU!© Your business involves helping others and you are at the forefront of making things happen for the greater good. You follow your passion, love what you do, and are ready to take your brand to a new level.

EXPERIENCE THE POWER OF PUBLISHING Establish Credibility • Attract More Clients Minimize Your Investment • Maximize Your Compensation Retain 100% of Your Profits • Maintain 100% of Your Copyright Access Global Distribution • Be the Thought-Leader in Your Industry





Identify the Best Path for You The self-publishing industry has exploded over the last decade, with authors now producing over 1,000,000 titles per year. Make sure your title stands out amidst the crowd.

Make Excellence a Priority Whether you are building your brand, helping others, or leaving a legacy for your family, you want your completed book to be high-quality and professionally-produced.

Look Good, Get Noticed You don’t have to do it yourself. Let our experienced Concierge Publishing Team of professionals help you find your voice, tell your story, and be seen as the expert you truly are.

Your finished book will . . . • Rival those produced by the top traditional publishers • Reflect professional bestpractice industry standards • Be customized to highlight your unique author platform • Be available as paperback, hardback, e-book, and/or Audible

Gain access to professional . . . •G hostwriting, editing, proofreading • Book design, illustration, photography • Author platform messaging • Branding and logo design • Printing, signage, and promotional materials • Social media & website support • Amazon Bestseller Campaigns • National media resources • Celebrity endorsements and reviews . . . and more

Tap into the power of publishing. As Concierge Publishing Consultants, we help you navigate the ever-changing publishing landscape, avoid self-publishing pitfalls, and share your message with the world.

888-598-0886 DavisCreative.com Cathy@DavisCreative.com


Is pa$$ive income in YOUR plan?

What if you hired an expert to assist you in creating new streams of income?

D R .

M A U R Y A D .


Dr. Maurya D. Cockrell is an established SDoH Solutionary™ from St. Louis, Missouri. She founded YKNOT Consulting™ in 2015. YKNOT Consulting is a boutique stewardship solutions firm specializing in consulting and coaching. Grounded in a stewardship philosophy, YKNOT offers comprehensive interdisciplinary solutions to economic, educational, social, wellness, and community challenges. YKNOT is also known for its annual Side Hustle Honors™ awards ceremony.




Human Resources Development Health Management Health Professions Education Spiritual Care Entrepreneurship Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion

Your words inspired me not to quit, always try to improve, and never stop learning. You were thought-provoking, thorough, fair, knowledgeable, generous, passionate, kind, determined, enthusiastic, well-spoken, disciplined, and flexible. K. Garrett

Maurya’s style was very professional with a lot of friendly warmth. Her knowledge and guidance propelled me to making a plan that excites me!!!!


https://linktr.ee/drmauryadominica info@consultyknot.com www.consultyknot.com

S. Heyward

You caused me to really dig deep within so that I may produce and provide an optimal experience for my clients and long term goals and experiences for myself.



The SDoH Solutionary

am pretty skeptical about the worklife balance concept. We are told to believe we must achieve a perfect balance between our professional and personal lives. Is it possible for each area of our lives to operate in a silo? My answer is no. I believe that we are interconnected, interdependent, and interrelated beings. As an INFJ (Introvert, Intuitive, Feeling, Judging personality type), I have one of the world’s rare personality traits. My ability to serve as a dreamer and doer allows me to identify problems and solutions uniquely. I am a profoundly relational being that sees the connection between people and the world around them. In this complex, entangled system of life, we encounter challenges daily. Issues of healthcare, job security, economic stability, housing, and social community are on our minds 24/7. I found my calling as “The Solutionary” because I am more than a problem-solver. I see unsuitable and unsustainable interconnected problems and use compassion and stewardship to design strategic, interdisciplinary solutions. Our lives impact the organizations we work for, which affects our communities, and impacts our society. As a coach and consultant, I have learned that the interplay between living, working, and learning determines my clients’ quality of life. Since we are interdependent beings, it is essential to understand the concept of advocacy. Advocacy is the act of supporting oneself, others, or social change. Life will always come with challenges and setbacks, but it is essential to understand our needs and be a champion for ourselves. We need self-advocacy strategies in the workplace, in our communities, and when it comes to our education and healthcare. For example, we need to advocate for stretch assignments, promotions, and raises in the workplace. Being able

to negotiate and explain our valuable contribution to the company is self-advocacy in action. In addition to looking out for our own best interests, we must include group advocacy. Remember, we are interconnected beings. Therefore, to have a successful organization, we should advocate for others when the opportunity arises. We should find joy in serving and fighting for the best treatment for others. Can you imagine the beautiful culture and climate we could create if we could only look past ourselves? Next, we can work on systems advocacy. This is how we change the world! Imagine living in a society where we review laws, policies, and procedures to ensure every individual feels valued, included, and empowered. There is a strong relationship between advocacy and stewardship. Stewardship is the responsibility for managing the resources we are given. It is advocacy in action that holds us accountable for the change we uphold in our lives, our organizations, and our communities. Stewardship also makes us responsible for one another. I am a firm believer that we should care for others and always leave the world a better place than how we entered it.

Takeaways: • You are your own best champion. Advocate for the life you have dreamed of and then pay it forward. • Stewardship is grounded in responsibility and accountability. In our interrelated world, we must take care of the resources we have (i.e., health, economic, environmental, social, and educational). As a coach, I guide my clients on a pathway to solutions with an interrelated approach. For example, I have worked with a client who struggled with job satisfaction and fulfillment. Through coaching, we addressed

what an ideal career environment would look like; and with that vision, we worked backward on a pathway to achieve her goals. The solution was not as simple as applying for an internal opening or leaving the company. Instead, we continued to analyze her strengths and weaknesses so she could ask her management for job enlargement. You see, the answer was not a vertical transition but a horizontal one that allowed her exposure to new tasks that reduced boredom. Keeping in mind the interplay of vocation and health, the solution allowed her to decrease burnout and absenteeism in the workplace. When looking at organizational health, many companies struggle to find solutions to toxic cultures and climates. Organizational culture is the employees’ shared set of values and beliefs, but the climate is how they experience the environment. It is the overall tone. While we spend countless hours and dollars focused on inclusion initiatives, we fail to focus on the actual results and changed behavior that stems from those initiatives. Executive leaders often contact my organization to conduct diversity training. When they do, I like to introduce my “Give, Lead, Open Opportunities, and Work” (GLOW) framework for corporate social responsibility. GLOW training is a comprehensive approach to diversity, equity, and inclusion (DEI). A comprehensive approach to DEI assesses how organizations give back to the community, become industry leaders for inclusiveness, provide opportunities for advancement to minorities, and create volunteer opportunities sponsored by the workplace. Viewing the workplace climate and community as interrelated sets my DEI programming apart from other organizations. With the GLOW framework, organizational leaders learn how to glean insight into what

their employees value and how to connect to their lives outside of work. Again, we are complex and interdependent beings. Social justice issues stem from stereotypes and biases developed from our upbringing and society. We cannot have the audacity to think employees perform efficiently and effectively when civil unrest is outside their front doors. Without allowing an employee to bring their whole self to work, how can the culture and climate genuinely change?

Takeaways: • Grab the steering wheel of your life. Use coaching as a mechanism to reach your professional and personal goals. • Do not settle on a job; instead, find a vocation. Tap into an organization where you can bring your whole being to work. And if you find yourself in a situation of misalignment, advocate for organizational equity and encourage leaders to have honest conversations about the culture and climate. • Follow the GLOW Framework: • Give • Lead • Open Opportunities • Work * Understand the importance of community. If you see someone in social isolation or lacking a supportive network, extend an invitation and be inclusive. A solutionary goes beyond the role of a problem-solver. Solutionaries are not fueled by curiosity but, instead, motivated by compassion and purpose. To us, situations, good and bad, are interconnected and require complex strategic solutions. In 2015, I founded YKNOT Consulting, a boutique stewardship solutions firm. At YKNOT, our solutions are comprehensive and interdisciplinary. We value the importance of working across various fields of expertise to re-envision problems and solutions. To every solution, we apply the same framework:

First, it is crucial to yield (produce). As advocates and stewards, we should always be in the mindset of producing good for ourselves, organizations, and society. Second, it is necessary to gain knowledge. Not only is it important to value traditional and non-traditional education, but it is also vital to gain an understanding of the challenges we are facing. For example, organizations cannot build a change management strategy without knowing the current work climate and the reason behind the need for change. Third, it is key to develop strong networks. As we discussed, as interconnected beings, we should have social, professional, and spiritual networks. We cannot reach our fullest potential if we are siloed. Fourth, it is important to review our outlooks to produce meaningful outcomes. As we often see in diversity and inclusion work, we cannot produce significant outcomes if we cannot change individuals’ outlooks. People must first become aware of their biases to learn how to reduce and eliminate them. Last, it is important to develop talent. No matter what stage we are in life, we should strive to find the talent within ourselves and others. If we cannot see our value and selfworth, it will be harder for others to see it. That said, being realistic, we all have moments of self-doubt. We are all designed with a specific and unique skill set, and we are destined to complete a pathway that no one else can. And if ever you need a little help finding that pathway, call me, The Solutionary.

Takeaways: When you notice someone is struggling with feeling valued, heard, and accepted, be the one to encourage them to use their gifts. When life throws obstacles your way, remember the values of advocacy and stewardship. Remember the YKNOT Framework • Yield • Knowledge • Networks

• Outlooks/outcomes • Talent

Best wishes on your YKNOT and GLOW journey. – Dr. Maurya.

Dr. Maurya D. Cockrell is an established SDoH Solutionary from St. Louis, Missouri. She holds a BS in health management from Saint Louis University, with a minor in theological studies, an MA from Webster University in human resources management, and a doctorate in health professions education from Logan University. She has received additional training and certifications, including Senior Professional in Human Resources (SPHR), SHRM Senior Certified Professional (SHRM-SCP), Evidence-Based Design (EDAC), Legal and Ethical Issues in Healthcare, Social Entrepreneurship, Executive Coaching, Career Coaching, and Human Resources Consulting. Dr. Cockrell uses serial entrepreneurship, education, and community collaboration to improve how people live, learn, work, and play. Dr. Cockrell founded YKNOT Consulting in 2015. YKNOT Consulting is a boutique stewardship solutions firm specializing in consulting and coaching. Grounded in a stewardship philosophy, YKNOT offers comprehensive interdisciplinary solutions to economic, educational, social, wellness, and community challenges. Dr. Cockrell is a proud member of Delta Sigma Theta Sorority, Inc. Dr. Maurya Dominica Cockrell 314-304-2051 info@consultyknot.com ConsultYKNOT.com https://linktr.ee/drmauryadominica

Riddle: Do you see what I see?


Deb Gaut Coach | Speaker | Writer | Entrepreneur Deb Gaut is a transformation and performance coach who helps people get unstuck; reconnect with their purpose, goals and dreams; design the life they want to lead; and achieve their job, career, and life goals. Her passion is helping people move boldly toward the future through high-performance, core-energy coaching.

The important thing to remember about accomplishing dreams is that doing so begins with a crystal-clear vision. What's YOUR vision?

Announcing Her Latest Book:

Morph, Pivot, Launch: Navigate Your Job Search in Turbulent Times Now Available at Amazon.com






Big, Bold, Audacious Change

wish I could tell you what happened that fateful day. Unfortunately, my mind persists in protecting me…so there’s still only darkness. Colleagues later shared bits and pieces. A worrying walk to lunch. A food tray left untouched. A sudden disappearance. A glimpse of a woman circling the parade ground. An ambulance ride to the hospital—all perplexing events. What I recall before that day is the arrival of a new senior executive who slowly and painstakingly dismantled everything we had built. And a protracted war of words over a direct order I had been given requiring unethical behavior on my part. (I refused to play.) Month upon month, he was sadistic and abusive. He seemed to relish in bringing us to our knees—so much so that all I could tell the doctors that day was, “My boss broke my head. My boss broke my head. My boss broke my head,” whispered over and over like some sacred mantra. Laugh-out-loud sad, but true. What I remember after returning to work is little more than a blur. I was experiencing lasting effects of transient global amnesia—my body’s way of coping with extreme mental and emotional anguish. I cannot remember how long I stayed in that job: weeks? months? longer? Ultimately, I was able to secure another position for a few more months, but by then I was well and truly broken. Survival instinct kicked in. I summoned the courage to walk away from a six-figure income, an organization that I loved, and a mission to which I had sworn an oath. I knew I would never work for anyone again except myself and would devote the rest of my life to helping others through challenging transitions. “Yeah, that happened. Now, move on.” – Mary Englebreit, Artist With forty-plus years of experience working in the business, government,

and academic worlds—and more than a few challenging personal and professional transitions—I have learned three universal truths about big, bold, audacious change. To survive and thrive, you must learn to: • Master your mindset • Energize the process • Hold fast to your dreams In fact, I so believe in the power of these truths that I spent eighteen months pursuing not one but three professional coaching certifications to help others accomplish these feats, then twelve months capturing them in a book called Morph, Pivot, Launch: Navigating Your Job Search in Turbulent Times. Following is a quick, crash course designed to introduce you to these three concepts.

Master Your Mindset Mastering your mindset requires deep inner work—and learning to trust and believe in YOU. A good place to begin is by answering the question, Who is the person I need to become to navigate this crisis and move boldly toward my dreams? The bigger and bolder your dreams, the more courageous, committed, and determined you must be to becoming that person. Resolving to become a “marathoner” is a perfect example. If you dream of running 26.2 miles and have only run short distances, you will need to become someone who thinks, plans, trains, and acts like a marathoner: fiercely committed; fanatical about building strength and endurance; keenly aware of the mental fortitude required to conquer long runs (and treat rest days as actual training days); and inordinately patient, knowing it takes time to build a proper foundation. For a runner, that means a year of running three to four times per week to create a solid base before launching into a marathon training program.

Take a moment and think about the person you need to become to follow your dreams. What thoughts do you need to think? What plans do you need to develop? What actions do you need to take to make your vision a reality?

Energize the Process Being successful in any worthy endeavor requires knowing that our energy and engagement are a direct function of our thoughts, because our thoughts drive our feelings and our feelings drive our actions. Think about the incredible power of this simple statement. If you think you can do something awesome, then you will do everything in your power to actualize that goal or objective. If you think you cannot, then you “can’t” and “won’t” because you will devote little or no energy to making it happen. The more powerful and focused your thoughts, the more committed and enthusiastic you will be about a task at hand. The more excited you become about what you are doing, the more engaged you will be with the process. In short, as energy increases, engagement increases. The two are inextricably bound. Crazy, right? Remember how the process works: thoughts g feelings g actions.

Hold Fast to Your Dreams When considering a major job, career, or life transition, we often begin with a singular goal in mind (e.g., escaping a terrible boss, finding more satisfying work, leaving a volatile relationship). Such a longing for change is completely understandable. However, in the process, we can easily limit our thinking to the immediate situation without considering our hopes and dreams for the future. The difference is enormous—like playing checkers instead of chess. Using “big-picture, blue-sky thinking,” we can widen the

aperture and plan short-term and long-term steps more strategically. Big-picture, blue-sky thinking essentially involves three tasks: (1) creating a “bucket list” of wishes (i.e., meaningful, exciting, rewarding things you want to do, experience, and accomplish); (2) developing a threeyear vision that includes the high-level steps you will take to accomplish that vision; and (3) identifying the memories you want to make in the process. The latter will give you a sense of equilibrium and help you focus on a more “in the moment” approach to creating your immediate future. Why include your bucket list of wishes in the mix? Because if you start with a well-defined list, you can easily identify the steps to get the ball rolling and create a plan to make your wishes come true sooner. For example, if you have always wanted to be a foster parent for a dog or cat, why not learn about the process now? A quick Google search nets the following six steps recommended by Petfinder.com: “(1) Find shelters and rescue groups near you; (2) Contact the organization about their foster needs and for a foster application; (3) Evaluate applications carefully (and ask good questions - e.g., Who is responsible for paying vet and food bills?); (4) Complete application process; (5) Bring home your foster dog (or cat); and (6) Smile and cry at the same time when he (or she) finds his (or her) forever home.” Experiencing forward movement with a single wish can fire up your energy and engagement in other areas of your life and transition (i.e., a job search or career change). Start dreaming and start doing. Taking little steps count. Similarly, crafting a clear threeyear vision statement can make all the difference according to world-class executive coach, Rich Litvin. If you long to make a living while traveling the world, then write it down. If you yearn to make a difference for children in war-torn nations, then write it down. Let that dream serve as the foundation

of your three-year vision, then work backwards in time from there. What would you need to be doing two years from now, one year from now, six months from now, three months from now, and one month from now to make your vision a reality? Write it down. This exercise isn’t for the faint of heart. It’s for dreamers and doers who are passionate about taking control of their destinies.

Finally, consider memories you want to create in the coming year. With no guarantees for the future, planning memories you want to make NOW for yourself (and with your family, friends, and loved ones) will keep you grounded and excited—whether that’s skydiving, hiking the Appalachian Trail, or tucking your children into bed every night. Taking time to articulate your desired memories can help you stay present in the moment, especially when you’re going through difficult times. Mastering your mindset, energizing the process, and holding fast to your dreams are the truths I have discovered in my own life. If you want or need help with a big transition, reach out to a career | transition coach. We can help.

As a transformation and performance coach, Deb Gaut brings a passion and vitality to helping others reconnect with their dreams and energize their careers. Her personal journey tells the story of bold moves and successful transitions—from academia to business, government, and entrepreneurship. After 9/11 and thirty-plus years as a university professor, trainer, and consultant, Deb joined the US Department of Defense for seven years. Throughout her career, she has enjoyed teaching and mentoring others in strategies, knowledge, and skills to effectively pursue their careers. “I’m devoted to helping people leverage the remarkable power of visualization, mindset, and core energy to do what they really love,” says Deb. Today, in addition to her thriving coaching practice, she is a speaker, writer, and founding editor of Boomalally Magazine. Deb holds a PhD in communication and three professional coaching certifications. Her most recent book is titled Morph, Pivot, Launch: Navigate Your Job Search in Turbulent Times. deb@boomalally.com debgaut.life MorphPivotLaunch.com boomalally.com linkedin.com/in/deborah-gaut/

What If You Could Make Money While You Are $leeping?


Kay Clark Uhles ‘‘

I am passionate about writing and preserving memoirs/life stories. Perhaps that’s because stories of my parents, aunts, uncles, and grandparents are gone—forever!

Everyone has a story to tell . . . I can help you tell YOURS! AUTHOR •M JSM: Before 1925 through 1947 MEMOIR

(Name redacted to protect privacy; memoir in private collection.)

• Parts, Pieces & Particulars: A Primer for Single Moms Raising Boys and Single Dads Raising Girls CONTRIBUTING AUTHOR, EDITOR, AND WRITING COACH: • F earless and Fabulous: Finding Your Way through Change and Beyond •B right Spots: Motivation and Inspiration to Light Your Path in a Changing World Free offer: A 30-minute coaching session to brainstorm your memoir/life story or book ideas with Kay! CONTACT ME for signed books or to claim your FREE OFFER! kayclarkuhles.com or mindwise.soulworks@gmail

Enter promo code “I have a story to tell” in the subject line.

Working with Kay was effortless! She was helpful in guiding me through the editing process. She had many wonderful suggestions to help me with my content and was very patient with me through the entire process. I’d definitely hire her again! Danelle Brown Queen Bee Consulting


Kay is a rock star in helping organize authors’ thoughts, creating clear outlines, and editing the chapters quickly and efficiently. Finally, Kay made the entire experience fun and easy. What more could you ask for in a coach/editor? Connie Whitman, MBA CEO of Whitman & Associates, LLC Author, ESP (Easy Sales Process)


Kay was diligent and thorough as an editor and great as a writing coach, strategically nudging me to revisit and refine while cheering me on. She is great as both an editor and coach! Therisia “Trish” Hall, M.Div. Center for Spiritual Living Metro, Washington DC area

‘‘ ‘‘

I was thrilled and terrified to be asked to write a chapter in a new anthology. Kay took the time to listen and calm my nerves. With Kay’s guidance, I finished my chapter that authentically tells MY story. Jules Karagiannis Espresso Yourself Coffee & Café

Kay added much more than punctuation and grammatical edits. Her coaching and direction allowed me to focus on the book’s content from the reader’s point of view, which improved the flow and cohesiveness of the story line. Kay is an absolute pleasure to work with, and I look forward to our next project together. Lyn Morris Author, Repurposed Life

How many elves do you see?



magine the energy of a thousand people attending the world renowned “Speak and Grow Rich,” four-day, intensive conference, held in the midst of a cold winter month in sunny Florida. What happened there was almost unbelievable! Unbeknownst to each, four former comrades were attending the same conference. Connie was shocked when she saw Sam at the snack bar; Willie was thrilled when he was behind Nancy in the lunch line; Nancy and Connie were delighted to find themselves in the same ladies’ room during a break. Five years earlier, each having spent ten-plus years in the industry, these four seasoned co-workers communicated often, sharing ideas, frustrations, and wins on their weekly sales and marketing calls. Unfortunately, they had lost track of each other. When Nancy saw Connie, she told her she had run into Willie. “Your kidding?” Connie said. “Sam is here too!” Well, that calls for a reunion, the ladies agreed. Connie, the “Connector,” scheduled a get-together for drinks after the last session of the day. In the hotel lounge, they embraced, laughed, and shared what had been happening in their lives for the past half decade. Sam had moved to St. Louis; Willie was still in DC; Nancy was temporarily in Colorado; Connie was grateful to be in Florida and out of the New Jersey cold. The foursome reminisced about working in corporate America and competing against undercutting rivals; they also recalled competing against each other in meeting monthly sales goals. Willie said, “Remember when we created a contest between us to see who could reach six figures first within twelve months!”

Go for the Green Sam said softly, “Yes, we made games to ease the stress.” “Since then, we all have been laid off, downsized, right-sized, or left to ‘be our own bosses,’” said Nancy. “None of us ever reached $100K!” “Yes,” Connie spoke up. “I did in 2012! The Bradley deal closed after I had stayed in touch through their mergers and acquisitions. Have any of you reached $100K on your own?” No, no, and no, they all said shaking their heads. Then came a stream of reasons why they had not been able to enjoy the benefits of being a $100K entrepreneur: • I never liked cold calling. • I hate going to useless networking meetings. • I spend a lot of my time on proposals and never hear back from prospective clients. • Social media sucks; it takes too much time. • I would follow up if I had a client relationship management (CRM) package. • I have lots of ideas but I get distracted and don’t know how to monetize them. “What if we create a new competition,” Willie said. “Call it, ‘Go for the green.’” Throughout the conference, this group of four had learned conventional wisdom from many well-known experts. Willie summarized the top five insights of becoming a successful entrepreneur: 1. Create products and services/ active, passive, and residual income. 2. Build a website. 3. Network, network, network—continually build your list. 4. Create alliances/partnerships/joint ventures with colleagues/affiliates/ vendors.

5. Be seen on stages. Be heard in interviews. Be known as the “expert.” Okay. Game on! They agreed and planned to meet on Zoom in 120 days to review their progress. Sam, the introvert of the group, moved into a downtown skyscraper. He was proud to get his name and company’s name on the marque for all to see. He built alliances with the tenants in the building without having to interact with them—except on the elevator! Nancy decided to build her list and became known as the “Networking Queen.” Sometimes she participated in three networking meetings per day, paying catering charges of $20 to $150 for each. She collected several hundred business cards over those few months. Willie followed the advice of a conference expert who had said to create a website that includes a blog, interviews, video presentations, and an online store. For the next ninety days, he worked with web developers, designers, and programmers to create his own website. After doing all that, he was surprised he wasn’t getting many visitors. Connie, as the Connector, decided to join a collaborative cloud community. She moved into her own website in just a few hours. Every week she created new blogs, videos, electronic products, and services which were distributed to the database of executives, entrepreneurs, event professionals, experts, and media. Her messages reached tens of thousands of decision-makers on social media platforms, like Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn. She was interviewed in more publications, and on more radio and podcast shows in four months than she had been in five years. She was in the limelight, being seen, heard, and known as the expert by spending five minutes a week at a fraction of the cost it would take to do it herself. Additionally, the community elevated her reputation as the expert in

her field. She was winning awards to confirm it. The most exciting part was she could focus on what she loved and did best! Who do you think was the first to reach the green? Is it time for YOU to go for the green?

Note from the Author (the “Connector”) I hope you enjoyed my almost true story that reflects what I experienced when transitioning from a corporate job to becoming an entrepreneur. It takes courage to go out on your own and leave the comfort of a paycheck—or worse, get thrown out of the nest by being laid off, downsized, or right-sized. You might feel worthless for some time, like I did. Don’t worry. It is part of the process. It is scary entering the unknown. You will encounter issues and will hear some of the same advice we heard at the conference. But conventional wisdom has its own problems. I have solutions: Conventional Wisdom #1: Create products and services/active, passive, and residual income. • Challenge: “I was always told to diversify but I remained stuck with one stream of income.” “I never liked cold calling.” “I have lots of ideas but I get distracted and don’t know how to monetize them.” • Solution: Create products and services that produce a stream of income. Develop active, passive, and residual income by working with ghost writers, publishers, and editors in creating books, white papers, e-tips, and/or e-courses. Conventional Wisdom #2: Build a website. • Challenge: “I was embarrassed to send prospective clients to my homemade website; it looked like a third-grader made it.” “I would follow up if I had a CRM package.” • Solution: Hire experts to build a professional-looking website you are proud to claim and where your blogs, videos, podcasts, radio interviews, products, and services are

in one place. Build in the ability to manage your emails and regular contacts with clients to maintain your rapport. Conventional Wisdom #3: Network, network, network—continually build your list. • Challenge: “I hate going to useless networking meetings.” “Occasionally, I would send out a newsletter to about 350 of the contacts I met at networking meetings.” • Solution: Consider being featured in a newsletter amongst other experts, which is automatically distributed to your own list of customers and tens of thousands of prospective. Caveat: Keep your database updated; it is your goldmine. Conventional Wisdom #4: Create alliances/partnerships/joint ventures with colleagues/affiliates/vendors. • Challenge: “I have been told about the value of forming alliances, joint ventures, of becoming affiliates with colleagues and vendors. But I never found the time to make it a reality.” “I spend a lot of my time on proposals and never hear back from prospective clients.” “Social media sucks; it takes too much time.” • Solution: Fortunately, extraordinary experts, affiliates, and vendors who want to work together on projects, form alliances, and make money together are members of the collaborative cloud community. Conventional Wisdom #5: Be seen on stages. Be heard in interviews. Be known as the “expert.” • Challenge: “I felt like an imposter (Who do I think I am? The authority?).” • Solution: The collaborative cloud community creates alliances/partnerships with the media—radio show hosts, podcasters, newswires, publications to showcase you, which elevates your status to be known as the expert worldwide. These organizations have access to networks of executives, entrepreneurs, event professionals, experts, and the media, all wanting to collaborate.

In essence, there are easier ways for you to go for the green. And the “Connector” created them! Along with the above, have faith in yourself, take action to do what you love and live the life of your dreams. I dare you.

Joanne Weiland invents industries. She is the founder of LinktoEXPERT Collaboration Cloud Community, which connects executives, entrepreneurs, event professionals, and the media worldwide. LinktoEXPERT assists clients in taking their businesses online, securing more speaking engagements, and creating more streams of income. Through Collaboration Cloud Community, clients can find an expert, review their credentials, and hire them in minutes. Members of this online community create their messages; and LinktoEXPERT, with its unique database exchange program, distributes them to decision-makers all over the world. Joanne persistently networks, building relationships and joint ventures. She is continually interviewed on podcasts and radio shows worldwide and was a “growth hacker” before she knew that measuring marketing results was growth hacking. Joanne encourages everyone to be all they are designed to be. Be seen. Be heard. Be known worldwide with ease! jweiland@LinktoEXPERT.com https://www.LinktoEXPERT.com https://www.JoanneWeiland.LinktoEXPERT.com https://www.linkedin.com/in/jweiland h t t p s : / / w w w. f a c e b o o k . c o m / LinktoEXPERT https://twitter.com/LinktoEXPERT www.youtube.com/mylinktoexpert 727.791.7338 phone 727.243.9453 text

“Go for the Green” Quiz Consider Reading Joanne Weiland’s story “Go for the Green” in Engaging Experts book What did you learn from “Go For the Green”? Take the short multiple choice quiz: 1. What are the names of the 4 colleagues? a. Nancy, Sam, Bill & Lucy b. Sam, Nancy, Harry & Judy c. Willie, Sam, Connie & Nancy d. Connie, Fred, Claud & Fran 2. Which is one of the five insights of becoming a successful entrepreneur? a. Create products and services/ active, passive, and residual income. b. Build a website. c. Network, network, network— continually build your list. d. Create alliances/partnerships/ joint ventures with colleagues/ affiliates/ e. Vendors. f. Be seen on stages. Be heard in interviews. Be known as the “expert.” g. All of the above

3. What state did the 4 experts unite in? a. Alabama b. California c. Connecticut d. Delaware e. Washington f. Florida 4. What floor was Sam’s office on? a. 44th b. 33th c. 26th d. 12th e. Unknown 5. How many business cards did Nancy collect? a. Dozens b. Hundreds c. Thousands 6. How long did it take for Willie’s team to build a website? a. 90 days b. 9 weeks c. 9 months

7. How long did it take Connie to move into the Collaborative Cloud Community? a. Few hours b. Few weeks c. Few months 8. Which expert do you believe won the Go for the Green contest? a. Sam b. Nancy c. Connie d. Willie

Go for the Green! Find the word in the puzzle. Words can go in any direction. Words can share letters as they cross over each other. E S E R P S M V G J D E Y B G




blog clients figure green interview trust






challenge entrepreneur Florida income lounge website






claim go intensive podcast winter expert

“I m agine holding the key to Success”

“Collaboration is the K ey”

Where would you position yourself? Imagine what your clients, prospects and peers will think when they see you amongst well known people in your industry/field….You will be known as the Celebrity Expert! Strategically position your Celebrity Globe in prominent places such as: • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • •

your email & text signatures business cards newsletters website your Blogs car magnets t-shirts & mugs banners & posters retreat signage & flags postcards, direct mail pieces stationary, notecards & envelops press releases & news announcements programs, fliers, buttons, presentation folders submit every time you are featured in publications interviewed on radio, podcast, internet TV & TV shows invitations to events, seminars, webinars, conferences your social media banners (Twitter, LinkedIn, Facebook & Instagram, etc.)

Tel: (727) 791-7338 • Fax: (727) 791-8187 P.O. Box 686 • Safety Harbor, FL 34695 • www.LinktoEXPERT.com

Creating Celebrity Experts


“I m agine holding the key to Success”

“Collaboration is the K ey”

Would you like your own celebrity globe? It’s easy! 1. Email Info@LinktoEXPERT.com Subject line: Celebrity Globe Order 2. Tell us the website URL you want on your globe 3. State the page # of the Celebrity Globe template from our Celebrity Experts Only Magazine 4. Attach the photos you would like to include in your Celebrity Globe (If you are a LinktoEXPERT member, simply upload your photos on your LinktoEXPERT Photo Gallery with a description of who is in the photo. We can pull the photos from there!) 5. Send your payment via PayPal jweiland@Commanding-View.com or call us with your credit card information (727) 791-7338 6. We make you look like a Celebrity Expert!

Your Celebrity Globe Investment Options 4 photos………….………..$147 12 photos…………….……..$247 8 photos……………...……$197 16 photos…..……...…....….$297 Photo cropping and editing available for an extra charge. Rates, dates, and/or specs may be changed at any time at the discretion of LinktoEXPERT. Content placed at the discretion and approval of LinktoEXPERT.

Bonus for LinktoEXPERT members:

we will create a 2nd Celebrity Globe with your LinktoEXPERT url for


Tel: (727) 791-7338 • Fax: (727) 791-8187 P.O. Box 686 • Safety Harbor, FL 34695 • www.LinktoEXPERT.com

Be Seen, Be Heard Be Known

www.LinktoEXPERT.com Your Network of Networks


LinktoEXPERT makes it easy for self-reliant business owners to enjoy the benefits of being interdependent. The Collaborative Cloud Community’s unique database exchange program elevates each members’ status by consistently and frequently showcasing their expertise to executives, entrepreneurs, event professionals, experts and the media automatically around the world for them. About LinktoEXPERT – Imagine being known as the authority in your field. Together we elevate you to celebrity status by magnifying your message, amplifying your brand which makes you a media magnet. Results you and your expertise are seen, heard and known worldwide. Introducing a few members of the LinktoEXPERT Collaborative Cloud Community…

w e N Going Solo Community - Singles Connection Site Relationship Loss/Divorce*Transition Into Dating*Dating "with interactive social support"


Have you ever played a mosaic instrument?

Elinor Stutz CEO of Smooth Sale, Author and Inspirational Speaker Motivate and Inspire Audiences At Your Next Convention - Hire Elinor! "Elinor Stutz's personal brand is one of elegance, class, and knowledge. Her elegance and class come through in every conversation with her.” - Jim Beach, Host of School for Startups Radio


“Trust is the Soul of Sales”

Believe, Become, Empower As I lay on a stretcher with a broken neck a gold light slowly covered my entire body. Next, two visions appeared directing me on how to lead a better life. The surgeon said, “best case paralysis” but I instantly knew that with Belief in wellness, Becoming the speaker envisioned, and working to Empower audiences far and wide, I would walk out of the hospital. The entire staff on duty referred to me as “the walking miracle.”

How to Build A Global Audience My entire sales career was spent pursuing clientele. The moment social media was announced, I thought to myself, “Finally my wish come true - audiences will pursue me!” With the right strategies in place audiences will learn how Stutz made her wish come true.

Sales On A Higher Plane “When you walk in integrity, you never have to change your story” is one of Stutz’ favorite tweets out of the thousands she created. She advises audiences the first sale does not matter compared to creating a returning and referring clientele. Accordingly, she has built loyal clients and audiences worldwide.

About Elinor

Elinor Stutz, CEO of Smooth Sale, delivers inspirational keynotes at conferences. She authored three books: The International Best-Selling book, “Nice Girls DO Get the Sale: Relationship Building That Gets Results”, and community service led to the writing of her second best-selling book, “HIRED!” Her third book, The Wish: A 360 Business Development Process to Fuel Sales, provides readers with a comprehensive plan for building a worldwide audience. Kred.com proclaimed Stutz as a Top 1% Influencer. CEO World Magazine named Stutz as one of “The brightest sales minds to follow on Twitter”. Bizzhum and NowISeeIt both named the Smooth Sale Blog as one of the “Top 100 Most Innovative Sales Bloggers.” Stutz consults and speaks worldwide.

Past Conferences International Women's Day, A Global Event Powerful Women International, Paris France Michigan Women and CEED, International Virtual Assistant Association Society of Government Meeting Planners National Convention • MoneyFest Conference Hosted by The Learning Annex • Women Small Business Expo • • • • •

"I was so impressed with you while I was talking with you at the CBEA conference when I purchased your books and CD's. Your unique way of paying attention to me really made me feel valued. I felt a sense of honor and dignity was given to me throughout the transaction. Although it was just a brief moment, I felt I have encountered a breath of crisp fresh air in a wonderful Autumn morning in that conference room.” - Joshua Chao, Associate, Good TV Taiwan and China

Connect and Book Elinor

SmoothSale Elinor Stutz FuelSales


Email: Elinor@smoothsale.net

Elinor Stutz

Elinor Stutz

Website: www.smoothsale.net


Phone: 408 209 0550

What is the difference between these two targets? Are you hitting your targets?

What is different?

(hint: on the shelves)

How to Take Advantage of Virtual Networking to Grow My Business By Jackie Lapin In-room networking is great, but our world is changing and many people are preferring to meet business associates from the comfort of their home So lead generation from your desk is paramount today. The next best thing to face-to-face is Virtual Networking Opportunities—specifically designed to give you access to new prospects and partners in an online environment…Either in one large group or in breakout meetings. My name is Jackie Lapin and I like to help you maximize your Virtual Networking Opportunities. It’s a different kind of experience without a hand shake, business card exchange and maybe even a hug. But virtual networking can be as effective or even MORE effective than live, in-room networking. One reason is that you may be exposed to a larger number of people in onlineintroductions than in one-to-one meetings where you connect over a lunch table or cocktails. Furthermore, you have a greater opportunity to attract clients from outside of your local community. In today’s breakout meeting opportunities, you can connect with 5 to 15 people at a time! And tell them all what you do in a few well-chosen words! Followed up by an invitation to meet individually or make everyone a free offer! It’s like having a megaphone, and getting the attention of a full crowd! And just think what happens with you have from 3 to 15 breakout meetings during a conference. Your connection possibilities go WAY up! Some new technologies are even taking a speed-dating approach—7 minutes to tell your story and you are on to the next! So to make this an effective strategy for you, let’s look at best practices. Let’s review Technology for starters. You really don’t need more than a good webcam and either a built in or stand-alone microphone. But make sure the resolution is high quality and the camera lens has been wiped clean. I recently was on two calls where the user’s screen looked fuzzy, only to discover it hadn’t been used in a long time and there was grunge on the camera lens.

Lighting is a bigger issue for most folks. Make sure you are well lit and there are no shadows or glaring lights from windows. A good idea is to get an inexpensive photography or selfie ring light and place it behind your screen, shining directly back on you. You can get a $36 ring light from Amazon that will work for this purpose. Just disregard the cell phone camera holder. Now let’s talk about Preparing for events. One thing that will save a lot of time is creating a handy word document with your contact information—name, phone, email, website and if you wish to provide it, a short calendar link-all in advance. This way you can cut and paste it again and again without having to waste the time typing it each time..and you can focus on the people and not the chat box. Also, keep in mind with Zoom events, that when you go to put content into the chat box, it is not LIVE unless you put the https:// in front of it. Always remember to do this when putting a webpage in the chat box. Another thing you may wish to do is have an irresistible free offer – an online information product or other item that will capture people’s email addresses. You should have this set up in advance… You may stop with just securing a name and email from someone with your free offer, or you may send them into a product funnel. Either way, people love free stuff, and offering it in a virtual networking environment is a nice gesture of generosity, even if there is an ulterior motive behind. Again, make it a short url. If you have an account with zoom, note that you can change your name identification, and it’s a good idea to augment your name with either an email, or perhaps an identifying slogan. Mine says “Leads & Strategies to Get Booked.“ But if you use your email, people can grab it while seeing you on screen -- even if they don’t see your contact information because the chat box is scrolling so fast. A word about virtual backgrounds…be careful that they are not distracting. I, for example, can’t use one because my curly hair pixelates and makes me looking like I am coming and going from outer space. Natural backgrounds are better if they are neat and attractive. Virtual ones are OK, but check to see if the images are too stark or distracting before committing to them. And while everything is pretty casual today, you are dealing with prospective future clients that you want to respect you, so dressed it up just a tiny bit—a shirt rather than a t-shirt, a little makeup or lipstick for women helps when the light’s directly on you, solid flattering colors rather than stripes or patterns. Now let’s chat about making yourself visible. Before you get on board or in the opening minutes, try to get familiar with the ground rules. Every event is different. Do they introduce everyone; does the host do a promotional pitch before the rounds of networking; are you allowed to unmute and make comments or must you wait to be invited. Once you can see the lay of the land, you can see what the opportunities are. Sometimes, it’s great just to post hellos and introduce yourself to the other attendees in the chat box. You can do shout-outs for others you know and support them to the rest of the community—verbally or in the chat box.

Look for ways you can speak up in the context of the conversation where you make a point to say your name, your company and what you do and then comment in a non-promotional away, based on your expertise. Offer perspective and advice as an expert. And by the way, keep your explanation of what you do to a couple of words—a short version of your elevator pitch. No one likes to hear one of the participants wander around giving chapter and verse about what they do. People have very, very short attention spans and it will count against you if you drown on. So get it honed down before you are log on. When you get into breakout rooms. If they need a moderator or time keeper, a great way to get to know people is to take that role. Everyone loves the moderator if you are kind and gentle in keeping people to the timetable. And you get to choose if you go first or last! The host will likely set the time allowed for each presenter, and may even determine the order of commentary. A common one is to do one round of introductions, followed by what you might need (your ask) or what you want to offer (something you will do for or make available to others.) Don’t forget to post your contact info in the chat and encourage everyone else to do so, as well. If you have a second screen like I do, I keep an ongoing excel file open, recording everyone I’ve met, their contact information, a word to remember what they do, and lastly do I want to meet with them or if they want to meet with me. It’s easy to cut and paste from the chat box. The last thing you may want to do –especially if you don’t have a second screen—is to save the chat box. On zoom, you are able to do it from the three little dots at the bottom right of the chat box..Press it and it will open a file that you can save on your computer. I suggest you have a folder already prepared where you can store it, and identify the event and date when you save it in the folder. Now, this sounds like a pretty good idea, yes? If you like to get access to a continually growing list of recurring low cost or no cost virtual networking events, SpeakerTunity™ Recurring Virtual Networking Update has been created to make it easy to find these leads. SpeakerTunity™ has assembled 150+ events that welcome guests. Learn more at www.speakertunity.com/update. To inspire new ideas about free offers you might want to make during virtual networking events, download this free ebook: 44 Ways to Seduce Your Next Client from Stage, Podcasts, Radio Shows, Virtual Summits and Virtual Networking.

Jackie Lapin is the Founder of SpeakerTunity, The Speaker & Leader Resource Company, providing leads, tools and strategies for leaders, coaches and entrepreneurs to get booked for speaking engagements, radio shows, podcasts, virtual summits and virtual networking. • • • • •

Website: www.SpeakerTunity.com Virtual Networking Opportunities: www.SpeakerTunity.com/Update.com 60 Regional Speaker Lead Directories: www.SpeakerTunityCities.com Speaker Booking System: www.Speakertunity.com/success Contact Jackie: TheFolks@SpeakerTunity.com

How many square Jell-O molds do you see?

Of what, is the Cat in the Hat made?


The E-Learning Marketing System™ is the most powerful and dynamic do -it-yourself client attraction program ever created We created this program with the perfect combination of online resources, tools and support to get you out of any financial distress you're presently experiencing.


What is this?

Do you have the perfect candidates for your project?

Imagine Executives, Entrepreneurs and Experts working together!

Feel the Confidence of Knowing Your Team is Behind You

Are you targeting your best client? Are you attracting prospective clients? Are you leveraging the power of Facebook advertising? Get Kathy's 52 Social Media Tips Free e-book here: www.52socialmediatips.com

About Kathy Perry: As a Social Media & Facebook Advertising Consultant, Kathy Perry is known for taking the Eek! Out of Geek. Kathy works with Business Owners to MAXIMIZE every dollar spent in Marketing, to get more clients/orders, using today's available Social Media Technology at a Fraction of the Cost of Traditional Media. She is a featured BrainTrust member on the Small Business Advocate Radio Show and is a University of Tampa MBA Leadership Coach. Kathy is a leader in the Personal Growth Industry and co-authored the successful book "Stepping Stones to Success" with best-selling authors Deepak Chopra and Jack Canfield, among others. As an Energy Empowerment Coach, Kathy shares energy tips, tools & ideas to help reduce stress and overwhelm that might be hindering success.



Win a Free 7 minute strategy session to discuss How to Grow your Business with Facebook Advertising Increase your lead generation, raise your revenue and decrease cost per click WIN a private discussion with Kathy Perry Enter here: www.publication.com. Want a delicious cup of coffee during your session with Kathy include your physical address & we will send you a sample.

What is missing?

(hint on clothes rack)

Find an Expert in the Cloud, Not the Crowd

Spiritual Life Coaching with soul-seer Lea Chapin Do you feel stuck and unable to reach your desired goals? Do you feel uncertain of your life path and soul mission? Do you wish you could change your life circumstances? Do you want to develop your innate intuitive abilities?

Life is meant to be lived with happiness, joy, and ease. When you change your mental perspective, you can manifest the life you deserve. My spiritually-focused life coaching sessions can help you receive the clarity you need to live in balance and at ease. I am able to clairvoyantly see the energies surrounding the soul that are not in harmony and bring you that information so you may understand your soul path and how to best navigate your life’s journey. Rev. Lea Chapin is an inspirational spiritual counselor and teacher with over 38 years’ experience as a psychotherapist and channel for the Ascended Masters. She helps her clients understand the root cause of their life challenges and personal issues with a renewed, positive spiritual perspective. Lea Chapin is the author of The Twelve Mastery Teachings of Christ and most recently, Divine Union: The Love Story of Jesus and Mary Magdalene.




FROM WAR REFUGEE TO ENTREPRENEUR Mali Phonpadith is the CEO of SOAR Community


Network and Cofounder of SOAR Nebula. She is a #1 International Bestselling Author, TEDx Speaker, Certified Talent Optimization Leader, C3 Community Architect and Builder of Compassionate, Cohesive & Collaborative Communities within growing companies and mission-driven organizations.

At SOAR Community Network (SCN) we are on a mission to help our clients build communities not


workforces. Our C3 Community Framework was designed to help growing organizations develop

Compassionate leaders, design Cohesive and Collaborative cultures that increase


engagement, improve innovation and drive business results. We do this by partnering with clients to map their strategic priorities, optimize talent with proven science and align the right technology to the business objectives and the work to be done.

Hire Mali to speak or help build C3 Communities within your organization.

Contact info@soarcommunitynetwork.com.


https://soarcommunitynetwork.com info@soarcommunitynetwork.com @MaliPhonpadith @SoarCommunityNetwork

Keep climbng!

- Collaborating with experts When you delegate projects to others that have the education, experience, expertise and connections in that area, you can focus on what you do best and enjoy the lifestyle you deserve.

Imagine Celebrating...

...Celebrate every time your ideas become realities!

Wait! Wait! I Will Tell You the Answers Yummy How many layers in this parfait? Eight and a half How to Spot an Engaging Expert Answers to Quiz 1. e 2. a 3. e 4. e 5. a Umbrellas on the Ceiling Riddle: Do you see what I see? Four eyes 3 Elves How many elves do you see? Two or Three – Your choice Go for the Green Answers to Quiz 1. c 2. f 3. f 4. e 5. b 6. a 7. a 8. c

Go for the Green! Find the word in the puzzle. Words can go in any direction. Words can share letters as they cross over each other. E S E R P S M V G J D E Y B G




blog clients figure green interview trust






challenge entrepreneur Florida income lounge website






claim go intensive podcast winter expert

Wall of Guitars Have you ever played a mosaic instrument? Did you? Targets What is the difference between these two targets? The one on the right has a hatchet. Shelves of Stuff What is different on Shelves of Stuff? • Hats are rearranged on top shelf • 3rd mug from the right on 2nd shelf is missing • Middle box of wine glasses are missing Jell-O Molds How many square Jell-O molds do you see? None Cat in the Hat Of what, is the Cat in the Hat made? Black & White marshmallows Bike Rack What is this? A bike rack WILD Racks of Shirts What is missing on the Rack of Shirts? • Two green shirts on top rack • White shirt on bottom rack • Plaid shirt on bottom rack Climbing the Walls Keep Climbing!

Thank you SHAMc for allowing us to showcase your brilliance and create fun contests and challenges in Engage with Experts with your masterpieces!

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Decide your Worth Dare to defy Logic Deliver Quality Solutions Do what you love...when you choose...from where you want to be...Live life to its fullest!

BOOK your Discovery Session TODAY! Imagine doing what you love! • Make this $3,700 Investment in YOU & keep $500 for


• Be all you are designed to be in 2015 & beyond! (727) 791-7338 • info@LinktoEXPERT.com

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√ Being the go-to


√ Expanding your possibilities,

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√ How to be seen & be heard in the media √ How to monetize your expertise

√ How to grab the limelight & hold on to it √ How joint ventures elevate your status

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Be Seen, Be Heard, Be Known

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