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LINKS INTERNATIONAL ‘LINKS’ WITH PARTNERS IN THE WEST AND IN DEVELOPING COUNTRIES TO INSPIRE, EDUCATE, EMPOWER AND RESOURCE INDIVIDUALS AND COMMUNITIES TO BREAK FREE FROM POVERTY AND DISEASE. LINKSINTERNATIONAL.ORG.UK A LONG TERM INVESTMENT Laurie Mellor has been, and still is, a faithful supporter of Links International. Over the last decade he has brought his considerable financial skills and expertise to serve as part of the UK Board of Trustees. Not only his skills, but also godly wisdom and his passion to see the needs of the poor met in its broadest Kingdom sense across the world and specifically within India where he has travelled frequently. As a Financial Advisor Laurie recognises good investments! As a Board and team within Links we recognise (and are extremely grateful for) the long term excellent investment that Laurie has made in Links International! The picture on the right shows an emotional Laurie receiving a small gift from the Board to recognise his contribution, often behind the scenes, in helping Links to do all the things we do. Laurie – you have made a difference! Thank you!

Matt Bell

Chair of Trustees on behalf of the wider Links Team

Could you help to serve the work of Links International? There are often many different ways people can serve within Links – if you’d like to know more please contact us.


EDITORIAL TEAM Andy Read // Lynda Hubbard // Liz Brooks

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EDITORIAL Dear Partners A new year, with new opportunities – and I’m sure new challenges! Sometimes the difference between the two can simply be a question of how we perceive the same situations. One thing that is certainly the case is that both opportunities and challenges often require resources; resources of time, people and finance. In the first few months of a new year it is appropriate for me to once again thank our supporters for the way in which those resource needs were met so wonderfully in 2013. We are so blessed in the way businesses, organisations, churches and of course many individuals give financially to our work, both regularly and with ‘one-off’ gifts. We recognise this as God’s provision, but also know that most of the time He gives through the faithful response of people on earth! One organisation that gives to our work very generously is the Ground Level network of churches, and we are very pleased to welcome Stuart Bell, the leader of that network, back to our pages in this issue. We’d particularly like to thank Ground Level for the Simon Benham teaching materials and Essential Worship music CD that they so generously provided for our Kingdom Resources parcels in this edition. As I have said, resource is not all about money; time, energy, expertise and prayer are all needed. In this issue we also say goodbye to one of our faithful Trustees, Laurie Mellor. Thank you Laurie for your excellent service to us over many years. You will also of course read about various trips and projects – both those that have happened since our last issue, and plans for the future. There is no shortage of work for us to do; indeed, our work is expanding as fast as we can resource it! So, can I encourage you, our supporters, to consider how you can continue to make this work possible, for the sake of people such as the ladies you will see and hear about in one of our articles – ladies I saw having to draw filthy drinking water from a rat infested well. The Spirit of the Lord is upon us to bring Good News to the poor once again this year. As my friend Norman Barnes has always said, “Together we CAN make a difference!”.

Due to the overwhelming success of the book written by Norman and Grace Barnes called ‘Destiny Calls’ it can now be purchased as a Kindle edition on Amazon. The book has been described as “The remarkable story of an ordinary couple who dared to believe God for the impossible”. This is a must read story of a journey of faith.

STUART BELL THE POWER OF PENTECOST & MISSION For many of us Acts Chapter 2 has been one of the important chapters that has shaped our thinking with regard to the church. We have rightly, I believe, recognised how vital for the church the empowerment of the Holy Spirit is, both for individual believers and the corporate body of the church. However, I think it’s true that we have given more emphasis to the first verses than the rest of the chapter. This is partly because of all the difficult place names! So even on Whit Sunday we have avoided certain place names in our public reading of the Word. This has led us to emphasise the power of the Holy Spirit beyond the purpose of the sending of the Holy Spirit. So this is how I see the progress of the whole of Chapter 2.


1. The church was focused Acts 2:1 “When the day of Pentecost came, they were all together in one place.” Firstly they were focused on the promise of the Father. Imagine not wanting to


pursue something God has promised us. Secondly they were focused on their desperate need. In Chapter 1 the apostolic band is depleted with the betrayal of Judas. Jesus was no longer present with them and their confidence had been eroded.

This is the part we have loved to emphasise, something that came from above, from heaven. The cowardly became brave and shortly afterwards an empowered Peter boldly proclaimed the gospel. 4. The church was increased Acts 2:41

Thirdly they were focused on being together. They were all together in one place.

“Those who accepted his message were baptised, and about three thousand were added to their number that day.”

2. The church was blessed Acts 2:4

We see three thousand people saved in one day which becomes the first fruits of an incredible world harvest. Then the church grew rapidly out from Jerusalem.

“All of them were filled with the Holy Spirit and began to speak in other tongues as the Spirit enabled them.” At Pentecost the curse of the confusion at Babel was turned from people making a name for themselves, to declaring the wonder of God. 3. The church was empowered Acts 2:2 “Suddenly a sound like the blowing of a violent wind came from heaven and filled the whole house where they were sitting.”

5. The church was mobilised This is the part that in the past I had not adequately emphasised. The Holy Spirit was sent for purpose. That is why all nations had gathered in Jerusalem. It was now time for the fulfilment of the words of Jesus, “You will be my witnesses in Jerusalem, Judea, Samaria and the ends of the earth.” There then begins an amazing missional surge as


the church is powerfully mobilised. In Chapter 2 the disciples are empowered. In Chapter 8 the Samaritans are reached. In Chapter 10 the Gentiles are touched and by Chapter 19 the gospel has gone as far as Ephesus. A great movement of the Word and Spirit moves out from Jerusalem from East to West. Throughout Acts, Luke includes a series of similar phrases in his writing. These five statements show the movement outward from Jerusalem as the church begins to rapidly expand. • Impact of the Jews (Jerusalem) Acts 6:7 “So the word of God spread. The number of disciples in Jerusalem increased rapidly, and a large number of priests became obedient to the faith.” • Impact on Samaria Acts 9:31 “Then the church throughout Judea, Galilee and Samaria enjoyed a time of peace and was strengthened. Living in the fear of the Lord and encouraged by the Holy Spirit, it increased in numbers.”

• Impact on Gentiles (Antioch) Acts 11:22,24 “News of this reached the church in Jerusalem, and they sent Barnabas to Antioch...He was a good man, full of the Holy Spirit and faith, and a great number of people were brought to the Lord.”

The power of Pentecost still remains the energetic life flow of all missional expansion. Let’s not be guilty of remaining within the four walls of our upper room. There is still a world to reach!

• Impact on Asia Minor Acts 16:1,4-5 “Paul came to Derbe and then to Lystra, where a disciple named Timothy lived… As they travelled from town to town, they delivered the decisions reached by the apostles and elders in Jerusalem for the people to obey. So the churches were strengthened in the faith and grew daily in numbers.” • Impact on Europe Acts 19:1,20 “Paul took the road through the interior and arrived at Ephesus…In this way the word of the Lord spread widely and grew in power.” From this reading of Acts we can see the incredible empowerment of the church for world mission.



COMMUNITY HEALTHCARE COMMUNITY HEALTHCARE TRAINING AND WELLSPRING INTERNATIONAL AFRICA PARTNERS CONFERENCE (IAPC) In December 2013, Links International CEO Andy Read and Community Healthcare Manager Ann Edmunds travelled to Uganda with a team to work with our partners at Wellspring – headed up by Herbert and Eve Wanjala Kenyenya. The trip was divided between first aid and family planning training and participating in the IAPC leaders’ conference.

Wellspring IAPC (Andy Read)


I had the privilege of speaking several times at the conference, alongside Mike and Beryl Godward (Wellspring founders and ex-leaders of Links South Africa) and Jason Bollinger (Director, Links USA). This was the ninth conference – and at the end Mike, who has taken part in all of the previous ones (and arranged the early ones) declared that it was the best yet! Of the four I’ve attended, I agree with Mike. There was something about the flow of ministry between those of us who were leading and speaking, and the obvious effect on the conference delegates, which made the time very special indeed. Numbers were also

higher than previous years – and higher than expected. My own input centred around the the HeartLife teachings (www., with the challenge to lead from a position of Godly Humility and Love, rather than living from Pride and Fear. As always, I am sure that my own heart was at least as challenged as anyone else’s! I have found this way of looking at Kingdom values immensely helpful and it was great to see how the teaching was so relevant to the people there. Working alongside such gifted and dedicated leaders as Herbert and Eve, as well as Mike, Beryl and Jason is always wonderful. A lot of laughter, some tears and great encouragement in the Lord! At the end of the week we participated in the Wellspring Community day. This included a community litter pick, free HIV/ AIDS testing, health checks and music from notable Ugandan gospel singers. Hundreds came to the Wellspring Centre during the day – a fantastic witness and occasion.


Community Healthcare Training (Ann Edmunds)

This trip saw between 17 and 32 people come for CHC training each day. Some were Wellspring staff and others were from the community. They learned about basic first aid, contraception and family planning. On the first day, after an introduction to what first aid is, they learned to carry out an initial assessment, to check ‘DR ABC (danger, response, airway, breathing, circulation) and how to put people into the recovery position. Other topics included a needs assessment of common injuries and accidents, accident prevention and how to recognize and treat other injuries/symptoms, such as shock, bleeding, fainting, infection control, burns, scalds etc. The second day focused on the basics of contraception and family planning. Training started with questions like: What is contraception? What types of


many people have headaches, possibly down to their needing water - and the stress that goes with simply trying to survive. There is one broken borehole nearby and accessibility and repairs are being assessed and costed. It was felt that the community would benefit greatly from a Marriage Ministry course. We’re pleased that Graham and Ruth Swaffield have already followed this up in January (see pages 18 and 19).

The small group discussion that followed was probably the most valuable time of the whole training for everyone. Later, after explanations of the menstrual cycle, demonstrations on how to make sanitary towels were given (with handouts). Ann had the opportunity to go out with the Wellspring Community Outreach team into Kirinya. This was extremely helpful in seeing the context in which the health teams are working. It is a poor area, situated some way from Wellspring. There is a lack of water in the area and


LINKS TRIPS MALAWI TRIP OCTOBER 2013 This latest trip to Malawi aimed to follow up on previous community healthcare (CHC), micro-enterprise development (MED) and nutrition training in Mzuzu, Kande, Chapsinja and Biwi, with new training in Chapendeka being added. The team also continued to build relationships with Links’ local partners and communities.


The team was able to visit the Piggery and see the latest developments on their first day, as well as observe progress on the MED loan recipients. The following two days were devoted to CHC, Alcohol Dependency and Nutrition training, with several of the team spending time with the MED committee. As there were healthcare professionals on the team, some specialist topics were tackled, including epilepsy and the differences between malaria and meningitis, with emphasis on the importance of early antibiotic treatment for meningitis.


The highlights of the team’s time in Mzuzu were to participate in the exciting first handover of piglets to their chosen beneficiaries and to visit a forestry authority site where 1,000 moringa seedlings were being grown for Links’ partner.


At VIBITAC, two full days were devoted to CHC and Nutrition training, MED reviews and support and training for the committee. Again, the CHC team were able to tackle more specialist areas such as the differences between malaria and meningitis, including the malaria parasite cycle, diabetes, kidney and bladder problems, stroke and heart attacks. One of the trip highlights came on the day the team left Kande when, at short notice, they were asked to participate in a bee keeping equipment handover ceremony. A very enthusiastic and committed local group accepted the equipment with the ceremony presided over by Links, VIBITAC, Chiefs and the traditional authority for the district.


The scheduled programme at Hope Missions needed adaptation at short notice because of a number of funerals taking place in the villages that the team were due to visit.


On the first day in Lilongwe, the team went to Dixon, a new village for Links. They stayed together and were able to watch the Chapsinja voluntary health care (VHC) team training the Dixon team using drama. The drama identified the importance of pre-natal care and the need for the men to accompany their wives when attending the clinic. The Links team was able to provide additional teaching on safe motherhood. The Hope team recapped the importance of safe water and demonstrated how to put together a water filter. The ongoing funerals meant the majority of the next three days were spent in Gunde village, which was a new location for both Links and Hope, but it proved to be an excellent time. A member of the Chapsinja VHC team had been riding through the village on his way to work and recognised the needs there. After approaching the VH, he had been given permission to do some CHC training. They had been doing this once a month for six months and had formed a Dixon VHC team - truly outstanding and pleasing!

During the next three days, the CHC team supported the Chapsinja VHC as they followed up on previous training and, following a new needs assessment, taught more on subjects like epilepsy and first aid. For the first time in Gunde, teaching on alcohol and drug addiction was given to 26 villagers using the 12 steps programme. This included general

teaching on mind, body and spirit together with specific teaching on the nature of the addiction, its impact on self and others and spiritual/practical solutions. Gunde villagers also received their first teaching on nutrition and cooking. The MED team were able to work with the Biwi MED committee who visited a number of successful businesses. The team saw and heard first-hand the transformations that had taken place in the lives and families of the beneficiaries. Further teaching on the importance of businesses becoming strong and selfsustaining was recognised as a need. The final certificate ceremony in Gunde was incredible – and the best the team leaders have seen so far!


FUNDRAISING VIRGIN LONDON MARATHON We are delighted to announce the names of our five runners in next month’s London Marathon! They are: Amy Berrett Nick Franey Stephen Klemich Debra Mason Rich Swatton The 26-mile race takes place on 13th April and we know they have all been training already, so would like to thank them for their dedication to Links. Some of the Links team will be there to cheer them on outside The Duke pub in Deptford as well as at the finish line – so if you are there, please look out for the Links logos! Taking part in the London Marathon is a huge time and energy commitment from the runners and their families over the winter months. They each have a page on the website


as well collecting sponsorship offline, so if you would like to encourage them through sponsorship, we know they would appreciate it very much! Thank you!

PRUDENTIAL RIDELONDON We also have three Golden Bond places for the 100 mile RideLondon race in London and Surrey on the 10th August. RideLondon was launched in 2013, but this is the first time we have taken places. The route starts in East London but goes all the way to the famous Box Hill in Surrey, before going back into London and ending on the Mall. We are very grateful to those who are taking part to raise funds for us: Our cyclists this first year are: Matt Oldham, Tom Oldham and Steve Scott. Our Golden Bond places last for three years, so please think about whether you would like this particular challenge in 2015 or 2016 - and let us know at the Links office.

FUNDRAISING LINKS GALA FUNDRAISING DINNER 2014 It seems like the dust has barely settled since our last Gala Dinner, but we’re well advanced with our planning for the next one on Saturday 4th October! Those who were at the last dinner know we’ve got a tough act to follow, but we’re enjoying the challenge! In a change to our previously announced venue, we’re really excited that we’ve now booked an Olympic venue! Eton Dorney Lake in Windsor, Berkshire was the scene of Team GB’s record nine rowing medals at the 2012 Olympics and the clubhouse there overlooks the

finishing line. We’re in the process of finalising a few more of the details, but know it’s going to be a fun night! We’ll give more details in our next magazine. Tickets are £65 each, to include a predinner drink, a delicious three course meal with wine and tea and coffee. Black ties are optional. Tina Oldham and her band have already agreed to come back to play and we are planning some fabulous entertainers too – all included in the price!

We’re offering an Early Bird Discount of 5% if you book a table of eight before the end of May (equivalent to £61.75 per ticket). Tickets can be booked through our website or through the Links office. If you would like to make a block booking and want to stagger the payments or would like individuals to pay seperately, please contact the Links office and we will do our best to accommodate your needs*. *Please note, all staggered payments will need to be received by the end of July (end of May for 5% Discount) and by reserving tickets, you are agreeing to buy them. Unfortunately, it is not possible to reserve tickets online – you need to pay the total price of the number booked when you checkout your order.


Photo supplied by Michael Pearcy at Words & Pictures


LINKS GIFTS Training course places - Worldwide

Our trips usually provide training in healthcare, micro-enterprise and education. Attendees are keen, so we’d like to accommodate more.

One place at a training course £20 Code: 025

Moringa Trees - Worldwide

12 18

Eggs - Northern Thailand

A new hen will lay about 400 eggs in ten months and excess eggs can be sold.

One hen £5.50 Hen feed for ten months £11 Code: 001

Clean Water - Worldwide

This amazing tree is fast-growing, super-nutritious and antibacterial. We’d like all our partners to have some!

Lifewater Filter Kits kill 99.99% of harmful bacteria, producing ten litres of clean water per hour for a year.

Five trees £10 Code: 023

One kit (including spare candle) provides clean water for more than two years £45 Code: 013

LINKS GIFTS Bicycles - Africa

Bicycles provide essential transport for rural health workers and micro-enterprise managers.

One bicycle £160 Code: 020

Links Air Miles

Donkeys - Kenya

Donkeys help mothers whose only water supply can be two hours walk away.

One donkey including four water carriers: £115 Code: 019

Contribution to Trust Fund

We have calculated that, on average, it costs Links £7.50 per 100 miles to send a central team member to monitor progress at one of our communities.

Our Trust fund pays for the central costs of all that we do and, whilst we aim to be good stewards, core funding is often a challenge.

100 Links Air Miles: £7.50 Code: 022

Sample contribution: £5 Code: 023

These are just some of the gifts that are available. Please have a look at to see the full range of ways in which you can bless others. Thank you for your support.



please cut along the dotted line


PROJECTS INDIAN BORE WELLS One of our recent water projects in a northern Indian area was to install bore holes to supply water to many families in two separate places. The intention was to replace the local water supply, because in both locations the government pumps had stopped working. The local community was deeply involved in the work, providing land, concrete and manpower to ensure the success of the project. The first pump served 100 families and was located half a kilometre from the nearest school, whilst the second pump was situated just 20 metres from a school and also served 43 families, up to 525 people in total.

The bore holes were drilled to 120 feet deep, with a cylinder depth of 100 feet. The casing diameter was 4 inches, allowing between 17 and 19 litres of water to be pumped per minute. To make sure that water was not only available but safe, a water purifier was installed with each borer pump and the community was taught how to maintain and clean the water well. Tests showed that the water was very safe to drink. In 2014, we are looking to expand our water projects substantially as they are key to improved health and community transformation. If you would like to get involved with these projects on a practical level, please do get in touch. We are also looking to raise further funds to invest in more water projects. To do this, we hope that some supporters and their churches who feel passionately

about clean water, will consider making a gift to this project. Thank you for your support of all that we do.



ZAMBIA ZAMBIA: SHILOH HANDS OF HOPE & TAPWALELEKA WOMEN In October 2013, Links CEO Andy Read travelled to the Eastern Province of Zambia to explore connection and future work with NGOs new to partnership with Links. I had already met Lackson Chipeta and his wife Finess, on a trip to Blantyre in Malawi, as they are friends of our partners John and Annie Chirwa. They attended one of the training weeks we carried out there, and then requested that we come to their own area to do similar work. This trip to the Lundazi District of Zambia was an exploratory visit prior to sending a team. Lackson and his team are doing some fantastic work into various rural communities in their district. At the time of my visit they had already implemented some of the teaching and principles of Community Health Care that they learned back in Blantyre. This is adding to the work they were doing, which has a strong focus on people living with HIV/AIDS – particularly women and children.


They had already identified a huge need in the areas of safe water provision and sanitation. This was presented to me in the form of a very thorough report when I first arrived. However, it was when I was taken to visit the communities for myself that I truly saw the scale and impact of the problem. One example in the community of Mapala illustrates the issue very dramatically. After being welcomed warmly by members of the community – a consistent experience in my short

visit – I was taken to see a broken borehole pump. This is technically a government provided borehole, but there appears to be a lack of money all round. So, in the absence of this provision, the community are instead using a nearby open well. As you will see from the photographs here, this well is accessed by three women forming a human chain for the buckets. It is easy for accidents to happen. As I watched I saw a rat swimming in the water at the bottom of the well, and then I saw the condition of


the water that came up in the bucket. At that point I decided that if we do nothing else, we would help this community repair their borehole – which we have now done. However, the problem is far from confined to Mapala. As you read this issue of the magazine a small team will once again be in Zambia, beginning more healthcare training and assessing the water situation in more detail. Can you help us with finances to help these people? Or others like them in other places we visit? Please mark any gifts WATER PROJECTS. Thank you!

Andy Read CEO of Links


UGANDA UGANDA Graham and Ruth Swaffield visited Uganda in January 2014 and heard and saw some very encouraging progress. They write here about their trip: On the 8th and 9th, we attended a church called Jesus Christ Ministries, where we held our marriage seminars. This church has a mainly Congolese congregation and, at the end, attendees had questions for us, mainly by Pastors concerning divorce because of a recent situation there. Feedback was very positive about how many had been challenged by what scripture says about marriage. On the 10th and 11th we attended the Sanctuary of Hope Church for youth training with group discussions and some teaching on marriage preparation. The following day we included some games and discussions to help people’s understanding of scripture around marriage. The 12th saw us back at the Jesus Christ Ministries church for their Sunday Service where Graham spoke on the subject of forgiveness. The music was very, very loud but very enthusiastic.


We travelled to Mubende for a leaders’ training conference on the 13th. The next day we attended the Ebenezer Victory Church where we were told that there would be in excess of 100 leaders (we are always told this, but rarely see that many!). To our great surprise we actually had 241 leaders registered for the conference! We had to change the way we taught because of numbers but as many had not received training in leadership, it was a great privilege to have helped them in their roles.


The Marriage Encounter on the 17th had been expecting 22 couples, but ended up with 26 couples. (Fortunately we had just enough money in our emergency fund to cater for this number!)

2. One husband told our host that he had been treating his wife wrongly and after hearing the scripture in Genesis 1:27 below and being asked to look at his wife, he said he had been rude to her and that from now on he would treat her correctly. 27 So God created man in his own image, in the image of God he created him; male and female he created them. (ANIV)

1. After hearing about forgiveness, Hubert went home, apologised and asked for forgiveness from his stepdaughter. There had been a lot of anger and frustration in their relationship, which is now healed. Praise God for another family restored! Hubert was later admitted to hospital the night we left. Each day Janine, despite being crippled with crutches, managed to visit Hubert. God is so good!!

3. Feedback from the leaders’ training was very positive and since then discussions have aired on the local Christian radio station on subjects taught. We’ve been invited back for several days, including a family training session. 4. The context of this next testimony is


hard to understand unless you live in a society with no law and order, but it’s important not to judge because desperate people do desperate things: A couple had been separated because of the wars in the Congo. The husband was in Uganda and, by the time his wife managed to get to Uganda, she was pregnant by another man. (She had been used by this other man to get food) The husband was very upset and, although there had been a little reconciliation, when the child was born his pain resurfaced. We heard a week later from their pastor that, after hearing about forgiveness on the Sunday, he truly forgave his wife.

Following this trip Herbert, our partner at Wellspring, Herbert also wrote: “I am happy to receive this message from you and also to appreciate the time we had together whilst in Uganda. We are grateful for the commitment you exhibit and the passion with which you administer this mystery of God’s Kingdom through these marriage encounter moments. It was our very first one with you and we were encouraged by the depths at which you endeavored to help us attain as we dealt with the real issues in the various areas of our marriage.

For me and Eve, these were precious moments away from all our usual chores just to “sit at your feet” and be refreshed, We felt led of God to reignite the ministry of marriage to which we want to refocus for our local church and the ministries in which we are involved upcountry and the neighbouring nations. We are praying that the timing of your return to minister in these areas will happen as scheduled towards the end of the year. Be ready in this season because the harvest is large and you will have to minister in the Central, Eastern and Western areas of Uganda in a space of two weeks.”

You were used of God to speak directly into one of the marriage situations that you were not aware of, yet you brought aspects of rejuvenation; this was indeed a God moment for the particular couple that we came with. The moments of sharing as individual couples were used as a renewal of their vows and a way forward which they asked us to be part of making sure it would happen were made.


ACT4YOU ELEVATE Elevate is a small charity based in Lincoln. Our aims are simple, to: • Support those who seek justice for the poor • Raise funds to support the work being done by our partners, Asha, in the slums of New Delhi • Raise awareness of the transformative work that Asha is doing amongst the urban poor • Give people from the UK opportunity to see first-hand the impact that their support can make The Elevate core team have all been to Delhi and volunteered with Asha, we believe that this experience is as transforming for the team as it is the community we spend time with. In 2012, our team volunteered in the Asha Centre in Trilokpuri slum. We painted the walls with bright murals, ran workshops with the children, chatted with the students and spent time in the homes of the slum dwellers. Our visit communicated beyond words the value that we and our God place on each


person living in that slum. On our return to the UK team members are encouraged to share their stories as blessings to their own communities. In 2011 a ‘chance’ meeting at an Elevate event resulted in an exciting photographic project. Eddie and Maggie Sewell worked with Asha over 12 months to compile a stunning photographic biography of the work they do. The challenging and inspiring book, ‘a journey of hope’ uses pictures and just a few words to highlight Asha’s work in health, education and financial inclusion. You can buy it on eBay, along with a 2014 calendar which uses images from the book. Fundraising has never been tougher, but we have found that folks are still

generous in their continued support. At our recent Bollywood Ball, everyone entered the lavishly decorated hall through a life-size replica slum house; the stark contrast provided a powerful reminder of what it is to live in difficult conditions. The evening included a live game show, auction and fantastic authentic Indian meal. We raised valuable funds and recruited six team members for our trip in October 2014. We are a young charity, excited about the transformation we have seen in the slums through the work of Asha, as well as in our team members as they humbly serve the poor. For more information, please see:, or email

CHRISTMAS PRESENCE CHRISTMAS PRESENCE, BIRTHDAY PRESENTS! We’d like to thank two great Links’ church supporters, Ashwood Church in Kirkby in Ashfield and Oasis Church in Chadwell Heath for their continued support of our work.

from their community. The meal took place at their training centre and was an outdoor banquet. A great time was had by all – and it provided a great service to the local community.

Both churches held Christmas collections for Links and we’re delighted to report that the funds have been put to very good use.

A special birthday

Christmas meal

In December we were able to provide some resources to help our partners in India provide a Christmas meal and small gift to around 300 of the poorer people

We’d also like to thank Links’ Trustee, Sim Dendy, for asking guests at his 40th birthday party to donate via various fundraising activities on the night. Around £1000 was raised overall for Links and this will be put to very good use. Thank you Sim!

Kingdom Resources

In each issue of this magazine, we outline the contents of the parcels that we send to missionaries and indigenous pastors around the world three times per year, and print some of the many ‘thank yous’ that we receive from grateful recipients. These resources – usually a teaching CD, music CD and a book – are an invaluable encouragement to those who can sometimes be remote from other worshippers. We’re very grateful to everyone who makes these parcels possible, either through generously donating/ discounting books and CDs, or by giving to our Kingdom Resources ministry. If you would like to contribute on a regular or one-off basis, please do get in touch. Thank you!

Sim with performer CJ Edwards (The Voice UK 2013)



£45 blesses someone with three parcels a year. The parcels remind missionaries and workers that they are loved and thought of. Here are some of the many ‘thank you’ emails we recently received: We received your Links love gift...It was our first Christmas gift this year! Thanks so much. It is, as ever, a contribution to mission by way of encouragement through the well selected material… India


Book, ‘Release my Frozen Assets’ Rachel Hickson

Thankyou! Thankyou! Thankyou! We get so excited by our Links parcels!! We often do long road journeys in India, and the teaching CDs are wonderful for those times. India

I’ve found time to listen and to read, and to be blessed and stimulated, and must get back into Rachel’s book as there was a lot to take in on the first reading! Once again, thank-you so much for the encouragement you give in sending these parcels. France

‘Full of Grace and Truth’ Teaching CD by Simon Benham

With thanks for the very welcome package that arrived over the weekend. I have no idea how you do this for so many people but we are certainly very appreciative. Thank you. UK We just received your kind gift...Thank you so much...especially as there are two music CDs not just one. We appreciate your generosity to us. Portugal Thank you very much for remembering us and sending us these God Blessed materials. India

CONTACT US LINKS OFFICES UNITED KINGDOM (HEAD OFFICE) PO Box 198 Littlehampton West Sussex BN16 3UQ +44(0)1903 778515


Matt Bell (Chairperson) // Sim Dendy // Leigh Hills // Phil Moore // Lina Read


Andy Read CEO


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Links International works in association with the following ministries to present the challenge of world mission to the Church.


Links Magazine is sent free of charge to our partners and on request. All gifts to Links International are acknowledged and used as directed and designated; if the designated project has already been fully funded, discontinued, or cannot be completed for reasons beyond the control of Links International, the Board of Trustees reserves the right to use the funds for other similar projects, where most needed. Undesignated gifts are used for the general purposes of the Trust under the direction of the Trustees. Our accounts are audited annually. A copy of our report and accounts is available upon request. As a registered charity, Links operates its own Gift Aid scheme. Further details are available on request. All cheques should be made payable to Links International. Registered charity number 327000

Links International is a member of the Evangelical Alliance and Global Connections.


NOT EVERY COUNTRY HAS WATER LIKE THE UK You may have noticed that in 2014, Links is focusing on clean water and sanitation projects. We’d love it if you would consider coming on a trip to show people overseas how to wash their hands? Or maybe you and a group of friends, or your church group might like to help provide water filters, water pumps, pit latrines or other resources to those who walk for hours to get poor quality water? WaterAid have found that: • 768 million people worldwide do not have access to safe water • Every year, around 60 million children are born into homes without sanitation • Almost 2,000 children a day die every year from diarrhoea caused by unsafe water and poor sanitation. It’s the second biggest killer of the under-fives worldwide • On average, $1 invested in water/sanitation, produces an increase in productivity of $4 • Hygienic practices like washing hands with soap reduces the risk of diarrhoea by 50% Any amount, however small, will really make a difference and will be greatly appreciated. If you do make a donation, please mark it clearly with ‘Water’.

Thank you!

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