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Pingu’s English Children love learning English with Pingu’s English Transform your business future today

It’s easier than you think to start earning from learning.

Pingu’s English The teaching phenomenon that’s sweeping the globe Pingu’s English is the breakthrough language course that is revolutionising the teaching of English to young children of 3 – 7+ years. Produced by the Linguaphone Group, a world-leading language training provider, Pingu’s English is transforming the way young children learn the vital skill of communicating in English. Pingu’s English is a three level language course, based on the hugely popular children’s series Pingu™ which has been viewed by over one billion people, on 160 TV channels worldwide. Inspired by the loveable penguin and his everyday adventures in the South Pole, this innovative character-based course is designed for use within Pingu’s English Schools, kindergartens and other early year’s providers, as well as by parents and children at home. Created in 2007, Pingu’s English is already proving successful across Europe, the Middle East, Africa and Asia. Now, you too can reap the rewards of the lucrative children’s English training market by discovering a new, exciting and secure business opportunity and becoming a Pingu’s English Master Licensee.

About Pingu’s English Unlike so many other English language courses, Pingu’s English engages children right from the start with highly stimulating topics and situations. Most importantly children are engaged throughout, so they are bound to succeed. Teaches everyday English for young children of 3 – 7+ years Develops fundamental creative and educational skills Uses an extensive range of multimedia learning and support materials Assesses children continually to ensure success Includes a wide range of entertaining and educational activities. Developed by leading experts in the field of child education and language acquisition, the unique syllabus uses a wide variety of imaginative activities and multimedia resources to keep the pace of classes lively and interesting. Whether children respond best to learning through pictures, songs, stories, games or making things, Pingu’s English helps find the learning style they like best.

Discover a multi-billion dollar growing market… The global market for children’s English language services is estimated to be worth over $12 billion a year – a figure that is growing rapidly. It is well known that English is considered essential for a child’s education and prosperity. Parents and carers are willing to spend a significant proportion of their income to ensure their child gets a good head start in life. Now is your chance to join our expanding network and capitalise on the lucrative children’s English training market in your country, using the most fun, friendly and effective English course for pre-school children available. So what are you waiting for?

…the opportunities for growth are endless There are undoubtedly a range of business models that can be applied to Pingu’s English. These include:

School-based strategy

The establishment of a nationwide network of Pingu’s English schools, which could be either licensed, franchised or corporately owned

Program Licensing strategy

The adoption of Pingu’s English by established kindergartens and other early year’s providers

Home-School Licensing strategy

Developing a network of qualified and experienced tutors or parents to teach Pingu’s English to young learners

Direct to consumer channels

Nationwide distribution of Pingu’s English as a distance-learning program delivered e.g. via trade and retail channels, or through door-to-door sales, telesales, etc.

An exceptional business opportunity for you The Linguaphone Group is now offering you the opportunity to join our growing network of Pingu’s English Master Licensees, and secure the exclusive rights to exploit the enormous potential offered by Pingu’s English in your market. We are looking for strategic business partners with the necessary experience, resources and vision to represent us in a number of markets across Asia, Europe, the Middle East and Africa. Therefore if you are any of the following we would love to hear from you:


A business seeking diversification or entrepreneurs looking for a new and rewarding opportunity

Kindergartens and early year’s providers

An existing early year’s provider with an established network of kindergartens, crèches, cram schools or day-care nurseries

Language school or training networks for adults

An existing training provider with an established network of language or training school facilities for adults

Nationwide distributors of education products

Well-established nationwide distributors of education products or home-study materials through direct to market channels – via retail, door-to-door sales, telesales, part-works, etc.

Harness the skills you already have... While it’s important that you share a passion for education, rest assured it’s not essential to have any prior experience in the children’s English language-training market to enjoy success with Pingu’s English. We’re looking for ambitious and enthusiastic business people who wish to develop Pingu’s English, now and in the future, and are prepared to work hard to achieve success – people who can build relationships, who have excellent communication skills and who possess the business acumen to seize this lucrative opportunity.

…with a secure business opportunity for you The global brand appeal of Pingu combined with the reputation of the Linguaphone Group will ensure a strong competitive advantage from the start. By using the Pingu’s English proven language-training system, you can enjoy benefits, such as: Potentially quick set-up times, so you can start earning sooner Flexible business models to suit your goals High demand, high growth and potentially high profits.

We’ll support you from start to success Remember that while the Master License business would be yours, we are looking to build a mutually profitable business partnership for the long term. To this end, we will be committed to providing you with all the assistance and support you need. When you join our Pingu’s English global network, you will receive all the training, teaching materials, and business and marketing support you need – not just to get you started, but on an ongoing basis. Plus, you will be able to draw on all of the expertise, knowledge and personalised support of the Linguaphone Group, one of the leading language-training providers worldwide.

The extensive range of support you can expect from us includes:

World-leading teaching and multimedia resources, including teaching manuals, dedicated lesson plans and a parent’s guide A personalised training programme delivered in-country Ongoing business development consultancy as well as first-class marketing and PR support from Linguaphone Group Head Office personnel Management manuals to cover all the management, operational and marketing support you’ll require Access to the Linguaphone Group Extranet and other management software.

Take advantage of our unrivalled expertise The Linguaphone Group is a world-leading provider of language-training courses, operating under the internationally recognised Linguaphone, Direct English and Pingu’s English brand names. With over 109 years of experience, the Linguaphone Group has an extensive network of learning centres and distributors worldwide – and is expanding all the time. Every day, our global network of licensed partners helps thousands of adults and children learn a new language through our wide range of language courses, sold in over 60 countries. Our experience, knowledge and global training expertise have earned us the reputation as a world-leading authority in language training.

Interested? We’d love to tell you more If you’ve read this far, we’re already interested in hearing from you. Interest and enthusiasm are the prime ingredients for making Pingu’s English a huge success in your market. There’s much more to tell you about this unique opportunity and we’d love to discuss the possibilities with you further. So if you’re interested in joining our existing and rapidly expanding Pingu’s English network of Master Licensees and capitalising on the lucrative children’s English market in your country, contact us today to find out more.

It’s easier than you think to start earning from learning. Contact us today +44 20 8687 6104

The Linguaphone Group is a world-leading language-training provider, operating under the internationally recognised Linguaphone, Direct English and Pingu’s English brand names. With over 109 years of experience in this market, the Group has an extensive global network of learning centres worldwide. The Linguaphone Group also has a wide-ranging portfolio of self-study products which has helped millions of customers learn a new language in over 60 countries.

It’s easier than you think to start earning from learning. Contact us today +44 20 8687 6104

Pingu’s English is part of the Linguaphone Group

Pingu's English Master Licence Brochure  

Pingu's English Master Licence Brochure

Pingu's English Master Licence Brochure  

Pingu's English Master Licence Brochure