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Icy Reflections

by Jessie Rose Storz, 12, LUX Center for the Arts


Winter 2017

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- From the LK! Family -


Bennett, Kennett, & Karla, July 2017. Photo Credit: Genesis Photography.

Local Love & the Christmas Pickle It seems crazy to say this year’s coming to a close, but first not without some cheesy publisher prose. As we enjoy the last pieces of Halloween treats, we sit back and ponder this year’s many feats. We laughed, we grew, we took a few trips. We visited family, we snapped lots of pics. We created many memories, and learned lots of new stuff. We rolled, crawled, and walked, and now climb, sure enough. This year we started daycare and, man, did that save us! We balanced work & family thanks to Krayon Campus. To burn off some energy we go to My Gym, Kenny plays and we chat— it’s a family win-win! We take trips to the Y and swim together some days, but when parent’s need a workout at Child Watch he plays We visit lots of city parks together as a fam. Kenny loves it, hot or cold, either way it’s his jam! We are often at the Zoo, Kenny loves creatures big & small. In fact, his first words were dog, monkey, turtle......and ball. At the Children’s Museum there’s so much to do, from gopher holes & water play, to exploring space & the Cuckoo! Lost in Fun is aptly named, for this place is a hoot! Countless indoor attractions and a toddler zone to boot. We get together with others for Kindermusik class at Harris Academy of the Arts and it’s always such a blast. Lincoln’s Libraries host several free programs for families. Read, learn, & play— there’s something going on daily! We finished up this season looking dapper and smooth after checking in at Lollipop’s for Kenny’s first trim & ’do. Thanks for bearing with us as we went on and on piecing together rhymes for this “local love song.”

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e are really proud of this edition for so many reasons (sorta that poem, sorta not that poem). We have some excellent articles, two feature directories, and a lot of amazing art that was sent in this past season. And be sure to check out the advertisements for great gift ideas, winter break camps, events, and other useful info! Our Gift Guide is back on page 9, where you can find over a dozen unique gift ideas (and some discounts!) for anyone on your list. Winter is also known as the “season of giving” and we are lucky to have so many honest charitable causes and organizations helping out our community. We are incredibly proud to help those causes be heard. Turn to page 32 for our new Local GIVE Guide, the first-ever LK! donation directory. Please join us as we aim to make an impact with spare change, spare minutes, spare items & more. And last but certainly not least, there is a Christmas Pickle lurking on one of these pages...and as the tradition goes, may those who see it have a year of good fortune (we wish that for everyone, of course). We hope you enjoy a safe, warm, loving, and memorable winter and holiday season! May your turkey be gobbled, your gravy run smooth, your gatherings be joyous with family old & new. We wish you happy holidays and plenty of cheer, Happy New Year to you, we’ll see you next year!




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Winter 2017 Cover Artist

From the LK! Family.............................................................4 LK! Birthday Art Contest....................................................4 Winter 2017 Cover Artist: Jessie Rose Storz................5 Pioneers Park Nature Center............................................7 Spring Creek Prairie’s BirdNerd Blurb...........................7 Nebraska Game & Parks....................................................8 Holiday Gift Guide................................................................9 Lincoln Children’s Zoo......................................................10 Univ. of Nebraska State Museum–Morrill Hall..............12 KidsPark................................................................................14 My Gym.....................................................................................15 Lincoln Midwest Ballet Company: The Nutcracker.......16 Lincoln Children’s Museum.............................................17 Lost in Fun!............................................................................18 Harris Academy of the Arts...............................................19 Lutheran Schools of Lincoln...........................................20 Partnership for a Healthy Lincoln................................22 Forsyth Insurance.................................................................23 Close to Home with Gretchen Garrison...................24 Nebraska Dyslexia Association.....................................25 Lincoln City Libraries..........................................................26 Allison’s Book Bag: Recommended Reading..............27

Jessie Rose Storz “I have always loved art. I started taking art lessons at the LUX when I was around 7, and I absolutely loved it. I started off with clay classes, but then I started to branch off a little, and I found out about all the art media I hadn’t explored. I especially love painting and drawing, and I actually created the cover painting during a class at the LUX.”

Pet Talk with Allison Hunter-Frederick.........................28 Capital Humane Society.................................................29 The Heritage League Holiday of Trees......................30 Lincoln Kids! Raising a Volunteer...................................31 Local GIVE Guide...........................................................32-33 ArtReach Update.................................................................43

Directories Holiday Gift Guide.................................................................9

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Experience the Prairie Jamie Kelley, Naturalist Pioneers Park Nature Center


erriam Webster defines “Prairie” as, “land in or predominantly in grass.” Well, although true, that definition doesn’t really get me excited to take a trip to the prairie. If you have visited the prairie, you know that the land is defined by so much more than just grass. This is why it is so important for students to experience the prairie as they learn

about it. There’s a beautiful and wondrous depth to its ecosystem and natural & human history—just hearing or reading about it doesn’t do it justice. In 2008, a program called Prairie Immersion was started, providing a first-hand prairie experience for fourth grade students. Prairie Immersion is a collaboration with Lincoln Public Schools Science and Social Studies Departments, Spring Creek Prairie Audubon

Birdnerd Blurb Jason st. Sauver


Winter Wonderland

s fall turns into winter, most people think that our birds all migrate south to escape the cold. But in actuality, only some birds fly south during the cooler months, and it’s not due to the dropping temperatures, but rather the fact that their food source (bugs) disappears. This does not mean that winter is birdless; there are actually many birds that stay. Winter is a great time to feed and observe woodpeckers, chickadees, cardinals, and nuthatches. These birds are residents here in Nebraska and love black-oil sunflower seeds, suet, fruit, and nuts. A covered feeder to keep

snow off the feed is a great way for the birds to stay dry, warm, and fed. It’s also a great way to see birds close-up in your backyard. A fun way to remember what you’re viewing is to create your own family backyard bird guide. You can keep a photo album or journal & sketch the birds you see. Over the years, this is a great way to see if any new birds visit your yard. Check out our gift shop next time you visit the Prairie! We have local bird guides, coloring pages, journals, shirts & hats, plus many other unique gifts for all ages that are perfect for giving this holiday season.

Happy Birding!

11700 SW 100th Street (Denton)

Upcoming Events • Nocturnal November, Fri, Nov. 10, 7-8:30pm. $5pp or $8/ family. Experience the sounds of November on the prairie. Learn about nocturnal creatures & walk outside to listen for owls, coyotes, and more. • Holiday OPEN HOUSE! Sun, Dec. 3, 1-4pm. We’re celebrating winter & the holiday season by opening up the visitor center. There’ll be

Center, and Pioneers Park Nature Center. It is supported by the Hugo Aspegren Trust, Lower Platte South Natural Resources District, and the Foundation for Lincoln Public Schools. Students come to the prairie, either at Pioneers Park Nature Center or at Spring Creek Prairie Audubon Center, to experience the buzz of insects, the evidence of birds and mammals, the rough, spiky, smooth, and soft textures of plants, the refreshing breeze, and the crisp, fresh air. Students also learn about what life might have been like on the prairie in the 1800’s for Native Americans and European settlers. Students are challenged to think about what resources would have been available and where food, medicine, shelter, etc. would have come from. At Pioneers Park Nature Center students also visit the historic Hudson Cabin built in the 1860’s, once revered as the “grandest home in the area”. While at Spring Creek Prairie students get the opportunity to see wagon ruts, preserved in the virgin prairie from the Nebraska City–Fort Kearny Cutoff, a freighting trail for wagons used in the 1860’s. Back in the classroom the prairie is no longer a foreign place based on the dry grassland they read about. The prairie is somewhere they have experienced. The students can tell you about it—the colors, smells, and emotions they felt. As their teachers refer to their own prairie experiences, the students can connect and share their

Prairie Immersion Hike at the Nature Center

individual stories. Each experience will be different, but each child will leave with a better understanding of what prairie is, not just the textbook definition. You too can visit the prairie! You are welcome to hike the prairie at the Pioneers Park Nature Center. Hiking trails will take you past the Hudson Cabin, through fields of grasses and wildflowers, and past spring fed ponds. Trails in the prairie are open during park hours. Stop in to visit the Prairie Building, with prairie themed exhibits and live animals on display. Building hours are 8:30am-5pm Monday through Saturday and 12-5pm on Sunday. Admission is free. More information about the Nature Center and our public programs can be found at Follow us on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter, @LNKnaturecenter.

We have a new South location!

green holiday decorating ideas and crafts, snacks & cider, music, and more. • Christmas Bird Count for Kids Thu, Dec. 28, 10am-12pm, FREE. Designed especially for kids and their families, join us for this community science project to help us count Nebraska’s winter birds. Binoculars available and hot chocolate to end the count!

For more info call (402) 797-2301 or email Jason the Birdnerd at

• 3262 Salt Creek Circle • 8201 Northwoods Drive

• 4020 Hohensee Drive (NEW!) • 1336 West A Street, Ste. B

(402) 465-5600 Winter 2017 • Page 7


Consider This Your Invitation To Go Outside

Beginner Chinese classes for kids. (as a second language)

Classes start Jan. 18! • Classes at UNL & UNO • Ages 6 and up • Weekend classes • Adult Chinese classes also available!

Visit our website for more info.

PRAIRIE HILL Learning Center

• Experienced Educators • Farm Animal Interaction • Low child-to-adult ratios • Nutrition & food education


Montessori Education

in a beautiful prairie setting.

402-438-6668 Nebraska’s 1st Wind + Solar Powered School. A non-profit educational corporation. Providing superior education since 1981.

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you find? Can you hear them calling? Explore a state park this weekend. Look for signs animals have been in By Lindsay Rogers, Wildlife the area. Can you find tracks? Scat? Education Specialist, Finding nature is not hard; you just Nebraska Game & Parks have to stop making excuses. Commission Nature is often free or relatively inexpensive. Sitting in your back yard looking at the clouds is free. Can you find a cloud that looks like a dog? A tree? Taking a walk at Pioneers or Wilderness Park is ature is not elusive. It is actufree. Can you find five different kinds of trees? What about strollally incredibly easy to find. ing in silence. Can you hear birds? It does not hide; in fact it is often just waiting for you to look. Wind? Going sledding at a state Nature is not expensive. It is park is nearly free—just the cost actually unbeof a daily ($6) or annual ($31) lievably cheap. park pass. Head It does not take credit cards; to the sledding in fact it does hill at Mahoney not want your State Park. Or take a drive to money at all. Lake Wanahoo Nature is not difficult. It is in the late winactually pretty ter to see bald eagles searching simple. It does not require comfor fish on the ice. Exploring plex textbooks or online tutonature is not rials; in fact expensive; you just have to stop it would prefer you leave making excuses. Nature is not your books and devices at home. a difficult task All too often or chore to tackLindsay’s husband and two children walking at Lewis & Clark le. It is as simwe overlook State Recreation Area. nature. We are ple as digging under the mulch certain that nature requires us to travel great distances or to find roly-polies or searching spend lots of money. We think nature for the perfect tree to climb—and is too hard or mind-numbing. We taking the time to climb it! It can be as easy as planting seeds in the believe that because we have not spring and watching them grow. Or spent a lot of time in nature that we can’t go. Or if we do go, that we will it can be more intense—planting get hurt, lost, scared or sick. In the an entire garden, tending it through end, these are all excuses. the summer and enjoying the delicious foods you grew. No matter Nature is all around you. It’s in how much time it takes, being in your back yard or Antelope Park, Peterson Park, Belmont Park… nature is not hard, you just have to any one of Lincoln’s 120 city parks stop making excuses. and gardens. It can be found in As a busy parent myself, I understand the work it takes to get everyNebraska’s eight state parks or 58 one outside and the desire to create state recreation areas. Head outside this evening to look for a squirrel’s reasons to stay in. But in the end nest. Where is it located? Why is it these are just excuses, and I would so high up in the trees? Venture to much rather have fun experiencing life, exploring the outdoors, and a local park tomorrow to look for creating memories with my family. birds. How many different kinds can


RAINY DAYS By Sam A. Voboril, 8 2nd grade, Randolph Elementary

plop plop plop ZIP ZIP ZIP Get on your raincoat




Get on your rain boots— head outside Jump in a puddle

Squash Squash Squide BOOM BOOM! Get inside!

Thunder is coming! Run & hide!

Do not worry... we're inside!

HOLIDAY Gift Guide Memberships




Special Offers

Blue Raven Music Studio

Holiday Gift Card Special! 20% off for new students! Banjo • Bass • Dobro • Guitar • Mandolin • Piano • Ukulele • Voice • Violin

Cheer Xpress

Christmas Cheer! Give the gift of Cheer & Tumbling classes. New classes starting in January. Come be a part of this award-winning program!

402-486-0599 3835 S. 48th St. (near Union College) 402-489-5111 1130 Aries Drive

Children’s Museum & Zoo Dual Membership

Holiday cheer for the entire year! DUAL MEMBERSHIP to the Museum & Zoo! This combo grants 2 adults & their children under 18 unlimited access to both facilities! Parent & Grandparent options. Only $158 for a whole year of play!

Lincoln Children’s Museum: 402-477-4000 Lincoln Children’s Zoo: 402-475-6741

Defy Gravity Lincoln

GIFT CARD PROMO!  Receive FREE jumps with your gift card purchase! $25-49 = 30 min jump pass • $50-74 = 60 min jump pass • $75+ = (2) 60 min jump passes Offer begins Black Friday & ends on Christmas Eve 2017. Available in-store only in Lincoln.

402-817-6900 345 Sporting Village Dr, Ste #1

Emily Mefort Music Studio Group Piano Classes

Learn Piano with fun and friends! Play piano in a playful way! Unique, relevant and engaging piano lessons–every student has a full-sized digital piano! Music reading plus improvisation, chords, piano band and games.

402-617-1237 Near 70th and Pioneers

Haymarket Theatre

Theatre is the TICKET to the holidays! $25 off tuition when you register to be a part of Hairspray, Jr.! Exp. 12/31/17. Receive a holiday certificate for under the tree when you register & pay by Dec 18, 2017!

402-477-2600 803 Q St. #200

Kindermusik of Lincoln Morrill Hall Membership My Gym Paint Yourself Silly Pioneers Park Nature Center SAC Aerospace Museum Theatre Arts for Kids Twinkle’s Toy Store at Lincoln Children’s Museum

Let the celebration continue all winter long! New families can save 15% off tuition using code LNKKIDS when you enroll & pay for 16 weeks of Kindermusik This year, forget the hippopotamus! Give the gift of membership so they can hang out with the Bizarre Beasts and “Archie” the mammoth all year-round! Join now and use code HOLIDAY to receive a free animal plush to put under the tree! Millions of kids & fun are the best gifts for everyone! FREE Lifetime Membership for new members–a $75 value! Offer valid now through 12/31/17. Must enroll for 8 consecutive weeks. Give the gift of a creative experience! Pottery painting fun for all ages. Gift certificates available in all amounts!

402-770-1486 402-472-2637 14th & Vine Streets 402-802-9982 2755 Jamie Lane

1501 Pine Lake Rd. 402-423-1030 4101 Pioneer Woods Dr. 402-486-1010 701 P St. 402-474-1010

Gift the Gift of Nature! Nature Center Gift Shop offers unique nature-themed gifts for all ages. Give an experience. Gift Certificates for summer camp are available. Camp registration opens on Jan 23.

402-441-7895 3201 S. Coddington

SAC Aerospace Museum offers memberships & winter break camps for youth. Come enjoy 70 years of history, interactive displays, flight simulators, a Children’s Learning Center, and more! Open 9-5 daily. Discover more at

402-944-3100 28210 W Park Hwy • Ashland, NE

Give the gift of theatre!  ONE DAY OF BROADWAY! Sing, dance, & act your way through the day with songs & scenes from Broadway shows! Ages 8-15. Saturday, January 6 from 10am-3pm. Only $30! Register online! Classes at Christ Lutheran Church 4325 Sumner Street

Find great educational and one-of-a-kind gifts for kids of all ages at Twinkle’s Toy Store in Lincoln Children’s Museum. There’ll be plenty of sales and special offers during the holidays— check Facebook for the best dates to save. Don’t forget, members save 10% every day!

402-477-4000 1420 P Street Winter 2017 • Page 9


By Zookeeper & Lyrical Genius Sara Reagan, 2017

the night before Christmas ' Twas and all through the zoo, Not a creature was stirring, not even a Tree ‘Roo; The wallabies had nestled down into their beds, The bats fell asleep with feet above their heads; The lemurs snuggled together amongst their many ringed-tails, And snakes coiled together in piles of colorful scales; Camels and goats headed inside for the night, And the ducks fell asleep as their keeper turned off the light; But at the bobcat exhibit some mischief was afoot, The short tail and tufted ears just couldn’t stay put; Apollo the bobcat

Page 10 •

swiped a set of zookeeper keys, And with them he crept out of his habitat with ease; It’d been a year since he caught up with all his old friends, And he was ready to eat, drink, and be merry with them again; He had connived and conceived to meet in the snow leopard den, All the animals had agreed to gather around ten; So with a leap and a bound he headed down the road, With a bounce in his step and a twinkle in his toes; Apollo arrived to a scene of red-and-green Christmas cheer, The leopards had been planning the evening’s décor all year; The turacos had shown up to help string the lights, And the storks had hung ornaments from every possible height; The otters made cakes and cookies full of carrots and fish, While the bush babies brought fruit on a festive Yuletide dish; The macaws flew about singing Christmas carols with glee, The marmosets brought enough tinsel to cover ten trees; The turtles and sloths were in charge of the gifts,

And had spent hours wrapping toys during many slow shifts; Tamarins and iguanas shared colorful candy canes, While storks and eagles hosted cheerful holiday games; Dapper penguins won best-dressed to no one’s surprise, In their black-and-white tuxes that always claim such a prize; The guineas made jokes that had the kookaburra in stitches, The red pandas dressed as Santa in their fuzzy red britches; The serval and owl got the flamingos to pull a sleigh, With fennec foxes and gibbons leading the way; Peacocks and pheasants carved a Christmas ham, But the squirrels and guenon were more interested in the yams; The armadillos and skunk gossiped about the gift exchange, And the fossa met the porcupine, who he thought was very strange; And amidst the Christmas cheer Apollo couldn’t help but smile, At his friends’ ability to celebrate the holidays in style; He felt his heart warm at the sight of such joy, Even more than any present

or any new toy; Even though it would be a year before the festivities are replayed, Apollo knew the joy and laughter of the moment would not fade; For greater than time or distance are the friendships that we share, Coming together despite differences to prove that we care; So with bliss in his heart and a laugh in his shout, He gave a hug and a purr to each friend on their way out; The party had progressed into just before dawn, And eyes were getting sleepy while mouths filled with yawns; The animals made it back to bed just before the sun rose, And their evening of fun officially came to a close; Keepers smiled at their sleepy charges as they began their day, Whispering “Merry Christmas” to all as they prepped the daily zoo buffet; Apollo’s keeper scratched her head— by this time the cat was usually awake; But she decided to let him sleep in, it was Christmas for goodness sake! And so warm in his bed Apollo smiled to himself, Quite satisfied with himself as the Zoo’s party elf.


Winter 2017 • Page 11


Miss Mie: a Symbol of Friendship By Mandy Haase-Thomas, Chief Communications Officer, University of Nebraska State Museum-Morrill Hall


iss Mie goodwill ambassador doll is currently on display at Morrill Hall through December 31, 2017. A variety of hands-on activities are part of the 90th anniversary Miss Mie exhibit. Miss “Miye” Mie has called the University of Nebraska State Museum’s Anthropology collections home since 1928, after the historic friendship doll exchange took place between the youth of Japan and the United States. She was one of 58 Japanese goodwill ambassador dolls offered to museums in each of the 48 states. The dolls were a gift to the children of the United States given in response to a similar gift project started in 1926 by Dr. Sidney Gulick, a former missionary to Japan. Dr. Gulick had gathered over 12,000 “blue-eyed” dolls from schoolchildren all over the United States to send to Japan for the annual

Page 12 •

Hina Matsuri, or Doll Festival. The dolls were intended to carry a message of goodwill between American and Japanese children during a time of worsening relations between the two nations. The blue-eyed dolls had been received with such enthusiasm that Japanese schoolgirls contributed about a penny each to have Japanese Torei Ningyo, or Dolls of Friendship, made for American children. The dolls were presented to the United States in November 1927. Small groups of the dolls traveled to 479 cities throughout the States over the next year. After the tour, some of the dolls found permanent homes in museums and other institutions throughout the United States, including the University of Nebraska State Museum. When the 32-inch Miss Mie doll arrived, her accessories, which consisted of gold and silver inlaid lacquer articles, a passport, a steamer ticket, and a number of pictures and letters from the Japanese school children, were received into the collections.

As part of an ongoing effort by the University of Nebraska State Museum and the citizens of Mie to continue spreading Miss Mie’s message of peace and understanding, the friendship doll exchange continues. In 2009, the 83-year-old friendship doll was escorted to her original home in Mie Prefecture, Japan, to Miss Mie, surrounded by the nine American friendship dolls that undergo expert survived in Mie Prefecture after World War II. Photo courtesy of UNSM Archives. conservation, followed by various homecoming celebrations the University of Nebraska Kawasaki and exhibitions in 10 cities across Reading Room’s 25th anniversary, the region. More than 30,000 people Lincoln-based Morio USA, Nebraska attended the exhibitions before Miss State Historical Society, and with supMie’s return to Nebraska in 2010. port of the Nebraska Arts Council and Most recently, Miss Mie and musethe Nebraska Cultural Endowment, the um director Susan Weller traveled to University of Nebraska State Museum Mie Prefecture in celebration of the will temporarily display Miss Mie and 90th anniversary of the Friendship her accessories at Morrill Hall through Doll Program. In partnership with December 31, 2017.


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HUSKER TRACK CAMP at Bob Devaney Sports Center –Elementary–

Sunday FUNday Ages 5-11 • All ability levels Rotate through fun stations to experience track & field! $24 • 4-week sessions Beginning in Nov & Jan

Winter Track Camp for 4th-12th grade Registration & dates online Discount tuition for students on reduced lunch program

Call or Text


KidsPark: Happy Kids. Happy Parents. Submitted by KidsPark


idsPark has been the leader in hourly childcare in California for over 25 years. The franchise came to Lincoln in 2015 when Katie Krivolavek, a local mom of three, saw a need for the convenient service. Unlike most daycares, KidsPark requires no reservations and has extended hours on evenings and weekends, making it the perfect solution for appointments, meetings, date nights, or just a quick trip to the store. Your kids can stay for a half an hour or the whole day. It’s childcare that fits your schedule. The best part is how KidsPark takes the guess work out of childcare. No more searching for a sitter or hoping their schedule works with your needs. KidsPark is open over 90 hours per week and has you covered! Their facility is licensed, and all of their well-qualified teachers are background checked. With the the holiday season upon us, it’s a great time to visit KidsPark. Drop off the kids on a Saturday

afternoon while you do some holiday shopping, or on a Friday night so you can have fun at the office holiday party. KidsPark has something for kids from 18 months through 12 years old. From glow parties, to holiday-themed events, weeknight clubs, and everyone’s favorite—the Mountain of Energy—your child is sure to find something to do! As a bonus to you, crafts and activities are included in their hourly rates. KidsPark is hosting Winter Break camps during the Lincoln Public Schools break, and no reservations are required! Themes include Snow Much Fun, Winter Scientists, and more! They will have gift making workshops on December 23, a Christmas party on December 24, and they will host a Noon-Night New Years celebration on December 31! They have at least one activity or game every hour, so there is always something fun happening. Check for more information on events and special hours through the holiday season.

The Buddy Preschool program, which runs from 9:00am-11:30am Monday-Friday, is great for first childcare experiences, a complement to other preschool programs, or as your primary preschool. Working on the same drop-in principle, preschoolers can come as little as once a week or up to five days per week for an engaging curriculum. KidsPark preschoolers not only learn numbers, colors, and letters, but also participate in science & enrichment units, where topics like senses, motion, art history, and music are covered. KidsPark’s preschool is play-based and allows children to gently learn the ropes of school while they prepare for Kindergarten. You can stop in anytime during KidsPark’s open business hours for a tour of the center. The staff is happy to show you around and answer any questions you may have. If you’d like more information or their hourly rates, visit or call the Lincoln center at (402) 413-8849.

WINTER 2017-18

Swimming lessons for ages 3 & up Call to ask about AquaBabies (under 3)

Exp. Jan 31, 2018 Cannot combine with other offers.

Warm Water & Good Times! We also book the best-priced pool parties in town!


No. of Sessions:

Registration Begins:

Oct 23-Nov 16

8 classes

Oct 10

Nov 27-Dec 7

4 classes

Nov 7

Jan 16-Feb 7

7 classes

Dec 5

M/W or T/Th evenings. See website for schedules. Aquababies for 3 & under offered T/Th evenings.

402-486-2525 • 52nd & Stockwell Page 14 •


Your Holiday—Our Camp—My Gym! Submitted by My Gym Lincoln


he holidays are here! And so are the multiple school breaks that go along with them. A great way to keep the kids active and happy when school is out is to sign them up for half-day camps at My Gym for indoor fun & activities. My Gym is a unique, kid-friendly gym filled with climbing & agility equipment, tumbling pads, an indoor zipline, and more. We provide a safe place to burn off some of that boundless energy! My Gym camps are also a fun group activity for your child & his/her friends. Register them for the same days and trade off carpooling with their parents for convenience. There are a variety of days, times, & rates for camps & classes to work with your schedule. Camps are available for ages 2.5 & up (must be potty-trained). Check out our ad on this page for savings on your camp purchase!

Members & non-members are welcome to join us for these upcoming camps:

Thanksgiving Break •• WED | Nov 22, 12-3 pm •• FRI | Nov 24, 9 am-12 pm •• MON | Nov 27, 12-3 pm

Winter Break

Camp Rates

The more you play, the more you save!

1-3 Days

Members: $28/day Non-Members: $30/day

4-6 Days

Members: $25/day Non-Members: $28/day

7+ Days

Members: $22/day Non-Members: $25/day

•• TUE | Dec 26, 12-3 pm •• WED | Dec 27, 12-3 pm •• FRI | Dec 29, 9 am-12 pm •• WED | Jan 3, 12-3 pm •• FRI | Jan 5, 9 am-12 pm My Gym also hosts a variety of special events, including Birthday Parties, Open Houses, & Parents’ Night Out. Memberships begin at just 6 months of age. Curious about becoming a member? Sign up for a free Trial Class online or call us for more information. (402) 802-9982

Stroll Cheer! – with us – for holiday

This Season of Giving

Star City Stroller Moms will donate all proceeds to charity:

– connected forever – ANY

Fitness LVL —



$50 BOTH SESSIONS NOV 6-17 • DEC 4-15

M-W-F • 9:30-10:30AM — Gateway Mall — • •

Healthy Foods at No Cost • Nutrition Education Breastfeeding Guidance

Winter 2017 • Page 15


A Holiday Tradition Becomes a Family Affair By Ann Seacrest, Past President, Lincoln Midwest Ballet Company


or over 30 years, Tchaikovsky’s Nutcracker Ballet has captivated Lincoln families during the holiday season. Produced by the Lincoln Midwest Ballet Company (LMBC) under the artistic direction of Shari True, The Nutcracker is a family tradition that showcases local dancers, guest artists, exquisite costumes, magnificent scenery, and a live orchestra. Some Lincoln families take this tradition a step further by making it an on-stage family affair. This year, two generations of six families will dance in The Nutcracker. LMBC is reliant upon support from community members, and many of the parents first got involved as volunteers. As Party Parents, they are on stage in the opening act. They dance, perform, corral naughty children, and set the stage for the magic of the ballet. Maggie Rawlings, whose daughter Ava will dance as a Little Mouse this year, was ecstatic when she encouraged to audition as a Party Parent five years ago. Maggie danced in The

Kelley, have Nutcracker as a been dancing in teenager. Ava’s The Nutcracker grandparents will for eight years. travel from St. Kelley especialLouis, Missouri, ly enjoyed the to see Ava and year that she was Maggie dance. both the “stage” Ava’s younger mom and “real” sister, Cate, is mom to Finley anxious to audiand Finley’s tion when she twin brother, turns eight. Skylar. Finley Tyne Thorson is a Company grew up watchmember and ing her couswill dance in the in and close Photo of the 2016 Nutcracker & Clara courtesy of Purple Sky Productions Snow Corps and friends dance in The 2017 Nutcracker performances as Russia. Neither The Nutcracker. will be held on Dec 16 & 17 at the Lied Center for Performing Arts. Finley nor Kelley She and her can imagine the daughter (aptly holidays without The Nutcracker and named Clara) started their family’s look forward to spending time with Nutcracker tradition when Clara their “Nutcracker family.” turned three. Each year, Tyne and Sarah McCurley first danced as Clara have their photo taken by the a Party Parent in 2010. Her daughcelebrated “pointe shoe tree”. This ter, Olivia, joined her as an Angel year, Tyne and Clara both auditioned last year, and will dance as a Big and were cast in the show. They are Mouse this year. Sarah loves sharbeyond thrilled! ing the stage with so many talented Finley Peterson and her mother,

dancers and the symphony orchestra, and says that the moment she hears Tchaikovsky’s music, she is immediately in the Christmas spirit. Not to be outdone by mothers and daughters, John Coffey and his two sons have danced in the party scene for fourteen years. Matt and Mike took a tap class, which led them to The Nutcracker. John thought he was volunteering to be a room parent, instead he ended up as a Party Parent. Humbled by the friendships they have made, John loves taking a moment to reflect on how much time and energy each talented dancer has invested. Vladamir and Maggie Oulianov round out the cast of our two generation families this year. Maggie will be joining her father on stage in her role as a Party Girl. There is no better combination than tutus, flying swans and bon-bons, especially when combined with the joy of parents and children sharing the stage. Join us this year at the Lied Center for Performing Arts on December 16th and 17th to begin (or continue) your own family tradition!

December 16th & 17th, 2017 Look for these talented families on stage at this year’s Nutcracker Suite! Clockwise from top left: the Coffey family (photo credit Purple Sky Productions); the McCurley family; the Peterson family (photo credit Purple Sky Productions); and the Thorson family.

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NYE Fun at the Children’s Museum: Make Believe Midnight By Marissa Gill Keyzer, Lincoln Children’s Museum


inging in the new year is one of the most exciting moments of every turn of the calendar. Lincoln Children’s Museum thinks families should get a chance to share that excitement together, so that’s why they’ve created the only family-friendly New Year’s Eve event in Lincoln with Make Believe Midnight. A long-time tradition for the Museum, this event combines all the fun of the countdown, balloon drop, and dance party you’d get at Times Square without the late hours or crazy weather. “Make Believe Midnight is one of our favorite events,” says Museum Executive Director Tara Knuth, “Watching the kids’ faces as they wait for the balloons to drop is absolutely priceless.” The event begins at six o’clock on New Year’s Eve night and includes party favors for every kid, a dance party complete with light

show, a bubble wrap stomp every fifteen minutes, three floors of exhibits, and of course the biggest draw of all: the balloon drop at 8:00pm. The Museum drops over 2,000 balloons during Make Believe Midnight and even includes “Baby New Year” in the fun! “I don’t know of a better way to ring in a new year than with your family and other loved ones. That is exactly the opportunity that Make Believe Midnight provides and I can’t imagine a more beautiful one,” says Kiwanis member Keith Prettyman, who volunteers at the event every

year with his wife. Lincoln Center Kiwanis members have helped with this event for years and love being part of the family gathering. From handing out party favors to manning the coat check, Kiwanis members are all around the building making sure the event runs perfectly. The best part of the whole event for parents is that it is over with enough time for your kids to get home and in bed at a reasonable hour, and parents can even still make it to their own plans later on if they wish. The Museum also sees a lot of

grandparents bringing their grandkids to share the holiday together while mom and dad are out on the town. There are many fun options to celebrate as a family and bring in 2018 together! Above all, this great event is a fundraiser for the Museum. Every ticket purchased helps keep the power of play available for all families all year long. “Lots of people don’t realize Lincoln Children’s Museum is a non-profit, but we do have to work hard every year to make sure families still have access to our educational programming and exciting exhibits,” says Knuth. “Events like Make Believe Midnight are a big reason that we can keep serving 160,000 guests every year.” For ticket information, head to www.lincolnchildrensmuseum. org. Tickets officially go on sale November 13.

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LK! Register for Summer & 2018 Academic Year

Open House! Jan. 25, 6pm Children enjoy a developmental learning program in a safe, nurturing environment with a small 1:8 teacher-to-student ratio. Art, stories, songs, large motor activities and learning centers allow children to grow spiritually, emotionally, socially, physically and intellectually. AM Classes: 9am–12pm • PM Classes: 9am-3pm • Pre-K: 9 am-3 pm • Extended care avail. Quality-Rated

Nationally Accredited

NE Step Up To Quality

NAEYC Program

Director Suzanne Schneider: 402-475-6702 ext. 103 • Conveniently located at 2110 Sheridan Blvd.

Happy Birthday Lost In Fun! us of childhood amusement. We’ve learned a lot and we’ve changed a lot, but what we want for kids has always stayed the same: a safe place to get lost in fun! Lost In Fun would not be what we are today without the people of Lincoln and the surrounding areas. We have even had the pleasure of providing a fun landing spot for out-of-towners and visitors from other states. We are so grateful of your patronage and loyalty. We would like to take this time to extend a heartfelt thank-you to all of our customers, big & small, the LIF staff, and our business partners who have supported us through the years. As Lincoln grows, we will grow, and we look forward to seeing you all again here where you can get Lost In Fun! Stop by today to check out the newly upgraded laser maze and bring the coupon below for 25% off your entry fee! We’ll see you on the floor…or in the air…or sinking in the foam pit…or sliding down the fun gym…

By Monica & Scott Lieske, Owners, Lost In Fun!

Moonlight Reflection by Libby Gomez-Lazo, Grade 1, Art Around the Corner

Yummy birthday party fun!




Jumping Pillow


Foam Pit

Book y

FUN-TA our birthda STIC y p

arty online today! LostInF !




Fun Gym


Lazer Maze


ng i n t i R


Prese nt thi s


• Ages 3 & up • Up to 15 guests • Lots of themes & packages available! • Book your party online today!


an you image ten nonstop years of fun and games? An endless supply of jumping, running, tumbling, climbing, dancing, playing, laughing, and making friends & memories? Well, here at Lost In Fun, that is exactly what we’ve done and more! We celebrated ten fun-tastic years of endless play in October, and the party didn’t stop there. We are Monica & Scott Lieske, and ten years ago our dream became reality when we opened the doors to a world where kids & adults can let loose and get lost in fun. Since our grand opening we have expanded twice, added new features & party options, filled the rooms with fun-tastic things to do, and literally dialed up the fun here in Lincoln. As owners, we are indescribably proud and overjoyed with the success and positivity that has come from opening Lost In Fun, but the pure joy that tickles our souls comes from us being “kids-at-heart” and wanting to fill our day-to-day lives with the goofy ruck-


pon f or 25 any o% OFF ne pa Not v alid f ss! o offer r parties s. o rw Exp. 1/31 ith other /201 8

(402) 261-0440 * * 15th & Yankee Hill


Inspiring Creativity Through the Arts Submitted by Harris Academy of the Arts


ore than likely, you’ve heard about the multitude of research that shows how learning music benefits people of every age. While the research might be distant from your day-today activities, you’ll see it proven firsthand at Harris Academy of the Arts. Harris Academy of the Arts is a musical gem tucked away in the South Ridge Village shopping center located at 2935 Pine Lake Road, just across the street from Southpointe Mall. Primarily a private music lesson studio, they also offer Kindermusik, Children’s Music Academy, Treble Makers (vocal ensemble classes for varied ages), Rock Bands, String Ensembles, Cello Choirs, Woodwind Ensembles, and talent & theatre coaching. Harris Academy of the Arts is in its 14th year of business with an average of 500 students and 15 instructors. Owner and director Vicki Train Harris has a dedicated passion for music education that defines her business. The focus is on the student while the environment is creative and nurturing. Students will experience the joy and enrichment of music while obtaining pride in personal fulfillment and artistic achievement. Quality comes first as all instructors are university-trained and share their talent and knowledge in unique ways. The Harris team is made up of caring, passionate individuals who love teaching music education. Student ages have ranged from as young as four weeks to 92 years old. Music education is used to aid in the development of young ears and minds. Kindermusik classes offer a curriculum of singing, movement, story time and fun that benefits children from newborns to age seven. Children’s Music Academy, a piano-based group class for ages three to seven years, applies the proven research that children are most receptive to musical training between the ages of three and six. Both programs provide a strong foundation in theory, rhythm, ear training, ensemble playing, note reading, and exposure to diverse music genres. Not only does Harris Academy of the Arts provide private music

lessons for most instruments (e.g., piano, guitar, voice, strings, woodwinds, brass, etc.), but they also provide private lessons in theatre, talent coaching, and composition. HAA additionally offers group music classes in topics such as beginning guitar, beginning piano, beginning classes for adults, improvisation, song writing, music theory —and the list goes on. Beyond the location at Pine Lake Road, Harris is taking music into the community. Students have the opportunity to perform at various community events, including farmers markets, shopping centers, and the Lied Center Lobby prior to Lincoln Symphony Orchestra concerts. Harris also prides itself in providing learning opportunities via a multitude of FREE group class options offered 2-3 times per month. These classes allow for students to pick and choose what classes best fit their instrument, age, skill level and interests. Additionally, students participate in monthly educational field trips throughout the community. Field trips focus on a wide variety of topics in the arts that allow students to learn far beyond the classroom experience. For example, playing a violin is one thing; but seeing the inside of a stringed instrument and how it is repaired takes the string student to a whole new level of understanding and appreciation of their instrument. Education like this is more than music—it’s the development of individuals and pertains to life beyond the classroom. Harris Academy of the Arts is grateful for the privilege to be a part of music education in Lincoln, Nebraska. Harris Academy of the Arts (402) 423-7121

–Trusted Child Care & education– Curriculum based • Music & language outdoor play area• nutritious meals before & after school programs


Campus (402) 486-4847 60th & Normal 6 weeks-12 years • 6am-6pm

BIG SAVINGS! No 2018 Enrollment Fee + 10% off your 1st month! Must present coupon. Valid for new applicants only. First month’s payment must be made in full in order to receive discount. Offer expires 01/31/18.

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Lutheran Schools: Providing a Rich History of Education Submitted by the Lutheran Schools of Lincoln on behalf of Trinity Lutheran School

Awkward Peacock by Yve Nelson, 10 Kahoa Elementary, made while camping with her grandparents

Free to be



Join a community of moms empowering one another – Work from home – Conquer debt – Be there for family

Learn more:

Dental Care Designed for Your Child


his year marks the 500th anniversary of the Protestant Reformation, the moment when Martin Luther started a revolution that would forever change the history of religion in our world. Luther was a strong proponent of Christian education and one of his last acts, just prior to his death in 1546, was to establish a Christian school in Eisleben, Germany. He was convinced that knowledge of the liberal arts—history, language, and the like—provided the best context for study of the scriptures. Fast forward to 1847, when the Lutheran Church–Missouri Synod (LCMS) was founded in America. The synod was started by twelve churches that operated a total of nineteen schools. Several of the churches operated a number of schools in the rural countryside so that students would not have to walk too far to school each day. The LCMS now is the largest Protestant school system in the United States. Currently the LCMS operates 1,173 early childhood centers, 804 elementary schools, 91 high schools, ten universities and two seminaries. These schools educate more than 280,000 students and are taught by almost 18,000 teachers. Within Lincoln, there exist five of these Lutheran elementary schools, each also providing some form of early childhood education through child care and preschool programs. Lincoln Lutheran then educates middle and high school aged students.

Courtesy of Trinity Lutheran School

Each of these schools have a history of providing solid Christian education within the Lincoln community. Trinity Lutheran elementary is the oldest of these schools and is celebrating its 135th year in Lincoln. Christ Schools is the newest elementary school, currently in its 15th year. Lincoln Lutheran was founded in 1962. All schools recently have come together to form the Lutheran Schools of Lincoln. The Lutheran Schools of Lincoln adhere the same mission that was laid forth over 500 years ago by Luther—to raise up the next generation of faithful Christian disciples and provide excellent academic preparation. Do you need to be Lutheran/Protestant to attend one of the Lutheran Schools of Lincoln? Absolutely not! We invite all students who desire a private, Christian education to take a look at all we can offer. You can learn more about the opportunity for your child to attend one of Lincoln’s Lutheran schools at

Call us today for an appointment

Pray • Learn • Love • Grow 18 mos - 5th Grade


Christ-centered Excellence in education

1200 N. 56th St.

3901 Pine Lake Road, Suite 250 Website:

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Brent D. Johnson, DDS, MS † (402) 466-1800

Saturdays January 13 - April 14

Saturdays January 13 – March 3

Star Catchers (ages 8-15) - $350

Two Age Groups!

Saturdays 12:00 pm - 4:00 pm

Performances: Friday, April 13 7:00 pm Saturday, April 14 • 2:00 pm & 7:00 pm

Rising Stars (ages 3-8) - $200 Saturdays 9:00 am - 10:30 am

Stage Stars (ages 6-10) - $225 Saturdays 9:30 am - 11:30 am

Performances: Saturday, March 3 • 4:00 pm & 6:00 pm

Visit for more information and registration Location: Christ Lutheran Church (4325 Sumner)


It’s No “Bull” – Kids & Energy Drinks Don’t Mix Bob Rauner, MD MPH, & Julie Pearson Anderson, Partnership for a Healthy Lincoln


id you know that energy drinks can be dangerous— even fatal—for kids 18 years old and younger? Learn the facts about kids and energy drinks.

FACT: Energy Drink Ingredients and Kids To quote the American Academy of Pediatrics, “Rigorous review and analysis of the literature reveal that caffeine and other stimulant substances contained in

• Focus on social & emotional development, giving your child a great start • Classrooms led by educated and experienced teachers • Kindergarten-readiness curriculum • Behavioral specialist on staff • Enrolling children 6 weeks to 12 years • NEW Nature Explore Outdoor Classroom • Extended hours: 6:30 am - 6:00 pm

402-434-5437 |

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energy drinks have no place in the diet of children and adolescents.” Stimulant substances like guarana or taurine have not been tested for safety in children. There is also evidence that the combination of sugar and caffeine is addictive, with one substance increasing the craving for the other. If kids get started on energy drinks early on, they may be hooked for life. Worse, consumption of energy drinks by young children and over-consumption by teens have been linked to heart attacks, seizures, and even death.

FACT: Energy Drinks, Sugar, and Childhood Obesity On a typical day, 80% of youth drink sugar-sweetened beverages— up to 20% of the total calories they consume. The liquid calories from sugar sweetened beverages like soda and energy drinks account for about half of the childhood obesity epidemic. Children are now being diagnosed with obesity-related chronic conditions, like diabetes, heart disease, and stroke, that once only afflicted adults. The obesity epidemic will likely cut the life expectancy of our children by an average of five years. What’s it take to burn off the calories in those energy drinks? If a kid weighing about 70 pounds consumes a 12 ounce regular energy drink, he or she would have to walk 5 miles or put in about 40 minutes of vigorous exercise to burn off the calories.

FACT: Kids and Diet Energy Drinks Studies to date have shown that switching to diet drinks doesn’t result in weight loss. Even worse, many show that the opposite happens; drinking diet energy and other artificially sweetened drinks is associated with gaining weight. The conclusion of several studies is that artificial sweeteners make you hungry. So, although the diet energy drinks have no or fewer calories, they make kids feel hungry and crave sweets, which can lead to bad snack choices and overeating.

FACT: Energy Drinks and Young Athletes Energy drinks are often used by students to provide an extra boost in energy. However, the stimulants in these drinks can have a harmful effect on the nervous system. The National Federation of State High School Associations recommends that young athletes should not use energy drinks for hydration, and information about the potential risk should be widely distributed to young athletes.

FACT: Energy Drinks, Alcohol and Kids Underage drinking is always dangerous, but a popular trend among teens to mix alcohol with energy drinks increases the danger. According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), in 2015, 13% percent of students in grades 8, 10, and 12 reported consuming alcohol mixed with energy drinks at least once in the past year. Studies have found: 1) those who

binge drink are more than twice as likely to mix alcohol with energy drinks as non-binge drinkers, 2) drinkers aged 15 to 23 who mix alcohol with energy drinks are four times more likely to binge drink at high intensity, and 3) drinkers who mix alcohol with energy drinks are more likely to report unwanted or unprotected sex, driving drunk, riding with a driver who was intoxicated, or sustaining alcohol-related injuries. Partnership for a Healthy Lincoln promotes healthy weights and safe beverage choices for kids. Learn more at HealthyLincoln. org/kidsandenergydrinks.


Insurance has Your Back...and Car...and House... Submitted by Forsyth Insurance Agency


ife is busy and always changing. We have our routines, we plan ahead, we handle surprises as best as we can, and we continue to try and move forward with a sense of security. But it’s easy to forget how life changes–big or small–can affect our insurance needs. From remodeling a house, starting a home-based business, or buying that classic car, to getting married, adding a new family member, and planning a sweet 16, it’s in your family’s best interest to take a moment and review your insurance policies and adjust for these events.

Auto Insurance

Buying a vehicle is a major purchase, one that most agree deserves a solid insurance plan. Whether it’s a new or used car, auto insurance also provides liability insurance in the event of an accident for which you are responsible, protecting you from accruing potential debt for the care of the other party’s damage and/or injuries. Review your policy every time you acquire a new vehicle. Transferring the same or equivalent policy may not be ideal from one vehicle to another.

Home Insurance

It is very important to protect your shelter. Home insurance plans typically cover damage caused by fires, lightening, wind, and hail. An often overlooked protection included is liability insurance. Liability insurance can protect you if you or your property accidentally cause damage to someone or their property. Flood Insurance Flood damage is never covered under regular home insurance and requires a separate policy. Flood damage includes heavy rains where any amount of water flows into your home. Keep in mind, when shopping for a new house, if you plan to take out a mortgage

you will need flood insurance if your new home is located in a high-risk flood zone. Scheduled Insurance Another part of a home policy is personal property coverage, usually insuring basic property in your home, like your furniture. But you may discover that some of your valuables, like fine jewelry, require an additional policy; you can schedule those items to provide broader coverage. For example, replacement costs are covered if you lose a stone out of a scheduled ring. A scheduled item may not have a deductible applied in the event of a loss. Other valuables to consider scheduling include art, guns, and technology equipment. Renter’s Insurance Many people don’t think a home policy is necessary because they rent, but in fact, it’s highly recommended once you are living on your own. Many landlords actually require you to carry renter’s insurance. Your own policy will provide insurance for your possessions and liability insurance if something should accidentally happen in your apartment. Renter’s insurance is generally very affordable.

Lower Your Premiums Holding multiple policies with a single agent may qualify you for a lower rate. Adding additional policies may also qualify you for discounts— boat, rental properties, umbrella, life, and even commercial policies. Auto insurance policies may provide safe driver discounts, loss free discounts, and/or longevity discounts. Having a higher deductible can also lessen regular payments. Home insurance can also have higher deductibles yielding lower premiums. Your home may also be eligible for discounts if you have a new roof or high impact shingles. How you pay can also make an impact. Some agents offer a discount for prepaying the full term or for signing up for autopay. There are various options to customize a policy perfect for your family. If you would like more information on your insurance options or if this has raised any questions, we at Forsyth Insurance are happy to help. Call us at 402-483-7861.

Umbrella Policies This is a policy which provides extra liability coverage, typically up to $1,000,000-$2,000,000 over and above your auto and homeowner insurance policies. This is an inexpensive way to be sure your assets are protected.

Life Insurance

Life insurance is vital for the wellbeing of your family in the event of a death. Many couples take out life insurance policies once married, but it’s important to revisit the policy as the family grows. Experts recommend an amount equal to seven to ten years of your annual salary. There are two main types of life insurance: Term insurance offers a low cost way to protect your family during your earning years. Term plans provide a death benefit payout during a specified time frame, or term. Universal life is a form of permanent (whole) life insurance. It generally offers a stable rate and cash value. These plans often include an investment component, allowing the cash value to grow. Winter 2017 • Page 23



Living My Dream of Becoming a Writer Close

Tuition: $275 Rehearsals: 11/4-12/9 Saturdays • 10am-4pm

Performances: Dec. 14, 15 & 16, 7pm Dec. 16 & 17, 2pm

You have to dream big to be big.

Rehearsals: 1/13-3/3 Saturdays • 10am-4pm Sunday 3/4, 10am-4pm

Tuition: $275 Performances: Mar. 8, 9, 10

Registration & tickets available online!

Summer Camp information coming in January - Check the website!



with Gretchen Garrison: Mom. Blogger. Author. Nebraska Enthusiast.

1 night. 4 ghosts. Ultimate redemption.




n July of 2016, one of my grandest dreams came true: I was asked to write a book. For some people, that might be the day that I became a writer. But for me, I know that process started long ago.... ...In second grade, when I wrote my first book. It was about a Palomino horse and was written in an actual blank book with a fabric cover. Aside from the fact that there is only one copy, to me this treasure counts as my first book. ...During junior high, my sweet friend, Linda, and I wrote a book about teenage girls. Those pages live in my filing cabinet and will hopefully never see the light of day. But I think it still counts for something. ...As a young wife before kids, I started correspondence writing for a children’s course. This taught me that while I love creating stories, I prefer to write facts. ...As the communications coordinator for our local MOPS group when my kids were younger, I wrote lengthy newsletters and blog posts full of encouragement. I also penned book and activity ideas during this time. After this, I started my own blog about Nebraska, and I began submitting articles to local publications. For five years now, Lincoln Kids!

Newspaper has let me to share my ideas with you—what a blessing! The past five years of writing has allowed me to combine my love of words with my loves of education, discovery, and family life. How about you? Do you want to be a writer someday? It is never too early or late to start. Many authors began by journaling. Take a moment every day and write about whatever comes to you. Dedicate the notebook solely to telling your own stories. If you prefer typing, you could start a blog or a private Facebook group where you can share your stories with family and friends. Of course, I would not be a caring mom if I did not remind you to NEVER post or publish anything online without a parent’s permission. As I constantly tell my kids, I may trust you, but I definitely do not trust the internet. Gretchen Garrison is a homeschool mom and former teacher. She tells about local places & people on her blog, Odyssey Through Nebraska. Her first book, Detour Nebraska: Historical Destinations and Natural Wonders, is now available online and at these local bookstores: Francie & Finch Bookshop and Indigo Bridge Books. Both locations offer a variety of books for children and plan events for kids & families. Francie & Finch Bookshop

130 S. 13th Street Lincoln, NE 68508 (402) 781-0459

Indigo Bridge Books The Creamery Building 701 P Street, Suite 102 Lincoln, NE 68508 (402) 477-7770

Teaching, nurturing, and developing the future... 6wks–12 yrs

one child at a time. 8215 NORTHWOODS, STE #100


We have summer programs too!

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7301 S. 15TH ST.


6021 S. 56TH ST.

402-420-5440 WWW.AACDC.COM

Monday-Friday 6:30am–6:00pm Video Surveillance & Secure Entry Year-Round Preschool


Breaking Down Educational Barriers with Universal Design for Learning Written by Tim Frey, Professor of Education, Doane University. Submitted on behalf of the Nebraska Dyslexia Association (NDA)

“I’m stuck in a rut.” “I ran into a dead end.” “I just can’t get over the bump.”


“I’ve hit a brick wall.”

hese are all things I have heard parents and students say when they are frustrated with a homework assignment or class. Education can be full of barriers that are hard for students to overcome. Just as Universal Design in architecture gave us accessible buildings and sidewalks, Universal Design for Learning (UDL) is designed to provide access to students who are hitting barriers and running into educational walls. UDL is an approach to education that aims to allow all students equal opportunities to succeed, no matter how they learn. While some teachers in traditional schools may use UDL principles and practices on their own, traditional and UDL approaches to education are very different. UDL is a proactive approach to planning learning experiences for students with a focus on designing instruction that is accessible to all learners. Teachers using UDL principles strive to provide multiple options for learners and remove barriers in the learning environment, curriculum, instruction, and assessment. The three principles of UDL are using: 1) multiple means of representation, 2) multiple means of action/expression, and 3) multiple means of engagement. Each principle is intended to provide students with multiple pathways for learning and help students overcome barriers that traditional teaching methods can sometimes create. Applications of UDL principles can be made in any content area and at any age or developmental level. One significant barrier for many students across multiple grade levels is navigating primarily text-based content. Using multiple means of representing content is something parents and teachers can do to support learners. Alternate presentations of content can include using video, picture, and audio platforms. The availability of free tools that support text-to-speech makes this a simple

UDL strategy to implement. Google’s Read & Write plug-in for Chrome is just one example of a widely-available text-to-speech tool. The app quickly turns text of any level into audio while highlighting the words as it reads aloud, creating an efficient way to remove different barriers for multiple students using only a single method. The “write” side of Google’s Read & Write app also provides a useful example of the second UDL principle: multiple means of action/expression. Getting words onto paper can be a significant challenge for some students. Students can use the speech-to-text side of the app to speak words onto the page, creating a Google Doc with sound instead of typing. This provides students another opportunity to share what they have learned. Some speechto-text apps could even be used to help students “see” what the teacher is saying, take notes, or create reminders from classroom directions. Using UDL practices both in school and at home to help students break down the barriers of learning provides a powerful approach to designing successful educational experiences for children. For more information on UDL check out the national center for UDL at www. Another great resource to find educational tools based on UDL principles is This article was submitted on behalf of the Nebraska Dyslexia Association. For more information on dyslexia and related reading, writing, and spelling difficulties or accommodations, contact the Nebraska Dyslexia Association: or (402) 434-6434. Winter 2017 • Page 25


Early Literacy and the Library By Vicki Wood, Youth Services Supervisor, Lincoln City Libraries, Bennett Martin Public Library


very parent takes on the important role as their child’s first teacher the minute they welcome a new baby into their home. By raising children in a language-rich environment, parents ensure that children will have the skills they need to learn to read when they enter school. The public library can be a significant partner for parents in promoting early literacy by using the libraries many materials and programs. Every Child Ready to Read emphasizes the ways in which early literacy develops in children through everyday interactions, specifically: talking, singing, reading, writing and playing. The library supports these practices through language-rich storytimes. Our Baby Storytime, Toddler Time,

Preschool Storytime and Family Storytimes are developed to expose young children to rhythm and rhyme through songs and fingerplays, new vocabulary words, narrative sequences, and the interplay between pic-


Page 26 •

tures and words through books. These introduce skills that will set children on the path to reading success. By attending storytime regularly and making weekly visits to the library, you demonstrate to your child

the central role literacy plays in your home. The library provides, free of charge, traditional books, music on compact disc, audio books, and books in downloadable formats, such as E-book picture books, first readers and more challenging fare for older children. Unstructured, imaginative play is another powerful tool for learning in young children. Through these play experiences, children learn to think symbolically, use their imagination, and express themselves in a supportive environment. Each of our libraries are chock-full of puzzles, puppet theaters, bead mazes, and flannel and magnetic boards that allow children to learn through play. Electronic media is everywhere in our culture, but when it comes to educational value, all media is

Continued on next page...


....Continued from page 26, Early Literacy not created equal. The library subscribes to TumbleBooksLibrary, an online collection of electronic books that use animation, sound, music, and narration to engage young children and support early literacy skills. For younger children and emerging readers, TumbleBooks supports learning to read as children follow along reading the text with the narrator, pausing independently to read at a comfortable pace. More experienced readers can choose beginning chapter books to read or have read to them, expanding their vocabularies and increasing their fluency. Memory and spelling games, as well as puzzles and other word games related to the books, are included to further enhance learning. A collection of non-fiction titles rounds out the offerings and the educational value. TumbleBooks can be accessed through any library public access catalog or through our web page for home use, Most of our libraries have Early Literacy Stations, which contain over 60 fun and educational programs for children ages 3-8. These

8310 Wendell Way (402) 483-4769

programs support the five practices of early literacy (talking, singing, reading, writing and playing) that are part of the Every Child Ready to Read Program. They cover all areas of the curriculum, from art and science to music and math. Make attending a Library Learning Time a priority in your family. Lincoln City Libraries offer over 30 weekly Learning Times, so you can attend those that fit best with your family’s schedule. Our Library Learning Times are dropin and don’t require preregistration. Please note: all branches take a break from Library Learning Times in December, but Eiseley Branch will offer Wee Work Out, a program that gets kids moving and interacting with a fun literacy component. Get moving with us on Wednesdays and Thursdays, December 6th, 7th, 13th, and 14th, from 10:30-11:00am. For more information on the Wee Work Out program, call Eiseley Branch at 402-441-4250. For information on Library Learning Time, contact the Library branch or call 402-441-8500.

Limited Openings - Apply Today! Full Time Educational Services Make each day full of fun & learning with our Creative Curriculum and Handwriting Without Tears programs! • Art • Discovery Area • Library • Sand & Water

• Music & Movement • Computers • Blocks • Dramatic Play

• Toys & Games • Cooking • Outdoors

Part-Time Preschool Program Also Available Call for availability & schedule

ABOOK llisBAG on’s Recommended reading for your Lincoln Kids! by Allison Hunter-Frederick

Graphic novels have grown in popularity over the past decade. In many

libraries, the most popular children’s books are often graphic novels. Below are my recommendations for these illustrated treasures.

EARLY READERS THE BOY, THE BEAR, THE BARON, THE BARD by Gregory Rogers The Boy, the Bear, the Baron, the Bard features a young boy who finds himself whisked back to the 16th century England while exploring an abandoned theater. He emerges on the stage of the Globe Theatre in the middle of a performance, much to the chagrin of William Shakespeare himself. A chase erupts, wherein the young boy frees and then befriends both a caged bear and an imprisoned baron. Kids and their parents will want to study the detailed illustrations to get the most out of this wordless paneled graphic novel.

INDEPENDENT READERS LUNCH LADY & THE CYBORG SUBSTITUTE by Jarrett Krosoczka Lunch Lady and the Cyborg Substitute, the first title in the Lunch Lady series, introduces an undercover hero who assumes the guise of a lunch lady. A group of school friends who call themselves the Breakfast Bunch take a stand against bullies, agonize over what clubs to join, laugh at each other’s food choices, and debate who should win the Teacher of the Year award. One day they follow the lunch lady home to see what she does when not serving meals. This leads to them teaming up with the lunch lady, her sidekick, and their crime-fighting gadgets against a suspicious substitute teacher. Mayhem abounds in this fast-paced, madcap adventure, which has been a hit with both boys and girls.

EXPERIENCED READERS SMILE by Raina Telgemeier An autobiographical novel, Smile tells of Raina who just wants to be a normal sixth-grader, but one night after Girl Scouts she trips and falls, damaging her two front teeth. This incident leads to years of agonizing over braces, headgear, surgery, and even a retainer with fake teeth. Plus, Raina must maneuver her way through the confusion of changing friendships, dating, and self-identity. Although Smile takes place in the 1980’s, it still feels fresh. Anyone who has experienced the pain of dental work and adolescent angst will relate. Just as important, Smile will resonate with anyone who has ever struggled to find their creative voice.

Hours: Monday - Friday, 6:30am - 6:00 pm Contact us today! | (402) 483-4769

Allison Hunter-Frederick is an administrative assistant at Bethany Christian Church. She hosts a review blog at, blogs for, and regularly contributes to Neighborhood Extra and Lincoln Kids! Newspaper.

Winter 2017 • Page 27


The Down Command: Teaching A Good Position By Allison Hunter-Frederick, Reader, Writer, Blogger, & Animal Lover

P t T lk

Allison practicing “Down” with Cinder


t the Greater Lincoln Obedience Club annual Christmas party for members and their dogs, one often-heard command was “down”. With so much food around, it was important for the dogs to stick to one spot and be well-mannered. The best way to achieve that was to command them “down”. Learning to “down” is more difficult for dogs and cats than some other commands but it’s just as important.

“Down” is a good position to have pets take when you want them to settle near you, like during mealtimes or when company arrives. The “down” command is also useful for getting puppies and kittens to relax. It takes more energy to get up from a “down” than a “sit” and so pets are less likely to break the position. I’ve successfully taught the command to three of our cats and am making progress with a fourth. With patience, you too can teach this command by using these steps: •• Sit next to your pet in a quiet spot •• Ask your pet to sit •• Hold a treat near his nose in a closed hand •• Give the “down” command •• Slowly lower the treat down to the ground between his front paws •• If he doesn’t immediately “down,” keep your hand on the floor and food covered. He might need time to figure out what to do. •• Praise & reward successes •• Repeat several times Method: If these steps don’t work, try some of the following vari-

Self Portrait by Melissa Lafler, 16 Ink on Paper LUX Center for the Arts

Specially-trained children’s stylists All the latest styles for your family Fun play area & video games Adult haircuts & facial waxing, too! Specializing in squirmers!

M-F 9:30am-5:45pm Sat 9am-2:45pm

ations and techniques. Once your pet is successful, try the original steps again and continue the session. •• Reward smaller steps of compliance. I.e., if your pet’s nose moves downward or her elbows bend, praise and reward her. •• When your pet is in “sit” position, gently push on her upper shoulders with one hand while holding the treat near her nose with your other hand. As you push on her, slowly lower the treat to the floor while saying “down.” Make sure her eyes follow the treat. •• Work towards giving the command when you pet is about to lie down, such as when she’s stepping onto her bed. When she does lie down, mark the behavior by saying “down” and then reward her. •• The following variation is especially useful with cats: position your pet on an elevated surface. Slowly lower a treat below its edge so that your pet needs to lie down to peer over the edge. When she does this, mark the


behavior by saying “down” and then reward her. Mix It Up: If training yields little or no progress, consider these possible reasons and remedies. Your pet might not like the surface you’re asking him to lay on; try a towel, blanket, or new location. You may be accidentally pulling the treat forward; ensure you’re lowering the treat straight down to the ground. You might not have found the right motivation; some pets prefer toys as a lure. Location: Once successful, try to increase difficulty as you practice. Sit further back each time you give the command, add in distractions, and try new locations in your home. Duration: Once your pet has the hang of it, add a short delay between response and reward. As with the other obedience commands I have introduced this past year, the “down” command is a life skill that should be practiced regularly. Drop me a line at to let me know how training goes or if you have questions.

Dr. Knapp

Starting January 2018!

Kay L. Anderson, M.D., F.A.A.P. Philip T. Boucher, M.D., F.A.A.P. Jeffrey J. David, M.D., F.A.A.P. Jason J. Davis, M.D., F.A.A.P. Carrie A. Dell, M.D., F.A.A.P. Heather A. Dews, M.D., F.A.A.P. Kurstin L. Friesen, M.D., F.A.A.P. Michael J. Germer, M.D., F.A.A.P. Kate E. Gogela, M.D., F.A.A.P. Joel A. Greisen, M.D., F.A.A.P. Amanda R. Knapp, M.D., F.A.A.P. Shelley K. Nelson, M.D., F.A.A.P. Maureen Garvin, PA-C Michael J. Huckabee, PA-C Dallas D. Schlegel, PA-C Julie E. Timme, PA-C Valerie A. Vernon, PA-C Becky D. Waegli, PA-C

Dr. Gogela

Started July 2017!


Drs. Amanda Knapp & Kate Gogela! Now accepting new patients!

It’s time to schedule your child’s annual flu vaccine • Call today! Office Hours Mon-Thu

8:00 am-7:00 pm


8:00 am-4:30 pm


8:00 am-12:00 pm


12:30 pm-4:30 pm

Lincoln Pediatric Group, LLC 4501 S. 70th, Suite 110, Lincoln

(402) 484-7866 | 237 S. 70th Street, Ste 106 Page 28 •

402-489-3834 •


Big Love for Small Critters By Charleen Engberg, Dir. of Volunteers and Education, Capital Humane Society


adopted Pumba because he is a very unique hairless guinea pig and I felt an instant connection with him,” said Kristy Topil, who works at Capital Humane Society and knows a lot about guinea pig care. “Guinea pigs love to run around at night, and when they are happy or playful they will do a little hop that is called popcorning,” she explained. Pets all have individual personalities and Kristy said Pumba is shy and independent. While many guinea pigs chatter and whistle a lot, she noted that Pumba is not very vocal. He does squeak with joy when she offers treats such as fresh strawberries, kale and kiwi. There are often small critters, like hamsters, gerbils, guinea pigs, and rabbits, available for adoption at Capital Humane Society. They arrive at our doors for the same reasons as dogs and cats—they may be given up by their former family because

the family had little time for pet care, or they m a y arrive as lost p e t s . Many people don’t know about the small pets available at Capital Humane Society, and we want to find these cute critters good homes, too. Wonderful adopters, like Kristy, do their research and can meet the needs of the specific type of pet they want to adopt. They realize that these special little critters need proper food, fresh water, safe toys, protective dwellings, appropriate exercise, and loving care—just like larger companion animals. The animal behavior handouts on our website offer great tips for caring

Call today – we’ll take it from here!

(402) 580-7409

Lice Removal Experts We know your life is busy Lice is the last thing you want to deal with.

Centrally located and anonymous treatment location

We customize our exceptional service & flexible scheduling to meet your family’s needs. The Healthy Heads Lice Removal Process includes our strand-by-strand examination. Your house can rest worry-free with our

30 day guarantee!

All household members must be checked & treated if needed.

for critters. The information is helpful, educat i o n al, and interesting. For instance, one of the handouts about rabbit behavior explains how to read their body language, like what it means when a rabbit thumps her feet or grinds her teeth. The more you know about animals, the more you can appreciate them. Even if you don’t have a pet, you can read up on the many interesting facts about guinea pigs, gerbils, hamsters, rabbits, and even pet rats. Of course, you can also find lots of useful information on our website about dog, cat, and general pet care, too. We encourage you to research

and stay up-to-date on keeping your pets safe during winter and the holiday season. You can find informational handouts on these topics and more via our website, pets/for-pet-owners/animal-behavior-handouts.html. If you decide you would like to add a small critter to your family, we hope you’ll come meet the pets available for adoption at Capital Humane Society. It makes our hearts very happy to see pets like Pumba find loving homes. We know he will often be ‘popcorning’ with delight thanks to the wonderful care Kristy provides.

Capital Humane Society 402-441-4488 Pieloch Pet Adoption Center

6500 S. 70th Street Lincoln, NE 68516 Admissions & Assessment Center

2320 Park Boulevard Lincoln, NE 68502

For a Refreshing Alternative to Daycare:

Thea Child’s View Montessori School 3341 Pioneers Blvd. Lincoln 402-484-8277 For Ages 18 months to 6 years Suzuki violin lessons

Certified Professional Montessori Teachers

Kindergarten Program Certified through Nebraska Department of Education

Honoring Dr. Montessori’s Vision of the Child’s Potential Lincoln ’s Lice Re #1 moval Compa ny!

Open 7:15 am to 5:30 pm – Part or Full Time Care Available

Affordable • Private • Professional • Thorough

Music Now. Skills for Life.

Kindermusik of Lincoln with Shawna Gordon

(402) 770-1486 • Winter 2017 • Page 29


Holiday of Trees 2017 Benefiting The BAY Submitted by Holiday of Trees Publicity Co-Chairs Janet Domeier & Joyce Genoways


he Heritage League will hold their 45th annual Holiday of Trees on November 30th and December 1st at Westminster Presbyterian Church, 2110 Sheridan Boulevard (26th and South streets). This fun and charitable event is open from 10:00am to 8:00pm on Thursday the thirtieth, and 10:00am to 7:00pm on Friday the first. The admission price remains at just one dollar per person, the sales of which are donated to a selected charity or non-profit every year. Tickets may be purchased at the door or from The Heritage League members. Proceeds from this year’s ticket sales will go to The BAY. The BAY is a 501c3 non-profit headquartered in a massive warehouse at 2005 Y Street. The BAY is centered on creating opportunities for high-risk youth to connect with positive activities, positive adults, and the community. The BAY houses a skate park, all-ages venue, coffee bar, and soon a digital art space—all empowering and inspiring creativity.

the oily rx

Food distribution at The BAY. Photo Credit Alex Ruybalid.

It is a place for youth to come and pursue their passions—skateboarding, art, music, or volunteerism. The BAY also works with communities via causes that support individuals, such as mentoring, job training, food distribution, street outreach, and more. Learn more about The BAY at In September of 1973, Heritage League charter member Cec Cather

Choose Wellness. Free local classes. Online education & support.

Join us for an introduction to Natural Wellness & Essential Oils. Classes taught by a local pharmacist & Young Living leader. Free classes monthly | 2nd Thursdays • By request NOV 9 • DEC 14 • JAN 11 • FEB 8 | Locations posted online

Learn More. | Page 30 •

presented the Holiday of Trees idea as a fundraiser for local charities. The first Holiday of Trees was held in November of the same year with ten decorated trees and a bake sale. $1000 was raised and donated to the newly opened Burn Center at St. Elizabeth Hospital. This tradition has continued for 45 years and over $250,000 has been donated to local organizations through its mission.

This year, the Holiday of Trees will display over 20 beautiful trees decorated by community members and organizations, including The BAY. The event also features local musicians, Santa Claus from 5-7pm both days, Mrs. Claus throughout, expanded attic treasures, a pantry of homemade goodies, a raffle, and a café. The raffle drawings will be held Friday at 6:30pm, at which time the food service will close. The Heritage League Woman’s Club was organized in 1966 and is affiliated with the General Federation of Women’s Clubs (GFWC). The Heritage League, a 501c3 organization, was created for charitable and educational causes. The club meets on Tuesdays for general meetings with featured programs and also has special interest groups that include bridge, books, and home & away. For more information about The Heritage League visit site/heritageleaguelincoln. For information on the Holiday of Trees, please call Lynne NelsonDixon at 402-432-6209.


Little Helping Hands: Raising a Volunteer By Karla Goerl, Publisher Lincoln Kids! Newspaper


any professionals often suggest a child’s brain is like a sponge, soaking up information about the people, experiences, and environments they are exposed to. As a parent you have probably said the same. And at many points in time, you have probably wondered (or worried) about what habits and behaviors are going to stick. Will she have good work ethic? Will he keep a messy house? Will they be courteous? Empathetic? Tolerant? Mindful? Most parents will agree—we want our children to grow up to be well-rounded individuals with good values. We have high hopes that our young will strive to make an impact, big or small, and experience a different, more positive world from the one we live in now. Cultivating these behaviors is possible, both collectively & individually. So how do we shape our future change-makers? O n e of the best ways to foster a desired behavior in children is to show, express, and respect that manner on a regular basis. And one of the best ways to teach values is to encourage volunteering. Many of us volunteer without even recognizing it. We take on extra chores because a loved one needs a break. We offer to care for a friend’s pet while they are out of town. We

shovel snow for a neighbor or salt their icy steps. We pick up a piece of litter while on a walk. We hold the door open for a stranger. Informal gestures of this kind are simple, easy, and critical for normalizing and imparting value in volunteerism. These acts of kindness and the gratitude they receive do not go unnoticed. Kids love gratitude. Children will often repeat a new behavior over and over again for praise & cheer because it makes them feel good. They see that the thanks you received for pitching in made you feel good too, and they are soaking up that cause-and-effect like a sponge. By exhibiting positive gestures and respecting those you receive, simple acts of kindness and understanding can become second nature in your children. But are these actions enough? By regularly volunteering as a family with an organization or group you can take it a giant step further. Formal volunteering shows your children the value of community, harbors work ethic, encourages empathy, promotes respect, nurtures tolerance, and helps them gain perspective. If our youth are exposed to group charity and volunteering as a part of a regular routine, you can almost guarantee that these behaviors will be absorbed, exercised, and hopefully passed on. Along with the feel-good you get

from service work, there are countless other reasons to take on volunteering. It can reduce stress, build immunity, preserve community resources, create a sense of camaraderie, promote self-esteem and self worth, encourage civic responsibility, and make a difference. Whether you know it or not, at some point in time, someone’s volunteerism helped you. This holiday season we encourage you to pay it forward, give back, and pitch in wherever and however you can. Even if it’s only meant to be a New Year’s resolution, it could become part of your family’s lifestyle. Before you

know it, you will see the change unfolding before your very eyes— in your child, the community, and the world. Check out the Local GIVE Guide on the next pages for ways you can help spread cheer this winter.

Happy Holidays!

Norman Looking for Neptune Charlie Clark, 5 Art Academy–Lincoln

Winter 2017 • Page 31




2320 Park Boulevard or 6500 S. 70th St

Monetary donations • Pet supplies: cat litter, bleach, KONG toys, paté cat food, kitten formula, timothy hay. See our website for a complete wish list of items.

CEDARS Home for Children

6601 Pioneers Boulevard Lincoln, NE 68506

Collecting gifts to #GIVEJOY to the hundreds of children & youth in CEDARS care over the holidays. Toys, books, clothing (all sizes), personal care items, & gift cards are appreciated.

Center for People in Need

3901 N. 27th St., Door #1 Lincoln, NE 68521

Monetary donations • Children’s toys/gifts, esp. 9-18y Gift ideas: headphones, sport equipment, makeup sets, jewelry & accessories, craft & science kits, music, etc.

501 S. 7th Street Lincoln, NE 68508

New & gently used coats for youth, sizes infant-19yrs. Grocery & gas gift cards • Diapers for infants

Food Bank of Lincoln

4840 Doris Bair Cir., Ste. A M-F, 8am-4:30pm or look for the blue barrels at grocery stores!

Canned Foods: tuna/chicken, pop-top soups & stews, fruit in its own juice/water, & low-sodium veggies. Other: Peanut butter, macn-cheese/box meals, non-instant rice, 100% juices, olive/canola oils, spices, low-sugar cereals, healthy snacks (granola, nuts), & coffee.

Foundation for Lincoln City Libraries

Begin with Books:

Begin with Books puts new, high-quality children’s books into the hands of low-income children & families. Your gift makes book ownership a reality for in-need children ages 0-5 years.

Call Vicki: 402-441-8565

Foundation for Lincoln Public Schools or mail to LPS: PO Box 82889 Lincoln, NE 68501

Funding to help families with emergency needs like rent, utilities, clothing, eyeglasses & prescriptions among other essentials.

Heartland Big Brothers Big Sisters

6201 Havelock Avenue

HBBBS needs gift cards for Big & Little match activities and gift cards for families in the program.

Kiwanis Club of Lincoln

Call 402-202-1087 for Drop Off Gifts also collected at The Nebraska Club, Fridays 12-1pm

Your $25 Barnes & Noble Gift Card donation will be used to purchase books for Kiwanis reading programs in low income schools.

Capital Humane Society

Toyland for Kids, Dec 9-11

Family Service

FOR MORE INFORMATION 402-441-4488 402-434-5437 402-476-4357



402-436-1612 402-464-2227 402-202-1087

Holiday of Trees The Heritage League

Benefiting The BAY Held at Westminster Presbyterian Church 2110 Sheridan Boulevard

Page 32 •

45th Annual

$1 Admission NOV 30 | 10 - 8 DEC 1 | 10 - 7





Lincoln Children’s Museum

1420 P Street Donations also accepted online!

Donate to help ensure ALL kids in Lincoln have a chance to enjoy the power of play!

Lincoln Parks & Recreation

3140 N St., Ste. 300 Recreation centers listed at

Volunteers needed in Lincoln’s Park areas! Public gardens • Adopt-a-Park areas • Coach a team! Prairie & Land Management • Special events

LUX Center for the Arts

2601 N. 48th Street Lincoln, NE 68504

Volunteers needed for Winterfest 2017 • Dec 17, 1-4pm. Assist with kids crafts or help set up/tear down. Call or sign up online!

Matt Talbot Kitchen & Outreach

2121 N. 27th Street M-F, 8:30am–6:30pm

Warm coats sizes L-3xl, warm gloves, thermal tops & bottoms, bike locks, & monetary donations


5930 S. 58th St., Ste. W or donate online at

We appreciate donations of any amount to support our free moms groups, our drop-in weigh station, and consultations for low income families.

People’s City Mission

PCM at 110 Q Street or Help Center at 68th & O

NEW OR USED: Clothes, Books, Arts & Crafts Supplies, DVDs, Bedding, Diapers, Socks, Undergarments.

The BAY 2005 Y Street

Hand Warmers • Mittens/Gloves Winter Hats • Ponchos • New socks

Call 402-488-6511 to arrange drop off

Diapers • Personal Hygiene Products Monetary Donations • Non-perishable food items or 28210 W. Park Highway Ashland, NE 68003

Monetary donations to support needed repairs of our building and the museums mission, including STEM education & outreach.

website: Location: 6100 O Street Gateway Mall

Gift cards or monetary donations for art & office supplies. Monetary donations for the scholarship fund & outreach. Online volunteer sign-up & donations accepted.

Christ Lutheran Church 4325 Sumner Street or PO Box 67032, Lincoln, NE 68506

$25 to Amazon covers the cost of one costume $50 to a Hardware Store helps repair/repaint our stage $100 to a Pizza Joint provdes meals for long rehearsals

2005 Y Street

The BAY is in need of volunteers to assist with monthly food distribution. Sign up online, give us a call, or drop by for a coffee + a visit.

721 K Street Lincoln, NE 68516

A gift of $25 helps provide free family counseling to children, teens, & adults who have a family member with a substance use disorder.

Nov 30, 10a-8p • Dec 1, 10a-7p at Westminster Church 2110 Sheridan Boulevard

The 45th annual Holiday of Trees features beautifully decorated trees, café, Mr. & Mrs. Claus, a raffle, & more. Admission is $1 • Ticket sales benefit The BAY

2545 N Street M-F, 8:00 am – 5:00 pm Wednesday’s till 7:00 pm

New & gently used children’s coats, hats, mittens, gloves, and boots. Adult & children personal hygiene items. Monetary donations.

Any YMCA Location or 570 Fallbrook Blvd., Ste. 210 Lincoln, NE 68521

Holiday children’s gifts for the Y’s Giving Tree or online donations for the YMCA’s Annual Campaign–Strong Kids

Skate for Change Lincoln Stepping Stones for Families Strategic Air Command & Aerospace Museum The ArtReach Project Theatre Arts for Kids Gift Card Fundraiser

The BAY The Bridge Behavioral Health The Heritage League Holiday of Trees

Voices of Hope YMCA of Lincoln


402-441-7847 402-466-8692 402-817-0613

402-423-6402 402-475-1303


Call Deb: 402-944-3100 x220








Help comes in all shapes & sizes from big checks to spare change, big events to spare minutes, big gifts to spare items. Buy it new or give it loved, either way, something small can make a big impact. There are so many wonderful organizations & charities working to make an impact in our community and beyond—we simply couldn’t list them all here. A quick web search will yield hundreds of other local giving opportunities, just call ahead to see what they are in-need of. Happy Holidays!

We supply the food.

Please join us as we spread some extra

You provide the love.

holiday cheer.

Become an animal foster parent with Capital Humane Society! To find out how: Call 402.477.3270 or email

Celebrating 25 years 2 • 0 •1• 8

Give the Good Life.

Winter 2017 • Page 33


Child Care & Education Centers NAME




Academic Advantage

Child Development Center

East South

Educational childcare facility offering care for ages 6 weeks to 12 years. Also accepting students for summer programs, as well as Fall school transportation to these schools: Kahoa, Pyrtle, Meadowlane, Calvert, Humann, Zeman, Maxey, Hill, Cavett, Wysong, and Adams. Visit our website for more info:

8215 Northwoods, Ste. 100, 402-465-4769 6021 S. 56th Street, 402-420-5440 7301 S. 15th Street, 402-421-7301

Bluestem Montessori


Urban Montessori! Currently accepting grades K-3, and will expand one grade per year through 6th grade. Openings available for immediate enrollment.

Early Learning Center

Southwest North Central

Come where learning blossoms and friendships grow! Preschool program, curriculum for all ages, low child to teacher ratio, an outdoor playground & more! Title XX accepted. Check us out at

11th & Old Cheney, 402-420-0460 27th & Fletcher, 402-438-0468

Calvert Rec Center Preschool


Our preschool program is focused on music, art, and other fun early childhood activities to help support the learning and development of children ages 3-5.

Calvert Rec Center, 4500 Stockwell 402-441-8480


North Central

Focusing on school readiness, we offer secure, nurturing environments to children ages 6wks–12yrs. Includes before & after school programs at Clinton & Hartley Schools. Programs are accredited by the Council on Accreditation (COA) &/or the National Association for the Education of Young Children (NAEYC). Childcare subsidy accepted. Call to enroll today!


Quality early education program for children 6 weeks–preschool. Summer programs for children ages 6 weeks–1st grade. Visit for information & online forms. Call for availability.


Our thematic content supports language development in both English & Spanish and allows preschoolers of all language backgrounds to have fun while playing & learning kindergarten readiness skills. Openings currently available! M/W/F, 9-11:30am.


Child Development Center


Featuring an educational curriculum for all ages in a loving Christian environment! Open 6:30am-6:00pm. 6 weeks–10 years. Enrolling now for part-time PreK morning program. M–F from 9am–11:30am.

Highlands Academy


Child Development & Family Resource Center. Ages 6 weeks–12 years. Full time Care. Preschool Curriculum.


Featuring developmentally appropriate curriculum, healthy homemade meals, caring teachers, & two large outdoor play areas. Ages 6wks-5 years accepted. Open 7am-6pm, M-F. Title XX assistance accepted. Full or part-time care available.

4901 NW 1st Street 402-477-4901


Hourly childcare. Fully licensed, no reservations required! Ages 1.5-12 years. Hours: Mon-Thu: 7:30am-10pm. Fri: 7:30am-Midnight. Sat: 10am-Midnight. Sun: 1pm-6pm. Pick your days for our flexible preschool program & summer camps!

5633 S. 16th St. Ste. 100 402-413-8849

Krayon Campus


Child development center that cares for your child’s individual needs. Ages 6 weeks–12 years. Curriculum based. Nutritious hot meals. Transportation to LPS area schools. Open Mon–Fri, 6am-6pm.

Lincoln Christian


Academic Christian preschool providing excellent early childhood education grounded in Biblical truth. Attend 2, 3, or 5 half-day sessions per week. Both AM and PM available. Check out our website!

Brandy’s Bunch


Education Programs at First-Plymouth

Dual Language Preschool

Kelly’s Kids

Learning & Development Center



Fluffy Pomeranian by Yve Nelson, 10 Kahoa Elementary, LPS Created during summer art class with Rebecca Ritterbush of Lincoln Public Schools

Rose by Abbie Frost, 10, Pencil Art Academy–Lincoln

Page 34 •

6300 A Street 206-450-9861

402-434-KIDS (5437) Located in First-Plymouth Church, 20th & D 402-476-8304 Irving Rec Center, 2010 Van Dorn, 402-441-7954 7800 Holdrege 402-467-4503 5901 NW 1st Street 402-476-2223

6001 Normal Blvd. 402-486-4847 5801 S. 84th St. 402-488-8888 x 252


Child Care & Education Centers NAME




Animals + Plants + Hikes = Learning through discovery & creating a lifelong connection to nature! Preschool and Pre-K classes.

West end of Pioneers Park 402.441.7895

Far South

Ages 18 mo-8th grade. Open 7am-6pm. Care of farm animals, close to nature, family atmosphere. Certified Montessori Teachers.

7 miles South of Lincoln on Hwy 77 402-438-6668


Nestled on 80 gorgeous acres east of Lincoln, we offer your child a special and unique experience. New facility. Spacious accommodations, developmental learning centers, and the natural setting of a country school all provide for a wholesome atmosphere.

The Child’s View


Open 7:15am to 5:30pm. Ages 18 months to 6 years. Part time or full time. Certified Montessori Teachers.

Trinity Lutheran School


A fulfilling Christ-based education center. Our Early Childhood Education Program accepts children ages 18 months through Pre-K with extended hours from 7am-5:45pm. Also offering K-5 classes. Call to learn more or visit our website.

True Knowledge Preschool


A new premier preschool in Lincoln! We offer a fun & exciting academic approach that will prepare your 3-5 year-old for Kindergarten & beyond. Small classroom sizes. Engaging teacher. Contact us today to learn more!



NAEYC accredited Christian program for ages 3-5. Rated (5) for Step Up to Quality. Five different AM & PM classes plus all day classes from 9am-3pm. Extended care 7:30-9am & 3-5:30pm. School year and summer classes available.


Ages 6 weeks–12 years. Preschool curriculum beginning at age one. Before and after school care. A Step up to Quality Program. Open 6:30am–6:00pm. Sign language, soccer, dance, & taekwondo lessons available.

Pioneers Park Nature Center Preschool

Prairie Hill

Learning Center A Montessori School

Prairieview Preschool



World of Knowledge

Child Development Center and Preschool


143rd “O” St. 402-488-0012 Kitra Deger-Director 3341 Pioneers Blvd. 402-484-8277 1200 North 56th Street 402-466-1800

5445 Red Rock Lane 402-570-1252

Westminster Presbyterian Church 2110 Sheridan Blvd. • 402-475-6702 ext 103 8310 Wendell Way 402-483-4769

Want your Center or Program listed here? Email

little ones activities

Fun group activities geared towards infants & toddlers




An early introduction to swimming & water safety. A fun group lesson for infants and toddlers under 3 years of age and their parent or guardian. With your assistance, your child can learn to be comfortable in water at an early age. Class minimum of 8 children. Call to inquire for schedule & more information.


FREE Preview Classes! Listen, Move, Play & Grow! Kindermusik–the most trusted music and movement program for infants, toddlers, preschoolers, & young children. Experienced university-trained music educators provide reputable, quality instruction.

Larson Lifestyle Center

Harris Academy of the Arts

Mud Club

LUX Center for the Arts

My Gym Super Sprouts

Lincoln Children’s Museum

Mud Club meets monthly at the LUX. Toddlers and children ages 2+ will work with clay to learn, explore, and get messy. In this 45-minute club, students can quickly immerse themselves in hands-on art-making without committing to a full class. Baby & toddler exercises, songs, dances, infant- and child-safe rides, unique swings and many other parent+me adventures in age-appropriate classes. Starting at 6 weeks up to 13 years! Every Tuesday, Wednesday, & Thursday at 10 am join us at the Museum for educational activities meant just for the little ones from 18-36 months. This event is FREE with admission and tons of fun for toddler and parent!

CONTACT • LOCATION 52nd & Stockwell 402-486-2525 2935 Pine Lake Rd (across from So. Pointe Mall) 402-423-7121

2601 N. 48th St. 402-466-8692 2755 Jamie Lane, Suite 4 (near S 27th & Yankee Hill Road) 402-802-9982

1420 P Street 402-477-4000

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Children’s Lessons & Activities NAME





Private lessons include theory classes with ensembles and performance opportunities. Group lessons available for beginners. Ages 4–adult. References Available. Call for info or to interview.

Art Lessons

Join a fun Art Program in our neighborhood studio just around the corner. Includes: pick up from Sheridan, escorted walking group, snack, sketchbook, art history lesson, instruction from a 20+ year artist & teacher, and all supplies.

2129 Winthrop Road 402-560-3326

Guitar, Piano Violin, & more!

Guitar, Bass, Piano, Dobro, Lap Steel, Mandolin, Banjo, Violin, Ukulele and Voice instruction for all ages. Fun, positive learning environment. Reduced rate guitar & Ukulele classes for kids ages 5-9.

3835 S. 48th St. (by Union College) 402-486-0599


Gymnastics classes for boys & girls ages 2 through 16. We promote an “I can do” attitude, building not only overall physical skills, but also “life skills”.

Encore Studio


Piano lessons and piano/keyboard classes for all levels. Teaching beginners of all ages.

Harris Academy of the Arts

Music Lessons

Individualized for YOUR Goals | Convenient Scheduling for Entire Family University Trained | Reputable | Experienced | Friendly | Passionate Piano | Voice | Guitar | Strings | Woodwinds | Brass | Theatre Kindermusik | Children’s Music Academy | Rock Bands | Show Choirs | String Ensembles

Lincoln Athletic Club (Lincoln Racquet Club)

Sports & Activities

Indoor tennis: ages 4 & up. UPTSA Certified Instructors. Private/semi-private/group classes. Swimming: private/semi-private/group lessons for 6+ months & LAC Racers swim team. Elite Baseball & Softball programs with summer camps & private instruction. Kids programs free w/ family membership. Experienced teachers, competitive rates. Non-members welcome!

Lincoln Music Teachers Association

Music Lessons

Find a Music Teacher! Access for a Teacher Directory. Scholarships available for those who qualify!

LUX Center for the Arts

Art Classes

Real art taught by real artists! High quality art classes, camps, and private lessons for youth and adults. Popular topics include clay, painting, drawing, metals, and more! Small class sizes for personalized learning.


Ballet, Pointe, Jazz, Tap, Lyrical, Hip-Hop and 2-Gether. Studio directed by Melissa Prettyman Meranda, B.A. in Dance. Come and experience your child’s passion for dance!

My Gym

Gymnastics & Sports Skills

Your child will have fun while building confidence & self esteem in our beginning gymnastics & sports skills classes. Games, relays, dances & rides. Age appropriate classes.

Nissa’s String Studio

Violin, Viola, Guitar, Piano, Cello, & more!

Bring your kids to a place where music is learned, not taught. All-inclusive membership, with no contracts or surprise fees. Three yearly recitals. Relax in our modern waiting area during your kid’s lesson! Home of community-based Spitfire Fiddle Band. Call today to get enrolled.

8535 Executive Woods Dr, Ste 100 (near S.14th & Yankee Hill Rd) 402-440-1473


Core curriculum for technique-based excellence in Ballet, Pointe, Jazz, Tap, Lyrical, Hip hop, Musical Theater, Acting for Dancers, Tumbling, & more! Large class selection ages 2-adult. Studio features both a competitive company and pre-professional program.

1233 Arapahoe St Suite 100 402-937-0678

Swimming Lessons

Experience the Swimtastic Difference! Swimtastic Swim School offers small class sizes with individualized attention, warm 90° water, professional and passionate instructors, family first convenience, exceptional curriculum, and unparalleled customer service! Call or check out our website to register.

Spanish Classes for Ages 3-10

Learn a new language through highly engaging activities, stories, games, music & more. With TLP´s innovate programs, 100% immersion = 100% FUN!


Dance & Tumbling

Ballet, Pointe, Tap, Jazz, Lyrical, Repertory, Hip Hop, Tumbling, and All Boys Hip Hop! Ages 2 years-adult. Award Winning Competitive Company! Creative Movement for 3-4 year olds, and Wee Go Together for 2-3 year olds & their mom/dad/special friend.

400 N. 48th Street • Suite C-01 402-477-5900

Alice Bowen Art Around the Corner Blue Raven Music Studios Capital City Gymnastics

Motions Dance Academy

Piccoli Dance Theatre Swimtastic Swim School The Language Project Universal Dance Academy

2501 S. 20th St. 402-435-0386

5030 N. 57th 402-464-9692 Located near 70th & O Street 402-499-0400 2935 Pine Lake Rd (across from South Pointe Mall) 402-423-7121 5300 Old Cheney Road Register online or call 402-423-2511 2601 N. 48th St. 402-466-8692 8200 Cody Dr., Suite L (1 block N of 14th & Yankee Hill) 402-420-0579

2755 Jamie Lane, Suite 4 (near 27th & Yankee Hill) 402-802-9982

7911 Pioneers Blvd 402-489-7946

Email for info on directory advertising Page 36 •


birthday fun & party places Prices & Specials subject to change without notice.



NAME Susan • 402-560-3326

Let us host your art party. We do the work, and your guest take home an original art keepsake. Have an art project you want to try? We can do it. Contact us to design your party today.

Art Around the Corner Butterfly Kisses Face Painting


Add fun sparkles & color to your party with professional face painting & glitter tattoos! Unicorn, dinosaur, fairy princess, tiger & more! So many options & so much fun!

Cheer Xpress

Have your next birthday party at Cheer Xpress. Open Gym parties including trampoline, tumble track, spring floors and lots of fun equipment. Come to play, jump and tumble. Cheer theme parties available too! Let us do the entertaining, set up, and clean up, so you can enjoy the party!!

1130 Aries Drive (SW side of 14th & Pine Lake) 402-489-5111

Defy Gravity

Jump to new heights with a Defy Gravity Birthday! Your party host will take care of the details while you sit back and enjoy your child’s celebration! Experience Open Jump, Free Fall, Dunk City, pizza, drinks and more! Four party packages to choose from. Great for all ages! Contact us today!

345 Sporting Village Drive, Ste 1 402-817-6900

Foodie Kids

Lots of delicious party options for Foodie Kids ages 3 & up! Several themes & styles to choose from with age-appropriate culinary activities full of flavor & fun! Our main culinary center holds up to 15 guests & our 2nd party room is available for 10 or more.

6800 S. 32nd St, Ste. B 402-261-4813 Book online! 5633 S. 16th St. 402-413-8849

Private birthday parties available! Invitations, balloon favors, a gift for the birthday child, face painting, art, and games are all included. We do the clean up when the party is over! Sundays 10:30am-12:30pm or 6:30pm-8:30pm. Book your date online at today!

KidsPark Larson

52nd & Stockwell 402-486-2525

Have your next pool party at Larson Lifestyle’s warm water pool! Variety of birthday party options to fit any budget. Join us for swimming and bring your gifts and cake for our party room. Call us today for more information.

Lifestyle Center

Lincoln Athletic Club (Lincoln Racquet Club)

5300 Old Cheney Road Register online or call 402-423-2511

Two hour gym & swim party. Includes room, cake, punch, indoor/outdoor pool, playsmart climbing area, and youth b-ball gym. Add-ons available: Bounce house or your choice of tennis, kickboxing, zumba or dance instruction. Non-members welcome!

Lincoln Children’s Museum

Lincoln Children’s Museum sets the perfect stage for a fun and memorable birthday party for your child. The Museum offers a party room for birthday festivities, hours of play in its interactive exhibits & your choice of eight fun themes. Parties start at $40. Visit to pick the perfect party for you.

Lincoln Children’s Zoo

Critter visits, unlimited train rides and all day fun are all included in the Ultimate Birthday Party Package at Lincoln Children’s Zoo! Packages start at only $125. Choose from the jungle themed Safari Room or the iconic Crooked House. Visit to pick your party, select your date and reserve your room and time.

Your outdoor playland...indoors! Voted Lincoln’s Choice, “Best Place to Have a Kid’s Birthday Party” in 2012, 2013, 2014 & 2015! Indoor fun for all ages! Playsets, foam pit, inflatable jumpers, fun maze, laser maze, video games, jumping pillow, birthday party rooms & snack area. We do company parties, too!

Lost In Fun!

1420 P Street, Lincoln, NE 402-477-4000 1222 S 27th Street 402-475-6741

8431 Cody Drive (15th & Yankee Hill) 402-261-0440

LUX Center for the Arts

Real art taught by real artists! Guests can each build and paint their own clay mugs, bowls, or plates. Other popular projects include canvas painting, fused glass sun catchers, pop-up books, and custom projects. Pottery wheel parties are available for kids ages 10+.

Madsen’s Bowling

Host a Bowling Party! Kids love our bumper bowling. Includes a “personalized” bowling pin gift for the birthday child! Special ramps for the young bowlers. Ask about Jr. Pool Leagues!

47th & Dudley 402-467-3249 2 blks south of 48th & Holdrege

Be a paleontologist, discover some of the most bizarre creatures to inhabit Earth, or go on a treasure hunt exploring the museum’s rocks & minerals! Guided museum activities including a hands-on fossil dig in the Marx Discovery Center & gifts for every child! Six party themes to choose from. Private party room!

Morrill Hall on the UNL Campus 402-472-2637

Your Child is the Star! Supervised age-appropriate games, fun activities, rides, songs, puppets and more! Your birthday party can enjoy exclusive use of our facility!

2755 Jamie Lane, Suite 4 (near 27th & Yankee Hill) 402-802-9982

Party-Arty at Paint Yourself Silly! Pottery painting & new clay Poof! parties— Unleash your inner artist! 3 delightful locations! 701 P St • 4101 Pioneer Woods Dr • 1501 Pine Lake Rd •

701 P St. • 402-474-1010 4101 Pioneer Woods Dr. • 402-486-1010 1501 Pine Lake Rd. • 402-423-1010

Morrill Hall My Gym Paint Yourself Silly! Pioneers Park Nature Center Swimtastic Swim School Urban Legends Art YMCA: Cooper, Fallbrook,

Northeast, & Copple Family

Owls, snakes, bugs and the great outdoors are eager to make your child’s birthday a special one! Swimtastic Swim School takes the stress out of party planning & replaces it with 2 hours of fun for the whole family! Become a mermaid or a pirate for a day with our themed parties or enjoy a get together in the warm water pool! Parties include private use of the indoor pool, tie-dye t-shirt for the birthday child, invitations, paper products, balloons, family swim passes for each attendee, set up and tear down! Call or click to register!

Bring out your child’s inner artist with a creative, 2-hour birthday party & leave with a masterpiece! * Canvas Art * String Art * Collage * Water Color * Ceramics * and a 3-tier punch fountain! Only $15/child. We offer adult parties, too! 402.470.0331


Have your next birthday party at the Y! The YMCA offers a variety of birthday party options to fit any child. Join us to swim or have one of our themed birthday parties. Parties start at $65. Call for more information, or visit

2601 N. 48th St. 402-466-8692

West end of Pioneers Park 402-441-7895 7911 Pioneers Blvd 402-489-7946 2632 N 48th St. 402-470-0331 Cooper - 6767 S. 14th St. 402-323-6400 Fallbrook - 700 Penrose Dr. 402-323-6444 Northeast - 2601 N. 70th 402-434-9262 Copple Family - 8700 Yankee Woods Dr 402-327-0037

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SUPPORT GROUPS | PERSONAL INTEREST PROGRAMS Adaptive Recreation Club Programs by Lincoln Parks & Rec Varied recreational & social activity clubs for youth & adults with special needs, grouped by age. Registration fee +$1 monthly dues, some activities require additional fees. parks. Answers4Families Information, dialogue opportunities, education, & support for families, children and adults with disabilities, individuals over 60, & providers. State & national resources, support group schedules, organizations, & coping tips. Free database ( of Nebraska service providers. Helpline 800746-8420; Autism Family Network A support organization alternating between fun and informative events. Contact Cathy Martinez, Board President, at afnlincoln@ Cancer Support Groups Various cancer support groups and services for patients, family members, & friends. Contact the American Cancer Society, 402423-4888, 5733 S. 34th Street, Ste. 500. Charlie Brown’s Kids Grief Support Group 1st & 3rd Thursdays, 6-8pm. Grief support group for children ages 3-18 who have experienced the death of a parent. Caregivers meet at the same time. Youth share feelings through books, discussions, art, writing & remembrance projects. Sheridan Lutheran, 6955 Old Cheney, 483-1845. Bev Prucha, FoodNet “Tummy Fill not Landfill” Free food distribution for those in need. 100% volunteer-run program to feed the hungry & reduce food waste. No proof of income needed. We provide mostly perishable foods (produce, dairy, bread, etc.) not available in dry food pantries. Several sites distributed to daily. These locations allow children (more adult-only locations are listed at

SUN: 931 Saunders (3pm) MON: 4915 W. Adams (12pm) TUE: 3110 N. 1st (5pm) WED: 4221 J St (5:30pm) THU: 4500 Stockwell (11am) FRI: C  itylight @ 29th & O (11:30am); Grace @ 40th & Sheridan (12:15pm) SAT: Z  ion @ 1st & F (10:30); St. Mary’s @ 14th & K (1pm) Down Syndrome Advocates in Action NE DSAA NE promotes inclusion and acceptance of individuals with Down Syndrome. We can provide IEP Support, a mentoring program and events to help families socialize and learn from each other. Connect with us on our website, by email at, or call 402-413-0199. Good Neighbor Mothers Offering Moms Support Mom’s support group, 1st & 3rd Thursdays at Good Neighbor Community Center, 2617 Y Street, 402-477-4173. Heartland Home Schoolers Providing encouragement for home school parents. Offering activities for home schooled students, including skating parties, spelling bee, science fair and more. Homeschool-life. com/ne/heartland/. Help for Attention Deficit Disorders First Tuesdays, 6-7:30pm. Parenting network. Creative/challenging activities for children, support/education for parents. Family meal provided. 5903 Walker Ave., 471-3700. La Leche League of Lincoln La Leche League’s mission is to help mothers worldwide to breastfeed through mother-to-mother support, encouragement, information, and education, and to promote a better understanding of breastfeeding as an important element in the healthy development of the baby and mother. We have multiple meetings for encouragement and leaders to answer questions throughout Lincoln. For more information call Brooke at 402-5408568 or visit

Lincoln Area Families with Multiples For families welcoming multiples into their lives, and the joys and challenges that come with them. 434-6533, coordinator.lafm@,, LAFM, P.O. Box 5911, Lincoln, 68505-5911. M.O.M.S. (Meeting Other Mothers) Tuesdays, 9:30-11am, Grace Lutheran Church, 2225 Washington. Conversation, speakers, crafts, snacks, service projects, & various topics; also holiday parties & field trips. Daycare available: $3/child +$1 each additional. Melissa Nickolaus, 464-6921. Mom Support Group Wednesdays, Bryan Health Family Birthplace at Institute for Women’s & Children’s Health. Facilitated by lactation consultants. 1:30-2:30PM. 402-481-7103. MOMS Club of Lincoln (Moms Offering Moms Support) Lincoln chapter of the International MOMS Club®, a non-profit organization specifically for at-home moms. Several events each month for our members: breakfasts, book clubs, play groups, mom’s night out, etc! Our goal is to support each other through friendship, activities, and service projects in the Lincoln area. MomsClubLincoln.weebly. com. Lincoln MOMs (Moms on a Mission) All moms are invited. Every First Saturday of the Month 8:30 - 10:30PM. Gianna’s Java & Gelato, The Guadalupe Center, 2241 O St, Ste. T. Opening prayer, inspirational speaker, group discussion, social time, snacks and coffee. Childcare available with signup. $5 suggested donation. See our Facebook group for events and topics: Lincoln MOMs or email MOPS (Mothers of Preschoolers) Are you a mom of a child aged birth to kindergarten? There’s a place for you in a MOPS Group! MOPS provides a welcome

break for moms; a chance for moms to make new friends, & an opportunity for moms to know they are not alone in the struggles & joys of raising young children. Ten groups in Lincoln and the surrounding area meeting on various Mon/Tue/Wed/Thu mornings and evenings. Child care provided in a nurturing environment. For more information or to find a group that works with your schedule, visit You can also contact Denise Savage at Mother Me Weekly meeting group to support mothers of infants through pre-schoolers. A place for moms to talk & be heard, laugh and/or cry. We meet in the evening for moms who are unable to attend daytime meetings. We have a love of fun & love for new moms—please join us! Tuesdays from 6:30pm-8:00pm. Trinity Chiropractic, Inspire ME meeting space, 3120 O Street. Contact for more info. Mourning Hope Grief Support 402-488-8989, email hope@mourninghope. org or visit Open Hearts Adoption Support Group Fellowship for families with adopted children. Family-centered events (Christmas Party, Ethnic Party, Picnics, Mother’s Tea, Harvest Party). Supported through dues and gifts. All families welcome, especially if you want to find out more about adoption! Dates & locations vary, contact Sherie Quirie, 4655841 or Parents of Gender Fluid Kids Monthly coffee & conversation group for parents & primary caregivers of gender fluid, gender creative, or transgender children, youth or young adults. Meets the second Saturday of every month. Contact for further information.

Winter Events 2017/18 - November, December, & January Calendar listings are FREE!

Submit your events: or at

Spring Deadline: Jan 10 for February, March, & April Free Calendar submissions accepted on a space-available basis. Non-profit, free events, paid advertisers’, and distribution location events prioritized. Lincoln Kids! Newspaper has the right to refuse any submissions with or without notice. Submissions will be modified to fit spacing needs.

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NOVEMBER 2017 ZODIAC: Scorpio Oct 23 - Nov 21 • Sagittarius Nov 22 - Dec 21

HOLIDAYS & OBSERVANCES • Nov 1: All Saints’ Day • Nov 2: All Souls’ Day • Nov 5: Daylight Savings (Fall Back) • Nov 7: US General Election Day • Nov 10: Word Science Day for Peace • Nov 11(10): Veterans Day (observed) • Nov 13: World Kindness Day • Nov 14: Young Readers Day • Nov 15: National Philanthropy Day • Nov 16: International Tolerance Day • Nov 17: World Peace Day • Nov 18: National Adoption Day • Nov 20: World Children’s Day • Nov 23: Thanksgiving Day • Nov 24 / 27: Black FRI / Cyber MON FREE Weekly Library events. See page 26 for a list of free daily programs at each of our city libraries. BABY • TODDLER • PRESCHOOL • FAMILY & more! See entire schedule at FREE Daily Admission to Pioneers Park Nature Center, 8:30am-5pm Mon-Sat, 12-5pm Sun. Prairie exhibits & animal displays. naturecenter. MORRILL HALL Temporary Exhibits: • Miss Mie thru December 31, 2017 • Guts & Glory thru June 2018 GIFTED • Holiday Show & Shop at LUX Center for the Arts, 2601 N. 48th. Nov 3-Dec 24. November hours: 11-5pm Tue-Fri, 10-5pm Sat. Handmade fine crafts & art from local, regional, nat’l, & int’l artists. WED, NOV 1 • Registration Opens for Bryan Health Indoor Triathlon at Counterpoint. • North Pole Express at Lincoln Children’s Zoo MEMBER’S-ONLY EARLY ACCESS TICKET SALES Nov. 1–Nov. 15. Tickets may sell out prior to Nov. 15. Take a trip down Candy Cane Lane on the North Pole Express, with stops to write letters to Santa, eat treats from Elves, sip cocoa, decorate cookies, and of course meet animals, zookeepers, and Santa himself. Buy tickets at • Candy Coma at Noodles & Company, all Nebraska locations, 4-8pm. Children 12 & under, bring in your leftover Halloween candy and swap it out for a free kids meal! THU, NOV 2 • Candy Coma at Noodles & Company, all Nebraska locations, 4-8pm. Children 12 & under, bring in your leftover Halloween candy and swap it out for a free kids meal! • Pop In Storytime w/ Lincoln City Libraries at Morrill Hall, 645 N. 14th, 6:30-7pm. “HORSES” at the Fossil Rhinos & Horses Gallery, floor 2. FRI, NOV 3 • Family Night at Lincoln Children’s Museum, 5-7:30pm, 1st Fridays. Thanksgiving Extravaganza! • Parent’s Night Out at Lincoln Children’s Museum, 6-9pm. For ages 3-10. Drop off starts at 5:30pm. $15/$20. • Game Night + Silent Auction in the Haymarket, 151 S. 8th St, floor 5–Fuse Coworking, 6-10pm. Fundraiser for Bluestem Montessori with family & party games, Pepe Bistro apps & snacks, Meiers Cork n’ Bottle beverages, artwork, music, & more! • Almost Full Moon Guided Hike at Pioneers Park Nature Center, 3201 S. Coddington, 7-8:30pm, $8pp. Enjoy the sights & sounds during this



GEMSTONE: Topaz, Citrine




FLOWER: Chrysanthemum FRI


1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18 19 20 21 22 23 24 25 26 27 28 29 30 evening hike. May not be suitable for young children. Register by Nov. 1, (402) 441-7895. SAT, NOV 4 • Huskers vs. Northwestern, 2:30pm. Memorial Stadium, Lincoln. (BTN) • Waffleman Breakfast & Fundraising Auction for Lincoln Boys Choir at Sesostris Shrine, 1050 Saltillo Rd, 8-11am. $7pp at the door. Choir performance at 9:45am. • Prairie Run at Pioneers Park Nature Center, 3201 S. Coddington, School House, 9am (checkin at 8:30). 1 mile & 5K run/walk benefiting the Nature Center & prairie preservation. 12y & under $10, 13+ $20., 402-4417895. • FREE Sensory-Friendly Social Hour at the Playspace in Gateway Mall, 6100 O st, 9-10am. 1st Saturdays. Playspace open only to families with special needs during this time. • FREE Reading PUPS at Live360° in Gateway Mall, 6100 O st, 10am. 1st Saturdays. Interactive storytime with animals. Shoppinggatewaymall. com. • FREE Hyde Memorial Observatory, Holmes Lake, Saturdays, 7-10pm. SUN, NOV 5 • Daylight Savings Time Ends, 2am. Fall Back 1hr. MON, NOV 6 • FREE Move More Mondays with Americorps HEAL, Lincoln Parks & Rec., 6-7:30, locations vary. Families play & laugh while being healthy & active at varying Parks & Rec centers. Location TBD. Call 402-441-4907, dbuckman@lincoln. for info. THU, NOV 9 • FREE Natural Wellness Class by The Oily Rx. Learn about natural wellness and essential oils. Classes taught by a local pharmacist. Visit or email FRI, NOV 10 • FREE Fitness Fridays at YMCA Lincoln, 2nd Fridays, all locations, from open to close. Everyone is welcome (adults 19+, under 19 must come w/ adult). Open gym, group classes, swim, & more. Child Watch for ages 6wks-10yrs (up to 2 hrs, call ahead for infants recommended). Come 1+ times during the same day. Must provide photo ID to attend., 402-434-9200. • Veterans Day Appreciation at Trinity Lutheran, 1200 N. 56th, 8:30-10:30am. We welcome Veterans to join us for special chapel service & reception. • Play in the Sand at Morrill Hall, 645 N. 14th, 9:30am-4:30pm. Augmented reality 3D exhibit “Shaping Watersheds”. • Princess Power at LCM, 6-8pm. Bring your

prince/princess for some mind- & muscle-building fun! $20/25. • FREE Santa’s Pajama Jam at Gateway Mall, 6100 O st, 6-8pm. Welcome Santa to town with an indoor parade, treats, activities, & photos. • Nocturnal November at Spring Creek Prairie, 11700 SW 100th St, Denton, 7-8:30pm. $5pp/$8 family. Experience nocturnal life on the Prairie. SAT, NOV 11 • Huskers @ Minnesota, time TBA. Minneapolis, MN. (TV TBA) • FREE Kids Fit Club at Gateway Mall playspace, 6100 O st, 9am. W/ Fit4Lincoln. 2nd Saturdays. • Get Smart Saturdays at SAC Aerospace Museum, 28210 West Park Hwy, 10-11am. Space limited. Register 3+ days in advance. • Investigate: 2nd Saturday Science Lab at Morrill Hall, 645 N. 14th, 10am-12pm. “SCIENTIFIC ILLUSTRATION”. • Super Hero Weekend at KidsPark, 14th & Old Cheney, 10am-midnight. 402-413-8849, www. • Veterans Day Program at Veterans Memorial Garden, Antelope Park, 11am. Call 402-560-3342 for information. • FREE Hyde Memorial Observatory, Holmes Lake, Saturdays, 7-10pm. SUN, NOV 12 • Super Hero Weekend at KidsPark, 14th & Old Cheney. 1-6pm. 402-413-8849, www.kidspark. com. MON, NOV 13 • Ticket Sales Begin for Make Believe Midnight at Lincoln Children’s Museum on New Year’s Eve. 1401 P Street, • FREE Move More Mondays with Americorps HEAL, Lincoln Parks & Rec., 6-7:30, locations vary. Families play & laugh while being healthy & active at varying Parks & Rec centers. Location TBD. Call 402-441-4907, dbuckman@lincoln. for info. WED, NOV 15 • North Pole Express at Lincoln Children’s Zoo GENERAL PUBLIC TICKET SALES BEGIN. Tickets may sell out prior to Nov. 15. The North Pole Express is Lincoln’s only train offering services to Santa’s Village! Buy tickets at • LMTA Membership Meeting, 1st United Methodist Church, 2723 N. 50th, 10:30am. www. THU, NOV 16 • Shrek the Muscal Jr. by Theatre Arts for Kids at Christ Lutheran (4325 Sumner). 7pm.

TREE: Walnut, Chestnut, Ash

NOVEMBER IS... NOVIEMBRE • Spanish NOVEMBRE • French NOVEMBER • German NOVEMBRE • Italian • Aviation History Month • Child Safety Protection Month • Lung Cancer Awareness Month • Native American Heritage Month • Nat’l Adoption Awareness Month • Nat’l Caregiver Appreciation Month • Nat’l Diabetes Awareness Month • Transgender Awareness Month FRI, NOV 17 • Shrek the Muscal Jr. by Theatre Arts for Kids at Christ Lutheran (4325 Sumner). 7pm. SAT, NOV 18 • Huskers @ Penn State, time TBA. State College, PA. (TV TBA) • FREE VIP (Volunteer In Parks) with Lincoln Parks & Rec, location TBD, 9am-12pm. Volunteer programs for friends & families to keep our parks beautiful. Email • Chocolate Lovers Weekend at KidsPark, 14th & Old Cheney, 10am-midnight. 402-413-8849, www. • Saturday with our Naturalist: “Winter is Coming” at Pioneers Park Nature Center, 3201 S. Coddington, 3rd Saturdays, 2-3pm. Guided discovery hike (dress according to weather). $5pp. Register by the Wednesday prior. (402) 441-7895. • Shrek the Muscal Jr. by Theatre Arts for Kids at Christ Lutheran (4325 Sumner). 2 & 7pm. TAFK. org. • FREE Hyde Memorial Observatory, Holmes Lake, Saturdays, 7-10pm. SUN, NOV 19 • Chocolate Lovers Weekend at KidsPark, 14th & Old Cheney, 1-6pm. 402-413-8849, www. • Sunday with a Scientist at Morrill Hall, 645 N. 14th, 1:30-4:30pm. MON, NOV 20 • FREE Move More Mondays NO EVENT TODAY THU, NOV 23 - HAPPY THANKSGIVING! FRI, NOV 24 • Huskers vs. Iowa, 3pm. Memorial Stadium, Lincoln. (FS1) SAT, NOV 25 • FREE Hyde Memorial Observatory, Holmes Lake, Saturdays, 7-10pm. PLEASE CONFIRM THIS PROGRAM PRIOR. MON, NOV 27 • FREE Move More Mondays with Americorps HEAL, Lincoln Parks & Rec., 6-7:30, locations vary. Families play & laugh while being healthy & active at varying Parks & Rec centers. Location TBD. Call 402-441-4907, dbuckman@lincoln. for info. THU, NOV 30 • Holiday of Trees by The Heritage League, Westminster Presbyterian Church, 2110 Sheridan Blvd, 10am-8pm. Benefiting The BAY. Tickets: $1 at the door. Featuring 20 beautiful trees, Mr & Mrs. Claus, a raffle, café, music, treasures, & plenty of photo opportunities.

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DECEMBER 2017 ZODIAC: Sagittarius Nov 22 - Dec 21 • Capricorn Dec 22 - Jan 19 GEMSTONE: Tanzanite, Zircon, Turquoise FLOWER: Narcissus, Holly TREE: Hornbeam, Fig, Beech

HOLIDAYS & OBSERVANCES • Dec 1: The Prophet’s Birthday • Dec 3: First Sunday of Advent • Dec 6: St. Nicholas’ Day • Dec 7: Pearl Harbor Remembrance • Dec 8: Feast of Immaculate Conception • Dec 9: International Children’s Day • Dec 12: Feast of Our Lady of Guadalupe • Dec 12-20: Chanuka/Hanukkah • Dec 17: Wright Brothers Day • Dec 21: December Solstice • Dec 24/25: Christmas Eve/Day • Dec 26-Jan 1: Kwanzaa • Dec 31: New Year’s Eve FREE Weekly Library Events pause during December. Eiseley Branch offers Wee Workout Dec 6, 7, 13, & 14 from 10:30-11am. 402-441-4250. FREE Daily Admission to Pioneers Park Nature Center, 8:30am-5pm Mon-Sat, 12-5pm Sun. Prairie exhibits & animal displays. MORRILL HALL Temporary Exhibits: • Miss Mie thru December 31, 2017 • Guts & Glory thru June 2018 GIFTED • Holiday Show & Shop at LUX Center for the Arts, 2601 N. 48th. Nov 3-Dec 24. December hours: 11-5pm Tue-Fri, 10-5pm Sat, 12-5pm Sun. Handmade fine crafts & art from local, national, & int’l artists. FRI, DEC 1 • Holiday of Trees by The Heritage League, Westminster Presbyterian Church, 2110 Sheridan Blvd, 10am-7pm. Benefiting The BAY. Tickets: $1 at the door. Featuring 20 beautiful trees, Mr & Mrs. Claus, a raffle, café, music, treasures, & more • North Pole Express at Lincoln Children’s Zoo, 11am-3pm. Ticket required, may sell out. • Family Night at Lincoln Children’s Museum, 5-7:00pm, 1st Fridays. Holiday Spectacular! • FREE Winter Lights at Tower Square, 13th & P, 6-7pm. Party in the Parks & Lincoln Parks & Rec. • Christmas Program by Early Childhood students at Trinity Lutheran School, 1200 N. 56th St, 6:307:30pm. SAT, DEC 2 • FREE Sensory-Friendly Social Hour at the Playspace in Gateway Mall, 6100 O st, 9-10am. 1st Saturdays. Playspace open only to families with special needs during this time. • DIY Holiday Greenery Workshop at Pioneers Park Nature Center, 3201 S. Coddington, 9-11am, $35pp. Supplies included for one complete item. Register by Nov 29. (402) 441-7895. • FREE Christmas for Kids at Mt. Olive Lutheran, 7979 Holdrege St, 9am-12:15pm. Crafts, music, games, cookie decorating, & more. For ages 3yrs-4th grade. • FREE Reading PUPS at Live360° in Gateway Mall, 6100 O st, 10am. 1st Saturdays. Interactive storytime with animals. • Santa Goes to Space at SAC Aerospace Museum, 28210 W. Park Hwy, 10am-2pm. Santa+Star Wars. • Candyhouse Funshop at LCM, 10/11am, 1/2/3pm. $25/30 per GB house. • Polar Express Weekend at KidsPark, 14th & Old Cheney, 10am-midnight. 402-413-8849, www. • Sugar Plum Fairy Tea Party at Lincoln Country Club, 11am-1pm. Tea, delights, holiday music. Tickets on sale at • North Pole Express at Lincoln Children’s Zoo,

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1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18 19 20 21 22 23 24 31 25 26 27 28 29 30 11am-3pm. Ticket required, may sell out. • FREE Hyde Memorial Observatory, Holmes Lake, Saturdays, 7-10pm. SUN, DEC 3 • Soothing Santa at Gateway Mall, 6100 O st, 9-11am. Special sensory-friendly Santa event for families with special-needs children & their siblings. Photo packages available for purchase. Space limited, registration encouraged. 402-464-3196, • North Pole Express at Lincoln Children’s Zoo, 11am-3pm. Ticket required, may sell out. • Gingerbread House Family Workshop with Lincoln Parks & Rec at Calvert Rec Center, 4500 Stockwell, 1-3pm. $25/family. • Candyhouse Funshop at LCM, 1/2/3pm. $25/30 per GB house. • FREE Holiday Open House at Spring Creek Prairie, 11700 SW 100th St, Denton, 1-4pm. Celebrate winter, green decor, crafting, snacks, cider +more. • Polar Express Weekend at KidsPark, 14th & Old Cheney, 1-6pm. 402-413-8849, MON, DEC 4 • FREE Move More Mondays with Americorps HEAL, Lincoln Parks & Rec., 6-7:30, locations TBD. Families play & laugh while being healthy & active. 402-441-4907, for info. WED, DEC 6 • Wee Work Out at Eiseley Library, 10:30-11am. THU, DEC 7 • Wee Work Out at Eiseley Library, 10:30-11am. • Pearl Harbor Remembrance Program at Veterans Memorial Garden, Antelope Park, 11:55am. Call 402560-3342 for information. • Pop In Storytime w/ Lincoln City Libraries at Morrill Hall, 645 N. 14th, 6:30-7pm. “FRIENDSHIP” at the World Cultures Gallery, floor 3. FRI, DEC 8 • FREE Fitness Fridays at YMCA Lincoln, 2nd Fridays, all locations, from open to close. Everyone is welcome (adults 19+, under 19 must come w/ adult). Open gym, group classes, swim, & more. Child Watch for ages 6wks-10yrs (up to 2 hrs, call ahead for infants recommended). Must provide photo ID to attend., 402-434-9200. • North Pole Express at Lincoln Children’s Zoo, 11am-3pm. Ticket required, may sell out. SAT, DEC 9 • FREE Kids Fit Club at Gateway Mall playspace, 6100 O st, 9am. W/ Fit4Lincoln. 2nd Saturdays. • Get Smart Saturdays at SAC Aerospace Museum, 28210 West Park Hwy, 10-11am. Space limited. Register 3+ days in advance. • Holiday Make & Take with Lincoln Parks & Rec at Easter Day Rec Center, 6130 Adams st. Create art individually or as a family! Open to all abilities. Preregistration req. $10/session.

• Investigate: 2nd Saturday Science Lab at Morrill Hall, 645 N. 14th, 10am-12pm. “SNOW TRACKS”. • Candyhouse Funshop at LCM, 10/11am, 1/2/3pm. $25/30 per GB house. • North Pole Express at Lincoln Children’s Zoo, 11am-3pm. Ticket required, may sell out. • Youth Holidays GIftmaking Workshop at LUX Center for the Arts, 2601 N 48th St, 2-5pm. $24 members or $30pp., 402-466-8692. • Laughing All the Way at The Rococo Theatre, presented by Intermix Dance Company, 3 & 7pm. • FREE Hyde Memorial Observatory, Holmes Lake, Saturdays, 7-10pm. SUN, DEC 10 • North Pole Express at Lincoln Children’s Zoo, 11am-3pm. Ticket required, may sell out. • Candyhouse Funshop at LCM, 1/2/3pm. $25/30 per GB house. • Visit Santa at the Lincoln Children’s Museum, 1-4pm. MON, DEC 11 • FREE Move More Mondays with Americorps HEAL, Lincoln Parks & Rec., 6-7:30, locations TBD. Families play & laugh while being healthy & active. 402-441-4907, for info. WED, DEC 13 • Wee Work Out at Eiseley Library, 10:30-11am. THU, DEC 14 • Wee Work Out at Eiseley Library, 10:30-11am. • A Christmas Carole by Haymarket Theatre, 7pm. 402-477-2600, • FREE Natural Wellness Class by The Oily Rx. or email FRI, DEC 15 • North Pole Express at Lincoln Children’s Zoo, 11am-3pm. Ticket required, may sell out. • A Christmas Carole by Haymarket Theatre, 7pm. 402-477-2600, • Christmas Program by K-5th graders at Trinity Lutheran School, 1200 N. 56th, 7-9pm. www. SAT, DEC 16 • The Nutcracker by Lincoln Midwest Ballet Co. at The Lied, 12th & R. Various times. Tickets at www. • Candyhouse Funshop at LCM, 10/11am, 1/2/3pm. $25/30 per GB house. • Barnes & Noble Book Fair benefiting Bluestem Montessori, 52nd & O, 10am-5pm. Crafts, cookie decorating, & story time. • North Pole Express at Lincoln Children’s Zoo, 11am-3pm. Ticket required, may sell out. • Student Service Recital by LMTA, Eastmont Towers, 6316 O St, 2pm.

DECEMBER IS... DICIEMBRE • Spanish DÉCEMBRE • French DEZEMBER • German DICEMBRE • Italian • National Egg Nog Month • National Fruit Cake Month • National Impaired Driving Prevention Month • National Pear Month

• Youth Holidays GIftmaking Workshop at LUX Center for the Arts, 2601 N 48th St, 2-5pm. $24 members or $30pp., 402-466-8692. • A Christmas Carole by Haymarket Theatre, 2pm & 7pm. 402-477-2600, • FREE Hyde Memorial Observatory, Holmes Lake, Saturdays, 7-10pm. SUN, DEC 17 • The Nutcracker by Lincoln Midwest Ballet Co. at The Lied, 12th & R. Various times. Tickets at www. • North Pole Express at Lincoln Children’s Zoo, 11am-3pm. Ticket required, may sell out. • Candyhouse Funshop at LCM, 1/2/3pm. $25/30 per GB house. • FREE Winterfest! at LUX Center for the Arts, 2601 N 48th St, 1-4pm. Creativity, fun, & holiday projects for the whole family. 402-466-8692, • A Christmas Carole by Haymarket Theatre, 2pm. 402-477-2600, • Holiday Harmonies by Lincoln Boys Choir at St. Paul United Methodist Church, 1144 M st., 5pm. MON, DEC 18 • FREE Move More Mondays with Americorps HEAL, Lincoln Parks & Rec., 6-7:30, locations TBD. Families play & laugh while being healthy & active. 402-441-4907, for info. SAT, DEC 23 • Gift Workshop Weekend at KidsPark, 14th & Old Cheney, 10am-midnight. 402-413-8849, www. • FREE Hyde Memorial Observatory, Holmes Lake, Saturdays, 7-10pm. PLEASE CONFIRM THIS EVENT PRIOR TO ARRIVAL. SUN, DEC 24 • Gift Workshop Weekend at KidsPark, 14th & Old Cheney, 1-6pm. 402-413-8849, MON, DEC 25 - MERRY CHRISTMAS! • FREE Move More Mondays NO EVENT TODAY THU, DEC 28 • FREE Christmas Bird Count for Kids at Spring Creek Prairie, 11700 SW 100th St, Denton, 10am12pm. Winter birds, binoculars & hot chocolate! FRI, DEC 29 • New Years Live at YMCA Camp Kitaki, through Jan 1. Ages 7-14: 4 days, 3 nights, only $200. 402-4349222, SAT, DEC 30 • FREE Hyde Memorial Observatory, Holmes Lake, Saturdays, 7-10pm. PLEASE CONFIRM PROGRAM PRIOR. SUN, DEC 31 • Make Believe Midnight at Lincoln Children’s Museum, 6-8:30pm. Family-friendly NYE party! Tickets avail Nov. 13.


JANUARY 2018 ZODIAC: Capricorn Dec 22 - Jan 19 • Aquarius Jan 20 - Feb 18

HOLIDAYS & OBSERVANCES • Jan 1: New Year’s Day • Jan 5: National Bird Day • Jan 6: Feast of the Epiphany • Jan 7: Orthodox Christmas Day • Jan 10: Nat’l Take the Stairs Day • Jan 12: National Pharmacist Day • Jan 14: Orthodox New Year • Jan 15: Martin Luther King Jr. Day • Jan 18: Winnie the Pooh Day ( birthday of author A. A. Milne) • Jan 20: National Cheese Lover Day • Jan 21: National Hugging Day • Jan 23: National Pie Day • Jan 29: National Puzzle Day • Jan 31: Tu Bishvat/Tu B’Shevat EDITOR’S NOTE: PLEASE CONFIRM PROGRAMS. Many routine programs (daily/weekly/ monthly) did not have 2018 details confirmed before this paper was printed. PLEASE CONFIRM routine events with the business/organization if interested in attending. FREE Weekly Library events. See page 26 for a list of free daily programs at each of our city libraries. BABY • TODDLER • PRESCHOOL • FAMILY & more! See entire event schedule at FREE Daily Admission to Pioneers Park Nature Center, 8:30am-5pm Mon-Sat, 12-5pm Sun. Prairie exhibits & animal displays. MORRILL HALL Temporary Exhibits: • Guts & Glory thru June 2018 MON, JAN 1 - HAPPY NEW YEAR! • FREE Move More Mondays NO EVENT TODAY THU, JAN 4 • Pop In Storytime w/ Lincoln City Libraries at Morrill Hall, 645 N. 14th, 6:30-7pm. PLEASE CONFIRM at or 402-4722642. FRI, JAN 5 • Summer in January at Lincoln Children’s Museum. Summer camp registration opens! Join us from 5-7:30pm & save big! • Family Night at Lincoln Children’s Museum, 5-7:30pm, 1st Fridays. SAT, JAN 6 • FREE Sensory-Friendly Social Hour at the Playspace in Gateway Mall, 6100 O st, 9-10am. 1st Saturdays. Playspace open only to families with special needs during this time. • FREE Reading PUPS at Live360° in Gateway Mall, 6100 O st, 10am. 1st Saturdays. Interactive storytime with animals. • FREE Hyde Memorial Observatory, Holmes Lake, Saturdays, 7-10pm. HydeObservatory. info. PLEASE CONFIRM THIS EVENT. MON, JAN 8 • FREE Move More Mondays with Americorps HEAL, Lincoln Parks & Rec., 6-7:30, locations vary. Families play & laugh while being healthy & active at varying Parks & Rec centers. Location TBD. Call 402-441-4907,






FLOWER: Carnation, Snowdrop FRI


1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18 19 20 21 22 23 24 25 26 27 28 29 30 31 for info. • Erth’s Dinosaur Zoo Live at the Lied Center for Performing Arts, 12th & R Streets, 7pm. A breathtaking tour through prehistoric Australia. Come early at 5:30 for FamFest! FamFest is free for ticket holders, and provides food & fun educational activities for the whole family. Tickets are $8-24 at or 402472-4747. WED, JAN 10 • Lincoln Kids! Spring Issue Deadline. THU, JAN 11 • FREE Natural Wellness Class by The Oily Rx. Learn about natural wellness and essential oils. Classes taught by a local pharmacist. Visit or email FRI, JAN 12 • FREE Fitness Fridays at YMCA Lincoln, 2nd Fridays, all locations, from open to close. Everyone is welcome (adults 19+, under 19 must come w/ adult). Open gym, group classes, swim, & more. Child Watch for ages 6wks-10yrs (up to 2 hrs, call ahead for infants recommended). Must provide photo ID to attend. PLEASE CONFIRM AT www. or 402-434-9200. • The Sound of Music at the Lied Center for Performing Arts, 12th & R Streets, 7:30pm. The Hills are Lincoln! Tickets are $14.50-79 at or 402-472-4747. SAT, JAN 13 • Early Registration Ends for Jan 20th Table Tennis Tournament at Belmont Rec Center, 402-441-6789. • FREE Kids Fit Club at Gateway Mall playspace, 6100 O st, 9am. W/ Fit4Lincoln. 2nd Saturdays. • Get Smart Saturdays at SAC Aerospace Museum, 28210 West Park Hwy, 10-11am. Space limited. Register 3+ days in advance. PLEASE CONFIRM THIS PROGRAM at • Investigate: 2nd Saturday Science Lab at Morrill Hall, 645 N. 14th, 10am-12pm. PLEASE CONFIRM PROGRAM. Museum. or 402-472-2642. • Indoor Airshow at SAC Aerospace Museum, 28210 W. Park Hwy, 10am-2pm. Featuring radio-controlled model airplanes. • The Sound of Music at the Lied Center for Performing Arts, 12th & R Streets, 2pm & 7:30pm. The Hills are Lincoln!

Tickets are $14.50-79 at or 402-472-4747. • FREE Hyde Memorial Observatory, Holmes Lake, Saturdays, 7-10pm. HydeObservatory. info. SUN, JAN 14 • The Sound of Music at the Lied Center for Performing Arts, 12th & R Streets, 7:00pm. The Hills are Lincoln! Tickets are $14.50-79 at or 402-472-4747. MON, JAN 15 • FREE Move More Mondays NO EVENT TODAY TUE, JAN 16 • Pioneers Park Preschool Open House, 3201 S. Coddington, 10am. See how nature can be a part of your child’s education, ages 3-5. Registration for 2018/19 begins in Feb. Director: (402) 441-8669. SAT, JAN 20 • Table Tennis Tournament at Belmont Recreation Area, 1234 Judson St, 9am. Hosted by Lincoln Parks & Rec. All ages & levels! Register at 8:30am or preregister & mail payment by Jan 13. 402-441-6789, or • Winter Recreation Workshop at Pioneers Park Nature Center, 3201 S. Coddington, 2-4pm. “Cross Country Skiing & Snow Shoeing.” $20pp. Suggested for beginners or those looking to advance their skills, ages 12+. Ski rental included. Register by Jan 17. (402) 441-7895. • FREE Hyde Memorial Observatory, Holmes Lake, Saturdays, 7-10pm. HydeObservatory. info. SUN, JAN 21 • Sunday with a Scientist at Morrill Hall, 645 N. 14th, 1:30-4:30pm. PLEASE CONFIRM PROGRAM. or 402-4722642. MON, JAN 22 • FREE Move More Mondays with Americorps HEAL, Lincoln Parks & Rec., 6-7:30, locations vary. Families play & laugh while being healthy & active at varying Parks & Rec centers. Location TBD. Call 402-441-4907, for info. TUE, JAN 23 • Summer Camp Registration Opens for Pioneers Park Nature Center, 402-441-7895, • Lutheran Schools of Lincoln All Schools

TREE: Fir, Elm, Cypress

JANUARY IS... ENERO • Spanish JANVIER • French JANUAR • German GENNAIO • Italian • Alzheimer’s Awareness Month • Hot Tea Month • National Bath Safety Month • National Blood Donor Month • National Hobby Month • National Mentoring Month • Slavery & Human Trafficking Awareness Month Chapel Service at Lincoln Lutheran, 1100 N. 56th, 1-2pm. We invite the community to join in & celebrate Nat’l Lutheran Schools week. THU, JAN 25 • Open House at Westminster Preschool, 2110 Sheridan Blvd, 6pm. SAT, JAN 27 • Indoor Triathlon at Bryan Lifepointe, 7501 S. 27th St, 6:30am +every 25 minutes. Children are welcome to participate. Registration begins Nov. 1. $25pp or $75/team. • LMTA Presentation at Fellowship Community Church, 8701 Holdrege, 10am. Dr. Brenda Wristen on small-handed pianists. • FREE Hyde Memorial Observatory, Holmes Lake, Saturdays, 7-10pm. HydeObservatory. info. MON, JAN 29 • FREE Move More Mondays with Americorps HEAL, Lincoln Parks & Rec., 6-7:30, locations vary. Families play & laugh while being healthy & active at varying Parks & Rec centers. Location TBD. Call 402-441-4907, for info. COMING UP... • Feb 1: Lincoln Kids! Spring issue debut • Feb 2: Family Night. lincolnchildrensmuseum. org. • Feb. 3: Chamber Music Festival. www.LMTA. info. • Feb 8: Free Oils & Wellness Class. theoilyrx. com • Feb 9: Chocolate Lover’s Fantasy. 402-4357496 • Feb 10: Swing Under the Wings.

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• • • LK! Art Gallery • • • • • •

• • •

Sunday Morning by Brielle Christine Braunsroth, 9 Home-schooled



by Koa White, 9 Art Around the Corner

by Jaxon Ellis, 4th grade at Ruth Hill Elementary Lincoln Public Schools

Autumn Evening by Ellie Maguire, 10, 5th Grade at St. Joseph Catholic School



by Piper Garrett, 8 Created at age 7 during art class at Kloefkorn Elementary, LPS

by Antonia Baylor, 13 Art Around the Corner

Your Art Could Be Here! Paintings • Drawings • Sculptures • Poems • Riddles • Jokes • Photography • PO Box 67203, Lincoln, NE 68506

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ARTREACH Update By Tamara Kaye, Executive Director, The ArtReach Project

What Does it Mean to be Creative?


reativity involves the imagination. It’s about having or showing an ability to make new things or think of original ideas. So here’s a new question...

Do you think YOU are creative?

While many of us would be proud to talk about an artist we know personally who produces amazing things, you don’t have to be an artist to be creative. In fact, I would venture to say that how you live your life is a reflection of your creative health. Do you have ideas? Do you entertain them? Do you feed them with time and space to GROW? Do you GATHER them up and bring them to life so you can share them with others? Do you ever GIVE from your heart something that is very thoughtful? Friend, you are creative.

Rainbow Hand Painting by Mariano Atanassov, 4, Acrylic on Canvas, made at home

We’d like to invite you to create something more with us.



by Mikaylah Lange, 15 Copper, Brass, Copper LUX Center for the Arts

In Flight

The ArtReach Project is in its second year and alongside more than 3,500 people has created art in, with, and for the community. People like YOU made this happen because you The Moonlight Picture by Jaycien Chase Lyons, 8 stopped long enough to help make something like a pinwheel, a clay heart, a weaving, or a small drawing. You have donated supplies and time and transportation. You’ve watched us on the news, read about us in the paper, and heard about us on the radio. You’ve joined us for classes, art-making events and parties, at conferences and coffee shops. You’ve danced with us, drawn with us, and even walked into a life-sized Van Gogh painting with us. YOU have become part of a bigger picture as our projects have gone on to impact others in encouraging, inspiring, and interactive ways. What we’ve created together is a community that continues to GIVE…and GROW…and GATHER. Now that we have set up our first public art studio in our new location* at Gateway Mall, the movement continues. What we will create together is yet to be seen, but one thing is certain: it will reach the hearts of this city for good—one project at a time. And while we do, our collective creativity will culminate in new ways, in original ways, and in ways that involve the imagination. Will YOU join us? *The new space is in the JC Penney wing at the top of the escalator, parking is conveniently located below in the covered parking area!

Winter by Yve Nelson, 10 Kahoa Elementary, LPS Created in her home art studio at age 9 Winter 2017 • Page 43



E ! M I T ATE just


60 mins. of unlimited attractions & jumping

H 2nd our -only-


Ultimate Warrior Course  Open Jump Free Fall  Dunk City  Rock Wall Laser Maze  Trampoline Ninja Does not include arcade play

$14.99 for jumpers under 48” or parents* all the perks of ULTIMATE TIME minus the ultimate warrior course (Jumpers must be 48” to use ultimate warrior course)

additional hour only $7.50  *this package price is also available for parents of children under 48” who wish to play along! does not include Ultimate Warrior Course 

ultimate time is available during all open business hours  walk-ins only, no online reservations all sales are final  socks & wristbands sold separately  learn more at • 402-817-6900

345 Sporting Village Drive, Ste. 1

Lincoln Kids! Winter Edition 2017  

Nov • Dec • Jan LK! is your one place to plan three months of wintertime fun! Lincoln Kids! is a FREE quarterly publication of all things fa...