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MAY JUNE JULY “Fish Out of Water”

by Matthew Dauel, age 9, student at Art Academy-Lincoln

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Summer 2017 • Page 3

- From the LK! Family -


Mother’s Day We wish you a happy

and a happy

Father’s Day

May your summer be filled with laughter & memories.

Bennett, Karla, and Kennett Photo Credit: Genesis Photography


ummer is here! Time to open windows, hit the farmers market, stop to smell the roses, and relax in the freshly cut grass. School will be out soon, camps are underway, and we are all another year older & wiser. Our little family has a lot to celebrate during the summer months, including all of our birthdays. The biggest celebration will be Kennett’s first birthday in July. Time has flown! We are also celebrating our first Mother’s and Father’s Days as parents, which we only just recently realized. These days are packed and big lifetime events just sort of sneak up on us!

The advertisements and calendar section in this issue are full of things to see & do, many of which are free. Your family is sure to stay busy discovering all the fun that awaits you the next few months. If you can’t drive the kids around, get them each a StarTran Star Pass for only $20 for unlimited rides all summer (p.33). As we wrap up our first official year as publishers, we also want to give a heart-filled

Thank You to our Advertisers LK! is made possible & free to our readers thanks to your loyalty. Because of you, our community is a truly wonderful place to thrive as a family.

We hope you have a fantastic summer!




Baby Kenny

We made a boo-boo...

In the Spring 2017 issue we accidentally included a Lessons Directory listing for Art Academy Lincoln without essential contact and program information. That listing has been updated and can be seen on page 39!

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GIVE away Lincoln Kids! has partnered with LuLaRoe GG’s Boutique and five lucky readers are about to get some free LLR Leggings!

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Summer 2017 Cover Artist Matthew Dauel Matthew Dauel is nine years old and in the third grade. He spends much of his time being creative, whether he’s doodling Pokemon characters on all of his homework, drawing page after page of Batman in his sketchbook, or building countless Star Wars ships out of Legos. He’s been a student of Art Academy Lincoln for 1½ years now & loves it! Matthew was eight years old when he created “Fish Out of Water” after spending the summer camping & fishing with his parents, Joyce and Jeremy Dauel. The large-mouth bass was a favorite subject to draw and paint for quite a while. This colorful rendition was painted using acrylics and took Matthew several hours to complete. Other Favorite Hobbies: Matt loves to play with his new puppy, Cooper, and take him for walks. He also loves camping, fishing and spending time around the campfire with his grandparents. He also enjoys riding bikes and playing with his friends. Favorite Food: Kolaches baked by his Grandma! Favorite Subject: Art! Favorite Movie: There are so many! Harry Potter, Star Wars, The Goonies to name a few... Favorite Sports teams: The Huskers and the KC Royals.

*Prizes can be shipped for free or picked up locally*

Matthew wishes everyone a great summer!

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Private Art Lessons

Art Academy Lincoln

• One hour lesson: $25 • $45 for two students • Flexible scheduling • Emphasis on art theory & appreciation

Summer Workshops

(402) 499-7754

5921 Berkeley Dr.

• Session I: M-F Jun 5-9, 9am-noon • Session II: M-F Jun 12-16, 9am-noon • $115/week – supplies included! • Class size limited to 10 students – Register today! Summer 2017 • Page 5


Building Your Immune System the Natural Way By Lindsay Rogers, Wildlife Education Specialist, Nebraska Game & Parks Commission


or a child to remain healthy, he or she needs many things– quality food, clean water, and plenty of sleep. But believe it or not, children also need to get dirty to remain healthy. For our immune systems to work efficiently, we first must be exposed to potential intruders such as germs, viruses, and parasites. Once exposed, our immune system learns to identify these intruders and actively fights against each specific intruder, thus keeping us healthy. We are all accustomed to the idea of lifting weights, going for a jog, or doing sit-ups to build muscle strength. Most of us understand that to maintain bone strength we must not only eat foods high in calcium and vitamin D, but we also must partake in impact exercises such as

aerobics, hiking, and dancing. The same concept of “working out” to build strong muscles and bones is also true for our immune systems. To maintain a strong immune system, we must constantly be exposing ourselves to germs. I am not advocating that you encourage your children to lick the door handle or eat off the bathroom floor, but I am suggesting you allow – even encourage – your children to go outside and get dirty. The great news is that children with a strong immune system enjoy many benefits. Not only are they sick less often, but they also miss school less often. And as much as children might not like the sound of that, they will like the fact that the less they are sick

Photo courtesy of Pixabay

the more play dates they can make! I encourage you to spend the summer boosting your family members’ immune systems. Start things off right by getting your hands dirty. Plant a simple garden containing your child’s favorite vegetables. Or select some native prairie plants to brighten your yard. Whether you are planting in the ground or a container, the fun (and the dirt) are the same.

This small project will lead to hours outside all summer long caring for your plants and eventually picking the “fruits” of your labor. Plus, while you are tending to your garden, you will be gaining a stronger immune system. Continue the down-and-dirty fun with International Mud Day on June 29, 2017. You will need two simple things: soil (from your backyard or bagged top soil from the store) and water. Mix the two and you will create hours of fun and a strong immune system all at the same time. I prefer to turn on the sprinkler and let the managed mayhem begin! No matter your outside activity, encourage your children to explore. For young children this is the status quo. For older children we must often encourage them to look closely at a bird feather or roly-poly bug. As parents, our jobs are to encourage children to learn and explore. These simple acts will develop life-long learners and critical thinkers. Not to mention, exploring and getting dirty creates a lifetime of memories.

KRAYON CAMPUS A curriculum-based program that promotes healthy development and social emotional learning. Call today to schedule your tour & meet our friendly caregivers!

(402) 486-4847 6001 Normal Blvd M-F 6am–6pm

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Infants 6 weeks & up

Toddlers 18 months & up

Caring & nurturing teachers Transportation to LPS schools Nutritious hot meals every day Private outdoor play area Weekly Music & Language Class for all enrolled children 18 months & older.

Preschool & Pre-K Ages 3, 4, & 5

School-Aged to 12 Years

Now Enrolling for

Fall 2017!

Accepting Pre-K applications for Children attending Kindergarten in Fall of 2018. Limited Openings - Call Today!


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Summer Health & Safety Tips By Karla Goerl, Publisher Lincoln Kids! Newspaper


ummertime means more free time for kids to do what they do best: PLAY! Whether they are playing inside or outdoors, here are some tips to keep your family safe and healthy: 1. Stay hydrated. It’s best to learn the importance of proper hydration before it is a lesson learned the hard way. Bring extra water with you when away from home, and make sure drinking water is safely accessible for children of appropriate ages. 2. Eat well. Nutritious food is key to staying healthy. Prep fruits and veggies for snacking, and avoid having a lot of processed sweets & carbs on hand. 3. Avoid overexposure to heat. Be alert for these signs of heat exhaustion: nausea, vomiting, dizziness, & confusion. If you see any of these signs, the AAP recommends resting in a cool place

and rehydrating. Seek medical assistance if symptoms persist or your child has a fever of 103°F or higher. Remember to NEVER leave your child in a parked car, even if the windows are cracked. 4. Protect yourself from the sun. Use sunscreen and reapply as needed. Cover up with lightweight clothing, seek shade, and wear sunglasses & a hat. 5. Prevent bugs from biting. Use an appropriate repellent, remove areas of stagnant water from your yard, and whenever possible, stay indoors during peak bug-feasting hours: dawn and dusk. 6. Prepare your first aid kit. Buy or restock a first aid kit that includes treatments for burns, cuts, sprains, and rashes. 7. Teach water safety. Involve your children in swimming lessons, take a CPR course, check your life-jackets for wear & tear and proper fitting, and always have a responsible adult

supervising your children in and around water. 8. Be aware of “stranger danger”. Teach children to be mindful of their surroundings and how to alert the authorities if they sense someone dangerous. 9. Keep the learning alive! Discourage summer learning loss by limiting screen time and engaging your children in educational activities, camps, and excursions.


Dinosaurs by Megan Kutschkau, 5, Made at home

True Knowledge Preschool

in south Lincoln offers a fun & exciting academic approach to prepare your 3-5 year-old for Kindergarten & beyond.

NOW ENROLLING! for the 2017-18 Academic Year

Tiny Tots

Tue/Thu 12-2:45 pm

Small Scholars Mon/Wed/Fri 12-2:45 pm

(402) 570-1252

Academic Academy Mon-Fri 8:30-11:15 am

5445 Red Rock Lane Summer 2017 • Page 9


Lincoln Racquet Club Rebrands to Lincoln Athletic Club Submitted by The Lincoln Athletic Club

O la p S

sh’n’Play t



Enjoy the FlowRider–– the only one in Nebraska!


Lazy River Climbing Wall Spray Park Toddler Ship


r ou y t


Swirl Bowl Tube Slide Speed Slide Curve Slide


e Pl

u n ge Wa y !

ere! Party ro t. hday h om available for ren t r i b

n April 1, 2017, Lincoln Racquet Club officially changed its name to Lincoln Athletic Club. The Lincoln Racquet Club, formerly owned by Marlyn Schwartz, was sold to Todd Mosser in 2011. Todd thought it made sense to change the name to Lincoln Athletic Club for many reasons, mainly because the club has so much more to offer than just tennis and racquetball. “We provide a family atmosphere where parents can workout while their children participate in kidsonly activities, like turf time, boot camp, hip hop class, yoga, kickboxing, and intro to racquetball,” says Todd. “We want the public to know simply from the name that we are a full-service athletic and health club.” Lincoln Athletic Club offers over 130 free classes a week, including exclusive boot camps, as part of the LAC Membership. With their new turf facility and investments in new

equipment throughout the club, the rebranding is almost complete. Lincoln Athletic Club also offers great summer camps every week throughout the LPS summer break. Also open during summer is the Summer Beast Program, where middle school students can concentrate on speed and strength training to prepare them for high school athletics. The Lincoln Athletic Club also has an aquatics program with three swimming pools available to swimmers of all ages. The Racers swim team is Lincoln’s largest summer recreational swim team and is managed by long-standing LAC swim director Julie Reid. With its expansive 93,000 square feet of athletic space under one roof, the Lincoln Athletic Club is the largest private health club in Lincoln. Call (402) 423-2511, take a tour, and visit to see for yourself how Lincoln Athletic Club can enhance the health of your family. (Website name changing soon!)

Kamps ids of Summer

utiful drive just 90 a e min Ab Summer Season Opens May 27th! Noon - 8pm 7-Days a week

u t e s f ro m L i n c o


(402) 562-4269

Pawnee Park Columbus, NE

www.VisitColumb usNE .com

Week-long day camps designed to keep your kids learning & active throughout the summer!

Monday - Friday | 8am - 5pm | No camp 5/29 & 7/4 New! Extended hours available: 7:30am-5:30pm

Register Now! Member Rate

Non-Member Rate

Preschool (1/2 day) | $115 Preschool (1/2 day) | $130 K-6 | $165 K-6 | $190

11 camps to choose from! Pick your faves or attend them all! May 30-June 2 | School’s Out!

July 10-14 | Culinary Camp

June 5-9 | Around the World

July 17-21 | Sports of all Sorts

June 12-16 | LAC Olympics

July 24-28 | Survivor

June 19-23 | Ultimate Summer

July 31-Aug 4 | Mad Science

June 26-30 | Happy Holidays

Aug 7-10 | The Great Escape

July 3-7 | Animal Planet

Adventure Camp

Register Online! 5300 Old Cheney Road | (402) 423 - 2511 Page 10 •


Hop, SCIP, Jump, and RUN! Submitted by Kelly Madcharo


egistration is now open for School Community Intervention & Prevention’s (SCIP) annual fundraiser, “Hop, SCIP, Jump and RUN”. The event, set to take place on May 13th at Lincoln Southwest High School, will feature a 1-mile fun run at 9:00 a.m. and a 5K race at 9:30 a.m. for both children and adults. Participants will also have the opportunity to visit sponsor booths to become eligible for prizes. Proceeds will benefit SCIP, a program of Lincoln Medical Education Partnership. The 5K race is $25.00 per person and the 1-mile fun run is $15.00 per person. Children under the age of nine must be accompanied by an adult. Tickets can be purchased through the SCIP website at www.scipnebraska. com or that day at the event. SCIP is a program designed to bring together families, schools and the community to support student behavioral and emotional health. SCIP’s mission is to provide an effec-

tive prevention and early intervention process for youth with behavioral health concerns so they may achieve healthy, productive lives. SCIP works with schools by providing tools and resources to address behavioral and emotional health issues that impact children, adolescents and their families. Through this event, we hope to encourage lifelong health and wellness, physically and mentally, of youth and beyond. For more information regarding the event, booth or prize donation opportunities, contact Michaela Emmons at or 402-327-6843 or visit our website:

Call today – we’ll take it from here!

(402) 580-7409

Lice Removal Experts LINCOLN PEDIATRIC GROUP, LLC Dr. Gogela

Starting July 2017!

Kay L. Anderson, M.D., F.A.A.P. Philip T. Boucher, M.D., F.A.A.P. Jeffrey J. David, M.D., F.A.A.P. Jason J. Davis, M.D., F.A.A.P. Carrie A. Dell, M.D., F.A.A.P. Heather A. Dews, M.D., F.A.A.P. Douglas D. Ebers, M.D., F.A.A.P. Kurstin L. Friesen, M.D., F.A.A.P. Michael J. Germer, M.D., F.A.A.P. Kate E. Gogela, M.D., F.A.A.P. Joel A. Greisen, M.D., F.A.A.P. Shelley K. Nelson, M.D., F.A.A.P. Maureen Garvin, PA-C Michael J. Huckabee, PA-C Dallas D. Schlegel, PA-C Julie E. Timme, PA-C Valerie A. Vernon, PA-C Becky D. Waegli, PA-C

Dr. Nelson

Celebrating 1 year!


Drs. Kate Gogela & Shelley Nelson! Now accepting new patients!

It’s time to schedule your school and sports physicals! Office Hours Mon-Thu

8:00 am-7:00 pm

Centrally located and anonymous treatment location

We know your life is busy Lice is the last thing you want to deal with. We customize our exceptional service & flexible scheduling to meet your family’s needs. The Healthy Heads Lice Removal Process includes our strand-by-strand examination.

Lincoln ’s Lice Re #1 moval Compa ny!

Your house can rest worry-free with our

30 day guarantee!

All household members must be checked & treated if needed.

Affordable • Private • Professional • Thorough


8:00 am-4:30 pm


8:00 am-12:00 pm


12:30 pm-4:30 pm

Lincoln Pediatric Group, LLC 4501 S. 70th, Suite 110, Lincoln

402-489-3834 • Summer 2017 • Page 11


A Fresh Approach to Junior Golf Development development. He is also a PGA Master Golf Professional and Titleist Performance Institute Certified Junior Golf Coach. In partnership with Sticks for Kids, a program under the Golf Course Builders Association of America Foundation, the Pine Lake Junior Golf Center is proud to provide golf bags and clubs so children can participate in all junior golf activities this season. The golf clubs are designed to fit the size, weight, and ability of the junior golfer. This specific program was part of a grant from Sunbelt Rentals, a Charter Member of GCBAA.

By Dave Malone, PGA Master Golf Professional, Junior Golf Coach at Pine Lake Golf & Tennis Junior Golf Center


he volume has been turned up on the fun aspects of junior golf programming at Pine Lake Golf and Tennis. Pine Lake is incorporating a fitness element at an early age for golf & athletic development. The long-range plan is for juniors to have fun while they improve their golf game and performance through the exercise component. The Pine Lake staff looked at their junior program and saw how an athletic development approach will provide students with the exercise needed to stay moving, motivated, and develop into well-rounded athletes. Our goal is to develop children into athletes first, then golfers. Too often junior golfers are thrown into golf-only skill development programs, but at Pine Lake’s Junior Golf Center, students will be offered programming to improve endurance, speed, strength, and flexibility, along with their golf skills. This allows

Golf is the game that lasts a lifetime. Register your Junior Golfer to start this summer at the Junior Golf Center at Pine Lake Golf & Tennis

juniors to stay focused mentally and physically while having fun and developing a love for the game. Junior programming is offered yearround at Pine Lake. Pine Lake provides a positive environment to inspire young golfers aged 3-17 and the individuals who support them. By involving your child in the Pine Lake Junior Golf Center, he or she can take

group lessons that fit your family’s schedule, participate in fun monthly Glow Golf and Parent-Junior events, plus, opening this spring is the newly developed Practice Range Campus that is designed to handle all types of golf shots. Dave Malone is the new Junior Golf Director at Pine Lake Golf and Tennis. Dave has 35 years of experience in all areas of junior

Dave Malone, PGA Junior Golf Director (402) 560-3371 Steve Donald Director of Golf Operations (402) 488-7105 Pine Lake Golf & Tennis 6601 South 84th Street

JUNIOR GOLF CENTER PROMOTE • Honesty • Respect • Etiquette • Following Rules • Sportsmanship

JR. GOLF COACH • Dave Malone,

PGA Master Golf Professional

• T PI Certified Junior Coach

• 35 Years of Experience FRESH APPROACH

• Athlete First – Golfer

• Spring-Summer-Fall-

• Physical Assessment • Fitness Development • Track Success

• P ractice Range

EQUIPMENT • Proper Equipment Checks

• S ticks for Kids

Provides Fitted Clubs

• Experienced Clubs • Trade Up Program

• Active Start • Learn to Play • Learn to Compete • Train to Excel

in Junior Development





• Digital Instruction • Motivation PARENT SUPPORT • Chat Sessions • Customized Advice • Encouraged to Watch Happy Juniors

• Junior-Parent Play & Fun Events


at Pine Lake Golf & Tennis OUR MISSION To provide a positive environment to inspire young golfers aged 3-17 and the individuals who support them.

2017 Membership Only $160 Additional siblings $90 each Membership valid M-F through Dec 31

• Kids Helping Kids • Cool Uniforms • Travel Bunch • Star Power MAKE A NOTE

• Includes one lesson & equipment check • Group Instruction only $15/session. Buy 5 get the 6th one free! Days & weekends available.

• Monthly Glow Golf & Parent-Junior Events • Complimentary clubs & bags by Sticks for Kids • Includes play on our 9 Hole Par 3 Course & supervised Practice Range Campus

• Juniors Within Eye & Ear Contact

• G reat Role Models • Juniors are Uniquely Different

• We Enjoy Sharing the Game!

Learn more & Register! Contact Dave Malone, PGA, Junior Golf Director

(402) 560-3371 • 6601 S. 84th Street •


Summer 2017 • Page 13


An Ounce of Prevention for a Pound of Cure– A Kids Vaccine That Prevents Cancer Bob Rauner, MD, MPH, President, Partnership for a Healthy Lincoln


n ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure— especially for healthy kids and families. A well balanced life of eating right, exercising, and getting adequate sleep together can actually prevent some diseases. Other diseases we can get vaccinated for, especially children. Did you know that one of the recommended vaccines for your 7th grader would prevent the majority of cervical and throat cancers in the United States? The Human Papilloma Virus (HPV) vaccine, which is recommended in all adolescents, would do just that if more kids were vaccinated. Right now, only about 50%

of kids get the vaccine. But just by increasing the vaccination rates for kids to over 80%, most of the 30,000 cases of cancer caused by HPV could be prevented. Because of this, most of the pediatricians and many of the family physicians in Lincoln have launched an initiative with a goal of vaccinating over 80% of Lincoln’s kids by 2020. The HPV vaccine is recommended for both boys and girls and the best time to start the vaccine is around age 11 or 12. Because this is about the time most kids get their required 7th grade physical in Nebraska, Lincoln clinics will be making a coordinated effort to make sure Lincoln children have received their first vaccine at that time. Two additional reasons to receive the HPV vaccine with the 7th grade physical is that new recommendations require only two vaccinations

instead of three if the series is started before age 15. In addition, the latest studies show the vaccine is much more effective if started at age 11 or 12 compared to waiting until later. The Lincoln HPV vaccination initiative is a multipronged approach to get Lincoln kids vaccinated. The first stage started with a letter sent to all Lincoln Public Schools parents by the Lancaster County Medical Society along with recorded TV interviews on three Lincoln TV stations. The second stage is a coordinated effort by clinics to make sure all kids coming in for their 7th grade physicals receive their first vaccination at that time. The third stage will be an effort

to get all kids back to the clinic six months later to complete the series, which for many kids will be around the same time they should be coming for their fall flu shot. So eat right, be active, get a good night’s sleep, spend some time with the family, and make sure your kids get all their vaccines this year. Talk to your healthcare provider for more information. An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure! Partnership for a Healthy Lincoln (PHL) is a non-profit organization dedicated to improving the health, wellness, and fitness of our community. We collaborate with other organizations on joint projects to improve health by increasing physical fitness, promoting good nutrition, supporting breastfeeding, and improving cancer screening rates. Our work includes improving health and wellness policies, conducting community level research, and evaluating the success of local health initiatives.

Call us to schedule your child’s school physical

• 3262 Salt Creek Circle • 8201 Northwoods Drive

• 3901 Pine Lake Road, Ste. 210 • 1336 West A Street, Ste. B

(402) 465-5600 *



Jumping Pillow


Foam Pit


Fun Gym


Lazer Maze


mer Fu um




Birth for Part day ies!



25% OFF any one pass! Not valid for parties or with other offers. Exp. 07/31/2017

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(402) 261-0440 * * 15th & Yankee Hill Road


Food for Thought: My Milk or Yours? By Ann Seacreast, RN, IBCLC, Executive Director at Milkworks


ust like adults, babies eat food. A typical adult may crave a turkey sandwich or kale salad. A typical baby craves milk. Throughout history, most babies received milk from their own mother, but not always. Whether out of necessity or social custom, babies have always been breastfed by other mothers. We started feeding most babies formula made from cow’s milk around 60 years ago. Technology allowed us to alter the size of the protein in cow’s milk and develop a combination of proteins, fats, sugars, minerals and vitamins to create a food just for human babies. From 1960 to 2000, we were comfortable feeding a baby formula made from cow’s milk, which does a good job providing nutrition for a baby. Plus, cows are able to produce high volumes of milk, making formula reasonably priced. Over the past 20 years, public health experts have increasingly called for a return to feeding babies human milk.

Research continues to show that beneficial factors in human milk cannot be duplicated in formula. However, not all human babies have access to their own mother’s milk. Some mothers have difficulty producing milk and some babies are separated from their birth mother. There will always be situations when a mother is not able to feed her baby her own milk. The Human Milk Bank Association of North America, a coalition of human milk banks, has been accepting milk donated by breastfeeding mothers since 1985. The development of high quality breast pumps has allowed mothers to easily share their extra milk with other mothers. Twenty-three human milk banks around the country screen interested mothers to make sure their milk does not contain unhealthy medications, viruses or bacteria. Their donated milk is then pasteurized (heat treated) to assure its safety. This “banked donor milk” was initially available only for very sick babies, children, and adults. Now, as supply & demand continue to increase, donor milk is available for premature

babies and for babies who do not have access to their own mother’s milk. Unfortunately, banked milk is rather expensive. While some would argue that the price is worth the benefit, for most it is too costly. What would make banked milk more available? Volume. The more milk that mothers donate to a milk bank, the more reasonably priced donor milk will become. To make this happen, milk depots are being established around the country. A milk depot is a drop off site for donated milk that will then be shipped to a milk bank. Lincoln has two milk depots – at CHI Health St. Elizabeth’s, which donates to the Iowa Milk Bank, and at MilkWorks, which donates to the Denver Milk Bank. For mothers who are not able to produce enough milk for their baby and do not want to feed their baby formula, access to “banked donor milk” is a blessing. For more information about donating to a milk depot, contact MilkWorks at 402-423-6402 or visit You may also visit or call 303-869-1888.

• S  trong focus on social and emotional development to give your child a great start • Classrooms led by educated and experienced teachers • Kindergarten-readiness curriculum • Enrolling children from 6 weeks to 12 years • Extended hours: 6:30 am - 6:00 pm

Call 402-434-5437 or visit

Dental Care Designed for Your Child Call us today for an appointment

402-423-3322 3901 Pine Lake Road, Suite 250 Website:

...follow us on Facebook!

Brent D. Johnson, DDS, MS Summer 2017 • Page 15


How Your Kids (and You!) Benefit From Farmers Markets Submitted by The Fallbrook Farmers’ Market, Lincoln’s Family Friendly Market


hen you make a list of things you want your kids to have–wholesome food, exercise, time outside, healthy relationships, quality family time, etc.–it can be overwhelming. That’s why farmers’ markets make so much sense, especially ones that cater to families. Consider this... Wholesome food. Probably the highest quality available­—fresh, local, and prepared with great care and concern. Exercise and time outside. At many markets, there are activities designed to allow kids to walk, bounce, roll, blow bubbles, hula hoop, and jump in puddles (it rains sometimes!). Markets can be a great place for kids to play. Healthy relationships. We have great grocery stores in Lincoln, but none of them allow opportunities for kids to interact with the farmers that tirelessly cultivate food just for them. Market vendors are some of the most caring people you’ll meet— people that gladly answer your kids’ questions and teach them about healthy food and caring for the land. Quality family time. Know any parent that says “We just spend way too much quality time with our kids”? Farmers markets aren’t set up for speed; they are designed to allow you to slow down, have a conversation while strolling, stop and

spend time listening to live music, and explore new and interesting things together. Markets are a weekly opportunity to make meaningful memories. Join the Fallbrook Farmers’ Market every Thursday from June 22nd through August 10th from 5-7 PM (NW Lincoln, 570 Fallbrook Blvd). The market is operated by the Fallbrook Kiwanis Club which believes all kids should have opportunities to access healthy food, play outside, read, and serve others. We have family activities each week and two special events this year: July 13: Community Garage Sale. Come to shop and stay to check out the garage sales next to market and in the neighborhood. July 27: Free Family Fun Festival. Join us to shop and support the Food Bank of Lincoln. Stay to have fun with a kite festival & bounce houses from 5-9 PM, the String Beans at 5:30 PM, and stargazing from 9-10 PM with Branched Oak Observatory. We hope to see you and your family at the Fallbrook Farmers Market!

Teaching, nurturing, and developing the future... one child at a time. • • • •

Educational Focus Ages 6wks–12 years Individual Attention M–F 6:30am–6:00pm

• • • •

Video Security Year-round Preschool Summer Programs Locally Owned

Three convenient locations 8215 Northwoods, Ste #100, 402-465-4769 7301 S. 15th St., 402-421-7301

6021 S. 56th St. 402-420-5440

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Learning in the Kitchen: Kids Cooking Top Ten Megan Davison, MS, RD, LMNT Owner of Foodie Kids in Lincoln


ooking Brings Families Together! Time in the kitchen can be important bonding time for busy families. Kids like the responsibility and the fact that you are trusting them with this important task. It is also a time for everyone to relax, enjoy each other’s company, and share what is going on in their daily lives. Self Esteem: Cooking creates a sense of accomplishment, and if the food tastes good it also creates a great sense of pride and achievement. New Foods: Research has shown that kids who cook are more likely to eat what they make and are more adventurous with trying new foods. Mathematics: Cooking allows kids to see quantities, learn about “more” and “less”, measurements, problem solving, division, multiplication, and fractions. Reading and Language: Cooking gives kids the opportunity to read and follow recipes and step by step instructions. Cooking also gives kids a chance to commu-

nicate with their peers and ask relevant questions. Science and Chemistry: Cooking is chemistry in action! Just one recipe contains a wealth of cause and effect, where ingredients are materials and things like temperature, time, and elevation are variables. Fruits and Vegetables: This doesn’t happen overnight, but the more time kids spend cooking in the kitchen, the more foods they are willing to try– and the more likely they are to eat fruits and vegetables! Like my daughter, she may never eat a plain avocado, but has figured out that she likes them if they are made into guacamole. Origins of Food: Time in the kitchen teaches kids that pizza doesn’t always have to come from a restau-

rant or box, and that bread doesn’t always come in a plastic bag. It’s important that kids are exposed to hands-on food & nutrition experiences that are fun, educational, and delicious. Different Cultures: Cooking and eating new dishes with your child is a fun way to learn about other cultures and culinary traditions. Celebrate Chinese New Year by making lo mein together or Cinco de Mayo with quesadillas. Important Skills that Last a Lifetime: Research shows that many college students leave home without knowing how to make a hot meal or boil an egg. Cooking is one of the most important skills a person can learn. Once they have that knowledge they are set for life!

Foodie Kids' Camps 4 Days, 9am-12pm, Ages 4.5- 8 Jun 6-9: Classic Italian Kitchen Jun13-16: Foodie Kids at the American Girl Café ® Jun 20-23: Cupcakes & Cookies Crazy Jun 27-30: My First French Bakery Jul 11-14: My First Bake Shop Kitchen Jul 18-21: Foodie Kids Farm to Table Jul 25-28: Ice Creams & Desserts from Around the World Aug 1-4: My First French Bakery Aug 8-11: My First Bake Shop Kitchen

5 Days, 1pm-4pm, Ages 9-Teen Jun 5-9: Classic Italian Kitchen Jun 12-16: Mediterranean Kitchen Jun 19-23: TV Style Cupcakes & Cookies Competition Jun 26-30: French Bakery & Patisserie Jul 10-14: Classic Bakery Professional Kitchen Jul 17-21: Foodie Kids Farm to Table Jul 24-28: Ice Cream & Desserts from Around the World Jul 31-Aug 4: French Bakery & Patisserie Aug 7th-11: Restaurant Classics Professional Kitchen

Go to or call (402) 261- 4813 for more info on Foodie Kids & our Summer Camps!

Enroll now for Summer Camps!

Innovative recipes, diverse ingredients, and professional culinary instructors to challenge & entertain kids ages 2-teens

Food, fun, & friendship! Cooking Classes Workshops & Camps Birthday Parties Gifts & Retail Drop-in activities at The Makery®

Now Open! (402) 261-4813 6800 S. 32nd St., Ste. B Summer 2017 • Page 17

SCHOLARSHIPS ARE AVAILABLE. Please email for more information.


$190 AGES 8-12

$390 AGES 6-10

June 5 - June 9 Monday - Friday 9:30 am - 3:30 pm Kloefkorn Elementary

June 26 - July 7 Monday - Friday 9:30 am - 3:30 pm Christ Lutheran Church *No class July 4th

PERFORMANCES: June 9 | 2 pm

PERFORMANCES: July 7 | 5 pm & 7 pm

$390 AGES 8-15

$190 AGES 3-8

June 12 - June 23 Monday - Friday 9:30 am - 3:30 pm Christ Lutheran Church

July 10 - July 14 Monday - Friday 9:30 am - 11:00 am Christ Lutheran Church

PERFORMANCES: June 23 | 5 pm & 7 pm

butterflies & spies

PERFORMANCES: July 14 | 7 pm

COMMITMENT The rehearsal schedule will be set following auditions. Participants will submit all conflicts from June 15th-July 29th. The rehearsal schedule is designed around conflicts. Rehearsals are weeknights and Saturdays (not all). The time commitment is dependent on the size of the role.


Thursday June 15th | 7pm Call backs Friday June 16th | 7pm First rehearsal Saturday June 17th | 12pm - 4pm Info:

REQUIRED REHEARSALS Saturdays July 15th & 22nd

Mondays – Friday Evenings July 17th - July 27th

PERFORMANCES Friday, July 28th | 7pm & Saturday, July 29th | 7pm Exceptions can be made depending on casting. Please email if you have a conflict during the required rehearsals prior to auditions to see if it is something that can be worked around.


PDT Team Finds Success at Rainbow Dance Competition By Tony Piccoli, Piccoli Dance Theatre


iccoli Dance Theatre’s (PDT) Competitive Company got off to a great start this year. As a first year dance studio, PDT’s team brought 18 dances into their first ever competition. Each dance received awards ranging from high gold to double platinum with several winning category and high score placing. While PDT has some experienced competition dancers, several were new to team life. Many also delivered their first-ever solo performances. “Myself and all the staff are so incredibly proud of these young ladies,” said studio owner Courtney Piccoli. “Being a new studio with a new team, these ladies showed unwavering work ethic, trust in themselves, each other, and the learning process, along with their diverse array of talents.” And quite a diverse array it is, from pointe, jazz, tap, and lyrical solos to lyrical, jazz, and even a tap

June 10th & 11th Ages 5-18 Open team camp & auditions

June 12th-16th Ages 3-5 Bibbidy Bobbidy Boot Camp

June 19th-July 7th 6-19 hip/hop fusion group number. The team will compete at three more regional events this year. Unlike last year (as the studio was being built), team auditions for the 2017/18 season will take place in May and June. Those interested in auditioning should contact PDT or visit their website at Piccoli Dance Theatre is located at 13th & Arapahoe St. For more information, email PDT at info@ or call 402-937-0678.

PDT 3 week Summer Camp

July 10-14th Ages 3-5 Bibbidy Bobbidy Boot Camp

July 17-21st Ages 9 & Up Musical Theater / Tap Camp

July 31st-Aug 4th Ages 12+ Ballet Body Boot Camp

Aug 7th-Aug 10th (for team) PDT Company Intensive

Registration now open! Call, email, or register online!

13th & Arapahoe


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Lincoln Kids Become Lincoln Artists By Lindsey Clausen Director of Education, LUX Center for the Arts


ne of my childhood goals was to get my artwork printed in Lincoln Kids. My mom read every issue while I admired the images of what other kids across Lincoln were making. I eventually asked my mom to submit my artwork...but it didn’t show up in the next issue. I worked even harder on my next drawing and we sent it off again. It got in! I was elated. My mom cut it out and proudly hung it on the refrigerator. Shortly after my Lincoln Kids debut I enrolled in my first formal

art class at the LUX Center for the Arts (then titled University Place Arts Center). I was hooked. My elementary school didn’t have an art teacher, so by the time middle school rolled around I was doing my best to get all I could out of my art classes. My persistence paid off again, I was selected to show artwork in an exhibition at the LPS district office. The pattern continued throughout high school

and I ended up going to the University of Nebraska at Lincoln to pursue a degree in fine art. I know those early arts experiences encouraged me to pursue my career in the arts. I feel fortunate that part of my job at LUX Center for the Arts lets me give kids the opportunity to have their own positive art experiences early on. Whether it is by documenting their artwork and

submitting it to Lincoln Kids or curating them into a student show, I know first hand how validating and fun it is to see what you made being proudly displayed to the world. Even now, 17 years later, my mom still has the newspaper clipping of my artwork in Lincoln Kids on her refrigerator. LUX Center for the Arts provides real art classes taught by real artists for kids and adults. You can always find our current list of classes, summer camps and workshops at www. or visit us in historic University Place at 2601 N. 48th Street near Wesleyan University. For information contact Lindsey Clausen, Director of Education, at (402) 466-8692.


Center for the Arts

Triceratops with Snail

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Sculptures created by students from the after-school class at Holmes Elementary for grades 3-5 Triceratops


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Smiling Faces and Wagging Tails By Charleen Engberg Director of Volunteers & Education, Capital Humane Society


he Capital Humane Society Tails n’ Trails pet walk is one of the greatest events I have ever attended,” said Sarah Melton. She was one of the first to sign up and start fundraising this year. “My family has adopted both of our dogs from animal shelters. The most recent addition to our family, Stella, came from Capital Humane Society,” she explained. “Tucker and Stella are family members and I can’t imagine my life without them.” Sarah has been an outstanding supporter of Capital Humane Society since she was 13 years old. She is a great example of how people of all ages can make a difference. She uses her energy in constructive ways that benefit our community and the animals that are part of it. “I want to support the programs that rescued my dogs and brought us together,” Sarah explained. “I know firsthand the impact an animal can

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Sarah Melton with Stella & Tucker

have on someone’s life and I want to take part in the work done by organizations, such as Capital Humane Society, that make this possible.” This year’s festival begins at 11 a.m. on June 3 at the Fallbrook Town Center. Registration is $25 per person. You can also create a fundraising page, like Sarah did. Those who raise at least $100 will receive a Pet Walk & Festival T-shirt.

Sarah’s creative and gracious approach to fundraising helps her achieve her goals. “I tell everyone I know who has a pet or enjoys animals about the event and encourage them to attend or to donate if they are able to do so,” she said. The event includes a half-to-full mile walk, live music, food trucks, vendors, and fun activities. “Not only do I enjoy wandering from booth to booth and spoiling my dogs with bakery dog treats and new toys, but I also love to see all of the other people with their canines,” she explained. “I get to meet so many different people and talk to them about their dogs. The Tails n’ Trails walk is the ultimate gathering for any dog-lover!” Sarah and her mom will volunteer this year at the event. Her dad and sister will be there too,

along with their dogs. The enthusiastic support of Sarah and generous people like her from the community is needed and appreciated. If you like to see smiling faces and wagging tails, plan to attend. Register today and find out more details on our website at Capital Humane Society 402-441-4488 Pieloch Pet Adoption Center 6500 S. 70th Street Lincoln, NE 68516 Admissions & Assessment Center 2320 Park Boulevard Lincoln, NE 68502


Giraffes are Coming to Lincoln! By Ryan Gross Director of Creative Strategy Lincoln Children’s Zoo


uring the expansion planning, Zoo staff traveled to other zoos to get ideas about what would be a good fit in Lincoln. While at a zoo in Colorado they noticed an experience that goes perfectly in line with the firsthand interactions and up-close encounters we strive for at Lincoln Childrens Zoo: giraffe feeding. President & CEO John Chapo immediately thought this would be a perfect addition to Lincoln Children’s Zoo. “I thought to myself, this is who we are as a zoo — it’s the ultimate firsthand experience. Children and adults will get nose to nose with a giraffe, hand feed them and get a perspective of how tall and large they are.” Chapo said. “This will

be a place where lifelong memories are made and where a picture is worth a thousand words.” The giraffe experience will be the center of the expanded Zoo and feature indoor and outdoor viewing and feeding areas. “We will be the second zoo in the nation to have both an outside and inside viewing deck built specifically for year-round giraffe feeding,” Chapo said. A terraced amphitheater will be located next to the habitat where families can enjoy a snack while watching the giraffes. This stage will also feature shows similar to those currently viewed at the Animal Encounter Stage, with a giraffe habitat located as the backdrop. Love your zoo. Keep up-to-date on expansion progress & giving opportunities at

Gram Konecky, 6 Kindergartener at Children's Circle Montessori School

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The Sit Command: Foundational to Teaching Manners

P t T lk with Allison Hunter-Frederick, Reader, Writer, Animal Lover, Blogger


it!” I command our pets. It’s another typical day at the Frederick home. My husband and I have finished eating dinner. Our pets are circling, hoping for a handout. Before I share scraps, I expect our pets to show manners. Besides being one of the easiest commands to teach, “sit” is also foundational to helping pets develop self-control. There are many occasions for using the command. My husband and I have used it to keep our dog from jumping on visitors, keep our cats from scratching our pants, and cut down on all our pets begging at meals. Other reasons to use the “sit” command include: to keep pets from bolting from the door or a car, to encourage them to calm down after play, and to foster quiet time together. In general, the “sit” command teaches pets good manners, and because it’s simple to learn,

Allison teaching her cat Cinder to sit.

it’ll build your pet’s confidence. Since learning about obedience training, I’ve successfully taught the “sit” command to our pets and even a neighborhood cat. Here’s how: 1. Sit or kneel in front of your pet. 2. Hold a treat close to his nose. 3. When you have your pet’s attention, slowly lift the treat up and towards his eyes so he must crane his neck to see the


Swimming lessons for ages 3 & up

Call to inquire about AquaBabies (under 3)

Warm Water & Good Times! We also book the best-priced pool parties in town!


Registration Begins:

May 30-June 9 June 12-22 June 26-July 7 July 10-20 July 24-August 3

May 16 June 6 June 20 July 5 July 18

402-486-2525 • 52nd & Stockwell

Specially-trained children’s stylists All the latest styles for your family Fun play area & video games Adult haircuts & facial waxing, too! Specializing in squirmers!

M-F 9:30am-5:45pm Sat 9am-2:45pm

(402) 484-7866 | 237 S. 70th Street, Ste 106 Page 24 •

treat. Don’t hold the treat too high or he will probably try to jump for it. Order him to “Sit!” (Keep it simple: limit yourself to the command and words of praise.) 4. As your pet lifts his head up, his rear should lower. 5. As soon as your pet puts his rear on the floor, praise him and reward him with the treat.

Training Tips for Success Location: Find a quiet place away from other people and pets. Method: If your pet is slow to catch on, reward her just for looking up at the treat rather than jumping for it. Be patient, and take it slow. If

necessary, gently push down on her rear. Once she catches on, continue to praise her when she sits on command but reward her with treats less often: give a treat only after she’s obeyed two times, three times, etc. Duration: Repeat a few times, so that she has the idea, and then stop. Go have fun together and wait until later in the day to try again. Mix It Up: Once she’s good at sitting, don’t limit the use of the command to training sessions. Turn it into a game by using the command during meals, outings, or when you have visitors. It’s important for your pet to learn to sit under a variety of circumstances. Getting your pet to sit on command will strengthen the bond between the two of you and teach your pet self-control. The “sit” command is also foundational for more advanced commands, such as “stay”. I’d love to hear from you. Drop me a line at allisontalkspets@gmail. com to let me know how training goes and if you have questions.


Students Making a Difference By Jamie Kelly, Naturalist, Pioneers Park Nature Center


ast fall I was contacted by a group of students, the TechNerds, who introduced me to a program they were participating in called FIRST LEGO League (FLL). This is a national program, encouraging youth to DO science, technology, and engineering. Last year their challenge was to find a problem in their community around the theme of “animal allies”. We identified a problem here at the Nature Center: finding a better and less stressful process to weigh our non-releasable raptors. Many of our captive birds of prey are not able to be weighed regularly, or as often as we would like, because we would have to crate the bird to weight them, which can be stressful for the bird. Sometimes we choose not stressing the bird over getting a weight. However, documenting the animals’ weight is important. Maintaining records on weights helps us create adequate diets for each bird and monitor their overall health. The group of students were eager to jump in and create a device that could weigh the bird with one or two handlers, in the outdoor enclosure without causing additional stress for the bird. The group did a bit of research and came up with several creative and useful design solutions. They decided to move forward with one design, the “bird hammock.” The bird hammock creates a secure area where the bird is safely held in a

sling. The bird is placed in the hammock on its back with its head covered, which keeps the bird calm and reduces the risk of the bird harming itself. The bird hammock is designed so that a hanging scale can be used to weight the bird while it is in the sling. The group not only came up with an idea on paper but actually created a model of their design. They took into account the material the hammock would be made out of, something durable and washable yet tightly woven so that is does not snag easily. They also made sure it would be something that could be easily carried in and out of the outdoor enclosures and could be used for a variety of sizes of birds, from a barred owl to a red-tailed hawk. When the group came to the Nature Center to show me the bird hammock we were also able to test it out. We were successful at weighing the barred owl on the first attempt. It took less than 5 minutes, the bird was safe the entire time, and we got a weight! Our barred owl weighs a whopping 1.5 pounds. The sling was also a successful design to weigh our large snakes at the Nature Center. Our staff appreciates the ease and simplicity of the design. It was great to see the group of students successful in their project design and active in helping solve problems, making a difference, and contributing in their community. “My favorite part of FLL was the project, because you get to solve a real-world problem, and the projects

can actually make a difference,” said Madelyn Kreifels, one of the TechNerds. Miles and Nate Springer said, “It was neat to see that our idea actually worked and was going to be used to help weigh the birds at the Nature Center.” Many volunteers help us at the Nature Center, from gardening, to helping with newsletter mailings, to Junior Counselors helping at Wilderness Nature Camp. We appre-

ciate everything all our volunteers do for us. Thanks to the community for giving their time and talents to the Nature Center and our programs! To learn more about our volunteer opportunities, contact Jamie Kelley, Naturalist, at jkelley@lincoln. To learn more about summer camp and our Junior Counselor program, visit (keyword: nature camps). We’re social too, find us @lnknaturecenter on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter.

Birdnerd Blurb Jason st. Sauver Summertime is here! With temperatures rising, flowers blooming, and leaves sprouting on all of the trees and shrubs, it is also time for our feathered friends to start making their nests and protecting their eggs. Watching birds in the summer can be a great family activity, and it can also be one that helps the birds in many ways. This summer, along with watching the amazing cardinals, house wrens, and chickadees in your backyard… take your birding a step further and be a citizen scientist! You can count the birds and enter your sightings on the eBird app or CelebrateUrbanBirds.

com. You can learn more about bird identification with apps like Merlin or Audubon’s bird app. If you have a cat or a dog, after brushing them, put their hair in the yard for nesting material. Birds love it and it keeps the chicks safe and warm! And consider enhancing your backyard to be a better bird habitat. You can get information on what to plant at Audubon’s Plants for Birds database or checking out YardMap and making an oasis for your feathered friends. But whatever you do, get outside, enjoy the summer, and check out the birds in your backyard and at Spring Creek Prairie!

Happy Birding!

11700 SW 100th Street (Denton)

Upcoming Events • The B’s! (Birds, Blooms, Bugs, & more!) Saturday & Sunday, May 20-21. Fun programs all weekend long! SAT: Family Bird Walk & Kids’ Birding Class. SUN: Mini-Bioblitz & Brunch! View full schedule online. • Firefly Family Picnics! Saturday, June 24 & July 8, 7:30-9:30pm. Pack an evening family picnic

Luke, Abigail, Madelyn and Marcos conducting research at the Nature Center

& join us here at Spring Creek Prairie for a fun night learning about fireflies & other prairie insects. $10/family. • Dragonfly Day! Sunday, July 9, 2-3:30pm. UNL’s bug expert Fred Baxendale will be here for a family-fun day all about Dragonflies! Games, crafts, & bug catching galore. $10/family.

For more info call (402) 797-2301 or email Jason the Birdnerd at Summer 2017 • Page 25


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Building a Better World...with Books! By Vicki Wood; Youth Services Supervisor, Lincoln City Libraries, Bennett Martin Public Library


incoln City Libraries is fully embracing this year’s Summer Reading Program theme, “Build a Better World”. In addition to featuring books and programming about construction, citizenship, volunteering and making our community a better place, we hope to direct families to resources that help them improve themselves. There is no better place for this than the library. Thousands of books about improving health and nutrition, learning to cook, knit, or boost your memory, and a plethora of other topics are available at each of our branches; some in audio or video formats. We will be highlighting books on the theme written especially for youth with our “Build a Better World with Books” selections. These include titles meant to motivate children to test their creativity and building skills, resolve conflict and reduce bullying, persevere in the face of difficulty, as well as conserve resources and pro-

tect animals and the environment. Families that read together and make summer reading a priority contribute significantly towards improving more than just their own child’s reading skills. They change the educational makeup of our entire community by assuring that children return from their summer vacations ready to learn. Research has proven that reading during the summer is an important strategy for preventing the “summer slide”, a loss in reading proficiency over the summer months. Here are some interesting and encouraging statistics about children and summer reading provided by Scholastic’s Kids & Family Reading Report: Sixety-two percent of children agree with the statement, “I really enjoy reading books over the summer.” Most children read an average of eight books during the summer. The top three ways parents ensure that their kids read over the summer: •• Take their children to the library •• Let children choose books through the school book fair or

reading club •• Take books on trips and vacations The not-so-good news from this same report is that: Twenty-one percent of children in low-income homes do not read any books over the summer, compared to 8% in higher income homes Nearly half of parents with children ages 6–17 (48%) have heard of the summer slide–the loss of academic skills over the school break– with lower-income parents far less likely to have heard of this (38%). Of course, the building block that literacy is constructed on is reading aloud to your child starting at a very young age. Pediatricians and early literacy experts now agree that reading aloud should begin at birth. By starting early, parents are taking advantage of the enormous brain development occurring in the first years of a child’s life. In 2016, 40% of parents surveyed for the Scholastic’s Kids & Family Reading Report reported reading aloud to their child before he or she was three months old. This is up from 30% in

ue Raven l B

2014, so the word is getting out that earlier is better. Although reading aloud drops off when a child starts to read independently, around age six, parents can continue this practice by reading books a little beyond what the child can read on their own, or by sharing non-fiction books on a topic that interests him and maybe requires some explanation. Make sure that your child has plenty of interesting reading material by visiting the library regularly. Show your child that reading is important by modeling reading at home. Join the Adult Summer Reading Program so you can pursue your summer reading goals together. Talk to your child about what she is reading and choose one of your childhood favorites to read aloud together or listen to in the car. Remember that being a good reader is part of what makes good citizens–ones that are prepared to build a better world.

Lessons for all ages for people of all levels Guitar • Piano • Ukulele • Bass • Lap Steel Voice • Banjo • Violin • Dobro • Mandolin

8310 Wendell Way (402) 483-4769


sic St u d i


Enroll Now for Fall 2017!

(402) 486-0599

Full Time Educational Services

3835 S. 48th St. (48th & Cooper)

Accepting children 6 weeks - 5th grade.

Discounted Guitar & Ukulele lessons for children aged 5-9 years

Contact us today to enroll your child in our

Songbird Kids Choir & Summer Choir Camp Morning Summer Choir Camp 2017 June 12-16, ages 6-14 Performance at the end of camp!

Make each day full of fun & learning with our Creative Curriculum and Handwriting Without Tears programs! • Art • Discovery Area • Library • Sand & Water

• Music & Movement • Computers • Blocks • Dramatic Play

• Toys & Games • Cooking • Outdoors

Part-Time Preschool Program Also Available Call for availability & schedule

Hours: Monday - Friday, 6:30am - 6:00 pm Contact us today! | (402) 483-4769 Summer 2017 • Page 27


ABOOK llisBAG on’s Recommended reading for your Lincoln Kids!

by Allison Hunter-Frederick

FIRST READERS | Board & Sensory Books SOPHIE AND FRIENDS by DK Sophie and Friends is part of a touch-and-feel durable board book series for readers aged three months to three years. The story is sweet and the illustrations are cute. Sophie the giraffe and her five friends like doing things together. Lazare the cat lives to make everyone laugh, Kiwi the bird enjoys baking cookies, Margot the turtle loves to jump over puddles, Josephine the mouse likes to hide, and Gabin the bear treasures bedtime stories. Although some of the other books in this series have pop-ups and more textures, readers will still enjoy exploring the fabrics in Sophie and Friends. They’ll also like the fun adventures.

YOUNG READERS | Picture Books & Stories WE FOUND A HAT by Jon Klassen The simplicity of Jon Klassen’s design and the deadpan humor underlying his stories always entertain. In We Found a Hat, two turtles find a hat. The problem is there’s just one hat, and they both want the hat. The friends agree that the hat looks equally good on them, but it’d be wrong for just one of them to have it. Their solution is to forget about the hat. Easier said than done! Aimed at readers aged four to eight, the story encourages reading independence with only one sentence per page. In addition, the division of this 54-page story into chapters heightens the suspense. The ending is perfect.

EXPERIENCED READERS | Chapter Books & Series CLEMENTINE by Sara Pennypacker Readers of the classic Ramona books need look no further than Clementine for another lovably-rambunctious character. Clementine’s week hasn’t been going so well. She landed in the principal’s office for cutting off her friend Margaret’s hair and Margaret’s mom refuses to allow the two girls to be alone together. The disastrous week worsens partly because of the effort Clementine puts into making everything right again, including trying to glue Margaret’s hair back on and offering to sacrifice her own hair. Like Ramona, nothing Clementine does comes from a mean heart, but instead from a creative mind. Clementine is quirky, hilarious, and unforgettable. Allison Hunter-Frederick is an administrative assistant at Bethany Christian Church. She hosts a review blog at, blogs for, and regularly contributes to Neighborhood Extra and Lincoln Kids! Newspaper.

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True Dance & Co.: Helping Young Dancers Achieve Their Dreams By Shari True, Owner & Executive Director at True Dance & Co.

True Ballet Trainee Program


ith a history of 37 years of dance experience in teaching, coaching, and directing, plus hand-selecting her “A-team” of staff members and choreographers, director Shari True has developed a truly remarkable dance program for students in Lincoln. She judges competitions across the US, inspires students and spectators with performing arts, gives guidance to college applicants, writes new ballets, and continues to choreograph winning competition numbers. She is passionate & driven about every aspect of dance. “I am blessed to be doing what I truly love, and still am enthusiastic and excited to guide each and every new group of children!” says Ms. True. “I still stand on the edge of the stage with tears in my eyes as I watch my students excel and pour their hearts out as they dance.” The TDC A-team includes artist-in-residency Nick Gomez from Dallas, Texas, who comes several times a year to choreograph at True

Auditions: May 25, 7 pm (10y+) Summer Intensive: June 12-23 A new youth ballet trainee program for students seeking to study ballet & pointe in a more serious manner. Audition required, with classes offered four times a week. Artistic Director Racheal Vickory of Heartland Youth Ballet will receive auditions. Members of this group will be offered an opportunity to dance at YAGP (Youth of America Grand Prix). “Little Bird,” choreographed by McKaylee & Shari True, featuring dancers Taryn Harrah, Hayley Marshall, Sophie Tomes, Lilly Jurgens & Jacy Hamilton, received Highest Scoring Group & 1st Place Overall for the “Mini” age category at Adrenaline in Denver.

Dance. The A-team is always working to make each and every child at True Dance feel valued, encouraged, and appreciated by listening to their individual goals and making the studio a great place for all. Whether your dream is making the high school dance team or cheerleading squad, getting into show choir, becoming a member of one of TDC’s dance teams, or simply dancing for fun, the team at True Dance will provide

you with personalized support as you work towards achieving your dreams. TDC takes pride in your satisfaction with your dance experience by offering fun and amazing techniques for all genres of dance and for all levels of dancers. Read more below to find out what’s happening this summer and what’s new at TRUE!

Summer Recital: Aladdin May 21, 12:00 pm & 4:30 pm Lincoln East High School A new ballet by Shari True with a second show-stopper in jazz, tap, & musical theatre: Once Upon a Dream.

True Baby Co. Auditions: May 23, 5:30 pm (4-8y) Summer Program: June 5-30

TDC Company Auditions May 25 3 pm (13y+) • 4 pm (11-12y) 5 pm (8-10y) • 6 pm (5-7y) True Dance’s Company is an outstanding program made up of 65 True students ages 5 & up who study all forms of dance: tap, jazz, hip hop, lyrical, contemporary, and ballet. This award winning team has traveled regionally and nationally to bring home the most prestigious awards and scholarships in dance. All are welcome to audition to become a part of this fun and talented group of students.

Summer Boot Camp June 5-30 (4-12y) Members of the new True Baby Co. and boys’ True Crew, plus those students wanting to make the TDC teams are encouraged to attend this evening camp.

“Diva’s to the dance floor, please!”

Summer Intensive

Announcing a brand new youth competition team! To introduce this program, TDC is offering a free class on audition day, Tuesday, May 23, from 5:30-6:30 pm. A new parent information meeting will be held at the same time. Master teacher & choreographer Ashley Durst, an OCU graduate of dance, will teach the class. Ashley is an amazing teacher, mentor, and choreographer who has brought several amazing experiences to True Dance & Co. She will put together a fantastic group of young baby dancers.

June 12-23 (8-18y) This daytime program is available for intermediate & advanced students. Guest artists: Nick Gomez (Dupree Dance & Next Step), Hailey Hoffman (Revive & Muse Dance Co.), Jason Ambrose (Adrenaline), Carly Gallup (Southern Strutt), Grace Mann (Alonzo King LINES Trainee Program), Joey Reed (Hip Hop), and Kelsey Marshall (Tap).

Boys Dance, Too! Auditions: May 8 6 pm (12y & under) • 7 pm (13y+) Summer Program: June 12-23 A new program, featuring Hip Hop instructor Joey Reed, designed to introduce hip hop, tap, and jazz to boys, and form the first “True Crew” Hip Hop team for fall. With a growing popularity of boys in swing choir, musicals, and hip hop, dance for guys around the country has become a cool thing to do. Full and partial scholarships are available.

Princess Camp Summer Session I: July 10-14 Summer Session II: July 17-21 This beloved camp sells out every year, so register today! Come be a princess with TDC. Snow White, Sleeping Beauty, Cinderella and more...dancing, snacks, crafts, creative play, and fairy tales! Directed by Lincoln’s own McKenzie True. Audition ages as of 01/01/18 All auditions held at True Dance & Co, 5445 Red Rock Ln.

(402) 423-8838 Summer 2017 • Page 29


Lincoln Music Teachers Association Wins National Award By Jo Riecker-Karl, Karl Music Studio, LMTA Publicity Chair Board Member


he Lincoln Music Teachers Association (LMTA) recently received the Music Teachers National Association (MTNA) 2017 Local Association of the Year Award. LMTA member Charlotte Heermann accepted a $1,000 check and plaque from MTNA President Johnson at the MTNA National Conference in Baltimore, Maryland, on March 21. This award recognizes the significant accomplishments and important work of LMTA. The national association stated, “Your local association and its membership exemplify the very best in MTNA through your activities, participation in state and national programs, and membership growth.” The MTNA Local Association award comes at a special time for LMTA. Founded in 1942, LMTA is celebrating its 75th Anniversary this year. To celebrate, LMTA will host a luncheon on May 17 from 11:30-1:00 pm at Fellowship Community Church, 8601 Holdrege Street, catered by Greta’s Gourmet.

Page 30 •

LMTA Board of Directors. First Row left: Jo Riecker-Karl, Lois Burger, President Svetlana Yashirin, Jessica Freeman, Charlotte Heermann, Wanda Mandigo, and Karen DeJabet. Second Row left: Marcelo Lian, Marcia Wiebers, Chad Houk, Cindy Matz, Jane Sonneland, Priscilla Kliewer. Not pictured: Marina Fabrikant, Shoira Khamidova, Nancy Schoen, Lisa Myers, and Alice Miller.

Joan Reist and Charlotte Heermann will reflect on LMTA history. Pianist Marcelo Lian will play tangos. Past LMTA presidents will be recognized, and scrapbooks & awards will be on display. Visit for details & registration. Also to celebrate, LMTA will be reimbursing the ticket cost for students of LMTA members who attended the Piano Lied Series concert by artist Richard Goode on April 2. LMTA is a nonprofit organization

of independent music teachers and college faculty whose mission is to provide quality music instruction, continuing education and mutual support among members and their students, and community outreach for the promotion of the arts. The highlights for the 2016-17 school year include the LMTA Extravaganza and the biennial LMTA Composition Contest. In 2016, the Lincoln Music Teachers Association won the Gladys Lux Education Award from the

Mayor’s Arts Awards for its LMTA Music Outreach Program (MOP), which offers deeply discounted lessons, instruments and free sheet music to children who could not otherwise afford lessons. LMTA MOP is supported in part by grants from the Lincoln Arts Council, Nebraska Arts Council & the Nebraska Cultural Endowment, Lincoln Community Foundation, Pearle Francis Finigan Foundation, Cooper Foundation, Harris Foundation, and Viking Foundation, in addition to private donations, fundraisers and partnerships with local businesses. In 2011, the M.U.S.I.C. (Music for UnderServed Interested Children) Endowment was established with the Lincoln Community Foundation to benefit MOP. Meetings with an educational component are held each month from September through May. Music teachers from all disciplines are invited to join. More information may be found at Tax-deductible donations to LMTAMOP or the M.U.S.I.C. Endowment may be made through the website.


2017 Nebraska Passport Locations in the Lincoln Area Close



Museum – Morrill Hall • Speedway Motors Museum of American Speed • Runza (56th & Holdrege restaurant only) • UNL Dairy Store (ice cream!)

with Gretchen Garrison, Mom, Blogger, and Nebraska Enthusiast


his summer, Nebraska Tourism is again encouraging participation in the Nebraska Passport program. Eighty places are highlighted across the state. When you visit one of the chosen places, you can get a stamp in your booklet or a virtual stamp on an app. By visiting only ten places, your family can get up to four free Nebraska t-shirts. What makes this year fun is that in honor of the Nebraska sesquicentennial the automatic prize for visiting twenty places is a special commemorative NE150 mug. Considering that over twenty-five stops are within ninety minutes of Lincoln, achieving this level has become my summer goal. One of this year’s Nebraska Passport stops is a unique one you will be able to explore it at many different Nebraska locations. As a part

Gretchen took this photo of the NE150's Mobile Children's Museum trailer during her family’s visit to the Omaha Premiere in April. The Lincoln visit is scheduled for September 22-24 during the Salute to the Good Life event.

of the Nebraska 150 celebrations, a mobile children’s museum will be “Truckin’ Through Nebraska.” This museum is state-of-the-art and has been developed to connect kids across the state of Nebraska. Fortytwo locations across the state will be a temporary home to this fun attraction. You can find a list of the destinations along with the dates of arrival at My kids and I had the chance to visit the museum during the premiere at the Omaha Children’s Museum. Their favorite parts were the Agri-Quest Nebraska trivia game

that up to eight people can play on a giant touch screen. Outdoors, they enjoyed the “Chore Challenge” which consists of two kids racing to complete pioneer chores, including taking a “cow” out to pasture and simulated butter churning. From crafts to games to science, this museum is well designed. I highly recommend all Nebraska children visit! If you decide to participate in the “Nebraska Passport,” these are the six Lincoln locations: • Nebraska Capitol • Nebraska History Museum • University of Nebraska

On my my website,, I have noted the Nebraska passport locations that are within ninety miles of Lincoln. To see the complete list of tours, you can also visit www. Although hours are posted of all tour locations, you still may want to call in advance before visiting. Trust me. :-)

Speedway Motors Museum of American Speed

Two week full musical productions! Tuition: $310 (includes t-shirt & 2 show tickets) 9:30am - 3:30pm open to youth 8 & up

June 5 - 19

July 10 - 21

July 31 - August 11 June 19 - 23 9:30am - 3:30pm open to youth age 10 & up Tuition: $150

July 5 - 7 9:30am - 3:30pm open to youth age 10 & up Tuition: $100

One week theatrical productions! 9:30am - 3:30pm Tuition: $150

July 24 - 28

June 26 - 30

The Youth Actors Academy of Lincoln is an IRS 501(c)(3) non-profit organization dedicated to bringing theater to every child, regardless of ability, experience, or economic circumstance.

Summer 2017 • Page 31


Pre-Give to Lincoln Day Fundraising Party at Kuck Motor Sports


Get on Pointe!

Lincoln Midwest Ballet Company’s new summer dance experience with special guest faculty

Get on Pointe! Master Series!

This summer dance experience will focus on ballet & pointe training in preparation for the Sept. 30th Nutcracker Audition. Dates July 31 - August 4th Location 5445 Red Rock Lane | Lincoln

n May 17, six arts organizations will host a pre-Give to Lincoln Day fundraising party from 5:30 to 8:00 PM at Kuck Motorsports, 2251 Humphrey Avenue, Lincoln, Nebraska. The public is invited to attend. Enjoy refreshments and view an amazing line up of cars, many from famous movies and TV shows. Music will begin at 5:45 PM with Chad Houk as Master of Ceremonies. Admission is a donation of $30 or more to the arts organization of your choice or to all six collectively. Donations can be made online starting at For entrance, show your receipt at the door.

Promoting the May 17 pre-Give to Lincoln Day fundraising party at Kuck Motorsports are (from left) Becky Van de Bogart, Friends of Chamber Music and Nebraska Chamber Players; Talea Bloch, Friends of Opera; Jo Riecker-Karl, Lincoln Music Teachers Association for their Music Outreach Program; and Kirsten Drennon, Lincoln Boys Choir. Not pictured: Alex Fall, Lincoln Friends of Chamber Music and Clark Potter, Lincoln Youth Symphony

Music Now. Skills for Life.

Kindermusik of Lincoln with Shawna Gordon

(402) 770-1486 • For a Refreshing Alternative to Daycare:

Thea Child’s View Montessori School 3341 Pioneers Blvd. Lincoln 402-484-8277 For Ages 18 months to 6 years Suzuki violin lessons

Certified Professional Montessori Teachers

Kindergarten Program Certified through Nebraska Department of Education

Honoring Dr. Montessori’s Vision of the Child’s Potential Open 7:15 am to 5:30 pm – Part or Full Time Care Available Page 32 •

New this year is a firstcome, first-serve VIP tour given by Gary Kuck at 4:15 PM for a $75 donation. To sign up, contact Talea Bloch at or 402-440-9163. The arts organizations involved this year include: Friends of Opera, Lincoln Boys Choir, Lincoln Friends of Chamber Music, Lincoln Music Teachers Association Music Outreach Program, Lincoln Youth Symphony, and Nebraska Chamber Players. Dietze Music will donate a keyboard, and Word of Life Lutheran Church will donate the sound system for the event. The actual Give to Lincoln Day is May 18.


Have a Great Summer with StarTran! Submitted by StarTran


or the 13th year, StarTran is offering its popular Star Pass this summer to help kids aged five through eighteen have a fun and active summer. The Star Pass offers unlimited rides from May 25 through August 31 for only $20 and includes special discounts at 21 participating sponsors. The Star Pass is available starting May 1 by visiting the StarTran office, 710 “J” Street, or one of the outlet locations listed at But that’s not all that StarTran has to offer this summer! Check out these new tools: •• StarTran patrons can now find transit information in Google Maps for desktop and mobile. The application calculates the most efficient bus route options by analyzing a rider’s journey to minimize the amount of walking and transfers. A trip planner is also available on StarTran’s website,, which allows users to enter trip details to see a list of transit options for their selected destination in Google Maps. Each option will include directions to and from the nearest bus stop, applicable route numbers, and total travel times.

•• The Token Transit application allows riders to purchase bus passes and pay for rides with a smartphone. Riders then present the phone pass to the bus operator. The first purchase with this app will be discounted 50 percent. The Token Transit app is available in the app store, and it can also be downloaded by visiting or by texting “token” to 41411. Kids can also use the new Token Transit app to purchase their Star Pass, and they’ll even save $5! They will use their phones to present the pass to drivers and sponsors. “StarTran is very excited to launch these tools, as we are always researching innovative ways to help make our patrons’ experience easier, more accessible and fun,” said Mike Davis, StarTran Transit Manager. “Riding StarTran has always been a great way for patrons to save money, and these new innovations add even more convenience to our transit system,” said Mayor Chris Beutler. “I commend StarTran for continuing to find new ways to improve our transit service. We encourage the public to keep watching and riding as more improvements are in store for the near future.” For more information, visit startran. or call 402-476-1234.

White Owl by Gavin Foust, 8, Black Glue Impasto, watercolors, Art Academy-Lincoln

Get the Star Pass starting May 1st by:

• Visiting the StarTran office at 710 “J” Street • Buying a pass at one of the outlet locations listed at • Using the Token Transit app & saving $5!

For special discounts

present your pass at these participating sponsors!

FREE piece of fish or chicken.

KFC FREE Chicken Little

BOGO Original Chicken

Call (402) 476-1234 for more information!

Summer 2017 • Page 33


Strider Cup Returns to Lincoln! Presented by Raising Canes Submitted by Strider Bikes


et your Strider Riders ready to race and meet us at Tower Square on June 10th for the 2017 Strider Cup Series race held in Lincoln! Strider Cup races are the highest level national Strider sanctioned races that give small children and people with special needs a chance to put their Strider Balance Bike skills to the test at several stops across the USA and worldwide. These unique Strider organized and operated events cater directly to children 2-5 years old who want to experience the thrill of racing. Children of all sizes and skill levels are welcome to participate. Strider No-Pedal Balance Bikes are developed for both learning the ropes of riding and honing advanced skills in racing. Preregistration is required to participate (no race day registrations). Only Genuine Strider Balance Bikes are allowed to race.

1 0 TH – 1 4TH 11:1 5 AM - 12:1 5 PM J U LY

STRIDER CUP SERIES 2017 June 10, 8:00am-4:00pm Race times vary by age group

Tower Square 1300 P Street



Boys Ages 10-14 A Voice Class for BOYS ONLY!

Cost: $25


Event website:


(Special Needs race is free)

4 3 2 5 SU M NE R STRE E T!


The Bilingual Advantage By Mark Martin & Fran Upp, former owners/ publishers, Lincoln Kids! Newspaper


s parents, we all want what is best for our children. We make great efforts to provide the best possible start to their lives, oftentimes preparing before they are even born. With much care and thought we make decisions about their birth, nutrition and food, doctors, diapers, toys, education, and everything else. We help them roll over, crawl, walk, communicate, and socialize. We do all of this and more because we want our children to grow up and be able to take good care of themselves. We are their “life teachers”. We want our children to succeed as they grow, and it goes without saying that good communication and language skills can open many doors throughout life. Studies have shown that by introducing other languages at an early age, bilingual children are often better adjusted at school and even move ahead in tests scores. “About 10 percent of students in Page 34 •

the Portland, Oregon, public schools are assigned by lottery to dual-language classrooms that offer instruction in Spanish, Japanese, or Mandarin, alongside English. Jennifer Steele at American University conducted a four-year, randomized trial and found that the dual-language students outperformed their peers in English-reading skills by a full school year’s worth of learning by the end of middle school. “In studies covering six states and 37 districts, they have found that, compared with students in English-only classrooms or in one-way immersion, dual-language students have somewhat higher test scores and also seem to be happier in school. Attendance is better, behavioral problems fewer, parent involvement higher.” (NPR, Six Potential Benefits of Bilingual Education, Anya Kamenetz, 2016) Being fluent in multiple languages will expand your child’s ability to communicate throughout their entire life. Knowing more than just your native language greatly enhances the opportunity to meet and make new friends. During a recent trip to

Panama, we met a group of young travelers on a bus. We talked about our various travels, local sights to see, politics and more. Their native languages included Polish, German, and Dutch, but all were fluent in English, some in Spanish, too. They were at ease while exploring the world. A man from Holland shared that he had an English-speaking job offer in New Zealand, and another in Switzerland speaking German. His multilingualism opened up a world of career opportunities and life experiences. With early introduction, the health benefits of being bilingual also carry into old age. The bilingual brain has developed in such a way that it may resist the effects of Alzheimer’s. A study by Vita-Salute San Raffaele University in Milan, Italy, indicates that “lifelong bilingualism may delay dementia onset.” (Alzheimer’s News Today, Daniela Semedo, PhD, 2017). This might not seem a concern right now in your five year old’s life, but in seventy years they will thank you, in two or more languages, for their bilingual advantage.



Sample 150 years of

Nebraska Statehood in 150 minutes!

Grades K-8th Painting the Legacy

May 25


A Day in the Life of an 1867 Child

June 8


Native American Art Amazing Masks

Building a Model 1867 Sod House 1867 Quilt Blocks

Etiquette for a Proper 1867 Lady

Playful Puppets and Their Puppeteers

May 31 July 6


July 27

August 2

August 9 & 10

By Gwelda Carlson Nebraska Dyslexia Association


have dyslexia, a language-based learning disability that affects 5-10% of the population. This is how I learn best…” or “I can do this, but I can’t do that!” Self-advocacy is taking control of your own life— independently making choices and choosing what is important to you. For years, we as parents have been told to advocate for our children in the community and at school. But what happens when we aren’t there? Who speaks for the child? Selfadvocacy helps kids learn by creating solutions for challenges in school and in the community. Children who learn to speak for themselves and address their challenges build self-confidence in their ability to learn, create a sense of ownership over learning, and develop independence and self-empowerment. Self-advocacy is the ability to understand and effectively communicate one’s needs to others. It’s the skill of knowing your learning needs


9:30-12:00 9:30-12:00

9:30-12 & 1:30-4 9:30-12:00

(both strengths and weaknesses), knowing your legal rights, and being able to confidently express this information to teachers, bosses and others that may benefit from knowing. These skills are especially important for students with dyslexia as it is often called a “hidden disability” because it is not visible to the eye, and its weaknesses are unexpected because of the level of intelligence individuals with dyslexia have. Self-advocacy isn’t easy for many children. They often feel awkward, embarrassed or guilty about asking for help or for an accommodation. Teaching self-advocacy starts early through meaningful conversations with your child about his or her difficulties in learning. Encourage your child to read books or view videos to learn about the disability. As a parent, understand your child’s shyness and avoid labeling your child shy. Encourage your child to speak for himself or herself. As with many valuable skills, practice through role

Continued on page 38 Vaca



tio n B i b l e S c h o o l

v e r yo u r s ! tren gth in God

June 19 -23, 9am -12pm 3 years -5th Grade, $32 Register online today!

Westminster Presbyterian

Grades 4th-8th It’s Not Your Grandma’s [or Grandpa’s] Apron

Speak for Yourself!

June 1


(402) 475-6702 • 2110 Sheridan Blvd

To find registration forms and class descriptions Visit scroll down and click on “Kids’ Classes” For additional questions please contact Judy Keetle at

(402) 471-4757 or

Summer 2017 • Page 35


LK! Art Gallery Colton Cederberg, 13 Student at LUX Center for the Arts

Libby Gomez-Lazo, 6 Art Around the Corner

Tree Reflection by Ellie Swihart, First Grade, Art Around the Corner

Flower Garden by Wenzi Cui, 6, Acrylics, Art Academy-Lincoln

Scary Dog, Curious Cat, and the Most Worried Mouse by Tavin Frerichs, 7, Acrylic and Impasto, Art Academy-Lincoln

Your Art could be here! Paintings • Drawings • Sculptures • Poetry • Riddles • Jokes • Photography • PO Box 67203, Lincoln, NE 68506

Page 36 •


ARTREACH Update By Tamara Kaye Executive Director of The ArtReach Project

Loved in Lincoln


recently discovered a 108 year old book at my neighbor’s garage sale. Contained within its yellowed pages, I found an unexpected gem: Charlie Carter, 6, Art Around the Corner

“The only way to drive crime and cruelty from a nation is to fill its children’s hearts with kindness.” That got me thinking…we teach kids that they can change the world but maybe that’s not true. Perhaps it’s easier to change our hearts than it is to change the world. The youth artists and their families at The ArtReach Project recently sent 440 polymer clay hearts to kids and families in Panali, Nicaragua as a symbol of love, friendship, and peace. We called them Hopeful Hearts. Next we designed and created colorful mobiles for pediatric patients at Madonna Rehab Hospital. From branches to hula hoops and balancing on wind and wire, the results are inspiring, therapeutic, and nothing less than magical. As a part of our unique model to Give, Grow and Gather, we’ve created a hashtag for our new summer programs:


Close-up of an Origami Crane, Mobiles for Madonna, made by members of The ArtReach Project

T-Rex by Jonathan Reyes, 9, Student at LUX Center for the Arts

We want to fill the city with creative acts of kindness. We have an extremely diverse city, home to many different cultures and though some of us were born and raised here, some come from afar. We are all neighbors, but how well do we know each other? Through art can we create new friendships across cultures, picnic blankets, public spaces, back yards & homes. We have some ideas and projects planned for your kids (and you!) to unleash your creative superpowers in ways that will make a difference in our community. Visit our website to read about The Cardboard Village Project Summer Camps at Gateway Mall which will bring together kids in our city with folks from around the world, living in Lincoln, who will help us share their homeland through story, skill, and art. Find us at Stransky Park each Thursday evening during the free concerts where all are invited to weave wishes into a tapestry symbolizing hopes, dreams, and a beautiful future. Join us in The ArtReach Creative Space where we will be drawing, painting, and creating all summer while we cultivate fresh ways for friendships to grow organically out of our partnership with Community Crops. I have another quote. “You may say that I’m a dreamer…but I’m not the only one.” I see the hope, the dream, and the ideas in the heart of every child who, like me, believes that art makes a difference. Who knows? Maybe together, we can change the world. Summer 2017 • Page 37


Speak for Yourself! Continued from page 35 playing and discussions to help your child learn self-advocacy. Praise your child when you catch him or her doing something positive. The strongest self-advocates are those who feel good about themselves. Help your child to gain self-confidence. Self-advocacy can help your child both academically and socially.

Skills That Support Lifelong Success • Accept your disability. Before you can advocate for yourself, you need to admit that you have a learning disability to your teachers and friends. • Understand your learning differences and needs. • Know your strengths, talents and interests. • Know how you best learn—by hearing information (auditory), by seeing information (visual), or by doing things (tactile/kinesthetic). • Learn to communicate your needs to teachers and others. Let your teacher(s) know the strategies that support your success. • Know your legal rights to an appropriate education. • Older students: actively contribute to IEP meetings and request 504 Plan accommodations as needed, like extended time, alternate assessment & response options, and technology support. Remember, you are not asking for I special treatment. Accommodations are meant to “level the playing field” and provide equal access to the required tasks, not to provide an undue advantage to the user. Page 38 •

• Going to college? Disclose your disability to the college, request support and accommodations. Be specific about what accommodations are needed. “Once a student has sufficiently documented that he or she has a qualifying disability, a college is responsible for providing reasonable accommodations or modifications that do not result in unfair advantage, require significant alteration to the program or activity, result in the lowering of academic or technical standards, or cause the college to incur undue financial hardship. When accommodations are necessary, they must be provided in a timely fashion.” (Smith v. State University of New York, 1997) • Getting a job? Be honest about your learning disability. Emphasize your ABILITIES. You do NOT need to feel embarrassed or ashamed. • Knowledge is the key to self-advocacy. The more you know, the better you understand your disability, needs and rights, and the better you can communicate and follow through with making sure your needs are met. Take charge of your life. Learn to speak for yourself! Teaching self-advocacy to your children can make a big difference in your children’s long-term success and taking on life’s challenges. Selfadvocacy is vital to all children who experience any disability, physical or mental challenge, cultural differences, or bullying. Success starts here. For more information on dyslexia and related reading, writing, and spelling difficulties or accommodations, contact the Nebraska Dyslexia Association: org or (402) 434-6434.

understand this now!


Children’s Lessons & Activities NAME




Alex Wright Music Studio

Piano & Guitar

As Demi Lovato’s former keyboard player & with 10 years of teaching experience, Alex’s real world approach works wonders for kids & adults alike. Lessons are fun and effective! Visit to apply today as space is limited!

Alice Bowen


Private lessons include theory classes with ensembles and performance opportunities. Group lessons available for beginners. Ages 4–adult. References Available. Call for info or to interview.

Art Academy Lincoln

Art Lessons

Come create with us! Private hourly art lessons - ages 4 & up. Classes are structured around students’ interests, art theory/appreciation. Drawing, painting, printmaking, pottery, sculpture, graffiti, & upcycling will be explored!

5921 Berkeley Drive (402) 499-7754

Art Around the Corner

Art Lessons

Art classes, group art events, & birthday parties! Join an after school club–new sessions every four weeks.

2129 Winthrop Road 402-560-3326

Guitar, Piano Violin, & more!

Guitar, Bass, Piano, Dobro, Lap Steel, Mandolin, Banjo, Violin, Ukulele and Voice instruction for all ages. Fun, positive learning environment. Reduced rate guitar & Ukulele classes for kids ages 5–9.

3835 S. 48th St. (across from Union College) 402-486-0599


Gymnastics classes for boys & girls ages 2 through 16. We promote an “I can do” attitude, building not only overall physical skills, but also “life skills”.

5030 N. 57th 402-464-9692

Encore Studio


Piano lessons and piano/keyboard classes for all levels. Teaching beginners of all ages.

Harris Academy of the Arts

Music Lessons

Individualized for YOUR Goals | Convenient Scheduling for Entire Family University Trained | Reputable | Experienced | Friendly | Passionate Piano | Voice | Guitar | Strings | Woodwinds | Brass | Theatre Kindermusik | Children’s Music Academy | Rock Bands | Show Choirs | String Ensembles

Lincoln Athletic Club (Lincoln Racquet Club)

Sports & Activities

Indoor tennis: ages 4 & up. UPTSA Certified Instructors. Private/semi-private/group classes. Swimming: private/semi-private/group lessons for 6+ months & LAC Racers swim team. Elite Baseball & Softball programs with summer camps & private instruction. Kids programs free w/ family membership. Experienced teachers, competitive rates. Non-members welcome!

Lincoln Music Teachers Association

Music Lessons

Find a Music Teacher! Access for a Teacher Directory. Scholarships available for those who qualify!

LUX Center for the Arts

Art Classes

Real art taught by real artists! High quality art classes, camps, and private lessons for youth and adults. Popular topics include clay, painting, drawing, metals, and more! Small class sizes for personalized learning.


Ballet, Pointe, Jazz, Tap, Lyrical, Hip-Hop and 2-Gether. Studio directed by Melissa Prettyman Meranda, B.A. in Dance. Come and experience your child’s passion for dance!

My Gym

Gymnastics & Sports Skills

Your child will have fun while building confidence & self esteem in our beginning gymnastics & sports skills classes. Games, relays, dances & rides. Age appropriate classes.

Nissa’s String Studio

Violin, Viola, Guitar, Piano, Cello, & more!

Bring your kids to a place where music is learned, not taught. All-inclusive membership, with no contracts or surprise fees. Three yearly recitals. New location with modern waiting area and amenities. Home of community-based Spitfire Fiddle Band. Call today to get enrolled.

8535 Executive Woods Dr, Ste 100 (near S.14th & Yankee Hill Rd) 402-440-1473


Core curriculum for technique-based excellence in Ballet, Pointe, Jazz, Tap, Lyrical, Hip hop, Musical Theater, Acting for Dancers, Tumbling, & more! Large class selection ages 2-adult. Studio features both a competitive company and pre-professional program.

1233 Arapahoe St Suite 100 402-937-0678

Dance & Tumbling

Ballet, Pointe, Tap, Jazz, Lyrical, Repertory, Hip Hop, Tumbling, and All Boys Hip Hop! Ages 2 years-adult. Award Winning Competitive Company! Creative Movement for 3-4 year olds, and Wee Go Together for 2-3 year olds & their mom/dad/special friend.

Blue Raven Music Studios Capital City Gymnastics

Motions Dance Academy

Piccoli Dance Theatre Universal Dance Academy

7500 South St. 402-202-2029 2501 S. 20th St. 402-435-0386

Located near 70th & O Street 402-499-0400 2935 Pine Lake Rd (across from South Pointe Mall) 402-423-7121 5300 Old Cheney Road Register online or call 402-423-2511 2601 N. 48th St. 402-466-8692 8200 Cody Dr., Suite L (1 block N of 14th & Yankee Hill) 402-420-0579

2755 Jamie Lane, Suite 4 (near S 27th & Yankee Hill Road) 402-802-9982

400 N. 48th Street • Suite C-01 402-477-5900 •

Your program could be here! Email Summer 2017 • Page 39


Child Care &

Education Centers AREA OF TOWN



East South

Educational childcare facility offering care for ages 6 weeks to 12 years. Also accepting students for summer programs, as well as Fall school transportation to these schools: Kahoa, Pyrtle, Meadowlane, Calvert, Humann, Zeman, Maxey, Hill, Cavett, Wysong, and Adams. Visit our website for more info:

8215 Northwoods, Ste. 100, 402-465-4769 6021 S. 56th Street, 402-420-5440 7301 S. 15th Street, 402-421-7301

Early Learning Center

Southwest North Central

Come where learning blossoms and friendships grow! Preschool program, curriculum for all ages, low child to teacher ratio, an outdoor playground & more! Title XX accepted. Check us out at

11th & Old Cheney, 402-420-0460 27th & Fletcher, 402-438-0468

Calvert Rec Center


Our preschool program is focused on music, art, and other fun early childhood activities to help support the learning and development of children ages 3-5.

Calvert Rec Center, 4500 Stockwell 402-441-8480

North Central

Focusing on school readiness, we offer secure, nurturing environments to children ages 6wks–12yrs. Includes before & after school programs at Clinton and Hartley Schools. Programs are accredited by the Council on Accreditation (COA) &/or the National Association for the Education of Young Children (NAEYC). Title XX accepted. Call now to enroll your child today!


Excellent, Christian Based Early Childhood Care & Education Full-Day Care 6:30am-6pm M-F: Infants-Age 5 Half Day Morning Preschool 8:30-11:30am: Ages 3 (2 days W/F) & 4 (3 days M/T/TH) Title XX accepted. Contact us to tour & enroll!

Centrally located at 43rd & Sumner 402-483-7774 ext. 110


Quality early education program for children 6 weeks–preschool. Summer programs for children ages 6 weeks–1st grade. Visit for information & online forms. Call for availability.

Located in First-Plymouth Church, 20th & D 402-476-8304


Our thematic content supports language development in both English & Spanish and allows preschoolers of all language backgrounds to have fun while playing & learning kindergarten readiness skills. Openings currently available! M/W/F, 9-11:30am.

Irving Rec Center, 2010 Van Dorn, 402-441-7954


Child Development Center


Featuring an educational curriculum for all ages in a loving Christian environment! Open 6:30am-6:00pm. 6 weeks–10 years. Enrolling now for part-time PreK morning program. M–F from 9am–11:30am.

Highlands Academy


Child Development & Family Resource Center. Ages 6 weeks–12 years. Full time Care. Preschool Curriculum.


Featuring developmentally appropriate curriculum, healthy homemade meals, caring teachers, & two large outdoor play areas. Ages 6wks-5 years accepted. Open 7am-6pm, M-F. Title XX assistance accepted. Full or part-time care available.

4901 NW 1st Street 402-477-4901


Hourly childcare. Fully licensed, no reservations required! Ages 1.5-12 years. Hours: Mon-Thu: 7:30am-10pm. Fri: 7:30am-Midnight. Sat: 10am-Midnight. Sun: 1pm-6pm. Pick your days for our flexible preschool program & summer camps!

402-413-8849 5633 S. 16th St. Ste. 100


Child development center that cares for your child’s individual needs. Ages 6 weeks–12 years. Curriculum based. Nutritious hot meals. Transportation to LPS area schools. Open Mon–Fri, 6am-6pm.

NAME Academic Advantage

Child Development Center

Brandy’s Bunch


Cedars Christ Kids

Child Care & Preschool


Education Programs at First-Plymouth

Dual Language Preschool

Kelly’s Kids

Learning & Development Center

KidsPark Krayon Campus

Enrolling for 2017-2018 Westminster Preschool is a N.A.E.Y.C. Accredited developmental learning program & Quality Rated by Nebraska Step Up To Quality. Children enjoy a safe nurturing environment with a small 1-8 teacher-to-student ratio. Art activities, stories and songs, large motor activities and learning centers allow children to grow spiritually, emotionally, socially, physically and intellectually. Contact Suzanne Schneider

402-475-6702 ext. 103 or visit our website at:

AM Classes: 9am–12pm PM Classes: 9am-3pm Pre-K: 9 am-3 pm Extended Care available from 7:30-9:00am & 3:00-5:30pm

Register Now! Conveniently located at 2110 Sheridan Blvd. Page 40 •

N.A.E.Y.C. Accredited Quality-Rated Nebraska Step Up To Quality

402-434-KIDS (5437)

7800 Holdrege 402-467-4503 5901 NW 1st Street 402-476-2223

6001 Normal Blvd. 402-486-4847


Child Care &

Education Centers AREA OF TOWN


Lincoln Christian Preschool


Academic Christian preschool providing excellent early childhood education grounded in Biblical truth. Attend 2, 3, or 5 half-day sessions per week. Both AM and PM available. Check out our website!

Pioneers Park Nature Center


Animals + Plants + Hikes = Learning through discovery & creating a lifelong connection to nature! Preschool and Pre-K classes.

Far South

Ages 18 mo-8th grade. Open 7am-6pm. Care of farm animals, close to nature, family atmosphere. Certified Montessori Teachers.


Nestled on 80 gorgeous acres east of Lincoln, we offer your child a special and unique experience. New facility. Spacious accommodations, developmental learning centers, and the natural setting of a country school all provide for a wholesome atmosphere.

143rd “O” St. 402-488-0012 Kitra Deger-Director

The Child’s View


Open 7:15am to 5:45pm. Ages 18 months to 6 years. Part time or full time. Professionally Certified/Degreed staff.

3341 Pioneers Blvd. 402-484-8277

Trinity Lutheran School


A fulfilling Christ-based education center. Our Early Childhood Education Program accepts children ages 18 months through Pre-K with extended hours from 7am-5:45pm. Also offering K-5 classes. Call to learn more or visit our website.

1200 North 56th Street 402-466-1800


Quality, licensed Christian preschool educational program for children 3–5 years. Five different AM & PM classes & all day classes 9am-3pm. Extended care 7:30-9am & 3-5:30pm. School year and summer classes available. NAEYC accredited.

Westminster Presbyterian Church 2110 Sheridan Blvd. • 402-475-6702 ext 103


Ages 6 weeks–12 years. Preschool curriculum beginning at age one. Before and after school care. A Step up to Quality Program. Open 6:30am–6:00pm. Sign language, swimming, soccer, dance, taekwondo & music lessons available.



Prairie Hill

Learning Center A Montessori School

Prairieview Preschool


Westminster Preschool

World of Knowledge

Child development Center

CONTACT • LOCATION 5801 S. 84th St. 402-488-8888 x 252

West end of Pioneers Park 402.441.7895 7 miles South of Lincoln on Hwy 77 402-438-6668

8310 Wendell Way 402-483-4769

Want your Center or Program listed here? Email

Little OneS Activities for infants & toddlers NAME AquaBabies at

Larson Lifestyle Center


Harris Academy of the Arts

LUX Center for the Arts My Gym

PROGRAM An early introduction to swimming & water safety. A fun group lesson for infants and toddlers under 3 years of age and their parent or guardian. With your assistance, your child can learn to be comfortable in water at an early age. Class minimum of 8 children. Call to inquire for schedule & more information. FREE Preview Classes! Listen, Move, Play & Grow! Kindermusik–the most trusted music and movement program for infants, toddlers, preschoolers, & young children. Experienced university-trained music educators provide reputable, quality instruction. Mud Club meets monthly at the LUX. Toddlers and children ages 2+ will work with clay to learn, explore, and get messy. In this 45-minute club, students can quickly immerse themselves in hands-on art-making without committing to a full class. Baby exercises, songs, dances, infant-safe rides, unique swings and many other parent and me adventures in age appropriate classes starting at 6 weeks up to 13 years.

CONTACT • LOCATION 402-486-2525 52nd & Stockwell 2935 Pine Lake Rd (across from So. Pointe Mall) 402-423-7121

2601 N. 48th St. 402-466-8692 2755 Jamie Lane, Suite 4 (near S 27th & Yankee Hill Road) 402-802-9982

Summer 2017 • Page 41


Capital Birthday Ideas Prices & Specials subject to change without notice.



NAME Art Around the Corner Susan • 402-560-3326

Let us host your art party. We do the work, and your guest take home an original art keepsake. Have an art project you want to try? We can do it. Contact us to design your party today.

Cheer Xpress

Have your next Birthday Party at Cheer Xpress. Open Gym parties including trampoline, tumble track, spring floors and lots of fun equipment. Come to play, jump and tumble. Cheer theme parties available too! Let us do the entertaining, set up, and clean up, so you can enjoy the party!! 402-489-5111 1130 Aries Drive (SW side of 14th & Pine Lake)

Defy Gravity

Jump to new heights with a Defy Gravity Birthday! Your party host will take care of the details while you sit back and enjoy your child’s celebration! Experience Open Jump, Free Fall, Dunk City, pizza, drinks and more! Three party packages to choose from. Great for all ages! Contact us today!

345 Sporting Village Drive, Ste 1 402-817-6900 402-413-8849 5633 S. 16th St.

Private birthday parties available! Invitations, balloon favors, a gift for the birthday child, face painting, art, and games are all included. We do the clean up when the party is over! Sundays 10:30am-12:30pm or 6:30pm-8:30pm. Book your date online at today!

KidsPark Larson

402-486-2525 52nd & Stockwell

Have your next pool party at Larson Lifestyle’s warm water pool! Variety of birthday party options to fit any budget. Join us for swimming and bring your gifts and cake for our party room. Call us today for more information.

Lifestyle Center

Lincoln Athletic Club (Lincoln Racquet Club) 5300 Old Cheney Road Register online or call 402-423-2511

Two hour gym & swim party. Includes room, cake, punch, indoor/outdoor pool, playsmart climbing area, and youth b-ball gym. Add-ons available: Bounce house or your choice of tennis, kickboxing, zumba or dance instruction. Non-members welcome!

Lincoln Children’s Museum

Lincoln Children’s Museum sets the perfect stage for a fun and memorable birthday party for your child. The Museum offers a party room for birthday festivities, hours of play in its interactive exhibits and your choice of eight fun themes. Parties start at $40. Visit to pick the perfect party for you.

Lincoln Children’s Zoo

Critter visits, unlimited train rides and all day fun are all included in the Ultimate Birthday Party Package at Lincoln Children’s Zoo! Packages start at only $125. Choose from the jungle themed Safari Room or the iconic Crooked House. Visit to pick your party, select your date and reserve your room and time.

Your outdoor playland...indoors! Voted Lincoln’s Choice, “Best Place to Have a Kid’s Birthday Party” in 2012, 2013, 2014 & 2015! Indoor fun for all ages! Playsets, foam pit, inflatable jumpers, fun maze, laser maze, video games, jumping pillow, birthday party rooms & snack area. We do company parties, too!

Lost In Fun!

402-477-4000 1420 P Street, Lincoln, NE 1222 S 27th Street 402-475-6741

8431 Cody Drive (15th & Yankee Hill) (402) 261-0440

LUX Center for the Arts

Real art taught by real artists! Guests can each build and paint their own clay mugs, bowls, or plates. Other popular projects include canvas painting, fused glass sun catchers, pop-up books, and custom projects. Pottery wheel parties are available for kids ages 10+.

2601 N. 48th St. 402-466-8692

Madsen’s Bowling

Host a Bowling Party! Kids love our bumper bowling. Includes a “personalized” bowling pin gift for the birthday child! Special ramps for the young bowlers. Ask about Jr. Pool Leagues!

47th & Dudley 402-467-3249 2 blks south of 48th & Holdrege

Be a paleontologist, discover some of the most bizarre creatures to inhabit Earth, or go on a treasure hunt exploring the museum’s rocks & minerals! Guided museum activities including a hands-on fossil dig in the Marx Discovery Center & gifts for every child! Six party themes to choose from. Private party room!

Morrill Hall on the UNL Campus 402-472-2637

Your Child is the Star! Supervised age-appropriate games, fun activities, rides, songs, puppets and more! Your birthday party can enjoy exclusive use of our facility!

2755 Jamie Lane, Suite 4 (near S 27th & Yankee Hill Road) 402-802-9982

Morrill Hall

My Gym Paint Yourself Silly! Pioneers Park Nature Center

Party-Arty at Paint Yourself Silly! Come unleash your inner artist. 100’s of pieces to choose from. Pottery painting fun for all ages. Owls, snakes, bugs and the great outdoors are eager to make your child’s birthday a special one! Haymarket: 701 P Street • 402-474-1010 4101 Pioneer Woods Dr. #104 • 402-486-1010 West end of Pioneers Park 402.441.7895

Salon Deja Vu on A

Diva Birthday Party: A party for you and 7 of your luckiest friends will be treated with a party hair do and mini manicure...and lets not forget the fun tattooey and glittery things in between! Sale priced for just $150.00.

Call for more information 402-261-9447

Urban Legends Art

Bring out your child’s inner artist with a creative birthday party! 2 hours of painting, dancing, and use of 3 tier punch fountain. $15 per child. Leave with a masterpiece! Questions? Email us: Ask about our Summer Art Camps!

2632 N 48th St. 402-470-0331

YMCA: Cooper, Fallbrook & Northeast Branch

Youth Actors Academy of Lincoln

Have your next birthday party at the Y! The YMCA offers a variety of birthday party options to fit any child. Join us to swim or have one of our themed birthday parties. Parties start at $65. Call for more information. Or visit Be a Broadway Star! YAAL provides an instructor and our theatre for the birthday child and up to 15 friends. Choreograph and costume a special performance!

Cooper - 6767 S. 14th St. 402-323-6400 Fallbrook - 700 Penrose Dr. 402-323-6444 Northeast - 2601 N. 70th 402-434-9262 Book at:

Email for info on directory advertising Page 42 •



}{} }


2017 SUMMER CAMPS PROGRAMS } } }{} }{}{}{}{}{}{}{}{}{}{ Academic Advantage

Child Dev. Center


How do you keep your school-ager busy during the summer? Children often find themselves “bored” after only a few weeks of summer. At AACDC we offer a summer program designed to excite children, encourage learning through field trips (typically 1-2 per day!), games, weekly themes, fun events, sports, arts/crafts, science experiments, reading and math fun, and more! For more information on the Summer Program for kids 5-12 years old, please call any of our 3 Lincoln locations. (402) 465-4769 • (402) 421-7301 • (402) 420-5440 • See ad page 16!

Art Academy Lincoln Workshops

Workshops: Session I: June 5-9, “Drawing & Painting” (all new projects!) & Session II: June 12-16, “ Mask Making from Many Cultures”. Workshops from 9am-12pm, Mon-Fri. Grades K-5. To register: call 402-499-7754, leave a message or text, and visit for more details! See ad p.5!

Art Around the Corner

Art Camps are back! Four weeks, eight different camps beginning Monday, May 29th. Grades 1-6. Classes held at Art Around the Corner, 2129 Winthrop Road. All new art projects: Shibori and Batik, Printing Palooza, and World Art! Register Now - or call 402-560-3326. See ad on page 28.

Blue Raven Music Studios

Blue Raven Music Studios Presents “Discovering Voices Choir Camp”. This camp will be held June 12-16th from 8am-12pm with a public performance on the last day. Camp is open to kids ages 6-14 years. For details contact Blue Raven Music Studios: (402) 486-0599. Blue Raven is located at 3835 South 48th Street in Lincoln. See our ad on page 27!

Camp Solaris

Overnight camps for 3-9th grade. Located at 2349 St HWY 34B, south of Firth B/W Lincoln and Beatrice. Traditional camps and Baseball Camps – activities include: Archery tag, airsoft, go-karts, kayaks, water activities, swimming, nature, challenge course and more! For info call (402) 423-8746. See add on page 8.

Camp Sonshine

Day camps for K-6 grade. Leadership training for 7-9th grade. Go-karts, archery, nature, crafts, outdoor cooking, swimming, inflatables and more! Conveniently located just minutes south of Lincoln at 13440 S. 25th St. in Roca! For info call (402) 423-8746. See add on page 8.

Cheer Xpress Summer Camps

Come cheer, dance, & tumble at our summer cheer camps designed for ages 2 & up! Multi-day camps throughout June & July. Plus tumbling, back-handspring, back-tuck, punch front, & aerials day camps offered, too! View full schedule online at • (402) 489-5111 • See ad page 28!

Christ Lutheran Arts Camp

Arts Discovery Camp offers unique classes for youth entering grade 4 to adults at Christ Lutheran Church South Campus at 84th & Old Cheney (Lincoln Christian School), June 19-22. Artists lead a wide variety of morning, afternoon, & evening classes. Registration:

Christ Lutheran VBS

Youth ages 4 to entering grade 6 are invited to “Gadgets and Gizmos—Uniquely Wired. Wonderfully Made.” Vacation Bible School. June 5-9 mornings, or Weekend VBS June 9-11. Christ Lutheran Church, 4325 Sumner. Registration:

Defy Gravity

Camps are from 8am-Noon M-F for kids 6-12 years of age. $100/week for the first child, $75/sibling. Camps run July 10-14, 17-21, and 24-28. Includes: camp host supervision, Open Jump, Dodgeball, Free Fall, Dunk City, Laser Maze, Trampoline Ninja, Climbing wall, interactive activities & competitions, snacks, drinks and more! Limited spots available. Register through the website or call today! Call 402.817.6900 or email See ad on back page!


Summer Discovery Days 2017! Exciting weekly preschool & elementary experiences May, June, & July, 9:15am-12:15pm or 9:15am-3:15pm. Extended hours before

Foodie Kids

Join us for a fun and educational hands on cooking camp at Foodie Kids!! We offer both morning and afternoon sessions for children ages 4.5-teen. Register online today! • 6800 S. 32nd Street (just north of 32nd and Pine Lake Road) • (402) 261-4813 • See our ad & schedule on page 17!

Hope Community Church VBS

FREE “Victory: The Ultimate Pep Rally” VBS is for children 3 years of age-5th grade. June 5-9 from 6:00-8:00pm. Call 402-423-8855 or visit for more information and to register. Hope Community Church is located at 4700 South Folsom Street (across from YMCA Wright Park).

Intermix Dance Company

A fun summer begins here with our Dance Camps & Classes! Cutie Camps for ages 3-5 • Shimmies & Sugar for ages 3 & 4 • Movin’ & Groovin’ for ages 5 & 6 • Level 1 for ages 7-9 • Level 2 for ages 10-12. Email or visit for more info! See our ad on page 8!

Kerri Roper Art Studio ArtCamp

Create some fun this summer! Paint canvases and pottery, upcycle picture frames, create a door or wall hanger, and learn to make jewelry! Sessions from 10am-12pm, Jun 5-9, 12-16, 26-30, and July 10-14 & 17-21. Ages 8 & up. Only $125/week! Class size limited to 10 students - register today! Call Kerri at (402) 430-6988. See ad page 27!


Flexible summer camp program that works with your schedule! Fun weekly themes. Pick your days and pay as you go. Never pay for days when you are gone and all activities included in our hourly rates. Come as little or as much as you’d like. As always, no reservation required! for more info. See ad p. 17!

Lincoln Athletic Club

Kids of Summer Kamps: Week-long day camps to keep your child learning & active all summer! 11 weekly themed camps to choose from spanning May 30th – Aug 10th. Pick one or attend them all, from Around the World to Culinary Arts to Mad Science & of course Ultimate Summer! 402-423-2511 • See ad page10!

Lincoln Children’s Museum Camps

Week long summer camps for grades Pre-K, K-1st, 2nd-4th. Our unique camps are STEAM-based: kids explore Science, Technology, Engineering, Art, & Math through the power of play. While all camps include exclusive playtime before the Museum is open to the public, the majority of camp time is spent on the Museum’s exclusive third floor designed for making messes, friends and memories. Limited space available. See our ad on page 31!

Lincoln Children’s Zoo Camps

Summer camps for all ages! • 3-4 yrs +parents: 9:30-11:30am • 4-5 yrs & 6-7 yrs: 8:30-Noon or 1:00-4:30pm, full days available • 8-10 yrs & 10-12 yrs: 8:30am-4:30pm. Various dates & themes offered. Jr. Zoo Crew for ages 10-12, weekly from May 30-Aug 4. Space is limited! Register at See what’s new on p.22-23!

Lincoln Midwest Ballet

Lincoln Midwest Ballet Company announces the first educational program in their new Get On Pointe! Master Series: Pre-Season Ballet & Pointe Training, held at 5445 Red Rock Lane in Lincoln (True Dance & Co.) Open to ages 9 and up with no audition! M-F afternoon/evenings plus Saturday morning audition workshop, July 31 through August 5. Info at See ad page 32.

LUX Center for the Arts

Summer Camps for ages 5-8, 9-12, and 13-16 • Various dates & times all summer long! Clay, Drawing, Painting, and so much more! See ad on page 20 for more details. Visit to view the full camp schedule with descriptions and register online! (402) 466-8692 • 2601 N. 48th Street

My Gym

Summer Camp Program includes nonstop fun where children participate in energizing fitness games, noncompetitive gymnastics, arts and crafts, music and more. Ages 2.5-10. Visit our website for more information. Call 402-802-9982. See our ad on page 9.

Nature Day Camps

Camp Discovery at Pioneers Park: 9-11:30am M-Th, Jun 5-8, 12-15, 19-22, 26-29, Jul 10-13. For children 3-6y. Half-day, week-long camps for young explorers! $80/wk. Register by one week prior. Wilderness Nature Camp at Wilderness Park: 8:30am-5pm M-F, Jun 12-16, 19-23, 26-30, July 10-14, 17-21, 24-28, 31-8/4. A camp for adventurers 6-13y! $180/wk. Register by one week prior.

Nebraska History Museum Camps

Sample 150 Years of Nebraska History in 150 Minutes! Camps for children in grades K-8th, most from 9:30-noon. Various fun & educational themes to choose from, including Native American Art, Puppets & Puppeteers, A Day in the Life of an 1867 Child (9:30-4pm), and more! 402-471-4757 • See ad on page 35!

Oxbow Jr. Vet Camps

Explore a day in the life of a veterinarian! Camps available for 2-5th grade and 6-8th grade, M-Th 8am-4pm, June & July. Learn about animal behaviors & nutrition. You keep your scrubs & stethoscope! Camp dates and registration: More info: 800-249-0366, See ad p.24.

Parks & Rec. Summer Camps

Summer day camps focus on group games, skill building & individual exploration through a wide range of activities; site-based activities and city-wide field trips. Register for just a week or the whole summer! Need-based scholarships are available. Title XX eligible. Locations include: Air Park, Belmont, Bethany Park, Calvert, ‘F’ Street, Goodrich, Irving and McPhee. Pioneers Park offers Nature Day Camps for ages 3-17 years. Registration forms available at: • See our ad on page 7.

Education Programs & aftercare available, limited, please call to arrange. Register now! or 402-476-8304. Certified Nature Explore Program.

by Lincoln Parks & Rec Camps are designed to immerse children in nature and learn about the natural world around them via fun activities! Registration forms available at • See ad on page 7!

}{} }{}

More on the next page!

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Summer 2017 • Page 43

}{} }{}



}{} }{}

Piccoli Dance Theatre Camps

New to PDT? Try us out during our 1-Day Open Boot Camp, June 10-11th, $25, ages 6-18. PLUS MORE CAMPS! We have your summer fun covered! • Bibbidy Bobbidy Boot Camp: Jun 12-16, Jul 10-14, 10-12pm, $85 or $140/both, ages 3-5. • PDT 3-Week Summer Dance Camp: Jun 19-July 7th, price varies–weekly rates available, ages 6-18. • PDT Musical Theatre/Tap Camp: Jul 17-21, $100, ages 9-18. • Ballet Body Boot Camp: Jul 31-Aug 4, $100, ages 12+. • PDT Company Intensive: Aug 7-10, $150. Call (402) 937-0678 or visit for more info. See ad p.19!

Prairie Hill Country Day Camps

Country day camps at Nebraska’s first wind powered school! NatureWorks Camps: 1 & 2-week sessions, Jun 5-30 & Jul 10-Aug 4. Ages 6-13 daily, 3-6 T/W/Th. 9am-12:30pm. • 7 miles south of Lincoln on Hwy. 77 • 402-438-6668. See our ads on pages 9 and 40.

St. Paul’s Summer Daze

Week-long classes with weekly themes for children 4 years through 5th grade. 9am-Noon. Cost: $55 per week. “Fun All Summer!” at Saint Paul United Methodist Church! 1144 M Street. For more info email or visit

The ArtReach Project Camps

Unleash your creative superpowers this summer in ways that will make a difference in our community. Our camps focus on creating & giving for children ages 5-12. Visit our website to read about The Cardboard Village Project at Gateway Mall and sign up for your week to contribute to the project! Dates available in June-July. Camps are Monday-Thursday, 1-4pm, $89/student. Register today! (402) 610-2295 • Check us out at Read more about The ArtReach Project on page 37.

Theatre Arts For Kids

Summer Theatre Fun! Workshops for ages 3-8, 6-10, 8-15, and even a show for KIDS AND ADULTS! Check out our full summer season at Call 402-202-1087 or email for more info. See our ads on pages 17 & 34!

TAFK Boys Only! Voice Class

NEW! “Boys Sing” voice class for boys ages 10-14. July 10-14th, 11:15am - 12:15pm. Only $25! Email to register • Classes held at Christ Lutheran Church • 4325 Sumner Street. See our ads on pages 17 & 34!

Trinity Lutheran Church & School

Join us for a fun-filled and exciting summer! Summer camp runs May 24 - August 11, Monday - Friday, 7:00am - 5:45pm. We welcome children ages 18 months through finishing 6th grade. Breakfast, Lunch, & Snack provided. Weekly themes, activities, devotions, field trips & more! Call (402) 466-1800! See our ad on page 4!

True Dance & Co.

PRINCESS CAMP • Session I: Jul 10-14; Session II: July 17-21. Mon-Fri: Ages 5 & 6 from 9:00-10:30am; Ages 3 & 4 from 11:00am-12:30pm. Become a princess for a week! Singing, dancing, crafts, & pixie dust! Space limited - register today! Call 402-423-8838 or visit for more info. See ad page 2!

True Dance & Co.

Boot Camp • Intensive

SUMMER BOOT CAMP June 5-30, ages 4-12y. True Baby, Boyz True Crew, and other students wanting to make a team are encouraged to attend this evening camp! SUMMER INTENSIVE June 12-23, ages 8-18y. Daytime program for intermediate & advanced students. 402-423-8838 • for more info. See ad p.2!

Universal Dance

Join us for summer dance fun at UDA! Workshop June 12-July 27. Adrenaline Dance Remix throughout August with guest teachers Pam Chu, Nick Dinicolangelo, and Chris Jones. All dancers are welcome! Call (402) 477-5900 or visit for more info. 400 N. 48th Street, Suite C01. See ad page 30!

UNL Music Camps

UNL-sponsored Summer Camps combine fun & education! Show Choir Camp: June 11-17. Summer Chamber Strings Institute: June 11-14. Middle School Band Camp: July 5-9. Cornhusker Summer Marching Band Camp: July 9-13. Visit > News & Events > Camps & Festivals for more info, contact, and registration. See ad p.30.

Westminster Summer Camps

VACATION BIBLE SCHOOL: Hero Central - Discover your strength in God! June 19-23, 9:00 am to noon. Summer fun for ages 3 years through 5th grade. Only $32. Call 402-475-6702 • • See our display ads on pages 35 & 40!

Youth Actors Academy of Lincoln

Register now for YAAL’s summer theatre productions & camps! 9:30am-3:30pm. Ages 8 & up: The Secret Garden • The Music Man Jr. • Hard Knock High School • A Midsummer Night’s Dream • Aesop’s Fables. Ages 10 & up: Show Choir Camp • Stage Combat Camp. (402) 417-4137 • See ad pg 31 for dates & details!

Princess Camp



Support Groups Answers4Families Information, dialogue opportunities, education, & support for families, children and adults with disabilities, individuals over 60, & providers. State & national resources, support group schedules, organizations, & coping tips. Free database ( of Nebraska service providers. Helpline, 800-746-8420;

Fibromyalgia Group No meetings. For info:

Autism Family Network A support organization alternating between fun and informative events. Contact Cathy Martinez, Board President, at

Heartland Home Schoolers Providing encouragement for home school parents. Offering activities for home schooled students, including skating parties, spelling bee, science fair and more.

Cancer Support Groups Various cancer support groups and services for patients, family members, & friends. Contact the American Cancer Society, 402-423-4888, 5733 S. 34th Street, Ste. 500. Charlie Brown’s Kids Grief Support Group 1st & 3rd Thursdays, 6-8pm. Grief support group for children ages 3-18 who have experienced the death of a parent. Caregivers meet at the same time. Youth share feelings through books, discussions, art, writing & remembrance projects. Sheridan Lutheran, 6955 Old Cheney, 483-1845. Bev Prucha, B3549@ Down Syndrome Advocates in Action NE DSAA NE promotes inclusion and acceptance of individuals with Down Syndrome. We can provide IEP Support, a mentoring program and events to help families socialize and learn from each other. Connect with us on our website , by email at or call 402413-0199.

Page 44 •

Good Neighbor Mothers Offering Moms Support Mom’s support group, 1st & 3rd Thursdays at Good Neighbor Community Center, 2617 Y Street, 402-477-4173. Angel, 423-6117.

Help for Attention Deficit Disorders First Tuesdays, 6-7:30pm. Parenting network. Creative/challenging activities for children, support/ education for parents. Family meal provided. 5903 Walker Ave., 471-3700. La Leche League of Lincoln La Leche League’s mission is to help mothers worldwide to breastfeed through mother-to-mother support, encouragement, information, and education, and to promote a better understanding of breastfeeding as an important element in the healthy development of the baby and mother. We have multiple meetings for encouragement and leaders to answer questions throughout Lincoln. For more information call Brooke at 402-540-8568 or visit Lincoln Area Families with Multiples For families welcoming multiples into their lives, and the joys and challenges that come with them. 434-6533,,, LAFM, P.O. Box 5911, Lincoln, 68505-5911.

M.O.M.S. (Meeting Other Mothers) Tuesdays, 9:30-11am, Grace Lutheran Church, 2225 Washington. Conversation, speakers, crafts, snacks, service projects, & various topics; also holiday parties & field trips. Daycare available: $3/child +$1 each additional. Melissa Nickolaus, 464-6921. Mom Support Group Wednesdays, Bryan Health Family Birthplace at Institute for Women’s & Children’s Health. Facilitated by lactation consultants. 1:30-2:30PM. 402481-7103. MOMS (Moms Offering Moms Support) Club of Lincoln Lincoln chapter of the International MOMS Club®, a non-profit organization specifically for at-home moms. Several events each month for our members: breakfasts, book clubs, play groups, mom’s night out, etc! Our goal is to support each other through friendship, activities, and service projects in the Lincoln area. Lincoln MOMs (Moms on a Mission) All moms are invited. Every First Saturday of the Month 8:30 - 10:30PM. Lincoln Diocesan Center 3700 Sheridan Blvd, Lincoln, NE 68506. Opening prayer, inspirational speaker, group discussion, social time, snacks and coffee. Childcare available with signup. $5 suggested donation. See our Facebook group for events and topics: Lincoln MOMs or email Montessori After Six For parents of children 5-9 years, Lincoln Montessori School, 489-8110.

MOPS (Mothers of Preschoolers) Are you a mom of a child aged birth to kindergarten? There’s a place for you in a MOPS Group! MOPS provides a welcome break for moms; a chance for moms to make new friends, & an opportunity for moms to know they are not alone in the struggles & joys of raising young children. Ten groups in Lincoln and the surrounding area meeting on various Mon/Tue/Wed/Thu mornings and evenings. Child care provided in a nurturing environment. For more information or to find a group that works with your schedule, visit www.MOPS. org. You can also contact Denise Savage at Mother Me Weekly meeting group to support mothers of infants through pre-schoolers. A place for moms to talk & be heard, laugh and/or cry. We meet in the evening for moms who are unable to attend daytime meetings. We have a love of fun & love for new moms—please join us! Tuesdays from 6:30pm-8:00pm. Trinity Chiropractic, Inspire ME meeting space, 3120 O Street. Contact for more info. Mourning Hope Grief Support 402-488-8989, email or visit Open Hearts Adoption Support Group Fellowship for families with adopted children. Family-centered events (Christmas Party, Ethnic Party, Picnics, Mother’s Tea, Harvest Party). Supported through dues and gifts. All families welcome, especially if you want to find out more about adoption! Dates & locations vary, contact Sherie Quirie, 465-5841 or lincoln_openheartsadoption.


MAY 2017 ZODIAC: Taurus Apr 20 - May 20 • Gemini May 21 - Jun 20



• May 1: May Day • May 2: Yom Ha’atzmaut • May 4: May the 4th Be With You • May 5: Cinco de Mayo • May 6: Nat’l Nurses Day • May 12: Military Spouse Day • May 14: Mother’s Day • May 14: Lag B’Omer • May 20: Armed Forces Day • May 25: Nat’l Missing Children’s Day • May 27: Ramadan Starts • May 29: Memorial Day • May 31: Shavuot Monday, May 1 •F  REE Bike Fitting Helmet Clinic at AAA Lincoln, 2900 O St, M-F 9am-5pm thru 5/12. FREE bike helmets & safety tips for children 5-12 years old, while supplies last. Parents must accompany children. (402) 441-4514. Wednesday, May 3 •F  REE Garden Performance Series at the Lincoln Community Foundation Garden, 1415 N St, 12-1pm every Wed thru Aug 30. Live music: “PANgea”. Saturday, May 6 • US  Kids Golf Lincoln Tour at Hidden Valley Golf Course, 10501 Pine Lake Rd. for ages 5-14. Register by May 3 to play. Come watch for free! (402) 525-4176. Sunday, May 7 • US  Kids Golf Lincoln Tour at Quarry Oaks Golf Club, 16600 Quarry Oaks Dr. for ages 5-14. Register by May 4 to play. Come watch for free! (402) 525-4176. •F  REE Celebrate Pan Asian Heritage Month at the Nebraska History Museum, 131 Centennial Mall North, 1-4pm. Ethnic food, music, dance, art & crafts, and digital storytelling by New Nebraskan Youth. Museum open M-F 9-4:30, Sat & Sun 1-4:30. Free, donations welcome. (402) 471-4782. history.nebraska. gov. Monday, May 8 •F  REE Bike Fitting Helmet Clinic at AAA Lincoln, 2900 O St, M-F 9am-5pm thru 5/12. FREE bike helmets & safety tips for children 5-12 years old, while supplies last. Parents must accompany children (402) 441-4514. Wednesday, May 10 •F  REE Garden Performance Series at the Lincoln Community Foundation Garden, 1415 N St, 12-1pm every Wed thru Aug 30. Live music: “Sarah Cosano w/Cambia”. Friday, May 12 •F  REE Oral Cancer Screenings at Lincoln Family Dentistry, 5 locations, 8am-12pm., (402) 467-1000. Saturday, May 13 • Bump2 Birth Refresher Class at Birth Beyond Bias, 285 S. 68th St. Pl. #214, 8am12pm. A birth class for parents who have had a child within the past 3 years. To Register: (402) 437-2700 or

7 14 21 28





FLOWER: Lily of the Valley FRI


1 2 3 4 5 6 8 9 10 11 12 13 15 16 17 18 19 20 22 23 24 25 26 27 29 30 31

• Hop, SCIP, Jump, & RUN at LSW HS, 14th & Pine Lake. 9am 1-mile fun run ($15), 9:30am 5K ($25) benefitting SCIP. Register at the event or at today. • Get Smart Saturdays at SAC Aerospace Museum, 28210 West Park Hwy, 10-11am. Interactive STEAM topic: “Medieval Engineering”. • Investigate: 2nd Saturday Science Lab at Morrill Hall, 645 N. 14th, 10am-12pm. “Explore Evolution” free w/admission. Museum. Sunday, May 14 • Mother’s Day Bird Walk & Brunch at Pioneers Park Nature Center, 3201 S. Coddington, Prairie Bldg, 8-10am. Celebrate mothers with a bird walk followed by breakfast at the Nature Center. $16/per person. Register by 5/10. (402) 441-7895 Wednesday, May 17 • LMTA Membership Meeting & Luncheon, 11am, Fellowship Community Church, 8601 Holdrege St. Celebrating 75 years! All interested parties welcome. • FREE Garden Performance Series at the Lincoln Community Foundation Garden, 1415 N St, 12-1pm every Wed thru Aug 30. Live music: “Swing Fever”. • Kuck Motorsports Fundraiser Party, 2251 Humphrey Ave, 5:30-8pm. A pre-Give to Lincoln Day celebration benefiting six arts organizations. Refreshments, music, cars & more! Admission: $30 donation. Donations can be made in advance at GiveToLincoln. com. Bring your receipt for entry. Thursday, May 18 • Give To Lincoln Day at Donate to your favorite local charities and non-profits during a record-setting day of giving. Donations made via beginning May 1 will qualify for a proportional share of the $350,000 match fund. Saturday, May 20 • FREE! “The B’s!” Birds, Blooms, Bugs, & more! May 20-21, all day at Spring Creek Prairie Audubon Center. Celebrate Bird Month! Family bird walk, Kids’ birding class, and more! Come back on Sunday for more fun! • Women’s Wellness Retreat Weekend at Camp Kitaki, May 20-21. Women ages 18+ are invited to spend the weekend relaxing

and recharging at YMCA’s Camp Kitaki. Add’l info & registration: • FREE Composting Workshop at Pioneers Park Nature Center, 3201 S. Coddington, 10am. Learn how to be successful at composting, free demo sponsored by NE Extension in Lancaster County & the City of Lincoln Recycling Office. (402) 441-7895. • Saturday with our Naturalist at Pioneers Park Nature Center, 3201 S. Coddington, Prairie Bldg, 2-3pm. Guided discovery hike. $5pp. Register by 5/17. (402) 441-7895. • FREE Party on the Plaza at Union Plaza, 21st & P St, 4-7pm. 1-mile fun run, fitness classes, fun activities, & snacks. By Parks & Rec and MedExpress. Sunday, May 21 • FREE! “The B’s!” Birds, Blooms, Bugs, & more! Day Two of The B’s, all day at Spring Creek Prairie Audubon Center. Celebrate Bird Month! Mini-Bioblitz, brunch, bird walks for all ages, and more fun! • US Kids Golf Lincoln Tour at Wilderness Ridge Golf Club, 1800 Wilderness Woods Pl. for ages 5-14. Register by May 18 to play. Come watch for free! (402) 525-4176. • FREE Sowers Club Car, Truck, and Motorcycle Show at Gateway Mall, 6100 O St, NW parking lot, 11am-4pm. Classics, moderns, and hot rods. Live music, silent auction, and prizes! (402) 464-3196. • Aladdin Summer Recital by True Dance & Co. held at Lincoln East HS, 1000 S. 70th, 12pm & 4:30pm. • Sunday with a Scientist at Morrill Hall, 645 N. 14th, 1:30-4:30pm. Tuesday, May 23 • FREE Jazz Class & parent informational meeting at True Dance & Co., 5445 Red Rock Lane, 5:30-6:30pm. Class & auditions held for the new True Baby team for ages 4-8. (402) 423-8838. Wednesday, May 24 • FREE Garden Performance Series at the Lincoln Community Foundation Garden, 1415 N St, 12-1pm every Wed thru Aug 30. Live music: “Bassoons Across Nebraska”. Thursday, May 25 • FREE! Sign Up Begins for the Lincoln

TREE: Poplar, Chestnut, Ash

MAY IS... MAYO • Spanish MAI • French MAI • German MAGGIO • Italian • Nebraska Bird Month • Foster Care Month • National Barbecue Month • National Hamburger Month • National Salad Month • National Photograph Month • Nat’l Bike Month

City Libraries’ Summer Reading Program: “Build a Better World”. Visit a library for the paper booklet or use the online software, Beanstack, to log your time spent reading, library visits, and completed activities through July 31. Complete the program for coupons, tickets, and prizes! Friday, May 26 • Summer Recital by Universal Dance Academy held at Kimball Recital Hall, 1113 R St, 6pm. Saturday, May 27 • Fulldome Festival at Mueller Planetarium, Morrill Hall, 645 N. 14th. • Summer Recital by Universal Dance Academy held at Kimball Recital Hall, 1113 R St, 2pm. Tuesday, May 30 • Take a Peak Tuesday at Trinity Lutheran School, 1200 N. 56th St., Open House tours from 8:30am-4pm. (402) 466-1800. • FREE Story Hour at the Nebraska History Museum, 131 Centennial Mall North, Tuesdays 10-11am. “Knots on a Counting Rope” by Bill Martin, Jr. & John Aarchambault. Museum open M-F 9-4:30, Sat & Sun 1-4:30. Free, donations welcome. (402) 471-4782. • FREE Water Fitness at Irvingdale Pool, (19th & Van Dorn), 6:30-7:30pm Tues thru 8/8. Grades 5-12. Wednesday, May 31 • FREE Crunch & Lunch begins at Peter Pan Park (33rd & Y) & UPCO Park (40th & Adams). FREE breakfast (9-9:30), lunch (1212:30), & activities by Parks & Rec. M-F thru 8/11 except 7/4. • FREE Move More Lincoln Yoga at Union Plaza, 21st & P St., 12-12:45pm Weds thru 9/2. Lincoln Parks & Rec and Community Health Endowment. • FREE Garden Performance Series at the Lincoln Community Foundation Garden, 1415 N St, 12-1pm every Wed thru Aug 30. Live music: “Paul Siebert”. • FREE Canoeing at Holmes Lake, 70th & Normal Blvd, 5:30-7:30pm. Lesson, lifejackets, canoes, and paddles provided by Lincoln Parks & Recreation.

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JUNE 2017 ZODIAC: Gemini May 21 - Jun 20 • Cancer Jun 21 - Jul 22 GEMSTONE: Pearl FLOWER: Rose, Honeysuckle TREE: Ash, Hornbeam, Fig, Birch, Apple

HOLIDAYS & OBSERVANCES • Jun 2: Nat’l Doughnut Day • Jun 4: Pentecost • Jun 5: World Environment Day • Jun 6: D-Day • Jun 8: Best Friends Day • Jun 11: Nat’l Corn on the Cob Day • Jun 14: Flag Day • Jun 18: Father’s Day • Jun 18: Int’l Picnic Day • Jun 21: Lailat al-Qadr • Jun 21: Summer Solstice • Jun 26: Eid al-Fitr • Jun 29: Int’l Mud Day Thursday, June 1 • FREE Move More Lincoln Zumba at Union Plaza, 21st & P St., 5:30-6:15pm Thursdays thru 9/2. • Pop In Storytime with Lincoln City Libraries at Morrill Hall, 645 N. 14th, 6:30-7pm. “All Things Tiny.” Saturday, June 3 • FREE North Lincoln Summerfest at Historic University Place, 48th & St. Paul, 9am-4pm. Artists, live music, & food trucks. Hands-on art activities from 12-4pm at nearby LUX Center for the Arts. • Tails N’ Trails Pet Walk & Festival for Capital Humane Society at Fallbrook Town Center, 570 Fallbrook Blvd., 11am. $25pp. Bring your pet for a walk/run/play with food, music, and fun! Monday, June 5 • FREE Crunch & Lunch continues at Peter Pan Park (33rd & Y) & UPCO Park (40th & Adams). FREE breakfast (9-9:30), lunch (12-12:30), & activities by Parks & Rec. M-F thru 8/11 except 5/30, 7/4. Parks. • FREE Vacation Bible School at Southern Heights Presbyterian, 5750 S. 40th St., June 5-9, 5:45-8:30pm for ages 3 through completed 8th grade. “Maker Fun Factory.” Dinner served for children & families. (402) 421-3704,, Tuesday, June 6 • FREE Dental Checks for Kindergartners at Nebraska Family Dentistry, 5 locations. (402) 467-1000, • FREE Story Hour at the Nebraska History Museum, 131 Centennial Mall North, Tuesdays 10-11am. “This is the Bird” by Marie & Douglas Gorsline. (402) 4714782. • FREE Move More Lincoln Bootcamp at Union Plaza, 21st & P St., 5:30-6:15pm Tuesdays thru 9/2. • FREE Water Fitness at Irvingdale Pool, (19th & Van Dorn), 6:30-7:30pm Tues thru 8/8. Grades 5-12. Wednesday, June 7 • FREE Dental Checks for Kindergartners at Nebraska Family Dentistry, 5 locations. (402) 467-1000, • Nature Trekkers at Pioneers Park Nature Center, 3201 S. Coddington, Prairie Bldg, 10-11am. Educational hikes for families with young children. $3/ person. Register by 6/5. (402) 441-7895. • FREE Move More Lincoln Yoga at Union Plaza, 21st & P St., 12-12:45pm Wednesdays thru 9/2. • FREE Garden Performance Series at the Lincoln Community Foundation Garden, 1415 N St, 12-1pm every Wed thru Aug 30. “Jive Merchant”. Thursday, June 8

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1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18 19 20 21 22 23 24 25 26 27 28 29 30 • FREE Move More Lincoln Zumba at Union Plaza, 21st & P St., 5:30-6:15pm Thursdays thru 9/2. • Archie’s Late Night Party at Morrill Hall, 645 N. 14th, 6-10pm. Explore science & natural history with handson activities–wear your pajamas! Regular museum admission, members attend free. Friday, June 9 • Imagination Playground performance by Theatre Arts for Kids at Christ Lutheran Church, 4325 Sumner, 2pm. • FREE Home Run for Health with the Lincoln Saltdogs by Bryan Health, Haymarket Park, 403 Line Drive Cir. 4:30pm activities, 6:45 game, fireworks after! Free & $6 reserve tickets avail. at bryanhomerun. Saturday, June 10 • Art Classes Start at LUX Center for the Arts, 2601 N. 48th St. Ceramics, painting, drawing, metals, STEAM, & more! • Strider Cup Race, 8am-4pm, Tower Square, 1300 P St. Fun race for Strider Riders ages 2-5. Special needs race free. $25, pre-registration required. • Get Smart Saturdays at SAC, 28210 West Park Hwy, 10-11am. Interactive STEAM topic: “The Magic of Bubbles”. • Investigate: 2nd Saturday Science Lab at Morrill Hall, 645 N. 14th, 10am-12pm. “Virology” free w/ admission. • FREE Move More Lincoln Yoga at Union Plaza, 21st & P St., 10:15-11:15am Saturdays thru 9/2. Sunday, June 11 • Sunday with a Scientist at Morrill Hall, 645 N. 14th, 1:30-4:30pm. • Rain Barrel Workshop at Pioneers Park Nature Center, 3201 S. Coddington, Prairie Bldg, 2-4pm. Build-your-own rain barrel and learn the basics of harvesting rainwater. $35/person. Register by 6/7. (402) 441-7895. Tuesday, June 13 • FREE Story Hour at the Nebraska History Museum, 131 Centennial Mall North, Tuesdays 10-11am. “The Mud Pony” by Caron Cohen. (402) 471-4782. History. • FREE Move More Lincoln Bootcamp at Union Plaza, 21st & P St., 5:30-6:15pm Tuesdays thru 9/2. • FREE Water Fitness at Irvingdale Pool, (19th & Van Dorn), 6:30-7:30pm Tues thru 8/8. Grades 5-12. Wednesday, June 14 • Nature Trekkers at Pioneers Park Nature Center, 3201 S. Coddington, Prairie Bldg, 10-11am. Educational hikes for families with young children. $3/ person. Register by 6/12. (402) 441-7895. • FREE Move More Lincoln Yoga at Union Plaza,

21st & P St., 12-12:45pm Wednesdays thru 9/2. • FREE Garden Performance Series at the Lincoln Community Foundation Garden, 1415 N St, 12-1pm every Wed thru Aug 30. “The Kramer Sisters”. Thursday, June 15 • FREE Move More Lincoln Zumba at Union Plaza, 21st & P St., 5:30-6:15pm Thursdays thru 9/2. Friday, June 16 • FREE Movie Night! “The Secret Life of Pets” at Trinity Lutheran Church, 724 S. 12th St. 8pm FREE meal, movie starts at 9! Open to the public. (402) 466-1800. Saturday, June 17 • FREE Move More Lincoln Yoga at Union Plaza, 21st & P St., 10:15-11:15am Saturdays thru 9/2. • Saturday with our Naturalist at Pioneers Park Nature Center, 3201 S. Coddington, Prairie Bldg, 2-3pm. Guided discovery hike. $5pp. Register by 6/14. (402) 441-7895. Sunday, June 18 • Frogs & Floats at Pioneers Park Nature Center, 3201 S. Coddington, Prairie Bldg, 1-3pm. Celebrate dads with frogs, tadpoles, wetland walks, & root beer floats! Register by 6/14. (402) 441-7895. Tuesday, June 20 • FREE Dental Checks for Kindergartners at Nebraska Family Dentistry, 5 locations. (402) 467-1000, • FREE Story Hour at the Nebraska History Museum, 131 Centennial Mall North, Tuesdays 10-11am. “Cowboys” by Marie & Douglas Gorsline. (402) 471-4782. • FREE Move More Lincoln Bootcamp at Union Plaza, 21st & P St., 5:30-6:15pm Tuesdays thru 9/2. • FREE Water Fitness at Irvingdale Pool, (19th & Van Dorn), 6:30-7:30pm Tues thru 8/8. Grades 5-12. Wednesday, June 21 • FREE Dental Checks for Kindergartners at Nebraska Family Dentistry, 5 locations. (402) 467-1000, • Nature Trekkers at Pioneers Park Nature Center, 3201 S. Coddington, Prairie Bldg, 10-11am. Educational hikes for families with young children. $3/ person. Register by 6/19. (402) 441-7895. • FREE Move More Lincoln Yoga at Union Plaza, 21st & P St., 12-12:45pm Wednesdays thru 9/2. • FREE Garden Performance Series at the Lincoln Community Foundation Garden, 1415 N St, 12-1pm every Wed thru Aug 30. “Nebraska Trumpet Ensemble”. Thursday, June 22 • FREE Opening Day! at Fallbrook Farmers Market,

JUNE IS... JUNIO • Spanish JUIN • French JUNI • German GUIGNO • Italian • National Adopt a Cat Month • Nat’l Fresh Fruit & Veggies Month • Gay Pride Month • Aquarium Month • Candy Month • Dairy Month

5-7pm, 570 Fallbrook Blvd. Come for the food, stay for the fun! FREE every week: live music, games, bounce house, local producers, and more! www. • FREE Move More Lincoln Zumba at Union Plaza, 21st & P St., 5:30-6:15pm Thursdays thru 9/2. Friday, June 23 • Zanadu Jr. performance by Theatre Arts for Kids at Christ Lutheran Church, 4325 Sumner, 5 & 7pm. Saturday, June 24 • Firefly Family Picnic at Spring Creek Prairie, 7:309:30pm. Bring a picnic & learn about fireflies! $10/ family. • FREE Composting Workshop at Pioneers Park Nature Center, 3201 S. Coddington, 10am. Learn successful composting! (402) 441-7895. Tuesday, June 27 • FREE Story Hour at the Nebraska History Museum, 131 Centennial Mall North, Tuesdays 10-11am. “A Prairie Boy’s Summer” by William Kurelik. (402) 4714782. • FREE Move More Lincoln Bootcamp at Union Plaza, 21st & P St., 5:30-6:15pm Tues thru 9/2. Lincoln Parks & Rec and Community Health Endowment. • FREE Water Fitness at Irvingdale Pool, (19th & Van Dorn), 6:30-7:30pm Tues thru 8/8. Grades 5-12. Wednesday, June 28 • Nature Trekkers at Pioneers Park Nature Center, 3201 S. Coddington, Prairie Bldg, 10-11am. Educational hikes for families with young children. $3/ person. Register by 6/26. (402) 441-7895. • FREE Move More Lincoln Yoga at Union Plaza, 21st & P St., 12-12:45pm Weds thru 9/2. Lincoln Parks & Rec and Community Health Endowment. • FREE Garden Performance Series at the Lincoln Community Foundation Garden, 1415 N St, 12-1pm every Wed thru Aug 30. “Harris Academy String Quartet”. • FREE Canoeing at Holmes Lake, 70th& Normal Blvd, 5:30-7:30pm. Lesson, lifejackets, canoes, and paddles provided by Lincoln Parks & Recreation. Thursday, June 29 • FREE Neighborhood Picnic with local food trucks & more at Fallbrook Farmers Market, 5-7pm, Fallbrook Town Center, 570 Fallbrook Blvd. FREE every week! Live music, games, bounce house, local producers, and more! • FREE Move More Lincoln Zumba at Union Plaza, 21st & P St., 5:30-6:15pm Thus thru 9/2. Lincoln Parks & Rec and Community Health Endowment.


JULY 2017 ZODIAC: Cancer Jun 21 - Jul 22 • Leo Jul 23 - Aug 22

HOLIDAYS & OBSERVANCES • Jul 1: Int’l Joke Day • Jul 4: Independence Day • Jul 14: Bastille Day • Jul 16: Nat’l Ice Cream Day • Jul 17: Global Hug Your Kids Day • Jul 23: Parents’ Day • Jul 27: Nat’l Korean War Veterans Armistice Day • Jul 30: Int’l Day of Friendship

Monday, July 3 • FREE Crunch & Lunch continues at Peter Pan Park (33rd & Y) & UPCO Park (40th & Adams). FREE breakfast (9-9:30), lunch (12-12:30), & activities by Parks & Rec. M-F thru 8/11 except 5/30, 7/4. Tuesday, July 4 • FREE Uncle Sam Jam at Oak Lake Park, 1st & Charleston St., 3-9pm. Lots of activities for all ages! Live music after 6, food avail. for purchase, fireworks at 10! “USJ”. Wednesday, July 5 • FREE Move More Lincoln Yoga at Union Plaza, 21st & P St., 12-12:45pm Weds thru 9/2. Lincoln Parks & Rec and Community Health Endowment. • FREE Garden Performance Series at the Lincoln Community Foundation Garden, 1415 N St, 12-1pm every Wed thru Aug 30. Live music: “The Midnight Wanderers”. Thursday, July 6 • FREE Morrill Hall Admission, 645 N. 14th, Thursdays in July, 4:30-8pm. • FREE Fallbrook Farmers Market, 5-7pm, along Fallbrook Town Center, 570 Fallbrook Blvd. FREE every week! Live music, games, bounce house, local producers, and more! www. • FREE Pop In Storytime with Lincoln City Libraries at Morrill Hall, 645 N. 14th, 6:30-7pm. “Ocean.” Free Thu’s in July. Friday, July 7 • Dinosaurs Before Dark performance by Theatre Arts for Kids at Christ Lutheran Church, 4325 Sumner, 5 & 7pm. Saturday, July 8 • Art Classes Start at LUX Center for the Arts, 2601 N. 48th St. Ceramics, painting, drawing, metals, STEAM, & more! • Butterfly Count at Pioneers Park Nature Center, 3201 S. Coddington, Prairie Bldg, 9am-12pm. Guided hike & butterfly count for the N. American Butterfly Assoc. 2-3 mile rough terrain. Children must be accompanied. $5/ person. Register by 6/14. (402) 441-7895. • Get Smart Saturdays at SAC Aerospace Museum, 28210 West Park Hwy, 10-11am. Interactive STEAM topic: “Space Engineer”. • Investigate: 2nd Saturday Science Lab at Morrill Hall, 645 N. 14th, 10am-12pm. “Insects” free w/admission. • FREE Move More Lincoln Yoga at Union Plaza, 21st & P St., 10:15-11:15am Sats thru 9/2. Lincoln Parks & Rec and Community Health





FLOWER: Larkspur, Water Lily THU



1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18 19 20 21 22 23 24 30 31 25 26 27 28 29 Endowment. • Firefly Family Picnic at Spring Creek Prairie, 7:30-9:30pm. Bring an evening picnic & learn about fireflies as these electric bugs come out when the sun goes down. $10/family. Sunday, July 9 • Dragonfly Day! at Spring Creek Prairie, 2-3:30pm. Join SCP & bug expert Fred Baxendale from UNL’s Entomology Dept. for a family-fun day about dragonflies. Games, craft, bug-catching & more! $10/family. Tuesday, July 11 • FREE Story Hour at the Nebraska History Museum, 131 Centennial Mall North, Tuesdays 10-11am. “Return of the Buffaloes” by Paul Goble. Museum open M-F 9-4:30, Sat & Sun 1-4:30. Free, donations welcome. (402) 4714782. • FREE Move More Lincoln Bootcamp at Union Plaza, 21st & P St., 5:30-6:15pm Tues thru 9/2. Lincoln Parks & Rec and Community Health Endowment. Wednesday, July 12 • FREE Move More Lincoln Yoga at Union Plaza, 21st & P St., 12-12:45pm Weds thru 9/2. Lincoln Parks & Rec and Community Health Endowment. • FREE Garden Performance Series at the Lincoln Community Foundation Garden, 1415 N St, 12-1pm every Wed thru Aug 30. Live music: “Black Eyed Susan”. Thursday, July 13 • FREE Morrill Hall Admission, 645 N. 14th, Thursdays in July, 4:30-8pm. • FREE Community Garage Sale at Fallbrook Farmers Market, 5-7pm, along Fallbrook Town Center, 570 Fallbrook Blvd. FREE every week! Live music, games, bounce house, local producers, and more! Shop the area’s garage sales while you visit! • Disney’s The Little Mermaid performance at Pinewood Bowl in Pioneers Park, 3201 S. Coddington, 8pm. Tickets at Russ’s Markets. Friday, July 14 • Butterflies & Spies performance by Theatre Arts for Kids at Christ Lutheran Church, 4325 Sumner, 7pm. • FREE Movie Night! “BFG” (Big Friendly Giant) at Trinity Lutheran Church, 724 S. 12th St. 8pm free meal (hot dogs, chips, carrots, ice cream), movie starts at 9 - popcorn available! Open to the public. (402) 466-1800. • Disney’s The Little Mermaid performance at Pinewood Bowl in Pioneers Park, 3201 S.

Coddington, 8pm. Tickets at Russ’s Markets. Saturday, July 15 •D  isney’s The Little Mermaid performance at Pinewood Bowl in Pioneers Park, 3201 S. Coddington, 8pm. Tickets at Russ’s Markets. Sunday, July 16 •S  unday with a Scientist at Morrill Hall, 645 N. 14th, 1:30-4:30pm. •D  isney’s The Little Mermaid performance at Pinewood Bowl in Pioneers Park, 3201 S. Coddington, 8pm. Tickets at Russ’s Markets. Tuesday, July 18 •F  REE Story Hour at the Nebraska History Museum, 131 Centennial Mall North, Tuesdays 10-11am. “Elizabeth Leads the Way” by Tanya Lee Stone. Museum open M-F 9-4:30, Sat & Sun 1-4:30. Free, donations welcome. (402) 471-4782. •F  REE Move More Lincoln Bootcamp at Union Plaza, 21st & P St., 5:30-6:15pm Tues thru 9/2. Lincoln Parks & Rec and Community Health Endowment. Wednesday, July 19 •F  REE Move More Lincoln Yoga at Union Plaza, 21st & P St., 12-12:45pm Weds thru 9/2. Lincoln Parks & Rec and Community Health Endowment. •F  REE Garden Performance Series at the Lincoln Community Foundation Garden, 1415 N St, 12-1pm every Wed thru Aug 30. Live music: “Lincoln Jazz Ensemble” Thursday, July 20 •F  REE Morrill Hall Admission, 645 N. 14th, Thursdays in July, 4:30-8pm. •F  REE Fallbrook Farmers Market, 5-7pm, along Fallbrook Town Center, 570 Fallbrook Blvd. FREE every week! Live music, games, bounce house, local producers, and more! www. •D  isney’s The Little Mermaid performance at Pinewood Bowl in Pioneers Park, 3201 S. Coddington, 8pm. Tickets at Russ’s Markets. Friday, July 21 •D  isney’s The Little Mermaid performance at Pinewood Bowl in Pioneers Park, 3201 S. Coddington, 8pm. Tickets at Russ’s Markets. Saturday, July 22 •F  REE Move More Lincoln Yoga at Union Plaza, 21st & P St., 10:15-11:15am Sats thru 9/2. Lincoln Parks & Rec and Community Health Endowment. •D  isney’s The Little Mermaid performance at Pinewood Bowl in Pioneers Park, 3201 S. Coddington, 8pm. Tickets at Russ’s Markets.

TREE: Apple, Fir, Elm, Cypress

JULY IS... JULIO • Spanish JUILLET • French JULI • German LUGLIO • Italian • National Blueberry Month • National Anti-Boredom Month • Nat’l Cell Phone Courtesy Month • National Hot Dog Month • National Ice Cream Month • National Picnic Month

Sunday, July 23 • Disney’s The Little Mermaid performance at Pinewood Bowl in Pioneers Park, 3201 S. Coddington, 8pm. Tickets at Russ’s Markets. Tuesday, July 25 • FREE Story Hour at the Nebraska History Museum, 131 Centennial Mall North, Tuesdays 10-11am. “Prairie Dogs” by Emergy & Durga Bernhard. Museum open M-F 9-4:30, Sat & Sun 1-4:30. Free, donations welcome. (402) 4714782. • FREE Move More Lincoln Bootcamp at Union Plaza, 21st & P St., 5:30-6:15pm Tues thru 9/2. Lincoln Parks & Rec and Community Health Endowment. Wednesday, July 26 • FREE Move More Lincoln Yoga at Union Plaza, 21st & P St., 12-12:45pm Weds thru 9/2. Lincoln Parks & Rec and Community Health Endowment. • FREE Garden Performance Series at the Lincoln Community Foundation Garden, 1415 N St, 12-1pm every Wed thru Aug 30. Live music: “Bruce Mandel”. • FREE Canoeing at Holmes Lake, 70th& Normal Blvd, 5:30-7:30pm. Lesson, lifejackets, canoes, and paddles provided by Lincoln Parks & Recreation. Thursday, July 27 • FREE Morrill Hall Admission, 645 N. 14th, Thursdays in July, 4:30-8pm. • FREE Family Fun Festival at Fallbrook Farmers Market, extended hours from 5-8pm, along Fallbrook Town Center, 570 Fallbrook Blvd. FREE every week! Live music, games, bounce house, local producers, and more! Join us this week as we raise money for the Lincoln Food Bank, featuring live music with The String Beans at 5:30, bring your kite for the kite festival from 5-9, plus stargazing at Branched Oak Observatory from 9-10! Friday, July 28 • James & the Giant Peach performance by Theatre Arts for Kids at Christ Lutheran Church, 4325 Sumner, 7pm. Saturday, July 29 • FREE Move More Lincoln Yoga at Union Plaza, 21st & P St., 10:15-11:15am Sats thru 9/2. Lincoln Parks & Rec and Community Health Endowment. • James & the Giant Peach performance by Theatre Arts for Kids at Christ Lutheran Church, 4325 Sumner, 7pm.

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Summer Camps Looking for a summer camp idea for kids ages 6-12? Go to Today to reserve your spot. Summer camps are in July. • 402-817-6900

345 Sporting Village Drive, Ste. 1

Lincoln Kids! Newspaper • Summer 2017  

There is so much to see and do this summer in Lincoln, Nebraska! Check out all that awaits your family in the Summer 2017 edition of LK.

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