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“The Happy People” by Luna White, age 7, Art Around the Corner


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FALL 2017

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- From the LK! Family -


Bennett, Kennett, & Karla, July 2017. Photo Credit: Genesis Photography.


Reflecting on a Year

ell, a whirlwind year has come & gone and we officially have a toddler running around. Kenny celebrated his first birthday this past July, but it was so much more than just that... Being one year old officially makes Kenny a happy baby. See, for almost the first six months Kenny cried. A lot. We were told he was “colicky”. Close to nothing made him happy, nursing aside. We tried practically everything

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Focus on social & emotional development, giving your child a great start Classrooms led by educated and experienced teachers Kindergarten-readiness curriculum Behavioral specialist on staff Enrolling children 6 weeks to 12 years NEW Nature Explore Outdoor Classroom Extended hours: 6:30 am - 6:00 pm

to soothe him: chiropractic adjustments, infant massage, music & dance, bouncing on the yoga ball, countless toys & gear, gripe water, baby wearing, long walks outside, the list goes on. But suddenly around five months he started working hard at “downward facing baby” and we new he would be crawling soon. Then, a month later he was mobile. It was a Friday and he had mastered it. He was a changed baby– happy overnight. It wasn’t long after crawling that he learned how to walk, and he seems to grow happier the more independent he gets. We think Kenny is eager to explore the world. So now that he is over a year old, he has officially been a happy baby longer than he was an impossible-to-please one. Don’t get me wrong, he’s still a strong-willed child, but our skin is thicker and our patience has grown tenfold. We will never forget those dark, early days, but can now reflect on that time with a jumbled sense of survival, relief, and understanding. Parenthood is quite a journey, and it’s rather fulfilling to reminisce the ups & downs we’ve experienced so far. We were told to expect long days and short years, and that couldn’t be more true. Sometimes it feels like a never-ending endurance race, and other times it’s nothing but pure joy & amazement. But whether or not the days seem long, time is zooming by and we are raking in the memories. We hope you enjoy the new school year and have a safe & happy Halloween!



Baby Kenny

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FALL 2017 COVER ARTIST LUNA WHITE Hola! My name is Luna White and I’m 7 years old. I will be in the 2nd grade at Rousseau Elementary and I love art! I have always loved to experiment with colors, textures and paint. I have a lot of baby pictures where I’m covered in paint from head to toe. I sold my first painting when I was 4 years old at my first and only art show. My grandma and aunt bought most of my paintings. I can spend hours drawing, coloring, painting, crafting and creating. Every painting I make has a story to tell. When I grow up I want to be a fashion designer. I’m learning to sew and I have designed and created dresses out of paper, tape and playdoh. I love art but I also enjoy many other things like playing soccer, tennis and gymnastics. I love playing the piano and most of all spending time with my family. My Favorite Artist: Jackson Pollock My Favorite things to paint: Eyeballs, rainbows and hearts My Favorite Color: Teal Blue My Favorite Musician: Yiruma My Favorite Food: Chocolate, of course!

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Join us for fall classes! Enroll online Full View of The Happy People By Luna White, 7 Student at Art Around the Corner


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Piccoli Dance Theatre is Growing Up Fast By Tony Piccoli, Piccoli Dance Theatre


iccoli Dance Theatre (PDT) will be expanding its location with the addition of a 3rd studio space. In less than a year, PDT has gone from a dream and concept of studio owner Courtney Piccoli, to a school of dance catering to more than one hundred families. What has contributed to PDT’s first year successes? “It’s many things,” says Courtney. “It’s the combination of mutually shared values and applied practices across the many different domains of dance and theater.” “For example,” she continues, “technical excellence is a value shared by all staff and instilled into our students. This technical excellence applies as much to our introductory programs as it does to our YAGP preparatory. While the curriculum and application may vary, a Teen Intro student can expect the same quality education as our most advanced students. Likewise, advanced students are assured the highest quality technical education.”

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Scene from PDT 2016/17 Dance Recital

The Shared Vision of the PDT Staff This level of excellence is only possible due to the talents, dedication, and shared belief of the studio’s dance instructors. “I really love that we meet regularly to discuss curriculum and assess ourselves and our students,” says instructor Alec Talbott. “Teachers

are encouraged to take each others’ classes. This gives us the opportunity to see from the student’s perspective a different teaching style across a common curriculum.” The teachers are also encouraged and committed to their own continuing education through conventions, master classes, and professional work. “We have an incredible staff,” says Miss Courtney. “We have an instruc-

tor with a Masters Degree in educational administration (Brittany Hying), a degree in elementary education (Kaylee Mensik), an NWU graduate and former collegiate dance captain (Caitie Cornelius), a former LMBC principal returning from Point Park University (Emily Maldavs), as well as two teachers who, over the past two summers, began their professional MT careers (Alec Talbott - Tibbets Opera House & Liza Piccoli - MT Wichita)”. Miss Courtney, a 2015 recipient of the Mayor’s Art Award for Outstanding Achievement in the Performing Arts, has spent the whole of her adult life as a teacher, choreographer, and director. “Together,” says Miss Courtney, “we continually work to provide the highest quality dance education to all of our students. It’s something we love, take pride in, and improve with each passing day.” PDT is located at the corner of 13th & Arapahoe streets. Find out more online at, by email at, or by calling 402-937-0678.


Golf: Any Age. Any Season. By Dave Malone, PGA Master Professional, Junior Golf Director at Pine Lake Golf & Tennis

year-round sport? A membership at Pine Lake Golf & Tennis grants you access to the course during any season. If you feel like hitting the course on a warm day in December, call us up for a tee time. If you are thinking about golfing, we are too. To involve your family with the game for any age and any season, call Dave Malone at 402-560-3371 or email to learn more about our affordable memberships & lessons for ages three & up.


nstruction, skill challenges, and fun games are all part of the Junior Golf Center at Pine Lake Golf & Tennis. We deliver a four-pronged approach to golfers as young as three years old: Active Start; Learn to Play; Learn to Compete; Train to Excel. This unique approach exercises the player both mentally & physically, creating athletes first, then golfers. Did you know that golf is also a

Fun & games ...with purpose. Fun & games ...with purpose.

Pine Lake Golf & Tennis


Ages 3-17, Directed by Dave Malone, PGA Master Professional

6601 S. 84th st

(402) 560-3371


Language and Literacy Talk and share as a family Make conversation Play with words Model communication skills Sing in proper vocal range

Physical Move together Bounce, rock and dance Skip and hop Sense of balance Develop motor skills

Cognitive Develop memory and recall Multi-layered learning Learn from peers and families

Music Make music as a family Sing and dance as a group Listen to music together Develop a sense of rhythm Age-appropriate instruments

Social and Emotional Form strong family bonds Develop self confidence Build self esteem Share happy memories

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What is “Streets Alive!”?

Families can play in the streets on Sunday, September 10!


very September, Partnership for a Healthy Lincoln takes health and wellness resources into the community and adds food, fitness and fun with Streets Alive! our free city-wide outdoor movement festival. This year it will be hosted by the Belmont Neighborhood, on September 10, from 1-5 PM. Streets Alive! is a family, child, pet, and wheelchair friendly event that promotes good nutrition and active living, encouraging people to get out and get moving. Garden produce and food trucks with tasty, fresh choices show visitors the joy of eating healthy. Streets Alive! is a traffic-free event with two miles of city streets cordoned off for fun & learning. The streets are lined with over 100 exhibitors from non-profit organizations who provide free resources and screenings to festival goers. All along the route there are joinin fitness and sports activities to encourage people to walk, run, stroll, propel a wheelchair, bike or skate their way through the festival and participate in active outdoor fun.

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Streets Alive! is filled with fun and interactive kids’ activities that teach as well as entertain. But it’s not just for kids. People of all ages and abilities can enjoy Streets Alive! The festival route is interspersed with music, art, dance, and other entertainment that appeals to people of all ages and tastes. This year, Streets Alive! will also support a neighborhood project in collaboration with the Belmont Neighborhood Association, Lincoln Parks and Recreation, plus neighborhood businesses and schools. The project encourages physical activity and enhances the beauty, safety, and vitality of Belmont and our wider community. To learn more, contact Ashley Carlson, Partnership for a Healthy Lincoln, at 402-430-4505,, or visit our website at HealthyLincoln. org/StreetsAlive. This article is written & sponsored by Partnership for a Healthy Lincoln (PHL), a non-profit organization dedicated to improving health by increasing physical fitness, promoting healthy weight and good nutrition, supporting breastfeeding, and improving cancer screening and vaccination rates.


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Back To School : Choosing Wellness By Amanda Schneider, Pharm.D., The Oily RX


all is one of my favorite seasons of the year—crisp leaves, pumpkins, apple cider, sweaters, and Husker football. It’s cooler than summer, warmer than winter, and the changing colors are simply gorgeous. It’s also the time of year when school starts again and the hustle and bustle of life seems to go into overdrive. With so much going on, its easy to let wellness take a back seat. Immune systems take a hit and our kids’ bodies become rundown. I am here to tell you, you don’t just have to survive this season—your family can THRIVE! What we put on our bodies, what we breathe in, what we use when our defenses go down— these things are just as important to our health as what we eat. I am a local pharmacist and health educator who is passionate about natural wellness, chemical-free living, educating families on how to advocate for their health, and creating a community full of support and resources. This passion has lead me and my fam-

ily to using Yo u n g Living essential oils and products for supporting our health, caring for our bodies, creating a non-toxic home, and handling bumps on the road to wellness. Have you ever zest a lemon or smelled a rose? Essential oils are the part of the plant that gives it its distinct smell and are found in the stem, roots, seeds, bark, flowers, and other parts of the plant. However, pure essential oils are far more powerful than the botanicals from which they were extracted. They are the “lifeblood” of the plant. Their use has been linked to physical, emotional, and spiritual well-being of humans since the beginning of time.

While pure essential oils are incredibly fragrant, they also have both medicinal and therapeutic benefits and are commonly used successfully to support the immune system, respiratory system, skeletal system, muscular system, circulatory system, endocrine system, hormones, and emotions. We have an amazing community, actively participating in online and local events and education. Essential oils do not have to be overwhelming or complicated. We can help you work through all of your questions from “What is an essential oil?” and “Are they safe?” to “How do they work?” and “Can I combine them?”

the oily rx 8310 Wendell Way (402) 483-4769

We hold monthly in-person classes and provide weekly online classes for our team. We cover what essential oils are and how we use them in our daily lives, how to create non-toxic homes, tips for seasonal wellness, essential oils and pets, as well as further education on our favorite Young Living products. As the season turns to fall and school is back in session, I challenge you as parents, grandparents, and guardians of children to do your homework, too. Advocate for your families and be wary gatekeepers of your homes. Research the ingredients of commonly used products in your home, like medicine, lotion, shampoo, laundry detergent, sunscreen, candles, dryer sheets, air fresheners/plug-ins, and even “natural” products. I think you’ll find they may be doing harm, but luckily there’s a better way. Join us in choosing wellness! Our monthly classes are free and open to anyone. Learn more at and hello@

Choose Wellness. Free local classes. Online education & support.

Enroll Now for Fall 2017!

Accepting children 6 weeks - 5th grade.

Full Time Educational Services Make each day full of fun & learning with our Creative Curriculum and Handwriting Without Tears programs! • Art • Discovery Area • Library • Sand & Water

• Music & Movement • Computers • Blocks • Dramatic Play

• Toys & Games • Cooking • Outdoors

Part-Time Preschool Program Also Available Call for availability & schedule

Hours: Monday - Friday, 6:30am - 6:00 pm Contact us today! | (402) 483-4769 Page 10 •

Join us for an introduction to Natural Wellness & Essential Oils. Classes taught by a local pharmacist & Young Living leader.

Free Classes | Aug 17 . Sep 16 . Oct 26 . Nov 11 | or by request

Learn More. |


Teaching and Learning Outside the Box Written by Laurie Knudsen, Mother of a dyslexic student, Nebraska Dyslexia Association (NDA)


ow does your child best learn? Learning style refers to the preferential way in which the student absorbs, processes, comprehends and retains information. Perhaps he/she is an auditory learner who depends on listening and speaking as a main way of learning. Hearing information is needed to process and comprehend. The visual learner uses prints, graphs, charts, maps and images to comprehend. The tactile/kinesthetic learner is a hands-on learner who prefers to touch, move, build or draw to demonstrate comprehension. As a life-long dyslexic mother with a daughter who is also dyslexic, I am well aware of the difficulties students with dyslexia encounter. School is NOT easy. Dyslexia, a language-based learning disability, is the result of differences in how the brain is wired for learning. One in five individuals exhibits reading difficulties or dyslexia, and it is often inherited. National statistics state that

50% of individuals with dyslexia have a parent, sibling or extended family member with dyslexia. We learn differently. Multisensory instruction is key along with appropriate accommodations in the classroom.

Teach & learn outside the box! Teachers…teach children the way they learn best. Parents…advocate for your children to receive the support and instruction needed to be successful in school. My daughter is entering ninth grade and continues to struggle with reading, writing and spelling issues. As school becomes increasingly difficult for her, support from her teachers is necessary as stated in her Individualized Education Program

(IEP), and the 504 Plan provides appropriate classroom accommodations. With many textbooks only available online, understanding a concept is more difficult. Online reading may not work for students with dyslexia, resulting in the need for hard copy texts, worksheets, visuals, etc. Many texts are available on tape or can be read with appropriate assistive technology apps. My daughter and others with dyslexia may need to step outside the box and demonstrate their understanding by a different method—perhaps handson—to achieve the same results. Test times cause great anxiety for my daughter. Multiple quizzes on the same day cause overload. Written tests may result in failure if students

are required to spell correctly. After failing a science quiz numerous times, my daughter went to her teacher and said, “I don’t know what you want me to do. I can’t take the quiz like that. You know I have a hard time spelling, but I can’t keep failing this quiz.” Her teacher ‘climbed out of the box’ and agreed to provide the quiz orally. She only missed one question! Students need to learn the skill of self-advocacy—to speak up for their learning needs, to ask for help, and to NEVER give up. As a parent, I want to remind teachers that being dyslexic doesn’t make a student dumb, it’s just harder for him/her to get the information from the brain to a piece of paper. Thank teachers when they allow your child to demonstrate what they know in a different manner—for teaching outside the box! Learn more about dyslexia. NDA members are invited to a “Technology To Support Students with Learning Disabilities” workshop on September 9. Contact the Nebraska Dyslexia Association: or 402.434.6434.


SAT Aug. 5 & 12 | 9am-12pm THU Aug. 17 | 6-9pm

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A Father’s Impact By Vicki Wood, Youth Services Supervisor, Lincoln City Libraries, Bennett Martin Public Library


eing a part of the baby boom generation, I remember a neighborhood of stay-athome moms, and dads whose primary role was to work and take care of the yard and car. While there were certainly families that bucked this stereotype, it was rare to see a father change a diaper or cook the evening meal. When I started my career in the public library in 1990, it was still unusual to see a dad flying solo, doing the Saturday morning routine of dance or swim lessons with a baby or toddler in tow. Not so today. According to the Pew Research Center, 57% of fathers say that parenting is extremely important to their identity, with 54% agreeing that parenting is rewarding all of the time. These numbers fall within a few percentage points of the responses by mothers. From the same study, dads report spending seven hours a week doing “child care”, triple the amount

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fathers reported in 1965. While men still lag far behind women in the number of hours devoted to children and household chores, many are cognizant that they aren’t doing enough; 48% say they spend too little time with their kids. So, what’s so special about fatherhood? Worldwide research into the role fathers play in the development of their children has found several important ways that involved fathers make a positive impact on their child’s lives: •• Boys and girls whose dads are involved in their education are more prepared for school and do better academically than their peers. •• A father’s verbal interactions with his child at an early age are strongly related to the development of the child’s language skills. •• Children with involved fathers are less prone to depression, are less likely to get into trouble, and have a more positive self-image. Fathers play a critical role in their child’s literacy development also. One way they do this is by modeling read-

ing, showing their child that reading is an important and valued activity. Books can be a gateway for exploring the world together. Dads can share their interests, hobbies, and enthusiasms with their children through books. Whether it’s a non-fiction title about fly fishing, a mountain-climbing adventure story, or a book he loved as a child, sharing a book gives fathers an opportunity to share their passions and knowledge. Finally, by engaging in meaningful conversations, fathers help their children build critical thinking skills. These conversations can also be opportunities to share values and life lessons. Reading Rockets ( offers other ways that dads can engage their kids and improve their reading skills: •• Share stories about when you were young •• Recite nursery rhymes or jingles •• Read environmental print (e.g., road signs or brand names on food containers) •• Ask about their day. Conversa-

tions with adults can help children learn new words and practice creating a narrative—both linked to better reading skills. •• Check out books of photography or art and talk about the pictures •• When you are doing household projects, describe to your child what you are doing •• Involve your child in everyday writing tasks like shopping lists or paying bills •• Create games that use letters, words, or problem solving When children are very young, there is little detectable difference in a love of books between boys and girls. However, around upper elementary school, boys read fewer books and reading as a leisure activity for boys drops off. One reason is that reading is seen as a “feminine” activity. Dads, and the other important men in a child’s life, need to step up their reading and break this stereotype by reading aloud early and often, for their sons and for their daughters. And think about it, do you really want moms to have all of the fun?

ABOOK llisBAG on’s


Recommended reading for your Lincoln Kids! by Allison Hunter-Frederick

FIRST READERS | Board & Sensory Books CLICK CLACK by Doreen Cronin Alphabet books are plentiful because they are good at teaching letters. With so many available, how do you choose between them? Click Clack by Doreen Cronin introduces ABCs through a fast-paced story about farm animals preparing for a picnic. By drawing on characters from her best-selling picture books, Cronin ensures readers will feel comfortable. She also infuses clever alliteration. The result is a fun and educational tale.

YOUNG READERS | Picture Books & Stories BISCUIT STORYBOOK COLLECTION by Alyssa Capucilli Meet Biscuit, a sweet yellow puppy. Ten of his innocent and charming adventures have been collected into a sturdy cloth-bound book titled Biscuit Storybook Collection. Part of the “I Can Read” imprint, these stories are perfect for new and emergent readers, while also enjoyable for adults. I wanted to pull Biscuit right out of the pages and cuddle him. Even when he causes trouble, he’s such a winsome puppy. Biscuit tries repeatedly to please his young owner and doesn’t have a mean bone in his small body. His antics are irresistible!

EXPERIENCED READERS | Chapter Books & Series PIE and HONEY by Sarah Weeks Humor, mystery, and romance abound in two titles by Sarah Weeks: Pie and Honey. The titles are also unified by themes of family, death, and pets. In Pie, Alice’s Aunt Polly takes her world-famous pie crust recipe to her grave. Or does she? The search for the lost recipe leads one person to ransack Polly’s shop, another person to steal her cat, and another to launch an investigation of new pie makers. In Honey, Melody doesn’t mind not having a mother until she overhears her dad call someone ‘Honey’. Has her dad fallen in love? Who could it be? No one will answer these questions, nor will they talk about her mom. Melody’s story alternates with a story of a dog that has concerns of his own. In both books, lives are changed forever when secrets are finally revealed.

Silver Hawk

Fine Arts & Crafts Fair October 21, 2017 9:00am - 4:00pm

Lincoln Southwest High School 14th & Pine Lake Road $2.00 Admission Charge Proceeds support the

For vendor information: (402) 436-1335

Allison Hunter-Frederick is an administrative assistant at Bethany Christian Church. She hosts a review blog at, blogs for, and regularly contributes to Neighborhood Extra and Lincoln Kids! Newspaper.

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The Value of Learning Chinese Written by Christopher C. Heselton, Ph.D.


n the last issue of Lincoln Kids!, world travelers and former publishers Mark Martin and Fran Upp wrote on the importance of being bilingual to children’s learning, cognition, and even mental health in old age. I could not agree more, and encourage parents and youth in Lincoln to consider learning Chinese—not only because of its uniqueness and potential promise for future careers, but also because of how it opens the learners’ eyes to a completely different cultural universe. The importance of learning Chinese can be explained with simple facts: 1 out of 5 people on our planet speaks Chinese; China is the second largest economy in the world; China is the United States’ largest trading partner; China plays an important part in the global economy. While these are certainly important reasons for people to learn Chinese, for me this is not the greatest value of learning the language.

We want kids to enjoy music! Fun, affirming, non-pressured & creative We maximize the development period of a child’s musical ear. Curriculum is multidimensional: piano/keyboard, singing, theory, ear training, composition & ensemble playing.

What I personally gained was an entirely new cultural perspective that runs parallel to my American roots. As cliché as it may be, language is a window to an entirely different world. All languages are inherently inflected by their culture, but Chinese culture is rooted in a civilization entirely distinctive from Western cultural roots and historical legacies. Separated by continents and oceans, China developed its own history, literature, and traditions; as such, there are few common cultural reference points. This certainly presents a barrier to learning the language that many find daunting, but when it is ultimately surmounted, one discovers an entirely different lexicon to describe and under-

stand their world. Not to mention the exposure one gains to a body of cultural heritage, allowing one to be just as conversant in the playful poetry of Li Bai as the sanguine sonnets of Shakespeare; to know the tragedies of Qu Yuan as much as the triumphs of Julius Caesar; and feel the revolutionary words of Lu Xun as much as Martin Luther King’s. To me, comprehending these distinct cultural realms is the true value of learning Chinese, and I encourage parents to consider this value as well.

Children’s Music Academy is not a single-focused private piano, voice or guitar lesson. Children experience a variety of instruments and music genres and styles. We are hands-on and kids fully engage with music on all levels –making music fun! No experience necessary! All courses are designed for beginner musicians, ages 3-7 years old.

It’s a weekly “musical date” with your child that provides a unique bonding experience. Children develop a lifelong skill and love of music.

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Exclusive provider for Lincoln, NE


Local Early Childhood Organization Recognized for Quality Care By Suzanne Schneider, Director, Westminster Preschool


estminster Preschool teachers have been recognized by Nebraska Step Up to Quality for their commitment to quality child care and education. Westminster Preschool is the first child care center in Nebraska to achieve the highest quality standard rating (5). Step Up to Quality programs go beyond state licensing requirements to better serve the needs of young children and their families and to prepare them for success in kindergarten and beyond. “We are so proud to be an accredited program (National Association for the Education of Young Children, NAEYC) and now include a Step 5 rating with Step Up to Quality! We realize that quality matters and we continually strive to increase the level of quality for children and families that attend our program,” says director Suzanne Schneider. With 90 percent of brain development occurring before age five,

Director Suzanne Schneider, Allie Heins, Kiera Bengtson, Melissa Killingsworth, Rachel Hinze, Dalyn Powel, Jen Burkey, Christy Brugh, Ashley Drysdale, Mary Richardson

early child care and education are crucial to a child’s future success. Early learning builds the foundation for skills needed in school, work and life. Studies show that children who receive quality early child care and education are more likely to show improved reading and math skills,

attend college, and earn higher wages. While the majority of Nebraskans believe quality early child care is very important, only 10 percent strongly agree that young children in our state are prepared to be successful when they begin kindergarten, according to a survey conducted

by Buffett Early Childhood Institute and Gallup. Parents believe their local providers could do better when it comes to quality–only 15 percent are very satisfied with the quality of programs where they live. “It is crucial that providers and educators across the state have a mutual understanding of what quality looks like in the child care environment and that they feel supported on their path to quality,” says Lauri Cimino, director of Step Up to Quality. “Programs enrolled in Step Up to Quality have access to coaching and resources that enable any provider—big or small—to take quality to the next level.” Step Up to Quality supports all types of early child care and education programs, including licensed family child care homes and child care centers, Head Start and Early Head Start programs, public school-operated early childhood programs, and community preschools. To learn more about Step Up to Quality, visit

Fall 2017 • Page 15


A True Start at Learning By Miss McKenzie True, True Knowledge Preschool


very story has to start somewhere, but it can only truly develop into an epic tale with imagination, encouragement, and education. This is the story of a loving teacher who gifts her passion to her students. The natural love of learning should be inspired at an early age; this can have an everlasting positive effect on a child’s life— and in their heart! True Knowledge Preschool, new in Southeast Lincoln, will open this fall for children ages three to five. With its unique approach to school and life readiness, True Knowledge is devoted to the importance of academic success in youth, providing excitement and enthusiasm for lifetime learners. The transformative learning experiences at True Knowledge Preschool are designed to help students grow both in and out of the classroom. With small class sizes and individualized instruction, True Knowledge helps young students prepare to make an eventual impact in the world. Owner, director, and teacher McKenzie True has been instructing young children with proficiency and enthusiasm for the last two years as the head teacher at Little Tikes University. As a fellow Lincolnite, Miss True graduated from Nebraska Wesleyan University with a degree in Elementary Education, where she promptly realized her passion for teaching the tiniest of students. “I never imagined that my 4-yearold would be reading already and he

IS!” states Megan Wiles, parent of a former student, “McKenzie is amazing with the kids!” True Knowledge is proud to offer several class options grouped by age: Tiny Tots, ages 3 & up, attend school two days each week; Small Scholars, ages 3-5, have class three days per week; and Academic Academy, 4 & up, is a daily Pre-K school program. Class is two hours and 45 minutes long, and includes instruction in language arts, mathematics, reading and creative abilities. At True Knowledge Preschool your child will not only develop academic skills but will also learn many social skills, like sharing, working as a team, and listening. Along with providing a solid academic foundation, it is Miss McKenzie’s ambition to foster kindness and generosity within in her students. “Miss McKenzie is an amazing teacher. She takes time to help each child conquer every step in the process they are learning and truly has the patience and love for the kiddos!” says former student parent, Sarah Huskey. If you are interested in more information about True Knowledge Preschool, would like to schedule a personal tour of the facility, or register your little one for classes, please visit trueknowledgelincoln. com, email Miss McKenzie at true., or call (402) 570-1252. She would love to guide your child as they begin their story. Open House at True Knowledge! August 14, 5:30-6:30 5445 Red Rock Lane

Call us to schedule your child’s annual flu shot!

ENROLL NOW! Trusted Academic Program Experienced Care Creative Environment

(402) 570-1252 Directed by McKenzie True, Certified Teacher

Dental Care Designed for Your Child Call us today for an appointment

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Lutheran Schools: The Perfect Choice for Your Child Submitted by the Lutheran Schools of Lincoln on behalf of Trinity Lutheran School


id you know that there are five Lutheran Elementary Schools in Lincoln? Did you know these schools are available to any family looking to educate their child in a Christian setting? Lincoln is home to: Christ, Faith, Good Shepherd, Messiah, and Trinity Elementary Schools–serving students in grades K-5. Each school also offers programs for Early Childhood and, after fifth grade, Lincoln Lutheran serves students in middle and high school. Following and exemplifying the teachings of Jesus Christ, all of the Lutheran Schools of Lincoln offer strong curricula, an inclusive environment, qualified and quality instructors, and the desire to positively influence tomorrow’s leaders.

What other benefits are there of sending your child to a Lutheran school?

Academics. Each school is accredited and approved by the Nebraska Department of Education. Most are also accredited by the National Lutheran School Accreditation program. The coursework challenges and inspires students and prepares them for higher education, with a world-view based on values that will carry them well beyond school and into eternity. Graduates of Lincoln Lutheran boast ACT scores that rank amongst the highest in the Lincoln area. Faith Based. Each school recognizes Jesus Christ as its’ cornerstone and emphasizes strengthening faith through God’s Word. This faith creates a foundation that students will experience while being a part of the Lutheran Schools of Lincoln. Family-Centric. Our schools believe in supporting parents and building communities of support. We strive to provide fellowship and tools for successful parenting and want parents to come alongside us in the educational plan for their child.

Stability. The Lutheran Schools of Lincoln have a combined 350 years of serving the Lincoln community and currently educate over 1,000 students from Lincoln and the surrounding areas. We each offer safe, community-orientated campuses and have dedicated alumni and supporters that foster continual growth.



Toddlers (18 mos. - 3 yrs.)

Preschool (3 yrs.)

You’re invited to tour and learn more about the Lutheran Schools of Lincoln by visiting: All of our schools run tuition-based programs, but offer financial aid to any family desiring to educate their children in our setting. We would love to work with your family to make a faith-filled education possible.



Pre-Kindergarten School (4 yrs.) (Kindergarten - 5th Grade)

contact us today for a tour! (402) 466-1800 * * 1200 N 56th st. *

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Jack’s Article: A Survey By Jack Gudgel, 5th Grade, Lincoln Public Schools


y name is Jack Gudgel, and lately I have done some research. On what you may ask? The Lincoln Public Schools elementary school lunches. In this article, I’m going to be talking about what lunch options the kids like and dislike the most, the questions and answers to the survey I put out, whether the compost is a good or bad idea, and the percentages of kids who like white or chocolate milk. These are just some of the questions I put out. The survey questions mostly consisted of short answers and multiple choice inquiries. The very first question I asked was: What is your favorite lunch option? The most popular options are pizza and nachos. While these items do contain a lot of salt and fat, I guess the school wants what it wants. The ones that I didn’t see very much at all were surprisingly spaghetti and orange chicken. One time we had an option of cherry blossom chicken, but it was apparently just forgotten about. Another question was: Do you like white or chocolate milk? The percentages of kids who like chocolate milk completely out-weighed the percentages of kids who like white milk. One of the biggest questions I asked was: What do you think of the lunches? The percentages were in a pie graph. The choices were: love it, it’s good, it’s OK, and don’t care for it. Of all of the students, 24.4% said they love it, 26.1% said it’s good, 35.3% said it’s OK, and 14.3% said they don’t care for it.

The survey answers were interesting. We even had some people that didn’t really care about being seri-

ous. The other kids shared mostly the same taste in food. The main options that were chosen were pizza and nachos. The ones that got weighed out were BBQ chicken and surprisingly the salad. More people actually like the non-vegetarian options than the vegetarian options. In the survey, I put out a question if the compost we have at our school is a good idea? I had four answer choices on this question. The following were the options: yes, no, I don’t know, I don’t care. The percentages were once again in a pie graph, and 63.9% said yes, 4.1% of people said no, 16% of people said I don’t know and the same percentage of people said I don’t care.

I also wanted to compare our lunches with other towns. The most surprising thing to me is the differences between Lincoln and Omaha. One of the teachers I work with has a sister-in-law that works at a school in Omaha, and she eats the school lunch every day. Also, she has a kindergartener that has never brought cold lunch to school in the time she has been there. But one of the differences is the money we spend and the lunch prices. In Omaha the lunch cost is averagely $1.45. In Lincoln the average lunch price is $2.35 What I have learned from this report is that most of the kids in my grade like food that is moderately high in fat. Also I have learned that some of the kids in my grade don’t care about being serious and that I should just have multiple choice questions when it comes to these things. The two things that surprised me the most are the difference between Lincoln and Omaha and how multiple choice surveys are better for my grade level.

This article has been printed in it’s original form and is unedited in order to preserve the integrity of the author’s perspective & age. The pie chart visuals are not original to the author’s article and were generated by Lincoln Kids! Newspaper.

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The Pancake Festival Submitted by the Lincoln Center Kiwanis Club, #KidsNeedKiwanis


njoy some pancakes and help kids in our community—it’s a win-win! The Lincoln Center Kiwanis (LCK) Pancake Festival will take place on October 21, 2017 from 7:00am-2:00pm at the Auld Pavilion at Antelope Park. In addition to allyou-can-eat pancakes, the Festival will feature local entertainment throughout the day. Proceeds will go to the many local projects and partnerships that Lincoln Center Kiwanis, an organization of volunteers, supports for the kids in our community. Here are just a few examples:

Lincoln Children’s Museum LCK volunteers helped establish the Children’s Museum, both providing funds and building exhibits. Currently, LCK supports the Kiwanis Day at the Museum, Make Believe Midnight, and many other museum projects!

Lincoln Children’s Zoo LCK has a long tradition with the

Lincoln Children’s Zoo. From assisting in building the current train tunnel and installing the tracks to providing financial support for free tickets for disadvantaged youth and their families, LCK is a very proud partner to the Zoo.

Service Leadership Programs LCK sponsors Key Club at Zoo School and K-Kids at Everett and McPhee Elementary Schools. Students in these programs learn leadership skills and complete many student- directed community service projects.

The Backpack Program at Everett Elementary

In partnership with the Food Bank of Lincoln, volunteers from LCK pack and distribute food backpacks weekly throughout the school year to over 160 families.

Reading is FUNdamental LCK volunteers visit 14 preschool classrooms at LPS and read books to the students. The students get to take a book home at each LCK visit!

Camp OK Each year, LCK sponsors a weeklong camp for two students who may not have had the opportunity to attend the camp otherwise. Students must apply and interview—a good learning experience in itself!

School Gardens LCK volunteers give “sweat equity” and expertise to school gardens at several elementary schools in Lincoln.

Soil Samples for LPS LCK purchases materials and packs soil samples for all first grade classrooms at LPS to use during their soil unit in science. And much more! Lincoln Center Kiwanis meets at noon on Fridays at the Nebraska Club. To learn more about our projects or becoming a member, visit our website at www. or “Like” us on Facebook. #KidsNeedKiwanis Advance tickets for the Pancake Festival can be purchased at: KiwanisPancakeFeed.

Lincoln Midwest Ballet Company

Nutcracker Auditions September 9, 2017 UNL Mabel Lee Hall 14th & Vine Streets (840 N. 14th St.)

Register to audition at

Lincoln Center Kiwanis Club presents

The 60 th


Pancake Festival Yummy birthday party fun!

with live entertainment provided by local performing artists!

Saturday, October 21st

7am-2pm | Auld Pavilion–Antelope Park Advance Tickets: $6 • $7 at the door

All proceeds support Kiwanis efforts to serve the needs of children.

• Ages 3 & up • Up to 15 guests • Lots of themes & packages available! • Book your party online today!


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Join the Fun: Camp Sonshine Opens New Aerial Park! By Trisha Keiser, Director, Camp Sonshine


amp Sonshine, a summer camp that provides both day camp and overnight camp options for youth, opened a new 30-foot-high aerial park at their overnight site, Camp Solaris, for the 2017 summer season. “After being gifted the Camp Solaris site three years ago, we wanted to continue to invest in the community we serve by developing this property,” says Jeff Keiser, executive director at Camp Sonshine. “This spring we built the aerial park and it provided our summer campers an opportunity to learn and grow in a new way and have fun doing it.”

Page 20 •

Now that the summer season is coming to an end, Camp Sonshine is opening their new Aerial Park for future Camp Sonshine hosted events and public group rental opportunities. The aerial park, the first of its kind in Nebraska, is complete with twelve challenge course elements, an auto belay system, and a zip line. “We also utilize what is called a SmartSnap system, which allows participants to navigate all of the individual elements of a course alone, without ever detaching from a safety line,” says Keiser. “It’s really like a park in the sky where participants get to choose which elements to do at their own pace.” For more information about the aerial park rental options and Camp Sonshine hosted events, call 402.423.8746 or go to www.


Here Comes (and Goes) the Sun Close



with Gretchen Garrison, Mom, Blogger, and Nebraska Enthusiast


n August 21, 2017, United States spectators will be able to see an event that has not happened across the nation in almost a century. A total solar eclipse, when the moon passes between the sun and earth, will cause the sun to appear totally dark for up to three minutes. This phenomenon will be happening from coast to coast across parts of one dozen states, including Nebraska. Be prepared to enjoy the view of a lifetime! Safety. Before and right after the eclipse, you will need special eye protection in order to look at the sun. Visit and search “eclipse” to find out about several eye protection possibilities. During the eclipse, you will need to look directly at the sun to catch a rare glimpse of the corona.

Timing. Arrive to your viewing location early to allow time to get settled. You can go anywhere along the eclipse path where you have an unobstructed view. The Saltdogs stadium is hosting events that will correspond with the afternoon game. The Homestead National Monument near Beatrice is planning a large event with activities for the whole family. The crew from “Ready Jet Go” Totality for the 2017 Total Solar Eclipse in Lincoln is will be there along with scheduled to start at 1:02:36 pm on August 21st and Bill Nye the Science Guy! will last approximately 1 minute & 24 seconds. Partial phase will begin at 11:37:17 am. ( Comfort. Bring along a seat/blanket to sit on while you wait. Also grab a sweater as a photo before or after totality can the temperature will drop up to a damage your lens. I recommend few dozen degrees when the sun is you buy a picture from an expert “hidden.” photographer. Experience. Put your camera and Fascinating facts cell phone away–you do not want to miss the moment! The memory of •• Every continental state will expethis experience will be better than rience at least a partial eclipse. a photo on your phone. Plus, taking •• During the eclipse, the sun is

covered from West to East. This is the opposite of the sunrise pattern. •• Only about ninety minutes will pass from the first total solar eclipse visible in Oregon to the last total solar eclipse seen in South Carolina. •• To learn more about the sun, check out these recommended books and videos: – Younger kids will enjoy The Sun is Always Shining Somewhere by Allan Fowler – For older kids, The Science Behind Wonders of the Sun: Sun Dogs, Lunar Eclipses and Green Flash by Susan Garbe – All can enjoy The Sun by Bill Nye, available on DVD or online streaming Gretchen Garrison is a homeschool mom and former teacher who finds educational lessons everywhere. She tells about more local places and people on her blog, Odyssey Through Nebraska. Her first book, Nebraska Detours: Historical Destinations and Natural Wonders, will be available this fall.

KRAYON CAMPUS A curriculum-based program that promotes healthy development and social emotional learning. Call today to schedule your tour & meet our friendly caregivers!

(402) 486-4847 6001 Normal Blvd M-F 6am–6pm

Infants 6 weeks & up

Toddlers 18 months & up

Caring & nurturing teachers Transportation to LPS schools Nutritious hot meals every day Private outdoor play area Weekly Music & Language Class for all enrolled children 18 months & older.

Preschool & Pre-K Ages 3, 4, & 5

School-Aged to 12 Years

Now Enrolling for

Fall 2017!

Accepting Pre-K applications for Children attending Kindergarten in Fall of 2018. Limited Openings - Call Today!

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Guts & Glory: A Parasite Story at Morrill Hall Submitted By Mandy Haase-Thomas, Chief Communications Officer, University of Nebraska State Museum-Morrill Hall

Discover the Complexities of Being a Parasite!


he weird, the exotic, the deadly, and even some helpful parasites are on display right now at Morrill Hall.

“Guts & Glory: A Parasite Story” is a temporary exhibit at the University of Nebraska State Museum–Morrill Hall exploring the hidden world of parasites while showcasing the museum’s Harold W. Manter Laboratory of Parasitology at the University of Nebraska. Visitors to the exhibit embark on

Teaching, nurturing, and developing the future... one child at a time. • • • •

Educational Focus Ages 6wks–12 years Individual Attention M–F 6:30am–6:00pm

• • • •

Video Security Year-round Preschool Summer Programs Locally Owned

Three convenient locations 8215 Northwoods, Ste #100, 402-465-4769 7301 S. 15th St., 402-421-7301

6021 S. 56th St. 402-420-5440

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a journey to learn “why” and “how” research is conducted on the most common mode of life on Earth: parasitism. Tapeworms, heartworms, fleas, flukes, and bot flies, among others, are examined in the exhibit open through May 2018. The temporary exhibit features a life-sized, 100-foot-long whale tapeworm model, the largest parasite on Earth. A 25-foot wall of real parasite research specimens highlights the diverse sizes, shapes, and lifestyles of some of the smallest and largest parasites from the museum’s collection. Visitors can stick their hand into an enlarged model of a coyote intestine to discover the variety of parasites inside. Viewers can also see a “slice of life” through an interactive Sand Hills soil cube showing how many parasites coexist with the rodents, reptiles and insects in this largely diverse, yet incredibly small section of a Nebraska eco-region.

Highlighted in the exhibit is the museum’s Harold W. Manter Laboratory of Parasitology collection and its scientists. The collection represents 10,000 species with specimens collected from every continent and the world’s oceans. The parasite collection is one of the world’s largest and is second in size only to the Smithsonian Institution in the western hemisphere. The lab provides opportunity for University of Nebraska (UNL) scientists, students, and visiting scholars to study parasites in order to understand emerging diseases, evolutionary relationships, and the health of our ecosystems. “It has been great to see how UNL faculty research can be made into a fun, informative exhibit,” says museum director Dr. Susan Weller. “Although, you likely will leave the exhibit feeling both fascinated and a bit uneasy, you’ll be glad someone is finding the parasites before they find us!”


Buggin’ About Head Lice?

Don’t fret! Healthy Heads Lice Removal Experts are here for you!

Yes, You can be a Head Lice Expert!

Submitted by Healthy Heads Lice Removal Experts


s the new school year approaches parents have quite the to-do list: school supplies, lunch prep, carpools, extracurriculars, and so much more! One thing parents and their children don’t want to add to their list of things to worry about is head lice!

Educate yourself. Look up pictures of head lice online. It’s important to know what you’re looking for. Lice are small but not microscopic. They’re also varying shades of brown. They cannot jump. The eggs, also known as nits, are not always white in color. They can be reddish

brown and even dark brown. Check your kids frequently to catch a possible infestation in the early stages. Talk to your family. Learn about head lice together and ensure everyone understands how they’re contracted as well as how to avoid these pesky parasites. Sharing isn’t always caring! Let the kiddos know not to share hats, coats, brushes, helmets, etc. Headto-head contact is the main way head lice is passed. Selfies, sleepovers, movie theaters, and sports with shared helmets are some common starting points of an infestation. Even after you’ve taken all these precautions, lice can still make their way into your home and can be very difficult to manage on your own. If this happens, don’t panic! Lincoln’s very own Healthy Heads Lice Removal Experts are here to help! Our process, products, and technicians will have your family lice and nit free in no time. We work with your schedule so you don’t have to miss school, work, or activities, and we guarantee your family

will leave lice free. Healthy Heads also carries a line of prevention products called, “Scootie Cootie” which are effective and safe for your entire family. So whether you need prevention products, help with a head check, or an appointment for lice removal, Healthy Heads is here for you. Call (402) 580-7409 today so you can rest assured your family is lice free.

Silly Squirrel in my Yard by Grace Cai, 7 2B pencil & colored pencil Art Academy-Lincoln

Call today – we’ll take it from here!

(402) 580-7409

Lice Removal Experts We know your life is busy Lice is the last thing you want to deal with.

Centrally located and anonymous treatment location

We customize our exceptional service & flexible scheduling to meet your family’s needs. The Healthy Heads Lice Removal Process includes our strand-by-strand examination. Your house can rest worry-free with our

30 day guarantee!

All household members must be checked & treated if needed.

Affordable • Private • Professional • Thorough

Lincoln ’s Lice Re #1 moval Compa ny!


Dr. Gogela

Started July 2017!

Kay L. Anderson, M.D., F.A.A.P. Philip T. Boucher, M.D., F.A.A.P. Jeffrey J. David, M.D., F.A.A.P. Jason J. Davis, M.D., F.A.A.P. Carrie A. Dell, M.D., F.A.A.P. Heather A. Dews, M.D., F.A.A.P. Douglas D. Ebers, M.D., F.A.A.P. Kurstin L. Friesen, M.D., F.A.A.P. Michael J. Germer, M.D., F.A.A.P. Kate E. Gogela, M.D., F.A.A.P. Joel A. Greisen, M.D., F.A.A.P. Shelley K. Nelson, M.D., F.A.A.P. Maureen Garvin, PA-C Michael J. Huckabee, PA-C Dallas D. Schlegel, PA-C Julie E. Timme, PA-C Valerie A. Vernon, PA-C Becky D. Waegli, PA-C

Dr. Nelson

Celebrating 1 year!


Drs. Kate Gogela & Shelley Nelson! Now accepting new patients!

It’s time to schedule your child’s annual flu vaccine • Call today! Office Hours Mon-Thu

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Lincoln Pediatric Group, LLC 4501 S. 70th, Suite 110, Lincoln

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The Stay Command: A Lifelong Skill

P t T lk with Allison Hunter-Frederick, Reader, Writer, Animal Lover, Blogger


he next dog sports class is about to start, but before it does, my husband commands our dog Barnaby to sit and stay. For the next ten minutes, he helps his instructor and fellow classmates set up that evening’s agility course, all while Barnaby stays put. When my husband is done, he returns to Barnaby and praises him for being such a good boy. The “stay” command is useful for teaching pets to stay away from an off-limit area or to remain in a target area, as in the above example. It’s useful in other real-life situations too. For example, a dog can be put in a sit-stay to keep still while being examined at the vet, or to keep from getting underfoot while you prepare dinner. Before you can teach ‘stay’, your pet first needs to know ‘sit’. This is because it’s easier for a pet to stay

when it’s sitting rather than standing. Once your pet knows ‘sit’, you can teach ‘stay’ by practicing these simple steps:

1. Have your pet ‘come’ & ‘sit’. 2. Hold your hand in front of your 3.


5. 6.


pet’s face, palm facing him, i.e. the ‘stop’ signal. After he stays in place for a few seconds, say a release command, like “Break” or “Okay.” Reward successful attempts. After a few successes, add the verbal cue “Stay” when you hold your palm out. Continue to reward his successes. Gradually increase the amount of time you command him to stay. Take a step back after telling him to stay. Return to him, give the release command, and reward him. Gradually increase the distance with each successful stay. At any point that your pet breaks his stay, don’t punish him. Simply repeat the above steps.

The stay command can be tough

to master. Here are tips for your training sessions: Location: Start in a quiet place. Method: Add minor distractions, such as shifting your weight, and progress to bigger distractions, like throwing a toy. As she improves in her ability to stay, you might teach her to overcome fearful objects, such as the vacuum. Duration: Reward your pet for baby steps to convince her that the stay command has value. As she advances into longer stays, include shorter stays to keep her interested. Mix It Up: Train for real life situations. For example, if your pet likes to dash through open doors, have your dog stay while a helper opens and closes a door. Start with a safe interior door, such as a bathroom door. When you switch to a riskier outer door, be sure to put your pet on a leash. Challenge your pet to stay when you leave the room. Test her at first for only a few seconds, but then gradually increase how long you are out of sight.

Allison’s Cat, Rainy, learning to “stay”

The stay command is a critical skill for pet behavior, and is part of puppy manners classes and the Canine Good Citizenship test. As such, practice shouldn’t be dropped once your pet seems to have the hang of it. It’s a life skill that should be exercised regularly. Drop me a line at to let me know how training goes or if you have any pet training questions.

Specially-trained children’s stylists All the latest styles for your family Fun play area & video games Adult haircuts & facial waxing, too! Specializing in squirmers!

M-F 9:30am-5:45pm Sat 9am-2:45pm

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Music Now. Skills for Life.

Kindermusik of Lincoln with Shawna Gordon

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Halloween Pet Safety Tips the door. Securing pets in a room until the door bell stops ringing will help keep everyone safe. •• Be sure your pets are wearing their identification tags in case they run off. Consider microchipping as it greatly increases the odds of pets being reunited with their families. (Remember, it is imperative that you contact the microchip company to update your information when you move or change phone numbers.)

By Charleen Engberg, Director of Volunteers & Education, Capital Humane Society


alloween is a favorite holiday for many. If you have pets, remember these tips and celebrate safely! •• Candy, especially chocolate, needs to be kept out of your pet’s reach. It can make them very sick and can be toxic. Treats should be stored in a place where your pet cannot get to them. •• Candles and cords of decorations can cause problems for pets who may chew on the wires or knock over the lit candles. Use these items with caution. •• If you plan to dress up your pet, make sure the costume fits and doesn’t impede the pet’s ability to move comfortably. They still need to be able to hear, see, breathe, and communicate normally. You’ll also want to supervise your pet if they are dressed up. Watch to make sure they don’t try to chew off buttons or

Proper planning can prevent problems. Contact your veterinarian with any pet health questions you have.

Your friends at Capital Humane Society appreciate that you take the time to prepare for the holiday, so Halloween will be a treat. www.Capital Humane 402-441-4488 Pieloch Pet Adoption Center 6500 S. 70th Street Lincoln, NE 68516 Admissions & Assessment Center 2320 Park Boulevard Lincoln, NE 68502

Make sure your pets can’t access your Halloween Treats­—many candies are toxic to animals!

get tangled in straps. •• Have a plan for safely confining your pet as the doors open for visitors. You don’t want to risk your pet slipping out and becoming lost. Some dogs are quite protective and will not appreciate all the strangers that come to

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Giraffe Fun Facts Submitted by the Lincoln Children’s Zoo


n 2019, Lincoln Children’s Zoo will open a world-class giraffe habitat where guests will have the opportunity to feed these amazing animals. Here are some fun facts about giraffes and their new habitat at the Zoo: •• Their long necks help them reach leaves, fruit, and other food high in the trees that other animals cannot reach.

Page 26 •

•• Both giraffes and humans have seven vertebrae in their necks, giraffes vertebrae are just longer. •• Another advantage of the Giraffe’s long neck is that it allows them to see across far distances and over landscapes to keep an eye out for predators. •• Their spots work as camouflage and assist them in blending in with their surroundings. •• Giraffe tongues are around 17 inches long, allowing them to

reach higher up and further into trees for food. •• No two giraffe spot patterns are the same, just like human fingerprints. •• Newborn giraffes are taller than most human adults.

Zoo Habitat Facts •• The Zoo will be the second zoo in the nation to have indoor and outdoor elevated areas built for year-round giraffe feeding.

•• The new giraffe habitat will be the largest animal area ever built at the Lincoln Children’s Zoo. •• Specially designed tall doors will allow the giraffes to walk between their indoor and outdoor habitats. •• The inside floor of the giraffe habitat will be heated for the giraffes in the winter months. •• Special feeders will be placed inside and outside for food to travel up for the giraffes to eat.


Mexican Mummies By Mark Martin, World Traveler, Retired Publisher, Lincoln Kids! Newspaper


ince retiring from Lincoln Kids! Newspaper, my wife Fran and I have had more time to travel. Earlier this year we visited a World Heritage City, Guanajuato, in the central highlands of Mexico. This colorful and historic city dates back to 1542 when it was claimed by the Spanish, and the present-day city was officially established in 1679. Like Lincoln, Guanajuato is a college town, with the University of Guanajuato dating back to 1732 (this is the same year Georgia was added as the 13th colony—44 years before we became a country)! Guanajuato is known for several attractions. Historically, it was a booming mining city, famous for some of the largest silver mines in the world. It also has a vast network of underground tunnels, originally built to battle constant flooding, and now used for transportation. The streets above are winding and narrow, so traveling below ground is more efficient for automobiles. One of Mexico’s most legend-

ary holidays, Dia de los Muertos, or “Day of the Dead”, begins on October 31 and ends on November 2, and Guanajuato is a wonderful place to celebrate. In fact, the city has its own colorful history with death that can be celebrated any day of the year...

I Want My Mummy In the year 1833 there was a huge Cholera outbreak in the area, killing hundreds of people. The pandemic wiped out such a large percentage of the population that new cemeteries had to be constructed, and fast! One particular cemetery, Panteón de Belén, was contracted and built on the gardens of the Hospital of Belén. In 1865, the body of a doctor was exhumed from his grave on the hospital grounds, and it was discovered that he had been naturally mummified. Due to a perpetual burial tax, more bodies were consequently extracted, only to be of the same strange condition. As it turns out, elements present in the soil actually caused natural mummification of the deceased.

While visiting, we were told that in the early 1900’s the city elders were looking for a way to increase tourism, so they decided to promote the mummies as an attraction. We were shown an original poster of a lovely young girl, the reigning Miss Teen Guanajuato, very reluctantly posing with her arm around several mummies (by the look on her face, I’m sure the city elders had neglected to tell her that this was to be of part of her duties). These posters were distributed all over Mexico and soon the mummies became a big hit! Now, over 100 natural mummies are held at El Museo de las Momias for viewing, cataloging, and celebrating. Traveling presents you with all sorts of new adventures and learning opportunities, like learning the native language—which has been a fun challenge for us. Check out The Language Project (left) for info on spanish classes for youth. As Fran and I continue our travels we hope to share with you some of our worldly discoveries. ¡Feliz otoño! (Happy Fall!)


Sports Area

Close to Lincoln & Omaha! Take exit 439 off I-80. Head west on Hwy 370, then left on 180th street. Drive 1 mile to entrance!

September 15th – October 31st 9am to 9pm Daily

Visit our website for activities, admission prices, discounts, and reservations: 402-332-4200 Page 28 •




Live Shows Daily!


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PLAY HERE SHAPE THEIR FUTURE Come join in the fall fun at Camp Kitaki! Fall Round-Up

Friday evening, September 22-24 Ages 7 to 14. Price $120. Come for a weekend of horseback riding, archery, crafts & more!

Halloween Camp

October 14-15, 20-21, 21-22, 27-28, 28-29 Ages 7 to 14. Price $56. Venture into the haunted barn, explore the woods on a spooky trail hike, and get dressed up for a costume dance! We also have plenty of fun daytime activities, all in a safe and supervised environment.

Fall Family BBQ

October 15 from 2:30–7 PM. All ages welcome. Price $15/person ages 7 & up, $7.50 ages 4-7, 3 & under free. Or $50 for the entire family. An afternoon of family fun and a delicious BBQ dinner, supporting the Strong Kids Campaign! Archery Range, Crafts Den, Lake, Fort Pawnee, and more. Horse rides available for an additional $10 per person donation for ages 7 and older.

New Year’s Live

December 29-January 1 Our longest cold-weather campout! With a Dance Party, Winter Gaga, Wacky Winter Olympics & more! Plan now to join the fun!

Space is limited, call to reserve your spot today!

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Get Out. Be Active. Have Fun in Nature! By Jamie Kelly, Naturalist, Pioneers Park Nature Center


id you know through Lincoln Parks and Recreation our community has over 6,000 acres of parks and natural land for you to explore? There are over 133 miles of trails, 126 parks, public gardens, including the Sunken Gardens with thousands of flowers, and, of course, the Nature Center—all within our great city! We have so many places to visit, be outside, and enjoy nature. But once you get there, what do you do? One simple activity is to sit silently and listen. Perk up your ears, what can you hear? Focus on the sounds of nature, like the song of a robin, the wind rustling leaves, or a cricket chirping. Turning off the noise of everyday life—cell phones, music, even our thoughts—can be a challenge, but soon your ears will awaken to the symphony of nature around you. It might take a moment or two to get used to not talking, it might even feel a little awkward to sit in silence, but it will get easier the more you try. During your silent sit try to see

Having fun while learning is easy at the Nature Center

how many different sounds you can count in 30 seconds. You can keep track in your head, write them down, tally them in the dirt, or count on your fingers. A bird chirped–that’s 1…now an insect buzzed–that’s 2…a leaf rustled in the tree–that’s 3. Keep going to see how many sounds you can hear! Did anything surprise you? What did

you hear most often? How far away do you think the sounds came from– was it close or distant? Another silent sit activity is to close your eyes and start counting in your head, one one-thousand, two one-thousand, three one-thousand… How long before you heard the first bird chirp, or bull frog croak? Was it easy to count

to ten before a sound of nature held your attention, or was challenging? Try cataloging the differing sounds of various areas, like shaded woods versus sunny fields, or by the pond versus open grass. You can even try this activity at different times of year­ —how do birds sound in the fall versus the spring, does the winter snow muffle the sounds of wind? This autumn, I encourage you to visit our parks, get out, be active, and have fun in nature! Maybe take a few minutes to try a silent sit with your family and friends. The Nature Center is open Monday–Saturday, 8:30am-5pm, and Sunday, noon-5pm. Our Wild Fall Festival will take place on September 15 from 5-8pm. We’d also love to see you at Saturday with the Naturalist, our guided hike program, on the third Saturday of September, October, and November. Visit (keyword: nature center) for more info about the Nature Center and our events & programs. Follow us @ lnknaturecenter on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.

Monday, August 21 • 11:30 am-2:30 pm Enjoy the eclipse from anywhere in Lincoln including one of the 126 local parks or even your own yard! Lay on a blanket or recline in a lawn chair for a relaxing view. Remember: DO NOT look directly at the sun, and sunglasses will not protect your eyes! Only approved solar filters allow adequate eye protection when viewing the sun. Total Eclipse viewing glasses may be purchased at the Pioneers Park Nature Center gift shop prior to the eclipse. Enjoy!

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The Need for Wildlife By Lindsay Rogers, Wildlife Education Specialist, Nebraska Game & Parks Commission


n my past columns I have written about why spending time outside is crucial for your mental and physical health. You may have learned that although raising a child is extremely costly, nature provides us with countless fun (and free) family opportunities. You also may have learned that quality nature and science education are not only simple but also fun to do as a family. However, for this article, I thought I would focus on something a little different: the value of wildlife. I was recently leading a workshop for educators when I was asked, “Why does it matter? Why should we care about songbirds and bees?” To me this seems like a crazy question, but after thinking about it for a while, I understand why someone might ask this. For many people,

a songbird, like a cardinal or goldfinch, do not provide any direct benefit. To many, a bee is something that stings and thus should be feared. In reality, all living organisms have something to offer. Bats are voracious insect eaters. Without bats, your yard would most certainly be inundated with mosquitoes, which are not only annoying, but also have the potential to spread diseases such as West Nile, malaria and the Zika virus. But mosquitoes have purpose, too. Without mosquito larvae, a host of fish, insects, and birds would lose one of their main food sources, along with bats! Songbirds matter as well. You may not have noticed that the population of cerulean warblers has dropped by 70 percent in a 30-year period, but I bet the trees have. Warblers eat insects, including caterpillars, which feed on tree leaves. Without songbirds like warblers, more caterpillars are around to damage tree leaves, making the trees grow more slowly. The trees are also less productive at filtering carbon dioxide because they have fewer healthy leaves. Imagine a

Spending time outside with children is a simple and fun way to create the next generation of conservationists

world without warblers—more carbon dioxide, less oxygen, and less tree wood to build homes, furniture and campfires. What about bees, flies and wasps? All of these “dangerous” species are important in pollination. Without bees and many species of flies and wasps to pollinate, we would live in a world without apples, almonds, tomatoes, chocolate and tequila— just to name a few. So what about things like snakes? Surely snakes serve no purpose other than to scare people, right? But a world without snakes would mean significantly more mice in and around your home, and while some might think mice are cute, remember that, like mosquitoes, mice can carry many diseases. If these benefits don’t matter to you, think about this: ecotourism in Nebraska brings in $2.4 billion annually to our state. Ecotourism is travel *



Jumping Pillow


that specifically focuses on engaging tourists in nature, conservation and often wildlife. This includes fishing, hunting, hiking, nature photography and wildlife watching. To sustain ecotourism and all the money that goes along with it, we must also sustain quality habitat and diverse populations of wildlife. Today we need parents who love and understand the need for wild spaces and wildlife. We need parents who encourage their children to go explore. We need parents who can put aside their own fears or misconceptions about nature in an effort to learn with their children about the wonders of the natural world. Without understanding, encouragement, and exploration from parents, we will never develop conservation-minded adults who not only understand the value of wildlife, but also play an active role in wildlife conservation.

Foam Pit

Book y

FUN-T our birthd ASTIC ay online party to LostInF day! !


Fun Gym


Lazer Maze


ll in for a F FUN! Present this coupon for

25% OFF any one pass! Not valid for parties or with other offers. Exp. 10/31/2017

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(402) 261-0440 * * 15th & Yankee Hill


4-H Helps Youth Develop Skills for Life Submitted by Nebraska Extension in Lancaster County


ancaster County youth and their families are invited to discover 4-H at the 4-H Information Night on Tuesday, Oct. 10, at 6 pm, at the Lancaster Extension Education Center, 444 Cherrycreek Road in Lincoln. The Nebraska Extension 4-H youth development program is open to all youth ages 5-18. Emphasis is on citizenship/leadership, science, healthy lifestyles, career development and ag literacy. The handson learning, encouragement, and adult mentoring that young people receive through 4-H plays a vital role in helping them achieve future life successes. In Lancaster County, there are four ways to get involved: • Help form a new 4-H club • Be an independent member • Join an existing 4-H club (limited availability)

In 4-H clubs, members learn by doing hands-on projects. Last year, the Little Green Giants 4-H Club of Lincoln created circuits as youth learned about electricity.

• Participate in 4-H activities, such as camps Families are encouraged to help organize a new club–which is a lot easier than you may think! If you know other adults you’d like to start a club with, that is great. If not, 4-H can set you up with other volunteers wanting to help start a club. For more information, call Extension at 402-441-7180 or go to

Birdnerd Blurb Jason st. Sauver


Help Birds with Fat and Sugar!

s the summer ends, many of our feathered friends will begin their long, migratory trips back to Winter homes like Texas, Mexico, and Central and South America. It’s a long and tough flight, but you can help them stay healthy along the way. If you have feeders in your back yard, make sure they are clean and full. Consider offering a seed mix containing berries and nuts, which is higher in sugar and fat, to help the birds sustain their

energy and weight. You can also have fun planting shrubs that produce berries in the fall for our catbirds, robins, and waxwings that love to eat them. Also, don’t forget some delicious suet! Suet has animal fat in it that is essential for birds this time of year. If temperatures are hot, make sure to change the suet every two weeks. By providing these necessary fats and sugars for the migratory birds, you may see a variety of them stop to rest and replenish in your yard.

Happy Birding!

11700 SW 100th Street (Denton)

Upcoming Events • Little Eclipse On The Prairie, Monday, Aug 21, 12 – 2pm. Beat the crowds and come enjoy the 2017 Total Eclipse on the tallgrass prairie! Bring a picnic blanket and find a great wide-open spot to relax and enjoy this amazing event. Free eclipse glasses to the first 100 visitors. Free admission, no registration needed.

• Fall Fest: Music ‘Cross the Meadow, Friday, Oct. 6, 5-8pm. Enjoy the prairie in the evening with family-friendly fun: art, nature hikes, wagon rides, & more! Live music by local bands & musicians. Open to the public and no reservations are required. A $5/person suggested donation is appreciated. Kids 12 & under are FREE!

For more info call (402) 797-2301 or email Jason the Birdnerd at Fall 2017 • Page 33


LK! Art Gallery Fantasy Tree by Jaden Vorderstrasse, 8, Second grade at Calvert Elementary Made at home

A Study of Georgia O’Keefe’s ‘Patterns of Leaves’ by Dariia Kulmurzaeva, 14, Color Pencil Art Academy-Lincoln

Above: Teapot Left: Orange Teapot by Nina Friedemann, 13 LUX Center for the Arts

Warhol Flowers by Elise Lammers, 8 Art Around the Corner

Years & Months Are Coming by Nithin Mehta, 5 Mixed Media, Messages Matter Project The ArtReach Project

Castle by lsie Byarlay, 5 Art Around the Corner

Your Art Could Be Here! Paintings • Drawings • Sculptures • Poems • Riddles • Jokes • Photography • PO Box 67203, Lincoln, NE 68506

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ARTREACH Update By Tamara Kaye, Executive Director, The ArtReach Project

The Cardboard Village


Pumpkin of the night by Harper Lethcoe, 6 Kindergartner at Rousseau Elementary (2016) Created last year at school

Midwestern mall, cardboard creations, and aspiring architects…what do these all have in common? Sometimes in order to see something really well, you have to see it through a child’s eyes. This summer, The ArtReach Project embarked on a journey that transported all of its summer camp students on a trip around the world without ever leaving the city. This was possible because Lincoln is a rich and diverse cultural resource, offering much to learn about distant countries and cultures through the wonderful people living here. Seven weeks brought us to seven countries as we were visited by presenters who were willing to share with us their country, home, traditions, and stories. And the architects? They helped us build! Each week the students, architects, and the ArtReach Team worked together to establish a village constructed out of cardboard for the passersby at the Gateway Mall Summer ArtReach Space. Each week, a new home was made to match the one the presenter told us about. Each one came with a story and a message: “Life is not always as we want, sometimes we are very happy and sometimes it’s very hard. However, with determination and hope we can turn the bitter life to the best. Even if life becomes hard, do not give up. Always be hopeful and remember after every dark night a bright morning comes.”

Sailboat by Bryan Retes, 12 LUX Center for the Arts

“A green (not blue) river slithers through the vast green field in front of the house. Birds sing, butterflies dance, and chickens wander. The house is blended in the environment. I missed this the most when I moved.” “I want them to know where they came from...Most parents came here for their children to get a better education, a better life. And to get that better life, then you must be educated.” There is so much to learn when we share our stories—when we create community while making art. This is why taking and making the time for it is so important for our communities, for our kids, and for each other. The heart of The ArtReach Project thrives when you do so in kind, caring, and creative ways. We’d like to thank the following sponsors for contributing to the success of The Cardboard Village: LES, BVH Architecture, Lincoln Children’s Dentistry, and Becky Huebner dba Nebraska Home Sales. If you’d like to support the work of The ArtReach Project and/or contribute to the scholarship fund, please contact us regarding opportunities.

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Lincoln Music Teachers Association (LMTA)

Irish Ceili Dance Classes for Kids & More By Elizabeth Howe, Communications Coordinator, Lincoln Irish Dancers

T Originating in 1942, The Lincoln Music Teachers Association is celebrating 75 years of excellence in 2017. Pictured are members who have served as LMTA President over the years. First Row: Alice Bowen, Charlotte Heermann, Wanda Mandigo, Lois Burger, Jo Riecker-Karl. Second Row: Joan Reist, Shirley Ficke, Marcia Wiebers, Shirley Schulz, MarySue Harris, Barbara Rader, Chad Houk, Nancy Schoen, Present LMTA President Svetlana Yashirin, MTNA Executive Director and CEO Gary Ingle. Past Presidents not pictured: Jane Sonneland, Donna Gunn, Betty Little, Jean Hendersen, Margaret Nelson, Margot Peterson, Becky Seth, and Susan Kerhli Moore. Deceased: Alice H.S. Rowell, Mrs. J.M. Neely, Mariel Jones, Ruth Dreamer, Daisy Sechrist, Grace Finch, Margaret McGregor, Marguerite Widener, Emma Loder, Mildred McFarland, Margaret Lindgren, Carol Work, Adelaide Spurgin, Ruth Dann, Lela Pierce and Ceil Brown.


he Lincoln Music Teachers Association recently hosted a luncheon to celebrate their 75th anniversary. Executive Director and CEO Gary Ingle of Music Teachers National Association in Cincinnati present-

ed a plaque to LMTA President Svetlana Yashirin, commemorating LMTA’s 75 years. Joan Reist and Charlotte Heermann gave an account of how LMTA evolved, and Marcelo Lian, Argentinian-born pianist, performed tangos.

he rhythmic energy of Irish dance tunes makes a person want to get up and dance! Ceili (KAY-lee) is traditional Irish social dancing for people of all ages, with classes offered by Lincoln Irish Dancers during the school year. We like to say: “If you can walk and count to seven, you can do Ceili!” Come to a FREE Try-It Event on Monday, August 28, 6:30-8:00 pm, at First Presbyterian Church (840 South 17th Street). Enter from the parking lot and follow the signs to the Great Hall to try ceili! Then register your youngsters ages 8 to 11 for the fall 2017 Kids’ Class. The 5-week session is held Monday evenings, September 11 through October 9, from 5:30-6:00 pm. Preregistration is required: lincolnirishdancerskidsclasses.eventbrite. com. Class size is limited. Classes teach beginning Irish dance

basics (stance, posture, hand holds, leg and foot positions), rhythms, and basic Irish dance steps and figures. Students will be doing simple Irish dances by the end of the session! The rest of the family can get in on the fun, too! Beginner and Advanced Irish Ceili Dance classes are available for ages 12 and up on Monday evenings between 6:00 pm and 8:00 pm. For more information about the Lincoln Irish Dancers and schedule of classes, visit www. Let’s get jiggy with it!

Get Involved! Fast Facts: •• Lincoln Irish Dancers Kids’ Classes are for ages 8-11 •• Sep 11–Oct 9 (5-week session) •• Mondays nights, 5:30-6:00 pm •• Only $15 for all 5 weeks •• First Presbyterian Church •• Sign up with Eventbrite:

SUPPORT GROUPS Answers4Families Information, dialogue opportunities, education, & support for families, children and adults with disabilities, individuals over 60, & providers. State & national resources, support group schedules, organizations, & coping tips. Free database ( of Nebraska service providers. Helpline, 800-746-8420; Autism Family Network A support organization alternating between fun and informative events. Contact Cathy Martinez, Board President, at Cancer Support Groups Various cancer support groups and services for patients, family members, & friends. Contact the American Cancer Society, 402-423-4888, 5733 S. 34th Street, Ste. 500. Charlie Brown’s Kids Grief Support Group 1st & 3rd Thursdays, 6-8pm. Grief support group for children ages 3-18 who have experienced the death of a parent. Caregivers meet at the same time. Youth share feelings through books, discussions, art, writing & remembrance projects. Sheridan Lutheran, 6955 Old Cheney, 483-1845. Bev Prucha, Down Syndrome Advocates in Action NE DSAA NE promotes inclusion and acceptance of individuals with Down Syndrome. We can provide IEP Support, a mentoring program and events to help families socialize and learn from each other. Connect with us on our website www., by email at, or call 402-413-0199.

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Good Neighbor Mothers Offering Moms Support Mom’s support group, 1st & 3rd Thursdays at Good Neighbor Community Center, 2617 Y Street, 402-477-4173. Heartland Home Schoolers Providing encouragement for home school parents. Offering activities for home schooled students, including skating parties, spelling bee, science fair and more. heartland/. Help for Attention Deficit Disorders First Tuesdays, 6-7:30pm. Parenting network. Creative/challenging activities for children, support/education for parents. Family meal provided. 5903 Walker Ave., 471-3700. La Leche League of Lincoln La Leche League’s mission is to help mothers worldwide to breastfeed through mother-to-mother support, encouragement, information, and education, and to promote a better understanding of breastfeeding as an important element in the healthy development of the baby and mother. We have multiple meetings for encouragement and leaders to answer questions throughout Lincoln. For more information call Brooke at 402-5408568 or visit Lincoln Area Families with Multiples For families welcoming multiples into their lives, and the joys and challenges that come with them. 434-6533,,, LAFM, P.O. Box 5911, Lincoln, 68505-5911.

M.O.M.S. (Meeting Other Mothers) Tuesdays, 9:30-11am, Grace Lutheran Church, 2225 Washington. Conversation, speakers, crafts, snacks, service projects, & various topics; also holiday parties & field trips. Daycare available: $3/child +$1 each additional. Melissa Nickolaus, 464-6921. Mom Support Group Wednesdays, Bryan Health Family Birthplace at Institute for Women’s & Children’s Health. Facilitated by lactation consultants. 1:30-2:30PM. 402-481-7103. MOMS (Moms Offering Moms Support) Club of Lincoln Lincoln chapter of the International MOMS Club®, a non-profit organization specifically for at-home moms. Several events each month for our members: breakfasts, book clubs, play groups, mom’s night out, etc! Our goal is to support each other through friendship, activities, and service projects in the Lincoln area. Lincoln MOMs (Moms on a Mission) All moms are invited. Every First Saturday of the Month 8:30 - 10:30PM. Gianna’s Java & Gelato, The Guadalupe Center, 2241 O St, Ste. T. Opening prayer, inspirational speaker, group discussion, social time, snacks and coffee. Childcare available with signup. $5 suggested donation. See our Facebook group for events and topics: Lincoln MOMs or email lincolnmoms@outlook. com MOPS (Mothers of Preschoolers) Are you a mom of a child aged birth to kindergar-

ten? There’s a place for you in a MOPS Group! MOPS provides a welcome break for moms; a chance for moms to make new friends, & an opportunity for moms to know they are not alone in the struggles & joys of raising young children. Ten groups in Lincoln and the surrounding area meeting on various Mon/Tue/Wed/Thu mornings and evenings. Child care provided in a nurturing environment. For more information or to find a group that works with your schedule, visit www. You can also contact Denise Savage at Mother Me Weekly meeting group to support mothers of infants through pre-schoolers. A place for moms to talk & be heard, laugh and/or cry. We meet in the evening for moms who are unable to attend daytime meetings. We have a love of fun & love for new moms—please join us! Tuesdays from 6:30pm-8:00pm. Trinity Chiropractic, Inspire ME meeting space, 3120 O Street. Contact for more info. Mourning Hope Grief Support 402-488-8989, email or visit Open Hearts Adoption Support Group Fellowship for families with adopted children. Family-centered events (Christmas Party, Ethnic Party, Picnics, Mother’s Tea, Harvest Party). Supported through dues and gifts. All families welcome, especially if you want to find out more about adoption! Dates & locations vary, contact Sherie Quirie, 465-5841 or


Children’s Lessons & Activities NAME




Alex Wright Music Studio

Piano & Guitar

As Demi Lovato’s former keyboard player & with 10 years of teaching experience, Alex’s real world approach works wonders for kids & adults alike. Lessons are fun and effective! Visit to apply today as space is limited!

Alice Bowen


Private lessons include theory classes with ensembles and performance opportunities. Group lessons available for beginners. Ages 4–adult. References Available. Call for info or to interview.

Art Lessons

Join a fun Art Program in our neighborhood studio just around the corner. Includes: pick up from Sheridan, escorted walking group, snack, sketchbook, art history lesson, instruction from a 20+ year artist & teacher, and all supplies.

2129 Winthrop Road 402-560-3326

Guitar, Piano Violin, & more!

Guitar, Bass, Piano, Dobro, Lap Steel, Mandolin, Banjo, Violin, Ukulele and Voice instruction for all ages. Fun, positive learning environment. Reduced rate guitar & Ukulele classes for kids ages 5–9.

3835 S. 48th St. (across from Union College) 402-486-0599


Gymnastics classes for boys & girls ages 2 through 16. We promote an “I can do” attitude, building not only overall physical skills, but also “life skills”.

5030 N. 57th 402-464-9692

Encore Studio


Piano lessons and piano/keyboard classes for all levels. Teaching beginners of all ages.

Harris Academy of the Arts

Music Lessons

Individualized for YOUR Goals | Convenient Scheduling for Entire Family University Trained | Reputable | Experienced | Friendly | Passionate Piano | Voice | Guitar | Strings | Woodwinds | Brass | Theatre Kindermusik | Children’s Music Academy | Rock Bands | Show Choirs | String Ensembles

Sports & Activities

Indoor tennis: ages 4 & up. UPTSA Certified Instructors. Private/semi-private/group classes. Swimming: private/semi-private/group lessons for 6+ months & LAC Racers swim team. Elite Baseball & Softball programs with summer camps & private instruction. Kids programs free w/ family membership. Experienced teachers, competitive rates. Non-members welcome!

Lincoln Irish Dancers

Dance Classes

Kids Classes ages 8-11: Sep 11-Oct 9, 5:30-6pm (Mondays). $15/ 5-wk session. Pre-registration required. Class size limited. Visit the LID website for additional classes ages 12 & up.

Lincoln Music Teachers Association

Music Lessons

Find a Music Teacher! Access for a Teacher Directory. Scholarships available for those who qualify!

LUX Center for the Arts

Art Classes

Real art taught by real artists! High quality art classes, camps, and private lessons for youth and adults. Popular topics include clay, painting, drawing, metals, and more! Small class sizes for personalized learning.


Ballet, Pointe, Jazz, Tap, Lyrical, Hip-Hop and 2-Gether. Studio directed by Melissa Prettyman Meranda, B.A. in Dance. Come and experience your child’s passion for dance!

My Gym

Gymnastics & Sports Skills

Your child will have fun while building confidence & self esteem in our beginning gymnastics & sports skills classes. Games, relays, dances & rides. Age appropriate classes.

Nissa’s String Studio

Violin, Viola, Guitar, Piano, Cello, & more!

Bring your kids to a place where music is learned, not taught. All-inclusive membership, with no contracts or surprise fees. Three yearly recitals. New location with modern waiting area and amenities. Home of community-based Spitfire Fiddle Band. Call today to get enrolled.

8535 Executive Woods Dr, Ste 100 (near S.14th & Yankee Hill Rd) 402-440-1473

Piccoli Dance Theatre


Core curriculum for technique-based excellence in Ballet, Pointe, Jazz, Tap, Lyrical, Hip hop, Musical Theater, Acting for Dancers, Tumbling, & more! Large class selection ages 2-adult. Studio features both a competitive company and pre-professional program.

1233 Arapahoe St Suite 100 402-937-0678

The Language Project

Spanish Classes for Ages 3-10

Learn a new language through highly engaging activities, stories, games, music & more. With TLP´s innovate programs, 100% immersion = 100% FUN!

Dance & Tumbling

Ballet, Pointe, Tap, Jazz, Lyrical, Repertory, Hip Hop, Tumbling, and All Boys Hip Hop! Ages 2 years-adult. Award Winning Competitive Company! Creative Movement for 3-4 year olds, and Wee Go Together for 2-3 year olds & their mom/dad/special friend.

Art Around the Corner Blue Raven Music Studios Capital City Gymnastics

Lincoln Athletic Club (Lincoln Racquet Club)

Motions Dance Academy

Universal Dance Academy

7500 South St. 402-202-2029 2501 S. 20th St. 402-435-0386

Located near 70th & O Street 402-499-0400 2935 Pine Lake Rd (across from South Pointe Mall) 402-423-7121 5300 Old Cheney Road Register online or call 402-423-2511 First Presbyterian, 840 S.17th St 2601 N. 48th St. 402-466-8692 8200 Cody Dr., Suite L (1 block N of 14th & Yankee Hill) 402-420-0579

2755 Jamie Lane, Suite 4 (near S 27th & Yankee Hill Road) 402-802-9982

402-419-8983 400 N. 48th Street • Suite C-01 402-477-5900 •

Your program could be here! Email Fall 2017 • Page 37


Child Care &

Education Centers AREA OF TOWN



East South

Educational childcare facility offering care for ages 6 weeks to 12 years. Also accepting students for summer programs, as well as Fall school transportation to these schools: Kahoa, Pyrtle, Meadowlane, Calvert, Humann, Zeman, Maxey, Hill, Cavett, Wysong, and Adams. Visit our website for more info:

8215 Northwoods, Ste. 100, 402-465-4769 6021 S. 56th Street, 402-420-5440 7301 S. 15th Street, 402-421-7301

Early Learning Center

Southwest North Central

Come where learning blossoms and friendships grow! Preschool program, curriculum for all ages, low child to teacher ratio, an outdoor playground & more! Title XX accepted. Check us out at

11th & Old Cheney, 402-420-0460 27th & Fletcher, 402-438-0468

Calvert Rec Center


Our preschool program is focused on music, art, and other fun early childhood activities to help support the learning and development of children ages 3-5.

Calvert Rec Center, 4500 Stockwell 402-441-8480

North Central

Focusing on school readiness, we offer secure, nurturing environments to children ages 6wks–12yrs. Includes before & after school programs at Clinton and Hartley Schools. Programs are accredited by the Council on Accreditation (COA) &/or the National Association for the Education of Young Children (NAEYC). Title XX accepted. Call now to enroll your child today!


Quality early education program for children 6 weeks–preschool. Summer programs for children ages 6 weeks–1st grade. Visit for information & online forms. Call for availability.

Located in First-Plymouth Church, 20th & D 402-476-8304


Our thematic content supports language development in both English & Spanish and allows preschoolers of all language backgrounds to have fun while playing & learning kindergarten readiness skills. Openings currently available! M/W/F, 9-11:30am.

Irving Rec Center, 2010 Van Dorn, 402-441-7954


Child Development Center


Featuring an educational curriculum for all ages in a loving Christian environment! Open 6:30am-6:00pm. 6 weeks–10 years. Enrolling now for part-time PreK morning program. M–F from 9am–11:30am.

Highlands Academy


Child Development & Family Resource Center. Ages 6 weeks–12 years. Full time Care. Preschool Curriculum.


Featuring developmentally appropriate curriculum, healthy homemade meals, caring teachers, & two large outdoor play areas. Ages 6wks-5 years accepted. Open 7am-6pm, M-F. Title XX assistance accepted. Full or part-time care available.

4901 NW 1st Street 402-477-4901


Hourly childcare. Fully licensed, no reservations required! Ages 1.5-12 years. Hours: Mon-Thu: 7:30am-10pm. Fri: 7:30am-Midnight. Sat: 10am-Midnight. Sun: 1pm-6pm. Pick your days for our flexible preschool program & summer camps!

402-413-8849 5633 S. 16th St. Ste. 100


Child development center that cares for your child’s individual needs. Ages 6 weeks–12 years. Curriculum based. Nutritious hot meals. Transportation to LPS area schools. Open Mon–Fri, 6am-6pm.


Academic Christian preschool providing excellent early childhood education grounded in Biblical truth. Attend 2, 3, or 5 half-day sessions per week. Both AM and PM available. Check out our website!

NAME Academic Advantage

Child Development Center

Brandy’s Bunch


Cedars Dimensions

Education Programs at First-Plymouth

Dual Language Preschool

Kelly’s Kids

Learning & Development Center

KidsPark Krayon Campus Lincoln Christian Preschool

7800 Holdrege 402-467-4503 5901 NW 1st Street 402-476-2223

6001 Normal Blvd. 402-486-4847 5801 S. 84th St. 402-488-8888 x 252

For a Refreshing Alternative to Daycare:

Thea Child’s View Montessori School 3341 Pioneers Blvd. Lincoln 402-484-8277 For Ages 18 months to 6 years Suzuki violin lessons

Certified Professional Montessori Teachers

Kindergarten Program Certified through Nebraska Department of Education

Honoring Dr. Montessori’s Vision of the Child’s Potential Open 7:15 am to 5:30 pm – Part or Full Time Care Available Page 38 •

402-434-KIDS (5437)

FALL 2017

Swimming lessons for ages 3 & up

Call to inquire about AquaBabies (under 3)

Warm Water & Good Times! We also book the best-priced pool parties in town!


No. of Sessions:

Registration Begins:

Aug 28-Sep 21

8 classes

Aug 1

Sep 25-Oct 19

8 classes

Sep 12

Oct 23-Nov 16

8 classes

Oct 10

Nov 27-Dec 7

4 classes

Nov 7

402-486-2525 • 52nd & Stockwell


Child Care &

Education Centers AREA OF TOWN



Animals + Plants + Hikes = Learning through discovery & creating a lifelong connection to nature! Preschool and Pre-K classes.

Far South

Ages 18 mo-8th grade. Open 7am-6pm. Care of farm animals, close to nature, family atmosphere. Certified Montessori Teachers.


Nestled on 80 gorgeous acres east of Lincoln, we offer your child a special and unique experience. New facility. Spacious accommodations, developmental learning centers, and the natural setting of a country school all provide for a wholesome atmosphere.

143rd “O” St. 402-488-0012 Kitra Deger-Director

The Child’s View


Open 7:15am to 5:30pm. Ages 18 months to 6 years. Part time or full time. Certified Montessori Teachers.

3341 Pioneers Blvd. 402-484-8277

Trinity Lutheran School


A fulfilling Christ-based education center. Our Early Childhood Education Program accepts children ages 18 months through Pre-K with extended hours from 7am-5:45pm. Also offering K-5 classes. Call to learn more or visit our website.

True Knowledge Preschool


A new premier preschool in Lincoln! We offer a fun & exciting academic approach that will prepare your 3-5 year-old for Kindergarten & beyond. Small classroom sizes. Engaging teacher. Contact us today to learn more!


NAEYC accredited Christian program for ages 3-5. Rated (5) for Step Up to Quality. Five different AM & PM classes & all day classes 9am-3pm. Extended care 7:30-9am & 3-5:30pm. School year and summer classes available.


Ages 6 weeks–12 years. Preschool curriculum beginning at age one. Before and after school care. A Step up to Quality Program. Open 6:30am–6:00pm. Sign language, swimming, soccer, dance, taekwondo & music lessons available.

NAME Pioneers Park Nature Center Preschool

Prairie Hill

Learning Center A Montessori School

Prairieview Preschool


Westminster Preschool

World of Knowledge

Child development Center

CONTACT • LOCATION West end of Pioneers Park 402.441.7895 7 miles South of Lincoln on Hwy 77 402-438-6668

1200 North 56th Street 402-466-1800

5445 Red Rock Lane 402-570-1252

Westminster Presbyterian Church 2110 Sheridan Blvd. • 402-475-6702 ext 103 8310 Wendell Way 402-483-4769

Want your Center or Program listed here? Email

Little OneS Activities for infants & toddlers NAME AquaBabies at

Larson Lifestyle Center


Harris Academy of the Arts

LUX Center for the Arts My Gym

PROGRAM An early introduction to swimming & water safety. A fun group lesson for infants and toddlers under 3 years of age and their parent or guardian. With your assistance, your child can learn to be comfortable in water at an early age. Class minimum of 8 children. Call to inquire for schedule & more information. FREE Preview Classes! Listen, Move, Play & Grow! Kindermusik–the most trusted music and movement program for infants, toddlers, preschoolers, & young children. Experienced university-trained music educators provide reputable, quality instruction. Mud Club meets monthly at the LUX. Toddlers and children ages 2+ will work with clay to learn, explore, and get messy. In this 45-minute club, students can quickly immerse themselves in hands-on art-making without committing to a full class. Baby exercises, songs, dances, infant-safe rides, unique swings and many other parent and me adventures in age appropriate classes starting at 6 weeks up to 13 years.

CONTACT • LOCATION 402-486-2525 52nd & Stockwell 2935 Pine Lake Rd (across from So. Pointe Mall) 402-423-7121

2601 N. 48th St. 402-466-8692 2755 Jamie Lane, Suite 4 (near S 27th & Yankee Hill Road) 402-802-9982

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Capital Birthday Ideas Prices & Specials subject to change without notice.



NAME Art Around the Corner Susan • 402-560-3326

Let us host your art party. We do the work, and your guest take home an original art keepsake. Have an art project you want to try? We can do it. Contact us to design your party today.

Butterfly Kisses Face Painting

Add fun sparkles & color to your party with professional face painting & glitter tattoos! Unicorn, dinosaur, fairy princess, tiger & more! So many options & so much fun! 402-730-7197

Cheer Xpress

Have your next Birthday Party at Cheer Xpress. Open Gym parties including trampoline, tumble track, spring floors and lots of fun equipment. Come to play, jump and tumble. Cheer theme parties available too! Let us do the entertaining, set up, and clean up, so you can enjoy the party!! 402-489-5111 1130 Aries Drive (SW side of 14th & Pine Lake)

Defy Gravity

Jump to new heights with a Defy Gravity Birthday! Your party host will take care of the details while you sit back and enjoy your child’s celebration! Experience Open Jump, Free Fall, Dunk City, pizza, drinks and more! Four party packages to choose from. Great for all ages! Contact us today!

345 Sporting Village Drive, Ste 1 402-817-6900 402-413-8849 5633 S. 16th St.

Private birthday parties available! Invitations, balloon favors, a gift for the birthday child, face painting, art, and games are all included. We do the clean up when the party is over! Sundays 10:30am-12:30pm or 6:30pm-8:30pm. Book your date online at today!

KidsPark Larson

402-486-2525 52nd & Stockwell

Have your next pool party at Larson Lifestyle’s warm water pool! Variety of birthday party options to fit any budget. Join us for swimming and bring your gifts and cake for our party room. Call us today for more information.

Lifestyle Center

Lincoln Athletic Club (Lincoln Racquet Club) 5300 Old Cheney Road Register online or call 402-423-2511

Two hour gym & swim party. Includes room, cake, punch, indoor/outdoor pool, playsmart climbing area, and youth b-ball gym. Add-ons available: Bounce house or your choice of tennis, kickboxing, zumba or dance instruction. Non-members welcome!

Lincoln Children’s Museum

Lincoln Children’s Museum sets the perfect stage for a fun and memorable birthday party for your child. The Museum offers a party room for birthday festivities, hours of play in its interactive exhibits and your choice of eight fun themes. Parties start at $40. Visit to pick the perfect party for you.

Lincoln Children’s Zoo

Critter visits, unlimited train rides and all day fun are all included in the Ultimate Birthday Party Package at Lincoln Children’s Zoo! Packages start at only $125. Choose from the jungle themed Safari Room or the iconic Crooked House. Visit to pick your party, select your date and reserve your room and time.

Your outdoor playland...indoors! Voted Lincoln’s Choice, “Best Place to Have a Kid’s Birthday Party” in 2012, 2013, 2014 & 2015! Indoor fun for all ages! Playsets, foam pit, inflatable jumpers, fun maze, laser maze, video games, jumping pillow, birthday party rooms & snack area. We do company parties, too!

Lost In Fun!

402-477-4000 1420 P Street, Lincoln, NE 1222 S 27th Street 402-475-6741

8431 Cody Drive (15th & Yankee Hill) (402) 261-0440

LUX Center for the Arts

Real art taught by real artists! Guests can each build and paint their own clay mugs, bowls, or plates. Other popular projects include canvas painting, fused glass sun catchers, pop-up books, and custom projects. Pottery wheel parties are available for kids ages 10+.

2601 N. 48th St. 402-466-8692

Madsen’s Bowling

Host a Bowling Party! Kids love our bumper bowling. Includes a “personalized” bowling pin gift for the birthday child! Special ramps for the young bowlers. Ask about Jr. Pool Leagues!

47th & Dudley 402-467-3249 2 blks south of 48th & Holdrege

Be a paleontologist, discover some of the most bizarre creatures to inhabit Earth, or go on a treasure hunt exploring the museum’s rocks & minerals! Guided museum activities including a hands-on fossil dig in the Marx Discovery Center & gifts for every child! Six party themes to choose from. Private party room!

Morrill Hall on the UNL Campus 402-472-2637

Your Child is the Star! Supervised age-appropriate games, fun activities, rides, songs, puppets and more! Your birthday party can enjoy exclusive use of our facility!

2755 Jamie Lane, Suite 4 (near S 27th & Yankee Hill Road) 402-802-9982

Morrill Hall

My Gym Paint Yourself Silly! Pioneers Park Nature Center Urban Legends Art YMCA: Cooper, Fallbrook & Northeast Branch

Party-Arty at Paint Yourself Silly! Come unleash your inner artist. 100’s of pieces to choose from. Pottery painting fun for all ages. Owls, snakes, bugs and the great outdoors are eager to make your child’s birthday a special one! Bring out your child’s inner artist with a creative, 2-hour birthday party & leave with a masterpiece! * Canvas Art * String Art * Collage * Water Color * Ceramics * and a 3-tier punch fountain! Only $15/child. We offer adult parties, too! 402.470.0331


Have your next birthday party at the Y! The YMCA offers a variety of birthday party options to fit any child. Join us to swim or have one of our themed birthday parties. Parties start at $65. Call for more information. Or visit Haymarket: 701 P Street • 402-474-1010 4101 Pioneer Woods Dr. #104 • 402-486-1010 West end of Pioneers Park 402.441.7895 2632 N 48th St. 402-470-0331 Cooper - 6767 S. 14th St. 402-323-6400 Fallbrook - 700 Penrose Dr. 402-323-6444 Northeast - 2601 N. 70th 402-434-9262

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AUGUST 2017 ZODIAC: Leo Jul 23 - Aug 22 • Virgo Aug 23 - Sep 22

HOLIDAYS & OBSERVANCES • Aug 1: Tisha B’Av • Aug 3: Nat’l Watermelon Day • Aug 4: US Coastguard Day • Aug 6: Friendship Day; Sisters Day; • Aug 7: Raksha Bandhan; Purple Heart Day; Int’l Forgiveness Day; • Aug 14: Janmashtami • Aug 15: Assumption of Mary • Aug 19: Nat’l Aviation Day • Aug 21: Senior Citizen’s Day • Aug 24: Ganesh Chaturthi • Aug 26: Women’s Equality Day AUG 1-11, WEEKDAYS • FREE Crunch & Lunch at Peter Pan Park (33rd & Y) & UPCO Park (40th & Adams). FREE breakfast (9-9:30), FREE lunch (12-12:30), & activities by Parks & Rec. M-F 5/30- 8/11. TUESDAY, AUG 1 • FREE Story Hour at the Nebraska History Museum, 131 Centennial Mall North, Tuesdays 10-11am. “Children of the Frontier” by Sylvia Whitman. Donations welcome. (402) 471-4782. • FREE Move More Lincoln Bootcamp at Union Plaza, 21st & P St., 5:30-6:15pm Tuesdays thru 9/2. • FREE Water Fitness at Irvingdale Pool, (19th & Van Dorn), 6:30-7:30pm Tues thru 8/8. Grades 5-12. WEDNESDAY, AUG 2 • FREE Move More Lincoln Yoga at Union Plaza, 21st & P St., 12-12:45pm Weds thru 9/2. Lincoln Parks & Rec, Community Health Endowment. • Open House at Motions Dance Academy, 8200 Cody Dr, Ste L, 6:30-8pm. Instilling a passion for dance in ages 2 & up for 13 years! 402-420-0579, THURSDAY, AUG 3 • Homeschool Days at SAC Aerospace Museum, 28210 West Park Hwy, 1pm, first Thurs of each month. “STEM Underwater”. Register online. • FREE Fallbrook Farmers Market “School is Around the Corner!” 5-7pm, along Fallbrook Town Center, 570 Fallbrook Blvd. FREE every week! Live music, games, bounce house, local producers, and more! • FREE Move More Lincoln Zumba at Union Plaza, 21st & P St., 5:30-6:15pm Thursdays thru 9/2. • Pop In Storytime w/ Lincoln City Libraries at Morrill Hall, 645 N. 14th, 6:30-7pm. “Solar Eclipse” held in the Mueller Planetarium, 2nd floor. FRIDAY, AUG 4 • First Friday Family Night at The Children’s Museum, 1420 P St, 5-7:30pm. We’re open late! FREE PARKING at the University Square Parking Garage (101 N 14th, access off P before 14th). 402-477-4000 x120, SATURDAY, AUG 5 • Open House at True Dance & Company, 5445 Red Rock Ln, 9am-12pm. Premier dance education for ages 2 & up. 402-423-8838, • Family Fun Carnival at SAC Aerospace Museum, 28210 West Park Hwy, 10am-2pm. Activities, games, a Mad Scientist, spacewalk, face paint, balloons, and more! Museum admission. • FREE Move More Lincoln Yoga at Union Plaza, 21st & P St., 10:15-11:15am Sats thru 9/2. Lincoln Parks & Rec, Community Health Endowment. TUESDAY, AUG 8 • FREE Story Hour at the Nebraska History Museum,





FLOWER: Gladiolus, Poppy THU



1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18 19 20 21 22 23 24 25 26 27 28 29 30 31 131 Centennial Mall North, Tuesdays 10-11am. “The Creation Story: Tatonka & the Lakota People” by Donald Montileaux. Donations welcome. (402) 4714782. • FREE Move More Lincoln Bootcamp at Union Plaza, 21st & P St., 5:30-6:15pm Tuesdays thru 9/2. • FREE Water Fitness at Irvingdale Pool, (19th & Van Dorn), 6:30-7:30pm Tues thru 8/8. Grades 5-12. WEDNESDAY, AUG 9 • FREE Move More Lincoln Yoga at Union Plaza, 21st & P St., 12-12:45pm Weds thru 9/2. Lincoln Parks & Rec, Community Health Endowment. THURSDAY, AUG 10 • FREE Fallbrook Farmers Market “Back-To-School Ice Cream Social!” 5-7pm, along Fallbrook Town Center, 570 Fallbrook Blvd. FREE every week! Live music, games, bounce house, local producers, and more! • FREE Move More Lincoln Zumba at Union Plaza, 21st & P St., 5:30-6:15pm Thursdays thru 9/2. FRIDAY, AUG 11 • FREE Movie Night! “Pete’s Dragon” at Trinity Lutheran Church, 724 S. 12th St. 8pm. Free meal (hot dogs, chips, carrots, ice cream), movie starts at 9 - popcorn available! Open to the public. (402) 466-1800. SATURDAY, AUG 12 • Open House at True Dance & Company, 5445 Red Rock Ln, 9am-12pm. Premier dance education for ages 2 & up. 402-423-8838, • Get Smart Saturdays at SAC Aerospace Museum, 28210 West Park Hwy, 10-11am. • Open House at Motions Dance Academy, 8200 Cody Dr, Ste L, 10-11:30am. Instilling a passion for dance in ages 2 & up for 13 years! 402-420-0579, • Investigate: 2nd Saturday Science Lab at Morrill Hall, 645 N. 14th, 10am-12pm. “Solar Eclipse.” free w/admission. • Home School Resource Expo at Cross the Line Church/Front Porch Coffee Shop, 5925 Adams St., 10am-2pm. Thinking about homeschooling? Learn about sports, support, field trips, & more resources! • FREE Move More Lincoln Yoga at Union Plaza, 21st & P St., 10:15-11:15am Sats thru 9/2. Lincoln Parks & Rec, Community Health Endowment. MONDAY, AUG 14 • Open House at True Knowledge Preschool, 5:30-6:30 pm, 5445 Red Rock Ln. Opening this fall! Come check out Lincoln’s newest premier preschool! 402-570-1252, TUESDAY, AUG 15 • FREE Move More Lincoln Bootcamp at Union Plaza, 21st & P St., 5:30-6:15pm Tuesdays thru 9/2.

WEDNESDAY, AUG 16 • FREE Move More Lincoln Yoga at Union Plaza, 21st & P St., 12-12:45pm Weds thru 9/2. Lincoln Parks & Rec, Community Health Endowment. THURSDAY, AUG 17 • FREE Natural Wellness Class by The Oily Rx. Classes taught by a local pharmacist. Visit or email for details/info. • Open House at True Dance & Company, 5445 Red Rock Ln, 9am-12pm. Premier dance education for ages 2 & up. 402-423-8838, • FREE Move More Lincoln Zumba at Union Plaza, 21st & P St., 5:30-6:15pm Thursdays thru 9/2. FRIDAY, AUG 18 • Family Workshops: “Clay Cups & Mugs”, “Fused Glass Sun Catchers”, & “Batik Wall Art” at LUX Center for the Arts, 2601 N. 48th St, 6-7:30pm. $24 for 2 people, $12/add’l person, kids & adults of all ages welcome! 402-466-8692, • Thrown Together Family Pottery Wheel Night at LUX Center for the Arts, 2601 N. 48th St, 6-8pm. $24/person ($20 for members), ages 9+. Dress for a mess! 402-466-8692, • Hayrack Rides at Pioneers Park Nature Center, 3201 S. Coddington, 7 & 8pm. Enjoy an evening hayrack ride! Guides will talk about nature & the effects of the eclipse. $8/person. Space limited, registration required by Aug 16. (402) 441-7895. SATURDAY, AUG 19 • Youth Art Classes begin at LUX Center for the Arts, 2601 N. 48th St. Several classes to choose from, ages 5-16. Check out our new state-of-the-ART Ceramics Center! 402-466-8692, • Dawn Hike at Pioneers Park Nature Center, 3201 S. Coddington, 6:15am. Enjoy the sunrise and wildlife. BYO coffee & binoculars. $6/person. Registration required by 8/16. (402) 441-7895. • FREE Move More Lincoln Yoga at Union Plaza, 21st & P St., 10:15-11:15am Sats thru 9/2. Lincoln Parks & Rec, Community Health Endowment. • Open House at Piccoli Dance Theatre, 13th & Arapahoe, 12-4pm. Expert & unique dance education training!! 402-937-0678, • FREE Family Fun Day at the Nebraska History Museum, 131 Centennial Mall North. Learn and prepare for the Solar Eclipse, make a model, experiment, and view history. (402) 471-4782. SUNDAY, AUG 20 • Open House at Motions Dance Academy, 8200 Cody Dr, Ste L, 2-3:30pm. Instilling a passion for dance in ages 2 & up for 13 years! 402-420-0579, MONDAY, AUG 21 • Total Solar Eclipse for Lincoln & the surrounding area, for specific location times. For Lincoln: partial phase begins approx. 11:37am; totality begins approx. 1:02pm. DO NOT look at the sun w/o proper eyeware. DO NOT stop on roadways

TREE: Cypress, Poplar, Cedar, Pine

AUGUST IS... AGOSTO • Spanish AOÛT • French AUGUST • German AGOSTO • Italian • Family Fun Month! • National Catfish Month • National Eye Exam Month • National Golf Month • National Picnic Month • Water Quality Month • The Dog Days of Summer (through August 11)

to view. Make plans ahead of time & expect travel delays. Bring a blanket & jacket for comfort. Remember your protective eyeware. Turn off your cell & enjoy this once-in-a-lifetime event! • FREE Little Eclipse on the Prairie at Spring Creek Prairie Audubon Center, Denton, 12-2pm. Enjoy the Eclipse on the tallgrass prairie! Bring a blanket & find a great wide-open spot to relax & enjoy this amazing event. Free eye protection to the first 100 visitors. No registration. TUESDAY, AUG 22 • FREE Move More Lincoln Bootcamp at Union Plaza, 21st & P St., 5:30-6:15pm Tuesdays thru 9/2. WEDNESDAY, AUG 23 • FREE Move More Lincoln Yoga at Union Plaza, 21st & P St., 12-12:45pm Weds thru 9/2. Lincoln Parks & Rec, Community Health Endowment. THURSDAY, AUG 24 • FREE Move More Lincoln Zumba at Union Plaza, 21st & P St., 5:30-6:15pm Thursdays thru 9/2. SATURDAY, AUG 26 • Red Panda Run at the Lincoln Children’s Zoo, 8am. 1-mile run, includes medal, & zoo entry. Register by 8/18 to recieve free shirt! Registration required for ages 2-18, not required for adults or kids 1 & under. Register at • Mud Club for ages 2+ at LUX Center for the Arts, 2601 N. 48th St, 9-9:45am. Children & their adult will work with clay & have fun! $12 for 2 people. $6/add’l person. 402-466-8692, • FREE Move More Lincoln Yoga at Union Plaza, 21st & P St., 10:15-11:15am Sats thru 9/2. Lincoln Parks & Rec, Community Health Endowment. MONDAY, AUG 28 • Tickets Go On Sale for LSW Fall Musical: Godspell. $15 for adults, $10 for students. • FREE Try-It Event by the Lincoln Irish Dancers at First Presbyterian Church (840 S. 17th), 6:30-8pm. Try Ceili Dance Classes & register for the fall! TUESDAY, AUG 29 • FREE Move More Lincoln Bootcamp at Union Plaza, 21st & P St., 5:30-6:15pm Tuesdays thru 9/2. WEDNESDAY, AUG 30 • FREE Move More Lincoln Yoga at Union Plaza, 21st & P St., 12-12:45pm Weds thru 9/2. Lincoln Parks & Rec, Community Health Endowment. • FREE Canoeing at Holmes Lake, 70th & Normal Blvd, 5:30-7:30pm. Lesson, lifejackets, canoes, and paddles provided by Lincoln Parks & Recreation. THURSDAY, AUG 31 • FREE Move More Lincoln Zumba at Union Plaza, 21st & P St., 5:30-6:15pm Thursdays thru 9/2.

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SEPTEMBER 2017 ZODIAC: Virgo Aug 23 - Sep 22 • Libra Sep 23 - Oct 22

HOLIDAYS & OBSERVANCES • Sep 2: E  id al-Adha; Int’l Bacon Day; • Sep 4: Labor Day • Sep 10: Nat’l Grandparents Day • Sep 11: Patriot Day; Eid Ul Adha; • Sep 15: Nat’l POW/MIA Day • Sep 17: Constitution Day; Citizenship Day; • Sep 20: Navaratri • Sep 21: Rosh Hashana • Sep 22: Muharram; Autumn Equinox; • Sep 30: Dussehra; Yom Kippur; FRIDAY, SEP 1 • First Friday Family Night at The Children’s Museum, 1420 P St, 5-7:30pm. We’re open late on the first Friday of every month! FREE PARKING at the University Square Parking Garage (101 N 14th, access off P before 14th). 402-477-4000 x120, SATURDAY, SEP 2 • FREE Move More Lincoln Yoga at Union Plaza, 21st & P St., 10:15-11:15am Sats thru 9/2. Lincoln Parks & Rec and Community Health Endowment. • Huskers vs. Arkansas State Red Wolves, 7pm, Memorial Stadium. (BTN) THURSDAY, SEP 7 • Homeschool Days at SAC Aerospace Museum, 28210 West Park Hwy, 1pm, first Thurs of each month. Register online. • Pop In Storytime with Lincoln City Libraries at Morrill Hall, 645 N. 14th, 6:30-7pm. “Trees” in the first floor Hall of Wildlife. SATURDAY, SEP 9 • Nutcracker Auditions by Lincoln Midwest Ballet, UNL Mabel Lee Hall, 14th & Vine. Play a Role in the Magic! Register to audition at • Get Smart Saturdays at SAC Aerospace Museum, 28210 West Park Hwy, 10-11am. Interactive STEAM topic: “Pirates & Ships”. • Investigate: 2nd Saturday Science Lab at Morrill Hall, 645 N. 14th, 10am-12pm. “Sports Technology” free w/admission. • FREE Nebraska Dyslexia Association Members Only Workshop at mahoney State Park Lodge, 10am-12pm. “Technology to Support Students with Learning Disabilities” with Dr. Tim Frey, Doane College. Contact • FREE Family Fun Day at the Thomas P. Kennard State Historic Site, 1627 H St, 2-4pm, provided by the Nebraska History Museum. Celebrate Nebraska Archeology! Learn about excavation, try out tools & techniques! (402) 471-4782. History. • Huskers vs. Oregon Ducks, 3:30pm,

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GEMSTONE: Sapphire



FLOWER: Aster, Morning Glory




TREE: Weeping Willow, Lime, Olive, Hazelnut


1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18 19 20 21 22 23 24 25 26 27 28 29 30 Autzen Stadium, OR. (FOX) SUNDAY, SEP 10 •F  REE Streets Alive! by Partnership for a Healthy Lincoln, the City of Lincoln, & Belmont Neighborhood. Play in the Streets! (See map on page 8). Two miles of roads are safely blocked off so youth and families can skip, dance, bike, skate, roll, walk, and jump down the street. Don’t hold back–it’s Streets Alive! Free health & wellness resources & booths along the route. Live entertainment, farmers market, food trucks, fitness fun, and more! Handicap accessable. MONDAY, SEP 11 • Patriot Day Program & Lunch at SAC Aerospace Museum, 28210 West Park Hwy, 12:30-2pm. Salute & honor the fallen victims of September 11, 2001, and the heros that have and continue to fight for our nation. Topics & lunch begin at 11:30, presentation at 1pm. Free for military & first responders in uniform. Paid admission for all others. •L  incoln Irish Dancers Kids’ Classes Begin at First Presbyterian Church (840 S. 17th), 5:30-6pm. $15 for 5 sessions, Mondays thru Oct 9. Sign up at TUESDAY, SEP 12 •F  REE “When Your Child Struggles with Reading, Writing, & Spelling” sponsored by the Nebraska Dyslexia Association. All are welcome. For venue & time contact or call (402) 525-3104. FRIDAY, SEP 15 •V  ala’s Pumpkin Patch is Officially Open! Come for the fun now thru Oct. 31. Open 9am-9pm daily. Over 50 attractions & 3 live shows every day. 12102 S. 180th St, Gretna. Tickets & season passes available online: •F  REE Wild Fall Festival at Pioneers Park Nature Center, 3201 S. Coddington, 5-8pm. Presentations, activities, live animals, & more! Hayrack ride tickets only $3/person. Vendors will have food avail. for purchase. (402) 441-7895. SATURDAY, SEP 16 •F  REE Natural Wellness Class by The

Oily Rx. Learn about natural wellness and essential oils. Classes taught by a local pharmacist. Visit or email for details and more information. •H  uskers vs. Northern Illinois Huskies, 11am, Memorial Stadium. (FS1) •S  aturday with our Naturalist: Visit the Prairie at Pioneers Park Nature Center, 3201 S. Coddington, Prairie Bldg, 2-3pm. Guided discovery hike. $5/person. Register by 9/13. (402) 441-7895. SUNDAY, SEP 17 •S  unday with a Scientist at Morrill Hall, 645 N. 14th, 1:30-4:30pm. Museum.unl. edu. THURSDAY, SEP 21 •H  UGE Children’s Consignment Sale by Neat Repeatz, Day 1, 9am-7pm, location to be determined. Visit www.NeatRepeatz. com or follow Neat Repeatz on facebook for updates & info. Clothes for newborn through teen, maternity, books, gear, decor, furniture, toys, & more! Sign up to consign online! FRIDAY, SEP 22 •H  UGE Children’s Consignment Sale by Neat Repeatz, Day 2, 9am-7pm, location to be determined. Visit www.NeatRepeatz. com or follow Neat Repeatz on facebook for updates & info. Clothes for newborn through teen, maternity, books, gear, decor, furniture, toys, & more! Sign up to consign online! • Fall Roundup at YMCA Camp Kitaki, Friday evening through Sep 24. Come for a weekend of horseback riding, archery, crafts, & more! 402-434-9222,, follow us on Facebook! SATURDAY, SEP 23 •F  REE Museum Day LIVE! at Morrill Hall, 645 N. 14th, sponsored by Smithsonian Magazine. Download your free tickets to the museum at • Youth Art Classes begin at LUX Center for the Arts, 2601 N. 48th St. Several classes to choose from, ages 5-16. Check out our new state-of-the-ART Ceramics Center! 402-466-8692, •H  UGE Children’s Consignment Sale by Neat Repeatz, Day 3, 9am-5pm, location

SEPTEMBER IS... SEPTIEMBRE • Spanish SEPTEMBRE • French SEPTEMBER • German SETTEMBRE • Italian • Baby Safety Month • Hispanic Heritage Month • Int’l Square Dancing Month • Nat’l Courtesy Month • Nat’l Piano Month • Little League Month • Self Improvement Month

to be determined. Visit www.NeatRepeatz. com or follow Neat Repeatz on facebook for updates & info. Clothes for newborn through teen, maternity, books, gear, decor, furniture, toys, & more! Sign up to consign online! • Huskers vs. Rutgers Scarlet Knights, 2:30/3pm, Memorial Stadium. (TV TBA) SUNDAY, SEP 24 • Year of Anniversaries Celebration at Trinity Lutheran School, 1200 N. 56th St. All day event celebrating 135 years of Trinity Lutheran Church and 500 years of the Reformation Morning Church Service. German-themed luncheon, old-fashioned games, & an afternoon ice cream social. Free & open to the public! More info at • HUGE Children’s Consignment Sale by Neat Repeatz, FINAL DAY, 11am-5pm, location to be determined. Visit www. or follow Neat Repeatz on facebook for updates & info. Clothes for newborn through teen, maternity, books, gear, decor, furniture, toys, & more! Sign up to consign online! MONDAY, SEP 25 • Faber Piano Adventures Workshop by LMTA, Harris Academy of the Arts, 2935 Pine Lake Road Suite C. 402-477-2346, WEDNESDAY, SEP 27 • FREE Canoeing at Holmes Lake, 70th & Normal Blvd, 5:30-7:30pm. Lesson, lifejackets, canoes, and paddles provided by Lincoln Parks & Recreation. Parks. THURSDAY, SEP 28 • LSW Fall Musical: Godspell at Lincoln Southwest High School, 14th & Pine Lake, 7pm. FRIDAY, SEP 29 • Huskers vs. Illinois Fighting Illini, 7pm, Memorial Stadium at Illinois, IL. (FS1) SATURDAY, SEP 30 • LSW Fall Musical: Godspell at Lincoln Southwest High School, 14th & Pine Lake, 7pm.


OCTOBER 2017 ZODIAC: Libra Sep 23 - Oct 22 • Scorpio Oct 23 - Nov 21

HOLIDAYS & OBSERVANCES • Oct 2: Child Health Day • Oct 4: Feast of St. Francis • Oct 5: First Day of Sukkot • Oct 6: Wold Smile Day • Oct 9: C  olumbus Day; Native Americans’ Day; • Oct 11: Last Day of Sukkot • Oct 12: Shmini Atzeret • Oct 13: Friday the 13th; Simchat Torah; • Oct 18: Diwali/Deepavali • Oct 24: United Nations Day • Oct 31: Halloween; Day of the Dead begins SUNDAY, OCT 1 • LSW Fall Musical: Godspell at Lincoln Southwest High School, 14th & Pine Lake, 2pm. THURSDAY, OCT 5 • Homeschool Days at SAC Aerospace Museum, 28210 West Park Hwy, 1pm, first Thurs of each month. Register online. • Pop In Storytime with Lincoln City Libraries at Morrill Hall, 645 N. 14th, 6:30-7pm. “Friendship” in the World Cultures Gallery on the 3rd floor. FRIDAY, OCT 6 • First Friday Family Night at The Children’s Museum, 1420 P St, 5-7:30pm. We’re open late on the first Friday of every month! FREE PARKING at the University Square Parking Garage (101 N 14th, access off P before 14th.). 402-477-4000, • FREE Fall Fest: Music ‘Cross the Meadow at Spring Creek Prairie Audubon Center, Denton, 5-8pm. Our annual fall festival of family fun! Enjoy the prairie in the evening with family-friendly activities: music, art, nature hikes, wagon rides, & more! Local musicians & bands. Open to the public–no reservations required. A $5/person suggested donation is appreciated. Kids 12 & under are FREE! SATURDAY, OCT 7 •H  uskers vs. Wisconsin Badgers, time TBA, Memorial Stadium. (TV TBA) • Planes, Trains, & Autos at SAC Aerospace Museum, 28210 West Park Hwy, 10am-2pm, Day 1. A Halloween event about transportation. Come in costume & Trick or Treat at the museum! SUNDAY, OCT 8 • FREE “Spook On!” by the Nebraska Dyslexia Association. Youth with dyslexia can connect for a fun afternoon of crafts & friendship. Contact or call (402) 525-3104. • Planes, Trains, & Autos at SAC Aerospace Museum, 28210 West Park Hwy, 10am-2pm, Day 2. A Halloween event about transportation. Come in costume & Trick or Treat at the museum! • Sunday with a Scientist at Morrill Hall, 645 N. 14th, 1:30-4:30pm. TUESDAY, OCT 10 • Deadline for Lincoln Kids! Winter Issue Reservations. Reserve space today, all items due by the end of the week. Submissions can be made online at or



GEMSTONE: Tourmaline, Opal TUE



FLOWER: Marigold, Cosmo FRI


1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18 19 20 21 22 23 24 25 26 27 28 29 30 31 emailed to • 4-H Information Night at the Lancaster Extension Education Center, 444 Cherrycreek Road, 6pm. Discover youth ages 5-18 can get involved in 4-H and how adults can help youth grow by volunteering. Live animals and free hotdogs! (402) 441-7180, THURSDAY, OCT 12 • NMTA State Conference at Nebraska Wesleyan University, Day 1. Lincoln is hosting the Nebraska Music Teachers Association annual conference. Contact LMTA for more info: 402477-2346, FRIDAY, OCT 13 • NMTA State Conference at Nebraska Wesleyan University, Day 2. Lincoln is hosting the Nebraska Music Teachers Association annual conference. Contact LMTA for more info: 402477-2346, SATURDAY, OCT 14 •H  uskers vs. Ohio State Buckeyes, time TBA, Memorial Stadium. (TV TBA) • Halloween Camp Oct 14-15, at Camp Kitaki. Ages 7-14. Haunted barn, spooky trails, & costume dance. $56/child. 402-434-9222, • NMTA State Festival at Nebraska Wesleyan University, Day 1. Come enjoy this non-competitive pre-college performance opportunity. Contact LMTA for more info: 402-477-2346, • Get Smart Saturdays at SAC Aerospace Museum, 28210 West Park Hwy, 10-11am. Interactive STEAM topic: “Spooky Science”. SUNDAY, OCT 15 • NMTA State Festival at Nebraska Wesleyan University, Day 2. Come enjoy this non-competitive pre-college performance opportunity. Contact LMTA for more info: 402-477-2346, • Fall Family BBQ at Camp Kitaki, 2:30-7pm. $15 ages 7 & up, $7.50 ages 4-7, 3 & under FREE, or $50/family. 402-434-9222, MONDAY, OCT 16 • Fall Fun Days at Pioneers Park Nature Center, 3201 S. Coddington, 8:30am-5pm, ext. hrs. avail. Fall break day camp with games, hiking, and nature! For K-6 grade. $40/day, 1 & 2-day options. Space limited. Payment, registration, and waivers required by Oct. 9. (402) 441-7895.

TUESDAY, OCT 17 • Fall Fun Days at Pioneers Park Nature Center, 3201 S. Coddington, 8:30am-5pm, ext. hrs. avail. Fall break day camp with games, hiking, and nature! For K-6 grade. $40/day, 1 & 2-day options. Space limited. Payment, registration, and waivers required by Oct. 9. (402) 441-7895. • FREE Story Hour at the Nebraska History Museum, 131 Centennial Mall North, Tuesdays 10-11am. “The Mystery of the Pheasants” by Mark Meierhenry & David Volk. Coloring pages & artifacts, too! Donations welcome. (402) 4714782. FRIDAY, OCT 20 • Halloween Camp Oct 20-21, at Camp Kitaki. Ages 7-14. Haunted barn, spooky trails, & costume dance. $56/child. 402-434-9222, SATURDAY, OCT 21 • Huskers Bye Week • Halloween Camp Oct 21-22, at Camp Kitaki. Ages 7-14. Haunted barn, spooky trails, & costume dance. $56/child. 402-434-9222, • Pancake Festival! benefiting the Lincoln Center Kiwanis Club & their efforts to serve the needs of children. 7am-2pm, Auld Pavilion-Antelope Park. $6 advance, $7 at the door. • Fine Arts & Craft Fair at Lincoln Southwest Highschool, 14th & Pine Lake Rd, 9am-4pm. Proceeds benefit the LSW Silver Hawk Theatre. $2 admission. Call 402-436-1335 or email for more info or to become a vendor. • Saturday with our Naturalist: Autumn at the Nature Center at Pioneers Park, 3201 S. Coddington, Prairie Bldg, 2-3pm. Guided discovery hike. $5/person. Register by 10/18. (402) 441-7895. • Night at the Museum at SAC Aerospace Museum, 28210 West Park Hwy, 5-8pm. Behind-the-scenes access to aircraft & robotics. SUNDAY, OCT 22 • The 2017 Captial City Classic by Bryan Health, at the Nebraska State Capital, 1445 K St, 3pm. 1-Mile Kids’ Fun Run, 5K Run/Walk, & 15K Run. See details on page 9 or BryanHealth. org/Run for info. THURSDAY, OCT 26 • FREE Natural Wellness Class by The Oily

TREE: Rowan, Maple, Walnut

OCTOBER IS... OCTUBRE • Spanish OCTOBRE • French OKTOBER • German OTTOBRE • Italian • Nat’l Diabetes Month • Breast Cancer Awareness Month • Domestic Violence Awareness Mo. • Adopt a Shelter Dog Month

Rx. Learn about natural wellness and essential oils. Classes taught by a local pharmacist. Visit or email for details and more information. • Boo at the Zoo! at Lincoln Children’s Zoo, 5:30-8pm. Purchase tickets at FRIDAY, OCT 27 • Boo at the Zoo! at Lincoln Children’s Zoo, 5:30-8pm. Purchase tickets at • Halloween Camp Oct 27-28, at Camp Kitaki. Ages 7-14. Haunted barn, spooky trails, & costume dance. $56/child. 402-434-9222, SATURDAY, OCT 28 • Huskers vs. Purdue Boilermakers, time TBA, Ross-Ade Stadium, IN. (TV TBA) • Boo at the Zoo! at Lincoln Children’s Zoo, 5:30-8pm. Purchase tickets at • Halloween Camp Oct 28-29, at Camp Kitaki. Ages 7-14. Haunted barn, spooky trails, & costume dance. $56/child. 402-434-9222, • FREE Nebraska Dyslexia Association Fall Celebration, St. Mark’s Methodist Church, 84th & Pioneers, 9-11am. Pam Bazis, dyslexia specialist, will address Orton Gillingham multisensory instruction for parents, teachers, & administrators. Individuals will share their journeys. All are invited. Contact GJCarlson@ or call (402) 525-3104. • “Madagascar–A Musical Adventure Jr.” a performance by Theatre Arts for Kids at Christ Lutheran Church, 4325 Sumner, 4 & 6pm. SUNDAY, OCT 29 • Boo at the Zoo! at Lincoln Children’s Zoo, 5:30-8pm. Purchase tickets at • Enchanted Forest at Southern Heights Food Forest, 2-6pm, 40th & Old Cheney. Children can trick or treat & nature play in the Food Forest. Art, music, building, climbing, and creating with a Halloween/Harvest theme. Suggested donation $10/family. Call 402-328-0722, & visit MONDAY, OCT 30 • Boo at the Zoo! at Lincoln Children’s Zoo, 5:30-8pm. Purchase tickets at TUES, OCT 31 • Boo at the Zoo! at Lincoln Children’s Zoo, 5:30-8pm. Purchase tickets at • Happy Halloween! Be safe tonight!

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August, September, & October • This issue of Lincoln Kids! is bursting with back-to-school info, open houses, awesome places to visit, thing...