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Paid for by The Lincoln Club of Orange County Federal PAC P.O. Box 8095 Newport Beach, CA 92658 949-892-8545 Not authorized by any candidate or candidate’s committee.

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In 2009-2010 alone, Loretta Sanchez voted to spend nearly $2.9 trillion of your tax dollars: • • • • •

$21 billion in earmark “pork” for special projects and entities* $80 billion to bailout big auto makers** $300 billion to increase energy taxes and goods*** $862 billion for government “stimulus” spending**** $1.6 trillion for government-run health care*****

Footnotes: * Center for Responsive Politics, 2009 budget, ** Time Magazine, “Adding Up the Auto Bailout,” May 2009, *** Congressional Budget Office, Aug. 2010, **** Heritage Foundation, “The Economic Impact of Cap and Trade,” May 2009, ***** Estimated cost over 10 years. Heritage Foundation, “The Obama Health Care Plan,” Oct. 2008.

If Loretta Sanchez put in half the time toward working for her district that she does posing for her annual Christmas card portraying her glamorous life, we wouldn’t have record high unemployment in Central Orange County. “Pet the cat” or save jobs? Loretta is on the wrong side. Loretta Sanchez’s actual Official Christmas cards to constituents

This November tell Loretta Sanchez the party is over, ‘We’re Voting You Out!’

It’s always fun and games until someone gets hurt. Loretta Sanchez is flirty, throws a good party, is well traveled, AND constantly votes with the ultra-liberal leadership in Congress to hurt her community.

September 23rd, 2009

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wo in the Army and see the Remember the slogan “Jo ally Rep. Loretta Sanchez. eci esp s, res ng Co to d cte ele be said for some who get Sanchez, represent Orange County, o wh ers mb me e us Ho Out of the six e taxpayers. most trips paid for by th e th en tak s ha a, An a nt D-Sa . for a total of $82,707.40 06 20 of er mb ve No ce Sanchez took 19 trips sin en to India, rmany six times. She’s be Ge es, tim ht eig ly Ita to st including She’s been and Dubai, and the Far Ea an rd Jo ing lud inc , ast ide Australia, the M Japan... ch, you can add doesn’t sound like too mu ars ye r fou in ns tio ca d. va If twenty s taken since being electe ha e sh ps tri ed nd fu y another 38 privatel rmany, lgium, Hawaii, Florida, Ge Be ly, Ita , ain Sp es lud inc s and China. This list of locations Mexico, Alaska, Las Vega , ba Cu , rk Pa e ton ws llo Thailand, Ye ards. en by Congressional stand That’s a LOT of trips – ev

The taming of Loretta Sanchez

Hanging Out at the Playboy Mansion

Sanchez, hoping to raise $3 million for Hispanic Unity USA, argued that only Hef’s home had the “cachet” to attract the kind of bucks she wanted… …What do you have to say about the controversy? “Nothing!” she squeaks, girly-like. “There’s nothing to say! We’re gonna have a great event on Tuesday night!... The Playboy Mansion is a great venue. It’s got aaaaaall sorts of people who come and do fundraisers, not just politicians.... Well, I really don’t know about the contradiction, and I’m not going to speak to it, to tell you the truth,” she says, giggling.

Congresswoman Loretta Sanchez is having lunch at the Mansion. I’m a long time supporter. Hugh Hefner Tuesday August 29, 2010

…a half hour after he tweeted his Sanchez lunch, he updated with another tweet: “I’ll be playing games tonight with Crystal, Anna and Playmates from the Bunny House.” – US News & World Report

Washington Whispers SEPTEMBER 2, 2010

Playboy’s Hefner Spars With GOP Over Rep. Sanchez Lunch at Mansion Playboy’s Hugh Hefner has a pet congresswoman, and now a tweet about a private fundraising lunch at the Playboy Mansion with California Rep. Loretta Sanchez is catching some heat from Republicans and putting the lawmaker in an unwanted spotlight.

While Loretta Sanchez is taking advantage of her office, living the high life, she consistently votes to hurt her constituents.

With unemployment in California rising to 12.4%, Sanchez has made her priorities clear – travel, parties and consistently voting for higher taxes, the $787 billion pork-laden spending bill that she calls a stimulus, a healthcare bill that will raise costs and limit choices. She even voted to raise the national debt limit, allowing Congress to borrow even more money from China to pay for their spending.

September 2010 Lincoln Club - Mailer 47th CD  

Campaign mailer #1 against Loretta Sanchez in the 47th Congressional District, paid for by the Lincoln Club of Orange County Federal PAC.

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