Lincoln Center Chronicle November 2017

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S t e p I n t o Fa l l Fa s h i o n

By: Katie Kishi


lothes, shoes and accessories are lined up at our fingertips at various Lincoln Center shops every day. Business owners happily guide you through their stores, showing you all the latest attire – the exact pieces they picked out many months before you stopped in. There’s a whole process to filling Lincoln Center stores with the best items. Often six months prior, business owners start looking at the season’s new trends – going through designers’ catalogs and choosing which things would go best in their stores. They head off to markets all around California and sometimes even on the East Coast, where they place orders with manufacturers and designers. Most of the time, owners go to market with specific intentions – they’ve done their research and know exactly what to order. Other times, they have to take risks. Since they place orders months – and often a year – in advance, store owners aren’t certain customers will still want the products when they actually appear in-store. While Flair Boutique owner Starr Donati knows what works best in her store, she also has to know her customers’ desires. “We select


not just what we personally like, but what we feel we can sell to our customers, our community,” she says. For Sassy Pants owner Angela Karp, going to market involves a lot of strategy. “We have to think about what customers will like a year down the road,” she says. Markets are not only opportunities for store owners to buy the coming season’s inventory, but they are also indicators for manufacturers – they find out how much they will produce, depending on the response they get from buyers. Going to market is a collaborative process between business owners and manufacturers. The relationships they build over the years allow them to help each other out. While Lincoln Center stores showcase brands on their shelves, designers direct customers to businesses that carry their lines. This fall, you can browse Lincoln Center shops knowing that owners are going above and beyond to meet your needs, even before you know it. Check out new fall trends from some of your favorite spots in the Center!



Donate gently used coats and new socks at the following locations from November 12th through December 24th.


A M E R I C A N H E A R I N G A I D S A R T E S I A N N AT U R A L F O O D S BEST WISHES F & M BANK FLAIR BOUTIQUE PA C I F I C C O M P O U N D I N G P H A R M A C Y T H E A D O R A T H E U P S STO R E S E L ECT P H YS I CA L T H E RA PY V E N E T I A N P E T H O S P I TA L V I L L A G E C L E A N E R S All proceeds go to the Gospel Center Rescue Mission. For more information on how we’re partnering with them this season and beyond, visit

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