Limousin365 Herd Sire Edition, April 2023

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2023 Oklahoma Youth Expo

Grand Champion Female

Congratulations to Hailey Drake with this daughter of our elite herd sire Days Of Thunder!

The Brand You Can Count On

P Bar S is the brand you can count on to get results. Whether it’s in the show ring or in production, our cattle are bred to get the job done.

If you are in the market for show heifers, bred females or herd sire prospects, look to the brand that gets results.

Your call or visit is always welcome.

2022 Tulsa State Fair Grand Champion Female Tayhlor Elmore found success with a female tracing back to the legendary PBRS Coco family!

2021 Tulsa State Fair

Grand Champion Female

This female, out of one of our leading donors, was led to success by Tenley Elmore!

Paul Sisemore, Owner Manager: Elgin Elmore, 918-346-2438 11720 Overlook Dr. Sand Springs, OK 74063 •

The Little Ranch with the BIG Genetics

2023 SEMEN DIRECTORY Office: 26406 470th Ave., Morris, Minnesota 56267 / Ranch: 89868 472nd Ave, Atkinson, Nebraska 68713 Office: (320) 392-5802 / Fax: (320) 392-5319 / Casey Fanta: (320) 288-6128 / 1 • APRIL 2023
BRANDING & MARKETING ... 12500 Hwy 279, Brownwood, TX 76801 Brad Davis, 325.647.7681 | General Manager, Blair Davis, 325.998.6296 | Ranch Manager, Corey Sanchez, 325.792.8439 | 2 • APRIL 2023
Quality in Volume 1 Year Breeding Guarantee 100% Customer Satisfaction Delivery Options Available Bulls Available Privately • Call us today! Level 4 Johne’s-Free Certified Herd RUNNING CREEK RANCH CO. Home: 303/840-1850 • Office: 303/341-9310 WWW.RUNNINGCREEKRANCH.COM Joe Freund Sr. • 45400 County Road 21 • Elizabeth, Colorado 80107 Joey Freund - 303/475-6062 • Pat Kelley - 303/840-1848 • Casey Kelley - 720/480-6709 RC unning reek Advantage RUNL Encore 371E RUNL Justified WULFS Hickock RUNL Compass • APRIL 2023 3
VOLUME 4, ISSUE 2 COVER... Designs By Arin Photo Contributors: Magness Land and Cattle, Wulf Cattle, Payne Livestock and B Bar Limousin. SULLIVAN FARMS—A REMARKABLE RETURN ..................................................... 28 COMPOSITES SIMPLIFY REPRODUCTIVE MANAGEMENT ................................ 38 INSURANCE—THE SLEEP TIGHT POLICY............................................................. 44 LIMOUSIN RESEARCH PROJECT: PHASE ONE ...................................................... 54 CORNER POST FUND ................................................................................................ 60 GENETICS ON ICE ...................................................................................................... 62 FINDING JOY & PURPOSE IN AGRICULTURE ....................................................... 66 DEPARTMENTS Around The Industry ...................................................................................................................... 6 President’s Message ....................................................................................................................... 10 Executive Summary ...................................................................................................................... 12 Member & Industry News 14 Riding Shotgun 20 Never Forget Who Was There 24 Junior Scene ................................................................................................................................. 78 Sales & Events .............................................................................................................................. 80 Advertisers Index .......................................................................................................................... 83 28 38 54 Limousin365 • 2005 Ruhl Drive, Guthrie, OK 73044 405/260-3775 • Fax 405/260-3766 • Limousin365 (ISSN-2771-9642, USPS 24730) is a quarterly magazine published in the interest of the Limousin breed of cattle. Limousin365 seeks to promote the growth and development of Limousin, to publicize the activities of Limousin breeders, and to print news and educational material of use to them. Limousin365 is published quarterly by Limousin365, 2005 Ruhl Drive, Guthrie, OK 73044. Periodical Postage Paid at Guthrie, OK, and at additional mailing offices. Subscription rates for one, two and three years are $30, $40 and $52. POSTMASTER: Send address changes to Limousin365, 2005 Ruhl Drive, Guthrie, OK 73044. OFFICIAL PUBLICATION OF THE NORTH AMERICAN LIMOUSIN FOUNDATION • APRIL 2023 4 • APRIL 2023
Hiram and Darenda • 806/375-2346 Bret, Hayley, McKinley & Boone • 806/375-2345 Box 110, Allison, Texas 79003 • It is prime-time to select your next herd sires from the choice selection of yearling bulls we have available. They represent five decades of breeding and selection. Call Today! A Life We Have Been Blessed With For Nearly 50 Years
has been such a joy watching you grow and develop into the young man you have become. Congratulations on your High School graduation! We are so excited about this next chapter of your life. • APRIL 2023 5


The Importance of Taking The Time

Welcome to the Limousin365 annual Herd Sire Edition. As you page through this issue you’ll find relevant herd sires, progressive programs, and the breed’s finest spring sales, along with feature stories and industry news. It’s official, the first half of the 2023 bull sale season is in our rear view mirror and now is the time to charge into the spring breeding season with optimism.

I’d like to encourage you to study your hole card and take the “time” to make sage breeding decisions that meet at the intersection of BOTH marketplace acceptance and your ultimate program goals.

As I write this column, the word “time” continues to come to mind. So, I’d like to take the “time” to acknowledge a man that always made “time” for not only myself (which I will forever be grateful for, both professionally and personally) but, taken the “time” to assist scores of Limousin breeders. Mark A. Smith is the gentlemen I’m referring to. It’s fitting I’m writing this in the Herd Sire Edition because this is the “time” of the year Mark impacts many through his consulting efforts and genetic insights. If you haven’t heard yet, it’s my pleasure to present the news.

Mark Smith To Be Inducted Into The North American Limousin Foundation Hall Of Fame

The North American Limousin Foundation (NALF) is proud to announce the induction of Mark Smith into the NALF Hall Of Fame at a ceremony in Rapid City, South Dakota, this summer during the National Junior Limousin Show and Congress, July 11, 2023.

Bruce Lawrence, NALF President, said, “We are extremely grateful to have had the expertise and service from a man that has devoted 42 years of his life to the Limousin breed and its members and is very deserving of being inducted into the NALF Hall Of Fame. He continues to be involved with the breed through various facets and still operates Grassroots Genetics and Consulting along with Grassroots Insurance.”

In 1981, Mark was offered a job with the International Limousin Journal which proved to be the beginning of a 42-year odyssey with the Limousin breed.

He was an integral part of the premier Limousin marketing firm American Cattle Services from 1982-1987; a NALF staff member from 1987-1990; from 1990-2000, he was a managing partner of the semen sales company Limi-Gene; and in 2000, he served as NALF President. He hung his own shingle up in 2001 with the formation of Grassroots Genetics & Consulting. From there, he added insurance sales, photography and videography services to his resume.

It’s impossible to know how many miles he has traveled, how many sales he has worked, how many hands he has shaken or how many pounds of sale day brisket he has eaten, but if such records were kept, he’d be near the top of the leaderboard.

When it comes to buying cattle on order or suggesting which AI sires to employ, Smith developed a reputation as one of the most trusted eyes in the business. The number of cattle he has purchased for others through the years has been lost to time, but suffice to say he gained the trust of seedstock operations from coast to coast and on both sides of the border.

In terms of his work at ringside, again the number of Limousin animals he helped sell will likely never be counted, so let’s just say he always handled himself in a professional manner while representing breeders across the country.

Given his longevity in the Limousin business, Mark has watched sons and daughters take over for their parents and in some instances, he is now tutoring third and fourth generations.

In 2022, Mark changed his business plan. The desire to spend more time with the only one who ever wanted to have a full-time seat riding shotgun, (his lovely bride De), he decided to take down his “bid spotter” shingle and retire his Hampton Inn Diamond Status to devote more time to Grassroots Genetics & Consulting and Semen Business and to Grassroots Insurance.

Mark assures us, he plans to stay involved in the Limousin breed, helping with matings, soliciting the best bulls and making sure breeders have an avenue to purchase frozen genetics from a long-time reputable dealer.

Contributions in Mark’s name, along with letters of appreciation and support to be included in the book presented to Mark and his family, can be sent to the NALF office. Checks should be made out to NALF Hall of Fame (HOF) and mailed to NALF at 6205 S. Main St., Suite D-280, Aurora, CO 80016.

In closing, congratulations Mark—the breed, myself included—owe you a debt of gratitude that can’t be repaid.

I sincerely hope you enjoy our Herd Sire Edition, it’s of benefit to your program and a promotional piece the Limousin breed can be proud of. A tip of the hat to all of the advertisers, readership and to those that continue to support and offer feedback as it relates to your magazine, Limousin365.

God Bless and I look forward to seeing you down the sale trail this spring. We are all in it together and Limousin proud.

6 • APRIL 2023
SET YOUR HOOK... JACK & VICKY. • JAMYE & STUART. JOSH, KAYLA, EASTON, HUDSON & BODE. • JASE, SHAWNA, KADEN & BENNETT 24300 McDonald Dr. • Lebanon, MO 65536 • • Jack (417) 588-6121 • Josh (417) 664-0913 • Jase (417) 664-1186 On the buying opportunities we are presenting this spring. Double Down on Red All Breed Sale April 22, 2023 • Quapaw, OK Great American Pie Sale April 29, 2023 • Lebanon, MO Summit Sale of 2023 May 13, 2023 • Sand Springs, OK
TMCK Foxtrot 569F Selling a son by COLE Genesis 86G, J Bar J Jackson 1132J and embryos by Wulfs Joint Venture G579J.
embryos by
RBGL 103J Offering LIMITED semen packages. Your opportunity to buy in on one of the breed’s premier red sires. Call today. We welcome your interest on our consignments and hope you plan a trip to visit us this spring at the Sand Spring Resort (800.543.3474). Featuring our best genetics from our leading donors: Watch for our consignments in these headliner sales: • APRIL 2023 7
Misty Morning Jayla 102J Selling a designer flush to the bull of buyer’s choice. AUTO Folly 284F Selling
Wulfs Joint Venture G579J and CELL History Maker 0256H.

Proven Possibilities Proven Possibilities

Wulfs Horton 7358H

Red • Homo Polled • Purebred

CD: 8(65) BW: 2.7(70) WW: 92(1) YW: 138(2) MA: 30(10) CM: 4(75) SC: 1.2(10)

DOC: 17(10) CW: 49(2) RE: 1.17(35) YG: -0.51(2) MB: 0.1(4) $MTI: 65.6

Wulfs Horton is definitely in the running for the next great Credential’s son. Out of an Excellsior female, he has performance, maternal, marbling and MTI. If you like purebred thickness and breed character with modern day EPD balance, Horton has it all on the table. Think about the next generation, Horton can get you there.

L7 Humdinger 0035H

Black • Homo Polled • Purebred

CD: 8(65) BW: 1.9(55) WW: 84(4) YW: 136(2) MA: 26(20) CM: 4(75) SC: 1.27(10)

DOC: 21(1) CW: 53(2) RE: 1.41(10) YG: -0.44(2) MB: -0.16(40) $MTI: 53.4

L7 Humdinger is just that, a HUMDINGER. Purebred, stout, stacked with performance, Homo Polled and loaded with bone, butt and muscle. Humdinger is carrying a red gene which gives you the opportunity to add the Envision influence to your red program. Look over the numbers and his picture, and think of all the possibilities. Humdinger is one of a kind.

MAGS Hard Core 1623H ET

Homo Black • Homo Polled • 56% Lim-Flex

CD: 11(50) BW: 2.1(80) WW: 83(15) YW: 136(10) MA: 19(65) CM: 6(50) SC: 1.6(10) DOC: 16(15) CW: 57(5) RE: 0.68(50) YG: -0.04(10) MB: 0.33(25) $MTI: 67.7

MAGS Hard Core is now on the market and this tremendous son of Hemi is the performance sire to tie to.

Out of a great Y-Axis daughter, he has the EPD profile to work anywhere, plus the look and structure to make him a breed leader. The Hemi cattle are showing great growth and performance, here is the chance to add one that combines it all.

Livestock Mortality Insurance can help you manage the risk that comes with owning quality livestock. We are proud to be agents for Liberty Mutual Livestock Insurance. If you make a purchase that needs coverage, or if you would like to talk about the various ways to manage your risk, give us a call.

Watch our website for the latest updates on the best bulls in the breed. Give us a call anytime, we would be interested in talking to you about your customers and how your program can work harder for them.

WZRK Jack Black 9048J

Black • Homo Polled • 82% Limousin

CD: 16(10) BW: -1.5(20) WW: 70(25) YW: 100(35) MA: 23(30) CM: 8(20) SC: 0.8(45)

DOC: 14(20) CW: 44(15) RE: 1.09(20) YG: -0.29(35) MB: 0.22(35) $MTI: 61.5

Jack Black brings all the tools to the table as this young son of the calving-ease sire Gallager has the small birthweight and BW EPD that should make him a new calving-ease, Homo Polled, high-percentage option. He packs a different pedigree package and performance after weaning. If you are looking for soundness, structure and predictable performance, Jack Black is your man.


ph/fax: 515-965-1458

• cell: 515-229-5227


$40 $40
$40 • APRIL 2023 8

Jay: 979.268.5491

MAY 20, 2023 • 1PM

Milam County Livestock Auction • Cameron, Texas


Pairs • Bred Females • Breeding Age Bulls • Genetic Packages

We are excited to bring you this dynamic offering of seedstock from the top of our herd. This sale will represent many years of breeding the best genetics we could amass. Make plans to be with us for this special event.


KILEY McKINNA • 402.350.3447

WILEY FANTA • 320.287.0751

Watch our website for more details on the sale. Contact us for a sale catalog or more

Jay, Molly, Jayce & Spencer Wilder Snook, Texas




RANDY RATLIFF • 615.330.2735

BILL HELTON • 256.962.0256


Conley Sandy 7350 Greenwood PLD Birch Boss Lake Ms Molly 814F SEEE Hocus Pocus
9 • APRIL 2023


First off, I would like to take this opportunity to thank my fellow board members for allowing me to serve a second term as NALF Board President. Your NALF board currently has an exciting year planned. Our Spring Board meeting will be April 25. If you have something you would like your NALF Board to consider, please contact one of your board members.

As I write this letter for the April Edition, everyone is certain to be looking for Spring. Some of us for spring rains and some for warmer weather, either of these are certain to bring green grass. With green grass and the calf prices where they currently are, it should mean a bright future on the horizon for Limousin seedstock producers.

NALF is working hard to prepare your association to help move our breed to the forefront of the seedstock industry. Mark and Tammy Anderson helped calve cows at the Brad Hamlet Ranch near Cascade, Montana, and Alison Jones and her husband, Brandon, were at the Wade Schott Ranch in Stockett, Montana. These cows were synced and bred early last summer for the current NALF Research Project that we have told you about in previous articles. We really appreciate our staff for being so dedicated to this research project.

The first bull sale reports across the country are really positive, especially considering the harsh winter they had across the North Central United States. I encourage each of you to take the opportunity to attend an upcoming Limousin sale or event and visit with fellow Limousin breeders across the country.

I would also like to take this time to thank the membership that participated in the Ken Holloway Genetics On Ice Benefit Auction to help fund NALJA for the upcoming year. It was a night to remember, raising a record setting over $106,000. A special thanks

to MC Marketing, R&R Marketing, Grassroots Genetics, along with Auctioneers Sonny Booth, Ronn Cunningham and Chisum Peterson, and NALJA Junior Advisors Mallory Blunier and Taylor Dorsey. This capable group was assisted by our complete NALF Staff.

As I close, I would encourage each of you to strongly consider genomic testing your replacement heifers.

Also, as in the past, if you would like to make a tax free donation to the NALF Research Foundation, feel free to reach out to a staff member or one of your NALF Board members.


PRESIDENT, Bruce Lawrence ...................................... Anton, TX 806-790-2535 •

VICE PRESIDENT, Wade Beckman .....................................Roberts, ID 208-313-0235 •

SECRETARY, Ronn Cunningham .................................. Rose, OK 918-629-9382 •

TREASURER, Randy Corns ...................................... Altoona, KS 620-750-0924 •

AT-LARGE, Jerry Wulf ........................................... Hancock, MN 320-491-1390 •

EX-OFFICIO, Dan Hunt ........................................................ Oxford, NE 308-991-3373 •




Rob Brawner, Wood Lake, NE, 402-376-4465,

Joey Freund, Elizabeth, CO, 303-475-6062,

Troy Gulotta, Independence, LA, 985-662-1561,

Mark Haden, Rogersville, MO, 417-838-6109,

Austin Hager, Karlsruhe, ND, 701-626-2345,

George Hubbard, Welch, OK, 918-541-5482,

Bart Mitchell, Wauzeka, WI, 608-553-8070,

Kevin Ochsner, Kersey, CO, 970-396-5525,

Lance Sennett, Waynetown, IN, 765-366-4894,

Jay Wilder, Snook, TX, 979-268-5491,

2111 N LaCrosse Street • Rapid City, SD
North Fifth St.
Rapid City, SD 57701
10 • APRIL 2023
444 N Mt Rushmore Rd. Rapid City, SD 57701

Bull Power!

These two sires are powering our program into the future. They excel in the essential traits within the cattle industry and represent what we are striving to produce. Include these sires in your Spring breeding plans and watch for their progeny in our program.

TMCK Santana 828J

Homo Polled / Black • Purebred

COLE Genesis 86G x TMCK Glitz 720G

CE: 11 BW: 1.7 WW: 84 YW: 122 MK: 24 CM: 5 SC: 0.40 DC: 14 YG: -0.35 CW: 31 RE: 0.89 MB: 0.50 $MI: 76

Owned with Tubmill Creek Farms.

Semen available at Grassroots Genetics, 515/229-5227

B-Bar Serratelli 72H

Homo Polled / Red • Purebred

RPY Paynes Cracker 17E x B Bar Foxtrot 32E

CE: 8 BW: 1.5 WW: 65 YW: 100 MK: 28 CM: 2 SC: 1.05

DC: 20 YG: -0.43 CW: 30 RE: 0.91 MB: -0.07 $MI: 51

Co-Owned with Glenndening J Bar J. Contact owners for semen.

Misty Morning Jenna 125J

65% Lim-Flex • Double Polled • Double Black • 9/18/21

CELL Envision 7023E x Sennett 010X

CE: 12 BW: 0.9 WW: 91 YW: 150 MK: 26 CM: 7 SC: 1.80

DC: 10 YG: -0.17 CW: 57 RE: 0.95 MB: 0.09 $MI: 63

Misty Morning Josie 133J

48% Lim-Flex • Homo Polled • Homo Black • 10/31/21

CELL Granite 9245G x CELL 7445E

CE: 13 BW: 2.9 WW: 92 YW: 138 MK: 12 CM: 6 SC: 1.05

DC: 13 YG: 0.01 CW: 34 RE: 0.48 MB: 0.00 $MI: 58

All Inquiries Welcome—Call Today!


17329 S. Nebo Dr. - Versailles, MO 65084 ph: 573/378-0500 - fax: 573/378-5137 -

Watch for our consignments in the
29, 2023 • Lebanon, MO Selling:
Fall Bred Females
Herd Sire Prospects
for Bigger Gains”
11 • APRIL 2023


Iam going to apologize for this rather short article in advance. Tammy and I are currently in our second week of calving on the Hamlett Ranch in Montana as part of our NALRF research project. We have not had a lot of time for anything else but tending to calves

in the harsh Montana winter that won’t seem to go away. Alison Jones, and her husband, Brandon, are just starting to calve out the other group of calves at the Schott Ranch in Stockett. I appreciate the work the staff is doing to help us out, not only here in Montana, but the crew back at the office who are keeping things running for NALF.

I’m encouraged at the first ranch. We bred 229 cows last Spring and currently have 110 babies on the ground halfway through the calving period and a lot of pregnant cows out there looking very close. We will know our conception rates soon and actually have an actual number by the time you read this. One thing that is very apparent so far is the fact that we have some really nice calves on the ground out of our Limousin and Lim-Flex® sires. It looks like they will make really good feeder cattle that should produce high-quality carcasses after they finish feeding at South Dakota State University (SDSU) by 2024.

The Limousin sired calves are out of CJSL Data Bank 124D, COLE Genesis 86G and Wulfs Endurance K069E. The Lim-Flex® sired calves are out of AHCC Easy Rider 5594E, MAGS Faultless 154E and MAGS Cable 517C. Our ranchers thus far have been really impressed with the calving-ease and are surprised how stout the Limousin and Lim-Flex sired calves have been out of their commercial Angus cows. To be frank, they are big backed and big butted. They will be competing against calves by three Angus sires of similar EPD values—Musgrave 316 Colossal 137, Woodhill Complete A130-C2 and the popular Angus sire, SAV Rainfall 6046.

I appreciate all the effort, commitment and help from the NALF Board on this much needed research project. It will be interesting to measure the impacts from heterosis for commercial cattlemen by using quality Limousin and Lim-Flex® sires on commercial Angus cows. We will find out the benefits of using Limousin and LimFlex® genetics and possibly the traits we might need to continue to work on in the future. Having the research conducted at SDSU will provide a good third party assessment of the feeding performance and carcass traits when comparing the three different contemporary groups of feeder cattle. We are really excited to see the end results!

We are also looking forward the National Junior Limousin Show and Congress in Rapid City, South Dakota, this July where we plan to celebrate the 50th anniversary of NALJA! The NALF staff appreciates the work and effort put in by the whole crew from South Dakota headed up by the Peterson family and the efforts Kiley McKinna has put forth getting ready for this event. We will also be inducting a very deserving Mark Smith into the Limousin Hall of Fame in Rapid City as well! We hope to see you there!

12 • APRIL 2023
Randall O. Ratliff, 615.330.2735 BRANDING & MARKETING ... J6 Advance E501 By Six Mile Taurus Owned with Sullivan Farms KLS SULL Basil Hayden By RLBH Air Force On Owned with Ridgeland Cattle, Sullivan Farms & Pembrook Cattle KLS SULL Gucci 205G Full sister in blood to WLR Prada Owned with P Bar S & Sullivan Farms ELCX Jules Chip J006 By EXAR Blue Chip Owned with Edwards Land & Cattle & Sullivan Farms RJ PF Rita 8228F 2019 NAILE Supreme Champion Female Owned with Sullivan Farms KEVIN SMITH 318.245.4607 | 9296 Hwy 4, Chatham, LA 71226-9357 13 • APRIL 2023


Genomic Testing on A.I. Sires and Donor Dams

Members will only be required to genomically enhance A.I. sires and donor dams with the 100K panel versus the 150K test. This will be equally effective from a marker standpoint, and will also be a cost savings to membership, with the 100K genomic panel priced at $57/ hd. with free parentage, versus the 150K at $85/hd. as in years past. This results in a $29/per hd. savings to membership. To receive an A.I. sire permit, all sires will be required to have the 100K genomic test with parent verification and be free of any defects versus the 150K testing. Contact Alison at or Tammy at Tammy@ or call 303-220-1693 with any questions.

Credit Card Fee

As of September 1, 2022, members are required to pay the merchant fee associated with using a credit card for online payment, which is approximately 3.54%. This is standard business practice for credit card bill payments for most businesses. Members can still pay by check if they wish to avoid the credit card usage fee.

Performance Only Data

Members that utilize “performance only” for performance data on their cattle will be able to continue to do so, but those cattle stopped receiving EPDs beginning September 1, 2022. The NALF board voted unanimously to publish EPDs on registered cattle only. Members utilizing the “performance only” category to record performance data will not receive EPDs on those cattle and must register their cattle to receive EPD information.

Ultrasound Data and Yearling Weights

Members should be aware that yearling weights taken at the time of carcass ultrasound data collection are not automatically loaded into DigitalBeef. If a breeder wants the ultrasound weights to be used for yearling data, notify Stephanie at

Ultrasound barnsheets may be generated and printed from the Member Site on the NALF-DigitalBeef platform. There are instructions for printing barnsheets on the Member Site Help page at

Contacting NALF Staff

NALF staff is available and ready to assist members and commercial producers during regular office hours. Contact information including phone numbers, extensions and email addresses for all staff are listed on

At times, staff may be away from their office and unable to answer phone calls. Callers are asked to leave a message with your name, phone number and nature of the call, so that staff may best return the call.

Catalog Inserts & NALF Ads Available

Information and ads promoting Limousin, Lim-Flex and NALF services, as well as educational information on EPDs and GE-EPDs, are available for use in sale catalogs. The NALF ads promote the message of “Limousin Today - Profit Tomorrow” and are one or two pages, developed to be used individually or together, depending on your needs.

PDF versions are available for download. Visit the Catalog Inserts or NALF Ads pages and scroll down to the bottom for a gallery of .jpg versions. For different versions of these inserts or ads, contact Mallory Blunier, NALF Director of Public Relations and Media, at 303-2201693, ext. 61, or email

2023 MOE Show Rules

As we move into the 2023 MOE show year, review the 2023 MOE rules for Level I and Level II shows found on the MOE page at NALF. org. For Level II shows, the petition form must be completed and submitted to the NALF office by May 1 to qualify for MOE points.

*Note: For a Level II Show to count toward MOE Points the following must be done:

1. The Level II show must follow the division breaks listed in the Level II MOE Rules.

2. Full results must be sent to Mallory ( or Taylor ( Exhibitors or show officials can send in results. Full results must include: all class placings, all division placings, and all overall placings. If we do not receive full results with all the information needed, that show will not count toward points.

3. Results must be submitted by December 1, 2023, no late submissions will be accepted.

Member Site Help

If you are still having trouble navigating the member site on the NALF-DigitalBeef registry platform, we have tutorials to help you. The tutorials explain your login, LIMS enrollment instructions, ordering DNA supplies on the member site and much more! They are available on the Member Site Help page at

Regional Show Information

2023 Eastern Regional Junior Limousin Show & Southeast Summer Classic: June 2-4, 2023; Appalachian Fair, Gray, TN

NALJA will no longer be sponsoring a Heartland Regional show. The Heartland Association will be hosting the Heartland Showdown the first weekend of June in 2023. The Heartland Association will oversee all entries, check-in and running the show. More details will follow. Contact Dean or Bev Summerbell (763-232-9302) or Ann Vorthmann (402-981-1093) with questions.

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14 • APRIL 2023

BID LIVE SALE MANAGEMENT 24018 St. Hwy. 5 • Chattanooga, OK 73528



Bruce Brooks & Ronn Cunningham


MC Marketing Management

Kiley McKinna, 402/350-3447

Catalog Available Mid-April Videos Available Mid-April


Diamond Hill Cattle Co. Barton Limousin

Bruce Lawrence 806/790-2535

Anton, TX

Certified Bangs Free Herd No. 826

Saturday, May 6, 2023

• Noon CST • At The Ranch • Chattanooga, Oklahoma

Featuring the dispersion of all Coyote Hills partnership females.


Limousin & Lim-Flex

Many Homozygous Black and/or Homozygous Polled

50 FALL-CALVING PAIRS - With big fall calves to be split sale day. Many show heifer prospects (TLA Shoot-Out Eligible).

25 SPRING-CALVING FEMALES - With calves at side


15 BREEDING-AGE LIM-FLEX BULLS - All Black, All Polled

LH Belle 015B

Her Mother and Flushmate Sister Sells

Sue Ann, Shari & Shana Holloway • Ross Turner • 580/597-2419

Clendon Bailey, Manager • 580/704-6739

23998 St. Hwy 5 • Chattanooga, OK 73528 •

Reserve Champion Pen of Lim-Flex Bulls, 2023 National Western

Grand Champion Pen of Lim-Flex Bulls, 2023 Cattlemen’s Congress


• APRIL 2023 15

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IGS Youth Summit

The Summit IGS Youth Leadership Conference is an opportunity where juniors ages 14 – 21 have the ability to not only develop leadership skills that can be used in their future, but also a place where they are able to gain new friendships, experience a new college campus and expand their knowledge on the current issues of the agricultural industry. The weekend event is held in the summer at a different major university each year to give youth a feel for a college setting and to experience what that college offers. Participation is not limited to Limousin juniors; anyone interested in the agricultural industry is encouraged to attend!

NALJA is partnering with the Gelbvieh, Simmental, Shorthorn and Chianina Associations to bring a joint leadership conference that will take place every other year (odd years).

Registration is now open, and we encourage you to take advantage of this opportunity. To register, and for more information, visit - Juniors – Summit Youth Conference. Contact Mallory Blunier,, or Taylor Dorsey,, with any questions.

The Summit – IGS Leadership Conference

Phoenix, Arizona

July 20-23, 2023

March 1 – April 15: Registration is $300

April 16 – May 31: Registration is $375

Registration includes hotel, meals, all activities and a Summit t-shirt!

Planning on Showing?

If so, your show animal must be registered and show in your ownership. If you purchased an unregistered animal, please note that we cannot issue pending registration numbers or certificates. Embryo calves have to be parent-verified and the lab work can take up to 4 weeks, delaying the registration process. Please contact our office at 303-220-1693 if you have questions.

Show Vests are required at American Royal, NAILE, FWSS and NWSS to show in the MOE Show. To order, find the application under Shows at or contact

Rush Orders on Registrations & Transfers

When mailing in rush registrations and transfers, print RUSH on the outside of the envelope and when emailing put RUSH in the subject line. This will help ensure your work gets processed immediately. The $25 rush fee for each certificate, noted on the self-billing worksheet, will be billed. Payment must be received for certificates to print. There are no rush orders available on lab work and ET calves.

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P.O. Box 155 • Amherst, South Dakota 57421 John: 605/880-8061 • Warren: 605/237-2127 Office: 605/448-2624 • Check Symens Bros Limousin on f for current information. Grateful
acceptance of our program has humbled us for the 43rd time. Thank you to our customers and friends! We truly appreciate your trust in our program. $34,000 SYES KNOCKOUT 23K Purebred • Black • Homo Polled SYES Easy Going 77E x Miss SYES Backstage 32H Thank you Balamore Farm & Rail Line Limousin! $15,500 TJ KING OF HEARTS 752K Purebred • Red • Homo Polled TREF Easy Street 107E x Miss Beaner Cadillac 651H Thank you Harvey Tedford! $15,000 SYES KEYNOTE 65K Purebred • Red • Homo Polled Wulfs Horton 7358H x Miss SYES Worktime 66B Thank you Balamore Farm & Rail Line Limousin! $11,000 SYES KRYPTON 24K Purebred • Red • Homo Polled Wulfs Horton 7358H x Miss SYES Zeek 25C Thank you Jim Anderson! 16 • APRIL 2023
Beyond Measure Your
Only A Phone CallOnlyAway A Phone Call Away Whether you are searching for new genetics or need help marketing your own, give us a call. Our experience in the field gives us the critical knowledge necessary when buying or selling. We are here to help you, wherever and whenever — we are only a phone call away. Your Trusted Livestock Brokerage Firm KILEY McKINNA, Owner 402-350-3447 • WILEY FANTA, Sales & Service Associate 320-287-0751 • Visit for a complete sale listing. April 1, 2023 Magness Land & Cattle Front Range Bull Sale............ Platteville, CO April 4, 2023 The Fusion Vol. VII by Hankins & Bradley Cattle SC Online Sales April 4, 2023 Coleman Limousin Annual Bull Sale Missoula, MT April 4, 2023 Vaughan Farms “Akaushi Egg Basket Classic” Sale ... W365 Auctions April 6, 2023 Wulf Cattle Annual Opportunity Sale of 2023 April 10, 2023 The Red & Black Semen Event of 2023 L365 Auction April 11, 2023 Hager Cattle Co. Annual Bull Sale ............................... Karlsruhe, ND April 12, 2023 Peterson’s L7 Bar Annual Bull Sale Pukwana, SD April 12, 2023 Rapid Bay Akaushi Online Sale W365 Auctions April 19, 2023 Davis Ranches Online Sale L365 Auctions April 22, 2023 Double Down On Red All Breed Sale Quapaw, OK April 23, 2023 Lawrence Family West Texas Showcase .................... SC Online Sales April 25, 2023 Linhart Divas Online Show Heifer Sale SC Online Sales April 26, 2023 Cross Creek Farm Online Sale L365 Auctions April 27, 2023 Edwards Land & Cattle Co. Heifer and Bull Sale ......... L365 Auctions April 29, 2023 The Great American Pie Sale Lebanon, MO May 6, 2023 Coyote Hills Ranch Annual Production Sale Chattanooga, OK May 13, 2023 Summit Sale of 2023 ................................................ Sand Springs, OK May 20, 2023 Wilder’s Springtime Spectacular Sale Cameron, Texas June 6, 2023 Becky Craig Cattle Co. Online Bull Sale L365 Auctions June 8, 2023 HeartBrand Cattle ‘Heart of the Herd III’ Sale W365 Auctions July 11, 2023 Sale of Sales Rapid City, SD • APRIL 2023 17

Big Time AI Sires

50% LF • HP/HB

S: TASF Crown Royal 960C

D: Pleasant Valley Elsa 1439

BW: 2.8 WW: 73 YW: 113

MK: 20 RE: 0.56

MB: 0.22 $MI: 61

TASF Heineken 405H

Owned with Thomas & Son Farms. Semen available through Grassroots Genetics [515.965.1458].

71% LF • HP/HB

S: ELCX Kings Landing 599 D

D: ELCX Elevate 684E

BW: -0.3 WW: 53 YW: 78

MK: 19 RE: 0.17

MB: 0.14 $MI: 52

ELCX High Time 065H

Owned with the High Time Syndicate. Contact owners for his service and progeny.

PB • HP/Blk

S: HUNT Credentials 37C

D: COLE Miss Xrated 354A

BW: -1.0 WW: 80 YW: 114

MK: 35 RE: 0.64

MB: 0.62 $MI: 78

COLE Genesis 86G

Owned with Coleman Limousin Ranch and Symens Brothers. Semen available through Grassroots Genetics [515.965.1458].

continued from page 16

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The NALF office will be closed Friday, April 7 for Good Friday and Monday, May 29 for Memorial Day. Regular office hours of 7:30 a.m. to 4:00 p.m. MST Monday through Friday will resume Monday, April 10 and Tuesday, May 30.

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Below is the price list for design projects and photography via NALF: Catalog Design - $65/page

Print & Digital Ad Design - $85/ad

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We also offer video and video design services; prices vary, so contact us if you want more information.

Contact Mallory Blunier, Director of Media & Activities, or 303-220-1693 Ext. 61, for more information. We look forward to working with you!

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2023 NEOGEN Ultimate Show DNA Submission

To be eligible to show in the 2023 NEOGEN Ultimate show at the 2023 NJLSC, DNA must be submitted by April 20 to the NALF office. The NALF office asks that any DNA for this show be marked “For National Junior Show”.

Entries for Summer Shows

Entries the National Junior Limousin Show, Eastern Regionals and Southeast Summer Classic will go live April 3, 2023. NO PAPER ENTRIES WILL BE ACCEPTED THIS YEAR. Entry deadline is May 1.

From Purebred to Lim-Flex, when it comes to BIG TIME AI SIRES, Linhart Limousin has you covered.
18 • APRIL 2023
Randall O. Ratliff, 615.330.2735 BRANDING & MARKETING ... Ray and Barb Moyer | 267.718.0574 41 Fretz Rd. | Telford, PA 18969 Kiley McKinna, 402.350.3447 Wiley Fanta, 320.287.0751 04.22.2023 Join us Live at the Downtown Casino, Quapaw, OK or online at WULF’S JOHN WAYNE H15J PB Limousin | Red | Homozygous Polled S: Wulf’s Command K136C (Wulf’s Yankee) X Wulf’s Aunt 3347A (Wulf’s Warbonnet) BW 1.9 WW 69 YW 93 MK 25 SC .90 REA .93 Why would you consider to positively influence your cowherd with Wulf’s John Wayne? FEATURING SEMEN PACKAGES ON 15 Units for $1,000 • Purebred Limousin • Homozygous polled • Massive in his foot size • Very soft in his pasterns and very free in his movement • Heavy in his bone structure • Perfect blend of thickness and depth of fore and rear rib • Outcross to most red and polled lines of cattle • Would create unique Lim-Flex and Composite progeny when bred to a deep bodied purebred Red Angus 19 • APRIL 2023

Riding Shotgun Planning for the Future

As we travel the highways and by-ways of the Limousin family and breed we often cuss and discuss the cattle business, sports, politics, great cheeseburgers and most of the time, the promotion and marketing of Limousin cattle.

Through “Riding Shotgun” we invite you to join us in the right-hand seat, so that we can let you in on what we find to be our marketing pet peeves, shortcuts and some of the favorite habits of top-flight professional producers. Grab a cup of coffee and take the ‘shotgun seat’—we are pleased to have you riding along.

As spring starts breaking around the country and many areas recover from a tough winter, we see light at the end of the tunnel. In the agricultural business it’s easy to just hit the repeat button and do what we have done in the past—plant the crop, breed the cows and work on the hay crop for the next winter feed pile.

I think, as seedstock producers, you need to think out of the box a little and use the longer days to do some self-reflection, plan for the future and look down the road. Did your current calf crop perform like you expected? Are they the kind of calves your clients desire and demand? Is your cowherd raising the kind of calves that work in your environment and in your management situation? Do you have herd bulls that are siring not only cattle that will sell, but will also maintain and/or improve the cowherd down the road for the next generation?


Association, Youth, Commercial, Events, Online-Contact for Pricing


Featured Ads, Catalogs, Breeder Directory-Contact for Pricing

FEATURED AD LISTING—$750 per 30 day-cycle


$250 if accompanied by Featured Ad or Premier Spot • $1,000—Stand Alone


Business Card Ads


Four Month Placement

eBlast SERVICES—$195 per blast

eBlast PREFERRED POSITIONS—Contact for Pricing

ONLINE SALE HOSTING Contact for Pricing

4-Time Contract Print Ad Discount - 5%

Annual Contract Digital/Print Discount - 15%


Sarah Johnson 614/266-2646


DeRon Heldermon 405/850-5102

Are you visiting with your customers and analyzing your sale results with a critical eye? Did they buy bulls with performance, convenience traits, or just cow fresheners? Did you lose a steady customer? Did you attract someone new to your program? Did your advertising work in the marketplace or do you feel like you wasted your promotion time and effort?

Are you watching the beef industry and the trends of the business? Does your program have the flexibility and overall integrity to shift with the times? Are you hiding behind the “same ole thing” or are you addressing the beef business and the moves that it makes?

Times moves on. Take the time this spring to study your past, your present and your future. Don’t fall into the trap of repeating the mistakes of the past simply because you didn’t want to self-analyze. There is a great future in the animal agriculture business; demand is up, prices are trending upward and the days are longer and warmer.

Embrace your lucky fortune, be a better breeder and enjoy the day. See ya down the road.


A. Smith email: • phone: 515-229-5227
20 • APRIL 2023


SATURDAY, MAY 13, 2023

2:00 - 4:00 P.M. Social Hour and hors d'oeuvres

5:00 P.M. The Summit Sale starts



MARKETING Randall O. Ratliff, 615.330.2735


Kiley McKinna, 402.350.3447

Wiley Fanta, 320.287.0751

21 • APRIL 2023
Vidor, Texas 77662 • ANTHONY GOSS, 281-794-1339, cell If you are looking to reap the rewards of the extra muscle, thickness and pounds the Limousin breed originally offered, then we have your kind of cattle. We have combined the very best genetics from the United Kingdom with United States’ bloodlines to produce cattle that are world renowned for these traits. FOXHILLFARM JASPER Your call and visit is always welcome. WWW.GOSSLIMOUSIN.COM WILODGE CERBERUS FOR SALE: - Bulls -Heifers - 3-in-1s Visit our updated website for a complete listing and prices of the genetics we have available. MUSCLE MATTERS POUNDS PAY & • APRIL 2023 22
615.330.2735 ARIN STRASBURG GRAPHIC DESIGN AMY SHAW SOCIAL MEDIA DIRECTOR ABBY LANE EXECUTIVE ASSISTANT It’s the “Unknown” that Drives Us! The old saying, "You never know what is around the corner" rings so true to the breeders in the cattle business. It has been an honor to consult with the breed’s top clients in creating the best product possible ... 30 plus years and counting! 23 • APRIL 2023


One of those moments I can’t get out of my head was when the Chiefs and Bengals football teams were playing for the AFC championship. Patrick Mahomes was running the ball and an opposing team member aggressively pushed him out of bounds, which gave extra yardage for the Chiefs to get closer and then kick a field goal. That one push, under extreme pressure, became the catalyst that enabled the Chiefs to inevitably win the game. The picture shown here was the Bengals player on the bench realizing what he had just done with his one and only teammate there to comfort him when everyone else was gone. Wow, what a moment that was to watch and experience, I can only imagine what his feelings were at that time knowing the “push” was something that changed the outcome of the game.

When I think about the scenarios for the cattle business we are submerged in—whether you are at a competitive cattle show or the lead point person at an important sale—one can certainly relate to that experience. No matter if you come out a winner or not, we’ve all been the person who needed support, and every day we are presented with ways to show up and be that person for someone else. I am certainly living proof that the result of a team effort is far better than doing something alone. The synergy with each other and what is created out of that is what keeps our spirits and the business going. I appreciate the truth in these words:

“When I was younger, I was looking for this magic meaning of life. It’s very simple now. Making the lives of others better, doing something of lasting value. That’s the meaning of life, it’s that simple.”

It’s easy to be the person there to lend support when everything is going well. But the life-changing moments happen when someone shows up and they didn’t have to, just when you need it most – friends who become like family. No matter if thousands are watching on the

football field or one person needs a hand behind the scenes, we can all do something of lasting value.

One of the most amazing things I see in the Limousin business is that when people are down and need a helping hand, this wonderful

breed of cattle is always there to help. That is true leadership and friendship. I, like so many others, take a lot of pride in knowing that the Limousin breed of people is a family and we will never, ever forget who was there.


24 • APRIL 2023

The Start Of Something Special

Tadd, Nan, Tyla & Trotter Thomas Sterling, CO Tadd, 970-590-3725 Joel Hill, 970-520-0994
Your call and visit is always welcome. Contact us for cattle available privately. Watch for our 2023 Production Sale Stay tuned for updates about our breeding program via Limousin media outlets and T4 Livestock f The spring calves are here and the results are special. Given our experience in the cattle feeding business, our registered herd is designed to produce genetics capable of excelling in a variety of environments and scenarios. • APRIL 2023 25
~ ONE DAY ~ ONE EVENT ~ ONE SALE ~ 04.22.2023 | Downstream Casino, Quapaw, OK Join us at the Downstream Casino, Quapaw, Oklahoma or online at SALE MANAGEMENT Randall O. Ratliff, 615.330.2735 (L#2845) • Kiley McKinna, 402.350.3447 | Wiley Fanta, 320.287.0751 | PUREBRED LIMOUSIN LIM-FLEX AKAUSHI RED ANGUS FULLBLOOD LIMOUSIN RED WAGYU 1:00 P.M. Social gathering, conversations and refreshments 3:00 P.M. Sale Starts Featuring only the finest RED Genetics! Selling 70 Lots 26 • APRIL 2023

Thank You

Many thanks to the bidders and buyers who made our 2023 Pride Of The Prairie a resounding success.

We wish you the best of luck with your purchases and look forward to serving your genetic needs in the future.

WZRK Juggernaut 4009J

PB • Homo Polled • Black • 2/14/21

CELL Envision 7023E x WZRK Miss Tffenuff 4009B

CE: 11 BW: 0.2 WW: 81 YW: 121 MK: 20 CM: 7 SC: 1.50

DC: 15 YG: -0.54 CW: 38 RE: 1.29 MB: -0.09 $MI: 55

Act. BW: 95 • Adj. WW: 703 • Adj. YW: 1,276

Adj. SC: 38.2 • Adj. REA: 16.82 • Adj. IMF: 2.10

Owned with Wieczorek Limousin.

Semen Available! $40/unit.

Contact owners or Grassroots Genetics (515/965.1458).

43102 192 St. • Willow Lake, SD 57278

Drew: 605.881.2419 • Jake: 605.520.2913

Follow us on Facebook

Juggernaut combines a notable pedigree, balanced EPD profile and an eye-catching phentoype. His sire, CELL Envision 7023E, is the deceased sire who’s legacy still lives on producing progeny with huge data and standout phenotypes appreciated by the best cattlemen. This son is no different. Juggernaut has numbers worth studying — ranking in the top 1% for SC, top 5% for GEST, top 10% for WW and YW, top 15% for CW and top 20% for ST and RE. Though his number profile sets him apart from other breed top contenders, his phenotype is one you have to admire as well. He is heavy structured, big bodied, level topped and moves free off both ends of his skeleton. You won’t regret breeding to this breed changer — purchase semen today!

• APRIL 2023 27

A Remarkable Return To Their Limousin Roots

John, Dede, Sara and Sage Sullivan are no strangers to the Limousin breed, but after a storied beginning with Limousin cattle, the Sullivan family has made quite the splash returning to their roots. The Sullivan family resides in Dunlap, Iowa, where they own and operate Sullivan Supply, Inc. and Sullivan Farms.

It all began in the 1980s when John exhibited Limousin steers at several major shows across the country that he acquired from Barney Bain in South Dakota. “People didn’t know how great the Limousin steers would feed back then,” John said.

After showing Limousin steers for a couple years, John began working part time for Bush Boys Limousin and Fred Wood in Iowa. John spent his time getting show cattle ready and assisting with donor cow pictures. This was the gateway into his time spent

working for Rosanky Cattle Co. of Rosanky, Texas, with their Fullblood Limousin cattle.

At age of 19, John and Dede moved to Texas to work for Rosanky with an $800 car and roughly $800 in their savings account. John and Dede reminisce and laugh about that trip to Texas because on their way, the transmission went out of their car and it cost $650 to repair the transmission. When they arrived in Rosanky, Texas, they had $150 to their names.

Two years later, Dede graduated college and she and John moved to Genoa, Nevada, to work for Little Mondeaux Limousin managing their show cattle. “At the time, their program was the epitome of purebred cattle of all breeds in the country. We loved the weather and that area, but we wanted to get back home,” John said.

• APRIL 2023 28

Sullivan Supply

After their time at Little Mondeaux, John and Dede moved back home to Iowa. In the spring of 1989, at the age of 23, John and Dede began Sullivan Supply out of a 20’ x 20’ garage. “We just wanted to be involved in purebred cattle and the livestock industry in some way and work for ourselves in our home town,” John said.

“We had no business doing what we were doing, but we did it anyway,” Dede said. “We quickly outgrew the garage and moved onto Main Street in Dunlap to an old three story grocery store we rented. We had very archaic offices in the back with no heat because we couldn’t afford to fix the heat. We went across the street to the appliance store and purchased large refrigerator boxes and made offices out of boxes so we could heat small areas. We threw blue tarps over the boxes, clipped on lights and ran extension cords to have a small heater inside each “office”. It was crazy to do that and we were always fighting the lack of capital that we didn’t have, inventory was always a problem,” Dede remembers.

The greatest obstacle for John and Dede at the time was the lack of capital and the fact they couldn’t afford to hire help for the company. However, overcoming obstacles and perseverance are what kept Sullivan Supply going in the beginning. “You could tell right away

with those very first products we created—Prime Time, Tail Adhesive and Kleen Sheen—that things were going to take off,” John said. “We had a trailer we purchased for $6,900 that was customized for show products, but we didn’t have a truck, so we borrowed my brother Joe’s 30-year-old pickup truck and that’s how we would go to shows,” John said.

Sullivan Limousin

After a few years with the supply business, John couldn’t stay away from showing cattle. While running Sullivan Supply, John acquired three Limousin cattle in 1991. One of those females was the legendary EAFM Cookie that John purchased from Vorthmann Limousin in Treynor, Iowa. “The Vorthmanns were great people to learn from and such a cool family. I remember the Vorthmann family and Shane Lindsey were the ones that shared Limousin knowledge with me,” John remarked.

In 1992, EAFM Cookie was Champion Limousin Female at the National Western Stock Show in Denver, Colorado. “She went on to be such a phenomenal cow and produced three Denver champion females

continued on page 30

• APRIL 2023 29
John Sullivan acquired three Limousin cattle in 1991. One of those females was the legendary EAFM Cookie. In 1992, EAFM Cookie was named Grand Champion Limousin Female at the National Western Stock Show in Denver, Colorado.

continued from page 29

in a row out of seven heifer calves. She was that gift for me—that was our foundation,” John said.

One of the most successful and prominent cow families to ever exist in the Limousin business is that of EAFM Cookie. She herself was a national champion along with SLVL Angel Cookie 140D, SLVL Cinnamon Cookie 6003F and SLVL Sugar Cookie 52C. The Cookie family and the rich heritage behind them is one of the most prolific and prominent to date in the purebred segment of the Limousin business.

In that same year, John and Dede purchased their home farm in Dunlap, Iowa, from their town veterinarian. At its peak, Sullivan Limousin had close to 200 Limousin females. They won the carload show at the National Western Stock Show in Denver multiple times, and won several major shows and Junior Nationals. “At that time we had a phenomenal young crew of people that have since gone on to be incredible in this industry—John Elder, Dave Allan, and his brother, Mark. Three incredible individuals and we had a lot of energy,” John said.

“About 10 years ago, we wanted to diversify along with having Shorthorns so that when families came to the farm they had multiple breed options. At that time, you could see that junior kids were beginning to show more breeds, rather than just focusing on one, so that’s when we decided to introduce multiple breeds into our program,” John said.

John and Dede’s oldest daughter, Sara, is no stranger to the show cattle industry. She began showing bucket calves at their county fair at the age of eight. “The very first time she was in the ring she liked it, you could tell,” John remembers.

The first time Sara won Louisville was in 2001 when she was 12-years-old with SULL Blue Baby, who won both the junior and open Shorthorn Plus shows. “She’s had a pretty darn remarkable show career,

but she started slow—we had fun with those bucket calves for several years before she had her first major show win,” John explained.

A Remarkable Return

When asked about their return to the Limousin breed after having major success with several other breeds, John knew right away that Limousin cattle were still something special. “I thought the quality of the Limousin breed was starting to get pretty good. To me it’s still probably too much of a secret of how good the Limousin and Lim-Flex cattle are. So we began looking for a few and the first year we showed a Limousin female again was in 2021,” John said.

Sara exhibited the Grand Champion Limousin Female and Supreme Champion Junior Heifer, Ratliff Howboutit 008H ET, at the 2021 North American International Livestock Exposition. Ratliff Howboutit 008H ET was also Supreme Champion Female at the Iowa Beef Expo and Grand Champion Limousin Female in the junior show.

“Sara really enjoys Limousin junior nationals, she thinks the junior board and the people are extra friendly. It’s kinda fun now because people I’ve worked with over the years have children and grandchildren showing, so it’s really a neat time,” John said.

“What drove us back to the breed was the quality of the breed,” John said. “I am surprised more exhibitors from other breeds have not gravitated to showing Limousin and Lim-Flex heifers. They need to be paying more attention to these cattle. They’re cattle that just keep getting better with age, they’re so functional, eye appealing and they’re good at the basics. They’re a breed that improves and some breeds don’t. They’re just good solid cattle,” John said.

“We believe in these cattle and Limousin have an awesome product. More people should be utilizing this breed,” John said. “If they could start a third division at some shows, it might attract more people given the popularity of hybrid cattle. An opportunity to exhibit a composite

• APRIL 2023 30
John and Dede’s, daughters, Sara and Sage, have had their fair share of success inside the show ring on the National level, but it all started with Sara showing bucket calves at the county fair at the age of eight.

Limousin could get the attention of other breeders to utilize their breeds and there would be an explosion with that third option. This composite Limousin division would not interfere with the Lim-Flex or Limousin divisions. It would greatly grow and showcase the breed,” John commented.

When asked about the future of the Limousin breed, John believes the breed is in an excellent position. “Both segments of the breed are outstanding, the cattle are so flexible in a commercial market and the carcass merits are real. They have pretty phenomenal carcasses with reasonable birth weights and that’s a difficult combination in some scenarios. The junior program is incredible and they do a really good job with involvement in the breed. Any time you’ve got juniors involved it’s special,” John said.

Your Support Was Humbling

We would like to thank each and every individual who helped make our 43rd Annual Bull Sale a resounding success. We appreciate the loyalty of our many repeat customers and would like to welcome several new buyers into our camp. We look forward to watching the positive impact our genetics will make on the industry when in the capable hands of our friends and customers.

“At the end of the day, the Limousin Association is going to grow because they have got these exhibitors that end up staying in agriculture and have 20 cows that are registered Limousin,” John said.

Sullivan Farms

Today, Sullivan Farms calves approximately 300 head per year concentrating on high-quality individuals of a few select breeds. “We will grow our Limousin program and will sell our best progeny in the years to come,” John said. “We’re looking to grow with our top Limousin donor females and we’re really excited about that.”

Their top donors include Ratliff Howboutit 008H ET, DL Hush Money 502H, MKLN 1105J, CELL Fascination 8231F and WLR Eden 80E (owned by Davis Limousin Ranch).

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Purebred • Homo Polled • Homo Black

S: CELL Envision 7023E

D: WZRK Miss Atomic 5022C

CE: 8 BW: 0.5 WW: 90 YW: 136 MK: 24

CM: 5 SC: 1.40 DC: 17 YG: -0.35 CW: 62

RE: 1.32 MB: 0.07 $MI: 63

Act. BW: 96 • Adj. WW: 767 • Adj. YW: 1,444

Adj. SC: 37.7 • Adj. REA: 16.16 • Adj. IMF: 2.215

Owned with Fillmore Ranches.

Semen available through Grassroots Genetics (515.965.1458).

Purebred • Homo Polled • Homo Black

S: CELL History Buff 0245H

D: WZRK Black Widow 4038B

CE: 8 BW: 2.4 WW: 81 YW: 128 MK: 22

CM: 2 SC: 1.05 DC: 18 YG: -0.42 CW: 52 RE: 1.29 MB: 0.14 $MI: 63

Act. BW: 89 • Adj. WW: 711 • Adj. YW: 1,356

Adj. SC: 39.5 • Adj. REA: 15.70 • Adj. IMF: 2.650

Owned with Bullis Creek Ranch. Contact owners for semen availability.


Purebred • Homo Polled • Red

S: Wulfs Gallagher 7056G

D: WZRK 0033H

CE: 15 BW: -1.9 WW: 71 YW: 102 MK: 30

CM: 8 SC: 0.93 DC: 15 YG: -0.30 CW: 46

RE: 0.81 MB: 0.22 $MI: 62

Act. BW: 75 • Adj. WW: 725 • Adj. YW: 1,233

Adj. SC: 38.2 • Adj. REA: 12.96 • Adj. IMF: 2.830

Owned with Duplaga Limousin.

Semen available through Grassroots Genetics (515.965.1458).

“We had no business doing what we were doing, but we did it anyway.”
CURT & LEANNE WIECZOREK 605-227-4601 • 39768 267th St. • Mount Vernon, SD 57363 WIECZOREKLIMOUSIN.COM
31 • APRIL 2023

continued from page 31

Sullivan Farms wouldn’t be where they are today without the influence of four individuals—John Elder, Josh Elder, Nate Tice and Jess Recknor. “Those four have been instrumental. You’ve got to have good people. We’re very fortunate,” John said. “I don’t believe we could find any better crew than what we have, they’ve been so solid.”

“They’re our family,” Dede remarked.

Sullivan Supply Scholarship Program

The Sullivans are passionate about giving back to the industry that built them. John and Dede are visionaries who bring to life some of the livestock show industry’s top programs for junior exhibitors and beyond.

The scholarship program began in 2009 and has awarded more than $300,000 since its inception.

“We knew we wanted to do something to give back and we had some great help along the way to get the program started,” Dede said. “The first year we had so many applications from kids all over the country. We have close to 1,500 applicants across 48 states and Canada.”

Stock Show University

In 2010, Stock Show University was founded as a complimentary youth education program with more than $350,000 contributed annually. The program travels to more than 300 shows each year educating the livestock industry’s youth with top individuals that have a rich history in the industry.

The Pulse

The Pulse is an online daily news source complimentary to the industry that began in 2014.

“The original idea behind it was that we wanted to be a place the seedstock industry gets on every day that’s similar to reading the newspaper,” John said. “It’s incredible how many people are on it. There are days where there are 150,000 people on it and it averages close to 40,000 people each day.”

Growing Together

There have been many influential individuals supporting John and Dede. Early on, Ed Hughes and Gene Lively were mentors for John.

“Randy Ratliff is a lifelong friend and has been there since the very beginning. We’ve had a great relationship over the years and he loves the Limousin breed. He inspired us and he introduced us to a lot of individuals in the breed and we’re still great friends to this day,” John said.

When asked about the key to success, John immediately points to Dede. “The most important thing is you have to have a good spouse and partner above all else,” John said. “Perseverance and vision is also what it takes. You have to be creative with products and provide good old-fashioned customer service. On the cattle side of things, you have to be able to see how they’re going to develop and you have to be honest with your livestock to be a good cattle breeder. Be your harshest critic,” John explained.

“Somehow we made it work,” Dede said. “We never worked in the same part of the business, we always had our own departments. I don’t know anyone else smarter than John in business, he’s got a brain for it and he can see the big picture. He’s great with employees,” Dede remarked.

“At the end of the day I love the cattle and Dede loves the people and the industry,” John said. “We wouldn’t be half the size we are today without Dede’s involvement in the business and that’s the truth,” John said.

John Sullivan’s famous motto of “progressive, aggressive and family oriented,” has morphed Sullivan Supply and Sullivan Farms into the top-notch programs they are today.

ABOUT THE AUTHOR: Sarah Anne Johnson raises registered Limousin & Lim-Flex cattle with her family and Coulton West in Ohio. She is a sixth-generation beef cattle producer, works as a District Sales Manager for Syngenta and is the Northern Region Sales Representative for Limousin365. She has also exhibited Limousin cattle on the state and national levels since the age of four and she served as a NALJA Board Member during her junior show career. Connect with her at 614-266-2646 or

32 • APRIL 2023
John and Dede founded Stock Show University in 2010 as a complimentary youth education program. The program travels to more than 300 shows each year educating the livestock industry’s youth.
CHARLES LINHART 641.340.1306 AARON LINHART 641.414.5060 27195 175TH ST • LEON, IOWA 51044 LINHARTLIMOUSIN.COM Look to Linhart Limousin for your semen and herd sire needs. Your Trusted Herd Bull Source CONTACT THE FARM OR GRASSROOTS GENETICS [515.965.1458] FOR SEMEN ON THESE TOP HERD BULLS. CELL
CELL Freedom
9459G • APRIL 2023 33
History Maker 0256H
Keystone 2221K
History Buff 0245H
Guard House 9300G CELL Heavy Hitter 0011H
Hits The Mark 2055H
High Roller 0239H Kilimanjaro 2218K
Data Bank 6124D
Creed 5042C
Dauntless 6257D
Envision 7023E
20/20 6570D
Ferrari 1214J
Glass Ceiling


The North American Limousin Foundation President makes appointments to several committees each year. These committees exist to ensure certain aspects of the association run properly. They give a voice to the membership by bringing their needs and concerns to the board. The following is a description of the 10 committees and a list of their members.

Nominating Committee

This committee networks with the NALF membership to identify the most qualified candidates for directors to serve on the NALF board and provide leadership for the organization. The committee’s recommendations for directors shall be published in the Limousin Latest E-Newsletter. Nominations from outside the nominating committee must be made to the NALF office no later than October 1. Chairman: Dan Hunt; Members as described in By-Laws.

Commercial Marketing & Breed Promotion Committee

Increases demand and commercial market share through advertising, promotion and execution of programs directed to demonstrate and enhance the commercial value of Limousin genetics. They also provide input as to educational efforts directed toward commercial producers and content directed toward NALF members on subjects related to serving the needs of commercial producers. This is the primary committee liaison with alliance entities. They are also responsible for budgets pertaining to advertising, commercial marketing and promotion, and commercial programs.

Chairman: Kevin Ochsner; Staff: Mark Anderson, Mallory Blunier, Taylor Dorsey; Board Members: Wade Beckman, Ronn Cunningham, Dan Hunt, Joe Moore, Randy Corns, Rob Brawner, Jay Wilder; Members: Trent Coleman, Mat Lewis, Heidi Anderson, Joey Freund, Chisum Peterson, Bob Mitchell, Warren Symens, Andy Stirn.

Finance Committee

Oversees development and execution of NALF’s annual operating budget consistent with long-term board approved financial objectives. Monitor income and expenses on a monthly basis and coordinate with other committees as to executing their plan of work in accordance to approved budget guidelines. Recommend mid-year adjustments to the budget as might be deemed necessary to achieve targeted yearend financial performance objectives. Provide oversight for execution of the board approved investment policy and track performance of investments. Review year-end financial performance, including report from auditor.

Chairman: Randy Corns; Staff: Mark Anderson; Board Members: Bruce Lawrence, Dan Hunt, Wade Beckman, Ronn Cunningham, Jerry Wulf.

Membership Committee

Increase membership, registrations, transfers, and involvement of members in activities of the NALF and their respective state Limousin associations. This committee provides input as to educational efforts directed toward NALF members for more effective production and marketing of Limousin genetics. They are also responsible for budgets pertaining to member marketing activities and for projecting revenue for member registration and transfer activity.

Chairman: Ronn Cunningham; Staff: Mark Anderson, Alison Jones, Stephanie Kramer-Beddo, Mallory Blunier and Tammy Anderson; Board Members: Joe Moore, Austin Hager, Jay Wilder, Lance Sennett, Troy Gulotta, Bart Mitchell; Members: Ty Heavin, Austin Gottschalk, Bret Begert, Jonny Parkinson, Nicholas Edwards, Shana Holloway, Jake Edelman.

NALJA Committee

Serve as the committee liaison between the NALF board of directors and the board of directors for the North American Limousin Junior Association (NALJA). Monitor fundraising, expenditures and financial management of NALJA as well as executions of NALJA sponsored activities. Review NALJA action relative to rules and regulations, selection of judges, sites for NALJA events and recognition of NALJA members.

Chairman: Randy Corns; Staff: Mark Anderson, Mallory Blunier, Tammy Anderson, Taylor Dorsey; Board Members: Bart Mitchell, Jay Wilder, Troy Gulotta, George Hubbard; Members: Bret Begert, Amber Parkinson, Skyler Davis, Ty & Susie Heavin, Kayleesue Laber, Shana Holloway, Jordon Ruppert, Shelby Hubbard.

Breed Improvement Committee

Guides the development of NALF’s performance related functions including EPDs, ultrasound data collection, NALF sponsored research, DNA and animal typing-services for parentage and other traits, genetic defects and genomic-enhanced EPDs.

Chairman: Jerry Wulf; Staff: Mark Anderson, Tammy Anderson, Alison Jones; Consultant: Bob Weaber; Board Members: Dan Hunt, continued on page 36

34 • APRIL 2023
Coleman Limousin Ranch Production Sale TUESDAY, APRIL 4, 2023 1 p.m. MST - Five Valleys Livestock – Missoula, MT 45th Annual YEARLING BULLS LIMOUSIN & LIM-FLEX Most carry the homozygous black and polled traits. Complete Performance & Ultrasound Data • All Bulls Fertility Tested Free Delivery • Sight-Unseen Purchase Program Lot 1 COLE KNOCKOUT 52K 81% • HP • HB • BD: 2/12/22 BW: 80 • ADJ. WW: 749 • ADJ YW: 1281 CELL ENVISION 7023E x COLE MISS ZONE 665D BW: 0.2 • WW: 78 • YW: 122 • MK: 23 • MB: .06 • $MI: 59 Lot 2 COLE KODIAK 41K 68% • HP • HET. B • BD: 2/9/22 BW: 80 • ADJ. WW: 808 • ADJ YW: 1423 CELL ENVISION 7023E x COLE MISS JUNEAU 351A BW: -0.3 • WW: 79 • YW: 122 • MK: 21 • MB: .11 • $MI: 62 Lot 5 COLE KEYNOTE 48K ET 90% • HP • HB • BD: 2/12/22 BW: 92 • ADJ. WW: 761 • ADJ YW: 1246 AHCC EARNING POWER 900E ET x COLE BEAUTY 276Z BW: 1.1 • WW: 73 • YW: 113 • MK: 19 • MB: .34 • $MI: 67 Lot 12 COLE KINGDOM 69K 76% • HP • HET. B • BD: 2/17/22 BW: 90 • ADJ. WW: 773 • ADJ YW: 1226 COLE GENESIS 86G x COLE MISS CAMDEN YARDS 881F BW: -1.0 • WW: 78 • YW: 115 • MK: 33 • MB: .52 • $MI: 74 Lot 13 COLE KEEPER 110K 81% • HP • HET. B • BD: 3/4/22 BW: 82 • ADJ. WW: 779 • ADJ YW: 1322 COLE GENESIS 86G x COLE MISS ZAM 6112D BW: 1.1 • WW: 92 • YW: 138 • MK: 30 • MB: .44 • $MI: 76 Lot 16 COLE FORTUNE 67K 65% • HET. P • HET. B • BD: 2/17/22 • BW: 90 ADJ. WW: 753 • ADJ YW: 1227 COLE FORTUNE 12F x COLE MISS PRODUCTION 522C ET BW: 0.0 • WW: 78 • YW: 125 • MK: 22 • MB: .19 • $MI: 62 LARRY & ANITA COLEMAN, (406) 644-2300 TRENT & MELISSA COLEMAN, (406) 644-2707 53717 GALLAGHER ROAD • CHARLO, MT 59824 SALE MANAGEMENT... Kiley McKinna, (402) 350-3447 Wiley Fanta, (320) 287-0751 BID ONLINE… 35 • APRIL 2023

Top Side Power

For more than 35 years, we have relied on superior herd bulls to propel our program forward. Our black, polled Limousin and Lim-Flex cattle have been built to work in the real world for both commercial and registered cattlemen.

CE: 11

BW: 0.5

WW: 95

YW: 147

MK: 23

CM: 7

SC: 1.60

DC: 16

YG: -0.36

CW: 53

RE: 1.29

MB: -0.01

$MI: 62


Purebred • Homo Polled • Homo Black

CELL Envision 7023E x COLE Miss Tuff Enuff 512C

CE: 13

BW: -0.7

WW: 79

YW: 125

MK: 19

CM: 8

SC: 0.60

DC: 18

YG: -0.36

CW: 45

RE: 1.09

MB: -0.02

$MI: 56



Purebred • Homo Polled • Homo Black

continued from page 34

Lance Sennett, Troy Gulotta, Bart Mitchell, Austin Hager, Joey Freund, Rob Brawner, Mark Haden, Jay Wilder; Members: Trent Coleman, Casey Fanta, Curt Wieczorek, Mat Lewis, Gary Gates, Tosha Shores, John Ferrat, Joel Franseen.

Rules & Regulations Committee

Assist staff in updating materials in the member’s manual, including rules, regulations and by-laws. Guides operation and further development of NALF’s data processing functions to facilitate industry-leading service to members, while enhancing office efficiency in the delivery of such services.

Chairman: Joey Freund: Staff: Mark Anderson; Board Members: Bart Mitchell, Rob Brawner; Members Warren Symens, Mark Smith, Jack Glendenning, Bret Begert, Curt Wieczorek, Gary Fuchs, Joe Moore.

Show Committee

Increase participation, merchandising value, and satisfaction members receive through exhibiting cattle in NALF’s MOE events. Responsibilities of this committee include development and execution of the MOE budget including work with official sponsors, selection of judges for Level I shows, maintain an approved judges list, review and recommend to the board any changes in MOE policies, rules and requirements, select MOE awards, and generally resolve MOE issues as needed.

Chairman: Randy Corns; Staff: Mark Anderson, Mallory Blunier, Tammy Anderson, Taylor Dorsey; Board Members: Randy Corns, Jay Wilder, Ronn Cunningham, Troy Gulotta, Lance Sennett, George Hubbard; Members: Thad Fosdick, Clay Schilling, Chris Thomas, Ty Heavin, Heather Henderson, Shelby Skinner, Nicholas Edwards, Amber Parkinson.

Visions Committee

Looks at and develops new programs. They also evaluate the market and beef industry for opportunities for Limousin cattle and oversees research projects for the NALF.

Chairman: Troy Gulotta; Staff: Mark Anderson, Alison Jones, Tammy Anderson; Board Members: Jerry Wulf, Austin Hager, Wade Beckman, Dan Hunt, Joey Freund, Ronn Cunningham, Bart Mitchell; Members: Mat Lewis, Kiley McKinna, Curt Wieczorek, Tosha Shores, Warren Symens, Remy Carmichael, Tadd Thomas, Gary Gates, Bob Weaber.

Staffing Committee

Judy Bugher


Edna Manning


9700 Slaughterville Rd. • Lexington, OK 73051

Ranch Office: 405/527-7648

• email:

Manages any new and current positions, along with the executive director, at NALF and helps make hiring decisions.

Chairman: Bruce Lawrence; Members: Randy Corns, Dan Hunt, Wade Beckman, Ronn Cunningham, Jerry Wulf.

36 • APRIL 2023

Take Your Program To New Heights

Rolling Acres

Scherr, WV Kim Getz 304/257-3841

Keystone was the lead bull of our Grand Champion Lim-Flex Pen at the 2023 National Western Stock Show and went on to be named the Grand Champion Lim-Flex Bull in the Open Show on the hill. This homozygous polled, 75% Lim-Flex bull combines an attractive phenotype with EPD rankings in the top 35% for CE, BW, WW, MK, TM, CM, YG and RE.

We thank the Getz family of Rolling Acres Limousin for their purchase of half interest and full possession of Keystone.

For semen on this exciting young herd sire, contact Grassroots Genetics, 515/965-1458.

OLIM Keystone 23K 75% Lim-Flex • Homo Polled • Black MAGS Cable x OLIM Fortuna 860F CE: 13 BW: 0.3 WW: 75 YW: 112 MK: 26 CM: 9 SC: 0.85 DC: 12 YG: -0.34 CW: 32 RE: 1.00 MB: 0.11 $MI: 60 Act. BW: 92 Adj. WW: 672 Adj. YW: 1,316 Adj. SC: 39.4 • Adj. UREA: 15.62 • Adj. UIMF: 4.77 Kersey, CO Kevin Ochsner & Family 970/396-5525 Stratton Wotowey, Herdsman
37 • APRIL 2023

Composites Simplify Reproductive Management

Composite breeds like Lim-Flex provide hybrid vigor in a straightbred system.

What’s the big deal with these composite bulls, anyway? And why should I use them in my cow herd?

Those are two very valid questions, says Dr. Bob Weaber, a geneticist and head of Kansas State University’s Eastern Kansas Research and Extension Centers. For the answers, he says to look at the female side of the equation.

Why? Because that is where composite bulls help commercial cowcalf producers realize the benefits of heterosis without the headaches of a more complex crossbreeding program. “Heterosis is just the little extra boost in performance we get above the average of the straightbred parents’ expected performance,” he says. “It’s the little icing on the cake, if you will.”

That icing may be more than just a little. “We get our biggest boost in performance due to heterosis in lowly heritable traits like cow longevity and fertility,” he says. And given today’s cost in developing replacement heifers, cow longevity is more important now than ever before.

Indeed, cow longevity and fertility are two of the most important economic traits in a commercial cow herd. Without question. That is because you can’t sell a calf that is never born. And the longer a cow stays in the herd, the more her calves return economic value to the rancher.

Typical crossbreeding programs, however, can be complicated and difficult to implement, especially if you want to realize genetic improvement by retaining heifers. That is why Weaber thinks incorporating composite genetics like Lim-Flex into a breeding program is a good fit. Lim-Flex composites can have 25%-75% Limousin genetics with the remainder being Registered Angus or Registered Red Angus.

“It’s very easy to implement and they (the bulls) come with the crossbreeding system already built in,” he says. “The commercial producer doesn’t have to do anything extra in terms of breeding pastures or identifying replacement heifers by breed of their sire. It’s as simple as straight breeding.”

• APRIL 2023 38

Composite bulls also allow cattlemen to benefit from breed complementarity when the breeds selected possess complementary traits like Limousin and Angus do. Coupled with heterosis, it adds even more to a commercial herd’s economic potential. “So, producers can expect a 13 to 15 percent improvement in weaning weight per cow exposed using a Lim-Flex breeding program, for example,” he says.

Real World Results

That is what commercial cow-calf producers across the country have found. Shane Whiting and his two sons run around 1,000 commercial cows in northeast Utah near Roosevelt—all Lim-Flex, bulls and cows alike. His operation is testimony to how Limousin genetics have changed and improved over the years.

“Docility and calving-ease are the two number-one things for a commercial rancher,” he says. “And the docility of the Lim-Flex is

really great. But calving-ease is top of the line. She has to be able to produce a calf without a lot of problems.”

Beyond that, he appreciates the longevity and fertility of his cows. “We run all our cows until they turn 12 years of age,” he says, adding that they have a 60-day breeding and calving season. “And our conception rate with Lim-Flex cattle has run 95-96 percent consecutively for up to 20 years now.”

That is notable because he doesn’t coddle his cattle. “We’re grass farmers,” he says, and that is what his cattle get by on.

He also appreciates that his cows have a moderate frame size, yet they milk well. “We have better longevity and we have a better bag,” he says. “These hold up.”

Then there’s payday. Whiting has carcass data on thousands of head beginning in 2014. That year, his calves came down the rail grading

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L7 2001K

Homo Polled • Homo Black • Purebred

CELL Envision 7023E x Miss L7 110Y

CE: 7 BW: 3.8 WW: 83 YW: 134 MK: 24

L7 2012K

Double Polled • Homo Black • Purebred

L7 Humdinger 0035H x Miss L7 407B

CE: 7 BW: 2.3 WW: 78 YW: 131 MK: 21

DC: 16 RE: 1.56 MB: -0.13 $MI: 54

L7 2017K

Homo Polled • Red • Purebred

Wulfs Hickok 7056H x L7 Candy Cane 512C

CE: 8 BW: 4.5 WW: 84 YW: 129 MK: 24

DC: 15 YG: -0.51 MB: -0.08 $MI: 57


• Homozygous Test Results Available Sale Day

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RE: 1.51 MB:
$MI: 57
DC: 112
APRIL 2023

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94 percent Choice and Prime. “Now we’re at 97 percent and they (the feedyard) think we have peaked out.”

Looking at data from the Meat Animal Research Center, Clay Center, Nebraska, helps explain why Whiting’s Lim-Flex cows perform well on a diet largely of grass and grass hay. According to the research, Limousin-sired heifers had lower feed intake (3.25 lbs./head/day) than Angus, Weaber says. The Limousin heifers also had lower body weight gain, about 0.3 lb./head/day.

“There was no statistical difference in feed efficiency yet lower intake. That is likely tied to the expected lower mature weights on these females,” Weaber says. Citing other research, Weaber points out that Limousin females had the lowest mature cow weight among 10 breeds, with weights corrected for breed effect and contrasted to Angus.

Hitting Home Runs in the Southeast

Will Hargett owns a small sale barn in Ayden, North Carolina, in the eastern part of the state. “We handle quite a few cattle that are in less than load lots,” he says, with calves coming from cow herds ranging from 20 to around 100 head.

A number of years ago, he marketed some Lim-Flex calves. “We sold them to a gentleman in the western part of North Carolina who

backgrounded and finished them,” Hargett says. “About a year later, he called me back and said, ‘We’ve been in the business for three generations and that last set of calves we bought out of your barn really showed us something.’”

Hargett is always on the lookout for ways to help his customers improve. He did a little research and decided he would help place some Lim-Flex bulls with area cow-calf producers.

“We’ve had a great experience with Lim-Flex bulls in recent years with what I would consider to be fairly average commercial cows, and just get outstanding calves coming off these cows,” he says. “And we’ve had a lot of good response from the people buying these calves.”

Several of his customers retain their heifers. Bred back to Lim-Flex bulls, “They’re not throwing anything with bad temperament issues. They’re easy to handle, they’re good milkers, they’re good mothers and are producing fantastic calves.”

To that end, he says the Lim-Flex genetics are busting some age-old myths. “I was very impressed with the myth-busting left over from the late ‘90s and early 2000s where, in this part of the country, Limousin had a reputation of being a little too framey, not very good milkers and not very good temperament in some cases,” he says.

“And it just couldn’t be any different today. They’re thick, they have great carcass quality and the females are heavy milkers. And they’re

40 • APRIL 2023
The docility of the Lim-Flex is really great. But calving-ease is top of the line. She has to be able to produce a calf without a lot of problems.”

easy to handle. It’s just a totally different animal. So, it’s been quite a surprise over the years.”

Drought Insurance

“We’ve been tested pretty hard as far as weather the last handful of years,” says Shane Anderson. “Mostly drought and feeding a lot of poor-quality roughages. And they seem to be holding up.”

Anderson, a cow-calf producer from Towner, North Dakota, says that over the years he’s used Lim-Flex genetics, he sees more consistency in the conformation and disposition of the cattle. “I’ve had a lot of confidence in the Lim-Flex females as far as calving-ease and the vigor of the calves when they get up and get going. They’re really a herd that doesn’t require a lot of attention in the spring. And that is a big seller for me.”

He’ll come back with Lim-Flex bulls on his replacement heifers. “I’m getting some thickness in the calves, some muscle. So, on the

steer side, these percentage Lim-Flex cattle are producing some thickmade feeder calves,” he says. “I’m happy with the selection I’m finding in the Lim-Flex breed as far as bulls that hit my maternal needs as well as ones that hit the benchmark as far as the feeder calves and the performance I expect from them.”

What’s more, he’s impressed with the longevity of Lim-Flex females. Because of ongoing drought, he culled pretty deep, but says there are still some females in his herd that are producing at 12-13 years old, “bringing in a decent calf and they’re still running out with the middle-age cows. They’re condition holds up well and they’re still bringing a calf in.”

When the time does come to rotate the old cows out of the herd, their condition and ability to yield adds value at the sale barn, he says. “I still want some salvage value and you know what? Even at 12, 13 years of age, they sell just as they would if they were five, six, seven years old. They look good.”

4.10.23 A “Click To Buy” Online Event Sale Closes 7 PM CST • Wood Lake, NE • • 402-376-4465 Contact us today for your genetic needs. WZRK Klondike 4038K PB • HP/HB S: CELL History Bufff 0245H D: WZRK Black Widow 4038B BW: 2.4 WW: 81 YW: 128 MA: 22 RE: 1.29 MB: 0.14 $MI: 63 Owned with Wieczorek Limousin Wulfs Emprize 2424E 50% LF • HP/Red S: Bieber Deep End B597 D: Wulfs Zuni 2424Z BW: -0.1 WW: 89 YW: 140 MA: 21 RE: 1.08 MB: 0.50 $MI: 77 Owned with Wulf Cattle & Glenndenning J Bar J. WZRK Klondike 4038K Wulfs Emprize 2424E Selling 15 Exclusive Packages of 20 Units Mix and Match Featuring two of the breed’s leading AI sires that combine phenotypic quality, industry leading numerics and mainstream carcass merit! • Black & Red • Limousin & Lim-Flex • Progressive & Proven Genetics • Power & Calving Ease • Performance & Carcass Prowess 41 • APRIL 2023

Considerations When Marketing Freezer Beef

Demand for locally raised beef is still on the upswing. Global supply chain issues, high input costs and concern about inflation are all taking a toll on our livestock producers’ return on investments. Meanwhile, direct-marketing beef continues to rise, allowing the “farm to table” strategy to become more profitable per head.

During the 2020 COVID-19 crisis, there were shortages and increases in price value. The meat prices increased to 21.7% by the end of May 2020 because of the contraction in meat supply. The highest price jump was observed in ground beef in May 2020 compared to previous months.

Hence, this eventuality caused more producers to capitalize on the need for farm-raised beef at a “normal” price compared to the grocery store.

Before you offer your product to consumers, it is critical to make sure you are producing the best quality product. Creating a high-quality beef product starts with the proper management practices. Proper feeding and nutrition are critical when marketing meat products. It is important that you are happy with the meat you are offering before you start selling freezer beef to consumers.

Seeking a USDA-inspected processing facility can assure customers you are using a reputable amenity. When livestock is processed in the facility being inspected, the sale of the product may follow the county health department guidelines.

Before putting your product out on the market, contact your processor to be sure they can accommodate your needs, and fulfill

the demand of meat products. If your meat product is being sold in a public market, it is necessary to have a retail license.

However, if you are selling it to private consumers, there is no retail license required. Before selling market beef to customers, it is essential to take the correct steps and precautions.

Communicate With Customers

When consumers buy freezer beef directly from a producer, often many believe they will have a better experience than going to the grocery store to buy meat. As a producer, there are several expectations to meet the customer base. Having great communication with your customers will allow people to want your product.

Many customers are used to purchasing retail meat. Ensure the buyer comprehends the volume of beef they will be receiving to determine the amount of freezer space needed. Many do not know of the amount of meat they will be receiving. Explaining the process and providing them with information about the processor, processing costs and the different cuts of meat from a freezer beef purchase can go a long way.

Providing customers with information about your management approach will allow them to feel more connected to what they are purchasing. As a producer, it is always essential to feed your livestock to the best of your ability — clean water, adequate management and feeding practices. This will ensure reputable yields and most likely repeat customers in the future.

42 • APRIL 2023

PERFORMANCE Our Trademark For 54 Years

From the beginning, performance has been the main focus of our breeding program. This means our cows must perform their duties and our bulls have to produce the highest growth cattle in the breed. All cattle in our herd must be sound and docile.

Mr. Texas

Our first Fullblood herd sire. When he came to Leonard Limousin in 1975, he was the highest yearling weight bull ever sold in the U.S.

Polled Hawkeye

The first polled Limousin bull to top the NALF sire summary for Yearling Weight EPD. He helped turn the breed polled.

Sooner Jr (fullblood)

The highest growth bull we had ever seen. He became the record-selling bull in the history of the breed at $150,000 when he came to Leonard Limousin in 1978. Contact us for semen.

R&R Mr. Jock 9W


Top of the breed for growth and the leading PROVEN feed efficiency bull.

R&R Beefmaker 116D

CXM4084448 • 2 Copies of F94L 168 Yearling Weight EPD. The highest performance Purebred bull in the breed with semen (exportable) available. Contact us for semen.

For Sale Private-Treaty

Registered Limousin, Lim-Flex & Angus 100 Bulls • 100 Bred Cows


1362 Hwy. 59, Holstein, IA 51025

712-368-2611 work • 712-830-9032 cell

Al Morales, herdsman, 712-304-2035

In the Limousin Business Since 1969

43 • APRIL 2023


Being a seedstock producer often requires making a big investment in new genetics—a new herd bull or top-notch donor cow can run into the tens of thousands easily. And because your investment is a living, breathing animal that will be walking around on four legs out in the elements, that money is at risk every day. That’s why taking an hour or so to learn the ins and outs of how to best protect your investment by visiting with an insurance agent is time well spent.

Mark Smith of Grassroots Genetics has more than two decades experience helping producers minimize their risk. He explains livestock mortality insurance is a risk management tool like any other kind of insurance—house, medical, etc.

“It’s kind of a sleep tight policy in case your investment is bigger than you’re comfortable with,” Smith says. “If you walk out one morning and that animal you have so much money in has cratered … you’re not going to sleep well for a long time if it wasn’t protected with mortality insurance.”

Reasons Why Insurance Makes Sense

In addition to protecting your loss against a breeding animal’s death, another common reason producers seek out a policy is to buy time. In other words, you might buy a year-long mortality policy in order to give you time to get that pricey herd bull’s semen collected, or the donor cow flushed or a first calf crop on the ground. After that, your risk in the investment in those genetics goes down considerably. What about those guarantees from the purebred operation you buy bulls from—shouldn’t that be enough? Not necessarily.

“I know a lot of breeders give a first-year guarantee or first breeding season guarantee sometimes, and those are all great with the ones that offer it,” Smith says. “The thing about that, it usually comes with credit back to the same operation that you purchased from. Some of them will bring you another bull, but what if you really wanted a specific animal? The insurance gives you your money immediately and then you can buy when and wherever you want instead of having to wait and use credit at the sale next year. Those are some good reasons why you need to be paying a little bit of attention to whether mortality insurance is for you or not.”

Another common example of seedstock producers utilizing mortality insurance is when they send bulls off to a bull test. The same logic would apply for sending replacement heifers to be developed off ranch. In this scenario, the producer might insure the whole group for $3,000 a head, as an example, so that if one (or more) of them dies while they are under someone else’s care, they can get compensated.

The Different Types of Policies

A key distinction to be aware of is there are two different types of mortality insurance—full mortality and specified perils. Full mortality covers the animal whether it dies from natural causes, like bloat or cancer, in addition to dying from an accident or weather event, such as lightning, blizzard, drowning, etc. Specified perils policies do not cover natural causes, only the accidental/weather causes. Exactly what events are covered in a policy can vary somewhat, so be sure to read the fine print.

Shari Holloway with Ag Defense Risk Management also works with producers on both kinds of mortality policies, though her company also sells a completely different category of livestock insurance called livestock risk protection that only deals with price risks. Holloway says the specified peril policies, or pasture policies if you will, are typically used to cover an entire cow herd—but only up to a specified limit.

“Usually, it’s not for a higher-priced type of cow herd,” she explains. “We can do a valuation up to about $5,000 per animal but it only runs about 1% of the value of the herd for those specified perils, like lightning. There is a deductible you have to establish per incident, but they’re pretty affordable policies for people that are just looking for catastrophic type insurance.”

Even with full mortality policies there are limits in terms of the length of the policy. The longest term available tends to be for only one year, but after that it can be renewed and at a lower rate potentially. So, if a $10,000 bull is insured for the full $10,000 in year one and goes on to be collected or sire a calf crop, his owner may decide to

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What You Need to Know About Livestock Mortality Insurance.
44 • APRIL 2023

The Elite of the Elite

We are excited to add Kilamanjaro to our bull battery. When paired with Gold Buckle, we feel our genetic future is in solid hands.

MAYC Gold Buckle


SEXED and conventional semen available. Contact owners.

CELL Kilamanjaro
12 BW: 2.2 WW: 78 YW: 124 MK: 24 CM: 6 SC: 1.05
14 YG: 0.03 CW: 36 RE: 0.40 MB: 0.12 $MI: 59
50% Lim-Flex • Homo Polled • Homo Black • 1/22/22 MAGS Everest x CELL Fascination 8231F CE:
Owned with Linhart Limousin. Contact owners for semen.
CELL Fascination 8231F Dam LLJB Absolute Style 3056A Maternal Grand Dam
for over $70,000
Gold Buckle Heifer
Gold Buckle Heifer
CE: 10 BW: -0.5 WW: 54 YW: 85 MK: 18 CM: 4 SC: 0.54 DC: 12 YG: -0.11 CW: 16 RE: 0.50 MB: -0.06 $MI:
Lim-Flex • Double Polled • Double Black • 4/20/19 MRRC Legal 441E x FWLY Purple Ribbon
or progeny by these ELITE SIRES. 45 • APRIL 2023
Cecil Osborn • (903) 235-4102 Nicholas Osborn • (902) 390-7333 Gary, TX Contact us

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renew the policy for a second year but for maybe $7,000 as there is less risk to his or her investment in the second year.

At the other end of the spectrum, producers might have reason to only need one month or a few months to insure an animal. Buyers should be aware, the longer the term is, the higher the premium is as well. Even so, matching the needs of a particular situation to what a company offers will take a little number crunching to make sure you’re getting the best deal possible.

“We can offer a transit rate, which is just to cover the time it takes to transport an animal home from an auction,” Holloway adds. “The minimum is $250, though, so you’re almost better off in some cases to go ahead and just buy the full-year term for full mortality.”

About that $10,000 Bull

Like buying car insurance, the premium you pay to get livestock mortality insurance depends greatly on the value of the item being insured. If the animal was bought at an auction, it’s really easy to establish their value—it’s what is on the bill of sale. However, if you’re raised a really good bull that needs to be insured, how do you put a dollar figure on him?

“You’re going to have to explain to the underwriters why you believe his value is X amount of dollars,” Smith says. “What we’ll need is an evaluation letter, meaning you’ll need to get somebody else to evaluate what this animal is worth and put it in writing. Or lots of times, what I get is a show record or a progeny record. The value can also be

established by the amount of semen or embryos sold. There is a very small chance of the underwriter saying, ‘Nope, we’re not going do that.’

“They might write back and say, for example, they won’t go for $100,000 but will do $45,000,” he adds. “The other part of that is the insurance company understands the buyer is paying for that amount of coverage—let’s say in the case of a year-long policy, the buyer is looking at a 6% premium. So, if the animal’s valued at $40,000, they’re paying $2,400 and if it’s valued at $100,000 he’s paying $6,000 for the coverage. It’s not in the buyer’s best interest to overvalue the animal.”

Other than a difference in evaluating an animal’s worth, folks with a history of claiming losses for mortality insurance can get turned down for a policy. In fact, Smith says the application will ask about your loss history and if you have the animal insured with any other company. You can’t double-dip. And if you do—whether by oversight or by fraud—and try to make a claim, it’s very likely a claims adjuster will sniff out the double payment.

Holloway says a common misconception among producers is they don’t realize the animal has to be dead (or sometimes stolen, depending on the policy), in order for the loss to be covered.

“If a bull gets crippled or breaks a leg but the vet says the bull is not hurt badly enough to put down or he can heal, that would not be covered,” she explains. “Also, a lot of times people want to buy infertility insurance. But unless there’s something out there I am not aware of, there really isn’t anything in the market worth having for infertility these days—it’s just too high.”

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Homo Polled • Black 2/23/19

Sire: HUNT Credentials 37C

Dam: COLE Miss Xrated 354A CE: 16 BW: -1.0 WW: 81 YW: 113 MK: 35 CE: 10 SC: 0.60 DC: 18 YG: -0.16 CW: 42 RE: 0.75 MB: 0.64 $MI: 79 COLE Genesis is NOW on the open market! He is one sire you should be looking to add to your program. This HOMO Polled, Black PUREBRED not only sires tremendous convenience traits, but he ranks in the top 1% for MK, MARB and $MTI and top 10% for CED, WW, CEM, DOC and CW. Genesis has one of the most complete number packages available. It’s time to start over, start at Genesis. Contact owners or Grassroots Genetics (515.965.1458) to purchase semen! 27195 175th St., Leon, IA 51044 Charles | 641.340.1306 Aaron | 641.414.5060 11431 415th Ave., Amherst, SD 57421 John | 605.880.8061 Warren | 605.237.2127 Office | 605.448.2624 53717 Gallagher Road, Charlo, MT 59824 Larry & Anita | 406.644.2300 Trent & Melissa | 406.644.2707 COLE GENESIS 86G On The Open Market 46 • APRIL 2023
Composites SIMPLIFY REPRODUCTIVE MANAGEMENT COMPOSITE BREEDS LIKE LIM-FLEX PROVIDE HYBRID VIGOR IN A STRAIGHTBRED SYSTEM “Docility and calving ease are the two number-one things for a commercial rancher. And the docility of the Lim-Flex is really great. But calving ease is top of the line. She has to be able to produce a calf without a lot of problems.” Shane Whiting, Commercial Cow/Calf Producer • 303-220-1693 • 6205 S Main Street, Suite D-280, Aurora, CO 80016 Find us on Facebook and Instagram @Limousin_NALF • APRIL 2023 47

Fully Stocked

Our bull battery is fully stocked. Give us a call to see how to best put these exciting herd sires to work for you.

LVLS Kingmaker 9098K LFM2522708

Owned with Lonley Valley Limousin

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The Process and Questions to Ask

Once you know which type of mortality insurance works for your needs, the process is fairly easy though it does require some paperwork and some photos. If you’re at an auction and want to insure that cow before you load her up in the trailer, that can be done with just a cell phone.

“The buyer can call their agent, who will ask them to keep copies of the bill of sale, the check and the pedigree or lot number from the catalog, “Smith explains. “With cell phones, it works so nice because you just shoot pictures of all that. So, for example, send me the pictures and I fill out an application. We put the animals’ particulars, his birthdate and registration, and your particulars, address, date, email, and then we send you the application by DocuSign. You read it all through, make sure we’re all talking about the same critter, sign it and send it back to me. If the agent has what’s called binding authority it can happen instantaneously.”

Of course, you also have to pay for it. Hopefully, you have established a relationship with an insurance agent before it gets to this point; but if not, a sale manager can usually help you find one. Either way, there are a few key questions to ask before signing any paperwork:

• Is the policy for full mortality or specified peril?

• If it is specified peril, what exactly are the events covered?

• Are there any limits to the coverage?

• What is the term of the policy?

• What is rate of the premium?

Wulfs Eisenhower 3616E

Owned with Wulf Cattle and Partners

• If you’ve borrowed money to buy the animal, does the bank require you to list it as an additional payee on the policy?

• Who is the company actually writing the policy (not just the agent selling it to you)?

If disaster strikes, say the donor cow was struck by lightning, Smith says to grab your cell phone again because you will have to prove the animal died.

Wulfs Gaylord C904G

Owned with Wulf Cattle and Partners

Thanks to the buyers from our 32nd Annual Production Sale. We appreciate your interest and trust in our program.

“The producer is supposed to call claims, but usually they call me,” he adds. “I tell them to go shoot a picture right now of the animal and try and get a shot of the head, ear tag, tattoo, brand, anything you can get to show the identity. Take tons of pictures with your phone. Then call your veterinarian to come out and post it. A lot of times, it’s something obvious and that’s what the vet will call it—“death by lightning” or something like that.

“But if it looks iffy as to what caused the death, the claims department may ask them to cut that one open and find out if it had cancer or some other disease,” Smith says. “If it’s on a full mortality policy, they’re going to pay either way but they keep a database of why animals die.”

From the producer’s perspective, as long as the cause of death is covered, it doesn’t really matter—he or she will be able to sleep knowing there will be a check in the mail soon.

ABOUT THE AUTHOR: Sharla Ishmael is a veteran agricultural writer from Benbrook, Texas.

Jay & Carol Boyer • 15464 East State Highway 8, Liberty, NE 68381 • Home: 402.696.4410 • Cell: 402.239.7361 BOYER LIMOUSIN
48 • APRIL 2023
Wulfs Hyannis 4785H NPM2275605 Owned with Wulf Cattle and Partners LFLC Just Go With It 185J
Owned with Ludens Family Limousin
• APRIL 2023 49

Translating And Applying

When it comes to genetics, it’s not 50%-50%. More genetics can come into play.

Expected progeny differences (EPDs) are a widely utilized tool in making genetic decisions centered around breeding objectives. With the progression of DNA technology, the industry has been able to incorporate genomics into the numbers that are used to calculate EPDs. Prior to inclusion of genomic information, we relied on pedigree-based relationships that operate on the averages. This assumes a 50% contribution from the dam and 50% contribution from the sire to the breeding value of the offspring. However, an animal’s actual genetic merit or it’s EPD value for a given trait can be greater or less than that of its parents, depending upon how the numerous random combinations of genetic material contributed by the sire and dam come together and are expressed in the offspring.

The lacking component of historical genetic assumptions is accuracy. As a bull sires more offspring and those records were reported, the EPDs would change to reflect offspring performance and accuracy would increase. By including genomic information in

EPD calculations, it increases the accuracy of younger sires. For EPDs with large amounts of records such as birthweight, genomics can be the equivalent of already having 25 offspring records submitted on that animal prior to ever breeding a cow.

Sampling methods to collect tissues for identifying the genetic makeup of the animal can include blood samples, hair samples, or tissue samples such as ear punches. Through the collection of DNA samples from a calf and its parents, we can make better estimations as to how an animal will relate to each parent, or even grandparent, on a genotype level. This understanding gives more accuracy to knowing a young animals EPDs which gives greater precision to predict the impact on performance of future offspring.

Genomic-enhanced EPDs are the best estimate of an animal’s genetic value as a parent, combining all available sources of information. This permits higher accuracies for EPDs on younger animals. With the inclusion of genomics, we can better understand how an offspring relates to its parents from trait to trait, which creates an opening for increased certainty that mating selections will progress towards breeding objectives more rapidly and as intended.



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The Kind To Tie To

These herd sires represent the industry leading genetics we have heading up our program. Building better beef by breeding cattle with real world traits along with superior carcass merit is the constant goal of our operation.

Semen is available on these sires. Contact us for more information. We welcome your call or visit anytime.

VOSS Pave The Way 1149 PB Angus S: S A V Rainfall 6846 D: Janssen Madame Pride 4502 CE: 3 BW: 2.6 WW: 72 YW: 133 MK: 30 SC: 0.73 RE: 0.72 MB: 0.48 $B: 129 $C: 234 CHR Hard Rocks 151H 64% LF • HP • HB S: MAGS Faultless 154F D: CHR Cricket 161C CE: 12 BW: 0.1 WW: 89 YW: 143 MK: 25 SC: 1.20 RE: 0.49 MB: 0.62 $MI: 80 SL Kool 75% LF • DP • DB S: SSTO Guns N Roses 9408G D: SL Breathless Angel CE: 7 BW: 2.8 WW: 63 YW: 91 MK: 22 SC: 0.68 RE: 0.78 MB: -0.19 $MI: 45 RAFTER DP FARM & RANCH David and Jennifer Phillips 405-627-7886 • 12750 N. Chisholm Rd., Geary, OK 73040 • APRIL 2023 51

4 Ag Policy Issues To Watch In 2023

Big moves in Washington could impact your farm.

When it comes to Washington D.C., the crystal ball is always cloudy. In separating the signals (a few) from the noise (a lot), Jim Wiesemeyer, Pro Farmer policy analyst, is keeping his eyes on some key topics in the year ahead.

1. New Farm Bill

One is coming but it might not be in 2023, says Wiesemeyer (This will be the 11th farm bill he’s analyzed out of 19 total.). Analysts expect the Senate to finish a bill by the August recess, but they are not so sure about the House, which will be controlled by Republicans. Talks with incoming House Agriculture Committee Chairman G.T. Thomson, R-Pa., show his passion for getting a bill through. Early in 2023, Thompson will check in with his panel members on their thoughts for a new farm bill.

2. Trade Policy

During President Joe Biden’s first two years in office, trade policy has not been a key focus, Wiesemeyer says. That could change with these issues: Mexico: The country’s president has delayed his goal to ban imports of GMO corn, specifically food (white) corn, until 2025. Of the around 18 million tons of U.S. corn Mexico imports, nearly 20% is white corn. Mexico is going to study the impacts of GMO corn for the next two years, ahead of their possible ban, but trade policy experts signal this issue will

eventually be worked out. If not, it will be challenged via the U.S.Mexico- Canada trade agreement.

New trade agreements: The Biden administration has a different approach to trade policy, de-emphasizing traditional trade agreements. But some of his congressional Democrats are sounding a lot like Republicans who favor traditional trade accords. Look for a push to get one with the United Kingdom, which would likely boost U.S. livestock feed exports as U.K. producers want competitively-priced feed.

China: U.S. agriculture clearly has a lot of eggs in China’s trade basket. Experts say we can and should expand markets elsewhere because within the next five years China will “deal” with Taiwan. If so, U.S.-China trade ties would again be contentious. Also, Brazil recently sold China corn, and that is expected to accelerate. That means a shift in corn trade around the world.

3. Immigration Reform

Leaders and centrists from both parties want to prove a split Congress does not mean total deadlock, Wiesemeyer says. One area is immigration reform. Republicans insist on border security measures first, then they will give somewhat on other immigration issues favored by Democrats. We will likely know within the first six months of 2023 if there is a chance of compromise.

4. Crop Insurance

Talks with private crop insurance companies signal a new option could be coming: The IMP or Individual Margin Protection. However, if it is approved, it would be a 2024 crop year product with a September 30, 2023, sales closing.

52 • APRIL 2023
• APRIL 2023 53


Behind the Scenes of Phase One

There has been a ton of excitement over the North American Limousin Research Foundation and the first research project that is underway. Phase one of the NALRF Research project is now complete. 453 head of commercial Angus cows were bred on two separate ranches in Montana in early June via the 7&7 synchronization process. The commercial cows were artificially inseminated to three different contemporary groups of nine sires consisting of Purebred Limousin, LimFlex® and Angus bulls of similar EPD equivalency. NALF Executive Director, Mark Anderson, and DNA Processing & Accounting Assistant, Tammy Anderson, were both very hands-on helping at the ranches and making sure this project was moving in the proper direction. Mark took the time to sit down with Limousin

Media and answer some questions about the research project and gave a behind the scenes look at phase one.

1. What inspired this research project?

Mark: The board saw a need for Limousin to have third party research conducted approximately three years ago. NALF has never, in its 50-year history, had a dedicated research project to document the breed’s progress. The NALF board feels it is high time NALF conducts this independent third party research in order to document not only where the breed is currently at, but also potentially show the advantages of utilizing Limousin genetics in the commercial cattle business. This research should also reflect any potential areas where we may have room for improvement.

54 • APRIL 2023

2. How much preparation work went into this research project before it began?

Mark: Approximately three years’ worth of background work went into the preparation of this research project. They had around 10 visions committee calls and dedicated discussions at the last nine NALF board meetings over the past three years. It took roughly a year and a half to locate ranches and find cooperators that were in the same geographic location with commercial Angus cows suitable for the project.

3. What was the day-to-day life like working on the ranch during phase one of the project?

Mark: Tammy and myself spent several weeks in Montana assisting with the research project. Each day primarily consisted of getting cattle gathered and facilities set up so we could process and synchronize the cows for not only CIDR insertion but also shots. Over the month-long



Andy & Tammy Schmalshof Adam, Jonelle, Peyton, Carrina & Dixon Schmalshof Karen, Griffin & Drake Reese 436 140th St. • Avon, IL 61415 • Andy, cell: 309/333-0029 Adam, cell: 309/333-3044 • Follow us on ATAK Limousin
62% LF • HP/HB • 4/10/20 • MAGS Cable x CLLL Crystal 334W CE: 12 BW: 2.8 WW: 78 YW: 121 MK: 24 CM: 8 SC: 1.10 DC: 11 YG: -0.31 CW: 25 RE: 0.79 MB: 0.14 $MI: 61 Owned with Fawley Farms
continue to receive rave reviews on the Capital progeny. Calf reports have been
thus far. Breeders report calves coming easy with
and impressive growth. FWLY Can Do, Maternal sib to FWLY LHC Capital Contact owners or Grassroots Genetics (515.965.1458) for semen inquiries. 55 • APRIL 2023
great phenotype

Official Publication of the North American Limousin Foundation

2005 Ruhl Drive • Guthrie, OK 73044 405/260-3775 • Fax: 405/260-3766




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period of spreading out the calving dates on the two ranches, the sync shots were coordinated to fall on different dates because the ranch’s calving dates are a week apart. A good portion of the month was not only helping our ranch cooperators gather cattle and get their facilities ready, but also coordinating a correct calendar to administer the shots for the sync program. When you combine the shots with AI the cows were run through the chute 4 times. We also spent quite a bit of time heat detecting and sorting those cows that were responding on their heats, so they were bred correctly on their AI timing for each breeding schedule.

4. What have the people been like to work with on the Ranches?

Mark: They are very cooperative and very good operators to work with. We took quite a bit of their time because of the 7&7 sync process. We were going through the chute an extra time or two and both ranches were very cooperative and helpful trying to coordinate their cows to set up for the program and helping us round up additional help from time-to-time.

5. What has been your favorite part of the research project this far?



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Mark: The ability and opportunity to conduct actual research and verify where we are from a genetic improvement standpoint as we look to gain market share in the commercial bull business, particularly crossing with English-based cows. We have always talked about the value of using Limousin cross on Angus cows, now is our chance to prove the real advantages. Another of the most enjoyable parts has been working with the NALF staff, the NALF board, and Dr. Weaber; all of whom are involved in the same mission and goal. Every board and staff member at NALF is all in on this project and has contributed to its launch in some form of hands-on participation and/or financial backing.

6. What does the next phase of the research project look like?

When discussing the next phase, Mark explained that it involved assisting with calving and the DNA identification of the progeny. They are helping the ranchers through the calving period and matching up the pairs to see what the conception rates were. Mark was also happy to have Alison, NALF Director of DNA Processing & Accounting Operations, join them in Montana for calving season to utilize her skills for the next phase of the project.

Mark: We will parent verify all the progeny, not only back to the nine AI sires used, but also to the clean-up bulls that were hauled to both ranches during phase one. Our goal is to have an acceptable enough conception rate to allow us to have enough calves to ship to SDSU in the fall of 2023 to go on feed and on test. NALF is looking forward to working with SDSU in the fall of 2023 as the cattle are shipped to their facilities to document feed performance and carcass data.

7. What do you hope to gain from this research project and how do you think this project will benefit Limousin Breeders?

Mark: We hope this project helps the breed gauge where we are at genetically while identifying the value of the cross and the heterosis gained with Limousin on English-based cows. If we are successful and enough heterosis is captured, we can show the genetic benefits on feed performance, carcass quality and yield grade. We will determine just how beneficial the cross is and identify the areas where we potentially need to improve.

56 • APRIL 2023

On The Front Side of Genetic Improvement On The Front Side of Genetic Improvement

Give us a call for semen on any of these outstanding young sires. They have the tools to put your program on the front side of genetic improvement.

WZRK Kryptonite 5022K

PB • Homo Pld • Homo Blk • 1/20/22 • CELL Envision 7023E x WZRK Miss Atomic 5022C

CE: 8 BW: 0.5 WW: 90 YW: 136 MK: 24 CM: 5 SC: 1.40

DC: 17 YG: -0.35 CW: 62 RE: 1.32 MB: 0.07 $MI: 63

Owned with Wieczorek Limousin.

Brent Fillmore

719-947-4132 (H)

• 719-569-1312 (C)

Larry Fillmore

719-947-3464 (H)

• 719-248-0536 (C)

1738 Boone Rd., Boone, CO 81025

Wulfs Joint Venture G579J PB • Homo Pld • Blk • 9/1/21 • Wulfs Fifty T804F x DHIL TMG 5795C CE: 6 BW: 2.4 WW: 81 YW: 126 MK: 26 CM: 2 SC: 0.70 DC: 14 YG: -0.25 CW: 39 RE: 0.80 MB: -0.03 $MI: 56 Owned with Wulf Cattle. WZRK King James 5042K 75% Lim-Flex • Homo Pld • Blk • 3/1/22•MAGS Federal Reserve x WZRK Chocolate Chip 5042C CE: 13 BW: 0.9 WW: 79 YW: 118 MK: 16 CM: 7 SC: 0.8 DC: 16 YG: -0.12 CW: 37 RE: 0.52 MB: 0.38 $MI: 69 Contact owners for semen availability. HUNT Killin Me Smalls 147K 68% LF • Homo Pld • Homo Blk • 3/3/22 • Wulfs Desmond G261D x HUNT VALH54C CE: 7 BW: 1.1 WW: 72 YW: 106 MK: 22 CM: 6 SC: 0.80 DC: 13 YG: -0.27 CW: 41 RE: 0.98 MB: 0.22 $MI: 62 Owned with Hunt Limousin Ranch.
Wulfs Joint Venture G579J WZRK King James 5042K HUNT Killin Me Smalls 147K
57 • APRIL 2023
WZRK Kryptonite 5022K
April 8, 2023 • LaJunta, CO

Tyson Foods Introduces Sustainable Beef Product

Brazen Beef is a first-of-its-kind product that boasts 10% lower greenhouse gas emissions.

Tyson Foods introduced a new, first-of-its-kind beef brand at the Annual Meat Conference held in Dallas, Texas, the first of March. Brazen Beef is designed to actually deliver on end-consumer sustainability demands and bring disruption to the protein category.

Tyson said a ton of effort went into determining the 10% greenhouse gas (GHG) reduction. The company worked with researchers, technical experts and supply partners to identify and compare performance against an established GHG benchmark.

Cattle used for Brazen Beef products are enrolled in Tyson Foods’ Climate-Smart Beef Program for emission reduction from pasture to production. These criteria were set with input from third-party

sustainability groups. Further, there is an Animal Welfare CARE Program requirement to qualify for the program.

“Emissions are estimated for each animal harvested and evaluated for qualification into the program,” the brand website says. “Animals that don’t meet the base qualification of emission reduction are sorted out of the Brazen brand program and into a different program.”

From raising the crops for the feed to how the product is packaged, greenhouse gas emissions are traced through the entire process of creating a finished beef product. Suppliers must also undergo audits, which include verification of enrollment, data collection, and adoption of climate-friendly agricultural practices.

His Get and Service Sells

April 29, 2023

Lebanon, MO

MIDL Genisus 159G

Homo Black • Homo Polled • 56% Lim-Flex

A sleep easy bull with growth, milk, docility and carcass traits. His first 25 calves averaged 68 lbs. and he ranks in the top 15% of the breed or better for nine traits. bw: -0.3, ww: 98, yw: 162, mk: 29 Semen available via Grassroots Genetics, 515.965.1458.

Jewels 109J

MIDL Miss Genesis 127J

This 65% Genisus daughter sells due 9/10/23 to TNGC Empire 736E.

Contact us for more information regarding MIDL Genisus 159G and the cattle selling April 29 at The Great American Pie Sale.
sells bred to MIDL
for a 10/20/23 calf.
This 75% HBRL Equalizer 7510E daughter
Genisus 159G
2413 Argo Rd. Bourbon, MO 65441 58 • APRIL 2023
Mark & Jeanne Middleton


KLS SULL Charmer is the $52,000 valued herd sire prospect that sold in the 2020 Night on the Town III Sale where full possession and half semen interest was purchased by Ridgeland Cattle Co. This bull is wicked good. He is gigantic boned, impeccable in his structure and build, flawless fronted and insanely powerful in his design. He is a son of TASF Crown Royal and out of the famed Riverstone Charmed 50C female. TASF Crown Royal is the DHVO Deuce x TASF Whiskey Lullaby 357W son that has taken over the breed with his powerful influence. Riverstone Charmed 50C needs no introduction as she will go down in history as one of the greatest show females of all time. KLS SULL Charmer is a PUREBRED Limousin bull that has all the potential in the world to be at the top of the Limousin breed and far beyond! You’ll want to be a part of this phenomenal offering –this is the opportunity of a lifetime. The blend of two of the

Purebred Limousin | Homozygous
DURHAM WHEAT 6030X RIVERSTONE CHARMED 50C HSF YOUR FANTASY KEVIN SMITH 318.245.4607 MARKETING REPRESENTATIVES .... Josh Elder, 402.650.1380 304.520.2013 BRANDING & MARKETING ... Randall O. Ratliff, 615.330.2735 SEMEN OPPORTUNITIES AVAILABLE ... Kiley McKinna, 402.350.3447 Wiley Fanta, 320.287.0751 59 • APRIL 2023
breed’s greatest!
Polled | Homozygous Black



The NALJA Board appreciates the generosity of Pinegar Limousin for donating AUTO Legacy 689H.

Joe Moore, Staunton, VA, won the 2023 CornerPost heifer drawing. All of the proceeds from the drawing benefit the CornerPost fund, which facilitates additional activities and scholarships for members of the North American Limousin Junior Association. A huge thank you to all who purchased tickets and for making it a successful fundraiser, with the total tickets sold generating more than $31,500.

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Zane Gavette you to all those who participated in the 2023 CornerPost Heifer Raffle!
May1: Entry Deadline May 15: Late Entry Deadline May 15: Scholarship Applications Due May 15: Limi Booster Junior Grant Program Applications Due June 1: NALJA Board of Director Applications Due June 2-4: Eastern Regional Show July 7-13: National Junior Limousin Show & Congress 6205 S Main St. • Suite D-280 • Aurora, CO 80016 Mallory Blunier • Director of Media & Activities • • 303.220.1693 Ext. 61 Entry Deadline: May 1 NORTH AMERICAN LIMOUSIN JUNIOR ASSOCIATION • APRIL 2023 61

GENETICS ON ICE Has Record-Breaking Year

Alarge part of the excellence achieved at the National Junior Limousin Show and Congress stems from support of involved Limousin breeders.

This year, the National Junior Show & Congress will be held in Rapid City, SD, and promises to surpass even the high points of past experiences. We look forward to the “Limi’s Rally to Rushmore” which wouldn’t be possible without the support from you!

A special thanks to all who donated and purchased items, helping raise a record-breaking total of $100,155 from live and silent auctions!


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Breeding cattle that meet the demands of the entire production chain has been our focus since day one. Raising cattle that excel in many facets is a huge challenge, but we believe that is the best way to stay efficient and competitive as an industry. If you are looking for genetics that excel from pasture to plate, we encourage you to contact us for the genetics we have available.

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Lewis Harbinger H 12 H

HB • HP • 33% LF

Sire: Amen The Rock Dam: Lewis Feodora F208

CE: 19 BW: -3.5 WW: 76 YW: 131 MK: 23 CM: 12 SC: 0.62 DC: 18 YG: 0.06 CW: 45 RE: 0.63 MB: 0.56 $MI: 73

Lewis Harbinger H12H has proven to do everything we hoped. His first calf crop has had tremendous acceptance from commercial producers. He has proven to be a sire with bred-in carcass and maternal traits who transmits calving-ease and exceptional performance. Now that he has proven to be the real deal, plan to use him in your breeding plans this Spring. Contact owners or Grassroots Genetics for volume commercial pricing. Bulls & Females For Sale Private Treaty Year Round.

MAT & WENDY LEWIS 30849 Co. Rd. 56 • Iliff, CO 80736 (970)580-8209 •
62 • APRIL 2023

These sires need no introduction as they have proven themselves on the national level, both as show winners or breeding bulls. Make these sires a part of your Spring breeding plans.

Headliner Herd Sires

Schilling Halas


4/4/20 • Purebred • Homo Polled • Double Black • ROMN Floyd Mudhenkey 101F x Schilling’s Yoki

CE: 10 BW: -0.4 WW: 58 YW: 90 MK: 17 CM: 5 SC: 0.30 DC: 12 YG: -0.51 CW: 19 RE: 1.09 MB: -0.25 $MI: 43 Here is the exciting, purebred bull the breed has been waiting for. Halas impressed the crowd at the Cattlemen’s Congress with his stunning look, total performance and sound structure. We thank Massey Limousin and Portwood Family Limousin for buying into this promising sire.

Schilling Game Over


4/3/19 • 50% Lim-Flex • Polled • Homo Black • Schillings R&L Classified x Schillings Beautician

CE: 10 BW: -0.1 WW: 56 YW: 71 MK: 17 CM: 6 SC: 0.90 DC: 10 YG: -0.12 CW: 9 RE: 0.49 MB: 0.07 $MI: 50 Game Over enjoyed much success in the show ring as his attractive profile, total mass and flexible, sound structure earned him praise from some the nation’s top cattlemen. We own this champion in partnership with Davis Limousin and we both are excited about his progeny.

Schilling’s R&L Confidential

4/10/17 • AAA 18849201 • Schillings R&L Classified x Grubbs Miss Newsbreak 111

CE: 16 BW: 0.7 WW: 71 YW: 113 MK: 12 CM: 6 SC: -0.40 DC: 9 YG: 0.03 CW: 45 RE: 0.63 MB: 0.11 $MI: 56 This Angus sire needs no introduction. He has done a great job for all who have used him. Confidential continues to sire show ring winners and sale toppers.

Schilling Stunner 9354

1/20/19 • AAA 19535724 • Musgrave 316 Stunner x Hinrichsen Elga Erica 3137

CE: -2 BW: 3.2 WW: 75 YW: 131 MK: 24 CM: 1 SC: 0.53 DC: 12 CW: 65 RE: 0.77 MB: 1.29 $B: 194 $C: 286 Schilling Stunner 9354 was one of the top sale features at the 2020 National Angus Bull Sale at the NWSS, selling to Encore Cattle & Genetics. This outstanding son of Musgrave 316 Stunner is a standout phenotypically with amazing extension, depth of body and raw power. He not only stands out on the hoof, but on paper as well, posting an impressive 75 WW, 131 YW, 1.21 MARB and a nearly 200 $B.


6885 Rd. 32 • Edson, KS 67733

Ron & Marsha Schilling - 785-694-3589

Cash, Amanda, Kaelyn and Chasyn -785-694-3586

Clay, Kaycie, Cogan and Kambrie - 785-694-4589

63 • APRIL 2023

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Jay & Lori Straight, 712-592-1350
Herdsman-Dave Book, 563-320-7343 Logan, IA
PB • HB/Pld • SSTO Guns N Roses 9408G x SL Sukis Already Platinum BW: 2.5 WW: 65 YW: 98 MA: 21 RE: 0.61 MB: -0.03 $MI: 51 For sale privately. Give us a call.
Thanks to Meredith Limousin of Iberia, MO, for purchasing this double homozygous, 84% son of SSTO Guns N Roses. SL KENDRIX We appreciate Hager Cattle Co. of Karlsruhe, ND, for their investment in this homozygous polled, black, 53% Lim-Flex son of MAGS Gusto 187G.
64 • APRIL 2023
Watch for our Fall 2023 Elite Show Heifer Sale. It will feature calves by Ratliff Jump Start, SSTO Guns N Roses, CELL History Maker, FWLY LHC Capital, CELL TNGC Hits The Mark and MRL Fonzie.


RUNL Justified 364 J

Purebred • Homo Polled • Homo Black • 4/7/21

RUNL Rialto 135R x RUNL Evening Glow 205 E

Semen Available Through Grassroots Genetics and Heritage Genetics (605.237.2127).

HUNT Credentials 37C

Purebred • Homo Polled • Red • 2/21/15

HUNT Testament 40T x JKTW Whiskey River 985 W

CE: 14 BW: -0.2 WW: 73 YW: 112 MK: 42 CM: 9 SC: 1.30

DC: 17 YG: -0.26 CW: 40 RE: 0.52 MB: 0.24 $MI: 63

RODZ Kingston 199K

82% Limousin • Homo Polled • Homo Black • 2/21/22

JBV Yellowstone 901G x RODZ Farrah F199

CE: 10 BW: 0.9 WW: 75 YW: 120 MK: 24 CM: 6 SC: 1.52

DC: 17 YG: -0.39 CW: 30 RE: 1.11 MB: -0.03 $MI: 55

HUNT LIMOUSIN RANCH Charles & Nancy Hunt Dan, Melinda, Jenna, Adeline & Houston Hunt 10329 Hwy. 136 • Oxford, Nebraska 68967 308/991-3373 (Dan) • 308/920-1120 (Charlie) WWW.HUNTLIMOUSIN.COM
Your Semen Order In
four young studs join our impressive sire line-up that’s highlighted by the ever popular Hunt Credentials 37C. Semen on these bulls available through Grassroots Genetics (515.965.1458).
56% Lim-Flex • Homo Polled • Homo Black • 3/6/22 HUNT Herdsman 80H x DANH Dora 52D CE: 10 BW: 1.3 WW: 81 YW: 126 MK: 19 CM: 10 SC: 1.05 DC: 15 YG: -0.33 CW: 58 RE: 1.07 MB: 0.31 $MI: 69 HUNT Knight’s Tail 64K 75% Lim-Flex • Homo Polled • Black • 2/18/22 HUNT Credentials 37C x HUNT Eliza 31E CE: 9 BW: 1.6 WW: 77 YW: 116 MK: 29 CM: 6 SC: 1.20 DC: 17 YG: -0.30 CW: 38 RE: 0.71 MB: 0.03 $MI:
DANH Krave 92K
CE: 15 BW: -1.1 WW: 75 YW: 113 MK: 17 CM: 10 SC: 0.60 DC: 17 YG: -0.46 CW: 40 RE: 1.18 MB: -0.7 $MI: 54
• APRIL 2023 65

Calving season is in full swing (and in some cases wrapping up), and it’s an exciting time of year as we welcome new babies to the ranch.

The kids squeal in excitement with every new arrival, and they love helping to make ear tags, collect weights, and be part of every step of the process.

Amidst all of the feed bills, tax preparation, and tedious to-dos on my desk, I didn’t share the same excitement as the kids.

Motherhood has ushered in a new role for me, much different to life before children. Now instead of being a part of the every day chores, I’m taking care of little ones inside. It’s a blessing, but there is still that feeling that you’re missing out on what’s happening outside.

As the kids have gotten older, it’s been easier to bring them along with us as we do cattle work, but things have shifted all the same. It happens to a lot of women in agriculture, and I can relate with them in this season of life that I’m in with four children under the age of eight.

And on the days where I think about how I used to be able to “cowgirl up” anytime of the day, enjoying the freedom and fresh air that only a cattle operation can offer, I sometimes wonder, “Am I still the same person I once was?”

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• APRIL 2023 66
Joe Cooper, 902.893.0744 |
Robert Cooper, 902.890.0663 |
O. Ratliff, 615.330.2735
BRANDING & MARKETING ~ Kiley McKinna, 402.350.3447 Wiley Fanta, 320.287.0751 THANK YOU to all who helped make this sale a success!! A big THANK YOU to David Vaughn of Vaughn Farms, Cavalier, ND, for buying the highest selling Limousin bull at $19,000. 67 • APRIL 2023
William Cooper, 902.324.2005 | Randall

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Publisher: L365



EDITOR—Kyle Haley



ART DIRECTOR—Ricki Rookstool

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The answer is surely not. Change requires growth. Parenting requires sacrifice. Running a successful agricultural enterprise calls for as much desk work as it does feeding and tending to the stock.

Yet, we can all get lost in the mundane tasks of life, and we can lose that sense of romanticism and wonder that we carry for this lifestyle we get to enjoy.

Then, when I read the news from USDA that the United States is at the lowest beef cattle inventory numbers since 1962, I wonder if there will be any cowgirls and cowboys left in the future?

Certainly there are challenges — rising input costs; interest rates going up; land prices going sky high; regulatory burdens; a push for plant-based and lab-created meats; negative media headlines blaming climate change on the cows; animal rights activists doing their best to lobby producers out of existence; and the list goes on.

If we let it, it can be mighty easy to get down on the cattle business with all of the challenges facing us; however, it’s in these hard times where the greatest opportunities present themselves.

Per the USDA, beef cattle declined 3.6% to 28.9 million. With much of the country receiving moisture this winter, I’m hopeful that there will be a reprieve from the devastating drought. Green grass, sunshine, and available feed is going to shift things a lot in the cattle business, and I think we’ll soon see a rally in prices and a desire for cattlemen to restock their depleted cow herds.

With that hope in mind, I was awake for the midnight calf-watch duties one evening, and on our barn camera, a first-calf heifer was in active labor. I watched for awhile, and figured I would go pen her up to give her some space to do her thing. Laying down fresh straw, I moved her in the pen and stood back to watch and see how things would progress.


NORTH REGION—Sarah Johnson

614/266-2646 •

SOUTH REGION—DeRon Heldermon

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And as I witnessed the birth take place, I grinned from ear-to-ear. I felt just like the kids seeing this baby born. The joy that felt lost for me in this business was found once again, and it was in the stillness of the barn that I realized how important my role really is on our operation. Raising the next generation is no small task, and what an honor it is to get to nurture our children on a ranch where they can learn lessons of resilience, determination, grit, kindness, respect and the value of hard work.

Our roles may change through different seasons of life, but there is purpose in every inch of it. Find your joy today, my friends, even if you’ve got a mountain of bills to pay, a sink full of dishes to wash and barns to clean. There’s happiness and meaning to be found, and it’s yours for the taking.

ABOUT THE AUTHOR: Amanda Radke raises Limousin cattle with her family at NOLZ Limousin in Mitchell, SD. She is also a blogger for BEEF Magazine and the author of ranch-themed children’s books, “Levi’s Lost Calf” and “Can-Do Cowkids.” Connect with her at

Saturday, April 29, 2023 The Gravel Bar and Grill at Sand Spring Resort, Lebanon, Missouri Sponsored by Heart of Missouri Limousin Breeders & Missouri Limousin Breeders Association Selling 45 Lots FULLBLOOD • PUREBRED • LIM-FLEX Auctioneer Chisum Peterson - 605-730-4214 Consultant Bill Helton - 256-962-0256 KILEY McKINNA, 402-350-3447 • WILEY FANTA, 320-287-0751 • Sale Management Contact Sale Management for a DIGITAL ONLY catalog. Live Video Auction Via
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time and patience Slow Go

Building back from massive beef cow liquidation will

Even when mother nature allows, expanding the U.S. beef cow herd will likely be a tedious process.

For one thing, drought forced more heifers into feedlots than during the last widespread, lingering drought about a decade ago. So, folks are basically starting from scratch.

“One key difference is that in 1989 the largest drop occurred in animals under 500 pounds — down 1.5 million head of the drop in total cattle inventory,” LMIC analysts explain in the early-February Livestock Monitor. “This year, over 1 million cows were lost, predominantly in the beef breeding herd.”

When this year began, the nation’s beef cow inventory of 28.92 million head was 1.06 million fewer (-3.6%) year over year. It was the smallest since 1962, according to the Agricultural Marketing Service (AMS).

Beef replacement heifers of 5.16 million head were 317,800 head fewer, down 5.8%.

“Low retention and a much smaller ‘other’ heifer number represent the significant undercutting that has happened to the beef cattle herd,” LMIC analysts explain.

Plus, high input costs mean margins are thinner than they were during the run of historically high cattle values fondly recalled from 2014-15.

Among challenges to herd expansion from the production side, Lance Zimmerman, senior analyst of animal protein at Rabobank’s RaboResearch cites increasing competition for protein consumers and feed resources, record-high feed and forage prices and rising interest rates.

On the other side of the equation, packers and processors face cost pressure as cattle supplies decline.

“Processors will face a situation that has been relatively foreign to them over the last seven years,” Zimmerman explains, in a new report, examining ultimate beef cow herd expansion. “All classes of cattle supplies will shrink, and the financial viability of packing plants, valueadded processors and distributors will be stressed as each participant fights to maintain capacity utilization. Declining cattle and beef production should not lead to additional facility closures. However, battles for market share will intensify and the recent additions in the sector will face additional margin compression, while construction and fundraising for new facilities will face more scrutiny and skepticism.

Zimmerman notes the annual cow culling rate last year was a record-high 13.4%.

“Recent herd contraction and eventual transition to heifer retention mean it is plausible that U.S. cattle slaughter will decline between 1.0 and 1.5 million head per year for the next four to five years before increasing again,” Zimmerman says.

Never mind that the current drought has yet to end.

“Last year, 25% of the cow herd, on average, was in exceptional or extreme drought conditions. 50% were in drought conditions and 65% were in dry or drought conditions,” explained Kevin Good, CattleFax vice president of industry relations, during the recent CattleFax Outlook Seminar in New Orleans.

The first week of February, 42.6% of the nation was experiencing drought, compared to 55.2% a year earlier. Throw in abnormally dry conditions and 61.6% of the nation was affected, versus 72.2% a year earlier.

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70 • APRIL 2023
II SATURDAY, DECEMBER 9, 2023 3 PM PST BELLAGIO HOTEL & CASINO • LAS VEGAS, NEVADA BELLAGIO HOTEL & CASINO 888 987 6667 3600 SOUTH LAS VEGAS BLVD, LAS VEGAS, NV 89109 SALE HEADQUARTERS 2:00 PM Cocktail Hour 3:00 PM A Night On The Town Sale VI Schedule of Events KILEY McKINNA P 402 350 3447 • MCMarketingSales@aol com WILEY FANTA • P 320 287 0751 RANDALL O. RATLIFF P 615 330 2735 • Randy@RRMktg com SALE TEAM Contact the hotel of your choice well in advance. Multiple Breeds Represented Including: LIMOUSIN - ANGUS - RED ANGUS - SIMMENTAL - CHAROLAIS VI EARLY ENTRY DEADLINE: OCTOBER 1, 2023 LATE ENTRY DEADLINE: OCTOBER 15, 2023 Submit entries to Mc Marketing or R&R Marketing • APRIL 2023 71
Become part of the Limousin365 online community. 405.260.3775 • • Like us on f Join The Crowd NORTHERN TERRITORY Sarah Johnson • 614.266.2646 • SOUTHERN TERRITORY DeRon Heldermon • 405.850.5102 • 72 • APRIL 2023

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At the time, approximately 55% of the U.S. cattle inventory was in drought areas.

The Hay Challenge

Hay piles have mostly been whittled down to memories in many parts of the country.

Using a shorter rope, low hay stocks could prompt more beef cow liquidation this winter, says Derrell Peel, Extension livestock marketing specialist at Oklahoma State University, in late-January market comments.

He points out Dec. 1 hay stocks for the nation were 16.4% less than the previous 10-year average at 71.9 million tons. It was the least on record going back to 1973.

“Each of the top 10 states for hay stocks was down compared to the 10-year average and collectively were down 20.8% from the 2012-

2021 average Dec. 1 stocks level,” Peel says. “The largest hay stocks on Dec. 1 were in Texas — 25.8% below the 10-year average for the state. Other top 10 states were down from the 10-year average ranging from Tennessee (down 10.9%) to Oklahoma (down 32.7%).”

During the same seminar, Mike Murphy, CattleFax vice president of research and risk management services, explained U.S. hay production last year was the least since 1959. However, he also pointed out there are 5 million fewer beef cows today than in 2000, so depleted stocks will be able to recover sooner.

“Hay prices will likely continue to be high in the first part of 2023, but we expect weather patterns to improve pasture conditions as early as this spring which should help stabilize and soften hay prices throughout 2023,” Murphy said.

Weather models do paint a more positive outlook for hard-hit parts of cow country later this year.

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these bulls are the using kind. Study their many positive attributes. We are confident you will be as impressed with their credentials as we are.

CELL keystone 2221K

50% Lim-Flex • Homo Polled • Homo Black

TASF Crown Royal 960C x Pleasant Valley Elsa 1439

BW: 2.6 WW: 82 YW: 122 MA: 20

RE: 0.71 MB: 0.25 $MI: 65

Owned with Linhart Limousin. Watch for progeny out of the top-selling bull in 2022.

CELL Guard House 9300G

46% Lim-Flex • Homo Polled • Homo Black

PBRS Bunk House 48B x MAGS Dominant Deva

BW: 1.9 WW: 76 YW: 121 MA: 14 RE: 0.29 MB: 0.20 $MI: 60

Owned with the Guard House Syndicate. Semen available through Grassroots Genetics [515.965.1458].

TMCK Fleetwood 577F

75% Lim-Flex • Homo Polled • Homo Black

TMCK American Made 353D x TMCK Bordeaux 095B

BW: 0.8 WW: 76 YW: 111 MA: 12 RE: 0.84 MB: 0.28 $MI: 65 Contact owners for semen.

PJ, Meghan, Harper, Henley & Hunter Torgerson - 41146 221st St. - Artesian, SD 57314 - (605) 350-7488 - Contact us for progeny and/or semen out of these three outstanding herd sires, as well as other front line genetics we have available privately.
Simply put,
73 • APRIL 2023

Matt Makens, meteorologist for CattleFax said the latest forecast for La Niña had only a 14% probability this spring and less of a chance by the summer. He explained a neutral phase will take control of the pattern as La Niña weakens and may last several months before giving El Niño a chance to grow this summer and into the fall.

Prices Trek Higher

In the meantime, prices and profitability will favor cattle producers this year, according to CattleFax analysts.

Good forecast the average 2023 fed steer price at $158/cwt., up $13 from 2022, with a range of $150 to $172/cwt. CattleFax projects feeder steers (800 lbs.) to average $195/cwt. with a range of $175 to $215/cwt. Steer calves (550 lbs.) are forecast to average $225/cwt., with a range of $200 to $245/cwt.

“Drought affected nearly half of the beef cow herd over the last year, exacerbating the liquidation in 2022,” Good says. “Drought improvement and higher cattle prices should drastically slow beef cow culling through 2023.”

Good forecast utility cows at an average of $100/cwt. with a range of $75 to $115/cwt. CattleFax projects bred cow prices at an average of $2,100 per head for load lots of quality, running age cows; a range of $1,900 to $2,300.

Likewise, in the January Livestock, Dairy and Poultry Outlook, USDA’s Economic Research Service (ERS) increased projected feeder steer prices (750-800 lbs., Oklahoma City) for the first two quarters of

this year, based on more November feedlot placements than expected, and tighter anticipated supplies available for placement early in 2023.

ERS increased the projected first-quarter price by $5 to $182/cwt. and the second-quarter price by $2 to $192. Projected prices are $214 in the third quarter and $224 in the fourth quarter for an annual average of $203.

On the other side of the scale, ERS increased the expected annual five-area direct fed steer price for this year to $159/cwt., in the February World Agricultural Supply and Demand Estimates (WASDE). Prices were forecast to be $158 in the first quarter, $159 in the second quarter, $157 in the third quarter and $162 in the fourth quarter.

Prices were raised on expected strength in first-half demand for fed cattle in the face of tightening feedlot numbers.

ERS increased projected beef production for this year by 50 million pounds to 26.49 billion pounds. That would be 1.8 billion pounds less (-6.3%) than last year’s projected total.

“Slaughter is raised for the first quarter but is partly offset by lower carcass weights as cow slaughter is larger than previously forecast,” ERS analysts explain. “For the second quarter, steer and heifer slaughter is lowered as fourth-quarter 2022 placements were lower than expected, implying fewer animals available for marketing in the second quarter. Lower fed cattle slaughter, coupled with lower average carcass weights, more than offsets higher expected cow slaughter.”

As for corn prices, the WASDE pegs the season-average received by producers at $6.70/bu.

However, Murphy sees price and basis relief on the horizon. Although CattleFax projects planted corn acres this year similar to

continued from page 73 CHARLES LINHART 641.340.1306 AARON LINHART 641.414.5060 27195 175TH ST • LEON, IOWA 50144 LINHARTLIMOUSIN.COM SALE CONSULTANTS: Randy Ratliff, 615.330.2735 • Bill Helton, 256.962.0256 SALE MANAGEMENT: Kiley McKinna, 402.350.3447 Wiley Fanta, 320.287.0751 Divas LINHART LIMOUSIN ONLINE FEMALE SALE April 25 hosted on SC Online Sales SELLING 15 FALL BORN ELITE SHOW HEIFER PROSPECTS CELL Karma 2215K 2022 TOP SELLING LOT LLJB Absolute Style PROGENY SELLS 74 • APRIL 2023

2022, Murphy says trend-line yields and increased harvested area suggest new-crop corn prices in the range of $5.00-$5.50.

Strong Beef Demand Continues

Last year, per capita beef supplies were the largest in 12 years. Yet, Good points out retail beef prices were record high on average. “Beef demand remains historically strong,” he says.

More than two-thirds of consumers reportedly eat beef on a weekly basis, or more, according to the recent Today’s Beef Consumer report from the National Cattlemen’s Beef Association (NCBA), a contractor to the Beef Checkoff.

“During the pandemic consumers were forced to cook at home and many have continued to do so as it has become a popular way to make a dollar stretch and combat inflation,” according to the report. It found 76% of meals are now cooked at home and 94% of consumers who are cooking more at home say they will continue to do so.

“In 2022 fresh ground beef accounted for 50% of volume of beef sales, likely due to the lower price point as well as a renewed consumer interest in comfort foods and nostalgic recipes, like meatloaf,” according to the report.

Report analysts explain inflation is top of mind with 78% of consumers noticing an increase in the price of food whether at retail or foodservice. However, beef has experienced far lower levels of inflation when compared to other proteins in the “food at home” category.

As for food service, beef sales in both dollars and volume rebounded to surpass the pre-pandemic level of 2019.

International demand for U.S. beef remains stellar, too. U.S. beef exports set annual records for both volume and value in 2022, according to year-end data released by USDA and compiled by the U.S. Meat Export Federation (USMEF).

continued on page 76

CELL History Buff 0245H

Purebred • Homo Polled • Homo Black

CELL Envision 7023E x CELL Miss Responder 6078D

CE: 5 BW: 3.5 WW: 94 YW: 153 MK: 19

CM: 2 SC: 1.80 DC: 14 YG: -0.40 CW: 58

RE: 1.40 MB: 0.19 $MI: 69

Act. BW: 88 • Adj. WW: 713 • Adj. YW: 1,306

Adj. SC: 38.9 Adj. RE: 16.78 • Adj. IMF: 2.795

Owned with Linhart Limousin. Semen available through Grassroots Genetics (515.965.1458).

Wulfs Gallagher 7056G

75% Lim-Flex • Homo Polled • Red

Wulfs Xcellsior X252X x Wulfs Edwinna 7056E

CE: 18 BW: -4.2 WW: 60 YW: 89 MK: 28

CM: 9 SC: 1.00 DC: 16 YG: -0.25 CW: 32

RE: 0.88 MB: 0.28 $MI: 60

Act. BW: 74 • Adj. WW: 710 • Adj. YW: 1,218

Adj. SC: 34.9 Adj. RE: 13.70 • Adj. IMF: 3.040

Owned with Wulf Cattle.

Semen available through Grassroots Genetics (515.965.1458).

Our herd sires continue to prove themselves within the industry. If you are looking for easy birth and great growth, then we have what you are looking for. Don’t hesitate to call - all inquiries are welcomed!

COLE Jackpot 38J

81% Limousin • Homo Polled • Homo Black

CELL Envision 7023E x CELL Miss Xrated 354A

CE: 10 BW: 2.7 WW: 88 YW: 138 MK: 24

CM: 6 SC: 1.30 DC: 16 YG: -0.35 CW: 48

RE: 1.23 MB: 0.28 $MI: 70

Act. BW: 96 • Adj. WW: 782 • Adj. YW: 1,377

Adj. SC: 37.6 Adj. RE: 18.16 • Adj. IMF: 3.180

Owned with Coleman Limousin Ranch. Semen available through Grassroots Genetics (515.965.1458).

CELL TMCK Kickin Up Dust 2261K

64% Lim-Flex • Homo Polled • Black

COLE Genesis 86G x TMCK Grizzly Rose 700G

CE: 12 BW: 2.2 WW: 89 YW: 136 MK: 28

CM: 8 SC: 1.20 DC: 19 YG: -0.15 CW: 52

RE: 0.75 MB: 0.60 $MI: 80

Act. BW: 88 • Adj. WW: 779 • Adj. YW: 1,409

Adj. SC: 37.7 Adj. RE: 16.30 • Adj. IMF: 5.075

Owned with Linhart Limousin. Contact owners for semen availability.


605-227-4601 •

39768 267th St. • Mount Vernon, SD 57363


more bang for your buck with semen on these up-and-coming herd sires.
75 • APRIL 2023

continued from page 75

“2022 was a ground-breaking year for U.S. beef’s international presence, with global demand stronger than I’ve seen in all my years in the industry,” says Dan Halstrom, USMEF president and CEO. “Late in the year, exports certainly felt the impact of persistent headwinds in our large Asian markets, including depressed trading partner currencies and COVID-related challenges in China, but the long list of countries in which records were set showcases the industry’s focus on diversifying export markets. While the year ahead will be challenging due to supply constraints, the exchange rate situation has improved and we still see room for growth in the foodservice sector as more regions continue their gradual rebound from COVID.”

U.S. beef exports reached 1.47 million metric tons in 2022, up 2% from the previous high in 2021. Export value climbed to a record $11.68 billion, up 10% from 2021 and nearly 40% above the previous five-year average. The U.S. exported a record share of its record-large beef production in 2022, and at higher prices.

Beef export value equated to a record $447.58 per head of fed slaughter in 2022, up 10% from the previous high achieved in 2021.

“With drought forced placement and culling, beef production was record large in 2022 at 28.3 billion pounds. Expect production to drop

over the next several years – declining 4% to 5% in 2023 to 27 billion pounds,” Good said. “The decline in production in 2023 will lead to a 2.2-pound decline in net beef supply to 57 pounds per person.”

Bottom Line

Despite the headwinds, Zimmerman believes U.S. cattle numbers can recover during the next cattle cycle and challenge the recent beef cow inventory highs near 32 million head.

“But the supply chain should proceed with caution as it looks to the future,” Zimmerman says. “It is going to take time and cooperation to turn recent trends.”

Zimmerman says a culling rate of near 10% is required to stabilize herd size. He expects the culling rate this year to be close to 12%.

“That means the best-case scenario is some level of stabilization arriving in 2024, and the timeline from the previous herd expansion suggests it will take until 2025 or later for meaningful rebuilding,” according to Zimmerman .

ABOUT THE AUTHOR: Wes Ishmael has been involved with livestock publications since 1983. Wes grew up in Colorado and has always been in and around the livestock business. He now lives in Benbrook, Texas.

The Heartland Limousin Association welcomes all Limousin enthusiasts. HLA is passionate about the growth of the breed and connecting seedstock producers with commercial cattlemen.

Dean Summerbell, HLA Executive Secretary 619 139th Ln. NW, Andover, MN 55304 (612) 963-3799 HONORING COMMERCIAL PRODUCERS Application for Membership Who can join? Any reputable supporter of Limousin cattle is welcome as long as you fill out the application form and send $50 membership dues each year. Make check payable to the HLA and return this membership form and $50 payment to: Dean Summerbell, HLA, 619 139th Ln. NW, Andover, MN 55304 Name Address City/State/Zip Phone e-mail Signature The undersigned herein applies for membership in the HLA with all rights and privileges outlined in the HLA constitution and bylaws. 76 • APRIL 2023
6:00 P.M. M.S.T. TUESDAY, July 11, 2023 HOLIDAY INN RUSHMORE PLAZA BALLROOM RAPID CITY, SD Randall O. Ratliff, 615.330.2735 ~ BRANDING & MARKETING ~ Kiley McKinna, 402.350.3447 Wiley Fanta, 320.287.0751 77 • APRIL 2023


Hey y’all!

I hope all is well in your part of the country! We haven’t had very many cold spells in Oklahoma, and for an Oklahoma girl who loves sunshine, I am not complaining. With sunshine coming, Junior Nationals and the summer season is quickly approaching. I may be a little biased, but the Junior Board has been working their tails off to incorporate numerous new activities for our junior members. One opportunity we will offer this summer is a leadership conference for the upcoming leaders of our breed.

In March of 2022, four NALJA board members attended YBIC, a conference that joins all junior boards from respective breeds. At this

Complete Your Journey

conference, other board members and I joined other junior boards to grow as leaders and develop friendships. I gained friendships with other college-aged students and made connections with other association advisors. One evening, I spoke with some other breed advisors trying to figure out how the Limousin junior association could collaborate and attend a leadership conference they host every other summer for junior members.

Here we are a few months later, introducing The Summit IGS Youth Leadership Conference to you. The Summit will take place July 20-23 in Phoenix, Arizona, with other breed associations such as Gelbvieh, Shorthorn, Simmental and Chianina. This conference will allow junior members, ages 14-21, to grow as leaders and connect with other cattle enthusiasts. Contact any junior board member if you are curious or have questions about this conference or visit – Juniors – Summit Youth Conference for more information.

Last winter, when I was deciding whether to attend YBIC, I thought this was an opportunity for personal growth and, ultimately, a fun weekend outside of Stillwater. If it were not for me attending, I would not have gained leadership skills and friendships that will last a lifetime. Juniors, I challenge you to attend The Summit this upcoming July. Whether you are still in high school or in college, this conference will positively impact you. I could write 100 reasons on why every junior should attend. Networking with other cattle enthusiasts is the only way the agricultural industry will remain the best.

Stay tuned for one of the best Limousin summers yet… “When an opportunity presents itself, don’t afraid to go after it.”


COLE Journey 79J
Limousin • HP/Blk S: COLE Genesis 86G Lining up production cattle on both sides, this stout-made bull combines phenotype and performance with convenience traits. Semen: Grassroots Genetics (515.229.5227) Andy, Connie, Clay, Zach, Luke and Jack Stirn 3150 Sharptown Rd. • West Harrison, IN 47060 • 513/300-2009 (mobile) • 513/739-7576 (Luke)
Thank you to our customers from across the country. 78 • APRIL 2023
WWST Josie 889J
Lim-Flex • DP/DB • 4/25/21 S: Colburn Primo 5153
to Cloie Bruce! We are proud of your efforts with this product of our program.
Ch LF Female, 2022 Iowa State Fair Rs Ch LF Female, 2022 Aksarben
Austin, Leah, Bailee, Pitch, Tripp & Remmi Hager 4651 2nd Ave. NE • Karlsruhe, ND 58744 • 701/525-6363 701/626-2345 mobile Your Source in the North for Lim-Flex Bull Power Fuel Up Your Program With AHCC Join us at 2 p.m. April 11 at the ranch in Karlsruhe, ND, for our 17th annual bull sale. SELLING 90 LIM-FLEX BULLS Online bidding available through LOT 1 LOT 2 LOT 1 AHCC Earning Power 225K 74% Lim-Flex Double Polled • Double Black 3/2/22 • LFM2525433 Sire: AHCC Earning Power 900E LOT 2 AHCC High Stakes 8705K 56% Lim-Flex Double Polled • Double Black 3/4/22 • LFM2525457 Sire: AHCC High Stakes 376H CELL TMCK Kingpin 2267K ET Homo Black • Homo Polled • 68% Lim-Flex COLE Genesis 86G x CJSL 4357B BW: -0.2 WW: 79 YW: 119 MA: 25 RE: 0.57 MB: 0.49 $MI: 72 Owned with Linhart Limousin We are excited about the possibilities of our recently acquired herd sire, Kingpin. This well-bred powerhouse covers all the bases from calving-ease to growth and milk to marbling and $MTI. Contact Owners for Semen. MAGS Federal Reserve ET Homo Black • Homo Polled • 50% Lim-Flex MAGS Cable x CJSL 4357B BW: 0.2 WW: 73 YW: 109 MA: 22 RE: 0.11 MB: 0.74 $MI: 78 Owned with Magness Land & Cattle Far and wide, the MAGS Federal Reserve calves are hitting the mark. His combination of pedigree, phenotype and performance is earning him a place in the breed’s most progressive programs. Contact Owners for Semen. • APRIL 2023 79


APRIL 1 Magness Land & Cattle Front Range Annual Bull Sale, Platteville, CO 4 Coleman Limousin Ranch Annual Production Sale, Missoula, MT 6 Wulf Cattle Annual Opportunity Sale of 2023, or 10 The Red & Black Semen Event of 2023, 11 Hager Cattle Co. Annual Bull Sale, Karlsruhe, ND 12 Peterson’s L7 Bar Annual Production Sale, Pukwana, SD 19 Davis Ranches Online Sale, 22 Double Down On Red All Breed Sale, Quapaw, OK 23 Lawrence Texas Showcase Online Show Prospect Sale, SC Online Sales 25 Linhart Divas Online Show Heifer Sale, SC Online Sales 26 Cross Creek Farm Online Sale, 27 Edwards Land & Cattle Co. Show Heifer and Bull Online Sale, 29 The Great American Pie Sale, Lebanon, MO MAY 6 Coyote Hills Ranch Annual Production Sale, Chattanooga, OK 13 The Summit Sale, Sand Springs, OK 20 Wilder’s Springtime Spectacular Sale, Cameron, TX JUNE 3 Eastern Regional Junior Limousin Show, Gray, TN 3 Heartland Showdown Junior Show, Council Bluffs, IA 4 Southeast Summer Classic Level I MOE Show, Gray, TN 6 Becky Craig Online Bull Sale, JULY 11 National Junior NEOGEN Ultimate Show, Rapid City, SD 11 National Junior Limousin Steer Show, Rapid City, SD 11 National Junior Limousin & Lim-Flex Cow-Calf Pair Show, Rapid City, SD 11 National Junior Bred and Owned Limousin & Lim-Flex Bull Show, Rapid City, SD 11 National Junior Bred and Owned Limousin & Lim-Flex Female Show, Rapid City, SD 11 Sale of Sales, Rapid City, SD 11 North American Limousin Foundation Hall Of Fame Induction Ceremony, Rapid City, SD 13 National Junior Owned Limousin Female Show, Rapid City, SD 13 National Junior Owned Lim-Flex Female Show, Rapid City, SD S M T W T F S 1 30 23 24 25 26 27 28 29 16 17 18 19 20 21 22 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 APRIL 2023 S M T W T F S 1 2 3 25 26 27 28 29 30 18 19 20 21 22 23 24 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 JUNE 2023 S M T W T F S 1 2 3 4 5 6 28 29 30 31 21 22 23 24 25 26 27 14 15 16 17 18 19 20 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 MAY 2023 S M T W T F S 1 30 31 23 24 25 26 27 28 29 16 17 18 19 20 21 22 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 JULY 2023 80 • APRIL 2023

MAGS Trifecta

It has never been easier to obtain genetics straight from the heart of our storied herd. Contact us today about the opportunties available from the BRAND YOU TRUST and the RESULTS YOU EXPECT.


April 1

At The Ranch — Platteville, CO


Lot 1

MAGS King Of The Hill 524K LFM2518979

Lot 4

HB/HP • 50% Lim-Flex

MAGS Cable x CJSL 4357B

BW: 0.2 WW: 73 YW: 109 MA: 22

RE: 0.11 MB: 0.74 $MI: 78 Semen available through Grassroots Genetics (515/965.1458).

HB/HP • 50% LF

MAGS Federal Reserve x MAGS Eadie

BW: 1.6 WW: 82 YW: 123 MA: 19

RE: 0.43 MB: 0.36 $MI: 68 Contact owners for semen.

MAGS Federal Reserve ET Owned with Hager Cattle Co.


Ratliff Google 911G

HB/DP • 50% LF

Silveiras Style 9303 x Riverstone Charmed

Owned with Edge Livestock. Contact us for genetic opportunties out of Google and these breed leading sires—FWLY LHC Capital, ELCX Kings Landing, FWLY Can Do.

J6 Farms.

Platteville, Colorado

GARY MAGNESS, OWNER Office, 970-785-6170

John Pence, 970-396-3584

Austin Gottschalk, 970-396-0115

MAGS Johnny Walker Red 912J LFM2508912 MAGS Jameson 1125J Owned with
81 • APRIL 2023
Cody Lowderman Auctioneer 13400 N 1150th Rd. Macomb, IL 61455 (309) 313-2171 SEEDSTOCK SALES OUR SPECIALTY office 605.234.4214 mobile 605.730.4214 310 sorensen drive » po box 498 chamberlain, sd 57325 Chisum Peterson Ronn Cunningham Auctioneer PO Box 146 • Rose, OK 74364 918/629-9382 C.K. Sonny Booth Auctioneer PO Box 1172 Miami, OK 74355 (918) 533 5587 KEEP INFORMED LIMOUSIN365.COM 24/7 Protect Your Genetic Investments Livestock Mortality Insurance Mark A. Smith 2511 NE 99th Place, Ankeny, Iowa 50021 Phone: 515-229-5227 Office/Fax: 515-965-1458 Email: FIELD STAFF: NORTH REGION—Sarah Johnson 614/266-2646 • SOUTH REGION—DeRon Heldermon 405/850-5102 • 82 • APRIL 2023
ADVERTISERS INDEX A Night On The Town Sale 71 ATAK Limousin ........................................................................... 55 Balamore Farms ............................................................................ 67 Begert Limousin Ranch .................................................................. 5 Booth, C.K. “Sonny” 82 Boyer Limousin 48 Buck Ridge Cattle Co. ................................................................. 49 Bullis Creek Ranch ....................................................................... 41 Coleman Limousin Ranch ...................................................... 35, 46 Coyote Hills Ranch 15 Cunningham, Ronn 82 Davis Ranches ................................................................................ 2 Dorran, Ryan ............................................................................... 82 Double Down On Red Sale 26 Edleman Ranch 27 Edwards Land & Cattle Co. IBC Fillmore Ranch ............................................................................. 57 Glendenning J Bar J ....................................................................... 7 Goss Limousin 22 Grassroots Genetics 8 Great American Pie Sale 69 Hager Cattle Co. .......................................................................... 79 Hayhook Limousin ...................................................................... 36 Heartland Limousin Association 76 Heritage Genetics 40 Hunt Limousin Ranch 65 KLS Farms ............................................................................. 13, 59 Lawrence Family Limousin ....................................................... OBC Lenape Cattle Co. 19 Leonard Limousin & Angus 43 Lewis Limousin ............................................................................ 62 Limousin365 ................................................................................ 72 Linhart Limousin ....................................................... 18, 33, 46, 74 Lowderman, Cody 82 Magness Land & Cattle 81 Matt Lautner Cattle ..................................................................... 53 MC Marketing Management........................................................ 17 Middleton Limousin 58 Misty Morning Limousin 11 North American Limousin Foundation ........................................ 47 North American Limousin Junior Association .............................. 61 Ochsner Limousin ........................................................................ 37 P Bar S Ranch IFC Peterson, Chisum 82 Peterson’s L7 Bar Limousin........................................................... 39 R&R Marketing ........................................................................... 23 Rafter DP Farm & Ranch ............................................................ 51 Red Rock Limousin Ranch 45 Ridgeland Cattle Co. 59 Rolling Acres Limousin ................................................................ 37 Running Creek Ranch .................................................................... 3 Sale of Sales 77 Schilling Cattle 63 Smith, Mark | Liberty Mutual Insurance 82 Straight Limousin ......................................................................... 64 Sullivan Farms .............................................................................. 59 Symens Brothers 16, 46 T4 Livestock 25 The Summit Sale 21 Thomas & Son Farms ................................................................... 84 Torgerson Farms ........................................................................... 73 Whitewater Limousin 78 Wieczorek Limousin 31, 75 Wilder Family Limousin 9 Wulf Cattle .................................................................................... 1 83 • APRIL 2023

Ratliff Killin Time



We are excited to have acquired half ownership of this young sire and believe he will do great things in our industry. Don’t kill any more time searching for the ideal herd sire to use on your females this spring. Ratliff Killin Time has the tools to fit your needs.


7320 Cattle Run Lane, Boonsboro, Maryland 21713 Chris cell 301-730-956 | Lonnie cell 301-730-9571 Follow Us on Facebook! TASF Crown Royal 960C Purebred • Homo Polled • Homo Black DHVO Deuce x TASF Whiskey Lullaby 357W AUTO Lucky Guy 140D 79% Limousin • Homo Polled • Homo Black AUTO Lucky Strike x AUTO Rebeca 479A
PERFECTION TASF Guiness 315G Purebred • Homo Polled • Homo Black TASF Crown Royal 960C x AUTO Peyton 206Y Call for semen availability on these superior AI sires. Contact us for bulls and show heifer prospects for sale private treaty.
Cattlemen’s Congress Grand Champion Bull
Limousin • Double Polled • Double Black MAYC Gold Buckle 624G x Riverstone Charmed
with Ratliff Cattle
semen packages available. Contact owners. • APRIL 2023 84
Randall O. Ratliff, 615.330.2735 SALE MANAGEMENT ... Dexter and Nicholas Edwards Dexter, 910.385.6192 | Nicholas, cell: 910.290.1424 314 Willard Edwards Road, Beulaville, NC 28518 4:00 - 7:00 P.M. C.S.T. | Powered by APRIL 27, 2023 LIMOUSIN • LIM-FLEX • ANGUS • RED ANGUS Kiley McKinna, 402.350.3447 Wiley Fanta, 320.287.0751 SALE CONSULTANT ...

eligible. Call for more information.

A sincere THANK YOU goes out to the many bidders, buyers and crew members at our Annual Bull Sale. We are overwhelmed by the support you have shown us. The bulls are going to great cattlemen and for that we are extremely thankful. Bruce, Paula & Lee Roy Lawrence • Jonny, Amber, Tucker & Colt Parkinson P.O. Box 299 • Anton, TX 79313 806/997-5381 • Bruce: 806/790-2535 • email: • ExtremeGratitude LFL JOHNNY 1117 J 57% Lim-Flex • Homo Polled • Homo Black • 9/3/21 LFL Deluxe Edition 6029D x LFL Gossip Girl 9168G CE: 13 BW: -0.6 WW: 81 YW: 124 MK: 19 CM: 7 SC: 1.00 DC: 11 YG: -0.03 CW: 40 RE: 0.47 MB: 0.23 $MI: 63 Thank you to Chris Deberry of Springlake, Texas! Semen available, contact us or Grassroots Genetics (515.229.5227). LFL JUMPER 1310J 76% Limousin • Homo Polled • Black • 9/16/21 COLE Genesis 86G x LFL Elise 7021E CE: 12 BW: -0.7 WW: 78 YW: 109 MK: 33 CM: 7 SC: 0.80 DC: 18 YG: -0.09 CW: 22 RE: 0.52 MB: 0.28 $MI: 64 Thank you to Walking Spear Ranch of Roswell, New Mexico! Semen available, contact us or Grassroots Genetics (515.229.5227). Mark Your Calendar COYOTE HILLS ANNUAL PRODUCTION SALE May 6, 2023 At The Ranch, Chattanooga, OK We will be Selling 30 Head 10 Spring Pairs 10 Fall Pairs 10 Breeding-Age Bulls
of the heifer calves at the side of the spring and fall pairs are show prospects and are Lone Star Shoot-Out
LFL JEDIDIAH 1305J 76% Limousin • Homo Polled • Homo Black • 9/11/21 COLE Genesis 86G x LFL Elise 7021E CE: 12 BW: 0.1 WW: 77 YW: 109 MK: 33 CM: 7 SC: 0.70 DC: 18 YG: -0.05 CW: 41 RE: 0.66 MB: 0.36 $MI: 67 Thank you to Begert Limousin Ranch of Allison, Texas!
1307J 76% Limousin • Homo Polled • Homo Black • 9/17/21 COLE Genesis 86G x LFL Elise 7021E CE: 12 BW: 0.7 WW: 80 YW: 116 MK: 33 CM: 7 SC: 0.50 DC: 18 YG: 0.01 CW: 32 RE: 0.48 MB: 0.21 $MI: 62 Thank you to Begert Limousin Ranch of Allison, Texas! Lot 1
2 Lot 11 Lot 12

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time and patience Slow Go Building back from massive beef cow liquidation will

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Headliner Herd Sires

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Tyson Foods Introduces Sustainable Beef Product

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pages 56-57

4 Ag Policy Issues To Watch In 2023

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Translating And Applying

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Fully Stocked

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The Elite of the Elite

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PERFORMANCE Our Trademark For 54 Years

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Considerations When Marketing Freezer Beef

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Composites Simplify Reproductive Management

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Take Your Program To New Heights

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pages 36-37

Your Support Was Humbling

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A Remarkable Return To Their Limousin Roots

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The Start Of Something Special

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Riding Shotgun Planning for the Future

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Bull Power!

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The Importance of Taking The Time

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The Brand You Can Count On

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