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STELLAR spring 2021 volume 2


Fall 2021 Lumpkin County High School

Table of Contents CELESTIAL Belonging or relating to heaven; supremely good.

The Path of Frogs - Adisa Holcomb Violet Cavern - Jadeyn Fields Flatline - Emma Pitt The Show Must Go On - Jeannette Brunner Free - Connor Evans Starry - Audrey Browning Light Leader - Amma Johnson Zodiac Night - Sarah Seabolt Her - Emily Cannon The Journey - Carter Swanson More Beyond - Madison Warren Facade - Lainie Genry

FUTURAMA A preview of something that is not yet reality—potential realities

Dear Darice Manufacturing - Caroline Rairigh Memories Lost in the Snow - Logan Popko Whoa, That’s One Big Boy - Jacquelin Garrett Crab - Emma Pitt The Skies - Victoria Poss Galactic Beast - Annalisia Garcia Universal Form - Madison Cordell Tears from the Moon - Jewel Harkins Gazing on the Moon - Mattie Mullenix She - Kolbe McKenzie Beholder of Beauty - Madison Cordell Gazing on the Moon - Mullenix Matie Stellar - Jayci Womble A Starlit Waltz - Katie Cook

BLACK HOLE A celestial object that has a gravitational field so strong light cannot escape it

Hope - Carter Swanson Nyx, the Night Sky - Catherine Edwardson The Typed Word - Madison Cordell Daisy Dream - Charli Bradley Milky Rain - Hallie Ellis Night Tree - Madison Doles Isn’t it Lovely - Candace Allman Trees Speak Latin - Lucy Basso The Elites - Carter Swanson Star Dazed - SK Landcaster Nature of a Wolf - Reece Butler Astral Projection - Chinyere Hicks Lessons from a Nomad - Reece Butler Fred the Cow - Ashlyn Housmen SOUL-Mates - Taylar Reagan

TIME WARP An imaginary distortion of space in relation to time wherein people or objects from one period travel to another

Peace in Identity - Madison Cordell Shining Blindness - Kylee Cook Gynt - Lainie Genry Stellar Mountains - Avery Shadburn Bobby Ross - Bella Brock Life Itself - Madison Cordell Rest - Nathan Duvall Poetries - Madison Cordell Starry Eye - Liz Mathews A Child’s Imagination - Ariel Boyer Childhood - Madison Cordell Dream Catcher - Anna Jones Quilling as a Tehuana - Luke Schofield


The Path of Frogs

- Adisa Holcomb

Violet Cavern

-Jadeyn Fields

Flatline My heart skips a beat, then two, then three Mind and soul falling through dense clouds There is no path where I will remain I feel grateful to finally drift freely I wish for the freedom of life to be as I experience now How did I live? The question evades me As to feel the pain of life again Would be a silent creeping poison through my veins Is this why my once thunderous heart has gone quiet? Quiet, like they always wanted

-Emma Pitt

The Show Must Go on - Jeannette Brunner

Free He lit a cigarette while tears fell from his face The warm smoke filled his lungs and he fell to his knees He had cut his ties and he has no strings He yelled and pleaded but no one came to give him peace No feeling inside no new adventure awaits As he looked out into the night sky he had finally realized He was free…

- Connor Evans

Starry -Audrey Browning

Light Leader Be the star in everyone’s eyes That brings a light that shines upon everyone's night. To give a sense of safety that everything will be alright. For when someone sees you deem or start to fall the light won’t be gone for long. For another light will take your place. Be the star, to guide the way, So the darkness will never overtake.

- Amma Johnson

Zodiac Night

-Sarah Seabolt


-Emily Cannon

The Journey Bright sunlight fills the dimly lit room, the way it has since the beginning of it’s journey, The blue paint and popcorn ceilings as familiar as I know, I look around at the memories that were once there, The laughter that filled the once cold breezy air. Bright sunlight that fills the darkening and yet empty room, the walls a light shade of beige and the ceiling a smooth sight, New furniture filled the room, As excitement echoed through. Bright sunlight that fills the saddening room, Boxes filled with toys now filled the room, The walls once filled with happy pictures were bare, I looked around in the saddening beige room as the sunlight shined through,

Dusty shelves were now cleaned, Memories that were once made are filled with a darkening and vanishing sight, I look back to where times were young and simple, Where we only worried about which toys to play with, The now echoey room stood still. Bright sunlight fills the new room, Boxes being unpacked, The walls now a light grey, The ceiling now a smooth white, I look around at the darkening room wondering what new memories would be made, I sit on my mattress on the now carpeted floor, Thinking back to the now old house, New memories to be made, New ones to be shared, The newly lit room filled with happiness and joy.

-Carter Swanson

More Beyond

-Madison Warren

Façade Wherein the heart of goodness lies Empowered evil springs A boy, awakened, silent, tries To stretch his broken wings With the dawn arise new dangers In light the darkness gleams Breath gives life to new angers For light is not all what it seems She strikes him with the tanning stick Now beaten to the bone He builds his walls up brick by brick A palace formed of stone But mother dearest don’t you know How your son watches you In vice and evil he will grow And turn the pure to few Wherein the heart of goodness lies An ally will emerge On steady, sturdy wings he flies To free the boy from scourge An angel and his fallen friend Now brothers of a kind For every evil has an end When light the darkness finds


Lainie Genry


To Whom It May Concern Dear Darice Manufacturing, Thirteen sky blue circles and ten letters connected by elastic. Essentially that’s all that sits on my left wrist, less than an ounce of bracelet that leaves my wrist feeling naked without it. To most, it is just pieces of plastic that are set in a pattern around the string, but it means so much more than that to me. Like many teenage girls today, I struggled with my confidence. Confidence in myself, my abilities, and even my very person was out the window by the time I reached January of 2019. I walked the streets of town or hallways at school and looked at the people around me certain that I was among the worst or most unworthy there. I scrolled through Instagram and decided that there was no way that I was as pretty or as good as the girls I followed. As anyone can tell, that wasn’t a very good place to be. By January, I decided that I needed to fix it, so I made ‘confidence’ my word of the year. Confidence is what I wanted to radiate by 2020. I worked on myself as best I could and made progress - a lot of progress. I now rarely find myself bogged down by self-doubt and comparison. I have worked on many levels to build myself up and dove into who I am and who I am meant to be.

So, what does a bracelet have to do with my confidence? Well, when I first decided that I wanted to fix myself, I knew I needed a reminder, something to look at everyday so I couldn’t forget my promise to myself. This reminder materialized in the form of a beaded bracelet. This bracelet has found its way onto my wrist almost every day of this year. It has seen me in my best moments when I hadn’t a care in the world about my appearance to the world next to another’s, and it has seen me at my lows obsessed that I am not as tall or muscular as other girls. I look at this bracelet as a testament of how far I have come - because it’s a long way. Every time I see it, I am reminded both to keep up the work on myself and how much work I have already put into the process. I am writing to you this as a thank you. Thank you for creating the pieces that have been placed together to help remind me that I am enough and that I am good just the way I am. Without this reminder to be confident in who I am, I would still be the scared, comparison-obsessed little girl I was just months ago. Thank you.


Caroline Rairigh

Memories Lost in the snow

- Logan Popko

Woah that’s one big boy

- Jacquelin Garrett

CRAB I am a coat of armor built in with knives I creepily crawl across the cracked glass Smoothed by time as it passes me I shed my protection slow as death Causing my retreat into a new identity The moons daughter reaches her night cloaked hand towards me Sight givers attached to old stiff string Peaking out of my pristine pod An ancient clock tells me hours have passed I feel as both the predator and the prey

- Emma Pitt

The Skies

-Victoria Poss

Galactic Beast

-Annalisa Garcia

Universe Form Planets cling to a single beast. Stars decorate its huge figure. Eyes as white as a full moon. Tears as black as the tar of reality. The mane of fur at its neck sways In the continuity of life as it is. The universe as we know it: The Galactic Beast

- Madison Cordell

Tears from the moon

-Jewel Hawkins

She -Kolbe McKenzie

Beholder of Beauty Beauty is in the eye of the beholder And if self doubt weren’t a boulder, I’d be able to get to you With the truth Of the fact that this Is simply a wave of bliss, Traveling through your eyes.

- Madison Cordell

Gazing On The Moon

-Mullenix Matie


-Womble Jayci

A Starlit Waltz

-Katie Cook


Hope Hope in the ever darkening sea for dreams of grey were seen, Searching around for my fragmented piece of reality, Dreams of grey to soon be seen, Ocean waves pounding the side of the boat, I stand there questioning if I’ll stay a float, Sea birds call in the distance, As I search around for my piece of hope that was now forever gone, I dreamed and hoped of being a writer, As I stay on the boat lost at sea, Once vanishing dreams of grey were now fully seen, At the horizon of the newly lit sky, I write until daylight, As time continuously ticks on by, I look back to my past, Hoping to become a writer, My dream was fulfilled at last

-Carter Swanson

Nyx, The Night Sky The Typed Word Font size, Which line? Crisis of the typed word. Double-spaced, Line erased. Is the written word a curse?

No longer memorized, Reduced to stable lines, What will it lead to? A letter on a page meant nothing to us Once Upon A timeless.

- Catherine Edwardson

- Madison Cordell

Daisy Dreams

-Charli Bradley

Milky Rain Blisteringly chilled and wind stricken waves of morning aurora wistered in the later days of January. My lips rosy and flushed, chapped from the atmospheric exposure. The clouds expanded across the flustered and pigmented sky a murky grey, as if being wiped throughout by a secondhand paint brush distorting their coloration into their dappled stone appearance. The infinitesimal drizzle of fresh dew in the atmosphere of milky rain, seemingly in preparation for an imperceivable occurrence of events. Caught mid-stride in a leisurely walk, pacing myself for each step across the obliquely plated tile, the beaming syllables blared out from over the intercom in disperse waves of exhaustion. I winced at the inclinations of uncomfortability that formed within each word as the syllables generated within the atmosphere. The regret pitted in my aching stomach. I arrived at my destination, anxious for the interaction that was inevitable to occur. The unbearably frigid zephyr pierced my aching figure as I unhinged the stagnant door from the security of the interior of the ivory vehicle, taking each attentive step towards the entrance. The embarrassment increased within me as I glanced across oblivious expressions of disturbance in reaction to my presence. Following that embarrassment, came a fathomless sensation of repugnant satisfaction that I could not outwardly admit. A modest yet firmly toned individual appeared from the empty corridor into my quaint and trivial waiting room. He carefully secured the velcro band in order to surround the entirety of my faint arm, buried under the multiple layers of insulated fabrications of cloth. A compressed dilating sensation surrounded my tense arm. The individual contorted his face into a blank and neutral demeanor for a hesitant moment as he carefully attempted to control his outward expression towards me.

A modest yet firmly toned individual appeared from the empty corridor into my quaint and trivial waiting room. He carefully secured the velcro band in order to surround the entirety of my faint arm, buried under the multiple layers of insulated fabrications of cloth. A compressed dilating sensation surrounded my tense arm. The individual contorted his face into a blank and neutral demeanor for a hesitant moment as he carefully attempted to control his outward expression towards me. Words began to formulate on his gaped lips as he changed his disposition in correlation to the seemingly awkward circumstances of an unreciprocated concern in that frank and diminutive space. I hesitantly paced myself towards the extending baltic and transparent doors as they coasted ajar to my desperate arrival. My silent internal consciousness of terrifying resistance and repose suffused within me instantaneously. My arrangement of bundled cloth draped across my slumped figure as my frail and frigid hands sunk lower into my gapped pockets. The incense of subdued fragmented leaves as they were constricted below the tension of my encumbered limbs. I scrupulously placed my foot into the daunt entrance. The pale and sanitary flooring, it’s reflection seemingly glaring back in my direction. The entirety of individuals that surrounded me were eminently disalent, their eyes glazed over unreactive. My imminent existence resided to a frantic halt of continuation, placidity.

- Hallie Ellis

Night Tree

- Madison Doles

Isn't it lovely The way hatred flows through our veins The power of our words are silenced by the meek opinions of society The way we hate what we cant comprehend Isn't it lovely They say our generation is inventive and creative Yet here we sit, the creativity never getting nowhere other than hearsay The action of being creative is easy, doing creative things is much harder Lovely it is To know that the anxieties of our people is a social norm We can say we hate ourselves over and over again yet it means nothing now Because everyone hates so much about oneself You hate your vices, your body, your friends, your family. Yet when we say we love ourselves it's seen as condescending. Lovely it is We settle for love that was never real Ones longing for attention and a relationship clouds better judgment To the point we end up loving the ones who don't have your hearts best interest in mind Isn't it lovely The minorities are seen as attention seeking savages How some people cant see love as love How some people still can't look past the consevative ways of the past Tell me Now, what would truly be lovely If we could survive this monstrosity of a generation If we could let go of grudges and closed mindedness If we got off of the norms of laziness and obesity If we could love ourselves and neighbors Why can't it be lovely, this world of mine

- Candace Altman

Trees Speak Latin - Lucy Basso

The Elites He quickly ran through the darkening forest as tears of red streamed down his face. Thundering explosions are heard in the distance. The elites came rushing into the night, as their fears suddenly came true. The elites carefully approached the gushing sea of red. The elites wept and cried under the nearby willow tree. Thinking about times before the war, that broke families apart. They sat there wondering what lied ahead. Little did they know their journey had just begun. The elites came rushing into the war with no hope in sight. Only to soon find peace and light.

- Carter Swanson

Star Dazed

- SK Lancaster

Nature of a Wolf The wolf howls To the moon Honoring the night Which ends too soon And then the sun Begins to bloom The creatures are spared From their doom But the wolf is not evil It just wants to survive It has nature’s laws It must abide So when the night Is getting later Don’t blame the wolf For its Nature

- Reece Butler

Astral Projection

- Chinyere Hicks

Lesson From a Nomad I drift I wander I think I ponder And I’ll walk this road For a bit longer I’ve seen life I’ve seen death Now I slow down To take a breath While I’m here I will say I want you to savour Everyday You must keep An open heart Hold these you love Don’t stay apart

- Reece Butler

Fred the Cow - Ashlyn Housmen


-Taylar Reagan


Peace in Identity Peace. It was peaceful in the autumn hours. It just had to have been spoiled by winter sours. "Don’t freeze my plants," she yelled. "Don’t ruin my nature," she pleaded. Sadly she couldn’t undue What was left untreated. The cold killed any chance that she thought she had. The decorations for Halloween that she had to clean up: It left her melancholy, the stale candy corn sitting in a cup. The streamers still strung, The Christmas tree out. People all around, rustling, Up and about. Thanksgiving on the way. Her family still unaccepting. They were only who she could invite. Her friends were already quite busy. She sat alone In her living room, Staring at the scene. She remembers. She sees. Nothing's clean. Her plants were dead from the freezing. Her Halloween decorations were supposed to be put away. The Christmas tree lay on the floor. Was this who she was today..? A mess for herself to clean up? Someone unlike who she was meant to be? No. Because, "I am who I am. I am accepting. Of me." She realized what her life had come to. "Oh, this would never do." She understood her true beliefs.

- Madison Cordell

Shining Blindness

- Kylee Cook


What is the truth of reality The evisceration of fantasy Who are we truly Behind the guise of falsity Where lies and libels cannot touch us Wherein we ignore forgeries Composed versions of ourselves Those that hide in between the lines Of the stories we write of our lives We are double edged swords And two sided mirrors Panes of glass that shatter At the slightest brush of fingers We are immortals In the semblance of prose Seemingly nonexistent Yet in death our infamy grows What is the truth of our cores Who are we when we ignore ourselves When we wither away into husks Oblivious to our nature Our humanity Our personality Our individuality Do we become lies Forever cursed to relive our falsified existence Our souls bound to the wrong reality Our spirits lost in a sea of enmity Forever losing our true selves And no longer can we have truth When we are comprised of multiple lives Insurmountable, impenetrable lies When we have lost ourselves In the vast expanse of individuality Is it possible Is it human To lose yourself While becoming yourself Because really yourself Your truest self Is it real? If you lie, are you real?

- Lainie Genry

Stellar Mountains

- Avery Shadburn

Bobby Ross Strokes of pink and orange on earth’s canvas White clouds dotting the horizon A work so perfect Captured in memories Greedy winds taking it forever Reaching out Stealing the sun Hiding it for themselves Until tomorrow When the sun comes out again

- Bella Brock

Life Itself Finding what I've always wanted, what I needed, in myself, Simply because that is my goal: what I need In life itself. Making stupid mistakes, Later realizing the stakes, But finding out it was all worth it. Childhood heartbreak: So much pain, So beautiful all the same. When finding worth In yourself, Look beyond your "likeable traits" Because the truth is: You'll find more In the flaws of you That you try to ignore. So find what you've always wanted, what you needed, in yourself, Simply because that is your goal: what you need In life itself.

- Madison Cordell

Starry Eyed - Liz Matthews

Poetries Short poetries Are thoughts, Rounded up in a delicate arrangement, With words most can’t understand And with emotions that some can’t even imagine feeling. My poetries Come from random thoughts. I can come up with one out of nowhere For no particular reason And still love it as if I had put a hundred hours of planning into it, Which in all reality, I have. I have thought things all my life. I’ve read and written things many a time; I should be ready, After so many years, To break apart concepts, Lace them with metaphors, And throw them to people who may need to hear them. - Madison Cordell

A Child’s Imagination - Areiel Boyer

Childhood Childhood Why are there so many different definitions for a word so solid? Why is there so much meaning in the word so common? Every person has their idea of childhood; I will share mine. Childhood: Where fireflies are chased and caught in mason jars before being let out to continue life, Where a trampoline brought more joy with every bounce. It's where smores are common And summer was the coolest season. Where problems melted away quickly And the hardest thing to do was go back inside, Where wounds healed before you felt the pain, And an enjoyable life felt endless. Where time is just a concept And only meant two things: When it was time to eat And when it was time to play.

Where sibling fights happened often And playing with the cats was an indoor venture. Where books were read to settle heads And every step an adventure. Where heroes were everywhere In books, on t.v. and taking care Of the children running around like they had all the time in the world. It's where shiny rocks were picked up And trinkets were collected. Where bugs crawled on skin, Watched by curious eyes. Childhood, Or my idea of it at least, Consists of all the things we wished we had done When wonder was trapped in our feet.

- Madison Cordell

Dream Catcher - Anna Jones

Quilling as a Tehuana

"This quilling was an endeavor sparked by quarantine and a love for brilliant artists. Each slip of paper involved was hand-cut and shaped, requiring around six hours of work each day for an entire week. This work of art depicts Frida Kahlo's Self-Portrait as a Tehuana, one of her most elegant and sophisticated masterpieces." - Luke Schofield

Editor’s Note & Theme Statement While creating my theme I thought of the style of “Stardew Valley,” a simulation role-play video game with an 8-bit style. I wanted to implement this into an outer space setting. I tasked Jadeyn Fields, an exceptional art student, with the creation of the cover, and she excelled! We have several great artworks in our magazine built into four different sections: Celestial, Futurama, Black Hole, and Timewarp. Many thanks to Kate Radford & Olivia Patterson for creating our Space Doodles. I also wish to thank our incredible staff who worked tirelessly to produce this magazine that showcases artists and writers from Lumpkin County High School. This magazine would not exist without you. — Emma Pitt

Special Thanks Mrs. Kelly White-Bryant — Thank you for inspiring the artists whose works appear within — we are grateful for you.

— Limitless Staff 2021

Credits Emma Pitt - Editor Isaac Parker - Assistant editor Hallie Ellis - Design editor Madison Cordell - Art editor Katie Radford - Short story editor Carter Swanson - Poetry editor Lainie Genry - Lighting designer Connor Evans - Staff member Stephanie Meeks - Staff member Zachery Westmoreland - Staff member Georgia Engele - Staff member Melanie Nguyen - Staff member

Cover art - Jadeyn Fields Space Doodles - Katie Radford and Olivia Patterson Advisor - Dr. Catherine Gibbs

see you space cowboy

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