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Friday March 15, 2013

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Cooperation between World Leaders Colmis and Millbrook are world leading in providing test facilities in their respective fields and now they are going to work together to provide year-round testing services in all climatic conditions. This is the initial sentence in a document written by Miguel Fragoso, managing director of Millbrook Proving Grounds on Wednesday this week. Together with David Cock he visited Arjeplog to sign this agreement with Colmis. The two companies have entered into a joint agreement to provide a wide spectrum of test and development services across the global car industry and other sectors such as energy. This cooperation will be launched at the Automotive Testing Expo Europe 2013 in Stuttgart this coming June. Miguel Fragoso, managing director of Millbrook, said, “Colmis is a world centre of excellence for extreme cold climatic conditions and we are proud to have reached this agreement with them. There is no question in my mind that together we will offer to the car industry one of the most comprehensive test and development packages”. Harald Fjellström, managing director of Colmis said, “Millbrook’s deep experience and expertise will be of great

Harald Fjellström and Miguel Fragoso shake hands to confirm the cooperation agreement between Colmis and Millbrook.

value to us and our clients as we move on together in this cooperation”. Fjellström was very happy to share this great news first of all with all readers of The Arjeplog Times.

The Largest Test Track Lake in the World

Lake Kakel is probably the lake with the most ice tracks in the world. The lake is situated north west of the town of Arjeplog and is ten kilometres long. On this lake, which is part of Hornavan, there are ice tracks made by Icemakers, Colmis and Revi and the

companies using the tracks include Fiat, Opel, GM, BMW, Jaguar LandRover, Haldex, Mando, Hitachi and several others. Another lake with many tracks is Lake Uddjaur used by BOSCH, Daimler, Knorr-Bremse, Mobis, Laponie & Porsche, among others.

INSIDE: Hot Se at: Guido Nürk, Daimler; Local: Yvonne Marklund, Norrskensglas; BMW gi ves car to school.

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This & That

School gets a brand-new BMW

• Hornavanskolan, the secondary high school (gymnasieskolan) in Arjeplog might not have any new students when the new year starts in autumn. Only about 10 pupils have registered their interest in enrolling at the school for the new year. This could be the first step leading to the closing down of the school, which was opened in 1995. • There are six social democrat members of Parliament from Norrbotten and they are all committed to start a discussion with the government as to what steps can be taken in order to help small municipalities (kommuner) such as Arjeplog and Arvidsjaur to survive. There are 349 delegates in the Swedish government and Maria Stenberg is the only member of parliament from Arjeplog. • On Wednesday March 20, it is the vernal or spring equinox here in the northern hemisphere. This is the date when day and night are about the same length. This day also marks the beginning of lighter days and we know that the day will get longer and longer until midsummer, when we have 24 hours of daylight. This is especially important for people in the north as it has been so dark for so long and seeing the light is rejuvenating. Another good thing is that the sun actually gives off a fair amount of warmth now, which is much appreciated by locals. • In last week’s issue of The Arjeplog Times, we wrote that the future of Icemakers will no doubt be in the hands of Josef, only son of Lars Sundström and Lena Rönnholm. Josef ’s surname (family name) is Rönnholm and not Sundström, as we wrote. In Sweden there are many couples that live together as married and they often keep the names that they

This is a convertible version of the BMW 135 that Hornavanskolan will receive as a gift from BMW. It is not a picture of the actual car that they will get.

BMW is donating a brand-new sports car to Hornavanskolan (the secondary high school). It is a nice blue BMW 135 that will be given to the school during a ceremony next Tuesday. The German ambassador and representatives of BMW Sweden will attend the ceremony at Hotel Lyktan. The man behind this generous gift is, of course, Wilhelm Cordes. He says that they have always had a very good relationship with Hornavanskolan and because he practically lives in Arjeplog he told his bosses in Germany that the students really need a car to work on.

received when they were born. When these couples have children, the children sometimes take the father’s name and sometimes the mother’s surname and sometimes both names. Sometimes children will change their name, when they are old enough to decide for themselves. So within the same family, you can find one child with the father’s surname and one child with the mother’s surname. Josef has taken his mother, Lena’s surname and she is pleased about this because as she says, there is a risk that the name ‘Rönnholm’ might die out as there are almost only girls born into the family.

Cordes says that previously BMW has donated two motor bikes and complete diesel and petrol engines. The car, that is for the Japanese market, has the steering wheel on the right side. Apart from this it is a current sports model BMW.

Wilhelm Cordes, BMW.

Health Care Centre Ambulance: tel 112 Arjeplog: Emergency care: Tel 0961-148 02 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Always phone this number first and explain your problem, the medical staff on duty will help you. Doctor on duty: Mon-Fri 7.30-21, Sat & Sun 12-18. At other times there is always a doctor on duty in Arvidsjaur. Arvidsjaur health centre tel 0960-575 01.

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Candid interview with a car tester

The Hot Seat mechanical lifts to get up hills. I also like mountainbiking. In Arjeplog I like to go cross country skiing on the trails in the forest and I bring my skis with me from Germany. I also like snow-mobiling here.

Name: Guido Nürk. Age: 47. Family: Wife and 2 daughters.

What is good in Arjeplog? The testing is very good here. I like the nature and the silence. Going through the forest on skis is wonderful.

Home: A small town outside Stuttgart, Germany. Company: Daimler AG.

What is bad in Arjeplog? There is nothing really bad here. We have everything we need and things work well.

Occupation: I am a test engineer and I organize the testing here. Favourite food: A good steak with vegetables. In Arjeplog I like the reindeer meat and the lax (salmon) is good. Dream car: Mercedes CL 500 4-wheel drive. White in colour. Present car: I drive a Mercedes Smart Cabrio. It is a good car for commuting to work.

Guido Nürk, Daimler AG

Spare time activities: I spend a lot of my spare time doing sports and often with my family and our dog, a large poodle. We go ski touring (Tourenski in German) which is an activity where long distances are covered on skis. Touring is generally done on trails which are not maintained, and without any

What music you enjoy? All kinds of music. I like old rock music and new pop music and I also listen to classical music. What is important in life? Family, friends and health. For me, it is important to play sports with my friends and do sporting activities with my family. A good job is also important, one that you are satisfied with.

The Freedom to Roam - Everyman’s Right The freedom to roam, or everyman’s right is the general public’s right to access public or privately owned land for recreation and exercise. The right is called the right of public access to the wilderness or the right to roam. In Swedish it is known as Allemansrätten. In Sweden this freedom is granted by the Constitution because “everyone shall have access to nature”. As in other Nordic countries, the Swedish right to roam comes with the responsibility to look after the countryside; the maxim is “do not disturb, do not destroy”.

Allemansrätten gives a person the right to access, walk, cycle, ride, ski, and camp on any land - with the exception of private gardens and land under cultivation. There are restrictions for nature reserves and other protected areas. It also gives the right to pick wild flowers, mushrooms and berries (not the legally protected ones) but not to hunt. Swimming in any lake and putting an unpowered boat on any water is permitted unless explicitly forbidden. Visiting beaches and walking by a shoreline is permitted, unless

it is within the immediate vicinity of a residence. Since 1975 it is generally not permitted to build a new house near (generally 100 m) from a beach and/ or shoreline. This is in order to better protect access to water and the right to walk along beaches. However, in a place like Arjeplog, it is quite ridiculous as we have so much space. You are allowed to drive a car on a private road unless explicitly signposted otherwise and you are allowed to put up a tent on any uncultivated land for a night or two.

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Pupils and Car testing


onday morning, Hornavanskolan is full of life again, pupils and teachers are back after one week of spring leave. A school should be full of life and special occasions. When you work with people, one day is not like any other day and that makes it so interesting and fun.


y work as a work placement coordinator at Hornavanskolan is fantastic. I have the privilege together with the pupils to find work placement opportunities for them in Sweden and in Europe. It is so interesting to sit down and talk to them, to find out their goals and to see them grow as individuals.


t the moment I have third-year pupils at Volvo Cars, Opus Bilprovning, Car Events, Driving Event Producers in Sweden, Bull star in Norway, Millbrook Proving Ground, Jaguar Landrover in the UK, Audi AG, BMW AG and Porsche AG in Germany. They have just completed their first week and have three more to go. They will come back with a lot of impressions, knowledge and self-confidence.


uring the years I have worked with many automotive companies and I have learnt that it is important to meet people where they are at the moment, to communicate and to be open-minded. If we succeed in teaching the pupils these important skills we educate them for the future. They do not only need knowledge of technical subjects and mathematic/physics skills, they need to be encouraged to be active citizens and participate in society.


t Hornavanskolan we work with entrepreneurship and entrepreneurial learning. They study cultures and manners in other countries as well as how to become a good and open-minded citizen.


t is a privilege to cooperate with so many companies and this has taught me so much over the years. These companies have helped Hornavanskolan in so many ways that we would not be where we are today without them. I do not think Arjeplog would be either.


ersonally I think that all those people, pupils and staff within the automotive industry as well as foreign contacts, make it much more enjoyable to live in Arjeplog. They all make marks in our land. I wish you all the best. Cathrin Söderberg Work placement coordinator Hornavanksolan Page 3

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Yvonne Marklund, Norrskensglas – this week’s local We are very close to nature, we live right in the midst of it and I love that.

Name: Yvonne Marklund. Age: I will be 54 on March 23.

What’s bad in Arjeplog? It is hard to think of something bad here but perhaps the distance to a large city is bad, especially when various services are being cut down. For example, there is no doctor on duty at night and on the weekend and that is not good at all.

Family: Husband Kent, 2 children and 2 grandchildren. Home: Jutis (Moose village) a little village 42 km from the town of Arjeplog. Company: Norrskensglas, glass studio that I own and run together with Sarah Öjbrandt.

What music do you listen to? All music except country and jazz. I love, for example Michael Jackson and his album ‘Killer’ is the best.

Favourite food: Fish, from the sea as well as fresh water fish from the lakes. I also like to eat Chinese food when we go to the city. Dream car: I like cars in general and specifically large, practical and comfortable cars. I don’t have a dream car but a new large Volvo would probably suit me. Present car: A white Hyundai I 30 which is small and stable. It does not use a lot of petrol, which is very important, as I drive from Jutis to the town of Arjeplog and back, almost every day. My husband and I also have a Subaru Legacy Outback, a 4-wheel drive that is perfect for hunting and fishing and other outdoor activities. Spare-time activities: I love the outdoor life. As soon as I have a chance I like to go outside, it does not really matter what I do, as long as I can be outdoors. In summer, I like digging in my garden, trolling/fishing on our boat, walking in the forest with my dogs. In autumn I follow my husband when he goes hunting. I would not like to kill the animals myself, but I love going with him, just being outdoors. When it is very cold or bad weather in the winter, I enjoy being indoors, baking or cleaning and fixing things in my house. I love my house! And now that I have grandchildren, I drop everything when I have a chance to spend time with them.

Yvonne Marklund, Norrskensglas

What’s good in Arjeplog? It is good that everyone knows everyone, it gives a feeling of safety and security. You know who to speak to, if you want something done or if you need help. There is a sense of community here. I think there is a freedom in living in a small place. There are about 40 people who live permanently in Jutis. Yvonne Marklund and Sarah Öjbrandt started their glass studio and shop in July 2010. Sarah is the expert glassblower and Yvonne is the assistant but she admits that she sometimes does try to produce glass articles on her own. They design all their own products and say this is what makes their work creative and fun. For Easter, they have made glass roosters, hens, chicks and eggs that are for sale.

Sarah Öjbrandt making a rooster of glass, which involves a few critical parts during the processs.

What’s important in life? Health is the most important thing both for myself and my closest family. Nothing else matters when you do not have good health. My family is very important to me as is having meaningful work and enjoyable spare time activities. It is also good to have enough money to live the life you want. I think it is so important to value what you have right now, to appreciate what you have and capture the moment! And then, of course, it is important not to pollute and destroy the earth.

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New Mobile App for Proving Grounds A new app for a smartphone will open gates and tell you how many people are already on the test tracks. It will show exactly where you are and if you drive too fast it will report this to Maria in the reception. It will also help customers know if they are booked on a track, as well as many other things. A small company in Piteå called Rajd has developed an app for the smartphone (only android at the moment) that is specially developed for proving grounds. Now it is being tested at Colmis Proving Grounds and if everything works well, the system will be used in full force next season. “Safety is the most important thing for us”, says vice manager Peter Gyllenberg at Colmis. At the moment ten phones with the app installed are being tested at Colmis. If they and their customers are satisfied with Nelson, as it is called, there could be hundreds of phones installed with the app next season. The app cannot be installed in private phones at present. Maria Berlin can follow the customers on the tracks via the app that is connected to her computer in the reception at Colmis.

Peter Wedin, Rajd and Peter Gyllenberg, Colmis with a Nelsonequipped smartphone.

The app can do a lot of things, such as preventing unauthorised people from entering certain tracks. It will open barriers in an emergency so that rescue services can get inside, for example if there has been an accident. It will even be able, later on, to give information relevant to testing and check that drivers behave correctly and follow the rules. On a computer in the reception, Maria Berlin, can see where all the people with the app are and she can even see how fast they are driving. Peter Wedin, Rajd said that they started developing this system ten years ago and it is soon ready for full scale operation.

Christian did it! Christian Bock cycled from Arvidsjaur to Mo i Rana in Norway and back via the Blue Road, a trip of nearly 700 kilometres. The amazing thing was that he did it in February battling temperatures below minus 30°C and sleeping in a tent. See The Arjeplog Times nr 7. Christian is now back home in Austria and happy that the trip was successful. He had many adventures and some problems. In his report he explains that he chose February because he wanted new experiences and to promote personal growth. He wanted to know how and if he could cope with such extreme temperatures. How did he cope? “Very well in general, but bad mistakes made some nights in the tent miserable. I tried to dry my boots in the sleeping bag and woke up freezing cold. It was Christian Bock minus 30!” he wrote.

Camping on a frozen lake provided sound of cracking ice that kept him awake and a little scared. Good moments included handling extreme situations by being very smart. Coming into a warm room, a hot shower and a warm meal were greatly appreciated. His final words in the report are: “My fears and anxiety beforehand, of what could happen and how to deal with it again confirmed one of my credos: “Risks are not so scary once you take them.”

Read Christian Bock’s full report and pictures on our Facebook page via



◗ ARJEPLOGS ELTJÄNST All electrical work as well as networks for telephones & computers. Tel 10240. ◗ ARJEPLOG VILT/ VILTBUTIKEN Meat and Fish. Handicraft. Souvenirs. Gifts. Open: Mon 9-17, Fri 8-17, Tues, Wed, Thurs 10-17, Sat 10-14, Sun 12-15. Drottninggatan 6 . Tel 100 01. Find us on facebook. ◗ CAMP GAUTO  SNOWMOBILE TOURS  Snow-mobile tours and ice fishing in the mountains, from 2 hours to full day tours. Tel. 280 30. ◗ CHURCH OF SWEDEN Parish of Arjeplog. Church services on Sundays at 11.00. Visit the church every day 8-16. ◗ COLD SPOT FACILITIES Testing facilities for rent, short and longterm. Workshops, offices, tracks. Magnus Holmgren tel 0961 (0)70-641 9998, Rickard Larsson tel 0961(0)70-635 8110. ◗ COLMIS PROVING GROUND One of the leading facilities for winter testing. Your total service provider: tracks, workshops and offices located within our fenced off area. We offer accommodation. Tel 720 100. ◗ COOP KONSUM SUPERMARKET Open: Mon-Sat 9-21, Sun 10-21. Fresh bread, grilled chicken, fruit and vegetables, organic produce, and lots more. ◗ DESTINATION ARCTIC CIRCLE Drottninggatan 3. Accommodation, Saami culture, dog-sleds, snow-mobile and moose safaris, ice fishing, incentive events. Tel 222 30. ◗ EXPERIENCE ARJEPLOG Shop: Mon-Fri 8-17; Sat & Sun 10-15. To book events and activities: Joakim, tel 070-5511779. Also, snow-mobile tours. ◗ FIXAR’N Tyres, repairs, wheel alignments. Everything for your cars. Tow-truck 24-hour service: Tel 070-510 5525. We fix anything! Industrivägen 6. Tel 615 09. ◗ FLINKFELDTS BUSS Book transfer to/from Arvidsjaur Airport tel 0771-100110. Direct tel to Airport bus: 0706-40 44 25. ◗ HOTELL LYKTAN Hotel & conference in centre of town. Tel 612 10, Fax 101 50.

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Useful Information ◗ GALTIS SKI RESORT Open Friday-Saturday-Sunday 10-16. Rental of equipment, restaurant. 11 km from Arjeplog. Tel: lift: 440 26, office 109 08. ◗ ICA SUPERMARKET Salad bar (new this season), freshly baked bread every day, grilled meat, bottled water and lots more. Post office services. On facebook: Ica Nära Arjeplog. Mon-Fri 9-20, Sat & Sun 9-18. ◗ ICEMAKERS Test tracks on lake ice and land. Cold chambers for cars & heavy vehicles. Info: 329 00, Gunilla or Katarina. ◗ JÄRNIA, GRANNS Hardware shop & sports shop. Kitchenware, tools, shavers, clothes, sports equipment. Storgatan 9. Tel 101 70. ◗ LANGO SÁMI SIIDA Get to know reindeer & the Saami way of life in Rattik. Every day: visit the reindeer, Weekends: guided tours book in advance. Tel +070 235 6076, 073-806 2906. ◗ LENA’S FISH SHOP Fish & meat. Mon 9-11, 16-18. Tues & Wed 16-18, Thurs 16-19. Fri 8-11, 16-18. Other times, phone Lena at 070-216 9065. ◗ MOOSE SAFARI I JUTIS Moose safari on snow-mobiles. Start Jutis, 39 km from Arjeplog on the Silver Road. 750 kr/person incl. coffee, tea, sandwich. Money-back guarantee. To book, tel 070-222 9235, Veronica. ◗ NINA’S BOUTIQUE Warm underwear, outdoor clothes. Swimming shorts. Traditional Swedish woollen cardigans. Fashion clothes. Torggatan. Tel 103 04. ◗ NORRSKENSGLAS Glass Studio/shop. Glassblowing and production of ornaments and articles. Gifts. Mon-Fri 10-17; Sunday 12-16. Smedjegatan 3. Sarah & Yvonne. Tel 103 33. ◗ SILVER MUSEUM & TOURIST OFFICE Mon-Fri: 10-12; 13-16. Sat 10-14, Sun 16-18. Exhibitions, slide show, souvenir shop, tourist info. Entrance to museum: 80 kronor. Tel 145 00.

◗ SNOWMOBILE TOURS. Hornavan Hotell Tel 777 100. ◗ TUNDRA ART High quality handicraft. Knives, jewellery, lamps. Studio and shop. Gunnar Edholm. Skomakaregatan nr 4 (from town over the bridge towards the schools, first street on the right). Tel 070-345 5719. ◗ VUOGGATJÅLME on the arctic circle. Restaurant Vuogga, accommodation, helicopter tours, snow-mobile rental and guided tours. For info: 107 15.

Ar vidsjaur


◗ ARCTIC FOOD AT ARVIDSJAUR AIRPORT  NEW this season. Fish and meat from Lapland. Inside the gate in the cafeteria, where they also sell food and drinks. Mondays and Fridays. Eva Wallin tel +46 (0) 70 644 4941. ◗ ARVIDSJAUR AIRPORT Flights to & from Arlanda, Stockholm. Charter flights to/from Munich, Hahn, Hannover, Stuttgart. Info: tel 173 80. Cafeteria/lunch restaurant. ◗ FISKIMPORT I ARVIDSJAUR Smoked & marinated salmon. Specialities from the sea. Stationsgatan nr 12. Some products also for sale at Arvidsjaur Airport. Tel 128 28. Fax 128 22. Mon-Fri 9.30-17.30. Other times call Peter 070-322 5801. ◗ STATOIL Mon-Fri 6-24.00; Sat & Sun 8-24.00. ‘Testförar-kaffe’ Good coffee at special price for car testers! Food, petrol, toasted sandwiches, freshly-made baguettes, hamburgers, salads. Welcome! ◗ FLYCAR Direct flights to and from Arvidsjaur and Stuttgart, Frankfurt-Hahn, Munich, Hannover, IGLOOTEL, ice hotel in Abborträsk near Arvidsjaur. Guided tours in English, German, 125 kr. Tel: Stefan: 070-267 70 89 Daniel: 070-268 82 51. ◗ DEUTSCHSCHWEDISCHE HANDELSKAMMER, Ihr Partner im Schwedengeschäft, tel 08-6651800.

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What’s on? Friday, March 15 • AFTER WORK at Kraja. 18-22 25% discount on the à la carte menu. Troubadour: Kent Viksten. • PUB EVENING at Harrys 22-02. Free entrance.

Saturday, March 16 • DISCO at Hotell Laponia in Arvidsjaur. Entrance: 120 kr. 22-02. • DISCO with DJ Ingo at Hotell Silverhatten. Free entrance. 22-02. Party bus from town at 22 and 23, returning later. Price: 20 kr. • PUB EVENING at Harrys 22-02. Free entrance.

Sunday, March 17 • BRUNCH at Nelly’s Café from 10.00. Enjoy a large breakfast/lunch = brunch at the café on the market square.

• CATHOLIC MASS in English at 16.00 with Pater Gene Dyer at the church in Arjeplog. • SILVER MUSEUM is also open 16.00-18.00. • SNOWMOBILE TOUR. Experience Arjeplog. 12.00-14.00. Reduced price: 1365 kr (normal price 1465 kr). Book at 0961-10770 or at Hotell Silverhatten.

Wednesday, March 20 • PLANKED STEAK at Kraja 135 kr. • FAIR FOR YOUNG ENTREPRENEURS

(UF mässan) at Hotell Laponia in Arvidsjaur. 100 different young entrepreneurs show their business ideas. 17.00-19.00. Free entrance.

Thursday, March 21 • ‘PLANKA’ PLANKED STEAK at Hornavan Hotell. Moose or salmon. 19-22. 195 kr. Book 24 hrs in advance: dessert & coffee on the house. This is the last plankafton (planked steak evening) for the season. • FAIR FOR YOUNG ENTREPRENEURS

(UF mässan) at Hotell Laponia continues 9.00-14.00. Free entrance. LJUS I NORR (Light in the North) is an exhibition of photographs at the Silver Museum at the moment. Local photographers exhibit their pictures showing the beauty of Arjeplog in winter. This exhibition will run until Easter. There is also an exhibition at the Museum showing what can be done with various animal skins from the arctic area, for example, the skin of salmon and moose.

Where to Eat & Drink Arvidsjaur


Hornavan Hotell. 11.00-14.00 (3 hours) to Mount Akkelis 1500 kr including snow-mobile, warm clothing, boots, helmet and guide. Minimum of 4 people. Book 24 hours before, tel 0961-777 100.

HOTELL LAPONIA Lunch: Mon-Fri 11-14. Sat, Sun 12-14. 75 kr. Fjälls Pub & Bistro: Daily 18-22. Book a table! Tel 0960-555 00. Entertainment, dances, discos.

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Tel 0961-616 88. Storgatan 12, Arjeplog, Sweden.

Illona & Johan Fjellström

Where to Eat & Drink Arjeplog FRASSES Fast food every day 11-20. Pizza also take away. Drottninggatan 2. Tel 0961-10101 HARRYS Varied menu, pizza, à la carte. Open from 17.00. Sat & Sun fr 13. Cosy pub, live entertainment some Fridays and Saturdays. Drottninggatan. 2. Tel 0961-101 06. HORNAVAN HOTELL Lunch: Mon-Fri 11-14. Sat 12-14. 89 kr. Restaurant: Mon-Sun 19-22, special dinners and à la carte. Thursdays: Planked moose or salmon. Skeppsholmen. Tel 0961-777 100 HOTELL SILVERHATTEN Lunch: Mon-Sat 11-14. 80 kr. Pub menu: Mon-Sat 17-23, Sun 15-23. Pub open every evening. À la carte: Mon-Sat 19-23, Sun 18-23. Tel 0961-107 70. KRAJA RESTAURANT Lunch: Mon-Sat 11-14. 80 kr. Every evening 15-19, special dishes in Pub. À la carte: Daily 19-22. Bar: Mon-Sat 19-midnight, Sun 19-23. Tel 0961-315 00. MATHÖRNAN VENEZIA Lunch: Mon-Fri 11-14. 75 kr. Open all day: pizza, hamburgers, à la carte. Sat & Sun from 12. Drottninggatan. Tel 0961-61444. NELLY’S CAFÉ Mon-Fri 6-18, Saturday 6-17 Breakfast from 6. Lunch 11-14. Sun 10-17, Sunday Brunch 10-14. Market Square. Tel 0961-33 33 99. PIZZERIA VERONA Lunch: 11-14. 79 kr. Turkish Mezes buffet, salads + main dish. Pizza, pasta, à la carte. Also take away. Fully licensed! Sports channels on 2 big screen TVs. Drottninggatan 6. Tel 0961-108 00. RESTAURANT VUOGGA Restaurant in Vuoggatjålme on the arctic circle. 105 km from centre of Arjeplog just off the Silver Road. Open: Wed-Sat 12-20, Sun 12-16. Info: tel 0961-107 15.

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