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SMG: the miniature modular encoder for toothed-wheels and racks Lika Electronic continues its commitment to expanding the application specific product range by introducing to the market the new SMG incremental modular encoder for toothed-wheels and racks. SMG is the incremental modular encoder from Lika Electronic specifically designed to sense a variety of toothed profiles with different pitches in both rotary and linear installations such as toothed-wheels and racks. It features a very compact and space-saving bearingless design with dependable magnetic scanning. The magnetoresistive sensor head measures only about 40 x 20 h mm (1.57� x 0.79�) with a very shallow profile (17-mm / 0.67� thickness). The extremely small dimensions enable the encoder to be easily mounted on spindles, drives and electric motors. SMG is contactless and wear-free; furthermore it is insensitive to dust, water, oil, grease and interferences thanks to the rugged metal enclosure and the full circuitry encapsulation (IP68 protection rate). Thus it offers virtually maintenance-free enduring service even in the most demanding conditions and under moisture, vibrations and mechanical stresses. SMG is designed to provide either AB digital signals with complementary through Line Driver output circuit or sine-cosine signals through 1Vpp output circuit. An additional Reference signal can be provided on request. The pulse frequency is up to 200 kHz.

(High Speed Cutting) spindles of lathes and mills, machine tools and CNC machining centres; assembly equipment, industrial robots and manipulators, welding equipment, As stated, SMG is ideally suited torque motors and drive systems in for speed and position detection general. in a variety of toothed profiles in both rotary & linear applications. For dependable measurements on The sensor is available with diffe- toothed-wheels and racks we can rent pitches to accommodate seve- provide the ICS model as well. ral modules (typically M0.3 and It operates using pinion + metric M0.5). Standard ferromagnetic wheel or pinion + rack assemblies wheels with optional module ver- and is available in both incremental sions can be provided; customized and absolute versions. Read more... wheels and application solutions with diameters, modules and tooth profiles on request are further available to meet specific requirements. SMG modular encoder is typically intended for speed and position feedback in industrial applications up to 100,000 RPM such as HSC High resolution and accuracy can be achieved by means of an interpolation factor up to x100. Cable outlet can be axial and radial.

New SMA: Lika's linear encoder at its best SMA magnetic linear encoder delivers finer resolution at faster speed over longer measuring length: it is perfect for motion feedback applications and linear motors that require high-precision positioning and velocity control.

SMA is the linear absolute encoder capable of gaining the top of Lika's range thanks to the many new features and improvements. It is ideally suited for applications where small size and fine resolution are mandatory such as linear motors, product handling equipment, pick & place robots and lines, electronic assembly systems, printing and measuring machineries, electro-medical instruments, machine tools. This slim magnetic scale system is designed to provide both the absolute and the incremental information. Fitted with a polymer ferrite composite media, the magnetic scale is magnetised with two tracks: a true absolute track for position information and a 2-mm (0.08") pole pitch incremental track for speed feeback. It has been narrowed to a width of only 10 mm (0.39") while the measuring length has been lengthen up to 8 m (26.2 ft). The scale is insensitive to dust, oil, grease, water and most common chemical agents; thus the measuring system is claimed to reliably operate in the most aggressive industrial environments. Also the dimensions of the sensing head have been minimized; the enclosure is very compact and slim

yet preserves its durability. It encapsulates the Hall sensors, the incremental sensor and the miniaturized electronics and guarantees IP67rated environmental protection along with immunity to contaminants as well as interferences. By virtue of the non-contact operation SMA is virtually wear and maintenance-free and ensures unparalleled reliability over time. The new advanced sensor produces high resolution up to 1 Âľm and enables velocities up to 7 m/s (23 ft/s).

The encoder delivers absolute information through the BiSS-C or SSI interface and the incremental information through the NPN o. c. output circuit. SMA encompasses only first-rate components and high-flex cables especially suited for use in cable drag chains, tested for more than 1 million cycles.

Lika's September 2013 Newsletter in English  

Products of the month SMG: the miniature modular encoder for toothed-wheels and racks New SMA: Lika's linear encoder at its best