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At recent SPS IPC Drives exhibition in Nuremberg Lika Electronic especially focused on the range of encoders designed to be integrated into robotic systems as well as into motors and OEM applications. They are compact and modular and tailored to exactly meet the specific needs of the individual automation processes. Technavio’s analysts forecast the Robotics market to grow impressively at a CAGR of over 15% in Europe and at a CAGR of over 12% in the USA by 2020. To meet the requirements of a such booming sector and of the automation world in general Lika Electronic develops and manufactures specific custom-designed incremental and absolute modular encoders, in both optical and magnetic configuration. Lika’s products and solutions are engineered for direct integration into automation systems that need compact and accurate devices for high-precision position and speed feedback operations. Both the mechanical characteristics (through hollow shaft bore diameter, PCB shape and size, etc.) and the electrical features (resolution, interface, type of connection, etc.) can be easily and quickly tailored to meet individual requirements. Thanks to the compact and low-profile design, they can be integrated comfortably, while the bearingless and contactless mechanics preserves them from wear and fatigue.

Measuring systems with magnetic ring are further distinguished by the high degree of protection (up to IP69K) and the very large bores for installation in diameters up to 300 mm (11.811”). The fully overmoulded electronics is an additional benefit and ensures excellent durability under harsh environments affected by dirt, lubricants, dusts, etc. Sensing heads can be paired with custom size rings in order to accurately and reliably detect position values and speeds up to 100,000 rpm. Optical modular encoders are very high resolution devices and equipped with through hollow shaft, so they are ideally suited for advanced industrial machinery, thru-bore motors and linear guides. The high singleturn resolution up to stunning 25 bits and the multiturn resolution up to 16,384 rev. allow also for real-time control of very long travels.

Among the latest innovations in our portfolio are: • AMM8A optical modular encoder with resolution up to 20 x 14 bits, additional 1,024 periods/rev. Sine Cosine signal and BiSS interface; • ASM36 ultra compact singleturn modular encoder with 21-bit resolution and SSI or BiSS interface for small AC servo motors and DC brushless motors; • SMLA bearingless absolute encoder + MRA262 segmented ring: the ring is made up of two separate parts, they are coupled and fastened to large shafts up to Ø 190 mm / 7.48”; • SMAB + MRAB flat ring: the poles are oriented axially and the low profile IP69K-protected sensing head is mounted over the flat surface of the ring instead of radially as usually; • ASC85, the 50 mm / 1.9685” through hollow shaft rotary encoder with stunning 25 bit singleturn resolution and high accuracy, perfect for robotic systems, radars and antennas, military installations and advanced motor feedback systems.

Lika Electronic, November newsletter, English  

Lika complete range of bearingless encoders for robotics, motors and OEM applications.