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Thailand 2017 -2018


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Paresa Phuket

it’s just… Unparalleled Privileges Luxury Hotels & Resorts in Thailand 1

Sky is the limit with exclusive 20 years visa and privileges.

Simply Extraordinary Privileges Entry Visa granted by Royal Thai Government, visit L i f e i s E l i t e , M ak e it 2

Best Of Class

EXTRAORDINARY LUXURY Prestigious Privileges


originated from a singular objective: to present to our honored foreign guests while visiting (and living) in our special country, a multitude of luxurious benefits. Thus, we offer Thailand's finest vacationing and business experiences in several unique and beneficial packages. Thailand Elite’s continuing goals are to assist visiting travelers, businessmen, investors, retirees and long-stay groups by offering enhanced benefits, privileges and nonpareil services. Our Members gain access to many encompassing advantages beginning with: • elaborate VIP international arrival services at the airport • extraordinary, long-term visa benefits


As part of the Tourism Authority of Thailand (TAT) we are a state-owned enterprise, providing personalized support services. We are able to contact various Thai governmental agencies regarding important documents to facilitate your productive visit in Thailand: visa applications, passport inquiries, business networking, bank accounts and driver’s licenses. You are greeted as you step off your international flight, escorted through the airport, and then driven to your destination. Your first-class experience has only just begun. Expect to be pampered at luxurious resorts, excellent golf courses, and sumptuous spas – on beautiful mountain destinations, around thriving cities, or in warm ocean waters.


…as well as special treatment at golf courses, spas, hotels, resorts, restaurants, hospitals and medical facilities throughout Thailand. These benefits and privileges are yours because – as an esteemed Member – we are committed to both maximizing your enjoyment; and sharing with you the thrill of being in our Land of Smiles.


我们一贯的宗旨是:当外国友人到我们国家旅行,居住时,他们 能够感受到我们这样历史悠久国家灿烂多元的文化以及热情周到的 服务。因此,我们为您准备了各具特色的商务,休闲旅行套餐供您 选择。 我们不断追寻的目标是为旅行者,商人,投资者,退休人员等长 期居住在泰国的群体提供便利,周到,热情的服务。 我们的会员尊享特权有: ·机场精心为客人准备的国际到达VIP服务 ·长期签证福利 与此同时,全泰国境内的高尔夫球场,温泉SPA,酒店,度假村, 餐厅,医院以及各医疗设施也可尊享我们为您提供的服务。 作为我们的会员,这些利益和权利都将属于您。我们向您做出承 诺:当您踏上微笑之国泰国的那一刻起,您就可以尽情地享受旅行 的愉悦。


作为国营企业--泰国国家旅游局(TAT)的一部分,我们可以为您 提供多种私人定制服务。 在您到访泰国期间,当有重要文件需要处理,我们可以为您联系 各政府机构和部门,包括:签证申请,护照咨询,商业网络,银行 账户和汽车驾驶执照办理。当您一下飞机,第一时间有我们的专业 团队以热情的服务迎接您,豪华轿车将您送达目的地,您的超一流 享受由此开启。无论是豪华度假村,高尔夫球场,专业SPA护理, 美丽的山景,缤纷的城市还是美丽的热带海洋,一切都触手可及。

Luxury Hotels & Resorts in Thailand



As a Thailand Elite Member, you will enjoy a range of exclusive privileges and benefits designed to enhance your stay in the Kingdom. As a government-supported program, Members are afforded extensive benefits, most significantly, enhanced immigration and visa privileges. Approved Membership confers the right to stay in Thailand with a Privilege Entry Visa (PEV) as well as an extendable one-year stay without the usual requirement to exit the country. Membership offers special discounts and promotions from countless participating shops, spas, golf courses, luxury hotels and resorts – all for your convenience and happiness in Thailand


When you step off an international flight at Suvarnabhumi or Phuket airports, a dedicated Elite Personal Assistant greets you at the gate, whisks you to the Exclusive Arrival Lounge and expedites you through passport control and baggage claim. Fast Track express immigration service obviate formalities and enable you to be processed speedily, with no need to pass through time-consuming immigration channels. Privileged treatment extends beyond the terminal. Members are entitled to complimentary return airport/hotel (or residence) transfers from within metro Bangkok, Chiang Mai downtown, Phuket, and Samui for every international flight. When departing, Fast Track will quickly pass you through immigration to our Lounge, with any duty-free shopping assistance you


我们的会员,在泰国期间可以享受我们为您提供的各种特权。 作为政府大力支持的项目,会员在签证方面享有极大的便利和特殊待遇。会 员享有特殊入境签证,此外签证期满您可以不用离境便可续签。 此外,在众多的商场,购物中心,SPA,高尔夫球场,高级酒店,度假 村,会员都享有特殊折扣。旨在让您享受更多便利幸福时刻。


当您到达素万那普国际机场或者普吉国际机场,我们泰国精英的工作 人员将会在机场大厅迎接您的到来,带您到专用贵宾厅,办理入境手续,提 取行李,让您免受移民通道排队的苦恼,轻松开启您的泰国之旅。 此外,会员享有从曼谷,清迈,普吉岛,苏梅岛的酒店前往各国际航班 航站的免费接送服务。在离境时,可以通过我们的快速专用通道,办完手续 后,便可在机场各免税店尽情购物了。


Best Of Class


Thailand is known as a golfing haven, featuring abundant worldclass, scenic golf courses throughout the country: outstanding golf, sensational services, smiling caddies and brilliant weather. You can enjoy countless, challenging rounds during your travels from Chiang Rai, Chiang Mai, Saraburi, Bangkok, Pattaya, Hua Hin, Phuket and Samui. Or watch the best women golfers in the world compete at the LPGA Honda Classic at Siam Country Club (Pattaya) in February.


Members can take advantage of one of the most pleasant aspects of Thai life – and enjoy an extensive range of complimentary spa therapies. Unique Thai massage has evolved over hundreds of years and has gained increasing popularity across the globe. Thai-style spas offer traditional Thai treatments and remedies. Ultimate Elite membership confers the right to 24 annual spa treatments– subject to menus at individual spas – at some of Thailand’s very best treatment centers and resorts.


Thailand’s hospitals and health facilities are famed worldwide for their professionalism, elite standards and quality of care. Every year tens of thousands of people fly to Thailand for the specific goal of receiving excellent health care (treatment not easily attainable in their own countries). In addition to internationally-trained, proficient doctors and nurses – as well as state-of-the-art facilities – Thai hospitals redefine the meaning of medical care with: hotel-style accommodations, restaurant-quality food, and a multilingual staff. They are renowned. Ultimate Elite members, take advantage of the superlative medical facilities with an annual check-up at Thailand’s finest international hospitals.


Seven categories of membership exist for frequenttourist travelers、 businessmen、investors、families、and retirees…

We want you to enjoy your time in the Kingdom and we delight in welcoming you with the legendary, warm embrace and happy smile that epitomizes Thai hospitality.


We look forward to introducing to you our extraordinary Thai heritage – famous around the world.

泰国被誉为高尔夫天堂。其境内拥有诸多世界一流的风景优美的高尔夫球 场,加之优质的高尔夫球,热情周到的服务,始终微笑服务的球童以及绝佳 的天气,使得泰国成为高尔夫天堂。在泰国的清莱,清迈,华富里,曼谷, 芭提雅,华欣,普吉岛和苏梅岛您都能体验精彩绝伦的高尔夫。如果您在二 月来到泰国,还可以在芭提雅观看有本田公司赞助的LPGA暹罗国家高尔夫经 典赛事,一睹世界最高级女子高尔夫选手的风彩。


会员可以享受在泰国生活里最舒适放松的一种方法——SPA水疗,并有多 种专业的SPA水疗,理疗可供选择。传统泰式按摩以其独特的手法和理疗效 果,已经有数百年的历史了,如今在国际上也越来越受欢迎。泰式SPA提供 具有泰国特色的水疗和理疗。无限精英会员可以在泰国最好的SPA水疗中心 和酒店享受每年24次的SPA水疗套餐,有大众产品和私人定制可选,尽享极 致放松舒适体验。


泰国的医院和医疗保健机构以其专业素养,精英标准,高品质服务著称。 每年都有数以万计的人飞到泰国来享受在其国家享受不到的高品质医疗卫生 服务。 除了专业化国际化的医生,护士团队,泰国的医院还配有品质精良的专 业化医疗设备,旨在为患者提供酒店式的住宿条件,餐厅级别的餐食以及热 情周到的服务。精英会员享有每年一次在泰国最顶级的国际医院体检的权利。



Thailand Elite – featuring first-class, exclusive privileges for immigration and airport services, as well as extensive leisure and business benefits – is the finest country membership program in the world. 我们衷心希望您在泰国的时光幸福愉快!我们将以 最大的热情,竭诚为您提供周到的服务,让您感受泰式 的迷人微笑和温暖热情。 我们期待着为您介绍举世闻名的泰国文化古迹。 泰国精英,以一流的服务,杰出的机场,移民局服 务,加之丰富多彩的商务,旅行福利,成为世界上最理 想的国家会员项目。

更多详细信息,请访问 Email: Tel: +66 (0) 23 52 3000

Luxury Hotels & Resorts in Thailand


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Charm Churee Village 恰姆楚伊度假酒店

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Luxury Hotels & Resorts in Thailand


Chiang Rai



Chiang Mai


Luxury Hotels and Resorts 泰国豪华酒店和度假村


Kanchana buri

Paresa Resort 帕瑞莎度假村

Khao Yai Bangkok Pattaya

Hua Hin


Pimalai Resort & Spa 碧玛莱水疗度假村 Koh Tao Koh Samui Phang Nga Phuket


Best Of Class









Bangkok 曼谷

Koh Samui 苏梅岛

Central Thailand 24 26 28 30

Banyan Tree BKK 曼谷悦榕庄酒店 Conrad Bangkok 曼谷康莱德酒店 Sheraton Grande Sukhumvit, a Luxury Collection Hotel, Bangkok 素坤逸路喜来登酒店 豪华精选酒店 SO Sofitel Bangkok 索菲特曼谷特色酒店

Hua Hin 华欣 32 34 36

Aleenta Hua Hin Pranburi Resort& Spa 华欣奥莱塔-普拉布里spa度假村 Anantara Hua Hin Resort 安纳塔拉华欣度假村 Evason Hua Hin 泰国华欣艾梵森酒店


44 Southern Thailand

38 40 42 44

Redisson Blue Resort Hua Hin 华欣雷迪森布鲁度假酒店 Villa Maroc Resort 摩洛哥别墅度假村 Wora Bura Hua Hin Resort & Spa 华欣沃拉布拉度假村 X2 Kui Buri Resort 魁布瑞X2度假酒店

Kanchana buri 北碧府 46

X2 River Kwai Resort 桂河X2度假酒店

50 52 54 56 58 60 62 64 66

AAVA RESORT & SPA 华欣沃拉布拉SPA度假酒店 Ammatara Pura Pool Villa 安玛塔拉普拉泳池别墅酒店 Banyan Tree Samui 苏梅岛悦榕庄 Conrad Koh Samui 苏梅岛康莱德度假酒店 Celes Beachfront Resort 塞勒斯海滨度假酒店 Miskawaan Luxury Beachfront Villas Samui 苏梅密斯卡湾奢华海滩别墅度假村 Nora Buri Resort & Spa 诺拉布里SPA度假酒店 Royal Muang Samui Villas 苏梅岛皇家芒别墅酒店 Sandalwood Luxury Villas 苏梅岛檀香豪华别墅度假酒店

68 70

The Scent Hotel 苏梅岛森特酒店 X2 Koh Samui Resort All Spa Inclusive 苏梅岛X2度假酒店

Koh Tao 龟岛 72 74

Charm Churee Village 恰姆楚伊度假酒店 Dusit Buncha Resort, Koh Tao 涛岛杜斯特邦查度假村

Krabi 甲米

76 Dusit Thani Krabi Beach Resort 78

甲米都喜天阙海滩度假酒店 Nakamanda Resort & Spa 纳卡曼达SPA度假酒店

Luxury Hotels & Resorts in Thailand









Southern Thailand

Eastern Thailand

Phuket 普吉岛 80 82 84 86 88 90 92 94 10

Aleenta Phuket Phang Nga Resort & Spa 普吉岛艾琳塔酒店 Akyra Beach Club Phuket 阿凯拉沙滩俱乐部普吉岛度假村 Dream Phuket Hotel & Spa 普吉岛梦幻Spa酒店 Maikhao Dream Hotels & Resorts 迈豪愿景度假村及水疗中心 Mövenpick Resort Bangtao Beach Phuket 普吉岛瑞享邦涛沙滩度假村 Mövenpick Resort & Spa Karon Beach 普吉岛幕温匹克温泉度假酒店 Pullman Phuket Arcadia Naithon Beach Resort 普吉岛阿卡狄亚奈通海滩铂尔曼度假酒店 Pullman Phuket Panwa Beach Resort 普吉岛斯攀瓦度假村 Best Of Class

96 98 100 102 104

Renaissance Phuket Resort & Spa 普吉万丽度假酒店 Sri Panwa Phuket 普吉岛斯攀瓦度假村 The Naka Island A Luxury Collection Resort & Spa, Phuke 普吉岛纳卡岛豪华精选度假酒店 The Vijitt Resort Phuket 普吉岛维特度假酒店 Le Coral Hideaway Beyond Phuket 普吉珊瑚世外桃源酒店

Phang Nga 攀牙 106 108 110

Natai Beach Resort & Spa 纳泰海滩水疗度假村 JW Marriott Khao Lak Resort & Spa 蔻丽JW万豪温泉度假村 X2 KHAO LAK ANDA MANI RESORT 蔻立安达玛尼X2度假酒店

Pattaya 芭提 114 116 118

Centara Grand Mirage Beach Resort Pattaya 芭提雅盛泰澜幻影海滩度假村 Cape Dara Resort Pattaya 芭提雅海角达拉度假酒店 Royal Cliff Hotels Group 皇家克里夫酒店








Northeastern / Northtern Of Thailand Khao Yai 考艾

Chiang Rai 清莱




BOTANICA Khao Yai 考艾博卡妮卡酒店 Thames Valley Khao Yai 考艾泰晤士河谷酒店

Chiang Mai 清迈 126 128 130 132

Art Mai? Gallery Nimman Chiang Mai by Compass Hospitality 康帕斯集团清迈宁曼艺术画廊酒店 Akyra Manor Chiang Mai 清迈艾卡拉庄园酒店 NA NIRAND Romantic Boutique Resor 纳尼兰德精品度假酒店 Sala Lanna Chiang Mai 清迈SALA兰纳酒店

Katiliya Mountain Resort & Spa 清莱凯蒂利亚山野温泉度假酒店



Thailand Information and Culture 泰国信息和文化


Thailand’s Attractions 泰国旅游景点


The Best Place to Change Money 货币兑换最佳场所


“Dos” and “Don’ts” In The Kingdom 泰国须知


Helpful Words 有用词汇 Luxury Hotels & Resorts in Thailand




Best Of Class

Chao Phraya River was the origin of Thai civilization that passed down a long lasting history well know to all until today. Experience this history imprinted on the two sides of the river on the Chao Phraya Princess Cruise.

The most popular cruise on the Chao Phraya River. Chao Phraya Princess Cruise is pleased to offer exclusive event catering tailored to your requests. From wedding receptions, birthday parties ,corporate annual parties to seminars, Chao Phraya Princess Cruise provides the ambience, privacy, and fun to make your experience special. Welcome aboard to a two – hour journey on the extravagant Chao Phraya Princess Cruise . Experience a sensation of luxury and romance throughout your dinner night. 昭帕耶河是渊源流传的泰国文化的发源地,如今已经举世闻名。 跟随昭帕耶公主号一起感受在印刻在两岸的历史。 昭帕耶河上最受欢迎的游轮 昭帕耶公主号游轮为您提供热情周到的服务,满足您的不同需求。无论是婚礼招待、生日聚会、公司年会还是学术 研讨会,都能在这里得到满足。昭帕耶公主号游轮为您提供私人定制,个性有趣的服务,满足您的需求,让您有一个 难忘美好的回忆。 欢迎来到昭帕耶公主号游轮两小时晚餐,开启您的浪漫奢华之旅。

Candlelight Dinner Cruise 19.30-21.30 every night 18.30 hrs. 19.20 hrs. 19.30 hrs. 20.00 hrs. 21.30 hrs.

Check in at River City Pier 1 (Siphraya Charoen Krung Soi 24) Welcome aboard Chao Phraya Princess Cruise. Our waiters and wait resses bring you to your designated seats and a welcome drink fruit punch is served along with snacks. Our singer introduces safety regulations in case of emergency. Depart from River City Pier. Enjoy our superb Thai and International buffet as you view such spectacular architectural and historic landmarks as: The Temple of Dawn, The Grand Palace and the Temple of the Emerald Buddha Enjoy to live music. Arrive back at River City Pier.

浪漫烛光晚餐,每晚19:30-21:30为您倾情呈现。 18:30 19:20 19:30 20:00 21:30

在河流城市码头登记,登上豪华游轮。 昭帕耶豪华游轮晚餐之旅欢迎仪式,我们的服务员会带您到您的位置,为您提供欢迎饮料 和小吃。于此同时,我们的歌手会为您介绍今晚的行程安排。 离开码头,开启浪漫烛光晚餐之旅。享用泰式以及各式国际菜式自助餐,同时随船观光曼 谷最具盛名的景点,例如:黎明寺,大皇宫,卧佛寺等。 观看现场音乐表演。 返回码头,结束愉快旅程。

For more information Contact : +66 (0) 2 860 3700

更多详情请拨打我的的热线电话 0-2860-3700

Luxury Hotels & Resorts in Thailand




SO Sofitel Bangkok

索菲特曼谷特色酒店 Thailand is blessed with a proliferation of first-class, five-star hotels and resorts: downtown, towering skyscrapers; boutique villas and bungalows on the beach; idyllic mountain retreats; around world-class golf courses; and surrounding world-renowned spas. 14

Best Of Class

From Chiang Rai and Chiang Mai in the north, to sprawling Bangkok in the center, down to Hua Hin, and south to Phuket and within the abundance of islands (Krabi, Samui, Koh Chang), elegant, luxurious, exquisite resorts– boutique and bodacious – grace the mountains, cities and seaside.

泰国拥有得天独厚的一流五星级 酒店和度假村、市区高耸的摩天 大楼、精品别墅、海滩洋房、田 园诗般的山区别墅、世界级的高 尔夫球场和知名spa。

从清莱和清迈北部向曼谷市中心 蔓延,下到华欣和普吉岛南部。 有丰富的岛屿(甲米,苏梅岛, 象岛),典雅,华贵,精致的度 假村 - 精品店和内风靡全球- 巍峨 的山,城市和海边。


Resorts • decorating a hillside and overlooking the sea (Sri panwa Phuket, Pimalai Resort & Spa, Sandalwood Luxury Villas, Pullman Phuket Arcadia Naithon Beach Resort ); • featuring golf courses and spas (Banyan Tree Phuket – or Alpine in Chiang Mai); • with spacious, two-story, beachfront villas (Maikhao Dream); • with hide-away charm (The Scent, Thames Valley Khao Yai ) • sitting in splendor on the sea (The Naka Island A Luxury Collection Resort & Spa, Anantara Hua Hin Resort , Villa Maroc Resort) • with dazzling brunch and culinary options (Sheraton Grande Sukhumvit)

•位于山坡上,可以俯瞰大海 (普吉岛斯攀瓦度假村,碧玛莱水疗度假村, 苏梅岛檀香豪华别墅度假酒店, 普吉岛阿卡 狄亚奈通海滩铂尔曼度假酒店 ); • 拥有高尔夫课程和Spa (普吉岛悦榕庄或清迈阿尔卑高尔夫度假酒店) • 2层海滩别墅 (麦考梦幻度假酒店) • 深藏不露的魅力(森特酒店、考艾泰晤士 河谷度假酒店) • 位于壮丽的海上(纳卡岛豪华精选度假酒 店及Spa中心、华欣安娜塔拉度假酒店、摩 洛哥別墅度假村) • 种类繁多的早午餐以及各种佳肴(曼谷喜来登 素坤 逸大酒店)

It’s a vacation Mecca. 这是一个度假圣地。

Aleenta Hua Hin Pranburi Resort & Spa

华欣奥莱塔-普拉布里spa度假村 Luxury Hotels & Resorts in Thailand 15

Phuket 普吉岛

Paresa Resort 帕瑞莎度假村 Extending dramatically from the stunninglysculptured cliff tops of Kamala and overlooking the Andaman Sea, Paresa is surrounded by verdant forests and gardens. The resort embraces the exclusivity of its natural surroundings to create an oasis of tranquility and marvelous luxury.

从令人震惊的雕塑悬崖顶上大幅度延伸 出来,能俯瞰安达曼海的壮观湛蓝的海水, 并被茂密的热带森林和花园环绕。帕瑞莎拥 抱着它独特的自然环境,创造宁静、无与伦 比和奢华的绿洲。

距离普吉国际机场仅30分钟的路程,位 于普吉岛最受欢迎的地方——卡马拉山“富 A 30-minute drive from Phuket International 豪集中地”。帕瑞莎是一家毫不费力地演变 Airport and situated at Phuket’s most sought after 出来的私人精品度假胜地,并融入郁郁葱葱 address, “Millionaires’ Mile” on Kamala Hills, 的热带植被的自然风光。 Paresa is a privately-owned boutique resort 根据泰国南部的传统文化设计,帕瑞莎 which effortlessly evolves out of and blends into 是泰国南部的建筑和设计的现代重新诠释 the fecund, natural tropical surroundings. 低调而不失优雅。 Drawing from Southern Thai cultural traditions, 保证调动您所有的感官,帕瑞莎体验由 Paresa is a modern-day reinterpretation of Southern Thai architecture and design – un- 友好谨慎和热情好客的泰国工作人员提供优 质的服务。每个员工都是天使,提供最高质 derstated yet elegant. 量标准的服务。 Guaranteed to arouse all senses, the Paresa experience is made complete with exemplary service provided by discreet, yet friendly, warm and welcoming Thai staff, each named an Angel, and each trained to provide the highest quality standards of service. PARESA.


Best Of Class

Heaven Of All Heavens Allow Paresa Phuket to create a wedding as individual as your vows. From our culinary and unparalleled service to the stunning surroundings of our incredible Paresa Phuket weddings venues, your special day with be all you envisioned and more.

就让普吉岛帕瑞莎酒店为您实现您所有 的婚礼誓言和愿望吧!我们专业的厨师团队 为您的婚礼倾情打造美味佳肴,细心周到的 服务,精美绝伦的帕瑞莎婚礼现场,一定会 让您有一个浪漫难忘的婚礼。

Our weddings can be individually tailor made to meet your desires, from the simplest to the most extravagant, whether it is a religious ceremony led by the appropriate authority or a romantic and personalized ceremony conducted by a celebrant. Our wedding venue Miracle Lawn offers spectacular views of the Andaman Sea, the perfect places for you to exchange your vows and create a memorable moving experience for you and your loved ones.

由我们专业的婚礼策划团队为您量身打 造,满足您对婚礼所有的愿望,无论是简约 还是奢华,无论是传统宗教婚礼还是个性浪 漫婚礼,都能在此得以实现。在我们的婚礼 会场“奇迹草坪”,您可以欣赏到安达曼海 的美丽迷人景色,这里是您和您的爱人互换 誓言,共创浪漫难忘时光的绝佳选择。


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Suites / Villas: 48, each offering uninterrupted 270° views across the Andaman Sea Pools / Beach: lit infinity pool and Energy Pool / 15 minutes away from Patong Beach Spa: The Spa by Paresa – award-winning (Best Luxury Resort Spa in Thailand 2014 – World Luxury Hotel) Restaurants & Bar: two (Thai and Mediterranean cuisine); Cooking School; Pool Bar Fitness: yes Fun Facts: try cooking Thai dishes at Paresa’s Thai Cooking School, led by a resort Chef who will also accompany you to the local market and the resort garden A WHAT?!: Romantic Beach Seafood BBQ – the best dining experience in Phuket, advance reservation is required and subject to weather conditions 客房: 游泳池/海滩: Spa: 餐厅和酒吧: 健身中心: 趣闻: 惊喜?!!:

包括48间豪华典雅的套房、别墅和公寓,每间客房提供整个安达曼海不间断的270 度全景 光纤照明无边泳池和能量泳池,距离巴东海滩仅有15分钟路程 帕瑞莎Spa – 获得2014年最佳豪华spa度假酒店的殊荣(世界豪华酒店) 两个(泰国美食和地中海美食)餐厅、烹饪学校和泳池酒吧 有 在帕瑞莎泰式烹饪学校尝试烹饪,度假胜地厨师也将陪您到当地市场,并且引导您 从度假村花园采草药 浪漫的海滩和海鲜烧烤-普吉岛的最佳用餐体验,需要提前预订且需要视天气情况而定

Tel: +66 (0) 76 302 000 49 Moo 6, Layi-Nakalay road, Kamala, Kathu, Phuket 83150 Thailand


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Paresa Resort 帕瑞莎度假村 Luxury Hotels & Resorts in Thailand




Pimalai Resort & Spa 碧玛莱水疗度假村 “Experience traditional Thai elegance in a contemporary living space ...with only nature at your doorstep” “在现代生活中体验泰国传统的的优雅...家门口唯一的天然度假村”

Pimalai is a rare resort whose architecture has been designed entirely around the natural contours and lush vegetation of over 100 acres and a 900-meter private beach. The elegantly-designed pool villas, set high in the verdant hillside, allow you to indulge in nature. From here, you will see the enchanting reality of thousands of years: virgin forest enveloping steep, flowered hills climbing up to a blue sky. The tranquility, the abundance of flora, the exquisite views, the fiery sunsets, all combine to maximize the sensation of being in Nirvana. Indeed, the name “Pimalai” translates as “heavenly”. Enjoy an intimate, romantic dinner on your terrace, sip champagne while dipping in your pool, or perhaps enjoy a soothing massage in your sala… Live, laugh, love and indulge in moments that will be remembered long after the holiday.


Best Of Class

碧玛莱是一个难得的度假胜地,其建筑 已完全围绕自然轮廓设计,拥有超过100英 亩的茂密植被和一个900米长的私人海滩。 设计优雅的游泳池别墅,高高耸立在青 翠的山坡上,让您尽情享受大自然。从这 里,您可以欣赏数千年的迷人风景:陡峭的 原始森林,花朵紧簇的小山与蓝天相接。 将宁静丰富的植物群、壮丽的风景和火 热的日落结合起来,最大限度地呈现涅槃的 感觉。事实上, “碧玛莱”意为“天堂”。 在露台享用浪漫的晚餐,一边沐浴一边 品尝香槟,或者在凉亭享受舒缓的按摩... 生活、微笑和爱将在长假后被铭记。

A Secret Sanctuary


by David Lihn Pimalai has long been a favorite. I was delighted to feature this exemplary resort over the past four years. Little has changed. It is still mesmerizing, the beach and waters a marvel, the food superb, activities splendid, the yacht a special treat. What a majestic pedigree. Built in 2001, this refined and stylish resort (a member of the Small Luxury Hotels of the World) has been meticulously managed. Getting there is a thrill: We splashed along on the sleek Pimalai craft – salty, tropical breezes on our cheeks, cold drinks in our hands – gliding over a translucent sea.

碧玛莱一直是我最喜欢的度假胜地,我 很高兴在四年后能评价它。 几乎没有变化,它依然优雅,神奇的海滩 和水域,精湛的食品,精彩的活动,游艇简 直是一种特殊的享受。 这里的建筑物始建于2001年,外观十分 雄伟壮丽。人们精心地经营与管理着这个带 着时尚范儿的度假胜地(世界小型豪华酒店 一员)。 到达那里后,宾客将会十分尽兴:他们 可以花大量时间去欣赏碧玛莱的手工艺品, 用脸庞感受咸湿的热带海风,手捧着冷饮, 视线随着透明杯子划过大半个清澈的海洋。 Luxury Hotels & Resorts in Thailand




Then – out of that blue – towering, enchanting, bewildering, singular rock formations (stalagmites, vertical islands, prehistoric outcroppings?) began to sprout for the 45-minute journey.

然后 - 走出那一片蓝- 欣赏高耸、迷人、 令人眼花缭乱的奇异怪石(石笋,垂直岛 屿,在史前曾经露出水面?),我们开始了 45分钟的旅行。

We rounded the tip of lush Lanta Island as the sun descended. Then, rising 80 meters above a crescent beach, the Pimalai Resort & Spa appeared, perched on an arboreal hillside facing the Andaman Sea.

绕过郁郁葱葱的兰达岛一端 ( 太阳的 后裔),然后沿着新月形海滩向上走80 米,碧玛莱度假村便出现在眼前了,栖息在 面朝安达曼海的山坡上。

Wow, are you kidding me? Who scripted this? Franck de Lestapis, the ubiquitous GM, happily pampers the resort. At breakfast (don’t miss the views): “I have been here since the opening and the owners have spared no expense in creating a luxury experience. We constantly hear: ‘Paradise, serenity, heaven! Our guests return.”

总经理Franck de Lestapis很宠爱这个 度假胜地,他在早餐时(不要错过风景) 说:“自开业起我一直呆在这里,业主们不 惜工本创造一个奢华的体验。我们经常听到 客人这样反馈:“伊甸园,宁静,天堂!”。

Indeed, during a snorkeling excursion, a sun-tanned Norwegian couple with two kids in tow, said it was their fifth visit.

确实,因为潜水游览时,我们看到一对 被晒黑的挪威夫妇带着两个孩子,这是他们 第五次来这里了。

Elegantly tiled, panorama-blessed, private infinity pools; a marathon beach (nearly one kilometer long); a divine, botanical-wonderland spa: a bosky oasis with landscaping grace and a three-tiered waterfall.

优雅的瓷砖、得天独厚的全景、私人无 边泳池、马拉松海滩(将近一公里长)、一 个神圣的植物仙境温泉:郁郁葱葱的绿洲, 包括优雅的园林和三层瀑布。

Water is the leitmotif of this luxurious vacation and defines the experience. It’s everywhere: you are transported on it; luxuriate and float on it; swim in its waves and tiled shelters; dive and snorkel beneath it; sail, kayak and water-board over it – and even listen to it cascading as you enjoy the garden-themed Spa.

水是这家豪华度假的核心,它被赋予体 验意义。它无处不在:您乘坐水上交通工 具,在水上享受奢侈的生活,在它环抱里游 泳,住在瓷砖度假村,潜水和潜泳,水上帆 船和独木舟- 在享受花园主题spa时聆听流 水声。

Pimalai offers 121 units (46 beautifullyappointed, hillside pool villas), with an elaborate range of accommodations in both its Beach Side (single deluxe rooms, to beach-front-sumptuous villas) and Hill Side Estates (with full-pool, duplex – 1-3 BRs).

碧玛莱提供121间客房(46间精美的山 坡泳池别墅),海滩两边是住宿(单间豪华 客房、海滨豪华别墅)和山边庄园(配有全 套水池,复式客房- 1-3 人间)。

Life is a composite of balance and proportion. This stunning resort provides it.


Best Of Class


生活是平衡和均衡的复合物。 这个惊人的度假村提供一切。

Rooms: Pools/Beach: Spa: Restaurants & Bars: Fitness: Fun Facts: A WHAT?!: 客房: 游泳池 / 海滩: Spa: 餐厅和酒吧 : 健身中心: 趣闻: 惊喜?!:

121 units (46 one to three-BR villas) two; 46 private villa pools / massive (a kilometer long), unspoiled and tranquil award-winning, stunning garden-oasis – a must four (first-class breakfast buffet with world-class views); two bars has it all; plus tennis, dive center, a zillion water sports an aquatic dream; sunsets a gorgeous fleet of boats and yachts to take you island-hopping 121间客房(46间一至三人间别墅) 两个; 46个私人别墅泳池/块状(1公里长),未受污染且宁静 屡获殊荣,美丽的花园绿洲-绝对A级 四个(拥有世界一流风景的一流自助早餐);两个酒吧 拥有一切,如网球、潜水中心、数不胜数的水上运动 水上梦境;日落 华丽的船和游艇带您前往跳岛

Tel: + 66 (0) 23 205 500 99 Moo 5, Ba Kan Tiang Beach, Ko Lanta District, Krabi 81150, Thailand

Luxury Hotels & Resorts in Thailand


Wat Arun 黎明寺

Wat Phra Kaew 大皇宫

Central Thailand

(Bangkok ,Hua Hin, Kanchana buri ) 泰国中部(曼谷,华欣, 北碧府)

Hin Hin 曼谷


Best Of Class

Erawan Waterfall 爱侣湾瀑布

Sheraton Grande Sukhumvit, a Luxury Collection Hotel, Bangkok

素坤逸路喜来登酒店 豪华精选酒店

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Apsara Dinner Cruise

Banyan Tree Bangkok 曼谷悦榕庄酒店 Banyan Tree towers over cosmopolitan Sathorn Road. Eminently functional and tasteful, it is located in the heart of Bangkok’s classy business district.

悦榕庄酒店耸立在市中心沙吞路,是曼 谷的高级商务区的心脏地带,酒店功能齐全 且卓越,品位非凡。

The 327 rooms and high-ceiling suites offer understated repose and quiet. Try one of three embracing spa suites. Talk about romantic – all of the accoutrements of luxury.

酒店拥有327间客房和高天花板套房,为 宾客提供平静的休息环境。您可以尝试3个 水疗套房中的一个。提到浪漫,这里所有的 装修都透着奢华与浪漫。

The world-famous Spa is a must; and the pool and Fitness Center on the 21st floor provide both views and cardiovascular activities. It is well-appointed and punctuated by service and convenience: near to shopping and night-life options (with shopping companions provided to help guide guests); a copious Lounge on the 19th floor. Its 11 restaurants offer a cornucopia of dining options, highlighted by its famous rooftop restaurant and bar (make sure you spend an evening at the famous Vertigo for dinner, or just drinks, and soak in the panoramic views of Bangkok by night). Try the Apsara Dinner Cruise on the Chao Phraya River. This is a happy confluence of class, convenience and comfort. David Lihn


Best Of Class

享誉世界的SPA是必备服务,而游泳池 与健身中心位于酒店的21层,您可以一边 欣赏美妙的风景,一边进行心血管运动。 这里设备齐全,优质的服务与便利的交 通更为酒店锦上添花。酒店靠近购物与夜生 活中心(提供导购)。此外,19层还专门 配置了宽敞的休息室。 11间餐厅提供多样化的就餐选择,其中 著名的屋顶餐厅和酒吧尤为特别(您可以 在著名的Vertigo享用晚餐,度过美好的夜 晚,或者只是小饮,沉浸在曼谷夜景中)。 此外,您还可以尝试湄南河仙女巡游的船上 晚餐。 这是一个品味非凡、方便快捷与舒适的 度假胜地。



Rooms / Suites: Pool: Spa: Restaurants & Bars: Fitness: Fun Facts: A WHAT?!: 客房/套房: 游泳池: spa: 餐厅和酒吧: 健身中心: 趣闻: 惊喜?! :

327 – Deluxe, Premier, Banyan Tree Club / One-BR, Two-BR, Spa, Presidential Suite outdoor (21st floor) the best – world renowned Apsara, Bai Yun, in-suite dining, Juice Bar, Lobby Lounge, Pier 59, Romsai, Taihei, Vertigo and Moon Bar, Latitude Lounge & Bar, Saffron Health Club – large in the heart of Bangkok; fabulous dining options spa suites; Vertigo (breathless dining); urban tranquility 327 个悦榕俱乐部,豪华而尊贵/单人套房、豪华房/ 总统套房、温泉套房、双卧室套房 室外(21楼) 最好 - 世界著名 仙女、白云、在套房内用餐、果汁吧、大堂酒廊、Pier59、Romsai、太平、眩晕和月 亮酒吧、纬度酒廊及酒吧、藏红花 健身俱乐部 - 大 在曼谷的心脏地带,神话般的餐饮场所 spa套房; Vertigo(令人屏息的美食),城市的安宁

Tel: +66 (0) 26 791 200 Fax: +66 (0) 26 791 199 21/100 South Sathon Road, Sathon, Bangkok 10120 Thailand

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Conrad Bangkok 曼谷康莱德酒店 Located in the heart of Bangkok (steps from the US Embassy), the Conrad remains a venerable fixture (TripAdvisor Hall of Fame) and an exceptional experience. This was one of the first Bangkok hotels I encountered – and joined new friends many evenings at Club 87, the “in” place way back when. Quintessential service and style were the hallmarks. The amenities are simply outstanding at this estimable and sophisticated urban redoubt: diverse dining, elegant lobby lounge (live music), Seasons Spa, an expansive (and well-mannered) Club Lounge on the 29th floor, two tennis courts, rooftop running track, 24-hour gym, outdoor pool. The 391 well-accoutered rooms (20 suites) reflect handsome Thai décor with luxurious silks, art, elegance, and views. “The entry rooms range from 41 - 53 sqm,” smiled Herman Ehrlich, the engaging and gracious GM (we first met when I was awaiting guests in his lobby– and he asked me if I needed a glass of water!). Convenient, classy, courtly.


Best Of Class

David Lihn

康拉德酒店位于曼谷心脏地带(距离美国 大使馆仅几步之遥),仍然保持着庄严的设 施(TripAdvisor名人堂)和非凡的体验。 这是最初入驻过的曼谷酒店之一 – 傍 晚,我在酒店内的78号俱乐部结交了很多 朋友。 典型的服务与设计风格,是他们的标志。 酒店的设施简单,却在这纷繁与庄重的 都市中显得极为突出,其中包括:多元化的 餐饮、优雅的大堂酒廊(现场音乐)、四季 温泉、29楼昂贵(彬彬有礼)的俱乐部酒 廊、两个网球场、屋顶跑道、24小时开放 的健身房和室外游泳池。 391间设施齐全的客房(20套)用华美 的丝绸和艺术品装饰出风采卓然的泰式风 格,氛围优雅,视觉感官极佳。 “客房面积从41平方米至53平方米不等” 亲切而迷人的总经理赫尔曼•埃利希微笑着 如是说到,(我们的首次见面是在我在大厅等 待客人的时候,他问我是否需要一杯水!)。 此外,酒店还十分便捷,有品位,散发 谦和的气质。


Rooms / Suites: 391 (20 suites – Luxury Suite 114 sqm) Pool: outdoor (winter heated) Spa: Seasons Spa (11 treatment rooms) Restaurants Liu (gourmet Chinese), KiSara (Japanese), City Terrace - Pool Restaurant, Conrad & Bars: Deli, Café@2, Diplomat Bar (lobby, live music), Club 87 Plus Fitness: 7th floor, fully-equipped; swimming pool, two tennis courts, rooftop running track Fun Facts: location and easy access to shopping, nightlife, dining, sightseeing…Lumpini Park A WHAT?!: a Club Lounge Mecca on the 29th floor; Luxury Residences; service 客房/套房: 游泳池: spa: 餐厅: 酒吧: 健身中心: 趣闻: 惊喜?!:

391间(20间套房 - 豪华套房114平方米) 室外(冬季加热) 四季spa(11间理疗室) liu(中国美食)、KiSara(日本美食)、城市阳台、泳池餐厅,康拉德德利、咖啡厅@2 外交官酒吧(大堂,现场音乐),87 Plus俱乐部 7楼,设备齐全,包括游泳池、两个网球场和屋顶跑道 方便客人购物、夜生活、餐饮、观光... 前往隆比尼公园 29楼俱乐部酒廊麦加、豪华住宅和服务中心

Tel: +66 (0) 26 909 999 87 Wireless Road, Phatumwan,Bangkok, 10330 Thailand

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Sheraton Grande Sukhumvit,

a Luxury Collection Hotel, Bangkok 素坤逸路喜来登酒店 豪华精选酒店 This polished, stylish and sophisticated hotel is a gem. Convenience, class and aplomb.

优雅、时尚、高雅的酒店就像一颗绚丽 宝石,方便快捷、品位超卓、沉稳静谧。

But it’s actually the attentive, heartfelt service that distinguishes this preeminent, five-star hotel. The ubiquitous GM, Richard Chapman, has pampered his guests for more than 15 years. He is a fixture, ensuring impeccable hospitality.

细致周到、诚挚用心的服务是这家卓越 的五星级酒店真正区别于其他酒店的特色。 总经理理查德•查普曼,已精心呵护他的客 人超过15年了,确保酒店无可挑剔且有热 情好客的服务品质。

Soigné. The 33-story hotel is located at the prestigious Sukhumvit/Asoke junction (where the BTS and MRT converge at Terminal 21 mall). This Sheraton is a perpetual “Best Of” on countless lists. Six restaurants offer delicious options; and the tranquil Library Lounge is an excellent spot for a quiet meeting, sipping a cocktail, or simply reading a book. Most evenings, live jazz resonates in the background. You must try Sunday brunch. A poolside bar, sauna, fitness facility, elegant spa and a business center offer splendid services. The event space and ballroom are handsome. This is one of my favorites – and one of the best business hotels in the city. David Lihn


Best Of Class

整洁 这家33层(420间客房)酒店坐落在著 名的素坤逸/阿索克路口(高效的BTS和地 铁围绕Terminal 21购物中心)。喜来登酒 店在无数名单中始终占据 “最佳”称号。 有六间餐厅提供精致的美食选择,宁静 的图书馆休息室是举行会议、放松或简单只 想读一本书的理想选择场所。大多数夜晚, 您可以欣赏爵士音乐(现场)。 池畔酒吧、桑拿浴室、健身设施和优雅 spa -商务中心 – 为您提供优越无比的服 务,活动空间和舞厅非常大方美观。 一。



Rooms / Suites: 420 (with 46 suites – six palatial) within 33 stories Pool: lovely, private and gardened Spa: The Grande Spa – a renowned day spa offering indigenous treatments Restaurants & Bar: Orchid Café, Rossini’s, basil, The Living Room – fantastic Sunday Brunch & Bar: The Sala, BarSu Fitness: well-equipped and staffed gym for guests and members Fun Facts: easy access to shopping malls, complimentary guest parking A WHAT?!: location; pampering, butler service; and soft jazz floating throughout the lobby 客房/套房: 游泳池: spa: 餐厅: 酒吧: 健身中心: 趣闻?!:

33层的大楼拥有420间客房(46 间套房 - 6间宫殿客房) 可爱、私人、花园式的 格兰德spa - 著名的日间水疗中心,提供本土疗法 兰花咖啡厅、罗西尼、罗勒、起居室—梦幻般的周日午餐 Sala酒吧、Barsu酒吧 设备、人员配备齐全的健身中心,为客人和会员提供服务 位置方便、放松身心、管家式服务;柔和的爵士乐弥漫整个大厅

Tel: +66 (0) 26 498 888 Fax: +66 (0) 26 498 000 250 Sukhumvit Road Bangkok, 10110 Thailand

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Bangkok 曼谷

SO Sofitel Bangkok 索菲特曼谷特色酒店 SO Sofitel Bangkok is introducing a new chapter of design hotels, where creativity and innovation have no boundaries; the product of a masterful collaboration between Thailand’s best known architect and designers. Created around The Five Elements (Metal, Wood, Earth, Water and Fire), this stylish and luxurious design-hotel is located on Sathorn Road, the prime diplomatic and business district of Bangkok overlooking resplendent Lumpini Park, with easy access to the major neighborhood attractions and shopping malls via the nearby BTS Skytrain and MRT subway stations. Designed by a renowned architect, five leading design firms and signature designer Monsieur Christian Lacroix, the hotel features 238 themed rooms and suites, an executive lounge, a rooftop restaurant and bar, a market-style restaurant, two conceptualized bars, four meeting rooms, ballroom and the latest wellness experience. Offering technology for lifestyle, each guest room features Apple® Mac mini-solutions connected to large LED TV screens with wireless keyboard and trackpad.


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索菲特曼谷特色酒店推出设计酒店新篇 章,它充分体现了创意和创新无国界,是法 国知名设计师和泰国著名建筑师合作的杰 作。 酒店根据五行元素(金、木、水、火、 土)而设计。这座设计时尚且豪华的酒店位 于曼谷主要金融和商务区- 沙吞路,可以俯 瞰绿意盎然的隆比尼花园,也可搭乘附近地 铁和轻轨,方便前往各大商场和景点。 由著名建筑师,领先设计公司和签名设计 师Christian Lacroix先生操刀设计,酒店配 有238间主题客房和套房,包含行政酒廊、 露天酒吧、社交餐厅、美食市场餐厅以及会 议室、宴会厅和全新的健身体验地。 提供科技型的生活方式,每间客房均设有 Apple®Mac mini解决方案,通过无线键盘 和触控板连接到LED大电视屏幕。

Rooms / Suites: Pool: Spa: Restaurants & Bars: Fitness: Fun Facts: A WHAT?!: 客房/套房: 游泳池: Spa: 餐厅与酒吧: 健身中心: 趣闻: 惊喜?!:

238 Infinity Pool SoSPA, 11th floor Chocolab, Red Oven, Park Society, MIXO Bar, The Water Club, HI-SO Bar SoFIT, 10th floor SO Pool Party of the month, Chocolate Cooking Class, Picnic Basket & Bicycle Rental for a picnic in Lumpini Park four distinctive guestroom designs – Water (calm); Earth (enrichment); Wood (elegance); Metal (modernity); Complimentary Mini Bar, iPad for suite guests, Press Reader application for access to over 2,300 full-content newspapers and magazines, Tuk Tuk Me To SO – aride into the local scenes with tuk-tuk shuttle service

238间客房和套房 无边游泳池 11楼SoSPA水疗 Chocolab、红炉餐厅、公园协会餐厅、MIXO酒吧、水上俱乐部、HI-SO酒吧 10楼 SoFIT 游泳池派举办于每月的最后一个星期六,隆比尼公园旁的巧克力制作课程、野餐 篮&自行车租赁。 四个鲜明的客房设计 - 水(平静)、地球(丰富)、木(优雅)、金属(现代); 室内私人免费迷你吧、为套房客人准备的iPad, 新闻阅读器应用程序,拥有超过 2300份内容全面的报纸和杂志, 以及免费乘嘟嘟车到达当地旅游景点。

Tel: +66 (0) 26 240 000 2 North Sathorn Road, Bangrak, Bangkok 10500 Thailand

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Hua Hin, Prachuap Khirikhan 华欣,巴蜀府

Aleenta Hua Hin

Pranburi Resort & Spa 华欣奥莱塔-普拉布里spa度假村 Aleenta Hua Hin – Pranburi Resort & Spa is a pioneering and award-winning boutique luxury resort and spa with a concept that perfectly embodies an “Outside Living In” philosophy. Located outside of picturesque Hua Hin (a 2.5 hour drive south of Bangkok) and steps from the tranquil Pak Nam Pran Beach, Aleenta offers commanding and tranquil views of the stunning sunrise of the Gulf of Thailand. It features serenity and privacy. The resort features 24 unique residences (up to five bedrooms), most with a private pool. It is a wonderful choice for a romantic beach wedding, or an idyllic (and unforgettable) honeymoon. Also bring your family for a weekend get-away, reunion -- or a corportate retreat. The resort stands on the concept of “Ecological Living” with overall principles of sustainable development integrated into every detail, including its own eco-farm to produce ingredients for its kitchen.


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艾琳塔华欣班布里度假酒店名声斐然, 它是一家开拓性意义的度假村,完美地诠释 了“户外生活”的哲学理念。 度假村位于风景如画的华欣(距离曼谷南 部仅2.5小时的车程),距离宁静的帕南邦 海滩仅几步之遥。艾琳塔安逸且宁静,泰国 湾的日出景象更是让人惊叹不已。 酒店拥有24栋独立住宅(最多的包含5间卧 室),大多数住宅带有私人游泳池。 这里不仅适合举行浪漫的海滩婚礼还能 够体验难以忘怀的蜜月时光。此外,这里还 是家庭度假与团队旅行的理想目的地。 酒店以“生态生活”与“可持续展”为 总体原则,厨房中的原材料均以自有经济农 场产物为原材料。

Rooms / Suites / Villas: Pools / Beach: Spa: Restaurants: Fun Facts: A WHAT?!:

24 residences a beachfront pool / tranquil Pak Nam Pran Beach AYURAH Spa (Sanskrit for longevity and healthy life) The Aleenta Restaurant (international and modern Thai) cooking and dining at resort’s own eco-farm an amazing escape from busy city life: experience the harvest, embrace nature, savour the sunrise!

客房: 游泳池/海滩: Spa: 餐厅: 趣闻: 惊喜?!:

24间客房、套房、别墅 无边游泳池/安静的帕南邦海滩 艾语拉水疗中心(梵语意为“健康长寿”) 艾琳塔餐厅(国际与现代泰式美食) 在度假村独有的生态休闲农场烹饪与用餐 逃离纷繁的城市生活,体验收获的乐趣,享受大自然的味道,拥抱日出美景!

Tel: +66 (0) 25 148 112 183 Moo 4 Paknampran, Pranburi, Prachuabkhirikhan 77220 Thailand

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Hua Hin, Prachuap Khirikhan 华欣,巴蜀府

Anantara Hua Hin Resort 安纳塔拉华欣度假村 The 187-room Anantara Hua Hin Resort is a distinctive Thai village-style property. The resort boasts a 14-acre oasis of glorious indigenous gardens and lotus filled lagoons, providing a laid-back luxury experience for all guests.

拥有187间客房和套房的华欣安纳塔拉 度假村座落于一线海滨暹罗海湾. 度假村被 环抱在郁郁葱葱的热带花园之中, 而设计着 采用了古代泰国乡村风格, 处处充满了慵懒 奢华之感。

All the garden and sea-view rooms and suites are tastefully furnished with contemporary hardwood flooring and decorative Thai silks and artworks, complete with private balconies and terraces. The spacious lagoon suites also feature Anantara’s signature deep terrazzo bathtubs meant for two.

所有豪华单间采用泰国丝绸装饰,从客 房可欣赏充满异域风情的海滩美景。泰式风 格的内饰设计兼顾时尚与舒适,浴室内配备 安纳塔拉标志性的水磨石浴池,更有宽敞的 户外私人露台

Swim up to the pool bar at the main free-form swimming pool, or savor classic Italian fares at the resort’s signature restaurant Baan Thalia. The resort offers a glorious range of dining options. Engage in local experiences such as the Spice Spoons cooking class and Thai Boxing, or tee off at one of the golf courses. For the ultimate rejuvenation, book a massage at the stunningly sensual Anantara Spa. It is easy to feel a sense of calm descening on you at this unique property as the cool breezes and melodic Thai tunes linger.


Best Of Class

您可以在不规则形状海滨泳池的 Loy Nam 泳池吧台享用鸡尾酒, 或在 Baan Thalia 品尝经典正宗的意大利美食。度假村 拥有丰富多彩的美食选择, 顶级的美食传统 都会让您大快朵颐。此外您可以参与烹饪班, 泰拳班、或在附近众多的高尔夫球场之一开 个好球。漫长的一天后, 前来体验安纳塔拉 水疗享誉全球的绝妙水疗护理,进入身、 心、灵的极致放松境界。 无论您在寻找浪漫、探险还是纯粹休闲, 安纳塔拉度假村能让您度过一个充满田园风 情的浪漫假期。

Rooms / Suites: Pools / Beach: Spa: Restaurants & Bar: Fitness: Fun Facts: A WHAT?!: 客房/套房: 游泳池/沙滩: SPA: 餐厅和酒吧: 健身: 趣闻: 惊喜?! :

187 Luxurious Rooms and Suites Main Swimming Pool and Private Lagoon Pool / Private Beach Anantara Spa Sala Siam, Issara Café, Baan Thalia, Loy Nam, Rim Nam, Sai Thong and Club Lagoon 24/7 Fitness Centre, Floodlit Tennis Court Complimentary access to more than 5,000 local and international publications with Press Reader; daily morning yoga sessions and afternoon canapés for lagoon and suites guests. Design a special dinner on the beach or in the garden the way you want it with our Dining by Design service. 187间豪华客房与套房 大游泳池&私人湖畔游泳池/ 私人沙滩 安纳塔拉水疗 现代小吃, Issara咖啡店, 意大利料理, 泳池吧台, 传统泰式料理, 海滨餐厅, lagoon俱乐部 7天24小时健身中心,灯光网球场和其他健身项目 为所有客人提供免费5000本国际和本地出版物。泻湖俱乐部单间和套房客人可享受每天清晨 修炼瑜伽与免费下午茶/饮料 无论池畔用餐还是浪漫晚餐,餐厅可为您将一切安排妥帖。

Tel: +66 (0) 32 520 250 Fax: +66 (0) 32 520 259 43/1 Phetkasem Beach Road, Hua Hin 77110 Thailand

Luxury Hotels & Resorts in Thailand


Hua Hin, Prachuap Khirikhan 华欣,巴蜀府

EVASON Hua Hin 泰国华欣艾梵森酒店 Evason Hua Hin is set amongst tropical gardens and comprises a mix of private pool villas and guestrooms offering fully equipped and affordable accommodations. Dining choices include international and Thai cuisine with an extensive selection of wines

华欣艾梵森酒店坐落于一片美丽的热带 花园中,酒店有带私人泳池的别墅和高级客 房可供您选择,所有房间设施齐全,满足您 的一切需求。酒店有泰国菜和多种国际菜式 可选,并配有选择多样的红酒,在此您可以 享用美食佳酿,尽享美好时光。

Six Senses Spa focuses on the essential tropical ingredients that keep skin free from un-natural products and provide a truly relaxing and revitalizing experience. The resort also provides unforgettable memories with guests discovering Thailand, improving a swing on one of our four tennis courts, or playing a round of golf on one of the seven courses in the area.

Six Senses Spa专注于天然热带草本原 料,拒绝使用任何含有化学成分的产品,给 您带来前所未有的清新体验,在这里,您可 以得到彻底放松,舒缓身心。酒店还给客人 提供探索发现泰国的难忘经历:在我们的网 球场地上肆意挥洒,或者在我们的高尔夫球 场上一展英姿。

Blue Lotus Hua Hin is a plant-based learning centre, located at Evason Hua Hin. Featuring a unique approach to learning, Blue Lotus has developed an educational program in plant-based and raw food cuisine. Blue Lotus also provides an opportunity for companies to delve into corporate wellness and take “The Shopping Basket Challenge” – a unique team-building exercise that will challenge your executives, an excellent addition to build into senior team strategy meetings.


Best Of Class

华欣蓝莲花俱乐部是一家以植物性的学 习中心,位于我们的艾梵森酒店内。以其独 特的教学方法为特色,蓝莲花俱乐部提供植 物性研究以及原生美食制作课程。 蓝莲花还给公司提供研究健康状态以及 参与“购物篮挑战 ”的机会。“购物篮挑 战”是一个特别的团队,帮助公司培养员工 执行力,以及举办有关团队建设的会议

Rooms / Villas / Suites: Pools / Beach: Spa: Restaurant & Bar : Fitness: Fun Facts: A WHAT?!: 客房/别墅/套房: 游泳池/沙滩: Spa: 餐厅与酒吧: 健身中心: 趣闻: 惊喜?!:

152 rooms, 4 suites and 40 private pool villa infinity-edged swimming pools overlooking the Gulf of Thailand Six Senses Spa with 10 private treatment rooms and pavilions The Restaurant (Main Restaurant) The Bar (All day snacks) Coast (Mediterranean Restaurant) Kieng Sah (Thai Restaurant) Fully-equipped fitness center We have many sports and recreational activities for guests. These range from supervised archery, to a small driving range, four tennis course, beach volleyball, biking and nearby attractions. We offers a large variety of activities on-site for the whole family, which range from exclusive dining experiences, Thai cooking classes, Tam Boon Tak Bat, Cycling tour, Thai Boxing Class, coconut grove activities and many more. 152个房间,4个套房,40个泳池别墅 可以欣赏到泰国湾的无边泳池 第6感Spa以及10个护理室和护理凉亭 餐厅(主餐厅)、酒吧(全天供应小吃)、Coast餐厅(地中海风味)、Kieng Sah餐厅(泰国风味餐厅 全设备健身中心 为顾客提供多种运动和娱乐活动,包括专人监督的箭术、小驾驶室、4个网 球课程、沙滩排球、骑行以及附近景点。 为顾客提供多种家庭活动,包括专享的餐饮体验、泰国菜烹饪课、布施、汽 车旅行、泰拳课、椰子林活动等多项活动。

Tel: +66 (0) 32 632 111 9 Moo 5 Paknampran Beach Pranburi Prachuap Khirikhan 77220 Thailand

Luxury Hotels & Resorts in Thailand


Hua Hin, Prachuap Khirikhan 华欣,巴蜀府

Radisson Blu Resort Hua Hin

华欣雷迪森布鲁度假酒店 Overlooking the Gulf of Thailand, Radisson Blu Resort Hua Hin provides a gracious beachfront escape and offers a delightful combination of iconic design, contemporary comfort and convenience – together with the brand’s internationally-renowned “Yes I Can!”service philosophy. The resort, located 15 minutes from the heart of Hua Hin (and a less than three-hour drive from downtown Bangkok), boasts 118 tastefully designed rooms and suites, featuring 22 deluxe rooms with pool access. Dine at The Exchange for international cuisine and Thai à-la-carte dishes. For a more casual meal, relax at The Ivy, a beachfront restaurant; or chill-out at the rooftop-Ivy Lounge, which serves light bites and refreshing drinks overlooking the beach. The collection of versatile spaces and a dedicated team of event managers insure a memorable and intimate wedding, or an impressive conference or meeting. The resort features Spa ESC, a complete fitness center, and a beachfront, infinity swimming pool.


Best Of Class

坐拥泰国湾无敌海景,在华欣雷迪森布 鲁度假酒店,您可以享受绝美的沙滩海景, 时尚的酒店设计,兼具舒适与便利,我们秉 承着“全心全意为您服务”的国际化服务理 念,为您提供更好的度假体验。 酒店离华欣市中心有15分钟的车程,距 离曼谷市中心3小时车程。酒店拥有118间 别具特色的客房和套,其中包括22间直通 泳池的池景豪华房。 酒店的互换餐厅提供各种国际化美食和 传统泰国菜供客人选择。同时在常春藤沙滩 餐厅,为客人提供休闲餐,客人可以在这里 放松,一边享用美食,一边欣赏美景,其乐 无穷。楼顶的常春藤天空吧为客人提供各式 酒品,新鲜果汁,客人在这里小酌,吹着海 风,将沙滩美景尽收眼底。 在这里举办婚礼,宴会,会议都是您的 绝佳选择,酒店配有多功能厅,专业的组织 团队,定会让您的婚礼毕生难忘,充满甜蜜 回忆,让宴会、会议圆满。 酒店配有ESC 专业SPA护理,设施齐全 的健身中心,沙滩边和泳池边各配一个餐吧。

Rooms / Villas / Suites: Pools / Beach: Spa: Restaurant(s) & Bar(s): Fitness: Fun Facts: A WHAT?!:

82 rooms and 36 suites beachfront and free-form infinity swimming pools / private beach Spa ESC, with six-private treatment rooms The Exchange (Thai & international), The Ivy (beachfront-casual menus) Ivy Lounge (rooftop-beachfront), The Lounge (lobby area) Fully-equipped fitness center Private beachfront with excellent water activities -- and easy access to town and local attractions Unique, stylish, beachfront resort with first-class accommodations and facilities designed to say “yes!”

客房/别墅/套房: 游泳池/沙滩: SPA: 餐厅: 酒吧: 健身中心: 特色活动: 亮点:

82间客房,36间套房 沙滩畔泳池,私人沙滩 ESC专业SPA,共6间护理室 交换餐厅(泰国菜和国际菜式),常春藤餐厅(沙滩餐厅) 常春藤天空吧,酒店大厅内休闲酒吧 设施齐全的健身中心 酒店私人沙滩各式游乐项目,便利到达市中心以及各景点 别具一格的高档沙滩畔酒店,配备顶级设施,优质服务

Tel: +66 (0) 32 421 777 Fax: +66 (0) 32 472 822 Facebook:@radissonbluhuahin 1392 Petchkasem Road, Cha-Am, Phetchaburi 76120 Thailand

Luxury Hotels & Resorts in Thailand


Pranburi , Prachuap Khirikhan 攀武里,巴蜀府

Villa Maroc Resort 摩洛哥别墅度假村 Inspired by Morocco’s North African distinctive architecture, Villa Maroc, 30 kilometers south of Hua Hin in Pranburi, redefines luxury on the Gulf of Thailand. Promising an unforgettable stay on one of Thailand’s most sought-after coastlines, the resort combines Thai beachside living and service with some of the most luxurious furnishings from the North African kingdom, making it a unique addition to Southeast Asia’s resort scene. Villa Maroc sits on a 153-meter stretch of coastline on Pranburi Beach, providing each rooms with a stunning sea view and direct access to the enticing beaches of the Gulf. The resort consists of 15 villas: six Pool Courts, four Pool, a One-Bedroom, two Two-Bedroom, and two Royal Villas – all of which have been crafted in dramatic Moroccan style with dazzling colors and attention to detail. Each room is creatively named after spices which are such an integral part of Moroccan cuisine and culture.


Best Of Class

位于班布里华欣以南30公里处的摩洛哥 别墅度假村,受到摩洛哥独特建筑所启发, 并重新定义了泰国湾的华丽。 保证您能在泰国最受追捧的海岸线享受 一个难忘的住宿体验,度假村提供泰国海滨 生活和服务,并配备一些来自北非王国最豪 华的家具,造就了东南亚独一无二的度假村 美景。 摩洛哥别墅坐落在海岸线长达153米的班 布里海滩,每间客房都有引人入胜的海景, 并能直接通往诱人的海滩。 度假村拥有6个泳池、4套泳池别墅、一 套单人房别墅、两套双人房别墅,以及两间 皇家别墅 -- 这一切都被精雕细琢成为有声 有色的摩洛哥风格,色彩炫目且非常注重细 节。每间客房以摩洛哥香料命名,因为香料 是摩洛哥美食和文化不可或缺的一环。

Villas: Pools / Beach: Spa: Restaurant & Bar: Fitness: Fun Facts: A WHAT?!:

15 (50 - 269 sqm) two infinity-edge pools / yes, glorious Sherazade Hammam & Spa Casablanca; Shisha Bar: this ultimate seaside chill-out lounge bar serves up the coolest cocktails and savory Lebanese mezzehs yes diving and snorkeling, fishing, elephant trekking, ATV bike tours, Banana boat rides, jet ski, kite surfing (seasonal) unique and distinct Moroccan architecture

别墅: 游泳池/海滩: Spa: 餐厅和酒吧: 健身中心: 趣闻: 惊喜?!:

15套别墅(50-269平方米) 两个无边际泳池/有 谢赫拉扎德土耳其浴室和水疗中心 卡萨布兰卡、水烟吧:这个终极海滨放松身心灵的酒吧休息室提供了最可口的鸡尾酒和 黎巴嫩美食 有 潜水和浮潜、垂钓、骑大象、自行车之旅、香蕉船、水上摩托、风筝冲浪 (季节性和提前预订) 摩洛哥独特建筑架构

Tel: +66 (0) 32 630 771 Fax: +66 (0) 32 630 791 165/3 Moo 3 Paknampran, Pranburi Prachuap Khirikhan 77220 Thailand

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Hua Hin, Prachuap Khirikhan 华欣,巴蜀府

Wora Bura Hua Hin Resort & Spa

华欣沃拉布拉SPA度假酒店 A pervasive Thailand motif embraces this cultured, rich, colonial-styled resort that stretches luxuriously – through gracious, interior gardens festooned with plants – to the Gulf beachfront.

华欣沃拉布拉SPA度假酒店以深厚的文 化底蕴为基调,浓郁的殖民时期的建筑风 格,花园环绕,浪漫奢华,整个度假村在泰 国湾沙滩畔缓缓展开。

Wora Bura Hua Hin Resort & Spa creates the ambiance of cultured elegance and dreamy nostalgia. It combines the truly unique concept of both luxurious colonial styles and tropical seaside resort, designed to represent a beautiful city reflecting the atmosphere of 19th century Thailand when his Majesty King Rama V made his formal visit to Europe.

在华欣沃拉布拉SPA度假酒店,文化优 雅与浪漫复古风完美结合,奢华殖民风格与 现代海滨度假村完美融合,建筑风格别具一 格,设计展现了19世纪泰国拉玛五世皇时 期访问欧洲时期所见的美丽城市风光。

Located along the gulf of Thailand and on the serene beachfront of Hua Hin in Prachuab Khiri Khan Province, the resort offers 77 luxurious rooms (44-130 sqm), including three beachfront villas (with outdoor Jacuzzis) – all featuring spectacular views of the outdoor landscape from private balconies. The resort provides comprehensive facilities to make your holiday pleasurable, including: a large outdoor swimming pool embroidered within the garden (with a pool bar), spa, fitness center, library, kids club, and a beachfront restaurant serving sophisticated international cuisine.


Best Of Class

度假村位于泰国湾畔巴蜀府的海滨小城 华欣,共有77间豪华客房,面积从44至 130平米不等,包括3栋沙滩畔带按摩浴缸 的别墅房,所有的房间都有绝美的景致。客 人可以在我们的私人沙滩玩耍,放松。 度假村设施齐备,包括一个花园环绕的 室外游泳池,一个泳池畔酒吧,SPA,健身 中心,阅览室,儿童俱乐部,还有沙滩畔餐 厅为您提供地道经典美食。在这里,您一定 可以享受一个完美假期。

Rooms / Villas: Pool / Beach: Spa: Restaurants & Bar: Fitness: Fun Facts: A WHAT?!: 房间/别墅: 泳池/沙滩: SPA: 餐厅/酒吧: 健身中心: 特色: 亮点:

77 rooms; 3 villas beachfront, double figure-eight centerpiece extending to the sea / yes The Wora Spa, with 5 private treatment rooms Chulamongkut (international breakfast), Rak Talay (beachfront international cuisine), Chonlamark Pool Bar Fully-equipped Free rental for Thai traditional costume and daily Thai activities (mini workshop) for in-house guests The unique designed resort reflecting Thai cultures, is a new built to represent Royal Thai summer palace, located on Hua Hin beachfront 77间房间,3栋别墅 沙滩畔泳池(双8建筑长廊有陆上延伸至海滨),有沙滩 沃拉SPA和5间SPA按摩水疗室 朱拉蒙特餐厅(国际化早餐),拉克泰勒餐厅(沙滩畔国际菜肴),朱拉马克泳池 畔酒吧 全设备健身中心 为酒店客人提供传统泰式服装的免费租赁以及在迷你商店免费体验传统泰式习俗活动 别具一格的建筑风格展现泰国文化,地理位置优越,到达考汪行宫交通便利,位于 美丽的华欣沙滩畔

Tel: +66 (0) 32 655 333 Fax: +66 (0) 32 655 336 Facebook: 83/199 Nong Kae, Hua Hin, Prachuap Khiri Khan, Thailand 77110

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Kui Buri, Prachuap Khirikhan 魁布瑞,巴蜀府

X2 Kui Buri Resort 魁布瑞X2度假酒店 X2 Kui Buri Rosort, the first of the X2 resort, was designed as an oasis of serenity, intimacy, and bespoke experiences, equally enjoyable for an active holiday or relaxing retreat.

魁布瑞的X2酒店是X2系列的第一家酒 店,极具设计感,宛如身处为您私人定制的 宁静又私密的的绿洲,让您尽享丰富多彩又 轻松愉悦的完美假期。

Featuring a contemporary style décor, X2 Kui Buri Resort offers guests 23 unique high design villas: spacious, oceanfront, pool and garden villas. They each showcase a private, 20-30 sqm plunge pool, a private terrace and garden courtyard. The resort also features a romantic, beachfront swimming pool – as well as a wide range of activities such as kayaking, catamaran sailing, boating, fishing, snorkeling, mountain biking and pétanque.

魁布瑞的X2酒店别具现代化的设计风 格,为客人提供23间设计感极强的别墅, 风格多样,有海滨别墅,泳池别墅,花园 别墅等。每栋别墅都配有20-30平米的私 人泳池,露台和花园小院。酒店还配有沙 滩边无边游泳池以及各式各样的活动,例 如:皮划艇,双体船出海远游,划船,钓 鱼,浮潜,爬山,法式滚球等。

With unique design of ‘stones and rock’ – inspired by the winter appearance of sea pebbles – became the architectural leitmotif, blending structures with nature. The “Mountain Rocks” used throughout the resort are all mined from local quarries. The villas at X2 make you feeling love at first “site” since breathtaking uninterrupted oceanviews. The guests will be spellbound by the charm and remoteness of Kui Buri.


Best Of Class

受海边鹅卵石的启发,别墅墙壁是由 当地开采的石矿和石头打造。这种设计使得 私家别墅不受围墙或篱笆隔离,更加亲近自 然。入住我们的私人别墅,让您在第一眼看 到它时就深深爱上,面对浩瀚迷人的大海, 身处舒适奢华的酒店,魁布瑞X2酒店让您远 离喧嚣,尽享美景。

Villas / Suites: Pools / Beach: Spa: Restaurant & Bar: Fun Facts: A WHAT?!:

别墅: 泳池/沙滩: SPA: 餐厅/酒吧: 特色: 亮点:

23 Villas – 1 Royal Villa, 1 Luxury Pool Villa Suite, 2 Deluxe Oceanfront Pool Villas, 15 Deluxe Pool Villas and 4 Deluxe Garden Villas (70-255 sqm) private pool / beachfront X2 spa 4K (“Fork”) Restaurant & Bar offers Asian and International fusion cuisine and the synthetic stone Orange Bar is 14.5 meters long – a striking feature of this eclectic beachside restaurant. media library, large beachfront swimming pool, petanque court a full complement of wines and spirits, professional meeting facilities, therapeutic massage, private spa, one of the most romantic of pre-wedding shooting in Asia 23间私人别墅—1间皇家别墅,1间奢华泳池别墅套房,2间豪华海滨泳池别墅,15间豪华 泳池别墅,4间豪华花园别墅(70-255平米) 私人泳池,紧邻沙滩 X2 SPA水疗中心 4K餐厅&酒吧融合亚洲和各式国际菜式,橙色酒吧是一间有14.5米长特色鲜明的沙滩边餐厅 多媒体阅览室,沙滩边无边泳池,法式滚球场 品种齐全的红酒,洋酒,专业的会议设施,理疗按摩,私人SPA,亚洲最浪漫的婚纱摄影服务

Tel: +66 (0) 32 510 466 Fax: +66 (0) 32 510 468 52 Moo 13, Ao Noi Sub-district, Muang District Prachuap Khiri Khan, 77210 Thailand PANTONECMYK C59 M49 Y48 K40


C00 M00 Y00 K100


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Kanchanaburi 北碧府

X2 River Kwai Resort 桂河X2度假酒店 X2 River Kwai Resort, using Kanchanaburi’s most infamous attraction as design inspiration, the Bridge over the River Kwai, provided the architectural concept for X2 River Kwai Resort. The resort is located on 2 acres (6 Rai) of prime riverside location with every room offering uninterrupted panoramic river views over the idyllic countryside. Conveniently located just 1.5 hours west of Bangkok. Featuring a large resort swimming pool, exclusive fusion Bridge Bar & Bistro and the X2 executes new ideas to deliver a unique sensual experience such as picnicked along the river under the big Rain (Chamchuri) tree several times a year. Overnight campgrounds, which soon evolve into a full-scale luxury resort, become so increasingly difficult to find in luxury holidays. The resort consists of 22 rooms, all facing the River and offering fabulous vistas and relaxing repose. Each cabin features of in-room luxury amenities, Bluetooth sound interface, Bose/ Marshall solo sound system, and other unique touches. Kanchanaburi is the largest of the western provinces of Thailand. It is frequented by tourists who have been attracted by its history and ancient civilizations, the (in) famous Bridge over the River Kwai, and the natural forests, mountains, caves and waterfalls.


Best Of Class

桂河 X2度假酒店以北碧府最著名的景点 桂河大桥为设计灵感,形成酒店别具特色的建 筑理念。酒店沿河而建,地处河岸2英亩以内 的黄金位置,在每间房都可以欣赏到美丽的桂 河景色和怡人的乡村风光。交通便利,距离首 都曼谷仅1.5小时车程。 酒店配有游泳池,以及融合多种时尚元 素的桥上餐吧&小酒馆。此外,X2秉承着 带给客人独特难忘的体验的宗旨,一年中多 次为客人精心设计并提供沿河大雨树下的野 餐,野营过夜服务,让您亲近自然,放松身 心。旅行中,只要选对了度假酒店,您就可 以开启属于自己的奢华惬意之旅,我们将竭 诚为您服务。 酒店共有22个房间,均为河景房,在这 里您可以欣赏美景,彻底放松身心。每间房 均配有豪华室内生活设施,并特有具有蓝牙 功能的专业音响设备,特有Bose和Marshall 环绕立体声音响系统,让您随时随地享受音乐。 北碧府是泰国西部最大的府,它以其悠 久的历史和古老的文明吸引着越来越多的游 客。在这里您可以一睹桂河大桥的风采,也 可以感受原始森林,丛山峻岭,岩洞以及瀑 布等自然美景。

Villas / Suites: Pools: River: Restaurant & Bar: Fun Facts: A WHAT?!:

房间/别墅/套房: 泳池: 河景: 餐厅: 娱乐设施: 亮点:

22 rooms – 3 PoolXide Cabins, 3 LuXe Cabins, 6 XFloat Cabins, 8 XFloat Luxe Cabins, 1 PoolXide Cabin Suite, 1 LuXe Cabin Suite (63-107 sqm) private pool / riverfront The beautiful Kwai Noi River with spectacular views Enjoy the river-view restaurant The Bridge Bar & Bistro, a communal living room of “unpretentious luxury”. outdoor sun beds, media library, recreational activities mountain-range backdrops, location, varieties of creation activities, architectural design, privacy and luxury 22个房间—3间池景房,3间豪华房,6间水上房,8间水上豪华房,1间池景套房,1间豪 华套房(63-107平米) 有游泳池及河岸观景台 尽享桂河绝佳美景 河景餐厅桥上餐吧&小酒馆,公共客厅纵享极致奢华 户外阳光床,电子多媒体阅览室,各式娱乐活动 依山面水的绝佳地理位置,形式多样的娱乐活动,别具特色的建筑风格,保证私密性, 极致奢华体验

Tel: +66 (0) 34 552 124 - 5 138 Moo. 4, Nongya, Muang District,Kanchanaburi 71000 Thailand



C00 M00 Y00 K100


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Krabi 甲米

Southern Thailand

(Koh Samui, Koh Tao, Krabi, Phuket, Phang Nga) 泰国南部(苏梅岛 ,龟岛,甲米 ,普吉,攀牙岛)

Promthep 神仙半岛 50 BestCape Of Class

James Bond Island 詹姆斯.邦德岛

Maikhao Dream Villa Resort, Phuket 迈豪愿景度假村及水疗中心 Luxury Hotels & Resorts in Thailand 51

Nakhon Si Thammarat


AAVA RESORT & SPA 亚瓦水疗度假村 Aava Resort & Spa sits on beautiful Nadan beach, a nine kilometer stretch of replendent golden sands and limpid blue water splashing on the western coast of the Gulf of Thailand, in the friendly town of Khanom, (population 30,000), east of Surat Thani and across from Koh Sami. This is one of Thailand’s last unspoiled tourist sites, a quiet idyll where swaying coconut palms, lush green landscape, limestone mountains and virtually untouched beaches still linger. A main tourist attraction is the rare pink dolphin colony, as well as a tiny sea turtle shelter, a few caves, two beautiful waterfalls, a 700 year-old temple, and a jungle full of birds and monkeys. The fresh, unique, style of Aava Resort & Spa is apparent in the design and décor of the four types of bungalows and villas which are integrated harmoniously within the natural surroundings. Here is the perfect place to align body and mind with meditation, yoga, or one of or other wellness activities.


Best Of Class

亚瓦水疗度假村地处美丽的纳丹沙滩, 纳丹沙滩位于泰国湾西岸,是一个绵延9公 里的美丽金色沙滩,位于素叻他尼府苏梅岛 东部的Khanom地区,这里风景优美,民风 淳朴,人口大约30,000。 这里是泰国最后一个没有被污染破坏的 旅游胜地之一,宁静美好,与世无争,棕榈 树环绕,郁郁葱葱的热带丛林,陡峭奇美的 山石,这里任然保有至今无人踏足的处女沙 滩。 如果您到此地观光旅游,可以看到世间 罕见的粉红色海豚的栖居地,小海龟的家, 错落的山崖景色,2处美丽的瀑布,有着 700年历史的古庙,以及热带雨林中丰富多 彩的动植物,例如:各种鸟类和猿猴。 亚瓦水疗度假村设计装修清新自然,别 具一格,4种不同类型的小屋,别墅与周围 自然环境和谐相融,舒适惬意。 这里是您放松身心的完美选择,您可以 进行冥想,瑜伽,或者其他更多健康活动。

Bungalows / Villas: Pool / Beach: Spa: Restaurants & Bar: Fun Facts: A WHAT?!: 小屋/别墅: 泳池/沙滩: SPA: 餐厅/酒吧: 特色: 亮点:

Deluxe Bungalow (25 sqm), Superior Bungalow (34 sqm), Poolside Villa ( 38 sqm ), Family Villa (70 sqm) encompassing / serene Aava Aalto, Aava Pizzeria & Bakery the pink dophins miles of private, quiet beaches 豪华房 (25 平米), 超级豪华房 (34 平米), 泳池畔别墅 ( 38 平米 ), 家庭别墅 (70 平米) 有泳池,静谧沙滩 Aava SPA Aalto 餐吧, Aava 披萨烘焙屋 粉红色海豚 数公里安静,私密沙滩

Tel: +66 (0) 75 300 310-11 Fax: +66 (0) 75 300 312 28/3 Moo 6 T.Khanom A.Khanom Nakhon Si Thammarat 80210 Thailand

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Koh Samui 苏梅岛

Ammatara Pura Pool Villa

安玛塔拉普拉泳池别墅酒店 Ammatara Pura is situated 30 minutes southeast of the Samui airport, and footsteps from the entertainment of central Lamai. Conveniently situated on the quiet strip of Lamai Beach, enjoy outdoor water activities or the private relaxation of the villa and Jacuzzi.

安玛塔拉普拉泳池别墅酒店位于苏梅岛 机场东南方向,距离机场有30分钟车程, 距离拉迈海滩的娱乐中心仅有数步之遥。交 通便利,闹中取静,客人可以体验各式各样 的户外水上活动,也可以在酒店别墅,按摩 浴缸中休闲放松。

The impressive amalgamation of Northern and Southern Thai architecture highlights fine art. The resort is magnificently set in the style of a 1,200 year-old ancient Thai palace. All buildings are elegantly designed with an abundance of regal facilities and hospitality. The concept of “Raja Living” in the atmosphere of an ancient Thai palace featuring the “Ammata” restaurant, where you can dine on cuisine fit for royalty.

南北结合的泰式建筑风格让人耳目一 新,与自然浑然天成,宛如艺术品一般赏心 悦目。酒店以有1200年历史的古代泰国皇 宫为设计基础,所有的建筑华贵而不失优 雅,设施齐备,以热情开放的姿态迎接来自 世界各地的客人。酒店倡导“慢生活”的理 念,气氛轻松舒适。古代泰国皇宫样式的阿 曼塔餐厅,在这里您可以享受皇室般的美食 体验。

The resort features 18 spacious, luxurious pool villas all situated within a natural, authentic, northern Thai setting. Each secluded villa features a patio, balcony, swimming pool and a jacuzzi.

酒店共有18栋各具特色的带泳池豪华别 墅,配以泰北自然,奢华的装修风格。每栋 别墅都配有露台,阳台,泳池和按摩浴缸。

All Sea View Villas face East, allowing guests to wake up from a relaxing sleep to welcome the first rays of sunshine and stunning ocean scenery.


Best Of Class

所有的海景别墅都面朝东方,让客人在 舒适睡眠的同时可以轻松迎接清晨的第一缕 阳光,欣赏美丽的海上景致。

Pool Villas: Pools / Beach: Spa: Restaurant & Bar: Fitness: Fun Facts: A WHAT?!: 泳池别墅: 泳池/沙滩: SPA: 餐厅/酒吧: 健身中心: 特色: 亮点:

18 – 5 Garden View, 3 Beachside (60 sqm); 8 Sea View (80 square meters) and 2 two-BR Beachfront (160 square meters) 19 – main pool on beachfront comprehensive (for kids also!) Golden Bar, Ammata Star Trac machines; vigorous activities including table tennis, volleyball and early morning group jogging on beach. • Beach Volleyball • Watersports • Table Tennis • Library • Massage Excursions • Elephant Trekking • Snorkeling Excursions • Scuba Diving • Fishing • Thai Cultural Show • Local Market and Temples • A 5 star palatial getaway 18栋,其中5栋花园景观别墅,3栋沙滩别墅(60平米),8栋海景别墅 (80平米),2栋双卧沙滩别墅(160平米) 共19个泳池,主泳池在沙滩畔 各式SPA(儿童可用) 阿曼塔餐厅,金色酒吧 星级健身设备,提供乒乓球,排球,沙滩晨跑等各式活动 沙滩排球,水上运动,乒乓球,阅览室,按摩,骑大象,浮潜,水肺潜水,海 钓,泰国文化表演,拜访当地市场和寺庙 5星级奢华度假

Tel: +66 (0) 77 601 633 - 7 Fax: +66 (0) 77 601 638 128/75-76 Moo 3, Lamai Beach, Maret, KohSamui, Suratthani 84310 Thailand

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Koh Samui 苏梅岛

Banyan Tree Samui 苏梅岛悦榕庄

“…the quintessential, elegant, Asia-centric resort and spa.” “......典型的,优雅的,以亚洲为中心的度假村和水疗中心。” The luxurious Banyan Tree brand – with its marvelous patrimony – is the quintessential, elegant, Asia-centric resort and spa. It is the paragon of sumptuous, boutique vacation travel.

豪华的悦榕庄是以亚洲为中心的经典、 高雅的度假村与水疗中心,它非凡的特性成 就了其品牌形象。堪称华丽的天堂,是一家 精品旅游度假村。

Here on the southeastern shore of Samui, this resort exudes a holistic, restorative aura.

度假村位于苏梅岛的东南部海岸,可以 为宾客提供全方位的修养恬憩场所。

They use the sobriquet: “A Sanctuary for the Senses” – and it lives up to the billing. This resort does, indeed, focus on the senses (it provides romance, intimacy, privacy, and hovering, lush surroundings). And the sensible: ecologically aware, it embraces a “green conscience”.

度假村有个绰号叫做“感官避难所” ——这真是名副其实!这里注重真正的感官 体验与享受(为宾客提供浪漫的、无间的、 隐秘的、整齐的、绿树环绕的意境氛围)。 它的独到之处在于其生态意识,蕴含着“绿 色道德”的理念。

Nestled on a tropical, terraced hillside within a small peninsula (19 kilometers from the airport), the 88 spacious, all-pool villas tumble down lush, gardened terrain to a cove overlooking Lamai Bay. The arcing, private beach invites exquisite solitude – as well as ample water adventure (kayaking, snorkeling and diving).

度假村位于一个小半岛的热带梯田区内 (距离机场19千米),拥有88间宽敞的全 泳池别墅,花园顺势而建,可以俯瞰拉迈湾 海湾。精致的弧形海滩,拥有众多的水上冒 险活动,邀请您体验前所未有的快乐(独木 舟、浮潜和潜水)。

The Spa and Rainforest service is close to legendary. Considered the crème de la crème of tropical beach resorts, it delivers luxury and class.


Best Of Class

David Lihn

Spa 与和热带雨林的服务近乎传奇。 因为考虑到热带海滩度假村的名流 风范,它淋漓尽致地展现了其豪华与品位。 大卫.林


88 – Deluxe (130 sqm), Ocean, 2-BR Sanctuary (169 sqm), Hillcrest, Ocean-View, Royal Banyan, Presidential (316 sqm) Pools / Beach: everywhere! / intimate private cove Spa: Banyan Tree Spa (10 treatment Pavilions) Restaurants & Bar: Saffron (Thai), The Edge (breakfast and lunch), Sands (beachfront, seafood); Lobby Lounge; in-villa dining; Samui Episode (softly-illuminated private beach pavilion); Pool Bar Fitness: yes…and, Yoga Room Fun Facts: coral reefs, Kids’ Club… A WHAT?!: exquisite intimacy, luxurious environment 别墅: 游泳池/海滩: Spa: 餐厅和酒吧: 健身中心: 趣闻: 惊喜?!!:

88间 - 豪华房(130平方米)、大洋房、双人客房(169平方米)、山顶房、海景 房、皇家悦榕庄总统套房(316平方米) 无处不在! /亲密的私人海湾 悦榕Spa(10间理疗室) - 包括30分钟的静心时间 藏红花(泰国),The Edge(早餐和午餐),金沙(海滨,海鲜);大堂酒廊; 在别墅 内用餐;苏梅岛集群(柔和的私人海滩凉亭);泳池酒吧 有,瑜伽室 珊瑚礁,儿童俱乐部... 精致的舒适感,豪华的环境

Tel: +66 (0) 77 915 333 Fax: +66 (0) 77 915 388 99/9 Moo 4, Maret, Lamai Beach, Koh Samui, Surat Thani 84310 Thailand

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Koh Samui 苏梅岛

Conrad Koh Samui 苏梅岛康莱德度假酒店

Talk about a lofty vacation. Polished, refined, luxurious, and perched atop the world – this is, literally, an “overseas” experience. Carved from a stately cliff in the southwest corner of Samui, and rising 350 feet above the quivering-blue Pantone palettes of the Gulf, this may be your best holiday-escape for intimacy, sophistication and style.

炫色夺目!叹为观止!这是一个充满梦 幻色彩的蜜月圣地。

The animated and proactive GM, Stefano Ruzza, has caressed this property and has added his tasteful touch. “It’s a paradise. What a place to work!” he smiled. And, what a place to vacation.

总经理斯特凡诺•鲁萨是一个生命力盎 然同时又十分具有前瞻性的人,他对酒店了 如指掌,而酒店也大大提升了他的品味。他 微笑地说到:“这是天堂!一个多么适合工 作的地方”,然而,这又是一个度假的绝妙 地点。

The Spa is inspirational, restaurants first-rate (terrific breakfast), and the privacy is notably significant. All the accoutrements of class, grace and luxury.

Best Of Class

从苏梅岛西南角一个庄严峭壁雕刻,位 于海湾碧波闪亮的托板上350度处,这可能 是您最贴心、复杂和风格独特的度假胜地。

Vertiginous. Breathtaking. It is a Mecca for starry-eyed honeymooners.

All 81 free-standing, private pool villas edge the cliff. The 65 one-BR (130 sqm); 14 Oceanview (two-BR); the Conrad Royal Oceanview (a 434 sqm über-deluxe pool villa at the water’s edge); and the Oceanview (three-BR and 766 sqm) – all provide superb, personalized service.


说到高端假期,苏梅岛康莱德度假酒 店是世界上集优美、精致、豪华于一身的 酒店-按照其字面意思可以理解为“海外体 验”。

David Lihn

81间独立私人悬崖边泳池别墅客房, 65间单人床客房(130平方米); 14间海景 客房(双人床);康拉德皇家海景客房(水 边434平方米的尤伯杯豪华泳池别墅);海景 客房(三人床766平方米),这些都可为您 提供一流个性化的服务。 水疗中心沁入心灵,餐馆一流(极妙的 早餐),充分注重私密性所有设备优雅而豪 华。 大卫.林

Villas: Pools / Beach: Spa: Restaurants & Bars:

81 free-standing pool villas ubiquitous (10 - 22.5 m); infinity pool / small duplex, airy, luminous views; why close your eyes? three; two lounges and wine cellar

Fitness: Fun Facts: A WHAT?!:

complete (with views of the sea) complimentary boat excursions to island beaches (3 x daily) views, views, views…a visual sanctuary








3个; 两个休息室和酒吧







Tel: +66 (0) 77 915 888 Fax: +66 (0) 77 915 899 49/8-9 Moo 4, Hillcrest Road, Taling-Ngam, Koh Samui, 84140 Thailand

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Koh Samui 苏梅岛

Celes Beachfront Resort

塞勒斯海滨度假酒店 CELES Beachfront Resort is located on the unspoiled Bophut Beach, a mere 8 km. from the airport on the northern shore of Samui. With stunning views of Koh Phangan Island, this exquisite beach – at 270 meters, is the longest beach-front of any resort on the island. The accommodations at Celes are purposefully designed to capture the pure essence of nature and provide serenity. The resort consists of 50 rooms in Deluxe Botanical and 18 Private Pool villas. The interiors of the accommodations are furnished with light wood decor against white walls allowing sunlight to brighten up the rooms and provide a relaxed ambience. Along with the designs, the rooms and villas are also modernized with an array of gadgets and amenities that guarantee a comfortable stay. Trips to neighboring islands and to the nearby National Marine Park provide marvelous day-trips. Our chefs have carefully crafted food and drinks menu with inspirations from around the world. The all-day dining restaurant serves Thai and international dishes daily.


Best Of Class

塞勒斯海滨酒店位于苏梅岛机场以北8 公里的波普沙滩,坐拥帕岸岛绝佳景色。 拥有苏梅岛最长的私人沙滩,270米美丽 的沙滩安静纯洁。 塞勒斯海滨酒店建筑把自然景色和大自 然完美融合,使得酒店建筑本身宛如艺术 品般赏心悦目。酒店共有50间客房,包括 18栋带私人泳池的别墅。房间内饰以浅色 原木配白色墙面,清新自然,光线充足, 明亮舒适。此外,酒店所有的房间,别墅 都用令人愉悦的小饰品精心装饰,让您在 这里的每一天都轻松,舒适,自如。 酒店为客人提供到附近岛屿以及国家 海洋公园的精彩一日游。 我们的厨师为您精心设计制作来自世 界各地的菜品和饮品,让您尽享美食之 美。全天营业的餐厅为您提供地道泰国菜 和选择丰富的国际菜肴。

Rooms / Pool / Villas: Pools / Beach: Spa: Restaurants & Bars: Fitness: Fun Facts: A WHAT?!:

68 in 2 zones. Botanical Zone has 50 rooms with own terrace or balcony. 18 villas with outdoor garden and pool Beachfront swimming pool ( areas for children) / longest resort beach-front (270 meters) on the island in-room massage available all day dining and pool bar yes Morning Market & Thai Cooking class, Day & Night fishing trip, jogging trip, Rock & Coconut painting, Thai Boxing, Asana Yoga, Kayak Our multi-purpose venue has modern and stylish furnishings and is just a few seconds walk from the beach.

房间/泳池别墅: 泳池/沙滩: SPA: 餐厅/酒吧: 健身中心: 特色: 亮点:

2个区共68间客房。博卡妮卡区共50间客房,均配有露台和私人阳台。有18 栋泳池花园别墅 沙滩畔泳池(有儿童泳池分区),岛上最长私人沙滩(270米) 舒适室内SPA 全天营业的餐厅和泳池畔酒吧 有健身中心 早市,泰国菜烹饪课,白天和夜间的出海海钓,慢跑俱乐部,石头画,椰子 壳画,泰拳,瑜伽,皮划艇 沙滩上现代风格的多功能会所距离酒店仅数步之遥

Tel: +66 (0) 77 900 999 Fax: +66 (0) 77 900 555 175/3 Thaveerat-Pakdee Road Surat Thani Koh Samui District 84320 Thailand

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Koh Samui 苏梅岛

Miskawaan Luxury

Beachfront Villas Samui 苏梅密斯卡湾奢华海滩别墅度假村 Sprawling blissfully along the northern shore of Koh Samui, these 11 splendid, diverse, capacious, beachfront villas (4-7 BRs) are quintessential elegance, style and class. This is a luxurious chunk of undiluted, private paradise on Samui’s magical Mae Nam Beach. The villas are ideal for families and close-knit groups looking to enjoy an exclusive holiday – or celebrate a wedding or anniversary. First, a confession: I know the owners. Happily, the buoyancy and soigné of Filipe Santos manifests itself in this regal, yet understated, resort. Acacia’s (535 sqm) four bedrooms spill out to 22 meters of beach and are carefully designed around a central garden. Alongside a well-equipped private gym, at the garden’s rear is a pavilion with two twin bedrooms, each with its own bathroom. The six-BR Lotus has 39 meters of beachfront and nearly 600 sqm of living space (GPS provided!). The chef indulges you. Elegant, enchanting, superbly appointed – and all with private pools and beachfront – this is tempered hedonism. Dreamy. 62

Best Of Class

David Lihn

酒店沿着苏梅岛的北岸幸福地蔓延,拥 有11套海滨别墅(4-7 人间),不仅豪华典 雅、精致独到,而且品位非凡。 这一片位于苏梅岛魅力湄南海滩的豪华 区域的是一个私人天堂,非常适合家庭和团 体享受他们的专属节日 - 庆祝活动、婚礼或 周年纪念日。 首先需要说明的是:我认识业主。令人 高兴的是,我的朋友菲利普.圣托斯在这个 低调而奢华的度假胜地能够忘却烦恼,精心 体验高雅的生活。 Acacia的四间客房(535平方米)位于 22米的海滩上,中心围绕一个经过精心设 计的花园。除了一间设备齐全的私人健身房 外,在花园的后方还有两间现代化风格的双 人卧室,每一间都有专属浴室凉亭。 六人床莲花客房位于39米长的海滩上, 生活空间近600平方米(提供GPS!),还 有厨师专门为您烹饪。 优雅、迷人、华丽—所有客房位于海滩 上,带私人泳池—这是温和的享乐主义,梦 幻十足。


Villas: Pools / Beach: Spa: Restaurant: Fitness: Fun Facts: A WHAT?!:

11 at three sites ranging from 4-7 BR (420 - 578 sqm) private pool / beachfront beach massage or in-villa massage available in-villa dining only gym on site personal villa staff including manager, maid and chef great location on Samui’s north shore, minutes form the airport and Fisherman’s Village -- and ultimate privacy on Mae Nam Beach

别墅: 游泳池/海滩: spa: 餐厅和酒吧: 健身中心: 趣闻: 惊喜?!!:

3个区域的11间客房,4-7 人间(420-578平方米) 私人游泳池/海滩 海滩按摩或别墅按摩 餐厅仅在别墅内 健身房 别墅工作人员,包括别墅经理,工人和厨师 苏梅岛北岸优越的地理位置,离机场和渔人村仅几分钟路程 –位于湄南海滩上,十分隐秘

Tel: +66 (0) 77 332 271 Fax: +66 (0) 77 332 272 67/28 Moo 1 Maenam Koh Samui, Suratthani 84330 Thailand

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Koh Samui 苏梅岛

Nora Buri Resort & Spa 诺拉布里SPA度假酒店 Nestled comfortably in the Gulf of Thailand, Nora Buri is located along the curving northeast corner of Samui (a convenient 10-minute ride from the airport) at the high end of Chaweng Beach – and just few minutes away from the Chaweng’s buzzing shopping, dining and nightlife scene.

舒适地依偎于泰国湾畔,诺拉布里SPA 度假酒店位于苏梅岛东北端的蜿蜒海滨, 距离苏梅机场仅有10分钟车程,位于查文 沙滩末端,闹中取静,距离查文的购物,餐 厅,酒吧和多彩夜生活区仅几分钟的步行距 离。

It is a charming tropical haven, offering a genuine aura of relaxation in the midst of white sand, sparkling teal water, vibrant coral reefs and a wealth of coconut trees – all encouraging a splendidly simple life.

迷人的热带天堂,空气中弥漫着植物的 香气,在洁白无瑕的沙滩上,自由轻松的气 息从湛蓝的海面吹过来。多姿多彩的珊瑚礁 和热带椰林,所有这一切加起来就是简单美 好的完美生活。

This striking, 16-acre, luxury resort offers seven luxury accommodation categories (96 rooms and 48 pool villas) on a beautiful cliff or on the beach. To make the most of the beautiful elevated ocean views and elevated intimacy, all rooms and villas display floor-to-ceiling windows, so you can wake up to the sunlight streaming in the morning. All are surrounded by lush gardens and breezy casuarinas offering shades of calmness and pure sanctuary. Indulge yourself. Free shuttle service accommodates guests all day.


Best Of Class

酒店占地16英亩,位于在山腹和沙滩 上,共有7种豪华房间可选(96间客房,48 栋泳池别墅)。为了更好的享受绝美景致, 所有房间均有超大落地窗,让您在房间一拉 开窗帘便可享受清晨的阳光洒满屋的幸福。 郁郁葱葱的热带花园,木黄麻树在这里树枝 展叶,让您放松地享受宁静纯美带来的阴凉 快意。 来这里尽情恣纵己意吧! 全天为顾客提供免费交通服务

Rooms / Suite / Pool Villas:

144 Deluxe Hillside, Deluxe Hillside Seaview, Pool Villa Hillside Seaview, Pool Villa Beachside, Pool Villa Villa Beachside Seaview, Pool Villa Beachfront Seaview, Presidential Suite 2 units Pools / Beach: 2 main / private Spa: Anodas Restaurant & Bars: Manora Restaurant (Breakfast), The Barge Restaurant (Lunch & Dinner – Western), The Rice Barge & Terrace (Dinner – Thai) Fitness: modern, fully-equipped A WHAT?!: views and serenity views and serenity 房间/套房/泳池别墅: 泳池/沙滩: SPA: 餐厅/酒吧: 健身中心: 亮点:

144间,豪华山腹房,豪华山腹海景房,山腹海景泳池别墅房,海滨泳池别墅 房,海滨海景泳池别墅房,海滨山海景泳池别墅房,2套总统套房 2个主泳池,私人沙滩 Anodas SPA Manora 餐厅(早餐),The Barge 餐厅(午餐&晚餐--西式),The rice Barge& Terrace餐厅(晚餐--泰式) 现代全设备健身中心 环境优雅,景色宜人

Tel: +66 (0) 77 913 555 Fax: +66 (0) 77 913 500 111, Moo 5, Chaweng Beach, Bophut, Koh Samui, Suratthani 84320, Thailand

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Koh Samui 苏梅岛

Royal Muang Samui Villas

苏梅岛皇家芒别墅酒店 Location, location, location…and lots of elegance.


This spacious resort and charming Samui town are a scant four kilometers from the airport. The beach sprawls out from the pool, excellent restaurants line the quaint Soi – and tropical weather adds the exclamation point.

这间宽敞的度假胜地和苏梅岛旖旎小镇 距离机场4公里。海滩从水池中绵延出来, 古巷中排列着一流的餐厅 – 为热带气候增 加了惊喜。

This family-owned and operated five-star resort is redolent of the architecture of Ayutthaya and Southern Thailand: breezes circulate through airy gardens and the open-air lobby, soft woods adorn the capacious suites, and gardens decorate the grounds. It’s luxurious, classy and offers handsome amenities, particularly a comforting, clever cave-themed spa. If you want extravagance, indulge in a one-BR, Ocean View pool villa. Talk about a sweet suite: a long pool overlooks the beach and Gulf; a kitchen lets you prepare a snack; a living room allows you to entertain quietly; and the view! It is gracious and welcoming. David Lihn


Best Of Class

这家家庭所有与五星级运营标准版的酒 店散发着浓郁的古大城和泰国南部气息。徐 徐微风拂过花园与开放式厅堂,空间充沛的 套房用软木进行装修,并修建花园让酒店更 加美丽。 这是一家经典豪华的酒店,拥有便利 的设施,更值得一提的是它以洞穴为主题的 水疗中心。 如果您渴望奢华,可以在一个三层楼的 海景泳池别墅单人房中纵情沉醉。接下来我 们将要说到一个甜蜜的套房,它拥有可以俯 瞰海滩与泰国湾的游泳池,一个自己小吃的 厨房的,一间待客的客厅,可以让您享受宁 静,以及迷人的风景! 难怪婚礼在这里这么流行,它是多么 浪漫,田园风情多么沁人心扉,让人流连忘 返。 这里多么雅致,所以格外受欢迎。


Suites / Villas: 79 – 64 Suites / 15 Pool Villas Pools / Beach: many / gorgeous white-powder sand Spa: Cave Rai Ra Spa – eclectic and holistic Restaurants 3 – Spice Zone Beach Restaurant, Ciccio Ristorante & Pizzeria, Samui Sailor Grill & Restaurant & Bars: Wine & Coffee Corner, Light House: Wine & Cocktail Bar Fitness: yes Fun Facts: space, privacy A WHAT?!: wonderful location, dining and beach 套房/别墅: 游泳池/海滩: spa: 餐厅: 酒吧: 健身中心: 趣闻: 惊喜?!!:

79间:64间套房/15间泳池别墅 多/华丽的白沙 洞穴 RAI RA SPA – 折中与整体兼得 3个:香料区海滩餐厅,意大利餐厅Ciccio&比萨店,苏梅岛水手烧烤和餐厅 葡萄酒和咖啡角,灯楼:葡萄酒和鸡尾酒吧 有 空间,隐私 泰国最佳的豪华海滨度假胜地

Tel: +66 (0) 77 428 700 Fax: +66 (0) 77 417 470 89 Moo 5, Choeng Mon Beach Bophut, Koh Samui, Suratthani 84320 Thailand

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Koh Samui 苏梅岛

Sandalwood Luxury Villas

苏梅岛檀香豪华别墅度假酒店 Far up on the hill…and, ohh, the views. Located on the southeastern edge of the lovely island of Koh Samui, the 14 Thai-style pavilions (nine with private pools) are positioned around all 10 infinity-edge swimming pools. Each intimate and secluded Sandalwood villa allows a panoramic ocean view and is linked by landscaped gardens with intricate stone walkways. Here you discover exclusive and sophisticated accommodations while blending traditional Thai architecture with a modern contemporary style. Elegant. Each guest is given an outstanding level of quality service with traditional, warm Thai hospitality. From the moment you are picked up at the airport, the staff caters to your every need. Guests are provided a mobile phone to help communicate with the resort for easy pick up anywhere on Koh Samui. Whether enjoying an authentic Thai meal in Blue Ginger Restaurant or a massage at Sanctuary Spa, Sandalwood is a unique experience. Complimentary round-trip hotel shuttles are provided to Chaweng or Lamai Beach.


Best Of Class

酒店坐落于苏梅岛东南端半山腰,俯 瞰浩瀚大海。 酒店共有14栋传统泰式别墅(其中9个 有私人泳池)和10个无边泳池。檀香豪华 别墅度假酒店兼具私密与豪华舒适,在酒 店即可欣赏暹罗湾海景,整个酒店花园环 绕,环境优雅。 在这里,你会发现传统泰式建筑的精 致奢华与现代优雅舒适完美结合。 每位客人都能享受到传统又温柔的优质 泰式服务。从您来到机场的那一刻起,酒 店员工就能满足您的各种需求。酒店可以 客人提供一部当地手机,方便及时联系司 机或者酒店前台,在苏梅岛的任何地方, 酒店都为客人提供免费专车接送服务。 客人可以在酒店的蓝姜餐厅享受到正宗 泰国菜,还可以在酒店的圣堂SPA享受按 摩,檀香将为客人带来别致的体验。 免费为客人提供从酒店往返查汶沙滩 或拉迈沙滩的接送车。

Villas: 14 Thai-style pavilions (9 with private pool) Pools / Beach: 9 private pool and 1 public pool Spa: Sanctuary Spa Restaurant & Bar: Blue Ginger Restaurant Fun Facts: guest can see whole Phangan island without being there A WHAT?!: Views, privacy, relaxation 别墅: 泳池/沙滩: SPA: 餐厅/酒吧: 特色: 亮点:

14间传统泰式别墅(9个带有私人泳池) 9个私人泳池和1个公共泳池 圣堂SPA 蓝姜餐厅 客人可在此欣赏到攀牙湾美景 无敌景致,绝佳私密性,舒适放松

Tel: +66 (0) 77 448 982 Fax: +66 (0) 77 448 983 211/7 Moo 4 Maret, Koh Samui, Suratthani 84310 Thailand

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Koh Samui 苏梅岛

The Scent Hotel 苏梅岛森特酒店 Gracious, romantic and serene. It is a resplendent setting for the celebration of a personal event: anniversary, special birthday, that magical proposal – or simply a relaxing weekend holding hands or private holiday. The Scent Hotel rests in a cocoon of its own tranquility on the edge of a quiet beach, awash in understated luxury. Elegantly done.

森特酒店宁静地躺在安静的海滩边, 低调奢华又不失优雅。

This quaint and cozy hotel sits on Bangrak Beach – minutes from both the airport and dining or walking at Fisherman’s Village.

这座古朴和舒适的酒店坐落于班拉克 海滩–离机场只需几分钟,还可以在渔人 村漫步或就餐。

Built seven years ago, it should be no secret. It is a boutique paradise.

森特酒店修建于七年前,是一个精品 天堂,它不应该独享秘密。

The 15 rooms, for adults only, including three stunning Beachfront Suites (mine stepped down to the beach and is beautifully designed – with an antique brass telescope peering at Koh Phangan) are enhanced by a world-class restaurant, Le Jaroen, that nests above the beach.

15间客房,其中包括三间令人惊叹的 海滨套房(向下延伸至海滩,有设计精美 的古铜色望远镜,可窥探攀牙岛)这里有 着世界顶级的Le Jaroen餐厅,它是点缀在 沙滩上的秘密花园,专为成人设计。 再来一个SPA,使浪漫气息无限延伸……

And a little spa that helps spread the Scent… Outstanding.


Best Of Class

集雅致、浪漫和宁静于一身,这是一 个适合举办重大活动的场所,若举办周 年纪念、生日宴会特典,森特酒店将会 是一个神奇的提议- 而同时,这里也适合 简单、放松、浪漫的周末小憩或者私密假 期。

David Lihn

美轮美奂 大卫.林

Rooms / Suites: Pools / Beach: Spa: Restaurant: Fun Facts: A WHAT?!:

12 diverse-themed Sea Breeze (50 sqm) / 3 Beachfront Suites (70 sqm) large, facing beach / you and the waves intimate and affordable Le Jaroen near Fisherman’s Village; and so serene intimate and romantic; peaceful and tranquil








Le Jaroen






Tel: +66 (0) 77 962 198 , +66 (0) 77 960 123 58/1 Mo 4, Bangrak Beach, Bophut, Koh Samui, Suratthani 84320 Thailand

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Koh Samui 苏梅岛

X2 Koh Samui Resort All Spa Inclusive 苏梅岛X2度假酒店 X2 Koh Samui Resort – All Spa Inclusive, with over a 100 meters of uninterrupted beach front and built around 50 years old majestic trees, is perfectly in balance with its nurtured surrounding while offering peaceful views over the Gulf of Thailand. Featuring a unique contemporary style décor, X2 Samui spreads over five acres (12 Rai) and embrace 26 villas with sculpted gardens. Each designer-styled villa features a spacious private terrace, garden patio, home theatre, movie and music library. This tranquil ambience helping to accentuate the openness, freedom of the resort and scant luxury properties sharing the beach. The resort provides concierge service and shuttle service to local markets.


Best Of Class

苏梅岛X2度假酒店位于100米绵延的沙 滩边,四周棕榈树环绕,景色宜人。在这 里,您不仅可以享受宁静,还能将泰国湾美 景尽收眼底。 现代化的设计,苏梅岛X2度假酒店占地 面积5英亩,共有26间各具特色,花园环绕的 私人别墅。每间别墅都配有私人露台,花园, 家庭影院,电影和音乐阅览室。 海滨宁静的氛围,开阔的沙滩,整个酒 店以其开放,自由,亲近自然的格调,低调 而又不失奢华。酒店提供私人管家以及从酒 店到机场和当地市场的接送服务。

Villas: 26 unique designer villas – 1 Royal Villa, 1 Pool Villa Suite, 21 Pool Villas, 3 Garden Villas (range from 110 to 225 sqm., most with private 30 sqm pool) Pool / Beach: beachfront, private and expansive Spa: X2 Spa outlets and pavilion provides soothing massage treatments. Very exclusive an unlimited spa for in - house guest. Restaurant & Bar: 4K (Fork) Restaurant & Bar situated on the beachfront, offers Asian and International fusion cuisine Fun Facts: Outdoor sun lounges, meditation, beauty amenities (facial treatments, pedicures and manicures), beachfront swimming pool A WHAT?!: peaceful and tranquil, private, modern and luxury design, beachfront 别墅: 泳池/沙滩: SPA: 餐厅/酒吧: 特色: 亮点:

26间设计感极强的别墅—1间皇家别墅,1间泳池别墅套房,21间泳池别墅,3间花园别墅 (110-225平米,绝大多数别墅都配有30平米左右的私人泳池) 海滨泳池,私人开阔沙滩 X2 专业水疗SPA,海边凉亭按摩理疗,是泰国唯一为入住客人提供无限水疗服务的度假酒店。 4K海滨餐厅&酒吧,为客人提供融合亚洲及各国菜式的国际融合餐吧 户外沙滩躺椅,冥想室,美丽护理(面部护理,足部磨砂护理及修甲服务),海滨游泳池 宁静,私密的氛围,现代,奢华的设计,位于海滨

Tel: +66 (0) 77 332 789 Fax: +66 (0) 77 332 799 442 Moo 1, Baan Hua Thanon, Maret, Koh Samui,Suratthani 84310 Thailand



C00 M00 Y00 K100


C00 M00 Y00 K00

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Koh Tao 龟岛

Charm Churee Village 恰姆楚伊度假酒店 Charm Churee Village is situated on the beautiful beaches of Jansom Bay on Koh Tao, an island off of the western shore of the Gulf of Thailand. This charming bay is tucked into a secluded cove in the southwest shore of Koh Tao, merely a 10-minute stroll from the town. The island is a laid-back divers’ paradise (and host to more than 130 species of hard corals and 223 species of reef fish), renowned for scuba diving and snorkeling, as well as hiking, rock climbing, and imposing granite boulders. The resort is located on a tranquil, 120-acre, seaside estate backed by well-preserved jungle, with four private beaches stretching over 1,500 meters of shoreline. The rooms and cottages are colorful and whimsical (some with hammocks and bunk-beds) and range from 30 to 65 sqm. High-speed catamarans and ferries (1½ to 3 hours) travel from three airports: Chumphon to the west, and Ko Samui and Ko Pha Ngan to the south.


Best Of Class

恰姆楚伊度假酒店位于美丽的涛岛—— 泰国湾西海岸的一个离岛,Jansom海湾。 海湾位于岛的西南部,拥有美丽沙滩和壮丽 山崖景色,距离市中心仅10分钟车程。 涛岛被誉为潜水爱好者的天堂,这里有 130余种珊瑚和223种岩礁鱼类。涛岛以水 肺潜水,浮潜,远足,攀岩,以及令人叹为 观止的花岗石巨岩闻名于世。 酒店总面积120英亩,位于一个宁静的 海湾,面朝美丽湛蓝的大海,背倚郁郁葱 葱的热带丛林,4个私人沙滩,绵延海岸线 1500米。 房间以及套房设计别具一格,色彩丰富, 面积30-65平米不等,部分房间配有吊床和 双层床。 乘坐高速双体船,摆渡船(1.5-3小时不 等)即可到达位于其西边的春蓬机场和位于 其南边的苏梅岛机场和帕岸岛。

Rooms / Cottages : Pool(s) / Beach: Spa: Restaurants & Bar: Fun Facts: A WHAT?!:

5 categories – Eco / Superior / Deluxe Room / Cottage / Sunset Cottage Private Beach Thai, Oil and Foot Massage Chaba, Starlight and Elvis Bar & Restaurant with wonderful Gulf views Diving Class / Kayak / Public Swimming Pool (Soon in August 2017) Sunset view form the restaurant / Beautiful fish & corals

房间/木屋: 泳池/沙滩: SPA: 餐厅/酒吧: 特色活动: 亮点:

5种房型供您选择:经济房,高级房,豪华房,木屋,日落海景房 私人沙滩 泰式按摩,精油按摩,足部按摩 茶吧,星光艾维斯餐吧,在此可观赏无敌海景 潜水课程,皮划艇,公共游泳池(即将在2017年8月全面开放) 在餐厅可欣赏迷人日落景色,可观美丽的珊瑚和鱼

Tel: +66 (0) 77 456 393 – 4 , +66 (0) 81 424 5252 Fax: +66 (0) 77 456 475 30/1 M.2 Jansom bay, Koh Tao, Koh Phangan, Suratthani 84360 Thailand

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Koh Tao 涛岛

Dusit Buncha Resort, Koh Tao

涛岛杜斯特邦查度假村 Koh Tao sits on the western edge of the Gulf of Thailand, north of Koh Samui. The small island (eight square miles) is a casual snorkeling and diver’s paradise and is host to over 130 species of hard corals, and more than 223 types of reef fish.

涛岛位于泰国西部湾边缘苏梅岛北部。 小岛(8平方英里)是休闲浮潜和潜水者 的天堂,拥有130多种硬珊瑚和223多种 珊瑚鱼,有各种渡轮前往大陆或邻近岛屿 (1-4小时)。

A variety of ferries travel (1-4 hours) from the mainland or neighboring islands.

杜斯特邦查度假村建造在小岛宁静的 的西北边缘,酒店的环保措施极好,您可 以在度假村里攀岩,或俯瞰海湾与南园 岛,建筑豪华时尚,与自然美景相辅相 成。该度假村还是涛岛上第一个采用太阳 能的度假村。

On the quiet northwestern edge of the island, the eco-conscious Dusit Buncha Resort Koh Tao climbs the rock cliff and overlooks the Gulf and Koh Nang Yuan. The luxurious architecture is blended in the natural beauty of the environment. The resort is the first on Koh Tao to use a solar cell system. The Pool Bar is built in between giant granite boulders, one of which has access to the sea for snorkeling. A stylish range of accommodations, beautiful seas, fantastic food, and panoramic Gulf views– with sunsets to match – add to the tranquility.


Best Of Class

游泳池/酒吧建立在巨大的花岗岩之间, 可以直接前往大海浮潜。 时尚的住宿、美丽的大海、美味的食物、 全景海湾,再加上日落美景,更添安宁。

Rooms: Pools / Beach: Restaurant & Bar: Fun Facts: A WHAT?!:

51 (9 categories) yes / a boulder into the sea Sunset Restaurant / Pool Bar snorkeling in front of resort, Thai Cooking Class views of of Koh Tao called “ Nang Yuan Terrace”

客房: 游泳池/海滩: 餐厅和酒吧: 趣闻: 惊喜?!:

51间客房与9大房型 有/巨石入海 日落餐厅/游泳池酒吧 度假村门前浮潜,泰式烹饪课程 涛岛美景被称为“Nang Yuan露台”

Tel: +66 (0) 77 457 099 - 100 Fax: +66 (0) 77 457 100 31 /3 Moo 1 T. Koh Tao , A, Koh Phangan, Surathani 84360 Thailand

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Krabi 甲米

Dusit Thani Krabi Beach Resort

甲米都喜天阙海滩度假酒店 Set in the exotic landscape of Krabi province (an hour flight south of Bangkok) and commanding a prime position on the magnificent shores of Klong Muong beach, the Dusit Thani Krabi tiptoes up to beautiful cliff formations, lush forests, mesmerizing waterfalls and caves.

都喜天阙海滩度假酒店位于甲米府 (位于曼谷南部,仅一小时航程),临近柯隆 芒海滩,地理位置极佳,坐拥沙滩无敌美 景,不仅如此,在这里您可以尽情体验甲米 府壮丽雄奇的山景,郁郁葱葱的热带雨林, 别具特色的瀑布和岩洞。

The resort’s seven categories of 240 guest rooms and suites are set among 40 lush, manicured acres with direct access to nearly two kilometers of exquisite white-sand beach.

酒店共有240间7个种类的客房,套房。 酒店占地面积40英亩,整个酒店绿树环绕, 四季鲜花盛开,距离纯美的白沙滩仅有2公里 的距离。

Contemporary interiors provide a perfect balance of beach-inspired elegance and luxury. Two inviting beachfront pools, a unique collection of three distinguished restaurants, four bars and a world-class spa all to the luxury. The on-site Water Sports Centre offers snorkelling, kayaks, wind-surf and sailing. Also, tennis, table tennis, yoga and biking. The multiple purpose equipment at the 24-hour DFiT Fitness Center and Kid’s Club complete the list of comprehensive facilities. Dusit Thani Krabi Beach Resort, The Ultimate Beach Escape in Krabi!


Best Of Class

现代化的室内装修使得房间不仅可以与 沙滩海景完美结合,同时兼具优雅与奢华。 酒店拥有2个沙滩边泳池,3间各具风格 的餐厅,4个酒吧和1个世界级水准的SPA, 让您尽情享受奢华之旅。 水上运动中心为游客提供浮潜,皮艇, 风帆冲浪和帆船。此外,我们还有网球,乒 乓球,瑜伽和自行车供您选择。设备齐全的 健身中心24小时为您开放,同时酒店配有 儿童俱乐部。所有设施一应俱全,相信在这 里您可以度过一段充实难忘的美好时光。 都喜天阙海滩度假酒店,您在甲米尽享 海滩美景的不二之选!

Rooms: Pools / Beach: Spa: Restaurants & Bars: Fitness: Fun Facts: A WHAT!

240 rooms Two beachfront pools Mandara Spa Mangosteen’s (International); Limoncello (Italian); Malati (Thai and Indian) Martinis, Malati Beach Bar, Malati Pool, CocoVida 24-hour DFiT Fitness Centre, fully-equipped. Gorgeous landscape with direct access to 1.8km exquisite white sand of Klong Moung beach. Perfect for family getaway, leisure, wedding and honeymooner.

客房: 游泳池/海滩: SPA: 餐厅: 酒吧: 健身中心: 特色: 亮点:

240间 2个沙滩边泳池 曼达拉SPA 曼格斯丁国际佳肴餐厅,柠檬酒意大利风情餐厅,玛拉蒂泰国意大利风情餐厅 马提尼酒吧,玛拉蒂沙滩酒吧,玛拉蒂泳池畔酒吧,可可威达酒吧 设施齐备的24小时开放健身中心 绝美的风景,距离柯隆芒白沙滩仅1.8公里的距离 是您家庭出游,休闲度假,婚礼和度蜜月的绝佳选择

Tel: +66 (0) 75 628 000 Fax: +66 (0) 75 628 048, Instagram: dusitthanikrabi 155 Moo 2 Nong Thale, Muang Krabi, Krabi 81180 Thailand

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Nakamanda Resort & Spa 纳卡曼达SPA度假酒店 Nakamanda Resort & Spa is located on a beautiful private cove in the unspoiled Klong Muang region of Krabi, tucked within the island’s gorgeous landscapes, thick jungles and beautiful beaches. This tranquil and luxurious resort faces a tiny forested island with a backdrop of captivating mountains rising from the Andaman Sea. Twice-daily low tides reveal a sweeping sand bank stretching to the uninhabited island, allowing visitors to walk across to adventure. At high tide take pleasure in swimming and kayaking; as well as fishing trips, boating, rock-climbing and hiking. This exquisite five-star resort is embellished by graceful Asian antique sculptures and teak wood interiors, with individual villas set upon the hillside with treetop or ultra-private tropical garden views. The 39 romantic rooms and villas are available in five categories ranging from 56 to 315 sqm. The charming Naga Spa provides a sea view. The Kitchen Restaurant offers dining on the covered outdoor balcony, indoors, or the beachfront terrace – perfect for sunset cocktails.


Best Of Class

纳卡曼达SPA度假酒店位于甲米府Klong Muang区的一个私人海湾,尽享甲米迷人 山景,郁郁葱葱的热带丛林以及美丽沙滩。 酒店宁静而不失奢华,面朝大海,与诸多 小岛隔海相望,背倚安达曼海上雄奇壮丽的 山崖。 每日两次潮汐,浪花拍打海岸,在浓浓 原始气息的无人小岛,游人可以尽情漫步徜 徉在美丽的沙滩。涨潮的时候,可以游泳, 划皮划艇,此外还有出海海钓,划船,攀 岩,远足等各式趣味活动等着你来玩。 奢华五星级度假酒店采用亚洲传统设计 风格,全实木内饰,质朴又不失优雅舒适。 独栋别墅依山伴水,绿树环绕,尽享热带花 园美景。 39间客房,别墅分个种类,面积56至 315平米不等。 纳卡曼达度假酒店拥有迷人海景,私厨 餐厅为客人提供美味佳肴,客人可在户外, 房间内,或者阳台就餐。傍晚时分,在沙滩 边露台喝一杯鸡尾酒,欣赏海上日落,岂不 美哉。

Rooms / Villas: 39 – 34 Sala Villas (56 sqm), 1 Outdoor Hydropool Villa (90 sqm), 1 Hydro-pool Villa (110 sqm), 1 Jacuzzi Villa (148 sqm), 2 sumptuous Pool Villas (315 sqm). Pools / Beach: beachfront / yes Spa: Naga Spa Restaurant & Bar: The Kitchen Restaurant Fitness: Free use of The Fitness Center Fun Facts: at low tide walk to the tiny, captivating, forested, mountain island emerging from the Andaman Sea. A WHAT?!: A tranquil paradise located on a beautiful private cove 房间/别墅: 泳池/沙滩: SPA: 餐厅/酒吧: 健身中心: 特色: 亮点:

共39间,34间起居舒适别墅(56平米),1间室外水疗泳池别墅(90平米), 1间水疗泳池别墅(110平米),1间按摩浴缸别墅(148平米),1间豪华泳池别墅 (315平米) 沙滩畔泳池,私人沙滩 娜迦SPA 私厨餐厅 客人可免费使用健身中心 在退潮时,客人可步行登上安达曼海郁郁葱葱,绿树环绕,群山掩映的无人小岛 酒店坐落在绝美私人海湾,宛如身处度假天堂

Tel: +66 (0) 75 628 200 Fax: +66 (0) 75 644 390, 126 Moo.3 Klong Muang Beach, Tambol Nongtalay, Amphur Muang, Krabi 81000 Thailand

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Phuket 普吉岛

Aleenta Phuket

Phang Nga Resort & Spa 普吉岛艾琳塔酒店 Just 20 minutes north of Phuket International Airport, Aleenta Phuket Phang Nga Resort & Spa is a favorite. Located on the sunset side of the Andaman Sea and the private, mesmerizing Natai Beach, known as ‘The Hamptons of Phuket’, the resort is exceptional. With the concept of ‘outside living-in’, the resort delivers five-star experience in luxurious suites and villas with generous space (ranging in sizes from 80 square meters to 5,000 square meters for 2-5 bedroom beachfront villas), always favored by honeymooners, family travelers and those looking for a secluded escape to the sandy white beach along the coast of crystal-clear Andaman Sea. Dream away the day by the pool or try some of the many activities available at Aleenta from yoga, Tai Chi and Thai Boxing to cooking classes, Spa treatments and meditation. Or travel to nearby Blue Canyon Country Club or the picturesque Phang Nga Bay. Visit the nearby turtle sanctuary, or charter a boat and island hop, or go deep-sea fishing.


Best Of Class

普吉艾琳塔度假酒店距离普吉国际机场 北部仅20分钟车程,坐落于安达曼海岸的 日落方向,拥有迷人的纳泰海滩,被称为“ 普吉岛的汉普顿”。酒店因而也十分独特, 广受欢迎。 “户外生活”是度假村的理念,它可以为 您提供宽敞的五星级套房(2-5个卧室的滨 海别墅,房间面积80平米到5000平米不等) ,特别受到欢度蜜月的甜蜜爱人与家庭旅游 者的青睐。此外,这里还适合渴望被放逐的 旅客,他们可以在安达曼洁白纯净的海滩闲 适地徒走漫步。 您可以在梦幻般的艾琳塔度过有意义的 一天,如游泳、尝试瑜伽、泰籍、泰拳、烹 饪、SPA护理与冥想等各种活动。 此外,在蓝峡谷高尔夫球场或风景如画 的攀牙湾旅行也是不错的选择。 参观附近的海龟保护区,租船从一个岛 屿到另外一个岛屿游玩,或者去深海捕鱼。

Suites / Villas: 69 suites and villas Pools / Beach: beachfront pool / secluded Natai Beach Spa: world-class Ayurah Spa & Wellness Center Restaurants: The Edge (International), Natai Restaurant (Thai); romantic beach dining, private villa dining Fitness: well-equipped with professional trainer and recreational activities Fun Facts: Ayurah 3, 5 or 7-day program of detoxing / weight balancing; Pure Blue Foundation to help the turtles back to their home A WHAT?!: kids eat, play, stay for free! 客房: 游泳池/海滩: Spa : 餐厅: 健身中心: 趣闻: 惊喜?!:

69间、套房和别墅 无边游泳池/僻静洁白的纳泰海滩 世界级艾语拉水疗中心(Ayurah Wellness Center) The Edge(国际美食)、纳泰餐厅(泰国美食)、浪漫的沙滩烛光晚餐、私人别墅内用餐 设备齐全的健身中心,配有体重娱乐活动和专业教练 3天、5天或7天的艾语拉排毒/体重平衡计划;纯蓝基金会帮助海龟回归家园 孩子们可以免费吃、玩、住!

Tel: +66 (0) 25 148 112 33 Moo 5, Takua Thung, Khok Kloi, Phang Nga, Phuket 82140 Thailand

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Phuket 普吉岛

akyra Beach Club Phuket

普吉岛阿凯拉海滩俱乐部度假村 akyra Beach Club bestrides the soothing sands of Natai Beach in Phang Nga, 20 minutes north of the Phuket airport, offering a chic, sunny and enchanting venue “full of hip happenings and stylish surprises”.

普吉岛阿凯拉海滩俱乐部度假村位于距 离普吉岛机场以北20分钟车程的攀牙湾纳 塔海滩上,酒店造型时尚,设计风格别具一 格,环境优雅,在这里可以尽享阳光沙滩, 感受幸福感满满的假期。

Meander through tropical gardens and witness the 58 secluded suites and spacious villas, where floor-to-ceiling windows display breath-taking views: palm trees, white sandy beaches and blue skies. Unwind on your balcony or terrace, splash in the waves, or indulge in an adventurous surfing session.

度假村共有58间客房和别墅,处处热带花 园环绕,景色宜人,蓝天,白云,大海,棕 榈树,好一幅热带风光。在酒店阳台或者 露台上吹海风,看浪花拍岸,或者到海里冲 浪,都十分惬意。

Think cocktails served at poolside cabana, whilst the sun goes down and the music picks up. The resort’s integrated beach club, Club akyra is also an attractive waterfront venue that hosts exceptional various theme parties and delectable Beach BBQ on the weekend. Borrow a hotel bike to explore the coast – or plan a scuba diving trip replete with leopard sharks and ancient shipwrecks. Island hop to the legendary Phang Nga Bay or Phi Phi island. Dine overlooking the stunning beach (do not miss the weekend beach BBQ) or host a fabulous wedding. All done in style.


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在泳池边品尝鸡尾酒,享受日落美 景和动感音乐。此外,度假村中的满赋活力 的akyra海滩俱乐部更是举办主题派对、享受 海边烧烤等活动的绝佳去处。 客人可以在酒店租一辆自行车,沿岸骑 行,或者参加潜水出海一日游,去看鲨鱼和 古代沉船,与之亲密接触,感受海洋之美。 海岛行可以选择攀牙湾一日游,皮皮岛一日 游,去看绝美沙滩。如果您想,在这里举办 婚礼一定会是您毕生难忘的体验。

Rooms / Suites / Villas: 58 units of Suites and Villas; Deluxe Suite (46-50 sqm); Garden Villa (50-60 sqm ); Seaview Villa (53 sqm); Beachfront 2-BR Pool Villa (125 sqm) Pools / Beach: At the beachfront/ pristine Natai Beach Spa: Ayurah Spa Restaurant & Bar: Club akyra, Upper Deck, and Offside Sports Bar Fitness: fully-equipped fitness center Fun Facts: Laze away by the beachfront and enjoy the exciting pool party vibes with live DJ. Savour delicious signature cocktails and fresh cold drinks until the sundown. A WHAT?!: Enjoy free homemade ice-cream everyday from 2-3 pm. And don’t miss your important match of your favourite team at Offside Sports Bar 房间/套房/别墅: 泳池/沙滩: SPA: 餐厅/酒吧: 健身中心: 特色: 亮点:

共58间客房和别墅,豪华套房(46-50平米),花园别墅(46-50平米),海景别墅 (53平米),沙滩畔双卧泳池别墅(125平米) 沙滩畔泳池,宁静的Natai沙滩 Ayurah瑜伽 akyra俱乐部,Upper Deck餐厅,Offside Sports酒吧 健身中心 享受沙滩上的慵懒时光以及泳池现场DJ带来的活力氛围,品尝美味的招牌鸡尾酒 和新鲜冰镇饮料迎接落日的到来。 可在每天中午2-3点享用免费手工冰激凌,别忘了在 Offside Sports Bar观看你喜爱 的体育比赛。

Tel: +66 (0) 25 148 112 Fax: +66 (0) 25 394 373 32/7 Moo 5, Natai beach, Kok Kloy, Takuatung, 82140 Thailand

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Phuket 普吉岛

Dream Phuket Hotel & Spa

普吉岛瑞郡酒店水疗中心 Removed from the hustle and bustle of Phuket’s commercial destination, the resort is an oasis of style, luxury and comfort shrouded by lush green walls. Eco-friendly in design and showcasing ultra-modern amenities, Dream Phuket Hotel & Spa offers 172 guest rooms, suites and villas all featuring floor-to-ceiling window and spectacular views. At the heart of Dream is the stunning swimming pool with plenty of sun loungers and private cabanas to enjoy. Guest can cool off with iced cold beverages amidst friendly company at the swim-up pool bar. On-site venues entice with the promise of fantastic culinary and entertainment experiences, from our signature restaurant, Trilogy, serving up first-class gourmet dishes to Vu Rooftop Pool & Bar that is the perfect place to enjoy a Phuket sundowner in style. Unwind and relax with the Five Elements spa treatments at Sanctuary, sure to boost energy and nourish the body’s core essence. At Dream Phuket Hotel & Spa, we invite you to discover the other side of yourself. Located on the western side of Phuket Island, Dream Phuket Hotel & Spa is approximately 20 minutes away from Phuket International Airport and 5 minutes away from Dream Beach Club on Layan beachfront by car.


Best Of Class

远离普吉商业中心的喧嚣与繁忙,我们 的酒店座落在一片绿意盎然,郁郁葱葱的绿 洲之中,别具一格的设计风格,带给您舒适 奢华的度假享受。酒店处处体现环保型设 计,并配有多种现代设施。酒店共有172间 客房、套房和别墅供您选择,每间房均有落 地窗,让您在屋内便可享受绝美景观。 酒店中心是景致迷人的泳池,泳池边有 许多沙滩躺椅和私密小木屋供您放松休闲。 客人可以在泳池边酒吧点一杯冰爽的饮品, 感受清凉一夏的舒爽安逸。全身心感受我们 带给您的精彩绝伦的美食和娱乐体验,我们 的招牌餐厅Trilogy为客人提供一流的美味 佳肴,而在我们屋顶Vu天空吧则是您观赏 普吉岛日落美景,品日落美酒的绝佳去处。 在Sanctuary圣堂SPA水疗中心享受我们 五元素SPA,放松身心,让您神清气爽,精 华渗透,使肌肤健康透亮。在普吉岛君瑞酒 店水疗中心,我们邀您发现自己的另一面, 激发潜能,做更好的自己。 普吉岛瑞郡酒店水疗中心位于普吉岛西 边,距离普吉国际机场大约有20分钟车 程,距离拉扬海滩的瑞郡梦想沙滩俱乐部仅 有5分钟车程。

Rooms / Suites: Pools / Beach: Spa: Restaurant & Bars: Fitness: Fun Facts: A What?!:

172 rooms, suites, and villas 2 Pools – Main and Rooftop Five Elements spa treatments at Sanctuary Trilogy; Pool Bar; Vu Rooftop Pool & Bar, Indulge State-of-the-art cardiovascular and weight-training equipment Dream Beach Club and Level One - the ultimate beach club dedicated to creating a unique lifestyle experience. Located on Layan Beachfront Just 5 minute away from the hotel. Ultra-modern design and Eco-friendly hotel with large pool and roof top pool with spectacular views of Phuket landscape.

房间/套房: 泳池/沙滩: SPA: 餐厅/酒吧: 健身中心: 特色: 亮点:

172间客房,套房,别墅 2个泳池,主泳池和屋顶泳池 在Sanctuary 水疗中心有5个SPA水疗可选 Trilogy餐厅,泳池畔餐吧,屋顶Vu天空吧,Indulge酒吧 配有专业艺术设计感极强的有氧运动和形体塑造设备 瑞郡梦想沙滩一级俱乐部是一个为创造个性生活方式体验的无限俱乐部, 位于拉扬海滩,距离酒店仅5分钟的路程。 酒店采用现代设计,处处体现环保理念。配有大型泳池,在屋顶泳池您可 以尽享普吉岛绝美景色。

Tel: +66 (0) 76 609 888 11/7 Moo 6, T. Cherngtalay, A. Thalang, Phuket 83110 Thailand

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Phuket 普吉岛

Maikhao Dream Villa

Maikhao Dream Hotels & Resorts

普吉岛迈考梦幻别墅温泉度假酒店 Less than 15 minutes from the airport (ahhh…. location), it exemplifies excellence without opulence.

距离普吉国际机场不到15分钟车程的迈 考沙滩,普吉岛迈考梦幻别墅温泉度假酒店 完美说明了什么是无与伦比的丰裕与卓越。

Maikhao Dream Villa Resort & Spa offers a stately venue for the elite vacationer who seeks solitude, grace and luxury – and, certainly, space. But count your farthings: this surfeit of sumptuous pleasures and superb detail comes at a price.

迈考梦幻别墅温泉度假酒店旨在为精英 们提供一个理想的度假地,优雅,精致,奢 华,具有良好的私密性,保有足够的私人空 间。极度奢华的度假体验,完美的细节,却 不会让您太破费。

This romantic resort showcases 22 capacious pool villas.

酒店共有22间浪漫宽敞的泳池别墅。 11间三卧室别墅,犹如私人宅邸,650 平米豪宅,想象一下您在宽敞的两层别墅 中,出门便是双层泳池,呈现瀑布景观,一 同流入主泳池。酒店的大部分房间都犹如仓 储室那样大,2个露台,1个泳池畔大厅,4 间卧室,5台电视,客厅可用作会议室,4 处交通信号灯,我们让它全实现。

The 11 three-bedroom quasi-mansions, are each a gargantuan 650 square meters (imagine: a Brobdingnagian two-story villa with a second-story pool that waterfalls below to the main pool; a pantry the size of most hotel rooms; two outdoor decks; a pool-side sala; four bathrooms; five TVs; a living room that can serve as a conference center; four stop signs and a traffic light – I made that up). Palm trees shade and decorate the elevated, setback beach that serves also as a soft carpet for buffet. This is amemorable experience for the wealthy vacationer seeking pampered service and privacy. With its private, spacious and classic luxury, it personifies the best.


Best Of Class

棕榈树装点了宁静的海滩,我们在树荫 下为您提供软垫子,供您享用自助餐,舒适 惬意。 我们热情周到的服务,绝佳的私密性, 一定会让您有一个美好而难忘的假期。 绝佳私密性,宽敞的房间,极致奢华, 完美诠释何为最佳。

Villas: Pools/Beach: Spa: Restaurants: Fitness: Fun Facts: A WHAT! your own:

22 (11 three-BR; 11 two BR) I lost count (a biggie; most villas have two pools) elegant (spa suite, double treatment…) four (beachside to haute cuisine) private training, Pilates, yoga private beach access from each two-BR villa butler 24/7; Maikhao Dream Sunseeker Manhattan 60 private yacht

别墅: 泳池/沙滩: SPA: 餐厅: 健身中心: 特色: 亮点:

22栋(11栋三卧室别墅,11栋双卧室别墅) 1个主泳池,多数别墅配有两个私人泳池 优雅(SPA套餐,双倍呵护理疗) 4间餐厅,海滨高级料理 私人培训,普拉提,瑜伽 私人沙滩直通每一栋双卧室别墅 私人管家每天24小时为您服务,迈考梦幻圣汐克曼哈顿60私人豪华游艇

Tel: +66 (0) 76 371 371 Fax: +66 (0) 76 371 372 138/21 Moo 4, Maikhao Beach, Thalang, Phuket 83110 Thailand

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Phuket 普吉岛

Mövenpick Resort

Bangtao Beach Phuket 普吉岛瑞享邦涛沙滩度假村 This marvelous residence resort offers a formidable yet cozy combination of Swiss efficiency and classic Thai hospitality. Mövenpick has 40 luxurious residences, including elegant Jacuzzi penthouses; and one, two and three bedroom suites – some with a pool – all featuring a contemporary, soothing architectural design with Thai influences. They all offer a tranquil, private retreat a few steps away from the golden sands of Bangtao Beach. The bright and breezy accommodations boast comfortable, large living and dining areas, fully-equipped kitchens and oversized balconies. Simply relax, visit local restaurants to enjoy some of Phuket’s best cuisines while relishing enthusiastic, unparalleled service (“delivered, as always, with a smile”). The suites offer panoramic views of the sea, gardens, lagoon or pool while the spacious penthouses are complete with large balconies and private Jacuzzi, perfectly designed to capture the enchanting views of the Andaman Sea. After a day on the quiet beach, exploring Laguna, or enjoying the Spa, guests can prepare a fine meal and enjoy the sunset together.


Best Of Class

普吉岛瑞享邦涛沙滩度假村环境优美, 景致宜人,现代瑞士简洁明快的风格与传统 泰式热情周到的服务完美结合,让您尽享完 美假期。 度假村共有40间客房,包括带按摩浴缸 的豪华套房,一卧室套房,两卧室套房,三 卧室套房,满足您的不同需求。部分房间配 有泳池,所有房间均采用新泰式现代简约风 格,轻松舒适。 度假村环境安静怡人,私密性强。地理 位置优越,短短几步路,客人便可到达邦涛 海滩的金色沙滩。 我们的套房有明亮,轻松舒适的卧室, 宽敞的客厅和餐厅,设备齐全的厨房和超级 景观阳台,在这里客人可以得到很好的放 松,享受贴心周到的服务。交通便利,客人 也可以走出度假村,去探访普吉岛最地道的 美味。 套房视野开阔,可欣赏绝美海景,花园, 环礁湖和泳池景色。顶层套房配有私人无 敌景观阳台,按摩浴缸,可将安达曼海海景 尽收眼底。一天的旅程之后,在金色沙滩 散步,探寻环礁湖,客人可以做SPA放松身 心,也可以边用晚餐边观赏日落。

Rooms / Villas / Suites: Pools / Beach: Spa: Restaurant & Bar: Fitness: Fun Facts: A WHAT?!:

40 outdoor salt-treated Jacuzzi pool with 48-metre long lap pool amid tranquil gardens, and 12 private pools (22 sqm) / steps away Blossom Spa Palm Cuisine, Palm Terrace (gourmet seafood and oriental cuisine) Technogym Excite equipment and free-weights, resistance machines, steam, sauna, dip pools and outdoor pool with Jacuzzi Less than 3-minute walk to beach In-Residence Chef using natural ingredients to prepare, cook and serve you in the comfort of your home

房间/别墅/套房: 泳池/沙滩: SPA: 餐厅/酒吧: 健身中心: 特色活动: 亮点:

40间 1个室外盐疗按摩泳池,1个48米长中央花园泳池,12个私人泳池(22平米) ,步行可到达邦涛沙滩 花簇SPA 棕榈树餐厅,棕榈树露台餐吧(主营海鲜和东方菜品) 自由重量级全设备健身中心,蒸汗,桑拿,下沉式泳池,室外泳池,按摩浴缸 距离海滩不到3分钟步行路程 酒店厨师用天然食材为客人烹饪家一般的舒心美味

Tel: +66 (0) 76 310 400 Fax: +66 (0) 76 310 405 35 Moo 4, Cherngtalay, Thalang Phuket, 83110 Thailand

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Phuket 普吉岛

Mövenpick Resort & Spa Karon Beach



Best Of Class

Holiday dreams come alive at Mövenpick, a splendid resort and spa 45-minutes due south of the airport on the popular southwestern shore of Phuket. Amid the lush, tropical gardens, and just steps away from sparkling Karon Beach, a range of luxurious rooms provide an inclusive holiday.

您关于度假的所有梦想都可以普吉岛幕 温匹克温泉度假酒店得以实现!酒店坐落于 普吉岛西南海岸,距离普吉机场有45分钟 的车程。酒店由郁郁葱葱的热带花园环绕, 距离美丽的卡伦海滩仅数步之遥,奢华舒适 的客房,给您带来极致的度假体验。

The resort offers 250 rooms and suites, with spectacular ocean-view rooms, spacious balconies and artfully-crafted traditional interiors.

酒店有250间客房、套房,部分房间坐 拥无敌海景。每间房均配有私人阳台和充满 艺术设计感古色古香的家具。

Additionally, 113 villas (perfect for romance and families seeking spacious privacy) present an ambiance of sumptuous comfort surrounded by beautiful gardens (and the Coconut Grove Pool).

此外,113栋独栋别墅,为您带来浪漫 之旅,是家庭出游享受私密清幽假日时光的 绝佳选择。这里的花园芬芳美丽,在椰树环 抱的泳池畔戏水休闲放松,岂不美哉。

Enjoy four swimming pools; or indulge at The Spa after spending some time working out in the fitness center. Kids will be entertained all day in The Play Zone.

酒店配有4个泳池,您可以尽情在此放 空,或者在健身中心挥汗后做一个SPA来放 松身心也是不错的选择。孩子可以在全天候 开放的儿童游乐区玩耍。

In the evenings, treat your family to fabulous dining in one of the diverse restaurants and bars.

傍晚,一家人一起在酒店餐厅,酒吧享 受美食,细细品味在这里的美食美刻。

And, yes, they do serve Mövenpick coffee, and Mövenpick ice cream – and freshly-baked pastries!

幕温匹克度假酒店的咖啡,冰淇淋和各 式现烤糕点都是您下午茶时间不可错过的完 美享受。

Rooms & Suites / Villas: 250 / 113 Pools / Beach: four / Karon Beach a short stroll Spa: The Spa Restaurants Pacifica (all-day dining); El Gaucho (Brazilian); OrientAsia; Mint & Bars: (beachfront casual); Cafe Studio; Kinnaree Bar… Fitness: yes Fun Facts: Play Zone caters to children with indoor and outdoor sports activities, arts and crafts A WHAT?!: world-class Spa with elegant Sala lounge areas and in-villa treatment rooms, second largest Kids Club in Phuket 客房/别墅: 游泳池/海滩: SPA: 餐厅/酒吧: 健身中心: 特色活动: 亮点:

250间客房,113栋别墅 4个泳池,对面即是卡伦海滩 温泉SPA 帕斯菲卡餐厅(全天开放),萨尔瓦多巴斯巴西风情餐厅,原生亚细亚餐厅, 薄荷海滨海滨休闲餐吧,咖啡休闲吧,卡纳琳酒吧 配备 儿童俱乐部提供室内外多种活动,各式艺术手作体验活动 世界级极致温泉SPA体验,优雅舒适的休息室,别墅内私人放松空间,普吉岛 第二大的儿童俱乐部

Tel: +66 (0) 76 396 139 509 Patak Road, Phuket 83100 Thailand

Luxury Hotels & Resorts in Thailand


Phuket 普吉岛

Pullman Phuket Arcadia Naithon Beach

普吉岛阿卡狄亚奈通海滩铂尔曼度假酒店 Pullman Phuket, nesting cliffside and towering 普吉岛阿卡狄亚奈通海滩酒店,像巢穴 above one of Phuket’s fabulous beaches, is 般筑在峭壁上,耸立在普吉岛最美丽的海滩 conveniently located just 15 minutes south of 之上,地理位置优越,距南部机场仅15分 钟路程。 the airport. 这是一个令人振奋的真实体验,酒店拥 This is truly an elevating and uplifting experience, 有270间客房和7个豪华泳池别墅,能欣赏 as the 270 rooms and seven luxury pool villas offer 充满戏剧色彩的海滩、安达曼海和日落全 dramatic and panoramic views of the beach, 景。 Andaman Sea and the sunset. 度假村设有两间餐厅,3个酒吧和面包 The resort offers two restaurants, three bars and 店,其中有混合传统泰式和西式美食的创意 Bakery & Deli – all with creative menus mixing 餐厅。Vero意大利餐厅与酒吧可为您提供 traditional Thai and Western cuisine. Vero, the 丰富美妙的意大利菜肴。这里被公认为是普 Italian Trattoria and wine bar, offers an array of 吉岛最好的意大利餐厅。 wonderful Italian dishes, and is recognized as Dhatri Spa酒店融合了亚洲传统疗法与 one of the best Italian restaurants in Phuket. 现代美容疗法,让宾客全身心得到放松,恢 复身体平衡,净化心灵。 Dhatri Spa combines traditional Asian treatments with the modern beauty therapies, giving guests 身为五星级的度假酒店,普吉岛铂尔曼 a wide range of relaxing, balancing, revitalizing 位于海边绝佳的地理位置,可观赏安达曼壮 and purifying treatments. 丽的海景,为您创造回归自然的假期,是一 个舒适、豪华的度假胜地。 With the premier beachfront location, stunning views of the Andaman Sea, five-star hotel services and facilities, Pullman Phuket offers the perfect balance of a back-to-nature holiday and luxurious resort comfort.


Best Of Class

Rooms / Villas:

270 rooms (Deluxe, Grand Deluxe, Ocean, Ocean Grand & Family Deluxe) / 7 Luxury Ocean Pool Villas Pools / Beach: 2 swimming pools + 1 kids pool / private stair access to Naithon Beach Spa: Dhatri Spa with an ocean view spa lounge Restaurants & Bars: Elements (all-day dining), Vero Trattoria & Wine Bar (Italian) and bakery / Deli and Azur bar Fitness: fully-equipped with Kinesis stations at Fit Lounge, Aqua Aerobics, biking, snorkeling, sport activity programs Fun Facts: on the cliff face of Naithon Beach, 180-degree views of the Andaman Sea A What?!: tropical sunsets; Tai-Chi or yoga sessions, relaxing massage therapies, gourmet treats by the sea 客房/别墅: 游泳池/海滩: Spa: 餐厅和酒吧: 健身中心: 趣闻: 惊喜?!:

270间客房(超豪华、海洋、海洋大酒店、豪华家庭)/7间豪华海景泳池别墅 2个游泳池+ 1个儿童游泳池,私人楼梯进入奈通海滩酒店 Dhatrispa与海景休息水疗中心 元素餐厅(全天餐),Vero 餐厅、酒吧(意大利)和面包店/ 熟食店 Azur池畔酒吧, C吧和漂流泳池酒吧 设备齐全,配有健身休息室的室壁运动站、水中有氧运动、自行车、潜水和体育活动计划 在悬崖边欣赏奈通海滩和安达曼海的180度全景 热带日落、太极或瑜伽课程、海边休闲按摩疗法

Tel: +66 (0) 76 303 299 Fax: +66 (0) 76 303 270 22/2 moo 4, Naithon Beach, Saku, Thalang, Phuket 83110 Thailand

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Phuket 普吉岛

Pullman Phuket Panwa Beach Resort

普吉岛斯攀瓦度假村 Nestled on the picturesque shores of Markham Bay on the Phuket’s Panwa peninsula, a 45-minute drive down the southeast coast, the beachfront Pullman Phuket Panwa Beach Resort offers a blend of contemporary design with subtle Thai accents, making it a delightful holiday resort perfect for private strolls on the beach. Many of the 211 spacious contemporary rooms (including 28 suites and 29 villas with private pools) offer sweeping views of the Andaman Sea, and all come with a balcony or terrace. Pullman’s private beach and free-form pools are ideal for water sports or unwinding in the shade of the palms. The regular shuttle bus to vibrant Phuket Town and Central Shopping Mall keeps you connected. Globetrotters stay connected with ultra-fast Wi-Fi in the spacious lobby and throughout the hotel. Versatile meeting spaces, the best technology and dedicated Event Managers let teams concentrate on work. Elegant function rooms and the beachfront location make the Resort a dream venue for an unforgettable wedding.


Best Of Class

普吉岛斯攀瓦度假村位于风景如 画的 Markham海湾的沙滩上,距离普吉本岛东 南海岸有45分钟的船程。普吉斯攀瓦度假 酒店环境优美,依山面水,新泰式设计时尚 别致,您可以在私人沙滩上放松,真正面朝 大海,春暖花开,开启您的完美假期。 度假村共有211间现代舒适的房间,包 括28间套房和29间带私人泳池的别墅,所 有房间均配有私人阳台和露台,尽享360度 安达曼海无敌海景。 Pullman私人沙滩和无边泳池让您尽享 水上活动的乐趣,您可以尽情嬉戏玩耍,也 可以在棕榈树影下静躺放松,感受风从海面 吹过来。 度假村为客人提供到普吉镇和普吉购物 中心的往返接送服务。 度假村实现高速无线网络全覆盖,多功 能会议室配有最先进的技术和最专业的团 队,为您在这儿高效专心工作提供保障。优 雅浪漫舒适的房间,面朝大海的酒店环境使 酒店成为您举办婚礼的绝佳选择。

Rooms / Villas / Suites: Pools / Beach: Spa: Restaurants & Bar: Fitness: Fun Facts: A WHAT?!: 房间/别墅/套房: 泳池/沙滩: SPA: 餐厅/酒吧: 健身中心: 特色: 亮点:

211 – 154 deluxe rooms (50 sqm), 19 junior suites (70 sqm), 9 deluxe suites (115 sqm), 29 villas with individual pools (150 sqm) 2 – seafront and garden / on the Bay Talay Spa with six treatment rooms featuring traditional Thai and Chinese inspired therapies. Aqua, Tamarind (contemporary Thai), The Junction Bar (trendy lobby bar), Edge Pool Bar (with outdoor kitchen that includes a brick pizza oven) dedicated gym with latest cardiovascular and exercise equipment with 24/7 access water, water everywhere a glorious expanse of private beach 共211间,154间豪华房(50平米),19间高级套房(70平米),9间奢华套房 (115平米),29栋带私人泳池的别墅(150平米) 2个泳池,海滨泳池和花园泳池,海湾沙滩 Talay Spa 共有6间房间,为客人提供传统泰式按摩和中式理疗按摩 Aqua,Taramind 新泰式餐厅,Junction酒店大厅酒吧,泳池畔餐吧(配有开放 式厨房并配有砖砌披萨烤炉) 全天候开放的全设备健身中心 海景环抱 绝美私人沙滩

Tel: +66 (0) 76 602 500 Fax: +66 (0) 76 602 555 44/5 Moo 8 Sakdidesh Road, Vichit, Muang, Phuket 83000 Thailand

Luxury Hotels & Resorts in Thailand


Phuket 普吉岛

Renaissance Phuket Resort & Spa

普吉岛万丽度假酒店 Set amidst tranquil, endless Maikhao beaches, sparkling Andaman waters and delicate natural beauty, the Renaissance Phuket Resort & Spa offers a vacation haven.

位于静谧,宽阔的迈考海滩, 面朝安达 曼海绝美海景, 清新的自然环境, 普吉岛万 丽度假酒店为您带来前所未有的完美度假 体验。

This Marriott Luxury and Lifestyle Hotel, a scant 15 minutes north of the Phuket International airport, is steps away from the sea. Spacious, 5-star accommodations showcase elegant design, pillow-top bedding and sleek bathrooms; and sweeping, capacious villas that boast luxury accoutrements (private plunge pool).

酒店位于距离普吉国际机场以北15分 钟车程的迈考沙滩, 是一家5星级标准的奢 华万豪生活方式酒店, 距离沙滩仅数步之遥, 酒店环境优美, 设计典雅舒适, 精选的房间 床上用品和洗浴用品让您体验丝滑享受, 独 栋别墅极致奢华, 并具有良好的私密性, 配 有私人泳池。

The resort features a variety of superb dining options, including a Thai restaurant, a coffee house and a cozy bar. The Quan Spa encourages total relaxation, with a full menu of treatments. Consider hosting your wedding, meeting or social event with flexible indoor and outdoor spaces, as well as comprehensive planning and catering services. And Phuket island is yours to explore during your stay – from unique mangrove forests to the exhilaration of nightlife in Patong. Spend a day relaxing on the surrounding beach, or visit the adjacent Sirinath Marine National Park and protected sea turtle habitat.


Best Of Class

酒店为客人提供多种美食选择, 有地道 泰国餐厅, 咖啡屋和Cozy舒适酒吧。 Quan Spa 为客人提供丰富多样的按摩, 理疗选择, 在这里您可以得到彻底放松。 酒店为客人提供精心设计和企划的婚 礼,会议以及社交活动服务, 方式灵活多样, 室内室外可选。 入住我们的酒店, 开启您的普吉岛探索 之旅。 从原始丛林穿越到芭东海滩热闹精 彩的夜生活, 或者在酒店附近的沙滩休闲放 松,也可以出海去海洋国家公园探索海洋之 美,幸运的话还可以看到海龟哦。

Rooms / Suites / Villas: Pool / Beach: Spa: Restaurants & Bar: Fitness: Fun Facts: A What?!!: 房间/套房/别墅:

180 – Deluxe, R Deluxe (46 sqm), 1- BR Suite (67 sqm), Pool, Oceanfront Pool (117 sqm), Duplex Oceanfront Villas (337 sqm) Main pool and Kids /steps away 7 treatment rooms Takieng (Thai), Loca Vore (international), Doppio (coffee shop), The Lounge, Sand Box Complete with fitness services and classes – body weight workouts, Aqua aerobics, Yogilates, Thai boxing, yoga basics, Pilates An array of activities – bike tours, Petanque, darts, beach volleyball, paddle board. Children’s pavilion with indoor recreation area and pool. The Navigator – a local expert to help the guests find Phuket’s hidden gems. 180间: R豪华房 (46平米) , 1-BR套房 (67平米) , 海景泳池房(117平米) , 奢华海滨别墅 (337平米) 主泳池, 配有儿童泳池, 距离迈考沙滩仅数步之遥 共7间SPA室 Takieng泰国菜餐厅, Loca Vore国际菜餐厅, Doppio咖啡屋, 休息室休闲吧, Sand Box沙堡酒吧 全设备健身服务和课程--体重锻炼, 中有氧运动, 普拉提瑜伽, 泰拳, 基础瑜伽和普拉提 各式活动: 自行车骑行, 地掷球, 飞镖, 沙滩排球, 桨板, 室内儿童俱乐部, 儿童泳池 当地航海家带领客人探索普吉不为人知的美

泳池/沙滩: SPA: 餐厅/酒吧: 健身中心: 特色: 亮点:

Tel: +66 (0) 76 363 999 555 Moo 3 Mai Khao Beach, Talang, Phuket 83110 Thailand Black 100%

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Phuket 普吉岛

Sri Panwa Phuket 普吉岛斯攀瓦度假村 Sri panwa is perched high atop Cape Panwa commanding breathtaking views of the southeastern tip of Phuket, occupying the Cape Panwa peninsula in its entirety. Sri panwa is an oasis of calm and luxury on 40 acres of lush, tropical surroundings in one of Phuket’s finest locations. Villas sit 40-60 meters above sea level commanding breathtaking views of the surrounding islands and the Andaman Sea – offering panoramic ocean views (some with uninterrupted 300-degree vistas). The interiors embrace the essence of Tropical Contemporary design by integrating its natural jungle and ocean surroundings with the modern comforts of luxury living. Sri panwa’s facilities range from a fully-equipped fitness center and gym, boxing ring, two tennis courts and a team of private tennis, yoga, Pilates and fitness instructors. The private beach and pier offer easy yachting access for island hopping and ocean cruising, while the stylish Beach Pool is perfect for sunbathing, lounging, or an impromptu cocktail party.

100 Best Of Class

斯攀瓦度假村地处攀瓦角的顶端,风景 秀丽怡人,您可以在此将普吉岛东南部风光 和帕瓦角的绝美景色尽收眼底。 斯攀瓦度假村地处普吉岛黄金地段,总 占地面积40英亩,酒店绿树环绕,郁郁葱 葱,您可以在此尽情放松,纵享奢华。整个 度假村海拔40-60米,拥有绝佳景色,在房 间即可观赏美丽海景,部分房间拥有安达曼 海300度无敌海景。度假村整体设计现代简 约而不失奢华舒适,在这里您可以与热带丛 林和宽广大海来一个紧密接触。 斯攀瓦度假村设施齐全,拥有1个全设 备健身中心和操场,1个拳击场,2个网球 场。此外,我们还拥有专业的网球,瑜伽, 普拉提以及健身教练。私人沙滩以及私人码 头使您便捷地参与各式海上以及海岛课程和 活动。别具一格的沙滩泳池,在这里晒日光 浴,躺在沙滩椅上休息放松,亦或是开一个 即兴的鸡尾酒派对都是不错的选择。

Pools/Beach: Spa: Restaurants & Bar: Fitness/Tennis: Fun Facts: A WHAT!

three, and in every villa / private, down a winding staircase Cool Spa Baba Poolclub, Baba IKI, Baba Hotpot, BabaQ, Baba88, Baba Soul Food, Baba Nest, Baba Chino, Baba Hot Box fully-equipped with boxing ring, yoga: Thai boxing, kayaking / two courts on an elevated peninsula with views of sun-up and sundown, the Bay, the Sea and - it seems - forever glorious views, yachting access, world-class island-hopping, scuba, snorkel

泳池/沙滩: SPA: 餐厅和酒吧: 健身中心/网球: 趣闻: 惊喜?!!:

3个泳池,每一栋别墅配有私人泳池/ 拥有私人沙滩,走下螺旋式楼梯即可到达 清爽SPA 巴巴泳池畔餐吧,巴巴 IKI日料餐厅,巴巴火锅,巴巴 Q 趣味烧烤吧,巴巴 88 餐吧, 巴巴泰国餐厅,巴巴屋顶日落酒吧,巴巴中餐厅,巴巴烤厅烧烤餐厅 1个全设备拳击场,瑜伽,泰拳,皮划艇/ 2个网球场 半岛景色,坐拥观赏海上日出,日落的绝佳位置,平静海湾,绝美海景 迷人景致,游艇,世界级跳岛,水下呼吸器,浮潜等各式海上活动

Tel: +66 (0) 76 371 000 Fax: +66 (0) 76 371 004 Sri panwa 88 Moo 8 Sakdidej Rd., Tambon Vichit, Phuket 83000 Thailand

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Phuket 普吉岛

The Naka Island

A Luxury Collection Resort & Spa, Phuket 普吉岛纳卡岛豪华精选度假酒店 With views of the emerald-green Phang Nga Bay and Phuket coastline, this is an exclusive, boutique resort on Naka Yai Island, accessible only by a 10-minute speedboat journey. It is a uniquely private retreat. All 67 villas are designed in classic tropical island style, featuring open-air bathrooms, private plunge pools, spacious outdoor areas and Sala pavilions. The resort offers two restaurants and bars. Tonsai is the all-day restaurant in a casual seaside setting. My Grill, an open beachside grill house, offers the freshest seafood and juiciest steaks with a southern Thai influence. Or, sip on a signature cocktail at Z Bar while enjoying a spectacular sunset over the ocean. Spa Naka offers an array of indigenous botanical treatments. Guests can also enjoy the 24-hour fitness center, the inviting swimming pool overlooking the beach, as well as kayaking, biking or longtail boat sightseeing to explore the nature of Naka Island.

102 Best Of Class

可以欣赏到翠绿的攀牙湾和普吉的海岸 线,纳卡岛专属的精品度假酒店,乘快艇仅 需10分钟即可到达。 它是一个独特的私人度假村。 67间别墅均设计成经典的热带岛屿风 情,设有露天浴室、私人跳水池,拥有宽敞 的室外区域和萨拉展馆。 度假村设有两间餐厅和2个酒吧(Z吧和泳 池吧),一个全天营业的海边餐厅—通赛。 开放的海滨烧烤屋,为您提供最新鲜的海鲜 和最丰厚、有浓厚泰南风味的牛排。或者, 抿一口z酒吧招牌鸡尾酒,享受壮观的海景 日落。 纳卡spa中心提供纳卡土著植物理疗。 客人还可以享受24小时健身中心,俯瞰 海滩的温馨游泳池,此外还提供乘坐皮划 艇、骑自行车或乘坐观光长尾船游览纳卡 岛等服务。

Villas: Pools / Beach: Spa: Restaurants & Bar: Fitness: Fun Facts: A WHAT?!:

67 in-villa private plunge pools and an infinity pool / tranquil beach 8 treatment rooms, including sauna room, steam room, ice room, and unique Watsu pool Tonsai, My Grill, Z Bar and Pool Bar 24-hour, fully-equipped gym (with great views) non-motorized water activities kayaking around the Naka Island to explore man grove area and secret beaches complimentary ice-cream by the pool from 2 - 5 pm

别墅: 游泳池/海滩: spa: 餐厅与酒吧: 健身中心: 趣闻: 惊喜?!:

67间别墅 别墅内的私人跳水池和无边泳池(主池)/2公里长的宁静海滩 8间理疗室、桑拿房、蒸汽房冰室, 独特的watsu游泳池和医疗中心 通赛,我的烧烤和Z酒吧 以及泳池 24小时设备齐全的健身房 独木舟围绕纳卡岛,游览红树林和神秘海滩以及非机动水上活动 游泳池免费冰淇淋,开放时间为下午 2:00-5:00

Tel: +66 (0) 76 371 400 Fax: +66 (0) 76 371 401 32 Moo 5, Paklok, Thalang Phuket 83110 Thailand

Luxury Hotels & Resorts in Thailand




The Vijitt Resort Phuket 普吉岛维特度假酒店 This is a romantic retreat blessed with natural scenery. Located on Friendship Beach in southern Phuket, tropical gardens surround luxurious, contemporary private pool villas.

这是一个拥有壮丽自然风光的浪漫休闲 度假胜地,位于普吉岛南部的友谊海滩, 是一座豪华现代化的私人泳池别墅,被热 带花园所环绕。

The scenery is breathtaking. Situated on a tranquil beach away from the tourist crowds, this luxury, all-villa Phuket resort exudes charm.

景色令人叹为观止,坐落在一个安静 的海滩,远离拥挤的旅游人群,这家普吉 岛豪华别墅式度假村散发着泰国魅力。

The exquisite location of the Rawai hotel was handpicked for its outstanding natural beauty, offering wide open spaces with tall swaying palms and lush green lawns that front the Andaman Sea.

RAWAI酒店地理位置精巧,各种美丽 的自然景观信手拈来。安达曼海前空间开 阔,拥有高大摇曳的棕榈树和郁郁葱葱的 绿色草坪。

The view across the tidal beach at Chalong Bay showcases a myriad of offshore islands. This is a stunning complement to the five-star services in this laid-back ambiance. The elegant architecture blends with the tropical surroundings and is eco-friendly using native materials in its distinct local style. The individual Phuket luxury pool villas offer amazing sweeping views over the resort grounds and the calm sea, with top-class recreation facilities and dining. Relaxation, peace and tranquility.

104 Best Of Class

查隆湾潮汐海滩俯瞰着无数近海岛屿, 其壮观的背景让您在悠闲的氛围中尽情享 受五星级服务。优雅的建筑为热带环境添 色,设计环保,采用其独特的地方风格天 然材料。 私人普吉岛豪华泳池别墅,度假区惊人 美景尽收眼底,海面平静,拥有一流的娱 乐设施和餐饮场所。 放松,和平与安宁。

Villas: Pools / Beach: Spa: Restarurants & Bar: Fitness: Fun Facts: A WHAT?!:

92 stand-alone villas (Deluxe, Deluxe Seaview, Deluxe Beachfront, Deluxe Pool, Prime Pool, Two-Bedroom Pool, Vijitt Pool) infinity-edge; kids pool / yes The V Spa with steam, Jacuzzi bath, and beauty salon Savoury (international), Baan Vijitt (Thai), The Beach Bar wide range of equipment; plus kayaking, biking, petanque, beach volleyball, Thai boxing, Thai yoga, aqua aerobics Beach Marine Walk to explore the sea garden during low tide the view across the bay, 40 meter infinity-edge swimming pool by the beach

客房: 游泳池/海滩: Spa: 餐厅和酒吧: 健身中心: 趣闻: 惊喜?!:

92间独立别墅客房(豪华、豪华海景、豪华海滨、豪华泳池、特级泳池、双卧室泳 池、Vijitt泳池) 无边游泳池和儿童游泳池 蒸汽V Spa、按摩浴缸和美容院 咸味(国际食品)和Baan Vijitt餐厅(泰国菜),海滩酒吧 应用范围广泛的设备,皮划艇、自行车、地掷球、沙滩排球、泰拳、泰国瑜伽、 有氧 AQUA 和日常自由活动 海滩步行活动,退潮时探索海上花园 海滩旁40米长的无边游泳池

Tel: +66 (0) 76 363 600 16 Moo2, Viset Road, Rawai, Muang, Phuket 83130 Thailand

Luxury Hotels & Resorts in Thailand


Natai, Phang Nga 纳泰, 攀牙

Le Coral Hideaway Beyond Phuket

普吉珊瑚世外桃源酒店 Le Coral Hideaway overlooks the cerulean Andaman Sea and the unspoiled Natai Beach, an exclusive two kilometer stretch of golden sand only 30 minutes from Phuket International Airport. The resort provides a Fast Track immigration service, which whisks you out of the airport to the property, which is surrounded by deserted beaches and thriving national marine parks. Its an opportunity to commune with nature. This luxury Natai Beach hotel, with nature-inspired designer rooms and suites and splendid sea views. The personal service leaves you wanting for nothing. Lounge by the spectacular ocean-view infinity pool; indulge in fine dining; and soothe your soul at the spa. When it’s time for an adventure, set sail on an island tour, trek through virgin jungles and raft along the scenic lakes and rivers at this amazing nature’s wonderland.

106 Best Of Class

在珊瑚世外桃源酒店进行豪华探险, 俯瞰蔚蓝的安达曼海和未受污染的纳泰海 滩,绵延2公里长的金色沙滩距离普吉岛 国际机场仅30分钟路程。 从踏上普吉岛开始,我们的快速通道入 境事务处会帮助您享受愉快的假期。 坐落在纳泰海滨,我们的世外桃源度假 胜地拥抱着不受污染的自然环境,期待着 从人迹罕至的海滩变成蓬勃发展的国家海 洋公园。 珊瑚世外桃源酒店是纳泰海滩上的豪 华酒店,拥有自然灵感的设计师客房、海 景和个人服务,让您完全放空。无边泳池 休息室可以欣赏壮观的海景,尽情享受美 食,并在温泉中得到心灵的抚慰。 当到了岛之旅启程时间,开始穿过处 女丛林和竹筏,沿着风景秀丽的湖泊和河 流,跋涉于令人惊叹的大自然仙境。

Rooms / Suites: Pools / Beach: Spa: Restaurants & Bars: Fitness: Fun Facts: A WHAT?!:

58 luxurious seafront suites, each providing ultimate comfort and relaxation 60-meter / exclusive Natai Beach Spa Corallia with sea and sky views La Perla Restaurant (Thai and Western favorites), Luna Bar & Restaurant (Thai), Coral Moon Bar (the perfect place to watch the sunset over the horizon) 6:00 am - 8:00 pm Thai cooking class, kayaking and cycling beside the beach the most stunning sunset point of Natai Beach, all room categories guarantee a sea view

套房: 游泳池/海滩: spa: 餐厅: 酒吧: 健身中心: 趣闻: 惊喜?!:

58间豪华的海滨套房,提供极致的舒适和放松 60米的室外游泳池/未受污染的纳泰海滩, 2公里长的专属金色沙滩 Corallia温泉,欣赏海景和天空 La Perla餐厅,泰国和西方美食 LUNA酒吧及餐厅:最好的正宗泰国美食 珊瑚月光酒店: 一个观看夕阳西下的完美地方夕阳在地平线上 6.00 am – 8.00 pm 泰国烹饪班、皮划艇和海边自行车 纳泰海滩是观看日落最好的场所, 所有类型的客房都能欣赏海景

Tel: +66 (0) 76 679 888 Fax: +66 (0) 76 679 899 9/9 Moo 8 Na Toey, Thai Muang, Phang Nga 82120 Thailand

Luxury Hotels & Resorts in Thailand


Natai, Phang Nga 纳泰, 攀牙

Natai Beach Resort & Spa 纳泰攀牙迈考梦幻水疗度假酒店 A half-hour north of Phuket Airport (and its imposing sister property, Maikhao Dream Villa Resort & Spa) in quaint and sleepy Natai, here is a terrific spot to simply unwind – and nowhere near the thumping cacophony of Patong Beach (which is well over an hour south). This resort is about respite, relaxation, peace of mind and a special date with Mother Nature (the beach side of the family) – and a lot of attention to felicitous details (flowers, amenities, slippers, newspapers…). This 106-room resort features 56 spacious rooms (including Duplex Suites and a Pool Terrace – 78107 sqm) in a horse-shoe shaped building framing a sprawling pool; and 50 contiguous, two-story fishermen beach houses. Enjoy the elegant spa; fitness center; supervised playroom; pool table – and a potpourri of excellent cuisine. Two restaurants (fresh vegetables and fruit are organically farmed down the road) of Epicurean simplicity nest at either end of the building on the lip of the secluded, unspoiled (and divinely quiet) beach.

108 Best Of Class

位于距离普吉机场以北半小时车程美丽 宁静的纳泰地区,与其姐妹酒店--普吉岛梦 幻别墅温泉度假酒店相距不远。这里是绝佳 的度假圣地,宁静美好,距离热闹的芭东沙 滩也不过1小时车程。 酒店为客人提供远离尘世,放松身心, 净化心灵,与大自然母亲亲密接触的场所, 同时又不失便利的生活,生活设施一应俱 全,点滴精致细节,鲜花,拖鞋,报纸。 酒店共有106间客房,其中56间宽敞客 房,联排别墅套房,配有私人泳池,露台, 面积78-107平米不等,似马蹄形围绕于 不规则主泳池畔。另有50间双层海滨渔夫 房。 享受优雅SPA,健身中心,娱乐室,泳 池桌以及各式美食佳肴。2间环境优雅的餐 厅,远离喧嚣,位于清雅,宁静,无污染的 沙滩,全采用新鲜自产蔬菜水果,让您尽享 美食美刻。

Rooms/suites/beach houses: Pools / Beach: Spa: Restaurants & Bar: Fitness: Fun Facts: A WHAT!

intimate 56 / 50 sprawling / serene and all yours three-story, seven rooms beachside, fine dining; poolside seafood-buffet lunch yes; biking organic garden for hand-picked veggies and fruit; Kid’s room; dining in the sunset

房间/套房/海滨房: 泳池/沙滩: SPA: 餐厅/酒吧: 健身中心: 特色: 亮点:

56间套房,50间海滨房 不规则泳池,私人沙滩 3层,7个房间 屋顶餐吧,海滨餐吧,fine dining餐吧,泳池畔海鲜自助午餐 有健身中心,自行车 精致花园,亲自采摘水果蔬菜,儿童房 享美食同时观赏日落美景

Tel: +66 (0) 76 401 301 Fax: +66 (0) 76 401 305 55 Moo 6, Kok Kloi, Takuathung, Phang Nga, 82140 Thailand

Luxury Hotels & Resorts in Thailand


Khao Lak, Phang Nga 攀牙考拉

JW Marriott Khao Lak Resort & Spa

蔻丽JW万豪温泉度假村 With stunning beaches and picture-perfect waters – and a host of marvelous attractions and resort amenities – this Marriott flagship property is a perfect hideaway beach resort. JW Marriott Khao Lak Resort & Spa is in Phang-Nga province, a hidden paradise of sun, sea and sand located 1.5 hours north of Phuket airport. A true dream oasis, you’ll be surrounded by lush tropical greenery, granite mountains and waterfalls – and within easy reach of many surrounding well-preserved and world-renown national parks such as Similan Islands. This luxurious resort lets you experience 293 elegantly appointed guest rooms, a meandering infinity lagoon pool (one of the longest in Southeast Asia), tranquil garden gazebos, exquisite gourmet restaurants, rejuvenating spa treatments and a diverse selection of water and land sports. The vast, graceful, immaculate landscaping that defines the resort grounds makes it an ideal venue for weddings as well as team-building and incentives. Discover the treasures of Khao Lak here on a reclusive, idyllic beach that stretches for miles.

110 Best Of Class

绝美的海滩,风景如画的海水,JW万豪 沙滩温泉度假村景色宜人,设施完备,是您 休闲度假,远离尘世的好去处。 蔻丽JW万豪温泉度假村地处攀牙府,位 于普吉岛北部,距离普吉国际机场仅有1.5 小时的车程。这里蓝天白云,风和日丽,阳 光,沙滩,大海,宛如世外桃源,犹如身处 度假天堂。这里绿树环绕,群山掩映,瀑布 飞流而下,景色壮观秀美。此外,举世闻名 的斯米兰群岛国家公园也在酒店附近。 度假村共有293间客房,在这里您可以纵 享奢华,体验完美度假。度假村配有无边咸 水泳池,(东南亚长度最大的泳池之一), 馥郁芬芳的热带花园,精美的餐厅为您提供 美味佳肴,环境优雅的温泉水疗,以及多种 水上陆地娱乐项目可选。 宽阔,优雅,完美无瑕的环境,使得度 假村成为举办婚礼,团队活动建设的理想选 择。 在蔻丽绵延数英里的纯美沙滩上尽情发 现,探索吧,没准有宝藏等着你哟。

Rooms / Suites / Villa: 293 (pool access, duplex, 2-BR) Pools/ Beach: a 1.9km Lagoon Pool meandering around the resort / private Spa: Award-wining Quan Spa Restaurants & Bars: 8 – Thai, Japanese, Italian, International, Deli; Infinity Pool Bar, Aquamarine Pool Bar and Czar Bar Fitness: 24-hour fitness center, tennis and squash courts, water sports, biking, kids’ activities Fun Facts: Laze on sundecks submerged in water and sip your favorite drinks, or enjoy a soak in the outdoor Jacuzzi A WHAT?!!: pool-access rooms on the ground level gives guests effortless access to the endless, lagoon-inspired swimming pool 客房/套房/别墅: 泳池/沙滩: SPA: 餐厅/酒吧: 健身中心: 特色: 亮点:

293间(泳池房,复式套房,双床房) 1.9公里长的咸水泳池环抱度假村,拥有私人沙滩 全优SPA 共8家,泰国餐厅、日本餐厅、意大利餐厅、国际餐厅、德里餐厅;无 边泳池吧、蓝宝石泳池吧、沙皇酒吧 24小时开放的健身中心,网球场,壁球场,水上运动,自行车,儿童活动 客人可以躺在日光甲板上小酌一杯,在室外按摩浴缸里放松 直通泳池的一楼房间让您一出户就踏入绝美无边泳池中

Tel: +66 (0) 76 584 888 41/12 Moo 3, Khuk Khak, Takuapa, Phang Nga, 82190 Thailand

Luxury Hotels & Resorts in Thailand


Khao Lak, Phang Nga 攀牙考拉

X2 KHAO LAK ANDA MANI RESORT 蔻立安达玛尼X2度假酒店 X2 Khao Lak Anda Mani Resort is located in Phang Nga overlooking the Andaman Sea. It is surrounded by an abundance of tropical trees, located in the heart of this serene and authentic region of vacationing Thailand, a one-hour drive south of Phuket airport. With just nine luxurious villas, each of them provide a breathtaking view of the pool and Lam Kaem beach surrounded by an abundance of tropical trees. All luxurious villas boast open and spacious verandas and gardens that provide exquisite views of the pool, the white Andaman beaches – and the constant bonus of beautiful sunrises and sunsets. The general area is composed of fields and small fishing communities making the atmosphere quiet and authentic. Unlike any of the neighboring surroundings, the government’s building restrictions prevent large scale hotels to be built resulting in a family-friendly environment with only luxurious and secluded coastal properties.

112 Best Of Class

蔻立安达玛尼X2度假酒店地处攀牙府, 面朝安达曼海。整个酒店绿树环绕,郁郁葱 葱。地处泰国景色宜人的休闲度假中心区, 离位于其南部的普吉机场仅有1小时车程。 作为仅有9栋私人别墅的小型精品度假酒 店,蔻立安达玛尼X2度假酒店给每位入住 的客人都能提供绝美的景色和周到贴心的服 务。酒店地处Lam Kaem沙滩,配有海滨泳 池,周边绿树环绕,生机勃勃。每间别墅都 配有私人阳台,花园露台,在房间内即可享 受池景以及安达曼海迷人风光,海上日出日 落绝美景色。公共区域有绿地和鱼池,给酒 店增添宁静、舒适的氛围。 与邻近周边环境不同,由于地处政府保 护区域,禁止建造大型酒店,因此我们的度假 酒店更佳亲民友好,给您回家般的温暖,享受 宾至如归的服务。 在泳池边放松,静静地躺在沙滩椅上享受 安达曼海的美景,亦或是在沙滩亭子按摩,都 是您休闲度假的美好选择,好不轻松惬意。

Villas / Suites: Pools / Beach: Spa: Restaurant & Bar: Fun Facts: A WHAT?!: 别墅/套房: 泳池/沙滩: SPA: 餐厅: 特色: 亮点:

9 Villas – 1 Suite, 4 Suite with Couple Baths, 1 Suite Triple room, 1 Ocean View Villa, 2 Oceanfront villas (ranging from 45-70 sqm) at the center of the resort with ocean view Spa on request. tailor a special meal with the freshest ingredients produced locally at 4K (Fork) Restaurant bicycle, sun lounge, massage cosmopolitan, stylish, peaceful and relaxation, butler service, and one of the best for honeymoon trip 9间别墅—1间套房,4间带按摩浴缸套房,1间家庭套房,1间海景别墅,1间海滨别墅 (45-70平米) 度假酒店中心海景泳池 私人定制专业水疗SPA 4K餐厅为您提供别具特色,采用最新鲜食材的美食享受 自行车,阳光躺椅,按摩 国际化,别具一格,宁静,放松的酒店风格,热情周到的服务,是您蜜月之旅的绝佳选择

Tel: +66 (0) 63 063 8310 7/9 Moo 2, Petchkasem Rd., Khao Lak, Lamkaen, Thaimuang, Phang Nga 82210 Thailand



C00 M00 Y00 K100


C00 M00 Y00 K00

Luxury Hotels & Resorts in Thailand


Koh Chang 象岛

Koh Samet 沙美岛

Eastern Thailand

(Pattaya, Koh Chang, Koh Kood) 泰国东部 (芭提雅, 象岛 , 阁骨岛) Koh Kood 阁骨岛

114 Best Of Class

Pattaya 芭提雅

苏尼瓦奇瑞度假村 Soneva Kiri, Koh Kood Luxury Hotels & Resorts in Thailand 115

Pattaya 芭提雅

Centara Grand Mirage Beach Resort Pattaya

芭提雅盛泰澜幻影海滩度假村 This five-star North Pattaya resort has two 19 storey towers connected by sky bridges, and features 555 rooms and suites all facing the ocean. Guests have direct access to the spacious 230-meter beach, with an extensive range of water activities.

这家芭堤雅北部的五星级度假村坐落在 沙滩上,酒店拥有两个19层的塔楼,中间 用天桥连接着。并设有面朝大海555间客房 和套房。客人可以直接前往230米长的宽敞 海滩,有各种各样的水上活动。

当代泰式风格装饰,10类房间可供选择: Sporting a contemporary jungle-style decor, the ten room options range from Deluxe (42 sqm) to Deluxe 豪华房(42平米)、豪华家庭、俱乐部幻影和 Family, Club Mirage and Suites – all with their own 套房–都有可以俯瞰花园和海洋的私人阳台/ private balcony overlooking the gardens and ocean. 露台。 俱乐部幻影提供独特的设施和服务,其 Club Mirage offers exclusive facilities and services including two private club lounges (one for families 中包括两个私人俱乐部休息室(一个家庭, and one for adult guests only) and Centara 另一个只限成人),并为您提供每日5顿免 signature service of five complimentary daily 费餐饮。 meal presentations. 儿童俱乐部(配有室内旅行大本营和游戏 室)、儿童游戏和会议区,帮助您维系家庭成 A kids club (with indoor camp safari and games rooms) and teenager games keep the family content. 员关系。 遗失的世界拥有自己的丛林、水上公园、游 The Lost World has its own jungle and water park 泳池、水滑梯和瀑布漂流河。 with swimming pools, water slides and a lazy river with waterfalls.

116 Best Of Class

Rooms / Suites: Pools / Beach: Spa: Restaurants & Bars:

555 within stunning 19-storey ocean facing outdoor swimming pool / extensive Spa Cenvaree in its own oceanfront village Flames (BBQ & Grill), Oasis (international breakfast & all day dining), Ginger & Lime (Asian cuisine : Thai, Japanese, Chinese and Vietnamese), Acqua (Italian cuisine), Coast Beach Club & Bistro (Coastal cuisine: tapas, grilled meats and seafood seared over charcoal) Fitness: yes Fun Facts: outdoor swimming pool with shade pavilion, lazy river, rock climbing tower, Dive Centre, daily beach activities, water sports centre, kids’ and teens’ club, billiards and table tennis A WHAT?!: The Lost World jungle water park with swimming pools, water slides, lazy river with waterfalls 客房/套房: 游泳池/海滩: spa: 餐厅&酒吧: 健身中心: 趣闻: 惊喜?!:

19层楼共555间完美海景房 室外游泳池/广阔 海滨村Cenvaree温泉中心 火焰(海滨烧烤和碳烤)、 欧西(国际早餐&全天餐饮)、 姜和青柠(日本、泰国、中国和越 南美食)、阿夸(意大利美食)、海岸海滩俱乐部和小酒馆(沿海美食:小吃、烤肉和烤海鲜) 有 配有遮阳亭的室外游泳池、水上游览项目、攀岩塔、潜水中心、每日沙滩活动、水上运 动中心,儿童和青少年俱乐部、台球和乒乓球 失落世界拥有自己的丛林、水上公园、游泳池、水滑梯和瀑布漂流河

Tel: +66 (0) 38 301 234 Fax: +66 (0) 38 714 999 277 Moo 5, Naklua, Banglamung, Pattaya, Chonburi 20150 Thailand

Luxury Hotels & Resorts in Thailand


Pattaya 芭提雅

Cape Dara Resort Pattaya 芭提雅海角达拉度假酒店 Perched on the rocks of Cape Dara and set amidst an exclusive residential section of North Pattaya, the 26-story resort – with a striking contemporary design – features 264 rooms, suites and villa compounds, all featuring panoramic sea view. And a private beach on a sumptuous stretch of coastline. Cape Dara offers a luxury spa with the full range of relaxing rituals and therapeutic treatments; a fully-equipped fitness center; and two swimming pools, at ground level and beach front. A family-friendly holiday destination, the resort provides ample amenities such as Kids Club (with a full programme of guided activities), all-day, seaside alfresco dining, Cantonese fine-dining and a relaxing bakery café, as well as two beach and poolside bars; and a chic sky lounge. An exquisite grand ballroom hosts weddings and special events for up to 800 guests. The Dara Club’s executive lounge provides boardroom facilities and sunset cocktails. The resort embodies true Thai hospitality and vacation tranquillity.

118 Best Of Class

芭提雅海角达拉度假酒店位于北芭提雅 达拉角海滨度假区内,酒店主楼高26层, 拥有264间客房、套房以及带泳池的独栋别 墅可供客人选择,所有房间都是精心设计, 时尚舒适,且坐拥无敌海景。酒店还有安静 迷人的私人海滩供客人休闲放松。 海角达拉度假酒店为客人提供各式专业 舒适的SPA护理服务,并拥有设备齐全的健 身中心,酒店在一楼和沙滩边各有一个泳 池,客人可以在这里得到很好的休闲放松。 作为家庭旅行的最佳选择,酒店为客人 提供丰富的生活设施,比如儿童俱乐部全天 候向客人开放,还有沙滩露天浪漫晚餐,优 雅的广式餐厅,让您足不出户,品味美食人 生。咖啡吧提供香浓咖啡和各式甜品,并有 两个泳池畔饮品吧和时尚天空酒吧为您提供 丰富多彩的饮品,让您尽享假日乐趣。酒店 还配有最多可容纳800人的大型宴会厅、会 议厅。 海角达拉度假酒店俱乐部的奢华舒适休 息室,为客人提供会议室和日落饮品鸡尾 酒,无论您是休闲还是商务出游,都可以在 这里度过一个愉快的傍晚。 在这里您可以尽享泰式热情周到的服务 和假日的愉悦舒适。

Rooms / Suites: 264 Pools / Beach: two / private Spa: Luminous Restaurants: Radius Restaurant, Ming Xing (Cantonese), Mellow Bakery & Café & Bars: beach and poolside; Sky Lounge and Sphere Lounge Fitness: yes Fun Facts: Kids Club, Fitness A WHAT?!: sweeping, inland and coastline views from every room; the private beach 房间/套房: 泳池/沙滩: SPA: 餐厅: 酒吧: 娱乐设施: 亮点:

264 2个泳池,1个私人沙滩 璀璨SPA护理 雷迪时尚餐厅,明兴餐厅(广式),余韵烘焙坊&咖啡吧 游泳池畔酒吧,时尚天空吧,星际吧 儿童俱乐部,健身中心 每间房均坐拥无敌海景,配有私人沙滩

Tel: +66 (0) 38 933 888 Fax: +66 (0) 38 933 800 Line: @capedara 256 Dara Beach, Soi 20, Pattaya-Naklua Road, Naklua, Banglamung, Chonburi 20150 Thailand

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Pattaya 芭提雅

Royal Cliff Hotels Group 皇家克里夫酒店 Royal Cliff has charmed and delighted guests with its captivating south Pattaya location for more than four decades. Overlooking the breathtaking Gulf of Thailand and situated in a 64-acre tropical parkland estate, the resort provides endless dramatic views of the sea. Guests enter a world of exclusivity and fascination with 4 five-star hotels offering a sensory experience defined profoundly by its individual styles, characters and elegance: Royal Cliff Beach Hotel (casual luxury), Royal Cliff Beach Terrace (exotic luxury), Royal Cliff Grand Hotel (formal luxury) and Royal Wing Suites and Spa (ultimate luxury). Designed and continually transformed by world-class architects, the hotel is a landmark combining a perfect blend of timeless traditional elements and stylish modern design. Offering comfortable and elegant suites and two spectacular infinity pools, it continually innovates. Royal Cliff has won over 200 awards, accreditation and accolades including the TripAdvisor Travelers’ Choice Award and the TTG Travel Hall of Fame.

120 Best Of Class

皇家克里夫酒店集团位于芭提雅南部,40 年以来一直保持无穷的魅力,吸引着无数的 客人慕名而来。在此,您的目光可以纵情驰 骋于令人赞叹的泰国湾,64英亩的经典园 林景致尽收眼底,陶醉于无边无际的大海景 象,颇有戏剧风采。 客人入住后,这个隐秘而魅力四射的五星 级酒店将为您提供极致的感官享受。而个人 风格、特立独行与高贵典雅正是它为之骄傲 的资本。酒店有以下部分组成:皇家克里夫 海滩酒店(普通奢华),皇家克里夫海滩露 台(异国情调豪华),皇家克里夫盛大大酒 (标准豪华)和皇家翼套房及水疗中心(至 尊豪华)。 酒店由世界级建筑师不断设计与改造而 成,将永恒的传统元素与时尚的现代风格完 美糅合在一起。除了舒适高雅的套房之外, 酒店还可以为您提供两个壮观的无边游泳 池。至今它不断寻求创新,致力为您提供最 优秀的服务。 皇家克里夫酒店已经赢得了200奖项、 认证和荣誉,其中包括TripAdvisor名人 堂、旅行者选择奖、名人堂TTG旅游馆等。

Rooms / Suites: Pools / Beach: Spa: Restaurants & Bars: Fitness: Fun Facts: A WHAT?!:

1,020 – including suites, sea views and mountain views 2 infinity-edge pools, 5 free-form swimming pools, 2 private beaches Cliff Spa - indoor and outdoor with 360 degrees Thai Gulf view 11 award-winning restaurants, 6 Bars Fitz Club - Racquets, Health & Fitness Thai Boxing at Fitz Club; Funtasea – Kids World; The Verge – Games, Pool and Karaoke; Thai Cooking School extraordinary location, variety of facilities, exceptional service, unforgettable sunsets, captivating views

客房/套房: 游泳池/海滩: Spa: 餐厅与酒吧: 健身中心: 趣闻: 惊喜?!!:

1,020间 –包括套房,海景和山景 2个无边游泳池,5个自由形式游泳池,2个私人海滩 克里夫水疗 - 室内和室外360度泰国海湾景色 11声名远扬的餐厅,6个酒吧 菲茨俱乐部 - 球拍,健康与健身 菲茨俱乐部泰拳;Funtasea - 儿童世界; The Verge - 游戏,游泳池、卡拉OK和 泰式烹饪学校 非凡的位置,各种设施,卓越的服务,令人难忘的日落,迷人的景色

Tel: +66 (0) 38 250 421 Fax: +66 (0) 38 250 141 353 Phra Tamnuk Road, Pattaya, Chonburi, 20150 Thailand

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Wat Phra That Doi Suthep 素贴山双龙寺

Doi Inthanon Retouch 茵他农山

Northeastern / Northtern Of Thailand ( Khao Yai, Chiang Mai, Chiang Rai ) 泰国东北部/北部 ( 考艾, 清迈, 清莱 )

Mae Fah 122Luang Best皇太后花园 Of Class

haew suwat waterfall khao yai 考艾苏瓦娜瀑布

Katiliya Mountain Resort & Spa

Luxury Hotels & Resorts in Thailand 123 清莱凯蒂利亚山野温泉度假酒店

Khao Yai 考艾

BOTANICA Khao Yai 考艾博卡妮卡酒店 Botanica Khao Yai, located adjacent to Khao Yai National Park, a Natural World Heritage site, is a popular choice for travelers, just is two hours (200 kilometers) north of Bangkok, and is 21 km from the excitement of the city. The new, modern tropical 5-star resort hotel commands an excellent location and provides access to the Khao Yai’s biggest attractions. The resort features beautiful architecture that harmonizes with its natural, pastoral surroundings. The 118 rooms (including 68 suites) provide luxurious accommodations in a unique design, providing peaceful ambience and offering extensive room space with panoramic views. Every room exudes an atmosphere of holistic harmony. All have been designed for ultimate relaxation allowing you to recharge your energy amidst a delightful garden with scenic mountain views. The resort focuses on providing exclusive experiences for customers through personalized service. The hotel’s recreational facilities – which include a water park, fitness center, outdoor pools (kids), and garden – are designed for escape and relaxation.

124 Best Of Class

考艾博卡妮卡酒店位于考艾国家公园, 酒店环境优雅,亲近自然,距离曼谷仅有2 小时车程,距离最近的城市仅有21公里, 是游客休闲度假的绝佳选择。 现代的五星级全新度假酒店地理位置极 佳,提供到考艾最受欢迎景点——考艾国家 公园的交通服务。 酒店建筑精美,与周边自然环境完美融 合。酒店共有118间客房,包括68间套房, 为您提供奢华入住体验。酒店设计风格别具 一格,环境优雅,温馨舒适,视野开阔,风 景秀丽。 每间房间的客人都能够感受到我们热 情周到的服务,这里有美丽的花园,壮丽的 山景,舒适惬意的环境让您在这里得到彻底 放松。此外,我们还为客人提供个性化的服 务,真正做到让您满意,舒心。 酒店设施一应俱全,富有新意,包括一 个水上公园、健身中心、户外儿童泳池、以 及花园,所有这一切都让您能够在这里远离 尘世,放松身心,享受其中,妙不可言。

Rooms / Suites / Pool Villas: 118 (including 2 pool villas, 68 suites) Pools: Infinity main pool Restaurants & Bars: Tempo Restaurant (Thai & International), One-Up Bar (wines and tapas) Fitness: Fully-equipped Fun Facts: Free shuttle bus to Scenical World Khao Yai, a world-class water and theme park with over 40 rides A WHAT?!: A modern 5-star resort in a unique tropical style with elegent architecture harmonizing with nature 房间/套房/泳池别墅: 泳池: 餐厅&酒吧: 健身房: 趣闻: 亮点:

118间(包括2个泳池别墅和68间套房) 无边主泳池 Tempo餐厅(泰餐&国际餐),One-Up酒吧(酒和Tapas) 全设备健身房 提供前往考艾Scenical World游乐园的免费巴士,这里是拥有40多种游乐 设施的世界级游乐园 这个全新的现代5星级酒店个性独特,其建筑物与自然完美协调。

Tel: +66 (0) 22 603 888 ext. 401-403 Fax: +66 (0) 44 001 111 - 20 666 Moo 5 Thanarat Road, Moo see, Pak Chong, Nakhon Ratchasima, 30130 Thailand

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Khao Yai 考艾

Thames Valley Khao Yai 考艾泰晤士河谷酒店 Thames Valley Khao Yai is a splendid Eglish-style countryside hotel in the picturesque, pastoral Nakorn Ratchasi region less than two hours northeast of Bangkok. Inspired by the green belt streaming out of London along the River Thames corridor, the hotel aims to replicate all of the charm and style of rural England. And it succeeds. Ten categories of rooms, suites and villas offer spacious, elegant and restorative options (40 to 185 sqm). A saltwater pool, a host of childrens’ activities and a Tower of Thames add panache. This classy replication is an area of prolific natural beauty with views of a magnificent mountain range. It offers a unique and unforgettable taste of a quintessentially English way of life inspired by the beautiful Thames Valley a region blessed with homely villages set amid rolling countryside, grand country homes, pastoral riverside walks, and the charms of country pubs and traditional English tea rooms. Here is a pace of life wholly suited to refined country living.

126 Best Of Class

考艾泰晤士河谷酒店是一家以完美的英 国乡村风格著称的酒店,风景如画,处处充 满田园生活气息,位于曼谷北部的北标府, 距离曼谷不到两小时车程。 受英国伦敦泰晤士河地区的启发,绿意 浓浓,波光粼粼,酒店致力于打造迷人的英 国乡村度假风。 在这里,我们做到了! 十种不同类型的房间,套房,别墅可供选 择,各具特色,优雅别致,面积从40至180 平米不等。一个咸水泳池,一个儿童俱乐 部,一座泰晤士塔,让酒店充满生机。 酒店群山环抱,景色宜人,多种自然景 观交相辉映。在这里入住,英国乡村安静舒 适的田园生活,一定会让您印象深刻,宛如 身处英国泰晤士河谷地区。家庭式的农庄, 美丽的河谷,花园,沿河的走廊,英伦乡村 小酒馆,英式下午茶,都会让您流连忘返。 这里宁静惬意,返璞归真,宛如身处世外 桃源。

Rooms / Villas / Suites: Pool: Spa: Restaurant & Bar: Fitness: Fun Facts: A WHAT?!:

54 rooms 6 Pool Villa saltwater Rose Spa THE CASTLE RESTAURANT AND TEAROOM (English, Thai and high-tea) yes gorgeous English gardens and labyrinths an escape to a world of English elegance

房间/别墅/套房: 泳池: SPA: 餐厅/酒吧: 健身中心: 特色: 亮点:

56间房间,6栋带泳池别墅 咸水泳池 玫瑰SPA 古堡餐厅&茶室(英式&泰式下午茶) 配备有健身中心 美丽的英式花园,迷宫 远离尘世,到英式优雅里度个假

Tel: +66 (0) 44 009 999 999 Moo 4, Moosi, Pakchong,Nakorn Ratchasima 30130 Thailand

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Chiang Mai 清迈

Art Mai? Gallery Nimman Chiang Mai by Compass Hospitality

康帕斯集团清迈宁曼艺术画廊酒店 Step into the exquisite world of eating, breathing and sleeping art at Art Mai? Gallery Nimman Chiang Mai. Our one-of-a-kind art hotel is inspired by some of Thailand’s eminent artists, and located in downtown Chiang Mai - the largest and most culturally significant city in Northern Thailand. From uniquely artist-designed room amenities to personalized hotel services, our guests can also enjoy a range of top quality hotel facilities including an Art Gallery, fitness centre, swimming pool, and a full-serviced restaurant with our artists’ Signature Dishes on offer. We pride ourselves in offering a truly distinct experience for those who wish to explore the local art scene in peacefulness. Get immersed in the rich environment of Chiang Mai’s cultural flavours: start by savouring the artwork spread through the hotel’s various floors, with each floor dedicated to a different art period… And discover some new favourite works of art

128 Best Of Class

步入清迈宁曼艺术画廊酒店就宛如进入 了一个充满食之艺术,呼吸艺术空气,睡 眠中也充满艺术气息的精品天堂。我们的 艺术酒店受泰国杰出艺术家的启发,位于 泰北最大的历史文化名城清迈市中心。 从别致的,充满艺术设计感的房间陈设 到周到贴心的酒店服务,入住酒店的客人 还将享受最高品质的酒店设施和服务,包 括艺术画廊,健身中心,游泳池,以及附 有我们艺术家签名的精品餐具和周到服务 的餐厅。 如果您想要安静地探寻当地艺术,我们 的酒店将为您提供真正的直接接触艺术的 机会。我们的酒店吸收清迈文化品味之精 髓,浓郁的艺术氛围,在酒店的每一层 楼,都陈列着丰富的艺术作品,每一层楼 的作品分别代表不同的艺术时期。您可以 在此尽享艺术之美,尽情探寻您最喜爱的 艺术作品。

Rooms / Villas / Suites: Pools : Spa: Restaurant(s) Fitness: Fun Facts: A WHAT?!: 房间/别墅/套房: 泳池: SPA: 餐厅: 健身中心: 特色: 亮点:

79 rooms Yes No Jarid Thai Food and Fine Wines Yes Nestled within downtown Chiangmai, a home to culturally rich landmarks, Buddhist temples All rooms and suites have been designed in different art themes by some of the renowned artists of Thailand 79间客房 有 无 Jarid 泰国料理和名酒餐厅 有 位于清迈市中心,一个充满历史文化景点和佛寺的地方 每间房间均由泰国著名艺术家设计,并赋予不同风格

Tel: +66 (0) 53 894 888 Fax: +66 (0) 53 894 894 21 Soi 3, Nimmanhaemin Road, Suthep, Muang, Chiang Mai 50200, Thailand

Single Black:

Grey Tone:

C: 0% M: 0% Y: 0%

C: 0% M: 0% Y: 0%

K: 100%

K: 80%

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Chiang Mai


akyra Manor Chiang Mai


130 Best Of Class

This is a chic, urban resort concept providing an invigorating shot of passion, design flair and contemporary style for the ‘Rose of the North’: a five-star, intimate and exclusive all-suite luxury hotel.

清迈艾卡拉庄园酒店是一间奢华的五星 级城市概念度假村。融合了现代而热忱的设 计风格,在被誉为“北方玫瑰”的清迈别有 特色 。

The hotel is a five-star, 30-key, all-suite luxury hotel, with 23 Deluxe Suites (60 sqm) and seven Manor Suites (100 sqm) created around a courtyard within-a-room concept.

这间五星级的酒店拥有30间套房,均主 以“阁中之庭院”的概念修建。其中23间为 60平方米的艾卡拉豪华套房,7间为100平方 米的艾卡拉庄园套房 。

It’s the hip downtown hotel Chiang Mai never had. It is ‘the place to be seen’ in the new downtown Chiang Mai, with flourishes like a state-of-the-art show kitchen and pizza ovens as part of flagship contemporary Italian experience named Italics, and a show-stopping rooftop pool bar where the sunsets are a ‘religious experience’.

艾卡拉庄园酒店坐落在清迈市中心,被 称为在清迈城区漫步的“必游之所”。酒店 的Italics餐厅 拥有最先进的开放式厨房和比 萨饼手工作坊,精心烹饪意大利料理,是食 客们在宁曼路上最爱流连的地方。屋顶Rise 泳池畔酒吧更是欣赏日落美景和品位特色调 酒的好去处。

Check in to pure urban style and big city sophistication in buzz-worthy Nimmanhaemin Soi 9, known locally as ‘coffee street’. Take in the chic boutiques, galleries, bars and coffee shops, then return to your sanctuary.

入住艾卡拉庄园酒店,漫步在宁曼街区, 走进“咖啡街”上一间精致的咖啡馆、画廊、 时尚精品店、酒吧,带着这份清迈的韵味, 沉淀在旅途中。

Suites: 23 akyra Deluxe Suites , 7 akyra Manor Suites Pools: infinity pool at Rise Rooftop Bar Spa: in-room massages available Restaurant & Bar: Italics Restaurant, Rise Rooftop Bar Fitness: 24 hours Fun Facts: dining on chef’s table, city bicycles available, sunset cocktails A WHAT?!: luxurious afternoon-tea at chic Italics Restaurant, even serving Durian (ugh) flavor! 房间: 游泳池: spa: 餐厅和酒吧: 健身中心: 趣闻: 惊喜?! :

23 间阿凯拉豪华套房, 7 间阿凯拉庄园套房 位于屋顶的无边游泳池和泳池畔酒吧 提供客房内泰式按摩服务 Italics意大利餐厅,Rise屋顶酒吧 24小时 在主厨的餐桌上用餐,单车骑行,日落时分调一杯鸡尾酒 在别致的Italics餐厅享受豪华下午茶,还有榴莲口味的甜品选择!

Tel: +66 (0) 25 148 112 22/2 Nimman Haeminda Rd Lane 9, Mueang Chiang Mai District, Chiang Mai 50200 Thailand

Luxury Hotels & Resorts in Thailand


Chiang Mai 清迈

NA NIRAND Romantic Boutique Resort

纳尼兰德精品度假酒店 NA NIRAND is a charming hideaway nestled in the heart of Chiang Mai on the banks of the Ping River, conveniently located near the Chiang Mai International Airport and the Night Bazaar. Six residences, designed in Lanna-Colonial style of King Rama V, house 45 guest rooms, each with a private balcony. The combination of classic and romantic art with local Lanna architecture is reflected with warmth throughout the resort. The vintage atmosphere is delicately displayed with ornamental wood carvings, and a pair of stucco elephants. Elegant, simple and authentic. The resort is designed around a sweeping 100-year-old giant rain tree, which distinctly serves as the centerpiece and heart of NA NIRAND. A host of indigenous trees allow guests to relax and unwind – and instill a sense of holistic peace. An airport shuttle, a library, spa, fitness, restaurants and an outdoor pool all enhance the experience. Here is a perfect place for a romantic getaway, a wedding ceremony or a honeymoon. Timeless Charm & Elegance.

132 Best Of Class

纳尼兰德精品度假酒店地处清迈市中 心,闹中取静,紧邻萍河,到达清迈国际机 场和夜市交通便利。 六栋酒店建筑以拉玛五世皇时期纳兰殖 民建筑风格为设计基调,酒店共拥有45间 房间,均配有私人阳台,经典与烂漫完美结 合,融合当地纳兰风格建筑特色,使整个酒 店充满温馨的融融暖意。 精美木刻和大象石雕映衬出酒店复古经 典的氛围。 优雅,简洁,经典 一棵百年古树——雨树在酒店中央舒展 其身姿,客人可在天然的树荫下聚会,放 松,享受徐徐微风,感受宁静气息。 酒店提供机场接送服务,配有阅览室, SPA水疗中心,健身中心,餐厅和室外游 泳池。 这里是您浪漫旅行,举办婚礼或是度蜜月 的绝佳选择,享受清迈古城迷人风光,感受 悠悠万古时光。

Rooms / Villas / Suites: Pools: Spa: Restaurant & Bar: Fitness: Fun Facts: A WHAT?!:

45 rooms (39 Deluxe, 2 Corner Suites, 4 Riverfront Suites) 2 swimming pools (1 for private residence) Contemporary Lanna-style spa TIME Riverfront Cuisine & Bar, Thai and Lanna fusion; rooftop wine bar Outdoor Fitness A charming and peaceful hideaway in the heart of Chiang Mai Natural peace, timeless living, magnificent landmark 100-year-old Giant Rain Tree as a centerpiece

房间/别墅/套房: 泳池: SPA: 餐厅/酒吧: 健身中心: 特色: 亮点:

45间房(39间豪华房,2间套房,4间河景套房) 2个泳池(其中1个仅供入住酒店客人使用) 现代兰纳风格SPA 时光河畔餐吧,兰纳泰国餐厅,屋顶星空酒吧 室外健身中心 地处清迈古城市中心,闹中取静,尽享迷人景色 自然宁静,惬意栖居,绝佳地理位置,百年雨树作为酒店中心的天然氧吧

Tel: +66 (0) 53 280 988 Fax: +66 (0) 53 280 989 Information Email: Reservation Email: Website: 1/1 Soi 9, Charoenprathet Road, Tambon Changklan, Amphoe Muang, Chiang Mai, 50100, Thailand

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Chiang Mai 清迈

Sala Lanna Chiang Mai 清迈SALA兰纳酒店 The Kingdom of Lanna, meaning the kingdom of a million rice fields, was once a thriving, independent state located in what is now northern Thailand. This former kingdom bordered the Shan states of what is now eastern Myanmar (formerly known as Burma), and is rich in Thai and Burmese culture and history. The intimate and indulgent boutique sala lanna Chiang Mai is located along the popular east bank of the famous Ping River just 8km, a short drive, to the heart of Chiang Mai. It consists of 15 stylish guest rooms, most with river views and balconies and features a riverfront restaurant and a stunning rooftop bar and swimming pool. This dynamic new property is one of the new sala boutique brand hotels for SALA Resorts and Spas group. SALA’s growing portfolio of properties includes: the inspiring hilltop sala khaoyai resort; the riverside hideaway of sala rattanakosin Bangkok;, sala Ayutthaya and the well-known beach resorts of SALA Samui and SALA Phuket and SALA Chaweng.

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兰纳王国意为有百万良田的王国,是泰 国历史上富庶的独立王国,位于今天的泰国 北部地区。这个前王国毗邻缅甸北部的Shan 府,在这里兼具泰国和缅甸的历史与文化。 清迈SALA兰纳精品度假酒店位于清迈著 名景点美丽的萍河东岸,距离清迈市中心仅8 公里之遥。酒店共有15间各具特色的客房, 多数为河景房,所有房间均有私人阳台。酒 店有配河畔餐厅,屋顶天空吧和泳池。 清迈SALA兰纳精品度假酒店是SALA度假 村&SPA集团旗下的品牌,旗下的酒店有:绝 美山林sala khaoyai 度假村; 曼谷河畔 sala rattanakosin酒店,大城府 sala Ayutthaya 酒店, 以及著名的海滨沙滩度假酒店:苏梅岛SALA Samui 度假酒店,普吉岛SALA Phuket 度假酒 店以及查文 SALA Chaweng度假酒店。

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15 rooftop a variety of in-room and poolside treatments are available by advance booking On the Ping Riverfront Eatery and Bar (Thai-Western and Italian), The Roof top (romantic open-air sky bar and pool with 360° views golf, tennis, gyms and fitness centers are available nearby excursion activities – elephant trekking, river rafting, mountain biking, temples and historical sites, Night Market indulgent, intimate, serene

房间/套房: 泳池: SPA: 餐厅/酒吧: 健身中心: 特色: 亮点:

15间 屋顶泳池 选择多样的屋内以及泳池畔SPA理疗(需提前预约) 萍河畔Eatery餐吧(主营泰国菜,西餐,意大利菜),Rooftop酒吧(360度池 景浪漫屋顶露天天空吧) 附近有网球场,高尔夫球场和健身房可用 丰富多彩的活动:骑大象丛林踱步,河流漂流,山地自行车,寺庙,古迹,夜市 酒店自由,私密的氛围,优美的环境

Tel: +66 (0) 53 242 588 Fax: +66 (0) 53 242 589 37, 49 Charoenrat Road Wat Gate, Mueang, Chiang Mai 50000 Thailand

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Chiang Rai 清莱

Katiliya Mountain Resort & Spa 清莱凯蒂利亚山野温泉度假酒店 “PROBABLY THE BIGGEST ALL SUITES RESORT IN CHIANG RAI , under concept Where Luxury Meets nature.” Shrouded in mist at the gates of the fabled Golden Triangle, Katiliya Mountain Resort & Spa brings contemporary luxury to a land steeped in lore. Situated in Thailand’s northern-most province, Chiang Rai, Conveniently equidistant between the city of Chiang Rai, Mae Sai, Doi Tung and Doi Mae Salong, just half an hour from Chaing rai international airport and the Golden Triangle where Myanmar, Laos and Thailand converge. Katiliya Mountain Resort and Spa is an all-suite luxury resort providing guests with superb services and facilities, in a stunning natural setting. Each of our Villas offers 4 to 6 units ensuring guest privacy and serenity with some units close to our pool and Lobby area for convenience and some along our beautiful hillside. The individual suites range in size from 90 to 375 square meters, including large private balconies that open to magnificent views of rolling hills and verdant forests.

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清莱府最大的全设施度假酒店,奢华与 自然完美结合。 凯蒂利亚山野温泉度假酒店坐落于通往 秘境金三角的路上,周围群山环抱,景色宜 人。酒店设施齐全,客人可在此尽享奢华入 住体验。酒店位于泰国最北边的府——清莱 府,驱车前往清莱市区,美赛,黎敦,黎美 斯乐都很便利。距离清莱国际机场和泰国, 缅甸,老挝三国边境处的金三角地区仅一个 半小时车程。 凯蒂利亚山野温泉度假酒店拥有全设备 豪华客房,为客人提供热情周到的服务,地 处山间,热带雨林环绕,坐享自然美景。酒 店的每一栋别墅有4-6间房间,环境宁静, 保证客人的私密性。部分房间靠近泳池和大 厅,十分便利,部分房间坐落山野山间,宁 静惬意。套房面积从90至375平米不等, 均配有无敌景观阳台,看郁郁葱葱的原始森 林,山间云卷云舒。 客人可以在酒店泳池戏水,休息,做 SPA,得到完全放松,亦可以去探访当地民 俗和自然景色。还可以在酒店的露台餐厅享 用正宗泰国菜以及各式国际菜式,让味蕾飞 起来。

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90 units (90 -375 sq.m) 3 pools - main pool, heated pool and kid pool Ultimate sensory escape All-day dining for Thai ,Western and Italian cuisine. Yes Elegance with abundant happy options Intimate privacy and serenity

套房: 泳池: SPA: 餐厅/酒吧: 健身中心: 特色: 亮点:

90间(90-375平米) 3个游泳池,即主泳池、温水池和儿童泳池 终极释放感觉 全天泰式、西式和意大利式餐饮 有 拥有多种趣味选择 具有私密性、宁静

Tel: +66 (0) 53 603 000 Fax: +66 (0) 53 603 001 388/1 Moo 4, Tambol Pha Sang, Amphur Mae Chan, Chiang Rai 57110 Thailand

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Thailand Information and Culture 泰国信息和文化

Thailand, the only Southeast Asian nation never to have been colonized by European powers, is a constitutional monarchy. A unified kingdom has existed since the mid-4th century. Thailand was known as Siam until 1939, when it officially became the Kingdom of Thailand.

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泰国,东南亚国家中唯一一个没有沦为欧洲强国 殖民地的君主立宪制国家,现任国王是哇集拉隆 功国王。 14世纪中叶一个统一的王国已经形成,称为暹 罗,1939年正式改名为泰王国。



Thailand is the 50th largest country in the world (similar in size to France or Texas). Located just north of the equator, it has a tropical climate. Its largest peak, Doi Inthanon in the mountainous north, is 2,565 meters (8,415 feet) high. It covers more than 500,000 sq km (200,000 sq miles) with 2,230 sq km of water. The coastline is 3,219 kilometer long. Its longest shared border is with Myanmar (Burma) on the west stretching 1,800 km.

泰国是世界上土地面积最大的50个国家之一 (大小相当于法国或得克萨斯州),位于赤道以北, 属热带气候。泰国最高峰期是北部的茵他侬,高 2,565米(8415英尺)。泰国陆地面积500,000平方 公里(200,000平方英里),水域面积2,230平方公 里,海岸线长3,219公里。泰国最长的边境延伸至缅 甸(Burma),绵延1800公里。



The weather is usually hot and humid, typical of its equatorial location, and temperatures range from 19 to 38 degrees C (66-100 F). Generally, Thailand can be divided into three seasons: “hot” (April), “rainy” (September) and “cool” (December), although the geography allows visitors to find suitable weather somewhere in the country throughout the year.


泰国气候通常炎热和潮湿,是典型的热带地区,温度 一般为19到38摄氏度(66-100 F)之间。一般来说, 泰国可分为三个季节:“热”季(4月)、雨季(9 月)和“凉”季(12月)。泰国的地理位置能让游客 在一年四季都能在任何地方找到合适的天气。


Thailand is comprised of nearly 70 million citizens, the majority of whom are ethnically Thai, though Chinese, Indian, Malay, Mon, Khmer, Burmese and Lao are also represented. Approximately 8 million people live in the capital, Bangkok, though this number has been difficult to accurately assess. The vast majority (roughly 80%) of the citizens are Thai. In Bangkok, a greater diversity exists, including a large number of expatriate residents. Other geographic distinctions of the population include a Muslim majority near the Malaysian border and hill tribe ethnic groups, such as the Hmong and Karen, who live in the northern mountains.

泰国大约有700万人口,绝大多数为泰族,同时也不 同程度地分布着中国、印度、马来西亚、蒙族、高 棉、缅甸和老挝人。大约有800万居民住在首都曼 谷,但这些数据存在季节性变化,很难准确计算。 泰国人口中绝大部分(约80%)是泰族,在曼谷,有 大量来自世界各地的外籍居民。其他地理区域的人口 有穆斯林,他们大多居住靠近马来西亚边境的南部。 另外还有山区部落族群,如苗族和克伦族,居住在北 部山区。



About 90% of the population speak Thai or one of its regional dialects. While this is the official language, due to the established tourisminfrastructure, English is commonly understood throughout Thailand.

92%以上的人口讲泰语或方言,泰语是泰国的官方语 言。由于首都的国际化和旅游基础设施的建立,英语被 广泛使用。



Approximately 94% of Thais are Buddhist, 5% Muslim, 1% Christian and other.

泰国人口中94%是佛教徒,5%是穆斯林,1%是基督徒 和其他。



Many inexpensive options (see page 12).


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Thai Greeting The Thai greeting referred to as the wai consists of a slight bow, with the palms pressed together in a prayer-like fashion (and often replaces the Western-style handshake). The higher the hands are held in relation to the face and the lower the bow, the more respect or reverence the giver of the wai is displaying. The wai is traditionally observed upon formally entering a house. After the visit is over, the visitor asks for permission to leave and repeats the salutation made upon entering. It is also common as a way to express gratitude or to apologize. The word often spoken with the wai as a greeting or farewell is sawatdi, sometimes romanized as sawasdee. This verbal greeting is usually followed by kha (when spoken by a female) and khrap (male). Waiing remains to this day an extremely important part of socialb behavior among Thais, who are very sensitive to their self-perceived standing in society. Foreign tourists and other visitors unaccustomed to the intricacies of Thai language and culture should not wai someone younger than them except in return for their wai. However, one should always return a wai that is offered as a sign of respect. Corporate wais, such as those performed by convenience store cashiers, generally are reciprocal with a smile or a nod. If one receives a wai while carrying goods, or for any reason that makes returning it difficult, one should still show their respect by making a physical effort to return it as best as possibleunder the circumstances.

泰式打招呼 泰式打招呼的方式是为合十礼,微微低头,用祈祷般的方式将手掌合在一起(往往取代了 西式的握手)。相对于脸部和低头的程度,手举得越高,代表了行合十礼者越多的尊重和 崇敬。合十礼是正式进屋后的传统礼仪,拜访结束后,来访者要求离开,重复进屋时所做 的动作,同时合十礼也用于表达感激或道歉。 行合十礼时或告别时的问候语是sawatdi,罗马拼音是sawasdee.。口头问候语后通常跟 KHA(女性口语)和khrap(男性口语)。 直到现在,合十礼仍然是泰国社会生活中一个极其重要的组成部分,泰国人很重视自己在 社会中的自我感觉。外国游客和其他游客不习惯泰国语言和文化的复杂性,比如泰国人觉 得不应该拜比自己年轻的人,除非回拜。但是,每个人都应该回拜以示尊重。另外还有团 体合十礼,如便利店收银员一般都会重复微笑或点头。 如果在拿东西时得到别人的合十礼,或因各种原因很难回拜,仍然应该根据情况尽可能地 通过身体动作表示尊重。 140 Best Of Class

Land of Smiles


Thailand is often called the “land of smiles,” not only because visitors glow over its natural beauty and historical riches, but also because of the country’s friendly people and fascinating culture.

泰国被称为“微笑的国度”,不仅是因为游客焕发了它 的自然风光和历史财富,还因为泰国友好的人民和迷人 的文化。 由于重视宁静的性格,冲突和突兀的表现在泰国文化中 是不允许的。由于这些原因,游客应注意不要制造冲突 或唐突。在遇到分歧和争端时应面带微笑处理,并且不 怪罪别人。

Since a serene disposition is valued, beware that conflict and sudden displays of anger are eschewed in Thai culture. For these reasons, visitors should take care not to assign blame or draw attention to another person’s error, particularly if they are local. 在泰国的日常生活中,特别强调一个概念:生活应该很 Often Thais will deal with disagreements, minor mistakes, or misfortunes by using the phrase mai pen rai, translated as “it doesn’t matter”. The ubiquitous use of this phrase in Thailand reflects a disposition towards minimizing conflict, disagreements or complaints. A smile and mai pen rai indicate that the incident is not important and therefore there is no conflict or shame involved.

有趣。正因为如此,工作和每天的日常活动会变得更加 有趣,在社会交往中显示积极的情绪在泰国文化中也是 很重要的。 泰国人通常会说mai pen rai(意思是“没关系”)来处 理分歧、小错误或不幸遭遇。在泰国,这个短语无处不 在,反映了泰国人尽量减少冲突、分歧或投诉的性格。 一个微笑,一句“mai pen rai”表示这起事件并不重 要,因此没有发生冲突或耻辱的必要。

In everyday life in Thailand, there is a strong emphasis on the concept of sanuk: the idea that life should be fun. Because of this, Thais can be quite playful at work and during day-to-day activities. Displaying positive emotions in social interactions is also important in Thai culture.

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Thai New Year Thai New Year, or Songkran, is officially observed from 13–15 April each year. Falling at the end of the dry season and during the hot season in Thailand, the celebrations notoriously feature boisterous water throwing, which stemmed from washing Buddha images and lightly sprinkling scented water on the hands of elderly people. Small amounts of scented talcum powder were also used in the annual cleansing rite.

When sitting in a temple, one is expected to point one’s feet away from images of the Buddha. Shrines inside Thai residences are arranged so as to ensure that the feet are not pointed towards the religious icons, such as placing the shrine on the same wall as the head of a bed. It is also customary to remove one’s footwear before entering a home or the sacred areas within a temple, and not to step on the threshold.

Temples Since Thailand is a Buddhist country, temples play an important role in everyday life. Thais go for merit making, pray to the Buddha for things such as good health, good fortune, and to seek advice from monks. It is customary for young boys to ordain as a monk and live in the temple for a short time. There are a number of Thai customs relating to the special status of monks in Thai society. Thai monks are forbidden physical contact with women. Women are therefore expected to make way for passing monks to ensure that accidental contact (or indeed appearance together) does not occur. Women making offerings to monks place their donation at the feet of the monk, or on a cloth laid on the ground or a table. Powders or unguents intended to carry a blessing are applied to Thai women by monks using the end of a candle or stick. Laypersons are expected to sit or stand with their heads at a lower level than that of a monk. Within a temple, monks may sit on a raised platform during ceremonies to make this easier to achieve. 142 Best Of Class

寺庙 有许多关于泰国社会中僧侣特殊地位的风俗,泰国僧侣被 禁止与女人有身体接触。因此,妇女需要给僧侣让路,以 确保不发生意外接触。确保妇女和僧人不发生偶然接触 (或外部接触)的方法有很多,如妇女在供养僧人时把她 们的贡品放在僧人脚上,或放在铺设在地面上的布上或桌 上。僧人通过使用蜡烛或棒末端,赠与女性祝福的粉末或 油膏。 外人在站或坐的时候,他们的头需要低于僧人的头。在寺 庙,和尚可以坐在凸起的平台上,更容易显示僧侣的地位。 当坐在寺庙内时,需要提醒别人不要将脚指向佛像。泰国 住宅内布置的佛龛是用来保证脚没有指向宗教圣像,如将 神龛放置在与床头同一面的墙上。 在进入寺庙房间内或在神圣的区域前,需要脱鞋,且不 能踩门槛。

In recent decades, water fights have been increasingly industrialized with use of hoses, barrels, squirt guns, water-filled surgical tubing, and copious amounts of powder. Be prepared!

泰国新年 泰国新年或泼水节,通常为每年的4月13–15 日,即泰国旱季结束和夏季时期。庆祝活动包括 热闹的泼水,清洗佛像,并轻轻洒水于老人手 中,少量的香粉也被用在年度清洗仪式。近几十 年来,打水仗越来越多地使用软管、桶、水枪、 充水外科手术导管和大量的粉。 请准备好!

Thai Cuisine Thai cooking places emphasis on lightly-prepared dishes with strong aromatic components and a spicy edge. It is known for its complex interplay of between three and five fundamental taste senses in each dish or the overall meal: sour, sweet, salty, bitter, and spicy. While Thai food has a reputation for being particularly spicy, it is actually balancing these core olefactory senses. This goes beyond simply combining the flavors within an individual dish to incorporate the contrast in flavors between two or three different dishes, which is one reason Thai’s share meals and eat family style. One distinctive aspect of Thai food is the use of fresh herbs and spices as well as the inclusion of fermented fish sauce in nearly every dish – a potential problem for vegetarians, though saying “jay” to indicate you are vegetarian goes a long way.

However, there are certainly regional variations in what is typically considered Thai food; these are due to the influences of neighboring countries, such as China, Laos, Burma, and Malaysia. While some Thai restaurants specialize in specific dishes, most have a huge menu of Thai and western fare and prepare Thai food from throughout the Kingdom. Thai food (Ar-Han-Thai) is one of the most popular cuisines in the world. In 2011, seven of Thailand’s popular dishes made it to the list of the “World’s 50 Most Delicious Foods (Readers’ Pick)” – a worldwide online poll of 35,000 people by CNN Travel. Thailand had more dishes on the list than any other country: tom yam goong (4th), pad Thai (5th), som tam (6th), massaman curry (10th), green curry (19th), Thai fried rice (24th) and moo nam tok (36th).

泰国美食 泰国美食是泰国的传统美食,泰式烹饪非常注重在菜肴边缘放重口味和辛辣的装饰物。泰国 美食以其复杂性闻名,一个菜或整桌菜有三种(最多四种或五种)基本味觉:酸,甜,咸, 苦,辣。 虽然泰国美食以特辣著称,但它实际上是基于辣、酸、甜、咸和苦之间的平衡。这超出了简 单地将各种味道合成到一道菜中,而是将不同味道融合到2-3道不同的菜中。这是泰国人喜 欢分享美食和家庭聚餐的原因。 泰国菜一个显着的特点是使用新鲜香草和香料,几乎每道菜都放发酵鱼露 - 对于素食者来 说,潜在的问题他们说“jay”来表明是素食主义者,但是得不到好的效果。不过,泰国菜 也有一定的地区差异,这是因为受到周边国家,如中国、老挝、缅甸和马来西亚的影响。一 些泰国餐馆专注于特定的菜肴,大多数餐馆拥有一个大菜单,涵盖了泰国菜和西餐,准备来 自整个王国各地的泰国菜。 泰国美食(Ar-Han-Thai)是世界上最流行的菜系之一。 2011年,泰国最流行的七大菜肴 使泰国菜名列“世界50大最美味的食物(读者挑选)”-来自 CNN旅游35000人的全球网投 票。泰国比其他任何国家有更多名单以外的美味佳肴,如冬阴功(第4名)、泰式米饭(第 5名)、酸辣青木瓜丝(第6名)、马沙文咖喱(第10名)、绿咖喱(第19名)、泰国炒饭 (第24名)、猪肉沙律(第36名)。 Luxury Hotels & Resorts in Thailand


Thailand's Attractions 泰国旅游景点

Thailand is a kingdom of wonder, stretching 2,000 kilometers from the northern mountains of Chiang Rai to the southern islands of Samui, Phuket, Krabi, and down to Hat Yai on the Malaysia border. The Kingdom is replete with spectacular natuqral, cultural, and historical attractions: the mountains, hill country, rice fields, and dazzling beaches and translucent seas. Attractions include: sparkling diving, stunning beaches, hundreds of tropical islands, exhilarating nightlife, fantastic dining, abundant shopping (prestigious malls and street markets), archaeological sites, museums, palaces, hill tribes, flora and bird life, Buddhist temples and several World Heritage sites. 泰国是一个神奇的国度,从清莱北部山区到苏梅岛、 普吉、甲米南部岛屿延绵2000公里,一直南下至合 艾,与马来西亚接壤。 王国充满了壮观自然景观以及人文历史景观,如山 川、丘陵、稻田,以及耀眼的海滩和透亮的海洋。 最为吸引人有在波光粼粼的水面下潜浮,迷人的 沙滩,数百座热带岛屿环绕,丰富的夜生活无限 悸动,餐厅各色风味美妙无比,琳琅满目的商品满 足您疯狂购物的需求(它拥有最为著名的商场与街 市)。此外还有众多考古遗址、博物馆、宫殿、 山地部落,以及植物、禽类,佛教寺庙与世界遗产。 144 Best Of Class

茵他侬山 清迈茵他侬山是喜马拉雅山脉的一部分,高达2,565米,是泰国最高 峰。茵他侬国家公园占地482.4平方公里,爱好凉爽气候的旅游者应 挑选十二月至次年二月的凉季前来参观,这个季节还有机会欣赏朵朵 樱花。 清道山 清道(清道山)位于清迈清道野生动物保护区,高达2175米(第三 名)。 这座山脉是石灰岩山体的一部分,距今已经有2.5亿年历史。山脉位 于高地尾部,距离缅甸南部边境不到40公里。在山顶平原上,游客可 以欣赏如诗如画的风景,包括塔莱莫(雾海)、叁批弄山、清道山, 以及遥远的茵他侬山。 天山国家森林公园 清莱是北部最有名的旅游胜地地之一。尤其是冬天,游客可以在悬崖 边上欣赏日出雾海与山谷壮观景色。天山国家森林公园拥有得天独厚 的景色和多姿多彩的鲜花,一年中气候凉爽居多。我们热烈欢迎来自 世界的各地游客在班弄发通与班弄发泰度过愉快的夜晚。

NORTHERN Mountains


Doi Inthanon Part of the Himalayan mountain range, Doi Inthanon in Chiang Mai province is Thailand’s tallest peak at 2,565 meters. The Park covers an area of 482 sqm. Visit during cooler December to February, affording a chance to see the blossoming of Siamese sakura flowers. Doi Chiang Dao Chiang Dao Hill is in Chiang Dao Wildlife Reserve in Chiang Mai and towers 2,175 meters. It is part of a 250 million year-old limestone massif located less than 40 km south of the border with Myanmar(Burma) at the end of the Thai highlands. At the top of the hill, tourists can enjoy a picturesque landscape, ranging from Talay Mok, Doi Sam Pee Nong, Doi Chiang Dao mountain range, to the far-away Doi Inthanon. Phu Chi Fa A famous destination in northern Chiang Rai, especially during winter, visitors try to reach its cliff. It offers spectacular views of the valley and sea of mist at sunrise, abundant flowers, and cool weather. Stay overnight at Ban Rom Fa Thong and Ban Rom Fa Thai.

Doi Suthep Covering a 262 square km verdant forest and mountain ranges in Chiang Mai, attractions include: Huai Kaew Waterfall and Kru Ba Sri Wichai monument. Among the major hills: Doi Buak Ha, Doi Pui, and Doi Suthep (its peak is the location of a sacred Wat Phra That Di Suthep with its golden pagoda that shines in the sun). Phu Soi Dao The National Park is 58,750 acres and is cool all year (2,102 meters). The park borders Laos to the far east, and is home to several species of wild flowers, with several attractions that include: a savanna field situated within the dense pine trees, and the five-tier Phu Soi Dao waterfall near the park office. A four-hour hike up the trail brings you to Larn Paa Son. Visitors should stop at Sai Tip waterfall to admire the moss and lichen covered cliff. Visitors can reach Phu Soi dao from Phitsanulok (154 km). Six public buses depart from Phitsanulok.

安康山 安康山位于清迈,那里道路崎岖陡峭,宛如虬须,因此需要经验丰富 的司机才能到达,Mae KHA市场的本地货车(双条车)提供前往安康 山的服务。这个地方一年如春,凉爽宜人,最好的旅游时间是十二月 至次年一月,大部分地区出现霜冻。 素帖山 国家公园占地262平方米,郁郁葱葱的森林遍布整个清迈。著名的景 点除了淮开奥瀑布外,还有专门为悼念和尚1935年成功修建通往素 贴山的道路而建造的克鲁巴斯里维柴纪念碑。这里比较有名的山丘有 Buak山、Pui山和素帖山(最闻名的要数那迪素贴山峰了,山顶的宝 塔在仰光下熠熠生辉) 普岁道山 普岁道国家公园占地58750英亩,一年四季气候凉爽(2102米)。 公园东部毗邻老挝,并且是一些野花品种的发源地。这里的迷人之处 有五层的普岁道山瀑布,位于茂密松树林内的瀑布,临近公园的办公 室。 四小时登山旅程带您到达Larn Paa Son,您可以在Sai Tip瀑布停下来 欣赏遍布苔藓与地衣的绝壁悬崖,那里安排了晚间住宿,解决您的后 顾之忧。有六两大巴从彭世洛到达普岁道(154公里)。

Doi Ang Khang Doi Ang Khang is in Chiang Mai-Fang (accessed by a steep, zigzagging, asphalt road, use an experienced driver). The local truck (Song Thaeo) from Mae Kha Market offers service to the splendid mountain. It is cool all year. Best from December to January, when much of the area is frosty. Luxury Hotels & Resorts in Thailand




Koh Rok – Krabi Rok Islands’ sea is glistening turquoise, so clear that one can see colorful coral reefs below. It is perfect for snorkeling. Bordering Krabi and Trang seas, the island was previously difficult to travel to and, as a result it is well-preserved and unspoiled. Note: travel between November-April (closed May 16 - October 31).

Koh Tao An isolated island in the Gulf of Thailand, located 45 km northwest of Phang Nga and has been inhabited since 1947. It features lush nature, abundant marine life, beautiful coral reefs in both shallow and deep sea, a variety of colorful fishes, and many white-sand beaches. Travel from February to April.

Maya, Phi Phi Home to the world’s famous Maya Bay, a heavenly beach featured in The Beach movie, Phi Phi Le Island is embraced by limestone mountain cliffs, which help conserve its natural beauty. The other peaceful beaches that are close enough to walk to are Lo Sama Bay, a small shallow-water-corals-gilded bay; and a giant, mountain-encircled Pile Bay. The latter provides a terrific snorkeling site along the limestone cliff called “Pi Le Wall”, discovering giant sea fans and coastal creatures.

Mu Koh Surin National Park – Phang Nga The Park is an archipelago in the Andaman Sea located 70 km off the western shore near Myanmar. Proclaimed a national park in 1981, it comprises five major islands and includes beautiful coral reefs in the shallows and abundant schools of fish. It offers ideal spots for snorkeling to admire coral, especially at Koh Torinla and Koh Pachumba. Perfect for scuba diving is the Richeliu Rock, 10 km to the southwest. This site is a fertile undersea nature habitat for fish, colorful corals, and whale sharks. Visit between November-April.

Koh Lipe – Satun The prominent features of Koh Lipe are the natural coral reefs. Ao Phatte, a vast, curve-shaped bay, and a powdered-sand beach, is within a 15-minute walk, and you can connect to Hat Chao Le or Chao Le Beach. During the festive time, the villagers build a boat from Rakam wood and perform a ceremony to float the boat, to predict fishing. This celebration occurs in May and November.

Koh Kradan – Trang This is probably the best-known and the most beautiful island in Trang. It is blessed with large, powdery white beaches, emerald-colored water and shallow-water corals. Very few lodging options means this is ideal for a peaceful, off-beat break.

Koh Nang Yuan, Surat Thani

Located in Ko Phang Nga in Surat Thani province, Ko Nang Yuan consists of three islets linked together by beaches and is a great diving site for coral reefs. The island consists of fine white sand and clear water. Both shallow and deep-water coral reefs, which are beautiful and still intact, are popular with divers. Moreover, a scenic viewpoint allows visitors to overlook a splendid line of three beaches where the islands are connected and beautiful sunrise and sunset.

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Koh Kood South of Koh Chang, this island is far less developed and consequently more idyllic. It is covered almost entirely with native forest, coconut and rubber trees. The flat island has a number of excellent beaches with aqua-clear water. Close to Cambodia, it has an ethnically mixed population of roughly 2,000 that is slowly transitioning from an exclusive plantation and fishing economy to an incipient tourism-oriented one. A middle and upper-class Thai clientele is drawn by the island’s beauty and tranquility. Both four-hour ferries and one-hour speed boats provide service, although nicer resorts have their own boats.

兰塔岛- 甲米 兰塔岛海犹如一块闪闪发光的绿松石,水下五颜六色的珊瑚礁便显现出来,无声地邀请人 们体验完美的深海潜浮,探索海洋奥妙。毗邻甲米和芽庄海,由于之前岛上交通很不方 便,因此保存完好,自然未受污染。 温馨提示:兰塔岛最佳时间的旅游时间为11月至次年4月,旅游淡季为5月16日 - 10月31 日。旅游套餐和一日游可以让兰塔岛当地代理商组织。

玛雅,皮皮岛 世界闻名的玛雅湾犹如天堂一般美丽,电影中海滩场景的拍摄也是其特点之一。皮皮岛被 石灰岩峭壁环绕其中,有力地保护了它的自然景色。它拥有两个宁静的海滩,与罗萨玛湾 十分接近,步行便可到达。 另外还有小浅水珊瑚镀金海湾,以及被巨大山脉环绕的海湾, 它沿着“Pi Le Wall”石灰岩延伸着,可以为游客提供潜水点,让您沉醉于非凡的水下体 验,探索发现巨型的海扇和其他海洋生物。

柯拉丹岛–董里 在所有岛屿中,柯拉丹岛可能是董里府最有名、最美丽的岛屿。它拥有得天独厚的洁白大沙 滩、翠绿色的水和浅水珊瑚。住宿选择极少,意味着这里是宁静、不受人群打扰的理想之地。

库德岛 位于象岛南边,是一个比象岛更受欢迎的邻近岛屿。库德岛比较不发达,但是拥有更广阔的田 园风光。岛屿地势平坦,原生森林和椰子、橡胶种植园几乎覆盖了整座小岛。岛屿的海水十分 清澈,沙滩景色也十分优美。由于靠近柬埔寨边境,库德岛有大约2000种族混居居民。现在, 岛上独特的种植园经济与渔业经济正逐渐过度成为以旅游业为主导的经济体系。 库德岛的住宿一直致力于吸引泰国中上层阶级的泰国游客,岛上的风景迷人,分外宁静,无时 无刻不深深打动它的客人。人们可以选择乘坐4个小时轮渡或者1个小时的快艇到达岛屿,当 然,岛上也可为您提供更好的交通服务。

利普岛 - 沙敦 利普岛的突出特点是天然珊瑚礁,岛上的Ao Phatte为开放式,蜿蜒曲折,沙滩上白沙细 滑。仅步行15分钟,便可以到达Hat Chao Le海滩或Chao Le海滩。每年5月和11月村庄会 举办庆典活动,在节庆日,村民们会建造从木船和举行保护鱼类的浮船仪式。

南园岛,素叻他尼 南园岛位于素叻他尼府攀牙岛,它由三个小岛组成,沙滩将它们连接起来。这里是一个欣 赏珊瑚礁潜水的理想场所。南园岛属于财政部所有,目前由南园岛潜水度假村租用和经营。 南园岛拥有洁白的沙滩和清澈的海水,非常适合主追求宁静平和的游客。无论是浅水区还 是深水区,珊瑚礁的美丽仍然完好无损,吸引潜水员定期游览。此外,绝佳的瞭望点让游 客可以完整地看到连接三座小岛的精美海岸线,还能欣赏日出与日落的美景,此情此景唯 南园岛独有。

涛岛 涛岛是泰国湾的孤岛,位于攀牙湾西北45公里处,自1947年就有居民在此居住。小岛拥有 翠绿的自然风光,海洋生物种类丰富,浅海和深海区遍布美丽的珊瑚礁,色彩斑斓的鱼类 在海底畅游,沙滩洁白且闲适,另外还拥有许多适合新手学习的潜水学校。最佳旅游季节 为2月至4月。

穆苏林岛国家公园 - 攀牙 穆苏林岛国家公园位于安达曼海的群岛上,距离缅甸西部70公里,1981年被评为国家公 园。它拥有五个主岛屿,浅滩珊瑚礁景色十分美丽,并创办了多所鱼类学校。穆苏林岛国 家公园是浮潜和欣赏珊瑚的理想场所,尤其是苏梅Torinla岛和Pachumba岛。潜水的理想 地点是黎塞留岩,位于苏林岛西南部10公里处。穆苏林岛国家公园还是一个富饶的海底生 物自然栖息地,有各种各样的鱼、五颜六色的珊瑚,鲸鲨、海底巨型动物也可以经常遇到 的。 最佳旅游时间是11月至次年4(5月至10月是雨季)。

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Amphawa Floating Market Amphawa is the second most popular floating market 50 km from Bangkok, not as large as Damnoen Saduak but more authentic, with visitors almost exclusively Thai. This once small village was apparently already present in the mid-17th century. It has become such a magnet for Thai weekenders that food stalls have grown from the riverbanks and stretched far into the surrounding streets. The main draw is of course eating seafood grilled precariously on wooden boats moored around the famous central bridge, serving an appetizing array of huge prawns, shellfish and squid. From noon until late in the evening, the smell is simply irresistible and customers flock to each side of the river all day long. In 2008, the community was granted an Honorable Mention Award from the UNESCO Asia–Pacific Heritage Awards for Culture Heritage Conservation. Pattaya Floating Market Pattaya Floating Market is a new tourist destination for Thai cultural conservation located in the heart of Pattaya city. It was established as a center of tourism focusing on cultural conservation that simulates the simple way of life of Thai people. It is also a learning center for Thai self-sufficient living connected with water, and a fascinating view of the local wisdom of four regions of Thailand: the North, the Central, the North East and the South.

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Plearnwan Plearnwan is an eco-vintage village near Hua Hin that features a 1950s faux-Thai high street that evokes the good old days of traditional Thai culture. Plearn is a combination of “play” and “learn” while Wan is from “wunwan”, meaning good old days. Two-story wooden shop-houses in the center are decorated in old-fashioned style with advertisements, film posters, fashion magazines, appliances, and collections connote a nostalgic time. Plearnwan includes a radio station that entertains all day long with oldies. Also, visitors can take vintage photos with a picture of Hua Hin Station as a backdrop. On the weekend, visit a funfair, an outdoor cinema, a Ferris wheel, and a variety of amusing side-stalls and games. Indulge in dishes at Khao-oon Kaengron, a renowned local restaurant, such as skewered sweet grilled fish, Thai style noodle rolls, Thai coconut pancakes and ice pops.

安帕瓦水上市场 安帕瓦是曼谷附近第二个受人欢迎的水上市场,规模不如大丹能沙多,但却更加 正宗,参观者几乎都是泰国人。它位于距离曼谷50公里处,17世纪这里还是一个 小村庄,现在已发展成为泰国周末度假聚集地,各种美食从河岸远远铺设至周围 的街道。 最吸引人的当然要数在桥中央停泊的木船上吃海鲜,它可以为您提供开胃的大 虾、贝类和鱿鱼。从中午到深夜,美食的味道简直不可阻挡,使得游客络绎不绝 地涌向河的两侧。 2008年,社区被联合国教科文组织授予亚太地区文化遗产荣誉奖二等奖。 芭堤雅水上市场 芭堤雅水上市场是泰国文化保护旅游胜地,位于芭堤雅市中心地带。它侧重于文 化交流,竭力模拟泰国人简单的生活方式,充分展现了泰国人民靠水吃水、自给 自足的生活方式,与此同时,这里还展现了泰国北部、中部、东北部和南部本地 人民的优秀智慧。 大城水上市场,围绕一个大池塘简称,中央有一个小岛。它保存了大城时代沿袭 下来的泰国传统生活方式 - 服装、建筑、艺术、文化和食品,供游人欣赏。 往日情怀 往日情怀是一个靠近华欣地区的生态复古集市,以仿造的50年代古老的泰式街 道为特色,这让那里的老人回忆起过去的美好时光,让年轻人了解传统文化。 而往日情怀的取名就是结合了“学”与 “玩”,寓意着美好的过去。 位于市集中心的一座两层高的商店木屋,上面贴满了旧时代广告,电影画报, 时尚杂志,室内还有古老的电器和各类收藏。这种装饰勾起了人们对过往的回 忆。 往日情怀市集内还有一座广播站,用来娱乐当地的老人。当然游客们也可以照一 些复古的照片留作纪念。周末的时候还会有游乐场开放,场内设有露天剧院,摩 天轮和一系列小游戏设施。玩可以在那里著名的餐厅khao-oon Kaengron大吃一 顿,有烤串烤鱼,泰式拉面,椰果松饼和脆脆冰。 Luxury Hotels & Resorts in Thailand




Huay Mae Kamin Waterfall Huay Mae Kamin, for tourists who love waterfalls, is a heavenly destination located two hours west of Bangkok near Kanchanaburi. The flawless beauty and refreshingly cool stream is one of the most famous and beautiful cascading waterfalls of Thailand. The stream flows down step-by-step and is surrounded by sparse forest, mountain range and various kinds of herbs. It originates from Kala mountain range. The waterfall is situated on the east of Sri Nakarin Dam National Park.

Huay Mae Kamin瀑布 北碧府有一个天国般的瀑布,位于诗娜卡琳坝国家公园的东边,距曼谷西面 两小时车程。这座备受瞩目的瀑布以其无瑕的姿态邀约着络绎不绝的旅人, 成为泰国最著名的瀑布之一。瀑布源于卡拉山脉,经过瀑布时水流层层往下 坠落,溅起无数水花,瀑布周围环绕着郁郁葱葱的森林,翠绿中一片银白色 水帘煞是好看。

Erawan Waterfall Situated some 65 kilometers from Kanchanaburi along Route 3199, this 550-square-kilometer national park is best known for its seven-level Erawan Waterfall, which is one of Thailand’s most famous, and most beautiful. Among all levels, the second level of the fall features vast, picturesque pond ideal for swimming while trekking trails to the upper levels are also favored by adventurous lovers. Bungalows and camping facilities are available.

伊拉湾瀑布 从北碧府沿3199道路行驶65公里处是一座550平方公里的国家公园,这座 国家公园以泰国最终名的瀑布之一的爱侣湾瀑布而闻名,瀑布共有七层,其 中第二层有一个专供游客游泳的独特的池塘。那里还有可供游客住宿的别墅 及露营设施。

Thi Lo Su Waterfall Namtok Thi Lo Su is located in the Umphang Wildlife Sanctuary in the northwest, a UNESCO World Heritage site, which links with the Thung Yai Naresuan and Huai Kha Kaeng Reserves, as well as Khlong Lan and Mae Wong National Parks. Together, they form Thailand’s largest wildlife haven and Southeast Asia’s top virgin forest. is the monsoon season. Travel in the area during June -November is very difficult. and it also allows the forest to recover and for wildlife to search for food and breed.

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Thi Lo Su瀑布 Namtok thi lo su瀑布坐落在泰国北部达府Umphang野生动物保护区内, 被联合国教科文组织列为世界自然遗产。瀑布与Thung Yai Naresuan, Huai Kha Kaeng自然保护区相连,与Khlong Lan和Mae Wong国家公园一道,形 成泰国最大的野生动物保护区和东南亚顶级的原始森林。每年的六月至十一 月是当地的季风季节,对于在这个区域内旅行会是一件比较困难的事情。在 这个时期森林会进行自我修复,野生动物也会在这个时候出来觅食,繁衍后代。

Ayutthaya Historical Park Three significant rivers (Chao Phraya, Lopburi and Pasak), historic temples, palaces and architecture of the ancient kingdom of Ayutthaya are among Thailand’s most precious historical sites. The 715-acre area is a UNESCO World Heritage Site since 1991 as it portrays the heyday of one of the largest IndoChina kingdoms. You will need the entire day to discover the legendary architecture, learn the history of Ayutthaya, and see the many historic temples. In the south of Wat Phra Si San Phet discover Viharn Phra Mongkol Bophit where Thailand’s largest bronze Buddha image is enshrined. Khamphaeng Phet Historical Park The Ping River courses through the Kamphaeng Phet Park near Sukhothai, a UNESCO-recognized World Heritage Site which is comprised of a diverse array of ancient monuments. A common aesthetic runs through the various ruins, which include temples, pagodas and fallen towns, resulting in a beautiful blend of contemporary Sukhothai and Ayutthaya styles. Phanom Rung Historical Park Over 1,000 years old, this park is one of Thailand’s most amazing architectural sites. Built on an extinct volcano, it was originally a Hindu religious site. Additions were made during the 15th-18th Buddhist century. A grand stairway rises from the foot of the hill. Most of the sanctuary buildings are made of laterite and sandstone, all with elaborate designs. The buildings are lined all the way to the main pagoda whose layout is according to Hindu belief of God Shiva’s heaven. The large main pagoda has a square-base facing East. Exquisite designs on the pagoda, columns, doorway, and lintels tell a story of Hindu gods. Each building features descriptive motifs reciting a purpose of its construction. The pagoda, stairway and the Naga Bridge were all built during the 17th Buddhist century. Phra Pathom Chedi This is the largest pagoda in Thailand and the official provincial symbol of Nakhon Pathom. It was built during the reign of King Rama IV in 1853, the former Chedi seems to be dated back to 539 AD. The construction of the new huge Chedi was completed in the reign of King Rama V in 1870 AD, and took 17 years to build. The height from top ot bottom is about 120 meters.

大城府历史公园 大城府历史公园被昭披耶,华富里,帕萨三条著名的河流环 绕着。这里的宫殿,庙宇和古代王国遗留下来的建筑是泰国 最珍贵的历史遗迹。这片715英亩的区域刻画出印度支那历 史上最大王朝的全盛模样,因此在1991年被联合国教科文 组织列为世界文化遗产。 要浏览这片广阔的区域需要花上你一天的时间,当然你也可 以骑着租来的自行车欣赏这里的美景,这里有很多值得参观 的庙宇,便于您了解大城府的历史。帕斯山碧寺南面的普拉 孟克波正佛殿供奉着泰国最大的铜制佛像。 Khamphaeng Phet甘烹碧历史公园 甘烹碧历史公园位于素可泰府附近,平河缓缓流淌穿过这个联 合国教科文组织认定的文化遗产之一。历史公园内有许多古老 的山脉和由古城墙包围的寺院遗址分布区,寺院遗址内融汇了 各类美学因素:庙宇,宝塔和失落的村庄,这些共同绘制了一 幅体现素可泰和大城文化的美丽画卷。 小镇是矩形的,包含了城市围墙和古代防御工事等一系列遗 迹,大约300-700公尺宽,2200公尺长。切蒂和玉佛寺中配有 狮子装饰的佛塔傲然屹立在中心,不远的地方还有庄严的切蒂 站岗。在距离甘烹碧西北面两公里的地方,有着一出更具历史 特色的景点-Aranyik。许多居住在山里面的和尚会在这里做冥 想和自省。 帕侬隆历史公园是泰国最惊艳的高棉建筑之一,共有1000多 年的历史。这座公园建在一座死火山之上,过去是印度教的宗 教场所。公园的很多附加设施是在15-18世纪的佛教时期建造 的。 一条宏伟的阶梯缓缓地从山脚延伸开来。大多数的神殿是由红 土和砂岩垒成的,设计精致。所有的建筑连成一排直至中心佛 塔,中心佛塔的外形是仿照印度教湿婆神的庙宇设计而成的。 最大的中心佛塔有一个朝东的方形底座。佛塔的柱子,门廊和 门楣,每一处精心的设计都在讲述着印度教佛祖的故事。每一 座建筑的风格和功能都处处体现着古老的信仰。这些佛塔,阶 梯和娜迦桥都是在17世纪的佛教时期建造的。 佛统佛塔 佛统佛塔是一座高级皇家修道院,是泰国最大的宝塔,也是佛 统府的官方象征,建于公元前1853年拉玛四世时期。据推测, 其前身可以追溯到公元前539年阿育王朝的倒鈡形佛塔,跟印 度的桑吉佛塔有外形相似。新佛塔在公元前1870年拉玛五世建 造完成,它可以覆盖环绕旧时的倒鈡形佛塔,从底部到顶端大 约120.45米,配有直径为233.5米的底座。

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Changing money is a straight-forward process, but there are a few things you need to be aware of for the best rate.

The Best Place to Change Money? 货币兑换最佳场所

Changing money at the airport Easy and convenient. Numerous exchange booths mainly operated by TMB and SCB do not offer great rates. If you do change money at Suvarnabhumi, go to the basement level to Kasikorn Bank located by the entrance to the airport train link (open 7:00 am - 11:00 pm). When downtown you can compare rates at different branches.

在机场兑换货币 简单方便。主要由TMB和SCB银行运营,通常 不提供优惠的汇率。如果您在素万那普兑换,乘 坐机场快线到达地下一楼的开泰银行,(经营时 间:07:00至23.00)。当您到达市区时可以比较 下不同分行的汇率。

Which banks in Thailand provides the best exchange rate? Generally, Kasikorn and Bangkok Bank tend to offer competitive rates. Independent money-changers such as Super Rich (no traveler’s checks) provide better rates, but there are few outlets so factor in convenience. If large transactions, then Super Rich is a good option.

泰国哪些银行提供最划算的汇率? 一般情况下,开泰银行和曼谷银行倾向于提 供具有竞争力的汇率。拥有独立的货币兑换点, 如Super Rich(不提供旅行支票)提供更好的汇 率,也有少数便利的网点。如果进行大宗交易,Super Rich是一个不错的选择。

ATMs ATMs are common (none on some islands, like Koh Lipe). Most accept foreign cards. Thai banks charge a 150 - 200 Baht ATM withdrawal fee for foreign cards. One exception is AEON Bank (the fee is separate to any fees your own card issuer charges). Maximum withdrawals are usually 20,000 Baht.

自动取款机 自动取款机很常见(在一些岛屿没有, 如丽贝岛)。大多数接受外国卡,泰国银行收取 150泰铢的取款手续费,AEON银行的自动取款 机例外。请注意,本费用与卡片办理费用分开计 算,最大取款额通常是20000铢。

NOTE: You can make withdrawals against a debit card at most banks or exchange bureaus. Bring your passport. Citibank offers free withdrawals in amounts over 20,000 Baht.

注意:您可以在多数银行或外汇局进行借记卡 取款,需带上你的护照。花旗银行自动取款机在 某些情况下可以自由取款。

Traveler’s checks You will need your passport and the address of your hotel. Obtaining higher denomination checks will save you fees.

旅行支票 需要您的护照和酒店地址,较高面额支票帮 助您节省费用。

Credit and Debit Cards Advise your bank or card issuer in advance that you are travelling to Thailand to avoid being flagged for security reasons.

信用卡和借记卡 建议通知银行或发卡机构知道您将前往泰国, 以避免因为安全原因而被标记。

Changing cash Unlike traveler’s checks, there are no commission fees for changing cash. However, the rate is slightly lower. Larger denominations have a better rate. Make sure the notes are in good condition. If ripped or dog-eared they can be refused. Exchanging money at your hotel Rates are poor.

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最佳汇率非泰国莫属。兑换货币过程简单,但 是为了得到更划算的汇率,您必须事先了解一些 事项。

兑换现金 与旅行支票不同,泰国兑换现金无需手续费, 但是汇率略低。保持良好形象,若您酩酊大醉或 衣衫褴褛,会被拒绝兑换。 在酒店兑换 汇率低

泰国旅游签证 受理人群:前往泰国个人旅游、自助旅游的人士 签证受理时间: 9:30 --- 11:30周一至周五 所有类型的签证办理需三个工作日(如:周五送签,下周三出签)。 1. 单次入境旅游签证 办理地点:全国泰国领事馆 (1)签证费用:单次入境签证230元人民币 (2)签证有效期:90天 (3)可在泰国停留不超过60天 所需资料: 1. 有效期 6 个月以上的护照及复印件; 2. 一张填写完整的旅游签证申请表; 3. 一张六个月内拍的两寸彩色免冠照片; 4. 往返机票复印件和确认过的机票包含票号; 5. 申请者本人国内工作单位、所在学校或街道办事处的英文或泰文担保信原件(内容包括:申请者 赴泰目的、在泰停留期;该信必须担保申请者按期返回中国,并附有单位地址及电话, 负责人的姓名、职务及签字); 6. 对于 16 岁以下儿童,可由父母代为办理,但需携带签证申请表及子女出生证明(英文或泰文)。

代签: 可选择旅行社或上淘宝找卖家代签,费用大约比个人签证多出50元费 用,可节省人力资源。 上交护照,身份证复印件及2张彩照即可。 时间:正常5-6个工作日,加急3-4个工作日

2. 多次往返泰国旅游签证 办理地点:户籍所在地所受管辖的领事馆 (1)签证费用:1,200元人民币 (2)上述METV旅游签证有效期 为6个月,且每次停留时间不超过60天1. 有效期 6 个月以上的护照或 旅行证件及复印件; 2. 两张填写完整的旅游签证申请表; 3. 两张六个月内拍的两寸彩色免冠照片; 4.在中国永久居住/居住许可证明; 5.反映个人目前资金状况的银行存款证明 (bank statement), 帐户存款不少于 50, 000 元人民币, 且至少在过去 6 个月中该帐户保持此状况; 6.申请者本人国内工作单位、所在学校或街道办事处的英文或泰文担保信原件(内容包括:申请者 姓名、赴泰目的、在泰停留期;该信必须担保申请者按期返回中国,并附有单位地址及电话,此信 还须加盖单位公章,并含负责人的姓名、职务及签字); 7. 至少提供第一次出入泰国的往返机票或机票预订单; 8. 至少提供第一次入境泰国居住证明/在泰国详细居住地址;

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“Dos” and “Don’ts” In The Kingdom


“Dos” • • • • • • • • •

• •

Do learn something about Thai culture before you arrive. Do respect all Buddha images, which are held sacred; sacrilegious acts are punishable by imprisonment. Do dress properly when visiting a temple. Do remove your shoes before entering a temple, somebody’s house, and even some shops. Make a copy of your passport and keep it with you. Do smile – Thailand is known as the Land of Smiles – and smiles mean many things. So try to smile as much as possible at Thai people and they will return in kind and be more friendly. Do wai – this is a Thai greeting made by putting your hands together at chest height and pointing your fingers to the sky, with a small bow of the head. If you are not physically able to do the Wai then just do it as best you can, as Thai people will understand. Do bring gifts – try to bring some small present if you are invited to a home, as the Thai people love to make presents to each other. Do travel and have directions – the taxi system is unregulated and is a crapshoot with most drivers (females are warned about late-night taxi rides), but so inexpensive; tuk-tuks are uncomfortable, noisy and a tourist draw (negotiate your fare); scooter taxis are everywhere, effective and fast, but hold on! Do ride the clean and efficient BTS (Skytrain) and MRT (Underground). Do try to speak a little Thai! (See some helpful phrases on pages 16-17).

• • • • • • •

在到达泰国之前,请了解一些泰国文化。 尊重所有的佛像,这是神物,亵渎行为可处以监禁。 参观寺庙时请穿着得体。 • 护照复印件随身携带。 微笑 - 泰国被称为微笑的土地 -微笑意味着很多,所以在泰国人民面前尽可能多微笑,他们会给与汇报和变得更加友好 合十礼 –将您的双手合十在胸前,手指指向天空。如果您的身体不能做合十礼,请尽量做,泰国人会明白的。 带礼物 -如果您被邀请到一个家庭,尽量带一些小礼物,因为泰国人喜欢对方送礼物。 旅行有方向感 - 出租车系统是不受管制的,大多数司机是危险的(警告女性不要在深夜乘坐出租车),尽管很便宜。 三轮摩托车不舒服、嘈杂,但是吸引游客(车费谈判 )。摩托车随处可见,有效且快速,但要挺住! • 请乘坐廉洁高效的BTS(轻轨)和MRT(地铁 )。 • 试图讲一点泰语! (见第16-17页一些有用的短语 )。

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“Don’ts” • Don’t ever show disrespect towards the Thai Royal Family. Thai people have a deep, traditional reverence for the Royal Family. (…and you can be imprisoned under a Draconian lese majeste law.) • Don’t touch a Thai woman without consent. Despite the image portrayed in some bars and clubs, the majority of Thai women are conservative. • Don’t touch a Thai person’s head or ruffle their hair. For Thai people it’s the most important part of their body. • Don’t place your feet on the table while sitting, don’t point to anything with your feet, and don’t touch anyone with your feet. Don’t step over someone’s legs or feet. In Thailand it is considered very impolite to step over someone’s outstretched legs or feet. • Don’t display affection in public – Thai people in general do not kiss or make physical contact in public beyond holding hands. • Don’t lose your temper or make fun of another in public. Thai people like to save face. • Don’t go topless, if you are a woman on the beach; people will pretend not to notice, but some may be deeply offended. • Don’t gamble, as it is illegal in Thailand. • Don’t accept any offers from strangers to assist you in finding the right places to do your shopping. I f you need a taxi, just ignore all the tours and go straight to the public taxi counter. • Avoid prostitution in Thailand, which not only puts your health at risk, but also gives a high chance of getting fleeced. • Don’t use a hotel safe deposit box. Entrust your valuables only in respectable hotels. • Don’t accept luggage or baggage or any package from someone you don’t know well, as it may contain drugs.

• 永远不要对泰国王室表示不敬,泰国人对王室有深厚传统的崇敬之情。 (...您会在严厉的冒犯君主法下被监禁。) • 在未经同意下,请勿触摸泰国女子。尽管一些酒吧和俱乐部所展示的妇女形象不是很好,但是大多数泰国妇女是保守的。 • 不要裸体晒日光浴。尽管没有人会责备您,但是这会冒犯大多数泰国人。 • 请勿触摸泰国人的头或头发,这会激怒他们。对于泰国人来说,头是他们身体最重要的部分。 • 坐时请不要把您的脚放在桌子上,不用脚指东西,不碰任何人的脚。别跨过人的腿或脚,在泰国,这被认为是非常粗鲁无礼的。 • 不在公共场合亲昵。 一般的泰国人不在公共场所接吻或手牵手。 • 不要发脾气或使在公众面前戏弄别人。泰国人爱面子。 • 不要穿露肩服。如果您是在沙滩上的女人,人们会假装没有注意到,但有些人可能会来冒犯您。 • 不要赌博,赌博在泰国是违法的。

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Words 有用词汇

Chinese 你好 你好吗 谢谢 不用谢 对不起 很高兴认识你 我不会讲泰语 不明白 您明白了吗? 我可以拍照片吗? 洗手间在哪儿? 请开慢点 向右拐 向左拐 一直向前开 停下 这个东西多少钱? 这是什么? 太贵了

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สวัสดีครับ , สวัสดีคะ่ สวัสดี sa-wa sa-was-dee-krap male, sa-was-dee-ka female สบายดีไหม (sa-bai-dee-mai) ขอบคุณครับ (khob-khun-krap) male ขอบคุณค่ะ (khob-khun-ka) female ไม่เป็นไร (mai-pen-rai) ขอโทษ (kho-thod) ยินดีที่ได้รู้จัก (yin-dee-tee-dai-ru-jak) ฉันพูดภาษาไทยไม่ได้ (chan-pud-pa-sa-thai-mai-dai) ไม่เข้าใจ (mai-khao-jai) คุณเข้าใจไหม? (khun-khao-jai-mai) ฉันขอถ่ายรูปได้ไหม (chan-kho-thai-rub-dai-mai) ห้องนํ้าอยู่ที่ไหน? (hong-nam-yu-tee-nai) ช่วยขับรถช้าๆหน่อย (khub-rod-cha-cha-noi) เลี้ยวขวา (leow-kwa) เลี้ยวซ้าย (leow-sai) ตรงไป (tong-pai) หยุด (yhud) ราคาเท่าไหร่? ( ra-ka-tao-rai) นี่คืออะไร? (nee-khue-arai) แพงเกินไป (paeng-kuen-pai)

English Hello How are you? Thank you Never mind Sorry Nice to meet you I cannot speak Thai I do not understand Could you understand? May I take a photo? Where is the bathroom? Please drive slowly Turn right Turn left Go straight ahead Stop How much does it cost? What is this? It is too expensive

Chinese 结账 祝您好运 你去哪里 迷路了 我想去 --飞机场 酒店 医院 不是 是 兑换钱 电话 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 好吃 有趣 喜欢 不喜欢 有 没有 你能帮我吗? 现在几点? 行李 泰铢 舒服 可爱

Thai เก็บเงิน (keb-ngeon) โชคดีค่ะ / ครับ (choke-dee ka / krab) คุณจะไปไหน (khun-ja-pai-nai) ฉันหลงทาง (chan-long-thang) ฉันจะไป --- (chan-cha-pai) สนามบิน (sa-nam-bin) โรงแรม (rong-ram) โรงพยาบาล (rong-pa-ya-ban) ไม่ใช่ (mai-chai) ใช่ (chai) แลกเงิน (leak-ngoen) โทรศัพท์ (tho-ra-sap) หนึง่ (nueng), สอง (song), สาม (sam), สี่ (sie), ห้า (ha), หก (hok), เจ็ด (jed), แปด (paed), เก้า (kao), สิบ (sib) อร่อย (a-roi) สนุก (sa-nook) ชอบ (chob) ไม่ชอบ (mai-chob) มี (mee) ไม่มี (mai-mee) คุณช่วยฉันหน่อยได้ไหม? (choey-chan-noi-dai-mai) กี่โมงแล้ว (kee-mong-laew) กระเป๋าเดินทาง (kra-pao-doen-thang) บาท สะดวกสบาย (sa-dwak-sbay) น่ารัก (na-rak)

English May I have the bill, please Good luck Where are you going? I’m lost I want to go to --Airport Hotel Hospital No Yes Money Exchange Telephone one, two, three, four, five, six, seven, eight, nine, ten Delicious Enjoy Like Dislike Have Don’t have Can you help me? What time is it? Baggage Baht Comfortable Lovely

Luxury Hotels & Resorts in Thailand



Kanchana buri


Banyan Tree BKK

P. 24

Tel: +66 (0) 26 791 200 Fax: +66 (0) 26 791 199

Conrad Bangkok

P. 26

Sheraton Grande Sukhumvit, a Luxury Collection Hotel, Bangkok

P. 28

Tel: +66 (0) 26 909 999

Tel: +66 (0) 26 498 888 Fax: +66 (0) 26 498 000

So Sofitel Bangkok Tel: +66 (0) 26 240 000

Tel: +66 (0) 25 148 112

P. 30

P. 34


P. 36

Radisson Blu Resort Hua Hin

P. 38

Tel: +66 (0) 32 632 111

Tel: +66 (0) 32 421 777 Fax: +66 (0) 32 472 822

Villa Maroc Resort Tel: +66 (0) 32 630 771 Fax: +66 (0) 32 630 791

Wora Bura Hua Hin Resort & Spa Tel: +66 (0) 32 655 333 Fax: +66 (0) 32 655 336

X2 Kui Buri Resort Tel: +66 (0) 32 510 466 Fax: +66 (0) 32 510 468

158 Best Of Class

P. 40

Tel: +66 (0) 75 300 310-11 Fax: +66 (0) 75 300 312

Ammatara Pura Pool Villa

Tel: +66 (0) 77 915 333 Fax: +66 (0) 77 915 388

Conrad Koh Samui

P. 44

P. 68

P. 50

P. 52

P. 54

P. 56

Celes Beachfrot Resort Tel: +66 (0) 77 900 999 Fax: +66 (0) 77 900 555

Miskawaan Luxury Beachfront Villas Samui Tel: +66 (0) 77 332 271 Fax: +66 (0) 77 332 272

Nora Buri Resort & Spa

Royal Muang Samui Villas

P. 70

Tel: +66 (0) 77 448 982 Fax: +66 (0) 77 448 983

Dusit Buncha Resort Koh Tao

P. 58


Nakamanda Resort & Spa Tel: +66 (0) 75 628 200 Fax: +66 (0) 75 644 390

Pimalai Resort & Spa P. 60

P. 62

Tel: + 66 (0) 23 205 500

P. 66

P. 74

P. 76

P. 78

P. 18

Paresa Resort

P. 14

Pullman Phuket Arcadia Naithon Beach

P. 92

Pullman Phuket Panwa Beach Resort

P. 94

Renaissance Phuket Resort & Spa

P. 96

Sir Panwa Phuket

P. 98

The Naka Island A Luxury Collection Resort & Spa, Phuket

P. 100

Tel: +66 (0) 76 303 299 Fax: +66 (0) 76 303 270

Tel: +66 (0) 76 371 000 Fax: +66 (0) 76 371 004

Tel: +66 (0) 76 371 400 Fax: +66 (0) 76 371 401

Akyra Beach Club Phuket

P. 82

Tel: +66 (0) 76 609 888

P. 90

Tel: +66 (0) 76 396 139

Tel: +66 (0) 76 363 999

P. 80

Dream Phuket Hotel & Spa

Mövenpick Resort & Spa Karon Beach

Tel: +66 (0) 76 602 500 Fax: +66 (0) 76 602 555

Aleenta Phuket Phang Nga Resort & Spa

Tel: +66 (0) 25 148 112 Fax: +66 (0) 25 394 373

Mövenpick Resort Bangtao Beach Phuket P. 88

Tel: +66 (0) 76 302 000

Phuket Tel: +66 (0) 25 148 112

P. 64

P. 72

Tel: +66 (0) 77 457 099 - 100 Fax: +66 (0) 66 (0) 77 457 100

Dusit Thani Krabi Beach Resort

P. 86

Tel: +66 (0) 76 310 400 Fax: +66 (0) 76 310 405

Tel: +66 (0) 77 456 393 – 4 , +66 (0) 81 424 5252 Fax: +66 (0) 77 456 475

Tel: +66(0) 75 628 000 Fax: +66(0) 75 628 048

Tel: +66 (0) 77 428 700 Fax: +66 (0) 77 417 470

Sandalwood Luxury Villas

Charm Churee Village

Maikhao Dream Hotels & Resorts Tel: +66 (0)76 371 371 Fax: +66 (0)76 371 372

Koh Tao

Tel: +66 (0) 77 915 888 Fax: +66 (0) 77 915 899

Tel: +66 (0) 77 913 555 Fax: +66 (0) 77 913 500

P. 42

X2 Koh Samui Resort All Spa Inclusive

Koh Samui

Banyan Tree Samui P. 32

P. 46

Tel: +66 (0) 77 962 198 , +66 (0) 77 960 123 Tel: +66 (0) 77 332 789 Fax: +66 (0) 77 332 799

Tel: +66 (0) 77 601 633 - 7 Fax: +66 (0) 77 60 1638

Anantara Hua Hin Resort Tel: +66 (0) 32 520 250 Fax: +66 (0) 32 520 259

Tel: +66 (0) 34 552 124 - 5


Hua Hin Aleenta Hua Hin Pranburi Resort & Spa

X2 River Kwai Resort

The Scent Hotel

P. 84

The Vijitt Resort Phuket

P. 102

Le Coral Hideaway Beyond Phuket

P. 104

Tel: +66 (0) 76 363 600

Tel: +66 (0) 76 679 888 Fax: +66 (0) 76 679 899

Chiang Mai

Phang Nga Natai Beach Resort & Spa

Tel: +66 (0) 76 401 301 Fax: +66 (0) 76 401 305

JW Marriott Khao Lak Resort & Spa

P. 106

X2 Khao Lak Anda Mani Resort

Art Mai? Gallery Nimman Chiang Mai by Compass Hospitality

P. 126

Akyra Manor Chiang Mai

P. 128

Tel: +66 53 894 888 Fax: +66 53 894 894

P. 108

Tel: +66 (0) 76 584 888

Tel: +66 (0) 25 148 112

P. 110

NA NIRAND Romantic Boutique Resort P. 130

Tel: +66 (0) 63 063 8310

Tel: +66 (0) 53 280 988 Fax: +66 (0) 53 280 989


Tel: +66 (0) 53 242 588 Fax: +66 (0) 53 242 589

Sala Lanna Chiang Mai

Centara Grand Mirage Beach Resort Pattaya

P. 114

Cape Dara Resort Pattaya

P. 116

Chiang Rai

P. 118

Tel: +66 (0) 53 603 000 Fax: +66 (0) 53 603 001

Tel: +66 (0) 38 301 234 Fax: +66 (0) 38 714 999 Tel: +66 (0) 38 933 888 Fax: +66 (0) 38 933 800

Royal Cliff Hotels Group Tel: +66 (0) 38 250 421 Fax: +66 (0) 38 250 141


Katiliya Mountain Resort & Spa

P. 132

P. 134

Khao Yai BOTANICA Khao Yai

P. 122

Tel: +66 (0) 22 603 888 ext. 401-403 Fax: +66 (0) 44 001 111 - 20

Thames Valley Khao Yai Tel: +66 (0) 44 009 999

P. 124

Luxury Hotels & Resorts in Thailand


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Luxury Hotels and Resorts

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