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Hassan Madah: Israel tourism focuses on MICE and Leisure in India

Editor’s Note TOURISM GETTING A PLACE IN POLITICAL AGENDA For the first time since the Independence, a national political party has expressed its commitment to the development of tourism in the country in its election manifesto. The election manifesto of BJP for Lok Sabha elections 2014 released recently recognizes the contribution and potential of tourism in socio-economic progress of the country. Thus, the principal opposition party Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) has became the first national political party to promise development of tourism sector in the country in its election manifesto. It is encouraging that political parties are gradually realizing the role and potentials of tourism in social and economic development of the country. This realization by political parties will definitely help tourism sector to get due attention from policy-makers and government agency, and finally becoming a key component of the whole economy. As per various opinion polls, NDA led by BJP is most likely to form the next government at the Centre. If it does happen, and if Narendra Modi becomes Prime Minister of India, tourism industry would get a much-needed boost, because Modi as CM of Gujarat has scripted a remarkable success story in tourism sector. But even if a non-NDA government comes into the power, the industry does not need to get disappointed because once tourism has become part of political discourse, it can be neglected no longer. And if any government will do this; they

would do a great disservice to nation. But if the new government really wants to develop tourism sector in the country and reap socio-economic benefit from it, it should appoint a senior politician as tourism minister. Because most of the issues that bother tourism industry are related to states, the new government, particularly new tourism minster must work closely and constantly with state governments to address the challenges that tourism industry in the country is facing. Ministry of Tourism (MoT) should work with state governments on some key areas on priority basis such as safety and security of tourists, sanitation and hygiene, tax reforms and destination marketings. One of reason of high-level inflation in the country has been the devaluation of Rupees due to increased Current Account Deficit (CAD). Tourism can play an important role in managing the CAD as it is an important source of foreign exchange earnings. A significant growth in number of foreign tourists will bring a lot of foreign exchanges in the country, ultimately appreciating the value of Rupees and helping the country control inflation. In short, there are so many tangible and intangible benefits from the tourism and so the next government should not miss chance to give a fillip to this sector because this industry already suffered a lot in past due to apathy of incumbent government.

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Cover Story


In Conversation hassan madah director, national Israel Tourism office, India


Trade News


UPA Government paid little attention to tourism: feels the industry Except a few important initiatives, the United Progressive Alliance Government headed by the Congress did little for the development of tourism in the country in its tenure of 10 years, according to the Indian travel and tourism industry.



said that domestic market has continued to show strong growth, however the same cannot be said for the inbound market.



strong growth in the first three years but the growth stagnated 2008 onwards after the global economic slowdown. “There

Prem Kumar he industry hopes that


The UPA government did not do as much as was expected for the tourism industry, either to attract the international tourists, infrastructure development for tourism or in terms of benefits given to the tourism industry.

new government will pay due attention to

the development of tourism in

the country, and take neces-

sary and effective steps in this direction. TnH talked to some people from the industry to assess performance of UPA viz-a-viz tourism sector. “The UPA gov-


Clarks Inn Group of Hotels,

Naveen Jain President, Duet India Hotels

What new government should do vis-à-vis tourism industry? •First and foremost the next government should appoint a heavy-weight politician, who is visionary and understand the potentials and problems of tourism industry. Such a minister will be able to leverage his political power for the sake of tourism development, and the government at large will heed to his advice. •The new government should expedite all projects/initiatives that have been undertaken by its predecessor. These should include starting helpline for tourists and e-visa scheme. •In order to tape the true potential of tourism in the country, the new government must promote entrepreneurship in this sector and make the business environment contusive in tourism sector to attract investment. •Travel and tourism industry should be granted infrastructure and industry status across the country and for every kind of project without any conditions. •The current tax structure puts a lot of burden on the companies working in tourism sector and undermines the competitiveness of India as tourism destination. Tax structure should be rationalized and simplified. •The new government should also ensure safety and security of tourist, and should work with state governments in this regard. •The last but not the least the new government should accord high priority to the issue of hygiene and sanitations at places of tourist attractions. power sector,” added Srivas-

ernment did not do as much as was expected for the tourism

TnH view


better air-connectivity. We lost business due to its faulty oper-

demand. In last 10 years ex-

have been some reforms on

According to Arun Anand,

ations, Strikes, and poor con-

industry, either to attract the

cept a few in-between steps

Visa fronts etc., but in general

MD, Midtown Travels, the cur-

nectivity. Civic Governance was

international tourists, infra-

taken, we have not seen any

the industry has continued to

rent Government could not uti-

bad and affected tourism busi-



major plans by the government

reel under the levy of addi-

lize the immense potential of

ness. There was no support

tourism or in terms of benefits

to help improve the health of

tional tax burden, lack of single

tourism for creation of jobs,

from the Government to reduce

window clearance for hotel

earning valuable foreign ex-

tax and help the industry to


given to the tourism industry,” said Naveen Jain, President,

projects and the long pending

change, a great cause for

fight back economic slowdown.

Duet India Hotels. He noted

demand of industry and infra-

women upliftment and national

We all have sad memories of

that India’s contribution from

structure status for tourism

sntegration. “In its successive

the 10 years UPA rule at the

tourism industry is much lower

and hospitality industries re-

years of rule, the UPA taxed

center,” added Anand.

than the international aver-

ages despite the immense potential. Countries in the South

What the industry needs is its own Caesar who is a political Czar, irrespective of who forms the next government.

East Asia reflect a much higher

international footfall. “Hospitality




through a rough patch owing to the demand-supply mismatch that has led to significant

S N Srivastava Co-founder & President, Clarks Inn Group of Hotels

losses. Even though significant supply entered the market, the

the industry or the economy at

economic slowdown largely

large,” said Jain.

tourism at the first opportunity

Assessing the performance

and proved India Tourism

of the UPA government vis-à-

packages most overpriced. We

vis tourism, Ravi Gosain, MD,

lost business to our competi-

Erco Travels and Hony. Joint

tors like Sri Lanka, Malaysia,

Secretary, IATO said, “In my



opinion UPA government at the


Tourism could have helped the

Centre did little for bringing

Government to reduce the Cur-

tourism to India. They could

rent Account Deficit to a great

have taken more steps to boost

extent,” said Anand. Finding

tourism like Industry status,

spectively. Tourism has failed

fault with visa policy of the in-

exemption in service tax as to

to deliver any significant con-

cumbebt government, Anand

export sector, infrastructure

owing to poor economic policy

Giving his assessment of

tribution due to some of these

said that visa policy was totally

growth in major tourism desti-

making of the UPA government

tourism sector during two con-

negative policies. Besides, road

not in tune with boosting




and news of scams every other

secutive tenures of UPA gov-

infrastructure continues to be

tourism with lots of hurdles.

tourism facilities, safety and

day significantly impacted the

ernment, S N Srivastava,

in the shambles and so is

“Air India could not provide

security etc. I think only the


Trade News

Expectation high from the next government

to talk about, quipped Anand.

endorsement by Planning Com-

we expect new government to

Acording to Jain, economic

mission. I hope that the next

revive the economy and take

slowdown has deeply impacted

government will continue with

steps to provide a conducive

the sector as demand in hotel

the reforms in order to create

environment to do business in

millions of new job opportuni-

India.” Speaking about his ex-

ties that the tourism sector

pectation from the new govern-

promises. Goa is a classic ex-

ment, Srivastava said, “Our

best part which UPA did was

scheme to 180 countries, pro-

industry is largely dependent

agreeing to Visa on arrival for

viding infrastructure status to

on discretionary spend by cor-

180 countries; however we are

still waiting it to be implemented. This will remove major hurdle to bring tourists

The outgoing government could not utilize the immense potential of tourism for creation of jobs, earning valuable foreign exchange, a great cause for women upliftment and national Integration.

to India. It’s sad that UPA Govt. never gave priority to tourism, despite its importance on economy. I am sure we are giving

strong message to politicians in different parties to take tourism seriously and I hope in coming elections political parties like BJP is giving tourism due consideration in its mani-


Arun Anand MD, Midtown Travels

festo. I hope if BJP let NDA

ample of a tourism driven

expectations are very basic.

economy and look at the turn-

The industry needs a con-

around that Gujarat is begin-

ducive business environment

ning to witness.”

to grow and this is not possible

Jain believes that that




surge in popularity of opposi-

changes are introduced. Ac-

tion parties is an indicator that

cording to a recent report

preference of Indian electoral

tourism’s contribution to the

is changing. They will now vote

national GDP is 6.6 per cent.

for growth and development.

The government should aspire

They will vote against bureau-

to take it to the double digit fig-

cracy and corruption. “We be-

ures.” He further said, “Last

lieve that even the current

few years have augured well,

government has recognized

but what I fear most is not that

porates and individuals. He

this fact and instead of rolling

the changes will not take place,

crore construction cost and

said that given that tourism

out incentives they have fo-

it will continue to happen but

EPCG duty relaxation are few

contributes nearly 6.6% of GDP

cused on reviving growth in

what I fear most is that they

sues of tourism trade like in-

positive steps taken by this

and is one of the largest em-

last six month.” He added, “We

whould take place in a pro-

dustry status, exporter status,






projects with more than 200

tourism in India shall florish. They have to look into long is-

safety & security of tourists, better infrastructure etc.

Some people from the in-

ployers “we would have pre-

expect new government to be

tracted manner. What the in-

ferred to see some concrete

pro-growth but whether they

dustry needs is its own Caesar

dustry believe that during the

steps by the government. How-

will recognize and act on prob-

who is a political Czar, irre-

Although the growth and

UPA rule tourism industry got

ever, except for few initiatives

lems faced by tourism industry

spective of who forms the next

development of tourism under

recognition as a job intensive

mentioned above we have not

is yet to be seen. However, a lot


UPA Regime in the country has

industry. “First and foremost

seen tourism sector receiving

of investment which is waiting

If the new Government is

been on an average, there were


the required focus from the

for economic uncertainty to

really interested in tourism de-


settle down should start pour-

velopment, it should expedite

ing in to chug the growth en-

new initiatives and changes. A

gine back again.”

long-drawn-out approach will




some good initiatives taken by

tourism as a pro-poor and

the UPA. Recently the Govern-

highly job intensive sector by

ment announced E-visa facility

the Planning Commission that

(ETA or electronic travel au-

has triggered a number of re-

never been the part of any of

As regards expectation

not work if government wants

thorization) for almost every

forms on tourism including on

the government’s economic

from the new government, Jain

to capitalize on the tourism po-

country of the world except a

visa front and increased an-

agenda until a few years ago,

said, “We are optimistically

tential of the country and com-

few. This facility is expected to

nual budget outlay. However

and “therefore all previous gov-

hopeful that next government


start by the end of this year. It

there is, of course, a lot more

ernments be it UPA or NDA or

will listen to few of our long


is believed that if this facility

expected from the govern-

any previous governments con-

pending demands and take

Explaining his expectation

can be implemented properly,

ment,” said Srivastava.

tinued to ignore this wonderful

swift actions on providing tax

from the next government,

this would bring a big jump in

cording to Anand, only one

industry. So much so that in the

incentives to the industry, pro-

Anand said, “The new govern-

the number of foreign tourists

area that too with several

early 2000, the Union govern-

vide infrastructure status to

ment should give priority to

who visit India. As of now In-

pleadings, the UPA government

ment considered closing the

hotels of all categories. In addi-

tourism and allocate increased

dian visa issuance process is

could consider is the higher

tourism ministry as part of

tion, it is important to put India

budget for tourism activities.

very cumbersome.

abatement to tourism sector. It

their initiative to control waste-

on world tourism map.” He fur-

New government should also




Srivastava lamented that unfortunately







went from 60% to 75% which

ful expenditure by downsizing

ther said, “We have a vast his-

follow a tourist friendly visa

achievements of the UPA

gave some relief to the indus-

the government!” However, Sri-

tory but concerns about safety

regime. National carrier should

regime as far as tourism sector

try, but very marginal impact

vastava added, “Things are

of foreign tourist in India and

be revamped. civic governance

is concerned, Jain said, “Ex-

as multiplicity of taxes ruined

now beginning to look up for

lack of proper infrastructure

should be promoted with due

tension of Visa on Arrival

the positive part. Nothing else

the tourism industry after the

are a major impediment. Also,

concern for safety and hygiene


Trade News


and skill development. Global

els, Home Ministry, External

India and their penchant for

would love his job in the Min-

ity to India as tourism destina-

partnerships for investments

Affairs, Finance Ministry and

populist schemes, these re-

istry of Tourism and is acutely


in tourism sector should be intourism sector should be relieved from over-taxation. Even greatly obliged to the new goverement.” On the significance of the general elections 2014 for

tourism industry, and his expectation from the new government, Srivastava said, “I would like to reiterate that the recog-




tourism’s potential to the na-

UPA did little for bringing tourism to India. They could have taken more steps to boost tourism like Industry status, exemption in service tax as to export sector, infrastructure growth in major tourism destinations, upgradation of tourism facilities, safety and security etc,

if, this much is done, we will be

nition of tourism industry as a


creased, and most importantly

Ravi Gosain MD, Erco Travels & Hony. Joint Secretary, IATO

highly job intensive and pro-

tional economy. Explaingin how important is the general elections 2014 from tourism industry, Anand said, “At least, some contesting, parties have talked about

Industry wish list from new Government •Increased allocation in budget for tourism activities. •A tourist friendly Visa regime should be followed •Tourism sector should be relieved from over taxation

Tourism in the manifesto in the

•New government should

ensuring election & it is for the

take swift actions on providing

first time in 60 years. Also, we

tax incentives to the industry

hope, a strong, stable govt. may

•It should provide infra-

come up after the election and

structure status to hotels of all

that they will have vision about

categories. In addition, it is im-

tourism and how it can boost

portant to put India on world tourism map.

poor industry by the Planning

others, now beginning to view

forms will continue to be pro-

countries image and economic

Commission a few years ago

tourism in a whole new light. In


Irrespective of the

prosperity. It can at least bring

•New government should

has been the biggest turn-

that respect reforms will con-

new government what the

civic governance with safety

take steps to provide conducive

around for this sector that has

tinue. However, given the track

tourism industry needs most is

and security for tourists. (Lack

environment for business in

made the government at all lev-

records of governments in

a heavyweight politician who

of which has given bad public-


IATO elects new team for two years Subhash Goyal has been re-elected unopposed as President of IATO for the 7th Term. Securing thumping majority Goyal’s team “IATO MOVING FORWARD” comes to power for two years (20142016). n Saturday the 26th

tional apex body of tour oper-

April, 2014 the Indian

ators with membership of over

Association of Tour

1500. However, all its 317 ac-

Operators (IATO) held its elec-

tive members who are recog-

tions for the 2014-16 Office

nized by the Ministry of

Bearers and the Executive

Tourism, Govt. of India are eli-

Committee. The election took

gible to vote.


place at Hotel The Park, Par-

After the elections, Sub-

liament Street, New Delhi.

hash Goyal mentioned that

Subhash Goyal, was re-elected

there is certain unfinished

as the President (Un-opposed)

agenda which will be taken for-

of IATO for the 7th term. He

ward to its conclusion with the

has already served the associ-

help of the entire membership.

ation as President for 12 years.

“We are interested to en-

Subhash Goyal and his team

gage a larger number of mem-

were elected with overwhelm-

bers, who can contribute in

ing majority to lead the associ-

their field of expertise, so that

ation for next two years.

the efforts made by IATO yield

The newly elected team includes the following:OFFICE BEARERS President Sr. Vice President Vice President Hony. Secretary Hony. Treasurer Hony. Joint Secretary

Subhash Goyal, Stic Travels Pvt. Ltd. Sarab Jit Singh, Travelite (India) Rajeev Kohli, Creative Travel Pvt. Ltd. Pronab Sarkar, Swagatam Tours Pvt. Ltd. Amaresh Tiwari, A.T. Seasons & Vacations Travel Pvt. Ltd. Ravi Gosain, Erco Travels Pvt. Ltd.

EXECUTIVE COMMITTEE MEMBERS –ACTIVE Raj Bajaj, Adventure World (India) Pvt. Ltd. Rajiv Mehra, Uday Tours & Travel (India) Pvt. Ltd. Rajnish Kaistha, Paradise Holidays (I) Pvt. Ltd. Ramesh Wattal, Welcome Travels Sanjeev Joshi, Tourism India Management Enterprises Pvt Ltd. EXECUTIVE COMMITTEE MEMBERS –ALLIED N.S. Rathor, Garha Tours and Travel Sunil Gupta, Travel Bureau Zia Siddiqui, Alliance Hotels & Resorts match and we are now one

ship”, said Subhash Goyal.

Indian Association of Tour

desired results at the earliest

team and would work for the

Subhash Goyal empha-

Operators (IATO) is the na-

possible. It was a very friendly

betterment of our member-

sized that he will look into all


the issues which were taken up with the ministry but still remains pending.


Trade News


Mulla restrained from acting as President of TAAI In an interim order, the Mumbai City Civil Court has restrained Iqbal Mulla from acting as president of TAAI with effect from April 12, 2014 due to his action of exercising his casting vote in his favour in the TAAI election for the post of president, full three days after the conclusion of its AGM, which was held on December 16, 2013 in Bangalore.


n its stay order, the

cently on a case filed by

three candidates and with

casting vote in his own

more, Mulla requested the

Mumbai City Civil Court

Rajji Rai, former president

their mutual consent in the

favour. Thus Mulla on his

court to extend the date of

directed Mulla to ab-

of TAAI.

presence of hundreds of

own reelected himself as

the operation of the stay

president of TAAI.

stain from acting as Presi-

The court termed the

other members of TAAI, it

dent of TAAI from April 12,

election of Mulla against the

was decided unanimously

2014. Mulla had sought fur-

natural law of Justice. On

by the General Body that

to accept this brazenly ille-

as TAAI president. Accept-

ther extension of his tenure,

December 16, 2013, the elec-

the reelections would be

gal action of Mulla, Rai, in

ing his request, the court

but the Mumbai City Civil

tion for the post of president

held on January 27, 2014.

the larger interest of this

extended the date of the op-

order so that he can com-

Subsequently, refusing

plete some unfinished work

Court declined him any fur-

of TAAI was held in Banga-

Though the AGM had been



eration of the stay order for

ther extension and directed

lore, along with the election

declared closed on Decem-

travel trade association of

10 more days up to 12th of

him to refrain from exercis-

of members of the Managing

ber 16, 2013 itself, on De-

the country as well as to


ing his powers and func-

Committee of TAAI. On the

cember 19, full three days

preserve its dignity, chal-

Still unwilling to demit

tions as the president of

same day, consequent to the

after the AGM was held,

lenged Mulla election in the

his post, Mulla again pleaded






election, the counting of

Harmandeep Singh Anand,

Mumbai City Civil court, and

for an extension to the court,

arrangement, Sunil Kumar,

votes took place. In the elec-

the newly elected Hon. Sec-

on March 12, the court

which was summarily denied.

Vice President of TAAI, has

tion for the post of presi-

retary General of TAAI, sent

agreed with Rai’s assertion

He approached the Bombay

assumed charge as acting



an email to members of

and was pleased to pass a

High court, which also de-

president of TAAI. As per

candidates, Mulla and Rai

TAAI, informing them to

stay order directing Mulla

clined to entertain his peti-



the court direction, Mulla

got the highest but equal

their utter surprise and dis-

to restrain from acting as

tion for further extension.

has also ceased to be mem-

number of votes, so the re-

belief that Mulla had been

President of TAAI from

Therefore, finally his short

April 2.

ber of the Managing Com-

sult of the election was a tie

reelected as president of

mittee of TAAI. The stay

between Mulla and Rai.

TAAI. The mail stated that

In an endeavour to cling

order of the court came re-

After consultation among

Mulla had exercised his

on to his post for some time

The 11th annual ATOAI Convention concludes in Uttarakhand After the turbulent events of 2013, this was an opportunity for the industry at large to showcase their products and convey the message that Uttarakhand is ready for business.

and second term as president of TAAI ended on April 12, 2014.


their skills by setting up an ex-

our attempt to move to an ad-

“We want to showcase the June

pansive campsite for 250

venture hub, closer to the area

event as temporary, and that


of our operations, networking

Uttarakhand is safe. The peo-

According to Rajesh Ojha,

with the small and medium op-

ple of Uttarakhand need their

Convention Chairman, “The

erators in their home ground.

visitors to return soon. Over

11th Convention of ATOAI at

Our attempt is to bring to the

85% of the state is unaffected

Shivpuri, Rishikesh, Uttarak-

local adventure travel commu-

and safe to travel to. While we

hand, symbolizes the change

nity the benefits of the market.

cannot erase memories, we

and continuity a thriving or-

The theme of the convention

hope to put forward the right

ganization should have. It will

'Connect I Create I Catalyse I

perception. We are bringing to-

The 11th annual conven-

host of new initiatives and

strive towards its goal of sus-

Conserve' are the four pillars

gether the best of the adven-

tion of Adventure Tour Opera-

ideas were discussed during

tainable growth while increas-

within which industry moves.

ture travel industry, along with

tors Association of India was

this convention.

ing the capabilities of its

We always try to find a balance

domestic and overseas buyers,

held recently in Uttarakhand .

The high point of the con-

members through exchange of

between these four states. I

policy makers, government of-

The convention was attended

vention was the entire delega-

views, knowledge transfer-

hope when this convention

ficials, decision makers, allied

by over 200 delegates from



ence, innovation and showcas-

ends we find ourselves closer

industry and media. The shar-

across India including policy-

Devprayag to the Beas Ghat



ing of the new emerging

to that goal,” said Mr Ojha.

ing of thoughts and ideas will

makers from the central and

for an overnight camp on

products and newer ways to

Akshay Kumar, President,

help the industry formulate

state government, and top-

March 26. At the ghat, the local

connect them to the end users.

ATOAI, said ATOAI will con-

strategy and help shape future

level media decision makers. A

camping fraternity showcased

“The convention on Ganga is

tinue to support Uttarakhand:





Trade News

The Global Travel & Tourism industry’s total contribution to GDP in ‘13 grows by 3.0%: WTTC WTTC recently launched the results of its 2014 annual economic impact research.

grew faster than other global

of 53.2 (where a level greater

sectors such as manufactur-

than 50 indicates positive

ing, retail and financial and

growth or expansion). There is

public services in 2013; and

evidence to suggest too that

The outlook for the Travel

the unemployment rate has

& Tourism industry in 2014 is

bottomed out with employment

even more promising than

rising for the second month in

2013, with the sector’s contri-

a row, providing the first signs

bution to GDP expected to

of job creation since 2011.

In the short space of time

than the market anticipated,

grow by 4.3% this year, again

However, deflation still re-

since the 2014 annual eco-

and corporate defaults in

stronger than the wider econ-

mains a significant risk as the

nomic impact research was fi-

China raising questions over


eurozone composite CPI fell

nalised, there have been some

the Bank of China’s attitude to

notable events with the poten-

monetary policy.

tial to impact on the Travel &

once again in February to

Wider economy update

0.7%, the lowest annual infla-

Eurozone: Despite a contrac-

tion rate since October 2013,

Tourism industry in 2014.

Key messages of the WTTC

tion in GDP of 0.4% in 2013,

when the ECB responded by

Most notably, the situation in

annual economic impact re-

the outlook for 2014 is more

cutting their refinancing rate

Crimea may have far reaching

search 2014 includes:

economic repercussions via

positive, albeit with downside

from 0.5% to 0.25%. Sanctions


risks still existing. GDP growth

involving the US, EU and Rus-

Tourism industry’s total con-

in 2014 is forecast to increase

sia have the potential to spill


sanctions between the United



States and Russia. Other

tribution to GDP in 2013 grew

by 1.0%, driven by increased

over to the eurozone, which

events include: market reac-

by 3.0%, outperforming over-

exports from a stronger world

would be particularly damag-

tion to signalling from the US

all GDP growth for the third

economy. Data from March’s

ing given the region’s reliance

Federal Reserve that interest

consecutive year.

PMI composite output index

on gas imports from Russia.

rates may increase sooner

Travel & Tourism GDP

remains positive, with a level

USA: GDP in 2014 is expected to grow by 2.9%, 1 p.p. faster than the 1.9% growth in 2013.



growth in 2014 is expected to become a lot broader based than the consumer driven T&T direct GDP contribution growth forecast*(2014) Annual update march 2014

march 2014 change from Annual update 2014

duction indicators for February show a rebound of 0.6%


from bad weather in January.


Annual % growth

growth in 2013. Industrial pro-

Manufacturing output particularly impressed, increasing by


0.8% on January. Recent mar-


ket uncertainty given Janet 3

Yellen’s comments that taper-


ing may occur within 6 months, rather than the latter half of


2015 as previous expected, have shaken markets some-

0 europe


Source: Oxford Economics


latin America

middle east



*based on growth in US$ 2013 price terms

what. UK: UK GDP is expected to accelerate to 2.6% in 2014, 0.8 p.p. faster than the 1.8% recorded in 2013. The unemployment rate (as measured using the ILO definition) fell below 7% for the first time


Trade News

since 2009. The fiscally neutral

prising increase of the Annual

pected to post positive growth of


corporate defaults for some

2014 budget is unlikely to have

Investment Allowance from

2.0% in 2014 as the interim

time, prompting some commen-

a major impact on the macro-

£250,000 to £500,000 may see

agreement with major world

tators to worry of potential runs

economic landscape overall, as

some investment brought for-

powers takes hold. Inflation too

on the corporate debt market

markets were largely unmoved

ward before the 2015 deadline.

is expected to fall in 2014 to

and risks posed by the ever

by the budget. However, the

For Travel & Tourism, the cut-

21.5% from 39.5% in 2013, but

larger shadow banking sector.

outlined radical pension re-

ting of Air Passenger Duty to

still remains a serious macro-

Chinese GDP growth for 2014 is

form could to some extent

long haul flights will be wel-

economic risk.

expected to be marginally

boost medium term prospects,


Asia-Pacific: The GDP fore-

slower than 2013, falling from

with an estimated £1bn per

Middle East: GDP grew by

cast for 2014 is expected to re-

7.7% to 7.3%. Elsewhere, in

year impact by 2018-19. The

2.9% in 2013 for the Middle

main flat at 4.2%, the same rate

Japan, GDP growth in 2014 is

ability to take 100% of pen-

East. GDP growth for 2014 is ex-

of growth as 2013. China’s com-

expected to remain unchanged

sions as taxable lump sums

pected to grow by 3.7%, 0.8 p.p.

mitment to rebalance the econ-

from last year at 1.5% given

rather than 25% and purchase

faster than last year. Faster

omy from more export to

weaker data published in Q4

an annuity could prove a posi-

growth than last year is largely

consumer led, was signalled

2013. An upside risk remains as

tive benefit to Treasury and

due to a return to positive

again in January with the ur-

monetary loosening is expected

also alter medium term con-

growth for Iran, the region’s 2nd

banisation plan 2014-2020. This

to continue throughout the year.

sumption patterns. The sur-

largest economy. Iran is ex-

month also saw China’s first




Trade News Did you book air-tickets during any of the recent airfare sales (January, February, March 2014)?

MakeMyTrip Airfare Sales Survey Findings In light of the recent airfare sales, MakeMyTrip conducted an online survey to better understand consumer travel buying behavior. Below is a detailed view of the findings.

Which airline(s) did you book tickets from?

What kind of journey did you book for?

What is the total number of tickets that you purchased during these sales? (One-way ticket counted as 1 ticket, round-trip as 2 tickets)


What is the purpose of your travel?

Trade News Which of these descriptors would best fit your purchase-type?


Which of these months are you travelling in, using your discounted tickets?

*Assisted- You were already planning to travel around this time but looking for cheap fares to finalize dates Planned- You had finalized your travel-dates and would've booked your tickets around these dates even if there was no airfare sale going on Impulse- You were not really planning to travel on these dates launches special campaign with Auckland International Airport Campaign will promote Auckland as the first gateway into New Zealand for Indian travellers, travel



worms. Experience visual ex-

•Auckland 1 Night | Coro-

As well as this, February 2014

mandel 2 Nights | Tauranga 1

saw Indian visitors on holiday

Night | Rotorua 1 Night |

increase by 12 per cent when

Auckland 1 Night

compared to the same period


the year before.”


spending quality time. New has launched




travaganza at Te Puia Ther-

Zealand as a destination is

several packages that bring

Splendid New Zealand - 8 N

launched a special campaign

mal Reserve, which spans 70

promising and has a lot to

out the true essence of New


with Auckland International

hectares within the historic Te

offer. This is also a great op-




Whakarewarewa Valley and

portunity for to

Zealand as the perfect desti-

home to the world famous Po-

share Auckland Airport’s vi-

Glimpses of North Island - 5




compared to February 2013.


•Auckland 1 Night | Bay Of Islands 1 Night | Auckland 1 Night | Queenstown 4 Nights

nation for a family holiday.

hutu geyser, mud pools and

sion of promoting Auckland as


| Auckland 1 Night



amazing hot springs. Create

the first entry point into New

•Auckland 1 Night | Rotorua


Auckland as the first entry

some great family memoirs

Zealand along with promoting

3 Nights | Auckland 1 Night


point into New Zealand, with

with Agrodome Sheep Show.

its varied experiences, rich

•Prices starting at `1,39,999

culture, adventure sports and



the destinations’ spectacular

Animal lovers can make the

scenery ranging from stun-

most of Rainbow Springs tour



in Rotorua, which is home to


islands, and



Exciting New Zealand - 7 N



Glenn Wedlock, Auckland

Northern Explorer - 6 N / 7

•Auckland 1 Night | Rotorua


the largest kiwi conservation

Airport’s general manager


2 Nights | Queenstown 3

mountain ranges to the long

centre. Enjoy the concerts at


•Auckland 2 Nights | Rotorua

Nights | Auckland 1 Night

white surf beaches and a lot

Rotorua while relishing the fa-

said, “With over 31,400 Indian

3 Nights | Auckland 1 Night


more. Whatever be your inter-

mous New Zealand Hangi.




est, New Zealand is an ideal

Lovebirds can extend their

Zealand in the last 12 months,

destination to break free from

Valentine celebrations by in-

and over 80 per cent of these

the mundane routine and

dulging in a romantic five-


enjoy a fun filled vacation with

course dinner aboard the

your entire family.

historic Christchurch tram.

The campaign highlights

Speaking on the campaign,










`1,49,999*/Discover New Zealand - 11 Best of North Island - 6 N / 7

N / 12 D

Auckland Airport, we con-


•Auckland 2 Nights | Rotorua

sider India to be a key market

•Auckland 2 Nights | Rotorua

2 Nights | Christchurch 1

for us.

2 Nights | Auckland 2 Nights

Night | Queenstown 3 Nights

We have also seen

varied family experiences and



some impressive growth from


activities in New Zealand. said, “With the

this market recently, with


Enjoy a fun boat ride at Wait-

launch of this campaign, we

total Indian arrivals to Auck-

omo Glowworm Caves, under

are giving Indian families a

land for February 2014 in-

Wonders of New Zealand - 6


thousands of magical glow-

fresh new perspective to

creasing by 11 percent when







| Franz Josef Glacier 1 Night | Christchurch 1 Night | Auckland 1 Night starting





Trade News

Cox & Kings to offer global soccer exposure to students Cox & Kings has teamed up with LFC ELITES to provide a unique blend of academics and sports to students of India.

of having global exposure can



the help of renowned football

get a chance to travel to Lon-

around 200 students residing

coaching and visit Anfield

don, hone their soccer skills

in metros and tier-II cities of

Stadium in the vicinity of Liv-

India. We are strategizing

erpool Football Club. In-

brush up their leadership and

around 13 reputable schools


entrepreneurial qualities.

from eastern states of India

initiative is to offer a great

The tie-up was launched in

and we would go a long way in

future to students with a

Aims of Cox & Kings – LFC ELITES tie-up:

sports. Students would be

Kolkata that forms the epicensometime on April 22. An-








groomed in the field of man-

n a unique initiative, Cox

nouncing the tie-up, Ravi



agement, leadership and en-

& Kings Limited has tied

Menon, Vice President, Cox &

schools sports in the country.

trepreneurial abilities. The


Ravi Menon VP, Cox & Kings Limited


from global iconic club and

tre of football in the country

Swaati Chaudhury


up with LFC ELITES ( Ed-

Kings Limited said, “We in-

•To provide global exposure

course is tagged at Rs 1.20

ucation and learning Initiative

tend to promote summer

to young minds.

lakh excluding air fare and

Training Entrepreneurs in

schools sports in India for stu-

•Hone the soccer skills of

includes language tuition in

Sport) – a partnership ven-

dents in the age bracket of 11



ture between Liverpool Foot-

to 17 years interested to

•Groom the students in lead-

from LFC coaches, meals, ac-

ball Club and London School

travel overseas. We have been

ership, management and en-

commodation, and certifica-

of Business and Finance to

focusing on the students seg-



promote young soccer talents

ment and this is a two-week


in India and to provide an in-

programme to be held in June

credible travel experience to

and July. Our strategy would

the young minds as well. Studying abroad is exciting







activities, weekend excursions, tournaments of Fri-

boosting the partnership.”


be to approach and reputed

The tie-up is not a part of

football kit. In today’s world

schools and colleges across

Corporate Social Responsi-

when soccer is catching up

yet an expensive affair and for

the length and breadth of

bility of Cox & Kings. Stu-

and a number of parents

those young talents who have

India and institutions as well

dents get a chance to play

want their children to gain

missed out on the opportunity

that promote soccer as a

soccer in Liverpool way with

experience in soccer.”


complimentary launched in partnership with MoT, the first personalized travel planning engine has been launched by WorthYourHolidays, in partnership with Ministry of Tourism. Revolutionizing the travel and

gine, was launched recently in



Delhi in partnership with In-, first and only

credible India of Ministry of

instant, travel planning en-

SALIENT FEATURES •open just 1 tab instead of the usual 10. A faster and easier way to plan Indian travel itinerary •Considers more than 30 parameters for designing a personalized holiday plan •realistic plans with live prices of flight, train, hotel, cab and bus •seamless user experience and visually appealing user interface

(L-R) Karteek Narumanchi, Piyush Grover, Mukul Garg (founders of Tripigator) with Parvez Dewan (Secretary, Ministry of Tourism) during the launch of in Delhi

travel agent or a tour operator,

ellers in planning their trips

which complements the core

Tourism. in-

but a first-of-its-kind personal-

seamlessly by asking basic in-

technology. Tripigator aggre-

stantly generates personalized

ized travel planning service.

puts such as timeline, budget,

gates the information from all

travel itineraries on fewer in-

The website was unveiled by

areas of interest (adventure,

over the web to create struc-

puts and significantly reduces

Parvez Dewan, Secretary Min-

romantic, nature etc.) and des-

tured travel data and applies

users’ effort by replacing ten

istry of Tourism, Govt. of India

tinations of choice. The tech-

decision science and remark-

tabs with one tab. The website

and its three founders - Mukul

nology creates a range of

able technology to create per-

has been chosen as the official

Garg, Piyush Grover, and Kar-

travel itineraries in no time

sonalized holiday itineraries with live prices.

travel planner by the Ministry

teek Narumanchi – protégé of

and ranks them as per users

of Tourism and will also be

Indian Institute of Technology


available on Incredible India


It not only creates personal-

Tripigator offers a seamless

ized itineraries but also helps


Tripigator will help both do-

user experience and visually

users to share it with their is not an online

mestic and international trav-


travel companions, enabling




Trade News


them to collaborate on their

travelling to and within India

than 70% are troubled in the

service by fully understanding

decision making technology,

travel plan.

will become easier to plan. We

process. With Tripigator, the

the travel needs of its user.

considering more than 30 crit-

During the launch, Parvez

hope that the process will be

whole process is done in a few



ical factors to design a person-

Dewan, Secretary Ministry of

more enjoyable for all tourists,

seconds. We foresee potential and wit-



alized holiday itinerary with

Tourism, Govt. of India said,

from within the country and in-

in the way Internet, will power

ness for yourself how easy

real time prices at a click.

"We are happy to partner with


the entire travel decision-mak-

planning a holiday has be-

Founded by IIT Kharagpur

Mukul Garg, co-founder of

ing funnel in the coming years



pliment the young team on in-

Tripigator said “A traveller

to provide improved travel ex-

Tripigator, a product from

was selected in the Top 50



spends approximately 20 days


WorthYourHolidays, has devel-

Global Young Innovators, at

technology Tripigator. With the

and visits 22 websites for plan-

Tripigator takes pride in itself

oped Intuitive Planning En-

the Moscow Open innovation

introduction of this technology

ning the holiday and more

as a unique and innovative

gine, which is a heuristic based


shape to the dream holidays of

years of global expertise and

Travel and Domestic Holidays

Worth Your Holidays and comthis



Kuoni – SOTC launches in Prabhadevi & Margoa Kuoni -SOTC, India’s leading Tour Operator, has announced the launch of its new outlets in Prabhadevi, a small up-scale southern neighbourhood of Mumbai and at Margoa, a bustling commercial centre and cultural capital of the Indian state of Goa. thriving


Corporation, Ltd and Daniel

district, situated near

D’Souza, Head Sales-Tour Op-

a major landmark, the

erating, Kuoni India.


Siddhivinayak Temple dedi-

The store launches were an

cated to Lord Ganesha, Prab-

endeavor by Kuoni- SOTC to

hadevi attracts hundreds of

offer travelers with a one-stop

devotees every day.

solution for all their holiday re-

The Prabhadevi Store was

quirements. In addition to

inaugurated by Rajeev Wagle,

booking great holiday pack-

Managing Director, Kuoni India

ages, travelers could also avail

& Vishal Suri Chief Executive

of various deals and exclusive

Officer – Tour Operating, Kuoni

discounts being offered by the

India in the presence of some

travel brand.

past customers and airline partners.

To book at the Prabhadevi store , visit Kuoni - SOTC at

Margoa, the second largest

Unit No 28, Ground Floor,

city by population serves as a

Mamta-D, A. Marathe Marg,

service and transport hub to

Prabhadevi, Mumbai-400025 or

the areas of South Goa. Mar-

call:66151301 -04

goa's importance as an admin-

To book at the Margoa

istrative and commercial area

store, visit Kuoni– SOTC at Vit

grew with the increasing de-

Rose Mansion, Behind Grace

pendence of the surrounding

Church, Next To Bank of Bar-

millions of travellers. Embody-

60 years of local experience,

amongst others. Our Corporate

towns and villages.

oda, Margoa, Goa – 403601 or

ing the goodness and ap-

‘We are for holidays’ to never

Tours division is the leader in

proachability of ‘SOTC’ and the

let your holiday spirit die.

Incentive, Trade Fair tours and

The Margoa store was in-

call: - 0832-2713969

augurated by Chief Guest,

Kuoni- SOTC - India's

global expertise and explorer

Our mainstream holiday

Sports. Our vast array of holi-

Nilesh Cabral, MLA Goa Leg-

Leading Tour operator Kuoni -

imagery of ‘Kuoni’, Kuoni-

business is a leader in all travel

day services is taking holiday-

islative Assembly & Chairman

SOTC is the unification of two

SOTCis the new age innovative

segments namely Escorted

ing to an entirely new level.

Goa Tourism Development

renowned travel brands giving

holiday maker. With our 106

Group Tours, Free Individual




Trade News

DGCA must take punitive action on violators: IAAI

silent on the order issued

dated 16th September, 2013,

firstly by not including remu-

favouring cargo agents.

remuneration of the agent

neration as a part of the fare

Subsequently, IAAI again

has to be included in the fare

whereas the law requires

approached the Ministry on

and nothing can be charged

them to do so and secondly,

As per an order of Union Civil Secretary, remuneration of the agent has to be included in the fare and nothing can be charged over and above the fare. Punitive action must be taken in case it is being violated, says IAAI.

9th April, 2014 categorically

over and above the fare. If

by allowing the agents to col-

mentioning that Ministry is

this is the legal position in

lect transaction fees or serv-

deliberately silent on the

India, then there has to be

ice charge over and above



somebody to check whether

the fare, because otherwise

MoCA order dated 24th Aug


this law is being complied

the agent cannot survive.

2007 which directed 5% com-

with or not. Punitive action

s per a unanimous

mission and adequate air-

must be taken in case it is

istry/DGCA that they should

resolution adopted

way bill stock to all cargo

being violated; otherwise it

not remain a silent spectator

at its AGM on March

agents by all the airlines.

becomes a mockery of law.

and allow the airlines to vio-

8, 2014, IAAI had, through a

IAAI requested the Ministry

This job is obviously the re-

late the law with impunity.

letter, urged the Secretary,

that since the law does not

sponsibility of DGCA. But

The airlines following zero

MoCA to support the travel

distinguish between cargo

DGCA is not doing anything

commission system and 1%

agent fraternity in India, as

and passenger sales agents,

in this regard despite our re-

commission must be immedi-

they intervened in the case

the Ministry can certainly

quest and clear instructions

ately issued a show cause

of cargo agents in 2007.

issue a similar order for pas-

contained in the Ministry’s

notice as to why action

MoCA in through a letter

senger sales agents too, so

letter forwarding the Secre-

should not be taken against

dated 1st April 2014 reiter-

that there is no discrimina-


ated that commission is a

tion between the two by the


part of fare and that airlines

Ministry. IAAI once again re-

Zero commission policy

1937 read with DGCA’s or-

should determine the quan-

quested them to re-examine

denotes that the fare does

ders dated 5th March, 2010,

tum and no amount over and

this point.

not include any commission.




them for violating the provisions of the Aircraft Rules

December, 2012 and

above the tariff can be al-

Further, IAAI mentioned

This establishes that the air-

Secretary’s order dated 17th

lowed. But the above letter is

that as per Secretary’s order

line is violating the law–

September, 2013.

Thomas Cook (India) announces significant growth in its consolidated Results for the Quarter ended March 31, 2014 Income from operations growth of 454% against same quarter in 2013; profit before tax grew by 467% over same period; profit after tax growth of 470%

Madhavan Menon MD, Thomas Cook (India) Ltd.

IAAI has urged the Min-

Thomas Cook (India) Ltd

performance results of Ikya

recently declared its consoli-

Human Capital Solutions – ac-

dated Financial Results for

quired in May 2013.

the Quarter ended March 31,

Despite the First Quarter

2014 with an increase in In-

of the year being the tradi-

SnapShot •The Company’s Foreign Exchange business posted a 37% growth in Earnings Before Tax from Rs 125 Mn. in 2013 to Rs 170 Mn. in 2014. •The Inbound business saw a strong growth in Q1 2014, with EBT growth of 51% with delivery from both its Charter and non Charter businesses and contributions from new emerging source markets •The Domestic business in its investment and growth mode reported 100+% in both passengers and sales. •The Company’s expanded EBiz platform delivered well with sales growth of 62%


flows on an annualised basis. Commenting on the Results, Madhavan Menon, Managing Director, Thomas Cook (India) Ltd. said, “Given that this is the traditional low quarter for our largest businesses – Outbound and Foreign




consolidated results are admirable with our Inbound team making a remarkable turnaround as also strong delivery from our Forex and E

come from Operations of

tional lean season for the Out-

454% (`869 Mn. to `4.8 Bn.),

bound Travel Industry, the

Profit Before Tax of over 467%

now diversified Thomas Cook

(`22 Mn. to `127 Mn.) and

(India) Group, saw strong re-

Profit After Tax of over 470%

sults delivered via both its

(`14 Mn to `80 Mn.), Vs the

strategic investments in Ikya


Human Capital Solutions in

nesses on the other. Strategic

results for the group. As we

2013 on one hand, and healthy

focus via its cash conservation

go into the next quarter that




Biz teams. This period also, unlike the same quarter in 2013 - also reflect the benefits of the Ikya Human Capital acquisition in 2013 that continues to deliver handsome

Q1 2014 (unlike Q1 2013)

performances by its Inbound

project also resulted in signifi-

is the peak season for Out-

also integrated the business

and Foreign Exchange busi-

cant increase in free cash

bound. ”



Tech News


Smart thinking by Airlines and airports

leading airlines and airports

their ability to provide more

in the coming three years.

including British Airways,

meaningful data and insight -

Both face the issue though

Saudia, Dublin Airport Au-

providing passengers and

that while passengers are

thority, London City Airport

staff the right information at

very keen to access informa-

SITA’s research shows business intelligence and predictive analytics will enhance travel for passengers

and Heathrow.

the right time. Efforts are

tion about their journey, they

According to SITA’s paper,

being made across the indus-

are also sensitive about pri-

flight status updates are al-

try to collaborate and SITA

vacy. The smart use of non-in-

ready a mainstream mobile

has established the Business


ore than half of pas-

service and will extend to the

Intelligence Maturity Index to

information however will pro-

sengers would use

Nigel Pickford Director, Market Insight, SITA


their mobiles for

vide benefits to airlines and passengers.”

flight status, baggage status 2016 the majority of airlines and airports will offer these services. In total, 100 per cent

SITA’s report describes Our research has clearly shown that the move to smartphone apps and mobile services is well underway. But many of the services that airlines and airports are planning are heavily dependent on their ability to provide more meaningful data and insight - providing passengers and staff the right information at the right time.

and airport directions and by

of airlines and 90 per cent of

how today the focus is on building the foundation for business



looking ahead the combination of business intelligence

airports are investing in busi-

vast majority of airlines and

ness intelligence solutions to

airports by the end of 2016. By

Pickford continued: “We

help improve the passenger

provide the intelligent infor-

then, what today are niche

asked airlines and airports to

experience, while optimizing

benchmark the progress.”

plus predictive analysis will

mation across their opera-

services will also be well es-

measure themselves in four

the use of infrastructure and

tions which these, and other

tablished. Bag status updates

categories of business intelli-

space at airports. In the past,

services, demand. This is ac-

will be offered by 61 per cent

gence best practice for this

airlines and airports had no

cording to Smart Thinking, re-

of airlines; and 79 per cent of

index: Data Access and Man-

choice but to react when “ir-

leased by SITA recently at

airports will provide status

agement; Infrastructure; Data

regular” events such as bad

CAPA’s Airlines in Transition

notifications, such as queues



Summit in Dublin.

times through security and

nance. Our analysis shows





finely-tuned schedules. Using

SITA, the IT and commu-

walking time to gate. More

that on average the industry

business intelligence they will

nications provider to the air

than three quarters will also

is only halfway to achieving

be more proactive by analyz-

transport community, regu-

be providing navigation/way-


ing past events and combin-

larly conducts global research

finding at the airport via mo-

progress is needed.”

on airports, airlines and pas-

bile apps.



ing live data feeds from

There are ongoing efforts

multiple sources to predict fu-

sengers. This provides the

Nigel Pickford, Director,

across the industry to estab-

ture events and take preven-

unique opportunity to look

Market Insight, SITA, said:

lish data standards and en-

tative action before they

across the entire industry and

“Our research has clearly

sure system compatibility.

occur. By making the transi-

identify alignment, misalign-

shown that the move to

Pickford added: “Though the

tion from reactive to proac-

ment, and potential for accel-

smartphone apps and mobile

picture is not perfect now,

tive to preventative there are



services is well underway. But

change is coming. All airlines

significant benefits to be

Thinking is based on this


many of the services that air-

and 90 per cent of airports

gained for passengers and the

global research and incorpo-

lines and airports are plan-

are planning to make busi-

industry alike.

rates additional input from

ning are heavily dependent on

ness intelligence investments expands to Nagpur has launched


said, “With this launch, we aim


holiday packages.”

to tap Nagpur’s appetite for

As with all other stores,

chise will be located at Shop

sightseeing, visa and insurance,

travel and gain a strong foothold will provide the

a new franchise store in Dhan-

No.8, Sukhakarta Apartment,

which are offered on the web-

in this rapidly developing city.

franchisee with an active mar-


Plot No.15, Balraj Marg, Nagpur


With the new launch,

The new store will serve as an

keting, technical and store de-

– 440012. will have a com-

extension of our website and


bined strength of 17 franchisees

will cater to those customers

marketing activity will include

in India.

who are more comfortable with

print and radio advertising, at-



Nagpur. has a good offline



presence in Mumbai and other

The store will provide travel

suburban regions and with this

services such as flight tickets,

launch, it enters the tier II cities

hotel booking, car rentals, holi-

Speaking on the launch,

the conventional way of making

tractive and preferential com-

of Maharashtra. The new fran-

day packages, rail, cruise, bus,

Neelu Singh, COO,

travel bookings, be it tickets or





Trade News

roomsXML to launch operations in GCC markets at ATM 2014

supplied by multiple suppliers.

screen to face their customers.

by paying in currency of their

A combination of proprietary

With one click the screen

choice for worldwide hotel

software and human interven-

changes to show the travel

bookings. Our global banking

tion assures that all duplicates

agent’s logo and also display

network makes it easy for Aus-

are removed. Says Prakash

the rates with a pre-set mark-

tralian agents to pay in Aus-



up. The rates seen by the cus-

tralian Dollars, Indian agents in

The B2B company will showcase many of the travel industry firsts.

roomsXML Solutions, “We have


tomer will include travel agent

Rupees, Saudi Arabian agents

resolved the issue for 999 out of

margins. The mark-up returns

in Riyals and so on. And the

roomsXML Solutions Lim-

1000 hotels / apartments. And

to 'zero' at log out. When the

best part, the price of confirmed

ited is a B2B initiative providing

we do reward the travel agent

next customer walks in, it

bookings don't change with

accommodation booking serv-

by crediting their account by $5

starts all over again... with a

fluctuating exchange rates - the

ices to the travel trade. The

for every duplicate hotel that

new mark-up intended for that

travel agent's margins are well

clients include travel agents

they find in our system. As per


protected with us.

and travel portals. The com-

our market intelligence and

Online CRM: First in the in-

pany was amongst the first

client feedback, we are the only

dustry. Thousands of dollars

FRAME, this widget can sit on



ones to address the need of the

multiple-supplier system who

have gone in presenting an On-

the travel agent's website

industry to be able to book the

have been successful in ad-

line Customer Relationship

whereby their customers will

desired hotel / apartment from

dressing the issue of de-dupli-

Management (CRM) System.

be able to view the entire room-

amongst multiple suppliers.


By a simple click of a button the

sXML inventory in real time

travel agent can submit special

and at rates that include travel

Based on the parameters sePrakash Bang Managing Director, roomsXML Solutions


lected by the client, the product

Apart from de-duplication of

requests, booking modifica-

agent's mark-ups. With FRAME

optimises room availability and

inventory, roomsXML offers

tions, general queries, etc. with-

the travel agent can instantly

price before presenting to the

many firsts:

out the need to email our

convert their website into an

client – the supplier with the

Made to order XML feed: While

support team. A ticket number

active, money making B2C ini-

lowest price gets the booking.

we can provide a XML feed to

ensures that a query remains


on alert until resolved.

Thus by signing up with room-

travel portals incorporating the

sXML, the client gets access to

entire roomsXML inventory, we

global and local suppliers without the hassle of maintaining

Preferred by Agents: First

An Innovative 100 Company:

can also offer destination or

in the industry. A feature that

Innovative 100 recognises 100

product specific inventory. For

removes the guesswork whilst

trailblazer mid-sized compa-

multiple accounts and the need

example, a travel portal may

selecting and booking a hotel.

nies ($10m to $250m) whose

to invest in high-end technology.

need XML feed for only South

We call it 'Preferred by Agents'.

ideas, approaches and tools are

At the time of writing, room-

East Asia OR only Apartments

Only those properties would be-

beyond fresh. They’re bold, un-

sXML offered over 79,000

OR only Luxury Properties.

unique properties across the world.

come 'Preferred' if a minimum

conventional, disruptive with a

Quotation generator: First

of 10 travel agents nominate

potential to revolutionise the

in the industry. Branded Q-

that property. The ranking of

business world. Innovative 100

The ideation and the prod-

Push, the feature helps the

the property goes up as more

captures the role of mid-sized

uct development had com-

travel agent to submit quota-

and more unique agents prefer

business community in the in-

menced in the year 2007.

tions with property images and

that property. For a travel agent

novation journey that have

During the next few years the

information via email directly

it's like getting a reference from

demonstrated a flair for im-

concept was under test and

from the roomsXML booking

fellow agents; certainly more

pactful innovation.

soft-launched with select travel

panel. There's no need for the


agents. Since 2010, the product

travel agent to spend time in

Map-view search: First in

ISO 9001:2008 Certified:

has received excellent accept-

preparing accommodation pro-

the industry. The feature makes

The ISO certification recog-

ance in the markets of Aus-

posals manually. What's more,

it easy for the travel agent to

nises roomsXML's quality man-

tralia, USA, UK & India. The

the travel agent has the option

search and view properties on




product will now be available in

to send the quote with the

an interactive map, based on lo-

certification was done by BM

the GCC markets.

mark-up included.

cation and budget.

TRADA, world's leading quality

Retail interface: First in the

Local currency commit-

certification body based in

Solution & innovation:

industry and still the only one.

ment: With this facility, the

UK.roomsXML is the first com-

The company has a highly

Branded Retina - It's a Retail

travel agent can mitigate the

pany in the world to get the

skilled team that are dedicated

Interface that allows the travel

currency exchange risk and re-

Certification in the category it

to scan every hotel / apartment

agent to confidently flip the

duce their accounting workload




Cruise News


Cruise Arabia debuts at Cruise Shipping Miami in USA

appeared on a panel session

wards our cruise lines and

are expected to attend the

focusing on cruise geogra-

their offerings. There are

event this year.

Oman, Abu Dhabi and Dubai highlight new partnership to boost Gulf cruise tourism.


he Oman Ministry of

phy and itinerary develop-

many aspects that work in

Promoting the cruise in-



Oman’s favour such as its

dustry within the UAE and


rich cultural heritage and

the wider region is a key

tourism and the development

history, unique landscape di-

mandate of Dubai Cruise

of cruise itineraries within

versity, including mountains

Tourism, in line with the




discuss for

the Gulf region.






Tourism & Culture Authority

commented: “Cruise Ship-

and strong government sup-

visitor numbers from 10 mil-



ping Miami is the pinnacle of


lion in 2012 to 20 million in


Ahead of appearing on

weather for sailing, clear wa-

Tourism Vision for 2020: to

Tourism), Abu Dhabi

the panel, Hamad bin Mejren

ters and pristine beaches

double the emirate’s annual



and of

the global cruise industry’s

Tourism and Commerce Mar-


calendar and for this reason



The current 2013-14 sea-

keting (DTCM)are highlight-

we are delighted to attend

Tourism Sector, TCA Abu

son (which runs from Octo-

ing their new, joint Cruise

this year’s event for the first

Dhabi, said: “Collectively,

ber to June) sees Dubai

Arabia partnership at Cruise

time asCruise Arabia, to-

under our new Cruise Arabia

being the home port of Costa,

Shipping Miami, the cruise

gether with our partners

approach, Abu Dhabi, Oman

Aida and Royal Caribbean,


from Oman and Abu Dhabi.



and when TUI and MSC re-


strong and captivating re-

turn to their traditional

Dubai leadership has in-

gional destination that can

home in the Emirate within

vested heavily in the devel-

compete with the world’s pri-

the next two seasons, Dubai

Dhabi and Oman partnership

opment of the cruise sector,

mary cruise hotspots. To-

will once again be the home

just three months old, Miami

resulting in Dubai becoming



port of five of the world’s

is the international launch

recognized as a leading

persuasive case for cruise

leading cruise lines. With



event running March 10-13, 2014 in Miami, USA. With the new Dubai, Abu




Sultan Al Dhaheri, ActExecutive






pad for its campaign to pro-

cruise hub. By partnering

lines to pro-actively consider

Dubai government’s long-

mote the Arabian Peninsula

with Abu Dhabi and Oman to

the cruise growth potential

term strategic focus on de-

as a cruise tourism hotspot.

encourage a new generation

of the Arabian Gulf and part-

veloping the cruise industry,

Also attending the Cruise

of cruise tourists in the Gulf

ner us in realising all our

the aim is to reach 450,000

Shipping Miami event are 12

and to showcase all the re-

business aims.

cruise tourists by 2016, in-

other Dubai participants, in-

gion has to offer, we are look-

cluding Emirates Airline,


Dubai Maritime City Author-

evolution of this dynamic in-

ment, both financial and in

The port’s proximity to

ity and DP World in addition

dustry and increasing the

terms of human capital,

the centre of the city and ex-

to tour operators Arabian

number of cruise tourists

going in to building this sec-

cellent transportation links

Adventures, Sharaf Tours,

that disembark at our ports.”

tor and the time is right for

means that the attractions of

Alpha Tours, Gulf Ventures,

Salim Al Mamari, Direc-

operators to align with us to

Dubai are within immediate

Orient Tours and SNTTA

tor General of Tourism Pro-

reap the benefits of a seg-

reach of cruise passengers.

Emir Tours; and shipping

motion, Oman Ministry of

ment which now has our full

Investment in new infra-

agents RHS Group, Gulf

Tourism, said: “Oman, Dubai

and committed attention,” Al


Agency Company and Sea-

and Abu Dhabi are emerging

Dhaheri added.

guaranteed sunshine and

master Maritime.

cruising destinations in the




“Throughout our region there is significant invest-

Cruise Shipping Miami is





386,000 in 2013.



warm weather; must-see at-

A number of Omani tour

Middle East with immense

the leading international ex-

tractions such as Burj Khal-

operators and port authority

potential to give strong com-

hibition and conference ded-

ifa, the Palm Jumeirah, and

spokespeople are also at-

petition to established global

icated to the cruise industry,

the Burj Al Arab; the desert

tending alongside the Oman

destinations. In fact, we al-

gathering together industry

and coastline; and the con-

Ministry of Tourism.

ready offer a highly devel-

experts, decision makers,

trast between the ultra-mod-

During the World Cruise

oped tourism and hospitality

buyers and suppliers for a


Tourism summit workshops

infrastructure.New strategic

week of networking, sourc-

traditional souqs and her-

on 10th March, Hamad bin

policies and frameworks are

ing, education and innova-

itage areas make Dubai an

Mejren, Executive Director,

currently being developed to


ideal cruise destination.

Business Tourism at DTCM,

help attract more tourists to-

attendees and 900 exhibitors

More than 11,000







Trade News

TripAdvisor reveals travellers choice hill station hotels & lodgings 2014 beat the summer blues and election madness with an escape to the hills An accompanying travel trends survey reveals 95% of Indian travellers are planning to travel domestically in 2014 A Trip to the cool climes of


a hill station is the most ea-

out of every interaction.

restaurant was fine but

The Regent Hill Side Re-

some of the least good that

sort, Tamil Nadu

we had throughout our 16

REVIEW: Ramesh Pallis-

days. Again the staff are de-

sery from Chennai says,“We

lightful and helpful.”

stayed at Regent Hill for 2

Orange County Resorts

days. It was an unforget-

Kabini, Karnataka






DrVishuKalliapa is an excel-

from UK says,“This was a

lent host who looks after all

fantastic hotel. From our

his guests with warmth and

greeting at reception until

love. His varied experience

the end of our 2 night stay

gerly awaited part of the

The Shining Stars

and jest for life is really in-

everything was outstanding.

summer.With the advent of

Himachal Pradesh reigns

vasive. This resort is his-

The bungalows were beauti-

the annual summer break in


toric with photos, paintings

ful, huge and very well ap-

schools and most of the

properties situated in the

& artifacts of the past era.

pointed The private Jacuzzi

country grappling with the


An excellent place worth

was a bonus. Service was





final phase of elections, a

Shimla has retained the

staying. Really enjoyed our

excellent the staff couldn't

quick trip to the hills is on

first spot second time in a


do enough for you. Both the

top of everyone’s mind.Tri-

row with The Regent Hill

Niraamaya Retreats Car-

boat safari and jeep safari



Side Resort, Tamil Nadu

damom Club Thekkady,

were interesting and we saw

largest travel site today re-

moving up to the second


a lot of animals and birds in-

vealedthe Travellers’ Choice

spot 2 from number 7 in



cluding a leopard. The only



from UK says, “Just around

criticism was the lack of

the corner from Abrahams

table light at the specialty




Lodgings 2014for Indians to


beatthe heat this summer.

India’s Top Hill Station

Spice Garden this is set on a

restaurant. We asked for a

Interesting trends from its


good sized estate. It was the

second lamp on our 2nd visit

most natural and beautiful

to tithe infinity pool was

country place we stayed and

lovely with views across the




Wildflower Hall


survey were also shared.

Himachal Pradesh

The findings revealed that



very good value for money.

river .All in all a fantastic

while 90 percent of global

Mumbai says, “We found

We arrived early evening


travellers are planning to

Wildflower Hall to be a cut

and would have loved a cold

Room Tip: there cannot

travel domestically (up from

above other five-star hotels

glass of beer or wine but

be a poor room all are

87 percent in 2013), Ninety-

we've ever stayed in. It was

they do not serve alcohol

housed in bungalows across

fivepercent of Indian trav-

the first time I was staying

and unusually did not offer

then resort”


ellers are planning to travel



to call out for some. The

domestically (down 1% com-

though I'd heard about their

rooms are excellent and

Mahasu House, Himachal

pared to 2013).

amazing service & hospital-

were the highest standard


•61% respondents said they

ity. It lived up to every bit of

rooms that we stayed in on

REVIEW: Pradipta B. from

always/often choose holi-

its phenomenal reputation

our tour other than the Taj.

Mumbai says, “Went back to

days to get back to nature

for my wife and me.



Open air bathrooms, a wire-

the hotel for the 2nd time

•46% always/often try to

Every part of the experi-

less router in each room.

and it was an amazing stay

find 'off the beaten track'

ence, from arrival to depar-

Snacks complimentary de-

for 8 nights in this beautiful

holiday destinations where

ture was great. Painless and

livered before supper to the

hotel well maintained in all

there are fewer tourists

quick for the transactional

room. Set under huge jack

aspects with personalized

•For 48% its always/often

bits, but topped off with

fruit trees. Had a lovely

service to finger licking food

most important to go to fam-

warmth and genuine per-

walk up the hill with one of

from indian to conti very

ily-friendly holiday destina-

sonal care in every possible

their guides. The spa was

verypersonalized take time


instance- it was like they

disappointingly closed be-

out to visit this hotel make it

•58% said TripAdvisor was



cause of technical issues

a point to stay at least for 3

the primary source of inspi-

every last drop of happiness

and no other option was of-

nights will be back in sep.”

ration for their holidays/va-

that was possible to extract










Trade News

KTM 2014 to project Kerala as ideal destination for weddings, honeymoon and mice tourism The eighth edition of the Kerala Travel Mart (KTM), which is being held in Kochi during September 18-20 this year, will project ‘God’s Own Country’ as an ideal destination for weddings and honeymoon as well as for conferences and exhibitions, its President Abraham George (Johny) said.


sponse to the previous edi-

"From its inception, there

tions of KTM has inspired the

has been an overwhelming re-

Kerala Travel Mart Society to

sponse from the national and

innovate, think out-of–the-box

international buyers at the

and take each Mart to the

KTM, which has reflected in

next level,” said George, while

the steady escalation in the

addressing the media in Delhi

variety of tourism products

last night.

and in the numbers of partici-

“KTM 2014 will project Kerala as the ideal destina-

pants, both buyers and sellers," George said.

he KTM is the only

ucts like village life experi-

tion for weddings and honey-

Over the last 13 years

travel and tourism

ence and culture tours, he

moons along with conferences

since the first Mart, KTM has

fair in the country

said, addressing media per-

and exhibitions. At the mart,

attracted over 1,000 interna-

sons here.

we will have destination wed-

tional buyers, who have estab-

ding themes to focus on this

lished business partnerships

KTM, which is India’s largest

segment. These emerging seg-

among the various sections in



ments are being viewed very

the tourism industry of Ker-

sight Tours and Travels, said

tourism event, is a pioneering

seriously by tourist destina-

ala. The previous edition,

the focus would also be on

initiative by both the govern-

tions and KTM intends to in-

KTM 2012, was attended by

crease Kerala’s market share

more than 1,250 buyers.


that showcases a single destination.

Launched 13 years ago,

George, who is also the Managing Director of Inter-


to an additional 5,000 crores,” George said. A big turnout of MICE







tourism (Meetings, Incentives,

George “Only 10 per cent of

Conferences, Exhibitions) op-

the national inbound tourist

erators, global wedding plan-

traffic reaches Kerala and

ners, wellness and adventure

KTM has set itself a target of

tour operators are expected

15 per cent with arrivals from

at KTM 2014.

new and emerging markets,”

In a move aimed at pro-

he added.

moting MICE tourism, the

The ‘Hosted Buyer Pro-

Kerala Government had cut

gramme’ is a unique compo-

luxury tax on convention cen-

nent of the show, providing the

tres and auditoriums with a

buyers with an opportunity to

daily rent exceeding Rs 20,000

meet with the exhibitors of

to 10 per cent from 20 per cent

their choice for focused one-

in the state budget announced

to-one sessions with appoint-

in January this year.


Held in partnership with Kerala’s Abraham George President,Kerala Travel Mart 2014


specifically on the new and





receive complimentary accommodation, local transfers,

Tourism, the KTM, organized

a post-Mart FAM tour and par-

by the Kerala Travel Mart So-


ciety, brings together the busi-




reaching out to the ‘new mar-

ment and the industry to pro-

ness entrepreneurs behind

The registration of Buyers

ket’ like the United States,



the tourism products and

has commenced. Each pre-

Australia, Austria, Brazil,

Organised once in two years,

services of Kerala on a single

registration form is scruti-

Chile, Czech Republic, Den-

the fair this year will be held

platform. Tour operators, ho-

nised by a committee before

mark, Finland, Ireland, Israel,

at the Samudrika Convention

tels, resorts, home stays,

registering a buyer. As on

Japan, Norway, Poland, South

Centre of the Cochin Port

houseboat owners, Ayurveda

date, 361 international and

Africa and Sweden.

Trust located in the pictur-

resorts and cultural art cen-

1,136 domestic buyers have

tres will showcase their prod-

already been registered.

The Mart will also highlight innovative tourism prod-



esque Willingdon Island. “The overwhelming re-

ucts at the Mart.





Expedia rolls out its latest Ad Campaign in India Announces 50 crore outlay for marketing in 2014


perience more than just the

sight. Also, we chose the illus-

type, the consumer will find

journey. Indian traveler is

tration style basis a very sim-

what they need, in their

now more discerning and ex-

ple observation. People are

budget at Be-


generally happy when they

sides, the animation also

Keeping this change and

travel. So we deliberately

helped us in expressing the

he best memories in

evolution in mind, Expedia’s

kept the colours bright and

message effortlessly the way

our lives are associ-

latest campaign, ‘what’s your

solid. Also, we attempted a

we envisaged it, without hav-

jingle approach in the track.”

ing to go through the trouble

ated with being on a

hotel type’ aims at position-

vacation.Vacations help us re-

ing Expedia as the one stop

juvenate from our juggling

shop for every and any kind



Head - Marketing, Expedia

of searching for the perfect location, actors or shots”.

lives and therefore are a big

of traveler, that too in the

India said, “From our experi-

“The campaign is de-

responsibility for those help

budgets they are looking for.

ence in the Indian market, we

signed keeping in mind these

us plan it. With a similar ide-

With a hotel inventory of

have observed that more and

travel needs, where in Expe-

ology at heart, Expedia has

more than 2,60,000 hotels

more Indian travellers are

dia being a strong global

announced the launch of its

worldwide, Expedia takes its

shifting online and do their

player, is in a position to offer

latest advertising campaign

positioning of offering the

research well to find the most

huge discounts on hotels and

in India.

best deals in hotels forward

affordable deals on hotel

thus enabling the travelers to

Conceptualized by its

and promises to address the

bookings since there is a little

spend less and experience

creative agency, Lowe Lintas,

varied travel needs of all con-

negotiation on flight prices.

more during their holiday”,

the campaign brings together


The money that is saved here,

he added.

Expedia’s product proposi-


they like to spend on shop-

tion ‘world’s largest online





ping or consuming experi-

nessed a triple digit growth in

travel company’ and the

Lowe Lintas adds, “The idea

ences like spa, theme parks

transactions over the last year

evolving trends of the Indian

stemmed from the fact we all

and casinos. Some of them

and is all set to capture a

traveler. Today, the Indian

have our favourite vacation

also extend their hotel stay to

larger share of the Indian

traveler wants customized,

spots. We also associate

have a longer holiday while

traveler pie in 2014. This year,

personalized travelling and

those vacation spots with the

some upgrade their hotel cat-

with marketing outlay of 50

wants to integrate many inti-

hotels we've stayed in. That


mate nuances and needs.

red-roof cottage in the hills.


More and more Indians are

Or the secluded bungalow on







crore, the brand is focused on further strengthening its posi-

“We wanted to create a

tion in the Indian market. Its

now evolving on how they

the beach. So it was a simple

fun commercial that is time-

comprehensive inventory of-

look at vacations, with fami-

connection. Whatever is your

less and hence decided to do

fers the widest choice with

lies being open to off the

hotel type, you get it all with

an animation this time. We

more than 260,000 hotels, over

beaten track destinations.

a guaranteed discount. Es-

felt it was the perfect medium

438 airlines and 7,500 holiday

they are more curious, less

sentially a tactical message

to convey Expedia’s proposi-

activities and attractions from

conventional and want to ex-

based on a simple travel in-

tion that whatever be the

across the world.

up 6x from 2011. According to

CEO of TripAdvisor. “Reaching

cludes a number of features

data from Distimo, a global

the milestone of 100 million

and content to help travelers

leader in business intelligence

downloads is evidence that

plan and have the perfect trip.

TripAdvisor is now the world’s most popular travel APP The most downloaded travel app according to Distimo reaches 100 Million downloads milestone.


and app market data, TripAdvi-

travelers worldwide are benefit-

The free apps are available in

sor is now the most popular

ting from the TripAdvisor com-

21 languages and are avail-

travel app based on total App



able to download at the

Store downloads¹.

opinions, wherever their trav-

iTunes App Store or Google

els may take them.”



TripAdvisor®, the world’s

“As travel planning has

largest travel site, today an-

shifted from something you do

The TripAdvisor mobile

Global content: Provides

nounced it has reached the mo-

ahead of time to something

app is recognized in the in-

travelers with a comprehen-

bile milestone of 100 million

that’s possible anytime, the Tri-

dustry for its function and in-

sive travel planning resource

downloads for itsfree app for

pAdvisor mobile app has be-

novation. The app that was

on-the-growth more than 150

iPhone and Android. The num-

come the essential companion

recently named “Best Mobile

million user reviews and opin-

ber of downloads more than

for millions of travelers,” said

App” by Eye for Travel in its

ions of hotels, restaurants

doubled in the past year and is

Stephen Kaufer, president and

2014 Innovation Awards, in-

and attractions.




TripAdvisor launches holiday rentals in India Indian travellers now have access to more than 550,000 holiday rental properties worldwide


adults+ two children)can

Booking a holiday rental

on the average weekly rates

save up to 57% in a destina-

property is easy: through the




tion like Venice by opting for

‘Holiday Rentals’ tab on Tri-

rentals as compared to two

holiday rental versus a regu-

pAdvisor, travellers will find

hotel rooms in 3-3.5 hotels

lar hotel stay. We are confi-

pictures and extensive detail

for 15 May – 15 June 2014.

dent that this new offering


from TripAdvisor will see a

Users can filter properties by



properties. Holiday

ripAdvisor has an-

tremendous uptake among

date of stay, destination, size,

Rentals for home owners

nounced the launch

the avid travelers in the

amenities/options such as

Home owners can list their

of holiday rentals on

country” commented Nikhil



property for free on TripAd-

TripAdvisor Holiday Rentals

Ganju, Country Manager, Tri-

friendly’, and more. When a

visor and the TripAdvisor-

India, allowing travellers to

pAdvisor India

suitable property is found,

branded websites, FlipKey


search and compare more

“We are thrilled to give



travellers can quickly and

and Holiday Lettings. As the


Indians access to our vast



world’s largest travel site,

around the world. Available

and growing collection of hol-

and/or contact the owner

with more than 260 million

properties are wide-ranging


with more questions.

and can accommodate single

world. Travellers can now

travellers up to large groups in villas, ski chalets, apart-








people visiting each month,


TripAdvisor is the ideal place

find pictures, reviews, de-

cite value as one of the great-

to advertise a holiday home

scriptions and booking infor-


to a global audience.



Two hotel rooms (weekly rate)

Two bedroom holiday rental (weekly rate)

Savings by staying in a rental


Inr 254,803

Inr 110,289


san Francisco

Inr 242,729

Inr 118,551



Inr 168,350

Inr 95,617



Inr 101,447

Inr 64,753



Inr 105,349

Inr 68,400


las Vegas

Inr 93,768

Inr 63,987



Inr 108,781

Inr 75,154


los Angeles

Inr 156,890

Inr 114,549



Inr 193,183

Inr 151,954


ubud, Bali

Inr 74,796

Inr 61,424



Inr 171,700

Inr 156,471



ments, houseboats, castles,



rentals. Particularly for fam-

When users in India click

treehouses and more.

properties, while homeown-

ilies or groups planning a

‘Set up your free listing’ on


“We are excited to intro-

ers can list their properties-

holiday of a week or more,

the Holiday Rentals home-

duce holiday rentals to our

for free and benefit from

the savings offered by holi-

page, they will be redirected

Indian audience as it will

TripAdvisor’s unsurpassed

day rentals can be signifi-

to the TripAdvisor-branded-

open a whole new world of

audience of 260 million users

cant. For instance, Indians

website, Holiday Lettings to

accommodation options for

per month,” commented Der-

taking a trip during the up-

complete their listing. Prop-

the ardent Indian travelers

mot Halpin, president, Tri-

coming school break could

erties listed on Holiday Let-

especially ones who love to

pAdvisor Holiday Rentals.

save up to 57% in popular

tings will appear on both

destinations worldwide by

Holiday Lettings and TripAd-

choosing a holiday rental:


travel with their family. According to our estimates, an


average Indian family (two

Rentals for travellers


This comparison is based




Government News

Goa tourism to promote Coconut & Cashew Festival Aimed to promote two of the most important ingredients in Goa, the fest will take place from May 21 to 25, 2014 at Campal Grounds in Panjim.


oconut and Cashew

nut are an integral

part of life in Goa.

Right from their use in food and drinks to their contribution to the local economy, these two products have created a very lasting impression on Goan culture and lifestyle. In a bid to pay an ode to these two Goan essentials, Goa


Tourism is organizing one of India’s biggest Coconut &

The event is positioned to be an annual event which will also showcase Goan lifestyle and culture In its first edition, the event will include events like cookery shows, games like ‘Crack a coconut’ and workshops like ‘Climb a coconut tree’, also a cocktail bar which will highlight use of Feni in cocktails

Cashew Festival 2014 from May 21 to 25 at Campal Grounds in Panjim. This festival, which is being organized for the first time, will focus on the role that coconut and cashew nut play in Goa. As a part of this the event will feature a wide range of activities like cookery shows, cocktail demos using Feni, music concerts and stalls featuring handicrafts and artifacts that are made using coconut shells and other by-products. Some

Goans take pride in, visitors

There will be a demonstration

Christian and Muslim.

fun, innovative games like

can sign up for activities like

of the Feni distillation process

Dilip Parulekar, Minister

‘Crack a coconut’ and ‘Roll a

‘Climb a coconut tree’ work-

set up, which will allow visi-

of Tourism, Government of


shop, bowling alley with co-

tors to get a peek into the


There will be Cashew




conuts and boxing rings using

making of this beverage.

cashew nut are very important

stomping sessions, display of


Guests can also enjoy some

for every Goan. We want to

coconut cashew products,

against each other.




Feni cocktails at the bar dur-

showcase its multiple uses to

handicrafts, artifacts, cuisine,

Feni, a local beverage

ing the event. To go with the

the world. This festival will

etc. This unique Goan festival

made in Goa using coconut

Feni, there will also be a lot of

also offer visitors a glimpse

will celebrate the rich agrar-

and/or cashew nut, will have



into Goan culture. This is the

ian tradition of Goa through

special focus during this festi-

Goan cuisine in its various

first time we are organizing

its most important crops ‘Co-

val. This beverage has been

avatars. The Goan Culinary

this event and are expecting

conut and Cashew.’

conferred with the Geograph-

Club will conduct demos and

tourists in large number. We

Workshops at the festival

ical Indication (GI) status,

workshops on different styles

are optimistic that it will be a

will reflect the sense of imagi-

which means that authentic

of cuisines available in Goa,

huge success and will turn into

nation and adventure that

Feni is only produced in Goa.


an annual event.”






Government News

Punjab in the lap of heritage PHTPB is all set to roll out consumer campaigns on timeless heritage monuments and encourage walks for travellers. Swaati Chaudhury


France and Australia and



March, this year. We are en-

Singh Nagar in Mohali district

would like to stress on these

gaged in revamping our her-

close to Chandigarh, Attari

markets for growth of inbound

itage monuments all across

Border, Gurdwara Keshgarh

tourism. There is a great po-

the state. Very recently, we

Sahib in Anandpur Sahib and

tential in domestic markets

have organized a significant

Chappar Chiri in Sahibzada

that have emerged as game

global conclave on the inter-

Ajit Singh Nagar. A large

changers over the past couple

pretation of built heritage and

chunk of tourists visiting the

of years. The prominent do-

and Punjab Heritage and Promotion

mestic markets include Gu-

Navjotpal Singh Randhawa Director, Punjab Tourism & Additional CEO, PHTPB

jarat and West Bengal and


(PHTPB) is channelizing its efforts to kick-start its consumer campaigns that will highlight the heritage grandeur of Punjab. department


Tourism, Punjab had focused on travel trade and has made a significant presence in travel

there are potential tourists Our consumer campaign is all set to focus on the newly opened state-of-the-art museum- Viraasat-e-Khalsa in Anandpur Sahib, the recent Patiala heritage walk and the Amritsar heritage walk. With a view to showcase the lesser-known spectacles of the state, we have hosted a familiarization trip for IATO members sometime in March, this year.

“ “

“ “



Khana Mandir in Bathinda, Chattbir Zoo in Sahibzada Ajit

he land of Punjab is

itage and good food

The fresh initiatives of PHTPB are: •To roll out consumer campaign on Viraasat-e-Khalsa in Anandpur Sahib, Patiala heritage walk and Amritsar heritage walk. •Hosted prominent global conclave on interpretation of built heritage. •Makeover of heritage monuments to boost the flow of tourists. •Emphasizing on global markets of Germany, France and Australia to draw more tourists into the state.

Association of Tour Operators (IATO) members sometime in

defined by its rich her-




We are engaged in revamping our heritage monuments all across the state. Very recently, we have organized a significant global conclave on the interpretation of built heritage and once the heritage monuments receive makeover, we would throw light upon these timeless structures that would surely offer a fillip to our tourism sector.

marts across the country. Ac-

from South India who have shown a keen interest in the state. We would promote the tourism potential of Punjab in the major domestic markets through business-to-business platform with a focus on travel fraternity. ” However, MICE tourism has not picked up well in the

cording to Navjotpal Singh

once the heritage monuments

state hail from New Delhi,

state owing to absence of con-

Randhawa, Director, Depart-

receive makeover, we would

Chandigarh, Maharashtra, Ra-

vention centre facilities in the

ment of Tourism, Punjab and

throw light upon these time-


state. “There are luxury hotels



Additional Chief Executive Of-

less structures that would

Pradesh. The state has the

providing facilities for large

ficer, PHTPB, “Our consumer

surely offer a fillip to our

highest number of global

conferences in places like Lud-

campaign is all set to focus on

tourism sector.”

tourists from Canada, Aus-

hiana, Amritsar and Bathinda.

tralia, the United States, Ger-

The state has witnessed a

many, France and Sweden.

rapid surge in the flow of both

the newly opened state-of-theart



For new-age travellers, the most-loved destinations in

Khalsa in Anandpur Sahib, the

Punjab are Amritsar’s Golden

The major inbound target

domestic and global tourists

recent Patiala heritage walk

Temple, Viraasat-e-Khalsa in

countries for the state have

last year owing to factors like

and the Amritsar heritage

Anandpur Sahib, Hosiery Mar-

been the United Kingdom, the

visibility of the state in the

walk. With a view to showcase

ket in Ludhiana, Devi Talab

United States of America and

travel industry through partic-

the lesser-known spectacles of



Canada. Randhawa said, “We

ipation in well-known global

the state, we have hosted a fa-

Damdama Sahib in Talwandi

have experienced a steady

marts like SATTE,” added

miliarization trip for Indian

Sabo in Bathinda, Maiser

tourist inflow from global des-


his is for the first time

Even before the release of its


that a national politi-

manifesto, the BJP’s Prime

change earnings,” said the

cal party has under-

Ministerial candidate Naren-

election manifesto of BJP for

scored the importance of

dra Modi has time and again

general elections 2014. It

tourism sector in the socio-

talked about the potential of

adds that the BJP commits to

economic development of the

tourism for economic devel-

initiate a mission mode proj-

county. The principal opposi-

opment and expressed his

ect to create 50 tourist cir-

tion party Bharatiya Janata

commitment to development

cuits that are affordable and

Party (BJP) has became the

of tourism sector in the coun-

built around themes like: ar-

first national political party to

try if he becomes PM of India.

chaeology and heritages, cul-


“Tourism plays a key role in

ture and spirituality , desert,



Tourism plays a key role in socio-economic progress: BJP Manifesto Recently released election manifesto of BJP for general elections 2014 recognizes the contribution and potential of Tourism in role in socio-economic progress “Tourism plays a key role in socio-economic progress through creation of jobs, enterprise, infrastructure development, and foreign exchange earnings,”





tourism sector in the country







in its election manifesto for

through creation of jobs, en-

(Ayurvedic and modern med-

the 16th Lok Sabha elections.

terprise, infrastructure devel-

icines) etc.




Aviation News

Singapore Changi Airport honours its top airline partners at annual Changi Airline Awards 2014

dian continent convenient and

and Indonesia remain attrac-

seamless connections to Sin-

tive and demand for business

gapore, and onwards to the

and leisure travel will continue

rest of Southeast Asia, Aus-

to rise.”

tralia and New Zealand.

India’s Jet Airways named top airline by growth in passenger carriage in south asia

Lee reiterated CAG’s

Connected to 12 cities in

mantra of planning ahead to

India, Changi Airport is the

ensure capacity to support fu-

most connected Southeast

ture growth. “Changi East, Ter-

hangi Airport Group

Growth in Passenger Carriage

Asian airport to India. In 2013,

minal 4 and Project Jewel

(CAG) honoured its

(South Asia). Jet Airways cur-

more than 3 million passen-

epitomise CAG’s belief in the

top airline partners on


rently operates 42 weekly serv-

gers travelled between India

strong fundamentals of the

Tuesday evening at the 9th


and Singapore. This is an in-

Changi Airport air hub. These

Changi Airline Awards 2013

Singapore, with two daily serv-

crease of about 4% from a year

projects are our commitment to

held at the Pan Pacific Hotel

ices each to Delhi, Mumbai and


ensure there is sufficient ca-




Singapore where a total of 24

pacity to secure Changi’s suc-

awards across six categories

Changi Airline Awards 2014 Recipients:

cess as a world-class airport

were presented to the airline

1) Partner of the year: China eastern Airlines 2) Top 5 Airlines by Passenger Carriage

and a global air hub for many,

community. The annual awards ceremony celebrates the partnership of airlines operating at Singapore Changi Airport and their contributions towards the

many more years. They are

(In order of merit, based on passenger carriage in 2013)

also the ultimate proof of our

1. singapore Airlines 2. Tigerair singapore 3. silkAir 4. Jetstar Asia 5. AirAsia Berhad

confidence in the collective future of Changi and its airline partners.” Sagar Naik, Regional Busi-

growth and development of Singapore’s vibrant and world-

ness Development Manager Chennai. In 2013, it registered

Lee Seow Hiang, CEO of

(SEA) & Country Manager for

class air hub. Changi Airport is

a strong 27% growth in pas-

Changi Airport Group, said in

Singapore of Jet Airways

today the world’s fifth busiest

senger carriage compared to a

his address at the award cere-

(India) Ltd, said, “Jet Airways

airport for international pas-

year ago.

mony that despite the chal-

has seen tremendous growth

senger traffic, registering over

The airline’s growth has

lenges of the present-day

over the years in the Singapore

53 million passenger move-

also been spurred by an in-

operating environment, CAG

market due to the strong con-

ments in 2013. It serves more

crease in demand for travel to

remained confident about the

nectivity from various Indian

than 100 airlines and connects

and from Chennai and Mumbai

longer term potential of air

cities via our gateways in Mum-

Singapore to some 280 cities in

during the year – a second

travel in this region. “Changi

bai, Delhi and Chennai. Singa-

over 60 countries around the

daily service was added for

Airport sits in the middle of a

pore is an attractive destination


these cities in August and No-

vibrant aviation market, rich in

for Indian travellers due to the

Among the award-winning

vember respectively. These



vast variety of activities as well

airlines, India’s Jet Airways

new services provided passen-

long-term prospects for the

as its safe and secure environ-

was named Top Airline by

gers travelling out from the In-

large economies of China, India


(40 million to 50 million pas-

rector John L. Martin. “Pro-

ports they consider the best in


the world.

SFO named among best airports worldwide







viding our guests with an ex-


ceptional airport experience

More than 9,000 travelers

Lumpur International Air-

is our mission, and we will

from 160 countries took part

Airport scores multiple awards in 2014 SkyTrax survey

ports. SFO was also rated

pursue nothing less than a

in this year’s survey. To rein-

fourth in the “Best Airports in

number one ranking in each of

force credibility and complete

these areas.”

San Francisco Interna-

North America” category and

tional Airport (SFO) has been

fifth in the “Best Staff (Cus-

The annual survey, consid-


tomer Service) in North Amer-

ered one of the most presti-

advertising or third-party


gious and trusted in the

sponsorships from airports

aviation industry, allows ac-

or airlines. Airports cannot



awards in the SkyTrax Passengers’ Choice Awards for

“We are proud to be recog-

independence in the process, SkyTrax does not accept any

2014. SFO was ranked third in

nized in multiple categories

tual customers to make their

pay to be included in the sur-

the “Best Airports Worldwide

by SkyTrax,” said Airport Di-

own choices as to which air-




Aviation News

Cathay Pacific is first airline to confirm operating at Changi T4 Full suite of self-service options and premium commercial offerings to offer enhanced Changi Experience to Cathay’s passengers.


the airport as their journey at

of passenger volume, with nine

T4 will no longer be limited by

daily services to Hong Kong in-

the operating hours of manual

cluding one via Bangkok, and

check-in counters.


Cathay Pacific’s passengers




Colombo, Sri Lanka’s capital.

can also look forward to a new

With more than 130 weekly

and exclusive premium lounge

flights to and from Changi Air-

hangi Airport Group

among the key highlights at T4

on the second mezzanine level

port, relocating to the new ter-

(CAG) and Cathay Pa-

that Cathay Pacific’s passen-

of the new terminal. At more

minal will also provide Cathay


gers can look forward to.

than 800 sqm, it is larger than

Pacific with good room for fu-




nounced today that Cathay

Passengers of Hong Kong’s

the full-service carrier’s current

ture growth. T4 is designed to

Pacific will operate at Changi

flag carrier will also – for the

lounge at Terminal 1, with

handle 16 million passenger

Airport’s newest terminal –

first time at Changi Airport –

views into the apron and run-

movements per annum, and

Terminal 4 (T4) – when it

enjoy fast and seamless travel

way, offering passengers in the

will be able to support quick

opens in 2017. Cathay Pacific is

initiatives that will be rolled out

lounge sightings of aircraft

aircraft turnaround operations

the first airline to confirm its

terminal-wide. A full and inte-

take-offs and landings.

for both full-service and low-

move to T4.

grated suite of self-service op-

Cathay Pacific is one of

cost carriers.

An enhanced travel experi-

tions will be offered at key

Changi Airport’s first airline

T4 will feature a total of 21

ence encompassing self-service

passenger touch points such as

partners, having operated at

contact stands – 17 for narrow-

initiatives (in addition to check-

check-in, bag drop, immigration

Terminal 1 since the airport

body aircraft and four for wide-

in counters), exciting and at-

and boarding in T4. Departing

opened in 1981. Its presence at

body aircraft, the latter of



passengers will enjoy faster

Changi has grown over the

which can be converted to ac-

offerings, as well as an ex-

processing via the automated

years. Today, Cathay Pacific is

commodate eight narrow-body

panded dedicated lounge for its

channels, as well as greater au-

among the top 10 largest air-

aircraft if the need arises.


tonomy of their time spent at

lines at Changi Airport in terms


and Indian Subcontinent,

the Indian Subcontinent. We

Manager – India, Etihad Air-





Etihad Airways’ inaugural flight to Jaipur touches down Etihad Airways, the national airline of the United Arab Emirates, commenced daily operations betweenJaipur and Abu Dhabi. A traditional lamp lighting ceremonygreeted the disembarking passengers at Jaipur to celebrate the new service and the airline’s tenth destination in India. Craig Thomas, Etihad

said: “The addition of the



ways, said:“Jaipur is the per-

Airways’ Regional General

Jaipur service reinforces Eti-

newflights will continue the

fect addition to our growing

Manager-Asia Pacific North

had Airways’ commitment to



strong passenger growth be-


tween Indiaand the UAE.

Jaipur is a widely recognised

“The new service will providetravellers



premium destination attract-


ing leisure and business trav-

Jaipur with seamless connec-

ellers from around the world.

tions to the Gulf region and

It also known for hosting

Middle East, as well as


Africa, Europe and North


America, via our Abu Dhabi

renowned Jaipur Literature

hub,” Neerja Bhatia, General


the by TNH DESK



Spa News

Indulge in the intimacy of Asian hospitality with The Park Hotel Group

massage technique to relieve

Park Indulgence Journey –


aching tension trapped in the

S$258 (INR 12,432 approx) +

branded hotels around the Asia

muscles increasing blood circu-

(120 mins)

Pacific. Established in 1961,


Spa indulgence is a sure tick-mark on your itinerary for Singapore. For the destination offers a menu of traditional massage therapies suited for Indian receptivity. Singapore offers an invigorating journey of five senses with an extensive melange of services –to elevate your experience.




Experience a 2-hour thera-

Park Hotel Group grew rapidly

Aroma Bliss-inducing ulti-

peutic journey with a head-to-

from its first hotel in Hong Kong

mate relaxation of the body,

toe pampering experience that

to the current portfolio of ten

mind and soul, this therapeutic

boasts the best of Asian mas-

properties across three coun-

massage uses the revitalising

sage techniques.

tries and six cities in the region,

synergy of pure essential oil to

• Gold Bits Body Scrub

with access to over 3,300

bring you a sense of well being.

• Gold-Infused Body Massage


Zen Shiatsu-a refreshing and energising massage to re-

• Back Mud Masque • Scalp Massage

lease muscle tension and prohe Park Hotel Group,


mote healing.

Committed to delivering exceptional service with love and passion, the acclaimed Park

Gold Lava Shell Massage

Hotel Group has established a

– S$198 (INR 9540 approx)+

track record of operating suc-

(90 mins)

cessful hotels. As it strives to be

one of Asia Pacific’s

best hospitality groups

with properties under the brand name Grand Park and Park Hotel spread across Singapore, Hong Kong, China and Japan provides you one such opportunity to detox from the hustle and bustle of the city during your visit. Rest and relax with Spa Park Asia at these hotels: Grand Park City Hall, Grand Park Orchard, and Park Hotel Clarke Quay in Singapore. Cabana style pavilions await you for a spa experience amidst the pristine surroundings with a beautiful view of the Singapore skyline. Spa Park Asia offers pampering spa therapies, inspired by






freshing and energising mas-


sage to relieve tension and

This massage uses warm

a world-renowned brand in

philosophies, artfully paired

promote deep relaxation of the

lava shells to generate energy

hospitality, Park Hotel Group

with the finest quality prod-


to loosen tight muscles while a

continues to focus on its foot-

ucts, such as Karin Herzog, de-

Tui Na- the essence in the

customised massage combined

print expansion through acqui-

signed to refresh and restore

use of pressure on key points of

with a unique blend of Gold &

sitions and hotel management services.

one’s mind, body and spirit. Re-

the body, stimulating the flow of

Uplifting Oil focuses on problem

juvenate with a full body mas-

Qi and removing blockages

areas as identified by guests.





unique combination of Asian

across the meridians of the body

Please note that some treatments may not be available at Spa Park Asia at

Park branded hotels include the luxury Grand Park and the upscale Park Hotel.


Foot Reflexology- an an-

Ayurvedic, Indonesian, Shi-

cient natural therapy which ap-

Grand Park Orchard and

hotel brand synonyms with pre-

atsu, Thai and Tui Na.

plies focussed pressure on

Park Hotel Clarke Quay.

mium accommodation, facilities,


reflex points in the foot to heal

Few of the treatments include:


service and comfort designed for

or promote well being on the

About Park Hotel Group

discerning business and leisure


Park Hotel Group is one of

travelers. Grand Park hotels can

Asia’s Pacific’s best hospitality

be found in Singapore, China

groups. The group manages,

and Japan.

Deep Tissue- a healing massage that uses slow and strong

Grand Park is a luxury

Packages on offer are:


Hospitality News

‘Mid-market segment in India is in its infancy’ The mid market segment in India is in its infancy due to which there is plenty of headroom for everyone in the market, says Gajendra Singh, Hive Alwar.


dings. “The accessibility to

flourishing industries in India

change in lifestyles and buying

these places through much-

and is experiencing a strong

patterns of consumers. Indians

improved highway, train con-

period of growth driven by the

are lapping up luxury assets,





services and goods with a vo-

destinations in the country

class, supported by growth in



racious appetite, and the In-

has made the city far more ac-

propensity to spend among


cessible than the recent past.


thriving,” added Singh.

The hotel welcomes business

Singh. Several factors, such

Hive Alwar and Hive Pani-






he mid market

years, India will see an expe-

and leisure travelers into the

as increase in disposable in-

pat is managed, marketed and


rienced and aware middle


come, innovative packages

operated by Tux Hospitality (a





India is in its in-

venture by Shipra Hotels Ltd).

fancy due to which there is

Both these hotels keeping in

plenty of headroom for every-

mind the modern day to day

one in the market. By 2020-25,

demand of the travelers offers

40 per cent of the population

different types of facilities for

would be sitting in this little

the travelers who are coming

sector. As of now the segment

from India and abroad All Day



Dining Restaurant, Open Ter-

sented,” said Singh. But he

race, 24hr Room Service, Doc-

added that between now and

tor on Call, Foreign Exchange

2025, mid-range hotels are

Service, All major Credit &

likely to grow by 200 per cent.

Debit card accepted and Con-


Properties are getting consolidated




ference Room etc Hive Alwar Gajendra Singh Hive Alwar

also provides 24 hr Gym ac-

smaller brands are getting up-

cess facilities.

graded to bigger brands; big-

class that want consistent

ger brands are taking over

quality for stay and food, and

Hive Alwar:

smaller ones for economy of

a mid-scale hotel will provide

Hive Alwar is managed, mar-

scales and so on.

an environment conducive to

keted and operated by Tux

“India’s rapidly expanding

this traveller, apart from busi-


middle class; its buying power

ness or the long-stay official.”

bound and outbound tourism



Shipra Hotels Ltd. Hive Alwar

and the growing infrastructure make it a lucrative in-


offers contemporary setting Hotels in Tier I, II cities

for modern day business or

with unique facilities

leisure traveler. Rooms are

destination leading to a grow-

In recent times, many

ing need for affordable yet

smaller cities have become a

quality hotel rooms as 5 stars

key MICE destination catering

may not be the viable option

to large incentive tours, cor-

Mid-segment Hotels and the

for one and all,” said Singh,

porate residential meetings,

weekend travellers

of the Domestic Tourism seg-

National and International

adding “Over the next few

weekend holidays and wed-

“Tourism is one of the most

ment. “India is witnessing a


than the recent past,” said Singh.

and destination promotion,

well equipped with convenient

with support from aviation and

amenities as high-speed wire-

hospitality industries, have

less internet access, Electronic

also contributed to the growth

safe and LCD television with by TNH DESK



Hospitality News

Choice Hotels India to open 6 more properties in India by 2015 Choice Hotels India has recently announced to sign six more properties by 2015 in India, by then the chain will have about 32 properties in India. hoice Hotels India is


one of the fastest and finest growing hotel

chains with 24 properties in over 20 destinations in India and another 14 properties under different stages of devel-

opment. “We plan to focus on extensive



sources on growing our pres-

Vilas Pawar Chief Executive Officer, Choice Hospitality India

By 2015, we will have about 32 Properties in India.

ence in India. As we have last

We are planning to add another

brands and our hotels.” said

Vijayawada. Its presence in

year expanded our presence

3 properties this year.

Vilas Pawar, Chief Executive

all the gateway cities proves

with the opening of 5 proper-

By 2015, we will have about

ties: Clarion Hotel Chennai,

32 Properties said Vilas Pawar,


chief executive officer for



Quality Inn Kumabakonam,

Choice Hospitality India

Officer , Choice Hospitality

that the chain is widely ac-


cepted by business as well as

Choice Hotels India are in various destinations including

leisure travelers who recognize and trust the brand.

Quality Inn Bangalore and

“India is an extremely im-

New Delhi, Mumbai, Chennai,

Choice Hotels India is part

Comfort Inn in Ahmedabad. In

portant key market.In near fu-

Ahmedabad, Bangalore, Gur-

of Choice Hotels International

addition another 03 properties

ture we are looking for 2 to to

gaon, Hyderabad, Coimbat-

which is one of the largest and

have been inked Comfort Hotel

4 tier cities for our growth



most widespread lodging fran-

in Khanvel Silvasa , Comfort

and we’re looking forward to

Kodaikanal, Lucknow, Amrit-

chisors of the world with over

Hotel, Abu Road in Rajasthan

the great development poten-

sar, Shimla, Manali,

6500 hotels across the globe.

and Quality Hotel in Chennai.

tial that it holds for our

Nashik, , Vishakapatnam and


Brand Management, InterCon-

we give our guests the most au-

tures highlights of the new In-

tinental Hotels & Resorts said,

thentic local experiences for an


“At InterContinental Hotels &

enjoyable holiday. The Insider

Menu. Jointly developed by

IHG launches ‘Insider Guide to Travelling with Children’ First Insider Guide of the year provides parents with tips on planning enjoyable family vacations



Resorts, we have over 65 years

Guide to Travelling with Chil-

award-winning celebrity chef

of global heritage in curating

dren condenses all the infor-

Theo Randall and leading chil-

memorable experiences for our

mation you need to stay in the

dren's food expert and bestselling international author,


theirchildren. The guide col-

Resorts has released the

lates InterContinental insider

‘Insider Guide to Travel-

knowledge and external indus-

ling with Children, providing

try expert opinions from coun-

useful advice to make planning

tries across Asia, Middle East

enjoyable family vacations a

and Africa to deliver top travel


tips, local insights and exciting

The third in the Insider

itineraries, including sugges-

Guide series, thislatest guide is

tions on engaging the young

an essential handbook for

ones from the planning stage.

guests planning to travel with





BRUCE RYDE Director, Brand Management, InterContinental Hotels & Resorts InterContinental Hotels & Resorts has over 65 years of global heritage in curating memorable experiences for our guests. From locally-inspired spa programmes to our Planet Trekkers Kid’s Club activities, we give our guests the most authentic local experiences for an enjoyable holiday. The Insider Guide to Travelling with Children condenses all the information you need to stay.

nterContinental Hotels &

Annabel Karmel MBE, the menu was designed specifically for the young InterContinental guest and will feature delicious dishes which embrace flavours, textures, smells and tastes that will take children on an educational voyage around the

guests. From locally-inspired

know before, during and after

world, while ensuring an enjoy-

spa programmes to our Planet

your family vacation.”

able and nutritionally balanced

Trekkers Kid’s Club activities,

In addition, the guide fea-



Hospitality News

Plaza premium lounge lands at London Heathrow Terminal 2 – the Queen’s Terminal Summer 2014 The only independent lounge accessible to all travellers.


airport experience. The team

the industry leader in airport

understands travellers’ needs

lounge development and pre-

and behaviours and this is re-

mium airport service with over

flected throughout the lounge.

110 locations in 29 international

There is a strong focus on serv-

airports throughout the world

ice, and in keeping with the new

and a development pipeline of 50

terminal’s values, the interior

more lounges by 2015. There

laza Premium Lounge,


Lounge will offer travellers five

design by Kinney Chan of KCA

will be Plaza Premium Lounges

the world’s leading air-

luxury shower rooms, five en-

Associates and brand partner-

at London Heathrow’s Termi-

port lounge provider,

suite, private relaxation rooms,

ships have a nod to British her-

nals 2 and 4 by 2014.

launches at the hotly anticipated

a Wellness Spa with an exclu-


London Heathrow Terminal 2 –

sive treatment menu by British




Song, Founder and CEO,

Plaza Premium Lounge


organic spa brand, ILA, a cham-

Plaza Premium Lounge Man-

London Heathrow Termi-

Wednesday 4 June 2014. It will

pagne bar, and a selection of

agement Limited comments,

nal 2 – The Queen’s Terminal

be the Hong Kong-based com-

food, drinks, tapas and freshly

“With our extensive experience

pany’s first venture in Europe.

baked artisan breads. Business

in designing, managing and op-

launches summer 2014 with the

facilities including high-speed

erating airport lounges around

Arrivals Lounge opening in Autumn 2014

The innovative Plaza Pre-




mium Lounge has been de-

Wi-Fi, a selection of interna-

the world, our goal is to make

signed to enhance the airport

tional newspapers and maga-

every journey better for trav-

Open daily from 5am – 11pm

experience for travellers – re-

zines, televisions and full flight

ellers. We are absolutely thrilled

Starting from £38 per per-

gardless of the choice of airline

information are also offered.

to announce our arrival in Eu-

or class of travel – for just £38 per person for two hours.

son (2 hours)

With 16 years’ experience in

rope in conjunction with the

Bookings can be made on-

caring for travellers, Plaza Pre-

launch of the new Terminal 2 at

line -,

Sleek, contemporary and

mium Lounge is the benchmark

London Heathrow.”

email -

accessible to all, Plaza Premium

for a luxurious and accessible

Plaza Premium Lounge is

ceptional features and ameni-

length mirrors, makeup stools,

rates Tower, Dubai, and Impe-

ties exclusive to female guests.

or upon entry.


Women-only hotel rooms are trendy

fresh flowers, oversized tubs

rial, Lemon Tree, ITC, Ashoka

Few hotels are now offering

with bath salts , curling irons,

(New Delhi) and many others

women- only rooms and floors

nail files, and women's maga-

have specific women only

Such rooms are proving to be very safe, especially for solo woman travelers

in an attempt to attract and

zines. Apparently there's also

rooms and some of them are

cater to the growing number of

a safety aspect at hand as

planning to add more rooms

Recently, Grand Mercure

female travelers, majority of

some women-only floors re-

and floors that will be dedi-

Bangalore unveiled an entire

them being business travelers.

quire keycard access and al-

cated to single women travel-

floor in the hotel dedicated to

The rooms focus on perks that

most all are serviced by only

ers, the aim being to ensure

the ladies. They named the

would be of more value to

female staff.

safety to women travelers.

floor 'Princess' which offers ex-

women than men, such as full-

Hotels like Jumeirah Emi-




Spa News

Rejuvenating the Swiss way Purovel Sport of Swissotel Kolkata is the only luxury spa in the eastern region that swears to provide nature-based rejuvenation therapy with a blend of Swiss products and fragrances. Swaati Chaudhury

enhances the benefit of the

apy is helpful in contracted


massage. The facilities include

areas of low back, neck and

makes use of long, smooth

vintage fitness centre with




and customers can avail of



strokes to relax the stiff muscles and revitalize the lym-





treadmill, dynamometer, cross

There is an array of facials in-


trainer and a plethora of fit-

cluding Oxygen facial for ma-

process begins with deep



ness devices and free weights.

ture and tired skin and de-tan-

breathing aromatherapy blend

ith the sun beating

To spice up the visit of the cus-

Ayurvedic treatment for nor-

and prepares the customer for

down mercilessly

mal to dry skin that comprises

nourishing body, mind and skin massage.


tomers, the spa offers compli-

and city residents

mentary alpine mineral water,

sun tan, dryness and dehydra-

panting for breath, visiting a

a refreshing cuppa of tea and

tion. For all kinds of skin, Ex-

spa have become more of a ne-

fitness drinks.

cessity for rejuvenation of body and mind in the fast-


Other signature massages

press Glow is the ideal choice

of Purovel are Alpine Spring

that cleanses the face within

and Mountain Stone massage.

half an hour.

Alpine Spring massage is a to medium pressure on the

paced lifestyle. Purovel Sport

Those suffering from stiff back

at Swissotel Kolkata Neotia

problems can look forward to

Body treatments

Vista has been inspired by the

Back Body massage that eases

The spa provides body treat-

soothing process applying mild body that stimulates the flow of

tranquil, alpine; eco-friendly

blood and keeps tension at bay.

environs of Switzerland and

Mountain Stone massage is a

serves as the perfect antidote

mix of essential oils with hot

for healthy lifestyle with a

stones to develop a deep heat





massage that wards off tension

Sprawling over an area of

and relives muscles.

2,000 sq. ft and close to the Netaji Subhas Chandra Bose In-

USP of Purovel

ternational Airport, Purovel

The spa offers a lot of signifi-

connotes the idea of pure, vital

cance on the use of Swiss prod-

and flowing mountain stream

ucts and has come up with a

in four dialects of Switzerland.

slew of exotic products that in-

For all those stressed-out

corporate Swiss essential oils

minds on the lookout for a re-

and fragrances. According to

freshing change of body and



ments like Clay mask, Coffee

Debolina Mukherjee, Manager,

mind, a visit to Purovel Sport

stronger and increased neuro

mask and Ayurvedic mask to

Purovel Sport, “The highpoint

would be an ideal option.

chemical levels. Yoga massage

energize the vitality of the

of our spa is vitality with a de-

To begin with, Swissotel

is one-of-a-kind body work that

body. In Clay mask, black mud

sign that makes use of the con-

Kolkata enjoys the distinction

blends deep tissue massage

is used for detoxification

cept in a different way with



of having the flagship spa of

with coordinated breath work

through metabolic stimulation.

sensitive lighting, indigenous

brand Purovel Sport in the hos-

and yoga stretching. For those

Coffee mask comprises coffee

sounds from the mountain re-

pitality chain and has been in

intending to add vigour to the

granules and shea butter and

gion, gently flowing water and

operation since July, 2011.

entire body can try Foot n Leg

brings firmness in skin while

authentic Swiss products and

therapy – a muscle stimulating

Ayurvedic mask is blended


Therapies on offer

process that casts a positive ef-

with 23 kinds of rare herbs of

Purovel Sport provides scores

fect on the entire body with an

India for energizing the body.

of options to its customers in-

emphasis on reflex muscles.

Customer profile at Purovel Sport

cluding unique massages, fa-

Customers with sore shoulder,

Signature therapy at Purovel

“We have an interesting profile

cials, body treatments to

stiff neck and low back tight-

In an attempt to alleviate ten-

mix of customers at our spa

increase the vigour and aro-

ness can try Recovering with

sion from the minds of the

and since our hotel is a five-

matherapy based on Swedish

deep tissue therapy that ac-

guests, there are relaxation

star business haunt, most of

way. Aromatherapy makes use

centuates on realigning the

massages that nourish the

our customers are luxury

of fragrant oils extracted from

deeper layers of muscles and

body, mind and skin. There is


herbs, flowers and fruits that

connective tissues. The ther-

Mountain Meadow massage- a





Aviation News


Etihad Airways employs over 4,000 cabin crew representing 110 nationalities

Etihad Airways launches cabin crew recruitment drive in India Indian nationals who are hospitality professionals now have the opportunity to take their career high into the sky by joining Etihad Airways’ World’s Leading Cabin Crew.


ubrey Tiedt, Etihad


program conducted at Etihad Airways’

Cabin crew are all based in


the vibrant and cosmopolitan

Training Academy in Abu

city of Abu Dhabi, the capital of


the United Arab Emirates.

“To support the rapid, dy-

Staff enjoys many benefits

namic expansion of Etihad Air-

including medical insurance

ways, we are delighted to host

and housing support, in addi-

our recruitment drive in India,

tion to access to a wealth of

a strategically important mar-

world-class leisure, sports and

ket for the airline.

entertainment activities.

Airways’ Vice Presi-

Candidates can alterna-

dent Guest Services,

tively register for the recruit-

“We hope to attract and re-

Etihad Airways currently

said: “In Mumbai we will be

ment days in advance by

cruit individuals who are in-

serves a total of 10 Indian cities

inviting up to 600 of the best

visiting the airline’s career



which includes Ahmedabad,

candidates who meet our


dedicated to deliver remark-

Bangalore, Chennai, Hyder-

able hospitality.

abad, Kochi, Kozhikode, Mum-

stringent criteria to attend the recruitment days.”

Shortlisted candidates will


be invited to the recruitment

“Our team hails from more

bai, New Delhi, Trivandrum

days on Sunday, 11 May and

than 110 nationalities and en-

and the recently launched

tending the recruitment days

Tuesday, 13 May in in Mumbai.

joys great career development

route to Jaipur.

and joining the airline’s award-

The recruitment days will offer

opportunities commencing as

People interested in at-

Etihad Airways has re-

winning team of cabin crew,

applicants the opportunity to

cabin crew, inflight chefs or

ceived a host of awards over

food and beverage managers,

meet Etihad Airways’ recruit-

food and beverage managers,

the years reflecting its position

and qualified inflight chefs, are

ment specialists who will pro-

and progressing to onboard

as a world leading airline in-

encouraged to drop off their


leadership and management

cluding the prestigious titles of

CV at the Hyatt Regency Mum-

information about living in Abu

roles,” Ms Tiedt said.





bai on Saturday, 10 May. Can-

Dhabi and the dynamics of

More than 2,145 Indian na-

World’s Leading First Class,


working with guests at 30,000

tionals currently work for Eti-

and World’s Leading Airline


had Airways, including 1,549

Cabin Crew at the World Travel




instructions for the CV Drop Off event by visiting www.eti-

New cabin crew members

undergo a seven-week training

core staff, 548 cabin crew and

Awards held in November 2013

48 pilots.

in Doha, Qatar.





There’s nothing like Australia Australia is amazing, thrilling and enthralling. With its rich diversity, Australia has everything you would wish to indulge in while holidaying.

Kangaroo Island South Australia, Australia

Sydney Opera House, New South Wales, Australia

Sydney Harbour & Sydney Opera House, New South Wales Sydney Harbour is the heart and soul of Sydney. Alive with ferries, yachts, launches and kayaks, it is Sydney’s playground, used by many for sailing, swimming, diving or just enjoying the foreshore. Climb to the top of the Sydney Harbour Bridge to see Sydney from a different perspective. Applauded as one of the most exciting and innovative buildings of the modern era, the dramatic Sydney Opera House is Sydney’s premier venue for the performing arts. There’s nothing like attending a performance here for a special night out.

Great Ocean Road, Victoria Stretching 243 kilometers along the rocky coastline of Victoria, The Great Ocean Road is considered one of Australia’s greatest road-trip destinations, boasting picturesque coastal towns and awe inspiring views at every turn. Located just two hours from Melbourne, the Great Ocean Road spans from the surfing capital of Torquay to the whale watching town of Warrnambool, and is dotted with some of Australia’s best rainforest scenery, rich maritime history, gourmet restaurants and crystal clear beaches. One of the most popular stops along the way is the world-fa-


mous Twelve Apostles, magnificent natural rock structures that are more than 20 million years old and rise up majestically from the Southern Ocean’s rugged coastline.

Kangaroo Island, South Australia Located just 112 km southwest of Adelaide, Kangaroo Island is easily accessible by air and water.Dramatic soaring cliffs pounded by the wild Southern Ocean meet pristine, secluded beaches and white sandy dunes. Doe-eyed sea lions bask on sandy white beaches, koalas doze in lofty eucalypts and seabirds soar over shimmering lagoons. Little Penguins waddle up the beach at night after a day at sea. You can swim with dolphins or snorkel with tiny leafy sea-dragons. Discover secret surf beaches and the Remarkable Rocks, sculpted by the wind and wild seas over hundreds of millions of years. Sleep under the stars or spoil yourself at Southern Ocean Lodge, one of Australia’s most prestigious wilderness retreats. Great Barrier Reef, Queensland Considered one of the wonders of the natural world, the Great Barrier Reef is a rich tapestry of coral reefs, islands and cays, which stretches for more than 2,300 kilometres from Lady Elliot Island off Bundaberg to beyond Cape York at the tip of

north-eastern Australia. A haven for diving and snorkelling, the Reef is home to over 1,600 species of fish, 400 species of hard coral and 150 species of soft coral that form a spectacular underwater world. Described as the tropical rainforest of the ocean, this intricate living environment of extraordinary marine diversity is the world’s largest coral reef system, so large that it can be seen from space. One can explore the reef by taking a private helicopter or plane ride or indulging in water activities like diving, snorkeling etc. Uluru, Northern Territory One of Australia's most iconic symbols of the outback environment is World Heritage-listed Uluru. Right in the heart of Uluru Kata Tjuta National Park in Australia’s Red Centre, Uluru is a place that speaks of timeless folklore, rich indigenous culture and great spirituality. A perfect way to wind down after an amazing day of discovery is the Sounds of Silence where you dine under the sparkling stars of the desert night sky. Feast on a BBQ buffet of authentic Australian delicacies, complemented by fine Australian wines. Here you will feel the freedom, exhilaration and wonder of the physical and spiritual heart of Australia.

Destination Cricket Stadiums Cricket has been an Australian passion for more than 200 years and the three major cricketing venues namely Sydney Cricket Ground (SCG), Melbourne Cricket Ground (MCG) and Adelaide Oval are extremely popular tourist attractions. MCG is the largest stadium in Australia and the tenth-largest stadium in the world. It has witnessed many great sporting events and 'firsts' in Australian sporting history since being built in 1853.It is also the home of the Melbourne Cricket Club (MCC), the oldest sporting club in Australia and to the National Sports Museum which features thousands of sporting artifacts showcas-

cated to collecting, documenting, preserving and displaying the unique sporting and social activities that have occurred on the grounds.

Gold Coast, Queensland When it comes to sun-soaked fun, no other destination shines like The Gold Coast.Australia's sixth largest city, and the second largest in the state of Queensland, The Gold Coast has 70 kilometres of white, sandy beaches. Begin your day with Breakfast with the Dolphins at Sea World.Choose from one of the many action-packed attractions on the Gold Coast that are suitable for children – and adults - of all ages.


nature spa. Hamilton Island is nestled amongst the Whitsunday Islands, a group of 74 islands just off the Queensland coast, at the edge of the Great Barrier Reef. You’ll be spoilt for choice with sea-kayaking, game fishing, scenic helicopter flights and ‘Breakfast with the Koalas’ at the Koala Gallery. Choose from the luxurious and intimate setting of Qualia, the beachfront luxury of the Beach Club or the sweeping views of the Coral Sea at The Reef View Hotel. With private helicopter or airplane transfers, these spectacular islands are easily accessible.

Sydney Cricket Ground, New South Wales, Australia

Great Ocean Road Victoria, Australia

ing the highlights of Australia’s sporting history, such as cricket legend Don Bradman’s baggy-green cap; Cathy Freeman’s gold medalwinning running suit; and Ian Thorpe’s full body swimsuit. It also houses a permanent gallery dedicated to horse racing, as well as the Australian Gallery of Sport and Olympic Museum, Sport Australia Hall of Fame, Australian Cricket Hall of Fame and Australian Football Hall of Fame. SCG is one of Sydney’s most historic and popular sporting venues. Almost every famous Australian cricketer, league and rugby footballer has competed within its precincts. The SCG offers a tour experience which takes you behind the scenes where one can see the players’ dressing rooms; walk through the player’s tunnel experience; and see the champions featured in the Walk of Honour.. Visitors can also talk a stroll through the historic SCG Museum, which is dedi-

Favourites such as Dreamworld, Wet ‘n’ Wild, Warner Bros. Movie World and WhiteWater World make for a fun day out.Visit the world- famous Surfers Paradise beach and try your hand at surfing with learn-to surf classes run by former world champions.

Sandy Cay Island (Hayman/ Hamilton), Queensland Hayman Island Resort is Australia’s most awarded five-star nature resort, where the experience is one of a welcome attention to detail and superlative service. The only way to reach this idyllic haven is by seaplane, helicopter or luxury boat transfer. Experience the pleasure of a romantic candlelit dinner served by your own private waiter and prepared by world-class chefs. Relax under the shade of a beach umbrella and enjoy a gourmet picnic lunch or treat yourself to the ultimate sensory experience in the sig-

Wine Glass Bay,Tasmania Rugged pink granite mountains, dazzling white sand beaches and sapphire blue waters define the Freycinet Peninsula on Tasmania’s east coast. Consistently rated among the top 10 beaches in the world, Wineglass Bay, shaped, as the name suggests, like a wineglass, is one of Tasmania’s most iconic destinations. This sunny peninsula is also renowned for its succulent grass-fed meats and fresher than fresh seafood. Taste crayfish, scallops and salty-sweet oysters picked straight from some of the world’s cleanest waters. Overlooking the Hazards Mountains, Freycinet Peninsula and Great Oyster Bay, SaffireFreycinet is a premium luxury lodge immersed in nature. Both sophisticated and intimate, the lodge features the best in design and furnishings to capture the unique nature of the surrounding by TNH DESK coastline.



Hospitality News

First next generation Park Inn by Radisson in India opens in the NCR Newly opened Park Inn by Radisson Gurgaon Bilaspur offers a bold and refreshing stay experience. Park Inn by Radisson Gurgaon Bilaspur, the first next generation Park Inn by Radisson® hotel in India, opened recently and is welcoming international and

(R to L) Aman Arora, Owner, Park Inn by Radisson Gurgaon Bilaspur, Raj Rana, CEO & Sanjeev Pahwa, Sr. VP-Operations, South Asia, Carlson Rezidor Hotel Group

domestic travelers to experi-

Inn by Radisson hotel in



to experience international

ence its warm and friendly

India. It is perfectly posi-

hubs of Manesar and Gur-

and local cuisines that are


hospitality. With the addi-

tioned to capture the mid-

gaon with ease. It is less than

simply delicious and fuss-

tion of this hotel, Carlson

scale market as it offers

an hour’s drive away from


Rezidor will now have 66 ho-

good value and friendly hos-


tels in operation and 45 ho-

pitality. This hotel is another

Raj Rana CEO, South Asia, Carlson Rezidor Hotel Group We are very proud of Park Inn by Radisson Gurgaon Bilaspur as it is our first next generation Park Inn by Radisson hotel in India. It is perfectly positioned to capture the mid-scale market as it offers good value and friendly hospitality. This hotel is another testimony of the successful partnership with Bestech Hospitality, with whom we have signed a joint venture to build 49 Park Inn by Radisson hotels.

tels in the pipeline.




The hotel also boasts of

tourist attractions including

3,000 square feet of flexible

Sheetala Mata Temple, Sul-

meeting spaces and a busi-

tanpur Bird Sanctuary and

ness center with solutions

Damdama Lake. It is sur-

for the modern business

rounded by a multitude of



leisure options for guests

audio visual services and a

who opt for extended stays to

team of seasoned events

relax at the end of the day.

management specialists on-

Next generation Park Inn

site provide more compelling

by Radisson hotels feature a

reasons for meeting organiz-

testimony of the successful

design concept that focuses

ers to bring their business to

A hotel brand that you

partnership with Bestech

on what really matters: a

Park Inn by Radisson Gur-

can rely on, Park Inn by

Hospitality, with whom we

good night’s sleep on a com-

gaon Bilaspur.

Radisson is a bright, bold,

have signed a joint venture

fortable bed in a clean and

Aman Arora, owner of

fresh and energetic mid-

to build 49 Park Inn by

safe environment. Park Inn

Park Inn by Radisson Gur-

market hotel brand that pro-

Radisson hotels. Currently

by Radisson Gurgaon Bi-

gaon Bilaspur said, “I am

vides great value. Park Inn

there are eight such hotels

laspurhas 98 rooms and

very pleased to partner with

by Radisson hotels are set

in the pipeline. We are also

suites that boast of modern


apart by its warm and

honoured to partner with

amenities including satellite

Group, the leading interna-

friendly Adding Color to Life

Yashpal and Sons (HUF) to

television and free hi-speed


wireless internet.

Rezidor hotel




guest service, designed to

manage this hotel and look

make stays fun, comfortable

forward to celebrating its

RBG (Restaurant, Bar &

and uncomplicated. From

successes,”said Raj Rana,

Grill) is Park Inn by Radis-

hotel management expertise

check-in to the moment of

CEO, South Asia, Carlson

son’s bold yet uncomplicated

will enable the hotel to out-

departure, the Park Inn by

Rezidor Hotel Group.

dining concept that delivers

perform its competitors and

India. I am confident that Carlson Rezidor with its

Radisson experience is com-

Location is a delight for

honest and good value all the

be a hotel of choice for inter-

mitted to being uncompli-

business travelers as the

way. RBG offers great service

national and domestic trav-

cated and hassle-free.

hotel is conveniently placed

in a vibrant atmosphere and

ellers. I look forward to a

“We are very proud of

in the National Capital Re-

a versatile all-day menu that


Park Inn by Radisson Gur-

gion of New Delhi. Right on

includes a unique range of

term relationship with Carlson Rezidor.”

gaon Bilaspur as it is our

National Highway 8. Guests

healthy and hearty dishes. At

first next generation Park

can move around the busi-

RBG, dining guests are sure





Hospitality News


Cygnett Hotels & Resorts launched in India

SarbendraSarkar, MD & CEO

vestment with the help of our


Cygnett Group said “The com-

US collaborators to create our

worked with leading hotel

ing five years would herald the

own assets pan India and then

groups like IHG, ITC Hotels,

era of consumer-led brand

transcend into the sub conti-

Starwood Hotels, Marriott

Cygnett Hotels & Resorts was launched in India in association with Jameson INN INC, U.S.

focus for hospitality industry.


and Louvre Hotels

(L to R) Sarbendra Sarkar--MD & CEO, Cygnett hotels & Raj Vakharia--Director of Franchisee Development

With International brands fo-





Sarbendra’s experience en-

Vakharia, Director - Fran-

compasses all aspects of the

standards to the need of the



Hotel Operation; From Project

emerging markets, it has led to

“The Jameson name has a

Development, Business Devel-

the birth of GLOCALISATION

rich and established history in

opment and Brand manage-

that is a win-win situation for

the United States being the


both the involved parties.With

award winning brand in 2012.

Sarkar with his experience

cutting edge technology, trans-

Now with its association with

over the years has specialized

parent operating modules, tai-

the Cygnett hotel group, an

himself to be a turn- around



exciting new chapter has

expert. Having worked within

revenue administration, owner

opened up for this brand here

the corporate structure of

friendly management module

in India. We at America’s Best

leading hotel companies, he




cusing on customizing their





and a cost effective approach

Franchising are pleased and

has excellent knowledge and

towards the operation to real-

proud to collaborate with

implementation capabilities in-

Cygnett Hotel Group as they

Operations Management, Proj-

ygnett Hotels & Re-

scale segment hotels in the

ize a high ROI for the owner’s;

sorts, a young and

country. The launch panel con-

Cygnett advocates itself to

would provide corporate and




sisted of Sarbendra Sarkar,

show excellence as a “Turn-

travelers in India with excit-

encompassing Strategic Plan-

management company has an-

MD & CEO, Cygnett hotels, Ra-

around specialist” in convert-

ing range of hotel brands to

ning, Resource Planning, Con-

nounced its association with

jVakharia—Director of Fran-

ing loss making projects into

build value for their invest-

ceptualization of Unique Food

Jameson Inn Inc. U.S.A in India


profitable ventures.”

ment partners.”

& Beverage concepts, Budget-







at a Press Conference held at

Sanjay Kirpal—Director (Op-

He further added, “Our

ndra, a HM graduate,

ing and Control, Sales and

The Park, New Delhi on 24th

erations), Cygnett Hotels; and

initial focus and approach is

MBA, Executive Education

Marketing strategy, Human

April 20 14. With the launch,

Richard Graham - Regional Di-

to franchise and manage

and Professional Develop-

Resource Management with

Cygnett Hotels & Resorts envi-

rector & Head- Culinary Oper-

around 45 hotels pan India by

ment Program from Cornell

specialized Training methodol-

sions itself to be the leading

ations, Cygnett Hotels.

end of 2020. We have a defi-

University, has 20 years of di-

ogy and Relationship Manage-

nite plan to acquire a large in-

versified hospitality manage-


player in the Budget and Mid-

Speaking at the launch

Rotana opens its first new hotel in KidZania Children aged between 4 to 16 years get first taste of the hospitality industry at the only hotel establishment in KidZania.


otana, the leading

the hospitality industry,” said

the skills they need to flourish

hotel management

Omer Kaddouri, President &

in the hospitality industry.

company in the re-

CEO of Rotana.





gion with a portfolio of 85

The hotel’s design mimics

unique educational environ-

properties across the Middle

the layout of a real Rotana

ment for children enabling

East, Africa, South Asia and

property with a dedicated

them to gain first-hand expe-

Eastern Europe, has an-

space for a lobby, Zen the spa

rience of various real world

nounced the inauguration of

and restaurant lookalikes.

professions and occupations

its new hotel in KidZania,

Children aged 4 to 16 years

in a fun way. The new Rotana

managed by Emaar Retail at

will have the opportunity to

hotel at KidZania® will be the

The Dubai Mall. Rotana is the

participate in three 20-minute

first establishment dedicated

first and the only hospitality

role-playing activities, includ-

to the fast-growing hospitality

brand to open at the award-

ing working as a Receptionist

sector, and will be a superb

winning interactive edutain-

– Room Reservation, Restau-

new addition for kids keen on

ment centre in Dubai.

rant Officer and as House-

acquainting themselves with

“Rotana has always in-







vested in developing fresh tal-

activity is designed to intro-

choices within the industry,”

ent and the new hotel in

duce budding hospitality pro-

said Maitha Al Dossari, Chief

KidZania® will offer a fun

fessionals to the working

Executive Officer, Emaar Re-

platform for kids interested in

atmosphere at Rotana and

tail LLC.




Hospitality News

Grand InterContinental Seoul Parnas reopens on its 25th anniversary Luxury hotel showcases new design blending Korean tradition and Modern Western style

rand InterContinen-

through to large multinational


tal Seoul Parnas has

MICE events, banquets and

shows in Seoul. Business trav-



ellers can also continue to stay







marking its 25th Anniversary

largest pillar-less ballroom in

connected at the Business

as a leading luxury hotel in the

the country whilst retaining

Centre or use one of our state-

heart of Korea’s capital city,

Asia's traditional elegance and

of-the-art meetings rooms

following an extensive 10-



Guests seeking excep-

month refurbishment by inter-

within a modern and fluid de-

tional culinary experiences

nationally acclaimed design



can enjoy the new Grand

and construction organisation,

uniqueness of this very special

Kitchenthat allows them to ex-

Rockwell Group.

hotel and area.”

plore traditional Korean food

The refit of the 424-room

magnificence, the

As well as the redesigned

as well as international delica-

and 92-suite property focuses nificence and Eastern fluidity’ theme that incorporates elements of traditional Korean features and modern Western styles, which can be seen in the new lobby, banquet halls

Darren Morrish General Manager, Grand InterContinental Seoul Parnas Sinceopening twenty five years ago, the Grand InterContinental Seoul Parnashas established itself asthe premierdestination when visiting Korea, and more specifically the now famous Gangnam district of Seoul. With the completion of our recent remodelling project, we have focused on delivering a perfect location to host a range of events for both leisure and business from small corporate meetings.

on an exciting ‘Western mag-

and exterior façade. Darren Morrish, General

1,494 square metre Grand

cies created by top chefs.

Manager, Grand InterConti-

Ballroom that can accommo-

Through the open kitchen or

nental Seoul Parnas said:

date over one thousand peo-

at the live cooking stations,



ple, the breath-taking lobby

diners can watch the chefscre-

years ago, the Grand Inter-

pays homage to Korean tradi-

ate delicious dishes using lo-


Continental Seoul Parnashas

tion with traditional motifs


established itself asthe pre-

and patterns adding flair and

ingredients fresh from the sur-

mierdestination when visiting

drama, with warm lighting

rounding farms.

Korea, and more specifically

consisting of thousands of gold

For authentic dining op-

the now famous Gangnam dis-

leaves adding to the welcom-

tions the hotel’s other venues

trict of Seoul. With the comple-

ing and sophisticated space.

tion of our recent remodelling


The hotel’s location within



include Table 34, serving fine French cuisine, Hakone, a tra-

project, we have focused on

the central business district


delivering a perfect location to

and proximity to the COEX

Marco Polo, which has sweep-

host a range of events for both

Convention and Exhibition

ing views over the Seoul

leisure and business from

Centre makes it popular

cityscape and the luxurious


among guests attending the

Grand Deli.






Hospitality News

M Cube 2014 concludes at Jaipur Marriott The second edition of M Cube - Marriott Meetings Matter was hosted at Jaipur Marriott this year. The two-day event themed around “Fusion of Ideas”was well received by the trade partners and loyal Marriott patrons.


across Marriott properties came together for the M Cube at Jaipur Marriott. The key agendas were set forth keeping in mind the end customer and to educate the Indian travel trade about the MICE offerings. After a successful revelation at Goa Marriott Resort &

he event took place

Spa, the 2nd M cube was

on 4th & 5th April,

about luxuries abode. It wit-


2014 and was hosted

nessed allies entering the

by Senior Marriott Interna-

venue in a vintage car to give

tional representatives such as

them an imperial arrival expe-

Rajeev Menon, Gautam Bhan-

rience. On the 1st day of the


guests took part in elephant

dari, Ramesh Daryanani and

affair, dinner was hosted at

presented its 2012 - 2013 re-

polo while others enjoyed tra-

Lounge18 with an IPL theme

port showcasing various steps

ditional folk dance and music.

More than 18 CEOs, Man-

and a fusion rock band to en-

taken by Marriott to drive

A lavish royal dinner con-

aging Directors and owners of

tice the guests. The following

growth. Thereafter, a gala din-

cluded the 2014 edition of M

top MICE companies along

day saw a 4 hour long busi-

ner night was held at the City


with 9 General Managers

ness session.


Guangzhouwas the third best


Kadambini Mittal.

Delhi, Mumbai best value 5-star hotel destinations across the world: Hotel Price Index Report he™ Hotel



travellers the best deal on 5-star

with `9,812 per night.Brussel





It was still less expensive to

The Hotel Price Index (HPI)

the capital city of Belgium was

stay in a 4-star hotel in Delhi

report also revealed the Top 10

fourth place `10,144 while

than a 3-star property in 24 of

most expensive cities for 5-star

Berlin ranked fifth with `11,386.

the most popular destinations

hotels in 2013. At the top of the

When it came to deals on 4

such as Tokyo, Singapore or

list with `38,904 was New York,

star hotels, Bangkok offered the

Paris. It was even lesser than a

followed some way behind by

best price with `5,933 a night,

2-star in London, San Francisco

Singapore on `24,822. London

followed by Budapest with

and New York.

stood third with `24,672. Paris

Price Index™ (HPI™) is

accommodation with average

`6,375. Guangzhou ranked third

If location were not a factor

ranked fourth with `24,250

a regular report on

prices of `9,652 a night in 2013.

with `6,553. Delhi with `6,555

when choosing a luxury break,

while with a marginal difference

hotel prices in major destina-

Mumbai followed in the second

and Mumbai with `7,010 were

it would have been possible to

Moscow acquired the fifth posi-

tions across the world.As per

place with `9,809.

relatively competitive at the

spend four nights in Delhi for

tion with `23,270.

fourth and fifth rank respec-

the same price as one in the Big

the latest report, Delhi offered

The Chinese city of



Hospitality News


Relais & Chateaux introduces a gourmet affair of exciting Indian flavours Relais & Châteaux, an exclusive collection of more than 520 of the finest hotels and gourmet restaurants in 60 countries, showcased once-in-alifetime gastronomic experience recently in New Delhi through three renowned Chefs from their member properties in India. he participating prop-

forgettable treat for the senses.

erties were The Serai,

The menu for the evening was

the brand promises to offers



outstanding and one of a kind

unprecedented opportunities to

House, Cochin and Samode Sa-

that gave the guests a true

experience flavours from all

fari Lodge, Bandhavgarh. Re-

sense of Art de Vivre.


lais &Châteaux is considered to

As it approaches its 60th year,

To add to the evening Re-

be the pinnacle of fine dining

lais &Châteaux celebrates its

and gastronomy and these

60th anniversary this year. The

three chefs created some of the

history of Relais & Châteaux is

most exciting and exclusive

a wonderful human adventure,

dishes for the evening. Relais

with men and women who

&Châteaux is known for their

poured their energy and enthu-

Grands Chefs from all over the

siasm into a charming hotel or

world who share a passion for

an exceptional restaurant, be-

their work and personal com-

fore they joined others to better

mitment to making every

share their passions under the

guests food experience an un-

signature of Relais & Châteaux.

around the world.


member properites »

their uncompromising passion

Speaking on the occasion,

Joerg Drechsel, Chairman

for service and cuisine. Relais

the newely appointed Vice

Relais &Châteaux Asia Dele-

&Châteaux is not a chain of

Presdient of Relais & Châteaux

gation said “The journey of

hotels, nor a hotel company, it

Asia, Jaisal Singh COO Sujan

Relais & Chateaux started 60

is a family of like-minded hote-

Luxury said, “One of my man-

years ago when some castle

liers and Grand Chefs. We, the

dates is bring the discerning

hotels & country inns between

Indian Subcontinent members,

and well to do Indians to our 8

Paris and the Mediterranean

are happy to be part of this

member properites across the

coast joined hands and cre-

unique family and do want to

sub continent and build the

ated the first route of happi-

share with you its legacy”



ness, connecting unique hotels

name which is fairly new in

and restaurants into an itiner-

&Châteauxtakes pride to in-

our country. We also believe

ary with exceptional comfort

troduce three new properties

India has a potential customer

and wonderful dining experi-

from the Indian Sub-conti-

base for Relais &Châteaux

ences. The founders had the vi-

nent, Mihir Garh in Jodhpur,

worldwide. One of Relais

sion that this route will expand

Samode Safari Lodge in Mad-





&Châteaux’s unique selling

one day around the globe. 60

hya Pradesh and Soneva

propostion is their gastron-

years later this dream has be-

Fushi in The Maldives which

omy and we have tried to cre-

come a reality with more than

have joined the Relais &

ate the experience today

500 hotels and restaurants in

Châteaux family in 2014.

through out chefs from our

over 60 countries united in


Hospitality News


Priya Paul conferred with the insignia of the Chevalier de l’ Ordre National Du Merit Priya Paul , Chairperson

National du Mérite (National

dustry, Priya Paul is the cre-

Apeejay Surrendra Park Ho-

Order of Merit) is an Order of

ative powerhouse behind The

tels Limited, was conferred

State, granted by the Presi-

Park Hotels leading collection

with the insignia of the Cheva-

dent of the French Republic.

of contemporary luxury bou-

and collective effort to build

(HAI), is a founder member as

tique hotels.



well as the Ex- Chairperson of

Priya Paul is a trustee at

Council (WTTC) – India initia-



lier de l’ Ordre National du

The honor was given for

Merite( National Order of

her significant contribution to

Speaking at the event,

Merit) at a private reception

strengthening of economic,

Priya Paul said, “I am deeply

cultural and commercial links

honoured to receive this

India Gandhi National Center

tive, and Chairperson South

between France and India.

award. I accept this on behalf

of the Arts and at National

Asia Women’s Fund, and a

of the Apeejay Surrendra

Council of Science museum.

member of Harvard Business





Richier, French Ambassador to India, at the Ambassador’s

A prominent Indian busi-




Residence in New Delhi on

ness woman and one of the

Group as well as The Park Ho-

She is an Executive Commit-


Tuesday April 15 2014. The

most revered personalities in

tels as this is a recognition of

tee Member and Ex-President


honour of Chevalier de l’Ordre

the country’s hospitality in-

our successful relationship

of Hotel Association of India




Advisory by TNH DESK

Marriott’s Indian hotels get awards at HICSA 2014 JW Marriott New Delhi, Aerocity, Bengaluru Marriott Hotel Whitefield and Fairfield By Marriott, Bengaluru win top recognition at at HICSA 2014.

arriott in India

property with state-of-the art

took home three

amenities and a host of inter-


out of four awards

national, fine dining restau-

in the “Hotels of the Year

rants, plush banquet space

2014” awards at the recently

and the holistic Quan spa & a

held 10th Edition of HICSA

pool bar.


“It is a proud moment for the

velopers, architects and de-

2014, the premier hospitality

Set in India’s Silicon Val-

The 155-room Fairfield by

team at Marriott to be felici-

signers from across the

event organised by consul-

ley, Bengaluru Marriott Hotel

Marriott Bengaluru, is the

tated and recognized at this

globe, giving them an excel-

tancy firm HVS, in Mumbai.

Whitefield is a premier lux-

first of its kind in Asia, the

prestigious platform. We are

lent networking opportunity.

Marriott was awarded the

ury hotel that blends contem-

prototype is a highly cus-

pleased that our properties

This annual conference facil-

“Best Luxury Hotel Opening”

porary style and warmth to

tomized version of the com-

find relevance and accept-

itates meetings with influen-

for the new JW Marriott, New

provide premium accommo-

pany’s successful Fairfield

ance in the Indian market.

tial decision makers and

Delhi Aerocity, the “Best Up-

dation for the business and

Inn & Suites brand, which

With an extensive growth

felicitates the work of their

scale Hotel Opening” went to

leisure traveler. An epitome

was created in 1987 and has

plan in the pipeline, it is our


the Bengaluru Marriott Hotel

of sophistication and luxury,

grown to more than 660 prop-

endeavor to continuously

Stalwarts from across the

Whitefield and the “Best Mid-

the Bengaluru Marriott Hotel

erties in other parts of the

raise the bar in our offerings

hospitality industry were

scale Hotel Opening” was

Whitefield offers 324 rooms


and in hospitality, thereby re-

present at the event deliber-

inforcing our commitment to

ating on challenges, trends,

the Indian market.”

and new opportunities shap-

awarded to The Fairfield by

and presents its guests with

Commenting on this hon-

Marriott, Bengaluru.

a wide range of dining op-

our, Rajeev Menon, Area Vice

JW Marriott Hotel New

tions, each one promising to

President, South-Asia, Mar-

HICSA brings together di-

Delhi Aerocity is a 523 room

be a unique and exotic expe-

riott International Inc. said,

verse hoteliers, investors, de-

ing the course of the sector. by TNH DESK


Hospitality News


feature at the hotel is ‘Green Meetings’. These meetings have organic and seasonal food items, table mint with local flavour (imli goli, aam papad etc), recycle stationary, paper less menu and terrariums (potted plants) as center piece. One Point contact Event manager - The Hotel ensures that there is one point contact Saeid Heidari General Manager, Renaissance Mumbai Convention Centre Hotel

for the event planners, who co-ordinates all the requirement of the event through the

Renaissance Mumbai Convention Centre Hotel: an ideal venue for events TnH presents the information of all the meeting facilities and amenities the hotel offers to its customers. ocated in close prox-



open space and natural light.

Business Centre

Executive Lounge

imity to both domestic

as well as interna-

magnificent view of the Powai Lake and the Hiranandani skyline.


hotel. The hotel offer a delec-


table spread of exquisite

Lounge is aesthetically de-

dishes at the Renaissance

marcated into different zones

Mumbai Convention Centre

catering to different moods –

Hotel. It provides special

board rooms, central bar and

themed breaks, wherein the

restaurant, library, entertain-

tit-bits offered to guests along

ment zone, massage room

with the tea/coffee break have

and a sundeck area. It is a

a special ingredient as a

tional airports of the city, The

The Business Centre, which is

The Executive Lounge at the



theme – chocolate, coconut,

Renaissance Mumbai Con-

located at the lower lobby

Renaissance Mumbai Con-

where business and leisure

seasonal ingredients and a

vention Centre Hotel is one of

level, offers all the amenities

vention Centre Hotel is the

blend in perfect harmony.

variety of other themes. Prior

the largest convention centres

to facilitate uninterrupted

largest in the country. It is set

in the city. Renaissance Mum-

business. These facilities are:

on the topmost floor of the

‘Green Meetings’

conference organizers take

bai Convention Centre Hotel

private board rooms for 4-10

Renaissance Tower offering

A very popular new meetings

our guests through the menu

offers an expansive spread of

people, Internet connection,

230,000 sq ft indoor and out-

personal workstations with

door convention space, in-


cluding the largest ballroom

rentals, and scanning, print-


in the city. The hotel has 17

ing and photocopying.

meeting rooms; all equipped with latest audio-visual tech-


nology are perfect for busi-

The hotel has large banquet-

ness meeting or small events.

ing space. The tapestry and

The Renaissance Terrace

fineries of the Grand Ballroom

and the Renaissance Garden

with majestic chandeliers

make for great outdoor ven-

adorning the 25-feet high ceil-

ues. The Executive Lounge is

ing is impressive. The state-

the largest in the country with



a total area of 12500 sq ft. It is

equipment, acoustics and

set on the topmost floor of the

lighting add to the grandeur of

Renaissance tower. The prop-

the place. An impressive foyer,

erty has a special events team

overlooking the Powai Lake

assigned to take care of

and gardens accentuate the



to the event, our dedicated

Hospitality News


options, and our dedicated

national level and attracts

food and beverage team en-

traders, vendors, investors

sures the freshest ingredients

from all parts of the country.

and finest presentation dur-

Owing to a large inventory

ing your event. The hotel

and sufficient banqueting op-

caters to all special dietary

tions, Renaissance Mumbai

needs and our team can de-

Convention Centre Hotel en-

sign a specific menu for your

joys a position when it comes

event, or ensure your guests

to conventions of large magni-

receive the meal that suits

tude. With existing conven-

their individual requirements.

tions growing year on year in

“The MICE segment in

the city and we as a property

India is fast growing. Today,

are aggressively looking at

more than ever, the MICE seg-

newer segments to do busi-

ment is the most sought after

ness with in order to ensure

industry. There is a huge mar-

growth and profitability.”

ket for the same with the establishment of the various International



AREA: the hotel offers an ex-

houses coming to India. The

pansive spread of 230,000 sq

boast in the Indian economy

ft indoor and outdoor conven-

has seen more foreign invest-

tion space.

ments and there have been

ROOMS: the hotel has 17

many new players in the IT,

meeting rooms; all equipped

auto, pharma, and travel and

with latest audio-visual tech-

trade sectors,” Saeid Heidari,

nology are perfect for busi-

General Manager of the Hotel,

ness meeting or small events.

said, adding, “The penetration of these corporate is on a

K.B. Kachru wins the HICSA Lifetime Achievement Award

soutstanding contribution to

fortunate to have worked

achievement. He has earned

the hospitality industry, specif-



great recognition across the in-

ically his pivotal role in estab-

professionals who supported

dustry and this latest accolade

lishing Carlson Rezidor as the

my dedication to enriching the

is further testament to his

arlson Rezidor Hotel



hospitality landscape in India. I

legacy in India’shospitality sec-

Group’s chairman for

company in India and the de-

am thankful to have had the op-

tor. He is a great asset to Carl-


velopment of international hos-

portunity to work with Carlson

son Rezidor and continues to





Kachru, has been honored at

pitality brands in South Asia.

Rezidor Hotel Group and real-

play a significant role in Carl-

the Hotel Investment Confer-

Having already earned over-

ize our aligned vision,”said K.B.

son Rezidor’s future growth in

ence South Asia (HICSA) with

whelming recognition from in-

Kachru, who was appointed

India,” said Simon Barlow,

the prestigious HICSA Lifetime

dustry bodies and his peers

chairman, South Asia, Carlson

president, Asia Pacific, Carlson




Rezidor Hotel Group, on July 1,

Rezidor Hotel Group.

HICSA Lifetime Achievement

world, this award is further

2013, after serving eight years

Carlson Rezidor has 168

Award is presented to an indi-

testament to his exceptional

as executive vice president.He

hotels in operationand under

vidual who has made an out-




standing contribution to the K.B. Kachru Chairman for South Asia Carlson Rezidor Hotel Group


hospitality industry.


“I am honored to receive this award from HICSA. During

The Lifetime Achievement

the course of my career in this

Award recognizes Kachru’-

dynamic industry, I have been

is credited withgrowing Carl-

development in 17 countries in

son Rezidor’s presence in India

Asia Pacific. InIndia, Carlson

over the last 15 years.

Rezidor has 65 hotels in opera-

“We congratulate K.B. on yet



tion and 41in development. by TNH DESK



Hospitality / Guest Column

Because weddings are for lifetime!

food preparation. In these situations safety with respect to theft or a fire is a must and needs utmost attention. Wedding venue should be approved by the authorities

Anuj Soin

as a venue for large events

hey say marriages

and it should have the neces-

are made in heaven,

sary fire precautions and

so why not make the

health and safety provisions

wedding a splendid lifetime

in place. This should include

chapter of your life. A dream

the submission of fire risk as-

wedding begins with an im-

sessments in respect of the

peccable venue. Selecting the

rooms and halls where the

perfect venue for your wed-

ceremonies will take place.


ding is always one of the

Anuj Soin Events Manager at Courtyard by Marriott, Gurgaon


most challenging tasks and

Most hotels have the accom-

can easily eat up lot of your

modation option open but

time. However, with few sim-

reservations need to be made

ple things in mind this can

well in advance. Many times

turn out to be an easy ven-

the outstation guests are


made comfortable at the

Things you must ensure

venue itself. When it comes to

before finalizing a wedding

destination weddings, it’s im-

venue as it's likely that venue

perative for a wedding venue





biggest influence on your wedding:

to have necessary rooms place where the multiple

Decor: 15%

available so that it suits your requirement.

events are hosted and a ma-

Wedding Attire and Jewelry:

jority of the guests can stay


The location of a wedding

onsite at the same venue. In

Photography: 10%

venue should be in and

this case, a venue is entirely

Stationery: 4%

event teams at the hotels

around the city. It can be fur-

booked for a longer period of

Miscellaneous: 6%

which address all wedding

ther narrowed down on the



basis of location and type of venue. a) By location



Arrangements There are professional

queries and also help you

Safeguarding life’s special

with detailing. They provide

Budget will of course be a

moments is a vital as the cer-

all the arrangements, A- Z,

major factor while looking

emony. Hiring special secu-

act as wedding planners,

The pre-requisite here is

out for a venue. Nowadays a

rity and keeping fire norms in

caterers, etc. A venue should

the city limits. You may prefer

location already has a status

mind is not something that

have resources to cater all

a location which is easily ac-

attached to it. Indian wed-

families think of when plan-

the arrangements as per your

cessible to everybody. The

dings are known to be extrav-

ning a wedding. However,




agant affairs, where families

keeping your near ones well

weather conditions or ap-




spend a lot of dough to amuse

protected and ensuring a se-

proachability as well. Given

their guests. No matter what

cure setting for one of the

onyms with a medley of in-

the traffic these days, the lo-

extent you want to go for a

most treasured events in

escapable fun and excitement

cation must be within 3 hours

wedding, there is always a

your life is a thought worth

and the décor adds an extra

of where you live.

budget. A simple break-up

taking into consideration.

b) By type of venue If you have many guests

would help you get your

Decor Indian weddings are syn-

lure to the ceremonies. From

Indian weddings are often

the floral creations, the pho-

budget placed right:

grand affairs where everyone

tographs to the seating plan

coming from various cities,

Venue: 15%

from the couple to the guests

and mehandi artists every-

then you might want to look

Ceremony and Reception:

arrive finely dressed, wear a

thing contributes in making

at a venue with several


lot of valuable jewelry and

the wedding a memorable ex-

amenities. One may want a

Music and Entertainment: 5%

well there is a lot of exotic

perience not only for the ones


Hospitality/ Government News tying the knot but for scores

operated by the staff along-

of friends and relatives who

side functional audio/visual

Food & Beverage selec-


Face to face meeting with the


management team and a fa-

attend. Eye for detail right

equipment should also be

Food& Beverage offerings at

cility or property tour is im-

from organizing the sangeet

looked into.

the hotel should not only


match your requirements

omissible. A tour can give the

to hiring horses is the key. Capacity of venue as per

A great wedding coordi-





rather should be step ahead.

idea of the parking or valet

the requirement

Along with the events team,

Intimate occasion calls for


Deciding on the venue for

one should always avail the



weather contingency plan for

weeding very much depends

services of a wedding coordi-

From tuxedoed waiters bear-

outdoor spaces, etc. Make

on the capacity of the hall as

nator who would be present

ing trays to innovative walk-

sure to get everything in writ-

well as seating plan decided

on that auspicious day to ad-


ing in your final contract.

by you. Few requirements

vice on the last minute re-

elaborate 5-course dinners,

like flexible seating plans,



arating chapter of one’s life

pre-function area should be

coordinator should be given a

should collaborate with you

that marks new beginning for

checked well before the book-

proper brief and work in con-

to create your dream menu

years. Do not leave any stone

ing. Venue should be having

junction with the culinary

and create the culinary inge-

unturned and create treas-

enough room to accommo-

staff and superior service

nuity for the day. One should

ured memories that will last for generations to come.







date the guests expected to

staff to assist throughout cer-

always request the chef for

arrive during the course of

emonies ensuring smooth co-

food tasting to discuss on the



ordination and taking care of


sound and lighting systems

everyone’s comfort and ease.


Number of tourists availing of VOA ups by 1.7 % in JanMar 2014 period The number of tourists availing of ‘Visa on Arrival’ scheme has grown by 1.70 per cent in the January-March 2014 period in as compared to the same period in 2013. Highlights of VoAs issued in March, 2014 •During the month of March 2014, a total of 1,958 VoAs were issued under this Scheme as compared to 2,107 VoAs during the month of March 2013, registering a decline of 7.1 per cent. •During January-March 2014, a total number of 5,841


uring January-March

2014, a total number of 5,841 VoAs were is-

sued as compared to 5,744 VoA during corresponding pe-


Wedding is the most exhil-

The Writer is Events Manager at Courtyard By Marriott, Gurgaon.

West Bengal privatizes tourist lodges In a move to hardsell Ben-

ment. The state government

riod of 2013 registering a

gal as a tourist destination

has invited bids from private

growth of 1.7 per cent. During

and to bring in professional-

groups interested to run the

the month of March 2014, a

ism in the hospitality sector in

tourist lodges at Ganga Sagar,

total of 1,958 VoAs were is-

the state, the West Bengal gov-

Raigunj and Durgapur in the

sued under this Scheme as

ernment has taken an initia-

initial phase. The lodges at

compared to 2,107 VoAs dur-

tive to privatize all its tourist

Ganga Sagar and Durgapur

ing the month of March 2013,

lodges that are running at

are not in operation and the

registering a decline of 7.1 per


one at Raigunj is not in full op-


A survey was conducted

eration. The service in Darjee-

As a facilitative measure to

among the 28 tourist lodges

ling lodge, considered to be

attract more foreign tourists to

owned by the state govern-

the best is not on the mark.


Ministry of Civil Aviation signs MoU with AAI



VoAs were issued as compared to 5,744 VoA during corre-

launched the “Visa on Arrival”

sponding period of 2013 registering a growth of 1.7 per cent.

(VoA) Scheme in January 2010

•The number of VoAs issued under this scheme during

for citizens of five countries,

March 2014 for nationals of the eleven countries was Japan

viz. Finland, Japan, Luxem-

Ministry of Civil Aviation

to be achieved by AAI on key

(571), Indonesia (373), New Zealand (322), the Philippines

bourg, New Zealand and Sin-

has signed a Memorandum of

performance areas during

(277), Singapore (235), Finland (110), Myanmar (34), Luxem-

gapore, visiting India for

Understanding (MoU) with

2014-15. The salient features

tourism purposes. The Govern-

Airports Authority of India

of the MoU include new pa-

•The number of VoAs issued under the Scheme, during

ment extended this Scheme to

(AAI) for the financial year

rameters such as study on

January-March 2014 was Japan (1,537), New Zealand (1,176),

the citizens of six more coun-

2014-15. The MoU was signed

risk management, develop-

Indonesia (929),

tries, namely Cambodia, In-

by Ashok Lavasa, Secretary,

ment of disaster management



Civil Aviation and Alok Sinha,

plan and implementation of

Philippines, Laos and Myan-

Chairman, AAI. This Memo-

Enterprise Resource Planning

mar in January 2011.

randum spells out the targets

(ERP) tools.

bourg (12), Vietnam (11), Cambodia (11) and Laos (2).

the Philippines (850), Singapore (766),

Finland (361), Myanmar (84),

Vietnam (50), Luxembourg

(42), Cambodia (41) and Laos (5).



Aviation news


New passenger service -SkyShop Adria Airways has introduced changes to the drinks and snacks served to Economy class passengers on the majority of scheduled flights.

ffective April 22, 2014


ices operated by Adria Air-

passengers will be

ways, except for LJU – SVO –

ferent currencies (EUR, USD,

able to buy individual

LJU (Moscow), PRN – MUC –

CHF, GBP). Payment by credit

items from our new SkyShop. A


card should be possible in au-

gins, pre-ordering will not yet

varied selection of drinks and

FRA – TIA and LJU – TLV –

tumn 2014.

be available, nor will ordering

snacks will be available. Our


able to pay in cash, in four dif-

Can items be ordered

for another passenger. This


in advance?

possibility is planned for the fu-

sible to pre-order and pay for


a meal for the child?

Will Business class


services remain the

The possibility of advance or-

only the best, so the selection


will include high-quality prod-


ders is foreseen for the future.

ucts from Slovenia alongside

The food and beverages served

For the moment no orders con-


international brands.

in Business class will remain

struction be taken before the

SkyShop is a system of selling

the same as before.


food and drink during the flight.

desire is to offer passengers

In line with the trends in

possible, so in this case, too, no advance ordering or payments

We offer hot beverages (coffee,

Prices are competitive, from

Right before the flight they

the passengers, the widest pos-

tea, hot chocolate), non-alco-

EUR 2 to 5.

opt for an upgrade. What


sible choice at affordable

holic drinks (water, chilled car-

prices. The new range of


What is the price range?


gins, pre-ordering will not be

flight catering service will offer

offer on our flights?


When the SkyShop service be-



What does SkyShop

on the flight. Is it pos-

What does SkyShop

pany's new strategy, our in-

the aviation industry in com-

An UMNR is travelling

A passenger holds an Economy class ticket.

can be accepted. How much will ticket prices drop with the

happens to their meal?

new in-flight service?

Where can I find a cat-

When the SkyShop service be-

With the introduction of the

alogue (of items on

drinks and snacks will con-

alcoholic drinks (beer, wine,


gins, pre-ordering will not be

new service, ticket prices will

tribute to passenger satisfac-

sparkling wine, selected spirits


possible, so no advance order-

remain the same. At Adria Air-

tion and comfort on all Adria

in miniatures), sandwiches and

A printed catalogue is in the

ing or payments can be ac-

ways we decided to change the

Airways flights. Faq about skyshop:




savoury ad sweet snacks

seat pocket in front of you in

cepted. When a passenger

service so as to offer passen-

(crisps, nuts, chocolate, etc.).

the aircraft or in electronic

upgrades to Business class,

gers the widest possible choice

Additionally we offer a surprise

form on the Adria Airways web-

they will receive the Business

at affordable prices. In this way

When will we begin

package for children (juice,


class meal service.

Adria Airways is keeping up

our in-flight SkyShop

snack, colouring book and



The SkyShop service will begin

Slovenian speciality potica

on Tuesday 22 April 2014.



Which flights will offer the SkyShop service?






Can I order items for a passenger


partner, etc.) and pay in ad-





with trends in the airline indus-

serve hot meals?

try and is taking steps to fulfil

Hot meals will be served in

its planned strategy. We believe

vance, even if I am not travel-

Economy class only on the LJU

that the new range of drinks

How can I pay (cash,

ling? In that case can I also

– SVO – LJU (Moscow) service,

and snacks will contribute to

credit card)?

add a message for a friend or

while in Business class the

passenger satisfaction and

SkyShop will be offered to pas-

When the SkyShop service be-


meal service will be the same as

comfort on all Adria Airways

sengers on all scheduled serv-

gins, passengers will only be

When the SkyShop service be-





Hospitality News


The Oberoi Group launches ‘Special Offers’ for this summer The Oberoi Group has launched its ‘Special Offers’ for this summer of India at an event recently held at The Oberoi, New Delhi. he ceremony started

Sales, The Oberoi Group also

with unveiling of the

honoured the travel agents


special offers brochure

with certificates of apprecia-

by six experts from travel,

tion for their outstanding con-

trade and tourism industry


who reached the event first. A

Summers are for Holidays!

training session was conducted

Discover this holiday season

by Hemant Mediratta, Vice

with special offers by The

President, Sales, The Oberoi

Oberoi Group. Indulge in ad-

Group and Vikas Sharma, Re-

venture sports, relax in the

gional Head, Sales Travel

midst of cedar and pine trees,

Trade, The Oberoi Group fol-


lowed by high tea.

palaces, or escape to the wild;




Jay Rathore, Vice Presi-

just a few reasons why Oberoi

dent and General Manager, The

Hotels & Resorts are the ideal

Oberoi, New Delhi and Hemant

holiday destination this sum-








Event Watch

SKAL New Delhi Meet Skal New Delhi recently organized a fun- filled luncheon meeting for its members at The Park Hotel, New Delhi. On the occasion the members enjoyed lavish foods and beverages.


Event Watch



Summer Buzz


‘The Great Indian Travel It’s time to cool off with the Summer Deal’ by Hilton Worldwide Spa offers at Novotel Goa Shrem Resort! ilton Worldwide an-


holiday or a getaway over a

enjoy great rates starting from

offer is available at hotels and

nounces ‘The Great

long weekend, under the offer

Indian Travel Deal’,

two kids stay and eat free and

a special offer that presents

an additional room for kids is

travellers the opportunity to

available at half price*. This

`4,250 on stays until October

resorts operated by Hilton

1, 2014. With the participating

Worldwide in New Delhi, Gur-

hotels located in most leading

gaon, Mumbai, Chennai, Ban-

cities in India, the offer is ide-


ally suited for business trav-

Vadodara, Pune, Shillim, Goa

ellers. For those planning a

and Jaipur.


Participating Hotels: New Delhi- Hilton Garden Inn New Delhi/Saket Gurgaon- Hilton Garden Inn Gurgaon Baani Square & DoubleTree by Hilton Gurgaon - New Delhi NCR Mumbai- Hilton Mumbai International Airport Bangalore- Hilton Bangalore Residences & DoubleStay beautiful this sum-

Jet Lag massage, Detoxify-

by Novotel to soothe your

Chennai- Hilton Chennai

mer as the In Balance Spa at

ing Sable body treatment etc.

senses and feel beautiful this

Trivandrum- Hilton Garden Inn Trivandrum

Novotel Goa Shrem Resort

Sit back, relax and unwind


Vadodara- Hampton by Hilton Vadodara – Alkapuri

launches its Summer Special

while the nourishing touch of

Timings: 08:00 hrs – 20:00

Pune- DoubleTree by Hilton Pune – Chinchwad

Offers. It’s time to treat your-

the expert therapists help


Shillim in the Himalayas- Hilton Shillim Estate Re-

self to the best Spa experi-

you de-stress and keep your


treat & Spa

ence in town with 50%

skin glowing with its natural

Shrem Resort, Anna Waddo,

Goa- DoubleTree by Hilton Goa - Arpora – Baga

discount on special therapies

beauty intact. Book a treat-


Jaipur- Hilton Jaipur

such as Balinese treatment,

ment at the In Balance Spa

Bardez, Goa

Tree Suites by Hilton Bangalore

Summer Getaway at Fairmont Jaipur Beat the heat at Fairmont Jaipur while it looks after your kids. s the mercury is ris-



Goa Road,

the Summer Getaway package

get a complimentary stay with

ing an exclusive access to the

that offersa stay in our Fair-

parents whereas children be-

kid’s club, this package in-

mont room, with complimen-

tween 5-18 years can stay at

cludes a wide selection of ac-

tary breakfast & dinner buffet

an additional INR 2000 inclu-

tivities for children like Kite

at Zoya, All Day Dining restau-

sive of taxes. Stay for 3 nights

flying lessons, treasure hunt,

rant. Enjoy a gastronomic

or more and upgrade to a Fair-

mocktail making, horse riding,

feast everyday as the chefs

mont Gold room, subject to



credible summer offers. Fair-

duce two of its coolest initia-



up the sun by the swimming

For parents to be happy on

tives. At a merely 3 hours’

Jaipur’s Kids Club, named as

pool or take a Yoga class or

holidays, their kids must be

drive from Gurgaon, Fairmont

‘TINGAR’ which means small

pamper yourself in a soothing

smiling too. So, we go out of



ing, Fairmont Jaipur

mont Jaipur introduces ‘The

prepare your royal breakfast

availability at the time of ar-

Classes, and movie night that

is geared up to intro-

Kids Club’ and ‘Summer Get-

feast. Spend your day soaking


will be customized to best suit


their requirements. Valid from 1st April to 30th September, 2014

Jaipur is inevitably going to be

children, offers a world of fun

spa therapy. As the sun sets

our way to do the things they

Fairmont Summer Get-

the preferred destination this



behind the beautiful range of

adore. Fairmont Jaipur will

away package is priced from


summer for families and kids

mummy and daddy take time

Aravalli, sip some fine teas

now cater to younger guests,

INR 11000 per room per

alike. Leave the world and

out, and relax by the poolside,

and savor on lip smacking fin-

with the introduction of exhil-

night basis. The price is in-

your worries behind and expe-

it is time for the little ones to

ger food at the evening high

arating and educational ‘TIN-

clusive of taxes and is sub-

rience the finest traditions of

get active!

tea at Anjum, The Tea Lounge.


ject to availability.

Children below 5 years of age

dedicated for children. Offer-

hospitality with the most in-


Get spoilt for choice with




Summer Buzz

Avari Dubai hotel introduces its summer stay free package! his summer, witness

for 4 nights and enjoy the 5th

the essence of Dubai

& 6th night free. The package

Manager of The Avari Dubai



includes, welcome drinks on

Hotel stated, “One great fact

Avari Dubai Hotel with its spe-

arrival, a sumptuous compli-

of convenience about Dubai is

cial Summer Stay Free Pack-

mentary buffet breakfast as

that everything in the city is

age. The package provides

well as free internet services.

centrally air conditioned and





Summer Wellness Retreat at The Imperial


you with an opportunity to ex-

That’s not it, in this package

thus, it’s the ideal place to

perience the real grandeur

one can also avail of the com-

visit all year ‘round, come

and beauty of Dubai with an

plimentary shuttle service to

summers or winters! Hence,

atmosphere that’s just perfect

Jumeira or Mamzar Beach

we’ve come up with a great

to unwind and relax. Not for-

and the major shopping cen-

Summer Stay Free Package to

getting the incredible enter-

ters in Dubai. Special Dis-

welcome tourists and ensure

tainment, mouth watering

counts are offered on certain

that they have a leisurely time

food and a spectacular loca-

excursions like Desert Safari

and a comfortable stay here at


– Dhow Cruise – Wild Wadi –

the Avari Dubai Hotel.” So

So avail of this exciting

Atlantis Aqua venture by the

come be a part of this pleasant

Summer Package by paying

hotel. The package is valid

celebration with Avari Dubai

for 2 nights and enjoy the 3rd

from May 1st 2014 till Septem-

Hotel and gift yourself an ex-

night free OR you can also pay

ber 30, 2014

perience you’ll never forget!


Package includes the following: Stay for one night for a couple including taxes Check-in at 10 am, late check-out till 4pm Buffet Breakfast for two at 1911 Restaurant Welcome fruit platter on arrival in the room Imperial Balance Massage or Ayurveda Abhyanga Massage or Balinese Massage or Kriya Signature Facial 60 minutes for two 90 minutes of Hydrotherapy, Aroma steam and Sauna for two Choice of Manicure or Pedicure or Hair Conditioning Ritual for 30 mins for two Yoga Session or Personal Stretch on request for two Valid from 1st May TO 31st August, 2014 at the heritage room INR 14999 (Inclusive of Taxes) per night for maximum two nights only

The upscale hotel company announced Mövenpick Hotels & discounts of up to 30% forsummer stays Resorts announced discounts of up to 30% for during 2014 summer stays during 2014 övenpick Hotels &

"Our summer promotion is

per night, including Saigon,

Resorts, the hotel

truly a global one that appeals

Cairo, Frankfurt, Izmir and



company of Swiss

to travellers all over the world

Mövenpick Hotels & Re-

book their stays through mo-

heritage that operates 80 hotels

who wish to discover pristine

Beach holidays, which are

sorts, the upscale hotel com- also re-

worldwide, has published its

beaches, captivating cities, nat-

always popular during summer,

pany of Swiss heritage that

ceive complimentary Wi-Fi.

special rates for the upcoming

ural wonders, cuisine and cul-

can be enjoyed at some of

operates 80 hotels world-

"Our summer promotion

summer season. Discounts of up

ture further afield. The savings

Mövenpick Hotels & Resorts’

wide, has published its spe-

is truly a global one that ap-

to 30% are offered at most of its

are naturally a significant ad-

landmark properties in Thai-

cial rates for the upcoming

peals to travellers all over

hotels during selected dates be-

vantage, but we also add some

land, Philippines, Jordan, Egypt,

summer season. Discounts

the world who wish to dis-

tween 1st June and 30thSep-

useful value-added benefits like

Saudi Arabia and the United

of up to 30% are offered at

cover pristine beaches, cap-

tember 2014 as part of the

free internet," said Paul Mulc-

Arab Emirates. Engaging city

most of its hotels during se-


‘Summer Sunshine’ offer.

ahy, Vice President of Distribu-

breaks to destinations like

lected dates between 1st

wonders, cuisine and culture

The company’s annual

tion and Revenue Management



further afield. The savings

for Mövenpick Hotels & Resorts.

Geneva, Amsterdam and Istan-

2014 as part of the ‘Summer

are naturally a significant

following and in the past has re-

Properties that offer dis-

bul are also included in the

Sunshine’ offer.

advantage, but we also add




summer campaign has a loyal




sulted in hundreds of room

counted summer rates are

‘Summer Sunshine’ offer. A

The company’s annual

nights booked during the pro-

spread across Europe, Asia,

number of Mövenpick Hotels &

summer campaign has a

benefits like free internet,"

motional period. This year,

Africa and the Middle East. Pro-

Resorts properties offers access

loyal following and in the

said Paul Mulcahy, Vice Pres-

guests who book their stays

motional rates start from only

to beautiful desert landscapes,

past has resulted in hun-

ident of Distribution and


USD 69 per night in Essen, Ger-

UNESCO World Heritage Sites

dreds of room nights booked

Revenue Management for

also receive complimentary Wi-

many. Several destinations can

and natural marvels

during the promotional pe-

Mövenpick Hotels & Resorts.


be booked for less than USD 90




riod. This year, guests who



International News

Germany to invest 500,000 € in India

pean destinations out of India. Last year we recorded a growth of over 5 % in Indian visitors to Germany. Our 2014

GNTB Theme for 2014: 'Germany - UNESCO World Heritage Destination - Sustainable cultural and natural tourism’.


campaign is focussed on increasing the cultural diversity and supporting cross-cultural

estination Germany

dialogue between Germany

(LtoR) Romit Theophilus & Micheal Steiner

ranks amongst one of

and other countries across

the most sought after

tory, heritage and engineering

Heritage sites and their sur-

the globe. We hope to bring

tourist destinations for global

prowess. Adding to these

rounding regions.

back the fond memories of the

travellers including Indians.

facets that establishes a

The German Ambassador

Keeping in view the impor-

unique identity for Germany,

to India, Michael Steiner said

Today, Germany has flour-

tance of culture and history,

the destination in itself has

“Germany stands not only for

ished through the journey

German National Tourist Of-

been popular as a tourism hub

excellent cars and high tech,

providing a picture perfect

fice today announced its new


but for much more: Vibrant,

destination for one and all,

reunified Berlin, modern de-

ensuring the memories of

sign and world heritage with

their visit will be etched in the

magnificent monuments that

hearts for years to come.”

Michael Steiner The German Ambassador to India Germany stands not only for excellent cars and high tech, but for much more: Vibrant, reunified Berlin, modern design and world heritage with magnificent monuments that have stood the test of time – just take the castles in Potsdam or the Cologne Cathedral. More than 615.000 overnights from India in 2013 alone show: Germany is trendy and a top destination for high end business and leisure.

country’s past history.

have stood the test of time –

“We are targeting an ap-

just take the castles in Pots-

proximate 8 to 10% growth

dam or the Cologne Cathe-

from all visitor segments from



India and will be investing to

overnights from India in 2013

the tune of 500,000 • into the




market in 2014. We are confi-

trendy and a top destination

dent of Germany maintain-

ESCO World Heritage sites

for high end business and

ing its position as one of the

fostering Germany within top


most favored European desti-

campaign theme for 2014 –

Europe with its 38 UN-

‘Germany - UNESCO World Heritage destination’.


year the destination will offer

three UNESCO World Her-




Romit Theophilus, Direc-

nation’s by Indian visitors

plenty to look forward with

itage sites in Europe. With the

tor, Sales and Marketing,

and hope to see the Indian

their new campaign.

new theme, Germany will aim

GNTO India speaking on the

fan following grow for desti-

Germany as a destination

to strengthen its image as a

occasion said “We have been

nation Germany”, concludes

over the years has been

cultural destination by pro-

consistently placed amongst

Romit Theophilus.

known for its significant his-

moting awareness of World

top three most popular Euro-


Shakespeare proves to be the people’s choice as revealed in VisitEngland’s hall of fame to mark St George’s day – and it’s his birthday William Shakespeare goes on display alongside 18 other claims to fame in a one-off exhibition on London’s Southbank. hakespeare, the most

votes than any other claim.

Abbey, Banksy, Glastonbury

England’s Hall of Fame be-

A panel of experts has


quoted writer in the

The news comes in a big

and many other claims in the

ganin February when the

awarded a bronze, silver and

history of the English-

year for Shakespeare; it



tourist board asked the pub-

gold across six categories, to

speaking world, has been

marks 450 years since his

Fameexhibitionto celebrate

lic to submit their sugges-

celebrate the best of what




birth. And although his exact

St George’s Day. Running for

tions. The Hall of Fame app

England has brought to the

claim to fame in VisitEng-

birthday is unknown, it’s

one week until 30th April, the

received almost 1,000 sub-

world and what makes the

land’s Hall of Fame exhibition

widely believed that he was

free open-air exhibition will

missions from Harry Potter to

country such a diverse and

launched this morning. The


take place at Observation

Harry Styles, the mini skirt to

fascinating place to visit and

nation’s bard has won The

George’s Day.

Point on London’s South-

the tuxedo, The Beatles to

explore. The public were also


punk music, and Earl Grey

given a vote, The People’s

tea to the Scotch Egg.


People’s Choice in England’s Hall of Fame with 50% more





Shakespeare goes on display





The search to establish


International News

Be your child’s favorite Superhero in Singapore! The latest phase of Singapore Tourism Board’s marketing campaign invites visitors to ‘Go as Mum and Dad and Return as Superhero’ with the city’s collection of thrilling adventures for the entire family.


adventure-packed attractions

land’s urban attractions, with

entire family in Singapore.For

and warm, welcoming envi-

a plethora of action-packed,

this, STB has developed a

ronment, will set the tone for

family-friendly activities that

unique and appealing mi-

parents to not only regain

gives a colourful twist to a

crosite linked to YourSinga-

their ‘superhero’ status in

conventional beach holiday. that invites parents

their children’s eyes, but also

For starters, zipping down

to send their entries revealing

enable families to reconnect

the MegaZip towards the

their “superheroes” qualities

and bring home unforgettable

South China Sea;freefall sky-

for their children, together

holiday moments.”

diving ina safe, indoor envi-

withfamily photographs or

ronment at the world’s largest

videos. Parents can also send

inding ways to uphold

indoor wind tunnel, iFly Sin-

their entries using #Super-







Parents on twitter. The con-

‘Super Mom or Dad’

thewinding Dragon or Jungle

test will be promoted via

for your children this sum-

trails on the Skyline Lugewill






be an exhilarating experience

page, alongside creative digi-

Board (STB) invites parents to

for parents and children. One

tal banner ads on leading por-

reconnect with their kids on a

can also hop on the many

tals. The winning family will

fun-filled holiday to Singapore,

thrilling roller coasters and

get a chance to visit Singa-

with plenty of adventure-filled

simulationrides at Universal

pore to enjoy the superhero

options that allow them to ‘Go


moments with their children.

as Mom and Dad, and return

Singapore. Come up close

India remains an impor-

as Superheroes’. The latest

and personal to predators of

tant source in terms of tourist

tagline from STB’s marketing

the Marine kingdom at the

arrivals to Singapore. There

campaign in India, ‘Singapore,

Marine Life Park, interact

was an increase by 5.1% in

the Holiday You Take Home

with dolphins at the Adven-

tourist arrivals from India

WithYou’ is based on the in-

ture Cove WaterparkTM and

with 703,560 tourists from Jan

sight of urban parents’ contin-

splash around at the Port of

to Sep, 2013. The convenience



Lost Wonder. To see all the ex-

of proximity, connectivity and

connected to, and feature pos-

citement from up above, make

exciting holiday options are



itively in their children’s lives,

sure to hop on to the Cable

enticing travellers to visit the

even as they go about their

Car’s Superhero ride, where a

Lion city on a family holiday.

daily family routines, juggling

bird’s eye view of the tropical

For a chance to win an all-

multiple roles of guardians

city and a chance to say hi

expenses paid holiday to Sin-

and caregiver. Superhero


ments together This summer, STB is turning the spotlight onto Sentosa as a one-stop option for families to get their share of fun, thrills

gapore, share with us your



best #SuperParents moments

Woman, Superman, Batman


Parents are often potrayed as strait-laced authority figures, with many regarded as un-cool and old-fashioned. This summer, we want to highlight the family holiday as an opportunity to bridge the gap within relationships, and get children to view their parents as their reallife ‘superheroes’. There is no better way to bond than to go through exciting, fun-filledexperiences together.




and take photos with the suChang Chee Pey Executive Director, South Asia, Middle East and Africa, STB

and golden memories. Chang



dream of flying, and bring your kids along too with a ses-

Singapore - The Holiday You

sion at Flight Experience Sin-

Take Home With You


The exclusive campaign for




participants to take off, fly

India •‘Singapore • The Holi-

Chee Pey, Executive Director,

holiday as an opportunity to

A Resort Holiday with Non-

and land at the airport of your

day You Take Home with You’

South Asia, Middle East and

bridge the gap within relation-

stop Thrills

choice, a must-visit on every

was launched in March 2012 to


Africa, Singapore Tourism

ships, and get children to view

Families looking to experi-

Board explains, “Parents are

their parents as their real-life

ence thrills and excitement to-

STB’s latest campaign will

often potrayed as strait-laced

‘superheroes’. There is no bet-

gether will have plenty to

also engageparents online, by

diverse offerings. The cam-

authority figures, with many

ter way to bond than to go

choose from in Sentosa. Just

encouraging them to partici-

paign has since been positively

regarded as un-cool and old-

through exciting, fun-filledex-

15 min away, SentosaIsland

patein a one of a kindcontest,

received and has resulted in

showcase Singapore’s transformation, as well as the city’s

fashioned. This summer, we

periences together. Singa-

provides a resort experience

that can win them a ‘super-

an increase in Indian visitor-

want to highlight the family


that complements the main is-

hero’ summer holiday for the

ship to the city.







International News

Tourism New Zealand highlights its luxury offerings to the Indian Travel Trade fraternity Tourism New Zealand along with Singapore Airlines recently co-hosted a group of seven travel industry directors from India as a part of an exclusive “India Travel Trade Luxury Famil” that was held across the South Island in New Zealand from March 20 to 28, 2014.


There are no direct flights from


India to NZ. Connecting flights

han, Ex. Director, Pegasus

on Malaysia Airlines, Singa-

Travels & Tours Pvt Ltd.

pore Airlines, Thai Airways, and Cathay Pacific with stop-

Additional Information Visa procedure: One may

overs in their respective hubs are available.


forward their application to the

gateways in New Zealand are

Tourism New Zealand. These

TT office in Mumbai or Delhi,


was hosted by Neha



which will then be directed to


Bhola, India’s Coun-

from Thomas Cook (India)

the High Commission. A visitor

Domestic services: You


he eight day trip that




try Manager for Tourism New

Ltd., Kuoni Travel India (Pvt)

visa for NZ is processed within

can fly between all New

Zealand , showcased some of

Ltd., Abercrombie & Kent India

15 working days.

Zealand cities and most major

New Zealand’s most luxuri-

Private Limited, TUI India, The

towns using domestic air

ous experiences for high end

Wanderers, Pegasus Travels

FIT luxury travellers.

and Tours and Akshaya India


famil was a complete self-





Tours & Travels (P) Ltd.

drive experience with the group visiting luxury lodges in

Participating Trade Direc-

Dunedin, Queenstown, Fiord-


land, Wanaka, Franz Josef



Based on a letter from the Ministry of Interiors, the

and Christchurch, profiling

Products &Innovation, Out-

Jordanian Government has recently announced an

New Zealand as a luxury des-

bound Division Kuoni Travel

amendment in the cost of Entry Visas to Jordan as fol-


India Pvt. Ltd.


They experienced hot air

2.Deepti Mehta, Associate

ballooning inCanterbury, the

Vice President, FIT, Thomas

Dart River Jet Safariand sky-

Cook India Ltd.

diving in Queenstown. They also took a helicopter ride

3.Sunil Hasija, Ex. Director, TUI India

over the Franz Josef glacier

4.RattiDhodapkar, Manag-

and later enjoyed the Glacier

ing Director, Abercrombie &

Hot Pools, a secluded haven of


natural tranquillity.

5.Ashis Kumar Das, Direc-

The participating travel directors in the luxury niche segment




tor, The Wanderers 6.Padmini Narayanan, Director, Akshaya India Tours &

•Single Entry Visa valid for two months: 40 JOD (approximately 56 USD) •Double Entry Visa valid for three months: 60 JOD (approximately 85 USD) •Multiple Entry Visas valid for six months: 120 JOD (approximately 170 USD) It should be noted that these changes in visa cost will not affect current regulations that allow for groups for five people or more who are staying a minimum of 48 hours and are booked through a local DMC to enter Jordan visa-free.

International News


Enjoy 40th Anniversary of Sporting Summer Festival in Monte-Carlo Enjoy the anniversary with Bryan Adams, Elton John and many more to name

greatest stars. The diversity

For the 40th anniversary

spas, beautiful surroundings,

of the line-up is what makes

of the Salle des Etoiles, the

spectacular landscapes and

this festival so rich and

2014 Festival will host con-


unique, in keeping with the

certs that are unique in Eu-

like the Formula One Grand

glamorous annual tradition.

rope such as Robin Thicke,

Prix, casino gaming, land and


Lana Del Rey will open

Marcus Miller and Jeff Beck

water sports and exciting

this "anniversary" season on

and Guests and Chic featur-


4 July.

ing Nile Rodgers who, with

Tourists will be more than

Meanwhile, some great

hits such as “The Freak” and

happy enjoying luxurious ac-

names will appear on stage

“Get Lucky”, symbolises 40

commodation, family restau-

at the Sporting, including

years of music across several


Liza Minnelli, Elton John,


landscape in Monte Carlo.



his year Monaco is

Paul Anka, Tom Jones and

No efforts will have been

This charming destination

celebrating 40th an-

Julio Iglesias, as well as

spared to make this pro-

adds that magnificence expe-

niversary of Sporting

Robin Thicke, The Jacksons,

gramme the event of the sum-

rience to your holiday which

Summer Festival. It was first

"M", Boy George ... and many

mer if not the year, in line

everyone dreams for. The

started in 1974 and is of great


with the tradition of presti-

place is gorgeously clean, the


importance to Monte-Carlo in


gious festivals that Monte-

hotels are a marvel, the peo-


Monte-Carlo, the stars will be

Carlo SBM has been hosting

ple are beautiful and the food

tional stars, as well as the

shining bright, one by one, in-

and organising since its cre-

is delicious. There are won-

latest "media sensations" to



ation. Like a beacon of light

derful restaurants, shops, at-

the world.

Paolo Conte, Patrick Bruel,

calling out to music-lovers all

tractions, coast, nightlife,







From 4 July to 23 August

Laura Pausini, Renzo Arbore

over the world, the Sporting

sports facilities and culture

2014, come to Monaco and

L’orchestra italiana, Bryan

Summer Festival awaits you

all within walking distance.

meet the biggest stars in the

Adams and the Gipsy Kings.

in Monaco.

You can have a fulfilling ro-

world at the Monte-Carlo

SBM proposes two big shows

Monaco is one of the

mantic experience with the

Sporting Summer Festival.

this summer: a theatrical

world's most desirable desti-

world class spas, set in gor-

For the 2014 edition of the

concert entitled “Let It Be“to

nations with over 300 days of

geous surroundings and of-

Monte-Carlo Sporting Sum-

relive the sensational rise of

sunshine a year and mild

fering a variety of therapies

mer Festival, Monte-Carlo

the Beatles, and an excep-

temperatures, it celebrates

and treatments from around

SBM is offering a series of

tional show called”Elvis &

with enthusiasm the arts, cul-

the world.

concerts with the world's








Government News

MP tourism successfully organizes Bhagoria festival Madhya Pradesh tourism recently successfully organized Bhagoria festival event just a week before Holi. Over the years MP tourism has been promoting this festival of tribes as a tourist attraction.

his colorful festival of the Bhils and Bhilalas, particularly in the West Nimar region of MP in the districts of Jhabua and Alirajpur, is actually in the nature of mass introduction for marriage, usually held on the various markets, seven days felling before the Holi festival in the month of March. During the festival they come for introduction with each other and agreed to marry, and subsequently accepted as husband and wife by society through predetermined



customs. It is not always that boys and girls intending to marry each other meet in the festival for the first time. In a large number of cases the alliance is already made between the two, and the festival provides them the institutionalized framework for announcing the alliance publically. The tradition is that the boy applies gulal (red colored powder) on the face of the girl whom he selects as his wife and the girl, if willing, also applies gulal on the boys face. This may not happen immediately but the boy may pursue her and succeed eventually. Earlier, the Bhagoria Haat also coincides with the completion of harvesting adding to it the dimension of being an agricultural festival as well. If the crops have been good, the festival assumes an additional air of gaiety. In the life of the Bhils and Bhilalas, it is not merely a festival but in fact a series of festivals held one by one at various places on their specific market days, commencing seven days before Holi. Bhagoria Haat Festival

in of MP is one of the most amusing tribal festivals in India because during this festival, young boy and girls are allowed to elope after choosing their partners. Bhagoria Haat Festival belongs to the local tribes called Bhils and Bhilals. Bhagoria Haat Fetival is organized in the district of West Nimar and Jhabua. The haat is organized in the form of an introduction where young girl and boys are allowed to choose their partners. Bhagoria Haat Festival has and agricultural significance attached to it and it coincides with the end of harvesting. So some people also celebrate it to mark the completion of the harvesting. So the Bahgorai Haat Festival in MP is worth a visit because you will not get to witness the same festivity and spirit anywhere else. Bhagoria Haat festival in MP is celebrated in the Month of March before the Holi festival. The tribal people of MP form an important part of its culture and contribute to the colorful graffiti of

Government News

the state. They have their indigenous norms, morals yardstick and tribal heritage that they strive to

the Gujarat and Rajasthan borders of MP and is the backdrop of celebration of annual Bhagoria haat.

preserve. This unique tradition and vibrant culture comes alive in the Bhagorai festival of Jhabua and Alirajpur districts. Jhabua and Alirajpur are the quaint towns on

The festival marks the onset of the spring season and falls a few days before Holi. It is boisterous merriment, accompanied by singing, dancing and drunken revelry.


Young boys and girls deck themselves on gaudy clothes and jewelry ands congregate in the village fair during Bhagoria. According to tradition, the boy smears gulal on the forehead of the girl whom he selects as her groom, the girl reciprocates in a like manner if she harbors positive feelings for him. In no time, the couple escapes away and is declared as husband and wife. Earlier, Bhagorai Haat was also the meeting ground to settle account with adversaries. Today it is solely a positive festive that celebrates the joyous aspects of the life. A festival of love, life, music and colours, Bhagoria is no doubt carves a special niche among the tribal by TNH DESK people of MP.



Event Watch

Nijhawan Group conducts roadshow for Emaar Hospitality Group Nijhawan Group of Companies recently organised a roadshow for The Address Hotels + Resorts, The Armani Hotels & Resorts, and Vida Hotels and Resorts, in an evening at The Imperial New Delhi. Ankush Nijhawan, MD, Nijhawan Group of Companies, Seema Pande, Group Director of Sales and Marketing, Emaar Hospitality Group were present on the occasion among other persons. The roadshow highlighted new brand Vida Hotels and Resorts and the latest additions to the established properties.



International News

Jordan gears up for Pope Francis's Visit There is excitement in the air as Jordan prepares for Pope Francis’ visit on May 24, a trip that marks the 50-year anniversary of the first papal trip to the region.


t has become a papal tra-

dition to follow the steps of Jesus starting in Jor-

dan, home to the pilgrimage site of Bethany Beyond the Jordan. On May 24, the Pope will meet with King Abdullah

and Queen Rania. He will also hold mass at an international stadium in Amman where fifty thousand people are expected

visit, the Greater Amman Mu-

Paul VI’s tour of Jordan in

to attend.

nicipality has put forth an ac-

1964. The second visit to Jor-

His itinerary will include a

tion plan to ensure cleaner

dan was by Pope John Paul II

visit to the Bethany Beyond

and well-lit streets along the

in 2000 while the third was by

the Jordan Baptism site and

route the papal convoy will

Pope Benedict XVI in 2009.

he is scheduled to also meet






Jordan has a wealth of biblical sites across the coun-

refugees, both Muslim and

known to break with protocol,

try, from Mount Nebo to Mad-

Christian, as well as disabled

he asked for a smaller vehicle.


people at the Latin church

"He has dedicated his papacy




drawing attention to the poor,

which still echo with stories

and he wanted to set an exam-

that have been recorded in the

to the Pope’s visit,” said Fa-

ple. We are always expecting

Holy Bible. Some of the


surprises from him,” said Fa-


ther Bader.

have been found in Jordan, in-

“We are looking forward Rifaat



spokesman for the Catholic



Church in Jordan and organ-

The visit of the Pope, the

cluding the 2nd or 3rd century

izer of the papal visit. “The

first since his election as

‘prayer hall’ at Bethany Be-

Pope wants to draw attention

leader of the Catholic Church,

yond-the-Jordan, the 4th cen-

to the plight of those who are

is an important step towards

tury church at Umm Qays,

suffering as a result of the vi-

enhancing fraternity and tol-

and the remains of what is be-

olence and were forced to flee

erance between Muslims and

lieved to be the oldest pur-

their homes,” he said.

Christians as well as the mes-

pose-built church in the world

sage of peace called for by all

at Aqaba.

In Jordan, Christians are a small community and continue to live in harmony with

monotheistic religions.

At Madaba, in the 6th cen-

His Holiness will discuss

tury Byzantine church of St.

Muslims. The pope’s pilgrim-

with King Abdullah relations

George, there is the mosaic

age here is significant for Jor-

between Jordan and the Vati-

floor map of Jerusalem and the

dan that is rich with biblical

can as well as issues related

Holy Land which has helped

sites and is a model of inter-

to promoting fraternity and

modern-day archeologists to

faith and peaceful coexis-

dialogue and Islamic-Christ-

identify and excavate many of

ian coexistence, in addition to

these Biblical sites.

tence. “The historical visit reflects the country’s religious

the latest developments in the Middle East.

Mount Nebo, just a ten minutes drive west of Madaba,

and touristic significance on

Their Majesties, King Ab-

was the final station in Moses’

the international map,” said

dullah II and Queen Rania Al

historic flight from Egypt to

Mohammad Al-Momani, min-

Abdullah, made an official

the Holy Land. This also be-

ister of information. “It also

visit to the Vatican last August

came a place of pilgrimage for

highlights Jordan’s security

during which they met with


and stability as well as its role

Pope Francis I.

Jerusalem and a small church

in renouncing violence and terrorism.” preparation for the Pope’s


Since Pope Francis is



The pontiff’s visit to the

was built there in the 4th cen-

Kingdom is the fourth in half

tury to commemorate the end

a century, starting with Pope

of Moses’ life.


Culture News

Whiff of a dying art at Dilli Haat, Pitampura Lectures and demonstration on Aromatherapy and Panchkarma woo Delhiites.


heady scent of her-


itage was in the air


of Dilli Haat, Pita-

the visitors at Dilli Haat,

Agarbatti and Dhoopbattis



Pitampura. Malini Ohri from

etc. This Festival saw high

Sugandhi Mela, 2014 (forth

Dubai who is the founder of

participation from “Kan-

in series). The fragrances of

Saante (Range of natural,

nauj”, which is known to be

different perfumes, essen-

aromatherapy & chemical

the natural fragrance hub.

tial oils and Itra attracted

free products) gave a lec-

A quiz competition on

towards this unique event

ture on Aromatherapy and

Itra and Sugandhi for chil-

organized by Delhi Tourism

explained the visitors about

dren’s was also held. Slogan

which had brought almost

its benefits and how it can

writing competition on Itra

40 perfumers from across

be fruitful for life. The sem-

and Sugandhi was also held

inar was very well attended

at the venue.





the country.


fumery art, showcased their


works on Kuppi Making,

Whether it’s the aroma

by visitors as they were

The second day of the

of food or a mild and entic-

able to get light on Aro-

festival saw thousands of

ing redolence of flowers,

matherapy which can heal

visitors who came from all

fragrance always invokes

arthiritis, muscular pain, si-

parts of the city to witness

nostalgia like nothing else

nuses, stress, insomnia etc.

these display of exotic per-

does. The sole purpose to

Sessions on Abhayangan

fumes which is a rarity to

organize this festival of fan-

(For Relaxation) Podhikizhi

tastic fragrances is to re-



This festival had given

vive this age old dying

Nasyam (For Sinuses and

an opportunity to the visi-

tradition and to provide per-

Migraine) were the show

tors to interact with people

fume lovers an opportunity

stealer. These sessions en-

who are directly involved in

to explore the traditional

lightened the visitors about

this industry. It had also




find in the city.

panchkarma and how these

provided an opportunity to

use of essential oils and

visitors to acquire knowl-

lover, these years Itra and

ayurveda can heal one’s

edge about the benefits of

Sugandhi Mela had it all.



If you are a fragrance

Apart from the display and

The charm of the festival



sale of exotic perfumes,

went on a high note as ex-

The third day of the

itras, essential oils the lec-

perts, whose family has an

event had live demonstra-

tures and live sessions on

ancestral history in per-







were seminars by expert therapists followed by a Q&A session. A Quiz Competition




Sugandhi was also held. The evening of the concluding day wasmarked by a cultural program by Punjabi Academy which was followed by prize distribution ceremony. If you are fond of natural perfumes, itras and scented products, then Dilli Haat Pitampura was the perfect place to be there. by T N H DESK


In Conversation


In Conversation with TnH, Hassan Madah, Director, National Israel Tourism Office, India speaks about plans and focuses of Israel Tourism. In the past, Indian the tourists visiting Israel were mainly pilgrimage but now the trends have changed, according to Madah. Prem Kumar srael has begun to focus on the Indian Market just in the recent years. The tourists were mainly pilgrimage but this image has changed and now we are focusing more on MICE, Leisure segments, etc,” said Madah. He added, “For now we are not receiving the number of tourist from India comparing to other destinations in the region but we believe that this will change once the Indian discover the tourism side of Israel.” Madah informed that the last years have been seeing an increase in the number of Indians arriving to Israel. “In 2009 we had only 23,000 and from then we are having around 40,000 Indians every year,” said Madah. National Israel Tourism Office of Israel clearly understands the importance of Indian outbound travel market, and has taken many steps including opening an office in India. “We believe in the Indian Market and because of that we have opened an office in India. Israel has a lot to offer for the Indian market and we want to showcase that. Israel is a pilgrimage destination and will always be there but we have more to offer all different markets and interests and we will do it,” said Madah. Spelling out the new initiatives Israel tourism has taken recently to promote Israel in Indian market, Madah said, “We are working with all the agents who are interested in selling Is-


We are working with all the agents who are interested in selling Israel. We are training their staff and opening their minds to the possibilities Israel has.

rael. We are training their staff and opening their minds to the possibilities Israel has.” He added, “Furthermore, we are hosting decision makers from the tourism industry in order to promote the MICE segment and other.” Speaking about marketing strategy of Israel Tourism for India, and the segments it is focusing on in Indian market, Madah said, “As I mentioned we are focusing on MICE and Leisure, and definitely the pilgrimage market. Israel is very important to three major religions and we will promote visiting the holy sites of Christianity, Islam and Jewish.”


hassan Madah Director, national Israel tourism office, India

The destinations and products Israel wants to focus on and promote, in Indian market are Jerusalem with the holy sites. Israel Tourism is also promoting Dead Sea as the biggest spa in the world and well-known for healing skin diseases, also the lowest point on earth. Tel-Aviv the nonstop city with all the beach hotels and fun, plus the MICE side of it is also being promoted in Indian market. National Israel Tourism Office of Israel is also working with Indian travel and tourism industry to attract Indian tourists to Israel. “We are doing seminars to them and we are hosting them in Israel. Recently we hosted TAFI members in order to convince them to hold their annual convention in Israel, and we are working on that,” informed Madah. Throwing light on visa and immigration policy of Government of Israel for Indian citizens, Madah said, “Our visa process is very easy and done through VFS. Other way to obtain visa is through local Israeli agent and that done for a group of 10 people and more. This is a group visa that that will be on paper and will not be on the passport.”

International News

VFS Global enhances THAI Visa Application Centres and services in South Asia VFS Global has been serving the Royal Thai Embassy in New Delhi and Bangladesh as well as Royal Thai Consulate General in Chennai since 2005.



cepted on a daily basis. This

The partnership between

follows the upgrade and en-

VFS Global and the Govern-

hancement of Visa Applica-

ment of Thailand commenced

tion facilities VFS Global

with operations in New Delhi

offers in Chennai and Kochi.

and Chennai. This expanded

VFS Global offers expertise

to Bengaluru, Hyderabad and

and technology that support a

hailand has been a

with the Government of Thai-

Cochin. Today VFS Global’s

convenient process that is se-

popular holiday and

land to offer a convenient and

network of Thai Visa Applica-

cure and efficient. The serv-

business destination


tion Centres includes opera-

ices encompass information




for travellers from South Asia.

Process. The boost in tourism



services, call centre support,

This demand continues to

and business has prompted

Chandigarh, Hyderabad, Ben-



dedicated multi-lingual and

grow and to support this; VFS

tremendous growth in Indian

galuru, Chennai, and Kochi.

online website support with

Global has worked closely

nationals travelling to Thai-

In addition to these centres,

application tracking facilities. Thongchai Chasawath, Director-General of the Consular



Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Thailand, in his address during the visit to the new Thailand Visa Application Centre in New Delhi praised the VFS Global team for its excellent visa support services to applicants, and stated that Thailand





increased number of travellers from India. Also speaking on this occasion Murali Raghavan, Regional CEO – CIS, North Africa and South Asia, VFS Global, said,“VFS Global is honoured to be associated with the Royal Thai Thai Visa Application Centre, delhi

the company has Courier Submissions Centres in Agra, Am-

General, an esteemed client



government. We are delighted

helpline: +91 022-67866003|| Website: ADDRESS AND TIMINGS





Embassy and Thai Consulate


to offer applicants in India

Furthermore, VFS Global has

and Bangladesh enhanced

been serving the Royal Thai

Visa Application Centres and

Embassy in Dhaka with Visa

facilities. We are committed

Address: Thailand Visa Application Centre 702 - 707, 7th Floor, Prakash deep Building, 7 Tolstoy marg, Connaught Place, new delhi 110001

Application Centres in Dhaka,

to providing excellent visa



service to make applicants’

hethandling short term visa

experience pleasant and con-

Business hours: 0800hrs – 1300hrs| monday - Friday


venient. We support the ini-

Acceptance of Applications (Individual Applicants) – 0800hrs to 1300hrs (monday-Friday)

Global relocated the Thai Visa

(Travel Agents) – 0800hrs to 1100hrs (monday – Friday) return delivery of Passports: 1500hrs -1700hrs| monday - Friday


Earlier this year, VFS





Government to extend a serv-

Application Centre in New

ice that is professional, acces-

Delhi to a more spacious

sible and secure through our

premise accommodating more

state of the art facilities and

counters and increasing the

highly professional and serv-

number of applications ac-

ice oriented staff.” by TNH DESK



Appointment News NICHOLAS DUMBELL General Manager, Bengaluru Marriott Whitefield

PARMEET SINGH NAYAR GM, DoubleTree by Hilton Gurgaon New Delhi NCR

Travel technology leader in Asia

Bengaluru Marriott Whitefield re-

Parmeet Singh Nayar has been ap-

Pacific, Abacus International has

cently appointed Nicholas Dumbell

pointed General Manager of Dou-

JEREMY VAN DE KLUNDERT Managing Director, Sabre Pacific, Abacus

appointed Jeremy van de Klun-

as its new General Manager. Dumb-

bleTree by Hilton Gurgaon-New

dert as Managing Director of its

ell brings with him a rich lineage of

Delhi NCR. Parmeet has also as-

subsidiary Sabre Pacific to take

global experience to his first stint in

sumed additional charge as India

forward the distribution strategy

India. A natural leader, his current

Regional Coordinator - Operations

position will be responsible for the operations and

Effectiveness, Hilton Worldwide. Nayar will report to

for Australia and New Zealand. Van de Klundert has served in similar roles, in-

steering of the overall management of the hotel. With

Daniel Welk, Vice President, Operations – India,

cluding five years with global distribution systems

a proven record of implementing strategic initiatives

Hilton Worldwide.

in Europe, three with a major travel agency and

that deliver financial success and significant customer

In the regional capacity, Parmeet will champion a

more recently five heading global assistance com-

service improvements, he will be actively involved in

number of initiatives at trading and pre-opening hotels

pany, International SOSin developing North Asia.

employee training. His key responsibilities would also

in the Hilton Worldwide portfolio in India. The areas

Sabre Pacific’s current distribution grid includes

include holistic supervision of various departments to

he will focus on include guest satisfaction, energy con-

travel buyers at over 2,000 agency locations.

drive performance.

servation initiatives, organisational structure .

AMIT MIDHA General Manager Courtyard by Marriott, Bilaspur

VIKAS SHARMA General Manager Hive Panipat

DONALD A. WINGELL Director, F&B,Performance and Support, South West Asia

The Marriott International has

Vikas Sharma has been appointed

IHG (InterContinental Hotels

appointed Amit Midha as General

as the General Manager of Hive Pa-

Group) has appointed Donald A.

Manager of Courtyard by Mar-

nipat, managed and marketed by

Wingell, as its new Director of Food

riott Bilaspur. Amit Midha brings

Tux Hospitality, the Hotel Manage-

& Beverage (F&B) for South West

with him an assortment of rich

ment, Operations and Marketing

Asia. He will be based at IHG’s cor-

experience. In his current role he

Company of Shipra Group. He is

porate Office in Gurgaon, New

is responsibleto provide strategic leadership ex-

highly competent professional, with over 14 years of

Delhi, reporting to the Vice President of Operations

pertise that ensures effective and efficient overall

experience in the Hospitality Industry.

for South-West Asia.

management of the property in the city like Bi-

A graduate in hotel management from Presidency Col-

In his new role, his key responsibility will be to

laspur. He has worked with Jaypee Hotels& Six

lege, Bangalore, Sharma has worked as the Corpo-

drive Food & Beverage performance in the region

Senses Spa in Greater Noida, Oberoi Hotels in Gur-

rate General Manager of Amalgam Management

while working closely with hotel General Managers

gaon, Chennai Kolkata, Jaipur & Udaipur; Madinat

Solution, General Manager ‘The Grand Pearl’ Hotel

and F&B teams to maximise revenues and service de-

Jumeirah in Dubai; Grand Hyatt in Mumbai& Delhi

and Hotel JBL to name a few. He played an instru-

livery across this critical part of the business. Hewill

and JW Marriott in Mumbai in various capacities.

mental role in the launch of ‘The Grand Pearl ’.

also be working as part of IHG’s Asia, Middle East.

PARIVA RUSTAGI Regional Director, Sales – India Hilton Worldwide

REEKSHIT SIDDHANTA Director of Rooms Fairmont Jaipur, India

GANDHI GANDHI Director, F&B Hyatt Regency Chennai

Hilton Worldwide today announced

With 11 years of rich experience

Nikhil Gandhi has been ap-

the appointment of Pariva Rustagi

in the hospitality industry, Reek-

pointed as Director – Food & Bev-

as Regional Director of Sales for

shit Siddhanta joined Fairmont

erage at Hyatt Regency Chennai.

India effective March 17, 2014. She

Jaipur as Director of Rooms in

Gandhi has excelled at Hyatt Re-

will lead sales efforts for the Hilton

December 2013. At Fairmont

gency for over a decade now. He

Worldwide portfolio of hotels in

Jaipur, he is responsible for

started his stint in the hospitality

India. Hilton Worldwide presently operates hotels

smooth functioning and delivering with the best re-

industry with Hyatt Regency Mumbai as an asso-

and resorts under its upscale and mid-market

sults of the Front Office, Housekeeping & Security.

ciate in 2002 and ever since has been dedicated in

brands across nine cities in India including New

He is playing a key role in further developing the

providing outstanding service and momentous ex-

Delhi, Gurgaon, Mumbai, Chennai, Bangalore, Pune,

local standard operating procedures to deliver

perience to the guests. Gandhi joined Hyatt Re-

Vadodara, Trivandrum and Goa. She will also initi-

world class luxury hospitality targeting the evolv-

gency Chennai as the Assistant F&B Director in

ate a comprehensive strategy to drive outbound busi-

ing MICE market and achieve greater guest satis-

2012 and has been promoted as the Director Food

ness from India to hotels operated by Hilton

faction by creating differential experiences for

& Beverage at Hyatt Regency Chennai in March

Worldwide in other parts of the world.

inbound and outbound guests.



Travel & Hospitality - May 2014