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Becker’s high-performance Kito electric chain and manual hoists ensure reliability and safety in the wind power sector Becker’s Kito electric chain and manual hoists have been designed for dependable use in materials handling applications in diverse industries. These include mining, construction, shipbuilding, food, beverage and pharmaceutical processing, manufacturing and general industry, as well as in chemical and petrochemical plants and the wind power sector. Kito electric chain hoists and manual hand chain blocks and lever

hoists, which are manufactured in Japan to stringent quality and safety specifications, are suitable for demanding applications in wind turbines. “Wind power, which is gaining popularity globally as a dependable source of renewable energy, is a growing business sector for our Kito range,” explains Rick Jacobs, Senior General Manager (SGM) for Consumables, Becker Mining South Africa. “While traditional coal-mining for energy production requires hoists that can operate safely in confined and dust-filled conditions underground, the available space in wind-farm nacelles (which house the drive train and other towertop components) is also confined, but are often hundreds of metres above the ground and sea-spray rather than dust, is usually the environmental hazard.” “The strictest safety standards are critical during the construction, maintenance and operation of wind turbines, which is why they use of dependable, industry-approved equipment must be correctly used, by properly-trained workers.”


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“Specialists in the wind power sector have specified stringent requirements for hoists, including the need for their service life to be at least 20 years, to match that of most wind power generators. It is also important that hoists can deliver reliable operation in arduous environments, like corrosive coastal conditions and precarious mountainous areas.” “The robust Kito range, which meets - and exceeds - industry requirements, can be customised by Becker specialists to suit exact requirements of every wind turbine installation. Optional components include a radio remote control, foam hook protector and plain, geared or motorised trolleys.” “Corrosion-resistant, heattreated Kito load chain is the only electroless Nickel-plated chain available. Advantages include high uniform strength and lower wear than conventional load chains.” Kito standard ER2 electric chain wind hoists - with a maximum load capacity of 800 kg, a lifting height up to 150 metres and 3 phase 400/690 operating voltages - are available from Becker with higher

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