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Getting Started The Life University Marketing Department is here to serve you! Whether you need a simple printed flyer, a complex video for promotion 0r documentation, a social media campaign or any combination of services, we’ve got it covered. We are committed to incorporating the Life University brand into every campaign campuswide. Let’s get started.

Determine Need:

Contact Us:

The first step you need to take is to answer some

Go online at and fill

questions – not only for yourself but also for the

out a Project Request Form. Include all the

Marketing Department. For example… Question: Who is your audience? Prospective students?

details that you can including project scope, information that you have gathered and projected

Existing students? Alumni? Chiropractors in the field?

launch date. Upon receipt, we will be in touch with you to

Question: What is the intent of your promotion?

discuss any further details we need to get your project in motion,

To recruit new students? To increase attendance at an event?

set a timeframe for completion and let you know what you should

Question: What mode(s) of communication are best for your

expect next.

audience? Social media? Video? Email? A combination of these? Once you have a clear vision of WHAT you are trying to achieve, the avenues and means to get there become clear.

Approval Process: As soon as we have drafts ready for consideration, we will contact you and request your input.

Gather Info:

Please Please see the Marketing/Communication Policy for details on the approval process at

Once need has been established, it’s time to pull

together all of your resources so the Marketing


Team will have the information they need to make you look your best. Speak with your colleagues to

Campaign Launch:

acquire input as to your project goals; make sure your team is on

Once drafts have been approved, we’re ready to

board with your initiative. Make notes of times, places, and

advance your project to the next level! Depending

details so you can provide Marketing with the details they need to

on the scope and medium, timelines will vary

make your project the best it can be. If you have access to specific

regarding when the final product will be ready for

photography or imagery that you’d like to incorporate, now is the

use. Your Marketing Team will keep you advised as to progress

time to compile that for use. Otherwise, use the LIFE Marketing

and let you know what to expect. We will contact you when the

Department as a resource to provide imagery that will ensure

process is complete so you can shout your message to the world.

your message looks great. Jot down any specific copy or verbiage

Happy Marketing!!

you’d like to include. We can embellish upon what you provide, give it a fresh spin entirely, or use your provided copy verbatim. Once all the information has been gathered, your project will begin to crystallize in your mind: now it’s time to contact Marketing.

Marketing at Life University Meet the team of folks who are here to serve you and your promotional needs. Also contained here are the various outlets at our/your disposal. Who we are, and what we do:

The Marketing Team: A complete list of of contact information for the LIFE Marketing Team is available at:

University Facebook Sites:

Other University Social Media:

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University Websites:

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Marketing at Life University 1269 Barclay Circle SE Marietta, Georgia 30060 USA


Life University Marketing Getting Started Guide  
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