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CHIME - ChildHood In Maidenhead Explored

A Family Information and Leisure Guide 2017-2019

CHIME has developed into the most comprehensive guide for children and their carers in the Maidenhead area. The publication of this, our 15th edition of the Maidenhead CHIME booklet, would not have been achieved without our advertisers, our financial supporters, our volunteer illustrators, researchers and proof readers and those who have supported our own fund raising events. Our thanks go to you all and also to those who have helped with the distribution of CHIME Please note that any information contained in this booklet does not constitute an endorsement of any organisation by the Children’s Maidenhead Association. Whilst every care is taken preparing this CHIME booklet, the Children’s Maidenhead Association cannot be held responsible for the claims of the advertisers, nor for the accuracy of the contents, nor any consequence of any written content or illustrations CHIME Family Information and Leisure Guides and CHIME seasonal information leaflets are available free of charge from The Royal Borough of Windsor and Maidenhead Resident Service Hub, Community and Leisure Centres, Libraries and other places used by children and their carers Our grateful thanks go to the following organisations: Grant supported by The Royal Borough of Windsor and Maidenhead Grant supported by The Lions Club of Maidenhead Grant supported by The Shanly Foundation Special mention must be made of our volunteer researchers, proofreaders and supporters: Maureen Billano King Jane Crawford Craig Matthews Andrew Seekings Marion Bintcliffe Pat Devlin Stella Parsons Caroline Seekings Judith Cavezzale Sylvia Haunton Diana Phipps Erika Seekings Sonia Chandler Ruth Ingram Susan Preedy Tony Seekings Nicky Climpson Maggie Kearney Pam Roberts Marilyn Small We would like to make the following acknowledgements: Advertising Sales: Erika Seekings Cover and Illustrations: Linda Vipond Illustrations: George Bibby, FS Billano, Jo Hall, Eleanor Wastell and other contributors Printed by: Ltd (tel: X1 Ltd. (tel: 01753 215300 215340 or view: Children’s Maidenhead Association – Registered Charity No. 292961

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Chime guide  

Chime guide