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Get Outdoors Issue



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Soccer City 1852 Visalia


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Your Local Produce Trail




Pick Up Pickleball


History: More than a Mountain


Food: French Bread Boule


Travel: Whitewater Rafting

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Caught Up in Fly Fishing




Outdoor Entertaining Tips



48 Cover photo by Jonna Dodge. Story on page 11.


Fueling A Farm Near You

The Get Outdoors Issue

Thoughts from the Editor Last weekend my wife and I took on the dreaded task of cleaning out and organizing the garage. We needed to make room for my new prized possession: Jenny the Jeep. A couple months ago I became the proud owner of a 1972 butter yellow convertible Jeepster Commando lovingly named “Jenny” by her previous owners. She’s a rare breed of Jeep—a cross between an old Ford Bronco and a station wagon, and I love her, particularly when she starts. Evening joy rides in the Jeepster have become a special treat for my family and a few neighborhood kids. It’s my first time owning a convertible, which I used to think was a mid-life crisis-inspired decision. (Now I know why convertibles exist and no, I’m not having a mid-life crisis.) Driving in the open air is exhilarating. It’s not just driving. Being outside has that effect on me. Probably like you, most of my days are spent indoors. Man-made lighting and air conditioning round out the climate I live in for probably 20+ hours a day. For most Americans, roughly 90% of our time is spent indoors. We’ve become an indoor species. My life would probably be a little better if I spent more time outside. There’s a mountain of recent research that backs up my hunch: everything from mood to eyesight, and creativity to sleep, many areas of life are positively impacted by spending more time outside. The fact is, becoming a little more “outdoorsy” yields some impressive returns on our well being. During our little garage clean out project, I stumbled across a book by John Muir called “My First Summer in the Sierra”. As I glanced through his memoir, I was transported. Muir’s recounting of his days spent wandering the Sierras are full of intricately detailed, vivid descriptions of the world he encountered. He was uniquely aware of and attentive to the beauty and grandeur of the natural world around him. Listen to the way he describes our foothills. “The whole landscape showed design, like man’s noblest sculptures. How wonderful the power of its beauty! Gazing awe-stricken, I might have left everything for it. Glad, endless work would then be mine tracing the forces that have brought forth its features, its rocks and plants and animals and glorious weather. Beauty beyond thought everywhere…” Wow, I’ll take some of whatever he’s having. While we might not be outdoorsy like John Muir, we can all make space and a little more time this summer to enjoy the beauty and benefit of open air. Whether it’s cruising in a convertible, or a summer in the Sierras, let’s get outside a little more this month. I’m planning my next trip right now. Cheers,

Eric Riley Executive Editor Lifestyle Magazine President / Owner Topograph



Contributors June 2022

Elowyn Dickerson

Natalie Caudle

Terry Ommen




Elowyn is a Fresno, CA-based illustrator

Natalie Caudle is a Visalia native and

Terry has a passion for Tulare County

and artist. While she uses any and all

graduate of Fresno State. As a freelance

history. Much of his time in retirement is

media, her specialties are in watercolor,

writer, Natalie finds beauty in storytelling

spent researching and writing about the

gouache, and digital media. Her main drive

and believes freedom is found when living

interesting historical morsels he discovers

behind creating is that she wants her art

authentically within a community. Though

with Laraine, his talented wife of over 50

to spark joy in people’s lives and inspire

most of her time is spent wrangling

years. Between history projects and visits

magical, childlike whimsy. She likes to

animals and her four kids, Natalie relishes

with their two grandchildren, the two are

create work that focuses on femininity,

everyday moments knowing seasons pass

on the road or in the air exploring whatever

nature, and the simple joys in life!

all too quickly.

piques their interest.

Monica Fatica

Willemina Brazeal

Jonna Dodge




After years of working in operations,

Born and raised in Visalia, Willemina grew up

Jonna is a Central Valley native who

merchandising, marketing and running

the youngest of three kids. She graduated

recently graduated from Cal Poly, SLO.

her own retail shops, Monica has found her

from the Fashion Institute of Design and

She has a creative eye for making things

home in the world of publishing. With over

Merchandising, and in 2015 she started

look just right. In her free time, you can find

seven years of local editorial experience, she

working as a graphic designer to mix her love

her with a camera in hand, working out,

is grateful to work her dream job keeping

for design and technology. She is currently

or trying a new recipe. Her true hobby

Valley happenings top of mind for all its

living in Visalia with her husband Cody and

however is baking, and she’s known for

residents. Her brief moments of spare time

son Beckham. In her spare time, you can find

surprising those around her with

are spent with family, food (still searching

her cooking (and trying new recipes),

homemade treats.

for the best chocolate croissant), her fur

creating, jogging with her son, or hanging

babies, and finding the next best binge-

out with friends and family!

worthy podcast.


The Get Outdoors Issue

A Look Inside The “healing wonders of nature” touted by a recreationist that’s recently returned from camping are beyond anecdotal: there’s proven evidence that spending time with nature is beneficial for your health and well being. Most


Mark is a multidisciplinary graphic designer from Visalia, CA. He graduated from PLNU in 2020 and started his role as a junior designer at the start of 2021. When he’s not working on design-related projects, he loves playing tennis, taking photos, and riding bikes around Visalia. Mark believes beautiful design makes people happy. His hope is that people have positive encounters with his work.


JJ is a Central Valley local who loves taking photos in Sequoia National Park every chance he gets. He has been in the graphic design profession for over 10 years and thoroughly enjoys what he does on a daily basis. Whenever he’s not slinging design / photo / web work you can probably find JJ in a giant beanbag chair enjoying his favorite video games.

Get Outdoors

of us spend over 90% of our time indoors—this month we share ideas to help lower that statistic. You’ll read about local pickleball enthusiasts who play for their health and for the camaraderie. The Kings River Expeditions owners share tips for a whitewater rafting trip. Plan a local hike that’s easy for beginners or get into fly fishing with our guides. Feel inspired by Jeremy Schultz and 1852 Visalia, where youth soccer players can grow in skill and character. Ready, set, bake with The Pink Apron: make her bread bowl recipe and create a picnic-ready stuffed sandwich. Pair it with some fresh produce on our illustrated map of Valley fruit stands. This month, find inspiration to get outside and spend more time with Mother Nature— because your health depends on it.

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Published by Topograph LLC, 324 S. Santa Fe Street Visalia, CA 93291 Executive Editor Eric Riley Operations Manager Maria Gaston Content Editor Marissa Carpenter Advertising Sales Sales Office 324 S. Santa Fe Street Visalia, CA 93291 559.471.0700 Email View this Issue Online Visalia’s Lifestyle Magazine is published monthly and is distributed via direct mail to homes in Visalia. Additional copies are distributed at various rack and countertop locations around Visalia, Tulare, Exeter, and Kingsburg. Distribution is subject to change. Views expressed in columns are those of the columnist and not necessarily those of Lifestyle Magazine, Topograph or its advertisers. © 2022 Topograph LLC

Get Outdoors

Get Outdoors Nurtured By Nature

Fresh Air = Fresh Perspective The lack of time is why most of us avoid getting exercise. However, a short walk outdoors has been shown to stimulate people physically and emotionally. Taking in the air with deep breaths can settle the nervous system and Stanford studies found it boosts creativity levels.

Get Your Vitamin D Studies show that most Americans are 40% deficient in Vitamin D. Enjoying time under the sun during the morning hours (10-30 minutes depending on skin pigmentation) is the most natural way to boost Vitamin D levels.

Try Forest Bathing Forest Bathing means absorbing the forest atmosphere. Simply spending time in nature and immersing your senses in the sights and sounds can increase your well being and happiness. Trees and plants also emit phytoncides, which have been shown to help our bodies fight disease.

Get Connected Time spent outside connects us to nature and to each other—in real life. In brain activity studies, the areas of the brain associated with empathy and love were activated when the subject viewed nature scenes. Nature, it seems, gives us a sense of real connectedness, not just virtual.

See Further Think about your future in a new way. A recent Canadian study shows that children who spend more time outdoors, looking at objects far away (not up-close tablets and books) and enjoying bright natural light outside have less chance of developing myopia, or nearsightedness.


The Get Outdoors Issue

Caught Up in

Fly Fishing Story by Lifestyle Staff | Photos by Jonna Dodge


ombine the serenity of being outdoors and the satisfaction of conquering new

skills, and you have fly fishing. Enthusiasts describe it as exciting, satisfying, rewarding, and challenging. Artificial bait (that mimics common bugs or bait fish) is used to fly fish. Along with using artificial bait, fly fishing differs from regular fishing in the reel and rods used. Spin fishing rods have reels and are heavier. Fly fishing rods are long, loose, and lighter in weight. Spin fishing is practiced in still waters from a boat, aiming to catch various types of fish. Fly fishing is done in moving waters such as rivers and streams while focusing on catching fish like trout and bass. Fly fishers can cast from the edges of moving waters or enjoy getting into the water using waders and casting from there.


Fly Fishing

Cody Wurzel, a local fly fisher, explains that, in short, technique is more important than the quality of equipment. “However, using equipment that is more durable and more forgiving will allow for greater success,” he says. Choosing your equipment carefully can help you catch as many fish as possible, with equipment designed for particular conditions and water types. Cody recommends starting with a 9-foot 5 weight fly rod outfit that includes the reel and line together. He advises against purchasing the cheapest set—it’s likely low quality and tends to break easily and perform poorly. Additionally, polarized sunglasses will protect you from the sun and increase your vision through water. “The best time of day to fish during the summer,” shares Cody, “is early mornings when the weather is cooler; that’s when the fish are most active.” Local club, Kaweah Fly Fishers has monthly meetings at the Lifestyle Center in Visalia on the first Friday of every month. Speakers share on fly fishing topics including catch and release and conservation of natural resources. They also offer trips and classes throughout the year including free casting lessons at Valley Oak Golf Course, where you can practice with equipment provided.


The Get Outdoors Issue


Find visual how-to information

Practice casting a fly line on a

For your first trip, go with

either from books or online in

lawn, at a park, in a pond or

someone who is familiar with

YouTube videos.

anywhere that you have plenty

fly fishing. They can act as a

of space all around you.



Your Home. Your Look.

Now offering

NO INTEREST FINANCING See store for details.

559.625.8884 220 W. Main St., Visalia

The Get Outdoors Issue


VISALIA Story by Natalie Caudle | Photos by JJ Fry


n the newly designated sports corridor, just up the road

Centered around eight game seasons, 1852 Visalia is a

from Rawhide Stadium, sits Soccer City 1852 Visalia.

destination for soccer fans of all ages, genders, and skill

For years, Jeremy Schultz dreamt of a new way to bring

levels. The space was created with an urban vibe and houses

the most-followed sport in the world to the heart of Visalia,

three 80’ x 50’ fully enclosed artificial turf fields. Tables will

with a little extra joy sprinkled in for the fans.

span the open spaces allowing fans to cheer on their favorite soccer player after grabbing a refreshment from the on-site

On December 4, 2021, 1852 Visalia broke ground in an old pipe

brewery, 1852 Brew Co.

yard on Murray Avenue. Two acres of land were repurposed for the soccer community of Tulare County. Jeremy

“The goal of this project is to connect with our community.

envisioned a space where athletes and fans could both enjoy

We aim to employ people who are rooted here in the Valley.

an afternoon; a little street-style footy mingled with craft

They know our lifestyle, our culture; they have pride in

brews. In partnership with Bill Cummings, Jeremy and the

where we come from,” beams Jeremy. “We want people

rest of the 1852 Visalia partners created a space specifically

from all parts of the Valley to come in and know this is a

tailored to the local community.

Tulare County space.”


Soccer City

In an effort to include facets of the county, each field

Jeremy is eager to provide opportunities for kids from all

is sponsored by and named after local companies and

backgrounds and abilities. He looks forward to meeting the

organizations: banners and logos for 4CG Field, Family

needs of the community and fostering positive life skills.

Healthcare Network Field, and TCOE Character Counts Field

The spirit of inclusion is evident in all aspects of the project.

welcome athletes to their turf. Dasher boards are almost

Even the walls are adorned in local and international soccer

completely filled with local business advertisements.

scarves that represent clubs from around the world, which

Community support is evident throughout the sports center.

speaks to the welcoming atmosphere and true heartbeat of the sport. “1852 is a home for young players to express their

Local businessman Grant Smith is thrilled to see vibrance

creativity with the ball,” says Jeremy. “We hope to eliminate

returning to this area of town. “Right now is an exciting time

the pressure young players feel when coaches and parents

as we see development expanding into areas that have been

are barking commands during games. Despite good

overlooked for many years. It’s exciting to see Jeremy and

intentions, we adults often overcoach our players and don’t

the Soccer City crew turn a seemingly unusable space into

allow them to make their own split-second decisions. But

a destination for all ages. And to pair the love of the game

players learn from making mistakes. With 1852 footy,

with the love of craft brew from Master Brewer Will Peltzer

street-style soccer, our goal is to foster an environment

will take the time spent there to a whole new level. This

where players have that freedom to create. Our area has a

project is a win for our community, north downtown, craft

long history of amazing footballers, and now they have

beer lovers, and soccer players of all ages.”

another playground to enhance their love for the game!”

The 5v5 format allows for athletes to enjoy soccer’s

Whether through soccer, brews or meetings in the party

street-style twist while improving their technique. Reagan

room (available to rent once the facility opens) Jeremy’s

Neese, a 14-year-old Visalia resident, eagerly awaits the new

hope for 1852 Visalia is that it becomes the local space for

soccer spot. “I can’t wait for the complex to open and to step

connection. While North Downtown gets a bit of a facelift

out on those fields. Turf play is much faster than playing on

with the new 1852 Visalia facility, for footy and brews fans

grass…it’s going to help keep my footwork dialed in. It’s

it’s destined to be a new home away from home. Follow

going to be a great place to hang out with friends and I have

them @1852Visalia to stay up-to-date on the grand opening

a feeling I will be spending lots of time there!”

and other events!

FOOTY FACTS The oldest professional

The most fans to attend

For the last few World

The United States has

football club in the world

one football match took

Cups, roughly half the

dominated the Women’s

still in existence today is

place in 1950 in Rio de

world’s population has

World Cup since the

Sheffield FC. It was

Janeiro. A total of 199,854

tuned in to watch or listen.

inaugural 1991 tournament.

founded in 1857, and they

people watched Brazil play

They have four titles and

have fluctuated in different

Uruguay in the World Cup.

one runner up out of the

tiers of play in England.

eight tournaments.



The Get Outdoors Issue

1852 i s a home for young players t o express their creativity with the ball.






Story by Lifestyle Staff | Photos by JJ Fry

Whether you like out-and-back trails or the full loop, hiking is a beautiful way to see nature, work up a sweat, and spend time with friends and family (or your thoughts). Read on for more info on some of our favorite local trails. Bookmark these tips for your next free day so you can take in the sights

Skyline Trail

and sounds of the great outdoors.

6.2 Miles | 3-3.5 Hours

Skyline Trail, located off Skyline Drive on Hwy 198 in Three Rivers, is popular for birding, hiking, and horseback riding, but it’s also a local gem for mountain biking. It’s known for being a peaceful hike and is most beautiful in spring. You’ll want to start early and bring plenty of water if adventuring during summer. There are ponds and meadows with picnic tables at various points of the trail, making it dog- and picnic-friendly. There’s a good workout on the steep uphill and downhill sections. Downloading a map is recommended to avoid getting off trail at the criss-crossing paths. A hat and walking sticks can come in handy, too!


The Get Outdoors Issue

Weaver Lake above Three Rivers.



Needles Lookout Trail

Jennie & Weaver Lakes Trail Loop

4.4 Miles | 2-2.5 Hours

17.5 Miles | Full-day or Overnight

Near Springville, following the northern slope of Needles Ridge, the

This 17.5 mile loop is a great backpacking trail with multiple areas

Needles Lookout Trail offers spectacular views stretching to Mt.

ideal for pitching an overnight tent. This loop starts near Big Meadows

Whitney. The best time to visit is between May and October, making

in Sequoia National Forest, just off of Generals Highway between

it an ideal summer hike. The road out to the trailhead can be a bit

Hwy 180 and Hwy 198. Big Meadows offers designated camping areas

rocky, so make sure you have a vehicle with a little bit of clearance, or

as well as dispersed camping, and even a horse corral for those that

you can hike the road, adding about four miles to the overall hike. The

like to experience the trails on horseback. Heading around 6.5 miles

biggest challenge of this hike is the elevation change, which can be a

up the trail you’ll get to Weaver Lake, a natural lake with a gorgeous

bit intense as the trail winds up and down several hundred feet. If

shale rock mountain backdrop. There are plenty of designated

you can push through the hike, though, the views at the end are

camping spots around the lake, but you’ll need to carry all of your

breathtaking, as long as you aren’t easily spooked by heights! A fire

gear, food and water up the trail with you. Continuing on the trail you

lookout station used to sit atop one of the rock formations, but it

will eventually make it all the way to Jennie Lake with more camping

burned down in 2011 when an ember escaped from the fireplace and

areas available there, but be wary of “poop out pass,” a section of trail

landed on the roof. You can still traverse the thin staircase up to the

that is steep and rocky, where even horses get tired. Take it slow and

lookout for the best views, but the lookout’s foundation is gated off

make sure you have plenty of water to stay hydrated!

for safety reasons. If you bring your dog, keep it on a leash, and keep a map of the trail downloaded for any unclear path areas.


Staff Picks

Hiking Essentials Borrow a page from the cub scouts handbook: be prepared.



Here are our own favorite pieces of trail gear—especially for all our summer adventures this June.

Pocket Knife

Insulated Growler

A knife is an essential outdoor tool for any hike. It can open food packages, cut twine,

Staying hydrated is key when adventuring

trim sticks and twigs to start a fire, and

outdoors—that’s why we chose this

prep food. These sleek pocket knives* are

insulated growler that can hold a significant

100% rust-proof and non-magnetic and are

amount of your favorite beverage. Its

offered in traditional slipjoint or locking-

rugged handle makes it easy to carry and

blade models.

easy to pour.


Hammock This hammock holds up to 300 pounds but is light and small enough to fit in your hand when packed, making it convenient to take on all your outdoor excursions. Lay back and soak up the forest rays! hummingbirdhammocks

taff pick


Waist Pack

Whether you’re heading out the door for a hike or to walk your furry best friend, a


waist pack will easily hold essential items like keys and your phone. This Lululemon belt bag offers more versatility with

Protecting your skin from sun damage is

multiple pockets and a longer belt to strap

vital year round, especially during summer Protect face sunscreen* is light and


nourishing. Taos body sunscreen* with zinc blends nicely into your skin and is water resistant for up to 40 minutes. sorellaapothecary taosaer


*Products sourced from local businesses.

around your body.

months. Sorella Apothecary’s Quench &

Congratulations to Nicole N. French and all of our Graduates of 2022! Happy Father’s Day to all the Dads who helped them through it all.

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Come on in! We’re open Mon-Fri 10-6 & Sat 10-5. 114 East Main Street • Visalia, CA 93291 • 559.733.0213 •


m o re t h a n a


the larger-than-life stories of Mt. Whitney


Story & Historical photos provided by Terry Ommen

ulare County is a haven for outdoor enthusiasts,

this important landmark, calling it Tumanguya (Too-man-i-

especially those who appreciate hiking. Measuring about

goo-yah) or “the very old man.” They believed that from its

5,000 square miles (nearly the size of Connecticut), with

lofty heights, the Great Spirit watched over the people.

fewer than half a million people living within its borders, the

In 1852, when Tulare County was established, it claimed Mt.

county has plenty of open space to enjoy. There are walking

Whitney as its own, as the mountain was situated near the

paths in towns and communities on the Valley floor and in

center of the county. When Inyo County formed in 1866 by

the foothills, not to mention the numerous mountain trails

breaking off the land on the eastern part of Tulare County,

that crisscross lush meadows, alpine valleys, granite peaks

that exclusivity changed. The western line of Inyo County

and the groves of Giant Sequoias, many of which are in

was created using some of the peaks in the Sierra including

Sequoia National Park. No matter what the skill level, there

Mt. Whitney as boundary points. From that time on, the

is a trail or path for everyone.

treasured mountain has been shared by both counties.

But of all the many hiking options, one stands out as the

In 1864, members of the California Geological Survey team

“granddaddy” of them all: Mt. Whitney. It’s certainly not the

named the peak in honor of Josiah Whitney, the California

easiest destination, and some will argue it’s just the opposite,

State Geologist. Apparently, three fishermen from Lone Pine

but everyone agrees that it is one of the most popular hikes. In

had not heard the news. At noon on August 18, 1873, the men

fact, it is such a crowd pleaser that a special permit is required

made it to the top and the folks at Lone Pine wasted no time,

and only a limited number are issued.

proudly christening the mountain “Fisherman’s Peak.” The

What makes getting to the top of Mt. Whitney a trekker’s

town fought hard to keep the name, but the name Mt.

dream? For many, the desire is obvious. Pushing skyward to

Whitney ultimately remained.

about 14,500 ft. in elevation, it’s the tallest mountain in the

In 1871, Clarence King, U.S. Geologist, climbed what he

continental United States—earning successful hikers

thought was Mt. Whitney, but later discovered that in the

enviable bragging rights. The history of the mountain also

cloudy weather he had summited another nearby mountain.

adds to its mysticism. According to early pioneer, Tulare

About a month after the three fishermen made their claim,

County historian, and respected California Supreme Court

King corrected his misidentification and made it to the top

Judge William Wallace, native Paiute people paid homage to

of the real Mt. Whitney. 22

The Get Outdoors Issue

Famous naturalist John Muir made his first ascent in October 1873. While at the summit, Muir wrote that he found a yeast In 1873, famous naturalist John Muir made it to the top.

powder can with a note and coin inside. It said, “Gentlemen, the looky [sic] finder of this half dollar is wellkome [sic] to it.” The note was signed Carl Rabe, September 6, 1873. Muir left the half dollar and resealed the can. The prominent conservationist did not add his name to the note, and in fact he said, “I have never left my name on any mountain, rock or tree in any wilderness…” In 1878, Anna Mills Johnston, Visalia teacher and nature lover, joined a group of packers leaving Porterville for Mt. Whitney. Johnston, who had been “lame from early childhood,” had been discouraged from making the trip due to her disability, but she was determined. At one point on the trail, her horse unexpectedly bucked, injuring her and putting her dream destination in doubt. But she rested and prayed, and on August 3, 1878, she and her fellow climbers planted the Stars and Stripes on the top as the group sang “The Star-Spangled Banner” and “Nearer My God to Thee.” “The supreme joy I felt when I realized that my prayer had been answered, and that I was at last really standing on the summit of Mt. Whitney, knew no bounds,” she wrote. During the last quarter of the 19th Century, the trails leading

Visalian Anna Miles Johnston made it to the top of Mt. Whitney in 1878.

to the mountain were crowded with travelers. Historians, educators, scientists, and hikers made their way to the top



Members of the Lindsay, California Kiwanis Club pose on August 19, 1928 at the summit.

using various trans-Sierra routes. In 1903, the primitive trail from Lone Pine to the top was improved, making the trip much shorter. Now travelers could approach the peak from the west and east. But the trip to Mt. Whitney was not all enjoyment and pleasure. It could be hard and dangerous. According to the San Francisco Call newspaper, the first reported death on Mt. Whitney occurred in the summer of 1904, due to a lightning strike. On July 26th while Byrd Surby, a one-time Visalia resident, was on the summit with others during a thunderstorm, he took a direct strike from a lightning bolt. He died instantly and his body was taken down the mountain to Lone Pine on a pack mule. He was returned to Visalia for burial. Despite the dangers and hazards, the attraction to the mountain continues today, especially for those looking for that special challenge. If challenges are motivating, consider Mt. Whitney. But don’t take the mountain or the preparation to get there lightly. Mt. Whitney can have unpredictable weather, so watch cloud patterns and choose the right gear. Four hikers died on the mountain within the last year. The various trans-Sierra routes require a week or so on the trail. If you prefer a quick trip to the mountaintop, consider taking the Lone Pine trail instead. Hikers can do the 22-mile round trip from Whitney Portal trailhead in one day. Thousands have made it to the top, but many others have come up short. Whether you set out to summit the tallest peak in the continental U.S., or if lush meadows on the Valley floor are more your speed, the history of the Sierras awaits you.


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Produce Trail Making a fruit loop around the Valley. llustration by Elowyn Dickerson

Note: Fruit stand hours of operation and locations are subject to change. Please check with them before making the trip. 26

The Get Outdoors Issue



Shutters | Blinds | Verticals | Honeycombs | Woven Woods

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Bumper boats

Batting cages





BOGO Miniature Golf




or any age. For any skill level. Pickleball is a “newer”

ball with holes (similar to a wiffleball). It can be played as

sport sweeping the nation, with more than a half-million

singles or doubles with people of all ages and skill levels.

people picking up a paddle since 2020. Since its improvised

As for its origin, “necessity is the mother of invention:”

inception in 1965, the sport has only increased its fan base.

the game was invented in 1965 by a crew of dads trying to

Where did it come from? What is it? How is it played? Why

entertain their bored children, using pieces of other games

do people love it so much? Are there pickles involved?

when the badminton rackets were nowhere to be found.

Pickleball is a moderately-intensive sport that combines

They subbed in ping pong paddles and used a perforated

elements of tennis, badminton, and ping-pong. It can be

plastic ball and lowered the badminton net. Now, thanks to

played both indoors or outdoors on a badminton-size court

inventors Congressman Joel Pritchard and businessman Bill

with a slightly-modified tennis net. It’s played using a

Bell from Bainbridge, Washington, children (and adults alike)

Pickleball paddle (like ping pong but bigger) and a plastic

never have to be bored again.


The Get Outdoors Issue

Story by Lifestyle Staff | Photos by Mark Garcia

Pickleball games last about 15 minutes, with two (singles)

beginner, intermediate, upper intermediate, and advanced.

or four (doubles) players hitting the perforated ball over the

Depending on how many players there are in the doubles

net, using side-out scoring, only giving points to the serving

games, winners stay on the court, while the next challengers

team. The team that reaches 11 points first (by more than 2

come on the court to play, allowing players to meet new

points over the other team) wins. Much of pickleball is

people all the time.

similar to other racquet-style sports, and many players

Brett Winn hosts a Monday night beginner’s group at Plaza

will be happy to teach you all the official rules of serving,

Park to learn the basics: rules and techniques can start your

the non-volley zone and the rule of the double-bounce.

pickleball game off on the right foot.

Play like a Local

Feeling confident? Sign up to join the Pickle-brawl

Local players venture to Plaza Park for a place to play. Visalian

Scramble League, sponsored by the Visalia Parks and

Laura Lewis volunteers her time hosting Friday night

Recreation Department. It’s an adult sports class designed

community events where four levels of games are played:

to help improve play and allow for socializing. 31

Harvesting Hope Pickleball

YOUR STARTER KIT Tennis Shoes Choosing shoes with a thicker sole will give you

Each player plays 6 rounds in the round-robin scramble with

better support and slow down the wear and tear

a different doubles partner each round. Additionally, there

from the court.

are ranked games at each session, with scores tallied


weekly. The Pickle-brawl champion is determined by the total 4-week score.

A lightweight paddle that fits comfortably in your hand is a good starting point, but a mid-weight

Johanna Coyne, the official Visalia Pickleball Ambassador,

paddle (around 7.5 ounces) will allow more power

assists with the Monday night group. Johanna also updates the Visalia section of the USA Pickleball Places2Play app—an

to drive the ball.

app that allows pickleball players to look up pickleball court


locations and info in the U.S. and Canada. It’s particularly

The outdoor pickleball ball is designed with 40

helpful when going on vacation and you just can’t leave your

holes to achieve consistent flight and bounce.

new addiction (and paddle) behind!

Reinforced seams to prevent splitting and bright

For a head start, join the Pickleball Visalia Facebook group,

colors for easier visibility are also key elements.

to find local tournaments and friendly teammates, and

Gear Bag

secure court reservations.

Use a bag to conveniently keep your equipment in

Despite the strange name, it’s time to become familiar with

one place. Don’t forget to include essential

this ever-growing phenomenon that’s bringing together the

accessories like a cooling towel, visor, and water.

community in a fun sport meant for all ages.


The Get Outdoors Issue

Story & Photos by Lifestyle Staff

Canned food and beverages have been a convenience available to the American shopper for well over a century. This easy-to-store, affordable, and functional packaging has been a staple for outdoor enthusiasts and is now taking on a more gourmet expression. At Lifestyle Magazine, we thought it would be fun to try out a few options and make some recommendations for your next hiking excursion or beach picnic. Bon appétit!

Tinned Fish


1) Lulas De Caldeirada Spiced Calamari

6) Underwood: The Bubbles Carbonated Wine

Soft | Spicy | Full-flavored | Chewy

Stonefruit | Lemon verbena | Crisp

2) Patagonia Provisions Roasted Garlic Mackerel Soft | Flaky | Medium-flavored

7) Olipop Sparkling Tonic (Strawberry Vanilla) Light strawberry notes | Fizzy | Refreshing

3) Fishwife Smoked Rainbow Trout

8) Cutwater Bourbon Whiskey Mule

Firm | Smoky | Briny | Medium-flavored

Limey | Caramel | Vanilla | Refreshing

4) Espinaler Sardines

9) Bombay Sapphire Gin & Tonic

Firm | Strong-flavored

Intense bubbles | Refreshing | Juniper & citrus notes

5) Scout Canning Mussels

10) Tioga Sequoia Brewing Co. Bridalveil Lager

Creamy | Rich | Smoky | Mild spice | Mild-flavored

Light | Crisp | Refreshing | Malty finish


The Get Outdoors Issue

1 2

4 5 3


6 8

9 Beverages locally


sourced from Rozi’s Market.



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Q UA L I TY PR O D U CTS FO R AT H L E T E S Oofos | On Running | Moon Sport 165 E. Pine St. Exeter, CA 93221 FYESPORTSSHOP.COM


Consider these local businesses to prepare and rejuvenate this summer.

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Schedule online at or call (559) 931-2889

4144 S. Demaree, Ste A, Visalia |


You’re the best at what you do, so show it.




f renc h bre a d

BOULE Recipe by Baker Stephanie Forcum of The Pink Apron Visalia, Visalia, CA Photos by Jonna Dodge


The Get Outdoors Issue


Ingredients 9 grams active dry yeast

45 Min

4 grams sugar


300 grams warm water (approximately 105-110F)

While bread is rising, place an empty dutch oven (with the lid on) in your oven and heat to 460F.

400 grams all-purpose flour

2. When the oven is fully heated, use oven mitts to pull

8 grams salt

the dutch oven out and remove the lid. 3. Lay a piece of parchment paper down on your cutting


board. Tip your dough gently out of the basket or bowl


onto the paper, seam side up – this is what will create those beautiful cracks on top of the bread! 4. Taking care not to burn yourself, use the sides of the

1 Hour 1.

parchment to lift the bread up and place into the hot Dutch oven.

Mix yeast, sugar, and warm water in a large bowl or in

5. Using your oven mitts, place the dutch oven lid back on

a stand mixer fitted with a dough hook.

the pot, and slide it back into your hot oven.

2. Let yeast proof until the mixture is foamy,

6. Bake bread for 30 minutes.

about 5 minutes.

7. After 30 minutes, remove the lid from your dutch oven.

3. Add flour. Mix with a sturdy spatula until the dough

The bread should be taller, crusty, and very lightly

forms, then add salt and mix until incorporated (until

browned. Continue cooking the bread, uncovered, for

no dry bits of flour remain). Note: This is a slack (wet)

10-15 minutes until the bread has a beautiful brown

dough but it will become more smooth and elastic.


4. Cover the bowl with a clean tea towel and let rise on

8. When bread is done, use oven mitts to pull the dutch

the counter for about 1 hour, until the dough has

oven out of your oven.

doubled in size.

9. Use a long spatula or the corners of your parchment to lift the bread out of the dutch oven and onto a cooling


rack. Let cool for at least 30 minutes before cutting. 10. Slice and enjoy warm with butter, or assemble into a stuffed bread bowl sandwich for on-the-go!

30 Min 1.

See next page for directions.

Lightly flour a large cutting board.

2. Tip the dough onto the board. If the dough is sticking to the bowl, wet your hand with a bit of cold water and gently separate the dough from the bowl. Note: DO

A bread box or drawer is the best


NOT PUNCH THE DOUGH—you want to keep all those nice air bubbles intact so you have an airy, delicious loaf of bread. 3. Shape the dough into a round loaf: Pull each corner of the dough in towards the center (like you’re folding an envelope) and repeat until the dough feels tight and begins to resist your folds. Flip the dough over into a round loaf like an upside-down bowl. 4. Flour a proofing basket or medium bowl lined with a linen napkin or tea towel, and place loaf into it

way to store your bread. A clear bin with a tight lid with venting holes will work too. Let your bread cool completely before storing to prevent mold from growing due to the moisture. Store in a dry, cooler area of the kitchen.

seam-side down. Cover with a tea towel and let rise approximately 30 minutes while you preheat the oven.



s ta c ke d


Consider making a stuffed sandwich with your bread bowl for your next adventure outing or picnic. It can be made and placed in the refrigerator overnight allowing the ingredients to marinate for a more flavorful meal. Customize your sandwich to create vegan or Italian-style options. Directions 1.

Start by slicing a circular size lid across the top of the bread bowl and remove the inner parts. (Tip: make homemade croutons with the inside bread pieces!).

2. Spread pesto along the inside of the bread bowl. 3. Layer the inside with mozzarella cheese, salami, peppers, cucumbers, pepperoncinis, and lettuce on top. 4. Place the lid back on top to finish the sandwich. Tips • Add the ingredients (minus the lettuce) while the bread bowl is still warm and let it sit with the lid on to help melt the cheese. • Make ahead of time then wrap in cellophane and store in the refrigerator overnight. Do not add your greens until the stuffed sandwich is ready to eat. • Grill your peppers, including vegetables like grilled zucchini, to add more flavor. • If you have a deep bread bowl, assemble multiple layers of the ingredients to create bigger portions.





& Dairy Princess Coronation FRIDAY,




























Born local. Caring local. W E




Sheena Edmonds, DO Dr. Sheena Edmonds was born at Kaweah Health Medical Center. She attended local schools, worked locally while putting herself through college, and is deeply devoted to our community. Trained in

Osteopathic medicine, Dr. Edmonds believes in treating the whole person; mind, body and spirit. Schedule your appointment today.

KAWEAH HEALTH MEDICAL GROUP OFFICE: 5400 W. Hillsdale Ave., Visalia, CA 93291 (559) 738-7504 HOURS: Monday to Friday: 8AM to 5PM

Kaweah Health Medical Group




The Get Outdoors Issue


rafting Interview with Casey & Veronica Cornell, owners of Kings River Expeditions Story by Lifestyle Staff | Photos provided by KRE



Q: Are there age or weight restrictions?

Whitewater rafting can be traced back to 1811: the first recorded attempt to navigate Wyoming’s Snake River. Though the first rubber

A: There are no weight restrictions and the age limit really depends

raft was likely built in the 1840s, a century passed before the first

on the water levels at the time. For common flows we allow 9 years

commercial rafting trip took place in 1940. In the late 1950s, a lodge in

and older. Kids absolutely love the river and carry that experience

Grand Teton National Park began offering float trips using 8 ft. by 27 ft.

with them forever.

surplus war rafts. In the 1960s and 70s, whitewater rafting companies began forming, and the sport was officially included in the Olympics

Q: Are there benefits to going white water rafting? (e.g. Facing your fears? Boosts energy levels? Reduces stress? Raises self-confidence?)

for the first time in the 1972 Munich games. Since 1972, Kings River Expeditions has been offering guided whitewater rafting trips from March-July on the Kings River. Today,

A: All of the above! But the biggest benefit is a connection with

they offer one- and two-day trips for beginning and intermediate

nature and healthy respect for the power of water.

rafters promising fun, adventure, and enjoyment. Located just above the Pine Flat Reservoir, Kings River Expeditions takes pride in being family-owned and operated with owners on-site for almost every

Q: Can you share about a typical rafting trip and how long the trip lasts?

trip. The tour guides offer home-style meals that include beer, wine, and ice cream for full service trips. Kings River Expedition owners

A: A typical trip lasts 6-7 hours from arriving to camp, enjoying one of

Casey and Veronica Cornell share some insight on preparing for

our delicious meals, and of course, an exciting trip down our

whitewater rafting:

10-mile stretch of river. Trip lengths vary depending on meals provided and the number of runs down the river. For example, on our 2-day full service trip, we take two runs, or trips—once each

Q: Is there a fitness skill level required to go rafting?

day. We generally don’t put more than 6 guests in a raft. Water

A: Simple answer: No. Our guides are very skilled and can tailor the

flows do affect the speed of the trip, but we adjust our number of

aggressiveness of the run to the physical ability of the guests.

stops on the river accordingly.

Q: Do you need to know how to swim? Is there safety gear provided?

Q: Are there any unique experiences or equipment that makes the rafting trip special?

A: All safety gear is provided, including helmets upon request, and, of

A: We feel our guides are really the key to making rafting trips extra

course, life jackets. Knowing how to swim is definitely a plus, but

special on the Kings. Skill, confidence, and friendliness are all

you’ll float nicely if you can’t.

attributes our guides exhibit every trip. Add in their ability to cook delicious meals and put on the occasional campfire show, and our

Q: Is a wetsuit required or are they available to rent?

guides make Kings River Expeditions a truly special adventure. Campfire shows are available for our large dinner services; our

A: Wetsuits aren’t required, but highly recommended. Wetsuits are

guides put on a fun, silly show with songs, acrobatics, and magic. We

provided at no cost in the spring and offered as a rental once we

jokingly claim the title of “Best Campfire Show in the Canyon.”

reach hotter days.


The Get Outdoors Issue



Our pizza dough is fermented using American grown organic flour. We use whole mil� mozzarella, top meats, and fresh produce.

Don’t Leave Your Family at Risk




MADE F�ESH | MOBILE CATE�ING 559-329-4053 @bigpapaswoodfiredpizza

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Held Monthly

Register at Call (559) 684-9700 for info

Delivered right to your door, every month. REGISTER AT WINEWITHWILLS.COM

Your one-stop-shop for

insurance coverage. 559.713.1315 1624 E. Caldwell Avenue, Visalia, CA 93292 | Se habla español Lic # 0E75916

Subscribe Now Online at Agriculture | Commercial | Home | Auto | Recreation

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Learn more at If you are experiencing an emergency, call 9-1-1 immediately.


Entertaining Entry


Welcome your guests clearly to the back gate or side fence if you’d prefer them to come directly to the outdoor space—use lights, balloons, pennants, or large potted plants to mark the way in.

Keep Mosquitos Away

Lighting Options Make sure the party has levels of lighting available in every corner and at your tables. Purchase portable rechargeable table lamps or find cute solar options.

dining table outside (also

Eliminate any standing

called a Chabudai in

water in the yard. Stake

traditional Japanese

citronella torches around

homes.) Then use a variety

the outer perimeter of your

of floor pillows for

party, and diffuse

beautiful, casual seating.

lemongrass essential oil and plant lemongrass in a container—to move where you need it most.


Tables Consider using a lower

The Get Outdoors Issue

Table Setting Choose summer-friendly

Food Servers Go small with your serveware. Use mini wood

fabrics, like a linen runner,

serving trays instead of

Gathering Spots

and spruce it up with a

plates, small single-serve

Carve out cozy areas all

fresh herb bouquet—you

jars for pre-made dip

around your yard. Put some

can use it for cocktail

choices, and have a

small tables next to a

garnishes, too. Cloth

collection of small bowls

hammock for drinks. Make

napkins add a touch of class

for finger foods. Keep

the poolside relaxing with

and help keep extra waste

glassware simple, with

padded cushions near the

out of the landfill too.

shatterproof plastic lowball

shallow end. If it’s still

glasses for all beverages.

sunny out, be sure to have plenty of shades and seating set up to keep everyone cool.

Don’t Forget! • Plan for enough ice • Check noise levels and city ordinances for music • Set up a trash and recycling bin to make clean up easy and keep spaces uncluttered • Provide a basket of light blankets for any guests who stay into the cooler hours • Have plenty of water (with optional cucumber or lemon slices) and decaf coffee and cups (and cream and sugar) to go with dessert • Create a fun playlist to set the vibe (Americana? Hip-hop? California jazz?)

Tag Us! We want to see how you

Thank you Mark and Gina

elevate your outdoor

Freitas for sharing your

entertaining this summer.

outdoor space with us!






Enjoy Community

Coming Soon

Start having fun on purpose. Find an event that

Ever feel like you’re the last one to know what’s

grabs your attention and write it on the calendar.

up-and-coming in the Valley? No longer. Read on to

We’ll see you there!

see what’s next for familiar faces and new spaces.

Persian Calligraphy by Hesam Sabetian When: June 3, 6pm-8pm On Display: June 1-24, WednesdaysSaturdays 12pm-5:30pm Where: 214. E. Oak Ave. Hosted by: Arts Visalia Contact:

Downtown Bookstore & House of Juju

Whispering Angel Rosé Wine Dinner

When: June 8, 6:30pm

Where: The Vintage Press

Family HealthCare Network is currently renovating the

Hosted by: Chateau d’Esclans

old Picnic Shop building on Main Street in downtown

Manager, Francois Hurtel

Visalia. Plans are underway for 3,200 sq ft to be occu-


pied by House of JuJu, who operate restaurants by the same name in Clovis and Morro Bay. They serve gourmet burgers, salads, wraps, and more. Another 2,000 sq ft of the ground floor will be turned into a bookstore by Family Healthcare Network (FHCN) featuring different

Under the Big Top Circus

types of book genres for all ages—especially kids’ fiction and nonfiction titles. FHCN will occupy the top floor for

When: June 2-12, times vary

administrative staff. Both businesses expect to be open

Where: Mooney Grove Park

by Fall 2022.

Hosted by: Ventura Star Circus Events subject to change. Please check with host before attending.


Walk with a Doc Moving in Nature When: July 11, 8am-9:15am Where: Kaweah Oaks Preserve 29979 Rd. 182, Visalia Hosted by: Healthy Visalia Committee Contact:



Trust your body-sculpting goals to Board-Certified Plastic Surgeon Alex Lechtman, MD, FACS







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