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Past, Present, and Future

Legacy is something that is passed on and comes in many forms; from monetary assets to the most simple intangibles that become one’s core values.

I remember being in a car with my dad going to school, and while waiting for a stop light to turn green he pointed out an old man putting his umbrella back in its case while walking. He said, “see how important it is to take care of your things?” And that stuck with me. Now that I’m older I realized my dad gave value to everything he possessed, taking extra care of his belongings, putting them in their “right place,” and always being very orderly. In a way, these little gestures have also become how he continues to live his life: with respect, integrity, and intention.

In this issue, we talk about what it truly means to build and own your legacy. On our cover, we feature Victor Consunji, who comes from a family known for being a leader in construction. Now in his own ways, he takes his foundational knowledge of real estate development and through his company VCDC, he creates thoughtfully designed and structurally sound properties meant to last for years to come. Taking us into his visions brought to life, we explore some of VCDC’s premier addresses such as a cliffside destination in Uluwatu, Bali, and contemporary dwellings at Vie at Southern Plains, a community just driving distance from the Metro. We also talk about the role of integrating technology and innovation into the way we design and determine how we live. For beauty, and decor, we take a look at some age-old favorites and established brands that find creative ways to breathe new life into classic ingredients and staples.

All in all, we find our ways to interpret the meaning of legacy. May we live consciously, slowly moving towards a legacy of which we can be proud.

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VCDC directs the future of dwelling


Celebrating conviviality with Buccelati


Navigating the frontiers



Guerlain harvests the power of nature’s finest ingredients


A CEO’s perspective on crypto


The next big thing in the luxury paradise of Uluwatu


The quiet splendor of an afternoon daze


Vie at Southern Plains promises both safety and solace

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of cured meat with


VCDC demonstrates what it means to have a lasting legacy


Atraditional Filipino home safeguards and nurtures families through multiple generations. It comes from the innate parental desire to provide for and secure a comfortable future by leaving behind a legacy in the form of a physical haven that can be passed on in the later years. These dwelling places are not simply built to serve an immediate purpose, instead, they must last for those yet to come. However, our choice of residence cannot just be a place for rest. Without anywhere to go, the pandemic has shown us that our abodes are central to our lives and must be ready to accommodate any and every aspect of our lifestyle.

Demonstrating the full understanding of these principles that make for a true Filipino home, a newcomer in the real estate scene, VCDC, has begun to carve its own path and make a name for itself in a room full of industry giants. In the business of building for the future, VCDC separates itself from the competition through the promise of carefully-made refuges that are guaranteed to last generations and are tailor-made with both aspiration and practicality in mind.

Built From the Past Preparing the perfect homestead is familiar territory for the VCDC founder, Victor Consunji. He is the grandson of David Consunji, the mind behind one

of the biggest construction companies in the Philippines, D.M. Consunji, Inc (DMCI). Surrounded by knowledge coming from the most prominent experts in the industry, the younger Consunji was given early exposure to the various tricks of the trade that could only be learned from the best of the best.

Beyond his years at the University of the Philippines in Diliman, as well as from the Harvard School of Business, he was able to hone his affinity for ownership and management from involvement in the family business. From there he acquired the all-important values of responsible entrepreneurship and customer focus, traits he managed to impart to his very own corporation. As someone who believes in education beyond the classroom, the emphasis on following and listening to customers can be attributed to his upbringing in the United States where he was constantly exposed to an eclectic mix of people, ideas, and beliefs which was key in honing his ability to understand different perspectives and ways of thinking.

Building then can be considered second nature to Consunji given his near-lifetime exposure to the craft. Utilizing everything he had learned so far, he was quick to put them to good use by working on smaller projects to build his brand. However, desiring to grow

The commitment to a customer-driven construction process for the goal of building long-lasting, future-proof homes, is the principle VCDC was built upon.

further and establish his name in the industry, his own legacy beyond that of his family, he sought to find his own niche where he could flourish. The commitment to a user-driven construction process for the goal of setting the foundation for long-lasting, future-proof homes, is the principle VCDC was built upon.

Building For the Future

What exactly does constructing for the coming times particularly mean? VCDC understands that the central ethos supporting their company can equate to anything and everything. Without strict criteria to hold them back they are able to provide a holistic and all-around effort to crafting artisanal structures that survive the test of time beyond just focusing on sturdiness and physical resilience. While they recognize that true Filipino

homes are made to be resistant to anything, they also see that there are other tests of longevity that go beyond the structural realm.

Across all their projects, VCDC ensures that their customers are guaranteed the opportunity for collaboration and participation in the overall construction process of their homes. Each dwelling can become a personalized paradise because each unit is aptly equipped to accommodate any bespoke modifications. Simply put, they have set the canvas for you to let your imagination run wild. While selecting from a specially curated list of fully-designed homes can be exciting and rewarding, nothing beats realizing your dream executed down to the simplest of details.

Building for the future however means very little without a clear and visible one to stand firmly on. The challenge of climate change and the continuing degradation of our surroundings is a constant reminder of our


vulnerability and the current undesirable state of our world. With that much uncertainty at the hands of an uncontrollable force, VCDC understands that action must be taken within our smaller communities to control what we can. Knocking down two birds with one stone, they promise environmental sustainability through the remarkable structural integrity of each home. These not only are capable of withstanding the elements, but they require minimal maintenance, minimizing the resources that would have been used in the effort.

Beyond technical prowess in engineering, VCDC with its forwardthinking philosophy continues to embrace the growing role modern innovation plays in our lives. In support of their commitment to the environment, alternate energy sources are integrated into every VCDC community through solar panelling and rain capture technology. Furthermore, acknowledging how deeply intrinsic it is to our daily activities, state-of-theart communication and automated living systems are also installed within each dwelling, ensuring continued connectivity throughout each home.

This is the standard that VCDC has set itself upon. They see themselves as the tailors in a room full of ready-to-wear in the real estate development business. It is understood that not only do the times change but lifestyles too. And through the promise of a secure future, they want to ensure that those who stay in their homes will continue to reside in comfort and peace of mind as the years go by. ◆

VCDV promises environmental sustainability through the remarkable structural integrity of each home

Mise En Place

The world is now exhibiting the sense of normalcy everyone desired while cooped up in our homes. We’ve gone from enjoying one’s own company to once again welcoming dinners with guests and family lunches – things that were once only a part of our imagination.

“A table today is more about the celebration of conviviality (that we missed so much), the pleasure of a home dinner with friends, and the pleasure of getting to take care of the people we invited,” says Buccelatti’s Milan Design Week curator Frederic Sala.

Since its foundation in 1919, Milanonative brand Buccelatti has been a specialist in the craft of both jewelry and silverware making. Utilizing the precise and painstaking process of silversmithing, the company boasts of its craftsmanship harnessed over the past 100 years.

Whether it be their classic Tahitian line of cutlery born in the ‘60s, crafted with the finest silver and delicately lined with bamboo, or their refreshing line of Murano glass pieces shaped into fruits, Buccelatti’s undisputed craftsmanship confidently finds itself amongst some of Italy’s most respected houses. Highly coveted and sought after, Buccelatti’s appeal goes beyond being an item in one’s dining arsenal. With meticulous artistry behind each piece, the Italian powerhouse continues to thrive as an industry titan and a cult-favorite brand.

Storied jewelry titan Buccellati rediscovers entertaining

Bringing Home the Bacon

Taking an old favorite to new heights with Baken

Rachel Carrasco and Kelly Parreño, the minds behind Baken, are two friends with a shared interest in the widely loved meat product. Carrasco is an experienced entrepreneur who is well versed in the realization and execution of various innovative business ideas. Aside from her involvement in working with different companies, she is also the founder of RACHE, a consulting agency specializing in maximizing the potential of existing brands. Parreño on the other hand is an entrepreneur and chef with international experience in the F&B industry. Her extensive knowledge has resulted in the creation of the Ta Ke Ho Me sushi stands, and other trademarks like Rio, a cocktail brand she launched with Carrasco. Baken is the result of this fusion between their eye for business, culinary prowess, and of course the mutual love for bacon.

Baken was made with the intent to provide the ultimate snack experience through their promise of sweet and savory bites that are made of purely 100% bacon. The dedication to authenticity and avoiding shortcuts is a step beyond anyone else in the market who relies on artificial flavoring to achieve their desired results. Outside this guarantee, the trendy snack brand also assures an encounter like no other through the versatility of their product. They understand that even the best delicacies in the world can get old and boring when consumed again and again. The remedy is the integration of bacon with different components for an unorthodox yet fresh ensemble of complementing flavors. Take a look at one of their recipes and have a glimpse of what it means to enjoy excellence elevated with Baken. ◆

Out with the old, in with the new. Spice up your cocktail game with Baken’s own sweet and savory rendition of the classic Old Fashioned.


1 part bourbon

3 tsp brown sugar syrup

3 orange peels

4 strips of Baken Real Bacon Crisps Ice


1. Crush the Baken Real Bacon Crisps into small pieces.

2. Combine the crushed Baken Real Bacon Crisps, 1 orange peel, bourbon, and ice into a cocktail shaker.

3. Proceed to shake for 1 minute or until the outsides of the shaker have condensed.

4. Rim the glass with the orange peel.

5. Strain the mixture through a fine mesh strainer into the glass with fresh ice.

6. Garnish with a new strip of Baken Real Bacon Crisps and the remaining orange peel.



Innovations in Fermentation

For quite some time now, fermentation has been a hot topic in the culinary scene, influencing many a food trend from kombucha to sourdough. Now, avec un grand merci to Guerlain, fermentation offers up its benefits to the skin

Behind the couture house’s glossy exteriors, scientists and researchers worked for three years to discover the process of bio-polyfermentation. The now-patented technology was then applied to that timeless ambrosia of the gods, honey.

Picture a sourcing trip with stops in Ouessant Island (for the legendary Black Bee honey), Corsica in France, Ikaria in Greece, and Åland in Finland. The luscious honey gathered from these unspoilt islands are treated with the bio-polyfermentation process to amplify their potency. The resulting serum is then paired with gently resurfacing acids, with both components judiciously kept separate to retain optimal

efficacy. The result is the divine lovechild of nature and science, all in one terribly chic bottle: the Double R Renew & Repair Advanced Serum.

Tested under dermatological control, the Double R Renew & Repair Advanced Serum delivers. After only one month, skin radiance was reported to increase by 50%; pores were 29% less visible; wrinkles were reduced by 37%. Women also reported that their faces appeared more oval by 48%. No small feats for a beauty serum, more so one made with 96% naturally-derived ingredients.

A Celebrated Perfume Collection, Reinvented

The Aqua Allegoria collection was initially launched in 1999 as a celebration of Nature’s beauty. It featured luminous olfactory codes composed by explorer-perfumers. Today, in line with Guerlain’s commitments to sustainability and the planet, the celebrated collection has been reimagined and innovated.

Considering Guerlain’s two centuries and five generations of trailblazing perfumery, it is to no surprise that the Aqua Allegoria collection’s newest evolution retains its graceful refinement whilst becoming ecologically mindful. Firstly, the gorgeous vessels are made using recycled glass and are refillable. Secondly, the perfumes in the collection have been reformulated to be of up to 95% natural origin, solely using organic alcohol produced in Chartres, France.

The collection offers a wide variety of scents, from bright florals to vibrant citrus to sunny and fruity notes. Not to be missed is the newly-launched Nerolia Vetiver scent, which features “a radiant neroli, highlighted by vetiver and refreshed by basil, combined with a delicious fig accord.” In the words of Guerlain perfumer Delphine Jelk: “Nerolia Vetiver is the love of Italy, its landscapes and its art of living. It’s la dolce vita!”

Fermentation’s health and beauty benefits explored by Guerlain Double R Renew & Repair Advanced Serum and the Aqua Allegoria perfume collection are available at Rustan’s and Greenbelt 5.


Powered by Blockchain

Why blockchain technology is good for business, by Victor Consunji

The thing about NFTs, blockchain, and crypto, every couple of years since the early 2000s, [the technology has] been gaining and losing momentum. A lot of people get hyped at it because it’s speculative, like Bitcoin. People buy Bitcoin because they think the value will shoot through the roof. And other coins as well.

That’s actually what turned me off about crypto. I believe that for anything to have value, it has to have real-world use. So you cannot tell me that a Bitcoin is worth $20,000 a coin when you can’t buy a single thing with it. You can buy Bitcoin, but you can’t use it to buy anything else. At least not efficiently. And also, you can’t tell me the value when the value can’t hold steady.

After having said this, with all the hype around it, [the technology has been] kind of easing into the mainstream just a little bit. The technology behind it, on the other hand, is incredibly useful. The blockchain behind it and the ability of this blockchain in responsible hands as an instrument to have a paradigm shift towards how we do business, and how we interact. This is what I’m primarily interested in.

And that’s why we started exploring all of the NFTs and blockchain and crypto. I think that the technology, just like how the internet changed things and continues to do so, the blockchain will do the same thing.

While the internet is something we use to communicate and find information, the blockchain will change the way we transact, and how we secure transactions and contracts. It’s essentially the digitization of what we do on the legal front.

We have this archaic system of legal documents. In the Philippines, everyone has to sign every single page. If you really think about it, what’s holding you to this piece of paper? It’s a bit of ink out of your fancy ballpen on a piece of paper. How does ink or paper signify a commitment? And the bottom line is, you’re not actually making the piece of paper responsible for anything. That’s just the action that you did, it’s symbolic. Ultimately the commitment of whatever’s written down exists in the psyche of all parties involved. And that piece of paper is just a reminder is what it is you’re committed to.

So you’ve got this system that we’ve had for eons — Ever since we’ve had charcoal on a piece of stone, eventually moving into papyrus, eventually moving into actual paper.

Why can’t it be done digitally? This is the next step.

And the dilemma that everybody had with the digital trail is that because it’s less tangible, and so much easier to manipulate. The confidence wasn’t there. But blockchain technology has the ability to verify. As the technology is more understood, it now becomes a possible tool for you to secure contracts, commitments, and everything else.

Let’s stay away from the hype and look at the technology. The technology is incredibly useful. The hype will come to go.

Victor Consunji is the CEO of Victor Consunji Development Corporation (VCDC).

Breathtaking Bali

VCDC’s latest project in Uluwatu, Bali offers luxury at the tip of technology’s edge

In recent years, Bali has risen to become a globally acclaimed mustvisit spot. According to Club Med, a travel and tourism operator based in Paris, Bali tops its list of the top 10 happiest travel destinations in the world in 2022, after compiling data from the 50 most visited tourist destinations.

Known for its surfing, temples, waterfalls, and nightlife, the shining pearl of the Southeast Asian archipelago country drew in more than 6 million visitors in 2019, and with travel restrictions being loosened up, is looking to draw in at least 1.5 million this year.


Perched on the cliffsides of Uluwatu, Vie by VCDC attempts to elevate what is already a breathtaking experience by maximizing the comfort and enjoyment that one can possibly achieve in the form of five luxurious villas.

Paradise in Indonesia

The Uluwatu Development, with villas built onto a cliffside landscape, is established in a spectacular location in Indonesia. Surrounded by high trees and organized plants, the property has breathtaking views of the horizon, the ocean, and the long stretch of the beach.

The features inside are astonishingly beautiful. Each haven is enclosed with stoned brick walls with accented big glass windows; the path entrance cascades with aisleways that are surrounded by the constant flow of water. With huge balconies and pool sides that overlook the ocean, the villas have infinite spots for relaxation and enjoyment from any time of the day throughout the entire evening.

The Uluwatu Development is just one of the many projects to be established in Bali, Indonesia. Vie by VCDC will

be creating more beautiful and incredible retreats in selected parts of the country. A few of these locations include Umalas, Kuwum, and Pererenan.

Accessible by blockchain

Digital contracts as an alternative way to purchase are gradually becoming embraced by developers around the world, VCDC included. Digital contracts make it easier for foreigners to purchase ownership and rights to land in certain locations like Bali.

“VCDC will be offering the chance for both Filipinos and international investors to own a piece of our sustainable luxury hotel villas,” says VCDC Founder and CEO Victor Consunji in his monthly column for Manila Bulletin. “While purchasing an entire villa may be out of reach for many, fractional NFTs will allow investors to purchase shares in these projects and participate in the price appreciation, as well as receive dividend payments from the operations.”

In a separate interview, Consunji adds: “We were going to do it the traditional way, but we also saw the opportunity: why not explore these other ways of doing contracts?”◆


A life well-lived interpreted through a sartorial lens


Photography ARTU NEPOMUCENO Styling MEG MANZANO and SOPHIA YSABEL CONCORDIA Hoodie, Dopamine; Jacket, Blue Marble; pants, Model’s own; Shoes, Saint Laurent
Trenchcoat, Uniforme; Top, Blue Marble; Turtleneck, Uniforme; Pants, Dopamine
Turtleneck, Uniforme; Jacket, Blue Marble; Joggers, Dopamine; Shoes, Saint Laurent GROOMING ANGEL REYES-MANHILOT 18 PHOTOGRAPHY ASSISTANTS SELA GONZALES AND CHOI NARCISSO STYLING ASSISTANT COLLEEN COSME AND CELEENA CASTRILLO Above: Hoodie, Blue Marble; Joggers, Dopamine; Shoes, Nike; Left photo: Silk top and track pants, Blue Marble; Shoes, Zegna
Shirt, Uniforme; Longsleeve top, Blue Marble; Joggers, Dopamine; Shoes, Zegna

If These Walls Could Talk

At Vie at Southern Plains, residents find solace in their community’s clubhouse

When it comes to building houses, one could easily say that Victor Consunji Development Corporation is an expert. Taking into consideration Founder & CEO Victor Consunji’s storied background in construction and real estate development, the company has grown and evolved into something so much more. They’re pioneers; spearheading sustainable living in the Philippines and creating homes out of these houses for families to pass on from generation to generation.

“Experiencing a pandemic has made us redefine and reevaluate certain aspects of our lives, especially with our homes,” notes VCDC’s Chief of Marketing Lana Johnson.


“We want to take that journey with each of you. And whichever destination you choose with VCDC, it will be a place where you build and live your dream life.” a statement that perfectly encapsulates the brand’s ethos, building one’s dream home to live their dream life in is an attainable goal for any VCDC homeowner.

In a two-day event, potential homebuyers alongside other guests and members of the media were provided a peek into Vie at Southern Plains’ newly built clubhouse, designed and decorated by Ria Prieto Company. Refreshingly lit with mile-high ceilings and an abundance of foliage, the clubhouse was the perfect encapsulation of everything VCDC was about.

“Our villas already have big spaces, but are still fully customizable, in which the buyers have full control. This is the wisest decision in choosing a home because when the buyers want to make big or bigger changes in their homes in a few years from now, or even five years later, it will not be a problem because buyers can decide however and whenever they want to make the adjustments hassle-free, making their homes adapt to their evolving lifestyles. Thus, we created this engaging journey for our clients, so they can experience the most incredible life possible here at Vie.” states VCDC Founder & CEO Victor Consunji. ◆



The Clubhouse in Vie at Southern Plains

Luxury living should include the amenities that support you in all areas of your life - reflecting who you are and what inspires you. So we’re creating not one but three lifestyle hubs for recreation, wellness and your kid’s enjoyment. There’s a Clubhouse, a Fitness Park, and a Kids Park - nothing stands in your way from pursuing your passion, from feeling recharged, relaxed and ready for whatever comes. It’s time to start living the life.


Find us at | Instagram @viebyvcdc
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