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Strathblane Country House Hotel

Now back under the management of Allan & Margaret

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includes glass of Prosecco on arrival 3 course wedding meal • tea coffee & shortbread master of ceremonies • glass of wine with meal printed menus • free room hire white linen cloths & napkins • cakes stand & knife exclusive use of hotel when booking all 10 bedrooms up to a max of 160 for dinner & max of 180 evening

41 Milngavie Road, Glasgow G63 9EH | Tel 01360 770491 All wedding enquiries at info@strathblanecountryhouse.com

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Preparing for the coming of Spring

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Contributors this issue: Joanne Simms, Charles Briggs, Marilyn Thompson, Jodie Molyneux.

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Easter: A time for Spring Reading? Use your time off for some personal development with these chart-topping books Feeling grouchy? Vitamin D levels reaching dangerous lows? With the Christmas a distant memory and the cold, bleak winter months stretching their way into 2016, we all need a break and the Easter holidays are a welcome chance to recharge those batteries with a good book. However instead of losing yourself between the pages of a dramatic fiction set in some impossibly beautiful Caribbean island, how about using the time to do some head-clearing spring cleaning? We all said ‘New Year, New Me’...

Okay, hear me out. ‘The LifeChanging Magic of Tidying’ by Marie Kondo has topped the New York Times best-seller list and has sold over two million copies in over

By Jodie Molyneux thirty countries. An ‘organizing consultant’, Kondo is employed on a domestic and commercial basis to help people make sense of their clutter and has had so much success doing so, that her waiting list stretches on indefinitely. Translated from the original Japanese, this book promises to turn your home from a wellmeaning but cluttered home to an eternally tidy and joyful one with the ‘KonMarie method’. Now, we all know how to tidy but more often than not a tidying ‘blitz’ is ruined several weeks later when we’re late for the bus and can’t find our keys. Ms Kondo claims that if we tidy in one mammoth session, over a period no longer than six months, we can maintain show-home levels of tidiness. It is proposed that we go through our items by category, for example clothes or books, and ask ourselves if each object ‘sparks joy’, and if not we should thank the item for its use and then dispose of it. If the thought of graciously thanking your novelty ‘New Years Eve 2014’ glasses before binning them seems a bit New-Age, just take a step back. Imagine a bedroom filled with items that make you happy, remind you of good times or excite you rather than looking through your wardrobe with sorrow at old clothes that are no longer in trend (if you are looking for a sign to throw out that poncho, this is it). ‘The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying’ is a joyful and motivating read, simple in its ideas and witty in parts; it is the perfect book for a productive Easter break. Now your home is spotless (right?), let’s turn to your mind... well, they do

4 | West End Life – February/March 2016

say a clean room is a clean mind! Unless you have been living under a rock, you will have heard the selfhelp buzzword ‘mindfulness’ but what you may not have heard, is that comedian Ruby Wax now has a degree in the subject. ‘A Mindfulness Guide For The Frazzled’ is for the group of people too suspicious for traditional selfhelp, but who are struggling under the pressures of modern life, or as Wax puts it “frazzledom”. Mindfulness, in essence, is the practice of ‘being in the moment’ and as anxious thoughts encroach upon peaceful moments, using the senses to ‘anchor’ yourself back in the current moment. Wax explains the neuroscience behind this practice in an accessible and of course, witty manner with the frank tone of a former cynic and of someone with the experience of having gone through it all too. Make this Easter one of selfimprovement, spring cleaning for both home and mind!


GLASGOW’S NEWEST DINING EXPERIENCE Indulge in delicious food & fine wines overlooking the iconic Royal Exchange Square

Market Menu - A La Carte Menu Plus

Sunday Lunch - Private Dining (up to 20 persons)

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Sash & Casement Window Repair

Double & Secondary Glazing | Bespoke New Windows



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0800 243 126 www.ventrolla.co.uk

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My love ’tis Leap Year, You know, I suppose That it gives a Spinster A chance to propose... On the shelf and feel like you’d like to get taken down and dusted? Well girls it’s Leap Year and tradition says it’s now your one-in-four-year chance to propose to the man in your life.

Patrick declined but gave her 12 pairs of gloves or a silk gown, depending on which version of the story you heard. Just as the extra day balanced the years, so this would balance matrimonial prospects for women said St Brigid. Here in Scotland not to be outdone, Queen Margaret said that any man asked, if not already betrothed, had to accept or pay a big fine, or buy the girl a silk gown. At least in Scotland the guys got the red flannel petticoat rule, a kind of a Leap year off-side rule: the lass doing the proposing has to wear said garment with the hem on show to let him know she’s coming.

You can thank – or blame - the Irish, for St Brigid is said to have debated the idea with St Patrick that women should have the chance to propose to men too timid or reluctant to ask. St Patrick agreed, saying once every seven years but, good woman that she was, our Brigid beat him down to four and then promptly proposed. St

The science behind it all:

It takes Earth 365¼ days, give or take about a dozen minutes, to orbit the sun and after a few centuries or so time and date are going to slip; Bonfire Night is going to start heading towards your summer holidays, which is no good at all. The Leap Year with its extra day gets lobbed in to keep the good old Gregorian calendar in sync with the solar year. Most dates that divide evenly by four are Leap years – but watch out for the century

Unfortunately all these tales don’t stand up to scrutiny; time lines don’t run true and no-one can figure out which Queen Margaret it was. But in these days of gender equality does it have to be just the girls doing the asking of the boys? How about a new rule: if you want to – and they’re not asking – just go ahead and pop the question yourself.

By Joanne Simms

years; they are only Leap Years if they can be divided evenly by 400. It’s all down to those pesky dozen minutes; well actually 11 minutes and 14 seconds, if you turn your back on them for 125 years they add up to another day. So, as a final tweak, the century rule was added. This gets rid of three Leap Years every few hundred years; the calendar and sun stay synchronised to within a half-minute. Leap Years were first used by the Romans and the Julian calendar had them as well as the Gregorian calendar still in use today.

6 | West End Life – February/March 2016


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79 Milngavie Road, BEARSDEN G61 2DL

0141 942 1850 www.national.co.uk Offers valid until 30/04/16, subject to availability (while stocks last). Prices apply to private motorists only and include VAT. Offers correct at time of going to print and we reserve the right to withdraw offers without prior notification. Discounts only available in centre and apply to standard forecourt prices. Tyre offers apply to selected sizes and we recommend that valves are fitted to tubeless tyres and that the wheels are balanced; a charge will be made for this service. Offers valid in National Tyres and Autocare’s Bearsden branch only.

Fe 20 br % ua OF ry F On ly *

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Make your Mother’s day From the day you have a baby or adopt a child, your life changes forever. People tell you this when you’re pregnant, but it’s only when it happens that you really understand what they mean. Suddenly there’s someone who depends on you entirely. Every decision you make from now on will be based on their needs or desires. Being a mother can be the best of jobs and the worst of jobs. For every heart-warming moment of pride and loveliness, there’s a blazing row or slammed door (but hopefully with a hug and a sorry afterwards). Mums have to take on every role in the family – carer, teacher, agony aunt, sergeant major, personal assistant, taxi driver… And it doesn’t stop when the

children leave home. Now approaching 40, I still rely on my mum for advice, friendship, help with childcare, emergency loans and the occasional kick up the backside to get things done. It’s only as you get older, especially if you have children of your own, that you realise how your parents felt as you grew up – why they made you do your homework, go to bed, stop fighting with your brother, eat properly, save money and above all, be careful! Mother’s Day gives us the perfect opportunity to say thank you to our mums for everything they have done and still do for us. The founder of Mother’s Day in

the US, Anna Jarvis, eventually regretted campaigning to get the day recognised because it became so commercialised. She hated the fact that people would buy a card with a printed message rather than writing a letter. It’s lovely to buy or make a card and give flowers and chocolates. You can also do something special to show you care – maybe take on a job that she hates or treat her to a day of pampering.


But this year, why not go beyond the message in the card and write a few personal lines of your own to tell your mother how much you love her. Make sure she knows that she really is the best mum in the world (like mine). By Mary Hosted

Mother’s Day is celebrated all around the world, usually in March or in May. In the UK it is a mixture of a 400 year old Christian tradition and the celebration of motherhood that began in the USA in the early 20th century. During the 16th century, people in service would return to their home or ‘mother’ church on the fourth Sunday in Lent – Mothering Sunday. Mother’s Day as we know it became a regular event in the 1950s, largely thanks to businesses keen to exploit its commercial potential.

8 | West End Life – February/March 2016

... @westendlife


Apple Box

THE HOODIE STOP Has been on Cresswell Lane for over 2 years and is a one stop shop for Printing & Personalisation. We can Print or Embroider many different items such as T-Shirts, Uniforms, Work Wear, Towels, Robes, Handkerchiefs, Aprons and Children’s Clothing. We also Print Business Cards, Flyers and now print Personalised Invitations and Banners while you wait. Come in and visit us to discuss your requirements. We are also able to print your own image onto large Wood or Metal panels.

...................................................................................................... OPENING TIMES MONDAY–SATURDAY: 10:00–17:30 SUNDAY: 12:00–17:00


We are located at: Unit 14, Cresswell Lane, Glasgow G12 8AA. T: 0141 334 3549 E: mail@applebox.gifts

APPLE BOX GIFTS Has a wonderful range of products sourced from around the World. We have tapestry hand bags from Germany, Soapstone Products from Kenya and Scarves from India. We also stock Scottish products such as the full Arran Aromatics Range, Harris Tweed Bags, Silk Scarves dyed in Brechin and Cheese Making Kits from Edinburgh. You will find many items in store which can be personalised. Please take the time to look at our website www.applebox.gifts where you can book in Free Home Delivery to anywhere within the G12 Postcode for the month of February. Please use CODE FREEFEB16.


...................................................................................................... www.applebox.gifts twitter.com/appleboxglasgow www.facebook.com/appleboxgifts West End Life Magazine instagram.com/appleboxgiftsglasgow

www.thehoodiestop.co.uk mail@thehoodiestop.co.uk www.facebook.com/thehoodiestop twitter.com/thehoodiestop www.westendlife.biz | 9 Instagram.com/THEHOODIESTOP



The Glasgow Buddhist Centre has offered classes in meditation and Buddhism for 40 years, helping people become more positive and calm and to lead more meaningful lives.

Forthcoming Events

Buddhism and Meditation Levels 1, 2 and 3 of our six week courses begin Wednesday 9th March, 7.30 - 9.40pm. Cost: £66 waged or £33 low/unwaged. Meditation Introduction to Meditation six week course begins Tuesday 8th March, 7.30 - 9.30pm. Cost: £66 waged or £33 low/unwaged. All courses include a Day Retreat on Sunday 17th April. Mindfulness Based Pain Management An eight week course beginning Wednesday 9th March, 1.45 – 4pm Cost: £120 or £80 concession including materials All courses include a Day Retreat on Sunday 20th Dec. Regular weekly drop-in meditation classes for beginners & regulars on Wednesdays from 12.30-1pm & Thursdays from 10.30am-12noon. For Yoga and Tai Chi courses, please see our website. 329 Sauchiehall Street, Glasgow G2 3HW Tel: 0141 333 0524 Email: gbc@glasgowbuddhistcentre.com www.glasgowbuddhistcentre.com

Buddhism and Meditation in the City Centre The Glasgow Buddhist Centre is a spiritual community, dedicated to the enhancement of the Buddhist religion. Our teachings are based on generosity, simplicity and ethics, underpinned by trust. As well as Buddhism and meditation, we teach classes in Yoga and Taiji. We also offer affordable room hire in a City Centre setting. You are welcome to come in, look around, ask questions or browse in our shop. We are part of the Triratna Buddhist Community, a worldwide movement with Western origins that seeks to make the traditional teachings and practices of the Buddha applicable to the modern world. Triratna Glasgow, to give us our proper name, offers a doorway to understanding life more deeply through the Buddhist tradition.


garden room & extensions

Dab Den design award winning, contemporary extensions using innovative materials. We guarantee the cost from the start and manage the project with minimal disruption from design to build

Dab Den deliver a fast & efficient construction with fine attention to detail. Contact us today for your outline quotation.

01330 833861

Winners of the 2015 Scottish Home Improvement Awards

10 | West End Life – February/March 2016




YogaBellies now in your area: West End Glasgow

YogaBellies offer authentic classes, therapies and workshops for women and children at every stage of their lives including pregnancy and birth; for postpartum mum and baby and now also, yoga for children. We offer yoga for women from menstruation to postmenopausal. We even have a revolutionary new Birth Preparation course called Birth ROCKS for mums and their birth partners. YogaBellies® sessions incorporate a range of authentic yogic and holistic techniques which create a unique experience for our clients. Our sessions may incorporate traditional yoga asanas (postures); selfhypnosis and deep relaxation; unique YogaBellies® touch therapies using our gorgeous own brand products for mother and baby or beautiful songs, games and positive life building experiences for infants and children. YogaBellies® classes are entirely unique and our class formula means that 86% of our class attendees have never set foot in a yoga class before. We make sure our classes are nonscary, nonthreatening, welcoming and open to all levels of practitioner. We believe that yoga is accessible to everyone.

Classes: Pregnancy Yoga Wedansday 7:15pm - 9pm Notre Dame High school Mum & Baby Yoga Thursday 10:15am - 11:15am Hillhead Baptist Church Baby Massage Coming very soon! YogaBells (Women’s only) Yoga Also coming very soon (Lunar practice)

• Women supporting women, through every stage in life: Pregnancy, Birth, Menstruation and Menopause. • Gently build strength for labour & bond with baby from pregnancy. Learn breathing techniques & positions to help guide you through labour. • Rebuild strength after birth with baby, helping the bonding process • Be part of a support network & make friends who are all in the same possition in life as you, I regularly offer a coffee morning.

Contact: EmmaJane Kilgallon T: 07765250289 E: emmajane@yogabellies.co.uk DRAGONS’ DEN Winners! EmmaJane YogaBellies Glasgow Westend

fixed price on servicing & repairs on all makes and models

service & mot from


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kays garage & mot centre, unit 16, anniesland business park, glasgow g13 1eu

tel: 0141 954 6001 www.kaysgarage.co.uk

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Choosing a puppy Let’s face it, puppies are little bundles of gorgeousness and when choosing one it’s easy to get carried away, but don’t. It is important to think very carefully about whether that puppy (or indeed any puppy) is a good choice. But let’s assume for now that you’ve decided you really do have room in your life for a dog. The first step is to research which breed or type of mongrel suits your circumstances, and also the dog’s size and nature. Have you got room for a puppy that will grow into a large dog? How much time do you have to exercise a dog? Do you have children, or any other pets that it must be compatible with? In addition to the purchase cost, what ongoing costs must you consider e.g. food and vet bills; a large dog will eat much more than a small one, and some breeds are prone to medical problems which may be expensive to treat. Consider the dog’s coat if shedding hair might be an issue. Would a dog or a bitch be a better choice? Male dogs can be more dominant and headstrong; with females, you will need to consider how you will cope when she comes into season.

Terriers are lively dogs that need lots of exercise for their size and can be tricky to train, but they are generally good with children. Toy dogs seem particularly prone to becoming snappy if they are anxious, which they may be around boisterous children. Hounds need lots of exercise, and breeds that have a working history need plenty of mental stimulation so that they don’t get in to mischief. More information is available at at www. thekennelclub.org.uk/ services/public/findabreed By Gordon Macdonald

Free Delivery for orders over £30 

Order online at www.thepetshoppostie.co.uk or call 01505 871962.

Dog | Cat | Small Animal | Wild Bird | Poultry | Equine Like fa c e b o o k u s o n to re c eive o u r Wee kly Offe rs ! Pets hopPos


All Brands at Great Prices 12 | West End Life – February/March 2016


Downsizer v Up-sizer,

there will be only one winner. As the west end market really started to find its feet back in 2013, it was also the dawn of a major market change which saw the mass migration of downsizers from the suburbs and also from larger homes in the West End and South Side into well- proportioned 2/3 bed new build luxury flats and period conversions throughout the G3, G11 & G12 postcodes. This change brought about price surges for 2/3 bed properties in the

£300,000 to £600,000 price bracket where affluent thirty something professionals battled with the 50+ downsizing crew many of whom had sold up and were armed with both cash and also the intent never to move again. There was often no contest and the downsizers would out muscle the up and coming thirty somethings. IVY Property have sold 20 such conversions since 2012 totalling

£7.5million. We have 2 large main door townhouse conversions in the G3 postcode coming to the market in February, please like us on Facebook or watch our website for details. We are offering a reduced sales fee to the 50+ downsizer looking to sell; 0.7%+vat and a further discount to those of retirement age or over [65+]; 0.65%+vat. IVY Property, your local agent with good values.

Ivy Property, 81 Lauderdale Gardens, Hyndland, Glasgow, G12 9QU Tel: 0141 339 8935 | Fax: 0141 339 9301 | Email: info@ivy-property.com

Specialists in Wood Floors

“No Fix, No Fee” Repairs from £10 PC and Mac Repairs Home Call Out Service Components & Peripheral Sales

Laptop & PC’s from £199

iPhone + tablet repair

Visit your local experts at 59 Milngavie Road, Bearsden G61 2DW (opposite ASDA) mail@laptopandpcdoctor.co.uk www.laptopandpcdoctor.co.uk

0141 942 4020

Open: 9am-5.30pm, Mon-Thur. Fri 10am-5pm. Sat 10am-4pm West End Life Magazine

• Professional dust free floor sanding


• Old worn floors like new again


• Buffing & Varnishing


• Floor laying, Laminate & Solid Wood after


• Multi and single board repairs • Uplifts and re-lays


• FREE estimates

Contact Garry on 07557 944436 Email: garry-b-42779@hotmail.co.uk www.westendlife.biz | 13

Volunteers needed for new hearing aid trial Do you or does someone you know have a hearing loss? At Clements Hearing Services we believe that the best hearing solutions are those that offer real benefits to real people in real situations. That’s why we’re looking for volunteers to help us evaluate ReSound LiNX², the latest hearing aid technology from leading manufacturer GN ReSound.

ReSound LiNX² is: • Cosmetic and discreet • Has top rated sound quality • Connects wirelessly to a range of technologies and hearing accessories This free, no obligation trial, includes: • A free hearing test • The opportunity to try ReSound LiNX2 for a two week period

To find out more about this trial, please call 0141 954 6030 Clements Hearing Services, 538 Crow Road, Jordanhill, Glasgow G13 1NU www.clementshearingservices.co.uk 14 | West End Life – February/March 2016

Clements Hearing Services is a leading independent hearing aid centre offering friendly and @westendlife professional hearing healthcare in Glasgow.

Ears Feeling Blocked?

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Preparing for the coming of Spring The weather last year was not at all gardening friendly, so I doubt I am alone in hoping for something a little more comfortable in 2016! Indeed, the weather was so bad for so much of the season that many gardeners simply gave up, especially on bedding plants. As I write this in late January, the winter has been relatively mild, but many records have been broken for the amount of rainfall we have endured. The unseasonable weather has not had any major effects on the garden, but you must not let the mild weather fool you as spring is still some way away and frost is almost guaranteed before then. This is our favourite time of the year at Cardwell Garden Centre. Spring is around the corner and the potential for the whole year lies ahead of us. The garden centre is free from Christmas decorations, the gardening supplies are in place, early spring plants are looking great and our staff are back in their comfort zone! Although the spring season is still a while away, your garden can still use some attention. Early season seeds can be sown in heated conditions, onion sets and other vegetables can be prepared and even autumn bulbs are on sale in the garden centre! Plug plants

and seedlings for summer bedding and vegetables are also available, if you prefer the convenience of not growing from seed. However, if you are growing in a heated greenhouse or propagator you should leave the doors open during milder days and close them again in late afternoon. This serves two purposes. Firstly, it allows your young plants to become slowly accustomed to unheated conditions. This is invaluable prior to moving plants outside. There are a lot of plants lost to cold nights in Scotland and it pays to make sure the plants you grow, and buy, are capable of withstanding a cold night. This can be particularly true of plants you buy, so check where they come from. Good independent garden centres, including Cardwell, buy Scottish grown bedding plants that will easily handle all but the coldest of nights. Even after a cold snap, semi-hardy plants will bounce back quicker and stronger than plants shipped up from England, or even Europe. Also bear in mind that gardening TV programmes and many newpaper columns are based in England, where the temperatures are several degrees warmer than Scotland. The second reason for airing your seedlings is that it helps avoid fungal infections, which are a major killer of young plants. Early spring is the last

16 | West End Life – February/March 2016

By Kieran Gallagher

opportunity to move any shrubs or do any pruning required. When moving shrubs remember to plant into new compost and, ideally, a small amount of bone meal. The bone meal will specifically encourage root growth. General fertiliser can be used later to encourage foliage growth and flowers. Top dressing borders and containers should also be done now. If it is not practical to completely replant and replace the soil in containers, remove and replace the top 2-3 inches or 5-8cm of the soil. Borders will also benefit from new soil or by the addition of some well rotted farm manure or chicken manure pellets. You will be surprised by the difference this can make and both manures are cheap to buy. Depending on the weather during March your lawn may or may not be growing. If it is not growing fast I would suggest doing nothing to it until April. If the grass has grown and you wish to trim it then you can do so now, but you should only take a very small amount off it. Your lawn will not need fed until April. Next issue we will look at summer bedding plants, the lawn and some ideas for mature plants in the garden. @westendlife

A GARDEN CENTRE FOR ALL SEASONS GROW YOUR OWN VEGETABLES Seed potatoes, onion sets, seeds are available in-store. Early spring bedding plants and much more also available now.

LAST OF THE CLEARANCE HARDWOOD FURNITURE AND INTERIORS Final discounts to make way for new stock. Very limited stock at these prices, don’t miss out!


Delivery options available



Lunderston Bay, Gourock, Inverclyde, PA19 1BB End Life Magazine www.westendlife.biz | 17 01475West521 536 www.cardwellgardencentre.co.uk

Design & Maintenance DESIGN

• professional • innovative • unique •

• Professional Garden Design • Paving • Decking • Fencing • Drainage Systems & more

MAINTENANCE • Regular Visits • Weed Control • Pressure & Gutters Cleaning • Garden Clearance & more

tel: 0141 332 5533 email: info@northhilldesign.co.uk website: www.northhilldesign.co.uk

Ramoyle Glass Studio Stained Glass Design Repair and Restoration

Ramoyle Glass is run by designer Alan Robinson at a Glasgow studio. Over the past 11 years, he has completed many commissions for original stained glass designs as well as repair and restoration of traditional windows. I am skilled in the time honoured techniques of glass painting, silver stain, sand and acid etching, as well as more contemporary glass fusing and printing, to produce stunning work which has enhanced many homes in Glasgow. Ramoyle Glass will be pleased provide a no-obligation estimate and to talk through your project and provide initial design ideas. You can arrange to visit the studio or view examples of previous work online. www.ramoyleglass.com Tel: 07784 188 392 email: alan@ramoyleglass.com Studio 10, WASPS 77 Hanson Street, Glasgow G31 2HF

18 | West End Life – February/March 2016


Upper Floor, De Courcy’s Arcade Cresswell Lane, Hillhead, Glasgow G12 8AA

A unique range of Scottish arts & crafts

Perfect gifts for Valentines, Mother’s Day & Easter 8 New Artists for 2016 Opening Times

Tuesday - Saturday, 10am - 5.30pm Sunday 12 - 5pm Closed Mondays

www.janetandjohnscotland.com janet@janetandjohnscotland.com West End Life Magazine

facebook.com/janetandjohn • twitter.com/JandJScotland www.westendlife.biz | 19

theStyle files

by Marilyn Thompson

Signature looks for Spring. As I begin writing, the snow is falling heavily outside, covering everything in its all encompassing white blanket and Springtime seems such a long way away.

However here are some of the biggest catwalk fashion trends so you are organised for when it finally does come.

White Shirts The humble white shirt is a Spring/Summer 2016 essential. It will see you through every occasion from casual to evening wear. Your basic white shirt in cotton will be a staple wardrobe addition when worn with your jeans for a crisp preppy look or worn loose with a tank underneath - perfect for your day to day life. At the other end of the fashion spectrum, white shirts were seen matched with beautiful summer skirts and elegant trousers for a much more sophisticated look as seen at Oscar de la Renta, Carolina Herrerra and many more. These shirts are more fitted to the body and are in luxurious and more expensive fabrics like silk and taffeta, some have beautiful ruffled necklines rather than a collar and some are swathed and tied elegantly around the body. However you wear it, whenever you wear it and how often you wear it is up to you, the important thing is that you get one!

Spanish Influences Conjuring up memories of sultry warm holidays in the Mediterranean, this trend is a romantic and feminine style suitable in its many guises for just about everyone. Alexander McQueen, Lanvin and Gucci showed the most beautiful creations but similar (and much more affordable) styles are beginning to filter through to the high street shops. Featuring off the shoulder tops, lots of ruffles, bold red and bright colours and pretty flamenco style skirts. It’s time to dream a little dream of the holidays. Ole!

20 | West End Life – February/March 2016


Shoulders on Show

Probably the most heavily featured trend with most designers showing off shoulders in one form or another, from summer dresses and tops to oversized relaxed lightweight sweaters. Shoulders are having a moment. Being hailed as the new modest erogenous zone, it’s a flirty show of skin without baring too much. Get ready to bring your shoulders out of hibernation as there won’t be much chance of escaping this trend, nor should you want to - It’s pretty and modern and you can show a little or a lot!

As I finish this article, I’m afraid to say it’s still snowing. Not good! Here’s to Spring and the baring of shoulders.

Farmers Markets

Enjoy a delicious range of affordable, healthy and locally produced food. You’ll find a wide variety of seasonal vegetables, fresh fruit, quality meat, free range eggs, bread, cakes, cheese and fresh street food.

Partick, Mansfield Park 2nd & 4th Sat 10am - 2pm Milngavie, Douglas Street 1st Wed 10am - 2pm




MALL! S O O T B NO JO Competitive pricing!

Contact David on:

07843 006840 www.westend-handyman.co.uk info@westend-handyman.co.uk West End Life Magazine

www.westendlife.biz | 21

CLASSES | CLUBS | MEETINGS | EVENTS | TALKS West End Life publishes details of classes, group meetings, local clubs and any one off or regular events within the West End Life distribution area. To have your submission included in the magazine and on the website please send details to charles@westendlife.biz Our deadline dates for the coming year are available on our website.

Community Councils

Health and Wellbeing

Broomhill CC 2nd Wednesday of the month with the exception of January, July and August. The meetings are held in Broomhill Primary School Annexe, 67 Randolph Road, Glasgow G11 7EE from 7pm-9pm. www.broomhillcc.wordpress.com broomhillcommunitycouncil@gmail.com

Boiler Room Fitness Spinning Studio Dedicated Spinning/Indoor Cycling Studio located within Western Health & Racquets Club, Hyndland Road, Glasgow. We Spin Every Day To Get Fit So Should You! boilerroomfitness.co.uk 07825 681824

Hillhead CC Meet 2nd Thursday of each month at 7pm www.hillheadcc.org.uk North Kelvin CC Meet 3rd Tuesday every month Venue: St Charles’ Church Hall, 1 Kelvinside Gardens, G20 6BG Jordanhill CC Meet 1st Monday of the month except July and August in Jordanhill Church Hall, Woodend Drive, at 7.15 p.m. www.jordanhillcc.org Scotstoun Community Council Monthly meetings on last Thursday of each month (except July & December) 7.30pm Heart of Scotstoun Community Centre, Balmoral St, Glasgow G14 0BL scotscoco@gmail.com Dowanhill, Hyndland and Kelvinside Community Council Meet 2nd Monday of each month at Hillhead Sports Club (normally upstairs in the clubhouse) at 7:00pm. 32 Hughenden Road Glasgow G12 9XP

Yoga with Fiona Dewar at Partick Burgh Halls. Classes are friendly and non-competitive. Monday 8pm Wednesday 6:3-pm Saturday 9:30am 0141 357 2175 E: deepchandi108@gmail.com Zumba with Jo Storrar Monday, Tuesday & Thursday at 6-7pm in Maryhill Community Central Halls, 304 Maryhill Road, G20 7YE. Classes are £4 each and open to everyone. Zumba is Latin-based dance fitness suitable for all shapes, sizes, fitness levels & co-ordination levels - come join the party! jo@zumbaglasgow.com 07723012843

Talks Historical Association Talks Wednesday 10th February 5:30pm Hillhead Library, Gathering the Voices Steve Anson will speak about his father’s experience including

22 | West End Life – February/March 2016

Kristalnacht and then coming to Scotland. To learn more about the collection of testimonies from men and women who sought sanctuary in Scotland to escape the racism of Nazi-dominated Europe www.gatheringthevoices.com Thursday 17th March 5:30pm Seminar Room, Mediaeval History, 10 University Gardens, University of Glasgow ‘John Knox’ Professor Jane Dawson’s talk is based on her recent biography of John Knox. Professor Dawson has discovered new sources which have led her to reinterpret Knox’s life. Her findings challenge the traditional stereotype of John Knox as the Calvinist killjoy. For further information, contact the Secretary: gwsbhistoricalassociation@gmail.com

Outdoor Activities & Exercise Western Health & Racquets Club In the heart of Glasgow’s West End, the Western Health & Racquets Club is the ideal place for everyone to play sport, get fit and have a good time. If you would like to know more visit www.glasgowwestern.co.uk Hillhead Sports Club A multi-sport, fitness and social club based at Hughenden in the West End of Glasgow - Cricket, Rugby, Tennis, Fitness, Shinty, Frisbee and more. www.hillheadsportsclub.com @westendlife

Boiler Room Fitness SPINNING® Studio at Western Health & Racquets Club

We Spin Every Day to Get Fit So Should You Dedicated Spinning/Indoor Cycling Studio is on your doorstep with ample parking and changing/ showering facilities available. Prices -

1 Spin Class - £7 5 Spin Classes - £30

10 Spin Classes - £60 Unlimited Monthly - £70

Timetable –

Monday 6.45am, 9.30am, 6pm & 7pm Tuesday 6.45am, 9.30am, 1.30pm, 6pm & 7pm Wednesday 6.45am, 9.30am, 11am (Spinning Seniors), 6pm & 7pm Thursday 6.45am, 9.30am, 1.30pm, 6.30pm & 7.30pm Friday 6.45am, 9.30pm, 6pm & 7pm Saturday 9am (Beginners), 10am & 11am Sunday 10am, 11am & 6pm

Buy and Book online at boilerroomfitness.co.uk No Membership Required Western Health & Racquets Club, 30 Hyndland Road, WestGlasgow End Life Magazine West End G12 9UP

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Scallops with Black Pudding, Crispy Pancetta & Lemon Butter Sauce Serves 2 as a starter Ingredients 6 slices thin cut pancetta 2 slices of Black Pudding 50ml Butter Sauce 4 hand-dived scallops (white meat only) 1 tbsp sunflower oil 2 handfuls mixed organic salad leaves 1 tbsp good quality olive oil 1/2 tsp lemon juice, & a few extra drops Malden sea salt & freshly ground black pepper For the butter sauce: 30gm very finely chopped shallots 30ml white wine vinegar 45ml dry white wine 30ml water 15ml double cream 120gm unsalted, cubed, chilled butter Freshly squeezed lemon juice Malden salt & freshly ground black pepper.

Method Lay the slices of pancetta and black pudding onto baking parchment and bake in a 200°C oven until the black pudding is cooked and the bacon is crisp and golden, about 4 – 5 minutes. Drain off the fat and gently scrunch up the slices and keep just warm. To make the butter sauce, place the shallots, vinegar, white wine and water in a small saucepan and reduce until just over a quarter remains. Add the cream and boil. Chuck in all the diced butter and whisk for all your worth. The ideal temperature of the mix is 50c. Too hot and the mix will boil and split, too cold and the butterfat will start to set and also split. You are looking for a smooth and shiny sauce with no hint of an oily film on the surface. Pass through a fine sieve, season with lemon juice, salt and pepper and keep warm. Heat a heavy duty frying pan. Add the sunflower oil. Slice the scallops across the equator and place into the pan cut side first. This is the side that has never

24 | West End Life – February/March 2016

been in contact with direct water and it will caramelise perfectly. Do not put too many in the pan at one time, do this in 2 batches (or more if cooking for a larger number). Sear the scallops for 60 seconds, turn over and sear for 45 seconds. Turn once more and give a final 60 seconds and then remove onto a clean tray and keep warm. Repeat process until all of the scallops are cooked. The reason for this 3 step process is that scallops will shrink on contact with a hot pan, and actually the centre of the scallop will arch up, leaving the pan. Flipping the scallop over will reverse this, meaning that the full surface of the scallop will be caramelising in the final second, as opposed to the edges only. Using a large bowl, toss the salad leaves in the olive oil and lemon juice and season. Take two warm plates and place the cooked black pudding in the centre, set a mound of salad on top. Arrange the scallops around the salad and pour a thin stream of sauce around the scallops. Top the salad with three slices of the crispy pancetta and serve.


THE KIRKHOUSE INN Glasgow Road, Strathblane, Glasgow, G63 9AA

Valentines & Mothers Day at The Kirkhouse Inn

Dining Out 2 Course Lunch


3 Course Dinner

£9.95 Valentines Dance

Saturday 13th February Featuring MJ back by popular demand 8pm-12 Tickets £5.00 Food Optional Valentines menu available includeing ticket



Mother’s Day Lunch Sunday 6th March 3 Courses


Childrens Menu Available


FUNCTION available for Weddings,

West Life Magazine Call usEnd now on: 01360 771771

Funerals, Anniversaries and Birthdays (up to 120) www.westendlife.biz | 25 www.kirkhouseinn.com

Making care mean mo

Last chance to secure a luxury suite i

Antonine House Suite e Antonine Hofoouusr ne west and

e is one re, This luxury hom of high quality ca e ng ra e id w a provides e art facilities. with state of th

Rooftop Terrace SCOTTISH CARE AWARD WINNERS 2014 26 | West End Life – February/March 2016




ore in Bearsden

in Antonine House care home

The final floor of luxury suites in Antonine House are now being opened. Services provided include: • 24-hour nursing care for the elderly and those living with Dementia

• • • • • • •

Fine cuisine served in nine dining rooms Easily accessible roof top terrace and landscaped garden Event and activities programme Reminiscence room Hairdressing and beauty salon Cinema room Private resident transport

Contact home manager Ms Bobby Dougan to arrange a visit on 0141 942 4644. To find out more information: E-mail: info@meallmore.co.uk Web: www.meallmore.co.uk Facebook: www.facebook.com/meallmore Antonine West House, 16 Magazine Roman Road, Bearsden, Glasgow, G61 2SL End Life www.westendlife.biz | 27



FREE Gas Certificate PAT Test Legionella Assessment

Are you a Landlord? Thinking of Letting? Changing Agent?

When you quote westendlife

“Problem Solved” Call or email for a free market appraisal E: glasgow@zoneletting.com T: 0141-333-0990 W: www.zoneletting.com SERVING: GLASGOW



Here at Native Flowers, we love mums and we know exactly what yours would love to receive on Mothering Sunday. Our team of highly trained florists can create a stunning presentation of her favourite flowers in a variety of designs - from beautiful bouquets to creatively styled potted plants. A lovely range of cards and gifts also available. Call in or call to arrange the perfect gift Mother’s Day gift.

0141 341 0101

We look forward to hearing from you.

Email info@nativeflowers.co.uk Native Flowers, 27 Clarence Drive, Hyndland, Glasgow G12 9QN 28 | West End Life – February/March 2016


Some Like It Hot... Bikram Glasgow, Scotland’s first hot yoga studio, recently celebrated its third year in business at the distinctive West End studio in Byres Road.

Already a bit of an institution amongst the locals, the large and friendly studio with its intimate chill-out area for post- yoga chats, has welcomed hundreds of people through the doors since the very beginings. Regulars to Bikram Yoga, which features 26 postures performed twice in 40

degree heat, are still coming back, and enjoying the benefits of their consistent practice. Byres Road is normally pretty vacant at 6am, but now you may bump into the early Bikram crowd who are heading to the first session of the day, and it’s not unusual to see clients with yoga mats slung over their shoulder on a busy evening, mixing with revellers heading to the pub. Both will spill out later with a healthy glow! Although the renowned Bikram ‘blush’ lasts well into the next day - minus the hangover! The clientele at Bikram is one of the city’s most diverse fitness crowds with a real mix of ages, sexes, shapes, sizes, and nationalities and this resonates with the philosophy and culture of Bikram worldwide: it’s a practice

Enter our competition with a chance to win a month of hot yoga with Bikram Glasgow valued at £68.00. To enter, simply visit www.westendlife.biz click on competitions and follow the instructions from there. Winner will be notified by email.

created to cater for everyone, from absolute beginner to dedicated yogis: there is always somewhere to go in the postures! We’d love to welcome you to our studio soon.

Bikram Glasgow is one of Scotland’s premier yoga studios, offering over 35 classes, 7 days a week in our architecturally designed studio off Byres Road (opposite the subway). Come and meet our teachers, who will guide you through the world famous hot yoga series. Benefits include: • Improved physical health • helping to deal with chronic diseases • less back pain • a stronger nervous system • combating insomnia • reducing stress & burnout • weight loss • an overall feeling of well-being Bikram Yoga Glasgow, 1 Dowanside Lane, Glasgow G12 9BZ | 0141 357 2567 Opposite Hillhead Underground Station info@bikramglasgow.com | www.bikramglasgow.com facebook.com/bikramyogaglasgow | twitter.com/bikramglasgow

West End Life Magazine

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Win tickets for shows at The

Beacon! West End Life has teamed up with the acclaimed Beacon Arts Centre in Greenock to give away 2 tickets for each of the shows below. To enter simply visit www.westendlife.biz and follow the link to competitions.

Courtney Pine and Zoe Rahman perform Song (The Ballad Book)

Sun 17 April 7:30pm Over 20 years since he became one of the first black British jazz artists to make a serious mark on the jazz scene, Courtney Pine continues to break new ground. Now with his 16th studio album, Pine strips everything right back for the most intimate show of his career as he takes to the stage playing bass clarinet. He will be accompanied by MOBO Award winning pianist, Zoe Rahman.

Scottish Dance Theatre

Double Bill: Dreamers / Process Day Tue 19 April 7:30pm | Suitable for age 14 + Dreamers by Anton Lachky Dreamers are people who dare to dream while not being asleep. Lachky takes pleasure in making sense from nonsense and exploring links between reality and surrealism. Process Day by Sharon Eyal and Gai Behar Award-winning Eyal, and music producer and artist Behar have created a stream of critically acclaimed, original works for some of the world’s leading companies.


Mon 25 April 7pm | Suitable for ages 13+ Winner Scotsman Fringe First 2013! An innovative performance combining puppetry, object manipulation, immersive soundscapes and multimedia technology. Joe looks back at the home of his childhood and traces its journey from idyllic seaside town to a community gripped by anarchy.

Caruth Jordanhill Ltd

V E H I C L E R E PA I R “Your local Garage in the heart of the West End” Colin and Annie Caruth formally of Caruth Auto’s took over Jordanhill Garage and Broomhill Exhausts in 2007. Colin has been in the trade for 37 years and over the years has gained knowledge of all types of vehicles. The biggest change over the years has been in diagnostics where Caruth are leaders in the field in the Central Belt of Scotland.

Tyre Book Service your Pressure & online & car with Oil Checks receive Caruth and FREE 10% off KEEP IT IN of charge your Bill WARRANTY

• • • • •

Discount Tyre and Exhaust Centre Car Servicing and Mot No1 in Central belt of Scotland for Vehicle diagnostics Tyre Pressure and Oil Checks FREE of Charge Jump Starts and Breakdown recovery FREE of charge in local area

281 Clarence Drive, Glasgow G11 7JU

0141 357 0232 • 0141 339 6228 • www.caruthjordanhill.co.uk 30 | West End Life – February/March 2016


BROOMHILL SHOPPING CENTRE Where shopping and eating is just around the corner.


Broomhill Shopping Centre Broomhill Drive, 2-26 Norby Road Broomhill, Glasgow G11 7BN www.broomhillshoppingcentre.com

FREE PARKING West End Life Magazine

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Your Love is our Passion‌ From intimate celebrations to something on a grander scale this Charles Rennie Mackintosh inspired house, set in the grounds of Bellahouston Park, provides a stunning back-drop for your special day.

Wedding Packages - 2016/2017 Seasonal Discounts Available t: 0141 353 4770 e: weddings@houseforanartlover.co.uk 32 | West End Life – February/March 2016 w: www.houseforanartlover.co.uk


Profile for LifeMags

West End Life February/March 2016  

A lifestyle magazine delivered to households and businesses in the West End of Glasgow.

West End Life February/March 2016  

A lifestyle magazine delivered to households and businesses in the West End of Glasgow.