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The Fourth Estate


The Teen Files A Summer Read Finance and Investment Column


The Beacons Arts

by Jo Simms Programme

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24 You’ve finally decided: you are going to work from

The Style Files Chef’s Eye Recipe

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is to make it look like one. Gut the room and refurnish and

Contributors thisown issue: Charles Briggs, Robert MacDonald, Thompson, Hollyplug Thompson, Joanne most Marilyn importantly get some extra sockets and phoneSimms, home, be your boss. in there at the same time and defeat the sad, dusty Faisal Cowan MP,isKieransockets Gallagher TheRahman, businessJodie plan isMolyneux, complete,Ronnie the bank manager

Cover Image: Art24

undergrowth of cables and adaptors behind and under as happy as they’re ever going to be. You had a round desks full of plugs from day one. of leaving parties at the office and walked out with Contact Info: Features Editor: June/July enough stationery to last for six months. There is something naff about a bog-standard steel filing cabinet in a home; check out alternatives. Design Now comes really hard choice; the one that Joanne Editorial: 07788-923054 Issue 30,the2016 and decor Simms can make the contrast between home and will subtly shape your work-life balance, even your Advertising: 01505-871962 workspace distinct yet with a subtleness, so that the relationship with your family...just where are you going Publisher: room does not jar with the rest of the house. to work? Email: You aren’t renting premises so splurge a little on the Life Magazines & Publications Ltd Working from home also means that your family now Web: room and call in an electrician, joiner and designer has to share their home with a workplace. Look at it and it will repay you. Advertising from their point of view: mum or dad isn’t just going Editor Web Design: into the spare bedroom to do some stuff on the A new build in theSales: garden is an idea that just works Charles computer - they’re going to work. Briggs for so many people and you will be amazed at what can be achieved in the size below planning Lisa Sanderson Welcome to the big decision: home office or purposepermission. There is a whole new market of off-theGraphic Design: built garden office. Wow! And you thought the biggest peg, buildings just waiting for you to decision was behind you. Simon Jones - Skep Design discover or go the whole hog and bring in an architect. If you are a designer, craftsman or woman and Some clever design work at the start will create a multi actually make things, it’s an easy choice. You need purpose space that will add value to your home, if you the workspace for materials and to work in. Simple, sell. Your home office might be the next owner’s guest just make sure that the workspace you build in the Whilst every care has been taken to ensure that the data in this publication is accurate, neither the publisher nor its editorial contributors can accept suite or sauna. or disclaim, convert your garage intoto has enough andgarden hereby any liability any partyspace to loss or by errors, or omissions resulting from negligence, accident or any other Butdamage in housecaused or in garden just remember the golden for office admin or things will trickle between a desk in cause. Life Magazines and Publications Ltd does not officially endorse anystorage advertising material included in this publication. All rights reserved. rule: think of how much and plug and phone the house and your workbenches and no matter how No hard part you of this may be reproduced, storedsockets in anyyou retrieval system or transmitted will need - and then double it. in any form - electronic, mechanical, photocopying, try it publication will get messy.

recording or otherwise without the prior written permission of the publisher. But if it’s just you and a computer against the world then it starts to get tricky. One of the biggest difficulties with an office in the house can Clyde be convincing family it is. Ironing Life your Magazine baskets do not cross the threshold, neither does spare sports kit. The desk draws have not given an | 5

The Fourth Estate Burke said there were Three Estates in Parliament; but, in the Reporters’ Gallery yonder, there sat a Fourth Estate more important far than they all. Most politicians have a love hate relationship with the media. We need the good publicity to help get us re-elected and we need to get our message out so people understand our position and can engage with us. But in courting the media there is always the danger we say something out of turn or something is taken out of context. And once any media outlet has been kind enough to carry good stories it’s very hard to take umbrage if they carry a not so good story. So we dance around each other in what is neither courtship nor war dance. It’s a bit like pilot fish following a shark in a mutually beneficial relationship. It starts off as the media being the shark but as the politician becomes bigger and more powerful then somewhere the relationship changes and one morphs into the other. At Westminster 150 people have media passes. This allows them access to the estate and into many areas, mixing freely with elected members and member’s staff. Some elected members have a very friendly relationship and meet up socially on a regular basis with journalists and broadcasters.

All the big media outlets lobby parliament on a regular basis. This is an opportunity for them to talk and for us to listen. It’s really up to each one of us as individuals to decide how much we engage with the media. I am, to be honest, maybe still too reticent. After years of expressing my political opinions to friends and family and them paying little or no attention, I am still adjusting to journalists taking an interest, writing it down and then seeing it in print. That takes a bit of getting used to. I enjoy radio. It’s a medium I feel comfortable with and I have to thank David Faller and Willie Stewart of Inverclyde Radio who graciously allowed me air time during the referendum campaign and then again during my own Westminster campaign. I learned a tremendous amount in those first interviews. I don’t have a poker face so radio is ideal for me. I can squint and furrow my brow, shake my head and look skyward, adjust my spectacles and lick my lips without looking like a mime artist with an itch. I always fancied being the early morning disc jockey, playing tunes in the wee small hours of the morning,

Ronnie Cowan MP

broadcasting to shift workers and the early birds. A bit like Clint Eastwood in the movie ‘Play Misty for Me’ but without the stalker. Of course these days we also have social media and that’s an entirely different kettle of fish. Instead of one journalist picking apart what I say there are thousands of folk, mostly strangers willing to take on that role. Social media brings with it a range of opportunities and potential pitfalls. Having a conversation in 140 characters is no way to converse with constituents and tracking conversations on multiple Facebook threads is inefficient and time consuming. Social media for me is primarily a way of highlighting events and opportunities, while keeping people informed of current issues and the business of the day. We now have more media platforms than we have ever had before and as a result we have more bloggers and posters than you can shake a stick at. Used badly we are exposed to bullies and bores. Used wisely we can all communicate and exchange views, gain a better understanding and be more collaborative.

Ronnie Cowan MP, Member of Parliament for Inverclyde, 20 Crawfurd Street, Greenock, Inverclyde PA15 1LJ @clydelifemag | Clyde Life – June/July 2016Telephone: 01475 721 877

The Puppy & Kitten Practice

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Do you enjoy

Gardening? Do you have an interesting garden? Would you consider opening your garden to others to support a charity of your choice? Although this year’s season has barely begun, we are already looking forward to next year and are looking for garden openers for 2017. All we ask is that the garden or collection of gardens, be of interest to others, for 45 minutes in total. Small and quirky, challenging terrain, large, small- all have a place. Also, if you enjoy gardens but can no longer garden, or do garden and have a tiny bit of spare time, would you consider joining us to help with plant sales or growing on plants to sell? Any help appreciated.

Please contact

The teen STYLE Files

Spanish Influences

This season many designers have incorporated Spanish culture into their clothing and, with summer on its way, you can too! White Spanish lace, ruffles, shoulders on show, flamenco style skirts and bold reds will all help make you the ultimate Spanish señorita this summer!


Carry the Spanish trend through to your hair by wearing a low bun at the nape of your neck. This is not only a trend in itself but also the favoured hairstyle of traditional flamenco dancers!

Fashion & beauty notes... Finish off your Spanish inspired look with the perfect sun kissed glow by using Benefit’s new Dew the Hoola liquid bronzer for a natural radiance.

Gadgets Reusable plastic ice cubes

Celebrity do’s and don’ts Spanish red lace • Do wear elegant silhouettes • Do keep it classy • Do wear complementary shoes and accessories • Don’t wear all sheer lace • Don’t go OTT with the lace

Your Fashion Questions Answered?

Do - Gigi Hadid Don’t - Rita Ora

Q - Hi Holly, with summer just around the corner what new style of sunglasses would you recommend? Rebecca A - Hi Rebecca! A lot of the time finding the perfect pair of sunglasses depends on your face shape so try on lots of different styles, especially aviators and sunnies with decorative frames. Both are particularly on trend! Holly x

8 | Clyde Life – June/July 2016

Get in touch - To learn more about The FASHION Class for teens & children, the courses, camps and Birthday parties, or to tell me what you think and ask any questions, contact: or


The days are getting longer... We are delighted to announce that from August 2016 Duchal Nursery School will be adding to the core morning sessions with the introduction of optional extended days offering daily care from 8.15am until 3.30pm. This will give parents increased flexibility on hours and will be an exciting addition for the children, complementing their core morning nursery session. Duchal Nursery, in it’s 50th year of providing nursery education, remains a dedicated pre-school specialist for children aged between 2 years 9 months and 5 years, giving them the best start in life.

the additional experiences on offer. If you would like more information about this or would like to arrange a visit please email

For further details on Duchal Nursery please visit our website and our Facebook page.

With highly experienced and qualified staff, unique park location and purpose built facilities Duchal Nursery offers a stimulating environment for children to flourish in their pre school learning and development. We are delighted to offer the extended Duchal hours and know that the children will thrive on

Give your child the best start in life... e days ions or whol morning sess 5 years Flexibility months and n 2 years 9 ee tw be ed ag environment For children stimulating to provide a s ie lit ci fa Purpose built


m IN OPENam to 3.30p 8.15

contact us to arrange a visit and our Facebook page

Call 01505 874358 Email

Give your child the best start in life...

Clyde Life Magazine

Duchal Nursery School, Broomknowe Road, Kilmacolm, PA13 4JA | 9


Book Review

If all has gone to plan and you have managed to tether the family down to one week together in July, you will have a stack of books set aside to read beside an azure pool in sunny Spain and not on a deck chair in the back garden (no offence to British summertime).

By Jodie Molyneux

Now to something for the adrenaline junkie; John Grisham strikes again. ‘The Rogue Lawyer’ is for those armchair lawyers who were transfixed throughout ‘Making a Murderer’ and ‘Better Call Saul’ (if you haven’t heard about these programmes, where were you? log into Netflix and catch up...we’ll wait...) and for those who shout ‘objection!’ at the first sniff of injustice. Protagonist Sebastian Rudd is not your typical lawyer (obviously...where’s the fun in that?), he is not afraid of fighting dirty in his quest for a fair trial; liaising with criminals both in court and after hours, the sole cheerleader for the may-as-well-be-guilty ones who the court want locked away for good. At first, ‘The Rogue Lawyer’ seems to hop from case to case in a ‘vignette’ style but trust in Grisham...there’s a link to be found. ‘The Rogue Lawyer’ has got serious cajones; there’s law, criminal activity, boxing and it realistic? definitely not, so don’t pick up that law textbook just yet, but gripping? of course.

It’s time to float away in a good book, and this summer I urge you to read ‘The Last Act of Love’ by Cathy Rentzenbrink however, be warned; frothy, fantasy chick lit it is not. Cathy Rentzenbrink’s memoir is a dramatic and heart wrenching re-telling of the incident that changed her life; when her brother Matty was knocked over by a car and, poignantly, not killed but instead plunged into a vegetative state. Rentzenbrink describes painfully vivid memories of her brother; tall, gangly and as indomitable as all teenage boys seem, before the accident robs her family of any hope and life continues with his still body at the epicentre. Though you would expect ‘The Last Act of Love’ to be bleak, it is hopeful; life goes on, family and friends discover who they are without Matty, and where life might take them, heartbroken though they may always be. I personally read this book in just one week as Rentzenbrink’s prose is such a treat to read, and felt comforted and uplifted by her message.

10 | Clyde Life – June/July 2016


New High Gloss range



Visit our family run showroom at

2a Quarry Street, Johnstone, PA5 8DZ Open 6 days Monday to Friday (10am-5pm) Saturday (10am-3pm)

Tel: 01505 324486 We offer fully fitted with interiors, or doors only (DIY) and all trade welcome

Superior Systems at smart prices designed for you! Clyde Life Magazine | 11

Unleash the

big kid in you

Quarriers Village Scout Group desperately need some extra leaders to accommodate the increasing numbers of kids looking for adventure. We asked our brilliant Scouts for reasons why their leaders are great and put them together to give you reasons to volunteer.

• There is always somebody to laugh at your terrible jokes and think you’re the best. • I have become part of a new family that makes you feel special. • Their encouragement gives me hope.

• Their support makes me smile when I’m having a tough day. • By being themselves, they teach us that it’s ok to be ourselves too. • Leaders take us on the adventures of a lifetime. • They are someone to admire & follow. • They develop relationships that stand the test of time. • Their dedication to scouting helps us to achieve awards! If you enjoy the outdoor and adventure activities and like to help young people from the ages of six to 18 develop more skills, then you could be who we are looking for. The group meet at Sommerville hall in Quarriers Village every Wednesday evening. To sign up as a leader or even just to find out a little bit more information contact Julie on 01505 612577 or or have a look at

Come along to the Kilmacolm Community Centre on Saturday 18 June 2016 from 9am - 12.15pm to be part of Yoga for Alzheimer’s, a nationwide event in support of Alzheimer’s Research UK. There will be a sponsored Sun Salutation yogathon starting at 9am ( or you may prefer to give a donation). You can do as many as you like! You may even want to do it as part of a team. A yoga class will be held @ 11am for all levels, including complete beginners. There will be also be a raffle. If you wish to buy raffle tickets in advance or donate a raffle prize, please get in touch. Contact: Jacqueline Gibson Email: Mobile: 07851735357

According to the Alzheimer’s Society, one in three people over 65 will develop dementia, and two-thirds of people with dementia are women. The number of people with dementia is increasing because people are living longer. It is estimated that by 2021, the number of people with dementia in the UK will have increased to around 1 million. All funds raised from Yoga for Alzheimer’s events will be used to fund a project looking in to the link between stress and Alzheimer’s. No matter your age or yoga ability, you can help raise money to defeat dementia.

Alzheimer’s is a neurodegenerative disease of the brain which causes memory loss and cognitive decline.

12 | Clyde Life – June/July 2016



HAPPY DAYS LOOKING TO STUDY ADVANCED HIGHERS? Visit St Columba’s - one of Scotland’s highest achieving schools, where the subject choice is yours. Financial assistance available. Join the St Columba’s family - call 01505 872238 to arrange a visit.


Patience is a virtue, especially when markets are volatile Global markets are providing investors with a rough ride at the moment. But while volatile & falling markets can be worrisome, maintaining a longer-term perspective makes the volatility easier to handle. A typical response to unsettling markets is an emotional one. The tendency is to sell out of risky assets when prices are down and wait for more “certainty”. These timing strategies can take a few forms. One is to use forecasting to get out when the market is judged as “over-bought” (expensive) and then to buy back in when the signals tell you it is “over-sold” (cheap). There is however very little evidence that forecast-based timing decisions work with any consistency. And even if people manage to luck their way out of the market at the right time, they still have to decide when to get back in.

By Robert MacDonald

are rarely delivered in an even pattern. There are periods when markets fall precipitously and others where they rise inexorably.

promoters acknowledging in a prominent way that individual year returns can be many multiples of that average in either direction.

The only way of getting that “average” return is to go with the flow. Think about it this way. A sign at the river’s edge reads: “Average depth: three feet”. Reading the sign, the hiker thinks: “OK, I can wade across”. But he soon discovers the “average” masks a range of everything from 6 inches to 15 feet. Likewise, financial products are frequently advertised as offering “average” returns of, say, 5%, without the

Now there may be nothing wrong with that sort of volatility if the individual can stomach it. But others can feel uncomfortable. And that’s OK too. The important point is being prepared about possible outcomes from your investment choices. Markets rarely move in one direction for long. If they did, there would be little risk in investing. And in the absence of risk, there would be no return.

A second way is to reflect on how markets price risk. Over the long term, we know there is a return on capital. But those returns

T: 01475 638100 |

“Bespoke Financial Planning for your Future” MacDonald & Co is a trading style of MacDonald & Co (Wealth Management) Ltd which is authortised and regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority

14 | Clyde Life – June/July 2016


Spreading risk can mean diversifying within equities across different stocks, sectors, industries and countries. It also means diversifying across asset classes. For instance, while shares have been performing poorly, bonds have been doing well. Markets are constantly adjusting to news. A fall in prices means investors are collectively demanding an additional return for the risk of owning equities. But for the individual investor, the price decline only matters if they need the money today.

One element of risk, although not the whole story, is the volatility of an investment. Look at a world share market benchmark such as the MSCI World Index, in US dollars. In the 45 years from 1970 to 2014, the index has registered annual gains of as high as 41.9% (in 1986) and losses of as much as 40.7% (2008). But over that full period, the index delivered an annualised rate of return of 8.9%. To earn that return, you had to remain fully invested, taking the unsettling down periods with the heartening up markets, but also rebalancing each year to return your desired asset allocation back to where you want it to be.

Now, none of this is to imply that the market is due for a rebound anytime soon. It might. It might not. The fact is no-one can be sure. But we do know that whenever there is a great deal of uncertainty, there will be a great deal of volatility.

If your horizon is five, ten, fifteen or twenty years, the uncertainty will soon fade and the markets will go onto worrying about something else. Ultimately what drives your return is how you allocate your capital across different assets, how much you invest over time and the power of compounding. But in the short-term, the greatest contribution you can make to your long-term wealth is exercising patience. And that’s where your adviser comes in.

Second-guessing markets means second-guessing news. What has happened is already priced in. What happens next is what we don’t know, so we diversify and spread our risk to match our own appetite and expectations.

Timing your exit and entry successfully is a tough ask. Look at 2008, the year of the global financial crisis and the worst single year in living memory. Yet, the MSCI World index in the following year registered one of its best-ever gains.

The views in this article are personal and provided for informational purposes only and should not be construed as recommendation by the publisher or investment advice by the contributor as laid down by the Financial Conduct authority.

Clyde Life Magazine | 15

Coming Soon to

Beacon Arts Centre

June, July and August highlights include

James Grant

Thu 9th June 7:30pm £16 The Love and Money singer performs some of his classics interspersed with James’ solo material from his vast repertoire.

Row Your Boat

Sat 18th June | 11am & 1:30pm £6 / £5pp Family ticket (family of 3 or more) Suitable for 3 - 7 Two friends imagine they are on a boat. There’s a pond, a loch, the sea and even….a bath! Come aboard for an interactive and musical adventure where imaginative play comes to life.

Music for Midsummer Nights

Tue 21st, Wed 22nd & Fri 24th June 7pm. Admission free but booking must be made in advance on 01475 723723 as space is limited. The Beacon make the most of summer’s long nights and the magnificent views by programming some outstanding jazz musicians in the Bistro John Patton, Capella String Quartet, Rachel Lightbody and Tom Gibbs are all on the bill. The Bistro will also be offering a specialised menu to add to the ambience!

Beacon Arts Centre Bistro

Enjoy riverside views with a glass of wine and taste of our new menu. The Bistro serves breakfast from 9am, lunch from noon with evening menu starting from 5pm

16 | Clyde Life – June/July 2016


Y Dance Present Project Y 2016

RM Hubbert & Kathryn Joseph

Thu 30th June 7:30pm £10 / £8 A rare chance to see two of the UK’s finest contemporary songwriters on the same night. RM Hubbert and Kathryn Joseph won the Scottish Album of the Year Award in 2012 and 2015 respectively and have been responsible for some of the most emotive, engaging and intelligent music to emerge from Scotland in recent years.

Toasted Fiction: The Podcast Sessions

Thu 7th July & 29th September 7:30pm | £5 / £3 Suitable for 14+ New writing. New writers. New way of watching. The Podcast Sessions is a new audio series of short plays and stories created by Inverclyde playwright and director Christopher Patrick. Each month, a new episode features new writing from across Scotland.

Thu 4th August 7:30pm £6 / £4 An extraordinary collection of four new contemporary dance works performed by twenty-five exceptional young dancers aged 16 to 21 and is touring across Scotland in August 2016. #ProjectY16

Dead Sheep Comedy Nights

Fri 22nd July & 5th, 12th 19th August, 8pm Scotland’s number 1 comedy promoter bring their award-winning club to Beacon Arts Centre. Gary Little and Des Clarke gets things going on Fri 22 July in advance of their Fringe previews! Future acts will be announced via the website over the coming weeks.

No Nonsense Productions present Para Handy; The Wireless Show

Sun 7 August, 1pm, £19.95 including afternoon tea Join The Master Mariner, Dougie the Mate, MacPhail the Engineer and Sunny Jim along with a host of other characters for 6 classic tales from Neil Munro.

More information and booking at 01475 723 723 Beacon Arts Centre, Custom House Quay, Greenock, PA15 1HJ Clyde Life Magazine | 17

Full Stem


The old saying ‘never cast a clout until May is out’ is often heard at this time of year and although it doesn’t actually refer to the month of May, it is still a good guide. By Kieran Gallagher, Cardwell Garden Centre The start of June is usually the signal to gardeners that there is little chance of frost any more and the gardening and bedding plant season is underway. That is not to say there will not be cold nights or the odd snap of frost, particularly in more rural areas. Most bedding plants will withstand the occasionnal cold night, although those in flower may suffer a slight damage. If the edges of the delicate blooms are brown or curled up it is best to remove the whole flower. This process of removing dead flowers from bedding plants is called ‘dead-heading’ and literally

18 | Clyde Life – June/July 2016

refers to the removal of the dead or past its best flower head. By doing this, the plant will no longer direct nutrients and resources to this flower and, instead, focus on producing new flowers. Feeding and watering are the other two most important jobs for bedding plants. In their short lives (most bedding plants are ‘annuals’, ie the live for roughly 1 year) bedding plants focus all their energy into the production of flowers, leading to seeds. This is a very demanding process for the plant and it requires the best possible ingredients to obtain the best results.

This starts with quality plants. If you have grown your own plants from seeds or seedlings then you should have started to harden them off by now. This is a simple process of slowly introducing the plant to cooler, outdoor temperatures by opening greenhouse doors for a few hours every afternoon or placing the plants outdoors during the day and covering or moving them overnight. If, like most gardeners, you buy all of your bedding plants then take time to ask your garden centre about where the plants come from and how were they grown. This will not only highlight which


included fertiliser. This is normally done around once a week and a liquid or soluble fertiliser will give the quickest results. The granular fertilisers that are available are slow release and last much longer, but are not as suitable here. I am often asked about the ‘miracle’ fertilisers that appear in the back of Sunday magazines or TV shopping channels. These are a general fertiliser sold for use around all areas of the garden. They are usually very high in potassium or nitrogen so that an effect is seen relatively quickly by the gardener. However, they are not suitable for use on all plants, especially shrubs and vegetables.

shops have the better quality plants, but also whether the staff know their onions! This may seem unimportant, but you must remember the plants you buy have been cared for at the store for anything from a few days to a couple of weeks.

Always use fresh, good quality compost in tubs, hanging baskets and in borders, if your own soil is tired. Some compost will come with fertiliser already added that means you will not have to add any more for the life of the fertiliser, usually 2-4 months.

The best quality plants, in my opinion, come from reputable garden centres, like our own. At Cardwell Garden Centre we grow most of our own plants that we sell, including bedding plants. They are raised from seeds and seedlings in our own nursery and hardened off in greenhouses and polytunnels before they ever see the outdoors. Those that we do not grow ourselves mainly come from other Scottish growers who we have a longstanding and trusting relationship with.

Your plants will need fed after this or if your compost was not one that

A balanced fertiliser is best for general use, although a high potassium or potash fertiliser can encourage more flowers to grow. Again, ask the staff in your garden centre for advice (it is now the law that anyone selling gardening chemicals must now be trained in their use and benefits). One last piece of advice – the more bedding plants you have planted, the less space there are for weeds to grow!

This gives me and the rest of the team confidence that the product we sell will thrive if looked after properly.

Clyde Life Magazine | 19


Scottish Maritime Museum

George Wyllie: The Paper Boat EXHIBITION AND EVENTS HARBOUR ROAD, IRVINE FRI 1 JULY - MON 26 SEPTEMBER 2016 @scotmaritime Scottish Maritime Museum 01294 278 283 |

l Specia fer f O g Joinin e on th day!

Gourock Golf Club


SUNDAY 1OTH JULY 12.30pm - 6pm It promises to be a fantastic afternoon out for all the family and if you would like to become a member, then there will be a special offer only available on the day. There are loads of activities and games planned to suit ALL ages!

• Target Putting • Target Chipping • Long Drive Contest • BBQ • Face Painting • Home Baking • Wet Sponge Throwing • Raffle • Beat the Goalie • Food • Draw for a Tablet Computer • Music & Entertainment • Texas Scramble 9 Hole Golf Comp • Bouncy Castle • Guessing Games

For details & information visit or call 01475 20 | Clyde Life – June/July 2016






£1.99 EACH OR 10 FOR £18

£3.99 EACH OR 3 FOR £10


4 FOR £10

EVERGREEN • 100sqm spreader - £9.99 £8.99



£12.99 EACH OR 2 FOR £20




Lunderston Bay, Gourock, Inverclyde, PA19 1BB 01475 521 536 Clyde Life Magazine

Whilst stocks last. | 21

CLASSES | GROUPS | AND LOCAL CLUBS Clyde Life publishes details of classes, groups and clubs located within the magazine distribution area. If you are looking for new members or want to publicise an event please let us know.

To be included in the magazine and on the website please send details to

Health and Wellbeing Classes

Fri 6.30pm Meditation Skelmorlie Sat 8.45am Largs

YogaBellies Children’s Yoga Classes for 3-12 years. Contact Enterprise Training on: 01475 745552/744404

Yoga for all levels Instructor: Jacqueline Gibson 07851 735357 | Email Tues 9.30-10.30am Fri 9.30-10.30am All in Kilmacolm

Yoga and Meditation for all levels Teacher: Jacci Stoyle YS (reg) 07790262124 Wed 7:00-8.30pm Boglestone Community Centre, Dubbs Rd, Port Glasgow,

Yoga for all levels Instructor: Patricia A. Ralston SYTA (Reg) 01475 785685 Tues 7.45 - 9.15pm Finnart St Pauls Church Hall, Bentinck Street, Greenock.

Yoga for all levels Teacher: Aileen Hughes, YS(reg.) 01475 801613 Mon 2-3.30pm & Tue 2-3.30pm Westburn Church, Nelson Street, Greenock. Hatha Yoga for all levels Teacher: Flora MacKenzie Wed 7-8pm Lyle Kirk, Union Street, Greenock. Yoga and Meditation Teacher: Joanna Ritchie, Birsay Holistics 07518 373 073 Email Mon 9.30am and 8pm Skelmorlie Tues 10am, 6pm and 7.45pm Gourock Wed 6pm Wemyss Bay Thurs 10am Largs, 6pm Gourock, 8pm Largs

22 | Clyde Life – June/July 2016

Beginners Yoga Instructor: Sara Marijuan-Tuck 07962 347950 Tues & Thurs 10:00 to 11:30 Freeland Church, Bridge of Weir Thurs 7:00p-8:30pm Scout Hall, Horsewood Road, Bridge of Weir Yoga and Meditation Teacher: Janis Binnie 07813 924922 Langbank Village Hall Tues 8.00-9.30pm Kilmacolm Community Centre Wed 6.30-8.00pm Pilates (all levels) Instructor - Jenn Forbes 07713 643693 | hello@ | Facebook forbespilates Wednesday 5pm & 6pm The Beacon Arts Centre, Custom House Quay

Wednesday 8pm Dazzles, 1 George Square, Greenock Classes are £8 drop-in or guaranteed space in the 6-week block £48. Katie Black Pilates and Physiotherapy) Instructor - Katie Black Killellan Halls, Houston (behind the Houston and Killellan kirk). Monday night 6.15-7.15 & 7.30-8.30

Other Classes Ballet – Elite Academy of Dance Inverclyde’s only Royal Academy Ballet School RAD Teacher- Julie Gunn Tel- 07753 246035 Email- All ages for both Male & Female Classes every day The Studio 15a Watt Street, Greenock Silver Swans Ballet Royal Academy of Dance Classical Ballet for the over 50s RAD Teacher- Julie Gunn Tel- 07753 246035 Tuesday & Thursdays 11am - 12pm The Studio 15a Watt Street, Greenock The Fashion Class Fashion Courses for children & teens, age 8-15. Call Marilyn Thompson on 07793 591524 or visit for more information. @clydelifemag

Scottish Country Dancing Classes Royal Scottish Country Dance Society Scottish Country Dancing Classes are run at the Elim Pentecostal Church Hall, Kelly Street, Greenock on Monday evenings at 8pm. Contact Jennifer Murrin 01475 633096 for more information

Fort Matilda Bridge Club Monday, Tuesday & Friday 7pm Visitors always welcome Tarbet Street, Gourock (turn right at Bluebird cafe on the main road. The club is on the right hand side opposite ‘Duncan’s Ices’) Ann MacLeod (Secretary): 01475 522181

Local Churches

Fort Matilda Tennis Club Newark Street, Greenock The Club has four artificial grass courts, in very good condition and has recently added floodlights to three courts. Club Website:

Messy Church held at Greenock Westburn Church From 4-6pm on the 2nd Saturday of each month. The format is an hour of crafts and games (with tea, coffee, juice and biscuits on offer). This is followed by a short act of worship consisting of children’s bible story where they usually participate, and a few action songs to go along with it. We finish off the day sitting down together to have a meal. It is an alternative style of worship which suits regular church goers and non- church goers alike. Everyone will be made most welcome and there is no age limit.

Local Clubs Kilmacolm Bowling Club The club is open for bowling from April to October. open to all ages. Coaching and bowls available for those who have not played before. Contact Jim Russell 01505 874239 or kilmacolmbowlingclub@gmail. com for further information

The Ardgowan Club Ardgowan Square, Greenock The club has 2 bowling greens and 4 all-weather surface tennis courts, set in beautiful garden surroundings. Website: Contacts : Gilbert McCracken or Dougie Warnock 01475 723418 Royal West of Scotland Amateur Boat Club Esplanade, Greenock, PA16 7SE The Club also has an active social calendar with a monthly Folk night, sporting event functions and seasonal themed events. Club website: Contact 01475 723260

Greenock Camera Club Every Thursday at 7:30pm St Bartholomews Church, Barrhill Road, Gourock

Greenock Cricket Club Brisbane St, Greenock The club fosters and develops cricket and squash throughout Inverclyde. Membership is open to all age groups. Anyone interested in joining should email brian.

Kilmacolm Camera Club Every Tuesday at 7.30pm Kilmacolm New Community Centre, Room 1.01 Contact David Walker 01505 873883 for more information

Inverclyde Cricket Club If you are interested in giving cricket a go, whether you have played before or not, please don’t hesitate to contact the Club Captain via

Inverclyde Camera Club Every Friday at 7.30pm Cardwell Bay Sailing Club, Cove Road, Gourock Ann-Marie Westwood on 07971607453 |

Greenock Speakers Club Ardgowan Square, Greenock Helps people improve their public speaking skills in a friendly environment. The Club meets fortnightly on alternative Thursdays from October to April within the

Clyde Life Magazine

Ardgowan Club, 7:30-10:00pm Contact Tony Cowden on 01475 783228 or by email at tony. Greenock Writers Club Ardgowan Square, Greenock The club meets most Wednesdays from the middle of September from 7.30pm to 9.30pm with a break for tea and coffee. They are a small group affiliated to the Scottish Association of Writers’, who enjoy the chat and fun activities as much as the writing. Contact: Mark Jones on 01475 713413. Inverclyde Skywatchers There is a programme of weekly talks which are given by invited guest speakers . Anyone with an interest in Astronomy is welcome. The group meet in the Greenock Southwest Library (Barrs Cottage) every Monday from 3pm till 5pm. For further information telephone Marion on 01475 634976 or email Inverclyde Ramblers Inverclyde Ramblers’ Association is a group of people who enjoy walking in the countryside. Everyone is welcome to come on our walks, whatever age or level of fitness. We organise walks, on a regular basis, with a leader. Walk lengths vary between 5 and 15 miles on average and may take place over a half-day, a full day or a weekend. Most of our walks are within driving distance of Greenock. Walks include local hills and walkways to Munros all over Scotland. Walks range from easy strolls right through to strenuous mountain walks. Walks are arranged for most weekends on either Saturday or Sunday mornings. We usually meet at Brymner St, Greenock, Custom House car park. We also have a Wednesday walk which meets at Lunderston Bay on Wednesdays at 12:15 To find out more call Dave Souza on 01475 631654 or visit | 23


You’ve finally decided: you are going to work from home, be your own boss. The business plan is complete, the bank manager is as happy as they’re ever going to be. You had a round of leaving parties at the office and walked out with enough stationery to last for six months. Now comes the really hard choice; the one that will subtly shape your work-life balance, even your relationship with your family...just where are you going to work? Working from home also means that your family now has to share their home with a workplace. Look at it from their point of view: mum or dad isn’t just going into the spare bedroom to do some stuff on the computer - they’re going to work. Welcome to the big decision: home office or purposebuilt garden office. Wow! And you thought the biggest decision was behind you. If you are a designer, craftsman or woman and actually make things, it’s an easy choice. You need the workspace for materials and to work in. Simple, just make sure that the workspace you build in the garden or convert your garage into has enough space for office admin or things will trickle between a desk in the house and your workbenches and no matter how hard you try it will get messy. But if it’s just you and a computer against the world then it starts to get tricky. One of the biggest difficulties with an office in the house can be convincing your family it is. Ironing baskets do not cross the threshold, neither does spare sports kit. The desk draws have not given an open invitation for all to rummage. The easiest way to persuade your family that it is an office

24 2016 24 || Clyde Clyde Life Life –– April/May June/July 2016

is to make it look like one. Gut the room and refurnish and most importantly get some extra plug sockets and phone sockets in there at the same time and defeat the sad, dusty undergrowth of cables and adaptors behind and under desks full of plugs from day one. There is something naff about a bog-standard steel filing cabinet in a home; check out alternatives. Design and decor can make the contrast between home and workspace distinct yet with a subtleness, so that the room does not jar with the rest of the house. You aren’t renting premises so splurge a little on the room and call in an electrician, joiner and designer and it will repay you. A new build in the garden is an idea that just works for so many people and you will be amazed at what can be achieved in the size below planning permission. There is a whole new market of off-thepeg, customisable buildings just waiting for you to discover or go the whole hog and bring in an architect. Some clever design work at the start will create a multi purpose space that will add value to your home, if you sell. Your home office might be the next owner’s guest suite or sauna. But in house or in garden just remember the golden rule: think of how much storage and plug and phone sockets you will need - and then double it.

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Help is at Hand as your Life changes Woodside Care Home is a 19 bedroom Residential Home situated in the beautiful conservation village of Quarriers, just outside Bridge of Weir. Visitors are always made welcome. The Home is registered with The Care Inspectorate for the regulation of care. • • • •

Residential Elderly Long Stay Short Stay Convalescent Respite

To request a brochure or to arrange a visit please contact the manager

Fiona Summers ~ 01505 613370 Clyde Life Magazine | 25

Power up for a powered down summer

by Jo Simms

This school holidays, make sunscreen the only screen your kids want as you teach them to get smart with smartphones I’m writing this very quietly, so don’t go reading it out loud because we don’t want them to panic but how about this plan for your kids: less screen-time this summer. Strange isn’t it? We get all foodie about free-range, organic, sustainable, locally-sourced stuff we can put on their plates while they sit staring, dead-eyed into phones, tablets, i-Pads and games consoles. Maybe it is time to get some more natural stuff back into their heads as well as their bellies. We have magnificent countryside on our doorsteps; fascinating historic towns and a truly great city with world-class exhibits. We are selling our kids short if they never get to sample them. Reports are emerging of mobile phone separation anxiety disorders and ‘nomophobia’, described as: ‘a state of stress

26 | Clyde Life – June/July 2016

caused by having no access to, or being unable, to use one’s mobile phone’. A study showed 58 per cent of smartphone users can’t go one hour without checking them. Do we really want our kids enslaved? It is time to unlearn some bad habits this summer.

inanely messaging their mates or watching cute cats on Youtube. Have your children go on-line and find out about places on their doorsteps and then go visit them. How about, for starters:

We are going to have to be clever about it. There is no way can you just order your kids to switch their phones off, go outside and immediately start acting like characters in a Famous Five story, not even if you’re offering lashings of ginger beer. It just isn’t going to happen, sorry. We have to accept that this technology is part of life now and so it has to be put to the best possible use. What better way than to teach our children to use their smartphones smartly – to plan great days out for themselves and their friends and not just for

Scottish Fire & Rescue Service Museum & Heritage Centre, Greenock, a fantastic national resource.


Granny Kempock Stone, Gourock an instant piece of ancient history. Walk round the stone on Kempock Street for good luck; especially on your wedding day. Ferries every kid should be taken ‘doon the watter’ at least once in their lives.

Kelvingrove Art Gallery and Museum check out the animal mummies exhibit which runs all summer; an inspired idea that kids will love. Greenock Cut a walk into history.

Clyde Life Magazine

Geocaching The perfect way to get kids outside and using their mobile phones. Use the GPS system to seek out hidden containers called geocaches. These can be just basic, like a waterproof container with a logbook and pen to record your visit, or large container where you leave take a small token or item and leave one in return. West End Festival not just for grown-ups, the programme is bursting with stuff for kids. Gourock Outdoor Pool an amazing taste of old-style lido bathing, right on the door step.

Scrap booking Have the kids use their phones to take good pictures and pick up items like a leaf, flower, pebble, save their ticket stub or an unusual sweetie wrapper. Make these into a scrap book together on the

rainy days, or a card to send to grandparents. And finally, switch your own damned phone off. They learn by example and for every kid glued to a mobile phone or computer there is usually a parent tethered to their office via email. The best thing you ever give your kids is you.

Star Gazing Download a map of the heavens. Wait for a dry, clear, night and pack groundsheets, torches and a midnight picnic with flasks of hot chocolate with a big bag of mini marshmallows on the side. Drive away from the street lights until you can see the stars. Park up, look up, be amazed. | 27

theStyle files

by Marilyn Thompson

Let the sun shine...

Because we all want to get our sunglasses on, and sunglasses sure are big business with almost every designer and high street brand now having their own range. The premium fashion market in sunglasses represents 35% of the total eyewear market and unbelievably this relatively smallish piece of the eyewear pie amounts to nearly $13 billion...Wow! Big Bucks indeed. This is partly because we now buy our sunglasses in the same way we buy our clothes - as a seasonal fashion item, relating to specific trends rather than just as purely functional eye protection to be brought out summer after summer, only being replaced when they get lost or actually fall apart. Sunglasses as we now know are a lucrative trend

28 | Clyde Life – June/July 2016

driven business and along side providing the all important UVA protection for our eyes and being super stylish in their own right, can very often actually make an outfit. This summer sees a wide variety of styles and some in particular will take a certain amount of panache to carry off, so, if you’re daring enough, then the sunglasses to be seen in this Summer are:


There’s plenty of choice here as this is the main trend and alongside the traditional classic oversized frame in either tortoiseshell or black Perspex, the large frames are also incorporating some of the other trends, such as;



Here we see heavily embellished ornate frames using a variety of appliqués from cherubs and flowers to gemstones - such as these wildly over the top sunglasses from Dolce & Gabanna.


From the classic and simple aviator which will always be in style to the larger, bolder more futuristic version with highly reflective and coloured lenses which were seen at Chanel.


Shapes As seen in the main photo, unusual shaped eyewear is a huge trend and also a rather pretty one, however, this trend also takes it a step further with animal shaped lenses, star shaped lenses and strangely enough, altogether different shaped lenses, together on the same pair of sunglasses! So, if you fancy a star on one eye and let’s say a heart on the other, then now’s the time! Alternatively, you could throw caution to the wind and get a hold of some Jeremy Scott blow up sunglasses! You certainly won’t go unnoticed and there’s no need to worry about dropping them in the pool - they’ll just float right back to you!

ps. For your furry yet fashionable friend, why not get them a pair of sunglasses too? Yip, there really is such a thing - they are called ‘Doggles’ and come in a variety of shapes and colours! Go fetch!

Clyde Life Magazine | 29

Coming into the summer, a nice and light recipe to enjoy in the Scottish sun!


Chicken Risotto Cakes Ingredients For the Salad • 225g Arborio Rice • Florette Salad • 750ml chicken stock • Cucumber • Finely chopped chicken breast x2 • Tomato • Flaked sea salt • Radish • Fajita Seasoning • Red Onion • Italian Seasoning Hint: Make the risotto the day before • Finely diced small onion as it will be easier to turn into cakes • 2 cloves Garlic crushed Method

Hi, My name is Faisal, Director & Chef of ‘The Chefs Eye’. I am the resident caterer at the Gourock Golf Club & Peak Scientific. For further information about the restaurant in Gourock please go to

30 | Clyde Life – June/July 2016

Dice the onion and slowly cook turning golden brown in a high lipped frying pan. Add the chicken, sear and add both the seasoning - cook for 1 minute being careful not to burn. Add the garlic and the arborio rice. Cook for one minute and than slowly add the stock in stages turning slowly. Simmer and reduce - turning around the edges. Once the rice is cooked, place into a bowl and cool overnight. Using a dessert spoon scoop out a heaped amount and using flour to bind it together pat it into a circular cake, roughly 2cm high and 6-8cm wide.

In a pan with a little oil, heat. Once it is nearly smoking - add the cakes and sear it in to a golden colour. Do not move them around too much or they will break up. Once seared place into a pre heated oven at 200 degrees and bake until piping hot and it reaches a minimum temperature of 82 degrees. Make a salad using the ingredients listed and place into bowl. Drizzle a little dressing and toss - personal choice would be a little lemon vinaigrette and oak aged balsamic with flaked sea salt. Place into the serving dish and place the risotto cakes on top. Serve and enjoy.


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The Scottish Food Market at Kip Marina Sunday 12th June 11am– 4pm Treat your taste buds and visit our new Scottish Food Market • Free Admission! Whether it’s a sweet tooth you want to satisfy, get into a pickle or take home some great Scottish meat, join us on our opening day Sunday 12th June & then 2nd Sunday of each month.

WATERSIDE WEDDINGS All inclusive packages from £3250

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Clyde Life Magazine June/July 2016 - Issue 30  

An A5 lifestyle magazine delivered to over 16,000 households in Inverclyde and West Renfrewshire