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ISSUE 27 April - May 2011

C o v e r i n g : B e a c o n H i l l , C h i d d i n g f o l d , C h u r t , Fe r n h u r s t , G r a y s h o t t , H i n d h e a d , L i p h o o k , M i l l a n d a n d M i l f o r d


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Spring is here!


t seems as if, now the days are longer, we have more time to pack more in at work. That must be why we have a bumper issue here for you to enjoy. But with the extended light, we also have more time to play, which means we can enjoy cooking delicious new recipes (page 19), sample the bright trends in the fashion shops (page 6) and spend more time in the garden (page 8). English towns and villages never look so beautiful as they do in the spring, not to mention Haslemere, so it’s a fitting time of year to be celebrating this beautiful town. We’re eagerly awaiting the Haslemere Festival, starting in May. There is masses to look forward to, including: lunch with our cover girl, Tricia Stewart; Festival Fringe; the Classic Car show; and many talks, music events and workshops. The Haslemere Chamber Business Awards event is another opportunity to celebrate the achievements and talent in the community. The event takes place on 16 April at Branksome Place so good luck to all those who have entered! I think you’ll all join us in congratulating Prince William and Kate Middleton on their wedding on 29 April and we hope you enjoy the 52 pages of this royal bumper issue.

Aimée Plant Assistant Editor

ISSUE 27 April - May 2011

C o v e r i n g : B e a c o n H i l l , C h i d d i n g f o l d , C h u r t , Fe r n h u r s t , G r a y s h o t t , H i n d h e a d , L i p h o o k , M i l l a n d a n d M i l f o r d


(value £3.00)


Calendar Girl


A designer hangbag worth £265


Local schools special

Tricia Stewart, one of the original Calendar Girls, is coming to Haslemere for a WI luncheon


The Haslemere Framing Co. Guild Commended Framer Conservation Framing Full Restoration Service Expert Design Service Over 1,000 Quality Mouldings Mirrors Made to Order Bespoke Period Mouldings

Stable Market, High St, Haslemere, GU27 2HJ Tel: 01428 648884

Interiors Eco chic

Adventure, Business, Events, Food & Drink, Gardening, Motoring

www.haslemereframing.com www.lifemags.co.uk

Life in Haslemere



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Spring is here!

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Benefits of the new tunnel; Undershaw update

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Renewable energy

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Devil’s Punchbowl; Zesty mackerel recipe

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Tess Burrows’ global trek




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Guide to schools in the area

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Catherine Morrow discusses the ‘other life’ of mothers

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South Downs National Park

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Haslemere Festival 2011


Life in Haslemere

Issue 27 April / May 2011

ROWLANDSONS LTD OF MAYFAIR, LONDON ANTIQUE and MODERN JEWELLERY Purchased, Valued or Redesigned by Award-Winning Designer


Saturday 16th/Sunday 17th April 9.30 - 5.30 SOMETHING TO SELL, BUT CAN’T MAKE IT?   TELEPHONE: ROWLANDSONS Ltd, 84 Brook Street, Mayfair, London W1K 5EH

07860 793 844   |   020 7866 6006 w w w. r ow l a n d s o n s . c o m


Life in Haslemere



Calendar girl On Friday 20 May, as part of the Haslemere Festival, Haslemere Women’s Institute is hosting a gourmet lunch with a very special guest. Tricia Stewart, one of the original Calendar Girls, will be talking about the life-changing events which thrust her and fellow WI members into the spotlight 11 years ago. The story of the ladies of Rylstone and District WI, who produced a calendar to raise money in memory of a fellow member’s husband dying of leukemia, is a well-known one. Ten of them sat for photographs discreetly posing nude, but with strategically placed objects covering their modesty. Guests at the three-course meal, prepared and served by WI members, will be able to ask questions of Tricia Stewart and hear the inside story of how an idea from a small group in a northern village aiming to raise around £5,000, grew to be a worldwide phenomenon with over £3 million made for Leukemia Research. It also spawned a blockbuster film (where Tricia was played by Helen Mirren) and a sellout stage production.

Tricia Stewart

The lunch starts at 12.30pm with a welcome drink on arrival at noon. Haslemere Women’s Institute, Pat Orrin, 01428 607170, Nancy Walker 01428 604254

Ten Out of Ten Eden Hair and Beauty, Haslemere, has unveiled plans for the fourth Ten Out of Ten Hairdressing Taster Programme. This follows the success of Ten Out of Ten in 2007, 2008 and 2009, and demand from local parents and teachers. Developed by Salon Director Angie Townsend, the non-profit making programme focuses on giving teenagers between the ages of 14 and 16 a hairdressing experience and allowing them to make an informed decision about their future careers. Most parents and teachers will recognize how challenging it is for a young person to make this decision, so as an introduction to the hairdressing industry, this programme allows them to have hands-on experience with a highly skilled and reputable team. Angie Townsend, Director, says: “Hairdressing provides excellent opportunities for

young people with energy, drive and commitment, and I’m really excited about offering this unique opportunity locally.” For 10 lucky students, 10 hours of demonstrations and practical tasks will take place from 6-8pm on the five Tuesdays in May for £50 from each student to cover the cost of a pair of scissors, a comb and a head block which will be theirs to keep. The course finale will be a cut, colour and style competiton, followed by a prizegiving party, and Angie will give each student a reference. Eden Hair and Beauty, 01428 658548, www.edenhair.co.uk

Under the rainbow The Rainbow Room sent out ‘noses’ to many local schools in March for children to decorate in aid of raising money for Red Nose Day. The schools encouraged children to create beautiful designs on their nose and return to school with a small donation towards Comic Relief. Penny and Kate, of the Rainbow Room, delivered the noses to participating shops in Haslemere who displayed the children’s work on Friday 18 and Saturday 19 March. The children were invited to find their nose, with their family. Prizes for the best noses were handed out by The Rainbow Room. Saturday 19 March also saw the Rainbow Room celebrate their first birthday. Free face painting, lots of ‘arty fun’, cakes and treats were enjoyed by everyone who supported Comic Relief and the Rainbow Room in their first year of trading. “Thank you to everyone who has supported The Rainbow Room over the last year and who helped us raise over £600 for Comic Relief” says Penny Fulker of The Rainbow Room. The Rainbow Room, 01428 653341

Charity concert An event to celebrate the 100th birthday of the leading cancer charity, Macmillan, has been arranged by supporters, along with Beacon Hill United Reformed Church, who will be sharing the profits for their recent coffee bar extension. They have arranged a concert by the 50-yearold Rushmoor Male Voice Choir to be held in Haslemere Hall on Saturday 30 April. Malcolm Harris, who is selling tickets said, “In this very special year for Macmillan we invite people to join us celebrate the achievements of the charity and to help raise funds to give cancer patients the support they need, especially those in our local area.” Malcolm Harris, 01428 643868



Life in Haslemere

Issue 27 April / May 2011



Life in Haslemere



Flower canvas bag, £32, Clova

Bright prints Mais Ou Est Il Le Soleil Dress, £114; Jacket £76, Woodie and Morris

Haslemere keeps bang on trend with bright, floral prints and neutral shades to contrast

Pink floral long Kurta, £32, www.charlotteswebuk.com Feather bag, £28, East

Isobel dress, £29.50, Clova For those born in April, a white gold and yellow gold diamond heart, £1500, Objets d’Art

Outfit by Nicole Farhi, Anya Anya 01428 658 255 Blush 01428 656 412

Scholl Wedge, £75, Woodie and Morris

Charlotte’s Web www.charlotteswebuk.com Clova 01428 653 935 East 01428 651927 Objets d’Art 01428 643 982

Garden floral dress, Karen Cole, £155, Blush 6

Life in Haslemere

Woodie and Morris 01428 644 001


Issue 27 April / May 2011



Life in Haslemere



Spring is here! Liven it up

By Steve Tranter The evenings are drawing out, the light is getting brighter and the air is warming up, all the right conditions for your garden to start ‘springing’ back to life. Our creative juices are starting to flow and we are really going to make a difference in our garden this year – but where to start? A common concern for many gardeners is that they feel their patch is too plain and there is not enough colour. There are various ways to enliven the design to add both colour and interest to the plot. The basic cause of an uninteresting garden is the absence of areas which are fully or partly hidden when looking out from the house. Thoughtful placing of some architectural plants and climbers up supports can soon create some hidden areas and provide contrasts of height.

Curves and shapes

Curves are generally more interesting than straight lines and these can be introduced by amending the shapes of the borders, and a curving path should lead to somewhere of interest or focal point, such as a seat, statue or water feature. Improvement in colour display is very much a personal choice, but there are a few principles that are helpful. • Warm colours make the plants look closer than they are - cool ones make them look further away. • Large splashes of a dominant colour are more dramatic than a mass of small spots of various colours. • Do not rely solely upon short lived flowers to provide colour, so evergreen shrubs, berry producing plants and coloured stems/trunks should all be included in the design to provide an extension of interest. With a little bit of planning and specific ideas for the changes you wish to implement it is then the time to visit your local garden centre to discuss with them your desires. Very soon you can have a garden that rivals many of the designs evident at Chelsea Flower Show each year. Steve Tranter, World of Water at the Haslemere Garden Centre, 01428 682 913 8

Life in Haslemere

Get the ‘Chelsea look’

By Souren Ala In recent years trends at The Chelsea Flower Show and other garden shows have themed strongly around environmentally friendly design. Show gardens are all about strong design; at home you are free to follow your own fancy. If you want to achieve a more designed look, standard principles apply. Just stay in scale, keep it simple, use repetition, and very often, less is more. Within this context, some popular themes today include wildlife friendly gardens, ‘potagers’, and re-cycled materials. Chris Beardshaw, award winning garden designer and TV presenter, and others have had fun making high-rise bug hotels with a multitude of nooks and crannies for beneficial insects. These may not work any better than a pile of old (untreated!) logs, which as they slowly rot down provide valuable habitat for beetles and amphibians.

Mix it up

As for your planting: mix vegetables and fruit with ornamentals and use umbellifers. Convert a sunny corner of your garden into a relaxed and wildlife-welcoming meadow. Re-cycled chic is all the rage: ‘found’ objects, home-made sculptures, ad hoc containers – there are no limits but consider what sort of statement you want to make. Finally, gardens (especially urban front gardens) designed to minimize rainwater run-off can also look fantastic. Souren Ala, www.sourenala.com 07720 301626 Issue 27 April / May 2011


Spring gardening tips By Edward Fox

1. Mow lawns at a medium height and feed once at any time through April to May. Cut shorter as the season progresses and repeat the feed after 6-8 weeks (always read the label as brands vary). 2. Re-establish the borders of flowerbeds. 3. Apply mulch to roses. 4. Look at mending structures, pergolas, and arches before summertime. These may need a small fixes/repairs or repainting/staining. 5. See if any stepping-stones or pathways could do with some attention. They may require some cleaning or re-levelling. Patios and courtyards will benefit from jet washing (to remove algae and to freshen up the surface) in readiness for the BBQ and party season! 6. Greenhouses and sheds will be nicer places to work in with a tidy-up and sort-out. You may even find some long-lost pots, tools, twine etc.


7. Think about buying and installing water butts. These collect enormous volumes of otherwise waste water, which can be utilised on beds and veg plots in the coming season. 8. Vegetable gardens are a great place to start tackling pests and unwanted visitors. Deter birds from young plants and seedlings with cloches and netting. Companion planting is an excellent way of keeping annoying insects at bay and away from your valuable crops. Try sowing French marigold and chervil near your fruit and vegetables to attract aphids and blackfly. For the beginner, salads, radishes and strawberries are a great starting point; they are easy to grow and will inspire you to grow more next time! 9. Plant things like buddleia and lavender to attract butterflies and bees. These encourage pollination and are lovely visitors. Bird tables will keep birds returning to your garden. 10. Enjoy the sunshine. Long-Fox Landscapes, 07967 399319

Life in Haslemere




Life in Haslemere

Issue 27 April / May 2011


Life in Haslemere



Reclaimed oak is a sustainable choice

Eco chic Sarah Ridout explains how to keep the environment in mind while decorating your home


he majority of people in the UK are becoming aware of the importance of the use of sustainable products. Buildings are one of the biggest polluters on the planet, producing a large proportion of carbon dioxide emissions. They require heating, cooling, electricity, power and waste management, all of which release carbon into the atmosphere. Even though our existing homes may not have been built with the environment as a priority, there is still much we can do to minimise the impact we have on our planet, including the choice of materials that we use when decorating. Interior design and decoration offers a wide range of natural sustainable products. No longer are they a poor quality alternative to the traditional ones, as they perform equally as well if not better. An interior designer should have the knowledge to provide 12

Life in Haslemere

movement of electricity along the path of its semi-conductor giving off hardly any heat. This is a very positive choice for our homes and workplaces in terms of energy efficiency.

a sustainable alternative to a range of commonly used materials. Bamboo products include: flooring, furniture, bed sheets, towels, blinds, clothing, wallpaper and garden fencing.

Strawboard The process of heat and pressure that fuses the straw, using its internal resins, make it a completely natural product. It may be used as an alternative to regular chipboard and MDF. It is formaldehyde-free and is ideal for partitioning, roofing, linings, ceilings, doors and office screening.

Second hand furniture Pre-owned pieces of furniture are definitely greener than new ones in terms of efficiency. By sourcing at auctions or on the internet you can purchase well-made furniture that is often good value. Individual pieces add more interest and character than a lot of the new items. Try mixing ‘old and new’ furniture in a room, for an impact and style combination.

Bamboo This is one of the fastest growing plants on land. Bamboo is naturally pest-resistant and strong, which makes it

Sarah Ridout Interior Design, www.sarahridout.com, 07974 122565


information on products available, how functional they are, and the costs, to enable you to make more effective choices to cut your carbon footprint and produce a well-designed living and work space. Natural Organic paints These are free of solvents and volatile organic compounds (VOC). These VOC produce vapours that disperse into the atmosphere, affecting indoor air quality, and have been known to cause allergies and more serious disorders. Natural organic paints and varnishes are equally as effective as other brands, and now have a wide range of colours available.

Organic paints rejuvenated this pine dresser Solvent-free varnish sealed this stripped flooring

Lighting Electric lighting accounts for around 10 per cent of a household’s energy consumption. LED (Light Emitting Diode) lamps are smaller than standard light bulbs and contain no filament. They create light using only the Issue 27 April / May 2011


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Stressless® Atlantic recliner

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Haslemere ( 01428 641947

Horley ( 01293 782404 Life in Haslemere



Lower Nappa Farm, Fernhurst

What difference will two significant local developments have on the local property market? Nick Keith reports


wo major events are happening this spring and summer in the Haslemere area. First the South Downs National Park officially opens on 1 April, and the £371 million A3 Hindhead tunnel is expected to open in July or August. The realization of the dream for the new National Park, the first in England since 1948, has been many years in the making. The tunnel to relieve congestion at the Hindhead traffic lights was started in 2007, and will be completed on time and on budget. Local agents expect that the new tunnel is likely to have more of an impact on the Haslemere area property market than the South Downs National Park. Steve Cook, of Clark Gammon Weller, says: “We are really on the periphery of the South Downs.” The tunnel will make a difference, he adds, especially to the property market west of the A3 in Grayshott and Beacon Hill. Those areas will now be more accessible to Haslemere and the railway station. There will be less inconvenience for commuters trying to cross the A3 in rush hour. “We have a plentiful supply of houses to sell,” he says, “with lots of instructions coming in. The Financial Times reported recently that the property market was down by 20%, but, in the

Light Haslemere area, spirits have lifted. “We recently sold a house for £1.1 million in Denbigh Road after we had 12 viewings in a week. A house on sale for £1 million is more usual nowadays, and that is no longer a jaw-dropping sum of money.” Clark Gammon Weller has recently put on the market Lower Nappa Farm in Fernhurst – an outstanding period building with five acres of land – for £1.25 million. Nicholas Harding, of Keats in Haslemere, agrees that the tunnel is the more important event for Haslemere. “ The tunnel will open up the area.” Keats Liphook office is likely to have more contact with the South Downs Park market. With the retirement of John Hilder to become a consultant, Haslemere Keats has expanded into the Liphook office, refurbished the offices and installed a new manager, Tom Garrad (ex-Hamptons).

at the end of the tunnel? Nicholas Harding enthuses that his firm too has made an excellent start to 2011 regardless of the Park and the tunnel. “Generally the market has a feelgood factor at the moment,” he says. “It’s all positive and we have seen an upturn in property stock, values and viewings, and there is an improvement in conversions from views to offers. We have a good range of houses available in the middle to £1.5 million range.” He reckons that the long-term state of the property market remains unpredictable. “The market for first-time buyers is still difficult but not impossible. Until we return to a market which is fed from the bottom up it will not be a healthy one.” Clark Gammon Weller, 01428 664800 (Haslemere) 01428 728900 (Liphook) Keats, 01428 661622 (Haslemere), L 01428 724343 93 (Liphook)

From Russia with love


n the battle to save Undershaw, the former Hindhead home of Sherlock Holmes creator Conan Doyle, strong support has come in from all over the world, especially from Russia. It can be seen on the website of the Undershaw Preservation Trust (UPT). Mark Gatiss, the Trust’s patron and creator of BBC TV’s Sherlock, has described the Undershaw saga as “a national disgrace”. He adds: “I would like to express my whole-hearted enthusiasm for the campaign to save Undershaw. It seems to me a very sad reflection on 14

Life in Haslemere

our times that the home of one of our greatest and most popular writers should be so neglected and in danger of unsympathetic redevelopment.               “Sir Arthur Conan Doyle occupied several residences in his prolific and thrilling career; only Undershaw bears the stamp of his massive personality. Here the Hound of the Baskervilles first breathed spectral life and Sherlock Holmes himself was resurrected from the Reichenbac Falls. “Undershaw was the centre of Doyle’s life during perhaps the most fruitful and fascinating phase of his career. It must be

Sponsoring Sherlock: Mark Gatiss photographed in the Snug at the Fox & Pelican, Grayshott

saved and take its place among the sensitively preserved residences of this country’s other literary giants. This is certainly a three-pipe

problem but not, I am convinced, an insoluble one.”    Support has come from other authors such as Anthony Horowitz, (Foyle’s War) – who is writing a new Sherlock Holmes novel, due for release in September. Undershaw is threatened with demolition and replacement by a new residential development accepted by the Waverley Borough Council planners last year. The UPT awaits confirmation that it can take the case on appeal to the courts. UPT, www.saveundershaw.com Issue 27 April / May 2011






crusader business park, warminster, BA12 8SP 01985 213222 catherine@con-tempo.com the Barn, 23B high street alton, GU34 1AW 01420 542688 louise@con-tempo.com


on tempo furniture


premier furniture showroom dining | bedroom | occasional | office monday to saturday 9:30 - 6:00


Beautiful interior design that transforms your home


The Dulux Design Service brings all the skills and expertise of a professional interior designer directly to you at home – without the designer price tag. It’s the perfect way to transform your home and comes from a household name you can trust.

Book a free JOURNEY OF THE CLAY tour and experience the Pottery from behind the scenes

Contact your local designer Claire Cipollone on 0845 880 6888 or visit our website

Relax in our warm and friendly café Enjoy gift inspiration in our shop from our own vibrant Studio Art to jewellery, soft scarves and silky cushions

INSPIRATION FOR YOU, YOUR HOME AND YOUR FRIENDS Shop opening times Monday to Saturday 9am – 5.30pm Sundays and Bank Holidays 10am – 4.00pm Visit www.grayshottpottery.com for events

Grayshott Pottery | School Road Grayshott | Near Hindhead Surrey | GU26 6LR T: 01428 604 404

Photography courtesy of Swaffer, Prestigious Textiles and Soleil Bleu by Wellmann


Life in Haslemere



Plan now

for future savings

Tarquin Henderson explains new Government measures on renewables


omeowners and businesses are being encouraged by the Government to invest in nonfossil fuel heating systems through the Renewable Heat Incentive (RHI) – a subsidybased scheme announced in early March. Further details will be published in May, The scheme will support the economic case for people switching the primary source of heating and hot water to a renewable form of energy generation. That includes technologies such as ground-source heat pumps, solar ‘thermal’ hot water, and biomass (wood and pellet) boilers. For anyone running a heating system on oil or LPG, now is the time to

start thinking about what savings this new scheme might mean. In many cases the investment case for switching to a qualifying system will be compelling.

Energy options

garden waste. Some even install a water butt and build compost bins. As local heating and hot water specialists, Ampella say they know about renewable energy. Ampella offer to help customers on the options available for solid fuel domestic heating. They can answer enquiries such as: “Will a biomass boiler


ost homes benefit from the installation of an energy efficient boiler. They need heating and hot water brought to them in an environmentally friendly and cost-efficient way to keep bills and carbon footprint to a minimum. It has become the norm to recycle paper, glass and


Life in Haslemere

RHI headlines • Tariff payments will start for homes alongside the Government’s proposed Green Deal from October 2012 and will be in place for 20 years. • From July 2011 up to 25,000 installations will be supported by a one-off “RHI Premium Payment” to contribute to the purchase price of a renewable energy heating system. • By taking up the Premium Payment people will be eligible for an RHI

tariff from October next year when the Green Deal begins, as will anyone else who has installed eligible equipment since July 2009. • To qualify you need to demonstrate that you have a well-insulated home; and provide feedback on the performance of your renewable system. • The ‘strong emphasis’ is on supporting homes that are ‘off-grid’ and currently using heating oil or LPG – perfect for this area! • For new-build homes, an RHI tariff will be considered for the 2012 phase. RHI scheme, www.decc.gov.uk The author is a Director of ReEnergise Renewables, based in Haslemere, 01428 608462

need servicing?” or “My house is surrounded by hills, will this affect the efficiency of solar panels?” Using a high-efficiency condensing gas boiler can save 10-12 per cent of annual fuel bills say Ampella, who suggest combining this with up to 50 per cent of hot water in the property heated by solar panels. Ampella, 01730 894868 L

Energy planning for business


pen Energy Surrey, a threeday event in Guildford in May, aims to show companies how to benefit from incentives and how easy making changes and cutting costs can be. Organized by Surrey County Council, the event includes a half-day conference on 17 May and site tours at businesses across Surrey on 18 and 19 May. The conference, from 9.30 to 1pm at the Yvonne Arnaud Theatre, will focus on the business case for energy management. It will provide detailed information on measures such as lighting, insulation, heating controls, combined heat and power, and renewable measures such as solar PV, air source and ground source heat pumps and wind turbines. Dr Lynne Hack, Surrey County Council’s Cabinet Member for the Environment, says: “Open Energy Surrey will be a chance for businesses to find out how they can cut costs, generate income and improve their environmental credentials.” To book your free place, or for more details on guest speakers and site tours, contact Bronwen Fisher, Open Energy Surrey coordinator, 020 8541 8538 Open Energy Surrey, www.surreycc.gov.uk/openenergy Issue 27 April / May 2011



Life in Haslemere


food & drink

Devil’s Punchbowl Sonia and Fiyaz Rehman


he husband and wife owners of the Devil’s Punchbowl Hotel have excellent credentials for their new venture. Sonia and Fiyaz Rehman took ownership of the Devil’s Punchbowl Hotel in Hindhead some 15 months ago. He has 15 years experience in the hotel industry, while her background is in property management. “We saw the hotel advertised, we came from London to see it and we loved it,” Sonia explains. Their ambition is to transform the Devil’s Punchbowl into a modern hotel – rather than “a pub with rooms”, as many people see it. Wearing her property management hat, Sonia says: “I like the period features.” Originally built in the 19th century for Rollo Russell, the son of the Victorian Prime Minister, the property has been a hotel since the 1930s. They have redecorated a third of the 32 bedrooms, the outside of the building, and the restaurant. A new logo with new signs and a new website have upgraded the image of the hotel. The Devil’s Punchbowl offers a set-price three-course menu in the restaurant, managed by head chef Rana 18

Life in Haslemere

Hussain. The food is “British with a modern twist” and there is a popular Sunday carvery. Regular visitors go for a pint or a meal in the bar, for traditional pub food and curry nights every Friday. There are conference and banqueting facilities, which can accommodate 60 people classroom-style, 80 cabaret style, and 90 theatre-style. The Function Room at the back is good for weddings, seating 85 guests, and the hotel has a wedding licence. Good Progress Sonia says that there is still work to do but there has been good progress so far. In difficult times for the hotel industry, occupancy at the Devil’s Punchbowl has increased – at 65% at its lowest – and February 2011 showed a 12% rise on the previous year. The Rehmans are excited about the prospects for the hotel after the opening of the A3 tunnel this summer, when Hindhead hopes to revert to a beauty spot around the natural contours of the Devil’s Punchbowl. Devil’s Punchbowl Hotel, 01428 606565


Issue 27 April / May 2011

food & drink

One pot zesty mackerel Baked mackerel with radishes, blood oranges, and fennel. By Hayley Harland


here is a definite novelty about blood oranges. Their colour is beautiful and their flavour is superb, but their season is short. If you can’t find them, ordinary oranges will do. I first tested this dish when we had friends over, as it is straightforward to make. I was really quite astonished by how

low my shopping bill was, as buying fish in large quantities is usually an expensive enterprise. Mackerel is economical, sustainable and lives in abundance in our surrounding seas. In addition to this, it is extremely good for you, providing a huge source of omega-3, so why on earth don’t we eat it more often? The

problem is, when cooked in the wrong way, mackerel can taste as seasoned as an aged gym sock and is too pungent for some. To offset its oily, fishy quality I’ve chosen the acidity of the citrus, the aniseed of the fennel and pepper from the radish. Fennel is also available allyear round, yet we choose not to use it so much as it can be overpowering. But when they come together, these flavours work to balance each other and the result is juicy, full of flavour and well worth a try. If you like your radish to have a fiery kick, why not try grating it raw on top at the end instead? Hayley Harland grew up in Petersfield. She writes recipes for healthy living and tales from her culinary travels whilst reviewing restaurants and cookbooks with critical humour and admiration. You can find her blog at: www. thedelectablediary.blogspot.com

Serves 4 2 fennel bulbs 2 blood oranges and the zest of half 500g baby new potatoes 150g radishes A handful of freshly chopped flat leaf parsley A handful of lemon thyme 2 garlic cloves, minced 1 tbsp olive oil 4 whole mackerel, cleaned Method Pre-heat the oven to 200ºC. Put the potatoes in boiling water for 20 minutes and while these are cooking, chop the fennel lengthways into 8 equal slices and do the same with one of the unpeeled oranges. Toss the potatoes, fennel and orange with the olive oil and garlic, season and bake for 10 minutes. Cut the second orange in two and set one half aside. Stuff the fish cavities with lemon thyme and a slice of orange each and rub the mackerel with a cupped hand of olive oil. Place your mackerel on top of the baked vegetables and squeeze the remaining half of the orange over the whole dish. Bake for 10 minutes, turn the mackerel, speckle with zest and add the radishes, then bake for a further 10 minutes. Sprinkle with parsley.



Life in Haslemere



Haslemere heroine Tess Burrows (inset) heads for the South Pole

Grandmother Tess Burrows sets off again later this year on her global trek for peace


ess Burrows has another mountain to climb this year in her mission to take peace messages to the high and distant points of the Earth. She found fame in 2009 as the one and only grandmother to race to the South Pole. In September she is off to climb Mt Kilimanjaro, ‘the Roof of Africa’, with her partner Pete Hammond, who accompanied her to the South Pole. Tess will be 63 when her six-strong team sends off Peace Messages from the summit of Kilimanjaro, and this journey will mark the final zone of a ‘Star of Peace’ across the Earth. Tess’s treks have raised more than £100,000 to build much-needed schools for under-privileged children in Tibet. She has dedicated her recent life’s work to peace and to children – who “represent the future”. She spends time inspiring pupils in local schools such as Woolmer Hill, Bohunt, Highfield and St Bartholomew’s. She also writes books about her adventures. “I was lucky enough to find the place where I was meant to be in life and to see the bigger picture,” she says. “It gives me huge strength and the ability to tackle big things in life.” Tess focuses on the potential for peace and environmental harmony by carrying 20

Life in Haslemere

out climbs, runs or walks. Each is “a pilgrimage to watch for the Earth, bringing together heart messages from thousands of people, making a difference both at an individual and a collective level”. She collects messages from thousands of people and her treks are in the longheld Himalayan tradition of flying prayer flags to bring peace. Her supporters include the Dalai Lama, Joanna Lumley, Uir Geller and mountaineer Doug Scott. Tess has her feet firmly on the ground for the tough assignment of preparation. Preparing for the South Pole race meant two years of hard work for what is “the most extreme endurance race in the world”. The race itself took her and Pete 26 days. At the start of this year she was only just beginning to get ready for Kilimanjaoro, in between book signings and writing a new book. Her inspiring books – Cold Hands, War in Head and Cry from the Highest Mountain are available at www.teamsouthernlights.org. After growing up in Hampshire, going to school at Bedales and reading ecological science at Edinburgh University, she became a forester for 20 years in Australia. There she raised her three sons. Now she has two grandchildren who

are at the top of her personal tree. “They have my full attention, and the bond is intense and wonderful,” says Tess. To make a peace pledge or to donate go to: www.climbfortibet.org


Factfile: Climb and Walk Highlights

July 1998: Chimborazo, Ecuador, the highest mountain in the world measured from the centre of the Earth. 2000: Aucanquilcha, Chile, the mountain closest to the sun at the turn of the Millennium. 2001: Shishapangma , the highest mountain completely in Tibet; and Everest. 2003: Mauna Kea in Hawaii, the tallest mountain in the world measured from its base on the ocean floor. 2005: Finisterra, at the end of the Camino de Santiago de Compostella. 2006: the Magnetic North Pole. 2009: the Geographic South Polez.

Issue 27 April / May 2011

Schools around


Royal School for senior boys


he Royal School plans to open the first independent senior school for boys in Haslemere and Hindhead. This September the school will take the first steps towards opening a separate boys’ senior school by welcoming boys into the Reception Class at the Junior School. In 2014 they will teach boys separately in Year 3 and Year 7. The school will follow the diamond model: co-education at the youngest ages, singlesex through the prep school to GCSEs, and a co-educational sixth form. This initiative is a response to local demand and follows extensive research among parents and the local community. Mrs Lynne Taylor-Gooby, Headmistress, says: “We have known for some time that the parents of boys in our day-care and nursery have

Lynne Taylor-Gooby

been keen for their sons to stay at The Royal School. We commissioned some market research last year and found that there is also a real need for a boys’ senior school that caters for a wide range of abilities and interests. This supports what we knew anecdotally so it made sense to us to extend to boys what we already do so well for girls. “We remain fully committed to single-sex education in the years where it has been proven that children learn better in a single-sex environment. The diamond

model is the best of both worlds as it achieves these goals as well as allowing pupils to benefit from the more social aspects of a varied extra-curricular programme. “We are delighted, therefore, to announce that The Royal School is the only school in our area that teaches all the way up to A Level examinations. Our pupils benefit from an excellent education with all going on to the university of their choice.” The Royal School adds that this decision is supported by its recent league table position as top in Surrey (and 22nd in the UK), with the best average GCSE score and exceptionally high Valued Added data provided by Durham University CEM Centre. The Royal School, 01428 603052

Exciting times ahead


esley Shaikh, the new head of St Ives, believes that school should be one of the happiest times in life while preparing people well for later on. “I bring enthusiasm to the school,” she says. “Learning should be personalised and creative but, very importantly, it must be relevant. Children need to know why they are learning something and how they might use it. “We encourage everyone to develop their talents, become independent learners and grow as individuals. “This school has fantastic facilities, both inside and out, and we need to make the very most of all of them. There is a great potential for outdoor learning and I am a huge believer in using all the school’s resources to ensure that we offer the very best experience for everyone. I see exciting times ahead!” St Ives School, 01428 643734

“All in all a delight and one of the most innovative and successful boarding and day preps going” The Good Schools Guide

enincgOllege in 2012 v e n e p O e ring nt s e nt FO r st u th



July 2011

4 :0 0 –9 :0

0 pM

83 423 526 4 1 0 : l l a C

Less than an hour from London

Highfield School

Co-Ed aged 2-13

01428 728000 www.highfieldschool.org.uk Liphook, Hampshire, GU30 7LQ www.lifemags.co.uk

Moving on? Come and meet us and get the support you need to achieve your potential 16+

a w w w.god


Life in Haslemere




Highfield charity cheque

Action-packed start

Year 6 on pizza-making project


upils at St Hilary’s School have enjoyed an action-packed start to 2011 with an array of exciting activities and events: award ceremonies; an excellent ISI (Independent Schools Inspectorate) Interim Inspection Report; and exceptional scholarship results, with Year 6 pupils obtaining 16 scholarships to their first choice schools for September 2011. Following the success of Green Flag Eco School Status, completing the Young Enterprise Primary Programme 2011, and renewing their Fair Trade School status for yet another year, pupils have found the time to embrace Fair Trade Fortnight 2011 – with a series of fun-packed awareness initiatives, involving pupils, parents and teachers. Year 6 pupils linked

up with PizzaExpress in Godalming to make their own pizzas and refreshments, using the restaurant’s Fair Trade products and locally sourced ingredients. The children have also enjoyed: a Gameian orchestral workshop; visits from the Pied Piper Theatre Company, the Young Shakespeare Company; an ‘Evacuation Workshop’ run by the Yvonne Arnaud Theatre; learning about Red Cross Canadian Quilts; and for pupils moving into Key Stage 1, a newly finished outdoor Adventure Trim Trail offers a fun arrangement of wooden play equipment perfect for the summer months. St Hilary’s School, 01483 416551 www.sthilarysschool.com

Elite Tennis coaching


rior’s Field School has linked with Orbit Tennis to create an Elite Tennis Academy. Coaching pupils aged 11+ who have exceptional tennis potential, the ambition is for them to play at national or international level and, as a minimum, gain scholarships to top American universities. The joint venture combines superb tennis coaching with the small class

sizes, personalised teaching and a dynamic environment at Prior’s Field. Orbit Tennis has an extremely strong reputation, with some of the best under-12 players in Surrey and a successful senior programme for players up to age 16. Prior’s Field School, 01483 810551 www.priorsfieldschool.com, www.orbittennis.co.uk

A group of boarders hand over a cheque to Dom Bond, one of the Charitie’s trustees


or 18 months, the boarders at Highfield School have been supporting the Sabre Charitable Trust. Sabre is a small charity working to make school a better place for Ghanaian children encouraging them to stay in education longer. The aim of this last year has been to raise enough money to send a 20-foot shipping container out to Ghana filled with donations from Highfield School plus equipment and resources that Sabre themselves needed to get out there. A group of boarders went to the Sabre warehouse in the New Forest to hand over a cheque for £4001.71. That very same day, a 20-foot container arrived at the warehouse, was loaded up and is currently on the high seas on its way to Elmina in Ghana. The money raised was enough to cover all the expenses to deliver the container right to the charity’s front door in Ghana. A fantastic achievement, and a great way to help make a difference. Highfield School, 01428 728000 www.sabretrust.org

Oxbridge success for King Edward’s pupils


hree day pupils at King Edward’s School (KES), Witley, have received offers for places at Oxbridge. Harriet Willis, Head Girl, has an offer to go to St. Peter’s College, Oxford, to read History. Hannah Grealish, from Godalming, and Marion Tout, from Witley, have both received offers for places at Murray Edwards (formerly New Hall) College, Cambridge. Hannah will read Land Economy, and Marion Natural


Life in Haslemere

Sciences. She has a passion and talent for biology and plant sciences. Her long-term aim is to become an agricultural researcher, and seek ways of tackling climate change and the growing demand for crops from an ever-increasing world population. Founded in 1553 to provide housing and education for destitute children in London, King Edward’s is an independent co-educational boarding and

day school for boys and girls aged 11 to 18. The school provides bursary support and boarding accommodation for a quarter of its students, and high levels of pastoral care are at the heart of its ethos. Indoor rowing gold The KES girls' relay team won a gold medal at the National Junior Indoor Rowing Championships at Lee Valley Athletics Centre in London in March. Sophie

Landes won bronze in the Year 13 individual girls’ event, and the boys’ relay team finished fourth. The girls’ relay team received their medals from the Oxford and Cambridge boat race crews. They were invited to follow behind the Boat Race from Putney to Mortlake at the end of March as guests of the Royal Marines and then to the sponsors’ VIP marquee. KES, 01428 686700, www.kesw.org

Issue 27 April / May 2011


OPEN DAY Tuesday 3 May

10.30am - 12.30pm & 2.30pm - 3.45pm

INDEPENDENT BOARDING & DAY SCHOOL FOR GIRLS 11-18 Offering a rich, all-round education and superb teaching Bursaries and Scholarships - for academic excellence, drama, art, sport and music - available In 2010, Prior’s Field was in the top 1% of all schools nationally for value-added achievement at GCSE and A-level

GODALMING SURREY T: 01483 810551 E: registrar@priorsfieldschool.com www.priorsfieldschool.com

Registered Charity No. 312038

Senior School (11-18 yrs) Nursery (2½-4 yrs) Junior School (4-11 yrs)

023 9236 0036 www.pgs.org.uk www.lifemags.co.uk

Life in Haslemere



Calling all Barrow Hillians


arrow Hills School in Witley celebrates its Diamond Jubilee on Sunday 12 June. The day begins with a celebratory Mass in the school chapel at 11am, followed by speeches on the school lawns and lunch. The school is keen to trace as many old boys and girls as possible especially the boys in this photo. This is the first photograph taken of the school community.

If you are in this picture or indeed if you know one of these boys, Barrow Hills will be delighted to hear from you. They would like to hear from other Old Barrow Hillians. The Headmaster warmly invites you to be part of this very special historic day. Barrow Hills School, 01428 682634 obh@barrowhills.org.uk

Good grub for under-5s L to R: Emma Davies, Nigel Denby, Lorraine Chard, Ruth Pimental



hildren who learn English or maths through the Kumon Method gain knowledge and the ability to learn independently” says Carole Coulson-Gilmer, Haslemere Kumon instructor. Carole assesses each student to determine a comfortable starting point. This ensures that the student experiences success from the beginning, developing confidence and momentum. Kumon uses a learn-by-doing approach. Every day a short piece of work is completed and corrected. The time taken and error rate when a child is ready to advance. The individualised rate of progression enables students to acquire the skills needed to advance smoothly. Carole's priority is to help each child to progress. Children visit the Haslemere Kumon Centre at the Haslemere Methodist Church once or twice each week for 20 to 30 minutes. Haslemere Kumon, 01428 642863 haslemere@kumoncentre.co.uk


oad Hall Nurseries have launched a new spring and summer menu. This is part of a group-wide project to lead the way in Early Years food and nutrition in childcare. During a marathon cook off, more than 100 new recipes were lovingly prepared at the Haslemere-based Toad Hall Nursery in readiness to launch the project in March. Toad Hall have teamed up with Early Years food and nutrition pioneers Grub4life. It's all part of a year-long commitment to lead by example as the food served to the under 5s continues to be under the spotlight. Ruth Pimentel, Director of Toad Hall Nurseries, says, "We have always been committed to staff training and development, but the Food and Nutrition project means that everyone from our cooks to our nursery assistants are on board with making every aspect our food the very best it can be." Staff have been involved with recipe development, menu planning, vegetable 24

Life in Haslemere

growing projects and a whole range of activities to promote healthy eating to children and parents. Many of the nurseries, including Haslemere, have sourced local suppliers to make sure they receive the freshest, seasonal ingredients while keeping an eye on their carbon footprint. Nigel Denby, Dietician, chef and founder Grub4Life, says, “Toad Hall has shown that they can offer the same standards of excellence in their food that they offer in education and child safety. “The recipes and menus we are introducing are nutritionally balanced and focus on all the specific nutritional issues which are important for the under 5s. All of the Toad Hall dishes are cooked from scratch, on site and the cooks are really dedicated to preparing food the children will love. Grub4life recipes are enjoyed by more than 40,000 children every day.” Toad Hall, 01428 654117 www.grub4life.org.uk

Music, music


rowds of tiny violinists with their 10th-sized violins, harpists gathering for a group practice, – people visiting for singing, double bass or saxophone lessons – all bombard Hindhead Music Centre every Saturday morning. There are students of all ages from toddlers to pensioners, and tutors for all instruments and all types of music, classical to pop. Chopin ballades and first attempts at ‘Twinkle, Twinkle Little Star’ are common sounds. There are Monday morning musical appreciation talks and recitals by worldrenowned artists; musical bumps for toddlers and mini-music for 3-7-yearolds introduce and encourage a love of music to the very young. Hindhead Music Centre is open from 9am to 9pm, Monday to Saturday during term time. Hindhead Music Centre, 01428 604941 Issue 27 April / May 2011


Junior School Liphook

Does your child enjoy... • Researching on the computer • Being challenged to think, listen & speak confidently • Adventure camps & sporting events • Performing in plays & concerts • Using the outdoors to learn • Reading good books in quiet corners • Sharing work and play with friends

OPEN DAY: Saturday 21st May 9.30am - 100pm Please contact ccjsoffice@churcherscollege.com or 01730 236870 for information

“Bringing out the best in boys”

A day in the life of Aldro... come and see for yourself! • ALDRO OPEN MORNING • Saturday 21 May • 11:00am–12:30pm If you would like to attend an Open Morning, to request a prospectus, or to arrange a personal tour with the Headmaster, please contact Mrs Spall on 01483 409020 or email: hmsec@aldro.org Aldro, Lombard Street, Shackleford, Godalming, Surrey GU8 6AS www.aldro.org


Life in Haslemere



DIRECTORY OF SCHOOLS State Primary Schools Boys and Girls Beacon Hill Primary School (4-11, co-ed, 195 on roll) Head: Sue Walker Beacon Hill Road, Beacon Hill, Hindhead, Surrey GU26 6NR 01428 605597 info@beacon-hill.surrey.sch.uk www.beacon-hill.surrey.sch.uk Camelsdale Primary School (4-11, co-ed, 200 on roll) Head: Mrs Sarah Palmer School Road, Camelsdale, Haslemere, Surrey GU27 3RN 01428 642177 office@camelsdale.w-sussex.sch.uk www.camelsdale.w-sussex.sch.uk Fernhurst Primary School (4-11, co-ed, 128 on roll) Oscars at Fernhurst – after school 01428 652579 Head: Mrs Margaret Edwards Haslemere Road, Fernhurst, Haslemere, Surrey GU27 3EA 01428 653144 office@fernhurst.w-sussex.sch.uk www.fernhurst.w-sussex.sch.uk Grayshott Primary School (4-11, co-ed, 210 on roll) Head: Mr Paul Davis (From January 2011) School Road, Grayshott, Hindhead, Surrey GU26 6LR 01428 605596 adminoffice@grayshott.hants.sch.uk www.grayshottschool.com Grayswood C of E Infant School (4-7, co-ed, 90 on roll) Head: Ms Anne Bristowe Lower Road, Grayswood, Surrey GU27 2DR 01428 642086 office@grayswood.surrey.sch.uk Hollycombe Primary School (4-11, co-ed, 93 on roll) Headteacher: Mrs Stephanie Fiske Wardley Green, Milland, Liphook, Hampshire GU30 7LY 01428 741332 office@hollycombe.w-sussex.sch.uk www.hollycombe.w-sussex.uk Holme CE Primary School (4-11, co-ed, 124 on roll) Head: Mrs Allison Smith Openfields, Headley, Bordon, Hampshire GU35 8PQ 01428 714409 adminoffice@holme.hants.sch.uk Liphook C of E Junior School (7-11, co-ed, 341 on roll) Head: Mrs Clare Williams (until Dec. 2010) Avenue Close, Liphook, Hampshire GU30 7QE 01428 722490 office@liphook-jun.hants.sch.uk Liphook Infant School (4-7 co-ed, 262 on roll) Head: Acting Head Avenue Close, Liphook, Hampshire GU30 7QE 01428 722036 sarah.harding@liphook-inf.hants.school.uk Northchapel Primary School (4-11, co-ed, 70 on roll) Head: Miss Claire Murphy Pipers Lane, Northchapel, West Sussex GU28 9JA 01428 707352 office@northchapel.w-sussex.sch.uk www.northchapel.w-sussex.sch.uk Shottermill County Junior School (7-11, co-ed, 210+ on roll) Head: Mrs Linda O’Boyle Lion Lane, Haslemere, Surrey GU27 1JF 01428 642096 office@shottermill-jun.surrey.sch.uk www.shottermill-jun.surrey.sch.uk Shottermill Infant School (4-7, co-ed, 210 on roll) Head: Mrs Cathy Cooke Lion Lane, Shottermill, Haslemere, Surrey GU27 1JZ 01428 642902 admin@shottermill-infant.surrey.sch.uk www.shottermill-infant.surrey.sch.uk St Bartholemew’s C of E Primary School (4-11, co-ed, 363 on roll) Head: Paul Beach Derby Road, Haslemere, Surrey GU27 1BP 01428 643634


Life in Haslemere

info@stbartholomews.surrey.sch.uk www.stbartholomews.surrey.sch.uk State Secondary Schools Bohunt School (11-16, co-ed, 1280 on roll) Head: Mr Neil Strowger Longmoor Road, Liphook, Hampshire GU30 7NY 01428 724324 enquiries@bohunt.hants.sch.uk Midhurst Rother College (11 - 18, co-ed, 9872 on roll) Principal: Dr Joe Vitagliano Midhurst Site, North Street, Midhurst West Sussex, GU29 9DT 01730 812451 Easebourne Site, Wheelbarrow Castle, Midhurst, West Sussex, GU29 9AG 01730 812371 enquiries@mrc-academy.org www.mrc-academy.org Mill Chase Community Technology College (11 - 16, co-ed, 750 on roll) Head:Mrs Jacqueline Adams Mill Chase Road Bordon Hampshire GU35 0ER 01420 472132 www.millchase.hants.sch.uk Woolmer Hill Technology College (11-16, co-ed, 657 on roll) Head: Mrs Sue Bullen Haslemere, Surrey GU27 1QB 01428 654055 info@woolmerhill.surrey.sch.uk www.woolmerhill.surrey.sch.uk Colleges Godalming Sixth Form College (16-19, co-ed, 1560 on roll) Head: David Adelman Tuesley Lane, Godalming, Surrey GU7 1RS 01483 423526 college@godalming.ac.uk www.godalming.ac.uk Independent Schools Aldro (7-13, boys, 220 on roll) Head: David Aston Godalming, Surrey GU8 6AS 01483 409020 hmsec@aldro.org www.aldro.org Alton Convent School (6 mnths. to 11, co-ed; 11-18, girls; 507 on roll) Head: Mrs SE Kirkham Anstey Lane, Alton, Hampshire GU34 2NG 01420 82070 enquiries@alton-convent.org.uk Amesbury (2+ to 13+, co-ed, 325 on roll) Nursery, Pre-prep and Preparatory Education Head: Nigel Taylor MA Hazel Grove, Hindhead, Surrey GU26 6BL 01428 604322 enquiries@amesburyschool.co.uk www.amesburyschool.co.uk Barfield School (2+ to 13, co-ed, 200+ on roll) Head: Mr Robin Davies Guildford Road, Farnham, Surrey GU10 1PB 01252 782271 admin@barfieldschool.com www.barfieldschool.com Barrow Hills School (3-13, co-ed, 256 on roll) Catholic independent day school. All denominations welcome. Head: Matthew Unsworth Roke Lane, Witley, Godalming, Surrey GU8 5NY 01428 683639 info@barrowhills.org.uk www.barrowhills.org.uk Bedales School (13-18, co-ed, 470 on roll) Head: Keith Budge Steep, Petersfield, Hampshire GU32 2DG 01730 300100 admissions@bedales.org.uk www.bedales.org.uk

Boundary Oak School (3-13, co-ed, 157 on roll) Head: Mr Stephen Symonds Fareham, Hampshire PO17 5BL 01329 280955 office@boundaryoak.co.uk Brookham School (3-8, co-ed, 205 on roll) Head: Diane Gardiner Highfield Lane, Liphook, Hampshire GU30 7LQ 01428 722005 office@brookhamschool.co.uk www.brookhamschool.co.uk Charterhouse (13-18, boys; 16-18, girls, 735+ on roll) Head: The Rev John Witheridge Godalming, Surrey GU7 2DX 01483 291500 admissions@charterhouse.org.uk www.charterhouse.org.uk Churcher’s College (4-18, co-ed; 226 in junior, 770 in senior on roll) Head: Mr SHL Williams Ramshill, Petersfield, Hampshire GU31 4AS 01730 263033 enquiries@churcherscollege.com www.churcherscollege.com Conifers School (2-11, co-ed, 100+ on roll) Head: Mrs J Peel Preparatory school for girls and boys in Easebourne near Midhurst, West Sussex GU29 9BG 01730 813243 admin@conifersschool.com www.conifersschool.com Ditcham Park School (4-16, co-ed, day, 351 on roll) Head: Mrs KS Morton Petersfield, Hampshire GU31 5RN 01730 825659 info@ditchampark.com www.ditchampark.com

01428 642350 office@haslemereprep.co.uk www.haslemereprep.co.uk Highfield School (8-13, co-ed prep, day/boarding, 221 on roll) Head: PGS Evitt Highfield Lane, Liphook, Hampshire GU30 7LQ 01428 728000 office@highfieldschool.org.uk www.highfieldschool.org.uk King Edward’s School (11-18, co-ed, day/boarding) Offers the International Baccalaureate Head: John F Attwater Witley, Godalming, Surrey GU8 5SG 01428 686700 admissions@kesw.org www.kesw.org Kingscourt School (2 3/4 + to 11, co-ed, 180 on roll) Head: Mrs J Easton Catherington, Hampshire PO8 9NJ 02392 593251 office@kingscourt.org.uk Kumon Maths and English learning programmes for children of any age and ability Instructor: Carole Coulson-Gilmer 01428 642863 www.kumon.co.uk Lanesborough School (3-13, boys, 335 on roll) Head: Mrs Clare Turnbull Guildford, Surrey GU1 2EL 01483 880650 office@lanesborough.surrey.sch.uk Lavant House (3-18, girls, 160 on roll) Head: Kate Bartholomew Chichester, West Sussex PO18 9AB 01243 527211 office@lavanthouse.org.uk

Dunannie (3-8, co-ed, 85 on roll) Acting Head: Joe Webbern Alton Road, Steep, Petersfield, Hampshire GU32 2DP 01730 300400 admissions@bedales.org.uk

Longacre School (2½-11, co-ed, 210 on roll) Head: Mrs Bracewell Guildford, Surrey GU5 0NQ 01483 893225 office@longacre.surrey.sch.uk www.longacre.surrey.sch.uk

Dunhurst (8-13, co-ed, 198 on roll) Head: Penny Watkins Alton Road, Steep, Petersfield, Hampshire GU32 2DP 01730 300200 admissions@bedales.org.uk

Mayville High School (2 ¾ -16yrs, co-ed, taught separately, 455 on roll) Head: Martain Castle Southsea, Hampshire PO5 2PE 02392 734847 mayvillehighschool@talk21.com

Edgeborough (2-13, co-ed, 350 on roll) Head: Mrs MA Jackson Farnham, Surrey GU10 3AH 01252 792495 office@edgeborough.co.uk

Meoncross School (2¾-16, co-ed, approx 350 on roll) Head: Mrs S James Fareham, Hampshire PO14 2EF 01329 662182 enquiries@meoncross.co.uk

Farnborough Hill School (11-18, girls, 524 on roll) Head: Mrs Buckle Farnborough Hill, Farnborough, Hampshire, GU14 8AT 01252 545197 School@farnborough-hill.org.uk www.farnborough-hill.org.uk

More House School (8-18, boys, 300 on roll) Head: BG Huggett Farnham, Surrey GU10 3AP 01252 792303 schooloffice@morehouseschool.co.uk

Frensham Heights (3-18, co-ed, day/boarding, 500 on roll) Head: Mr A Fisher Farnham, Surrey GU10 4EA 01252 792561 admissions@frensham-heights.org.uk Great Ballard School (2+ to 13, co-ed, day/weekly boarding, 180 approx on roll) Head: Mr Richard Jennings Eartham, nr Chichester, West Sussex PO18 0LR 01243 814236 office@greatballard.co.uk www.greatballard.co.uk Guildford High School for Girls (4-18, 930 on roll) Head: Mrs Fiona Boulton Guildford, Surrey GU1 1SJ 01483 543853 Guildford-admissons@church-schools.com Haslemere Preparatory School (Nusery 2-4 co-ed, 4-13, boys, day) Head: Patrick Wenham The Heights, Hill Road, Haslemere, Surrey GU27 2JP

Oakwood School (2½-11, co-ed, 240 on roll) Head: Johnnie Kittermaster Chichester, West Sussex PO18 9AN 01243 575209 office@oakwoodschool.co.uk www.oakwoodschool.co.uk Portsmouth High School (3-18, girls, 550 on roll) Head: Mrs J Clough Southsea, Hampshire PO5 3EQ 02392 826714 headsec@por.gdst.net Prebendal School (3-13, co-ed, pre-prep and prep, 240 on roll) Head: Timothy Cannell West Street, Chichester, West Sussex PO19 1RT 01243 782026 secretary.prebendal@btconnect.com www.prebendalschool.org.uk Prince’s Mead School (2+ to 11, co-ed, 230 on roll) Head: Miss P Kirk Winchester, Hampshire SO21 1AN 01962 888000 admin@princesmeadschool.org.uk

Issue 27 April / May 2011


Why Choose Toad Hall Nursery? • Full and part time sessions for children from 3 months to 5 years • Flexible bookings to meet parent’s changing needs • Opening hours from 0800 – 1800 hours with extended days from 0730 hours if required

• Qualified, caring and loving staff who have all been thoroughly vetted • Security entry system • Individual routine for babies • Ofsted graded GOOD with three OUTSTANDING judgements • We follow the statutory ‘Early Years Foundation Stage’ framework to support your child’s development • Excellent partnership with parents

• All food provided is purchased from local suppliers and prepared on site daily • 10 minutes walk from Haslemere station • 10% sibling discount • Employer discounts available • French, Spanish and sport lessons for over 2s included • 15 hours free entitlement for children over 3 years

For a brochure or to arrange a visit please call 01428 654117

An independent education Worth a closer look? King Edward’s School, Witley can offer an outstanding and affordable education for your child

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A foundation for life

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education Prior’s Field School (11-18, girls, 403 approx on roll) Head: Mrs JA Roseblade Godalming, Surrey GU7 2RH 01483 810551 office@priorsfieldschool.com www.priorsfieldschool.com Rookesbury Park School (2¾ to 13, co-ed, day/boarding, under 100 on roll) Head: Mr E. Olie Wickham, Hampshire PO17 6HT 01329 833108 secretary@rookesburypark.co.uk Royal Grammar School Guildford (11-18, boys, 900 on roll) Head: Dr JM Cox Guildford, Surrey GU1 3BB 01483 880600 office@rgs-guildford.co.uk Rydes Hill Preparatory (3-7, co-ed; 7-11, girls, 150 on roll) Head: Mrs Stephanie Bell Guildford, Surrey GU2 8BP 01483 563160 enquiries@rydeshill.com www.rydeshill.com Seaford College (7-18, co-ed, 620 on roll) Head: TJ Mullins Lavington Park, Petworth, West Sussex GU28 0NB 01798 867392 jmackay@seaford.org St Catherine’s Preparatory School (4-11, girls, 256 on roll) Head: Mrs K Jefferies Guildford, Surrey GU5 0DF 01483 899665 schooloffice@stcatherines.info St Catherine’s School (11-18, girls, 631 on roll) Head: Mrs AM Phillips Guildford, Surrey GU5 0DF 01483 893363 schooloffice@stcatherines.info

St Edmund’s School (2-13, co-ed, prep) Head: Adam Walliker Portsmouth Road, Hindhead, Surrey GU26 6BH 01428 609875 registrar@saintedmunds.co.uk www.saintedmunds.co.uk St Hilary’s School (2½-7, co-ed; 7-11, girls, 254 on roll) Head: Mrs S Bailes Holloway Hill, Godalming, Surrey GU7 1RZ 01483 416551 registrar@sthilarysschool.com www.sthilarysschool.com St Ives School (Co-ed nursery; 2 1/2-11, girls, 150 on roll) Head: Sian Cattaneo Three Gates Lane, Haslemere, Surrey GU27 2ES 01428 643734 admin@stiveshaslemere.com www.stiveshaslemere.com St John’s College (2-18, co-ed, 600 on roll) Head: Mr J. Best Southsea, Hampshire PO5 3QW 02392 815118 info@stjohnscollege.co.uk St Nicholas’ School (3-16, 409 on roll) Head: Mrs A.V Whatmough Church Crookham, Fleet, GU52 ORF 01252 850121 (1) registrar@st-nicholas.hants.sch.uk St Swithun’s School (11-18, girls, 471 on roll) Head: Ms J Gandee Winchester, Hampshire SO21 1HA 01962 835700 office@stswithuns.com www.stswithuns.com

St Swithun’s Junior School (3-7, co-ed; 7-11, girls, 181 on roll) Head: Mrs P Grimes Winchester, Hampshire SO21 1HA 01962 835700 office.juniorschool@stswithuns.com www.stswithuns.com

Treloar College (16-25s with disabilities, co-ed, 180 on roll) Head: Mrs Amanda Quincey London Road, Holybourne, Alton, Hampshire GU34 4EN 01420 547400 admissions@treloar.org.uk

Stepping Stones School (7-16, co-ed) A small independent school for children experiencing difficulties in mainstream education. Head: Neil Clark Tower Road, Hindhead, Surrey GU26 6SU 01428 609083 enquiries@steppingstones.org.uk www.steppingstones.org.uk

Treloar School (9-16s with disabilities, co-ed, 76 on roll) Head: Mr Harry Dicks Upper Froyle, Alton, Hampshire GU34 4LA 01420 526400 info@treloar.org.uk

The Pilgrims’ School (7-13, boys, 215 on roll) Head: The Rev Dr BA Rees Winchester, Hampshire SO23 9LT 01962 854189 info@pilgrims-school.co.uk The Portsmouth Grammar School (21/2-18, co-ed, 1500 on roll) Head: Mr James Priory Portsmouth, Hampshire PO1 2LN 02392 360036 admissions@pgs.org.uk www.pgs.org.uk The Royal School (0-2, daycare; 2-4, co-ed nursery; 4-18, girls, 300+ on roll) Head: Mrs L Taylor-Gooby Farnham Lane, Haslemere, Surrey GU27 1HQ 01428 603052 admissions@royal-school.org www.royal-school.org Tormead School (4-18, girls, 700+ on roll) Head: Mrs Christina Foord Guildford, Surrey GU1 2JD 01483 575101 head@tormeadschool.org.uk www.tormeadschool.org.uk

Twyford School (3-13, co-ed, 350 on roll) Head: Dr Steve Bailen Winchester, Hamphire SO21 1NW 01962 712269 registrar@twyfordschool.com Westbourne House (3 ½ to 13, co-ed, 420 on roll) Head: Mr BG Law Chichester, West Sussex PO20 2BH 01243 782739 office@westbournehouse.org West Hill Park (2+ to 13, co-ed) Head: Alistair Ramsay Titchfield, Fareham, Hampshire PO14 4BS 01329 840405 admin@westhillpark.com Winchester College (13-18, boys, 675 on roll) Head: Dr Ralph Townsend Winchester, Hampshire SO23 9NA 01962 621247 admissions@wincoll.ac.uk www.winchestercollege.org Wykeham House School (2+ to 16, girls, 200+ on roll) Head: Mrs LR Clarke Fareham, Hampshire PO16 0BW 01329 280178 office@wykehamhouse.com


Dunhurst 8-13 years

We teach by creating curiosity and setting challenges

Open Day 10 May To book a place on the Open Day contact Janie Jarman, Registrar T: 01730 711733 E: jjarman@bedales.org .uk Bedales Schools, Petersfield, Hampshire GU32 2DG

www.bedales.org.uk Charity Number: 307332


Life in Haslemere

Issue 27 April / May 2011

It’s never too early to learn Maths and English Programmes Kumon provides: • tailored work for each individual child • age appropriate developmental activities that help children reach their full potential • the ability to progress at their own pace and naturally become more independent • confidence and self esteem • a foundation for life long learning

For more information please contact Carole Coulson-Gilmer Haslemere Study Centre 01428 642863 or email haslemere@ kumoncentre.co.uk

Contact your local Instructor today.


Every child can shine

Caring for your child’s teeth At award winning Haslemere Dental Centre, we understand that at each step of his or her development, a child’s dental health needs expert handling and care. At Haslemere Dental Centre, we offer your child: • • • •

Superb care and treatment for developing teeth A child orientated approach State of the art facilities and services Complimentary dental health checks for children of new and existing registered patients.

So if you want something to smile about, call us on 01428 643506. Winners of the 2009 Dentistry Awards for Best Team and Best Practice in the South East

01428 643506 www.lifemags.co.uk

56 Weyhill, Haslemere, Surrey, GU27 1HN www.somethingtosmileabout.co.uk Life in Haslemere



A job for life

Catherine Morrow on her identity crisis


s a full-time mum, I’ve discovered mums are often defined by our offspring. I am not Catherine; I am “Harry’s and Lucy’s mum”. It is embarrassing for me that every day I see mums whose names I don’t know, but I do know their child’s name. So it’s no wonder we mums have an identity crisis.  After having babies, our identities become blurred, and we forget who we once were. When talking to other mothers we always seem to gravitate towards the subject of our children – nappies, purée, tantrums, and the list goes on. When I was young, free and single (about 10 years ago) I worked as a roving reporter in Hong Kong. Sometimes, as I scrape lumpy yoghurt off the kitchen floor, I have a flashback to my former carefree life.

This doesn’t mean I crave it because I don’t. I feel very fortunate to have two wonderful children who enrich my life enormously. However, when I am singing a very animated version of ‘The Wheels on the Bus’, I can’t help but laugh and wonder what my glamorous, former colleagues would think if they could see me now. At the local nursery school gates, you can drop your child off every day and never realize that the dishevelled mum in scruffy trainers used to be a high-heeled high-flying city lawyer. I would love to ask every mum at my daughter’s pre-school what they did in their secret “other life”. My current ‘employers’ are an opinionated four-year old and a strong-willed two year-old. Sometimes we have a power struggle over who’s really in charge. Lucy once asked me if I had a job and I replied: “Looking after you”. But I don’t feel worthy to call it a job because I don’t work

9 to 5, commute, earn wages, gossip at the water-cooler or get a proper lunch break! Before I was a mum, eyes lit up at parties when I said I was a journalist. “How exciting!” they gasped. Now, when asked, I reply, “A mum”. Eyes wander over to the celery sticks and hummus. Being a full-time mum is both rewarding and challenging – a job like no other. We’re in a privileged position and fulltime working mothers may envy us. However, we mustn’t forget who we were. Maybe we mums could talk more about our other life and we may realize we have more in common than just our children.


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Life in Haslemere

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Issue 27 April / May 2011



n opening ceremony to celebrate the official opening of the South Downs National Park (SDNP) was held on the Square, Petersfield, on 1 April. This was the day the South Downs National Park Authority (SDNPA) took lead responsibility for keeping the Park a special place. After declaring the Park offically open, Margaret Paren, the Chair of SDNPA, rang a hand-bell which set off a peal of bells from churches across the South Downs. Then pupils from local schools sang a special song composed by Philip Young, Chairman of the Petersfield Musical Festival. Some 25 exhibitors on the Square included walkers, cyclists, canoeists, nature conservationists, hanggliders, and zorbers. The event was organized by Philip Haines, of Haines

Official opening of the

South Downs National Park

Net, and Gareth Gammon of Navigate and Life Magazines. The twin aims of the SDNP are: to conserve and enhance its natural beauty, wildlife and cultural heritage; and to promote opportunities for the understanding and enjoyment of the Park’sspecial qualities. The Government has given £11.4 million to fund the Park for the next financial year. Margaret Paren said the grant was “a significant increase on the current funding provided by local authorities and Natural England to support the work of the South Downs Joint Committee. We will be providing Community Grants totalling £400,000 aimed at supporting initiatives involving the local community and voluntary groups across the Park area.” SDNPA, 0300 303 1053. www.southdowns.gov.uk




 




    

   

   

  www.lifemags.co.uk

Life in Haslemere


promotion: care options


begins at… Everyone wants to make the most of life when they retire. Life in Haslemere spoke with local experts to find out the options when elderly people decide that age or illness is getting in the way of them doing so


Life in Haslemere

Help at home Home Help can provide as much, or as little, help as needed for people to continue to live comfortably at home. They can lend a hand with the housework; help with getting up and going to bed; assist with washing, with the shopping; or even taking the cat to the vet. “We are here when you need us, for as long as you need us,” says Tracey Chapman, Manager of Home Help. A stay in hospital means settling back at home again which may be difficult to adjust to. Home Help can make this easier by getting everything ready for the return home, providing support from the first moment back, until full confidence returns. Home Help`s staff are trained professionals who can be totally trusted to do what the customer wants, in the way they want it. “They will be polite and respectful and we hope that their help and support will make people feel happy and secure in the comfort of their own home,” says Tracey.   Home Help, 01730 817222

Issue 27 April / May 2011

promotion: care options


Life in Haslemere

Home Help can provide as much or as little help as needed to live comfortably at home. “we are here as long as you need us.”

free of charge and, while it is currently supported by a grant from the Big Lottery Fund, extra funds are needed to cover additional costs and to secure the charity’s long term future. TLC works alongside Pals but can provide services to any adult with a life-limiting condition, their carers and families. Pals, 01420 472386 TLC, 01420 477231

A bit of TLC Pals, the specialist nursing and healthcare service for adults with long term chronic conditions, is well known in Haslemere and Midhurst. It came about as a result of the much-lamented closure of King Edward VII hospital five years ago. The NHS award-winning service was set up by a group of nurses made redundant as a result of the hospital closure. Pals has helped over 140 patients and families. The range of the care provided has covered cancer, MS, Motor Neurone Disease, heart failure and others. More and more, Pals is being asked to provide care for the frail, elderly and those with dementia. The high standard of care delivered led to donations being received from grateful families. These were used to set up the charity TLC to enhance support in the community to adults, their families and carers across Hampshire, West Sussex and Surrey. TLC provides complementary therapies, information and advice, and personal hygiene products and specialist equipment associated with palliative care. It is just about to launch a befriending and respite service through volunteers currently undergoing careful preparation and training: it will start to operate at the end of May. All the charity’s services are provided

Setting standards Established in 1984, CHD Living (formerly Care Homes of Distinction) is a family owned group of care facilities located across North-Surrey, South-West Surrey and South London. It is a place where residents are encouraged to ‘live their life their way’, in high quality facilities that promise superior, person-centred care. Today, CHD Living is proud of its excellent standards of care and friendly services provided within a warm and welcoming environment. Founder and owner, Mrs Hasham says that, “At CHD Living, we ensure that care is delivered to suit the needs of the individual and at the heart of our philosophy is ensuring a sense of belonging within the CHD Living community for both residents and their families, guaranteeing they are supported through the period of change”. Families are free to visit residents when they wish with all centres operating an open-door policy. Meals are prepared to suit the needs and tastes of all residents and dining rooms are furnished to restaurant standards.

CHD Living centres are currently upgrading facilities to include hair dressing, cinema rooms, libraries, HiloBaths with air spas and internet suites where residents are trained on the use of internet surfing, email and Skype - a few of the skills enjoyed by our savvy seniors. Longdene Homecare Limited, the home care service at CHD Living, is able to provide support in the home providing care, support and companionship when and where you need it on a daily or live-in basis. CHD Living, 01483 413121, www.chdliving.co.uk Issue 27 April / May 2011

Live Your Life Your Way RESIDENTIAL | NURSING | RESPITE | PALLIATIVE | DEMENTIA | HOME CARE | LIVE-IN CARE At CHD Living we take pride in providing traditional, yet individual, person centred care, always delivered with respect, dignity and kindness CHD LIVING CARE CENTRES - Choice of single en-suite rooms - Option of direct dial telephones and flat screen TVs - Access to landscaped gardens - Internet corner, hairdressing salon and nail bar LONGDENE HOMECARE - Care seven days a week at times to suit your needs - Live-in care; care and companionship 24 hours a day - Providing personal care and domestic duties YOUR LOCAL CHD LIVING CENTRE

Brownscombe House, Haslemere • Crest Lodge, Hindhead • Surrey Heights & Hills, Godalming St Catherine’s Manor, Guildford • Longdene homecare available across Surrey & South London

For more information, please contact us on: Tel: 01483 413 121 | Email: info@chdliving.co.uk | Web: www.chdliving.co.uk Providers of care since 1984 | All services registered with the CQC

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promotion: care options


Life in Haslemere

Many elderly people want to stay in their own homes and retain their independence. Whilst residential care might not appeal, they appreciate the benefits of coming to see us on a day basis

This is especially true of those families who are unable to visit their aging parents as regularly as they would like, or who have to travel away on business. “We offer a safe, secure environment for the elderly. We can also assess day care residents if they wish, providing invaluable feedback to their families if any

Piece of mind Sometimes residential care homes for the elderly have something to offer an elderly person who is not quite ready to leave their own home. Wychwood House in Grayshott offers both day care and a ‘Meals on Wheels’ service in addition to traditional residential care. Minaz & Mumtaz Lalani, who run the care home, think that care homes can prove invaluable in providing a little extra care for the elderly still living at home: “Many elderly people want to stay in their own homes and retain their independence. Whilst residential care might not appeal, they appreciate the benefits of coming to see us on a day basis, where there’s a chance to socialise with residents and staff. The service is offered on both a daily or occasional basis,” says Minaz. “Day care residents also enjoy hot, freshly prepared meals. We can help with personal care too, if wanted. ” Day care not only allows the elderly, who often may become house bound, a chance to get out of the house, but can also offer their families peace of mind.

issues need addressing” adds Mumtaz. Day care residents benefit from the same facilities as do permanent residents including the administration of medication, where required and access to activities and pre-planned trips. Wychwood House, 01428 607014


Issue 27 April / May 2011

Anne Fletcher-Ward, McCarthy & Stone retirement apartment owner.

My story?

“I thought I was too young for a retirement development. How wrong I was

Although I’m only in my 60s, I recently decided my house was becoming more of a burden than a pleasure. Living on my own there always seemed to be too many jobs especially in the garden. Having made the decision to sell, I was all ready to move into a bungalow when my brother suggested a McCarthy & Stone apartment instead. He said I should take this opportunity to think long term, buying something new so I didn’t have to worry about the maintenance and he didn’t have to worry about my safety. You know what? He was so right. I’ve never been happier. No more DIY, no more weeding and digging. Everything is done for me. Best of all, I feel safe and secure here too.”

If you’d like to see more stories like Anne’s, visit our website www.mccarthyandstone.co.uk

Independent retirement living, with security built in


Radford Court Tower Road, GU30 7GR Open Tues - Sat, 10.30am to 5pm Prices from £192,950 Call 01428 725652 or fill in the coupon

For more news & information from the McCarthy & Stone Group send to: Freepost RSLU-XHZK-SSLC McCarthy & Stone Retirement Lifestyles Ltd. BOURNEMOUTH BH8 8EZ Title


Address Postcode Email Tel Enquiring on behalf of? Yourself


✁ LifeInHaslemere

House Manager • 24-hour Emergency Call System • Security Entry System


Life in Haslemere



Triple concert triumph At the end of ‘The Lark Ascends’ concert at St Luke’s Church, Grayshott, on Saturday 12 March, the entire audience erupted into a spontaneous standing ovation, Peter Harrison writes. The Grayshott Concerts’ event featured three of the world’s most accomplished soloists: Tasmin Little, Howard Shelley and Sebastian Comberti, in Beethoven’s masterpiece, the Triple Concerto for Violin, Piano and Cello. “This was a once-in-a-lifetime concert,” said Clive Evenden from Liphook. “I’ve been concert-going for over 50 years and this was a truly memorable event!” Similar comments abounded from the over 300-strong audience. “Amazing standard of performance,” said Mo Whitaker from Churt. “Hugely enjoyable evening,” said Eleanor Rastall. “Fantastic experience!” declared Godfrey BruceRadcliffe. Violin virtuoso Tasmin Little starred in every piece, conducting the famous

News in Brief

Tasmin Little performs and conducts Vaughan Williams’ ‘The Lark Ascending’. Photograph copyright MDO Studio Grayshott

Royal celebrations

London Mozart Players in the ‘Overture to the Marriage of Figaro’ by Mozart, and followed this by conducting Wagner’s ‘Siegfried Idyll’. She then both performed and conducted ‘The Lark Ascending’ to rapturous applause. “I shall remember Tasmin’s ‘Lark’ soaring up to the rafters for a very long time – there were shivers running up my spine,” said Marion Dell. Grayshott Concerts next event on 9 September is ‘Magnificat’, by Bach and Vivaldi. Grayshott Concerts, 01428 606666

Social secrets Grayshott Social Club, the village’s ‘best kept secret’, has more than 500 members and in 105 years has become a hub of the community. Tucked away in Hill Road just a short walk from the village centre, the club provides superb facilities and entertainment. The bar, run by popular steward Nick Butt, offers a good range of drinks at reasonable prices. The good-sized function room with stage hosts many fine evenings of entertainment, and can be used by members for birthday parties. Members enjoy the Monday’s quiz night and Thursday night bingo; and, on the last Tuesday of the month, there are jazz nights with Binky's Dixie Demons who feature at Grayshott’s FirkinFest beer

festival in October. Open 11.30am to 11.30pm, seven days a week – and even later at weekends and for special events – the club has two full-size snooker tables, a pool table and several darts boards for the many league teams. The major sporting events are screened in high definition on a 10-foot wide screen and two plasmas, with a subscription to Sky and ESPN. Membership costs £15 a year, junior and student membership £5, with a £5 joining fee. Passers-by can drop in, have a look around, and ask for a membership application form. Grayshott Social Club, 01428 604041, www.grayshottsocialclub.co.uk

Residents of Grayshott and the surrounding area are invited to celebrate the Marriage of Prince William with Catherine Middleton on Friday 29 April. Screenings of the service are taking place at 11am at St Luke’s Church, Grayshott Social Club and The Fox and Pelican. Afterwards the Wedding ‘Breakfast’ will take place at Grayshott Recreation Ground - bring a picnic or enjoy a BBQ while children enjoy activities and a fancy dress parade. Evening receptions will take place from 8pm at Grayshott Social Club and The Fox and Pelican. www.grayshott.com/rwp

A gruffalo week May half-term week in Grayshott will be turned over to all things Gruffalo this year! In fact, Grayshott Children’s Theatre will be celebrating not just The Gruffalo, but all of author Julia Donaldson’s best-loved characters including Tiddler, Charlie Cook and Room on the Broom. Gruffalo Week will begin on 31 May with a visit from Julia Donaldson, who will hold a riotous road show with lots of singing, dancing and audience participation. Julia will be appearing at Grayshott Village Hall at 11. Tickets are on sale from Grayshott Books. www.grayshottchildrenstheatre.co.uk

Restored and revealed The generous funding from the Grayshott Pottery Community Fund enabled the original signboard of The Fox and Pelican, dating from 1899, to be purchased and returned to Grayshott. Under the umbrella of the Parish Council, Grayshott village has ownership of the sign, which was painted by Walter Crane. Found alongside this was another sign, made in pressed copper, which for many years was affixed to the front of the building at first floor level. Both signs were in need of restoration,


Life in Haslemere

which has now been completed thanks to generous members of the community. A third item in the form of the original artwork for a new signboard dating from the mid 1960s has been donated by Russell Cupitt of Visual Assets. The three items will be on display at the Annual Parish Assembly, Grayshott Village Hall on Friday 8 April from 7.30pm and subsequently will be on permanent display at Grayshott Pottery from Monday, 18 April. Grayshott Pottery, 01428 604404


left to right; Michael & Angela Bailey; Phil Bates, Chairman of Grayshott Village Archive (GVA); Kerry & Sam Millard, The Chocolate Frog Furniture Company; Kim Bibby Manager of the Fox & Pelican; Richard Peskett ( GVA) Membership Secretary; Chris Greenaway Grayshott, Pottery Director; Brian Tapp (GVA) Secretary and Clive Slaughter Chairman of Grayshott Parish Council. Issue 27 April / May 2011

RetiRement ApARtments foR sAle

Spring into your new home Voted Most Outstanding Retirement Housing Operator in the UK, 2010

Spring is in the air and this time of year you should be enjoying life. Move to a Churchill Retirement Living apartment where you can maintain your Independence and your Safety and Security come as standard. Leaving you to enjoy time with friends and family. Just as it should be. Contact us today. Spencer McCarthy, Company Chairman Cornerway Lodge Headley Road, Grayshott, Hindhead

01428 605645

show Complex open tuesday to saturday, 10am – 5pm

lodge manager lift 24hr support & help Video entry

Guest suite owners’ lounge landscaped Gardens parking

proud to be managed by…

Visit our website churchillretirement.co.uk www.lifemags.co.uk

Life in Haslemere



Prime protection Look for five stars in your next executive express. By Tim Barnes-Clay


he world's leading safetytesting organization, Euro New Car Assessment Programme (NCAP), has rated how well a car protects adult and child occupants, plus pedestrians, as well as the active safety equipment the car has to prevent a collision. BMW 5-Series The BMW 5-Series is more technologically sophisticated and desirable than ever, and has been hailed as one of the world’s safest cars. It beat all-comers when average results across four assessment categories were calculated. The car ensures extensive protection from injury for both driver and passengers, regardless of their size and seating position. Adult: 95% Child: 83% Pedestrian: 78% Safety Assist: 100% Price from: £32,700 Overall Rating: 5 Stars Mercedes Benz E Class 2010 The model has been totally redesigned with new style 40

Life in Haslemere

and many lavish features. There is an Attention Assist System to help drivers stay alert, and an intelligent sensor that automatically dims the high beam headlights to avoid blinding coming cars. Mercedes Benz's 'PRE SAFE'’ technology also detects when an accident is about to occur and primes the restraint and protection systems. Adult: 86% Child: 77% Pedestrian: 59% Safety Assist: 86% Priced from: £28,915 Overall Rating: 5 Stars Infiniti FX37 GT Infiniti is the luxury arm of Nissan, and the FX is a large executive SUV crossover, vying with the BMW X6, Porsche Cayenne and Range Rover Sport. Despite being a big vehicle, the availability of an Around View Monitor (AVM) system means the Infiniti is not intimidating to drive or park. At slow speeds AVM gives a 360o top-down view of the FX’s surroundings and the car’s position within them.

The FX is equipped with electronic stability control, a driver-set speed limitation device and a seatbelt reminder system covering the driver, front passenger and all rear seating positions. Adult: 86% Child: 77% Pedestrian: 44% Safety Assist: 99% Priced from: £45,885 Overall Rating: 5 Stars Saab 9-5 2009 Occupant protection in the 9-5 builds on Saab’s successful real-life safety philosophy, using the findings of a database covering more than 6,100 real-life accidents involving Saab cars on Swedish roads. So, the development of the new 9-5 has drawn on all Saab’s experience with real-life safety during more than 50 years. In addition to the full complement of occupant safety systems in Saab cars, the new 9-5 adds third-generation Saab Active Head Restraint (SAHR 3) as standard for the front seats and rear side airbags,

together with pre-tensioning of the outer rear seatbelts, as an optional package. Adult: 94% Child: 80% Pedestrian: 44% Safety Assist: 86% Priced from: £26,995 Overall Rating: 5 Stars Honda CR-Z This low-slung Japanese coupé has a healthy respect for the environment. The world’s first sporty hybrid, it stands out from other ‘green’ cars on the market. The CR-Z will appeal to the style-conscious because it is a good looking car with a cool ‘green-exec’ image. And if safety is top of your list when buying a car, rest assured – the Honda CR-Z is ranked as one of Europe’s safest cars, after independent crash test results from Euro NCAP.   Adult: 93% Child: 80% Pedestrian:71% Safety Assist: 86% Priced from: £16,999 Overall Rating: 5 Stars


Issue 27 April / May 2011

Allergy Free Professional Carpet Cleaning

We excel in giving all our customers value for money with fresh, clean and healthy carpets, upholstery and oriental rugs that are speed dried for the minimum disturbance for you. We offer Eco friendly detergent free options and smart uniformed female & male staff. Celebrating 21years of working locally.

Meon Cleaning 01730 260313 www.lifemags.co.uk

Life in Haslemere



Haslemere Festival


The ever-popular Haslemere Festival, which runs from 13 to 30 May, has a feast of choice from arts and crafts to sports, dance, drama and music – something for everyone. See What’s On for the full programme, page 46


eremy Hunt, local MP and Secretary of State for Culture, Olympics, Media and Sport, opens the proceedings at The Georgian Hotel on 13 May at 7.30pm. The celebrations culminate on Bank Holiday Monday (30 May) with the award-winning children’s favourite - The Gruffalo - acted and presented by author Julia Donaldson, together with “An Evening with Noel Coward” presented by those celebrated and incorrigible cabaret artists, Michael Mates and William Godfree. An exciting new feature is the Haslemere Festival Fringe – produced along the lines of the iconic Edinburgh Fringe. This is a showcase for Haslemere’s homegrown musical and comedic talent! The Fringe events come together with a spectacular weekend extravaganza on Lion Green at the end of the Festival. Another new feature is a Bridge Festival run by bridge tutor, Bernard Magee, who will give six illuminating lectures for bridge aficionados of all ages and stages. More than 500 cyclists are expected on Sunday 15 May to participate in The Cycling Sportive, a huge success when introduced in 2009. Comprising three tours in the glorious Surrey Hills, riders can choose from “The Fun” (30 miles) “The Challenge” (60 miles) and the awesome “Epic” (100 miles). Full details on www.thelittlelumpy.com The Veteran & Classic Car Show (and Tour) was another successful 2009 innovation and this year some 200 stunning vintage and 20th Century cars are expected to be on show on Lion Green on Sunday 29 May. Drivers and passengers are urged to get into the spirit of the age and dress to match their cars! In keeping with the village atmosphere on the green, there will be a superb selection of stalls selling local produce and crafts, hot and cold food, a festival bar and terrific live entertainment! Haslemere will celebrate the life of local author, Sir Arthur Conan Doyle with a special exhibition, as well as presenting a Willow Basket Weaving Workshop for local craft lovers. From St. Christopher’s Church, three


Life in Haslemere

wonderful concerts – two classical and a Jazz evening – feature a world-class Russian violin and piano duo, a Lithuanian piano virtuoso, and the supremely talented jazz pianist, John Horler. Haslemere Hall events: • Michael Frayn’s hilarious, fast-paced comedy Noises Off performed by the Haslemere Thespians. • Round and Round the Garden – an entertaining, yet poignant comedy by Alan Ayckbourn, performed by Falcon Grange Productions. • A fascinating evening with the highly skilled, political raconteur, Michael Dobbs (author of the best-selling novel and TV blockbuster - House of Cards). • Tricia Stewart, one of the original Calendar Girls, will entertain at a gala lunch hosted by Haslemere WI. • An unforgettable evening with Steven Nallon (Spitting Image) – one of Britain’s most versatile and prolific satirical writers, impressionists and puppeteers! • Haslemere’s Got Talent competition – who will take the crown in 2011? • The Johnny Cash Roadshow – special tribute band for one of America’s greatest music performers.

• The Rat Pack Vegas Spectacular – pays tribute to the sublime singing talent of famous crooners Frank, Dean and Sammy. • Coppelia – Live show via satellite from the Bolshoi Ballet. • An Evening of Magic, Mystery and Comedy with Tensai and Tamley – bring together two stellar acts from opposite ends of the entertainment spectrum! • Songs from the Shows with a Show stopping Supper! – a fabulous musical evening with the Haslemere Players. Other highlights: The Grayswood Cycle Road race; How to get the most from your PC; Festival Matins with the Bishop of Dorking marking the 400th anniversary of the King James Bible; The Hindhead Music Centre Youth Concert; Tunnel Open Day; Glorious Gardens open day; Opera South Children; Fine Arts; and The Flower Club. Brochures from Haslemere Museum, 01428 642112. Full details of all events from: www.HaslemereFestival.org.uk, Haslemere Hall, www.HaslemereHall.co.uk


Issue 27 April / May 2011

Surrey Diamonds

Dates for your diary...

At Objets d’Art HAslemere

Mothering Sunday

3rd April 2011

Mums definitely need spoiling on Mothering Sunday and there is no better place to enjoy this than here at Branksome Place. Our Sunday lunch is second to none and it’s a perfect time to show her how special she is. Please enjoy our amazing grounds with a leisurely walk whilst the children play on the bouncy castle. Lunch at £12.95 per adult and £7.95 per child.

Easter Sunday

24th April 2011

Join us for a delicious Sunday Lunch that the entire family will enjoy. The children will enjoy their free Easter egg or time on our bouncy castle. Lunch at £12.95 per adult and £7.95 per child.

Fathers Day

19th June 2011

Dads are special so why not surprise him with a delicious Sunday lunch at Branksome Place. What better way to show him you care and it’s a lovely day out with the entire family. We have a bouncy castle for the children to play whilst you enjoy the June sunshine in our beautiful gardens. Lunch at £12.95 per adult and £7.95 per child.

Summer Fun Day Sunday 14th August 2011 Charity Fun Day in aid of the Variety Club. Fun for all the family including; BBQ, bouncy castles, games for the children, races, stalls, crafts & dog show. A great day out for everyone and plenty of parking. If you would be interested in having a stall please contact the hotel.

Diamonds you desire at a price you can afford. Come in and discuss your engagement ring with us & we will create your bespoke ring at an affordable price. Objets d’Art 2 High Street, Haslemere, GU27 2LY www.surreydiamonds.biz 01428 643982 8364 Stephen Anthony Des Ad 125x90:Layout 1 14/5/10

For further information or to book please call us on 01428 664600 www.devere.co.uk A4 De-Vere Dates for your Diary Ad 2.indd 1


31/1/11 11:55:31

Page 2

Cabinetmakers of fine bespoke kitchens and furniture

Stephen Anthony Design Ltd The Workshop, Southleigh Farm, Southleigh Road, Havant, Hampshire PO9 2NX Tel: 023 9248 6478 Fax: 023 9247 6729 Email: sales@stephenanthonydesign.com www.stephenanthonydesign.com


Life in Haslemere



Designs for living

Bridal bliss

Katherine Cusack (left) on set

Catherine Hewson and Sarah Tourville

Catherine Hewson has recently established a new upholstery and furniture business from her home in Haslemere. At Catherine Antoinette Design, she offers a beautiful range of new furniture and her own upholstery designs. At her showroom, Catherine has samples of her work, which she describes as “a fusion of classic and contemporary”, and these can be viewed by appointment. As well as fabric samples and a range of carefully sourced new pieces, you can find cushions, headboards, dining chairs and sofas. As we should now be recycling as well as buying new, Catherine offers the chance to reupholster, renovate or change the look of a piece, or a range, of furniture. Although she studied architectural design at university, where she

confirmed her creative eye and passion for design, she started work as a Management Consultant. “There I helped people make improvements and changes in their workplace,” she says. “I then went on to help people make physical improvements on their homes, renovating and restoring old houses. After restoring my own home, I saw a gap in the market and decided to take my work inside. I realized how restoring tired, old furniture can save money and can add a personal style to a home.” A meeting with Catherine can result in a fresh piece of furniture (old or new) or a complete room re-style, designed to suit specific tastes and requirements.

Life in Haslemere

Inspiring interiors

Isabel Ballardie (left) and Jane Munk

Local businesses became better acquainted with Simon Gray and the team at Transform Landscapes who hosted a Haslemere Chamber of Commerce Meet the Business event in February. A tour of the site, based at Uniform Trading Estate, and a quiz filled the evening, which was accompanied by drinks and nibbles. The next Meet the Business was due to be held at Gilly’s Sandwich Bar on 29 March.


Katherine Cusack, 01798 861365 The King’s Arms, 01428 652005

Catherine Antoinette Design, 07795 840986, 01428 643399 www.catherineantoinettedesign.com

Meet the business

Transform Landscapes, 01428 652222 Gilly’s Sandwich Bar, 01428 652919

Marco Pierre White’s new restaurant, The King’s Arms, was host to a wedding fair featuring a fashion show by local couture wedding dress designer, Katherine Cusack. The King’s Arms, near Fernhurst, has recently been re-furbished and re-launched by Marco as a Wheeler’s of St James venue. The wedding fair was well-attended and the fashion show saw examples of Katherine’s detailed and intricate designs to the impressed on-looking spectators. Katherine Cusack has been designing dresses all her life. Her first wedding dress collection won a prize from Brides Magazine and she now works from her studio in West Sussex where she also gives talks and classes on style and design.

Simon Gray and Charles Blumlein

Isabel Ballardie, an interior design company based in Farnham, has recently launched its new showrooms. The company, which specialises in interior design, bespoke furniture, curtains and blinds, fabric, wallpaper and furniture and lighting design, is now based at Monkton Park, it boasts an inspiring showroom with additional space at the back in which the bespoke furniture is made. Isabel Ballardie and business partner Jane Munk (pictured) hosted a delightful afternoon of drinks and canapés to showcase their products and designs at their new location. Isabel Ballardie, 01252 821362


Issue 27 April / May 2011


Life in Haslemere


what’s on

What’s On – April/May l Friday 1 April RNLI fundraising event: Rubber Bridge Venue: Grayswood Village Hall Time: 2.30-5.30pm Price: Table of four, £32.00 Contact: 01428 645199 l Wednesday 6 April St Bartholomew’s Lent Lunches Venue: The Link, Derby Road Time: 12noon-1.30pm l Thursday 7 April - Sunday 10 April Haslemere & District Twinning Weekend Bernay - Haslemere Web: www.haslemere-twinning.eu Contact: 01428 653487 l Friday 8th April Vic Cracknell Venue: Devil’s Punchbowl, Hindhead Time: 8.00pm Contact: 07917 403052 www.viccracknell.co.uk l Saturday 16 April Haslemere Chamber President’s Dinner & Business Awards Venue: Branksome Place Time: 7pm Cost: £35 Contact: 01428 664600 l Saturday 23 April St George’s Day Dinner Venue: Haslewey, Lion Green Time: 7.30pm -Midnight Cost: £35.00 to include four-course dinner & entertainment Contact: Vanessa 01428 648716 l Wednesday 27 April Annual Town Meeting Venue: Woolmer Hill School Time: 7.30pm l Thursday 28 April Toast and Roast Lunch with a Right Royal Theme Venue: Harlequin Cafe, Haslewey Centre Time: 12.30pm Cost: £7.50 (£6.50 with Diamond card) Contact: 01428 658190 l Saturday 30 April Rushmoor Male Voice Choir in Concert Venue: Haslemere Hall Time: 7.30pm Price: £12, £10 Contact: 01428 643868


Life in Haslemere

Haslemere Festival 2011

Unless stated, events at Haslemere Hall, 01428 642161, www.haslemerehall.co.uk l All of May Borderlands, Peasant Art & Cranleigh Art Exhibitions Venue: Haslemere Museum   l Friday 13 May Opening event: Jeremy Hunt and the first year of the Coalition, Georgian House Hotel, 7.30pm Noises Off, by Haslemere Thespians, 7.30pm    l Saturday 14 May   Basket Weaving Workshop,Haslemere Museum, 10am-4pm    Song of Sunshine Organ Concert, St Bartholomew’s Church, 7.30pm   l Sunday 15 May Cycling Sportive, Surrey Hills, 9am    Open Gardens, 2-5pm    l Monday 16 May British Intelligence in Berlin during the cold war, Haslemere Museum, 7.30pm l Tuesday 17 May Bridge Seminars - Ruffing for extra tricks, 11am; Competitive auctions, 3.30pm    Round and Round the Garden, by Alan Ayckbourn, 7.30pm    l Wednesday 18 May Bridge Seminars - Making the most of your high cards, 11am; Finding and bidding slams, 3.30pm Round and Round the Garden, by Alan Ayckbourn, 7.30pm Russian Violin & Piano Duet, St Christopher’s Church, 7.30pm      l Thursday 19 May   Bridge Seminars - Play and defence of 1NT, 11am; Doubling and defence against doubled contracts, 3.30pm    Lord Michael Dobbs (House of Cards) entertains, 7.30pm John Horler - Jazz pianist of 2002, St Christopher’s Church, 7.30pm   l Friday 20 May Lunch with Calendar Girls Tricia Stewart, 12 noon, £30 with 3-course lunch, 01428 607170 Steven Nallon recreates his Spitting Image, 7.30pm    l Saturday  21 May Johnny Cash Roadshow, 7.30pm    Lithuanian piano virtuoso,  St Christopher’s Church, 7.30pm   l Sunday  22 May Choral Matins with Bishop Ian Brackley, St Bartholomew’s Church, 11.15am   

The Story of the King James Bible, St Bartholomew’s Church, 12.15pm    Peter Owen-Jones,  St Bartholomew’s Church, 7.30pm     l Monday 23 May Gorilla School film & talk Haslemere Museum, 11am    Opera South Schools’ Concert, 2.30pm    A3 Tunnel - the inside story, Haslemere Museum, 2.30pm Getting the best from your Digital Camera, Haslemere Museum, 7.30pm  l Tuesday 24 May NADFAS Sundial Talk, 2.15pm     l Wednesday 25 May Flower Club Demonstration, 2pm Rat Pack Vegas Spectacular, 7.30pm      l Thursday 26 May Computers - How to improve your digital photographs, Haslemere Museum, 11am Computers - How to make better use of the internet, Haslemere Museum, 2.30pm    HMC YC, St Christopher’s Church, 7.30pm l Friday  27 May    Computers - How to use Facebook, Haslemere Museum, 11    Computers - How to use Skype, Haslemere Museum, 2.30pm    Festival Fringe, Battle of the Bands, Doll & the Kicks, Lion Green, 6pm Magic and Mystery show, 8pm      l Saturday 28 May    Festival Fringe including The Glory Boys, True Deceivers, Hank Wangford, Lion Green, 11am    Haslemere Players Show Stoppers,  2.30pm & 7.30pm    l Sunday 29 May Cycling Road Race, Grayswood and local area, 9am     Ecumenical Church Service, Lion Green, 10am Classic Car Show & May Fayre, Lion Green, 12noon    Festival Fringe, (on Lion Green) Haslemere Town Band, Elles Angels, African Drumming, Lion Green, 11.15am     Coppelia, live Bolshoi Ballet,  4pm Festival Fringe, including Bohunt Dance, Sunsoma, Show Stoppers, Lion Green, until 10pm   

l Sunday 1 May RSPCA Gala Day and Cat-less Cat Show Venue: Headley Village Green Time: 12 noon - 5pm Contact: 07786 522344 l Monday 2 May Plaistow Maypole Fete Venue: Plaistow Village Green Time: 2-5.30pm Contact: Plaistow.preschool@ googlemail.com l Friday 6 May School Open Mornings Barrow Hills School Time: 10am - 12noon Contact: 01428 683639 l Saturday 7 May The Haslemere Musical Society: Pre-Haslemere Festival Concert: Puccini ’Messa di Gloria’; the Overture and Chorus of the Hebrew Slaves from Verdi’s Nabucco; Rossini’s Ballet music from ’William Tell’, Elgar ’Pomp and Circumstance March No 1’, Wood ’Sea Songs’ and Parry’s ’Jerusalem’. Venue: Haslemere Hall Time: 7.30 pm Cost: From £6 to £15 (under 18s half price) Contact: 01428 642161. Website: www.hmsconcerts.org.uk l Saturday 14 May Tunnel Vision Event: Community Walk Venue: Hindhead Tunnel Cost: £5 adults, £2 for 16s and under Contact: 07772 855090 If you want to walk through the tunnel for the Macmillan Midhurst Fundraising group, call 01428 643092. l Wednesday 25 May The Rat Pack Vegas Spectacular Venue: Haslemere Hall Time: 7.30pm Cost: £18 - £21 Contact: 01428 642161 l Saturday 28 May Wildfire Awareness Day Venue: National Trust Punch Bowl car park Time: 10am-4pm

l Monday 30 May    Julia Donaldson, The Gruffalo, and Zog, Haslemere Hall, 11am & 2.30pm   Mates & Godfree as Noel Coward & Friends, Royal School, 7.30pm   

L Issue 27 April / May 2011



your chance to win...


A designer handbag from Enchantment For your chance to win either a Ripani or a Cosettini handbag from Enchantment in Grayshott, answer the following questions:


A designer hangbag worth £265

• Where is Enchantment located?

Enchantment, in Grayshott, is excited to start its new venture online with a brand new website

• Name two of the jewellery brands that are sold at Enchantment.



• How long has Enchantment been in CLOSING business? 13DAMaTEy 2011

quality raw materials, their handbags and other leather goods interpret fashion trends with refined elegance and style. Their quality leather and superb Italian craftsmanship saw the company win Design of the Year award in 2005 and 2010 at Mipel, the biggest leather goods fair in the world. Ripani are introducing their new synthetic range of handbags for Spring/Summer 2011 to keep in control of the market in economic times. But you could be owner of one of these beautiful real leather handbags which would make an elegant finishing touch to most outfits. You can find many gems amid the array of colours and textures in Enchantment, and

Send your entries with your name, address, email and phone number to: The Media Barn, Kings Court, St Peter’s Road, Petersfield, GU32 3HX or email: info@lifemags.co.uk

soon online, to finalize an outfit. “I love accessorizing,” says Sheila, “And I will always be at hand to help and advise.” Enchantment, 01428 606 039, www.enchantment.uk.com


Terms and conditions Entries must be received by 13 May 2011. One entry per person. The winners will be decided by draw and announced in the June/July issue of Life in Haslemere. The judges’ decision is final. No cash alternative is available. By entering this competition you accept that your data can be passed to our sponsors. Employees of Life Magazines and associates of Enchantment are not allowed to submit entries.

Congratulations to Jackie Gillet who won a delicious food hamper from Lower Roundhurst Farm.


he beautiful range of quality designer handbags and jewellery pieces which are found at Enchantment, can soon be found online on the new website www. enchantment.uk.com. Specialising in Italian handbags, Enchantment accommodates for all tastes, preferences and occasions with bags from Italy and Spain and jewellery brands such as Ollipop by Shelly Cooper and Bulatti, to name but a few. Enchantment has now been in business for five years and has built up a large regular client base. They always aim for the highest quality in their products and their services. There is a jewellery repair service and a colour consultancy option for those in need of some advise. The choice of bags up for grabs is made by Italian brands Ripani and Cossittini. Established in 1965, in Italy, Ripani have been distributing leather handbags and accessories all over the world. Known for their excellence in design and

“That made my day,” she says, “I can’t wait to visit!”

Life in Haslemere



Life in Haslemere

Advertisers in this issue Advertiser . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . Page Aldro School . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 25 Anchor Garage . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 41 And So To Bed . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 5 Barrow Hills School . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 25 Bedales Schools . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 28 CHD Living . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 35 Churcher’s College Junior School . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 25 Churchill Retirement Living . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 39 Claire Cipollone Interior Design . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 15 Clova . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 29 Collingwood Batchelor . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 13 Con-Tempo Designs . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 15 De Vere Branksome Place . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 7 & 43 Design & Construction Landscapes . . . . . . . . . . . 10 Desjoyaux Pools . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . OBC DJK Renewables . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 17 Elstead Lighting . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 43 Enchantment . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 47 Everybodies Beauty . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 39 Figura . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 11 Forever Green . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 10 Godalming College . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 21 Grayshott Pottery . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 15 Grayswood Computer Services . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 45 Haslemere Dental Centre . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 29 Haslemere Garden Centre . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . IBC Haslemere Travel . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 4 Highfield School . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 21 Hindhead Music Centre . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 27 Home Help UK . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 32 Isabel Ballardie Interiors . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 1

Advertiser . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . Page King Edward’s School . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 27 Kumon . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 29 Liphook Bakery . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 41 Liphook Motors . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 41 Long Fox Landscapes . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 10 McCarthy and Stone . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 37 Meon Cleaning . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 41 MTS Tyres . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 45 Objets d’Art . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 43 Old Thorns Manor Hotel . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 30 Pals/TLC . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 37 Portsmouth Grammer School . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 23 Premier Property . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 29 Pride of the Valley Hotel . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 19 Priors Field School . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 23 Reenergise Renewables . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 45 Richard Baker Furniture . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . IFC Rowlandsons Ltd . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 3 SAGA . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 35 Seven Fish . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .18 Signature Care Homes . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 33 Souren Ala Dynamic Gardens . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 10 St Hilary’s School . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 23 Stephen Anthony Design . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 43 The Devils Punchbowl Hotel . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 31 The Garden Show . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 10 The Haslemere Framing Company . . . . . . . . . . . . . 1 The Royal School . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 27 Toad Hall Nursery . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 27 Waterlooville Carpets . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 3 Wychwood House & Care . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 36

Brook Haslemere Garden Centre

Fernhurst The Post Office The Newsagent

Camelsdale Arnold’s Garage Cee Gees Village Store Chiddingfold Chiddingfold Post Office The Crown Inn The Swan Inn Churt Avalon Garden Centre Pride of the Valley Hotel Headley Down Headley Fine Foods

Grayshott Applegarth Farm Shop Fox and Pelican Grayshott Pottery Grayshott Spa Grayshott Village Post Office Tesco Express Grayswood Wheatsheaf Hotel Haslemere Georgian House Hotel

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ISSUE 27 March - April 2011

ISSUE 26 February - March 2011

Covering: Buriton, East Meon, Froxfield, Hawkley, Liphook, Liss, Milland, Rake, Rogate, Steep, Sheet, South Harting

Covering: Beacon Hill, Chiddingfold, Churt, Fernhurst, Grayshott, Hindhead, Liphook, Milland and Milford


(value £3.00)


(value £3.00)


Wedding Q&A



What women want

A meal with drinks for four

Motoring Tips on

buying cars

Heart to Hart


with Miranda

A beautiful food hamper worth £100

Business, Focus on Liphook, Education, Events, Food & Drink, Interiors

Education Special

Adventure, Business, Weddings, Food and Drink, Events, Environment and South Downs National Park

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Life in Haslemere

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Royal British Legion 01428 642675

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Samaritans 08457 909090

Canine Partners for Independence 08456 580480

Haslemere and District Volunteer Bureau 01428 661166

Care In Haslemere 01428 652505

Haslemere and District Macmillan Cancer Support 01428 751524

Homecall Doctor, Warrenden, Weydown Road, GU27 1DS 01428 654786 Royal Surrey County Hospital 01483 571122 Helplines, Support Groups & Charities Alcoholics Anonymous 0845 769 7555 Alzheimer’s Society 01428 642055 Arthritis Care Grayshott 01428 643625 Arthritis Research Campaign 01428 724741

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Visitor Information Centre 01428 645425 Women’s Royal Voluntary Service 01483 722708

Haslemere U3A University of the Third Age 01428 644350 Hindhead Community Group 01428 607816 Home-Start Farnham 01252 737453 Home-Start Butser 01730 233 755 Hoppa Community Transport 01428 681701

Issue 27 April / May 2011

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Life in Haslemere- April/May  

Life in Haslemere- April/May, local community lifestyle magazine

Life in Haslemere- April/May  

Life in Haslemere- April/May, local community lifestyle magazine

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