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Bainbridge 46 Green By Design with Barry Holloway 49 Motoring Made Simple with Eddie Robinson 51 Animal Inspiration with Diana Walton 53 Celebrating Asparagus with Angela Taylor 54 Worcester Stands Tall with Helen Griffee 56 Chocolate Tart with Belle House chef Steve Waites 59 Local Policing with Chief Superintendent Kevin Purcell 63 Ashton Open Gardens with Andy Cooke 65 Index

Front cover image: Š Wildlife This page, left to right, Buff-tailed bumblebee by Jon Hawkins Surrey Hills Photography via Worcestershire Wildlife Trust, Eckington Flower Festival & Open Gardens by David Bainbridge, Visitors enjoying The Royal Three Counties Show


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A sense of place...

is something I only learnt to appreciate when I came to live near Bredon Hill and was taken under its spell. Almost at once, this peculiar mound of green felt spiritually ‘mine,’ a place that I’m always glad to return to. It’s a place for walking, for thinking, dreaming and planning, a place to celebrate and draw comfort. I love getting to know its many secrets and observing how it changes throughout the year. Over the next few weeks there’s the chance to explore the best of the villages that surround it by visiting the many fundraising events detailed in these pages. This issue we also bring you three fresh competitions, lots of local faces, and a range of money saving offers. Remember that you can access Life in the Village wherever you are by joining our community on twitter @lisalambon or visiting our website Until next time, enjoy the countryside,

Editor Lisa Lambon

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Responsible Waste Disposal Providing the total waste management service for the reduction, reuse and recovery of waste.

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Skip Hire Aggregates Topsoil BS3882:2015 Licenced Waste Transfer Station

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PHOTO: Red-tailed bumblebee Jon Hawkins Surrey Hills Photography

PHOTO: Buff-tailed bumblebee Jon Hawkins Surrey Hills Photography

Bzzzzzing Around Discover the delightful world of bumblebees this spring with expert guidance from Wendy Carter, Communications Manager at Worcestershire Wildlife Trust. Like many people, I’ve harboured a soft spot for the humble bumblebee ever since I was a little girl. Not only do these hardworking creatures do a vital job of pollinating our flowers and food crops but they look adorable, complete with their tiny furry jackets. Take time to watch them and you’ll see that they are always busy, foraging for nectar and pollen as they ‘bumble’ from flower to flower. If the morning chorus is the song of spring, the gentle bzzzzzing of bumblebees must 10

be the soundtrack of summer. There are over 20,000 species of bee worldwide, which can be divided into two main types; social and solitary. Social bees are the ones we’re all familiar with - large, round bumblebees and the smaller, delicately striped, honey bees. Bumblebees are insects of temperate climates - the dense furry jumpers that distinguish them literally keep them cosy in colder temperatures, enabling them to be constantly active, even in dull conditions. In the UK, there are 25 species of bumblebee. Many are only found in specific habitats such as on moorland or in coastal

areas and only six or seven species are widespread and regularly visit gardens. Six of these species are 'cuckoo' bumblebees which mimic some of the others. Being ‘social,’ bumblebees live in small communities of up to 200-300. Colonies are mostly composed of female workers who are ruled by the queen, upon whom they are entirely dependent. In the last 30 years, two species of bumblebee have become extinct in this country and many more have suffered a marked decline but nurturing them is something we can all do in our gardens.

PHOTO: White-tailed bumblebee Wendy Carter

Keep it in the family Before we look at the various types of bumblebees, it’s useful to understand their life cycle. The large queen bee hibernates during winter, after digging into well-drained soil and excavating a small chamber for herself. Thanks to that warm furry coat she can survive temperatures as low as -19C. As spring arrives, the queen wakes up, digs her way out of the chamber and heads off to feed, which is why it’s important to have nectar-rich flowers blooming in your garden early in the year. She will hunt for suitable nesting places - where this might be depends on the species - but it could be underground, at the base of a tussock or in a bird box. Once she’s identified a suitable location, the queen builds up stores of pollen and nectar in wax cells in preparation for her new family, then retreats into the nest for good. From this point on her life's work is to lay eggs and attend to her family;

she will never see the light of day again. This means the bumblebees you see from late spring to late summer are usually the smaller female workers collecting pollen to feed the growing colony. The first eggs to emerge are all female workers and it’s only later, when the colony is sizeable, that the larger males and new queens are born. The two sexes then mate and the cycle begins again. As always in nature, there is an exception in the form of cuckoo bumblebees…females who will steal a colony from another queen, lay their own eggs and enslave the original females to raise the cuckoo eggs. The ‘Big 7’ Not all 25 species of bumblebee are found in Worcestershire. Great yellow bumblebees, for example, are now confined to a few places in the north of Scotland despite once being widespread across the whole of the UK. In and around your

garden, you’re most likely to come across what the Bumblebee Conservation Trust call the ‘Big 7’: buff-tailed, white-tailed, redtailed, early, garden, tree and common carder bumblebees. So, how can you tell one from another? It can be confusing, especially when they’re nestled tightly in a flower, but the key things to look for are the face, the tail and the markings on the thorax, which is the middle section between the head and the abdomen, where the two pairs of wings and six legs are found. Spring is the ideal time to observe them before their colours fade and they become more ragged. Fortunately, similar-looking species of bees are rarely seen in south Worcestershire gardens so once identified you’re unlikely to mistake one for another. Buff-tailed & white-tailed Both buff-tailed and white-tailed bumblebees (pictured above) have a single yellow band on the thorax - it’s more orangey in buff 11

PHOTO: Tree bumblebee Wendy Carter

-tailed bees and more yellowy in white-tailed. It’s pretty easy to spot these bees because their colours are vibrant and the queen buff-tailed is one of our largest and most conspicuous bees. Female workers can’t be identified at a glance but the boys are easier; buff-tailed males have black facial hairs whereas the white-tailed boys have a shock of yellow facial hair. Red-tailed bumblebees Red-tailed bumblebees (pictured previously) are just that! The queens and females are all black with a red tail but the males have yellow stripes on their thorax and the cutest moustache of bright yellow hairs. Like bufftailed, red–tailed bumblebee queens are among the largest of the species. Tree bumblebees One of the easiest bees to identify is a recent invader, the tree bumblebee (pictured above). These bright bumbles arrived naturally from Europe in 2001 12

PHOTO: Garden bumblebee Wendy Carter

and have spread rapidly. Easily identified by their ginger thorax, black abdomen and a bright white tail, these are the bees that I receive most phone calls about in the summer. Primarily a woodland species, they’d ordinarily nest in holes in trees…but they’ve rapidly learnt that garden bird boxes and roof spaces are also perfect for their purposes. The good news is that they don’t cause any damage so if you do notice that you’ve got a nest, don’t panic! They won’t re-use the same nest twice and by the time you find them, the colony will probably be two-thirds over (most people only spot them when the males gather outside the nest to wait for the new queens to emerge). Garden bumblebees Rather oddly I didn’t see any garden bumblebees (pictured above) at all last year; I hope these normally common bees are doing okay! As their name suggests, they are regularly

found in gardens; they have longer tongues than some of the other species so expect to find them feeding on flowers which have the nectar buried deep in their throats such as foxgloves, penstemon, honeysuckle and delphiniums. The key to identifying garden bumblebees is that queens, female workers and males all have a yellow-blackyellow pattern on their thorax; have a really close look and you’ll see that they also have long faces. Early bumblebees Early bumblebees (pictured opposite) conform to the more ‘traditional’ look of a bumblebee with their black and yellow stripes. They’re simple to identify – they’re small, don’t usually fly in late summer and their black and yellow pattern is topped off with a pinkish-red tail. At a glance, the males look like red-tailed bumblebee males but they’re much smaller and have more yellow across their whole body, not just their thorax.

PHOTO: Early bumblebee Jon Hawkins Surrey Hills Photography

Did You Know?

PHOTO: Common carder Wendy Carter

PHOTO: Early bumblebee Penny Frith

Common carder bees If you spy a gingery or brown bumblebee without any stripes, you’ve found a common carder bee. These queens emerge quite early in spring and are common in gardens throughout the county. They vary in size (queens are the biggest) as well as colour – from bright ginger to faded orange; females often have creamy sides to the thorax while males tend to be more yellowy with extra facial hair. Common carder bees build nests amongst tussocky grass; I spent a while last spring watching a queen exploring a tussock at the base of an apple tree in my garden before she eventually decided to head off elsewhere.

The sting is a modified egg laying tube so is only present in females. Bumblebees rarely ever sting, even when handled, but may do so if the entrance to their nest is obstructed. Unlike with honey bees, stinging is not fatal.

Flight of the bumblebee Flying takes up a lot of energy and a third of bumblebee's daily calorie intake is spent foraging for more precious nectar and pollen. By repeatedly 'shivering' their muscles they help themselves to stay warm so they can remain active even on overcast days. So effective is this habit, and their insulation, that two species of bumblebees even survive north of the Arctic Circle!


PHOTO: Red tailed bumblebee male Penny Frith

Planting for bumblebees The best way to help bumblebees is to make sure that your garden has nectar and pollen rich plants in flower for as many months of the year as possible, from snowdrops in spring through to lavender in summer and Michaelmas daisies in autumn. Don’t forget that the various species of bumblebee have different lengths of tongue so try to include a variety of both tubular and open flowers. Whether you’ve only got window boxes or patio tubs, a small flower bed or acres of space, you will succeed in attracting bees if you include some of the following plants:           14

Allium Aquilegia Buddleia Bugle Catmint Comfrey Crocus Echinacea Foxglove Globe thistle

PHOTO: Buff-tailed bumblebee Jon Hawkins Surrey Hills Photography

        

Honeysuckle Lavender Lungwort Mahonia Nasturtium Rosemary Scabious Sedum Thyme

Grouping plants It’s more efficient for bees if similar plants are grouped together so that they can easily move from flower to flower. Try to plant in dense drifts because bees learn to recognise certain nectar-rich flowers and will revisit these repeatedly If you’ve got the space, why not create a meadow area or just leave a bit of your garden to go wild? Tussocky grass in particular can be great for common carder bees. How to rescue bees If you find a dozy bee - perhaps it is cold or has been downed by heavy rain - you can help to perk it up by mixing a little sugar into

some water. I’ve ‘rescued’ several bumbles by helping them onto my warm hand and holding a sugar-water mix in a teaspoon just in front of them. Don’t worry too much about being stung; queens and female workers can sting but rarely do and usually only if they or their nest feel threatened. However, if they look like they’re giving you a ‘high five’ with one of their feet, consider yourself warned that they’re not too happy and you should try a different approach! Find out more gardening-factsheets. spotting-sheets wildlife/species-a-z

PHOTO: White-tailed bumblebee Penny Frith

PHOTO: White-tailed bumblebee male Penny Frith

PHOTO: Bumblebee rescue Wendy Carter

WWT events include:  Thur 3rd May 7.30pm The Wildlife of British Woodlands by Paul Hobson. Lyttelton Rooms, Malvern, £2.50  Sun 6th May, 10am-5pm – Tiddesley Wood Open Day, Pershore. £3.00 adults, £1.00 children  Wed 16th May, 6.00pm – Watch out Wednesdays – Pond-e -monium – What Lurks Beneath! Lower Smite Farm £2 per child  Wed 16th May, 7.30pm – Confessions of a Teenage Skull Collector by Ric Morris. Bishop Allenby Hall, Barbourne, Worcester. £2.50  Sun 10th June, 10am – Yomping from The Knapp and Papermill with Richard Cory.

Donations.  Sat 16th June, 10am-4pm – Big Wild Weekend at Lower Smite Farm.  Wed 20th June 6pm-7.30pm Mad About Minibeasts – Celebrate National Insect Week with Club WoW at Lower Smite Farm. £2 per child.  Sun 24th June Butterfly Walk at Monkwood. £3 adults, £1.50 children. Booking essential 01905 620721

Did you know? We can recycle mobile phones, ink cartridges, stamps, cameras, laptops, video cameras, electronic gaming devices, mp3 players, iPods etc. Simply drop them off at Lower Smite Farm, Smite Hill, Hindlip, near Droitwich, WR3 8SZ during office hours or contact Becky on 01905 754919 or by emailing becky@worcestershirewildlife

Helping wildlife this spring Visit the FAQ pages on our website for answers to our most popular queries - from what to do with a baby bird to where to see bluebells to how to book an expert speaker for your group.

For daily updates about wildlife around the county please follow us on twitter @WorcsWT

To find out more about Worcestershire’s wildlife, becoming a member, volunteering or our programme of events visit Call us on 01905 754919 @WorcsWT


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WIN ONE OF 10 PAIRS OF TICKETS TO THE ROYAL THREE COUNTIES SHOW FRIDAY 15 - SUNDAY 17 JUNE Will you be a lucky winner? Just visit by Thursday 24 May 2018 and enter your details as requested. A FEAST OF FARMING

The Royal Three Counties Show returns for its 60th year, 15-17 June, at the Three Counties Showground, Malvern - and it’s the biggest celebration of the great British countryside yet. With more than 90,000 visitors expected to join the landmark event in the agricultural calendar, it’s set to be a hearty feast of farming, fine food and family fun. The action-packed Main Arena features the highly entertaining Shetland Pony Grand National, the jawdropping Red Devil parachute displays, sheepdog displays, and the impressive Grand Parade, featuring each day’s livestock champions. We’re showcasing the best national and local produce, wildlife displays, show jumping, country sports and much more - it’s a fantastic family day out.

Join us for a fantastic family day out there’s something for all ages!

Terms & Conditions: One entry per household. UK residents only. Competition closes Thursday 24 May 2018 and the winners will be informed by Thursday 31 May 2018. Tickets, valid for any day, will be posted out. Prize not redeemable for cash. Judges’ decision is final. No correspondence will be entered into.

For information on ticket prices and further details on the show, please visit or call 0844 811 0050 17

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deep cleansing which is a bit like peeling back the layers of an onion to see what’s underneath. It may only take one step but it usually involves several stages before we can apply new colour then polish and refine it. The technical expertise to hand when colouring hair in a salon means we have far more control over the process. We can also personalise the results, achieving rich, multi-tonal colour that looks and feels beautiful. Lots of our clients visit the salon and ‘interview’ us before we touch their hair. To book your complimentary consultation with Aveda samples please call us on 01386 860 361.

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Longevity With all the benefits of a conservatory and the advantage that you can situate it anywhere, a double glazed summerhouse offers several advantages over wood suggests John Lannen, Director at L+L. Spacious, luxurious and versatile - a glass garden building offers warmth, light and the chance to enjoy more of that wonderful summer feeling, all year round. If you lack the right spot for a conservatory, a garden building will enable you to relax in your garden more often, stay outside later each evening and enjoy being outdoors on days when it would otherwise be too cold. Traditionally, summerhouses have been made of timber but double glazing offers several benefits. Wood requires regular 20

maintenance whereas a glazed structure needs almost none. Since the cost of timber is constantly rising, glass is often now comparable in price. It’s also stronger, more permanent and far more secure. Our thermally efficient garden buildings come in a range of styles and sizes, plus six colour options. With a choice of glass panels or brickwork available and a variety of roofing and flooring materials, you can create a structure unique to you. Add insulation, automatic air vents, roof vents, windows and air conditioning and you can be sure of a comfortable temperature all year round.

We’re very pleased… wonderful service from start to finish. Mr & Mrs B, Kemerton

Heating can be added using an electric fan heater, underfloor heating or even a wood burning stove. Each building comes with multipoint door and window locks and our guarantee. Nordic Garden Buildings are

supplied to us by a Welsh company that has been manufacturing products from UPVc for 40 years. Their range was launched in Europe where they have been tested in extreme weather conditions and proven to be robust. Installation is easy and will take our skilled teams just one or two days; you don’t even need planning permission, just a suitable patio or deck. Best of all, a glass garden building is portable so if you

decide to move home you can take it with you. As a family company, the L+L team believe in delivering high quality products & impeccable service at an affordable price. Why not visit our showroom in Tewkesbury, including a display of glass buildings; you can talk to us about the options for your home and experience our extensive range of products. Pop in or call on 01684 295038 to arrange a free home survey.

01684 295038

Showroom: Red Lane, Tewkesbury, Gloucestershire GL20 5BQ Open Monday - Thursday: 8:30-17:00, Fridays: 8:30-16:00 and Saturdays: 09:00-13:00


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Registered i d Charity h i No: 1051708

Live Entertainment In Tewkesbury The Roses offers a huge selection of live shows, films and activities to enjoy and take part in

Live Event Highlights Faith: The George Michael Legac cy Fri 4 May 7.30pm Vamos Theatre: A Brave Face Thur 10 May 7.30pm Forever Eagles • Sat 12 May 7.30p pm Magic: A Kind Of Queen Thur 17 May 7.30pm Chicago Blues Brotherrs Fri 18 May 7.30pm Ballet Theatre UK: The Little Mermaid Tues 29 May 7.30pm Black Magic: The Little Mix Show Sat 2 June 3pm & 7pm Ballet Cymru: Cinderellla Fri 15 June 7.30pm John Otway • Fri 22 Jun ne 7.30pm Dusty & The Shade Of The T Sixties Thur 28 June 7.30pm

See for full programme of eventss and up-todate film listings

Image: The Little Mermaid


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Vet at Home Launching a new mobile veterinary service, Folly Care @ Home around the Tewkesbury and Cheltenham area.


atient welfare and client convenience are at the centre of all we do so we’re delighted to introduce our brand new mobile veterinary clinic. If you own a pet and live near Tewkesbury or Cheltenham you now have the choice of Folly coming direct to you. Especially handy for owners of multiple pets, animals with mobility issues or anyone short on time, the option of a home visit offers several advantages. No need to leave the comfort of your home, none of the hassle of a car journey and reduced stress levels for vet-phobic pets. Home visits are offered in pre-booked time slots during which you will be visited by one of our vets and a veterinary nurse in our purpose built mobile clinic. Our newly purchased


Home Visits & two new clinics now available for consultations

consulting van comes complete with a mini waiting area and fully equipped consulting room. Having invested in these superb facilities we now offer a wide range of day to day veterinary services on the move, including vaccinations, flea and worm control, routine health monitoring for conditions like diabetes, post-operative assessments and annual reviews. The mobile clinic is not suitable for emergencies, scans or operations so pets requiring those services will be invited to one of our four sites; the Wheatpieces estate at Walton Cardiff, Tewkesbury, our freshly reopened clinic in Barton Road, Tewkesbury town centre, Bishops Cleeve, near Cheltenham or Leckhampton, near Cheltenham. With so many options for consultations we hope to make it even easier for you to care for your pets.

Our RCVS accredited and cat friendly team of vets and nurses undergo rigorous inspection and adhere to recognised clinical standards. For help and advice on any small animal issue please call us at the clinic most convenient to you, detailed here.

Personal Pet Care Since 1986 Walton Cardiff, Tewkesbury 01684 292244 Town Centre, Tewkesbury NEW! 01684 292244 Bishop’s Cleeve, Cheltenham 01242 679880 Leckhampton, Cheltenham NEW! 01242 234392 Home Visits NEW! 01684 292244 Folly Gardens Vets 25

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Enjoy a spring day out at one of Warwickshire’s most beautiful family homes

NEW PROGRAMME OF EVENTS AT COUGHTON COURT Coughton Court is the ideal setting for a family day out suggests Marketing & Events Officer Abi Cole


uriing the warmer montths the gardens at Coughton Court burst into life, offering a kaleidoscope of vivid colour and sound. From April thousands of daffodils line the paths from the stable yard; from early May a carpet of bluebells shimmers in the woodland whilst apple blossom, roses and perennials fill the ancient borders. As well as the historic house and gardens, there are several local walks to enjoy. Pick up one of our guide cards and explore Kinwarton Dovecote or the Heart of England Forest, or try our Curious Coughton walk and discover more about the site and its place in history. Families can enjoy a stroll along the riverside in search of the ducklings and goslings, not forgetting to pause on the bridge to play a couple of rounds of

Dates for your Diary Pooh Sticks. Follow the River Arrow over to Timms Grove, our beautiful ancient woodland with a Treason Trail themed on the events of the Gunpowder Plot. Before setting off, be sure to grab a hobby horse from the Welcome Centre so the children can ‘gallop’ across the fields. In the woodland they can pretend to be royalty on our gigantic throne, have their photo taken with the Guy Fawkes ‘Wanted’ posters and compose a tune on our outdoor xylophone. If that’s not enough to keep them happy, how about an icecream and some games on the lawn before digging out our ‘50 Things to do…’ booklet. Bughunting anyone?

For opening hours please call 01789 400777 or visit: www.nationaltr t

May Half Term Sat 27 May – Mon 28 May,Wed 30 May – Sun 3 Jun, 11am-4pm. How many of our ‘50 things to do before you’re 11 ¾’ can you tick off? Father’s Day Sun 17 June, 11am – 3pm, Duck race starts 2pm, £2 per duck. Sponsor a duck on our traditional race down the river, plus games and classic cars. Coughton Village Summer Fete Sat 7 July, 12noon – 4pm. Traditional stalls, games and competitions on the lawn to raise money for local causes. Free admission to the gardens. Outdoor Theatre:The Tempest Fri 20 July, gates open 6.30pm for a 7.30pm start. The Lord Chamberlain’s Men perform this Shakespeare classic Adult £15.75, child £8.40, family £40 Box Office - 0344 249 1895 Summer Duck Races Wed 25 July,Wed, 1, 8, 15, 22 and 29 Aug, 2pm £2 per duck Outdoor Theatre:The Hound of the Baskervilles with the Illyria theatre company. Sun 12 August, gates open 6.30pm for a 7.30pm start. Adult £15.75, child £8.40, family £40 Box Office - 0344 249 1895

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Holiday Tradition


ittle Comberton Street Market, now in its 34th year, is held annually on the Saturday of the Whitsun Bank Holiday weekend; this year it takes place on Saturday 26th May between 2pm and 5pm. It’s always a fun afternoon for the whole family - whatever the weather - last year we attracted over 800 visitors. The market promises a unique fête experience - a host of colourful stalls line the lane set against a traditional backdrop of thatched cottages, orchards and hay bales. There’s a fantastic mix of stallholders offering books, plants, vintage goods and collectibles plus local arts and crafts. We welcome new traders so if you are a local crafter or food producer please email The market includes a church exhibition themed ‘Collectors’ Corner’, and plenty of live entertainment with jazz in the beer 28

tent, music in the courtyard, bell ringing and Morris Dancing. There will be a large display of classic cars, weather permitting, and there’s loads to keep children happy including a dedicated games area. We aim to celebrate the best of local produce with asparagus, real ale and cider, pork baps, cream teas and homemade cakes. Little Comberton Street Market is a non-profit making event and all monies raised go to support St. Peter’s Church and Little Comberton Village Hall. Entrance is just £1 per adult and free parking is available on a first come first served basis. For further information please visit our facebook page LittleCombertonStreetMarket1 or website street-market Find the market at Manor Lane, Little Comberton, Pershore, Worcestershire WR10 3EG

WORDS & PHOTOS: Carol Rabbette

Please Join Us Saturday 26th May 2-5pm Street Market  Books  Plants  Vintage & collectibles  Local arts & crafts  Asparagus, strawberries & other local produce Refreshments  Real ale & cider  Pork baps  Homemade cakes  Cream teas  Ice creams Entertainment  Jazz & live music  Bell ringing  Morris dancing  Classic cars  Children’s games

At Vale we’ve been in business since 1969, always offering a personal and friendly service We first started selling Miele products in 1972 and haven’t looked back. Since then we’ve regularly trained our staff and built up our expertise on this impressive brand. For technical advice and customer support, pop into our Evesham showroom. You’ll find a huge range of built-in and freestanding laundry and kitchen appliances and we’ll show you why people love Miele so much. Pop into our friendly showroom at 54 Cheltenham Road, Evesham, WR11 2JZ T: 01386 76 59 59 E:


Professional, reliable personal service at a competitive rate Residential Commercial | Industrial Buzz Electrical’s team of sixteen|fully qualiďŹ ed electricians, approved by the NICEIC, offers exceptional personal service locally; look out for our bright red vans. Call today for a free no obligation quotation For inspiration, hints and tips please visit or follow us on facebook and twitter.

For free, no obligation quotations call 01386 423600

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WIN A CYLINDER VACUUM CLEANER MIELE COMPLETE C3 POWERLINE FROM VALE KITCHENS RRP £250.00 Entering is easy! Just visit by Thursday 31st May 2018 and enter your details as requested. FOR EASY CLEANING Win a Miele cylinder vacuum cleaner from Vale Kitchens, experts in Miele since 1972. With maximum suction power and foot controls for thorough, convenient cleaning, the Complete C3 Powerline offers:  power efficiency motor  versatile applications with a single universal floorhead  three integrated accessories  convenient height adjustment thanks to a telescopic tube  easy cleaning of larger areas thanks to a 12m operating radius  practical locking  comfort cable rewind. To find out more pop into our friendly Evesham showroom at 54 Cheltenham Road, Evesham, WR11 2JZ, open Monday to Friday 8.30pm to 5.30pm and Saturday 8.30am to 4.00pm.

Did You Know? We’ve been your local Miele experts since 1972

Terms & Conditions: One entry per household. UK residents only. Competition closes Friday 31st May 2018 and the winner will be informed by Friday 8th June 2018. Prize will be delivered to a UK address; delivery speed will depend on stock availability. Prize not redeemable for cash. Judges’ decision is final. No correspondence will be entered into.

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...then why not use Life in the Village Folly View. As well as advertising we offer Leaflet Design, Print & Drop. Our rates are surprisingly affordable and with three sister magazines, Life in the Village Bredon, Avon & Severn and Cotswold Edge you can reach up to 12,800 potential customers in the villages between Pershore, Evesham, Broadway, Tewkesbury and Upton upon Severn. To find out more call:

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Boiler Breakdowns Boiler Services from £50 Boiler Installations Radiators & Controls Underfloor Heating Oil & Gas Systems Renewable Energy Bathrooms Over 10 years’ experience

All aspects of plumbing and heating undertaken

01684 210614 07930 639488 Wimber Hill, Dingle Lane, Hill End Twyning, Tewkesbury Glos GL20 6DW 32

All Types of Roofing Work Covered Domestic & Commercial  Fascias, soffits & gutters  Specialists in rubber & fibre glass roofing  EPDM & GRP proven to last 50+ years  20 & 25 year guarantees  Fully qualified & insured  Free Inspection Call for a FREE survey

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        

Free to choose With Independent Financial Adviser, Paul Urmston. How can I make the most of my money? It’s all about having goals, making plans and regularly reviewing your progress. The job of a financial adviser is to help you make good decisions about your money – providing clear information so you can achieve your targets, whether that’s paying off your mortgage, protecting your family or planning your retirement. What’s your style? I take a ‘no jargon’ approach giving simple, Why choose an Independent Financial Adviser (IFA)? Being independent is part of what makes me different. It’s the reason I am free to advise you about products from the entire financial marketplace. I don’t act on behalf of any bank or insurance company. So my recommendations are solely about what’s right for you. Working with 2plan also allows me to offer you all the benefits of a bigger organisation, such as the latest technology, greater financial strength, and the reassurance of a team of experts helping me to get things right first time. 2plan wealth management Ltd is authorised and regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority. It is entered on the Financial Service Register ( under reference 461598. Registered office: 2plan wealth management Ltd, 3rd Floor, Bridgewater Place, Water Lane, Leeds, LS11 5BZ. Registered in England Number: 05998270. VAT Registered: 107831677

To access free guides on financial advice or investments and savings please visit my website

clarifying the confusing terminology and selecting the most suitable financial products to help you meet your goals.

practical explanations that help you understand your choices, the processes involved, and the reasons for my advice. Clients tell me it’s refreshing and so most of my work comes from recommendations. I find dealing with my finances dull and difficult. Inspire me... Many householders are stretched at the moment and could benefit from making their money work harder. Making time to plan your future can free up the choices open to you on a daily basis. Short term, it might mean the difference between the summer holiday you want and the one you have to put up with. Longer term, it can be life changing. Where do we start? I can help you achieve your ambitions by understanding your priorities, explaining your choices,

What experience do you have? I have fourteen years’ experience of successful financial practice, ten of them locally. I advise clients on a wide range of products from the first mortgage to estate planning, My aim is to get to know each individual and understand what’s important to them. As a 2plan adviser I have excellent relationships with local accountants, solicitors and estate agents meaning that you can also benefit from a network of trusted professionals. If you’d like to take a fresh look at your finances please call me on 07738 121636 to arrange an initial no obligation meeting at your home or my office.

Contact Paul on

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Eleven regional offices

BIRLINGHAM Substantial Detached House, With Four Reception Rooms & Four Bedrooms, Situated In A Corner Plot & Having Ample Parking Space & A Useful Detached Double Garage : Reception Hall : Ground Floor Shower Room : Snug : Study/Family Room : Dining Room : Kitchen : Good Sized Sitting Room : Four Bedrooms : Attic/Play Area : En-Suite Shower Room : Family Bathroom : Propane Gas Fired Central Heating : Double Glazing : Ample Parking Space : Detached Double Garage : Good Sized Corner Plot : EPC Rating F


DRAKES BROUGHTON Individual & Well Presented Detached House With Three Bedrooms, Situated In A Large Garden Of About Half An Acre With Delightful Rural Views, Having Scope To Extend Subject To Obtaining Any Necessary Consents : Enclosed Porch : Reception Hall : Cloakroom/Shower Room : Through Sitting Room With Gas Fired Stove : Attractive Kitchen/Diner : Conservatory : Rear Lobby & Utility : Three Bedrooms : Bathroom : Gas Fired Central Heating : Double Glazing : Ample Parking Space : Large Attached Garage : Large Well Stocked Gardens With Lovely Rural Views : EPC Rating D

Offers Around £450,000 PERSHORE Delightful & Well Presented Three Storey Town House, With Four Bedrooms & En-Suite, Conveniently Situated Within Walking Distance Of The Town Centre & Having The Benefit Of A Garage In Masons Ryde : Ground Floor - Entrance Lobby : Dining Room : Sitting Room With Inglenook Fireplace : Rear Lobby : Useful Sun/ Breakfast Room : Kitchen : Utility & Cloakroom : First Floor - Master Bedroom With En-Suite Shower Room : Bedroom Four/Study : Second Floor - Two Further Bedrooms & Bathroom : Gas Fired Central Heating : Attractive Courtyard Garden : Garage Accessed Via Masons Ryde




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Eleven regional offices

PERSHORE Superbly Presented Modern Riverside Property, With Two Bedrooms (Was Three) & Mooring, Situated In A Delightful Location Within Walking Distance Of The Town Centre & Having Lovely Rear Views : Ground Floor Entrance Hall : First Floor - Cloakroom : Kitchen/ Diner : Sitting Room With Small Balcony : Second Floor - Two Bedrooms : En-Suite & Shower Room : Gas Fired Central Heating & Double Glazing : Large Integral Garage : Rear Garden : Mooring With Floating Pontoon : EPC Rating C


WYRE PIDDLE Well Presented & Improved Detached House, With Four Bedrooms, Situated Within The Village : Reception Hall : Cloakroom : Good Sized Sitting Room : Dining Room : Kitchen/Breakfast Room : Large Conservatory : Master Bedroom With En-Suite Shower Room : Three Further Bedrooms & Family Bathroom : Gas Fired Central Heating : Double Glazing : Drive & Ample Parking Space : Attached Tandem Double Garage : Gardens : EPC Rating C

£ 349,950

AB LENCH Attractive Two Storey Terraced Barn Conversion, Situated In A Small Courtyard Of Similar Properties Within This Sought After Rural Lenches Village, With A Small Garden. Character Accommodation With Exposed Beams : Entrance Hall : Cloakroom : Open Plan Living Area : Kitchen : Two Good Bedrooms & Bathroom : Electric Storage Heating : Two Allocated Parking Spaces At The Rear : Garden To The Front & Rear : EPC Rating D



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Cutting Edge How to choose a tree surgeon; advice from Tim Coppin.


f you are planning an outdoor project this spring, be sure of a good outcome by choosing a qualified person to carry out the work. From clearing a garden to erecting a stable yard or limiting the growth of a tree on your boundary, take care to entrust your little patch of England to a responsible professional. Competent tree surgeons have certificates demonstrating that they have been trained and assessed. Some will also have other academic qualifications in arboriculture. They will use specialist safety equipment to protect you, your property and themselves. And when it comes to pruning trees, they will achieve a natural, balanced outline, appropriate in shape and scale to the species and the surrounding landscape. Before you commission anyone it’s a good idea to check out their qualifications, experience and insurance.

NVQ / NPTC Qualified & CHAS Accredited

Get a fixed quote for the work required, be clear about how long it’s likely to take, and what will and won’t be included. A professional will comply with legal requirements, know how handle any boundary issues, liaise with the relevant tree conservation officer if necessary, and deal respectfully with any issues that affect the road or your neighbours. It is usual for professionals to take away and recycle any waste so ask if you will you be left with anything to dispose of yourself and if you can keep any useful by products of the job such as logs or bark chippings. Some indications that you are dealing with a professional are:  NVQ / NPTC professional qualifications demonstrating safety and proficiency in tree climbing, aerial rescue and the use of chainsaws, chippers and stump grinders.  CHAS accreditation. The

Contractors Health and Safety Assessment Scheme is a health and safety accreditation scheme for the construction industry which acts as a type of prequalification during the tender process for contracts with architects, councils, schools and other public bodies.  Professional safety equipment and specialist machinery.  Insurance documentation.  The availability of references. As a team of qualified professionals, based in Beckford, we undertake all types of projects quickly and efficiently including tree surgery, site clearance, hard and soft landscaping, fencing, equestrian and agricultural projects. As well as residential work we specialise in large commercial projects. Please call us on 07557 536 391 or 01386 882 436 for advice.

Contact Tim Coppin

07557 536 391 01386 882 436 36


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Personal data


With Kirsten Cluer


t shouldn’t come as any surprise to anyone now that the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) will come into force from 25th May 2018. All employers will need to comply with its principles when they are processing employees' personal data. If you are handling personal information about individuals you must have identified a legal basis for processing it in advance. There are six legal bases but the three most relevant in the employment context are:  performance of a contract  compliance with a legal obligation and  legitimate interests of the employer. Many companies are still assuming that they can simply rely on consent as their justification for processing personal data. However, this will not be a valid legal basis if there is a clear imbalance of power between a data subject and the data controller, as is considered to be the case in virtually all employment relationships.

Read our blog and see what our clients say about us

So, if you haven't already started, what should you be doing now to prepare for the new regulations? Identify all the personal data that you process on your employees - personnel files, electronic letters, emails to and from employees, appraisals etc then ask yourself the following questions about your reasons for processing data and keep a record of the answers:  What is the purpose of the processing?  Is it necessary for performance of our contract?  Is it necessary for compliance with a legal obligation?  Is it necessary for my legitimate interests as an employer? Once you have identified the legal basis for processing each category of data, you need to ensure that this information is included in the privacy notices provided to job applicants and to employees. You may also need

to maintain a data register. If you are struggling to interpret the GDPR and how they will impact upon your day to day HR processes please call us on 01386 751740 or email

Guiding businesses through the challenges of employment and helping them to grow through their people. Meet the team...





Call on 01386 751 740 Stockton’s Courtyard, Overbury, Tewkesbury GL20 7NT

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“I get so much business from the magazines because they reach precisely the audience I need to communicate with. You can see the energy and enthusiasm that goes into them in the finished product." Sarah Jane Smith BACK ON TRACK, CHIROPRACTIC

“Thank you for the PDF of the usual high standard. We get lots of them downloaded from our website.”

Bill Alloway, Volunteer Website Administrator NATIONAL TRUST COUGHTON COURT

“Your magazines do a really good job for us.”

Robert Stern, CARSMETIX If you’d like more business, locally, why not give us a call? We create high quality, relevant, exclusive content for use across multiple platforms - print, digital and social media - making it easy for you to communicate, whatever your message. We have a proven history of generating growth for a wide range of local organizations since 2005.

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“I’ve had several jobs from the Avon & Severn magazine this season. The advert easily pays for itself.” David Williams EARLY DAWN LANDSCAPES

“I got my copy of The Cotswold Edge yesterday and it looks amazing! I’ve already had a couple of responses. Thank you for your great work.’ Nana Hirayama, NANA’S FOOD JAPAN

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 Telephone: If you do not have access to the internet, or are not comfortable making a claim online you can call the Refunds Helpline on 0300 456 0300 and choose option 6.

Please visit our website to view our many client testimonials

Monies Owed Sarah Ben-Tarifite, solicitor at Thomson & Bancks, on your potential entitlement to a refund.


re you due a refund from Powers of Attorney registration fees? If you registered a Lasting Power of Attorney (LPA) or Enduring Power of Attorney (EPA) between 1 April 2013 and 31 March 2017, you could be entitled to a refund from the Office of the Public Guardian (OPG). Why were people overcharged? This is because the operating costs of the OPG fell, due to an increase in applications and efficiency, but this was not reflected in a reduced application fee. The cost of applications was initially set at £110 and reduced

from 1 April 2017 to £82. Who can make a claim? If you paid to register a LPA or EPA in England or Wales from 1 April 2013 to 31 March 2017 and are either: the ‘donor’ - the person who made the Power of Attorney or an ‘attorney’ appointed by the donor in an LPA or EPA to make decisions on their behalf. The refund must be paid to the donor. If the donor has died, the executor of the will or administrator of the estate can claim a refund and you should contact the OPG directly.

How long does it take? It will take up to twelve weeks for the claim to be processed and if approved, will be paid to the donor’s bank account. If the claim is rejected, an appeal can be made to the Refunds Helpline. Regrettably, we are unable to claim the refund on your behalf and therefore you should contact the OPG. If you have any questions relating to Powers of Attorney, please contact Sarah Ben-Tarifite in our Private Client team on 01386 562000. Sarah is based in Pershore but appointments are also available in Tewkesbury, Cheltenham and our new Stratford-upon-Avon office.

How much can I claim? This depends on when you paid to register the LPA or EPA. Refunds will be in the region of £17.00 - £54.00 per document, plus interest at a rate of 0.5%. How to make your claim? There are two ways to claim:  Online: Completing a simple 10-minute form on: 41

Would you like to get paid to keep fit?

We are looking for distributors to join our growing team. We enjoy working with people who are:  Reliable, honest and polite  Fit and healthy with a practical disposition  Like walking and being in the countryside

 Have a few hours spare, five times a year  Want flexible, part time hours to suit  Able to drive and have their own car*

Rounds are currently available in Wadborough, Earl’s Croome, Longdon, Badsey and various villages across Bredon Hill

Please contact Lisa on

01684 773135


@LisaLambon *If driving, you may need business insurance which is free from many insurers 42

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Thermally efficient, secure & double glazed

Combine the rich heritage of leaded lights and the improved efficiency of modern technology in a timber look window to enhance your home View displays at our Tewkesbury showroom

LIGHT + LEADWORK Leaded glass has been a popular feature of glazing through centuries. Originally, leaded windows were made of small sections of glass supported in lead cames. With modern techniques and improved energy efficiency this effect is achieved by applying the lead to the surface of the glass. We can help you design elegant leaded lights to a square, diamond, Queen Anne or custom pattern, so if your property has existing windows that you’d like to replicate, we can help you maintain the original look.


Our leaded UPVC windows take inspiration from timber and offer traditional features usually only found in wood including exquisite styling, carefully profiled joints and intricate finishing touches such as monkey tail handles. To find out more please visit our Tewkesbury showroom where you can see them for yourself and handle our working displays.

Visit our showroom at Red Lane, Tewkesbury, Glos GL20 5BQ

Call 01684 295038

Open Mon-Thurs 8:30-5, Fri 8:30-4 & Sat 9-1. Free parking. 43

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NEW! Letterbox Flowers - surprise someone you love with a beautiful bouquet delivered through their door Bouquets, Funeral & Sympathy Flowers Private & Corporate Events Weddings & Flower Festivals Balloons & Gift Wrapping Event Management Ample FREE parking FREE delivery within 4 miles Hand-tied bouquets are our speciality

FREE Chocolates

with flowers over £25 to 30/6/18 *Excl. wholesale & Interflora

Three easy ways to order In store, online or call for collection or delivery Same day delivery on orders before 2pm Wholesale blooms to order Open Monday to Saturday 9am-5.30pm. Closed Sunday


Eckington Flower Festival & Open Gardens Saturday 16th & Sunday 17th June 2018, 10am-5pm daily Reductions for groups 10+

Photos: David Bainbridge

Call to book ahead for reduced rates & a free cup of tea for every coach passenger


Enjoy a summer’s day out in support of Holy Trinity church.

or anyone who loves beautiful gardens a visit to Eckington’s annual open event should not be missed. The village is lucky to have a number of spectacular gardens, outstanding in their design and location, which are included in the National Gardens scheme. There are also another 30 more gardens, of varying size and designs, for you to enjoy. Holy Trinity church will be decorated by our talented florists

who compete to ensure an outstanding themed display. With a variety of entertainment on offer including live music, classic cars, a plant stall, a grand prize draw and plenty of home baked refreshments, there’s something for all ages. A complimentary mini-bus circles the village on both days to transport visitors from garden to garden. To help those with mobility issues, we clearly mark gardens that are wheel-chair

friendly. We welcome coaches, parties of local groups and gardening clubs but please arrange ahead on 07967 503288 so that we can reserve parking. Eckington lies on the B4080, halfway between Tewkesbury and Pershore, nestled under Bredon Hill. There are two pubs, a shop and walks down to the river where there’s a wharf and picnic area overlooking the medieval bridge. Please find us using postcode WR10 3AN.

Weekend Admission Adults £6 Children Free Free Car Parking - Coaches Welcome Call 07967 503288 Visit Email 45

Green by Design Vale of Evesham recycling company, Budget Skips, was established with the aim of managing waste in the ‘greenest’ way possible. With an extension to the site and a new project planned, their operation is set to become even more efficient. We caught up with Barry Holloway. Budget Skips has always been known as ‘the green skip company’ so what’s new? We’re busy planning the next phase in our development - a twelve month project of expansion which will make us larger and more efficient. It’s the logical result of the growth we’ve enjoyed over the last eighteen years. How has the operation grown? When we set up on 1st November 2000, we had just two lorries and a single vision - to change the way that waste was disposed of for good. In the last eighteen years, the company has 46

enjoyed healthy expansion as a result of continual investment in and support from the local community. We now employ more than 48 people and with over 750 skips, a modern fleet of specialist vehicles, and a large, state of the art recycling plant (self-sufficient in electricity and water), we can deal with almost any type and volume of waste on site. The business may look very different from the outside but our vision remains the same. To achieve it, we have to constantly adapt so we’re always looking for new and innovative ways to deal with the waste the community produces.

What is the plan for 2018? We’ve recently been granted planning permission for an extension to the site across four acres. Our intention is to build a biomass plant so that we can store and recycle the waste wood we receive for use as fuel. Currently, we sort wood and transport it other sites where it is recycled but our new project will allow us to recycle in-house, reducing the amount of waste going off site and making us more efficient. How will it work? By generating heat and energy we’ll be able to power our entire

Company Promotion

site and have some spare capacity. The heat generated will be blown into a huge shed and used to dry the wet soil we receive here which is unfit for use. This will then be screened, blended, processed and analysed to create a high grade topsoil which complies with British Standard 3882:2015. China has recently stopped buying plastic. What effect has this had? The plastics market has crashed, as has cardboard and paper, so all three are proving more difficult to recycle. Unless the policymakers change the laws, the reality is that some plastics may once again be returned to landfill. However, it’s always our aim to recycle as much waste as possible and we are successful with 95% of waste received. What can each individual do to ensure their household waste is managed properly? Always use a reputable waste

management company. We all have a duty of care that our waste is disposed of responsibly. We’re proud that the vast majority of products we handle are made good for future use. We recover over 250 tonnes of recycled topsoil and aggregate daily, as well as woods, plastics, metals, paper, card and more. In a typical month, we treat and recycle over 6000 tonnes of raw materials for plastic manufacturers, paper mills, landscapers and others. Not only is this ethical but it means we can offer customers the most competitive rates. To find out more about skip hire please call today for a quote on 01386 841 181.

Recycling 95% of waste brought onto site  2, 3, 4 yard mini & midi skips  6 & 8 cubic yard builders skips  Larger skips on request  Clean crushed hardcore  Topsoil BS3882:2015

Call 01386 841 181 /budgetskiphire 47


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Motoring made


Eddie Robinson on how the MOT rule changes due on 20th May 2018 will affect you.

Great Value Combo Deals

What’s changing with the new test? A stricter MOT comes into force from 20th May with new defect categories, tougher rules for diesel car emissions, and some exemptions. The changes will apply to cars, vans, motorcycles and other light passenger vehicles.

What else is new? Testers will have to check if tyres are obviously underinflated, if brake fluid is contaminated, for fluid leaks, brake pad warning lights, missing brake pads and discs, reversing lights and daytime running lights on some newer vehicles.

How will problems be listed? The current test has pass, fail or advisory but under the new law defects will be classed as ‘dangerous, major or minor’, depending on the type of problem and how serious it is. The big difference is that vehicles which are classed as dangerous can no longer be driven on the road and must now be repaired beforehand. Major faults should be repaired immediately and minor as soon as possible.

What about emissions? There will be stricter tests for emissions from diesel cars with a diesel particulate filter (DPF). We have to record a major fault if smoke of any colour comes from the exhaust or there is evidence that the DPF has been tampered with. Is it right that vintage cars are now exempt? Cars, vans, motorcycles and other light passenger vehicles won’t need an MOT if they’re over 40 years old and have not been substantially

Call O1386 882011

Compare our prices:      

Full Service & MOT £195 inc. parts MOT & Mini Service £135 inc. parts Air Con Service £65 ReGas £49 Repairs, diagnostics & oil changes Tyre fitting & laser alignment tracking service  FREE tyre & under bonnet check  FREE local collection & courtesy car ( subject to availability)

Beckford d oa nR

Find us opposite The Beckford Inn Station Yard, Station Rd Beckford GL20 7AN

changed. You can check the date the vehicle was registered online. However, all vehicles over three years old still need an MOT. We’ll continue to offer honest advice about items you need to keep an eye on as regular maintenance will always save you money and hassle long term.

tio St a

MOT £36 with a service





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It’s the ideal way to raise your business profile locally & our rates are surprisingly affordable. With three sister magazines, Life in the Village - Bredon, Avon & Severn and Cotswold Edge - you could reach up to 12,800 homes & businesses in the villages around Pershore, Evesham, Broadway, Tewkesbury & Upton upon Severn. To find out more contact:

Lisa 01684 773135

Building all kinds of ponds & water features from the smallest garden focal point to an en�re lake... PLEASE CALL TODAY FOR ADVICE Having trained at Pershore College 20 years ago, been awarded an RHS Chelsea Gold Medal and undertaken many projects, both domes�c and commercial, I offer a complete design service from a new pa�o, pergola or fence to a comprehensive garden makeover. I only construct one project at a �me and will always be on site myself. Whatever the size or scope of your project, call today for your FREE Consulta�on.

Contact Richard on

07860 603598 50

RHS Chelsea Gold Medal Winner

10% off

Advance tickets booked before 31 May 2018 Quote code LITV18

ANIMAL inspiration

A day out at the Royal Three Counties Show 15-17 June, is a great way to celebrate the best of farming, local food and family fun suggests Head of Shows Diana Walton.

What’s special about this year’s show? We’re incredibly proud to mark the 60th year of our namesake show. Our roots stretch back over 220 years but this year we’re celebrating our ‘diamond’ anniversary with a sparkling line up. What’s fresh this year? We’ve some wonderful new additions including our Gardening Hub, Ask the Groom and the muchloved actors from the Archers. This year Worcestershire hosts the show, sharing some of the best bits of the county with

visitors. Worcestershire Music will entertain the crowds, and visitors can follow a trail of beautiful works of art from celebrated artist, David Birtwhistle. The extremely popular Medieval reenactment camp returns to focus on Worcestershire’s exciting history and The Firs, birth place of Sir Edward Elgar, will be showcasing an original piano owned by Elgar. And the traditional favourites? Visitors always love the incredible entertainment in the action-packed Main Arena, getting up close to animals in the livestock sheds, and being able to sample so much delicious local food and drink. It’s a fantastic family day out, with something suitable for all ages. Advanced tickets are now on sale, with a 10% discount with code LITV18 before 31/5/18.

For information on ticket prices and further details about the show please visit or call 0844 811 0050 Company Promotion


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Until 30/6/18

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PHOTOS: Stuart Purfield WORDS: Angela Taylor

Celebrating Asparagus


he Vale of Evesham is home to one of the most amazing green vegetables which is growing in popularity and fame all over the world. In 2017 Vale asparagus gained Geographical Protected Food status from the EU which now puts the majestic ‘gras’ on an exclusive list of elite food and drinks. And this year, it’s official; for the first time ever, 23rd April, St Georges Day, also marks National Asparagus Day! The celebrations start with the Great English Asparagus Run, during which we commend the “100” round of Vale Gras. The journey begins at The Fleece at Bretforton then continues via the Asparagus Express steam train from the newly opened Broadway station to Cheltenham, on the first non-stop locomotive to run in 80 years. Why not book tickets and join us on this inimitable journey? The Asparabus Tours, 10th and

17th May, operated by the Vale of Evesham Tour Guides and Dudley’s Coaches, also offer a great value #AmazingAsparagus day out, complete with an asparaguide. Call 01386 792206 to book your seat. Or join us for The Asparagus Family Colour Fun Run, a 5k multi -terrain run, suitable for all ages, which takes place on 20th May at The Valley, Evesham. Feel alive as asparagus green paints bombs rain down and take the opportunity to meet Gus the Asparagus Man! The Famous Fleece Asparagus Auctions take place on 27th May and 3rd June. Bretforton Silver Band will entertain the crowds as the season’s best and freshest local asparagus is auctioned, often to national media attention. For full details on all Asparagus Festival events please email join us on social media, or visit

Asparadates Monday 23 April National Asparagus Day Great English Asparagus Run Thursday 10 & 17 May Asparabus Coach Tours Sunday 20 May Asparagus Family Colour Fun Run Sunday 27 May & 3 June The Famous Fleece Asparagus Auctions Friday 22 - Sunday 24 June National Morris Weekend The British Asparagus Festival @AsparagusFest


Join us!

Decorated giraffes will on show in Worcester from the 9th July to the 16th September

Worcester Stands Tall The giraffes are coming – get set for Worcester Stands Tall. With Helen Griffee of St Richard’s Hospice.


he biggest public art event ever seen in Worcester will take the city by storm this summer as gentle, giant giraffe sculptures stand tall in our midst. Thirty huge individually decorated giraffe sculptures will be majestically towering over residents and visitors from July 9th to September 16th for Worcester Stands Tall – a Wild in Art event brought to the city by St Richard’s Hospice. The large giraffes will be joined by at least 25 baby giraffe sculptures – smaller, but crafted just as creatively, by students and teachers in local schools. The baby giraffes will also be displayed during the trail. The event is set to inspire residents and visitors to uncover


the city’s cultural gems and discover areas they may not have explored before. Funded by companies and individuals from around the county, the sculptures will be brought to life by regional and national artists to create the visually stunning trail of art. The large sculptures will be auctioned this October to raise money for the St Richard’s Hospice Build 2020 Appeal. The smaller sculptures will be returned to the schools and groups which decorated them, as a lasting memento. Wild in Art is one of the UK’s leading creative producers of spectacular public art events and previous trails, such as The Big Hoot in Birmingham and GoGoGorillas in Norwich have been massive public success stories as well as raising vital funds for charity. Not only will this new project inspire civic pride and conversation and give

Photos clockwise; Fundraising Director Tricia Cavell with Ivan Knezovich, Managing Director of West Midland Safari Park; Pupils from Bowbrook House school with the giraffes; The giraffes wrapped and ready for collection by the artists with Sara Matthews Worcester Stands Tall project manager.

people an opportunity to get active on a free and fun day out, but we also hope to raise a significant sum for the Build 2020 appeal to build a bigger hospice, enabling more patients and families to be cared for in Worcestershire. For further details please visit our websites


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Salted Caramel, Peanut and Chocolate Tart Crisp pastry, sweet salty caramel and rich, smooth ganache combine in this sumptuous dessert, a favourite at Belle House. INGREDIENTS SWEET PASTRY 500g flour 150g soft butter 100g caster sugar 100g icing sugar 2 eggs 50ml cold water SALTED CARAMEL & PEANUT BASE 30g liquid glucose 185g caster sugar 15g salted butter 100g double cream 1g rock salt a generous handful of salted peanuts

CHOCOLATE GANACHE TOPPING 85g cream 20g butter, softened 75g dark chocolate 10g liquid glucose cocoa powder

Serves 6 56

METHOD  Put flour, butter & sugars into a mixing bowl or food processer and mix until it becomes the texture of breadcrumbs.  Whisk water and eggs together, pour over flour mixture & mix to create a dough.  Knead briefly on a floured surface, form into a log shape then wrap in cling film. Place in the fridge & leave to rest for 30minutes (or it can be frozen at this stage).  Roll and line a 7” tart case and blind bake, lined with greaseproof paper & baking beans, at 170 degrees for 12 minutes. Remove the beans then bake for a further 4 minutes.  Melt the glucose in a pan, add the sugar and gradually cook until light caramel in colour.  Gently heat the cream.  Add the butter to the caramel, add the salt, then slowly add the cream.  Pour into the cooked tart case and sprinkle over a handful or so of nuts. Allow the caramel to set before making the ganache.  Boil the cream and then take off the heat.  Melt half the chocolate in a bowl over a pan of simmering water and mix into the cream.  Add the remaining chocolate, still in cold, solid form, to cool down the mixture.  When all is combined, gently fold in the softened butter and liquid glucose.  Pour onto the cooled caramel/nuts and cool.  To serve, dust with cocoa powder.

Recipe courtesy of Steve Waites proprietor of Belle House Restaurant & Deli-Traiteur, Bridge Street, Pershore, WR10 1AJ. 57

Natural Paving & so much more…

Spring Offer Artificial grass from £8.25m2 + VAT (33mm) Ends 30/6/18 Fit also available Now Stocking Solid Composite Decking

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Policing South Worcestershire

With Chief Superintendent Kevin Purcell, our long-term columnist in his role as Policing Commander for South Worcestershire. Following promotion, he is now responsible for the West Mercia patch of Shropshire, Telford and Wrekin. Congratulations on your promotion. What experience will you be drawing on in your new role? I’ve been in policing for 30 years so have had loads of experience on the ground. I’ve taken policing command for three local areas, been a senior investigating officer for serious and organised crime and murders, been a firearms commander and worked alongside many partners in the community. I’m not leaving South Worcestershire because it’s where I live, and I still have loads of projects based at our Worcester HQ; I like to think I’m just commuting a bit further. What made you become a police officer? It’s something I’ve always wanted to do, even as a small boy. It’s much more that a job to me - If I’m not working, I’m active on social media or attending evening meetings, trying to offer reassurance to the public and make sure we’re doing the best job we can. I never imagined I’d reach the rank I’m at now but an opportunity came along as a result of the change to the West Mercia policing model and I’m proud to have been successful. Tell us about the new model. Our vision remains the same - to protect people from harm, and be

as efficient and effective as we can be, right now and for the future, especially when dealing with the most vulnerable members of our communities. What changes have been made? The new model went live on 8th April 2018, after extensive research and crime data analysis. It’s designed to ensure local police officers are available and visible on our streets, making it easier for people to contact us when they need our help, and ensuring that the public receive the right support as quickly as possible increasing their confidence in us. How will this affect day to day policing? The main changes include adapting shift patterns so that we have more officers on duty when the public needs them most. We’re also focusing on more collaborative working with our partners to solve problems in communities in a joined up way; improving police officer visibility; maximising the benefits of new technologies; and addressing changing demands. What will this mean for us? . We’ll have more officers on duty when the public needs them most, and we’ll be providing a more focussed and efficient

Finalist for the International ConnectedCOPS Awards for work on social media #TopCop

service. Increasing the accessibility of our officers will allow us to place increased emphasis on working with our communities, listening to their needs and responding to them. Do the changes mean a reduction in police officers? There are no reductions in our Safer Neighbourhood Teams or our Community Support Officers but to protect and invest in our front line, we’ve made some changes at managerial level. We’ve also made significant investments in technology such as mobile data devices, which help to keep our workforce visible and present in their communities. What makes policing effective in a rural community? Visibility, pro-active work, partnership and good communication. It’s important to make sure that residents are doing everything they can to help themselves. We could still be more effective with Neighbourhood Watch so that we have a more joined up approach, especially now social media enables us to so quickly highlight issues. If everyone could be more vigilant and 59

share reports of suspicious activity we’d see a drop in crime. What’s West Mercia hoping to achieve next in regards to rural crime? We’ve appointed a specialist rural crime officer who is there to listen to the concerns of the community then come back and tell us what’s required. Residents often ask for visibility but we have to balance this against our covert work. Lots of rural crime – such as the theft of Land Rovers or quad bikes – takes place at night. If we commit too many officers to the day shift then we have no resources available for our vital undercover operations, but of course the public don’t see them. What are three good things people would say about you? I’m enthusiastic, I’m devoted to the police force and I care – both about the people we police and my team. It’s what drives me every day. What are the key values you work to? I start with a clear understanding that we’re the only police service people get so, unlike in most areas of life, they don’t have a choice who to use. As a monopoly we have an absolute duty to get it right, offer satisfaction and instil confidence. Police visibility is so important so we’re always looking at new ways to be more accessible such as our mobile police stations which now travel around South Worcestershire. We may live in a low crime area but that doesn’t mean people don’t worry. Besides, every crime is a problem to the one person who experiences it. You have a significant 60

following on twitter and were a founder member of the online policing community @WeCops. Why is social media so important to you? It’s a practical way for us to be visible in peoples’ lives every day, a platform where we can explain what we do and gain confidence. We only police by consent and we have to be accountable. I have some challenging interactions on twitter but if people are unhappy we must look hard at what and think about why. What’s the most satisfying aspect of your work? Just a thank you. Sometimes we make a difference in a small way to someone’s life and it’s really great for that to be acknowledged. I get lovely letters from people who say they feel that they’ve been listened to and can see that we’ve done our best. It’s not always simply a conviction that people want. How do you relax? Rugby mainly - I’m secretary of Malvern Rugby Club - and I love walking my two dogs. What’s your guilty pleasure? I do like a good craft beer.

What single thing would reduce the amount of suffering caused by crime? A greater sense of community - a society where people always look out for one another, protect each other and see a crime against their neighbour as a crime against themselves.

Get In Touch... Contact your local Safer Neighbourhood Team on 101 or dial 999 in an emergency. Call Crimestoppers on 0800 555111 to report information anonymously. Visit our website and use the postcode finder for local news Follow us on twitter @CSuptKevPurcell @SWorcs Cops @PershoreCops @EveshamCops @MalvernCops


A 3 Month Film Pass For The Roses There’s no better way to enjoy a film than on the big screen. The Roses in Tewkesbury is offering two lucky readers a three month unlimited film pass for two people. The Roses’ film programme brings together a huge variety of blockbuster, independent and foreign language films. With over 150 different films programmed each year, there is always something new and different to see. New films are added to The Roses’ schedule on a regular basis. To see current listings, visit

How To Enter To enter, visit and complete the details on the entry form. Terms and Conditions One entry per household. UK residents only. Competition closes Thursday 31 May 2018 and the winners will be informed by Tuesday 5 June 2018. Prize not redeemable for cash. Judges’ decision is final. No correspondence will be entered into. 61


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Why Choose E Hill & Son As Your Funeral Director In A Time Of Need?

PHOTOS Left & Bottom of page Steve Gledhill, Below Jen Creese Bottom right Andrew Cooke

Ashton under Hill Open Gardens 9th & 10th June 1-6pm

The villagers of Ashton under Hill have been opening their gardens for 41 years and regularly attract over 1000 visitors. Andy Cooke explains.


he pretty Cotswold village of Ashton under Hill hosts its popular annual open gardens event on Saturday 9th and Sunday 10th June when 25 gardens will be open and there will be several delightful frontages to enjoy. This year’s theme is ‘Nature in the Garden’. As well as the many lovely spaces to explore, there will be a mixture of entertainment, displays and exhibitions in the church and our two village schools, a gardener’s raffle plus craft and plant sales. A photographic competition will run during the weekend and we welcome entries from any keen amateurs or budding professionals who would like the opportunity to win a prize and perhaps see their work used for publicity in future years. As always, a wide range of refreshments will be on offer including ploughman’s lunches and cream teas in the marquee. Fresh sandwiches, tea

and cakes will be on sale in the Village Hall, courtesy of the local WI, and meals will be available at the The Star. For those looking for culture and something a little different, there will be an exhibition of flower paintings in St Barbara’s Church and organ recitals on both Saturday and Sunday. Adult entry is only £6, for both days, with children under 16 admitted free of charge. Coach and car parking is also free and we offer a discount on the ticket price for large parties. For those concerned about excessive walking we operate a complimentary minibus which travels the length of the village. For more details please contact Andrew Cooke on 01386 881715, John Kenrick on 01386 881431 or email For the most up to date news on the weekend please visit our website or find us at groups/ashtonopengardens 63

*Free chocolates when you order flowers over £25 by 30/6/18. Excludes wholesale & Interflora.

Lif ini the Life

Lif iin the Life










*Artificial grass supply and fit also available from our in-house landscape team. Ends 30/6/18 or whilst stocks last.


Lif ini the Life

Lif ini the Life th



Compare our prices: Softwood 8'x8"x4" £14.50+VAT. New Oak 8'x8"x4"£26.00 +VAT. Ends 30/6/18 or whilst stocks last. The Old Sawmill, Evesham Rd, Toddington Glos GL54 5DF 01242 620 000

The Old Sawmill, Evesham Rd, Toddington Glos GL54 5DF 01242 620 000

*Current Spar Bredon price £37.99. Whilst stocks last or ends 30/6/18. Quote LITV.


Ends 30/6/18. Bredon based mobile service 01684 773900 or 07530 090 898

Call & Collect on 01684 772394 Church Street, Bredon, Tewkesbury Gloucestershire GL20 7LA





For new clients only; existing clients bring a friend and both get 20% off until 30/6/18 Please present voucher at Reception. Offers cannot be combined. T’s & C’s apply.

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Lif ini the Life th

Lif ini th Life the

Autumn, Light Grey & Raj Sandstone from £14.00m2+VAT. *Full packs only, collected. Ends 30/6/18 or whilst stocks last. The Old Sawmill, Evesham Rd, Toddington Glos GL54 5DF 01242 620 000

Lif ini th Life the

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*For Fri/Sat/Sun when booked by 31/5/2018. Offer cannot be applied retrospectively. Quote code LITV18. Call 0844 811 0050 (calls cost 7p per minute plus network extras) or visit


*Free bottle of prosecco when a group of 6 book our Luxury Spring Cream Tea until 30/6/18. One per person. Worcester Rd, Mythe, Tewkesbury GL20 6EB 01684 299996

Lif ini the Life

Lif ini the Life

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For new customers of Beauty Beyond until 30/6/18. Please present voucher at reception. Offers cannot be combined. T’s & C’s apply. The Coach House, 2a Bull Lane, Winchcombe Glos GL54 5HY 01242 604 017



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Life in the Village - Folly View - Late Spring 2018  

Life in the Village - Folly View - Late Spring 2018

Life in the Village - Folly View - Late Spring 2018  

Life in the Village - Folly View - Late Spring 2018