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Live Healthy Till You are One Hundred Years Old How You Can Improve Your Credit Score Here ph

A recent article celebrating a centenarian’s birthday says healthy habits can help one live longer . That, it is about thirty percent genetics and seventy percent lifestyle. While there may be lack of conclusive research to substantiate such statement, it perhaps is not too far off the mark. The story talks about avoiding red meat, eating healthy, no smoking, moderate drinking, staying away from processed foods and exercising. Various ancient yogic texts also talk about longevity of life and ways to live till one is hundred and beyond. Interestingly, eating well, vegetarianism, teetotalism, exercising, meditation, discipline — all put together — still make a small impact compared to one’s outlook towards life and others. Patanjali (150 BCE), a great yoga master, in his famous aphorisms lists ten prerequisites that help anyone live longer and a peaceful life. He goes on to state that before any physical postures of yoga or meditation can help anyone, one ought to be following the ten principles, not necessarily commandments, just guiding principles. He categorizes them under moral restraints and self discipline. Briefly they are: Yama — moral restraints or principles (how you treat others): 1. Truth: The practice of truth makes one fearless. Mark Twain once said, "If you tell the truth, you don’t have to remember anything." 2. No violence: No matter how much we subdue our conscience but any violence expressed in speech, actions or thoughts takes you away from that state of bliss and joy. It makes you heavy. 3. No hoarding: Hoarding is burdensome. It adds to the clutter, and, clutter, however organized, remains a mess after all. Do you really need another gadget, another dress, another pair of shoes, another car, another house? 4. No Stealing: We want to have others’ when we are not contented with what we have. Stealing is not always an act of burglary; stealing credit owed to someone else, stealing work done by another person and adultery are all forms of stealing. And each type creates fear and restlessness.


5. No illicit sex: If only people could stay true to their marriage or relationships, majority of their problems will solve themselves. When you want to make up for your shortcomings through your partner, you will always be attracted to the idea of moving on rather than make it work. Continued on the next page

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Live Healthy Till You are One Hundred Years Old  
Live Healthy Till You are One Hundred Years Old