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Manage Your Time

Tips from a Successful Mum and Author

Threads of Grace

The Journey of One Mother Giving Back

Boredom Busters

Forests, Farm Animals and Fun in the Scenic Rim!

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Editor’s Letter Welcome to the first issue of Coast Kids. It has been exciting creating a new publication for and about our community. To make sure our magazine has everything you need, I have pulled together a talented group of local contributors who are experts in their fields. I thank them and our advertisers who, as family-friendly businesses, were keen to support a new magazine from an established publisher, Lifestyle Publishing & Media and myself, the founder of the website Savvy Mama. In each of our monthly issues, you will find helpful regular features that cover areas important to anyone with children, like health and nutrition, including yummy recipes and tips, a calendar of what’s on around the Coast, useful new products, fashion, special events, well-being, a monthly art project, education, even business articles because so many of us are either self-employed, running businesses or keen to do so, and much more. We might even snap you out and about so make sure you check our ‘Mamarazzi’ pages, the social pages for local parents.

Table of Contents Regular Features

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7 Tips to help the kids head back to school with confidence ..................................8 Are your kids confident about heading back to school?

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Best wishes for the New Year. Let’s work together to make 2011 an amazing year for you and your family! See you next month… Be your Best! Keeley O’Connor

Threads of Grace ............................ 16 A gorgeous story about one local mother’s journey to give back. WIn ........................................................ 29 Win a Drax 4 Kids party for 10 kids.

To make sure we include what you want, feel free to write to me with feedback, article ideas, event invitations and anything you think other parents will want to read about. My email is We think you will come to love, and rely on, your monthly issue of Coast Kids!

Tips for Managing your Time .... 11 From co-author of the best selling cook book series ‘4 Ingredients’, Rachel Bermingham.

Scenic Rim Boredom Busters .. 32 Have you and the kids ever taken an adventure to the Scenic Rim? LAUNCH ISSUE – JANUARY 2011 – FREE

kids WIN!

A Drax 4 Kids Party See page 29

Manage Your Time

Tips from a Successful Mum and Author

Threads of Grace

The Journey of One Mother Giving Back

Boredom Busters

Forests, Farm Animals and Fun in the Scenic Rim!


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Coast Kids

Our Contributors Andrea Pelikan Positive Parenting

Andrea is a mum of three, twin boys aged five and daughter six, and a wellness and parenting advisor. She is a spiritual healer with a passion to help children improve their self-esteem, confidence and selfacceptance. Andrea has published a positive affirmation book for children and co-authored ‘Living an Abundant Life’.

Fe Taylor Health & Wellbeing Fe is the director of Leaps & Bounds Children’s Fitness Centre, Fe Taylor Fitness and also the Children’s Health & Wellbeing Expo, held annually on the Gold Coast. Fe’s health & wellbeing programs are associated with the GCCC Active & Healthy Program.

nicole Swan Education Local Gold Coast education consultant, Nicole Swan, is a qualified childhood educator with diplomas in early childhood education, Montessori, phonics and has a Bachelor of Children Services from Bond University. She has 13 years teaching experience in Australia and Canada. Amardy dhanoya Keeping It Real A proud stay-at-home mother of two beautiful children, daughter Marley two and son Kaius one, Amardy teaches a Zumba class for mums and kids, and is currently studying to become a qualified doula. She has a background in media and worked in the industry for 10 years mainly in magazines. Tania Usher Business

Louise Elliot BSC (HMS) Food & nutrition A proud, single mother to 12 year old Josiah, Louise works passionately as a diet and fitness coach, health writer and editor. She is the creator of the school nutrition show ‘The Amazing Army’, master trainer and author of ‘The Superfruit Juice Book’.

Jane Whittred Arts & Creativity Jane’s most rewarding role is that of a teacher. Having been artistic for as long as she can remember, and now a mum to three young children, she fits it all into her creative world, and in return has learnt so much about how young minds think and learn.

Tania is an internationally renowned marketing communication strategist, business coach, author, speaker and adventurer. Tania aims to touch as many lives as possible with her authentic and heart-centred ‘get naked’ approach to business where she strips back the hype to expose raw and uncut strategies for life, business and success. Kathy Whines & debbie Hoggs Life Skills Debbie is mum to Jemma, ten and Amy, nine. Kathy is mum to Emma 12 and together they are creators of ‘Life Skills Programs’. Both Kathy and Debbie are spirited and passionate life coaches with over 20 years coaching experience between them. They are specialists in family coaching.

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Coast Kids

Back to School with


Written by Kathy Whines and Debbie Hogg - Life Skills Programs Pty Ltd


he countdown is on! So, what is on your child’s back-to-school list? New school bag, new uniform, connecting with old friends, meeting new ones? School supplies and thinking about reconnecting with friends can help your children get ready for school, but there are other matters that children need to consider, too. Many children feel nervous before starting school – they may even feel anxious for the first few months. Signs of anxiety might include: stomach ache, trouble sleeping, crying more often, clinginess or jumpiness. To help them feel more confident, talk to your child about what it was like when you went to school; explain that going to school is something that everyone does and it is a normal part of growing up. We suggest making things as easy as possible for school-aged kids by planning in advance. It’s normal for children to feel apprehensive, nervous and excited about going back to school. A wide range of emotions may come into play. They may wonder whether their friends will be in their new class, if homework will be difficult, or if they’re just starting school, practical concerns like where the bathrooms are or where they will eat lunch. Children love stories, so share your school experiences with your child. Did you have a funny or inspiring teacher? Did you make some great friends on your first day? Sharing these stories will let your child know that you have been through this too and that the experience can be a positive and happy one. Rather than dismissing your child’s fears and anxieties with comments

8 | Coast Kids

like, “don’t be silly, you’ll be fine”, let them know that you understand and it is normal to feel a little bit nervous before the first day of school. Ask them to think of all the fun things they will be doing on that day. This will take the focus off the negative and onto the positive. Aside from these practical tips, it’s important to ensure your children have a healthy level of self-esteem and confidence. This is the foundation for feeling worthwhile, believing they are capable and can extend themselves as learners. Children with a healthy level of self-esteem and confidence are far more likely to feel comfortable stepping out of their comfort zones and trying new experiences. As parents, we can let them know through our language and our behaviour that they are capable and worthwhile, and they will begin to believe it!

7 Tips for Back to School Confidence 1. Create a calendar Create a calendar so that you can talk about January as the back-to-school month and count down the days. These rituals help children back into thinking about school (or start thinking about it for the first time). 2. normal bedtimes Slowly move bedtimes back to normal. This will ease your children back into a bedtime routine, as well as help accommodate earlier wake-up times. 3. Shopping for school If you have a back-to-school shopping list, you can invite your child along to help pick the things he or she might need for the upcoming school year. Many children find it exciting to go out on a special shopping trip with mum or dad before school starts. 4. no need to rush On their first day, get up early to allow plenty of time to get ready for a smooth and calm start. 5. Model a confident mindset Children need to hear what a confident mindset sounds like. They pick up your thinking as well as your language, so teach your children how to approach tricky or new situations confidently by doing so yourself. 6. Optimism Encourage your children to look on the bright side. Optimism is catching and helps them to overcome their fears. Help your children to set their antennae to look for the good, something positive or a lesson in any situation. 7. Focus on their strengths Fault-finding can become a habit for some parents. Step back and look at supposed faults through a different lens (i.e. stubbornness can be rebadged as determination). Let them know what their strengths are so they know what they are good at!

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Great Tips For Managing Your Written by Rachel Bermingham


10 | Coast Kids

Time is our greatest commodity of all and something if wasted, you can never, ever replace. Text courtesy of, ‘Read My Lips’ book Get A diary Or Schedule This is not only a FANTASTIC resource for managing your time, but it also helps you to remember everything important and allows you to see what you have in your day already so you don’t over commit. It also helps you work to your character style. I always say we come in 3 different varieties - the hero who has to be responsible and take control of everything and everyone so things get done etc... the people pleaser - says yes to everything so they don’t have to offend anyone by saying no, and the lounge lover - the person who is either finding it hard to get started simply because they don’t know how or because they simply don’t want to. Regardless of your character we all aspire to do things and having a schedule to work from assists us to help make this happen. Plan This is incredibly essential. Spend some time planning what you want to do so you know what steps you need to take and when. This helps you tenfold to achieve any goal you

desire. I sit down once a month and begin adding appointments to my schedule. I start with everything to do with my family and friends (as that is my #1 priority), so birthdays, anniversaries, special events and holidays go in so I don’t forget the most important days to the special people in my life. If your schedule reflects more of what you want to rather than what you have to do then you will always feel good; doing the opposite will make you feel unhappy. Then I add to my schedule all my trips, speaking engagements, appearances and meetings, next comes the things that need to be done but are flexible in terms of when I can do them such as exercise, catch ups with friends, groceries and my favourite (not) cleaning the house. Work Out Your Own Style Not everyone has the same amount of energy and we all work better at various times throughout the day. So if you’re an early-bird, schedule in as much work in the mornings as possible as this is when you will be at your most productive and effective. If you’re

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Feature a night owl - do it during the evening hours. This will also depend on your responsibilities too, my day pre-children looked a whole lot different to what it does today after having a baby. Before Jaxson I could book something in and allocate it to a time slot ie; 7.30-8.30am check emails, 8.30-9.30am business calls, 9.30-10.30am marketing consulting with Jane etc. These days I put 5 things in my day schedule and I do them when I can. Having children means you can’t always stick to scheduled times so I alleviate the stress by putting the five activities into my schedule and make sure I do them at some point throughout the day unless it’s a meeting or speaking engagement which can’t be moved around easily. Use A Buffer Zone We all have unexpected things that come up. Friends pop in, someone needed you to help them urgently, a job takes a little longer, transport is delayed, you slept in, or sometimes you just didn’t feel like doing something that you had to do (which often masquerades the fact that you need to take a little time out!)... Each day wherever possible, make a space in your diary for a buffer zone so you still have another block of time to have another crack at finishing something. AND if you have finished everything, then you can relax and spend that time on YOU! Outsource What You Procrastinate On We’ve all got our strengths - my weakness is in MYOB data entry, so to alleviate any stress or costly mistakes at tax time, I have a bookkeeper who is simply sensational and LOVES, LOVES, LOVES doing it and does it incredibly well. I’m happy, she’s happy and the tax man is happy so everyone wins and we’re all doing the things we love rather than stressing over the ones we don’t.

Minimise Unecessary Tasks Before I did get myself organised, one thing you would find me doing CONSTANTLY was going to the supermarket every other day to get ingredients for dinner. Often it would be a costly trip because I’d go in without really thinking what we were having for dinner so would end up with a variety of ingredients I didn’t even get to use, and also waste time and fuel in doing it! Use Lists An essential time saving resource is a shopping list. Ask everyone on a Sunday or Monday what they want for lunch and dinner the following week and put it onto a weekly menu list, extract the ingredients out of the recipes and put what you don’t have in the cupboard or pantry onto your shopping list. This is a brilliant way of saving time and money. I would (of course) HIGHLY recommend my co-authored cookbook 4 Ingredients for saving time and money too!

Use Computer Time Effectively We’ve probably all been guilty of a little out of school internet surfing right? But it’s one of THE biggest time zappers around. One site leads into another and another etc, before you know it 2 hours has slipped away from you. The other time zapper is emails. If you find yourself checking emails every 10 minutes or whiling away the hours in cyberspace, then a great tip I utilise is to allocate time for computer research and also emails and if you have to have your email open turn down the sound so you can’t hear all those emails coming in. I book a block of time for research and also check emails 1-2 times throughout the day; first thing in the morning and/or after Jaxson goes to sleep at night and only on my work days, never on weekends unless I’ve been away on holidays. This was really challenging to get used to, but it’s sensational when you get the hang of it. You can fit far more into your day.

JOIN TODAY – IT’S FREE 12 | Coast Kids

Keeping Gold Coast Mums in the know with short blasts of helpful, hip info, including a What’s On listing for families.

Be Respectful/Responsible Often people run late due to poor scheduling; however if you are consistently turning up late, this could be due to an emotional need of wanting to be thought of as more important or more valuable than the person you keep waiting. Is your being late is a ploy to attract and receive attention, rather than a result of poor time management? If so, address your need and organize for this to happen in positive ways PLUS you are not stressingout and neither is anyone else – Happy Days! do What You Can The night Before Sometimes I have to wake up at 4am in order to leave for the airport by 4.30am to catch a flight at 6am. I find it far more relaxing having as much as possible prepared the night before so I’m not rushing around like a crazy women. I iron my clothes, put everything including my bag, phone, laptop, suitcase, shoes, water bottle, fruit or fruit smoothie for breaky etc in the one area (usually somewhere on my way to the door) so I can jump out of bed, into the shower, get dressed and fly out the door. Everything that is in my trip pile goes (including sometimes a toy or two that Jaxson has thoughtfully added for me to take!). On a regular day - take the chaos out of the morning rush by preparing lunches, clothes and chores (like washing) etc the night before.

We’ve probably all been guilty of a little out of school internet surfing right? But it’s one of THE biggest time zappers around. delegate And Share The Load If you have children, work with your partner or other parents to share school drop-offs and pick-ups. This is an easy way to give yourself more time and less stress in your day.

Meals Most of us don’t enjoy cooking EVERY night, so give yourself a night off sometimes by cooking at double the quantity twice a week, and then freezing the second meal for a night when you simply don’t want to cook, or if you have unexpected guests popping in. Be Ruthless I was always what I call a YES person, whenever someone asked me to do something I’d say ‘YES!’ , ‘Sure, I’ll do it!’, ‘No Worries!’. Howeeevvveerrrrrr this always left me highly over committed sacrificing time with the people I loved. So to alleviate that stress and so I don’t put myself in such situations anymore - I use a diary/schedule which is a great tool for helping me to be ruthless with my time AND for not letting other things crept into my personal/ family time. So when someone asks if I can do something I say sure let me check my schedule and I’ll see when I can do it. If it’s next week or in 5 months time I am comfortable about responding and KNOW that if my 24 hours is booked up, then it’s booked up - if you work with it, it’ll make life easier. Not all of these things will work for you – but implementing as many as possible WILL assist things to run a whole lot smoother and if you allocate time and write down the things you want to do, you have 93% more chance in achieving your goals - now that’s motivating isn’t it?! Life balancing does take some effort but it will repay you many times over in helping you create more time and income for yourself, as well as becoming a nicer less stressful person, having happier and more quality packed relationships etc etc etc So managing our time is crucial to life, health and wealth success. We all have 24 hours in our day and it’s what you do with yours that really counts.

Rachel Bermingham is an energetic, dynamic and proud mum to 3 gorgeous little boys (including 19 week old twins), Rachael has written 6 bestselling books in the last 4 years and is regarded as one of Australia’s #1 female self-published authors. Rachael co-wrote, self-published and self-funded her 1st book ‘Read My Lips’ in 2005 (a motivational book for women on how to achieve their goals) while breastfeeding her son Jaxson before being asked to utilise her book writing experience and marketing talent and embark on another exciting authoring venture with life long friend Kim McCosker to write what has become the phenomenally successful 4 Ingredients cookbook series. Rachael released her 5th and first solo title ‘How to write your own book and make it a bestseller’ which also became an overnight bestseller.


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Coast Kids

Hey Baby, I'm a Rock Star!

Group shot from left to right: Indiana Blue wears Punk Rocker Rara dress, Jungle boots supplied by Yunginz Shoes; Roc wears Spunk singlet with JettRoc Euro stretch twill shorts; Jett wears Fear Less singlet with JettRoc stretch twill Euro shorts; Will on drums wears Monogram Skull singlet with JettRoc stretch twill Euro shorts; Aurora wears Stripey Skull Rara dress, red pocket boot supplied by Yunginz; Lucy wears Wild Side Rara dress and sandals supplied by Yunginz. Top photo – RHS JettRoc Boys: Will wears Wild Side singlet in white with JettRoc stretch twill Euro shorts; Jett wears Wild Side singlet in black with JettRoc stretch twill Euro shorts; Roc wears Love Hugs & Rock n Roll singlet with JettRoc stretch twill Euro shorts. Contact Deb at or Photographer: Joy French, contact joy@ Girls shoes: supplied by Jenny Celebrin Accessories: HardWear 4 Her & HardWear 4 Him, JettRoc Jewels are exclusive to JettRoc by Laras Treasure, see Facebook page.

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Coast Kids

Coast Kids | 15

Coast Kids water, shelter and help them work towards improving their communities.

Written by Keeley O’Connor In amongst the chaos that seems to come with parenthood, it simply amazes me that people find the time and dedication to help those in need. It is very easy to get caught up in ourselves, school drop offs and pick up, our own families and professions – so let’s stop for a minute and take joy from this delightful story of one local Gold Coast mother. Perhaps it will give you a little inspiration to embrace your local community, or one overseas, and reach out. Liliana Madigan is one cool mama – raising three children, working in her family interior design and décor business, Designing Spaces Places - she can now add fashion designer to her long list of titles! Liliana has launched ‘Threads of Grace’, a gorgeous clothing range, designed in Australia and beautifully tailored in Bali, Indonesia. What makes this little business so special is that it provided a source of employment and income for ladies and families affected by HIV virus, AIDS, and living in poverty. After fifteen years in the interior design industry, Liliana found herself wanting to give back. So with all her styling and design talent, plus a love of beautiful textiles and a love of fashion, Liliana nurtured her passion on a trip to Bali last year. With one phone call to a local church in Bali, the ‘Threads of Grace’ journey started for her. The church in Bali connected Liliana with MBM, an organisation that had just set up a program to help women living with HIV and in poverty - earning less than $75 US dollars per month. MBM Foundation stands for Maha Bhoga Marga meaning “The way to prosperity” and they offer vocational training programs to help nurture the skills of locals to start their own business or find employment. MBM also provides business skills and training for locals, who are poor, physically disabled, or living with HIV and AIDS, a chance to support themselves. MBM also offer a temporary home to victims of abuse and violence - providing a safe, secure environment out of harm’s way. They are given counselling to build their confidence and help them make wise 16 | Coast Kids

decisions about their future. During their time at the shelter, they may make the choice to join the vocational program, which Liliana supports by having her ‘Threads of Grace’ pieces created there. The foundation educates women by courses on beauty, cooking and sewing. The men learn more about rubbish recycling, furniture building or cow breeding. It doesn’t stop there either, as they have set up mobile clinics, which are crucial for the villagers, who do not have money or access to medicine and health checks. The foundation workers travel to educate villagers about running

Liliana toured the facilities of MBM when she holidayed in Bali and watched these women sewing and producing lovely garments. They weren’t the most fashionable of pieces, but the quality of work was divine. This was her opportunity to help, so she shared her patterns and with the help of these ladies under the care of MBM foundation ‘Threads of Grace’ was born. ‘Threads of Grace’ is a gorgeous clothing line, touched by the different art of the country and with a naturally ‘earthy boho’ style plus, elegance. The range has also expanded to include cushions, table runners and small furnishings for the home. It is not an easy road with language barriers, delayed shipments and cultural challenges, however, this is Liliana’s way to give back and she’s helping change the lives of Balinese women and giving them a chance to support themselves. She won’t stop there either Liliana intends to continue to find ways to

Coast Kids help those suffering poverty and/or people living with HIV and AIDS by working with other organisations around the world. What can you do to help? It’s hard to believe that MBM only has 10 sewing machines for their class of 30 students. Liliana’s aim is to supply them with 40 new (or gently used) sewing machines and four over lockers. If you have a good working sewing machine which you don’t use anymore, please donate it to Liliana’s cause. You can also donate money towards purchasing the sewing machines, or towards medicine for the villagers. More about MBM: For more information on MBM you can write to them directly: Maha Bhoga Marga Foundation Jln. Raya Kapa No. 20 Kapal Mengwi Badung Telephone: 0361 422 667 MBM receives no funding from the government – they work off of donations. To donate directly you can contact them and/or send money to their bank: Bank name: Mandiri Bank Bank Address: Jln Veteran denpasar Account number: 145-009800848-1 Contact Liliana as she is happy to share her tips with you. To purchase ‘Threads of Grace’ clothing, currently available in children and ladies fashion, you can email Liliana an order, post a message on her Facebook page “Threads of ‘Grace’, or by phone. (Website coming soon.) E: M: 0414 834 354

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Health & Wellbeing

Get into it! Written by Fe Taylor


he first few weeks back to school are usually so hectic! It’s hot, you’re back to morning traffic and those chaotic school car parks. As a mother of two, I have learnt from my 10 years of ‘back to school’ weeks, that the easiest way to deal with all of this is routine, routine and in case you missed it, routine! For many of us back to school will also mean back to the added schedule of afterschool activities: sport, drama, dance, tutoring – and more traffic, and more car parks to deal with in the heat. Make your life easier, and the transition back to school easier, by having a weekly family calendar on the fridge. This can include everything from brekky

time, getting dressed, packing bags and lunchboxes, to afternoon activities. Not only does this make it clear to everyone what has to happen and when, but it also helps to identify the actual blocks of time available for family activities. In my household, everyone knows that Thursday afternoon is the one afternoon we are all together, home by 3.30pm and therefore we can plan our family activity. This often includes a leisurely walk on the beach, or a more energetic hike through Burleigh Headland. Whatever it is, it has to be outside and active. Keeping active as a family has great benefits – apart from the benefits of exercise – it also gives us time to ‘play’. And let’s face it, we can all use some ‘play’ time!

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18 | Coast Kids

Kinder Circuit

For Children aged 18 months to 12 years

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captured in fine silver

We are so fortunate on the Coast that not only do we have sensational beaches, but amazing parks and bushland too. As locals we sometimes take these for granted, but I encourage you to get your family out and exercise together! We want our kids to lead healthy lifestyles and so as parents we must ‘walk the talk’. Here are my top 7 suggestions for family exercise that won’t break the budget: Depending on the age of your kids I find that ‘adventure walks’ are a big winner, especially for ages 3 to 11. Discover a new park, or get down to the beach. Find bugs and slugs, look for birds, try and find some ‘treasure’ like shells and rocks. Burleigh Headland is perfect because it combines bush and the ocean.


Grab a ball and take it to a local oval, park or beach. A quick game of soccer or footy will get the heart pumping, keep the kids busy, and burning off some energy! Check out for your local park.


Bike, scooter, Ripstik, rollerblade – we have so many great bikeways, which are safe and away from the roads. They are an opportunity for mums and dads to bicycle, walk, jog or run alongside the kids.





Get down to the beach for a swim and a walk. I am often surprised by the number of kids living on the Coast who rarely get to the beach. Take a Frisbee, the bucket and spade, a healthy picnic and lots of water.


These days we are spoilt for choice! When I was a kid we were either involved in netball, soccer or swimming. In 2011, our kids have so many options for after-school activities. Keep an eye out in your school newsletter for sign-on days. There is something for everyone. So there you have it – a short list to keep your family busy. I hope you can find active family time too. The kids will love it and once you get into the routine, you will too!

Get active and healthy! Did you know that the Gold Coast City Council provides numerous free or low cost activities everyday? Their city-wide program runs until June 2011. Log on to www. to find out what is going on in your area. There is something for everyone! Remember the good old, backyard cricket game? Sure, you can take the bat and ball to the park or beach, but hitting a six over the neighbour’s fence is always fun. If you don’t have the room, try a totem tennis pole, which retail for around $20 and provide exercise and laughter. And of course, some friendly competition!

Fresh, New Look Home Business

No more deadlines, targets, peak hour traffic, office politics Potential for True Financial and Time Freedom We utilize the principles taught in the movie “The Secret” and teach people how to apply them to their life and business.



LovingLifeNow Loving

Ph: 0435 010 514

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Food & Nutrition

Eat Your Way to Better Grades! Written by Louise Elliot BSC (HMS)


t is a common saying that ‘You can lead a horse to water, but you can’t make it drink’. Likewise, ‘You can lead your child to books, but you can’t make them think!’ Children’s brains have everything to facilitate learning - however, the skull does have one leak hole - the mouth! This opening for gustationary fulfilment can be the make-orbreak of a child’s learning capacity. Consider what your child’s brain needs to function properly: blood glucose for energy, antioxidants to prevent ‘rusting’, vitamins and minerals for adequate ‘sparking’, good oils to keep brain nerves ‘lubed’, and water to keep the grey matter clean and hydrated. All these ingredients can be sourced from real foods, like fruit, vegetables, wholegrains, nuts, seeds, legumes, and some animal products. Yet none can be adequately sourced from junk food or fake food (food that looks like food, but doesn’t contain nutrients). Food in focus!

Chia Seeds Chia seeds are a highly nutritious seed originating in ancient South America and are frequently called a ‘super food’! Full of omega 3 oils for healthy brain function (more omega 3 oil than salmon), Chia seeds are also high in antioxidants, vitamins and minerals, soluble and insoluble fibre, and are a complete protein source. Chia seeds are available from most health food stores.

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Lesson 101:

Lesson 102:

Real Food for Real Results! To energise your child’s brain for a day’s learning, ensure they eat breakfast. Be aware that commercial cereals usually don’t offer adequate nutrition - they are a ‘convenience food’, leached of goodness and high in sugar, salt and fat. Read the ingredients to be sure.

Fake Food is Brake Food! A sure way to ‘slam on the brakes’ regarding your child’s ability to concentrate and learn, is to feed them refined foods. Sugary or heavily processed foods are fake foods, as most of the nutritional value has been removed. You may think you’re serving an acceptable food, but think again.

Real foods are natural, whole foods, which are full of nutrients and offer children’s brains all the building blocks they need for optimum function! • F  ruits provide quick energy, and along with raw vegetables, offer necessary vitamins, minerals, antioxidants and fibre. • W  holegrains offer sustained energy. Include in your child’s meals other more nutritious grains than wheat, like spelt, oats, rice, barley, rye and kamut. • G  reat sources of absorbable protein are nuts, seeds, legumes like beans and lentils, mung beans and alfalfa sprouts, chickpeas, certain grains like quinoa, and eggs. • Y  ou may have heard of essential fatty acids – the good oils? These are especially important for making little brains smarter! Food sources include seeds (chia, linseed, sesame and pumpkin), macadamia oil, olive oil, avocados, salmon and other coldwater oily fish, most nuts, and goat milk. Pack your children’s lunchboxes with meals and snacks made from these wholesome ingredients and watch their grades blossom!

After eating a sweet snack, a child’s body receives a temporary spike in exaggerated energy. But then, 10-15 minutes later, their blood sugar levels plummet, sending them on an emotional rollercoaster and a mental washout! Regular consumption of high-sugar foods also leads to insulin resistance, obesity and Type 2 diabetes. Unfortunately, onein-four Aussie kids are already statistically overweight or obese! Avoid packing the following items in your child’s lunchbox: chocolate products and lollies; processed cakes, muffins and biscuits; fruit sticks, chips, fizzy drinks, flavoured milks and fruit juice. Consider them as ‘treat foods’ for occasional consumption only. Many artificial flavours, sweeteners and preservatives often accompany fake foods; you may notice them in the form of ‘numbers’ listed on the ingredients label. Artificial additives are heavily implicated in learning and behavioural disorders, so source a guide to additives to best protect your child’s mind. By avoiding fake foods in your child’s lunchbox, you are giving little brains and emotions the best possible platform for learning!

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Budding Brain Recipes Bonza Brekky Serves 2 1 cup of filtered water ½ cup rolled oats 1 tbsp desiccated coconut 1tsp mixed seeds, like pepitas (small pumpkin seeds), sunflower seeds, chia seeds and linseeds (flaxseeds). Chopped fruit. Choose grated apple, sliced banana, chopped strawberries or Goji berries. Raw honey or 100% maple syrup, to taste Rice milk (or alternative) Cover rolled oats with water and gently heat in a saucepan, stirring occasionally. When mixture is smooth, pour into bowls. Then, in order, top the porridge with fruit, seeds, coconut and, finally, drizzle with honey or maple syrup to taste. Cool porridge by adding a small amount of rice milk.

Anytime Energy Smoothie

Go-Go Muffins

Serves 2

1 ½ cups almond meal

1 ½ cup rice milk (or alternative)

2 eggs

2 tsp chia seeds ½ cup frozen berries

1 medium organic orange (preferably navel variety)

½ cup of frozen chopped banana

½ cup of raw honey

Raw honey, if required

1tbsp chia seeds soaked in ¼ cup of water for 3 minutes

Blend in a high-speed processor for 30 seconds, and then pour into fancy glasses with a decorative straw.

Makes 12 muffins

1 tsp bicarb soda

Cover the whole orange with water in a saucepan, bring to the boil and simmer for about 30 minutes or until the skin is soft to press. Remove the orange from the water, allow to cool and then cut into quarters. Remove any seeds. Place the whole orange into a food processor with the remaining ingredients and blend until smooth. Spoon mixture into patty cases and bake in the oven at 160-170°C for about 25-30 minutes or until cooked.

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Make a positive difference in a child or young person’s life today! Contact FSG Australia KAIA Foster Parent Program for more information on (07) 5564 0896 or email

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B03L06879 B03L06879

F R E R U S S PARAD F O L IVE E E ISE H M a s ’ g t i I c ! W S

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Calender of Events




The Fun Team “Jumping Castle Fun in the Park”

9am-11am Gold Coast Potters Assoc The Potters Place, Cnr Ashmore Rd & Carrara St, Benowa $75 for 2 day workshop Lynette 5594 3307

9am-11am Justins Park, Burleigh Heads $5 per child


David Hamilton Puppets


Pottery for the Kids

4, 11, 17 & 18 Zumbatomic for the Kids

11am and 1pm daily Jan 4, 11 & 18 for Big Stars Centre Stage, Australia Fair, & Jan 17 for L’il Star Marine Pde, Southport $45 for 4-7 yr olds FREE $65 for 8-12 yr olds Ph: 0414 955 509 Bookings are required


Disney Live presents Three Classic Fairy Tales

Under 8’s Fun 8:30am-10am Bischof Pioneer Park, Nerang - FREE Bookings are essential Leaps & Bounds Children’s Fitness Centre Ph: 5534 4030

Gold Coast Convention Centre tickets start from $27.50



Scrumpdiddlyumptious Cooking Program

Surf and hang out with Joel Parkinson

9.30am-11am Coomera Oxenford Youth Centre, 25 Tamborine Oxenford Rd, Oxenford Ages 8-12 - FREE Bookings are essential Ph: 5580 4993

Casuarina Beach Cost: on application and follow the links

10-17 & 17-21


Queens Park Tennis Centre “Junior School Holidays Tennis Program”

Beauty and the Beast Gold Coast Arts Centre Bundall Tickets start at $20pp or $98 for a family of 4 www.theartscentregc.

9am-11am Gold Coast Potters Assoc The Potters Place, Cnr Ashmore Rd & Carrara St, Benowa $75 for 2 day workshop Lynette 5594 3307


Wet and Wacky Water Workout

9am-10am Park Lake, Binstead Way, Maudsland FREE - no bookings required Ph: Urban Survivor 0401 214 965



Jupiter National Finals Rodeo Gold Coast Convention Centre, Broadbeach Tickets: Details:


Eco Rangers

Rhymes Music Festival

Weekly during school holidays Currumbin Wildlife Sanctuary 28 Tomewin Street, Currumbin $49 (discounts for siblings) or Ph: 5534 0846 bookings are required

The Ekka Showgrounds $35 per ticket (based on 10 tickets) www.rhymesfestival.

Rackleys Pool, Currumbin Primary School Phillip Street, Currumbin Featuring “Toy Story” Cost: $5 Ph: 1300 733 053 No bookings required


Evandale Park, 135 Bundall Rd, Bundall Celebrate all things Aussie! Free

11-14 & 18-21 Two shows daily at 9.30am & 11am Gerda Pinter Pavilion, Macintosh Island Park Gold Coast Highway, northern end of Surfers Paradise $5 per person or Ph: 0438 526 411



Outdoor Movie Night ‘Toy Story’

Australia Day Celebrations


Puppets in the Park: Pirates’ Secret Treasure

Putt Putt Golf 9am-11.30am Putt Putt Golf 2492 Gold Coast Hwy, Mermaid Beach $10pp unlimited golf Ph: 5575 3381

28 & 30

The Gold Coast Food and Wine Show Surfers Paradise or phone 5538 7118

If you would like to place your event in our calender of events please email us at

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Help me to do it by myself… By Nicole Swan & Keeley O’Connor


because we fear the mess it will create. But you would be amazed at how preschool children will take responsibility for their environment given the right encouragement.

You are your child’s guide in life. In every task you do, including the mundane ones like cooking, dressing and bathing, you set an example and teach by doing.

Children work best in furniture that fits their size, so source a child-size table and chairs. To create a tiny art centre, find an easel and make sure to have a washable apron like an old shirt handy. Add a small bucket, sponge and washable mat.

ou are raising someone very special and yes, we as parents have a natural gift to nurture and care for our children. But in our busy lives we are often guilty of saying “not now” to our little ones as they tug at our legs, asking to help make their sandwich, or help with simple activities like folding the laundry. Yes, it usually is faster to do it yourself, but you risk missing a brilliant opportunity for learning at home and cultivating your child’s independence.

Maria Montessori, the founder of the famous Montessori method of education, once said “Help me to do it by myself” and we can use this approach in our homes to teach our children life skills. Maria Montessori’s huge legacy combines a practical approach based on a carefully planned learning environment. Essentially, her philosophy was that when children are provided with the right kind of activities, at the right time in their development, children are intrinsically motivated to learn and absorb knowledge without extra effort. Some children rarely cut, paste, paint or make crafts at home

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A fantastic home learning opportunity is to create a small spaces with low shelves stocked with child-friendly art supplies that are stored in small, labelled containers. Or you can have everything stored in a large box or bag that you can pack away if space is an issue.

Once this area is set up, present the activity to your child step-bystep. Your child can then practice the activity and perfect his/her own skills. At the end, show how to clean up the task, also stepby-step. Trust your child as you will see that their own inner drive will mean they naturally want to correct their behaviour to get the process right. Orderly behaviour, routine and repetitive processes actually give children the confidence and security they desire, and also fosters natural development and independence. We know ourselves that an organised

space creates an organised mind! Children are naturally drawn to this too, especially after they are shown how. If you have a toddler, consider purchasing a low bed so your child can get in and out on his or her own, with a duvet to make bed making simple. A few small changes here and there to make your home more child friendly will foster your child’s natural development – physically, mentally and morally. For instance, make sure to have containers or tins in the toy room so toys can be easily sorted. Imagine the chaos in our kitchens if we just threw all of our utensils into one big basket. Sometimes all that is missing is the ways and means to clean up, not the will or the desire. Stickers are a handy way for younger children to organise. You can even use them on bedroom drawers for clothing. And to bring the task full circle, have your child help to make them! You may like to integrate other practical life exercises into your home environment.

Children between 2 1/2 – 6 years love to do these carefully planned activities: •

Carry or washing furniture, washing dishes and helping to set the table.

Dusting, sweeping and polishing items around the home, using child-sized equipment.

• Pouring activities, preparing food and assisting with simple baking. •

Hanging washing, folding and sorting laundry.

Practising dressing skills - zippers, buttoning, tying bows, lacing, threading beads and simple hand sewing a button or sequence.

Learning to self groom, like combing hair and washing hands.

Helping your child to become independently capable of many household tasks is a super introduction to being in control of their own world. Said Maria Fontaine, a well known early childhood educator, ‘Train your child as if you were preparing a prince/princess for his/her future reign, for he/she will grow up to be one of the forces that shapes the future of mankind’.

• Enhancing items around the house, like polishing shoes and metal items. •

Flower arranging, caring for plants, vegetables and outdoor gardening.

Arts and crafts, like colouring, cutting and collage, stencilling, play-dough, clay sculptures, easel painting, chalk drawing and embroidery.

Mums can breathe easy with

Helensvale Calisthenics Club

‘Calisthenics - Something for Everybody’ Come along and discover a sport that is unique to Australia. Learn Elements of dance, gymnastics, ballet, singing and acting Practice routines choreographed to music and perform on a theatre stage. Develop confidence, coordination, strength, grace, team spirit and musical appreciation Have fun and gain new friends. A sport that welcomes all ages and abilities.

Ages as follows: Recreational Tinies 2 1/2 - 5yrs Competitive Tinies 5 - 7yrs Sub Juniors 7 - 9yrs Juniors 9 - 12yrs Intermediates 12 - 16yrs Seniors 16 and above

Australia’s Only Nasal Aspirator Specialist

Classes are held at the Helensvale Community Centre, Discovery Drive, Helensvale For more information please phone Sarah on 0412 980 989 or email

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Mamas That Rock

Mamas that Rock!

Keeley O’Connor interviews Tiffany Feddema Tell us about your business/current role? I am the owner of Rock+Paper+Scissors, an online store that sells stationery and lifestyle products direct from overseas. We were inspired by our favourite shops in America and Japan, and wanted to bring these cool products to Australia. What time does a typical day start for you? I’m pretty lucky. My boys, Racer who is nearly five and Phoenix, who just turned three, generally sleep until 6:30 – 7:00 am. I really enjoy the mornings with them before daycare. I used to start work at 7:30, which meant dropping them at daycare at 7:15. I felt more like a drill sergeant than a mum trying to get them dressed, fed and out the door on time! Now I’m based at home, we can take our time and enjoy the start to the day. Do you have help around the house? When I was working full time at the office, we had a cleaner and mowing man. Now,

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working full-time at home, I can easily fit in the weekly cleaning. I manage my work hours to suit our household routine. Who does the cooking and cleaning at your house? I love cooking! I always plan the whole week’s menus in advance and do one big grocery shopping trip, a routine I inherited from my Mum. It saves time, prevents waste and impulse buying, saves money and makes it easier to manage nutrition. My lovely partner, Jason, is also a good cook and contributes on the weekend. Every night, he does the washing up, but I still wish there was a dishwasher fairy who could empty the dishwasher! If you have 10 minutes to yourself – what do you do? I would have to say my guiltiest pleasure is watching what Jason calls ‘trash TV’. I’m a sucker for America’s Next Top Model, Project Runway, and cringe, Gossip Girl!

KIDS What do you do for childcare? Until Racer starts prep at Mudgeeraba State School next year, both boys go four days a week to Smarter Kids, a Montessori day care centre at Mudgeeraba. Do your kids do many extra-curricular activities? On Wednesday afternoons I take the boys to their swimming lessons at Rackleys, Burleigh Heads. They’ve been learning since they were six months old and really enjoy their time in the pool. Friday is their ‘GranmaDay’ with my mum who takes them to music lessons at Kids On Keys, the library, and on ‘adventures’, like going through the car wash, or riding the mono-rail. What do you do for fun with the kids? On sunny days, we go to the park. A favourite is the Pirate Park at Palm Beach. Closer to home is the Hinterland Park on Hardy’s Road,

Photography by Neva Elliott

Who do you relate most to on Sex and the City? That’s a tough one - I’d like to think I’m a little bit like all of them. What is your best beauty tip for mums? No matter how time-poor you think you are, make it a priority to go for a half-hour walk three times a week. Don’t make excuses. Anything that’s good for your heart is good for your brain. Vitality and health are the basis of beauty.


in ch

How do you stay motivated? Every day I wake up and feel excited about what I do. I remind myself how lucky I am to have this opportunity to succeed in my own business. I feel grateful for the support of my family and friends. I couldn’t do it without them.





Where do you head to when you get time for a girls night out? I’m not really a night owl, so I tend to catch up with my girlfriends over a muffin and coffee. Our favourite place is Petite Pantry at Palm Beach.

Can you share any tips on the finding the right balance and that juggling act? I’ve learnt that as a mum you are the centre of your family’s universe! If you’re sick, tired or unhappy, your kids zero-in on it. So you have to make sure you look after yourself. You have to remind yourself that you can’t do everything for everyone, so don’t be too proud to ask for help.

d u mmy r e t rie

ow n d r

ab o u t


Must-have parenting tip or tool? Be aware that toddlers have exceptional mountain-climbing skills in the dawn hours – able to reach the top of tall cupboards to retrieve the art box containing lovely tubes of glitter and a nice big pot of glue. We learnt the hard way that locks are the only way to go, unless you like sparkly, glitter carpet!


How about favourite place to eat out as a family? Don’t laugh, but my kids love the Burleigh Bowls Club! We try to make it a family night with Grandma and Poppy who live nearby.


ds e fe

ha n ds u p

What is your favourite Gold Coast place to hang with the family? We love hanging out at Burleigh, either on the beach or at the parks.

Your Fantasy Husband… that celebrity dream man? Definitely Alexander Skarsgard or Eric from True Blood (another guilty viewing pleasure)! Hmmm, come to think of it, Jason does bear a resemblance!

l va

What is your favourite thing to do for date night with your partner? They happen so rarely, but when we are lucky enough to have a grown ups night out we love going to a good restaurant for dinner with friends. Sometimes, if the kids are having a sleepover with Grandma and Poppy, it’s nice to just stay home and have the house (tidy!) to ourselves and order in a gourmet pizza and watch a DVD.

mi l


Favourite place to shop? I live ten minutes away from Robina Town Centre, but I have to confess, I pretty much only go there to do my grocery shopping! But when I am after something new or special, you’re pretty spoilt for choice at Robina.

s t o p s cr a

which has a terrific under-cover play area and plenty of grass for running races. We also love the beach and simple play at home like sharing trains, drawing pictures, or songs and bubbles at bath time.

You can check out Tiffany Feddema’s business online at $


+ postage

Enter discount code COAST for 15% off valid until 1st Feb 11 Coast Kids | 27

WIN! A DAY OF LUXURY AT splashmineralpools bar and spa attraction... because life is better in a robe


retaining capabilities of each cell improved.

1 Entry to Splash Day Spa. 2 A 45 minute hydrating facial. 3 A 45 minute relaxation Massage. 4 Use of Mineral Pool, plunge pools, steam room and sauna. 5 Glass of wine and cheese platter.

Our pools are MAGNESIUM rich infused with MINERAL SALTS for DEEP MUSCLE HEALING and relaxation. The hydrotherapy pool has powerful water jets to massage away aches and pains, and also assist in faster MUSCLE RECOVERY.


Magnesium is a mineral need for muscle growth and recovery, however a difficult mineral for the body to absorb orally as it has a diuretic effect. Magnesium however can be absorbed through your skin and the perfect way to do this is by soaking in magnesium rich pools. In addition to the healing effect of Magnesium the heath benefits of hot and cold pools is well known. All good football clubs including the Titans have their own steam rooms, saunas, hot pools and cold plunge pools. Moving from hot to cold environments is a great way to force blood from the extremities to internal organs and back again. Your lymphatic system will be

A gentle to firm, soothing massage using long strokes and kneading and friction techniques on muscles. Improves your blood circulation and lymph flow and helps relieve muscle tension. Relaxing and energising you to float away to bliss, and enjoy awakening to a new, revitalised and rejuvenated you.

PLUS A 45MIN HYDRATING FACIAL Targeted to deliver a powerful hydrating boost to skin, with natural plant derived ingredients, this facial will rejuvenate skin and reduce the appearance of fine lines. Skin will be deeply repaired and conditioned, and the hydration storage and moisture

invigorated and the acid burn reduced. Bring your own towel, or hire a towel kit with towel, robe, and slippers for just $5. Shower kits with shampoo, conditioner, and shower gel are also available from reception for $5. Sun, Mon, Tues, Wed 10am - 6pm Thurs, Fri, Sat 10am - 8pm Located in The Towers of Chevron Renaissance Shop B1 – Basement Level Chevron Renaissance, 23 Ferny Ave or 3240 Surfers Paradise Blvd, Surfers Paradise Down the escalators from Infinity.

CHEVRON RENAISSANCE Shop B1 - Basement Level Chevron Renaissance

07 5570 6511

HOW TO ENTER Simply tell us in 25 words of less why you deserve "A Day of Luxury" Send your entries to; or post your entry to PO Box 830 Surfers Paradise Qld 4217 Entries close 31st January 2010

Kids’ Entertainment

The Hottest Thing in Kids’ Parties


Written by Keeley O’Connor

ou have done the park, the princess theme isn’t cutting it and the kids are over pool parties. Then the pressure is on to come up with something else ‘super cool’ for the next birthday party! The answer is the amazing Drax-4-Kids function at Draculas in Broadbeach. And, if you’re just looking for something fun on Saturday, then the answer is still Drax-4-Kids! We are so lucky on the Coast to have such a cool event to escape the rainy day blues and have a laugh (and some spooky fun) with the kids. You don’t even have to worry about packing a lunch because everything is included. The crazy Drax team make this experience so much fun. From the deep stares when you walk in, to the yelling and teasing, you will be laughing along in no time. The team are a very talented young group that enjoy playing the part and do their best to make sure every child and adult has a great time. If you’re new to Draculas, you’ll love that the entry to the theatre is via a cool ghost train that is sure to get your little ghouls into the party mood. With state of the art special FX, robotics and great sound you will have to make sure to pack an extra set of knickers especially when a cast member jumps out at the end and almost makes you jump out of your seat! Be warned, they make a movie of all the guests’ reactions,

which is hilarious to watch – the big men are usually the ones that scream the loudest! Draculas is all about letting the kids go wild, having some fun and getting loud. It’s usually my three year old that rips apart the sugar packets at the table, but not here, the zany waitress beat her to it and scattered the sugar all over the place! Your little horror will love the party food with jelly cups, pies, doggy poop cakes (yummy chocolate brownies), and did we say as much red cordial and Coke as you like. Yup – it’s a no-healthy food zone – deal with it! There are games galore and the birthday party stars sure get some special treatment, usually pulled onto stage to try their luck at ‘Bum Blast’, a hilarious whoopee cushion game, or the skeleton building contests. It’s no ordinary restaurant that tapes your husband to the chair when you go to the ladies, but I like it! They forgot his mouth though… Then the skits begin, full of comedy and horror and some absolutely legendary dance moves, from the lawnmower to the car wash, you will be giggling as you tap away to some cool tunes and a thoroughly entertaining show! It all wraps up with a group dance-off on stage – all the kids (if they choose) can go up and learn some new moves from the talented Drax crew, show off their own moves and dance all that extra energy away!

Win a Kid’s Party!

Drax-4-Kids is a gothic themed party for children aged 6 to 13 years. Celebrate a Birthday or just come for FUN! When & Where: Every Saturday for 2 hours, from 12 Noon to 2pm. Dracula’s Cabaret Restaurant, 1 Hooker Blvd, Broadbeach (opposite Pacific Fair). Entertainment: State of the art special FX, vivid imagery, spectacular costumes, 3D Ghost train ride, interactive entertainment and a groovy disco. The entertainment incorporates song & dance, audience interactive games, ghost story and puppet show. Catering: All children receive hot and cold party treats and unlimited soft drink. Dietary requirements are catered for, please notify at time of booking. Cost: Seats are $29.00 per child. Two adults free with 10 or more children. Groups of 20 children or more are $26.00 per person with four adults free per booking. Price includes all live entertainment and games, ghost train ride, disco, party food and unlimited soft drink.

Win a kids party for 10 children and 2 adults at Drax 4 Kids (valued at $290 ) includes all live entertainment and games, the ghost train ride, a disco on stage after the show, party food and unlimited soft drinks. Simply email us your name, pho ne number and address to or post your entry to: PO Box 430 5 Robina Town Cen tre 423 0

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Jilly and the Bully JILLY'S ADVENTURES


Written by Keeley O’Connor

ost likely you have been affected in some way by a bully - you may have been the bully or you may have been bullied, whatever the case, it’s back in focus now that you are a parent. It is not uncommon to read about one of your favourite celebs sharing their bullying stories, or see a victim achieve excellence and relate their drive to an experience of getting over a bullying incident. Ironically, it can be the experiences with a bully that shapes us for the future. The fact is, bullying exists and we want to show our kids how to deal with it if it happens to them. A new book called ‘Jilly and the Bully’, written by local Gold Coast author, Lowen Taylor, is a handy tool to help you discuss this topic with your kids while


To discover more about Jilly and all of her adven tures, go to www.jillysad venture and give them some great

they are young, tips on overcoming a bad situation.



With the help of a talking dragonfly Jilly learns on her adventures to stand up to a bully and not let him get a reaction out of her. BARCODE WILL GO



written by Lowen


illustrated by Geof

It’s a great tale your child can relate to because Jilly gets tormented while playing in the sand at the beach. With its fun rhyming and beautiful illustrations, this book will keep the kids engaged so they come away with an important lesson. Little Jilly learns why bullies try to hurt your feelings and she discovers a great tool to help deal with them without getting sad.

Here are some more tips on bullying: • As a parent there are some signs to look for if you are worried your child is being bullied. Visit the ‘Act smart, be safe’ area’s Education Queensland’s website for more details and follow the links

You can purchase ‘Jilly and the Bully’ (aimed at 4 to 9 year olds) from author’s website. Keep an eye out for Lowen’s next book, ‘Jilly in the Jungle’, about healthy nutrition for kids. Visit

• The Queensland Government also has webisodes you can view online about the battle against bullying. Visit their website and follow the links.

f Hupfeld

Approved football training for kids aged 2 to 5 years HANDY HINTS ABOUT EYE-HAND COORDINATION

Approved football training for kids aged 2 to 5 years Approved football training for kids aged 2 to 5 years 'My child's favourite activity of the week' Local classes at a venue near you child’s of favourite 'My child's favourite‘My activity the week'

'My child's favourite activity of the week’activity of the week'

07 5574 9027

Local classes at aLocal venue near at you Local classes at a venue near you classes a venue near you 07 5574

07 5574 9027



How do you know if your preschooler is ready for school? By now your child should be taking an interest in drawing & colouring. “Prep readiness” means your child should be able to draw basic shapes (triangles, squares). Don’t pressure them to do these things – anxiety will cause them to lose interest quickly. Just observe them whilst you sit working together. If your child continues to avoid pencil-paper tasks, cannot draw basic shapes, or holds their head at a strange angle, you should have their vision & visual processing checked. These tests must include eye movements, focusing, eye teaming & eye-hand coordination. For more information about the link between vision & learning, go to or phone our team on 07 5520 5900.

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Behavioural Optometry & Vision Therapy Clinic


The Power of Affirmations Written by Andrea Pelikan

It’s usually the New Year when we start to readjust our time and our priorities. Are you on track with your New Year’s resolution? Getting healthier, losing weight, spending more quality time with the family… the list goes on! We put a lot of pressure on ourselves to make changes with a new year upon us, and you need all the help you can get to stay on track for an optimistic outcome. One of the most rewarding steps you can take this New Year is to practice positive affirmations. An affirmation is like giving yourself a compliment. It is a statement of intent, stating what you want. If we repeat an affirmation many times over a long period of time, our subconscious mind will believe it to be true, and we will attract all the stepping stones needed to achieve what we set out for. Practising positive affirmations with children is extremely effective. No matter what challenges your child might have, create some affirmations to help them through it. For example, your child finds it hard to make new friends - say something like: “I am a great friend. I make friends easily. I treat others with respect and get treated the same way in return”. Or restful sleep might be a goal: “I sleep peacefully, I am safe and protected, and only dream loving dreams.” Use these affirmations in the morning at the breakfast table, or in the car on the way to school and again at night, before bedtime. Depending on the age of your children, you can make up affirmations together. Positive affirmations don’t only work wonders with the little ones, they do the same for us. Did you set a goal to lose some weight? You might want to affirm: “I am in total control of my body, I love my body and it loves me in return”. Or you would like to be more financially secure? “People love giving me money. Unexpected income flows to me. I am worthy of being out of debt. Everything I touch is a success”. You get the drift. Stick your affirmations on the mirror in the bathroom - basically anywhere you are exposed to them daily and can read them. Yes, at first it might feel like a lie, but the sub-conscious mind can’t differentiate between truth or lies, so it will just accept your affirmation as real! How easy is that? So start the year with the power of affirmation. It really is the gateway of success for yourself and your children, no matter how big or little your request might be.

School holiday boredom busters

SSES LAS COOKING CLA Calling all aspiring junior chefs! These school holidays kids can learn hot to create their very own culinary delights with our Junior Cooking Classes.

$29 Junior Sharks Members $34 Non-members 10th January | 15th January 17th January | 22nd January

Junior Sharks Membership $5 Bookings essential, dates subject to change. Phone 07 5532 1155 to book.

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$10,000 DREAM HOLIDAY or 1 of 7 Beach or City Getaway Escapes* *Terms & conditions apply.

If you find yourself struggling to choose the right affirmations for you, or your little one, feel free to contact me, I am happy to help out. Email Andrea:

PHONE 5532 1155 Cnr. Musgrave & Olsen Aves, Southport QLD. Follow us on Facebook & Twitter

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Turn your pram into $$$

It’s finally time to say goodbye to your last and most treasured baby item.

The Pram

I know how hard it is to say goodbye knowing that it means the end of your baby journey.


To start the next stage why not receive some $$$ and turn it into a positive experience. I pay excellent money for even the most tired looking prams and accessories. You will be amazed to know how much you can receive for an item that is usually given away or left to gather dust. !"  /* ''/' )" /)" ) * /'*&"&*  Preloved prams available Revampt pram service available Turn your old pram new again for your next bub

Scenic Rim Boredom Busters SICK of their cries of ‘I’m bored?’ This summer why not take the family to the Scenic Rim? It’s just 30 minute’s drive from the Gold Coast and is home to eight National Parks, World Heritage-listed rainforest and two dams. The Scenic Rim is fast making a name for itself as a vibrant, stunning destination and it’s right on your doorstep.  Escape the crowds, the computer games, the television and the skate parks and give your family a ‘back to nature’ experience in the Scenic Rim. There’s plenty to keep the kids amused – everything from horse riding to cooking classes to a farm stay. The Scenic Rim takes in a diverse mix of communities, including Tamborine Mountain, Canungra, Beaudesert, the Lost World Valley, Boonah and Kalbar. The range of experiences on offer is as diverse as the countryside. Go hang-gliding on Tamborine Mountain, horse riding at Canungra, meet the friendly alpacas at Rathdowney or visit the Donkey Farm at Boonah.  Take a kayak out on one of the Scenic Rim’s two dams, pitch your tent on the banks of the lake and drop in a line.  Show your kids where their fresh fruit and vegetables come from and meet the farmers who grow it. The Scenic Rim is an exciting destination for tourism, art, culture and rural pursuits – it offers visitors plenty of things to see and do, no matter what your budget. Destiny Eco Cottages & Donkey Farm German-born Aussie, Heike Mack-Behle gives visitors to her Destiny Eco Cottages and Donkey farm a little taste of Aussie country life. She runs this 200-acre property just outside Boonah with the help of her children and some volunteers. There’s also a camel and a diverse array of Australian wildlife, including wallabies, lizards, goannas and koalas.  Visitors to Destiny can pat Heike’s donkeys and learn about the history of the Australian donkey. The property is open to day-trippers, bus tours and to groups of up to eight people who wish to stay in one of her two eco cottages. Bookings are a must. Prices for accommodation begin at $120/night for two people. Prices for a visit to the Donkey Farm start at $8/person (minimum 10 people), or a flat $80 fee for groups under $10. This price includes tea, coffee and cool drinks.

*Selected styles

0422 448 548

Eco Ranger Program @ O’reillys Rainforest Resort Children can go wild on O’Reilly’s Rainforest Resort’s Eco Ranger activities program. The program runs every Queensland school holiday period and encourages kids to become Bush Detectives and go on Rainforest Safaris. The Eco Rangers can choose from a range of activities, including spotlighting, bushcraft, creeks and streams and a rainforest adventure. Cost is $15 per session and the sessions from 9am to noon, 1pm to 4pm and from 5.30pm until 8pm. Some sessions are targeted at four to eight year olds, while other activities better suit eight to 14-year-olds. During the holidays, O’Reillys is also offering Segway Tours, private guided tours in which guests glide through the rainforest on segways.  The tours go through an old dairy farm, a creek crossing, through rainforest and into a Eucalypt forest. See the Morans Falls and the Great Dividing Range from the back of these exciting machines. And if this isn’t enough to convince you to visit O’Reillys these holidays, remember that the Kids stay free and eat free. This applies to children 11 years and under when using existing bedding and when dining with parents at the Retreat Restaurant. Glow Worm Caves @ Cedar Creek Estate Tamborine The Cedar Creek Estate Glow Worm Caves offer entertainment for young and old. The artificial caves consist of two large chambers interlinked by tunnels. The cave features very realistic formations (speleothems) such as stalagmites and stalactites, water features and flow stone. From here visitors will be guided through the magical ‘glow worm cave’, which is filled with thousands of glow worms.  It’s an experience that you have to see to believe.

There’s a range of activities on offer, everything from fishing, to horse riding, bushwalking and wine tasting. The kids are encouraged to help feed the animals, collect the eggs, milk the farm cow and get to know Wally the calf. Accommodation is provided in 4.5 star AAA-rated accommodation with a private kitchenette, ensuite and outdoor courtyard. In-room massages and facials can be arranged too! And did we mention there’s virtually no mobile phone coverage? Now that is heaven. Dams Provide Cool Escape From Summer Crowds The Scenic Rim is home to two dams and a third is under construction, so this summer there’s plenty of cool, refreshing activities on offer for the family. Lake Moogerah Lake Moogerah is located about 15km from Boonah and is open to motorised craft, making it a popular destination for waterskiing enthusiasts.  The dam is stocked with fish and features a camping ground on its banks. There are a number of picnic spots, tables, barbecues and children’s play areas available plus Lake Moogerah Café. Lake Maroon Lake Maroon is about 20km from Boonah, south towards Rathdowney.  It’s a favourite destination for those keen to catch fish. Launch your boat, kayak or canoe and explore this peaceful dam. The nearby Lake Maroon Holiday Park offers a range of accommodation and family-friendly facilities, including kayak and canoe hire, holiday houses and walking tours.

Entry to the Glow-worm Caves is $5.50 for children aged four to 12 and $11 for adults. Groups are encouraged to book ahead. The caves are open daily from 10am to 4pm and guided tours leave every half hour. Lillydale Host Farm See a working farm in action and introduce the kids to the joys of farm life at Lillydale Host Farm at Rathdowney.  Doug and Pam Hardgrave have lived at Lillydale for the past 35 years and love welcoming visitors to their farm – whether it be for a day, or for a longer stay.

Photographs by Scenic Rim Regional Council

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MissFit PT encourages mums on the Gold Coast to get fit and healthy with your baby at

Baby Boot Camp Call Kate Now on

0438 614 619


Keeping it Real

Bargains Galore Online! Written by Amardy Dhanoya

Gone are the days of shopping with leisure, taking your time trying on everything... Since my one year old son started walking, shopping has become such a mission! Add my two year old daughter into the mix, and I spend the whole shopping trip chasing them around. I was feeling a bit sorry for myself, that is until my sister introduced me to shopping online - my goodness where have I been! Although I am a big on Ebay, I wasn’t aware of all the great online department stores. I am now loving shopping on the Net when my kiddies are asleep, and this whole new experience of shopping from home saves me so much time - I avoid all the crowds, I save on petrol and I don’t have to drag my hubby and kids around every weekend! Shopping online also offers a bigger selection, product information, low prices and you are notified of sales and promotions. There are so many online department stores, its mind boggling but I wanted to share a few of my personal favourites:

1. Oz Sale - is an exclusive member’s only shopping club, that offers products and brands you can’t find anywhere else. Every morning you are sent an email advising you which sales are on that day, as well as sales that are coming up. Sales usually start early in the morning so you have to login as soon as the sale starts to avoid disappointment. To become a member of this club you have to be sponsored by an existing member, however, every now and then registration is open to everyone for short periods of time. I love this site and have bought so many great items for a fraction of the retail price. Oh, I feel the rush just thinking about it! 2. Catch of the Day – features one great deal at midday every day at an insanely low price. This is the deal of the day for 24 hours, unless it sells out. You will be surprised as the deals include anything from shoes to televisions and computers to candy! Did you know Catch of the Day is currently Australia’s number one online store. 3. Scoop On – is another big favourite! It is the sister company of Catch of the Day and although it is a member-only site, anyone is welcome to join. Scoop On offers extremely low prices on services, restaurants, attractions and activities in your city. So whether you’re in Melbourne, Sydney, Perth, Adelaide, or Brisbane/Gold Coast, there is something for you. Recently my friends and I bought a half day spa deal for only $49! That was a saving of $471... Now that is what I call a great deal!

Coast Kids

4. Deals Direct – is one of Australia’s biggest online discount department stores. The main thing I like about this site, other than the great discounts on everything you can possibly think of, is they actually have great customer service. They have a 24/7 live chat so you can ask questions any time. They also have a 14 day change-of-mind customer promise. I recommend this site to all my friends who are having babies because they sell all major brands at very low prices. 5. Baby’s Got Style – www.babysgotstyle. offers funky clothing, toys, and accessories for children and adults. I find this site to be reasonably priced, and they offer a lot of products you wouldn’t find in shops. I have bought so many items for my children, and some great unique gifts for other people, and the best part – next day delivery! They have easy returns and exchanges, gift wrapping, and with every purchase order they send you a free, funky, reusable bag. My absolute favourite thing about this site though, is they send out emails once a week, with a catalogue style layout with current fashion trends from around the world for boys and girls. There are so many great ideas on how to dress your kids! Now you know there is no longer a need to drag yourself around department stores. Everything you need is available at the click of a button. Happy online shopping!

Ubeaut Kidz Ubeaut Kidz are giving away 2 x Go Green lunchboxes (valued at $50 each).

Groovy Gripper Groovy Gripper are giving away 2 sets (that’s a Groovy Gripper and utensil set too) valued at $14.95 & $9.95 each.

The Go Green lunchboxes are a perfect way to pack the kids up for the day at school with 5 compartments! All the food groups will be covered and food won’t go soggy from touching each other. They are also dishwasher-safe so cleaning is a cinch.

They are right, it is groovy! What a handy little tool for baby to use to keep the rusk off the floor. The cord and clip attach to your child’s wrist or clothing, preventing the rusk or food from falling to the ground. No more waste, and it comes with a fork and spoon attachment for older kids. Products are BPA free.

You can purchase online at

You can purchase online at

Giveaways Galore Cherub Baby Cherub Baby are giving away 2 Cherub Baby Colour Change glass bottle packs (valued at $50 each).

Weinmeister Weinmeister are giving away 1 x set of their food trays valued at $39.95 each.

These glass baby bottles are BPA free and can withstand temperatures of up to 600 degrees celsius! They have a standard neck and are 100% BPA free, PVC, phthalate and polycarbonate free so you can rest easy knowing you are providing the safest products for baby. You will love the flashy, bright colours, travel seals and slow-flow lids!

So simple, yet so effective! These muffin like trays are perfect for freezing baby food, breast milk and can even be used as a snack tray for the kids. They’re flexible, so frozen food just pops out, and 100% baby safe, BPA and are phthalates free. The secret is in the silicone!

You can purchase online at

You can purchase online at

To win one of the items on our giveaways galore page please email us your name, address and phone to and make sure you put the item you would like to win in the subject line. One entry per person please. Coast Kids | 35

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Art projects with ‘Ms Jane’ Written by Jane Whittred


f you find yourself scratching your head for ideas to inject a bit of art fun into you home, look no further because ‘Coast Kids’ will bring you fun ideas and an art project each issue! Please email us photos of your completed art project and you just might find your child’s ‘masterpiece’ in the next issue! The inspiration for our first project print making to wrap your school books comes from school starting at the end of the month. So use this holiday time to create some special back-toschool supplies for the kids!

COMMOKIDS Stockists of: Kenzo, DKNY, Elle, Guess Plus COMMO's own Designer Label Toys and accessories from: Emu Ugg, Kate Finn, Settler Bears Newborn to 16 years old Shop 16a Chevron Renaissance Shopping Centre

Chevron Ad 17_12_10.indd 1

36 | Coast Kids


17/12/10 4:33:38 PM

Materials you will need: You can buy most art materials listed at your local art shops: •

Large sheets of paper (use the back side of used Christmas paper if you want, or a roll of butcher paper)


Paint (poster, acrylic) in red, yellow, blue, orange, green, purple


Paper towel


Large plastic picnic plate or similar x 6


Big paint brush


Pot of water


Interesting shaped fruit and veggies (I used apples, pears, cabbage, capsicum, chilli, kipfler potatoes).

How to: • An adult must cut the fruit/veg in half. Make sure it is a neat cut as any rough edges will make it hard to work with.

each plate and dab it around with a large brush (wash brush between use). You have now created your stamp pads! • Prepare your sheets of paper on a flat surface. Outside is best for this. • Now your children are ready to do their print making. • Place the fruit/veg down onto the stamp pad and then on to the paper and presto! They have just made their own prints to wrap their school books in. With every project I hope to set some kind of challenge. With this project I would love children to use complimentary colours (opposite sides of colour wheel), like I have shown in the examples. These will give prints a colour contrast and children will learn about complimentary colours.


Place 3 sheets of folded paper towel on each plate and tip water over the top to make the paper wet (no puddles though).

Jane Whittred is a qualified graphic designer and a registered school teacher. Please visit the Mobile Visual Art Unit at for art class information and to see how she may be able to assist you, your children’s school or your business.


Squeeze a good amount of paint on

Email Ms Jane at

DID YOU KNOW the first pigments used in painting were ground from earth, minerals and organic matter? Pigment is finely ground coloured powder which, when suspended in a medium such as oil, egg or water, forms paint. Most pigments are now made chemically and are more permanent.




for everyone! creative, magical fun,


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Nine Essential Questions to Ask Yourself Before Starting A Business And if you are already in business, be sure you answer these before taking the next leap... Written by Tania Usher


ith the New Year comes a surge of exciting ideas. Strategies for getting the kids off to school on time, a personalised fitness regime, promise of an organised kitchen, connecting more deeply with your partner, and most frequently, an abundance of new business ideas. So while you’re sipping Champagne by the pool this summer, enjoying the conversational volley of possible new ventures, it’s important to remember that not every good idea is a good business idea. Before contemplating bringing your new ideas to life, you first need to back up and ask yourself some important questions. For me, one of the core catalysts for becoming an entrepreneur was the heartbreaking alternative. Enrolling my babies into long daycare, and getting a job where someone else dictated my daily schedule, was unthinkable. I wanted the freedom to attend school performances and sport days. I wanted to collect my girls from school and head to the beach for a swim. I wanted my children to feel secure knowing I’d be there to support them each day. However, I also wanted to eat.

developing an online presence is essential to building your business profile. However, in all this enthusiasm, something integral is at risk of being lost - your reason for becoming an entrepreneur. Many business owners end up wondering what happened to that life of freedom you were building for yourself and your family. The success of your business requires a smooth transition between your business and life.

Sadly, when many newbie-entrepreneurs enthusiastically set out to build their empire, they neglect a key element to building a solid business foundation. This neglect will have a serious impact on your wellbeing as well as your family.

So whether you’re a seasoned entrepreneur who needs to restructure things, or you’re a soon-to-be-entrepreneur ready to get started, one of the first things you need to do is clearly define your lifestyle before moving to the next step. When you become clear on the lifestyle you want to lead, you can then identify the business model that best supports that lifestyle. Otherwise you risk living to support your business, which means you’ve essentially created a job for yourself, instead of freedom.

Sure you need snazzy new business cards and flyers to hand out to every person you meet. There’s no doubt that attending networking functions is a fantastic way to connect with other like-minded entrepreneurs. And yes,

The New Year is a perfect time to reconsider what’s important in your life. Clarify your values, define your dreams, write down your goals and get clear on the lifestyle you’re building.

So the challenge was how to build, what has become a successful international business, while balancing the often exhausting demands of parenthood?

38 | Coast Kids

To help get you started, here are 9 essential questions to ask yourself: 1. What do I wish my life to look like? 2. How do I want my life to be on a day-today basis? 3. How do I want to spend time with the other people in my life (family, friends, colleagues, customers, employees, community)? 4. How would I like people to think about me (keeping in mind what others think of you does not define who you are)? 5. What is the legacy I want to leave behind for my children and/or family? 6. How do I want to be remembered? 7. What specifically do I want to learn during my life - physically, financially, emotionally, intellectually, spiritually, technically? 8. How much money will I need to do the things I wish to do? By when? 9. How committed am I to creating my dream life, business and legacy? Now that you are clear on the lifestyle you are building, you’re ready to take that next exciting leap forward towards entrepreneurship, and building a successful and sustainable business.

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Mamarazzi Enjoying the glorious sunshine at Broadbeach Park’s new play ground and chilling with the kids in the backyard of Gov’s Espresso


on, 2 yrs

Bailey, 3 yrs, Matiesse, 6 yr s, Jessica, 5 yr s & Amity, 7y rs


rs, uben 3 y 7 yrs, Re rs 2y Isabella Maree, o, Luluka, a, Taiga, Tom el, Alyss hy, Micha Jett, Cat eorgina Caitlin, G

Jarvis, 5 yrs & Ajay, 5 yrs

Zac 15 months & Mum Julie Caitlin, 5yrs, Sienna, 6 yrs

Zena, T ara, A ddison Jessica 3 yrs, 3 yrs, Nicole & Alan a


er 2 yrs a t Gov ’s Esp res



& Mum 1 yrs allulah



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The One Facebook Tip Every Parent Should Know

Written by Alicia Mayer Beverley


he minimum age to set up a Facebook account is 13 years old, and many parents have let children much younger than this create their own Facebook page and join a social community of 500 million users worldwide.

Forewarned is forearmed The biggest problem with not being in tune with your child’s Facebook page, and especially if you aren’t on Facebook yourself or you haven’t ‘friended’ your child, is that you could miss something that needs your immediate attention.

Of course, some parents monitor their children’s Facebook usage, and set up all the appropriate account and privacy settings to do what they can to protect their children from potential threats, like peer to peer bullying.

Although there are a myriad of important Facebook privacy and account settings you need to familiarize yourself with, the most important one is to make sure you receive a copy of all notifications and posts that your child receives. This means if your child or a ‘friend’ posts something on their Facebook page, comments on one of their photos, receives a friend request from a stranger, or someone sends them a message, you will know about it – instantly.

Naive or neglectful? Unfortunately, many parents turn a blind eye to what their children are doing online, or naively view Facebook and MSN as like their own secret diary from when they were young. But many have simply not taken the time to understand Facebook settings.

Why this is not snooping Parents who receive mirror copies of everything are often amazed and shocked at

the ‘wall’ posts, messages and quiz questions that their children receive. Some have felt compelled to contact the parents of the other child to advise them of their child’s inappropriate behaviour. Some have also had ‘unfriend’ kids on their children’s Facebook accounts, as well as delete harmful and downright mean comments from their wall. Parents in the know express relief from just being in the loop. It can also be an opportunity to talk with your child about friendship – what’s right, what’s wrong, what’s hurtful and what makes for being a good friend. The bottom line is that at a young age, experts and parents agree that you do not need your child’s permission to keep them safe! Here’s how... So how do you make sure you receive a copy of everything your child receives? It’s simple: 1. In your child’s Facebook page go into the Facebook ‘Account’ tab and scroll down and click on ‘Account settings’. 2. Scroll down to ‘Email’ and click on ‘Change’. 3. Type in your email in the field, and add it.

PregnancyÊE nurture co. *œÃ̘>Ì> ˆ˜ˆV Empowering parents. Enriching young lives.

vÊޜÕÊ>ÀiÊ«Ài}˜>˜ÌʜÀʅ>ÛiʍÕÃÌÊÜiVœ“i`Ê>ÊLi>ṎvՏʘiÜÊL>LÞʈ˜ÌœÊޜÕÀʏˆviÊ̅i˜ Nurture Co.ʈÃʅiÀiÊ̜ÊÃÕ««œÀÌÊÞœÕ°Ê 7iÊ>ÀiÊ>Ê«ÀˆÛ>ÌiÊ«Ài}˜>˜VÞÊ>˜`Ê«œÃ̘>Ì>ÊVˆ˜ˆVʜvviÀˆ˜}Ê>ÊÀ>˜}iʜvÊÃiÀۈViÃÊvÀœ“ >˜Ìi˜>Ì>ÊV>ÃÃiÃÊ>˜`Ê«œÃ̘>Ì>ÊV…iVŽÊÕ«ÃÊ̜ʘiÜLœÀ˜Ê«>Ài˜Ìˆ˜}Êi`ÕV>̈œ˜Ê>˜`Ê`>ÞÊÃÌ>ÞðÊ

Our specialised team offer the following services: Pregnancy care UÊ ˜Ìi˜>Ì>ÊV>ÃÃiÃÊ UÊ ,i}Տ>ÀÊi‡˜iÜÏiÌÌiÀÃÊ UÊ ˆ`܈viÊVˆ˜ˆVÃ

*œÃ̘>Ì>Ê >ÀiÊ UÊ *œÃ̘>Ì>ÊV…iVŽÊÕ«ÃÊ UÊ iÜLœÀ˜Ê«>Ài˜Ìˆ˜}ÊV>ÃÃiÃÊÊ UÊ >VÌ>̈œ˜ÊÃÕ««œÀÌÊ UÊ -ii«ÊEÊÃiÌ̏iÊqÊ`>ÞÊÃÌ>ÞÃÊ

Nurture Co. is clinically supported by Gold Coast Obstetricians and Paediatricians. œÀÊi˜µÕˆÀˆiÃʜÀÊ̜ʓ>ŽiÊ>˜Ê>««œˆ˜Ì“i˜ÌÊ«i>Ãi V>ÊÕÃʜ˜Ê07 5571 2777°Ê For information or bookings visit:

40 | Coast Kids

4. Y  ou will receive a notification to your email account and you need to accept this so that you can begin receiving mirror notifications. Of course, you need to check into what notifications you can receive by going to the ‘Notifications’ tab in the account settings. You will see several lists of boxes that can be ticked, such as receiving notifications for wall posts, when your child is tagged in a photo, when messages are received, etc. Also take 20-30 minutes to understand Facebook’s privacy settings, which determine who can see what relating to your child, including what can be seen on your child’s page for those who aren’t yet approved as ‘friends’. Most parents also insist that for Facebook privileges their child must share their password and promise not to change it and lock them out. In other words, social networking comes with a price! What if you see abuse or bullying? If you see hurtful or mean posts from another child, remember that it is generally not right to approach a child yourself. If you know the child from school, contact their parents instead, but be prepared to educate them on how to monitor their kid’s Facebook account!

monitor the situation further or delete them from your child’s friend’s list. You can also choose to ‘bar’ them and this is done in the privacy settings area of your child’s account tab. Of course, if the situation is criminal or criminal activity is spoken about, that’s a job for the authorities in your community and you will know what actions to take next. Show them how by keeping them safe If you are going to allow your child to be on Facebook, help them to learn how best to use and enjoy the benefits of Facebook by walking alongside them until they are older. Good Luck!

If you don’t know the child and you are really worried about their approach to your child, either

Children’s and Baby Clothing Accessories Organic Products Toys Books & Gifts Shoes Brands stocked include: Munster, Cried Wolf, Little Horn, Sudo, Pure Baby, Coco & Ginger and more

The place to find all the coolest threads, toys and accessories for your little one. 2559_DF_Card_FRONT_90x50_OL_PRESPage 1










17 James St, Burleigh Heads Ph: 07 5576 4465 Email:

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3:29:26 P

Coast Kids - Directory MARKETS



BEAUTY 0409922118

Just 4 Mums


Child Friendly Retreat • Child Friendly • Kids TV & DVD • Mobile Services • Great Studio • Air-Conditioned • Mobile Service

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Choose from a wide range of pendants, charms, cufflinks and keyrings - all beautifully packaged for the perfect gift. Iris Long Gold Coast Tel: 07 5576 7992 Mob: 0408 454 020

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The place to find all the coolest threads, toys and accessories 2559_DF_Card_FRONT_90x50_OL_PRESPage 1 11/7/07 3:29:26 PM for your little one.

HEALTH Mums can breathe easy with









17 James St, Burleigh Heads Ph: 07 5576 4465 Email:

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Coast KIDS - January 2011  

The newest and BEST parenting magazine on the Gold Coast

Coast KIDS - January 2011  

The newest and BEST parenting magazine on the Gold Coast