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5 Languages of Love

Which One Does Your Child Use?

Valentine’s Day

Fun Arts & Crafts to Make Together

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Editor’s Letter

We have had an amazing response from our launch issue of Coast Kids, so I want to firstly thank you very much for your support and excitement. From Jodi in Pacific Pines to Kate in Coomera, we really appreciate your kind words and please continue to share Coast Kids with your parenting friends and neighbours. So onto a new edition of Coast Kids, and this month is the LOVE issue with ideas on how to put some heart into your meal times and even some tips on achieving that elusive ‘date night’ with your partner. We have a fun Valentine’s Day art & craft for you and the kids, and some great tips on how to make more ‘me’ time to get fit and healthy. Plus my favourite – the 5 Languages of Love article is a must-read to help you understand and improve your relationships. Plus we also have favourites like our Mamas that Rock interviews and Day Trip’n which took us to Fingal Head, NSW for the day – we loved the serenity! Don’t miss all the fun stuff too with some cool giveaways, and our social pages. Are you in our Mamarazzi section this month? Whether or not you celebrate Valentine’s Day this month, we hope you take some inspiration from us and find a way to inject some LOVE into your day this month (and always).


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Bringing back the Date Night Find your way back to that elusive date night.

Languages of Love for Children 14 A must read to aid you in nurturing your relationships. Day Trip’n Finding Fingal Head and a day full of serenity.


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Andrea Pelikan Positive Parenting Andrea is a mum of three, twin boys aged five and daughter six, and a wellness and parenting advisor. She is a spiritual healer with a passion to help children improve their self-esteem, confidence and self-acceptance. Andrea has published a positive affirmation book for children and co-authored ‘Living an Abundant Life’.

Nicole Swan Education Local Gold Coast education consultant, Nicole Swan, is a qualified childhood educator with diplomas in early childhood education, Montessori, phonics and has a Bachelor of Children Services from Bond University. She has 13 years teaching experience in Australia and Canada.

Fe Taylor Health & Wellbeing Fe is the director of Leaps & Bounds Children’s Fitness Centre, Fe Taylor Fitness and also the Children’s Health & Wellbeing Expo, held annually on the Gold Coast. Fe’s health & wellbeing programs are associated with the GCCC Active & Healthy Program.

Amardy Dhanoya Keeping It Real A proud stay-at-home mother of two beautiful children, daughter Marley two and son Kaius one, Amardy teaches a Zumba class for mums and kids, and is currently studying to become a qualified doula. She has a background in media and worked in the industry for 10 years mainly in magazines.

Louise Elliot BSC (HMS) Food & Nutrition A proud, single mother to 12 year old Josiah, Louise works passionately as a diet and fitness coach, health writer and editor. She is the creator of the school nutrition show ‘The Amazing Army’, master trainer and author of ‘The Superfruit Juice Book’.

Tania Usher Business Tania is an internationally renowned marketing communication strategist, business coach, author, speaker and adventurer. Tania aims to touch as many lives as possible with her authentic and heart-centred ‘get naked’ approach to business where she strips back the hype to expose raw and uncut strategies for life, business and success.

Jane Whittred Arts & Creativity Jane’s most rewarding role is that of a teacher. Having been artistic for as long as she can remember, and now a mum to three young children, she fits it all into her creative world, and in return has learnt so much about how young minds think and learn.

Meredith Graham BAppSc (Optometry)Hons Healthy Workspaces A local Optometrist and CEO of Harmony Vision Care, specialising in treating vision problems associated with learning difficulties, reading difficulties and attention problems. She has two young children of her own, Alexis and Elke.

Kathy Whines & Debbie Hoggs Life Skills Debbie is mum to Jemma, ten and Amy, nine. Kathy is mum to Emma 12 and together they are creators of ‘Life Skills Programs’. Both Kathy and Debbie are spirited and passionate life coaches with over 20 years coaching experience between them. They are specialists in family coaching.

Dr Elen ApThomas Dr ApThomas is a GP with over 18 years of private clinical experience. She is a graduate of the University of Adelaide with a Bachelors in both Medicine and Surgery, along with a Diploma of Obstetrics and Gynaecology, and a Fellow of the Australasian College of Nutritional and Environmental Medicine.

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Product Review

Thought Spots Product Review Teach and motivate your children with positive messages.


ome days you sound like a broken record – “Have you brushed your teeth?” or “Make sure you use soap when you wash your hands!” and “Did you wipe and flush?” Are the kids ignoring you or do they just need a little reminder? Either way, Thought Spots, invented by a mum in Canada, might be just what you need! Thought Spots are like stickers, but are made of static-cling vinyl so they are removable, reusable and self adhesive to any shiny surface, such as mirrors, glass, aluminium bottles or fridges. You can swap them daily, weekly – whenever. You can use them to teach and motivate your children with positive messages. You can praise and inspire them or leave a little love note in their lunch box – “You make me smile”, “You are a star”, “I knew you could do it!”, and “Believe in yourself”. And why stop with the kids? You can put some focus on your partner (love is in the air, after all) and add some spark in to the day by sharing your feelings – “I love you more than chocolate” and “Missed you like crazy”.

something new” and “Asking for help is a sign of strength” – both my favourites. Thought Spots are sold in packs of twelve and can last years. Keep it positive and have fun with Thought Spots, they will be sure to create a smile when you share them with your friends and family.

Thought Spots can work for you too – “Be proud”, “I am beautiful”, “I am worth it” – all kind words to overcome that niggling voice in your head.

Thought Spots are giving away two Big Thoughts: “You are my SUPER HERO” and “You DID it!”

There is even a New Mum collection – which is a unique gift idea and a great way to help a new mother think good thoughts, such as “Be patient we are both learning

Email: with ‘Thought Spots’ in the subject line. Enter your name, address and contact details by February 26 to win.

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What We Love

What we love, love, love... t Dumpling Dynasty Kits Created by two clever British mothers and coming all the way from China, these Asian-inspired kits are so cool! The Explorer Kit, for your little Captain Cook comes with magnifying glass, compass, vintage flashlight, string with knot guide, notebook and pencil. They also have pig tail kits, cupcake kits and even a cocktail kit for the parents!  Available online at Style Aficionado, or locally at Dragonfly in Burleigh

uE  co Kid Leave in Conditioner With school back in session, this magical potion is a must for the kids. Spray a few squirts while styling your hair in the morning and it deters head lice from camping out if your child’s class experiences a break-out. Ever since we got a hold of this product – nits have been a thing of the past at our house!

u Rashoodz Finally the sun is out and as we remember how hot that summer sun can be, it’s a perfect time for a reminder about sun safety. Two Brisbane mums came up with this nifty idea to make sure toddlers’ hats stay on while they swim and play. A hood is attached to the swimsuit with snaps so you won’t lose it at sea.

t Bajo Snail Sortroller Just like neon made a come back in fashion – wooden toys are the go. We love the Bajo line and especially the bright colours of the Snail Sortroller, which is not only a shape sorter but also a pull along toy! Available locally at Dragonfly or online

u Kindy Kamper If your little champ is about to venture into the world of kindy, these little Kampers are sure to help them settle in. They come in an assortment of beautiful patterns with a padded base, a removable comfortable, sheet and attached pillow. A great touch for sleep time at kindy (or sleepovers) to ensure the kids are comfy. Check the Give-aways page for details on how you can win one.

t BYOG Hospital Gown For all you fashion-forward mums there is something new to the market that will help you deliver your new addition in style! No more looking drab in the delivery room! Purchase online.

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Life Skills

Promoting Resilience

in your Child Written by Debbie Hoggs & Kathy Whines 7 tips to help children develop resilience:

Australian psychologist Andrew Fuller defines resilience as “The happy knack of being able to bungy jump through the pitfalls of life”. He adds, “the pitfalls are still there, but it is as if you have an elasticised rope around your middle that helps you to bounce back from hard times”.


hat seems like a simple thing to adults might be a horrible problem for children. Changing seats in the classroom, a friend saying, “I’m not your friend anymore”, or not being invited to play during a break can seem like ‘the end of the world’. Still, the way children (and adults) deal with these difficulties is what sets them apart. Resilience is part of our emotional intelligence. When faced with a problem, resilient people focus on finding a solution rather than getting depressed and feeling like victims. Resilience is another name for emotional strength. However, resilience can also be learned. We cannot control many of our life experiences; we can only control our response to them. As educators and parents, our role is it to help our children respond positively and with strength. Teach children that they always have a choice. In every situation, every person has a choice about what to do, how to respond and how to feel. Tell them that there are many options to do, respond or feel. The difference between people going through the same crisis is in the way they respond and feel. For example, two children who have to give a speech at school can respond either by feeling fear and giving up, or by learning, getting support and having a go.

10 | Coast Kids

1. Teach children to trust their instincts (gut feelings). They might be clumsy at this at first, however they will improve and stop being so influenced by what others expect of them. 2. Teach flexibility. Flexible children adjust well to different ideas and changing situations. Teach them to try different kinds of food, listen to different kinds of music and expose them to different cultures, different social groups and different hobbies. 3. Teach responsibility. When children blame someone else or circumstances for poor outcomes, help them understand that when they do this, they give the other person or the circumstances the power over their life. When they feel bad about something, ask them, “What can you do to feel better?” and “What can you learn from this?” 4. Teach emotions. From as early as two years old, offer your children emotional words to express themselves. Teach them to say “I don’t like it”, “I’m not happy”, “I would like”, “I prefer”, “I will be happy if”, “I’m upset” and “I was sad”. Increase their emotional vocabulary by having a big vocabulary yourself and using mirroring like “Are you sad that they didn’t invite you to play?” 5. Teach positive focus. Find good in every situation. Make a habit of saying one good thing about every bad situation. If a child fails in math, make them find something good that can come out of it, such as, “I know now what I need to work on” or “I’ve learned the power of practice”. Seeing good in everything will help them respond better to loss, change, major illnesses or any other challenges. 6. Teach gratitude. Grateful children are more positive. It is better for your child to appreciate what they have, rather than focus on what they do not have. This way, if they don’t get something, it won’t be ‘the end of the world’. 7. Level your expectations. When your expectations are too high, children experience less success, feel more out of control and may give up. If you are not sure about where to set your expectation, try to remember yourself at that age and consider your behaviour to theirs.

Life Skills

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Coast Kids

It’s a Date! Written by Keeley O’Connor

In amongst the chaos of parenting – how do you keep the romance alive?


or those of you in a relationship and raising kids – we all know it isn’t easy!

Relationships are certainly easier when you only have one person to please and you actually get to finish an adult conversation.

Do you ever find yourself reminiscing about those days when time seemed to stand still and you would laze about with your loved one and just talk? Uninterrupted, that is. I remember spending hours together over meals, walks on the beach and lazy afternoons in bed.

Out of your love for each other, however, your children were born – and your life is so much richer for it. Those loved up, lazy afternoons are now full of soccer training and dance lessons, and so what if mealtimes now start at 4.30pm and last an average of seven minutes?

12 | Coast Kids

Coast Kids

Here are some tips on how to make some time for your loved one and put a little spark back into your romance: Date night A regular date to catch up and just be ‘you’. No kids to interrupt and you can have some fun at the movies, bowling, eating out and reconnect. Wag When the kids are in school or kindy, take a day off and just hang out the two of you. Night away If you are lucky enough to have grandparents living nearby or close friends that will host the kids, steal a night away for some hotel romance.  Naked days Christina Aguilera promoted this idea, however, the idea has some merit and in amongst the giggles you can reconnect.

the Yatala drive in. Bring a deck chair and rug up for a night of movies under the stars. Sharing books Something you can do on your own, and also share your favourite parts of a good book. Late night skinny dip Kids are in bed, dishes are done, and the night air is perfect for a nude dip in the pool.

Now, If you don’t have someone close by that can help care for the children, consider a babysitting swap with a close friend. They help with your children one night and you help mind their children in exchange – you could even make it a regular thing. If you are new to town, there is actually a babysitting club, which is free and can put you in touch with like minded parents to swap babysitting services. For more information, visit www. Even with the kids around – you can make some ‘us’ time: Dinner at home without the kids One of you can put the kids to bed, while the other prepares a gourmet dinner (or picks up take away). You can eat by candle light and enjoy a nice bottle of wine once the kids are asleep. Make sure no TV! Picnics in the park Find a spot that is child-friendly with safe boundaries for the kids to run and play, while you laze about on a picnic rug and enjoy some alone time. Child friendly café Grab a coffee out as a family and choose somewhere with play area for the kids so you can have a conversation. Gov’s Espresso is a great option, or find a take away place near the playground, like Dune Café at the Palm Beach Parklands. Movie night Rent a movie, cuddle up on the couch, popcorn and lollies a must.  Drive In If your kids are small and sleep well in the car, you can always try

Dora or Diego Nookie Thank goodness for Dora and Diego. While the kids are glued to the tube, find a quiet spot for a quickie – your little secret. Whatever works for you, try to make it a regular thing so you both feel valued and loved in your relationship. In eighteen years (ok maybe a few more) the children will be moving out and getting on with their own lives and it will be just you two again.  If you have a tip on how to keep the romance alive in your relationship, please write to us at so that we can share it with other readers.

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Positive Parenting

14 | Coast Kids


Positive Parenting

Love Languages Written by Andrea Pelikan


n our modern society, raising emotionally healthy children can be challenging. As parents, we try to squeeze so much into our days, often more than what we can comfortably handle. This unfortunately can leave a lot less time to spend with our children. Our busy lives make it more important to ensure our children get the amount of love they need to keep their ‘love-bucket’ full, and to feel unconditionally loved in their environment. What if you could say or do just the right thing to make sure your child felt loved? Every child has a primary language of love – a way in which she or he understands a parent’s love best. Once you learn your own child’s language of love, you are on your way to improving listening, respect and even discipline in your home. These are the five Love Languages: 1. Physical touch 2. Words of affirmation 3. Quality time 4. Receiving gifts 5. Acts of service To discover your child’s love language let your child show you their emotions, and watch how they interact with you and other people. Is your child a hugger? Do they bring you presents, drawings or pick you flowers? However your children show you their love, that is what they need back! Simple. Physical Touch A child whose primary love language is physical touch needs lots of hugs, kisses, being touched on the shoulder and holding hands. Here’s what you can do to fill the love-bucket for a ‘physicaltouch’ child:


Hug your child when you greet them or say goodbye.

When your child has a challenging day or feels stressed, stroke their head and pat their back gently.



Snuggle up when watching TV or reading a book together.

Have ‘tickle-fights’, group hugs and hold hands when walking together. Continued page 16


Coast Kids | 15

Positive Parenting Words of Affirmation Some children feel their greatest sense of love by words that affirm them. Those words don’t need to be ‘I love you’ all of the time, but by cheering them up in games they play, words of praise, compliments and words of encouragement. Tell your child you love them, without any expectations. Here’s what you can do to fill the lovebucket for a ‘words of affirmation’ child: When your child makes a mistake trying to help, use words to recognise you understood their good intention. l Put notes with encouraging words into their lunch box, onto the mirror or under their pillow. l Create a pet name for your child that only you use. l Make drawings together and include word of encouragement or compliments. l Talk about your child’s accomplishments at the dinner table or before bedtime and tell your child how proud you are. l

Quality Time Quality time is a parent’s gift of presence to a child. The most important factor in quality time is not the event itself, but the fact you are doing something together. If a child’s primary love language is quality time, then you have to spend time doing something with your child before you do the things you need to do. Try spending time with each child alone, include positive eye contact and make time for discussions. Here’s what you can do to fill the lovebucket for a ‘quality time’ child: l

Include your child in your daily errands.

16 | Coast Kids

Look at your child when they speaks to you. l Let your child help you prepare meals, sit down together and have morning or afternoon tea. l Let your child choose what activity you are going to do. l Really watch your child when they play on the playground. l Have ‘dates’ where you spend time one on one doing something the child chooses (as easy as going to have an ice cream together). l

Gifts The giving and receiving of gifts can be a powerful expression of love. The most meaningful gifts can become symbols of love. The love language of gifts can become quite challenging because it is easy to shower our children with gifts to substitute for the other love languages. It is very important to include other love languages with the language of gifts. Here’s what you can do to fill the lovebucket for a ‘gifts’ child: Keep a few inexpensive gifts hidden away for your child and then use them when you sense a need. l Make a special meal for your child or surprise them with a special dessert. l Take home small presents when away l

from home, or even mail one for your child while away. l Make you vouchers for your child with a favourite treat. l Give your child a coin to use in the shop. l Prepare a treasure hunt for their birthday party or a rainy day. Acts of Service If service is your child’s primary love language, your acts of service will communicate most deeply that you love them. If your child asks you to fix a bicycle or a doll’s dress, he or she doesn’t merely want the task done, they are looking for emotional love as well. When we as parents recognise the request for love and help our child with a loving and positive attitude, the child will go away feeling loved. This doesn’t mean that you have to jump at every request. All it means is that you should be sensitive to those requests and recognise that your help will make your child feel loved. Here’s what you can do to fill the lovebucket of an ‘acts of service’ child: Make a favourite snack for your child. Help to pack the toys away. l Help with their homework. Feeling loved is a very powerful feeling which makes us all thrive. These five languages of love relate to adults too – so take a moment to discover your partner’s, your parents’ and even your friend’s language of love and see how this love strategy may benefit these relationships too. l l

Health & Wellbeing

Love Yourself Enough to

Make Time for Exercise Written by Fe Taylor

Putting our children and family first is what we are really good at. There is always something to do before you spend time on yourself – the shopping, cleaning, work, kids’ extra curricular activities and so on. But what about finding some ‘me’ time? Guilt free. It is imperative to ‘schedule’ exercise into your weekly routine because studies indicate that exercising for 40 minutes three to four times a week will not only keep the weight off, reduce your risk of heart disease, high blood pressure and diabetes, but is also a great stress reliever and will increase those ‘feel good’ endorphins. For me, there is no better way to stay on top of things then having a quick morning walk or run and doing some stretching. Admittedly, I do this before anyone else wakes up. This is my ‘me’ time to think about my goals, my plans for the day and to get my endorphins pumping!

bike rides, spend time at the beach or go on a bush walk. This is great family time, however don’t confuse this for your own time out. Whatever your ‘release’ – whether it is running, walking, yoga, gardening – you must make time for you. Your health, your stress levels, your daily outlook and overall balance – depends on it!

Is Weight Loss Your New Years Resolution? n Do you struggle to lose weight despite diet and exercise?

Organisation is the key and planning your time should be right up there with planning the weekly meals, or writing your shopping list.

n Do you fail to maintain motivation?

Here’s what I recommend: l

n Are you sick of feeling guilty about food?

Write a list of activities you might do during these times, such as walking, yoga, Pilates, a bike ride, gardening, or whatever you like to do. It can be the same each day, or alternate your activities to keep it interesting. Whatever you choose, write it down in your diary, and put it somewhere you will see it everyday

We all know what to do to lose weight. So why do we struggle? Your mind controls your behaviours and your biology. Weight loss is more than just sweating it out at the gym. Tamika is an expert on the psychology of weight loss. Let her help you release the emotional and psychological blocks that cause emotional eating and stubborn weight.

Identify 20 to 40 minutes uninterrupted each day, possibly before the children wake, or after bedtime, or when your partner comes homes from work when they can take over bath time and you can sneak out for a walk or run.


Tell your partner, children and any other household members that you are not available at that time. Communication is the key here, especially if you are relying on child minding for your escape!



Turn your phone off so you won’t be interrupted.


Then go for it – enjoy the amazing benefits of ‘me’ time.

n Do you suffer from food issues?

A natural, holistic and permanent approach to weight loss Free Consults available in February Call now on 0404 832 086

If you don’t know where to start then go to the local library which is an excellent resource for home exercise books and DVD’s, even music on CD. You can also download free podcasts for Pilates and yoga. If help with the child minding isn’t always an option in your house, involve your kids in your exercise time. Join a pram push, go on a

Low Cost Group Training l Affordable Personal Training l Check the Website for Timetables for more info call 0407 760 013

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Food & Nutrition

The Heart of Eating Written by Louise Elliott BSC (HMS)

Teach children that when they eat nourishing foods, they are caring for and loving their bodies. Food fosters all great expressions of love. Many cultures affectionately celebrate births, weddings and graduations with a communal meal. And, of course, many a romance has started with a special dining experience. Interestingly, certain foods promote the release of brain chemicals involved in relaxation, alertness and elevated moods. It is no wonder eating can relate to feelings of love – given the right setting. It has been said that ‘food made with love tastes better’. An obvious example of this is the difference in taste between a fast-food meal and the special dish you take care and time with. Love makes you pay attention to details, and meals are made more carefully. There is a popular science that positive emotions can actually improve the molecular configuration of water crystals, as researched by Dr Masaru Emoto. Considering that most meals contain a significant amount of water – or are cooked with water – one may conclude that the intent of love by the preparer may, in fact, enhance the molecular quality of the meal! So it is important to promote the dining table as a platform for family love. Prioritise mealtimes without distractions, and you will be surprised at how quickly children open up and convey their hearts. Introduce conversations of a warm and lighthearted nature. Not only will this nurture family bonding, but contented emotions will ensure everyone’s digestive functions operate with more ease. The consumption of good food on a daily basis is a decisive example of self-love. Teach children that when they eat nourishing foods, they are caring for and loving their bodies. It will help them understand and appreciate why parents spend so much time making meals, and why, lovingly, we restrict junk food consumption (because it may damage their bodies). What better heritage to pass down to the next generation than a tender appreciation for food and its emotional significance. This Valentine’s Day, invite your children on a romantic picnic together! It is never too early to introduce children to beautiful and chivalrous romance. Psychologists explain that when children watch exchanges of appropriate love between their parents, like cuddles and romantic dinners, it can significantly improve their self-esteem and personal security in life. Should you take your little ones on a Valentine’s Day picnic, try to make each other’s favourite foods, and perhaps choose from one of the chocolate recipes. Not only is this an opportunity to build your child’s culinary skills, but it also highlights considering other people’s desires before your own – a true action of love. While on your picnic, demonstrate love-in-action through ‘table etiquette’, such as serving others first, displaying good manners and patiently waiting for everyone to finish their meal. If you are a single parent (as I am), make the aim of your Valentine’s family picnic to treat each other as special as possible. The more that we teach children about the emotional and cultural significances of eating, the more they will cherish food’s many values into their adult years. 18 | Coast Kids

Food & Nutrition

Chocolate Mousse Serves 4 2 ripe, medium avocados 2/3 cup 100% maple syrup 2-3 tbsp cacao powder 2 tbsp virgin coconut oil 1-2 tbsp rapadura sugar (or raw sugar) 2 tsp vanilla essence 1 tsp balsamic vinegar ½ tsp tamari or soy sauce; or ¼ tsp sea salt Topping - chopped fruit and/or nuts of choice Combine ingredients in a blender until smooth. Chill for a few hours before serving with chopped fruit and/or nuts. Alternatively, mix with yoghurt for a tangy chocolate cream.

Choc-Berry Muffins Makes about 12 muffins 1 cup of self-raising flour ¾ cup orange juice ½ cup hazelnut meal ½ cup mixed berries Third cup olive oil ¼ cup cacao powder ¼ cup dark brown sugar 2-3 tbsp honey 2 eggs A pinch of salt Beat the eggs. Add the liquid ingredients and process together, followed by the remaining dry ingredients. Spoon into patty cases.

Liquid Lamington Milkshake Serves 2 1 tray of ice cubes 1 cup coconut milk 4 tbsp agave syrup 2 ½ tbsp cacao powder Combine in a blender until ice is finely shaven. (For an adult version, Valentine’s Day cocktail, add some cream liqueur.)

Food in focus!


Cacao (pronounced ‘ka-kow’) is the guilt-free, uber-nutritious, chocolate-indulgence ‘super food’. In ancient South America, cacao was so prized it was used by the Mayans as currency. Cacao should not be confused with the less nutritious, heat and chemical treated counterpart, cocoa powder. Cacao fosters longevity by offering the highest antioxidant content of any food – including berries, red wine and green tea – and sports one of the richest sources of absorbable magnesium (a natural muscle relaxant). Available in health food stores, cacao powder can be used as a replacement for recipes requiring cocoa or chocolate flavouring. Coast Kids | 19

Is Postnatal Depression Affecting Your Joy of Parenthood? Written by Dr Elen ApThomas Postnatal depression affects almost 16% of new mothers in Australia. It can be caused by a combination of many factors, such as a past history of depression or anxiety, stress with the pregnancy, birth or baby’s health, and a lack of emotional support. Then add a lack of sleep, hormonal changes and coping with the needs of a new baby – and it can be a very difficult time. Postnatal depression has the same signs and symptoms as depression including prolonged periods of low mood, reduced interest in activities, tiredness and having many negative thoughts and feelings. Many women report simply feeling emotionally and physically exhausted, or feeling very anxious. These symptoms are often caused by depletion in the happy and calming brain chemicals, serotonin and dopamine. Thankfully these can often be corrected

without the use of medication, usually antidepressants. New mums can also experience tiredness because they are lacking critical energy enhancing nutrients from their pregnancy and also while breastfeeding. These nutrients levels can be measured using standard blood tests, on physical examination and with other analyses such as a live blood analysis, which gives an immediate dynamic assessment of the body’s nutritional levels from a drop of blood examined under a microscope. As a doctor and a mother of three children under the age of six, I fully understand the physical and emotional demands of motherhood. Many women suffer with postnatal depression and don’t speak up, thinking that their only management options will be anti-depressants. They worry that these may

affect the baby through their breast milk and feel like a failure as a mother because of the stigma of this diagnosis. Luckily there are highly effective, fast working nutritional supplements that enhance the body’s natural production of serotonin and dopamine. These are also quite safe to be used during breast feeding. I have found that simply increasing a woman’s energy during this demanding time also dramatically increases the ability to cope both emotionally and physically, in turn reducing many symptoms of post natal depression. The most common nutritional deficiencies are those of protein, iron, vitamin B12, zinc and magnesium. Replacing these when deficient increases not only energy, but enhances emotional tolerance to stress. A body and mind that is well nourished with better levels of brain chemicals, rejuvenates more efficiently with limited sleep.

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The place to find all the coolest threads, toys and accessories for your little one.

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Q What is serotonin?


Coast Kids A Serotonin is a hormone that is found naturally in the human brain, it is also found in the digestive tract and platelets in our blood. Categorised as a neurotransmitter, it helps transmit nerve impulses. Serotonin can be considered a ‘happy’ hormone, as it greatly influences an overall sense of well-being. It also helps to regulate moods, reduce anxiety, and relieve depression. It is also credited with being a natural sleep aid.

A Also known as Darkfield Microscopy, blood analysis is a way of studying live whole blood cells. This technique involves analysing blood features in their living state, hence the term live blood analysis. Unlike most other medical testing, you remain present during the analysis. This gives you the unique and fascinating opportunity to see your own blood cells on the monitor screen. Live blood analysis cannot be replaced by any other blood examination, neither by normal microscope examination, nor by blood tests sent to laboratories. Q What is dopamine?

wuth Dr Elen ApThomas

Q What is Live Blood Analysis?

A It is a neurotransmitter which is produced by the brain, and plays a critical role in the function of the central nervous system. It is also linked to the brain’s complex system of motivation and reward. Dopamine helps the body function smoothly. Lack of dopamine makes patients shaky, weak and confused.

Holistic Medical Doctors • Naturopaths • Homeopath • Osteopath • Acupuncture • Energy Medicine

Is Post Natal Depression taking away your joy of parenthood? Are you feeling: - Emotionally and physically exhausted - Overwhelmed - Experiencing prolonged periods of stress and low mood

These symptoms are often the result of low brain serotonin and dopamine levels. Many mothers don’t realize there are drug free nutritional options available to correct this.

The Medical Sanctuary is a Holistic Medical clinic where the practitioners understand family health because they too have young families.

150 Ashmore Road, Benowa Book Today, you will feel better for it

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s Booking l essentia


to HIRE a Queensland Ambulance Baby Capsule

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Department of Community Safety

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Change a childâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s life... And your own!



Become a Foster Parent Today!


 :[YPRL (ZWLYHIV]LWS\ZHZ[\KLU[HUKWHYLU[JVUMLYLUJL^PSSILJVUK\J[LK^P[OH The FSG Australia KAIA Program makes and families who would like to become   Z[HMMTLTILY a positive difference in the lives of carers  :[YPRL (ZWLYHIV]LWS\ZHZ\ZWLUZPVUMYVTH[[LUKPUNJSHZZLZMVYHWYLKL[LYTPULK children and young people with complex   WLYPVKVM[PTL and extreme needs by recruiting and s 9OURINDIVIDUALFOSTERCARECOMMITMENT will be negotiated with you during the *SHZZ([[LUKHUJL9\SL supporting specialist foster parents. recruitment process â&#x20AC;&#x201C; i.e. 0UJVUZPZ[LU[H[[LUKHUJLYLZ\S[ZPUV\YZ[\KLU[ZILPUNV\[VMYV\[PULZSV^Z[OLPYWYVNYLZZHUK you can PZVM[LUYLZWVUZPISLMVY[OLTSVZPUNPU[LYLZ[HUKKYVWWPUNV\[0MHZ[\KLU[PZPYYLN\SHYPU[OLPY Loving people from all walks of life can provide long term care; or respite care [YHPUPUNMVYHTVU[O^P[OV\[UV[PM`PUN\Z^LTH`JVUZPKLYMVYMLP[PUN[OLPYWSHJLPU[OLJSHZZ become foster parents. to give other foster parents a break.

s & 3' !USTRALIA IS LOOKING FOR SPECIALIST s &OSTER 0ARENTS ARE SUPPORTED WITH A foster parents to provide love, stability and home visit at least monthly, a 24/ 7 security to children with complex needs on call service and a reimbursement s 7E PROVIDE COMPREHENSIVE TRAINING allowance to go towards the direct care costs for each child in their care. and support for committed individuals










Make a positive difference in a child or young personâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s life today! Contact FSG Australia KAIA Foster Parent Program for more information on (07) 5564 0896 or email



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Waitangi Day Gold Coast Parklands Gold Coast 9:00 am - 9:00 pm



Mad Sports 10am to 11.30am Frascott Park, Yodelay Drive Varsity Lakes. bookings required

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Gold Coast Blaze v New Zealand Breakers Game starts at 5pm Gold Coast Convention Centre Broadbeach 1300 BLAZE GC or 5527 5427


Quiksilver and Roxy Pro Snapper Rocks www.quiksilverpro.

Energy Art in the Park 9.30am to 11am Observatory Park, Southern Skies Ave Reedy Creek Bookings required by email


Splashtastic Fun – Swimming Enclosures 10am to 1pm Evandale Park, Oyuan Street, Bundall bookings required by email bookings@

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Connecting with your Childâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s Teacher Written by Nicole Swan With the school year upon us, how can you â&#x20AC;&#x2DC;bridge the gapâ&#x20AC;&#x2122; to make your childâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s school year a success? As parents, we are often confused about how we can participate at our childâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s school, or we just simply do not know how to get the right information. Yes, it takes time and energy, however, it is definitely worth it. Research has shown that children succeed emotionally, socially and academically, and become more balanced individuals if their families are involved in their education and/or school activities. Today, modern families are very diverse and it is acceptable to say that you are not the only one raising


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your children. Families, regardless of their makeup, are a childâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s most important teacher and define a childâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s culture and community. Family involvement makes an enormous impact on a childâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s existence in the world. We need to build strong families, strong schools and community partnerships for learning. Children need many people to be active in their lives and concerned about their future. We need to show our children that we are genuinely interested in their education, and that going to school is positive, and has a very valuable purpose. The goal is to increase student achievement, promote greater cooperation between home and school, connect with our schools, and assist with helping our schools, to help our children succeed. Communication is the key. Here are some

Helensvale Calisthenics Club

â&#x20AC;&#x2DC;Calisthenics - Something for Everybodyâ&#x20AC;&#x2122; Come along and discover a sport that is unique to Australia. Learn Elements of dance, gymnastics, ballet, singing and acting Practice routines choreographed to music and perform on a theatre stage. Develop confidence, coordination, strength, grace, team spirit and musical appreciation Have fun and gain new friends. A sport that welcomes all ages and abilities.

Ages as follows: Recreational Tinies 2 1/2 - 5yrs Competitive Tinies 5 - 7yrs Sub Juniors 7 - 9yrs Juniors 9 - 12yrs Intermediates 12 - 16yrs Seniors 16 and above

Classes are held at the Helensvale Community Centre, Discovery Drive, Helensvale


For more information please phone Sarah on 0412 980 989 or email

Education helpful tips to help you create open communication with your child’s teacher and school:

include parent workshops, a parenting resource centre, library resources, a website or online resources for parents.

Regular Contact Make sure your child’s school and teachers make regular contact with you – in person, or on the phone, through email, websites, notes being sent home, and/or through school newsletters. Ask for a simpler explanation about your child’s activities, both in and out of the classroom if you do not understand any ‘educational jargon,’ that teachers use.

Volunteer at School Helping in your child’s classroom will assist you in making a positive connection at the school. Here are some tips to help you get more involved:

Regular Information Your child’s school should provide information regularly about what your child is learning, what school activities he/she is involved in, and how you can specifically be involved in your child’s education, personal interests and school activities. Be Proactive You can get involved in the school decision-making process. Don’t leave it to other parents. Give your input when the school is asking for parents’ concerns and suggestions. Stay informed Take a careful note of what resources your child’s school will be providing. These may

n Visit the classroom and share your culture, hobbies, interests, recent travels, or your career with the children. n Share your expertise in cooking, sewing, gardening, computers, music, science and cultural beliefs. n Assist by helping to take small groups of students in reading, math, art or languages. n Coach sporting teams, chess, debating, card

Reading Tip #1

and board games or school productions. n Help to make, plan or present a theme-based presentation/display with, or for the children, and join field trips and school camps. n Encourage other family members and friends to attend school productions. n Serve on an advisory or decision-making committee for the school such as the PTA organisation. n Help with school fundraising to increase financial resources – for example, write a proposal for new resources, donate materials and arrange businesses or other organisations to donate resource materials. n Encourage other parents to get involved with you and help too! It is fun to work in groups and a good way to connect with other parents. The connection of families with the school is a partnership for learning, and this will only help our children to succeed. It is a true commitment by all! Don’t we all want our child’s school to maintain the quality of care our children deserve? Hence, there must be an effective, supportive and collaborative relationship with all families right from the start. All the best for a successful year at school!

Frilly Jungle

“Those who cannot imagine, cannot read” Research has shown that visualisation increases enjoyment, comprehension & reading scores. Kids love to be read to. Ask your child to close their eyes & listen carefully. After you read a passage, stop and share what you imagined; what the characters looked like, what they were doing….Then ask your child what they saw? Talk about “making movies” in their head as you read together. You can even act out some of the scenes with imaginative play!

Frilly Jungle is a new and exciting childrens fashion boutique that has recently opened a new store on the Gold Coast.

This is the power of imagination & reading!

We have a wide range of beautiful girls heels, dresses, everyday wear and much more.

For more Tips about Reading go to

We only stock fashionable and top quality goods, visit our new store and see for yourself!!

Kathryn Lutze - Co-Founder

* Franchise opportunities available

Australia’s Favourite Boys and Girls Fashion Store!

Behavioural Optometry & Vision Therapy Clinic

PHONE 07 5520 5900






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It’s a Zumba Party! Written by Amardy Dhanoya

Are you sick of running on the treadmill, or doing the same old routine in your aerobics class? Keeping fit doesn’t have to be boring. For those of you who are looking for something more fun and exciting, chances are you have heard of the latest fitness craze sweeping the Gold Coast – that’s right it’s Zumba. Zumba Fitness has grown to become the world’s largest and most successful dance fitness program. Millions of people of all shapes, sizes and ages attending weekly Zumba classes in over 90,000 locations across around 110 countries. Australia alone has over 3000 registered instructors. Zumba was created in the mid 90’s by accident by aerobics instructor Beto Perez. He had forgotten the music for his regular aerobics class, so he used the tapes he had in his backpack which he usually listened to. He improvised to the Latin music, loved the excitement, and watching all the positive reactions, he realised he was onto something. This ‘accident’ was about to revolutionise the world of fitness.

Exotic rhythms set to high-energy Latin beats – before you know it, you’re getting fit and you’re energy levels are soaring!

26 | Coast Kids

Moving away from traditional forms of exercise, Zumba combines exotic rhythms set to high-energy Latin and international beats. Before you know it, you’re getting fit and your energy levels are soaring! Zumba uses many different styles of dance including Salsa, Meringue, Samba, Reggaeton, even bringing Bollywood into the mix. My own love affair with Zumba started when I attended my first class over a year ago. I had a blast! The energy in the room was electrifying. I enjoyed it so much that I wanted to be a part of this phenomenon, and so I became a qualified Zumba instructor. I started teaching my own classes, and after talking to fellow

Keeping it Real

mums, I realised many of them couldn’t attend evening Zumba classes because they had to care for their children. After a long day of being Mum, the last thing they wanted to do was to work out. Mums shouldn’t be missing out on all this fun, so I created child-friendly Zumba classes. Everyone is welcome, however Mums can bring their children along and as it’s a morning class it is an easier commitment for Mums to make. So why do Zumba? The reason is simple - every class feels like a party! Zumba provides a total body toning routine along with a heart pumping aerobic workout. It is a great way to tone the core abdominal muscles, classes improve coordination and just one hour spent in a Zumba class can burn up to 800 calories! Zumba is also a great stress reliever, the energetic moves release mood altering endorphins helping melt your worries away as you lose yourself in the music and dance. Kids can also benefit from Zumba! Designed especially for kids, Zumbatonic


is high energy with kid friendly routines. Parents love Zumbatonic because it has increased their kids’ focus and confidence at school, enhanced their coordination and given them a keen interest in physical fitness.



Come join me, or any one of the classes on the Gold Coast and you'll see what I mean. You don't even have to know how to dance. Just move your body and follow my lead. It's easy and a fun way to stay fit!

Zumba –CLASSES for Mums & kids Amardy teaches classes on Fridays at Mermaid Beach Community Centre starting at 9.30am. DVD’s for home use can also be purchased online or at some major local retailers, such as Target. For more details visit the website

The Latin-insp ired, easy-to-fo llow, calorie-burning , dance fitness -party™. Feel the music and let loose. FOR CLASS DE


Instructor Nam

e Here

(123) 456-7890

heaven is here in broadbeach youremail@yo

Write your per son here. Write you alized message here. Wr ite your person r personalized message her alized messa message her e. Write you ge e. Write you r personalized r personalized personalized message her message her e. e. Write you r personalized Write your message her e.

Copy right © 2010 Zum ba Fitne ss, LLC Zum ba ®, Zum ba Fitne ss ® and the Zum ba Fitne ss logos are registered trade mark s

of Zum ba Fitne ss, LLC

opening special come in for a one hour relax massage + receive a complimentary half hour facial *

90 mins for


save $55

gift solutions & vouchers, organic skincare, customised massage, treatment facials, clay cocoons, body scrubs & soaks, hand & feet treats, waxing & tinting and so much more... *not valid with any other offer, valid at endota broadbeach only, upgrade not valid for gift vouchers

shop 1 oracle south, 17 elizabeth avenue broadbeach 4218 qld t. 07 5504 6776 e.

endota spa

Mamas That Rock

Mamas that Rock! Featuring Jasmin Walsh of the Butterfly Tree Markets Interview by Keeley O’Connor Tell us about your current business role? The Butterfly Tree Markets showcases local designers of unique, exquisite and stylish products for kids and their families. The markets are currently held in two locations: the Gold Coast Arts Centre and The Events Centre, Caloundra, but we are expanding into Toowoomba, Warwick and other locations in 2011. In addition to organising these markets, I teach year seven at Helensvale State School. What time does a typical day start for you? Maisie and Tayt usually wake up between 5.30 and 6am, which is a perfect time to get started on school days – though I wish they would hit the snooze button a few times on the weekends! We are usually out of the house by 7am to go to kindy and for me to go to school. 2011 will be a bit different as Maisie is starting school. Who does the cooking and cleaning at your house? I shop and cook the meals, and Graham does 99% of the cleaning. If you have 10 minutes to yourself – what do you do? I love to read! And I can usually find 10 minutes somewhere in the day to read a few chapters, even if it is while I am cooking dinner. What do you do for childcare? Until recently, both the kids went to kindy five days. But with

Maisie going to school this year and Graham’s business meaning he can work from home, Tayt will only be going to kindy one day a week in 2011. Do your kids do many extra curricular activities? Saturdays are pretty busy in our house as both kids have a swimming lesson at Bergman’s Swim School in Gaven, then Maisie has ballet with Hinterland Dance Academy in Ashmore and Tayt then does Little Kicker’s soccer in Southport – all before lunch! We are thinking of doing Little Athletics or gymnastics this year, but with us already so busy, I can’t imagine where we would fit it in! What do you do for fun with the kids? Rosser Park is a favourite, as is any playground or park with equipment. The beach is a recent addition to our adventures, but Tayt is still a little wary of the waves! The kids love collecting shells and playing in the sand What is your favourite thing to do for date night with your partner? What is a date night?!? We get time together alone so rarely that I couldn’t tell you when the last one was. Honestly, if I had a night off, I would probably stay at home, order in yummy take-away and watch a movie!

Queensland Ambulance Service

Bubs Parents First Aid Awareness Mamas That Rock


What is your favourite Gold Coast place to hang with the family? Home! We have a lovely outside area where the kids can play safely, undercover, in all weather. They have their scooters and a paddle pool, and we love having friends over for a meal and a bottle of wine. And after a busy week, it is nice not to have to get dressed up to go out somewhere. I love spending time at home! How about favourite place to eat out as a family? Montezuma’s Mexican Restaurant in Labrador is a hands-down favourite. Family-friendly, great food and close to home! Where do you head to when you get time for a girls’ night out? Versace’s buffet breakfast followed by a Gold Class movie with cocktails and seafood platter! It is our ‘happy’ place when we leave the kids and hubbies at home.



Peace of mind %XPERIENCEDÍjRSTÍAIDÍTRAINERS 2ELAXEDÍATMOSPHERE 'RANDPARENTSÍWELCOME Tea/coffee provided Course covers - CPR, burns, DIPLJOH CBTJDkSTUBJE febrile convulsions Every parent should learn these valuable skills.


Who do you relate most to on Sex and the City? Miranda: red hair, opinionated, working mum, too busy, pulled in many directions, worrying about work coming before the family... What is your best beauty tip for mums? Find time, somewhere, to get a pedicure. They aren’t too expensive, they feel great and in the end you have lovely looking feet. Perks you right up, even on your worst days! Favourite place to shop? The Butterfly Tree Markets!! The best range of amazing eclectic products for kids. There is always something new and beautiful and stylish to be found that I can’t imagine living without. Fantasy Husband…that celebrity dream man? Hugh Jackman – rugged, gorgeous, and a damn nice bloke who obviously loves his wife to bits and adores his kids – what more could any woman want! Must have parenting tip or tool? Patience! I thought that I had oodles of this – until I had my own kids! After teaching for nearly 20 years, I thought that behaviour management and routines would be a snap – how wrong I was. Being a parent is lovely, but it is really hard work. My favourite quote about parenthood is: “It is awful, awful, awful awful – and then something incredible happens”. You just have to have the patience to wait for that something incredible! Can you share any tips on the finding the right balance and that juggling act? Don’t expect your kids to be perfect. They are just kids. Breathe and reboot! I have to tell myself these things most days. Just breathe and talk to someone who understands (translation: has kids the same age!) about it. Everyone needs a great best friend – I don’t know what I would do without mine! How do you stay motivated? I love what I do! That has been the key. The challenge of The Butterfly Tree markets: keeping them fresh, finding new and exciting products and vendors, expanding the venues and planning for new initiatives keeps me up ‘til 1am most nights and out of bed before 6am most mornings. I don’t think I could do that if I didn’t love it! Passion is what motivates me.

2 hour sessions 10.00am-12.00pm "EENLEIGHÍ1!3Í3TATION Í"RIGADEÍ$RIVE Í"EENLEIGH 10.00am-12.00pm -UDGEERABAÍ3PORTINGÍ#OMPLEX &IRTHÍ0ARKÍ3OMMERSETÍ$RIVE Mudgeeraba CALLÍTOÍ check dates and availability


call 07 3884 8011

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Day Trip’n

Day Trip’n

Fingal Head Written by Keeley O’Connor We love a good day trip! And one of the best is so nearby you might make it a regular destination when the family needs a change of scenery. Just south of the border, thirty minutes by car lies the sleepy seaside village of Fingal Head. You can lose yourself for the day in their peaceful way of life, relaxing in the beautiful surrounds, or you can take up one of the many exciting activities the area is renowned for. Play The beaches are glorious at Fingal, so make sure you pack the beach bag and chairs for a lazy day at the beach. The lighthouse walk is a must and is just a short trail up the beautiful headland. The

views are magnificent and you may even spot a dolphin or two. There are new playgrounds located at Fingal Road and one next to the Surf Life Saving Club. Both have room for a picnic close by. Eat The ‘She-Oak Shack’ is one shabby chic café that you must visit on the way to Fingal. It’s very laid back and has a holiday vibe like no other – dogs are allowed at this quirky little spot too. There are childfriendly meals like banana pancakes or toasted sandwiches and pizza, or just go for a tropical cocktail and nachos. For a seaside dose of fish n chips try the Causeway Café at the Fingal Trading Post.

Adventure Fingal Head is a popular spot for boating, fishing, golfing, swimming and surfing. Because it’s fairly quiet, Fingal is a great spot for the kids to practice catching their first waves. There are also boat rentals available on the banks of the Tweed River. See if you and the kids can spot a Little Tern. These birds are an endangered species, however, they are known to nest and visit the spit at Letitia Beach in Fingal Head. Fingal Head is just off the Pacific Hwy (Chinderah Exit) south of Tweed Heads. You can find more information online at and search Fingal Head.


Keeping Gold Coast Mums in the know with short blasts of helpful, hip info, including a What’s On listing for families.

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Itâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s Homework Time Again 32 | Coast Kids


How to Set Up a

Healthy Work Space for Your Child Written by Meredith Graham BAppSc (Optometry) Hons

Do you ever stop to marvel at how your child’s life is different to your own childhood? It is easy to get carried away with the benefits of modern living with technology and miss the hazards that could affect your child. As someone who works with children, I see the effects on young bodies every day, and it is not always positive. Studies show that a child’s body will adapt or grow along lines of stress, meaning that if a child spends hours of their day in certain postures, their growth can become asymmetrical or unbalanced. Good posture is also important for good vision. Good vision allows for optimum concentration, attention and recall. Bad posture can be a sign of a vision problem (tilting head, moving close to page), just as a vision problem can cause bad posture! Ergonomics, the science of designing a workplace to fit the user in order to prevent repetitive strain, fatigue and long term disability, can have long-term effects, including poor posture and vision problems. There is a lot of awareness about ergonomics and the workplace, but you can use these principals to help set up your child’s work area too. Here are some handy tips to help you identify the problem and then put the solution in place: 1. Desk

Problems – Your child will move their body so their face is parallel with the desk. This means they hunch forward and place extra strain on their spine and neck. They will often support their body on one elbow resulting in an unequal viewing angle to

the page. This results in unequal use of their two eyes.

Solutions – The ideal surface for reading and writing is a 20 degree slope. Sloped desks are available from some furniture stores, such as IKEA, however this may not be adaptable to a computer. A simpler solution is to invest in a slope board for reading and writing, and you may want to have your child use one on their school desk too. 2. Lighting

Problems - A child will turn or twist their body unknowingly to avoid shadows or glare. Glare and reflections can make it difficult to keep accurate focus on a task, and over time, this can cause postural problems. Solutions – Reading and writing requires good lighting without shadows. Avoid a bright window to one side, which casts shadows. Use desk lamps and wall lights that spread the light evenly over the desk. Lighting for computer work should typically be less bright than for reading and writing.

fatigue, eye strain, headaches and other potential long term vision problems. Glare and reflections on the screen should be avoided, as well as bright light behind the screen.

Solution – Place the computer screen as low as possible on a desk where your child can face directly towards the screen (not off to one side). Ideally, the desk is positioned so your child can look up and over the top of the screen across the room (not at a wall) to have an ‘eye rest break’. This allows the eye muscles to straighten and focus into the distance. Avoid placing desks in front of windows where the light is bright behind the screen. Use diffuse, soft lighting which reduces reflections on the screen. If you have any concerns about your child’s vision or posture when reading, seek advice from an optometrist who is experienced with children. For more information about slope boards email the editor at

3. Computers

Problems – To see a computer clearly, a child must focus their eyes and turn their eyes in to align on the screen. The eye muscles that turn in are designed to work best when your child is looking downwards (not straight ahead or up). However, most screens are set too high for a child, meaning they have to look up. This is an unnatural posture for the eyes, and can cause visual

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Art Projects with Ms Jane Written by Jane Whittred

Love is in the air this month and could there be a more beautiful gift for Valentineâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s Day than one from the little people in your life? Here are some ideas to help your children make that special gift.

As with every project, each month we want to set a challenge to increase skills and awareness. With this project, the challenge is somewhat hidden in the fun of making everything. Your childâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s hand and eye coordination skills will be put to the test with the heart shaped finger prints and placing the coloured tissue paper onto the heart in a balanced way. Ask your child if they are going to make a pattern with the heart before they start so they have a little plan.

Materials you will need: Tissue paper in red, pink & white Craft glue (PVA) Glue brush (or an old paint brush) White paper or thin card White ribbon (2cm wide) Glitter in any combination of red, pink, gold or silver How to (see photos right): Special ribbon and tissue paper for wrapping a little gift: 1. Put a small amount of glue onto a plate and let your children stick their finger into the glue and then on to the ribbon and/or tissue paper. Repeat finger print overlapping at bottom so you end up with a heart shape. They may want to practice first on some scrap paper. 2. Sprinkle glitter over the wet glue (this is best as an adult task while child continues finger painting). Shake artwork gently to remove excess glitter. For a love heart card: 3. Fold a piece of paper or thin card in half and draw half a heart on fold line. Adult to cut half the heart out, then open to reveal a beautiful heart. Cut assorted colours of tissue paper into roughly 10cm squares. Place a dollop of glue onto your heart and let the kids go crazy scrunching up the tissue paper squares and laying them on the glued section. In no time they will have finished their heart card.

DID Y Pica OU KN OW befo sso co r u e l h and e co d dr ? was his firuld waaw l st th ord k woredSpanw penc for ish il.

34 | Coast Kids

Allow the glue to dry and harden (approximately 1 hour). 4. Ask someone else to help your child write their personal message on the back so you get a little surprise on Valentineâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s Day.

Please email your work of art to Ms Jane at and it may be published in one of our future issues.

Art & Creativity




‘The o n alive ly time I fee is paint when I’m l in Vince g’. Van G nt ogh


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Choose A Business Model That Supports Your Lifestyle

Written by Tania Usher

There just isn’t a one-

size-fits-all business model. You must adopt a business model around who you are, who you serve, how you

serve them and the life you want to lead.

36 | Coast Kids

In 2000, the month of love changed my life forever. Going into labour on Valentine’s Day, I gave birth to my first daughter on 15 February. From the moment I gazed down at four and a half kilos of mini-me, I was engulfed by an intense surge of love and I knew my life would never be the same again. Instinctively I understood that all future decisions would come from a place of loving this (not so little) bundle in my arms. A key to entrepreneurial success is choosing a business model that supports those you love as well as the lifestyle you desire. If you want to travel, you need a business model

that supports freedom. If you want to be at home with the kids, you need a model that supports your family schedule. When starting out, many budding entrepreneurs set up their business to imitate what others are doing. The risk is that you’ll end up with a business that doesn’t serve you or the people you’re trying to support. There just isn’t a one-size-fits-all business model. ou must adopt a business model around who you are, who you serve, how you serve them and the life you want to lead. In addition to lifestyle choices, defining your business model allows you to build specific lead generating activities into


all your revenue streams. If you’re in business and your only income is derived from trading your time for money, then you need to reassess your business model. To help you identify which model best supports your lifestyle, let’s take look at the pros and cons of the five core business models: 1. Service Business Model When making the transition from paid employee to entrepreneur, most people adopt the service model for their startup businesses. While you can get started quickly, revenue is capped at the number of hours worked. Pros: l No stock required l Minimal capital injection l Quick start-up l No team required

Cons: l Trading time for dollars l Time intensive l Experience needed for high end clients l Limited time to work on building the business.

Making the Coaching/Consulting Model Work: l Charge premium for 1-on-1 access l Incorporate more group than 1-on-1 sessions l Focus on in-demand market niche l Profile client success stories.

Making the Membership Model Work: l Focus on specific market interests and topics l Incorporate value together with volume l High profiled marketing and publicity campaigns.

Pros: Can get started without a product l No start-up costs l Value adding to clients l Recurring revenue l Extreme leverage

5. Information Marketing Business Model When you make the shift from getting paid for your time, to getting paid for your knowledge, you’ll experience true freedom…and money!


Making the Service Model Work: l Need to charge enough to profit l Focus on a key market niche l Must adapt to new changes l Be flexible for business growth.

Cons: l Little control over product customer service/warranty l Too much choice in which ones to promote l Joining too many programs l Limits building your own brand

Pros: Minimal capital investment l Can make money now l Quick start-up l No team required l Increased clients = increased credibility l

37 | Coast Kids

Cons: Technical expertise required to set up l Need a large list for profitable return l Requires adequate customer service l Retention challenges l

3. Affiliate Marketing Business Model This model enables you to promote other people’s products and services. Recommending resources is a great way of building trust with your target market, while elevating your expert status.

Cons: l Trading time for dollars l Earn more = work more l Time intensive l No leverage

2. Coaching/Consulting Business Model Another popular start-up model the coaching/consulting business model enables you to convert your expertise into guiding and supporting others to move closer to their goals.

Pros: l Recurring passive monthly income l Builds long term relationship with clients l Regular opportunities to share your gift l Easy to market and sell l Easy to up-sell clients

Making the Membership Model Work: l Focus on in-demand topics l Long-term nurturing of your list, bring them through your funnel l High profiled marketing and publicity campaigns. 4. Membership Business Model The Membership Model enables you to move from sharing your expertise one-toone to one-to-many.

Pros: Converts expertise into wealth l Multiple income streams l Quick to get started (within hours) l Extreme leverage l Join global marketplace l Freedom of location and time l

Cons: Uncertainty about starting point l Need tech-team l Solid infrastructure required for growth l Requires a loyal ‘buying’ list l Multiple funnel levels l

Making the Membership Model Work: l Focus on in-demand topics l Long-term nurturing of your list, bring them through your marketing funnel.

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Coast Kids

Working on location or in our natural light studio to offer you a truly boutique experience. Specialising in newborns, babies, children & family portraiture with our unique, modern twist. Covering all of South-East Queensland. 39 | Coast Kids

Hannah 0405 669 116 | Kate 0415 306 770

Coast Kids | 39

Smallprint a5 leaflet back_CT_au - 148.5mm x 210mm

Mums can breathe easy with

OTHER SMALLPRINT RANGES HIGH FIVES Precious handprints on fine silver items of jewellery

LITTLE KICKERS Tiny prints of their little feet to treasure forever

MINI MASTERS Miniature replicas of your childâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s work of art in silver

LOVE LETTERS Their first cherished writing and little messages of love in silver

Choose from a wide range of pendants, charms, cufflinks and keyrings - all beautifully packaged for the perfect gift.

AustraliaĂ­s Only Nasal Aspirator Specialist

Iris Long Gold Coast Tel: 07 5576 7992 Mob: 0408 454 020 Email:

NEW Plastic Surgery on the GOLD COAST Dr Hertess has 15 years experience in Cairns in all types of Plastic surgery. She has opened a practice in Southport and offers a female perspective. Her services include: Breast augmentation Breast lift & breast reduction n Facelift & eyelid surgery n Liposuction n Abdominoplasty n Nose reshaping n All injectable wrinkle treatments n Skin cancer treatments n Rationale Skin Care range n Bulk Billing for all patients. n n

Dr Hertess is an active member of the Australian Society of Plastic Surgeons

40 | Coast Kids

Phone (07) 5527 1295

Suite 7, 115 Nerang Street, Southport

Dr Isolde Hertess

BSc, MBBS, FRACS, ADD Plastic & Reconstructive Surgeon


Win a Boogie Board!

Win a Kindy Kamper!

This isn’t the boogie board we’re used to on the Gold Coast, but it’s pretty cool! It’s a paperless LCD writing tablet that you can fit in your purse or nappy bag to entertain the kids or write any last minute shopping lists. Write, draw, play, diagram, graph and learn with the boogie board.

If your little champ is about to venture into the world of Kindy, these little Kampers are sure to help them settle in. They come in an assortment of beautiful patterns with a padded base, removable comfortable, sheet and attached pillow. A great touch for sleep time at kindy (or sleepovers) to ensure the kids are comfy.

s y a w a Givee r o l a G Win a Lunch Pack with Stuck on You! Getting the kids ready for school has never been easier with the new Lunch Pack from Stuck on You. Valued at $54.90, the pack includes a personalised lunch box with an insulated lining (perfect for keeping their food cool) and a stainless steel personalised drink bottle (which is BPA free.) READER GIVE-AWAYS To win one our reader give-aways, email your ame, address, phone and what item you would like to win in the subject line to Entries close 20 February.


41 | Coast Kids

Make an investment in YOU Call 0438 614 619

BABY BOOT CAMP Coast Kids | 41

Kids’ Fashion

Take a Walk in Nan’s Garden

1 1. Coloured sun and bucket hats RRP $19.95. Sesame Street character organic cotton singlets RRP $29.95. Reclaimed Denim shorts and shorts RRP $49.95-$59.95. Shoes by Noon RRP $55. 2.Tutti Frutti Ballecina Skirt RRP $59.95. Peony Swirl Ballecina Skirt RRP $59.95. Cream/black Cuffs RRP $55.00. 3. Rain Rain Go Away Fundraising Organic Cotton Tshirt – all profits are going to the Premier’s Relief Fund RRP $24.95. Spotty Bloomers RRP $24.95. 4. Fascinator RRP $24.95. Flutterby Butterfly dress RRP $69.95 5. Raspberry Ripple Jumpsuit RRP $69.95. Boho Baby Shoes RRP $55.00. Hair clips RRP $5.

Nan’s Garden clothing is available online at and shoes available online at 42 | Coast Kids


Nanâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s Garden is an online boutique featuring a delightful mix of down to earth, fun and gorgeous clothing for kids.



5 Coast Kids | 43

Ha v

n No mess no fuss n Two play areas n Catering includes selection of hot and cold foods n Fully serviced cafe n Affordable per child rates Gold Coastâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s largest and cheapest n For children 1-12yrs

Bookings essential. Call 07 5528 3744 or email

t ay a

le t s a C ing p ze m a u J M e s r e tu m n a e v G d Fun & & Disco A Music

hd rt


d â&#x20AC;&#x2122; l s i n h c e x r t u B o y i

Coast Kids

Coast Kids | 45

Valentineâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s Day


ts: Penguin Fac g penguins will

Roses a violets re red, ar honey e blue, is and so sweet are yo u

46 | Coast Kids

Kin partner, the To attract a . m ow to the est sing and b ill build a n penguins w s o to n e G Male ale. press a fem es to try and im t the femal os presen to n e G e al The m rting. during cou the with a rock od, b oth eding peri re b are e sh th During guin will e King pen al eir m th fe d in an male egg safe olding the h f o le ro the atch. brooding p

Valentine’ s Day Fun at Sea World

Valentine’s Day

What a fun day these gorgeous little people had on their ‘kiddy date’ to Sea World. Harry and Addison were dressed to impress by Frilly Jungle Boutique at Burleigh, and travelled in style in Australia’s largest 24 seat Hummer from Get Hummered. What an adventure!

A sure way to impress the girls is to take them to the new Penguin Encounter at Sea World, where you can get up close to the impressive King and Gentoo penguins. Harry and Addison also visited Castaway Bay where they ducked to stay dry on the battle boats! For more information visit:

Valentin e’s Day F Duri a


ng the Middle believed Ages, it in Fran was co ce and mating mmonly England season that bir began This po ds’ from F pular n ebruary otion a the mid dded to 14. dle of the ide the Feb Valentin a that ruary c e’s Day elebrati (actuall be cele on of y Saint V brated a alentine s a day ’s Day) In Aus of love and rom tralia a ance. b out 9 betwee 0% of n 1 8-24 people and 4 5% are said aged of peop to celeb le ab ov rate the e 50 The U d a y . .S. Gre eting estimate Ca s that approxim rd Associati Valentin on e’s Day ately 1 9 0 mil c ards a the Unit lion re sent ed State each ye s. ar in In Sou th Kore a , simila give ch r to Ja ocolate pan, w to men men giv omen on Feb e non-c ruary 1 hocolate March 1 4, and c andy to 4. women In Saud on i Arabia in 2002 police a banned n the sale d 200 8, religio Day ite us ms, tell of all in Valentin g shop any red e’s workers items, as the to remo Christia day is ve n holida conside y. red a

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Technology for Parents Our parent’s generation have gone from writing on chalk boards in classrooms to video chatting with their grandchildren via skype.

What a wild ride technology has been for their generation and it’s no great surprise that my mum repeatedly asks, “How do I foogle your brother again?” These days no one thinks twice if Nana has her own Facebook account, and what better way to keep in touch with the grandchildren and distant relatives? Who would have thought years ago when we used to handwrite letters overseas, that we would soon be talking face to face through a computer! So the next time your parents ask you how to do something with the latest technology, and you swear you have showed them three times already, send them the link to watch a ‘how to’ video. In fact, the team at Google have created a new website, which is loaded with online howto videos. This is also a great way to ensure that you don’t fall behind in

technological advances and discover, as many of us have, that our children are several steps ahead of us! The videos cover basics such as copy and pasting, or changing your font size, as well as blogging, changing your home page or upgrading a password. There is also help with communication such as video chats and setting up an email responder. For those of you living away from family who love to share photos regularly, there is a video showing how to resize a picture, share videos and attach a file to an email. All are fabulous options for keeping in close touch. So next time Grandad asks what the weather forecast is tomorrow, you can tell him to “just Google it Grandad”, and you can send him the video on exactly how to do just that. For more information go to Coast Kids | 49

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To advertise here call 5553 5300


health Mums can breathe easy with

Phone 07 5509 0091 7/151 Cotlew St, Ashmore Qld

P: 5534 4030 E:

MissFit PT encourages mums on the Gold Coast to get fit and healthy with your baby at

Baby Boot Camp

Choose from a wide range of pendants, charms, cufflinks and keyrings - all beautifully packaged for the perfect gift. Iris Long Gold Coast Tel: 07 5576 7992 Mob: 0408 454 020

Call Kate Now on

Is Post Natal Depression taking away your joy of parenthood?

Holistic Medical Doctors • Naturopaths • Homeopath • Osteopath • Acupuncture • Energy Medicine The Medical Sanctuary is a Holistic Medical clinic where the practitioners understand family health because they too have young families.

0438 614 619

Australia’s Only Nasal Aspirator Specialist


150 Ashmore Road, Benowa Book Today, you will feel better for it

5564 5013


The place to find all the coolest threads, toys and accessories 2559_DF_Card_FRONT_90x50_OL_PRESPage 1 11/7/07 3:29:26 PM for your little one. C






For all your photographic needs



17 James St, Burleigh Heads Ph: 07 5576 4465 Email: or call Alicia on 0433 097 606

Behavioural Optometry & Vision Therapy Clinic Ph: 5520 5900

business opportunity

Taking expressions of interest for

Fresh, New Look Home Business


• F  ree to enjoy your life without the usual stress • Unique business in the Personal Development industry • No rent, No stock, NO LIMITS $$$

Portraiture with a unique, modern twist



No stress. No Boss. More time. More fun. Hannah 0405 669 116 Kate 0415 306 770

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Coast Kids - the Gold Coast's premium parenting magazine. Helpful articles, great give-aways, Mamarazzi pages, and so much more!

Coast Kids #2 February, 2011  

Coast Kids - the Gold Coast's premium parenting magazine. Helpful articles, great give-aways, Mamarazzi pages, and so much more!