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ᰠ匀漀洀攀戀漀搀礀 渀攀攀搀猀 琀漀 琀攀氀氀 栀攀爀 愀戀漀甀琀 䠀漀琀 䐀漀最猀 䄀氀氀 䐀爀攀猀猀攀搀℀ᴠ

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Editor’s Letter

T’was the night before Christmas...


photo by Robin Swanson



Publisher/Editor in Chief Barbara Jayne

Barbara has 30 years experience in Publishing, Advertising and Media working with notable print entities from Andy Warhol’s “Interview Magazine” to Conde Nast’s “Self Magazine” and now her own “on line” pet publication “Lick Magazine”.

Contributor Mark Finley Mark is a multi-media artist currently exploring photo-collage. Mark’s compositions reference pop culture and the idols of a generation. Dudley, his dog, is Mark’s “muse”.

Editor Denise Fleck

Denise Fleck is the “Pet Safety Crusader”. Find her on WPET Pet Talk Syndicate, TuneIn, iTunes, PetSafetyCrusader and check her out in the pages of Lick Magazine. Helping you help your pet.

Production Director/ Contributor Beverly Houwing Beverly Houwing is an award winning photographer whose work appears in magazines and galleries. She is also a graphic designer.

Social Media Nikki McFarling Nikki is the founder of the podcast “Livey and Opinioned”. She loves to write short stories and poetry but is also a master at social media helping many Hollywood VIPs, including LICK, keep their latest happenings current.!


My Favorite Lick

A mother cheetah and her grown cub in Masai Mara, Kenya, groom each other after a meal.

Photo by Beverly Houwing


Pet Art - Mark Finley





Pet Person - John Plichter

The Advocate & “Homelessness isn’t limited to Humanity”

His Art

Photo: John Plichter

by Barbara Jayne

Lick Magazine came upon what appeared to be an ad created by John Plichter (Creative Business Strategist for “Streams”) for the PSPCA (Pennsylvania Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals) with a unique appeal and message. We asked John to tell us how the project evolved.. Barbara/Lick Mag: “John, how did you come to be involved with an ad campaign about advocacy for pets?” John: I believe that animal welfare is an issue that’s too often overlooked. But more specifically, different areas of Philadelphia are overrun with homeless animals. While living in South Philadelphia, I couldn’t help but notice the homeless cat population was becoming problematic, to say the least. Barbara/Lick Mag: “Did the campaign actually run and where?” John: Unfortunately it did not. But I’m glad that there are publications out there (like Lick) that can help raise awareness for issues such as this! Barbara/Lick Mag:  “Tell us who John Plichter is as a person. Were you just born with all this talent?” “Should we be thanking your mom and dad?” John: I’d like to think that everyone is born with the potential to be something great, it’s just up to them to decide how. I was lucky enough to have parents that nurtured my “talents” and supported me in any way they possibly could. 21

Barbara/Lick Mag: “Do you have a particular connection with animals? If so, how was this nurtured or how do you think it came about?” John: I’d like to think that we can all learn a lot about unconditional love from our pets. The most important thing my parents ever taught me, was how to love, which I try to apply to everything I do. My girlfriend and I are very passionate about animal welfare. We both do animal fostering and have two WONDERFUL rescue dogs. The love they have for us is nothing short of incredible, and having them be a part of our lives is so incredibly rewarding and inspiring. Barbara/Lick Mag: “Have you done any professional work with animals and/or animal and human advocacy issues prior to this or after this particular assignment?” John: It wasn’t until after I graduated, found steady employment, and bought a house that I was able to do any foster animal work. I’ve done some other volunteering at a couple of local shelters, but that’s about it. Barbara/Lick Mag: “Do you plan on doing this type of project again in the future ‘just because’? We think the PSPCA (Pennsylvania Society For the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals) should consider running this campaign. Your message can potentially save a lot of lives!!” John: I don’t see why not! If there’s any way I can help give back, I’d be more than happy to. Sometimes we all have to speak up for those who can’t. Barbara/Lick Mag: “What’s going on in your life now creatively speaking? I heard you started a new and exciting business position earlier this year.. How does that fit into the agenda?” John: I’m currently Senior Business Strategist for Stream Companies, an advertising agency based out of Philadelphia with offices in several cities across the United States. That gives me the opportunity to be creative every single day. But aside from that, I’ve been an active musician for close to 15 years now. Unfortunately that has taken a back seat over the years, but my guitar is probably still my greatest creative outlet. Barbara/Lick Mag: “Anything coming up on your creative agenda we might want to know about.. Any dream projects coming to fruition?” John: The beauty of creativity is that it could strike at any

moment. Maybe I’ll write a song that spreads world peace later today. Barbara/Lick Mag: We’re putting you on the spot here... But. “What do you think is the answer to the homeless situation for people and pets.. Is there anything we can do on a local or personal level?” John: Personally, I think we all need to be a little more compassionate in general. In regards to the homeless human population, I think providing better mental

healthcare and drug addiction care is key. As far as animals, people need to understand that owning a pet is a responsibility. Too often I see people surrendering their pets because they ‘can’t afford them’ or say they ‘can’t take care of them’. And in my opinion, I think that’s a bullshit excuse. Plus, I cannot stress the importance for people to ADOPT their next dog or cat. There are far too many great pets waiting to be adopted, and I don’t think people understand that.

Barbara/Lick Mag: “Is there anything you might want to add or anything we left out regarding animal advocacy in general or John’s creative opportunities or visions moving forward?” John: I think that everyone has the potential to make a difference in this world, even by putting cat heads on human bodies. Adopt your next pet because it’s incredibly rewarding thing to do.


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Couture Pet

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Galliano in Swarovski Crystal Collar Photos by Lucy Medeiros


Paige in Orange Sorbet

Galliano with Black Neck Bow and Swarovski Crystal Collar 31

Paige in Orange Sorbet


Skye in Black/Gold Feathered Gown


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Cover Story

James Guiliani The Dogfella

by Barbara Jayne

I met James Guiliani in his Bensonhurst Brooklyn neighborhood known as the “Little Italy” of Brooklyn in the fall of 2015. I had never been to Bensonhurst, though my family has roots on New York’s lower east side and parts of Brooklyn. I had only known Manhattan my entire middle aged life. But getting off the train at my destination that evening; I felt decidedly at home. Who would not feel at home among the full tree-lined Brooklyn streets with the mist of the nearby bay evident with every breath. I felt I had entered another world. And I had. Bensonhurst which now boasts so much ethnic diversity, still oozes its definitive heritage and a past that sits in anticipation on every doorstep... A past that I recognized immediately as “uniquely Italian.” James didn’t know I would be stopping by that particular evening as I wanted to see him being him. Me bad? I had heard about his popular “Diamond Collar” Pet boutique on 13th Avenue as well as his past association and show on the “Oprah Channel”. Most importantly, I had heard about his book “DOGFELLA” which is the true story of the “reinvention” of his life. We had chatted on the phone and I thought “I must meet this James,” A dog changed his life and I related. We have something in common.” When I entered the “Diamond Collar” one of Jame’s big dogs slowly raised himself from the floor. I was amazed just how big this “Big Boy” was. James .. Well James was “James”.. Very NY, imposing, handsome in a cute gangsta sort of way, friendly, very Italian and totally down to earth with a heart of gold when it comes to his dogs.

James took me on his errands around the neighborhood that evening and I must say as an outsider he certainly seemed like the “King” of Bensonhurst to me. Everyone knows and loves this man “James Guiliani.” The shop owners fawn over him while he picks out just the right meal from main course to side dishes and dessert to bring home to the love of his life “Lena” who isn’t feeling well tonight. We stop at a cafe for a quick macchiato which he orders for me canceling my “Americano” because he can’t let me order an “imitation Italian coffee”! Who knew?!  I guess that’s why it’s called “Americano”.. But dare I complain? Not a chance. I am enjoying the show! And what a show it is.. We drive down the street in Jame’s SUV with other cars honking along the way and guys hanging out of cars greeting this man .. stopping here and there for a hug, quick hello or chat to pay homage. Like I said, James is like “King” of Bensonhurst.. And I had the pleasure of going along for the ride. It took 20 minutes to go 10 blocks! But things were not always so swell for James. James used to be a street guy, a local mobster, he had drug problems and he felt alone. A mess. He was unhappy, unloved and life had him down and going down. And then James almost died.. But two great things changed what could have easily been the end of James Guiliani’s story. He called a suicide hotline where his soulmate Lena was the angel on the other side of the phone and he met a dog named “Bruno”.. A dog that needed him. A dog that gave him the reason to be. Perhaps


a dog that was a bit like James. And so James was “transformed”.. And Bruno so credited as turning this mobster’s life around. James is a star and his life though still far from perfect seems perfect for him. James is the Godfather of Dogs. James is in many ways the Godfather of Bensonhurst.. And James Is 100% DOGFELLA!! You can check out James and be part of his adventures by visiting his store “The Diamond Collar” next time you are in Bensonhurst, Brooklyn. Since he treats his customers like long lost friends, maybe you will be lucky and James will take you out for a macchiato too. Or, you can watch James and Lena and their menagerie of pets on reruns of “The Diamond Collar” (the tv show) on “You Tube” Oprah Channel (Apparently Oprah discovered him before I did!) or Google some of Jame’s latest show offerings or better yet just buy his book and the story of his life on Cuddle up on the sofa with a box of tissues. This “DOGFELLA” IS A “GOODFELLA!” This story is James’s life.. Or “tale” (pun intended). But this story is really everybody’s story in different degrees because at the end of the day no matter Who you are, Where you live, What you do.. We ALL need to be “Rescued” in some way. And James got rescued just in time. And he never forgot. And he never forgets those that rescued him. And that’s why this mobster is now known as DOGFELLA!


Holiday Feature


Holiday Cards featuring your pets


Created by Robin Swanson



Digital Only 4 Issues Print & Digital 4 Issues


$16 $85

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Pet Crusader - Holiday Safety WOOF! TRANSLATION: DON’T JUST STAND THERE… I’M CHOKING! It was a picture-perfect Christmas in Thomasville, Pennsylvania. A patchwork of snow blanketed the ground while a smattering of leaves still clung to the branches above. The house was filled with idle chatter while all anxiously awaited the Holiday Meal. Suddenly Brutus, a 90 lbs. Rottweiler, entered the room with an unsteady gait. Unable to breathe and making a ghastly assortment of noises, the dog was in grave distress while the humans nearby froze in a panic. Fortunately for Brutus, Animal Communicator Terri Steuben was on the scene and could sense the true emergency at hand. She quickly hugged the large dog around his abdomen and gave a quick thrust. Nothing happened, so Terri tried again, and this time a chunk of dog food literally flew out of Brutus’ mouth and across the floor. The grateful Rottie, whose breathing returned to normal, began licking Terri’s face if to say a great big canine “thank you,” while Terri herself breathed an enormous sigh of relief. Accidents occur suddenly and without warning, so knowing what to do during those first few moments can truly make a difference. In an emergency, the best thing you can do for your pet is to be prepared, stay calm and make quick decisions. If your dog is destructive with toys, gobbles his food like Brutus or consumes everything in sight, you must maintain supervision and pet-proof your home. Dog Grandma, Milly Urbanski of Shadow Hills, California attests that, “My human kids had to put a childproof lock on the refrigerator to keep their yellow Labrador Retriever safe. I was dog-sitting one morning, and the minute my daughter and her husband left for work, the mischievous pooch ran to the fridge, grabbed the bottom corner and flung the door open hoping to enjoy a buffet.” Anything in reach and smaller than your pet’s mouth is fair game including paper clips, thumbtacks, rubber bands, buttons and staples. To be a responsible pet parent, you

must get down on all fours and look at your house and yard from your pet’s point of view. What do you see? Cords of all kinds (telephone, electrical, drapery and blinds) can strangle or electrocute your dog; enticing smells can lure him where he doesn’t belong and small objects on the floor can poison, choke or create blockages in your pet’s stomach. IF YOUR DOG IS CHOKING Initially, give him a few moments to perform a cough which may expel the object, but if it does not…a careful sweep of the mouth with your fingers to dislodge the object is recommended. Always look at what you’re doing though-don’t blindly reach into your pet’s mouth or you could push the object further down, tear throat tissue or even get bitten. If your attempt is not successful, try one of these techniques: 1. Doggie Heimlich-like Manuever For large to medium-sized canines, stand behind your dog and place your arms around his waist keeping his head lower than his stomach. Close your hands together to make a fist and place your fist just behind the last rib in the soft part of the tummy. Compress the abdomen by pulling up in a quick and rapid manner similar to the technique commonly performed on humans. Since our pet’s ribs are more flexible than ours, sometimes this method doesn’t create enough pressure to expel the object, so you may then try… 2. Chest Thrusts Place your hands flat on each side of your pet’s chest and squeeze inward, pushing with your shoulders and elbows to squeeze the lungs. After two thrusts, give the animal a moment to cough and/or look in his mouth to see if the object is now reachable. If not, repeat. Techniques like these are best learned in a Pet First-Aid & CPR Class where you can gain the confidence and skill to

By Denise Fleck perform them properly. Visit for a class near you. For 16 years Denise Fleck’s Sunny-dog Ink motto has been “Helping people to help their pets,” and she has…teaching more than 10,000 pet lovers animal life-saving skills and millions more on national television segments, yet better pet parenting is still a secret in many communities. In the Spring of 2017, in her role as Pet Safety Crusader™, Denise will journey across the Southern U.S. to “Be the one who makes a difference” by helping large numbers of people help their pets in one concerted effort! Pet

First Aid classes, Pet Disaster Preparedness training and readings of her children’s books will be part of the fun as she travels 10,000 miles to 18 cities -- from California to Florida, north to Virginia, across to Tennessee, down to Arkansas and back across the Southwest. Super hero sponsors are needed to be the ‘wheels beneath her RV.’ Learn more about this epic adventure, Denise’s line of Pet First-Aid Kits, books and instructional posters at



BEVERLY’S Adventures in Antarctica by Beverly Houwing

A massive iceberg off the Antarctic coastline towers over 100 feet above the ocean surface.

Photos by Beverly Houwing


Few parts of the world are truly unspoiled. To get the opportunity to see a place that is pristine and has a low volume of visitors compared to most other tourist destinations was a real treat. About 38,000 people on average get to the Antarctic Peninsula, the most popular destination, each year on the Antarctic continent. The point of departure for an Antarctic expedition (and it really does feel like you are on one) is from Ushuaia in Argentina — the southernmost city in the world. We crossed the infamous Drake Passage to get there, and it lived up to every bit of it’s name as the “roughest water on the planet”.

In addition to the different species of seals that hung out on the drifting sheet ice, the other attraction was the spectacular icebergs that came in different shapes, sizes and shades of blue. Some had delicate icicles dangling from them and others had layers. Leopard seals swam among them quite often and in the still water when it was close to sunset the icebergs had incredible reflections. Other cute penguin species in the area are the Chinstrap penguin, whose name says to all. Between these islands we crossed through spectacular narrow passages with immense, snow-capped mountains and thick glaciers sliding down to the water. The Lemaire Channel is one of the most scenic . An amusing stop is Post Lockroy - also known as the “Penguin Post Office”. This is run by the British Antarctic Heritage Trust and has a staff of four who live there during the season when there are visitors. It’s the one place to shop on the peninsula and you can send a post card there stamped from Antarctica. There is also a small museum that has artifacts from the early scientific teams who lived there. It sits on a tiny island where a massive Gentoo penguin colony lives. They nest all around the post office and were all with chicks this time of year .

We went past Elephant Island, where Shackleton had to leave his men after their failed attempt to cross Antarctica via the South Pole. Shackleton successfully rescued all of his men by taking tiny lifeboats to South Georgia for help. When we arrived at the continent the weather was calm, sunny and “warm” for the polar region. Massive icebergs floated off the coast, fed by glaciers that descend from the high mountain peaks at Brown Bluff. Some icebergs off the coast were over 1 mile in length and over 100 feet above the water - sheer towering walls of ice. Adelie penguins rested on smaller icebergs, in between going on feeding missions and before returning to their colonies on land. We made stops at small islands off the coast of the peninsula. Places like Hope Bay, Petermann Island, Booth Island, Yalour Island & Danco Island all have fantastic numbers of penguins. Hope Bay was another place that Adelie penguins seem to have overrun. Many stood or rested on the ice floating in the bay, while other icebergs had weddell seals relaxing on them.

After Port Lockroy we had a few more stops where we saw more Gentoo penguins. They are the most widely dispersed species with colonies from Antarctica all the way up to South America and on many of the islands in between throughout the Southern Ocean. The last stop on the mainland was at Neko Harbour, one of my favorites. I spent a couple of hours on the beach sitting on a large rock and watched a constant parade of penguins going in and out of the water and swimming

right past me. Penguins are not good climbers and have to do a lot of navigating steep and uneven terrain. They hop around the large rocks along the beach and sometimes lose their footing, but quickly recover. They are truly hearty creatures! Leaving the continent we crossed through another beautiful channel, the Neumeyer Channel and headed out. The crossing of the Drake Passage was another rollercoaster ride, but don’t let that dampen your interest in seeing such an incredible place for yourself!


Rudi & Barbara


Profile for Lick Magazine

Lick Magazine Issue 4 - James "DOGFELLA" Guiliani Cover  

Lick Magazine's Issue 4 features Ex Mobster turned "DOGFELLA" James Guiliani as Cover Star. Also included: A Holiday Jingle Bells Christmas...

Lick Magazine Issue 4 - James "DOGFELLA" Guiliani Cover  

Lick Magazine's Issue 4 features Ex Mobster turned "DOGFELLA" James Guiliani as Cover Star. Also included: A Holiday Jingle Bells Christmas...

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