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Carmen Diaz The Real Beverly Hills Chihuahua $14.99

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editor’s letter I do not understand the human race.

“He’s as slimy as a snake!” “He’s as crafty as a fox!”

It has so little love for creatures with a different face. Treating animals like people is no madness or disgrace. I do not understand the human race. Why do we treat animals like animals?

Animals treat us so very well. The devoted ways they serve us And protect us when we’re nervous, Oh, they really don’t deserve us, All we give them is hell! Tell me how else man repays them —

Do we ever think to praise them? No we don’t, and this dismays them You can tell. We’re riddled with ingratitude,

We give no love or latitude, In every way our attitude Is, well, like animals. No, no — that’s not what I mean. Why do we treat animals like animals? How can people be so inhumane? Cows and chickens work to feed us, Dogs and horses show they need us, And though cats don’t always heed us Their affection is plain. What do we do? We neglect them, We do nothing to protect them, We reject them, don’t expect them To complain. We ignore them or we beat them, When we’re hungry then we eat them, It’s appalling how we treat them, It’s insane! Like animals! We humiliate and murder and confine them.

LIKE ANIMALS by Leslie Bricusse (Dr. Dolittle, 1967 film)

We create their wretched status, Then we use it to malign them.

Why should we say, “treated like a dog,” Why should we say, “working like a horse,” Why should we say, “eating like a hog,” When what we mean is “eating like a man”? Don’t we? Of course! A man of ill repute is called a “weasel” or a “rat,” A woman you dislike becomes a “vixen” or a “cat,” A family that is blessed With healthy reproductive habits Occasions the remark, “Well you know them, they “breed like rabbits”! “He’s as stubborn as a mule!” “He’s as stupid as an ox!”

Remarks like that really get my goat! Why don’t we say, “noble as a frog”? Or, why can’t we say, “wealthy as a hen”? True, we say, “devoted as a dog,” But what we should say is: “Chic as a giraffe,” “Pretty as a pig,” eh? — That’ll be the big day, Won’t it? But when? When will we stop treating them like animals?

Is the human race entirely mad? Women see a baby goatskin Or a lambskin or a stoatskin And to them it’s just a coatskin — Oh, it’s terribly sad! When you dress in suede or leather, Or some fancy fur or feather, Do you stop and wonder whether, For a fad, You have killed some beast or other, And you’re wearing someone’s brother, Or perhaps it’s someone’s mother In which you’re clad? Like animals! Like animals! Like animals. Well, it’s true, we do not live in a zoo.

But man is an animal too. So why can’t you, Like me, Like animals? . . . animals.


Publisher/Editor in Chief Barbara Jayne

Barbara has 30 years experience in Publishing, Advertising and Media working with notable print entities from Andy Warhol’s “Interview Magazine” to Conde Nast’s “Self Magazine” and now her own “on line” pet publication “Lick Magazine”.

Editor Vicki Salemi Vicki is a NYC-based journalist rocking out to interviewing notable names in entertainment. Vicki also is a major honcho at

Editor Denise Fleck Denise Fleck is the “Pet Safety Crusader”. Find her on WPET Pet Talk Syndicate, TuneIn and iTunes. Listen Thursdays 1:00 PM Pacific Time on Pet Talk Crusader Radio PetSafetyCrusader and check her out in the pages of Lick Magazine. Helping you help your pet.

Production Beverly Houwing Beverly Houwing is an awanrd winning photographer and graphic designer. See Contributors page for details.

Contributing Editor Stephanie Stephanie is the youngest contributor to the Lick family having just celebrated her 8th birthday. She contributes to our video website and our magazine as well. Stephanie loves all animals and people too!



Daniel DiCriscio

Devin Johnson

Mark Finley

Devin is a graduate of NYU with a BA in Film & Television. He co-founded a video production company ( that specializes in real estate and has filmed over 300 apartments in NYC, as well as filmed web series pilots, client testimonials and photographs events. In his free time Devin likes to make short comedy videos ( watch?v=2KHZwKhI9c4) (

Mark Finley previously played the role of Don Draper, Creative Director on the Lucky Strike International account. In this role, he created many visually-driven campaigns for the iconic brand. Mark lives in NY and is a multi-media artist currently exploring photo-collage. With a keen eye and a quick wit, he delights the viewer in humorous, intimate & universal ways. Mark’s compositions reference pop culture and the idols

Rhiannon “Nikki” McFarling

Jason Howard

Beverly Houwing

“I have always been creative. I grew up with a passion to do everything. I have always tried to live my life helping others and creating new things”. Nikki is a multi-talented and driven professional who resides in Los Angeles, California. She is also the founder of the podcast “Livey and Opinioned”.“Nikki” loves to write short stories and poetry but is also a master at social media helping many Hollywood VIPs keep their latest happenings current.

Jason Howard (pictured with his dog, Lola) is an established professional photographer for over 15 years. His photos have appeared in CNN, People, InStyle magazine, E!, TMZ, NY Daliy News, NY Post and othert publications. He is the founder of NYC, and shot Anthony Rubio’s New York Pet Fashion collection in this Lick edition. Check him out at:

Beverly Houwing has had a passion for photography and a love for animals as long as she can remember. She feels photos have a lot of influence on our lives in general. Her photography has been exhibited at the G2 Gallery, Annenberg Space for Photography, Calumet Photo, various curated exhibits including Photo LA, as well as featured in Smithsonian and other magazines. See more of her work on her web site:

Daniel DiCriscio is a TV and Media Personality, Celebrity Hairstylist, Recording Artist, and Model. Daniel is most widely known for his historical makeover on Paula Jones, his work on Pamela Anderson, Stevie Nicks, Barbi Twins, Anna Nicole Smith, and his TV interview with Sacha Baron Cohen / Da Ali G Show. Daniel is active in various animal rights causes. Stay tuned for his upcoming Hollywood Tell-All book.

of a generation. Dudley, his dog, is Mark’s “muse”.

lick pick

Orange Bone

7574 Melrose Ave. West Hollywood, CA 90046 323-852-1258 A full service canine boutique & grooming salon.


lick pick


346 N. La Cienega Blvd. West Hollywood, CA 90069 310-652-6321 Dog pet boutique & daycare


pet memorial - Mango

Missing Mango 2/12/2001 - 11/4/2015 How do we best describe the Abyssinian personality? In one word – BUSY. These cats are incredibly intelligent, good problem solvers, and full of an insatiable sense of curiosity. They are also VERY affectionate. Mango came into my life in May 2001 and made the perfect companion for Bubbles, who he literally grew up with, since there were only 4 months apart. Bubbles the older kitty, was initially hostile to the new “intruder”, but Mango’s enthusiasm to be her adoring companion eventually silenced (most of) her hissing. They shared over 14 years together and had happy, healthy lives until Mango developed kidney disease. Bubbles missed her companion, but has now adjusted to life as an only cat.

Bubbles & Mango - best buddies. Mango grabbing a water drop.. Photos & story by Beverly Houwing




Photos by Clinton H. Wallace/Photomundo International



my favorite lick

Meet Alex...

...the caracal, one of Africa’s medium-sized wild cats. She’s a well-cared for resident at a sanctuary in Namibia.

Photo by Beverly Houwing


pet person

Radio Host L

egendary LA Talk Radio Host/Personality Amber Lynn is an animal lover, but to look at her at face value, a lot of people might not take her first, but she IS an animal lover and has one of the biggest hearts anyone could imagine. Sometimes, beauty can get in the way with people, but love is something everybody feels, needs, and wants to give no matter what they look like on the outside. It’s about the inside. Heart. I was a Celebrity Guest on Amber Lynn’s L.A Talk Radio Show, Rock N Sexxxy Uncensored numerous times and her show is fun, interesting, and on the cutting edge. Her show highlights celebrity guests, cool and hip rock musicians, and more. Guests have included Ron Jeremy, John Barrymore, L.A. Billboard Queen Angelyne, Corey Feldman, and yours truly, just to name a few. Amber’s legendary career has spanned decades since 1983. She has one of the hugest fan bases I think I’ve seen. To find out that she’s an animal lover too was just more icing on the cake. It’s no secret Amber Lynn’s career started in adult films and she quickly became a legendary top internationally recognized adult film star in that biz and has won numerous AVN awards, which are like the Oscars for that field, held annually in Las Vegas. She is also a member of the adult Video News (AVN) Hall of Fame and was awarded a Lifetime Achievement Award from the Free Speech Coalition. Amber, currently, has reinvented herself as Radio Talk Show Host, Fitness Model and Movie Actress, but through all the highs and lows, plus her busy schedule, there has always been that one “unconditional love” in her life, and that’s her dog, Mighty. Amber also loves a lot of different animals besides dogs; like horses, cats, birds, and more. Plus, Amber is front and center when help is needed for animals (rescues) and she will go the distance to assist them.

Amber Lynn

by Daniel DiCriscio

Amber and I got together for an animal chat, which at times was deep and real, and also warm, loving, and caring!

DD: I read on your Instagram account that you said “animals are healing”. What does that mean to you?

All I know after this interview is, Love can be Mighty!

AL: Whenever I’m sad I pet my dog. It brings me peace, and the love of an animal is unconditional, not like human love that can be fleeting.

DD: How did you and your dog Mighty find one another, was he a rescue? AL: My dog Mighty was a rescue, through my friend Tiny Biuso whom rescues animals. I had lost my previous dog (also a rescue), it had to be put to sleep, and I was devastated by the loss for over 10 years. But when i saw Mighty whose original name was CRUSH on Facebook, it was love at first sight. DD: How did you come up with the name Mighty? Too cute! AL: Because he was tiny but Mighty, my little dog is fierce and so, Mista Mighty! DD: Are you a dog or cat person, or do you love all animals? I saw a picture of you kissing a horse, which was awesome! AL: You saw that?! I love horses! I love all animals but growing up I was more of a cat person I think, I’ve always had animals all my life. My first was a cat named Loolabell that belonged to my Mom when I was a kid. Loolabell lived to 17 years old, she used to sit in trees and hunt birds and leap and fly through the air trying to catch them. DD: Are you involved in or support any animal/pet organizations? AL: Yes, I support many charities and always do my part to find rescue animals homes anytime it comes up, even using my radio show to help animals at holiday time and shelters that house them. DD: Have you always been an animal lover? And sometimes, being an animal lover and going through a relationship breakup can be devastating, do you agree? AL: Yes, I have always been an animal lover, and as far back as I can remember, I’ve always owned at least one pet. I once had a Rose Breasted Cockatoo that I lost in a relationship break up that hurt me worse than losing the guy I was dating, because he sold it cruelly. So, yes, I agree.

DD: When you first had me on your talk radio show, could you tell I was an animal lover as well? AL: Daniel, I could tell you are an animal lover right away plus, we spoke about it remember? In the segment at the end of the show called “Matters That Matter” we talk about our favorite charities and what’s important to you, and we both said “animals”! DD: You have a big fan base because of your legendary career and a busy life being an Actress, Radio Talk Show Host, and more...but tell us what Amber has going on these days that you would like us to know! AL: Well, things are in motion for me now, and a lot of change. Some wonderful and some challenging. I am going to New York to work on a movie called “Who’s Jenna... ?” and I’m doing a really big east coast fan show at the end of the month, Chiller Theatre Expo. the largest East Coast fans show with aprox 20,000 and more expected. I’m very excited about meeting all my fans! Plus, I have my LA Talk Radio, Rock N Sexxy Show every Thursday which is fun and keeps me busy! Tune in! DD: Would your dog Mighty be considered your family, best friend, child, or soul mate ...and why? AL: My little doggie is a Snoodle, Mini Snauzer, and Poodle. He is like my lttle fur Son. I love him with all my heart. He’s very precocious, and precious to me. Thank You Daniel.

LA Talk Radio Amber Lynn “Rock N Sexxxy Uncensored” Website: Photos courtesy of Amber Lynn and Daniel DiCriscio


cre at es

pet art


Where great art masterpieces are reinvented... Once upon a time, in a place far, far south - there was a dog. Homeless, nameless, dingy and adrift, but surely not forgotten. No doubt, separated from a family that raised him, well and loved him dearly, left them heartbroken & void of his company. Fending for himself in the streets of Louisiana, under the gas-lit lamps of Lafayette. Destined to be rescued. To get home... To get ahead... To get all the way to New York City.

World starring: Dudley, his dog.

That is exactly what he accomplished in the month of October, 2008. Discovered form the pages of a pet rescue site, ending up in my arms. Into my lens and into the limelight he so desired. And so Dudley’s World was created. Dudley the dog stars in the famous works of Rembrandt, Hopper, Sargeant as well as in great vintage motion pictures, such as Taxi Driver, Citizen Kane, From Here to Eternity and others.


pet ad of the month - Miu Miu



pet person CAROLE ITA WHITE and


What do you get when you cross an Animal Lover, TV Icon, and one of Hollywood’s famous redheads? You get Carole Ita White.  You may best remember Carole as the legendary character Big Rosie Greenbaum from the hit TV Series Laverne and Shirley, I know I do! That character and show were such a part of pop culture history and unforgettable to many. Carole, whose father was legendary Character Actor Jesse White, was obviously destined to be in front of the camera. Carole is a TV & Movie Actress, Dog Owner, and just allaround adorable woman,   Carole has made many guest starring appearances on such TV Programs as; Mary Hartman, Mary Hartman, The Odd Couple, Starsky and Hutch, The Love Boat, Beverly Hills 90210, The Wayans Bros, and Profiler, along with several Game Shows, including The $20,000 Pyramid.  She has also appeared in small roles on the big screen in movies such as; Falling Down, The Witches of Eastwick, Grand Canyon, and The Fabulous Baker Boys. These days, Carole is acting in Web Series and award winning Independent Films. I had the pleasure of meeting Carole at a red carpet event for the Season 4 Premiere of the Web Series Child of the ‘70s, that she appears on, held at Lisa Vanderpump’s PUMP Restaurant in West Hollywood. Carole’s date for this evening you ask? Her dog Charlie, of course! Carol and her adorable pooch are inseparable, and I have seen this first hand. Charlie is such a sweetie and accompanies her to almost everyplace she goes! Talk about Love!  I, myself, am a firm believer that if you can help just one animal...just one...YOU are helping to make a difference in the animal world.

I decided to interview Carole after seeing the love she has for Charlie and her answers were beyond amazing. DD: How did you and Charlie meet? Was it love at first sight? CIW: Charlie and I met at the perfect time. I had just lost another dog to a hungry coyote, and my fiance was in the hospital dying of cancer. I needed another dog to love. I looked through the websites for a rescue and saw Charlie...he was 3 months old, and was living with a family with little children who were too rough with him. It was love at first sight! I saw his little face and that closed the deal.  DD: How did the name Charlie come about?  CIW: His name was Charlie when I got him. My grandfather’s name was Charlie and I love that why change it, eh? And he looks like a Charlie and acts like a Charlie... He’s got a big personality! DD: Are you a dog or a cat person, or both?   CIW: I have always been a dog person.  I guess because my mom was allergic to cats we always had dogs. As an adult, I have had three pomeranians through the years. My first, Topper, survived being attacked by a mountain lion, and lived to nineteen. Charlie is a Yorkie-Poo. After losing my fiance, then my uncle, then my best girlfriend to cancer all within three months, Charlie became my lifeline. 




DD: Have you always been a pet lover, owned pets, and what’s the plus side(s) you feel to owning a pet? CIW: I don’t have children, and my dogs have always filled that place in my life, so yes, I am a pet lover. They are such sweet and devoted little souls. The unconditional love they give is priceless. I take Charlie to hospitals and Senior Centers in my neighborhood and he brings so much joy to everyone he meets. He’s a flirt and just loves everyone.  DD: Any pet tips you feels would be helpful that you know that you would like to share?  CIW: Children LOVE Charlie because he’s so little and cute. I love teaching little ones how to approach a dog they don’t know. Turning their little hands palm side up, and letting the dog smell their hand first before petting the dog. I know this is the way to greet all dogs you don’t know, but especially with small dogs who can snap unexpectedly.  DD: You and I met at Lisa Vanderpump’s Pump restaurant at a  red carpet event for a Webseries you are one of the stars of..and you had Charlie with you! I knew you were an animal person right away and not really just because of Charlie. Could you tell I was an animal lover, too? 

CIW: Yes. I met you at the red carpet event for the webseries Child of the ‘70’S. Charlie is also in the series with me, he plays my dog, and has been on for 4 seasons. I have been doing a number of web series for the internet, which provide actors plenty of work. I took one look at you, with your warm and friendly smile, and knew right away that I liked you  and I find that people who are open and warm are animal lovers! DD: Of course, we all loved you as the legendary Big Rosie Greenbaum on Laverne and Shirley, I for one loved that character, but tell us what you have going on these days that you would like the fans to know!   CIW: If I’m working on a TV show, this last season I did a guest starring role on ROYAL PAINS, or doing a movie my latest is a film, AMERICAN BRED, which is winning lots of festivals around the country. Also, I’m keeping busy acting in Web Series. Charlie is always with me. Sometimes, I bring a doggie stroller for him to sit in , so he’s just out of the camera sightline where he can see me but no one sees him. He’s fine as long as he can see me or hear my voice. DD: I know you and Charlie travel a lot together, tell us some of the places you both have visited? CIW: Charlie and I have traveled the country together from Fort Lauderdale to Martha’s Vineyard to New York City. He’s been to Las Vegas and Palm Springs and the forests of Oregon. I used to play on the semi-pro ladies poker circuit around the country and Charlie is always with me. He’s my good luck piece for sure. DD: Do

you consider Charlie an important part of your life? CIW: Yes. I guess I’m pretty dependent on Charlie’s presence in my life. He has been with me through the hardest of times. I know that no one lives forever, not people, not pets. But I know if Charlie goes first, there will be another dog for me to rescue and love. XXX

Carole Ita White’s Social Media Sites Facebook: Twitter: Daniel DiCriscio’s Website Photos courtesy of Daniel DiCriscio & Carole Ita White


lick books of the month

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Available on


lick books of the month Cocktails Helping Cats! Puss ‘n Booze is a feline inspired martini book featuring over 150 cocktail recipes for everyone’s taste! If you love cats and martini’s -- this book’s for you! The proceeds of Puss ‘n Booze are donated to FixNation, a nonprofit organization offering free spay/neuter for L.A.’s homeless stray and feral cats. To date, FixNation has spayed and neutered over 100,000 cats in Los Angeles.

Available on

So mix up a tasty martini, curl up with your delightful little furball and relax knowing that you have helped reduce the population of homeless cats!!

Available on


good life lick- featured product


errard Larriett, a Brooklynbased provider of all natural pet products, proudly announces that its pet care products were featured in the digital The Wall Street Journal (video) and print editions. The informational article features the company’s line of natural, healthy and therapeutic in home spa products for pets plus an interview with founder and designer, Gerrard Larriett. “I was frustrated with the ineffective, low quality therapeutic pet products on the market. So I began research on the application of aromatherapy to relax and de-stress anxious pets,” explains Dakarai Gerrard Larriett. “Drawing on a decade of experience in the cosmetics industry and consulting with cosmetic and pet care labs across the county, I created a complete aromatherapy pet care regimen effective enough to spoil even the pickiest of cats, dogs and pet owners.” The Gerrard Larriett aromatherapy pet care line is made from all natural ingredients and is safe and effective for all pets. The product line includes: Natural Breath Freshener and Teeth and Gum Cleaner – removes plaque and tartar buildup for a cleaner, fresher and healthier mouth for pets De-Stress Lavender & Chamomile Shampoo and Conditioner – de-stresses pets and owners; improves skin conditions and fights bacteria, leaving skin and coat clean and shiny De-Stress Lavender & Chamomile Freshening and Shining Spray – use immediately after a bath or freshen anytime between baths; the moisturizing agents leaves dogs’ coats shiny and fragrant

Deodorizing Soy Candles - available in 3 signature scents, these all natural 100% soy candles uplift pet and freshen the home too. All of Gerrard Larriett’s natural pet care products are completely safe for use with pets. The products are PH balanced for cats and dogs, paraben free, dye free and 100% biodegradable. The company offers a 100% money back guarantee on all purchases if not completely satisfied. To learn more about the Gerrard Larriett line of all natural pet products or about the company itself, please visit, email, or call 1-888-972-7662.


good life lick - featured product The launch of the new MuttNation collection, fueled by Miranda Lambert, presents the new collection of Ms. Lambert’s signature country styling - featuring bedding, watering and feeding, collars and leashes, and of course, toys. Every purchase will help fund the mutt rescue and adoption programs of MuttNation Foundation, the rescue organization established by Miranda and her mother Beverly in 2007 to end animal cruelty, neglect and homelessness.


good life lick - featured product Lick: How did Wondercide get started? Why was there an interest in this type of product?

insect repellent, protects pets and families around the world.

Wondercide: Stephanie Boone founded Wondercide after her dog, Luna, suffered devastating side effects from vet-prescribed flea & tick treatment. At age 10, Luna developed pesticide poisoning, with symptoms ranging from seizures and chronic skin issues to liver and kidney failure.

Lick: How did you come up with the idea as a brand?

Several vets recommended that she put Luna down. This “solution” was simply not an option for Stephanie. She nursed Luna back to health and began researching pesticide formulations, the harmful impact of traditional pesticides on human and animal health, regulatory laws, and federal environmental policies.

Wondercide: Wondercide is an alternative to conventional synthetic pesticides. We wanted to allude to the familiar word “pesticide,” but also evoke a positive association with the WONDERful efficacy and safety of our natural product line. So, you can say goodbye to dangerous chemical pesticides and simply use WONDERful Wondercide instead.

“The shocking truths I discovered lit a fire in me so intense that I left my career in tax consulting and founded Wondercide,” Boone said. Pet parents are looking for safer, more effective options for flea & tick control. Studies have shown adverse reactions and serious health issues are linked to chemical flea & tick pesticides. Wondercide offers a winning combination of safety and efficacy, and their complete line of natural products, including flea & tick control, pest control, and personal

wondercide natural products Lick: We heard you were on “Shark Tank”. Tell us about it. Wondercide: We decided to go for it in 2014! By the time we submitted our application and video in the fall, we had unfortunately missed the cutoff date for that season, so we had to reapply in 2015. As we prepared ourselves to resubmit our application, we were also preparing to say goodbye to the original Wonderpup, Luna, who was my dog and the inspiration for the company’s founding. At nearly 17 years old, she was still the driving force behind our dedication to making the world a safer place for pets & families. Literally a matter of hours after Luna’s passing, we got the call from Shark Tank casting saying they were interested in taking Wondercide to the next step. We knew that we had to carry on in Luna’s memory and that she’d be cheering us on from The Rainbow Bridge. Agreeing to a deal with Lori was surreal! We’re so proud of what we’ve accomplished, and with the exposure from Shark Tank, we’re accelerating achieving our mission. Lick: Where can we buy Wondercide? Wondercide: You can buy Wondercide online at or find us locally using our store map at We offer a full line of natural products, from flea & tick control for dogs and cats, to home pest control, personal insect repellent, soaps & shampoos, and more. Our flea & tick and pest control products can be used as treatment or prevention for a variety of pests, and are truly easy to DIY. At wondercide. com, our bestselling 16oz Flea & Tick Control for Pets + Home costs $24.99 with free shipping on orders $49+, and we often run promotions for our newsletter subscribers.



fashion runway -pet show

New York Pet

Photos by Devin Johnson

Barbara Jayne Couture for Pets

Fashion 2016

All photos by Devin Johnson







Digital Only 4 Issues Print & Digital 4 Issues


$16 $85

Enter discount code LICK25 to receive a 25% off discount at time of purchase


Our dog clothing is so nice youʻll want to wear it yourself!

Reflective, visible up to 1,000 feet, comfortable & weatherproof (but just for dogs, right now!)

Jackets, Vests & Overcollars™

Making the world safer for dogs and their owners.

WEATHERPROOF 3M Scotchlite™ is a Trademark of 3M

Mirafab™ is a Trademark of Corky’s Reflective Wear, LLC


cover story - Ay Chihuahua!!


The Real Beverly


by Barbara Jayne

Hills Chihuahua


Lick: Carmen, I first met you at the “Annual Amanda Foundation Halloween Costume Pet Event” in Beverly Hills a few years ago with Darth Vader and Anakin Skywalker (Carmen’s dogs), and it seems like I keep running into the beautiful Carmen Medina Diaz with your gorgeous “fashionista” doggies -everywhere that has anything to do with Pets and Pet Fashion from coast to coast. Carmen: Yes, yes Lick: Tell us about “you”, where did you grow up what was your life like... Carmen: I was born in Madrid, Spain although my family later moved to Grand Canary, Canary Islands. I grew up there, but since I was a kid, I always loved nature and animals. I wanted to have a dog but I couldn’t because I was allergic to them. Finally, when I was 10 years old I had the chance. Since then, my life has been around this passion I have for animals. Lick: So what brought you to America, was it a planned destination or was it something unexpected that happened along the way? Carmen: No. Since I was about 14 or 15 I loved the United States of America. The reason I went to university was to become a translator and my official major was in English and French. I always knew that I would end up in America.

I had the great chance to move to Los Angeles for my job promoting Spain and the Grand Canaries as a film destination for producers here. (Carmen works with the Spanish Government Tourism and Filming Commission.) ”But why Beverly Hills?” After I watched “Beverly Hills Chihuahua.” Lick: So that’s what I want to know about? Tell me about “Beverly Hills Chihuahua.” Carmen: You know that is one of my favorite movies ever. Since I was a kid, I just wanted to be a vet. I had the chance to go to the best veterinary school in Spain, but when I was getting ready to go a friend told me, “Carmen, your love and passion for animals is going to make you broken hearted, because you won’t be able to save them all.” So I thought about it and said “You are right, I can’t be a vet” and decided to be a translator specializing in veterinary and medical issues instead. Lick: That’s wonderful. Carmen: Well, you know I have so much passion for animals that it would be really hard for me to deal with the surgeries. I was still living in Spain and already had Anakin Skywalker, who was my first Chihuahua, when one of my LA friends called and told me “OMG Carmen I just


watched a movie -- ‘Beverly Hills Chihuahua’ -- and it is your life!” Lick: Your Life?! Carmen: Yeah, he told me “that movie” is your life! I have seen “you” in that movie so when you have a chance you have to look at it because you are going to faint! Lick: (Laughs) Carmen: Yeah, so I downloaded it from the internet and I said “Oh My Gawd! This is ME!!” I told him, they should have hired Penelope Cruz or Selma Hayek who are much more my style. Lick: Oh my god, that is really funny! Carmen: My dog, Anakin Skywalker, is exactly the same as “Chloe” the chihuahua in the movie. Lick: Too funny. Carmen: Yeah, I am also a producer specializing in pets and pet problems and so you know what I did? I called the managing director of Disney Spain and told them, “Hey, ‑I am Carmen Diaz and you have copied my life!”

because “Anakin Skywalker” was the “First Pet model” in the “First Pet Boutique in Madrid” and “I” was the first to organize the “First Doggie Wedding in Spain”. Lick: Really?.. Carmen: So Yes, I opened the news because it was such freaky news... that we were on all the TV networks because I organized this event! Ok, So the lady got all my materials (You Tube etc.) and straight away 10 minutes later I received a phone call that the Managing Director (of the film) wants to meet you. So at the time, I also use to have a Doberman and if you remember in the movie the main characters were the two chihuahuas, the small dogs, a Doberman and a German Shepherd. So imagine, I arrived to that meeting at Disney with my Doberman, my high heel boots, looking “V E R Y B E V E R LY H I L L S!!” The way I love to look ... Lick: Right.

Carmen: I arrived with my Chihuahua, Anikan, in a beautiful bag with exactly the same “shades” that Chloe wore in the picture and when I opened the bag she came out. The man said, “Oh Jesus, I don’t know who you Lick: Ha! You did not. You didn’t really do that, did you? are but you have to organize this event in Madrid.” So it Carmen: Of course, that was my life? How did they know was “me” who organized the “Beverly Hills Chihuahua” about it?!! The thing is that the girl said “But who are you?” movie premiere in Madrid. I brought a limo and all the And I told her.. “By the way the ‘shades’ that Chloe is chihuahuas. We went to the Spanish theater in Madrid. wearing in the movie are two years old, they are not really All the chihuahuas arrived in a limo, with the big dogs, the new.” She was so astonished, she said “Would you be so Doberman and the German Shepherd arriving in a black kind to send me some materials and pictures about you BMW. And it was the very first time you could watch a and your dog?” I said “Sure!” So I sent her all my materials movie in a Spanish theater with your dog.

Lick: Wow! What year was this? Do you remember? Carmen: 2009 Lick: Wow! Carmen: I will send you all the materials. Lick: I had no idea .. I just thought you were fabulous from the minute I saw you.. You are very beautiful, the dogs are so well cared for and so adorable and obviously you love them so much. I was drawn to that. They’re such an important part of your life and they are so fashionably dressed. So when you said you were involved with Chihuahuas, I thought you were involved with “rescuing Chihuahuas.” Carmen: When I started coming to LA and to Beverly Hills I felt this is where I was going to live. This is the place! I was so lucky that I could be transferred to LA because the Spanish Tourism and Trade Commission is here. I share my official job with them and in the afternoons I am totally concentrated on my dogs my “Chihuahua’s Beverly Hills” and my TV project. Lick: So you said you were interested in or doing a TV thing? What is that about? Carmen: I have a Masters in Executive TV Production and created my own show about pets. But when I was in Spain and showed them my project they said “Carmen, we love it, but Spain isn’t ready for it yet.” When I came to the US, people here absolutely loved it. And I am hot on it. I am working really hard to see if we can make this dog project happen. My dogs Barbara, they are my life. I am so calm right now because my dogs are with me. Imagine my situation, my dad just passed away and was buried a couple of hours ago and I am 10,000 miles away from home. I am totally by myself here. The only thing I have are my two chihuahuas. My two babies. They are my life and they are my emotional support animals. To that point, they know what is going on and they have been so tender to me these days. You know, like we are here to support you. It makes me want to cry. I don’t know what I would do without them. Because what would my life be without them (holding back tears).

Carmen: I owe them and all the dogs that I have had throughout my life, the 100% happiness they have given me. Happiness that no boyfriend, no husband has “ever” given me. I trust dogs. I trust my dogs more than any person in the world because they are 100% loyal, their love is unconditional. Everyone asks me, “why are you so happy all the time? You don’t have kids, you don’t have a husband.” Lick: Hahahahahaha HA! Carmen: “You don’t even have a Boy Friend!!” Lick: Ahhhh, that’s funny, I have friend whose dog rules her life and she’s like “Oh, you know so and so, I had to take him for a haircut” and it sounds like a man she’s talking about, but it’s a dog. Every guy that tries to get into her life has to compete with the dog. And I say, “God help the poor man who falls in love with her because the dog will bark him right out of the bed.” Carmen: Of course, And You know what Barbara .. if my dogs don’t like somebody...? Lick: “That’s it!!” (laughs) Carmen: I don’t like them either. They can sense the feeling. They can see things that you and I can never ever see. Lick: That’s true. Very very very true. Carmen: You asked me if men are “jealous”? Well.. “ OF COURSE THEY ARE”! Lick: You can’t blame them. I hope that you still find someone and have a little room for them besides the animals. I mean, I still love animals and feel the way you do. I think a lot of times in life people have been hurt by other people and even appreciate animals more because there is that great loyalty and devotion that most people don’t know how to give. It’s sad. You know 75 percent of the dogs in the world live on the street. Most of them, do not have the exceptional life that you give your dogs, or I give my dogs. A very tragic situation. Carmen: But Darth Vader (Carmen’s other Chihuahua) is the story from “Hell to Beverly Hills.” Darth Vader was a rescue dog who was saved the day he was about to be put down.

Lick: They are absolutely beautiful and I feel the same way you do. 87

“From Hell to The story of Darth Carmen: I rescued him the day he was going to be put down. I was in Madrid and he was in San Sebastián in the north of Spain. Some people from the shelter had come to my office to do an interview with a great friend of mine and I was the managing director at the time of an actress very involved with animal welfare and animal abuse. I was working at my office and Anakin was with me and these ladies came in and told me “OMG, there is a dog at this shelter (in San Sebastián) who is going to be killed because the vet at the shelter has told us that he would never ever be able to make it.” He was rescued while he was being eaten by other dogs, had been abused by his former owner. He was urinating with blood. Barbara, don’t ask me what happened. Lick: Oh my. Carmen: I raised my head from the computer and I told them “Do you know what? I want that dog. Yes, I want that dog, I am going to rescue that dog!” Yes Barbara, something inside of me told me that... you know? Lick: Yes.. Carmen: And the ladies told me, “Carmen, we don’t want to dishearten you, but we think this dog is in very serious condition and may not survive.” And I said “Yes, he will” and “he is going to be called ‘Darth Vader’ and he needs the force to heal and he will have it.” Barbara, at that time I had not even seen a picture of Darth Vader. NO, I JUST KNEW IT!

Beverly Hills” Vader/ a rescue dog I asked how much does he weigh and they said about 4 pounds and Anakin is about 2 pounds. So I called the airline companies straight away because I use to travel a lot and asked if I (a single lady) could travel with my 2 chihuahuas in a single carrier. Is it possible? Yes. As long as they don’t exceed 15 pounds. Oh Great. I hung up the phone and told them “that dog has an owner, a mommy and it’s going to be me. This is my credit card number. Let’s try to save him.” Look, look, look at Darth Vader now! Lick: He is absolutely stunning the way he wears his fashion. I mean he is amazing. He has such great attitude and energy. He has an aura about him. He is a wonderful dog. Carmen: They went back to San Sebastián and I kept in touch with them and the vet told me, “Ma’am, you are going to waste your money because this dog is not going to make it.” I told him, “Excuse me sir, as far as I know you are not my money advisor or my bank advisor. So please do your job as a vet and save this dog. No matter what it takes.” Lick: Ahh, you are so nice. How wonderful. I had no idea. This is a total revelation! Carmen: You know.. To be honest Barbara, Darth Vader was a real challenge for me, because all of my dogs have been rescued. Due to his psychological trauma and his physical condition it was really a challenge for me, but you know I know dogs and I understand dogs more than I understand people. Lick: Well, It’s because dogs are so honest. It’s because dogs don’t have an agenda. Dogs are just like “if they love you they love you”. If they have a problem they let you know. If they are upset they let you know. People you never know, they can smile at you and stab you in the back the next minute and you have no idea what the hell happened. I’m not saying everybody’s like that, but people can be that way and that’s the sadness of it. 89

Carmen: When I got him, he didn’t want me because he didn’t want any human being. You know who was crucial in the recovery of Darth Vader was Anakin because he felt that Anakin trusted me 100% and so she was the key factor in Darth Vader getting close to me. Lick: Sure, that makes sense. So how much older is Anakin than Darth Vader? Carmen: Actually, I’m not really sure about the ages. They told me he was born in 2009 and Anakin is going to be 11 on May 20th. I rescued him (Darth) on the 31st of July in 2011. The people in the shelter told me they could not really tell me his age, but they put in his papers he could be born in 2009. Lick: I get that, with all of them you never really know. I had somebody at a shelter that kept insisting that a dog was an old dog and it turned out to be a young dog and she really didn’t know what she was talking about. You know, it happens. You can tell a lot by their teeth. Carmen: Yeah. But they told me he could be 6 or 7 approximately. I’m not really sure But you have seen him. Now! Lick: He’s gorgeous. Both of your dogs are absolutely gorgeous, well cared for, well behaved. They so love being “fashionista’s”. They love to make you happy and they “wear” the clothes. What is so funny is that I went to the “New York Pet Fashion Show” last year with a photographer and I saw your dog. I didn’t see you and I said to the photographer, “I know this dog I’ve seen this dog before and I’ve taken pictures of this dog before.” The photographer who only knows me from NY looked at me like I had six heads. He said “What do you mean you know the dog?” “No, I’m telling you, I’ve seen this dog before and I’ve taken pictures of this dog before.” And I’m telling you it wasn’t until the next night when I went to another fashion show and saw “you”, that I realized that it was your dog. Yes, I did see the dog before and it was with you at the Amanda foundation party in Beverly Hills. But it was just so weird. And this year, I told the photographer again and now he understands what happened. But if you could have seen his face last year, he was like “What do you mean you know the dog? How do you know the dog?”

Carmen: Yeah, you know what Barbara, when I got Darth Vader from the shelter and went to pick him up I looked into his eyes and told him, “You are going to have the best second chance ever.” Lick: Ahhh... Carmen: “You are going to be spoiled, you will be treated like a king. You will have the most glamorous and gorgeous life I can give you.” And I have stuck to my word. Lick: You are so nice. Carmen: I love my dogs, they are my life. They are my real life companions. But people say you are “alone.” And I say, “No, I am not alone I have got my babies with me so I am never ever alone.” Lick: I get it. Carmen: So talking again about the TV show, that’s the reason I wanted to make it. Fashion is great. All this stuff is great but there is a message behind this which is about second chances and rescue. Don’t ever go to a show to buy a dog. Love can’t be bought, Barbara, love can’t be bought. Why should you go to a show to buy a dog if you can go to a local shelter and rescue and save a dog? Ok, that’s the main thing behind my project. My dogs are beautiful, they wear sunglasses, they are very photogenic... yes, but there is a story behind it. And it is a story about second chances and rescue. Lick: And It is a beautiful story and I have to tell you I had no idea. This has been such a surprise to me to hear your story because it wasn’t remotely what I thought it was. And you’ve made me cry too because your words are so beautiful and it’s true. Everybody needs a second chance and unfortunately there are not enough Carmen’s out there to save all the animals that need rescuing. You know it is just really beautiful that you saved “him” and you have “her”. And that you have the mission to give to the world and save more animals. I think that’s a beautiful mission. Carmen: And I really do think that is my “mission in life.” I love every single animal. Lick: But I think you have a very special affiliation with dogs. I have had dogs and cats and I love them both but dogs have a tendency to be more demonstrative. Carmen: But

there is something “else” you don’t know about me...

Anakin Skywalker & Darth Vader

Pup Scout Troop Leaders - 2016 91


“Naughty girl and Carmen: There is another thing you don’t know about me.. Carmen: So that’s the naughtiness I use to do. I would I am totally passionate about wolves! pick up dogs and cats in the street and rescue them until I could get them forever homes. De la Fuentes was important for my generation. He was huge in Spain he taught my generation to respect Mother Nature. So for Christmas, when I was 10, I got a book written by him with a picture with wolves licking him. And I said mom, “I want to do this.” And she said, “Carmen, please go away.” And In 1998, I became the leader of a wolf pack and had the incredible chance and special opportunity of spending two days in a special wolf preserve in Madrid. Lick: How did that happen? Carmen: I always loved wolves. You know Yellowstone National Park, don’t you? Lick: Oh my, wolves? Wow! Carmen: You asked me, if there was something special in my life. Back in Spain there was a biologist (De la Fuentes) who use to do TV shows about animals and about natural life. I loved his TV shows so much to the point where I had to be punished (because I was naughty). My mother and father took the TV out so I would not see his TV show. Lick: Oh, thats very mean. I don’t think you could have possibly done anything that bad. Carmen: I’ll tell you the naughty things I use to do. Lick: What? Carmen: I would let the stray dogs in my house to feed them. And once my mother came home from work early and caught me in the kitchen with a huge German Shepherd. I was feeding him all the food my mother had prepared for dinner. Lick: Oh my god, that’s not naughty, that’s sweet. Carmen: So, imagine you come to your kitchen and you are not going to be able to have dinner because the German shepherd has already had your dinner. So that’s the kind of naughty things I use to do. Lick: Well, everyone should do such naughty things. What a different world it would be.

Lick: Yes, of course. Carmen: Well, I was so passionate about wolves, I started to do research on the wolf reintroduction project. I wasn’t expecting to get married but I went there on my honeymoon. When my former husband asked me if I wanted to get married I asked him “Oh honey, will we be able to go on a honeymoon in Montana?” And he said, “Yes we will go anywhere you want to go.” Lick: Oh, I hope you didn’t marry him to go to Yellowstone. No way, hahaha!!

the wolves.. “ Carmen: Of course I married him for that reason. I had gone to my dad and asked him for $4,000 and he said “no”. So I told him I was getting married and I said, “Yes dad, I want to go to Montana to learn about wolves” and he said, “What?!! Carmen, tell me you are not getting married to go to Montana!” “Dad, I told you yes, I was going to Montana and yes, I am getting married.” And when I went back to Spain two years later I got divorced. My former husband was a great photographer and a great assistant. Lick: Wow, that’s interesting. Carmen: I feel more connected with dogs than cats because dogs after all come from the “wolf.” Lick: Carmen, there is so much in your life. I almost can’t believe it, it’s not just a simple story. Carmen: Yes, I have many stories to tell. Lick: So I am curious. Do the pets sleep in bed with you? Carmen: Of course, of course they do are you kidding me? Lick: What a stupid question. Carmen: But you know Barbara, I will tell you something. I was thinking of dating a guy. Anakin Skywalker and Darth Vader liked this new guy. They didn’t bark at him and they didn’t try to bite him. He has half a chance with me. We started dating and I told him my dogs sleep with me. So, if you want to sleep at my place, then you will have to sleep with the “three of us”. And he did. Lick: He sounds like a nice person and I hope it works out. I hope if it gets exciting in bed the animals go into the other room. Hahahahahah!! Carmen: My dogs have priority. I’m not taking the animals off the bed because there is a man in my bed. But he has such a great energy that my dogs love. Lick: And that’s who you need to be with because the dogs are a big part of your life.


Carmen: He was sweet and said can we meet at 7pm the other night and I said I can’t because I have an event at “Pussy and Pooch” and he asked if he could go with me and my dogs. And I said sure.

The new thing I am doing for my dogs is hiring a massage therapist. They got their first session last week. The masseuse is such a dog person he knew just how to handle Darth Vader and how to gain his trust.

Darth and Anakin are so sensitive to people you will know right away. Animals have a great instinct. They say, “Mom, it’s ok to keep him.”

Lick: To conclude, you said something about the Chihuahua nation which is in NY and Beverly Hills.

Lick: Well, is there anything we missed covering that you think we should know about? Certainly a very exciting life and a love for animals which is what we are about too. Carmen: If you ask anyone in my life about me they remember me as “Carmen and the dogs.” My first dog lived 15 years my other dog passed at 13 years old. I really do take care of my dogs.

Carmen: Anakin Skywalker and Darth Vader have been named as the “Beverly Hills Troop Leaders of the Pup Scouts 90210!!” Lick: That’s fantastic! We will keep a lookout for them. Thank you for your time and we’ll look forward to seeing you, on the pet fashion runway!

Friends Support Each Other

Adopt -AManatee


1-800-432-5646 (JOIN) Photo © David Schrichte



fashion designer

Anthony Pet Fashion

Rubio Show 2016

Photos by Jason Howard

New York Fashion Week Anthony Rubio Fall/Winter 2016 Canine Couture & Women’s Wear “Where The Humans Are The Accessories”


Anthony Rubio Fall/Winter 2016

New York Fashion Week Goes to the Dogs Pet Couturier Anthony Rubio, no stranger to the runways had a plan in place to break the stigma and barriers presenting his canine couture as escorted by human models wearing his women’s wear fashions at the fabulous location Gotham Hall by Style Fashion Week during this season’s New York Fashion Week.

Highlights: Many of the canine models are Instagram famous dogs, while others have interesting stories.

Rags To Riches! Meet Little Bean, a Sato, just a few weeks ago he was homeless roaming around the streets of Puerto Rico. With the

help of Animal Lighthouse Rescue, pulled from a shelter and now a fashionista walking the runway at New York Fashion Week. Little Bean was adopted later that day. Remember, all dogs are precious and deserved loving homes. Adopt Don’t Shop. Thank You Julie Sinaw and everyone at Animal Light House for the amazing work they do on a daily basis, said Rubio. More info:

This is Henry. You may recognize him. He was rescued from

Bideawee who became the poster dog for their adoption campaign including a huge billboard in Times Square.

Chase is a Pitbull, the breed sometimes gets a bad rep. Anthony

wanted to showcase the Pitbull in a cooler image. Chase was a shelter rescue and roam free backstage for everyone to enjoy.


Inspiration: On Anthony’s recent trip to Italy he had the privilege of a private viewing of the works of artists like Michelangelo Merisi da Caravaggio, Raphael, Dosso Dossi and Jacopo Bassano at Galleria Borghese. He was at first taken by the palace rooms elaborate decor and the richness of color. The paintings drew him in to get a closer look and to study the depth of contrasts. He noticed so much darkness surrounding the saturated colors. This was what inspired his choice of colors for his collection.  At first he chose textiles that had just the right sheen and texture but that was still not enough. There was something more that needed to be done to bring the depth of color to the forefront. He studied the art work and when shopping for the fabrics came to realize that he was not bringing in enough black or darkness. Then he had a moment of enlightenment realizing that to capture that depth he would have to layer the fabrics. He chose to layer dark sheer netting over the bright saturated fabrics in this case shantung and it actually worked. He was still missing one more element to bring in the elaborate decor so he chose to use glass beaded netting. The bead work is in rich jewel tones of deep crimson red, emerald greens, amber, gold and deep blue.


The Grand Finale: As a designer he knew that he had to leave his audience with a lasting impression. The last piece had to bring that ‘Wow’ factor. He chose to do a huge over sized ball gown with a contemporary feel. He wanted to recapture that old fashion way of closing with a wedding gown but at the same time he did not want it to be an actual wedding gown. He stumbled upon this rich Navy blue sequined sheer fabric which has metallic gold embroidery. He knew right away that this would be the show stopper. To achieve the depth and volume he used layers navy organza which was also used for the train. He crated a simple three quarter sleeve top with a scooped neckline and attached an appliqué. He made the very same sequined fabric on the skirt. That made the entire look more contemporary and less stiff. The end result was that magical gown which stole everyone’s breath away as it seemed to glide down the runway. Chihuahua Bogie wore a robe of many rich colors which he decorated with tiny metallic autumn leaves. The collar of this robe was jeweled in crystals and amber. Anthony Rubio wanted to introduce his canine couture creations at NYFW, but not as a gimmick, he did not want it to be the typical runway show. Anthony did not want the dogs to appear as accessories. “In my world the humans are the accessories” said Rubio. Americans spend a record 56 billion dollars on pets last year. We see our furry four-legged cuties as family members. As the proud care taker of two Chihuahuas Bogie and Kimba, he would be the first to say that he does not own the dogs, they own him. With that in mind Mr. Rubio decided that it was time for the dogs to give fashion with the humans as the accessories. Born and raised in New York City, Anthony Rubio will be celebrated 10 years this past October since starting Anthony Rubio Designs and he is the most accomplished designer in Pet Fashion. Anthony Rubio Designs


pet safety crusader - denise fleck

Lick Magazine caught up with the Pet Safety Crusader herself… LICK: So tell us, what’s up with the mask, cape and super hero persona? DENISE FLECK: For 16 years, my Sunny-dog Ink motto has been “Helping People Help Their Pets,” and I honestly feel I have succeeded having taught 10,000 humans animal life-saving skills (and millions more on national television segments), but…I realized that there are so many more dogs and cats across the country that could benefit from their humans knowing better pet parenting. That’s why I decided to make it more interesting to those who might otherwise not want to take a Pet First-Aid Class, which you have to admit but it’s nature, doesn’t sound like a fun time. Super heroes are cool again (if they ever even did go out of style), and I want to help more people “Be the one who makes a difference” in the life of an animal. LICK: Sounds PAWSome, but how do you plan to accomplish this? DENISE FLECK: For starters, my Southern U.S. Pet Safety Tour which kicks off September 15th from PSI’s Pet Sitter World Educational Conference in San Diego, CA. From their I’ll emBARK (pun definitely intended) on a 10,000-mile journey across the Southern United States in an RV along with my canine pack! I have my “elves” creating unique events in 17 cities where I’ll be able to provide skills in one concerted effort to large numbers of animal lovers. For instance, at animal shelters I’ll be teaching Pet First Aid & CPCR (Cardio Pulmonary Cerebral Resuscitation) classes. At Fire Stations, I’ll train first responders and community members at large how to get Pet Disaster PAWpared! Some events will be in class rooms, others… family picnics in the park with Fido on the other end of the leash. Each event will be a fund raiser for a local animal welfare organization so besides helping people to help their pets, we’ll be giving back to the local animal community. LICK: Wow! That’s a lot of ground to cover but it sounds like it will be a great way to not only provide skills but to create awareness about how important it is to be prepared for our pets.

DENISE FLECK: I couldn’t have said it better! Cliché as it is, “If you fail to plan, you plan to fail,” and the recent flooding across the South once again has demonstrated that any one of us can be caught off guard, but emergencies don’t have to be regional. A fire can break out in a home or a water pipe could break causing us to need to leave quickly WITH our pets. Do you have everything in one place that you would need to evacuate and do you know how to use all the items in your pet first aid kit? What, NO Pet First-Aid Kit? LICK: You caught me! I guess even when we think we are awesome pet parents, there is always more to learn. Why would you need a pet first aid kit however, when there’s a veterinarian usually within 10 minutes of most pet owners? DENISE FLECK: Ahhhhh, my whole purpose in life… Teaching people what to do and what items to have on hand so that they can rescue Rover or help Fluffy feel better BEFORE they get to veterinary help! Most of us aren’t lucky enough to have a veterinarian velcroed to our hip 24/17 and 9 out of 10 dogs and cats will have an emergency at some point in their lifetime. When you do at the moment injury or illness happens may be truly lifesaving! If you can lower your pet’s body temperature, you can prevent brain and gastrointestinal damage. If you can minimize blood loss, you can save a life. If you can alleviate choking, you can prevent your pet from going unconscious. If you can induce vomiting, you can expel toxins, and…in worst case scenario, if you can perform CPCR, you can be the pump your pet’s heart cannot be, and keep that life-giving blood and oxygen flowing until you can get to medical care. By not knowing how to do these things, your pet may be in pain, grave distress or expire even en route to your vet. LICK: So getting in the car and just going isn’t always the best move? DENISE FLECK: First-aid is not a replacement for veterinary care, but 25% more pets are saved if their human performs one technique before or on-the-way to the clinic. LICK: Good to know! So where do you teach classes and how did you get going on all this? DENISE FLECK: My schedule is available on my website but coming very soon…my classes will be available online so that anywhere you can receive a signal, 109

you can learn to do Pet First Aid! It was my yellowLabrador Retriever Sunny who got me started. Nineteen years ago she suffered a back injury and I was determined to never be caught unprepared when my furry child needed me. We got her the help she needed and Sunny bounced back after surgery to enjoy more adventures, but I started training, and practicing and training some more until I developed all the programs I teach: Pet First-Aid & CPCR, Pet Disaster Preparedness, Caring for Senior Pets and a 20-week Animal Care Class for high school juniors and seniors. LICK: Awesome. Have you or any of your students ever saved a life? DENISE FLECK: You betcha! I’ve had to perform CPR on 3 occasions but between my 11 dogs and a cat and all my volunteer rescue work and as a member of an animal response team, I have had to jump to the task on numerous occasions to bandage a paw, aid an upset tummy, alleviate choking and so much more. I have had a good number of students over the years who have also done the same. The doggie Heimlich-like Maneuver comes in at the most-used skill I teach (BTW, did you hear that Dr. Henry Heimlich actually just used his own invention for the first time recently in an assisted living home? Way cool. I always refer to what I teach as “Heimlich-like” as I don’t know if he ever saw the use in animals, but it works!). I have also had students perform CPR successfully, lots of bandaging, treat for heat stroke, seizures, bee stings and snake bites to name a few. The biggest thing most feel they acquire in class though is the confidence to react because if you don’t step up and help…knowing the skill means nothing. LICK: Yeah, I guess some people might be concerned they’d panic if it was there pet in trouble? DENISE FLECK: It’s been my experience that people who take the time to learn and keep up on their skills are able to help. After the pet is at the vet, they may have a little melt-down cause they care so passionately, but most who have gone through training hold it together and come to the rescue! LICK: What should our readers do even before they take Pet First Aid?

DENISE FLECK: Number 1, know where their nearest Animal ER is located, what services they offer and how they accept payment. Secondly, do a weekly Head-toTail Check-up of their pet (maybe I’ll give you more info about this in a future issues) feeling for lumps and bumps and getting acquainted with their dog or cat’s body and habits. Finding something early and getting it checkedout can be a life-saver. And 3…Spend quality time with your pet every day. Put away the cell phone when taking Fido for a walk. Drop you purse or briefcase and give Fluffy an awesome ear scratch. Be in the moment, like your pet’s and appreciate your time together. LICK: Meaning advice for sure! Besides your Southern U.S. Tour, what else do you have coming up? DENISE FLECK: My “Pet Safety Bible,” 300 pages of everything I feel pet parents should know about a dog or cat’s health care and safety will be out late this summer complementing my recently released, “The Autumn & Winter of Your Pet: Make Those Senior Years Golden.” I have a soft spot for our older and misjudged animal friends and have a children’s book series about them entitled, “Don’t Judge a Book by its Cover.” But…I would love it if everyone would start tuning in to my weekly Pet Safety Crusader Radio Show. It’s on live Thursdays at 1:00pm Pacific at but is then syndicated to 60+ affiliates via WPET All Paws Pet Talk Radio and streams live 24/7 on iTunes and TuneIn. And…the Pet Safety Crusader will have a coloring book before the year is done! LICK: Thanks so much for taking a time out and showing us a little about how you try to be the one who makes a difference in the life of an animal. Something we all hope we can do as well. And folks, visit Denise at http:\\






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merlin’s kids

by Becky Starr

“MERLIN’S KIDS: ANIMALS AND CHILDREN HELPING EACH OTHER” (From Shelter Dog to Service Dog and a Child in Need to a Child Indeed!) Merlin’s Kids is an amazing non-profit organization founded by Canine Expert Janice Wolfe

and her doggie partner “Wyatt”, a Westminster “Ace” award winner and top service dog. Merlin’s Kids saves two lives at a time by rescuing and rehabilitating shelter dogs and transforming them into individually trained service dogs for children with autism and special needs. Merlin’s Kids also serves our veterans. It transforms the lives of dogs by rescuing them from a shelter situation, training them, and giving them meaningful purpose to their lives. These special dogs in turn help the lives of both children and adults they serve with a life long commitment to love, care, and assist. So in essence, the dogs save the kids and the kids save the dogs! It’s a match made in heaven!! Merlin’s Kids rely solely on charitable donations. There are many ways to give back, from sponsoring a dog or child to volunteering, donating and more. Please reach out today and touch two lives! Go to Learn more and get involved. The Dogs and Children will thank you for it! Founder: Janice Wolfe


Rhiannon “Nikki” McFarling Lively & Opinionated was founded by Rhiannon “Nikki” McFarling in June of 2014 as a Facebook page for her random thoughts blog. The first official podcast episode was filmed on Friday, 8th of January, 2016 and within a month was listed in the New and Noteworthy section of iTunes. The main topic of episodes is reviewing subscription boxes. In March 2016 a second video podcast was released that is a weekly rant about random hot topics & current events. Episodes are filmed at TVI Actors Studio in Sherman Oaks, California the last Friday of the month. All episodes are filmed on an iPhone 6 and edited on the same device. The opening animation however was created by Kenn Requa and the original theme music by Shawn Bonneau. Co-hosts change each episode to give a variety of personalities. Episodes are listed as explicit due to being unscripted and unfiltered including explicit language. Please search for “Lively & Opinionated” or “WTF on Fridays” on iTunes and 117

I am ... gorgeous, independent, healthy, and unowned. Just like you.

Join the only national organization dedicated to protecting and improving the lives of all cats. Founded in 1990, Alley Cat Allies has more than 600,000 supporters and helps tens of thousands of individuals, communities, and organizations save and improve the lives of cats and kittens worldwide.


Southern Australia’s rugged coastline.

BEVERLY’S Adventures Down Under by Beverly Houwing

Photos by Beverly Houwing



oing to Australia is a “big trip”, not just because it’s a fairly remote continent, but also a big place with lots of locales to pick from. There are so many different experiences that one can have there.

Being focused on areas of natural beauty and their unique wildlife I headed to the eastern and southern part of Australia. My two favorite places were Phillip Island and Kangaroo Island. On Phillip Island, which is not far from Melbourne, the main attraction are the fairy penguins which come running out of the ocean right after dark to head to their burrows. This event is known as the “penguin parade” and one of the highlights of visiting this island. Kangaroo Island is just a ferry ride away from Adelaide. Here you can see all of Australia’s wonderful wild species in their natural habitat... the echidna (related to a porcupine), kangaroos and the littler wallabies, the ever popular koala and many bird species. Also a very unique experience here -- watching dozens of pelicans being fed at the jetty at Kingscote by a local fisherman. The big cities have many fun activities, great restaurants and bars and with so much Australian coastline, you can enjoy the lovely beaches and cruising the waters.

A koala munching on eucalyptus leaves. 123

What really drew me to Australia was their unique wildlife.

An adorably spiky echindia foraging around for food. 125

Pelicans patiently wait at the Kingscote jetty on Kangaroo Island for a daily handout of fish. 127

Australia’s unique animals.


Sea lions relax on the beach. 131

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Portrait of “Bobby” Beloved pet of Barbara Jayne - Founder of Lick Magazine.



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Lick Magazine - Issue 3 - Carmen Diaz Cover  

Lick Magazine's Issue 3 - "It's a Super Zoo" Edition featuring Pet Fashionista and Real Beverly Hills Chihuahua "Carmen Diaz" and her Beverl...