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Lisa Vanderpump Lick Summer/Fall 2017

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editor’s letter RE: BSL (Breed Specific Legislation) What is “discrimination”? The unjust or prejudicial treatment of different categories of people or things, especially on the grounds of age, race or sex. The Pit bull uproar is more of the same. There are “good” pit bulls and “bad” pit bulls. There are “good” people and “bad” people etc.. Nothing is so simple to cast a shadow on an entire Race, be it people or dogs. The idea of “breed discrimination” is insane and condemns every dog in that breed to no chance at shelters for adoption. Did you know that 17 dog breeds are banned in NYC? Yet across the board the percentages of dog violence is spread fairly evenly among the breeds. The continued focus only on "pit bulls stories" of violence are like ads to promote extinction. Every breed is capable just like people to love or hate. Training and treatment are major factors. 1.) Man is the most dangerous animal. Not Pit bulls. (Most of the pit bulls problematic today have either been abused or trained to fight by “man”) 2.) Check the history of the Pit bull. They were the “hero” dog of WWI!!! Unfortunately the soldiers of WWI are no longer around to sing their praises. 3.) The pit bulls legacy includes being “nannies” to children.. Protective and loving to babies!! At the end of the day, no broad “label” can define or profile “man or beast.” No matter how hard we try to conveniently stick people or pets in the "definition" box it doesn’t work. And truly in the end.. Who is the beast? I would say the real beast in this world walks on two feet. Check out my pet magazine




Publisher/Creative Director/Editor in Chief Barbara Jayne Barbara has 30 years experience in Publishing, Advertising and Media working with notable print entities from Andy Warhol’s “Interview Magazine” to Conde Nast’s “Self Magazine” and now her own “on line” pet publication “Lick Magazine”.

Contributor Mark Finley Mark is a multi-media artist currently exploring photo-collage. Mark’s compositions reference pop culture and the idols of a generation. Dudley, his dog, is Mark’s “muse”.

Production Director/ Contributor Beverly Houwing Beverly Houwing is an award winning photographer whose work appears in magazines and galleries. She is also a graphic designer.

Editor Denise Fleck

Social Media Nikki McFarling

Denise Fleck is the “Pet Safety Crusader”. Find her on WPET Pet Talk Syndicate, TuneIn, iTunes, PetSafetyCrusader and check her out in the pages of Lick Magazine. Helping you help your pet.

Nikki is the founder of the podcast “Livey and Opinioned”. She loves to write short stories and poetry but is also a master at social media helping many Hollywood VIPs, including LICK, keep their latest happenings current.!


Daniel DiCriscio

Laura Gianna Souza

Devin Johnson

Laura is the owner and fashion impresario of G Girl Productions, West Palm Beach, Florida. She curated the Abacoa Golf & Country Club Homecoming Event 2017 in Jupiter, Florida. You can check Laura out on her Facebook page or at a G Girl fashion event coming to a town near you.

Devin is a graduate of NYU with a BA in Film & Television. He co-founded a video production company ( that specializes in real estate and has filmed over 300 apartments in NYC, as well as filmed web series pilots, client testimonials and photographs events. In his free time Devin likes to make short comedy videos ( watch?v=2KHZwKhI9c4) (

Carmen Diaz

Kelly Greene

Beverly Houwing

Carmen Diaz was Lick Magazine's Summer 2016 / It’s a Super Zoo cover and “star” with her fashionista pups “Anakin SkyWalker” and “Darth Vadar”. Carmen resides in Beverly Hills, Ca. and can be found doing the dog fashion show circuit. She is also working on a new “Pet Reality Show” and shot the "Tequila" cover for this issue. Stay Tuned for Carmen’s latest happenings in the pages of Lick Magazine.

Kelly Greene is the owner of “Styling Pets Photography” located in West Palm Beach, Florida. Kelly shown with her dog Jasper is not only a pet fashion photographer who shot the gorgeous G Girl Spring runway event showcased in this latest Lick Magazine edition but also a pet fashion contestant and winner. You can find her on

Beverly Houwing has had a passion for photography and a love for animals as long as she can remember. She feels photos have a lot of influence on our lives in general. Her photography has been exhibited at the G2 Gallery, Annenberg Space for Photography, Calumet Photo, various curated exhibits including Photo LA, as well as featured in Smithsonian and other magazines. See more of her work on her web site:

Daniel DiCriscio is a TV and Media Personality, Celebrity Hairstylist, Recording Artist, and Model. Daniel is most widely known for his historical makeover on Paula Jones, his work on Pamela Anderson, Stevie Nicks, Barbi Twins, Anna Nicole Smith, and his TV interview with Sacha Baron Cohen / Da Ali G Show. Daniel is active in various animal rights causes. Stay tuned for his upcoming Hollywood Tell-All book.

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my favorite lick - “Sweetie”

Photos by Sam Sandoval

Photo by Beverly Houwing

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pet art


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pet ad of the month -

She has never wanted anything but love, which she gives unconditionally. I remember the first time I saw her, she looked up at me with big brown orbs peering into my soul. She knew me the moment I walked in the door as if i had always been there she accepted me unconditionally despite my dislike for her kind, though at that moment in that first look she had already won me over. But the love she showed for her human, the overwhelming joy that she embodied at the slightest glimpse. This was a bond I could not, would not interrupt. The love between them was complete, a pure love that a person shares with the only thing that will love them unconditionally no matter what, the bond between a dog and their human. She goes by many names, all of which she answers to, She is Bug, Bug a Boo, or just Boo, The Tag Wailer or Sadie McSue, but her real name is just Sadie, the others are terms of endearment we have placed on her over the years, her bug eyes bright marbles of adoration seeking only acceptance. Sadie McSue what do you do, when her actions puzzle her humans, that curled tail wagging in a tempo overwhelming excitement that must mirror her heart when she greets us at the door. About six months ago a bulge started to appear. I will spare you the details of the following months. Through all the suffering Sadie never wavered in her love for her humans she somehow could push back the pain we knew she was experiencing or perhaps the joy she felt as being with her humans somehow took her mind off of it. They say it is the final gift of love you can give your animal. Saying that removing the suffering somehow makes it easier. Its somehow humane. The words that helped me the most though was that the loss the hurt the pain I feel are mine not hers they are me and my feeling they have no effect on her. Time prolongs her suffering. She has been suffering for far too long, One of the hardest decisions I have ever had to make, how do you make that decision? She can move around and walk, she still has that look of trusting love, that is what is soo hard I feel as if ultimately we are betraying her trust her living loving eyes will stare into my soul as I watch, as I watch ‌ Today, Oct, 13. 2016 scheduled like any other appointment, we will take the life of a loved one purposefully. Not for us, our pain doesn’t matter, what we feel doesn’t matter, all that matters is her. Today, Sadie, will head over the rainbow bridge to her reward, where all dogs go, and her suffering will end, ours has just begun.

This tribute was written by John Aten for his wife Michelle in "Tribute to Sadie", their beloved dog the day they put Sadie to sleep.

Memorial to Sadie

women in the pet industry -

Dairy Dell

featured member

My career with animals came about totally by accident. I was raised on a farm and animals were my life growing up, but at 18 I couldn’t wait to leave for college and the big city. So I did. I had a career, a good education and a good job -- many of them , actually. The only thing constant was my love of dogs and the training I found came so easily with my own animals and those of my friends. One weekend, someone I didn’t know asked for my help and I thought, “Maybe I should charge them something.” Well, one thing led to another and like Dorothy in the Wizard of Oz, I found my true calling had been at my fingertips all along. Like it or not, I was a dog trainer! Since I was also knowledgeable about dogs and their health and needs, my Dairydell training business naturally expanded into boarding and daycare. That was 25 years ago and I haven’t looked back.

lick pet person - sissy mcgill

Solid Gold

by Barbara Jayne

The first women in the pet industry paved the way for those of us that follow in their footsteps today. Many led the way not out of desire or plan but out of necessity to invent or create a product they could not find in the marketplace but a product they needed in their daily lives.

Sissy decided to investigate and brought overseas food samples back to the U.S. for testing. The rest is history. In 1974, she created “Hund-N-Flocken” a special all natural and holistic dog food made with high quality meat proteins and nutrient dense super foods devoid of corn, soy and wheat.

These early inventions not only enriched the lives of women in the pet industry and the lives of animals past but ultimately the lives of everyone who has animals today. And the pioneering beat goes on! I came across one of the industries first woman pioneers quite accidentally while chatting with some of the marketing folk over at “Solid Gold”.

“Hund-N-Flocken” and Sissy were a hit and inspired the Natural Pet Food “Revolution”!! And Sissy’s legacy lives on through “Solid Gold” a company that continues in Sissy’s footsteps to inspire, pioneer and innovate within the pet industry.

“Solid Gold” was a product I remembered from way back in my disco 80’s days when I was rescuing junk yard dogs. I remember the impression it made on me the first time I saw that very premium gold package sitting on the shelf at “Centinela Feed” in Beverly Hills, California. It seemed to be the “Dolce Gabbana” of the pet food set!! And it had a premium designer price to go with it but worth every penny!

Though Sissy is now a young “80 something,” you can still find her 5 days a week at her pet supply store in San Diego, Ca. offering her lifetime of animal wisdom and the Solid Gold brand to customers. Sissy has also created the “Heart of Gold Foundation,” a non-profit dedicated to the care and protection of animals.

“Solid Gold” was the first of its kind in the pet food industry-- a Super Premium Natural and Holistic pet food brand. One that now, 40 years later is part of the 6 Billion dollar Premium Natural Pet Food sector it helped create. The woman pioneer behind the “Solid Gold Brand” is one “Ms Sissy Harrington-McGill,” now in her 80’s but still “hot to trot” in the pet industry she loves. Sissy, is the inventor and founder of “Solid Gold Hund-N-Flocken,” and the premium natural pet food industry sector. In the early 1970’s, Sissy was following her passion and dream of showing and breeding Champion Great Danes! When she traveled to Germany to buy “Bismark,” the son of the World Champion Great Dane of the time; she realized that the German Danes seemed to be in healthier condition and living longer lives than their American counterparts.

For More Information on “Solid Gold” visit

pet art

“An Act of Dog

A chat with Mark Barone Creator, An act of dog embodies the message and outcry of awareness, artistic tribute and creative expression for the thousands of dogs needlessly, unceremoniously and horrifically killed in American shelters each day. Shelters by their very definition are there to “rescue” not destroy. But destroy they do and in astounding numbers. The Special Museum of Compassion for dogs was thus created and spearheaded by artist and animal advocate Mark Barone. Mark identified a serious issue within American Kill Shelters.. Both in the “number”of animals killed each day (an astounding 5500), to the heinous ways their deaths are carried out(gas chambers or bullets). Mark is painting 5500 individual portraits representing one days worth of killing in this country alone. Mark is bringing mass public attention to this situation through his art and his story which is coming out on PBS TV later this year. Stay tuned! This is Mark’s story for and about the forgotten dogs in American Shelters. Lick: Tell us a little bit about Mark Barone, your background and interests in general. Mark: I am originally from Chicago, and born into an Italian family. Growing up with a father who was an Architect for over

50 years, I thought I was going to be just like him and initially studied Architecture, but soon realized that it was too restrictive for my creative needs. I branched off into studying fine art and gravitated towards using oils, as I found them to be a more effective medium for deeper, emotional expression. Outside of painting, I am passionate about animals and I love music! In particular, I have a passion for Jazz. I have dabbled in playing the Saxophone and most recently, the Trumpet. LM: How did you connect into the “art scene?” Why “art?” as expression or work? MB: I’ve been a representational and narrative painter for over 35 years. I have never been interested in painting for profit or doing paintings to match people’s decor. Prior to doing the 5500 portraits of shelter dogs for our charity, An Act of Dog, I painted almost exclusively about the struggles of the human condition and created work that was a reflection of my own search for meaning. I would say that at my core; I am only interested in using art for social change and leading a purpose driven life. LM: What transpired in your life to connect you with the plight of animals and dogs in particular? MB: I had the good fortune of finding two abandoned street dogs; Rudy and Santina. They soon became the rudder, which helped to stabilize me as my early life turned to chaos. I was especially connected to Santina, as she was with me for almost 22 years, and helped me to navigate through my own struggles. She was always there for me in my darkest days. Her love filled me up in ways that I had never experienced from another person. Santina was ultimately the inspiration and catalyst for me wanting to help other shelter animals experience the love and life that they truly deserve. LM: How and when did “An Act of Dog” come about? What was the driving force to cause you to make a statement and to take action? MB: It was my life partner, Marina, who brought the plight of shelter animals to my attention. She had always been a cat lady, But after spending years with Santina and experiencing dog love, she was deeply moved and devastated when Santina died. Shortly after our loss of Santina, Marina went on-line to search for another dog to adopt, but instead of finding one, she discovered the chilling number of animals being destroyed in shelters, every year, and asked me to face this reality as well.

Museum Of Compassion�

Artist and Animal Advocate

by Barbara Jayne

At first, I did not want to look. It was so painful and overwhelming, yet it stirred a deep well of emotions for me, and that was enough for me to want to find a way to use my talents towards their salvation. Shortly after, An Act of Dog was born and I was on my way to illustrating the approximate number of dogs destroyed, everyday in shelters. (5500). My intention is to save all healthy and adoptable shelter animals, not just dogs, and to bring awareness of our relationship to all animals and inspire a deeper reverence for them. LM: Tell us about your upcoming PBS Special MB: PBS has partnered with documentary filmmakers, Sagacity Productions, from Boston, to tell the story of our journey and mission. They were so moved by our “putting it all on the line� for the voiceless they felt compelled to want to share it with the world. In particular, they wanted to witness the first artist ever to paint 5500 of anything, and how we were using art for social change. They document our struggles and how we are using art to paint visual records of our current state of consciousness towards animals and the way we are using the artwork to raise funds to save the animals and working with schools kids to show them the most effective ways to use their art for social change. LM: What are your most favorite art pieces created within act of dog? MB: I don’t have any favorites from the 5500. Even though I painted their individual souls. I am making one statement with the work, that is, to illustrate their collective and needless fate and our own lower state of consciousness and lack of compassion. LM: What do you think it will take to turn the kill shelters around? MB: Compassion is the most important ingredient in the formula for life saving success. It must be woven into our foundation and become the driving force behind all of our decisions.

With compassion as the driver, we will choose to hire shelter directors and staff who are committed to adopting life saving strategies, in place of the existing, archaic and inhumane methods. LM: Do you know what is being done (If anything) now to change the brutality? MB: There are over three hundred million people living in America, and we need to educate the public to adopt, spay/ neuter and choose not to breed or buy animals. These elements are critically important but changing behavior takes time. In the meantime, millions of shelter animals will die, unless we start with focusing at the shelter level (as this is the only place where the killing is taking place) and we must stipulate that shelters institute the “eleven step” no-kill equation, as initiated and developed by Nathan Winograd, of the “No-Kill Advocacy Center.” This process has helped shelters go from killing over 80% of the animals they take in, to saving over 90%. There are so many shelters who have implemented this program with great success and are inspiring a shift in sheltering methods across our great nation. The no-kill train has left the station and is showing us the “right behavior, the right way”. Without the support and selfless work of shelter workers, rescue groups, volunteers, fosters and transporters, the animals would be alone and without hope. We give thanks and praise to all of these “stewards of compassion.” LM: What are your long term goals for the project and for yourself? MB: Our focus is to apply the use of art for social change and use creativity to be the driving force behind fundraising for the animals and the critical need to educate the next generation in being advocates and leaders for compassionate change. Kids are the “unwrapped gifts of our future,” and we believe that it is critically important to put meaningful art back into schools to allow children the process of self discovery and to ignite a desire to become informed about the atrocities in society and to use their creativity to bring them into the light. Art, when created for social change, engages kids at a depth that is crucial for cultivating collective happiness and social cohesion. It catalyzes them into creating and promoting solutions for sustainable development. This approach will arm tomorrow’s leaders with the necessary skills to unite our differences and promote intercultural dialogue, with no-one left behind... including our animal friends. LM: What would you say in culmination of your project? MB: Ultimately , we envision the 5500 portraits of shelter dogs in a working/interactive museum, where kids will come to create for an animal cause or other social injustices they are passionate about, turn their art into a product and build social campaigns to raise money and awareness for change. I have spent all of my retirement savings to help the animals , and will need the resources and compassion of a few philanthropists to help us achieve this goal, as we are just two, and cannot do

it alone. Personally, my life, is no longer about me, it’s about contribution. LM: Wow. You blow me away with your goodness. I am so loving and agreeing with your line of thinking and your beautiful sacrifice for the animals. “What can each of us do to help?” MB: In addition to getting involved with fostering animals,transporting them, or helping shelters and rescue groups and choosing to adopt your own animals, think about other ways that you can use your talents to be a voice for them. Perhaps you can write articles, create videos or take pictures of animals in need of adoption. Maybe you know others in influential media positions , marketing

experts, or friends who have extra funds to give to animal causes. Always choose to do “something.” LM: Beautifully put! Any closing thoughts? MB: We welcome and ask you to support our charity in any way, be it shopping on our website for beautiful dog prints, night lights, original woodcut t-shirts or having me paint a portrait of your own pet, donating or sharing our charities mission on your social media platforms or asking your friends to get engaged too. LM: Mark, Thank you so much for this wonderful project. It inspires everyone who loves dogs and wants to make a difference in this world to follow their passion and do something positive they believe in. Thank you for “An Art of Dog”. It is an expression of your love and caring for the animals that we all get to enjoy. Most importantly, it is a forever memorial and gift for the animals.

lick pet person - Daniel DiCriscio


Daniel DiCriscio has many titles to his name; TV and Media Personality, Celebrity Hairstylist, Recording Artist, Actor, Model, and LICK Contributing Editor but Daniel is more than what describes him professionally. In a field dominated by women, Daniel is one of the few men who’s making a mark in the animal rights and activist world. DiCriscio first made world news and history with his jaw dropping public makeover on President Clinton accuser Paula Jones during “Jones vs Clinton.” His other high profile clients range from Pamela Anderson to the late Anna Nicole Smith. DiCriscio currently stars in a movie/documentary titled “Hair” that was released in 2016 and won Best Documentary at IFS Film Festival Beverly Hills and “Vamp Bikers Trés” alongside Lillo Brancato (A Bronx Tale) and Michael Alig (Party Monster).

Daniel is an avid animal lover and crusader for animal rights and anti cruelty. Ever since Daniel can remember, he has always been there for the animals. Sitting down with Daniel and talking to him about his passions for the well being of all animals, Lick Magazine learned that Daniel has been volunteering his time and lending his face and voice to many animal related causes for decades. Daniel has stood out on the firing line for protests such as “Vivisection” on the UCLA campus, and pet food poisoning at the Federal Building in Westwood, California. He donates his time to a myriad of animal groups from NKLA to PETA, and was previously the VP of “Cat Cause Foundation” in Orange County. DiCriscio was even a celebrity guest at the National Animal Conference that was held in Los Angeles, CA.

His TV appearances include Todd TV with Bret Michaels (FX), Da Ali G Show “Bruno” Sacha Baron Cohen (HBO), the Emmy winning “Cristina’s Court”, The Gossip Queens, Baywatch Hawaiian Wedding, & Oscar Critique and Monica Lewinsky’s Moment on Fox News Channel.

He has met and worked with many respected names in the animal world including; Pamela Anderson, the Barbi Twins, Dr. Jenny Conrad, Elayne Boosler, Alex Pacheco (PETA), The Amanda Foundation, Susan Olsen, Tina Sinatra, Maria Conchita Alonso, Whitney Cummings, Chris DeRose, and Jane Velez Mitchell.

As a recording artist, DiCriscio’s music is available on iTunes. He has opened for Grace Jones at Paramount Studios and performed with the Real Housewives of Orange County as his backup dancers. His new music video “X Sex” features celebrity cameos from John Barrymore and Golden Globe winning actress Sally Kirkland.

He’s also been a celebrity judge for “Dancing with the Dogs” and for Halloween pet costume contests at animal charity events. DiCriscio hosted an event in Malibu for the “Kids and Critter” benefit and introduced Dr. Jenny Conrad and her documentary film against cat declawing.


by Barbara Jayne

As an avid believer in TNR (Trap, Neuter, Release), and helping injured cats that are strays, ferals, or pets left behind by neglectful owners .. Daniel does what he can to assist in the fostering, medical care, or anything else that the pet may require. Daniel states that he is cautious of certain animal organizations based on the facts of how these organizations monies are spent. He prefers to take care of what he can with a more personal approach. Doing directly what he can to make a difference.“If I can help one animal a day, I am making a difference for that animal, for that life”. He continues by saying, “I also believe that since we are (supposed to be) the more intelligent species, we need to take care of the lesser species on the planet. “When I was growing up my mother had a saying that I still live by today, ‘To have reverence for the smallest of life is to have reverence for all of life.’”. Daniel applauds Fashion Designer Giorgio Armani for his recent anti-fur stance in his designs and is excited to see and hopeful other designers follow suit. Daniel currently lives in Beverly Hills, California and shares his home with his three cats; Alister, Jesse, and Lala. All three came into his life as rescues. Each cat has a different story and Daniel took them in and nurtured them to health with medical attention, food, and most of all Love. He adds,“They all get along! I feel a pet’s behavior reflects their owner’s behavior and home environment. I don’t consider them my pets, but my children.”

John Barrymore, Jasmine the dog, Daniel & Sally Kirkland at Catch - West Hollywood.

Believing that all living things should be treated equally, Daniel feels that animals should be treated with the respect and dignity that they deserve and not treated as an accessory or as a second class citizen. It’s clear that Daniel’s heart belongs to the animals... and always will. Photos Courtesy of Daniel DiCriscio Daniel’s Website:

lick pick - book of the month

The Cat CafĂŠ

fashion runway -pet show

New York

Barbara Jayne Curator


All photos by Devin Johnson

Tribute to Designer Rei Kawakubo (founder of Comme des Garcons and Dover Street Market) by Anthony Rubio

I look forward to the much anticipated Met Gala as many others look forward to the Academy Awards. I brace myself and read up as much of what is expected to happen both on the red carpet as well as the actual exhibit which I will visit as soon as I can get there.

Kawakubo forces us to stretch our imaginations by presenting shapes compositions that breaks all the molds of what we consider normal. It is not to everyone’s taste or liking yet it is something deserving a closer look and investigation.

As a designer I can only imagine what an honor it must be to have yourself and your works chronicled displayed and studied by the masses. I can only dream to one day have such a privilege bestowed on me, even on a small scale. In the mean time I strive to constantly learn and grow as a designer by studying and understanding as much about the honored designers, their visions and aesthetics that has given them their individuality and longevity in this incredibly diverse industry.

I decided to look into and try to understand the meaning of Avant Garde Fashion and the designer considered the queen of this art form. The more I investigated the more I learned that there are so many layers to understand and as a result I find myself traveling down the virtual rabbit hole wanting to explore further and eventually experiment or at the very least delve in this form of expression.

Rei Kawakubo is a visionary breaking all of the rules of conventional fashion and forcing one to question what is fashion and how it is or can be Interpreted.

As a tribute to Rei Kawakubo being honored by the Met Gala, I decided to recreate in my signature canine creations, three ensembles as done by the genius for her brand Comme des Garcons or as the true fans call it CdG.

Dog Models: Bogie and Kimba (IG @BogieAndKimba)

About Anthony Rubio: New York based Anthony Rubio is an Internationally acclaimed Pet Couturier. His Canine Couture is meticulously handcrafted by the designer utilizing the finest materials to produce a one-of-a-kind creation for your four-legged family member taking into full consideration comfort and safety above all.

Opportunities are there if you

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good life lick - featured pet products Barbara: How did you end up in the pet industry? Fiona: My journey into the pet industry started from my childhood love of animals. I recall bringing home stray animals, to the displeasure of my mother but I couldn’t deny my passion for all animals. From the mice I bred as a child to my first job after school in a local vet clinic. I went on to train and qualify as a vet nurse and from that point on my future has been focused on animals and animal welfare. When my own Newfoundland Rosie was ill it was the most nature instinct for me to create a product to help improve her quality of life. Little did I know then that the product I was to create would have such a positive impact on so many lives. Tell us about Newflands: Newflands is a pet health supplement company based in New Zealand. We develop and manufacture human grade pet supplements and treats. Often we are tasked at developing custom solutions for specific ailments to enhance the lives of individual fur babies. Our strong focus on research and development continues to enhance and grow our product range with new and exciting health solutions. What is the mission of your company? Newflands is founded with one very simple philosophy “We want owners to give their fur babies the very best quality of life”. Underpinning this is a set of strong ethical values which include but are not limited to love, integrity, humility and respect. Following sustainable practices is also very high on our list of values and wherever possible we use New Zealand natural resources Why did you create it? And the product line? In 2010 my Newfoundland dog, Rosie, was diagnosed with Dilated Cardiomyopathy (DCM), a terminal heart condition common in this and many other dog breeds. The vet gave Rosie 8 months to live and suggested supplementing her with a good quality fish oil. After exhausting my search for an off the shelf fish oil supplement and not finding anything on the market I made the bold and

quick decision to create the very product needed to extend the life of my beloved Rosie. In subsequent vet visits the vets were amazed at the improvements they witnessed in Rosie’s heart health. Rosie went on to live another 3 years post diagnosis being taken not by her heart condition but from a secondary breast cancer. In her honor the Newflands brand was born. Subsequent fur babies have presented to Newflands with health issues, they too have benefited from a specially crafted Newflands product. To this day Newflands continues to produce Rosie’s version of Hoki oil along with custom solutions utilizing the health benefits of sustainable and ethically sourced New Zealand Hoki oil.

by Barbara Jayne Tell us what products are in the line up and why.

ÁÁ Hoki Fish Oil Food Supplement – this is my flagship product I now refer to it as "Rosie’s oil". It started the Newflands journey and is the mainstay for all the other product currently in the range and for those yet to be developed.

ÁÁ Omega-i Oil – containing Astaxanthin the most powerful anti- oxidant

known to man. Its main function is to remove deadly toxins from the body, to support and boost the immune system and support quality of life.

ÁÁ Hoki Treats – human grade freeze dried Hoki fillet treats packed with

Omegas. As we were already utilizing the Hoki fish and in keeping with our sustainable philosophy we wanted to utilize the whole fish with minimal wastage.

All products are developed to support the immune system of your fur baby and to work in conjunction with any prescribed veterinary treatment. Particularly beneficial in cats and dogs suffering from arthritis, itchy or flaky skin conditions, dry eye, retinal degeneration and heart problems. What are they made of? Two main ingredients feature strongly in our product range: Hoki (Species Macruronus Novaezelandiae) - found only in the pristine waters surrounding New Zealand’s South Island – Precision harvested ethically with sustainable certification from the Marine Stewardship Council, an independent organization who monitor wild fish stocks on a global basis. Astaxanthin- an algae grown sustainably and ethically in a sterile controlled environment Do you have a favorite item in the line? Although every product we produce commands a special place in our heart, no other has captured the essence of who we are more so than our flagship Hoki Oil. Without this amazing innovation, none of the other products would have been developed. Where can we find “Newflands” in the US? Currently featured on Amazon Prime. As our business is expanding globally we are always seeking like-minded distributors to promote our products. Hoki Fish Oil Food Supplement 33.8oz -$119.99 Hoki Fish Oil Food Supplement 6.76oz- $49.99 Omega-i Oil 6.76oz - $88.89 Hoki Treats 0.53oz- $14.99

good life lick - global pet products NULO: Puppy, Adult and Small Breed Limited Plus Product Line: Nulo is located in a hip pet loving community in Austin, Texas. The founders experience in the pet care and education arena led Nulo’s team to focus on food created with unique recipes and fresh ingredients made in small batches. Good pet nutrition is top of mind with Nulo products. Nulo sets itself apart from the rest of the pack by what they describe as their rejection of the typical fast food dog brand formulas that promote long shelf life, decreased taste and low nutrition.

Everything Nulo produces is devised with your dog and cats best enjoyment and long term benefits in mind. Their “Limited Plus Line” gets down to simpler healthier grain free recipes extending a probiotic advantage along with fresh single protein ingredients (like salmon), specially formulated to be fresh, healthy and delicious for your pet. Nothing fast food about that! Nulo is Getting down to basics. Where less is more. And Simpler is better for your pet! And you!

Check Nulo products out on their website at:


Made in Germany | Over 200 Mil flexi leashes sold |

good life lick - global pet products Pet Trek Our latest Global Pet Expo Fashion Find is the marvelous new “Pet Trek” created by designer Ann Greenberg from the eco sustainable pet product and pet carrier company “ A Pet with Paws”.

Her product line includes: Madison Pet Carrier, Coco Carrier & Pet Trek, Mandy Backpack, Miles Poop Pick-up Bag Pouch and Scarlet Poop Pickup Bag Wristlet.

Ann’s new product is such a hit that she is taking Pet Trek is the new, easy to transport pet carrier it on the road to exhibit at Zoomark 2017 in which makes it convenient and simple to take Bolognia, Italy... small pets just about anywhere. Available in four About A Pet with Paws: A Pet with Paws takes new styles and colors. being an eco-conscious company seriously and More than ever before, pet consumers are feels it is their responsibility to contribute towards choosing higher quality products that not protecting and respecting our environment. This only benefit their pet’s health, but are safe and fabulous company has partnered with Tress for sustainable for the planet too. A Pet with Paws the Future and for every bag, carrier, or accessory has found their niche by providing affordable, that is purchased a tree is planted. style alternatives that are whimsical, cruelty-free, Learn more about A Pet with Paws at: light-weight and have panache!


We believe the best dreams are big. We believe no animal should die waiting for a home. We are working to make this dream a reality. For all animals at risk and the people who care for them, we are the Jackson Galaxy Foundation.

Join Us: |

Donate: at website or by mail: 9190 West Olympic Blvd. Suite 411, Beverly Hills, CA 80212

Reach Us: Help us:

a 501c3 non-profit, improves the lives of animals at risk by transforming the places they live and by helping the people who care for them.


Grooming ~ Boarding ~ Day Care ~ Training Now two locations to serve you better! 148 S Main Street Pendleton, OR 97801 541.429.8787 and 107 Fir Street La Grande, OR 97850 541.910.2727

Pupcakes is proud to introduce…

Critter Cartons In today’s busy world it’s hard enough to find time to pamper ourselves, let alone our pets. That’s why we created Critter Cartons! Choose from 1, 3, 6, or 12 months of furtastic fun to be delivered right to your door! Your pet’s special package will be shipped on the 15th of each month and contain 4-5 products of the highest quality. We even give you an option to add extra toys! Additional Perks: FREE Shipping to the 48 Contiguous United States Purchase a 12-month plan and get a 13th month FREE! Purchase a 6-month plan and get a FREE premium toy! Need a gift today? Have a digital gift card emailed to the recipient good for a Critter Cartons subscription or for products/services at any participating Pupcakes location. Use Promo Code: SPRNG17 to receive $5 off any Critter Cartons subscription purchase!

Order online at:



Get your LICK Bandana lickety split!

Email your order to: or call 917-940-5100 -- all major credit cards accepted. Sizes: Large - $25.00, Medium - $20.00, Small - $18.00 (add $5 shipping & handling to all locations). Red cotton and sequins. Hand MADE IN THE USA with love.

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“KITTY KRAK” “Kitty Krak” the name says it all. Kitty Krak “is” an amazing and nutritious cat treat made from 100% natural ingredients your cat will go nuts for. 100% Healthy Bonito all fish nuggets your kitty craves a great source of omega 3 fatty acids and taurine! An absolutely healthy treat! Kitty Krak is available at:

Whether you need to hire one person or a team of people, no one can help you achieve your goals faster and more effectively than The VET Recruiter ÂŽ.

Specializing in Search and Recruitment: Animal Health Animal Science Animal Nutrition Veterinary Pet Products Pet Specialty Including: Direct Hire Placements Contract Staffing Contact us at: or call 918-298-7025 or 800-436-0490

good life lick - global pet products

Petcurean PETCUREAN INTRODUCES GATHER, A NEW KIND OF PET FOOD CRAFTED FROM CERTIFIED AND ORGANIC INGREDIENTS, SUSTAINABLY PRODUCED With consumers increasingly expecting sustainability, transparency and organic ingredients in their pet food and its manufacturing process, Petcurean rolled out GATHER to pet specialty stores in the U.S. and Canada. GATHER is a new pet food line crafted from certified, organic, non-GMO and sustainably produced ingredients. The recipes are perfectly blended to provide dogs and cats complete, balanced natural nutrition with premium quality ingredients. When developing GATHER, Petcurean searched for and found a handful of farmers, growers and fishers of the highest integrity, who were practicing the responsible and sustainable production of extraordinary quality and natural ingredients. Those who earned Petcurean’s confidence have become the secured sources and trusted partners that supply the premium quality ingredients used in GATHER. Each recipe is free from rendered or genetically engineered ingredients and features a single source, fresh and dehydrated primary protein:

ÁÁ Wild Ocean: The single-source fish protein in Wild Ocean is MSC certified fresh line-caught cod, pulled from the cold, clean Alaska coast waters. Cod is blended with MSC certified krill, peas, lentils, chickpeas, organic flaxseed and other essential ingredients to provide a hearty, healthy meal for adult dogs.

ÁÁ Free Acres: The chicken in the delicious Free Acres recipe is sustainably produced, certified organic and free-run. And, it is the single source of poultry protein. Petcurean has included other wholesome foods such as organic peas, lentils, krill, organic flaxseed, blueberries and cranberries to provide dogs and cats with extra nutrition and extraordinary flavors.

ÁÁ Endless Valley: Endless Valley’s certified organic pea protein and other pure and natural ingredients are crafted into a vegan certified recipe especially for dogs. The Certified Vegan Trademark guarantees that Endless Valley does not contain any animal ingredients or animal by-products, uses no animal ingredient or by-product in the manufacturing process, and has not been tested on animals.

The GATHER line of pet food is now available in pet specialty retailers. To find out where GATHER is available please visit

About Petcurean Petcurean is a family-owned Canadian company that creates premium-quality pet food recipes; GO!, NOW FRESH, GATHER and SPIKE TREATS for dogs and cats (and cats and dogs). GO! provides solutions for your pet’s unique dietary needs; NOW FRESH is the only dry pet food to use 100% fresh meat and fresh omega oils; GATHER is crafted from certified and organic ingredients, sustainably produced; and SPIKE lets you reward your dog with treats made using all natural ingredients. Petcurean pet foods are sold exclusively through pet specialty retailers in Canada, the United States, and more than 20 countries internationally. At Petcurean, with every decision they make and every recipe they create, they put pets first. Please visit to learn more.

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Make New Friends!

Adopt-A-Manatee and Help Protect Them ÂŽ

Call 1-800-432-JOIN (5646) Photo Š Cora Berchem

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Solid Gold Solid Gold Pet introduces new cat food recipes Solid Gold America’s first holistic pet food brand, is giving pets more healthy dining choices with the launch of nine new cat food recipes, including a new Indoor Cat line and a new convenient size of its popular Green Cow wet dog food. Additionally, today Solid Gold offers a variety of potato-free recipes for both dogs and cats. “At Solid Gold, we’re always looking for ways to build upon our 40-year tradition and expertise to provide best-in-class products and formulations designed to ensure an uncompromised level of holistic pet nutrition,” Bob Rubin, CEO and President of Solid Gold Pet, said. “The launch of our new Indoor Cat dry food line and expansion of our fast growing wet cat product line reflects our dedication to provide high-quality, purposeful nutrition that is designed to unleash the very best in every pet.” Solid Gold’s latest product innovation includes nine new cat food recipes, which will be available beginning in June:

Let’s Stay In™: This new grain and gluten free dry cat food line is designed specifically for Indoor Cats and is available in two flavorful recipes: Chicken, Lentil and Apple; and Salmon, Lentil and Apple. Tropical Blendz™ Patés: A new twist on the classic paté, this wet cat food line delivers high-quality proteins paired with nutrient-rich coconut oil and is offered in four flavors: Chicken, Chicken Liver, Salmon and Turkey. Wet cat food flavor expansion: Building upon an existing line of successful wet cat foods with these new offerings:

ÁÁ Flavorful Feast™ Chicken and Apple, grain and gluten free. ÁÁ Holistic Delights™ Creamy Bisque with Coconut Milk in two new flavors: Turkey and Chicken Liver.

Solid Gold’s core line of dry food formulations— including this new innovation—continues to deliver a foundation of carefully curated Superfoods paired with high-quality proteins to support transformative results for dogs and cats. Backed by more than 40 years of pet nutrition expertise, Solid Gold is continuously

innovating. These May/June product launches are just the first wave of launches in 2017. Look for more exciting innovations from Solid Gold later in 2017. Enhanced packaging highlights existing potato-free offerings The Solid Gold portfolio of dog and cat foods currently includes 16 potato-free offerings. Newly enhanced packaging now highlights this product feature more prominently to help shoppers easily identify potatofree recipes. “We understand that every dog and cat is unique and the food they need to thrive will vary,” said Leasa Greer, Nutrition and Regulatory Affairs Manager for Solid Gold Pet. “We strive to provide a wide variety of recipes to meet pets’ unique needs. If pet parents are looking for a food to help their pet with a sensitive digestive tract or if it has been recommended that they feed a potato-free diet, we want it to be easy for them to find these Solid Gold products on the shelves.”

About Solid Gold Solid Gold is America’s first holistic pet food brand developed more than 40 years ago. Given this history, the brand leverages a vast amount of heritage and experience to deliver best in class solutions for pet parents across the food, supplements and treats categories. The foundation of Solid Gold’s core line of dry food formulas includes nutrient-dense Superfoods, high-quality proteins and wild-caught ocean white fishmeal. These premium ingredients, in conjunction with a proprietary holistic approach, work together to deliver unparalleled transformational nutrition for dogs and cats—empowering them to look their best, feel their best and enjoy lifelong health and wellbeing. Solid Gold: Superfoods for Super Pets™. For more information, please visit

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Petmate Introduces CALMZ ANXIETY RELIEF SYSTEM Nearly 90 percent of the 77.8 million dogs owned by American families suffer from anxiety at some point in their lives. Nearly a third of that number suffer regular anxiety issues. Now Petmate, the worldwide leader of solutions to enhance the lives of pets and their families, introduces a new way to help relieve that anxiety. The new CALMZ® Anxiety Relief System for dogs combines high-tech innovation with acupressure in a revolutionary new non-invasive, drug-free treatment that soothes common anxiety that often arises as a result of thunderstorms, fireworks, encounters with strangers, travel, separation, and loud noises. This innovative system comes complete with an adjustable Comfort Fit Vest that cradles a device over specific acupressure points on your dog’s spine. When the device is activated, the clinically proven NeuroSync™ Technology takes over. Your dog will hear and feel a therapeutic medley of classical music, tones and vibration to ease anxiety. “Calmz is a major step forward in the treatment of anxiety,” says Dr. Jeff Werber, celebrity veterinarian and host of Pet Care TV. “It’s a remarkable innovation that’s produced proven results that will have significant impact on the lives of pets and their families.” ÁÁ The CALMZ Anxiety Relief System employs vestibular (audible) and peripheral sensory (tactile) stimulations to achieve test-proven anxiety relief in dogs ÁÁ Vestibular stimulation is the result of a low-frequency C-note tone that is blended with a modified version of the classical piece, Beethoven’s Für Elise ÁÁ Peripheral sensory stimulation comes from the massaging sensation generated from the device when placed on acupressure calming points along the spine ÁÁ The combination of stimulation redirects the dog and diminishes anxiety ÁÁ No prescriptions, no drugs, no edibles, no refills, no veterinarian visits required

“Our mission at Petmate is to provide pet families with all the tools they need to help build their special bonds with their pets,” says Chris Wilson, Petmate’s executive vice president of marketing and product development. “After years of research and development, we are especially excited to deliver a product that is so vitally intrinsic to the health and happiness of America’s beloved dog families.”

About Petmate: Founded in 1963, and headquartered in Arlington, Texas, Petmate is passionate about providing fun, trusted quality products worldwide to enhance the lives of pets and their families. The company’s vision, to be the worldwide leader of solutions and excellence in the pet industry, encapsulates its commitment to deliver award-winning, innovative ideas daily to each of its product categories including bedding, kennels, dog houses, feeding and watering products, litter maintenance products, toys, collars, leads and travel. Petmate’s portfolio of pet, family-favorite brands include Aspen Pet®, Chuckit!®, Dogzilla®, Jackson Galaxy®, JW®, MuttNation™ Fueled by Miranda Lambert and WWE®.

The Jackson Galaxy® Collection by Petmate® This year, Jackson Galaxy will also be adding a selection of bedding, collars, leashes, harnesses, feeding & watering, and waste management products!

Toys - Butterfly in a Ball

Feeding and Watering - Oval Bowl

ÁÁ Mentally stimulating toy that promotes visual entertainment similar ÁÁ Great for cats that are susceptible to whisker sensitivity or whisker stress to that of outdoor surroundings. which causes them to not eat. ÁÁ Creates the ultimate in satisfying hunt play with its ÁÁ Stainless material helps reduce the risk of bacteria, which causes chin sensor-activated action that sets the butterfly fluttering within the acne. ball when it is pushed by a stalking cat. ÁÁ The slight wall incline prevents messes. ÁÁ Taps into natural instincts to observe and track prey. ÁÁ This flatter and wider bowl mimics the shape of whiskers, which helps ÁÁ Realistic fluttering butterfly will keep cats engaged for hours. reduce stress. ÁÁ Weighted base provides fun wobble while keeping butterfly upright.

ÁÁ Bowl holds 3 oz. of canned food for your cat.

Bedding - Deluxe Donut Bed ÁÁ Create a safe-place cocoon for your cat with the Deluxe Donut Bed. ÁÁ Cats that love to curl up will be able to knead and nestle into their sleeping space. ÁÁ The 18” soft and snuggly bed features a eco-friendly recycled polyfill that adds support and comfort. ÁÁ A non-skid bottom prevents the bed from moving around. ÁÁ Entire bed is machine washable. For more information, visit

Need a Pet Friendly Apt in NYC??

Call / email Barbara at 917-940-5100 /

Zuke’s - Enhance Functional Chews New Cognition and Immune Support Formulas

Zuke's has expanded its Functional Chews lineup to include two new formulas: Cognition & Immune Support. Crafted from some of the best herbs and high quality ingredients that nature has to offer, these chews support dogs mental and physical health. Enhance Cognition Functional Chews are made with a blend of Elderberry, Hawthorn Berry, L-Arginine, MCT Oil, EPA & DHA from Menhaden Fish Oil, Biotin and Coconut Oil to help support normal brain health and function. Enhance Immune Support Functional Chews contain a blend of Amla Berry, Astragalus Root, Reishi, Rose Hips, Spirulina, Turkey Tail, L-Arginine, and Elderberry to help support overall immune system. The new functional chews join Zuke’s original lineup, which includes Calming, Digestion, Endurance, Fresh Breath, Mobility, and Shiny Coat. Developed with the help of a PhD herbalist and research findings from the latest scientific data, these cutting-edge formulas help support and maintain dog’s proper body function so he can continue to live a healthy, active life. Whether it’s Elderberry for cognition or Reishi for immune support, each form’s primary functional ingredients are listed on the front of each package. In addition to being grain-free, these tender chews are highly palatable, crafted in small batches in the

USA, and are available in both peanut butter and chicken recipes. Zuke’s new Enhance Functional Chews SKUs will be available at pet specialty retailers nationwide in 5oz bags and line priced with the existing Enhance Chews line. The products, which are overseen by regulatory bodies, should be used for the specific issues they were designed to support rather than as a general treat for training. Follow feeding instructions based on the dog’s size. About Zuke’s: Located in Durango, Colorado, Zuke’s is a leading provider of natural pet treats and a dog food innovator. With the launch of Zuke’s® Ascent™ Natural Dog Food, the company holds strong to its nutritional philosophy, which is rooted in the belief that nature gives our dogs everything they need to keep going. Named after founder Patrick’s beloved Labrador Retriever, Zuke’s has been powered by passionate and adventurous pet lovers for over 20 years. Strong believers in being active and exploring the world with our dogs, the Zuke’s team has been creating trail-tested recipes using the earth’s best ingredients to fuel those adventures since day one. Visit for more information and find @ZukesPets on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter.

good life lick - global pet products NEW PurinaŽ Bella™ brand adult dog food Pampered Meals Inspired by Small Dogs

by Purina Bella adores small. That’s why they consider it a privilege to create meals inspired by the little ones you know and love so well. Meals that nurture. Meals that nourish. Meals that pamper your small dog. Small dogs are special. And have special nutritional requirements because of their size. Bella gets that.

ÁÁ Small stomachs hold less food, so Bella is a nutrient-dense food with higher caloric content.

ÁÁ Small dogs need higher protein to support their strong muscles.

ÁÁ Small dogs have a longer life expectancy, so Bella is

formulated to support overall health throughout their life.

ÁÁ Bella is made with a blend of antioxidants to help support your small dog’s immune system

Dry Bella Natural Bites plus vitamins and minerals is a scrumptious mix of small energy-dense bites and meaty shreds. It's made with real beef or chicken, and without any artificial colors, flavors or preservatives. Bella Natural Bites plus vitamins and minerals comes in two flavor varieties:

ÁÁ With Real Chicken & Beef and Accents of Sweet Potatoes & Spinach

ÁÁ With Real Chicken & Turkey and Accents of Carrots & Green Beans

good life lick - global pet feature

Domestic Abuse & Pet Shelter Bayer & PAWS (Pet & Women Safety Act) In recent years, the correlation between animal abuse and domestic violence has been established. Clearly. Solidly. Without refute. Abusers of animals are 5x as likely to harm humans and statistics place half of domestic abuse victims staying in dangerous situations because they fear for their pets. Abusers often exploit the bond between victims and their animals trying to manipulate, punish or control victims through actions against their pets. Many victims stay in abusive situations because of fear of what would happen to their pet if they leave them behind. And shelters have not historically accepted companion animals. Thus, many women stay in dangerous or even lethal situations. The PAWS Act (Pet and Woman Safety) was reintroduced in 2017 since “Any” member of a household can experience abuse. The Paws act will help to bridge the gap. Bayer Company held a luncheon presentation at the Global 2017 Pet Expo in Orlando, Florida (March 2017) to reiterate this knowledge, awareness and necessity to take action in the pet industry. Bayer also made a generous donation to “Noah’s Ark House” in Las Vegas, Nevada for its continued efforts in the fight against abuse and more specifically because Noah's Ark is one of the few shelters in the country that offers safe haven for both woman and pets.

PAWS/Share The Story: The Paws Act is a bi-partisan piece of legislation that would expand federal protection for the pets of domestic violence victims and enact a federal grant program to help acquire safe haven for pets. These funds would enable to help more survivors of domestic abuse and their pets

by Barbara Jayne



SHELTER & FASHIO ICON Amazing stories start in shelters and rescues. Adopt today to start yours. TOAST 325K+ Instagram Followers


fashion runway - pet couture

G Girl Pet

West Palm Beach

Laura Gianni Curator

Fashion Show

Sophie and her brother, Jasper - fashions designed by Darcey Klein with DRC Canine Couture at Photos by Kelly Greene

Jasper, winner of the “Duke award”

Viki Anders with Kismet, winner of “Prince award”

Angela Bellinger with Pebbles, winner of the “Little Princess award� - designer Nanette Deronda by "ShihNanigans"

Kelly Greene, photographer and fashion event contestant on the runway with her dog “Jasper�

Angela Bellinger with "Millie, Little Princess"

Ian Rothenberg with “Tami”

Anthony Rubio



Cover Story

Maria Concepcion Actress, Animal

Maria Conchita Alonso with her cat, Chiqui

Alonso Bustillo

by Barbara Jayne

Activist & One Hot Tamale!

Lick Magazine met with Maria Conchita Alonso (Internationally known Actress, Activist and Singer/Songwriter), along with Carmen Diaz (Pet Fashionista and Lick Cover star/Spring 2016 Edition) at Cafe Roma Restaurant in Beverly Hills, California for a little brunch and talk about Maria’s life, love and activism for pets.. Lick Magazine had known “Maria Conchita” per her American reputation.. One “hot” tamale, a gorgeous and talented hispanic actress.. But upon further examination we learned so much more.. It is an honor to have Maria in the pages of Lick Magazine. Barbara: I am blown away by “Maria Conchita” not just Maria the “beauty” but “Maria” the “person”. I found out that you were born in Cuba and your family left when you were a child because of the Revolution. You went through alot at an early age. “Do you have a recollection of your early beginnings and childhood in Cuba?” MC: I was born in Cienfuegos, Cuba. I only remember what my parents used to tell me and what I have seen in the home videos my father loved to take. My mom told me I was very independent and that I liked to be alone. I would grab my tricycle and I would pedal away... the neighbors used to call my mom to let her know I was passing by their homes. Going where? Who knows! But I do remember we were a happy family. We moved to Venezuela when I was almost 5 years old. My two brothers, a dog and 15 suitcases... My parents were hard working people and when I was 13, they opened the first spa/gym, (kind of like a private club) in the country. Barbara: Where did your diverse love of “the arts” emanate from? Where did it all start? MC: I was singing and dancing since I was a kid! I used to play with dolls and do all the voices, the dads, mom, grandparents and children. At 4, I was given piano lessons (I still don't know how to play), and was in the play “Nutcracker” as a little mouse, after that came ballet, jazz, voice, guitar and flamenco. I would tell my mom, “Look, I can cry when I want!” And I would start crying... One of my aunt’s on my mom’s side sang opera (that wasn’t her career), the other was a piano player. I was born an artist, I have it in my blood. It was and will always be my passion. I was 15 when I became Miss Teenage Venezuela winning the Miss Teenage of the World in Portugal, then I became a model. My parents sent me to a finishing school in Montreux, Switzerland (they wanted me to marry a Prince, which I did not! haha). After school, I lived for a couple of months with my mom in Paris and then went back to Venezuela to continue modeling. A year later, I represented Venezuela in the Miss World Pageant in London and ended up in 6th runner up position (being 2nd favorite since my arrival, but nerves made me eat and I gained one size!). Then I lived in Spain and Paris, just having fun. When I went back home my modeling career continued together with acting and singing. I worked on various plays, 11 soap operas and recorded my first 2 “albums” in Venezuela. Both singles the record label launched became #1 hits! I moved to L.A. got signed by A&M Records and my international career as a singer began along with my “Hollywood dream”!

Barbara: You are quite the activist .. Do you think your roots and the love of freedom and democracy started way back in childhood or in your teen years in Venezuela? MC: Yes, the first years of exile my family talked politics non stop. I remember when I was around 7 years old people used to gather in our house planning a Cuban “invasion” to take Castro out of power... The men on one side, the women on the other sewing the clothes they were going to wear, but it never happened. I am not sure why but I believe the money that was needed never materialized... So yes, I grew up in a free and democratic environment, at home and out, and was taught that NO ONE has the right to control your life, nor tell you what to do. That is what I have always fought for and I still fight for today! Barbara: Did you ever dream that you would hold major world beauty titles in Venezuela and later world acclaim? How did this chapter of your life start? MC: One of my brother’s had a girlfriend at the time. She was Miss Venezuela. Knowing that I wanted to be a singer and actress, she told me the easiest way to my dream was by participating in beauty pageants. And she was right... I have never been a person who believes that outer beauty is the most important thing. I was never concerned about always looking good. In fact, I didn’t care. I won pageants not because I was the prettiest, although my looks helped... I won perhaps because I was the one that had the best personality, the most fun, funny, approachable, and also intelligent... all those things are “more important” to me than exterior beauty. And I believe these attributes grow and become more powerful as one ages. Barbara: Since you have been successful in multiple arenas from Beauty to Music to Acting (film, tv, broadway) and more-Tell us about the most exciting highlights in your career.. MC: I don’t think there are enough pages in this or any magazine to share them. I am lucky! But I could say that every time I achieved a goal, that was a career highlight. Barbara: You were actually a musical sensation as far back as the late 70’s with “Love Maniac” and “The Witch” How did you make the transition from the pageant runway to music sensation? MC: In Venezuela, many celebrities come from beauty pageants, so it was a simple and easy transition. First I became a beauty queen. Then I did my first soap opera and launched my first single which stayed number one for months. Since I became so well known, the record label decided to create a unique marketing plan to launch my song under a different name creating expectation and curiosity, and it worked! “Love Maniac” was a disco song recorded in English and promoted under the name of A’mbar. Venezuelans found out two weeks later that A’mbar was “me”.. Barbara: You were also featured in movies like “Moscow on the Hudson” with the late beloved Robin Williams, “Extreme Prejudice,” “Predator 2” .. And you have starred on Broadway in “Kiss of the Spider Woman”. Is there anything “creative” “Maria” hasn’t conquered.

MC: I am a great actor director, so maybe direct. And for the first time in my career I am looking into doing the music crossover, in english, internationally. I am back in the studio writing songs .. pop/country songs... Barbara: The breadth of your career is really amazing. There must be something you’re not perfect at. Tell me you can’t cook? MC: Haha, I am very bad at math and anything that has to do with technology. I don’t listen to my voice messages until about a week or more later.. I don’t open my mail but 2 weeks later!! There are a lot of other things I am not good at but I’m not telling! Haha! And yes, I “can” cook, but only when I don’t “have to”!! I create my own recipes and have no idea how they end up tasting SO good! hahaha! Barbara: What has been the most exciting career arena .. The music? The acting? Is there one song that is the “epitome” of who you are as a person? MC: I am always asked that question and it is always hard to answer because I love them both. As an actor, I can have/be so many personalities, go through so many different situations that as myself I wouldn’t experience. I like that, there’s never a boring moment in an actors life... And I also like to see “me” on the Big screen! BUT... as a singer, there are no words to describe the energy and magic that performing in front of thousands of people (even just hundreds) brings. POW! It’s very impactful, while on the stage one is loved so much that... well, there are no words to describe it. And writing, is the best therapy there is; music heals, unites, teaches, relaxes, helps to create, helps to forgive, makes

you happy or sad (we are all a little masochistic at times so this is needed...). Music has no language barriers, it is the greatest communication in the world, even if you don’t understand what is been said. You feel it. I don’t have one song that says who I am. I have many. Ok, one of them? “La Loca”, my 3rd song, internationally #1! Barbara: Is there one acting role that is remembered and adored above others? One you might even personally relate to? MC: I didn’t relate to these four, but I LOVED being the characters. “Vampire’s Kiss” “Blackheart,” “Caught,” and “He Matado A Mi Marido” which comes out this year, Barbara: We should also touch on your political and human rights points of view because this is very much at the core of Lick Magazine’s mission and being as well. You came out for LGBT rights early on championing equal rights and freedom of the individual. Tell us about that? What made you aware? Why did you put yourself and your career on the line? That was very brave.. MC: What others do is really none of my business, and that is what I was taught since I was a kid. “Respect.” Your life is yours to do whatever you want as long as it doesn’t hurt me or others. No one has the right to stop someone from doing what makes them happy. Whatever that may be. I may not agree in certain issues, but hey, you own “your” life! The world would be a better place if people accepted others as they are because then everyone would be content, don’t you think?

Maria's dog "Tequila" with her pet buddies, "Darth Vader" on the right and "Anakin Skywalker" on the left.

Barbara: You are a pretty strong gal since you have also been vocal on your political point of view to the point of words with Actor Sean Penn who inexplicably supports Hugo Chavez. I would think you may want to move to another state? Lol! Do you want to take the 5th here or any comments? MC: I am still waiting for those who said that if Trump won they would move out of the States... Come on people!!! California would be paradise with no traffic at all! Ahahahaa.... No, now seriously... Just as I respect everyone else's political views (except extreme leftists, which in Latin America are called communists or socialists of the XXI Century (name created by Chavez). We should all be respected. You don’t have to agree with me nor I with you, but that doesn’t mean we have to insult and be insulted. You wouldn’t believe the “rolling eyes” I have gotten at events/ screenings (at Oscar time) etc. If looks could kill!...In this town where I live and love, you wouldn’t believe which stars I have gotten it from... I remember when I first arrived in town. It didn’t matter what side you were on, everybody got along. But look now! Bad, sad. And hypocritical! A couple of friends of mine don’t talk to me because I didn’t vote for Hillary (nor for Trump). As democrats they shouldn’t care the least!!! I mean, RESPECT... your decisions and actions are for each individual to choose, not for others to do so... I don’t care who you voted for (but... imagine, some of my friends love Bernie Sanders...), I am your friend because you are a good person and we share lots of quality beliefs. Barbara: And most importantly when and how did “animals” and “doggies” come into your life? Did you have animals as a child? How did this love affair start? MC: I have had pets since I can remember. Dogs, cats, a horse, a monkey, hamsters even an alligator! I connect with them and they with me. I know they feel like us, love and pain, they have to eat, drink, need caring and attention. And our voice. In my early 20’s I had two fur coats, I looooved them, soooo beautiful! Until I found out the suffering the animals go through for us to “feel beautiful” wearing their skin... Their fur is taken off of their bodies while they are still “alive” and for them not to “suffer”... Can you imagine?... Can you imagine the pain they go through! Haven’t you seen their eyes? Heard them scream? The ducks, rabbits, pigs, all of them! “I have”.. and it is a terrifying and painful sound... after that, how can someone continue to be involved in that massacre??? I would take a bunch of celebrities (and non celebrities) that still wear fur and put them in a room for 5 minutes, show them a video, have them hear the screams. Many outside our industry might not know, so education is very important, it’s what can help to change it all. Armani stopped using fur, Others should follow. Barbara: Maria, this is why I am attracted to you as a person.. because I feel that a lot of young people today are disillusioned, disenfranchised; they feel that they cannot say anything without other people cutting them

off and beating them down.. We should all be able to discuss things with each other in this world and agree to disagree and perhaps be open to see another viewpoint and another side. The idea that you were born in Cuba and you stand for Respect, Love, Peace and Communication between people is very important to me. “I believe” what “you believe” and this is what Lick is about. The idea that “ALL” beings have the right to be free. And that is the reason why I wanted to meet you. Everyone has the right to be who they want to be as long as they don’t hurt another person .. I related to what you said about fur. I think most young girls growing up (especially in big cities) want to go out with guys, and do the makeup and the glamorous clothes and don’t think about these important issues. They are wearing the furs and loving the clothes but not thinking “how” it got to be a fur coat. It is something they just bought from the store. There is no instant equation between fur or steak and animal suffering. I think

“Now” in 2017 there is a little more of an “awareness” of what goes on with animals. MC: No, a little bit more. No. There IS “An Awareness”. Before there wasn’t. Barbara: So tell me about this “awareness” and your own personal animal activism and involvement. I know you just finished doing a PSA (Public Service Announcement). MC: Yes, I just did a PSA for the “USDA Black Out of the Animal Welfare Data Base”. My friend Shannon Keith has the foundation “Beagle Freedom Project”. You should interview her because she has had 5 states pass a law regarding research institutions and beagles. One of the things her foundation does is rescue animals from the state research institutions. . In the past, once research dogs served their purpose they were put to sleep or sent to other dubious places. Under Shannon’s “Beagle Freedom Project”, the dogs are taken out of this terrible environment and given a new life. So what Shannon is saying is “Don’t euthanize the dogs”. Give them to us! Her program is a start in terms of moving the needle of compassion in the right direction. Obviously, we don’t want animals experimented on “at all.” But things are one step at a time and this is a gigantic first step.. Shannon has also created a wonderful new App (“Cruelty Cutter” by Beagle Freedom Project) that consumers can utilize to find out if a company conducts research on animals. This resource will help consumers support the companies that support the animals. Why extend buying power to companies who do not have animals best interests at heart? If you want to buy a hair product for example, you can find out right away if the company is pet friendly! This App is amazing. Barbara: Wow, that sounds like a fabulous resource for animal lovers! MC: Well, alot of Celebrities and Non celebrities are wanting to do this PSA but politics seem to get involved.. and I told Shannon. “Listen, you know I preferred Trump to Hillary but that doesn’t mean that I am going to applaud what this government does if It’s not right.” So, I am going to speak out against this issue because it is a crime. I am not attacking the government. I am attacking “the issue!” And I told her, if you want me to talk I am happy to do some interviews etc. Barbara: Well that is normal. What is happening to people that you have to be All Trump or All Clinton? Why do we have to be either “All” or “Nothing” on anything? I don’t get it. Nothing is so black and white. MC: Well, by adding a little line.. the PSA is clear in saying that this is not attacking the government . It is attacking the issue! And Shannon said that Trump’s camp has been very supportive of this issue. That’s something people should know because people say “Oh, of course .. Trump”.. they don’t always like him.. And of course there are issues that we are not always going to see eye to eye on. So, we have to decide what is most important to us as human beings. Do we want to live secure, to protect our lives (to protect our present and future)? And then, once that is in place or being worked on we can then fight for animals rights.

So that’s what we are going to do. That is the campaign that is going on. Barbara: So, what is the tagline of the campaign? MC: “USDA Blackout of Animal Welfare Data Base!” Why is that happening? Why are we blacking out the data base? Why are we doing that? It should be allowed for ALL of us to see what’s going on. That’s it! Barbara: So where is she going to put this? Where is this campaign going to run? MC: Everywhere. Where do you put things? Barbara: The media, pr, magazines.. MC: Yeah. I believe she has a publicist ..”You tube” etc.. I am also working as the Executive Producer on Carmen’s new TV project, “The Real Pooches of Beverly Hills” which is in development. Barbara: I love the name! Just knowing Carmen and your own very Beverly Hills pooches you are “made” for this idea. Give us the details. Carmen: Well, “The Real Pooches of Beverly Hills” (RPBH) is an original unscripted series that follows the luxurious lives of 9 pintsized pooches (most of them rescued from abusive homes, death row or shelters), and their six adoring human mothers. They receive the best second chance ever and now live like Hollywood stars, but the joy and love they bring to their owners makes it hard to tell “who rescued who”! Barbara: I love the premise of your show Carmen. It is so Beverly Hills and it is so “right on” as to the reality of how many women see their pets now. It is truly the happy side of the pet/people equation. And you are right. The pets rescued and treated like special fur babies are very very fortunate. The majority of dogs around the world do not have the good life. These are the lucky ones that have hit the “jackpot” so to say.. I also think there is a strong possibility of major success in the stars for “Real Pooches”.. I wish you both lots of luck on this new project. Certainly, I will be delighted to cover it in its progression. Carmen: Well we are excited about the idea as well and time will tell. Barbara: So Maria, Carmen told me you have “5” Movies coming up and premiering this year.. You have so much going on! MC: Yes, I am finally putting most of my time and energy into my career after putting it “on hold” when I became a political activist for Latin America dedicating around 85% of my time to politics. So the first movie I did last year which is now premiering in Panama was shot in spanish and called “More than Brotherhood,” “Mas Que Hermanos”. Barbara: What is that about? MC: It’s about two young siblings who end up living on the streets, having nothing left but their love. It is a story about survival, second chances and second falls, with an unexpected turn at the end. Barbara: Is this a true story or fiction?

MC: No, fiction. I have a cameo. Eric Roberts also has a cameo.. Barbara: Cool, Whatever happened to him? He used to be such a big heart throb! And then Julia (his sister) took over.. MC: He’s working now in Katar. His cameo is bigger than mine. Mine is just one scene. But I did it because this opened the vibe to get back into the industry. A friend of mine (Ingrid Barajas), is one of the producers. She is from Venezuela and this is her first movie. She’s like “please”. If I didn’t like the story I wouldn’t have done it but it is very well written . And I am glad to be of some help. And, I am going to spend a few days at a private home “on the beach”.. Barbara: Oh, That’s nice.. hahaha! MC: Well ...last year I told my agent I would like to spend a few days on the beach. So I kept in touch with these people who are the uncle and aunt of the director (they are very young) and they are from Panama society and we kept in touch via “What’s App”.. And now I am going to their home on the beach! Which is like ..”here’s the home” and “here’s the beach”. Barbara: Nice. MC: After that, I did another movie called “I’d Like To Be Alone Now”. Barbara: I like the name of that one. What is the storyline on this film? MC: After losing his wife and three kids in a car accident Kyle (the major character) just wants to mourn in peace. Unfortunately, his family “insists” on helping him. Barbara: Oh my gosh. Oh .. So these are All HAPPY movies. Hahahaha! MC: Yeah, well this one “I’d Like To Be Alone Now” is a “Dramadie” .. It’s funny.. (drama/comedy). Barbara: A Dramadie? I never heard that word before! It’s a great word! MC: Anyway, so Kyle’s family is more crazy than him. His parents come in and spend time with him.. And his three brothers come in and they all have problems. They all have issues .. and I am the maid. This is the first time I am playing the maid. I love it because it is an ensemble. Barbara: Believe me, the maid knows everything. And if you are lucky (like Arnold Schwarzenegger’s maid) you get everything .. including the man of the house! And that seems to be very popular in Hollywood. MC: Really? Barbara: I don’t know .. It seems like all these guys the minute there is a problem in the marriage they do the nanny or the maid. At least that’s the way it seems in “Hollyweird!” ..So tell me more about this Dramadie! MC: It’s an ensemble piece and is shot “camera held”. The camera is following the actor. I am on the phone all the time.. I am cleaning or helping out or on the phone talking to my

daughter who is coming here through the frontier. It’s very funny. Barbara: Frontier? Frontier the telephones? MC: “Frontera” No, what does Donald Trump want to do? Barbara: Ohhhh, to have the fence. MC: Where? Barbara: Oh, the “Frontier”! Hahaha ok got it! I’m like “what”! MC: hahaha .. so she’s with these people wanting to come here so I am worried for her because it is very dangerous. And I wear no makeup at all. Nothing. Barbara: Really? Oh wow! You are a real actress. MC: Yes, I don’t care. I got there.. Put my hair in a pony tail ..and said “I’m ready”! He (the director) didn’t even want me to have anything for dry lips.. nothing. And I saw it last week and I liked it so much and I don’t look bad.. Barbara: because it was real.. MC: I liked it. I looked very normal. I don’t look pretty but I don’t look ugly. Most actresses don’t do that. Barbara: I agree. Most actresses “don’t” do that... All these Hollywood people with the glam image they don’t do that because Hollywood is an image. It is not a place . Hollywood is a “mental thing” that people think of as stars, mansions, glamour girls.. that kind of thing.. people want to keep that image. MC: But what I am saying is when you go out without makeup it is very different from when you have a camera on you. And I saw it a few weeks ago and I really liked it. Then, after that I did another movie called “Galileo” (an Indie film directed by Jay Silverman, written by Jennifer Goldson with Santino Fontana and Dania Ramirez as the leads and Mackenzie Moss and Maria Conchita as co stars.) It’s a love story in Taos New Mexico. I love Taos. I had never been to Tao’s and It’s like OMG a Magical place. I loved it!! I play Dania Ramirez’s mom. We have a restaurant. My daughter is a chef. This guy ..the sister of the guy is very powerful and they want to steal her recipe. Barbara: It’s always that way isn’t it? MC: It’s a very cute movie and my scenes are Grrreat!! I have a lot of scenes in that one! And then after “Galileo,” I did a picture with Jean Claude Van Damme and Daniel Bernhardt for Sony. Carmen loves him. Carmen: Yes, he is going to be my husband!! Laughter MC: and I play an FBI agent. And I loved doing it! Barbara: and what’s the name of that picture? Carmen: “Kill ‘em All” Barbara: Ooh Scary. Wow. Carmen: Powerful, Strong. MC: I saw a few things when I went to do some ADR and it looked incredible! Incredible!

Maria with her dog "Tequila".

And then the last picture I did this year was a production collaboration with the United States and Spain (in Spanish) called “I Killed my Husband” (He Matado Mi Marido). Barbara: You got a lot of stuff “killing people” there!! Laughter MC: Very, very... I loved it!! Carmen is in it also!! Carmen: Ahhhh!!! Ahhhh!!! Ahhhhh... MC: It’s just about this woman who thinks her husband is very faithful .. She’s in love and comes home to find him with a younger woman and kills him.. Barbara: “What else is new?”.. Hahaha.. But it’s a comedy. Only on film could that be a comedy. MC: It’s like a Pedro Almodovar comedy. Ok. Barbara: Oh, love Almodovar! MC: It’s like the “new” Pedro Almodovar. Carmen says.. Carmen: He absolutely is the new Pedro Almodovar but much more elegant, refined you know. It’s like seeing a really great Pedro Almodovar of the past years “but” being a little more elegant because Pedro Almodovar (I love him, of course) but sometimes how do you say “ordinario” a little bit.. But this guy.. Oh my god! Barbara: Wow! All this happened at the same time. Who comes out with 5 films in one year? You were doing all these roles at the same time? So One day you are a maid, one day you are an FBI agent? MC: Yes. I did one movie and I finished it.. I did another movie and I finished it. The one with Jean Claude (Kill ‘Em All), and the Spanish movie (He Matado A Mi Marido) mixed because we were shooting in Mississippi but the starting date was delayed and I had already started the Spanish film. So the two days I had off for the Spanish movie I did the other role. I finished one day as the FBI agent and then the next day I am the crazy woman. It’s like being 2 people with completely different personalities! Barbara: No, it’s like being “3” people because you have the FBI agent, the crazy woman and “you” Maria..because you are neither of them.. Lol! Wild! MC: but it came out good and I am already invited for the sequel of the FBI one (“Kill ‘Em All”). Barbara: Fantastic, how exciting! MC: The director was very helpful because I had to learn the lines and the Spanish movie scenes were very long and that character is so “not” me.. Barbara: That’s what makes you a great actress. It’s not just the fluffy roles but the really deep roles where you are willing to be completely raw. MC: And I had so much fun on all the films! It doesn’t feel like work.. If the producer on the spanish movie “He Matado A Mi Marido” said “Maria, we had a problem at the lab and we have to do the film over”.. I would be like “Yaay!!!” “When do we start”!!! MC: Now On the “music” side.. Ah

Barbara: OMG.. That doesn’t even cover the.. OMG There’s more!! When do you sleep? MC: I am now going to the recording studio. Barbara: Yes, that’s what Carmen was telling me. So this is for the country music right? How did you go into country music? Do you sing it in Spanish? Hahaha! Tell me about the country music.. MC: When I was 13 I lived in Spokane, Washington. I went to school “Holy Names Academy” (a Catholic school). I lived there. One of my father’s brothers was a teacher at the University of Spokane and my cousins went to Holy Names Academy. So my father sent me there.

Barbara: Such an eclectic background. You are all over the place but that is why I really think you are so aware.. because you have had all these different and vast experiences. MC: My uncle lived a couple of blocks from the school. My uncle had family friends of his that lived in a little town called Deer Park. Deer Park is now 30 minutes away because they built a highway but it use to be like about 45 minutes to an hour from the farm. So I lived on a farm. My father bought me a horse. I went to Deer Park high school and it was there that I grew to love this country. Because.. Barbara: Was that the first place you lived here in the United States? MC: Yes, I traveled when I was a kid to Miami to Puerto Rico (I have a lot of cousins in Puerto Rico) and I was put on a plane by myself at seven years old to go spend summers with my cousins or to go for Christmas. But living on that farm.. Americans are wonderful! The “real” Americans (.. the real real ones.. I guess are the native Americans but after that are the Americans from those towns) they are good people and that’s where my love grew for America and Country music. I grew up those two years that I was there with Johnny Cash, Glenn Campbell; I use to see “Hee Haw” (the TV show). I use to ride my horse. Her name was “Lady Godiva”. I use to ride her with no seat. I use to go from the farm where I lived to town. Barbara: Oh my god! MC: It would take me maybe an hour by horse just walking and then I would put my horse outside the supermarket. Barbara: laughter. MC: I loved it!! It was a town (I have been back) with 3000 population. It has changed a little bit. It has a traffic light (It didn’t have a traffic light before). It had one bank. So I spent two years with so much love. I was on the Drill team. I was in the choir. The school band got chosen to be in the Rose Bowl Parade. And I came to the Rose Bowl Parade because I was part of the Drill team. They brought me in case one of the girls.. You know what a Drill team is? Right? Barbara: Well, I don’t think so. Maybe you can tell me. MC: Do you know what Cheerleading is? Barbara: Yes. MC: Ok. Cheerleaders is while the game is going on. Drill team is midway you know like.. Barbara: Oh, Ok I get it. MC: The players are resting in the whatever whatever in that “middle” after the first part and before the second part of the game. Ten or fifteen girls would come out and do a dance that’s the “Drill team”. They jump and kick with choreography. In case anything happened to one of the girls they brought me in. We stayed at UCLA campus. I was only fourteen but since none of

the girls got sick. They gave me a trumpet .. And I marched in the Rose Bowl Parade making believe I played the trumpet. I only knew how to play “Mary had a little Lamb” and they said please don’t play “Mary had a little Lamb” .. Just make believe that you are playing. It was wonderful. So anyway that’s why I always loved country music. Loved Country music But I am a Rock n Roller. That’s what I am. My mind, my heart, my soul but “Rock and Roll” has been disappearing. Now, there’s this crazy music that is not so nice. “Rock and Roll” is like rock!! The 70’s, 80’s and 90’s for me was the best music ever!! So all of a sudden .. A few months ago in December I said ok, I want to do a music crossover. I have multiple number one records Internationally. All are in the Spanish speaking market Worldwide. But I never cared about doing the crossover but now “at this age”.. I still feel like I am 20! Barbara: I get that. MC: My writing partner is turning now a significant age. Barbara: It has nothing to do with age. MC: He (Mark Spiro) looks great and he writes even more amazingly now!! And I also have the same energy at the gym. I have the same energy to live like when I was in my twenties. So why do I want to do country or pop? Barbara: It makes total sense. MC: And it’s now very .. Rock. And now I am meeting different managers because I need a music manager or music agent. I have an acting manager but I don’t have a music manager or music agent. The music world nowadays is very very weird, very bad. It’s not like it use to be. It’s worse then ever. But I love music and I will be one of those artists that with age I will still be there and maybe now it will be even bigger for me. Barbara: I think so. MC: You know, it has been huge for me in the Spanish speaking world but I think it’s going to be as big or bigger in the non Spanish speaking world. Meanwhile, I am having the best time ever you know. A lot of people don’t enjoy “the process” but I enjoy the process. I am enjoying going to the studio, writing the songs with Mark.. And I am going to play two of the five songs I have created here.. and then I will have to run off to the studio.. One of the songs I just wrote is dedicated to Deer Park and my 4 best friends I still have from there, and whom I am still in contact with (Cindy, Karen, Tammy and Joleen)! Barbara: Ahh, that’s so nice, so beautiful. You are such a good person I love it. Why can’t everybody be like this.

MC: Here are my songs...

This first song is called

“Fly like an Angel” “I Want to tell you a story from my heart Where I lived and where I played, on my uncles farm Was an innocent flower, Just a child, Loved my life, With my horse we were running, running running wild. I keep Deer Park way down inside me (Chorus) So I Fly like an angel with my wings on the wind Only dreams last forever So I fly like an Angel til I’m back there again Only dreams last forever All my friends Cindy, Karen, Tammy and Joleen.. So I fly like an angel til I’m back there again. Only dreams last forever.”

Carmen: Yippee!! Wow!! Clapping Barbara: Wow, Bravo! You brought me to tears. Who can’t relate to that . Who cannot relate to that. Everyone will relate to that . Everyone has been there. MC: You see it is not country it has a little beautiful vibe there. Barbara: It is really beautiful I listen to country all the time but I don’t know where you would put it. It’s universal. Carmen: clapping Barbara: Look at those looks!! Carmen is so funny.. Hmm. I think she wants to be dancing on the table! Lol! Carmen: more clapping .. Barbara: Maria, on that note “Thank you so much”!! Thank you so much for your time. Wow! Those songs are amazing. Carmen: Aren’t they great! Barbara: Yes. I have a 47 minute interview!! You Spanish girls talk a lot!! (laughter) That was great!

The second song is called

“Mi Amigo” “I’m here to tell you that I lost it, You Really shouldn’t be surprised, You spun me all around in circles Now, While your eyes are telling sweet long lies Can’t you see I’m hurting, Just knowing that your words don’t ever count. And while I’m feeling strong I best be getting on, Before I lose the strength to take myself out, (Chorus) I can’t keep wishing mi amigo, Just Let it all go up in smoke, I want my dreams back mi amigo, With all the promises you broke, I can’t keep wishing mi amigo, Save all your sparks for someone else, Cause if I kiss you mi amigo, I know I’ll only burn myself.”

I’ll wrap up by saying that it is an honor to talk to a woman with such admirable talents and qualities who is an “icon” for us all to look up to. You have stayed humble, kind, respectful and considerate despite your great accomplishments and success. Thank you so much for your time and championing the causes of freedom, respect for people and passion for animals! Chatting with you this afternoon has been our most favorite “Maria Conchita” role ever!!

Special Thanks to: The Eden Magazine and Photographer: Brenda St. Hilaire as well as the personal photo collection of Maria Conchita Alonso and Shannon Keith President and Founder of the Beagle Freedom Project

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Join the only national organization dedicated to protecting and improving the lives of all cats. Founded in 1990, Alley Cat Allies has more than 600,000 supporters and helps tens of thousands of individuals, communities, and organizations save and improve the lives of cats and kittens worldwide.

pet crusader - pet safety DON’T BE APRIL FOOLED -- PET FIRST-AID & CPCR SAVES LIVES! Has your pup’s tail ever been closed in a door, or have you discovered ticks on your gorgeous long-haired cat? What would you do if you found a dog in a parked car on a warm day (anything above 70°F is considered too warm to living an animal in)? How about if your terrier looks more like a bulldog from swelling caused by a bee sting or snake bite? Bandaging, removing parasites and treating heat stroke and upset tummies are basic Pet First-Aid skills every pet parent should possess. April is National Pet First-Aid Awareness Month, and although it is a topic pet parents should have on their minds year-round, this is a great time to make sure you are PAWpared with both great skills and an up-todate kit. Although veterinarians are the experts, most of us are not lucky enough to have a vet velcroed to our hip 24/7. Even if you live with 5 people in your home, odds are that when the cat stops breathing or the dog cuts his paw…you will be home alone and it will be after veterinary hours. To be a pro-active pet parent, you MUST know how to rescue Rover or help Fluffy feel better BEFORE professional medical care is available. What happens in those first few moments after the onset of injury or illness, can truly make a difference in your best friend’s recovery. Preventable accidents are the leading cause of death among pets, and according to the American Veterinary Association (AVMA) 9 out of 10 dogs and cats can expect to have an emergency during their lifetime. Do you know how to stay calm and jump to the task?

By knowing Pet First Aid, you can: ÁÁ Lower your pet’s body temperature to prevent brain damage or death.

ÁÁ Minimize blood loss and prevent infection by properly bandaging a wound. Knowing where the critical arterial pressure points are on your pooch or kitty can be a life saver! ÁÁ Alleviate choking with the doggie or kitty Heimlichlike maneuver. ÁÁ Expel poison from your pet’s system by properly inducing vomiting. Be the pump your pet’s heart can’t be, moving lifegiving blood and oxygen throughout his body, until you can get him to professional medical help. Pet First-Aid is by no means a replacement for veterinary care, and CPR (now Cardio Pulmonary Cerebral Resuscitation) is not a cure, but both can make a difference in the life of your pet. Knowing these skills helps you work as a team with your veterinarian to help you best friend live a longer, happier, healthier life by your side. Before you get into a Pet First-Aid & CPCR Class, please do the following for your dog or cat’s sake:

Down on all fours Look at life from your dog’s perspective. What appears as a neatly kept room from a 5’ 6” to 6’ 2” viewpoint is a completely different scenario 7” (Chihuahua) to 14” (Old English Bulldog) off the floor. If it’s in paws reach, it’s fair game for even the most obedient canine. Add to that their incredible sniffers! As humans we rarely notice the sweet aroma coming from our morning coffee, yet dogs can detect a spoonful of sugar in an Olympic-sized pool of water! If it smells good, they might investigate more closely and that includes shelves, behind doors and countertops. Cleaners and fertilizers not absorbed through paw pads will be ingested when your dog grooms himself, so take note of what you put on floors and the yard, choosing only pet friendly chemicals.

By Denise Fleck Head-to-Tail check

ÁÁ Digital Thermometer (dogs normally run 102.5° F)

Look your dog over from head-to-tail every week feeling for lumps and bumps. Notice if his skin his dry, his coat dull or shiny, if there is evidence of parasites (flea dirt or the actual critters), burrs or foxtails. Anything you find early (especially a lump) may prevent a nightmare from occurring, so bring it to your veterinarian’s attention at onset. Know your pet’s baseline vitals and pay attention to what he looks like when he stands/sits and how often he asks to go out. The more quickly you spot something ‘not quite right,’ the better chance of fixing it. Never miss annual vet exams as each calendar years is equal to almost 7 years in the life of your dog, meaning a lot can change.

ÁÁ Styptic Powder to stop bleeding toe nails

Pet First-Aid Kit Just like a carpenter or plumber, pet owners must have the right tool for the job. So that you are prepared to bandage a wound, pull a tick or soothe an upset tummy, at the very least, have the following items on hand in an easily accessible place: ÁÁ 3% Hydrogen Peroxide to induce vomiting ÁÁ Eye Wash (saline or purified water) ÁÁ 4” X 4” Gauze Squares and Gauze Roll ÁÁ Adhesive Tape of Self-adhering Bandage ÁÁ Cold Pack ÁÁ Antibiotic Ointment ÁÁ Needle-less Syringe or Eye Dropper

ÁÁ Scissors & Tweezers ÁÁ Antihistamine & Antacid Tablets ÁÁ Portable Water Bowl, Bottled Water & Electrolytes ÁÁ Leash to wrangle or muzzle a pet (flat faced breeds require a special muzzle) ÁÁ Towel or Blanket to wrap an unruly puppy or use as a stretcher ÁÁ Phone Numbers/Addresses of your Veterinarian & Animal ER ÁÁ Pet First-Aid Handbook

Animal ER Drive there before you need to, so that you know where to enter, what services are offered and how they accept payment. Don’t just program the number into your cell. When you have an ill or injured pet, you want to know which side of the street it is on and where the closest entrance is.

Quality Time Daily Pets are part of the family! That’s why we bring them into our hearts and homes, so unplug from electronics when you take Rover on a walk, don’t mindlessly pet Fluffy while you’re reading a book. Animals are in the moment with us. Give your best friend the same courtesy. He’ll love you even more for it!

new york -retails & sales

This year’s NYC Re-tails & Sales Pet Expo kicked-off two special occasions, both aimed to celebrate the importance of pets and pet ownership: May’s National Pet Month and National Pet Week (first week in May). Over half of the households in the United States own a pet (almost 80 million homes), which explains why the incredible growth of the pet industry has skyrocketed in the past 5 years. Media, pet retailers, groomers, veterinarians, social media and pet influencers gathered at Home Studio Inc.’s hip urban venue to learn about the latest and greatest pet products available on the market today. Attendees spent a successful and jam-packed day networking and establishing business connections at this boutique pet expo event. Learn more at:

The Magic of the Galรกpagos by Beverly Houwing


t’s hard to describe how truly remarkable the Galápagos islands are. These dozen or so remote islands scattered around the equator about 600 miles off the coast of Ecuador are an absolute treat to visit - especially for those who love nature and unspoiled places. Brought to international attention by Charles Darwin in his famous writings on the “Origin of Species”, you truly do run into a lot of remarkable animals here.

View of Pinnacle Rock from the top of Bartolomé island. Photos by Beverly Houwing

Hundreds of marine iguanas can be found lying next to and even on top of each other on the black lava rocks on the coast of Fernandina island. How close you can get to the animals is astonishing. Or rather - how close they get to you, since the rules are to keep a respectable distance from them. It’s not uncommon to see a 300 pound giant tortoise slowly wandering towards you along at foot path or have a curious see lion follow you around on the beach. There are beaches with white, black and even red sand!

The Galåpagos Islands’ biggest attraction are probably the birds -- especially the Blue-footed Booby, that does an unusual courtship dance by raising its turquoise foot to impress a potential mate. Also, where else can you find adorable penguins on the equator? Or even a persistent little Flycatcher flying up to perch in the shade hood of your telephoto lens while you try to take his picture! The best way to get around is on a cruise ship you can visit many islands and take in the extraordinary beauty of this place.


“In Memorial� An Act of Dog Museum of Compassion Representing one of the 5,500 dogs killed in US shelters every day. Mark Barone founder / artist / animal advocate