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editor’s letter

“Talk to the Animals” Rex Harrison - Dr. Doolittle 1967

If we could talk to the animals, just imagine it. Chatting to a chimp in chimpanzee Imagine talking to a tiger, chatting to a cheetah .What a neat achievement that would be.

If we could talk to the animals, learn their languages. Maybe take an animal degree. We’d study elephant and eagle, buffalo and beagle, Alligator, guinea pig, and flea. We would converse in polar bear and python, And we could curse in fluent kangaroo. If people asked us, can you speak in rhinoceros, We’d say, “Of courserous, can’t you?” If we could talk to the animals, learn their languages. Think of all the things we could discuss If we could walk with the animals, talk with the animals, Grunt and squeak and squawk with the animals, And they could and talk to us.


Publisher/Editor in Chief Barbara Jayne

Barbara has 30 years experience in Publishing, Advertising and Media working with notable print entities from Andy Warhol’s “Interview Magazine” to Conde Nast’s “Self Magazine” and now her own “on line” pet publication “Lick Magazine”.

Editor Vicki Salemi Vicki is a NYC-based journalist rocking out to interviewing notable names in entertainment. In this Lick edition, Vicki talks to “Breaking Bad” star RJ MITTE about his career, his passion for pups and anti-bullying.

Staff Photographer Clinton H. Wallace Acclaimed celebrity photographer and indie filmmaker extraordinaire Clinton H. Wallace has over two decades experience working in the entertainment industry. Wallace has also produced numerous award-winning independent feature films.

Production Beverly Houwing Beverly Houwing is an awanrd winning photographer and graphic designer. See Contributors page for details.

Contributing Editor Stephanie Stephanie is the youngest contributor to the Lick family having just celebrated her 8th birthday. She contributes to our video website and our magazine as well. Stephanie loves all animals and people too!



Daniel DiCriscio

Mark Finley

Steven Rea

Daniel DiCriscio is a TV and Media Personality, Celebrity Hairstylist, Recording Artist, and Model. Daniel is most widely known for his historical makeover on Paula Jones, his work on Pamela Anderson, Stevie Nicks, Barbi Twins, Anna Nicole Smith, and his TV interview with Sacha Baron Cohen / Da Ali G Show. Daniel’s philosophy is, “If you can help one animal a day, you will make a difference”.  Daniel is active in various animal rights causes such as; Vivasection protests at UCLA, Pet Food poisoning protests, NKLA, Cat Cause (Daniel was VP), National Animal Rights Conference, Best Friends Animal Society, and more.

Mark Finley previously played the role of Don Draper, Creative Director on the Lucky Strike International account. In this role, he created many visually-driven campaigns for the iconic brand. Mark lives in NY and is a multi-media artist currently exploring photo-collage. With a keen eye and a quick wit, he delights the viewer in humorous, intimate & universal ways. Mark’s compositions reference pop culture and the idols

Steven Rea was born in London and raised in New York City. He has been a “Philadelphia Inquirer” ( movie critic since 1992. His columns include “On Movies” appearing in the “ Inquirer’s” Sunday Arts and Entertainment Section as well as “On Movies Online” (his blog). He is a member of the National Society of Film Critics and is also the author of the book “Hollywood Rides a Bike”. He has a wonderful collection of vintage celebrity pictures portraying stars and their pets which we are delighted to feature in Lick Magazine.

of a generation. Dudley, his dog, is Mark’s “muse” in this issues’ featured work.

Daniel Martinez Matallana

Beverly Houwing

Bill Dow

Daniel Martinez Matallana is originally from Bogota, Columbia. Daniel Martinez Matallana now lives on New York’s lower east side. Daniel shoots for every hot trend, fashion and lifestyle publication. He shot LICK MAGAZINE’S RJ MITTE Photos and is at ease shooting real life subjects to celebrity, fashion and advertising campaigns. We think Daniel is so cute He could be a model in one of his own photo shoots! See more of Daniel’s work at:

Beverly Houwing has had a passion for photography and a love for animals as long as she can remember. She feels photos have a lot of influence on our lives in general. Her photography has been exhibited at the G2 Gallery, Annenberg Space for Photography, Calumet Photo, various curated exhibits including Photo LA, as well as featured in Smithsonian and other magazines. See more of her work on her web site:

Bill Dow is a freelance photographer that was contracted to work full time in 1976 on the motion picture “Roar”, produced and directed by Tippi Hedren. That five year project resulted in Bill’s passion and worldwide notoriety for working with big cats. He was commissioned as a staff photographer to work with Tippi on the Roar Foundation and Shambala Preserve in 1981 and has retained that position ever since. His love of photography is evident in every picture he takes.

Special Thanks to Bill Dow for his wonderful photos of Tippi Hedren, the Roar Foundation and the animals from the Shambala Preserve. See more of Bill’s photos at:


lick pick

THE DIAMOND COLLAR Dog Boutique / Grooming Salon

James Guiliani - Owner

7101 13th Avenue (between 71st & 72nd St.) Brooklyn, NY. 11228 (Bensonhurst/Duiker Heights 718- 232-7387 23

pet birthday

Happy Birthday Bubbles

Photos by Beverly Houwing

15 Fabulous Years - and counting!


my favorite lick

R & P



An Abyssinian fetish.... or a unique approach to hair styling. Peaches is always willing to lend her grooming skills to anyone willing to sit still.


hollywood pets



by Christy Oldham


ctor Bradley Cooper is an animal lover and recently adopted ‘Charlotte’, a beautiful Chow/Retriever mix, at an adoption drive in Santa Monica, California. “I fell in love with her immediately,” the handsome actor with the infectious smile shares. Bradley has been seen traveling with ‘Charlotte’, taking her with him on work trips whenever possible. If a new woman comes into his life, he says, “She has to like my dogs. My dogs and I come in a package.”

What is it about the companionship of dogs that makes life with them so irresistible? Traveling is stressful enough and adding a dog to the mix is even tougher. Yet we humans do it and more for the love of just being with our furry friends.

It’s been scientifically proven that dogs keep humans healthy by lowering our blood pressure and increasing our levels of Serotonin, a monoamine neurotransmitter primarily found in the gastrointestinal tract, platelets and central nervous system popularly thought to be a contributor to feelings of well-being and happiness. Dogs are interested in our well-being though just as much as we are interested in theirs. There are numerous scientific reports of dogs sniffing out cancerous growths on their human companions. In a 1999 case study at The Jordon for example, a patient reported that her dog would constantly sniff at a mole on her leg, and once even tried to bite the lesion off. Prompted by this, she had her mole checked out and found it to be a malignant melanoma. Dogs are not only good at sniffing out skin cancer, some can also detect bladder, lung, breast, ovarian and colon cancers.

In my new book Christy Oldham’s Manual To a Happy and Healthy Dog, I talk about the healthy benefits that occur with dog companionship. Having a walking partner is fun and ESSENTIAL to your dog’s long term health. It does not matter if you provide clean water, get the proper vaccinations and feed your dog all the necessary vitamins and minerals, but don’t walk him/her, they will suffer the consequences none the less. Walking is vital for stress relief, exercise (which helps control weight gain), digestion (which relieves constipation) and agility while keeping the joints limber and lubricated. Regular walks can help reduce or even eliminate your dog’s destructive chewing, digging or scratching. It’s a mind, body and spirit connection.

Walking your dog can be thought of as a chore, but it is actually just as beneficial for the human as it is for the dog. Just as fish need to swim and birds need to fly, dogs and humans need to walk. It’s instinctual. In the wild, packs of dogs get up in the morning and walk to find food which fulfills their migration instinct.

healthy humans (Humans have the same instinct; however now we depend less on our natural instincts and choose convenience like the fast food drive through.) So, as you and your dog walk, he/she gets to investigate smells, sights and sounds which is the equivalent of a detective gathering information about how her ‘hood or terrain has changed since the last time she was on that same route. This keeps your dog mentally stimulated and thus he/she is morestructive romp through the dining room. likely to settle in for a nap upon their return than a destructive romp through the dining room.

Photo by Clinton H. Wallace/Photomundo International


cre at es

pet art


Where great art masterpieces are reinvented... Once upon a time, in a place far, far south - there was a dog. Homeless, nameless, dingy and adrift, but surely not forgotten. No doubt, separated from a family that raised him, well and loved him dearly, left them heartbroken & void of his company. Fending for himself in the streets of Louisiana, under the gas-lit lamps of Lafayette. Destined to be rescued. To get home... To get ahead... To get all the way to New York City.

World starring: Dudley, his dog.

That is exactly what he accomplished in the month of October, 2008. Discovered form the pages of a pet rescue site, ending up in my arms. Into my lens and into the limelight he so desired. And so Dudley’s World was created. Dudley the dog stars in the famous works of Rembrandt, Hopper, Sargeant as well as in great vintage motion pictures, such as Taxi Driver, Citizen Kane, From Here to Eternity and others.


up close




Photo by Daniel Martinez Matallana

Photo by Daniel Martinez Matallana

Anti-bullying keeps me pretty busy.


BREAKING S Photo by Daniel Martinez Matallana


ure, RJ Mitte is most known for his outstanding role in the awardwinning drama Breaking Bad but what you may not know is this actor is a huge anti-bullying ambassador with a soft spot in his heart for his Javanese, Pup, and his late beloved Scottie, Pearl.

ick Magazine: Let’s talk about your involvement with anti-bullying and #CuttheBullCampaign. Why is this so near and dear to your heart?

RJ Mitte: It’s an issue that’s growing and growing. It’s really important to me because I was able to do this through Shriners Hospitals for Children. They’re very close to my heart and I’m lucky to be able to be part of this. I’ve seen it [bullying] dictate in trying to intimidate you and put you into a position where you don’t want to be.

BAD by Vicki Salemi

difference, they are out there. Most of them are on one show but hey, it’s still making strides. LM: How have perhaps Pup and your late dog Pearl helped you with your illness early on? RJM: I was lucky enough as a kid, I had treatment and therapy and I was always surrounded by animals. One time my family had a farm and at one point we had 13 dogs between the farm for everything for hunting and fishing, everything. LM: Let’s talk about Pearl. What type of dog was she, when did she pass and what did she mean to you, how long was she in your life? RJM: Pearl died last year on September 11th. She was a Scottie. I wore her collar as a bracelet. I loved her! I had her for 19 years and I grew up with that dog and she was great, she was very polite and a good dog. I love her to death, I miss her. It’s sad, I miss her. She lived a long life and we were very, very, very lucky to have her as long as we did. LM: What thoughts go in your mind when you think about her?

LM: What’s one way people can stomp out bullying and stand up for themselves?

RJM: There are so many words that come to my mind. I was working when she passed…

RJM: When you see something’s wrong, stand up for that. You know, when you see something happening, when you see somebody being picked on, don’t be scared to say, “Enough of that.”

LM: Describe your Javanese, Pup.

LM: With your cerebral palsy, what are your thoughts on awareness and a primetime character having a disability? It’s not something you see too often on shows. RJM: I’m a big supporter of awareness with disabilities on television. When I first started, there was only five or six and I was lucky enough to be one of them. Now there are 11. It’s a very small number but they are making a

RJM: Pup is Javanese, she just turned seven in Februaryand she has a big personality. If you walk into the house, you have to say hello to her, she doesn’t shut up and she’s a good dog. She grew up with Pearl -- kind of raised her as a puppy and the thing about Javanese is they’re very attached. They get separation anxiety so after a while it took a pretty big toll, she’s doing much better now but yeah, it’s interesting. We’re thinking about getting another dog for her because she needs it.

LM: When you’re on the road, how did you stay in touch with Pup and Pearl? RJM: I used to fly with Pearl everywhere. It got harder the older she got but I used to fly everywhere with her. LM: What would you say to someone who’s on the fence about getting a pet for the first time? RJM: It depends on the situation. If you travel a lot, if you’re gone a lot, it’s hard. You love your animal but you don’t want to be in a position that may make you give your pet up. But I recommend going for it, the animal is always there for you. Having a dog is a great way to learn social skills and to have a friend and personally meet them. Animals are always there when you need them the most and they know when you need them. LM: How has being a pet owner made you a better person? RJM: It teaches you a lot of things and having an animal in general, it helps you. There are studies proven with compassion and people and you learn at a young age to have responsibility for an animal and take care of it. LM: What have you learned as a result of your dogs? RJM: They develop a personality, that’s the thing about them. Animals develop personalities and it’s interesting – you know how people look like their pets? Pets look like their owners, too. And you learn, you grow with them, from them and it’s very important to have animals in your life. LM: Let’s switch gears. What do you miss most about Breaking Bad? RJM: I miss working for as long as I did on the show and to be able to be part of an amazing cast and an amazing crew. LM: What’s next for you? RJM: I just did Driving Doug, just did a show last year called Switched at Birth, shot a movie not too long ago with an amazing group of people, I shot in Jackson, Mississippi. Antibullying keeps me pretty busy, working with SAG and AFTRA [on their diversity board], trying to show my support in as many ways as possible.

Photo by Daniel Martinez Matallana


pet of the month Photo by Beverly Houwing










Meet Stretch - one of many of LA’s homeless cats. She got a lucky break. Her mom is a feral cat living in a colony and was trapped while she was pregnant with her litter. The rescuer waited until the kittens were born and placed them into loving homes. Mom was spayed and released back to her colony where she lives wild, but has a regular food supply from the people who manage her colony. She won’t be contributing any more homeless kittens to the world. Stretch was her last!




pet person ELAYNE BOOSLER and

Legendary, Funny, Lovable, Cutie, and Animal Lover! These words to me describe comedian, writer, animal activist Elayne Boosler! I have been a fan of Elayne’s for as far back as I can remember; watching her on talk shows, her comedy specials, and more. With such an epic career that has spanned decades, Elayne has performed for The Queen of England to The White House Press Correspondence Dinner for President Bill Clinton to being the fifirst female to have a Comedy Special. Elayne’s comedy career is legendary, and now, so is her animal activist career. Elayne and I run in similar circles in the animal world and know some of the same people, yet she and I never met except for a brief introduction by the Barbi Twins via email a couple of years ago. I have admired her work with the animals and found her approach quite refreshing. Elayne was recently a guest on The Late Show with Jimmy Fallon. I watched her routine and she was still as funny as ever! I got to thinking after she and Jimmy Fallon mentioned her organization Tails of Joy


Animal Chat that I “need” to interview her on the animals. I decided to send her a “pitch” and the rest is history. Her famous curls have been replaced by sleek straightened tresses... but her heart is still as big as ever! I learned Elayne isn’t shy about professing her choice of animals over people, her true thoughts on some of the “Big” animal organizations, and how important her pets are,and have been to her, throughout her life. During our phone conversation, I found common ground we both stood on. Elayne and I agreed that it can be overwhelming to people who would like to start helping animals; considering you hear about the endless rescues, so many sad cases, spending huge amounts of money, etc..

So the question becomes: “Where do I start?”, “How can I help?”. Of course, volunteering is always a great way to start but, and this is where we both agreed, that if a person could help one animal a day, you wouldn’t believe the progress that could be made! When we finally met in person in Beverly Hills at the photo-shoot for this story, we hit it off, and she was wearing the cutest shoes with cats on them! After reading Tails of Joy’s bio, their cause is quite clear and here is a sample; “Since 1996, Elayne has been involved in hands-on animal rescue and advocacy, and in 2001, she founded, and runs, her own nationwide and beyond, all-species animal rescue and advocacy non-profit organization, (Elayne Boosler’s) Tails of Joy at; Tails of Joy has saved thousands of animals, made life better for thousands more, and advocates for better treatment of all animals throughout the world.” Elayne has really made a name for herself in the animal world, a respected name. I decided for our Q & A to throw in some fun questions, considering she is the Queen of Funny, but she also sheds some serious light in some of her answers, too! 41

What advice do you give Dogs or Cats when looking for an owner? (Daniel, this is a Great question, Thank You LOL!) Fat owners are the best. No matter what you are trying to tell us, we think you are still hungry, because we’re still hungry, so you’ll never go hungry with a pleasingly plump owner. Skinny owners are also excellent. If they are skinny, chances are they are good meal sharers and you will be a cherished sandwich partner. Little old men and ladies are great as well. After their long lives, it’s all come down to you and them, and you will be seen as the good kid who didn’t move away. Make sure they put you in the will so if they exit fifirst, you will have a contingency plan. We get too many cherished pets in rescue who were left behind because an elderly owner didn’t put anything in writing, and their kids will promise anything until the will is read, and then take you to the pound. And of course, you can’t do much better than children. They are sticky and delicious, constantly dropping food, running, jumping, yelling, playing, messy, smelly and energetic. They’re just like you. They’re dogs without fur.  When people say “I like dogs better” or “I like cats better”, do you think this is cool or politically correct? I don’t think it’s politically incorrect to have a preference for what kind of pet appeals to you. Personally, I like any living thing that isn’t my parents. 

You are a true animal lover and have done such a great thing with Tails of Joy, what was your inspiration to venture on this journey? I’ve been a touring standup comedian for forty two years (I know, I started when I was fifive). I noticed in every city, three old ladies, or two young people, were saving more cats and dogs each year than the entire bloated Humane Society of the United States (HSUS, which by the way, does not rescue companion animals). There are fantastically great independent rescue groups all across America, who receive no funding, are run by volunteers using their own money, and do the actual down and dirty hands on work of making life better for desperate animals. I decided I would fifind a way to lend them fifinancial support, and that’s what we do. We launder money as I like to say. Every dollar that comes in goes right out again to the next needy case or organization in cities all over the country. Our “Little Guy Grants” page lists all of the rescue groups we have helped, and continue to help as we can. Can you give us some “Elayne Boosler” advice for anyone looking to get a pet? It’s incredible that we learn to drive before we buy a car, we read all about babies when we’re having one, but people just bring a dog, cat, bunny, snake, rabbit, etc., home, often with no clue as to what to do with one. Just like marriage, you’re bound to have a much better life together if you know your “type” (and if you marry a Democrat). So, read some books on the personalities of different breeds of animal. Choose a breed or mix (mixed breeds are so smart and often healthier) that matches your lifestyle; couch potato, daily jogger, car trip lover, high energy, soap opera watcher, chick magnet, etc. etc. Then read some books on how to train your dog (if you’re getting a dog). Knowing how dogs think and what they need from you in order to please you is the key to a great life together. Books will help you be a better caregiver and help your dog be the dog for you. Then, after all that, forget everything I just said, go to the pound or a rescue organization, fall in love instantly because she’s adorable, bring her home, give her your whole bed, let her walk all over you, never say “no” again, and fifind bliss. Since we are both animal lovers and both have experienced the awkward comment moment, “It seems you like animals more than people”, what’s your comeback answer to that?

I proudly stand behind the fact that I do indeed like animals better than people. I currently have no outstanding large sums of money owed to me by dogs or cats. No labrador ever crashed my car, no pittie every flflirted with my husband (wait, that’s not true), no person I ever took on the road waited patiently in the room for me while I went to work (without running up a $3000 bill from the mini bar). Animals are the Zen we all want to be; they just “are”. Pure. Honest. Open. Eager. Loving. Even the Dalai Lama maybe has a day being that perfect once every fourteen years or so. And I will add that I do love people who love animals. Especially people like the Barbi Twins, Linda Blair, and you too, Daniel .] Loving animals makes us all even better friends.  We know all animals are beautiful but do you have any favorite breed of dog or cat? I seem to notice we tend to love the breed we first had as children. When I was four my father brought home a fawn and white boxer puppy, who soon towered over me and scared me to death. That’s been my thing ever since, boxers. And being scared to death by things men bring home. But I have had every kind of dog and mix and I truly love them all. And cats. And white rats, and ferrets, and I’d love some goats and a pig. And my favorites of all are the senior animals. I love the seniors. You can’t do better than bringing home a grown up, grateful, totally trained, move-in ready 43

senior pet. If you own a dog or cat, do you consider them your best friend, family member, or..? The only true family in my life has always been my animals. From childhood on, the dog was there for me, or the cat, and that’s the way it’s been throughout my life. My husband has no after death plans in his will, but mine spells out my being cremated, then mixed with all the cremated remains of all my pets, then spread out in specific places where we loved to go, and my husband is on his own. Defifine family, LOL. I can’t give you my pets names because they are all passwords.  Anything in closing you would like to add? As much as I joke, I know people are wonderful, and all want to help animals in any way they can. Please remember when you donate to huge fundraising juggernauts like the HSUS, your money is going to pay huge salaries, benefifits, perks, pensions, and pay for tons of crap from China coming to you endlessly. Under fifive cents of every dollar is used by the HSUS for the mission of helping animals. And remember the HSUS does not rescue, they lobby. If you want to help homeless dogs and cats and companion animals, donate locally, to small neighborhood organizations, or to your Local Humane Society. They’re easy to google and they use your money the way you intended. Or give it to us. We verify every organization we help and we know exactly how your donation is used; to do the most good in the neediest cases every day. Put your pet in your will. Nobody wants to let you down when you’re alive so they agree, but we see thousands of dearly loved pets in the pound because the people who promised to take them didn’t. Put them in your will, with a small fund for their care. Educate yourself, and train your dog. Imagine if a giant owned you and you didn’t know what he wanted. You’d live in fear. Always act with patience and love, and you’ll never go wrong. And if your dog doesn’t like somebody, Trust Him! (Elayne Boosler’s)Tails of Joy Website: To learn more about Elayne, visit; Copyright: Daniel DiCriscio Photos courtesy of Elayne Boosler & Daniel DiCriscio

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fashion - eco-sustainable Chic Pet Carriers & Accessories for the Four Legged Elite Who would have imaged plastic bottles could be transformed into high end, fashionable pet carriers and accessories? Ann Greenberg, founder of The Underground Chic, known for her brilliant designer style, and eco-conscious handbags has created, A Pet with Paws, a line of sophisticated, eco-friendly pet carriers and accessories. Imparting a sense of humor, at fifirst glance you think the pet carrier is made of leather, however, upon closer examination, you realize your eye has been tricked! What you are seeing is a photo printed image on fabric made from recycled plastic bottles. Their pet accessories are also amusing, offering trompe l’oeil printed waste bag dispensers and doggy backpacks that are quirky and stylish, redefining the waste bag dispenser category.  A Pet with Paws evolved when Ann discovered that the pet industry lacked eco-conscious companies supplying sustainable, yet fashionable pet carriers and accessories.  She created the company’s niche by providing whimsical, cruelty-free, functional pet products that have panache, with the added bonus of being vegan and contributing towards preserving the environment. Great for traveling, these chic pet carriers are airline approved and will upgrade travel with your furry friend to a whole new level! A Pet with Paws takes their commitment to being an eco-conscious company seriously by partnering with Trees for the Future, for every pet carrier or accessory that is purchased a tree is planted.


fashion runway -pet designer

New York Fashion

Photo by Ken Alcazar

Anthony Rubio — Spring/Summer 2016

Week Goes to the Dogs P

et Couturier Anthony Rubio, no stranger to the runways had a plan in place to break stigma and barriers presenting his canine couture as escorted by human models wearing his women’s wear fashions at the fabulous location Gotham Hall by Style Fashion Week during this season’s New York Fashion Week. Never done before, the models, canine and human, took to the catwalk and blew the attendees away. From the four pound Chihuahua brothers Bogie and Kimba to Instagram celebrity dogs like Chloe Kardoggian, Mochi (Mochiandthecity), Gizzy (NewYorkDog), Marshall (marshmallowpup09) to the 160 pound Leonberger named Magneto, they all had the audience cheer, applause, and even gasps echoed as they all gazed and smiled in total acceptance of this new experience. Anthony Rubio wanted to introduce his canine couture creations at NYFW, but not as a gimmick, he did not want it to be the typical runway show. Anthony did not want the dogs to appear as accessories. “In my world the humans are the accessories” said Rubio. Americans spend a record 56 billion dollars on pets last year. We see our furry four-legged cuties as family members. As the proud care taker of two Chihuahuas Bogie and Kimba, he would be the fi≠≠rst to say that he does not own the dogs, they own him. Photos by Carlton Hart


Photo by Ken Alcazar

With that in mind Mr. Rubio decided that it was time for the dogs to give fashion with the humans as the accessories. Having traveled from Spring through Summer to various locations in Europe, Anthony picked up textiles and inspirations for this collection from Paris, Rome and the Amalfifi Coast. Pastel colors dominate the collection as does Lace. The vision was affordable luxury with much panache. The human models would also get the same treatment. Born and raised in New York City, Anthony Rubio will be celebrating 10 years since starting Anthony Rubio Designs and is the most accomplished designer in Pet Fashion.

Photo by Carlton Hart


Photo by Ken Alcazar

Photo by Ken Alcazar



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cover story - Shambala


Star & Animal “The Roar Foundation and Shambala Preserve”

Shambala: a Sanskrit word that means: “A meeting Place of Peace and Harmony for All Beings Animal and Human”


ippi Hedren is a Hollywood Legend. A star from an era where stars were stars. She was born Nathalie Kay Hedren on January 19, 1930. Tippi as she was called was a fashion model and later the protegé and muse of Alfred Hitchcock a powerful Hollywood producer. Albeit “The Master of Suspense”. She was his lead in the 1963 highly publicized movie “The Birds” and in the 1964 movie “Marnie”, which made her a household name. Tippi is ever beautiful inside and out and shares her passion for acting and animals with her equally famous daughter Melanie Griffifith who shares her flflawless talent and looks. They are a mother daughter duo that truly mirror each other. In 1976, Tippi produced and starred in the movie “Roar” a project which she worked on with second husband (agent Noel Marshall) which was released in 1981 (5 years after its inception) “Roar”starred big cats, lions, tigers and the like and much to her acclaim no animals were injured in the making of the fifilm. People, well 70 of the cast and crew had some incidents but that is a different story. “Roar”set the stage for Tippi’s love for Big Cats, which became a big part of her life and her family. The Internet is filflled with truly incredible images of Hedren and daughter Melanie at play with then seemingly docile giant cat “Noel” (at the pool, dining and even in bed).


Rights Activist

by Barbabra Jayne

Melanie & Tippi 61

Tippi has a different and less tolerant attitude about harboring that kind of human/wildlife interaction as she knows the potential for tragedy that can unwittingly ensue. She loves and supports her big cats but her homage today is different since after “Roar” the movie was made and “Roar” the foundation was born. “The Roar Foundation” funds the Shambala Preserve.


Lick Magazine had a chat with Tippi Hedren about her life as a fashion model, Hollywood star and most importantly her lifelong love of animals and her dedication to wild animals and big cats in particular through her creation of the “Roar Foundation and the Shambala Preserve” Lick: How did you end up in Hollywood? Tippi: I was a fashion model in New York .. and the 50’s was the advent of television which usurped our lives and also the advent of the television commercial and I was doing a lot of those and made so much money I took 3 months off and went around the world. Toward the end of 1959, I decided to move to California with my daughter so that she could just go out and play (which you can’t do on the streets of New York because we lived right in Manhattan). Tippi: Ok .. So I moved back to California and thought “ok, what am I going to do now?” And then about Friday the 13th of November either 1960 or 1961 I received a call from Universal asking if I was the girl in the “Segal” commercial . I said, “Why, do you want to know?” And they said “There’s a producer that’s interested in you”. And they wouldn’t tell me who it was until I went to meet with them at Universal and then they told me it was “Alfred Hitchcock”! Lick: Wow! Tippi: They wanted me to sign a contract. I had never met him and they said read the contract carefully and if you agree with it we will go over and meet Mr Hitchcock. Lick: Wow! Incredible! Tippi: Yeah.. It “was” incredible! Lick: So what was it like being Alfred Hitchcock’s muse? Wait.. I have to tell you something.. You are gorgeous.. You were gorgeous then but you’re just as gorgeous now. I have that picture of you on the cake (laughing) “Oh my Gosh”! (laughing) Wonderful!! Tippi: Yeah, I didn’t have an 85th Birthday Party I had a little one but I will do an 86th Big Birthday Party and I want to do something fancy again on the invitation. Lick: That’s great! Tippi: I don’t know what it will be but “whatever” they are fun things to do.. Maybe a bathing suit? Lick: Well (laughing) that will be something! Tippi: (laughs) Lick: Ok, so what was it like to work with Hitchcock.. I have

to tell you I was a kid then and he looked pretty scary to me (laughing) Tippi: It was wonderful at fifirst. When I met him he was absolutely wonderful, so brilliant in his choice of films his directorships. Everything about him was so perfect. And he was one of the most well known directors/producers in the entire industry. To be chosen by him was a phenomenon... and for a long period of time it was absolutely wonderful. Of course he decided to use me in “The Birds” Lick: Right Tippi: as the starring role and then again in “Marni” and it wasn’t until the end of “Marni” that all of that changed. Because he was such a fifine producer/director. It was amazing. He had such a great sense of humor. It was.. Was a dream kind of situation. And then all of a sudden he became very possessive over me and eventually made advances on me and demands on me and then in that fifirst moment I said I cannot do this I wanted to get out of the contract and he said I won’t let you out. And he didn’t. He said, “I will ruin your career”. Lick: Oh my god Tippi: And he did. And he kept paying me $600.00 a week and by the time I got out of “The Birds” and “Marni” I was hot as an actress and so many directors wanted me for their movies but to get to me they had to go through him (Hitchcock). Lick: Oh my.. Tippi: And he said “ She isn’t available”. And he kept me under contract for over 2 years.. Lick: Wow, I feel like crying Tippi: Well it was a very sad time for me as well.. It was really such a cruel thing to do. Lick: I know. Tippi: To make demands .. This is not the fifirst time this happened with actresses he had under contract. I wasn’t the fifirst one. Lick: Unbelievable Tippi: Typical Hollywood Crap! Lick: Yes, it still goes on today. Unbelievable

Tippi & Buddy 65

Tippi’s 80th Birthday

Lick: How did you transition from Hollywood .. Well actually the way Harlan ( Harlan Boll Tippi’s PR agent) posed the question.. Which I thought was very cute.. He said “ How did you go from Acting to Acton”? Tippi: Laughter.. He is truly brilliant.

Tippi: Really funny.. Lick: How did you get this incredible affifinity with animals.. I mean, is it just one of those things that the story you told me led up to or did you always love animals..? Tippi: Yes, I was always an animal lover. I was born with it

Lick: Cause I was like, how did you transition from the hub bub of Hollywood to Acton. I’ve been to Acton and it’s out there!

Lick: Did you have any favorite animals in your life?

Tippi: (laughter)

Tippi: I had a little dog named “Corky” my fifirst pet and a cat named “Peter”when I was young and I’ve had lions and tigers.

Lick: Very funny! Tippi: After I got married it was after “Marni” and that was the end of the whole thing (with Hitchcock). Lick: Right Tippi: Anyway, my husband and I did 2 fifilms in Africa.

Lick: And bears!! (laughs)! Tippi: I adopted a whole litter of 6 kittens 20 years ago and of course they are now gone. Lick: Of course

Tippi: During those years environmentalists from all over the world were telling people of the world that if we didn’t do something right then to save the animals in the wild by the year 2000 they would be gone-- all the wild animals, so there was a lot of awareness going on and we decided to do a fifilm about the animals in the wild. Kicking around ideas we chose the big cats!

Tippi: The last one that appeared .. He chose me.. How he got into the Preserve I don’t know, but he was living under the house and I had 3 kitties left from the 6 and I knew there was this other cat under the house because the kittens would go to the end of the porch and do this “sing song thing” like when they know another cat is around .. And I thought, well.. We have a kitten under there and pretty soon he’ll show himself so I walked out the door one day and this black and white cat came strolling up and said “ Hold the door open cause I’m going to live in there..”

Lick: Right

Lick: Ahhh.. Hahaha so sweet..

Tippi: Because they were so endangered in the 70’s and in order to do the movie we hired several trainers. Because of the numbers of cats we had in the movie everyone said this is going to cost you too much. Why don’t you acquire your own animals? That’s a romantic notion! Anyway, we started rescuing big cats and we had a facility we were going yo do the fifilm on and we were leasing it and pretty soon the mortgage was more than we could handle so we bought the place.

Tippi:: I had named all of my cats after actors I had worked with..

Lick: That’s great!

Lick: That’s so cute.. Really really cute!

Tippi: So anyway that’s how it all started and we bought the place in “76” (1976, that is) and we’ve been here ever since.. Yeah.. There were huge lions and tigers

Lick:: You know I realize your personal interaction with wild animals changed a lot through the years because I mean I didn’t even know to be honest with you; I had gone on line and I saw those rather amazing photographs .. Especially I saw one of you in the pool with this lion (what was his name?)

Lick: Wow

Lick: Wow, it is amazing cause my friend lives up there so the first time I went there (and I’m from NY) I followed him off the freeway and I’m thinking OMG !! “Where am I?” And this is (chuckle) how many years later? So I can’t even imagine how remote it was in 1976! So it really is an appropriate and funny thing “Acting to Acton” cause Acton is a whole different world!!

Lick: That’s hysterical hahaha Tippi:: yeah Rod Taylor, Sean Connery, Marlon Brando, Antonio Banderas, Melanie Griffifith .. And so when he walked in I said “ Hello, Come on in Johnny Depp”

Tippi: Oh, well that was a trained animal that was before we had acquired any of them.. Lick: Ok


Tippi: That was all for publicity And we did not have big cats living in the house.. Lick: Oh.. Oh that makes more sense to me now.. Tippi: :People make things up Lick: They sure do. And they love to do it. Lick: So, What’s been the most exciting part of the work you do? Tippi: Rescuing the cats that needed a home because we became a sanctuary and once an animal has been abused and doesn’t have a place to live or whatever they can come here and live the rest of their lives in complete safety with big areas to roam, the best food, the best veterinarian care.. The best of everything. Lick: That’s great Lick: What do you want people to know about you.. Tippi: I don’t care what they know about me. Lick: Hahaha Tippi: Wild animals are not pets should never be pets and should not be born in the United States. There needs to be very solid laws prohibiting any wild animals from being a pet or being used for financial gain. Lick: Right Tippi: All animals need to be treated with respect and love and we need to learn something about animals. Don’t acquire an animal unless you know what it’s like and that’s what I want people to know. Lick: If you could live or relive any part of your life again would you do anything differently or would you change anything? Tippi: No. I wouldn’t. I would be right here at the Shambala Preserve. I can’t imagine living anyplace else. I can’t tell you the number of people that say “Don’t you miss living in the city?” And I look at them blankly and say “ Miss what?” “Living in the city?” “Going out for a cocktail?” “Being able to shop at some near place?” The Shambala preserve is magnifificent. I look out at lions and tigers and I hear them roar at night. “I am the luckiest woman in the world!” I have a beautiful home which I love. ‑

Lick: Ok.. What message would you give people about animals? Tippi: Look at them as though they were thinking, feeling beings and give them what they need and not what you want to give them.. or what you think you can give them. Lick: Wow, that’s beautiful.. Lick: And I guess last .. How can people be supportive of your efforts with the Roar Foundation and Shambala Preserve? Tippi: Well, the biggest thing is raising money.. And I’ve never accepted any money on any level on the work I’ve done with animals or for them.. And in fact, I donate to the Roar Foundation as much as I can which isn’t.. I don’t have a lot of money.. But of course we need donations.. We need people to talk about the fact that wild animals are not pets and to stop the insanity..

Lick: I really enjoyed talking with you I tried to make it short and sweet and I got a lovely feel of who you are and of your life. And it’s really quite amazing .. Tippi: Thank you Lick: You’ve done so much. Tippi: Oh by the way, I’m being honored tonight by the Vietnamese manicurists. Lick: Oh my gosh.. I heard about that too.. I didn’t want to ask you too many questions but I saw that on line as well... You’re helping all those little ladies from all over the world (ha). Tippi: It started out when I volunteered with an organization called “Food for the Hungry”. Lick: Right.. Tippi: And we went all over the world helping people in horrible situations like disasters, flfloods, earthquakes, drought, war and all kinds of different things.. And when Vietnam fell we leased a battleship from the Australian navy called the “Akuna” and we sailed around the South China seas helping the boat people. We could bring them on board to feed them and give them fresh clothing but we couldn’t keep them on board because of an international law. But we could guide them to a safe shore.. So they could really be safe. And we also had this place up in Weimar California where we brought Vietnamese refugees and it was an abandoned tuberculosis sanitarium so it had lots of big buildings with lots of rooms with baths. And it was s perfect place for them. We tried to fifind sponsors for them and help them get their drivers licenses, fifind them a job and I brought in seamstresses and typists and people who could teach them a vocation. And they “L O V E D” my fifingernails!! Lick: Oh, (hahaha) so funny Tippi: So, I thought that would be a good one (vocation). My manicurist “Dusty” was her name. Lick: How appropriate!


Tippi: So Dusty, could teach them how to do the “Juliette” manicure which was the popular manicure of the mid 70’s. She came up and we gave them “the course” and when that was fifinished we bused them down to Sacramento to Beauty School where they got their licenses and off they went .. it became a “7 Billion Dollar Industry”! Lick: WOW! Tippi: And I don’t have a percentage Lick: That’s insane.. Tippi: Do you think any of those big organizations would think to make a donation to “my foundation”? Lick: Of course not.. Tippi: Nobody! Lick: Well, I hate to tell you I love animals and I love people but people are very disappointing.. I think that animals never fail you Tippi: That’s true! Lick: They always tell you who they are. There’s no agenda. When they love you they love you . When they don’t like you they take a bite out of your butt! They are who they are and that’s why I love them .. You know that’s why I am trying to do what I do. I think your story is amazing. You are a beautiful woman. Thank you so much for your time. And thank you for all the wonderful work you do on behalf of animals. I look forward to seeing you at the Preserve. Tippi: And I look forward to seeing you as well. Lick: Thank you so much Tippi! Bye bye Tippi: Bye

The Roar Mission as follows: “The Roar Foundation and Shambala” is the home for many wild animals that would otherwise have no place to be. It is a place of refuge and peace truly embodying the Sanskrit defifinition of the word it was named for.. Tippi continued her acting career long after “Roar” movie and “Roar the Foundation” was born appearing in additional movies like “Deadly Spygames” in 1982 which she produced and “Citizen Ruth” in 1996. She has also appeared in several television movies and fifilms “I Heart Huckabees” in 2004 and a TV movie “Tribute” in 2009. In 2012, she appeared in the HBO fifilm entitled “The Girl” based on her true relationship with Alfred Hitchcock the Hollywood Director who had made aggressive advances towards her during their working relationship and who when rebuked, rejected and harassed her Hollywood-style. Earlier this year “ Roar” was re-released in theaters (Spring 2015) You can Support Tippi Hedren “The Roar Foundation” and “Shambala” by visiting:

THE ROAR FOUNDATION Mission Statement The Roar Foundation supports The Shambala Preserve and shares its mission: to provide sanctuary to exotic felines -who suffered from gross mistreatment and neglect so they can regain their physical and mental health and live out their lives in dignity: to advocate no buying, selling, breeding or trading of exotic felines: to educate the public about exotic felines; and to advocate for legislation to protect them. P.S. and elephants too! 71




The Roar Shambala Zeu



Shambala: a Sanskrit word of Peace and Harmony for

Dai Lei




See more of Bill’s photos at:

Foundation Preserve

B oo


der Alexan

that means: “A meeting Place All Beings Animal and Human” n





all photos by Bill Dow Cyrus


“Zeus” 75

“Boo” 77



Tippi & “Zeus” 81



Tippi & “Leo”

“Henson” 85

“Simba” 87

“Savannah” 89

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Nature’s Precious Treasures

Adopt -A- Manatee for the Holidays


Call 1-800-432-(JOIN) 5646 Photo © Patrick M. Rose


“from the steven rae collection” vintage hollywood

Gene Tierney & Clark Gable

with Great Dane “Never Let Me Go” 1953

Photo by Steven Rea


Greta Garbo & “Major”

“Susan Lenox Her a Fall and Rise” 1931

Photo by Steven Rea

Photo by Steven Rea


Elizabeth Taylor & “Army”

“The Golden Cocker Spaniel” MGM 1949

Photo by Steven Rea

Photo by Steven Rea


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Birding Adventures by Beverly Houwing

All photos by Beverly Houwing



irds are one of those creatures that many of us take for granted. Not nearly as popular in the world of pets as cats and dogs or even freshwater fish. We go about our daily lives without paying special attention to them. Whether I’m relaxing in my

home in Los Angeles or on some adventure on another continent, I end up taking time to appreciate just how remarkable birds are. There are almost 10,000 species in the world, so if you’re a dedicated birdwatcher you have a limitless number of subjects to try to see and check off your list. I’m more of a photographer, but certainly have my list of birds I want to photograph in their natural environment on my own list of “must see” species. One of these trips took me a bit farther out of my way than I’d ever been... all the way to the Antarctic Peninsula. I’ll share that adventure soon, but along the way there is one amazing stop, especially if you want to see mind boggling quantities of birds (particularly King Penguins), is South Georgia Island. A couple of the sheltered harbors on the eastern coast house near a half million King Penguins and their chicks at the height of the breeding season. The adults make frequent trips into the icy waters to feed on krill and bring food back to their chicks. This King Penguin feels the rush of the strong surf which washes on the pebbly beaches of the island. It’s a place of spectacular scenery and home to other penguin species and seabirds. In the Falkland Islands, which are between South America and South Georgia, there are many colonies of Black-browed Albatross, with thousands of nesting pairs, who show a particularly affectionate bond.





One of my favorite destinations for bird watching is Eastern & Southern Africa. How amusing it is to visit a rest stop in the Kruger Park in South Africa and see signs discouraging the feeding of birds with an angry looking hornbill standing right next to it. Other places put up bird baths where you can wait and see a huge variety of birds visiting. Birds, I admit, aren’t your typical safari viewing objective. People are always excited about seeing bigger animals like elephants or lions or giraffes, but once you start noticing how beautiful and interesting birds are, a whole new world opens up.

A Swainson’s Hawk marches rather deliberately along a fence and a Barrows’Golden-eye enjoys a nice splashy bath in a pond in the Grand Tetons.

Regardless of what trip I’m on, I seem to notice birds and am delighted with their beauty and diversity. Even visiting local parks in spring is wonderful when dozens of hummingbirds nest there and it’s like an expressway of traffic as they visit flower after flower hovering for a bit to drink some nectar before zooming off. Spring in the Grand Tetons and Yellowstone National Park is beautiful for the scenery, wildlife and of course for the birds you’ll spot there! 121

Portrait of “Daisy” Beloved pet of Marianne Buttner - Founder of

Senator Vest’s “A Tribute to the Dog” (1869)


he best friend a man has in this world may turn against him and become his enemy. His son or daughter that he has reared with loving care may prove ungrateful. Those who are nearest and dearest to us, those whom we trust with our happiness and our good name, may become traitors to their faith. The money that a man has, he may lose. It flies away from him, perhaps when he needs it the most. A man’s reputation may be sacrificed in a moment of ill-considered action. The people who are prone to fall on their knees to do us honor when success is with us may be the first to throw the stone of malice when failure settles its cloud upon our heads. The one absolutely unselfish friend that a man can have in this selfish world, the one that never deserts him and the one that never proves ungrateful or treacherous is his dog. A man’s dog stands by him in prosperity and in poverty, in health and in sickness. He will sleep on the cold ground, where the wintry winds blow and the snow drives fiercely, if only he may be near his master’s side. He will kiss the hand that has no food to offer, he will lick the wounds and sores that come in encounters with the roughness of the world. He guards the sleep of his pauper master as if he were a prince. When all other friends desert, he remains. When riches take wings and reputation falls to pieces, he is as constant in his love as the sun in its journey through the heavens. If fortune drives the master forth an outcast in the world, friendless and homeless, the faithful dog asks no higher privilege than that of accompanying him to guard against danger, to fight against his enemies, and when the last scene of all comes, and death takes the master in its embrace and his body is laid away in the cold ground, no matter if all other friends pursue their way, there by his graveside will the noble dog be found, his head between his paws, his eyes sad but open in alert watchfulness, faithful and true even to death.



Lick Magazine - Issue 2 - Zeus Cover  

Lick Magazine Issue 2 features Star and Animal Rights Activist "Tippi Hedren" Founder of the Roar Foundation and the Shambala Preserve. Also...

Lick Magazine - Issue 2 - Zeus Cover  

Lick Magazine Issue 2 features Star and Animal Rights Activist "Tippi Hedren" Founder of the Roar Foundation and the Shambala Preserve. Also...