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editor’s letter Lick’s Holiday issue features Multimedia Star and Animal Lover Extraordinaire “John O’Hurley,” who truly “Dances with the Dogs” as “Top Dog” of the Annual NBC (Purina Sponsored) “National Dog Show,” which airs annually on Thanksgiving Day and whose poem “The Perfect Dog” (below) asks a question on many children’s and adults minds this time of year. This edition also includes: The “Women In The Pet Industry Network” Winter Awards Winners with a hearty Congratulations to Dr. Judy Morgan who took “Best in Show!” Anthony Rubio, King of the Pet Fashion Runway (NY & LA) with a glimpse at his hottest couture “looks” and highly awaited new book. Lola Teigland, Women’s Wear Designer creating luxury fashion for the Chic Pet Set.. And more.. This season, make Love the Fashionable Gift you extend to Everyone You Meet.. Pets and Humans alike!

“The Perfect Dog” By John O’ Hurley

My son asked a question as little boys do Of me and my wisdom and all that I knew. “Is there a dog that is perfect?” he asked on a whim, Well, I thought and I thought about where to begin. He’d have ears that were floppy... Or cropped and alert And eyes that were sleepy... or perky and pert. He’d leap like a bunny or sit in your lap And run fast as horses... or opt for a nap. A dog that is perfect would be covered in spots Or maybe one color... and then have spots - not. He’d be small as a teacup... or big as a house, With a nose that seemed flattened... or long like a mouse. He’d swim and he’d hunt with a coat flying free Or be dainty and delicate and ‘He’d’ be a ‘She’ As I struggled to answer and not with a clue, My son with a smile, he said out of the blue, With the wisdom of children, for he already knew... “The dog that is perfect... is the one next to you.”





Publisher/Creative Director/Editor in Chief Barbara Jayne Barbara has 30 years experience in Publishing, Advertising and Media working with notable print entities from Andy Warhol’s “Interview Magazine” to Conde Nast’s “Self Magazine” and now her own “on line” pet publication “Lick Magazine”.

Production Director/ Contributor Beverly Houwing

Contributor Mark Finley Mark is a multi-media artist currently exploring photo-collage. Mark’s compositions reference pop culture and the idols of a generation. Dudley, his dog, is Mark’s “muse”. finley1616@gmail.com

Beverly Houwing is an award winning photographer whose work appears in magazines and galleries. She is also a graphic designer.

Editor Denise Fleck

Denise Fleck is the “Pet Safety Crusader”. Find her on WPET Pet Talk Syndicate, TuneIn, iTunes, BBSRadio. com/PetSafetyCrusader and check her out in the pages of Lick Magazine. Helping you help your pet.

Social Media Nikki McFarling

Nikki is the founder of the podcast “Livey and Opinioned”. She loves to write short stories and poetry but is also a master at social media helping many Hollywood VIPs, including LICK, keep their latest happenings current.!



Daniel DiCriscio

Onnie Hull

Daniel DiCriscio is a TV and Media Personality, Celebrity Hairstylist, Recording Artist, and Model. Daniel is most widely known for his historical makeover on Paula Jones, his work on Pamela Anderson, Stevie Nicks, Barbi Twins, Anna Nicole Smith, and his TV interview with Sacha Baron Cohen / Da Ali G Show. Daniel is active in various animal rights causes. Stay tuned for his upcoming Hollywood Tell-All book. @danieldicriscio

Onnie is a pet portrait photographer with a studio in Manhattan Beach. In addition to providing beautiful artwork to her pet family clients, Onnie donates her skills to several animal rescue groups, as well as offering her services to her local police department k9 team’s events. Find her work at onniehullphotography.com or @onniehullphoto.

Neil Tandy

Mouhsine Idrissi Janati

Neil is an English born and raised photographer who spent half of his life living in Johannesburg, South Africa and now resides on Long Island, New York. Neil has been published in South Africa and the USA both in print and internet media. He has done photography for corporate websites and has exhibited in both solo and joint shows. He has also contributed his photography to many charity event campaigns. www.neiltandy.com

Union City photographer, New York photographer, New Jersey photographer, event photographer, fashion photographer, sport photographer, portrait photographer, cinematographer. See his work at: https://www.mouhsineidrissiphotography.com/

Beverly Houwing Beverly Houwing has had a passion for photography and a love for animals as long as she can remember. She feels photos have a lot of influence on our lives in general. Her photography has been exhibited at the G2 Gallery, Annenberg Space for Photography, Calumet Photo and curated exhibits, as well as featured in Smithsonian and other magazines. Check out more of her work on her web site: www.squidgallery.com.

Robert Beck Robert Beck is a staff photographer for “Sports Illustrated” magazine who has won numerous awards including the “World Press Photo Award for a Sports feature.” Robert’s work has been showcased at the Annenberg space for photography in Los Angeles, Ca. and in “Surfer” magazine. We thank Robert for his wonderful photography of John O’Hurley from NBC Sports “National Dog Show.” www.robertbeckphotography.com

Klaudia Seidl

Devin Johnson

Klaudia Seidl is a Southern California based photographer and cinematographer. She provides a professional, traditional and artistic approach to any event and is skilled in wedding, portraiture and event photography & videography. Klaudia is knowledgeable and creative, with a true eye for detail. She works autonomously while retouching to achieve desired critical image quality. View her work at: www.kloudninephotography.com

Devin is a graduate of NYU with a BA in Film & Television. He co-founded a video production company (dog-army.com) that specializes in real estate and has filmed over 300 apartments in NYC, as well as filmed web series pilots, client testimonials and photographs events. In his free time Devin likes to make short comedy videos.

Lola Teigland

Arun Nevader

Lola Teigland is writer/resident artist of Lola & Pooch, where dogs in clothes live like people. She uses her unique skill-set (7th Avenue designer, Nipon & Dior/pro writer 10+ years) to tell the story of dogs as man’s equal, as fashionable parodies of pop culture and human foibles. Lola sees our pets as a uniting force in a divided world, there to celebrate the things that make life better. She gives them the voice to do that. http://lolaandpooch.com

Arun has worked in the celebrity and fashion photo industry for several years. He shoots fashion and entertainment for Getty Images and fashion backstage for Dan Lecca. He also serves as the Managing Editor of Agenda Magazine. Nevader’s syndicated photographs have appeared in leading magazines and newspapers worldwide, including People Magazine, The New York Times, The Wall Street Journal, Time, Newsweek, USA Today, and many others. Visit his website at www.arunnevader.com to see his recent work.

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Congratulations Winners womeninthepetindustry.com WIPIN (short for Women in the Pet Industry Network) is owned and operated by inspirational and motivational speaker and coach “Shawna Schuh.” Shawna is the gorgeous head honcho and dynamo that tackles life and business with grace and style. She nourishes the WIPIN team with her pearls of business wisdom and leads with the ultimate success of each of her members in mind. Members come from all nationalities, denominations, age groups, business levels, locations coast to coast (with some members participating from abroad) and categories of pet business. The common thread is that All are women (though a few men do participate vicariously through memberships extended to women within their companies. Everyone in the network loves and lives “PETS.” Once per year, the WIPIN membership gets together formally at WIPIN headquarters in Portland, Oregon for the annual WIPIN Awards show. (This year they convened at the Pet Expo Convention in Philadelphia, PA.) This is in addition to get togethers around the country and meet ups at industry trade shows and events. Each year the group chooses five finalists within five categories: Advocate, Corporate, Entrepreneur, Rising Star and Solopreneur. The five finalists are then narrowed to one per category who are deemed the annual category winners and finally one of those five members is chosen as the “Industry Leader” to carry the WIPIN crown and “Woman of the Year” title. This year we pay tribute to WIPIN’s five Industry Winners and “Woman of the Year.” Advocate Winner “Dr Judy Morgan, DVM” was crowned WIPIN “Woman of the Year.” “Congratulations” to: Advocate Winner / Dr Judy Morgan, DVM Corporate Winner / Carol Borden Entrepreneurial Winner / Peggy Hoyt Rising Star Winner / Yaz Nakchbendi Solopreneur Winner / Jen Reeder Congratulations to Dr. Judy Morgan for her amazing achievements, contributions and love for animals! All dreams are recognized at WIPIN . If you are a woman in the Pet Industry, I strongly encourage you to seek the guidance and support that you will find within the Women In The Pet Industry membership. With Shawna’s Love, Light and Wisdom you can be a Winner too. We are ALL Winners! Always Believe! Always Live from your Heart! Be A WIPIN Winner! Barbara WIPIN Editor & Proud Member Lick Magazine/Publisher

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Gentle Giants Dog Food The Gentle Giants Philosophy

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“There is nothing more precious than life”! Dogs are loving companions to humans. Dogs love us unconditionally and deservedly have earned the name “Man’s best friend.” Our pets are our family, and we want to give them the best of everything. When asked, “How long would you like your dog to live, most people will say “Forever - the longest life possible!” Our philosophy is to use our experience and technology, along with our unique “Feeding and Care Program” to make the very best food and provide it for the lowest, most affordable price, so that all dogs can live the longest, healthiest, happiest lives.

Provide your dog with complete and balanced nutrition at every meal by serving Gentle Giants All-Natural Chicken or Salmon Feast Dog Food. This all-natural, delicious dry food is perfect for dogs of all sizes and with sensitive stomachs, and features chicken along with twelve whole fruits and vegetables. The essential nutrients don’t stop there however, as your pup also benefits from a host of prebiotics, probiotics, vitamins and antioxidants.

Gentle Giants is dedicated to the well being, health, and longevity of all dogs. It is the charity of Burt Ward and Tracy Posner Ward. All Gentle Giants products including the dry and canned dog food, are natural, made in the USA, and contain no corn, wheat, soy or gluten, and have no artificial colors, flavors or preservatives. All fruits and vegetables in Gentle Giants dog food have no GMOs.

featured product pick The Gentle Giants Story Since rocketing to stardom as Robin in the iconic mid-60s TV show “Batman,” Burt Ward has “Gone to the dogs” — but in a remarkably inspirational and unselfish way. Ward and his wife Tracy Posner Ward have saved the lives of more than 15,000 dogs via their Gentle Giants Rescue that they founded in Norco, California in 1994. All of these dogs have lived in their home until they were adopted. Often devastated by the pain of seeing some of those larger dogs die at age 5 or 6, they turned to the innovation arena to help all dogs live longer, healthier lives with all natural, low fat, heart healthy, Gentle Giants dog food which is sold nationally. Burt and Tracy do what they do for love, and amazingly take no profits from their business. It is literally about “Going to the dogs!”

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The Grey Muzzle Organization There’s never been a better time to be an old dog, or to bring one home. In the same way that dog-lovers are quick to tell others, “He’s a rescue,” more people today readily share that their adopted dog is also a senior, age 7 or older. “People who have adopted a senior dog say they would do it again in a heartbeat,” says Lisa Lunghofer, Executive Director of The Grey Muzzle Organization, a nonprofit that has provided more than $1.5 million in grants to animal shelters and rescue groups helping atrisk senior dogs across America. When Grey Muzzle surveyed its grant recipients about trends in senior dog adoptions, 80% percent reported noticing an improvement in public perception of senior dogs while two-thirds cited an increase in adoptions. Lunghofer believes that these results reflect the strides society has made in valuing and caring for our older best friends. To celebrate The Grey Muzzle Organization’s 10th anniversary, the group assembled this list of the top ten changes for senior dogs over the past decade: Advances in veterinary care. New drugs help dogs live longer, healthier lives. Veterinary specialists—from cardiologists to ophthalmologists—provide expert care for specific medical issues. Holistic and alternative veterinary care such as acupuncture also help improve the quality of life for senior dogs with arthritis and other age-related ailments. The benefits of better dental care. Brushing your dog’s teeth is no longer laughable; it’s laudable. Going to the doggy dentist—a veterinarian with specialized

training—is now the norm, helping to prevent health problems caused by poor dental hygiene in the past. Media is changing public perception. This year, the first “Dog Bowl” featuring senior dog athletes, joined the popular Puppy Bowl as an alternative to watching the Super Bowl. Mainstream media frequently covers stories about senior dogs. Older canines are also often the darlings of celebrities, as well as social media stars. More books about old dogs. People who love old dogs also love reading about them. There are numerous books about senior dogs—ranging from rescue stories to health guides—with new titles being published all the time More groups are rescuing and re-homing senior dogs. In 2018, Grey Muzzle received a record 300+ grant applications from nonprofits helping at-risk senior dogs. Grants were awarded to 180 groups to provide

Rescued from a municipal shelter by Get a Bull in Huntington, NY, 13-yearold Fletcher is part of the group’s Forever Foster program. A Grey Muzzle grant helps support his ongoing medical needs, while Fletcher enjoys checking items off his bucket list with the help of a great foster dad.

by Abby Ouimet & Denise Fleck

Second Chances for Older Best Friends… is there to help. medical and dental care, adoption promotions, hospice care and other services that support The Grey Muzzle’s vision of “a world where no old dog dies alone and afraid.”

old—are choosing to adopt senior dogs. Altruism was cited as the top reason, but the fact that older dogs are usually house-trained and mellower than younger pups also make them the best match for many families.

Hospice care for dogs is here to stay. Veterinarians who specialize in hospice care are making house calls to help beloved pets spend their final days comfortably at home. Some rescue groups and shelters also provide homeless pets with “hospice care”—hospice care in foster homes.

If your heart has been touched by a senior dog, please take a few minutes to visit www.GreyMuzzle.org to learn more about the GRReat work they do.

Dogs are treated like family. Dogs participate in weddings, attend birthday parties in their honor, and enjoy lounging on the couch or sleeping in the bed with their humans. Some folks give up travel rather than leave their pups behind, while others vacation and dine at hotels, resorts and restaurant patios that welcome people and dogs.

While you’re there, make a gift in the name of a grey muzzled best friend you have or once shared your life with. It will help provide that second chance to an at-risk older fella or lady, and…should you be ready to adopt a new family member, there are many wonderful senior dogs who are waiting to meet you at shelters and rescue groups.

Seniors for Seniors programs are booming. Animal shelters often make special efforts to match senior dogs with senior people by offering discounted or waived adoption fees. Many shelters also offer reduced adoption fees to encourage people of all ages to give a senior dog a good home, especially during Adopt a Senior Pet month in November. Increased awareness of the health benefits of dogs. Widely-reported studies prove the significant health and social benefits of sharing your life with a canine companion. Many senior housing facilities acknowledge these benefits by welcoming resident or visiting canines—often senior dogs. More senior dogs are being adopted. As Grey Muzzle’s 2017 survey reported, more people—young and

Ten-year-old Miss Chaco was left at a Colorado shelter by an elderly owner who could no longer care for her. Safe Harbor Lab Rescue gave her a second chance, with the help of a Grey Muzzle grant that pays for senior intake lab work to assist vets in providing the best possible care for old dogs, adding to their comfort and longevity.


lick pet person DUSTIN FERGUSON & SAFARI Artistic people seem to be drawn to artistic pets and Dustin Ferguson seems to be one of them. When you see Dustin’s unique kitty you will definitely get what I’m saying. Dustin, originally from Dodge City, KS but now resides in Murrieta, California, has owned and operated several film distribution and production companies since 2007 and currently owns So Cal Cinema Studios. Known for producing, directing and editing sequels and remakes of the horror films of yesteryear, namely “Sleepaway Camp IV: The Survivor,” “Camp Blood 4 and 5,” “Nemesis 5,” and “Ghosthouse!” In the last several years he’s directed nearly 80 music videos for such artists as “Lords of Acid,” “The Egyptian Lover,” “My Life With The Thrill Kill Kult” and a viral video for German-outfit “KMFDM.” He’s been published in Fangoria, Rue Morgue, Horror Hound, CVH 1st Class and Art Move Magazine.

they follow you around everywhere you go, love to play fetch, understand basic words and phrases and can be trained to do a lot of other interesting things like using and flushing a toilet as well as turning on or shutting off lights. I really wanted a Bengal because I felt it was the closest to a Cheetah or Tiger I could feasibly get and keep in a domestic environment. However, at the time I was living in Nebraska, where you weren’t allowed to breed them. So, after some extensive online research, I found a breeder in Iowa and was able to rescue her from there. I say “rescue” because at the tender age of 12 months old they were breeding her in unsanitary conditions and she was giving birth to still borns. They ended up spaying her and trying to get rid of her so I found her right in time. They had named her “Rotten,” so I renamed her the more suitable and exotic-sounding “Safari.”

Dustin is also a “Rapper” and goes by the alias “Dirty D.” I recently met Dustin at The LANFA Awards where his film “Nemesis 5” took home four awards. Although, I think his most valuable and precious award is in a sleek leopard print coat named Safari who even has her own Instagram page! So Very LA!

DD: Have you always been a Cat person? DF: Well Daniel, I have to say my love for the felines goes

back to my earliest childhood memories. We had two cats growing up, “Cozmo” who was a female Calico breed and “Jazz” who was a male Bermese breed. “Cozmo” only lived part-way through my earlier life, but I had “Jazz” until my 21st Birthday. I got a black and white cat named “Kitty Kitty” a couple of years later in my early 20’s who passed away recently, and now I have my beautiful “Safari,” whom I’ve cared for over the last 4 years. While I like both cats and dogs, I find cats to be more personable, yet reserved, like me.

DD: How did you get your beautiful cat Safari and what kind of breed is she?

DF: “Safari” is a Bengal cat. Bengals are a modern kind of

cat, officially recognized as a breed in 2001. They are a crossbreed of the wild Asian Leopard cat and a domestic Siamese cat. Typically, Bengals are “wild” acting by nature and need lots of extra attention and exercise. They also have strong personalities and are statistically more intelligent than most of their domestic cousins. Their basic personality is more like a dog:

Dustin Ferguson & Safari


DD: Does Safari do anything unique you’d like to share with us?” DF: It’s funny you should ask, because I had an issue once with

a high electric bill. I just couldn’t figure out why my bill was so high one month. Then one day while watching television “Safari” jumped from a chair to the thermostat and actually used her paw to TURN UP THE HEAT IN THE HOUSE! She had apparently done it several times while I wasn’t home and I could never figure out why the heat was turned up higher when I got home, until that day, haha. I ended up having to use scotch tape to hold the dial in place so she couldn’t turn it anymore on her own! She’s also an expert at catching house flies. When one gets inside, I don’t even need to bother with a fly swatter because she’s already after it and caught it in mid-flight. Bengals can run faster than most cats thanks to their ancestors, so she has no issues catching what she’s after. She also LOVES to “clean” my hands if I’m near her when she’s bathing herself. She will actually grab my hand and pull it towards her mouth and start licking. She’s got a rough tongue, but she’s so adorable when she does it that I don’t have the heart to pull away.

DD: Do you consider Safari your friend, child, or a pet? And is Safari an important part of your day & life? DF: “Safari” really is my Child. I don’t plan to ever have any

“real” kids, as my lifestyle just really doesn’t allow for it. But “Safari” I spoil so much and care and worry for her the way I would my own flesh and blood. I buy her the “expensive” food, she’s got toys scattered all over the house, she’s allowed anywhere she wants, and she even has her own Instagram page now! I also have a harness to take her on walks with me and explore the open areas around where I live. I try and involve her in my life as much as possible. I think of her as someone I provide for. I miss her when I’m away and treat her with the respect I’d give any human being.

DD: Any advice you would give someone who is looking to get a Bengal Cat?

DF: BE PREPARED FOR CHAOS! When I first got her I THOUGHT I was prepared, but I was wrong. Eventually, they adjust to your schedule and lifestyle, but not at first. There were many nights I didn’t sleep because she was literally tearing the house apart all night long. 100% nocturnal. Their parents (The Asian Leopards) would hunt for their prey. I actually had to move into a bigger house soon after to be able to provide her with the space that she really needed. Also, make sure you have the time to spend with your Bengal every day. He or she will need regular interaction with you to get out their energy and keep from being depressed. If they don’t get the attention

they crave, they start acting up and doing things they know they aren’t supposed to do (like knocking things over or tearing up things until you pay attention). Bengals sadly have some inherent health issues also due to the crossbreeding, so make sure you have the ability to always give them the extra care they need. If you can handle two Bengals in your house, that’s actually recommended so they have a playmate. “Regular” breeds of house cats may not be able to keep up with your Bengal’s “spunky” nature.

DD: Has Safari done any acting? Is she a good actress? DF: You better believe it Daniel! She’s been in three of my films to date. They are: “Camp Blood 4,” “Shockumentary,” and “Invitation To Die.” She really knows how to work the camera, but she can sometimes be hard to keep in focus because she’s always on the move! In two of those films, I used the trick of feeding her for the scene to get her to stay still for the shot! I always loved it in older films when they would work in a character’s pet in some way, I mean, they ARE a part of our everyday lives. “Safari” is also an Instagram model! You can follow her at @littlekittysafari DD: What’s Dustin up to these days? DF: I recently premiered my film “Nemesis 5” at the Nollywood Film Festival where it won four awards. It’ll be on DVD this Winter. I just wrapped production on two documentaries I worked on, “What An Institution: The Story of Police Academy” and “The Party’s Just Begun: The Legacy of Night of The Demons.” Currently, I’m filming both “RoboWoman,” starring Dawna Lee Heising as well as “Aliens Exposed: SoCal Sightings,” which is a sort of docudrama about Aliens and UFO sightings in the Southern California area. Later this year I will be involved in the new “Attack of The Killer Tomatoes” sequel, but details are still under wraps at this time. Finally, I am also a “Rapper,” under the alias “Dirty D!” I have a solo mixtape that was released on September 1st, 2018 called “All It’s Missing Is My Name,” as well as a collaboration release with German Electro artist “E-Rocker” called “Hollywood Rock.” Both releases, including my first EP titled “Welcome To My Bass” are available on Soundcould, Bandcamp, I-Tunes and Spotify. A single from “Welcome To My Bass” called “Darkside of Dance” is also available on Vinyl.

Visit Dustin Ferguson’s Facebook Page Visit Daniel DiCriscio’s Website: www.danieldicriscio.net


lick pick - favorite dog model

photos: Neil Tandy



lick pet person


Fun, Fur Baby Lovers and Fabulous! Jimmy Star and Ron Russel are just that! Jimmy Star is the well-known television/radio host of “The Jimmy Star Show with Ron Russell,” a weekly entertainment celebrity talk show and the #1 Webshow in the world with over 4.5 million listens/views per week. Jimmy also has a list of impressive accolades including being named the 5th most influential radio personality in the world, Award Winning PR Maven (www.WorldStarPR.com) named

the Nashville Universe Publicist of the Year, an Amazon best-selling author and Charles Dickens award recipient for Best Short Story. Co-host Ron Russell is an accomplished theatre, film/tv actor and writer who has a history with his Time Warner Cable TV Show “Set the Record Straight” where he has interviewed Hollywood Legends like Lauren Bacall, Elizabeth Taylor, Tony Curtis, Bette Davis, John Waters, Renee Taylor, Joe Bologna, Jane Russell, Tab Hunter, Cliff Robertson, Arlene Dahl, & Tippi Hedron.

Together these two have taken on the world and continue making their mark.

DD: Did you both have pets growing up?

They also share their lives and home with 2 “children,” their precious pups.

them continuously throughout his entire life. I did not come from an animal loving family, so I did not get my first dog until I bought my first house after college. I have had dogs ever since and cannot imagine life without them.

I had a great chat with Jimmy and Ron ...and recently I was a celebrity guest on their talk show. What’s not to love about these two? Umm Yeah, Jimmy and Ron, too! Only kidding guys! Ha!

DD: Have you both always been dog lovers ? JS: Yes Daniel, we both are dog lovers and each of us has always had dogs throughout our entire adult lives, many, many dogs.

DD: How did you get your gorgeous dogs Shazam and Brandi and what kind of breeds are they?

JS: Both Shazam and Brandi are rescue dogs that we adopted

in Florida. We rescued Shazam from the Big Dog Rescue Ranch in West Palm Beach, Florida, and Brandi from the pound in West Palm Beach also. Shazam is a Fila Brazilian Mastiff and Brandi is an Old English Sheepdog/Terrier mix.

DD: Any unique things Shazam and Brandi do that you’d like to share with us?

JS: Brandi loves to play, and chases/throws balls for hours at a

time. She is incredibly spunky and playful. Shazam is a lover… he thinks he is a lap dog, and loves to be snuggled and pet all day.

JS: Ron has had dogs since he was four years old, and has had

DD: Do you consider Shazam and Brandi your friends, children, or pets. Are they an important part of your day, life?

JS: Shazam and Brandi are like our children, following us around the house and yard wherever we go. We love them unconditionally and they make our home complete.

DD: How is it having a two dog household? Any advice to people thinking of owning two dogs?

JS: Two dog households are the best. Brandi and Shazam love

each other, and we have no problem giving love to each of them. We also like to know that they keep each other company when we are not home, so neither is ever lonely. I recommend everyone to have two dogs it makes life a total blast.

DD: Are Shazam and Brandi showbiz dogs or private pets? Do I have to contact their agents to get a sound bite?!

JS: Although I think they are definitely fabulous enough to be showbiz dogs and have amazing personalities, they are private pets who we love dearly. Love to get them an agent in the future — lol.

DD: What are Jimmy Star and Ron Russell up to these days? JS: We are always busy, working on our TV/Radio Webshow

“The Jeremy Star Show with Ron Russell” and working on great content for our 4.5 million weekly viewers. Ron just got cast in three movies and I got cast in one, and I was recently named best music publicist in the United States. I am continuously working on building my PR company “World Star PR.” We also have a new tv show called “Around the Table with Ron and Jeremy” where we do conversations around the table with celebrities from your favorite movies and tv shows. Ron and I just became celebrity interviewers for “The Celebrity Café,” so we are also working on lining up cool celebs to interview and feature on one of the biggest entertainment sites in the world.

Visit Jimmy Stars’ Facebook Page Visit Daniel DiCriscio’s Website: www.danieldicriscio.net


lick spotlight - dog divas

Gone to the Dogs,

Dogs bring joy. They teach us things, like kindness and generosity, loyalty and forgiveness. And, if you let them have their own Instagram page, they will invite an entire universe into your world. But beware. Once a dog gets that instagram page, once he (or she) starts sharing the complexities and wondrous gifts of his life, the innate instinct for freedom awakens. He will want clothes, jewels, better food, trips, responsibility, respect––– all the things that make up those pictures and comments you will share with your friends and followers.

AKA Woofie & BeaR, with shared pet names: Sweet Boy, Bunny, The Wetter. Two cute chihuahuas, each approximately eleven years old. Both are skilled at sibling rivalry, experts at getting what they want. Woofle, the thinker, observes life with empathy and compassion. He loves fluffy blankets, soft sheets and all forms and flavors of food. BeaR, the frolicker, lives a Holly Golightly life. He loves to cuddle, thinks mostly of his next meal and hates being left alone. Together they like to celebrate holidays, talk to their girlfriends, and complain about injustices they see in the world.

And when I say followers, I’m talking serious numbers, anywhere from an easy thousand up to the millions! Yup, move over, people. The influencer sphere has gone to the dogs. What makes some dogs more famous than others? It’s all about personality, charm, and the character you create. Meet some of my favorites, starting with my two darling divos.

Woofie Sweetthing and Elmore Buttercup BeaR

Little Lola Sunshine AKA Miss Lola, Little Lo’. A Five-year-old itgirl with some serious skills. She can walk on her front legs, back legs, balance almost anything on her nose––––and that’s just the beginning.

The Influencer Sphere Her jobs: therapy & trick dog at Shriner’s Hospitals for children, Certified Reading Assistance Dog with SitStayRead, littlest member of@themerryantoinettes, and the most fashion-forward pup on instagram.

Izzy the Frenchy

by Lola Teigland

Known to her fan base as fashion’s favorite street style dog. Lola attends fashion weeks the world over, often sitting in the front row, paying homage to each designer by dressing in an outfit inspired by their most recent collection. She loves children and Dolly Parton, disdains fairytales (why don’t the girls ever do the rescuing?), swoons over love notes. Favorite past times: flash performances in unlikely places that leave people smiling, and a squeaky game of catch!

AKA Sweetie Pie, Queenie, Miss Thing. A pint size Joan Rivers, born March 24, 2017 with the caustic wit of a full-grown diva. This internet darling tells you what she’s thinking with a frankness that borders on rudeness but always says something worth hearing. Everyone loves Izzy. She hosts the canine fashion blog, Pawshion Police. Diamonds, silk, feathers and fur make her swoon. Izzy dreams of the day her blog posts to a human fashion magazine. She loves: dresses, onesies, a good debate, watching her humans do anything, and desert. Hates: bad hair days, restrictions, cheap cloth, boring people, the word no, sober relationships, disrespect, injustice.… the list goes on. Past time enjoyments: dining with friends, bubble baths, chasing wind at the beach.


lick pick - books

Bad Pets Save Christmas! True Holiday Tales by Allan Zullo

Available on Amazon.

Galápgos - Life in Motion by Walter Perez & Micheal Wisberg

A lavish photographic celebration that captures the fascinating behaviors of land and sea animals in the Galápagos Islands The Galápagos Islands are home to an amazing variety of iconic creatures, from Giant Tortoises, Galápagos Sea Lions, Galápagos Penguins, and Ghost Crabs to Darwin’s finches, the Blue-footed Booby, and Hummingbird Moths. But how precisely do these animals manage to survive on and in the waters around their desert-like volcanic islands, where fresh water is always scarce, food is often hard to come by, and finding a good mate is a challenge because animal populations are so small? In this stunning large-format book, Galápagos experts Walter Perez and Michael Weisberg present an unprecedented photographic account of the remarkable survival behaviors of these beautiful and unique animals. With more than 200 detailed, close-up photographs, the book captures Galápagos animals in action as they feed, play, fight, court, mate, build nests, give birth, raise their young, and cooperate and clash with other species. Available on Amazon. 59








He never disappoints. It seems like Anthony Rubio has been designing couture fashion for the canine set forever. His rich fabrics from deep colored velvets to ice cream colored silks embody with sophistication and chic. Anthony started designing people fashion after a formal education at FiT (Fashion Institute of Technology in NYC), gravitating to pets around 2003 when he started designing for his own “rescue pet chihuahua” — “Bandit Rubio.” The rest is history. Anthony has won critical acclaim in the world of Dog fashion donating his time and effort to various Dogcentric galas and fundraisers across the country, showcasing his latest fashions on dogs with their human accessories. Anthony coined the phrase “Adopt Me Maybe” for the Advocacy side of his agenda. His idea of taking animals from shelters and giving them a full “make over” has transpired into many dogs being adopted who would have otherwise been left behind. The transformation the dogs make from stepchild to Cinderella or Cinderfella is notably amazing!




Anthony Rubio’s latest Fashion sensation is his Kickstarter based “Canine Couture” 9" by 12", 250 est page, hard cover Coffee Table Book. This masterpiece in print stars the doggie fashionista’s hottest “to die for” dog couture on personal pets, pet models and shelter dogs photographed by 5 fab photographers. Pre-publication Price: $30.00 Per book. For more information go to: www.Caninecouturebook.com

Photos by: Ken Hugh, Mouhsine Idrissi Janati & Arun Nevader


“Dancing with

Photo Caption

cover story

the Dogs”

by Barbara Jayne

John O ‘Hurley is a true dog lover and embodiment of the 21st Century Multimedia Star. “Dancing with the Stars,” or “Dancing with the Dogs”-- “Is there Anything that John O’Hurley ‘Doesn’t’ Do?” I first spotted the debonair Mr. O’Hurley on the small screen some 20 years ago watching “Seinfeld,” (one of the most beloved sitcoms of all time). The show still airs in reruns, is addictive as ever and is as relevant today as a slice of NY apt life as it ever was. John played the part of “Peterman,” Elaine’s (Julia LouisDreyfus) boss at the J. Peterman company. John was memorable not just for his comedic character acting because “Peterman” was truly a “character,” but because John’s presence on screen (even the small screen) was omnipotent.

life is “Dogs.” And of course, John really did dance with “The Stars”.. Now John “Dances with the “Dogs” who are also the “Stars!” Not only was John on “Dancing with the Stars,” but he even created a video (way before video was the hottest thing!), on learning to dance with his then dance partner Charlotte Jorgensen. John has made appearances on “Baywatch” and “Murder She Wrote;” and he was the announcer for years on Cartoon Network’s sister channel “Boomerang”. He has enjoyed numerous roles on TV and stage (from NYC to Vegas and LA) through the years and oh so much more (did you say “Family Feud,” “X Files”, “Spamalot,” etc.). John is prolific. He even teamed up with Tony Bennett’s daughter (Antonia) at the Smith Center in Vegas to do a

Interesting to note, that while most of America probably thought Peterman was just a fictional company on a fictional TV show, there really did end up being a “real” Peterman and a “real” J. Peterman Company (www.jpeterman.com/online). The real J. Peterman was so taken with John that John became part of the company and he remains so to this day! Talk about turning life into fiction and fiction into life! John is an Actor, Comedian, Voice Actor, Singer, Author and is involved with that unusual J. Peterman company that creates a story about every one of it’s products.. or maybe I should say, a story creates the products. I just wanted to write a little something on John but his life is so full, with many unique chapters and stories rolled into one.. It’s worthy of a book or maybe two.. John is amazing because he has succeeded in doing the things he enjoys on so many levels and in so many fields. And it all appears so effortless! I am delighted to present John as Lick Pet Magazine’s Holiday cover because John is not just a man who loves pets and advocates for pets and their people; he is someone who shows the world that you can be successfully multifaceted and happy when you live your life with passion, energy and vision. We entitled this piece “Dancing with the Dogs,” because we came upon a great photo of John dancing with a dog. This said it all. Here is a guy that loves his life and part of that


series presented in cabaret jazz called “George Bugatti’s Piano Bar.” But John really took Center stage as “Top Dog” in the very serious side of the Dog World almost two decades ago when he became the host along with David Frei (American Kennel Club judge), of the Nestle Purina PetCare sponsored “National Dog Show,” (a conformation Show sanctioned by the American Kennel Club) held by The Kennel Club of Philadelphia, at the Philadelphia Expo Center at Oaks in Oaks, PA. This NBC Sports show started airing in 2002 and airs for two hours religiously every Thanksgiving Day across the country before the Thanksgiving Day Parade. It is one of the hottest & best viewed shows of the Holiday Season! Also interesting to note for neophytes like myself that this show is serious business for all the participants vying to win. This ongoing annual event’s only break in programming was the years during the Great Depression (1928-1933).

The “National Dog Show” event showcases 185 recognized breeds! I had no idea there were so many, but I propose a new dog category to include us worthy outsiders — “Best in Mutt”! So John, if this category comes to be.. know that the inspiration started here! “What is it that makes the “National Dog Show” so popular?” John: “I think there is something in it for everyone. There isn’t much programming that fits a mass audience (4 to 94), and the “National Dog Show” is great family entertainment on the Best Family Day of the year!” The two New Show Breeds this year: The Nederlandse Kooikerhondje (a medium size Dutch hunting dog). The Grand Basset Griffon Vendéen (a herding dog and larger version of the petite version known for its sweet and rather shaggy appearance). “Why do dog people watch the show?” John: “Dogs do something for us that nothing else can do. They round off the edges of the human experience. Anytime you are with a dog, you are the better version of yourself. So that when we are doing the show and we have 2000 of the best dogs in the country; we have 30,000 people perhaps at one point, anytime in the arena. Everybody is just being a better version of themselves, and you can feel the joy and the lightness of being in the entire arena.” “Which dogs share John’s life?” John: Well, I have three at home actually, and the first is the cousin of the Cavalier King Charles that David (Frei) has. They came from the same breeder. It’s a beautiful little dog named ‘Sadie, Sadie Mae.’ Then we have a Javanese, which is a breed that we like very much and again through David’s influence that we found the Javanese. It’s a wonderful family dog. I love the breed especially for that reason. On top of that, I did have the opportunity to open the Humane Society Structure.. a state of the art one... they have in Saint Louis. Lo and behold, I came home with a ‘rescue.’ A nice story. The dog buried itself in my jacket as I was making my remarks to the press. By the end, I just lifted my lapel and said ‘Would anybody like to go to Beverly Hills?’ And so she followed me. She has changed the energy in our house. Her name is ‘Charlotte.’ She is a mixed breed, and I mean a ‘really’ mixed breed. We had the DNA done for her and I gotta tell you I

think somebody swam out to meet the ships. I have never seen so many cross breeds in one dog!” Well, we kind of like that John.. Charlotte and all your dogs past and present thank you. “Thank you,” not just for “Dancing with the Stars” but for “Dancing with the Dogs” .. All the Dogs! John is also a “New York Times” Best Selling author penning:

“The Perfect Dog,” “It’s Okay to Miss the Bed on the First Jump: And Other Life Lessons I Learned from Dogs,” “Before Your Dog Can Eat Your Homework, First You Have to Do it” .. and of course he also inspired “The Perfect Dog” musical! John announces, hosts and supports many events and charitable causes for people and animals. I had the pleasure of meeting him and his lovely wife Lisa (Mesloh) at the annual “Haute Dog” event held at the Skirball Cultural Center in LA recently for the benefit of “Canine Companions for Independence,” a non profit organization which extends trained service dogs to disabled people truly transforming their lives. This event is gorgeously created and promoted annually by PR dynamos Bobbi Panter and Annette Ramirez with lots of support from the Celebrity Community. John lives in Beverly Hills, California with his wife Lisa, son William Dylan and their three dogs.

The National Dog Show sponsored by Nestle Purina PetCare. Wayne Ferguson, President of the Kennel Club of Philadelphia: In-house Announcer. Hosts: Actor, John O’Hurley and American Kennel Club Judge, David Frei. This year “Best in Show” went to “Whiskey the Whippet” and his handler Justin Smithey.

The Seven Category Winners include: Ducky the Chesapeake Bay Retriever — Winner Sporting Dog Group Whiskey the Whippet — Winner Hound Group Irupe the Doberman Pinscher — Winner Working Group King the Wire Fox Terrier — Winner Terrier Group Bogie King Charles Cavalier Spaniel — Winner Toy Group Billy the Lhasa Apso — Winner Non Sporting Group Pembroke the Welsh Corgi Bella — Winner Herding Group

Two New Show Breeds this year: The Nederlandse Kooikerhondje The Grand Basset Griffon Vendéen

lick - featured event

Canine Companions for Independence

Canine Companions “Haute Dog LA” is an annual charitable benefit chaired by Bobbi Panter and Annette Ramirez (two amazing ladies who are beautiful both inside and out!) to raise awareness and funds for the “Canine Companions for Independence” non profit organization based in Santa Rosa, Ca. Canine Companions mission is to “transform lives” by providing trained Service Dogs to individuals with disabilities at no cost. 2018 marked the 7th Annual fundraising event for CCI which continues to outdo itself each year both in the amount of funds raised and the growing list of celebrities in attendance. The evening was held at the Skirball Cultural Center in Los Angeles and hosted by John O’ Hurley with David A. Goodman as the fundraising auctioneer. Kate Luhr and JP Karliak were the Fashion Show Emcee’s. Some of the notable crowd included: Paul Shaffer, Laraine Newman, Gary Anthony Williams, Michael Nouri, Steve Porcaro, Rose Abdoo, Ari Seth Cohen, Rusty Joiner, Sonia Montejano as well as David and Christina Arquette. For more information or to make a donation please call: 1-800-572-BARK (2275) Or Visit: CCI.org Help change a life today!

Photos by: Onnie Hull, Devin Johnson & Klaudia Seidl


For more information on Canine Companions for Independence, visit: cci.org or call 1-800-572-2275. 77

Ari Seth Cohen pictured on the runway



fashion - new york city

The Cotillion Mr. International: Cooper - Angy Gardner ShihNanigans - Nanette DeRonda

Miss. International: Lola - Asha Vereen Sophisticated Paws - Asha Vereen

1st runner up Furgirl: Piper - Amy Cox Pampered Pooch Couture - Dawn Kelsey photos: Neil Tandy

1st runner up Furboy: Puccini - Leslie Riddle Off the Cuff Stuff for Pets - .Julie Lancaster

2nd runner up Furgirl: Bree Bree - Regina Stafford Off the Cuff Stuff for Pets - .Julie Lancaster

2nd runner up Furboy: Oliver - Celeste Marie ShihNanigans - Nanette DeRonda

Best Furboy Costume: Tommie - Braydan Hooper Sewdoggonecreative - Danielle Pursel

Best. Furgirl Costume: Gianna - Diana Lucchi Diana Designs NY - Diana Lucchi

Best Accessory Furboy: Bob - Viki Anders ShihNanigans - Nanette DeRonda

Best Accessory Furgirl: Blue Blue - Regina Stafford BB Girls Pet Boutique - Regina Stafford 83



Magazine ®

“Covers 4 A Cause”

photo: Neil Tandy

Kathleen Jennings & Autumn Grace “Miss Photogenic” Cotillion NYC



Miss Cotillion: Lovi Gabor, Connie Crumpton Bella Diva, Couture - Janice Craig

Mr. Cotillion: Rudi Travolta, Karen Ellison Bella Diva, Couture - Janice Craig

Miss Congeniality: ZZ, Ilene Zeins Sew Dog Gone Creative - Danielle Pursel

Gentle Furboy: Tomy, Braydan Hooper Sew Dog Gone Creative - Danielle Pursel

Miss Ambassador: Duchess of Palm Beach, Wendy Carlson DePinto Carrie Sophia Louren Kennedy

Mr Ambassador: Bob, Viki Anders ShihNanigans - Nanette DeRonda

Best Furgirl Gown: Piper, Amy Cox Princess Lilly & Co - Darlene Hatchey

Best Furboy Tux: Oliver, Celeste Marie ShihNanigans - Nanette DeRonda

Miss Photogenic Autumn Grace, Kathleen Jennings Mr. Photogenic Oliver, Celeste Marie

Best Accessory Furgirl: Penelope, Asha Vereen Babette’s Meson de Woof - Susan McGuire

Best Accessory Furboy: Oliver, Celeste Marie ‑‑ - Helen Duaso 93

lick spotlight - pet rescue

Kisses before her makeover and after

Angel Hooper

with her rescued dog, Kisses

lick pet fan - Braydan Hooper


Blankets of Love

by Rhiannon “Nikki” Mcfarling NikkiMcFarling.com


n November 8th 2018 the Woolsey Fire started in Los Angeles where it quickly spread due to the Santa Ana winds. Families collected their valuables, loved ones, and pets, but not everyone was able to evacuate with all their cherished belongings. One family evacuated twice in the same day and was unable to take their animals on the second evacuation. This is where our hero Jennifer Sperber came to the rescue. Jennifer and another volunteer miraculously drove into the flames and saved 7 dogs who were being fostered. Jennifer Sperber has spent nearly half her life working with dog rescues and fostering all types of dogs. Her main focus is on those animals who need extra help through her association and work with the “Operation Blankets of Love” organization. “Operation Blankets of Love” is a 501©3 non-profit animal welfare and disaster relief organization (tax ID #800238786) that works closely with other rescue groups and shelters to provide food and pet supplies at no cost to its beneficiaries. “Operation Blankets of Love” arrives on site to provide much needed crates and other supplies not just to foster animal parents but to all loving animal parents. Jennifer Sperber is grateful for the chance to give back to the organization that has helped her over the years with her own rescue dogs. Donations can be made to Operation Blankets of Love by clicking the DONATE button on their website at obol.info.


Beverly’s Adventures at North America’s Great Migration by Beverly Houwing

Cranes “bow” when they greet each other & flocks continuously fly over the Platte at sunset.


ebraska’s amazing Sandhill Crane Migration is a spectacle not to be missed!

As someone who spends most of her free time in Africa, I got a lot of surprised looks from friends who asked me where my trip was this year and I told them “Nebraska.” I’d known about the Sandhill Cranes congregating in Bosque Del Apache, NM but never realized that the largest migration goes right through the middle of Nebraska. I discovered the Crane Trust last year at the Travel and Adventure Show in Los Angeles. After seeing the Trust’s photographs and learning more about their conservation efforts for the cranes, I thought “what a great thing to experience!” The Crane Trust has been around for 40 years and has systematically bought up land along the Platte River where the cranes need to roost and feed in nearby cornfields, on their migration north to their breeding grounds. Although they are concentrated primarily in a seven mile stretch of the river in Nebraska, they have come from

Mexico, Texas and New Mexico on their journey north to this important stop over. When they go to their nesting grounds on the northern end of their migration paths, they spread out even farther with some in Canada, Nova Scotia and others going past Alaska all the way to Siberia. This map from the Crane Trust shows their amazing flight path. A sight to behold! You can plan to see this great crane migration during the early spring.

Photos by Beverly Houwing

Photos by Beverly Houwing

Pet Memorial Ella

“Ella.. my Little Maltese fluff .. love of my life.. you brought tremendous joy to our family for 15 wonderful years. We will always have a special place in our hearts for our little girl.. We miss you so..�

“Be Be”

Welcome Nancy and her adorable new Maltese puppy “Be Be” named after “Brigitte Bardot”-- of course!! 105


Pet by Daniel DiCriscio

My sweet little prettygirl cat Lala passed away peacefully and naturally at 4am Nov 27, 2018 at 21 years old. Â I will miss her more than she could ever image. She was The Best! Kisses and Love forever Lala. YOU WILL ALWAYS BE IN MY HEART!

Memorials Sophie

by Beverly Houwing

Dad with Sophie

Remembering my sweet Sophie who passed away on October 20, 2018 at over 19 years old. Our family took her in as a foster from a rescue group since was very pregnant and just days away from delivering her kittens. We figured she was about a year old and her babies were born on October 11, 2000. She was the mother of Bubbles, the kitten I kept from the litter. Bubbles just passed away a few months before Sophie and was almost 18 years old. My parents loved Sophie and adopted her and one of her other kittens. The others all went to good homes. Sophie absolutely adored my parents and was especially close to my dad. She followed him

everywhere in the house and loved curling up on his lap. She would literally jump into his lap the moment he sat down. After my father passed away in 2010, Sophie became inseparable from my mom and was a tremendous emotional support to her as her health declined. When mom passed away in 2015, Sophie became “everybody’s pet” and would crave attention from everyone who visited. All who met Sophie would remark that she “is the friendliest cat.” She was such a loving and gentle soul her whole life. In the end, she just succumbed to her age after a long and happy life. We will always remember our special little Sophie with love. photos: Beverly Houwing



by Barbara Jayne

20 years ago I found Lola and her lifelong companion Rudy in a NY junk yard. I embarked on a mission to rescue these 2 big dogs in the dead of a snow driven bitter cold winter. I wasn’t living in NY at the time.. I had no car, no plan and no help. But I knew I had to save them. With the guidance of the Humane Society of NY (“Lady, NY apts are small, what are you going to do if you get these animals? You don’t even live here?!”) and a special man named Jack Bax (“I don’t know you. I don’t help people but I will help you.. I have a blue van..) One dog at a time, over the course of 2 weeks. What an adventure. Mission Accomplished. We flew them to Los Angeles . Rudi and Lola would finally have a chance at new and happy lives (after they realized we were friends and weren’t eating them for dinner)! In the end, yes, I rescued these 2 wonderful dogs. But as Jack told me “You know, they really rescued you.” And they did.

National Dog Show Presenting Sponsor

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