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Magazine Spring 2018 Cover


Laura Gianna “G-girl


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editor’s letter - “Pit Bull Love” “There was a time when no one ever heard of Pit Bull attacks. Those were the days when the breed was an American favorite found in World War 1 recruitment ads, ‘Hero dogs’ that served proudly in the military and the friendly dogs popularly known as a child’s best friend. Who can forget the dogs of ‘Spanky and Our Gang,’ ‘The Little Rascals (Petey the dog)’ and the corporate Pit Bull Mascot for ‘Buster Brown shoes?’” Ironically, in the 80’s is when the perception of the breed began to change, but it wasn’t the breed that caused the uproar; it was the drug dealers, gang members and other criminals who trained Pit Bulls as guard dogs. And then the horrid stories picked up a tragic life of their own as these same miscreants trained the dogs to fight, and rather than concentrating on the men who made these dogs aggressive, the entire breed came under attack. Today, the perception of Pit Bulls has started to change and communities are finally realizing that no breed is inherently bad. Although it is important to note that the term “Pit Bull” does not actually designate “a breed,” it more or less categorizes “any dog” with a blocky head weighing between 30 and 100 pounds as one of 30 “individual” breeds. Too often there is an uneducated “guess” at identifying the breed based on coat, color, body size, ears and head shape. As to dog bite statistics, how many media reports use Pit Bulls now just to attract readers? The raw news is that society will never live without the risk of a dog biting a woman, man or child as we will never live in a society devoid of all crime and accidents. We should however, stop blaming an entire “breed” or group of dogs and STOP depicting these dogs as BULLIES-Each year, 1.2 million dogs are euthanized in shelters across the country; approximately 40% of the dogs killed are Pit Bulls which means more than half a million Pit Bull “types” die alone in shelters.” A tragedy. “Judge by the Deed not by the Breed!”


The most dangerous “BULLY” is NOT the “Pit Bull” but the animal walking on two feet that trains it (excerpts from www. national pet rescue on Facebook credits to Kelly Reeves and to In this issue, Lick features Animal Activist and Actress “Linda Blair” (featured on our cover with her beloved Pit Bull “Sonny Boy”). Linda is the owner of the “WorldHeart Foundation,” a non profit rescue, shelter, rehabilitation and adoption center for “Pit Bulls”located in Acton, California. We also feature the non profit run by Ms. Jennifer Rosen - “Bullies and Buddies” -an amazing rescue and adoption group that is entrenched in their LA community. In fact, “Oliver,” the beautiful black Pit Bull that graces Lick’s second cover is the beloved pit of Mike Ruiz (celebrity & fashion photographer). Oliver is also our Lick “Mascot” and another “Bullies and Buddies” rescue and success story!! We also feature the non profit of Erin LoveJoy. The name says it all... “The Lovejoy Foundation,” is yet another amazing rescue group that does wonderful work for the breed and has inspired many of its volunteers to go into the animal rescue field and /or into veterinary practice. And lastly, We feature the wonderful Mr. Michael Dinco who helped create the incredible Animal Planet Show “Pit Bulls & Parolee’s” with Tia Torres. This show took the nation by storm shedding the light of truth on the subject of “Pit Bulls” for us All. Thank you to “All” the Advocates we covered in this latest Lick edition. Thank you for the difficult and challenging work you do everyday. And Thank you to All the other incredible rescue and adoption centers out there that we did not cover. Thank you in your battle to save the innocents who cannot speak for themselves nor defend themselves against the actions of man. We Thank You All for your Good Works. And Most Importantly the Animals Thank You. Xx Barbara



Publisher/Creative Director/Editor in Chief Barbara Jayne Barbara has 30 years experience in Publishing, Advertising and Media working with notable print entities from Andy Warhol’s “Interview Magazine” to Conde Nast’s “Self Magazine” and now her own “on line” pet publication “Lick Magazine”.

Contributor Mark Finley Mark is a multi-media artist currently exploring photo-collage. Mark’s compositions reference pop culture and the idols of a generation. Dudley, his dog, is Mark’s “muse”.

Editor Denise Fleck

Denise Fleck is the “Pet Safety Crusader”. Find her on WPET Pet Talk Syndicate, TuneIn, iTunes, BBSRadio. com/PetSafetyCrusader and check her out in the pages of Lick Magazine. Helping you help your pet.

Production Director/ Contributor Beverly Houwing Beverly Houwing is an award winning photographer whose work appears in magazines and galleries. She is also a graphic designer.

Social Media Nikki McFarling

Nikki is the founder of the podcast “Livey and Opinioned”. She loves to write short stories and poetry but is also a master at social media helping many Hollywood VIPs, including LICK, keep their latest happenings current.!



Daniel DiCriscio

Laura Gianna Souza

Beverly Houwing

Daniel DiCriscio is a TV and Media Personality, Celebrity Hairstylist, Recording Artist, and Model. Daniel is most widely known for his historical makeover on Paula Jones, his work on Pamela Anderson, Stevie Nicks, Barbi Twins, Anna Nicole Smith, and his TV interview with Sacha Baron Cohen / Da Ali G Show. Daniel is active in various animal rights causes. Stay tuned for his upcoming Hollywood Tell-All book. @danieldicriscio

Laura is the owner and fashion impresario of G Girl Productions, West Palm Beach, Florida. She created the “Magnolia Masquerade Ball Event” in Charlotte, N.C. for this issue. You can check Laura out on her Facebook page or at a G Girl fashion event coming to a town near you.

Beverly Houwing has had a passion for photography and a love for animals as long as she can remember. She feels photos have a lot of influence on our lives in general. Her photography has been exhibited at the G2 Gallery, Annenberg Space for Photography, Calumet Photo, various curated exhibits including Photo LA, as well as featured in Smithsonian and other magazines. See more of her work on her web site:

Carmen Diaz Carmen Diaz was Lick Magazine's Summer 2016 / It’s a Super Zoo cover and “star” with her fashionista pups “Anakin SkyWalker” and “Darth Vadar.” Carmen resides in Beverly Hills, Ca. and can be found doing the dog fashion show circuit. She is also working on a new “Pet Reality Show.” Stay Tuned for Carmen’s latest happenings in the pages of Lick Magazine. @carmendiazmedin

Erin L. Clark - M.Photog., AF, CPP

Devin Johnson

Erin has over 20 plus years experience as a portrait photographer for pets & their people. As a member of the Professional Photographers of America - she has received a Master of Photography degree and won numerous awards for her pet portraits, most recently receiving PPA Elite status as a 2017 Silver Medalist. She is thrilled to be working with Royal BB the Official photographer for gGirl Productions and shot the photographs for the “Magnolia Masquerade Ball” in Charlotte, North Carolina.

Devin is a graduate of NYU with a BA in Film & Television. He co-founded a video production company ( that specializes in real estate and has filmed over 300 apartments in NYC, as well as filmed web series pilots, client testimonials and photographs events. In his free time Devin likes to make short comedy videos. ( watch?v=2KHZwKhI9c4) (

Maria Conchita Alonso

Jack Herbert

Maria Conchita Alonso is an acclaimed celebrity songstress, actress, advocate and former beauty queen with a heart of gold. Maria was also a Lick cover girl. We are delighted to have her contribute. You can connect with her on Twitter.

WPET Talk Radio/”All Paws Pet Talk” is the “on air” home of radio personality “Jack Herbert” and his amazing cast of radio impresarios from Vladae Roytapel “The Russian Dog Wizard” to “The Wild and Crazy Pet Show,” “The Live Chicken Show,” to “Lick Magazine Specials.” Listen to the Hottest Pet Experts! WPET is your best source for educational and inspirational and darn good fun pet news! Check them out at:


Chris Ameruoso

Amy Cox

Christopher Ameruoso is a world class celebrity photographer, author, musical artist and animal lover. Chris has penned 2 best selling books: “Celebrities and their Pets” and “Pets and their Stars.” Chris also produced, directed and starred in a one hour special feature on “Animal Planet” entitled “Behind the Lens”- ‘Stars and their Pets’. He is a longtime friend and photographer of our cover star “ Linda Blair.” Lick is proud to feature some of Christopher’s vintage as well as current shots of Linda and her beloved pets in this issue.

Amy Cox is a pet fashionista and president of Paws Cause, an organization that rescues animals in Texas and central Mexico. She is a Board member of the Sociedad Protectoro de Animales in San Miguel de Allende (Mexican version of the ASPCA). Amy and her husband, veterinarian Danny Cox are making the world a better place by operating The Shot Spot, providing mobile, low cost vaccinations and the Zeutering procedure, a pain free, non surgical way to neuter male dogs. They also provide veterinarian services through The Pet Vet at Petco.


lick profile - hero dog

“A Tribute to Hero” “Hero”was a miracle dog that was rescued near death from cancer. He came into with little hope of surviving the night and ended up thriving for over 60 days because of the kindness, love and care of his new found rescuers and friends as well as his new found discovery of “tennis balls.” We hope that Hero is out there in heaven somewhere playing with his tennis ball. Love to our Hero.


lick pick - dog trainer VLADAE: RUSSIAN DOG WIZARD

I.A.C.P. Professional Member “Dog Talk” BBS Network Radio Host All PAWS PET Talk Radio Expert Fido Friendly Pet Columnist O.C. Register Pet Columnist KTLA Ch. 5 Pet Expert Pet Places Exclusive Expert

photo: Benny Luo


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lick pick - pet insurance Dogs are like people, some of them just need their space. It does NOT mean they are aggressive, dangerous, vicious or bad dogs. It does present a challenge if you want to take your dog out in public. Some people will say if you have a dog with issues they should never be taken out in public. The general public has little if any idea as to how or when it is appropriate to pet a dog. Some children know to approach slowly, with your approval. They generally will hold a hand out which is how they are taught. Unfortunately, many children will bolt towards your dog without any notice, drop to their knees and then they are face to face with the dog. If you have a larger dog, children will sometimes slip up from behind and try to hug the dog or even launch onto the dogs back, as if to ride the dog like a pony. For small dog owners, sometimes a child will simply go and pick up the little dog without first asking permission. Many states have strict liability laws wherein neither your dog nor you have any defense, regardless what the victim did. You are held responsible for any injuries. In some states, there may be some consideration as to the part a victim played in the incident. However, the trauma of going through an event like this is just as time consuming as it is stressful. So what can you do? There is the “Yellow Ribbon Project” whose goal is to create awareness and educate the public. If you see a dog wearing the color yellow or a yellow ribbon, you will know that this dog needs to have its space. Unfortunately, very few people are aware of this program. Even worse, attorneys are using it in lawsuits. They state the dog owner had knowledge that their dog was bad, and therefore they are an irresponsible dog owner for allowing the dog in a public place. What to do? Evaluate the situation. If there are any triggers you know will upset your dog, you should leave. Keep your dog on a very short leash. A stroller may be an alternative for small dogs so they can go in the back of the stroller, where there is less exposure to crowds. Be aware that anyone can walk up and stick their hand into the stroller. DO NOT put your dog on the extension leashes. They can be 10 feet away in seconds if the lock doesn’t hold. You cannot control your dog from even 6 or 7 feet away and things happen too fast. If your dog is uncomfortable in a crowded area, you may have just set them up like a time bomb. People do seem to recognize “Spike Collars,” even on a 4 pound dog. It is almost a universal signal that your dog is “bad.” No doubt a plaintiff’s attorney will use the same logic as with the “Yellow Ribbon Project.” A Spike Collar can just as easily be just a Fashion Statement! Recently, I saw a dog owner in a parade with her dogs in a cart. As people would approach she simply held up her hand in the universal hand

sign for “STOP.” It was very effective. You do not have to allow people to pet your dog. You CAN NOT always control what they will do if they approach your dog. If your dog injures a person or another animal they are usually impounded. They can be kept there until a judge allows their release. If you get your pup back after an incident, often they will be required to be muzzled. Dogs can be taught to wear a muzzle and there is a number of different types. With patience, the dog will become used to it and happy. They will learn the muzzle means they are going out. That may not matter, since some dogs are never allowed out in public for the rest of their life. The kenneling fees in “Doggy Jail” accrue daily. There may be a special kennel you will be required to build for your dog and the total of All these expenses can literally run into the thousands. In many areas, insurance may be required. The policies average around $300 to $400 annually, but the fees will be higher if your dog has a “Rap Sheet.” One last consideration, most of my conversations start with “My dog is 1-14 years old,” “They have NEVER had an incident!.” “I need insurance because my insurance company has dropped me, or my state, county or city requires me to carry Dog Liability Insurance.” Don’t let them drop “YOU.” Be Prepared!

Deborah J Turner, CPCU, AAI President, Dean Insurance Agency, Inc 230 N Westmonte Drive, #2100 Altamonte Springs, FL 32714 407-865-7477 ext 101


my favorite lick

“Happy Linda Blair

Photo: Beverly Houwing

Birthday� WorldHeart Foundation

o L

, e v

! ck

i L


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Magazine ®

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Woman of the Year

Gila Kurtz - Winner “Corporate” 33

Winner “Advocate”

Winner “Entrepreneur”

Marci Koski

Feline Behavior Solutions

Candace D’Agnolo

Pet Boss Nation

Winner “Rising Star”

Winner “Solopreneur”

Rebecca Breese

Mona Straub


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ÂŽ 37

pet art - dudley’s world


lick - pet reality “Pit Bulls & Parolee’s” Fighting for the Underdogs Michael Dinco is a Music and TV producer always fighting for The Underdogs especially Pit Bulls and most importantly, he is the Creator and a long time Producer for Animal Planet’s hit show “Pit Bulls & Parolees.” Over 13 years ago, Michael (or Mikey “D” as he is called) was a student in a “Pit Bull Training class.” That class was taught by Tia Maria Torres (the dynamo who opened her heart to Pit Bulls and prisoners giving both a second chance). Tia’s “Villalobos Rescue Center” originally located near Los Angeles California and now relocated to the New Orleans area is considered to be one of largest Pit Bull rescues in the United States. With an estimated 225 Pit Bulls, 204 volunteers and 6 plus parolee’s to live and work it has been a “full house” from the start. Tia was always creative in raising donations for her rescue and never wanted to be on TV but finally agreed for the greater good of the dogs. Michael Dinco helped through the development of Animal Planet’s TV Reality Show-- “Pit Bulls & Parolee’s” that brought Tia and her unique vision instant “Star” status. With Tia on board, the development and birth of Animal Planet’s TV reality show “Pit Bulls & Parolee’s” brought her unique edgy vision to millions of viewers all over the world celebrating and surpassing over 100 episodes. When Mikey met Tia, he knew he had to film the TV pitch. And when Pit Bulls became news during the Michael Vick (NFL player charged with dog fighting) trial Mikey’s idea took flight! An “awareness” of what these dogs, these “Pit Bulls” were facing from humans and how the perception of the breed had so radically changed from the family and “hero” dog of mid century to “villain” had to be told. Their reputation had to be cleared. It was Perfect Timing! And the rest is history!

Slave to Michael Dinco truly believes that evil can only exist when good people look the other way. Michael is so incredibly talented that he not only brought “Pit Bulls and Parolee’s” to life but also co-wrote, performed and produced the theme song for the show. With Tia, their mission is to “help educate the world on good pet training ethics, responsible pet ownership and most importantly ‘second chances’ for unwanted, abused and unloved dogs as well as people.” Lick Magazine met up with Michael Dinco to talk about “Pit Bulls”: Lick Magazine: Where does Mikey “D” go from here? Tell us about your next great idea.

Mikey “D”: I have several new TV projects as well as

movie projects launching in 2018 that will shine the light on darkness. Must keep confidential but stay tuned. LM: Tell us about your thoughts on Pit Bulls as pets. How do they measure up as pets and companions? What personality is the best “fit?”

MD: Pit Bulls, in my opinion, are the greatest pet a human could have. They become part of your soul and with the right love and management and activities they are simply the best dog in the world.

The best fit for a Pit Bull, I believe, is someone who is active and has time to engage with their dog as a best friend. LM: You are without a doubt a serious pet advocate for the breed. What can we do to turn their reputation around? How do we put a forever “end” to BSL?

MD: As an advocate, I say the best revenge and proof is

success. If you are a Pit Bull owner, be the best you can be and set an example for the rest of the planet and slowly the BSL will be abolished.

the Slobber

by Barbara Jayne

Mikey “D” pictured with his spoiled best friend “Chacko”


LM: What are your hopes for the future of the breed?

MD: My hopes are that someday their BAD reputation will

be washed out and everybody will understand that it is the person holding the leash that determines the outcome of the dog.

“Pit Bulls & Parolee’s” is proof that “anything is possible if you believe from the heart.” LM: As a fellow advocate I say... Keep up the good work Mikey! May the UnderDog rise and May the Force be with you!

“Mikey D.” Michael Dinco Creator / Producer / Composer “Imagination is more important than knowledge”— A.E. IMDB: LINKEDIN: Visit the Slave to the Slobber online shop:


lick - featured photographer

Oliver & Mike -

A Mascot & His Photographer Mike Ruiz is the gorgeous Canadian photographer, director, creative director, model, TV personality, and actor known for his cutting edge brand of celebrity and fashion photography. Mike has worked with everyone from Dennis Hopper to Kim Kardashian, Katy Perry and Betty White. He has also created for major brands like L’Oreal, Shick and Garnier to name a few. His work has been featured in the pages of Vogue, Elle, Vanity Fair, Interview Magazine and many more. But the most important and impressive work Mike does in “our opinion” is his work as an advocate and humanitarian who has “devoted his life to bettering the world.” Mike has worked for dozens of important causes and is also an Advocate for Pit Bulls and for “Bullies and Buddies” the LA Pit Bull Rescue organization where he rescued his handsome black Pit Bull “Oliver.” Oliver is Lick Magazine’s Mascot and Special Pet Cover this edition. “Bullies and Buddies” is also showcased in this issue and we have included a few of Mike’s photos with his favorite boy “Oliver” as well. Lucky Dog!! Please Consider Rescuing. What a difference love and a great home can make! Not only will you rescue a dog but most undoubtedly they will Rescue You!


Special Thanks Oliver Ruiz Lick Mascot

photography: Mike Ruiz - Oliver’s Daddy


lick - featured event

Canine Companions for Independence

Canine Companions for Independence held a “Haute Dog/LA” Doggie Runway Fashion Show and Cocktail party at the Los Angeles, Ca. “Skirball Cultural Center” with renowned actor/writer/director David Arquette and his Emmy Award winning journalist wife Christina Arquette as “Special Guests” with comedian Kate Luhr and solo performer JP Karliak as hosts. Psychic Candi Cane Cooper was also in attendance. “Canine Companions for independence” provides highly trained assistance dogs and ongoing support to children, adults and veterans with disabilities. Visit them at: or call: 1800-572-2275.


lick pet person - jennifer rosen

Bullies ^& Buddies We are a foster based rescue and we rely solely on volunteers and donors to keep our doors open. We encourage you to join us on our mission and help make a difference to a dog in need. LM: The beautiful illustration of the dog in the sailor hat on the website.. is that “just” a beautiful Image or does the dog in the illustration represent a Bullie that was extra special in your life?

JR: We wanted it to be cute and vintage, soft and easy –

approachable…just like the breed actually is. We chose to feature a Pit Bull because they need our help the most, but our rescue will save any dog, any breed.

Lick Magazine: Why did you start Bullies and Buddies?

Jennifer Rosen: I lost my beloved Pit Bull at the young

age of 6 due to vet malpractice and I wanted to carry on her legacy. I started out rescuing just one dog. It was then that I realized how misunderstood the Pit Bull breed was and how many were in the shelters and being euthanized, abused and neglected. We started with one dog and that blossomed into something bigger and better. We started gathering a team of volunteers. We became an official 501c3 non-profit. We started hosting public adoption events and speaking up and educating about the breed and the importance of spaying/ neutering for all dogs. LM: What is the mission of your rescue?

JR: To rescue. At Bullies and Buddies we are dedicated to

rescuing, rehabilitating and re-homing bullies and other buddy breeds in Southern California. Through love, training and patience we have come to know and love each and every dog we’ve rescued as if they were ours. They’re all little angels and we want them to succeed. For this reason, we pledge to never take on more dogs than we can properly care for.

LM: You might know that Fashion and Celebrity Photographer extraordinaire-- “Mike Ruiz” was kind enough to share the amazing shot of “his” Pit Bull “Oliver” for “Lick Magazine’s” mascot. Can you tell me about “Oliver”?

JR: Oliver was surrendered to the Orange County Shelter.

He was a total mess – super sick and emaciated and he was a black pittie so his chances of getting out were even MORE slim. We had to save him. We found a sponsor to pay his pull fees and also help pay for his medical and he became a Bullies and Buddies rescue. Mike saw one of our posts about him, met Oliver and instantly fell in love. He has been a great ambassador of the breed.
 LM: Where did Oliver come from and how did he get to be Mike’s special pet? I know Zizi Zarkadas (the photo agent was/is involved with your rescue and has also represented Mike. Was she the magic factor?

JR: Yes, Mike found us through Zizi. He came to several

events prior to support us. He is such a great advocate for the breed! Oliver got the most amazing home!

 LM: I have to tell you; I have used and loved
Mike’s photo of Oliver from the moment I started, because it spoke to me. It is so beautiful.
I had no idea at the time that it would lead me

Pit Bull Rescue

by Barbara Jayne


into an “awareness” of what the Pit Bull is going through as a Breed (and it’s really not a Breed as many mixes are considered “Pits”).

The Pit Bull started as a hero dog in the American military. It had a great reputation with children and now it has been “advertised” by negative media as a monster dog. It seems tragically unfair to me.

I am shocked at the idea of euthanizing
animals based on their “look” or an “ assumed breed affiliation.” Yet this seems to be occurring (BSL/ Breed Specific Legislation) and it is occurring in “civilized,” “educated” places like Montreal and Florida.

What have we left out re: Pit Bull rescue in particular that is important for us to address?

JR: People need to really do their research on the type of

dog they adopt – this breed is not for everybody. They are working dogs, they want to please, they are loyal, great with kids and other dogs, but they to be properly socialized and given the right tools to be an ambassador of the breed. In rescue that’s why we are so diligent about adoption applications, home checks and recommending the best match for your home. We know our dogs so well and we get to know you. We pride ourselves on finding great matches for both the family and the dog. It’s the only way the adoption will be successful. And if you can’t adopt, consider FOSTERING. So many dogs are destroyed every day. Our inbox is filled each day with urgent requests, stories of abuse … it’s incredibly sad. We are foster based which literally means fostering saves lives. The more fosters we have, the more dogs we can rescue. And if you can’t adopt or foster, please consider making a tax deductible DONATION. We try to save those who need us most, which usually means they need special medical attention because they were neglected. Bills add up fast! We also have a Monthly Angel program – you can sign up to give monthly. Even $10/month makes a huge difference! Learn more about adoption, fostering and donating on our web site We are also on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and YouTube.

LM: What are your thoughts on BSL how do we turn this witch hunt trend around?

JR: It’s absolutely wrong. It’s not the breed – it’s the individual dog. This breed is being discriminated against and we are always supporting petitions against BSL. It’s a constant battle and it blows our mind. There are so many innocent, amazing dogs who lose their lives due to BSL – no other reason. It’s so sad. Education is key. We all need to continue to show how amazing this breed is by sharing their stories and speaking up for them. 

 LM: Tell us from your professional perspective what can we as individuals and those of us in the media do to turn this incredible discrimination around.

JR: Continue to educate. Share posts about Pit Bulls who need homes as well as the amazing stories about Pit Bulls. It’s a privilege to adopt this breed.


lick - pet events

Strut Your Mutt


The Pet Scene

by Carmen Diaz

STRUT YOUR MUTT This event is presented by BOBS from SKECHERS. STRUT YOUR MUTT is one of the biggest non profit fundraising events of the year! Homeless pets in Los Angeles wagged their tails in excitement as 3600 people strutted almost 2700 dogs raising an estimated $560,000. to save animals lives this year!! Strut to Save Lives! WOOFSTOCK 90210, Beverly Hills, Ca. - The most beloved pet extravaganza of the year was held at Roxbury Park’s “Wiggly field.” Over 120 dogs and cats were available for adoption. Festivities included: pet parades, dog demonstrations and the presence of 50 pet related vendors. “Anakin Skywalker”-- my beautiful little girl won the Woofstock prize of the pet parade dressed in an outfit exclusively made by JAMES & DIAZ COUTURE For DOGS! LA FASHION WEEK: Designer Anthony Rubio “Canine Couture and Women’s Wear- Dog Runway Show” ‘where humans are the accessories’! presented the first full Canine Couture Show escorted by human models. Anakin did the runway!!

LA Fashion Week Event


lick pet person RACHEL CAIN and DANIEL DICRISCIO When you think of a woman today being front and center, the President of a legendary music label, legendary recording artist, and an international personality, one woman I know comes to mind — Rachael Cain aka “Screamin Rachael.” This tiny powerhouse business dynamo doesn’t let anything get in her way and if she sets her sights on something she wants, she will move mountains. Rachael, born & currently residing in Chicago, also known as “Screamin Rachael” to her music fans and dubbed “The Queen of House Music” by Billboard Magazine, is the President of the legendary House Music label Trax Records. Trax was the first label to introduce House Music to the masses and Rachael was the first ever house music artist to be signed to a label. Trax was created in 1983 and is still a leading force in the music biz today. Rachael is also an in demand nightclub DJ and has performed (singing) internationally, even for Grace Jones’ birthday. She attended Lee Strasberg to study acting. The stage is her favorite place though she has also hosted and produced events for a variety of celebrities and superstars including: Bill Clinton, Tony Bennett, Ivana Trump, Robert Indiana, Grace Jones, John Leguizamo, The United Nations, and a private event limited to one hundred guests, for The Rolling Stones, to name a few. Rachael’s rise in the music business has led to her appearances in movies such as Vamp Bikers Tres (I co-star in this movie, too), Documentaries (Glory Days, etc), TV shows and more. Rachael had her own TV show in NYC. The one thing I learned that Rachael really loves her dog, Mr Big. She and her husband love love love “Big” and it shows. She is also the proud loving owner of 2 cats. I was with Rachael recently in LA and we went to The Grove and Farmers Market to stroll, shop, chat and grab a bite after we had an amazing time the night before at an event for Trax on the Rooftop of the Ace Hotel in downtown LA. Picture it, Rachael and I behind the DJ Booth, singing to the crowd! On our stroll through The Farmers Market, Rachael saw the store “The Dog Bakery” and she wanted to go in & shop for

Mr Big. She told me so many sweet stories about “Big” and her previous precious cat who had passed away years ago as we shopped. I quickly saw the love pouring out from her and said “Rachael, you must be my next ‘Animal Chat!’ and she accepted with a smile.” I am a recording artist on her label Trax, as well. Rachael approached me to be an artist with Trax last year when I was in NYC at the premiere of “Vamp Bikers Tres” on the red carpet. She has also introduced me at my NYC shows recently at Outrage and Lovecraft (a benefit for the homeless of NYC).

Animal Chat Rachael being such an animal lover was the thing that really sealed “the deal” with me. I “animal chatted” with Rachael during appetizers and drinks at Mixology after our shopping and she showed me so many adorable pics of her baby, Mr Big, and shared some amazing stories. Rachael is a toughy in business but a softy when it comes to her dog..and I like that!

DD: Did you have any pets while growing up, what kind? Was your family into pets? I also know your husband likes pets!

RC: I had pets growing up; aquariums with Angel Fish, a pet

fish Oscar, birds, Willy a Boxer, my first dog, Cleo a Cocker Spaniel, and Molly a Silky Terrier. I had a working mom who supported my love of animals and I dreamed of going to Africa and working on a game preserve. I also loved dog shows and won some Junior Handler Awards with my Silky Terrier. I’m sure that if I wasn’t in the entertainment industry I would be working with animals. My husband Mark loves Mr. Big our Yorkshire Terrier, but never try to call Big a pet, Mark feels he’s our equal and better than a lot of people. I donate to animal organizations and have done animal rescue whenever I see an animal in need. I love all animals large and small and try to be vegan, though I admit I’m not perfect.

DD: Do you consider yourself more of a dog person, cat person, or both? And why?

RC: I didn’t have a cat growing up because my grandmother was not a cat person. I am seriously into cats.

As soon as I was on my own, I rescued a kitten. The love of my life was my cat Boss, she lived to be about 20 and was the official Trax Warehouse Cat. Right now, I have 2 cats both are female (Mayweather and Tigger) so I am definitely both. When Boss passed away, I decided to add a new dynamic to our family so I decided to get a puppy.

DD: How did you and Mr Big find each other and what kind of breed is he? And how did you come up with that name?

RC: You can never replace a pet that has passed on because

just like people they all have their own distinctive personalities. But I wanted another family member and I thought a frisky puppy might bring a smile to my face again. When I was young and showed my Silky, I studied all the breeds, in my treasured AKC book and I can still name a lot of them… I always wanted a Yorkshire Terrier, but my mom felt that breed was too delicate for a child. Now as an adult, I decided to begin my search. At the time I was living in New Orleans and could not find one locally. I searched the Internet and found a breeder whose credentials I checked thoroughly. There were pictures on line and I fell in love with the puppy who had the most mischievous look and the biggest erect ears! I love the TV program “Sex and the City” and Mr. Big’s character was so classy and debonair and My Mr. Big has such a gigantic personality and similar attributes. So Mr. Big arrived by plane and it was love at first sight. About 2 weeks after he arrived, I had to perform in Amsterdam and left Big with my husband Mark, who was not happy about getting a dog let alone a small one. Now they are inseparable! Don’t get me wrong, but Big is a lady’s man so he loves me just as much… but no doubt he and Mark have a special bond. My husband is a big guy and former Bull Rider; nobody ever even thinks about saying a word about his dog! Big likes to be photographed and since I’m his official photographer I am not in many of the photos! He really is a cute little show off!


other outlets starting around June. It’s campy fun horror sort of like John Waters meets Ed Woods! Daniel don’t you agree, you are in VB’s, too! If you love House Music you can always find our new projects everywhere, Spotify, ITunes etc. Up right now is critically acclaimed Acid Trax 30. My new album is in the works and so is the first official Trax Tour which can be booked through the agency MN2S. If anyone is interested in doing benefits to help animals be sure to contact me as I’d love to perform and be a part of it. Lastly I want to say Please Donate to help animals and always look to rescue an animal in need.

DD: Any opinion on Pit Bulls being misinterpreted by the bad rap they’ve been receiving making people afraid of them and more?

RC: I love Pit Bulls and am extremely sorry that they get a bad

DD: Do you consider Mr Big a family member, your child, or? RC: Mr. Big is definitely a family member and extremely spoiled! Unfortunately, he is not fond of the cats but Mayweather and Tigger put up with him and jump higher and run faster…

If anyone reading this has suggestions about this problem, please let me know. All the pets are equal in mama’s eyes but they all want to be the alpha!

DD: Do you have any advice to someone who is thinking of

rap. I have a family member with a Pit Bull and that dog has always been wonderful with children. Unfortunately, there are a lot of cruel people that get these dogs because they want them to fight. I wish laws were much stricter on anyone involved in animal cruelty and fighting. Sometimes a Pit Bull who has been subjected to cruelty may snap and they need a patient person to work with them. It is unbelievable to me that one small incident sometimes causes a dog to lose its life. Some dogs regardless of breed need a second chance. I believe love conquers all especially with animals. This Great Breed has a Big Heart and a Lot of Love to Give. We need to create more Awareness and more Advocacy for Pit Bulls!

getting a pet from your experience as a pet owner? Any pet peeves you have seen other pet owners do?

RC: Daniel, my advice to anyone who is thinking of getting a

pet is “they are yours for life.” Through the good times and the bad they will be dedicated to you so you must do the same for them. Think about what size and type of dog, cat or other animal will work best for your family. Though I didn’t adopt my dog but I adopted my cats. So many animals need homes so I recommend adoption. My pet peeve is the fact that there are people who simply toss their pets out, give them away or even put perfectly well animals to sleep. If there are extenuating circumstances that force you to give up a pet, please seek out “no kill” shelters. There are no bad animal’s only bad owners.

DD: What’s Rachael up to these days, upcoming projects etc? RC: I have a lot of exciting projects going on and I hope

that you Daniel, will be a part of them. As an artist on Trax I look forward to performing and working with you! Please let everyone know that we are having a Trax Records House Party every last Sunday of the month at the Downtown Ace Hotel in Los Angeles starting in January from 6pm to 2am. I’ve also just got a 3 picture distribution deal with Sony Orchard for the films “Vamp Bikers” 1, 2, and 3. I’m really excited about that because I am acting in all the movies and Trax Records is providing all the music. Look for the series on Netflix and

Rachael’s Website: Daniel’s Website:

The K9 Emergency Response Button™

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“Smart Dialer” Technology keeps calling until a live person answers Easily activated by most trainable pets and young children System compatible with both landline & cellular* phones Great for RV living, works anywhere with cellular service*

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lick pick - books

Animal Lover reveals that the love shared with our pets is everlasting, existing far beyond the physical realm. Animals come to teach us, protect us, make us laugh, give us companionship, among other things. They do not come randomly into our lives. After reading Animal Lover, you will believe in magic again. AVAILABLE ON AMAZON

STUBBY THE DOG SOLDIER by Blake Hoena (Author) & Oliver Hurst (Illustrator)

A stray dog named Stubby braves the World War I battlefields alongside Private J. Robert Conroy. See the story unfold as this brave little canine makes a big difference in the lives of many World War I soldiers. Available on Amazon.


Available on Amazon.

During World War I, Stubby, the stump-tailed terrier, worked behind enemy lines, and gained military honors. Private Robert Conroy adopted the orphan pup while attending basic training in 1917. He never imagined that his stray dog would become a war hero.


An epic tale of how man’s best friend becomes an invaluable soldier on the front lines and in the trenches, a decorated war hero and an inspiration to a country long after the troops returned home. Available on Amazon.





cover story

“Pit Bull


by Barbara Jayne

“THANK YOU FOR AIDING US IN THE FIGHT TO HELP HOMELESS, NEGLECTED AND ABUSED ANIMALS, AND TO MAKE A HUGE DIFFERENCE FOR THE REST OF THEIR LIVES.” Getting to talk to Linda Blair is easy. She’s friendly, down to earth and kind. Her obvious passion and dedication for animals is only outdone by her incredible energy and drive as she dashes off to Chicago for a fund raiser one weekend and then to Canada the next to confront issues regarding the BSL (Breed Specific Legislation) that Pit Bulls face. Linda is a world famous actress as well as the Founder and Director of the “WorldHeart Foundation,” a Pit Bull rescue (though her arms are open to saving all breeds), located in Acton, California the same area in the high desert that fellow actress, recent Lick cover star and advocate Tippi Hedren (Melanie Griffith’s mom and Alfred Hitchcock protégé) has her “Roar Foundation” and “Shambala Preserve” for Lions, Tigers and other “Big Cats!” as they call them. I wanted to ask Linda the same question I asked Tippi. “How did you get from Acting to Acton?” but I never got to ask... Trying to keep Linda in one place long enough for a chat is a feat! Linda is one of the busiest people. Her rescues understandably come first (WHF has a 100 dog kennel lease which is filled to capacity at any given time). She deals personally with every new dog WorldHeart is in the process of taking out of the Shelter system and into the safety of the sanctuary and into her care. She is the concerned “mom” for every dog at her renowned “WorldHeart Foundation.” Just in the course of our first few conversations she rescued a number of dogs that needed immediate surgery.

photography by: Christopher Ameruoso

Of course, I figured acting had been her first love since she started when she was just a child, but I was surprised to find out that it was the other way around.


As a child, Linda Blair was raised in Westport, Connecticut and dreamed of becoming a “veterinarian.” She went to public school, while working in New York City as a model doing TV commercials starting at the young age of six! And her mom Eleanor, promised Linda that if she saved her money she could someday go to the school she chose and become a “Doctor to the Animals” as Linda called it. Linda did more in her childhood than most people accomplish in a lifetime. She had a successful modeling career and was featured in the “New York Times Magazine,” “Sears and Roebuck” (whose gigantic print catalogue could be found in almost every home in the US in those days), and many other prestigious magazines and catalogues for numerous advertising campaigns. She did over 75 TV commercials and planned for her retirement after making a few movies and soap operas. When Linda was just 12, the number one novel in the world called “The Exorcist,” was casting for the lead child role. Her mother told Linda they had the opportunity to try out for the role. The two of them discussed the details and set up a meeting with casting director Juliette Taylor in New York City. It was a match! Within a week, Linda met with the Academy Award winning director Billy Friedkin. The next three months were set into motion preparing for the film. From reading the book, discussions with Eleanor and Linda, acting out parts, make up tests, etc. The time passed quickly. Four months later Linda was cast in the demanding lead child role of “The Exorcist” and a Hollywood legend and cult icon was born. The film took a year and a half to make and Eleanor provided the stability needed for her daughter to shine in one of Hollywood’s Landmark films of all time. Linda got to ride her horses on the weekends. She raised a chicken and rooster as a school science project, so animals were always a part of her life. After “The Exorcist” was released, Linda was launched into the extreme controversy created by the unique content of the film. She made media appearances around the world just so people could see that she was normal. Linda was still “Linda”! After being nominated for an Academy Award, Golden Globe and People’s Choice Awards, Linda was cast in “Airport 75” with an incredible cast including: Charlton Heston, Gloria Swanson, George Kennedy, Karen Black, Myrna Loy, Helen Reddy, Dana Andrews, Sid Caesar and other amazing stars! At the same time, “new television” was blooming and the first television movie ever made for prime time called “Born

Innocent” was in creation and Linda Blair was cast as it’s star! It featured Linda as a runaway from child abuse and opened up a new dialogue about another controversial subject in America. A subject still very prevalent in our society and the media today. Linda was also cast in a second television movie called “Sarah T. - Portrait of a Teenage Alcoholic” directed by the now very famous Richard Donner, who went on to do the “Lethal Weapon” movies, “Superman” and many others. Some of the movies that followed included: “Victory at Entebbe,” another huge epic motion picture for television, “The Exorcist 2,” with Richard Burton, and “Stranger in Our House,” another television movie directed by the late great Director Wes Craven. But that wasn’t all... Linda went on to dance her way on roller skates in the now classic film role she played in “Ruckus” which also starred Academy Award winner Ben Johnson, Richard Farnsworth and Dirk Benedict. Linda followed her love of riding horses to add some reality, privacy and normalcy to her life after accomplishing all this by age 15. She also trained through the years with some of the Olympic Champions and worked her way to become one of the leading riders on the Circuit. Linda owned grand Champion horses, and finished her career in her early 30s. She became an amateur owner and rider from Lake Placid to South Hampton famous for shows on the Major Florida Circuit held in Palm Beach. She, like Paul Newman followed a sporting career along with their prestigious acting career’s. Linda rode under an “alias” as an athlete to pursue her dreams. But all along the way, she knew, something else tugged at her heart. She lived her life making films with her Jack Russell terrier by her side. Eventually as years past she traveled with one Jack Russell, one Whippet and one Queensland Heeler. In her 30s her Whippet fell ill to heart disease and collapsed on Linda’s movie project from two strokes. Upon completion of the movie, Linda was forced to make a decision that allowed her beloved dog to Cross Over the Rainbow Bridge peacefully. She and her Queensland Heeler “Peanut” still made the trek back and forth from Connecticut to Los Angeles or wherever the movies took her. She also traveled to Canada with the dogs and horses and made a movie called “Wild Horse Hank,” with Richard Crenna.


Linda’s mother was diagnosed with cancer in 1989 after Linda completed the movie “Repossessed” with Leslie Nielsen the comedy spoof of “The Exorcist.” She was saddened by her mother’s illness but was scheduled to perform in her next play in San Francisco with Murray Langston – The Unknown Comic. Her mother requested Linda go and they would deal with the cancer as necessary. Linda‘s first launch on to the theater world was a play on the Sunset Strip, at the Roxy Theatre, called “Woman Behind Bars,” a huge feature play that ran for years. Limited back then by the industry that felt dramatic actors could not do comedy, Murray Langston, from the “Sonny and Cher” show and the”Gong Show” saw the comedic side of Linda and they did several comedy movies together and a play in San Francisco. After the play, Linda went back to Connecticut and took care of her mother till her final passing in June of 1993. Devastated, she went to Los Angeles with her dog “Peanut” and did projects that landed deals with the major studios in both film and TV. As she waited for the projects to move forward, her dog “Peanut” suddenly fell ill on July 4, 1996 and passed away from auto immune disease. Linda found herself crying after all her loss and had a vision of animals in the shelters, that were lonely, scared, abandoned and needed help! In 1996 she called the local shelter and asked if they had any Queensland Heeler’s. They gave her the name of a Queensland Heeler Rescue and she called them immediately. They asked her to drive to San Diego to save a dog from the shelter. And she did. Upon returning to Los Angeles, she realized the dog felt as lonely and lost as she did.‑ Linda continued working on her projects with her new rescue dog, her father fell ill and she went to Florida to care for him. She then landed the role of “Rizzo” in “Grease” on Broadway and she and her rescue dog set off for New York City. Upon returning to Los Angeles she took up residence in North Hollywood and a few weeks later a big black and brindle Pit Bull followed her home. The news media has done the world wrong in recent years, putting enormous fear in everyone’s mind that Pit Bulls are all killer dogs. As she looked out of her window the big black and brindle dog, gently entered her yard with his head and tail lowered in a defeated manner. She took a chance, trusting her instinct, that what the news says is wrong and that this dog was gentle and needed help. She was right. He became

her best friend, proving the breed friendly and now her newly named best friend became her “Sunny Boy.” He brought sunshine back to her life emotionally and showed her the path to live life again. She will be forever in his debt. “Sunny Boy” taught Linda everything she needed to learn about the Pit Bull breed. And he forged a new path in her life. She moved into Burbank with her horse, rescue chickens and turkeys, and had a magical life, until the Pit Bull ban reared its ugly head in Denver, Colorado. Linda reached out to the news media around her and told the story of the Pit Bull breed and the wrongdoing that the head of the Denver City Council was proposing (to round up all the Pit Bulls and ban them from Denver, Colorado or kill them). Thousands of animals lost their lives that year. She fought with many supporters but they could not win and reverse Denver’s breed ban. Linda was heartbroken at the loss, and the killing that took place. Suddenly, Senator Jackie Spiers of California, decided to propose a Breed Ban in California as well and Linda knew if this happened in California it would be the end of the Breed. She fought tooth and nail against Jackie Spiers and all of the Anti-Pit Bull folks around the nation. They were able to win and beat the ban against the Pit Bull Staffordshire Terrier, and potential bridge ban on such breeds as German Shepherds, Rottweilers, Dobermans and so on. What they could not stop was the BSL that was put into place. The legislation that has caused so many people in the state to give up their pets unknowingly to shelters causing thousands of animals to die wrongfully. She founded her organization called the “Linda Blair WorldHeart Foundation,” due to the lack of support from the large animal groups in Sacramento. They angered her. They didn’t fight beside her and they didn’t protest the possibility that the banning of one breed could lead to the banning of many breeds. Within a month and still reeling from the months of fighting against the breed bans in Denver and California, she turned on the TV to see Hurricane Katrina making landfall in Louisiana. As she explains, she just couldn’t breeze. She had to get on a plane, although no one would go with her and she flew to Baton Rouge, Louisiana. She became temporarily licensed for search and rescue in Louisiana and set out to find the victims from the historical hurricane. This changed the course of her life forever. She was requested by the large groups to remove hundreds of animals out of the compound in Baton Rouge. Working with three other


people and cell phones, they were able to remove all the dogs with Linda taking a portion of the group and crossing into Mississippi until further transport and medical attention could be found for the animals. She said they were all dying as they were the remaining animals left in the floodwaters. She got a vet on them immediately and transported several to her rescue associates in St. Louis Missouri, where she was born. They received the emergency medical attention they needed and all survived! PetSmart Charities sent the “Rescue Wagon” and all the dogs were transported from Mississippi and Texas and finally into New Mexico. The dogs received all the medical care that they needed, as well as spay and neuter. She traveled in New Mexico until she secured a motor home and made the final drive herself into Los Angeles for Thanksgiving. Linda found a boarding facility that could take the dogs right away, and had to move them every four days due to the holiday. A few of the dogs needed heart-worm treatment, a new concept in California. She set up day pens for them to enjoy the sunshine during their treatment and they slept inside her home at night. They all survived. Her new brood of rescues sealed the deal. She bought property up in Acton, California and the “Linda Blair WorldHeart Foundation, Rescue & Wellness Center” was born on December 5th, 2006. Coming into her anniversary of 11 years in Acton, California, Linda looks back at the journey and where animal rescue and pet overpopulation stands today along with the emergency environmental crisis we are all facing at this time. Her dog “Sunny Boy” the love of her life, and his sidekick “Riley,” took her down a new road of “canines with cancer.” Losing Sunny Boy to cancer with very little help and chemotherapy that took his life within a week left her griefstricken. She begged for answers and worked with the best nutritionist when Riley was diagnosed. This prepared her for his final goodbye and educated her about cancer. The prevention she learned we can all benefit from through administering proper daily canine food choices and supplements. She’s been working with Marc Ching for many years now. He is Linda’s mentor and teacher. Marc is well known for all his animal welfare work and nutritional aid.

It is now known that the best diet you can extend to your dog consists of grain free dry and wet canned food. No white potato but sweet potato is an excellent replacement choice. There are many very good clean food companies out there and the pet stores now sell their own homemade foods around the country as well. It is important to look at the labels of the brands you buy and support. Linda feeds “Evangers” canned rabbit, duck, salmon. A great testimonial to the reliability of the brand. “WorldHeart” is one of the largest licensed dog rescues in California. Very few are aware of Linda’s hard work saving dogs weekly from all the California shelters from Los Angeles up to the San Francisco Bay area. She works with dogs with all degrees of medical needs and relies on donations for this major work to help educate on pet overpopulation and abandonment. She also educates pet owners regarding their insurance, noting that some insurance companies force people to give up their pets which is unnecessary. “If your insurance company won’t support you change companies to one that will! Do not give up your animals!” Some insurance companies exclude certain breeds. If your insurance companies policy is to exclude your breed know that you can buy “Breed Specific” Liability Insurance to properly cover you and your pet. Be prepared! Linda was raised with cats in Connecticut as a child but the dogs reached out to her after her loss of her beloved dog “Peanut,” and she has kept her word to them. As she says, she had no idea she was putting her career on hold when she entered the property in 2006 but she has stayed the course, crisscrossing the country to educate on the part of pet overpopulation, animal cruelty, puppy mills and more. “Today,” she says “we are in the biggest pet overpopulation crisis in history.” Linda constantly puts out information on Emergency Evacuation that was taught to her by the famous Gretchen Wyler (who died from cancer a few years back). Gretchen, was known for her amazing TV show “The Genesis Of Words.” Linda says all of her mentors have passed away and she now feels like she is the “Grandma of all Rescue.” Every grandmother should be this beautiful inside and out! Linda is proactive in the important work of animal rescue, fighting to get spay and neuter affordable to all, cutting down on veterinary costs to save our animals, proper feeding protocol and getting rid of the junk food that causes our animals to be sick. When people are faced with the life and death of their pets they are devastated, but many times do not have the funds to keep them alive. She doesn’t feel this needs to happen. We can do better for the angels on earth that are our best friends.


She’s hoping that more folks become aware of her important work and her dogs that are available for adoption. “The dogs at WorldHeart are amazing and really have the capacity to change peoples lives with their love.” Linda doesn’t just rescue “Pit Bulls.” She rescues All breeds from Poodles to Pit Bulls. She is non-breed-specific from the small breeds to the large breed dogs that are given such a controversial path to survival. Linda Blair is the grandmother in the campaign and war against Pit Bull fighting, taking on the protection of the breed by making radio and television appearances nationwide to discuss the controversy and fear that was instilled in America by the press and Pit Bull haters. The campaign and fight to turn the situation around on Pit Bulls has been exhausting for her, but she feels her efforts have been worthwhile since so many people are now realizing that Pit Bulls are amazing. She knows that her fight in Sacramento to stop the Ban was successful against what would have been the tragic end of this amazing breed of dog in our country. Donations are needed for Linda to continue this incredible work. Many sponsors follow the large organizations and forget about the important work that so many others are doing across the country.

This Holiday Season while you are considering giving a gift, consider the non profits to support with donations. Please look at this wonderful woman’s work and help the plight of animals. Animals are our best friends. They are there through thick and thin. Small and large. All they need is good people to look out for them and be their voice. There are so many people that should not be allowed to have pets and Linda still feels that licensing people to have the responsibility and accountability to have a companion animal is necessary. This is a law she would like to put into place. It would make an enormous impact against animal cruelty. If you would like to support Linda Blair and the “WorldHeart Foundation” Please Visit Her Website at: Facebook/LindaBlairWorldHeartFoundation Instagram & Twitter @LindaBlairWF Her fans follow her on Real Linda Blair Please make a generous donation and follow Linda Blair’s work. It might just save Your Dog’s Life!


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Hoki is only found around the coast of New Zealand, and it is also a world first species on the MSC (Marine Stewardship Council) stage https:// about/ for sustainability. This interested Newflands as an environmentally conscious company. To date, the Newflands brand extracts the Hoki oil from the livers and flesh of the Hoki fish and freeze-dries them in treat form. Now, in a world first they are utilizing the rest of the Hoki to make a wonderful gravy that is strong to the taste (it tastes like fresh mussels plucked from the sea). This new product has been made possible with the collaboration of other companies and a good period of time to perfect the recipe.

Newflands continues to have products under development, and when the time is right, will bring them to market. Every product Newflands has brought to market to date has its own conception story, where a furbaby needed help and they were able to pitch in by designing and making a product that works to enhance the quality of the pets life. Newflands launched “Hoki Gravy” this fall, giving people at the Auckland Pet Expo the opportunity to try the product for themselves. Newflands’ mission is to create healthy products that benefit the lives of people and their pets.

Bella & Beau charms and beads are created from a funny, sweet doggie perspective. These are more than functional collars. They hold memories. Every shiny bead that you add to the quality leather collar is another chance to tell your story. Call them at 612-567-2020 or visit their website:


SHELTER & FASHIO ICON Amazing stories start in shelters and rescues. Adopt today to start yours. TOAST 325K+ Instagram Followers



lick - fashion

Pet Runway

GGirl Productions - “Charlotte Event”

Masquerade Ball

photography by: Erin L. Clark


Brooklyn Hooper and her Yorkie, Faith 89

Magazine ®

“Covers 4 A Cause”

photo: Erin L. Clark

Kathleen Jennings & Autumn Best Theme Design Costume Winners Magnolia Masquerade Ball


Magazine ®

“Covers 4 A Cause”

Celeste and Oliver, His Royal Majesty Magnolia Masquerade Ball Winners

photo: Erin L. Clark

Marilyn Anders - Her Royal Highness of the Magnolia Masquerade Ball with Chloe Bell

Magazine ®

“Covers 4 A Cause”

“Congratulations” Kathi Welch & Lucy Magnolia Masquerade Ball Second Heir Winners IG: @@lucyandholly__atlgirlzclub

photo: Erin L. Clark



photo: Erin L. Clark

“Special Thanks” Holly Welch

Magnolia Masquerade Ball IG: @@lucyandholly__atlgirlzclub


“Covers 4 A Cause”

photo: Erin L. Clark

“Congratulations” LucyWelch

Magnolia Masquerade Ball Second Heir Winner IG: @lucyandholly__atlgirlzclub


lick - pet fashion designer

Janice Craig “Belle Diva Couture�

Janice Craig has been doing couture pet fashion for the last 6 years in addition to her residential interior design business. Years of training and work in the interior design field have provided her with a wide knowledge of how to use color, fabrics, and ornament effectively whether in homes or in designing couture pet fashions. Also the ability to visualize a finished design is very important as most garments require pattern making and being able to figure out how a dress or jacket will lay on a 4-legged furbaby when finished. She is very thankful for those many years of design experience.

See more of Janice’s fashions at:

Magazine “Covers 4 A Cause”



Barbara Merrifield & Zoey ‘First Heir to the Throne’ Winner photo: Erin L. Clark


lick - pet fashion pix "On the Runway Coast to Coast"

Amy Cox, the Original Pet Fashionista!


Magazine ®

“Covers 4 A Cause”

photos: Erin L. Clark

“Special Thanks”

Andria and Belle - Designer, Danielle Pursel Braydan and Lulu -Designer, Julie Lancaster Brooklyn and Faith - Designer, Lori Nufer

Magnolia Masquerade Ball

Laura Gianna - with Magnolia Masquerade Ball trophies 103

Magazine ®

“Covers 4 A Cause”

photo: Diane Murray

“Congratulations” Diane & Sparkles Magnolia Masquerade Ball Floozy Competition Winner

Custom Dress Design by Belle Diva Couture

IG: @ sparklesthediva


lick - pet rescue

The Lovejoy Foundation Lick Magazine: How did you get involved with animals and why or how did you end up centering on rescue work with the Pit Bull breed specifically.

Lovejoy Foundation: I have had a passion for animals my

whole life and have always done some rescuing throughout the years. But 7 years ago I was inspired driving down a street in the South Bay and I said to myself, I am going to build a non profit dog rescue here. There was a dog at the time that had come into my life and started the process. His name was “Sam” and his entering my life at the time set the momentum of movement which has propelled me to where I am today. That one dog touched my life so deeply in so many ways I just could never have imagined. I learned so much with Sam. His presence was invaluable. Sam was a pit mix, brindle, medium size and a total love. Once I placed Sam, another dog came into my life and she was a blue nose named “Gracie.” She also taught me so much. I was so deeply touched by the presence of these two dogs I came up with our tag line which is “Touching lives one animal at a time.” These dogs touched my life. I touched the lives of the adopter and then we touched the lives of the dogs with their successful adoptions. Everything we started back in April 2010 just propelled and gained incredible momentum. The Lovejoy

Foundation took on a life of its own. I realized I was so lucky to be part of the ride. These two Pit Bulls were so impacting on my life and this project. But we did not set out to be a “Bully Breed Rescue.” We always wanted to take in all breeds and sizes. We even rescued kitties for a year. We are strong advocates for the breed and all animals as well. We place many of the litter puppies from the pregnant moms that come to us from the streets. This is the biggest impact we make on the breed. We adopt to ensure success for the lifetime of the pitty pup in each home. LM: What is the mission of the “Lovejoy Foundation” and what sets your non-profit apart from others doing the same wonderful work to save pets?

LF: Our mission is to focus on the

“street dogs” and offer owners an “alternate solution” to the shelter system. Being a “no kill” organization we can ensure the rescues we accept into our program will be kept in the best care and loved while in our hands until their forever loving home is found. We are not pulling the dogs from the shelters, we are keeping them from ever ending up there and so we have had a huge impact on the shelter intakes and that is how we strive to make a large dent in the over population of dogs and puppies being euthanized in the shelters. We hold a small niche in this rescue community since we are a street dog rescue. This of course sets us apart and we support the community and the over population greatly but in a different way than most.

photography by: Onnie Hull


Lovejoy is very hands on with each adopter from the beginning. We offer support once the dog or puppy end up in the hands of their new family. We encourage clients to lean on us for questions and support “always.” In the beginning of the adoption process there is much hand holding in the first few weeks as people are finding their way and we give two hours of free in home training as a part of the adoption with one of our professional trainers on staff. We also educate heavily at the time of the interview, often gearing potential adopters to a better fit than what they initially came for or fell in love with while at one of our weekend events. We are all about the “best fit” for the potential adopter, matching the needs of the adopted dog or puppy. If we cannot make a match then we do “not” adopt. Lovejoy holds adoption events every Saturday and Sunday which is not common for most. Since we are consistently out showing our dogs our adoptions are very much word of mouth. We use all social media platforms to get the word out about our new rescues and current rescues. Facebook has been a huge platform which I used to really build this whole “Lovejoy” community from its birth.

Lovejoy Foundation supports young volunteers coming through our weekend events 13 years and up allowing them to volunteer for their school community service hours. We have had more than 7,000 kids come through in the past seven years, finding a purpose and being a part of something beyond themselves. I have personally witnessed these kids transform from fearful and shy into confident, self starting kids. Many have stayed from age 13 onto going off to college, going after Veterinary degrees or wanting to start their own rescue. This program has been amazing and something I am very proud of. LM: How long have you been doing this and what has “changed “ over the course of your years in the industry. For the better? and for the worse?

LF: The Birth of the Foundation was in April 2010 so

we are rounding the end of our seventh year. We have saved 5000 dogs to date from the onset from entering the shelter systems. I started out with the goal of a sanctuary. Each step of the way has led me to the next. Each step is a stepping stone onto the next. It has been “magical” and it has been hard. This is not work that you get paid for in dollars and cents but through love and appreciation of the

dogs and puppies we saved, and the love and appreciation of the adopter and the love and appreciation of the owners we have been able to help that needed help to re-home for one reason or another along the way. This is what keeps me going every day. I feel when you are where you are supposed to be in your life, things just flow naturally and systematically at the same time. I see beauty and pain in everything doing this work and the beauty overcomes the pain and so you just keep going.

haters but thankfully we have been able to built year after year to do more and help more because of the advice I strictly have followed.

As far as how the industry as a whole has changed since I started... I would have to say that I was very lucky to have an amazing mentor and that at the beginning of it all I was told to keep my head down and save only what I could. Don’t ask any other rescues to take your problems on and know your limits. This was the best advice, as I came from a sales and marketing career. I would have used all my networking skills to connect with anyone else that was in this industry, not knowing that there are many that should not be in this industry or many who are in it for the wrong reasons.

I have always worked from the stand point of “full transparency” and that is how it will always be.

It has to be about “the dogs,”always. I followed that advice and it has kept me and the Lovejoy Foundation out of harms way. It is a very narcissistic industry and alot of the players are not kind. I knew with the success we had there would be

I think the social media platforms allow anyone to represent themselves as a rescuer and that part is scary when you hear the horror stories of high pledges for a red listed dog in the shelter system taking the money and then no accountability for where that dog went or where it is presently.

LM: How can we turn the misrepresentation of the breed around. Can we? LF: Well, what I know is that this breed is not for the first

time dog owner. It is not for the person who wants just a watch dog and leave it in the back yard alone. This breed is not for the person who is looking to be scary and rough by owning the breed. I feel the perception of this breed is about this breed ending up in the wrong hands, with people who are not educated about their needs and how to have them grow from puppies


to adults. When I am adopting out any Pit or Bully Breed that is an adult I am usually having to train out the bad things that happened prior to coming into my hands. The interested parties are usually not the homes I would trust to have a dog who has been rehabilitated. They do not have the experience so I do not place alot of large adult pitties in my care, but when I do it is magic all the way and true success stories. But those adopters are few and far between. When I adopt our bully puppies, I make sure the families or individuals are educated about how to be successful. If I feel these are not things that the individuals are willing to step up to and follow through, they will not be adopting from Lovejoy. I am responsible for the perception of the breed with my potential adopters.

Lick mag. Thank you for this by the way. But on a bigger scope, we do not have big funding behind us, we are a large organization in the accomplishments arena through the dogs and puppies saved and the things we have brought to the communities and families we have helped. But since we are not a rescue that gets on social media platforms asking for help when we have parvo or a broken leg or needing an acl surgery we do not pull on the heart strings of the community. I was just raised that is in bad taste. But I know I have shot myself in the foot because I have not reached out to people, the public. Our followers think we are doing just fine and are staying afloat. We need more support financially. I need more people to know what we are doing and to know we need help. We rely on adoptions alone to support the organization. This is a hard way to survive. But we always do.

We sometimes are able to settle people down about what’s been played out in the media and sometimes we are not. I think mass education about the breed to young people would have an impact but we are all trying to make more awareness about rescue over breeding and that is a huge hurdle in itself. I am so very careful placing my pits because I know if it is not the right fit that dog will be returned with behavioral issues because that party ruined the dog due to lack of education about how to be a good bully breed owner. I place many many pitty pups, I screen and educate to the hilt and I am in close contact with each and everyone of the adopters to ensure they are socializing with humans big and small, training with boundaries and lots of socialization with other dogs big and small from once fully vaccinated as a puppy to adulthood and beyond. But this is not just the bully breeds there are many other breeds that need exactly the same type of foundation laid to be successful.

LM: Would you like to add Anything that you deem important to mention in this dialogue.

It is just bully’s that seem to end up with a “bad rap” over and over again. And it usually goes bad due to inexperienced and uneducated owners. One of the biggest mistakes dog owners make is never taking the dog away from the home, never walking, never meeting strangers or other dogs on a walk or going to a group class with other dogs and especially not properly exercising their dogs. These are all key components in raising successful dogs.

We want to do shot and micro chip clinics once a week at the Clubhouse open to the public. We want to offer one sponsorship a week to a family in need for their dog: shots, deworming, micro chip, spay or neuter. Right now we can only support this idea once a month.

LM: What can we do to help?

LF: I think more people who make the effort to educate the

public on a large platform about the bully breeds would help continue the movement already put in place but not yet wide spread. If you are asking about how to help us, then I would say just a huge thank you for even thinking to feature us in your

LF: Two years ago we moved into our facility we call The Clubhouse. This was the goal I was creating at the beginning. It is not a sanctuary but it is a place where we are able to do what I set out to do and that is to have every rescue in our care to have the best quality of life with us for however long that may be.

We are about “that” and are not a walk through shelter. We show our dogs outside our facility on the weekends Saturday and Sunday from 11am to 5pm, rain or shine. We offer boarding, grooming, day care and dog swim to our Lovejoy adopters to help support them and us. We were so blessed to find this property and to be able to take The Lovejoy Foundation in a whole new direction.

We have so much more to do and so many more dogs to save and so many more to help. We are just held back by lack of financial support. You can contact the LovejoyFoundation at:


lick - pet reality

photography: Kevin Watkins

Rob & Heidi “R” World Rob Sayegh is the owner of “R World Media,” creator of the Rincon Award-Winning Short Film, “Beyond the Rush” and proprietor of the Greenwich St. Tavern in NYC. He is also a partner in Salmon Sky Media Group with dynamo Heidi Segal (who is unstoppable except for run-in’s with her kitten) and Emmy Award-winning Director Kevin McCafferty. Rob is also the man behind the upcoming pet reality show slated to take America by storm “Fantabulous FurBabies” starring that amazing Pet Fashionista, Laura Gianna from “G Girl” as the “lead dog.” Lick Magazine: Rob, you have a lot going on!

Rob: Yeah. I’m sort of a multi-tasker and I get bored easily. If I leave my brain to think too much, I start to lose it. It’s not a good thing for my mind to be at rest. The bad thing about it is when I want to shut it off to go to sleep. It’s hard to do.

LM: How did you start on the path of story telling in the written word moving into a natural progression of TV and film?

RS: I’ve really always loved to create. I remember

running around my neighborhood in Brooklyn as a little kid with friends pretending we were in a movie or a foreign land, making things up, hunting


for treasures, etc. My mother would tell me that when I was really little, she’d hear me talking to someone and when she’d come down stairs, I’d be under the covers with my two hands in the air talking to each other. What do they say, “There’s a fine line between being creative and just being downright insane.” LOL. In 3rd grade I invented a fictitious Italian Restaurant called Capadioni’s. I made the menu, and prices and even drew a little sketch of what the restaurant would look like. I was either 7 or 8. I also made up a couple of games for Atari (on paper) and sent them to the company to see if I could get one made. Instead, I got a nice thank you note – and I swear to God to this day that my game came out a year or two later. I had always loved to write. Funny thing was my English scores were much lower than my Math scores on the SATs. I had to train myself to work harder to become a better writer. I remember writing down words that I didn’t understand in books I read, looking up their definitions and studying them all the time. Luckily, one of the most influential teachers I have ever had in my life is now a famous author by the name of “Thomas Cook.” In his 7th grade class I learned so much about the English language. I came to love telling stories through my own words more than at any other time in my life. Thomas was the basis for my grammatical knowledge. He helped me to discover I had something – a passion for writing. I started as a novelist, finishing my first manuscript when I was 21. And my second novel at 25. I just thought I’d write books, then make them into movies, and so on and so on. If it only worked like that. My first manuscript still sits there 22 years later waiting to be published. The crazy thing is it will be, and it will be made into a feature film. I feel confident saying that now that we (Heidi Segal, Kevin McCafferty and myself ) formed Salmon Sky Media Group (an independent film and television production company). We are on the right path to producing high-quality, entertaining independent films and television series with global appeal. LM: How did you meet your Salmon Sky partners, Kevin McCafferty and Heidi Segal and how does the “Dream team” envision the “R World and Salmon Sky” slate of projects moving into 2018 together. Give us a quick tour of highlights of your top upcoming projects.

RS: I met Kevin 7 years ago through a mutual friend.

He and I hit it off right away. We immediately started producing Sizzle Reels and writing treatments for shows and began our journey of trying to sell anything to anyone – just

to get that first one picked up. Kevin is an Emmy-Award winning DP and Director and has been in the business since the mid 80’s. He was there when they turned the lights on at CNN, so having him as a friend, a mentor and a teacher really helped me on all levels of my production acumen. Heidi, I met two years ago, and I have to be honest, she’s been like an angel sent from heaven. I’ve always had a lot of great ideas, manuscripts, treatments, sizzle reels, pitches, and an award-wining short. I mean…a lot, but it wasn’t until about a year after meeting Heidi that I was able to take a lot of those great projects and put them in a format that would actually sell. I mean back when I first started pitching shows, I would literally go into meetings with an idea written in pen on a piece of paper, and we’d talk about it. I was at MTV when Bunin and Murray just worked there. Times were different to get shows picked up – the competition was a TON less. Now, you have to have a sizzle, a treatment, and a business plan, a cast, a unicorn and be able to make rainbows appear when it’s not even raining – Oh, and let’s not forget that elusive Pot of Gold!. And that’s where Heidi comes in. Besides being extremely creative herself, a great editor and someone who has single-handedly brought around 15 projects to Salmon Sky’s development slate, she can put together the best looking business plan/presentation I have ever seen. After becoming really good friends, I learned that she is Ex-Air Force and then moved on to be the Development Executive of dozens of multi-million to multi-billion dollar US Government proposals for 25+ years. Two years ago, she suddenly and impulsively changed careers; going from making a six figure salary to diving head first into the uncertain, unforgiving, high-risk, high reward or high-risk, no reward world of Film and TV Production. I thank God every day that she appeared on the scene because without her on this team, we would be nowhere near where we are today. Salmon Sky Media Group ( has 52 film and TV projects slated for production over the next 4 years, starting in 2018 with 4 films and 3 TV series (scripted and unscripted). The first film that is planned to go into production in 2018 is “Beyond the Rush” (, a feature based off the short story I wrote in high school that evolved into the short film I wrote, executive produced and cast in 2016. It won a few big awards during its festival tour, but has really been most meaningful as an inspiration for a feature. It lead me and Heidi into a friendship/business relationship that is helping shape my career future. The other films that are on our 2018 slate are “Affluenza Unleashed,” an edge-of-your-seat psychological thriller, “True Nature,” an adventure/thriller grounded in the mystery surrounding the

disappearance of D.B. Cooper, and Heidi’s NYFA Producing Conservatory thesis, “Icarus of Brooklyn,” a coming-of-age drama adapted from the published novel by Matthew Apler. Simultaneously, Salmon Sky is working a 3-picture Budapest co-production deal to produce 3 of our planned 2019 feature films: “Escape from Hell,” an action/adventure set in 666AD; “MIG,” a thriller based on a true espionage story; and “The Dividing Line,” a government conspiracy, international thriller based off my published Novel ( Our first TV series planned for production in early 2018 is “Fantabulous FurBabies,” based on the Premiere Doggie

Event Planner in the country, Laura Souza. Two TV series pilots are also planned for 2018, “EXPAT,” a dramedy set in a Caribbean marina bar in a “Cheers” meets “Californication” style, and “Halfway Inn,” a drama about the crew that runs a Halfway House and it’s ever-changing occupants - think “Dragnet” meets “Shameless.” LM: We already know you are a creative wonder boy who enjoys digging into our souls with the emotional thriller “Beyond the Rush” ..destined to become a full length feature with a rumoured cast of stars the likes of Maria Conchita Alonso, Dee Snider, Armand Assante, Luis Antonio Ramos, and Joe Reegan but how did you go from such a dark film to such a fun light and airy pet fashionista concept? “FurBabies,” “Why Pets?”


RS: To be honest, my two novels and my interests mostly

lie in government conspiracy fiction, but “Beyond the Rush” was a short story I wrote in my senior year of high school and then turned into a short in 2002. It took me the next 14 years of tinkering with it and getting the money together for things to fall into place to make it happen. As a“tortured” writer, I like the fact that I can go from place to place and hopefully tell a good story. I have always had an affinity for dogs. I grew up with them as a child, and I invented a pet product in 1999 called “Dog Water” that I manufactured, marketed and sold across the country, so these FurBabies, as Laura calls them, have always held a spot in my heart. I think you’d have to be evil incarnated to look into those gentle souls’ eyes and not say they don’t just melt your heart. LM: How did you meet G Girl owner and Pet fashionista Laura Gianna?

RS: Last spring, I received a phone call from my friend/

LM: Thank you Rob!! The feeling is mutual! Can you give us a taste of the overall concept or an upcoming sample plot?

RS: Here is our pitch: Making these Champagne events happen with a “beer budget” doesn’t come easy. It takes hard work, bartering for everything, and a team of fur-baby-loving friends and cohorts to make it all happen – all the while ensuring that Laura is able to raise enough money for the local rescues, which she makes the main part of each event. “Fantabulous FurBabies” will introduce you to a very unique cast led by an even more unique human being with a drive, passion, and heart unlike any other, and watch as her and her G Girl Dream Team traverse the roads within a doggy-dog world to make 5 star events happen with what barely amounts to enough money for a 1 star hotel room. LM: Who’s in the cast?

Director/DP, Gabe Tullier. I had just launched the new website for “R World Media” (, and he had left a message for me that he thought he had some business for us. I was like, cool, the site just went up and it’s already bringing in new clients. So I called him back, and he starts telling me about Laura and how she does all these great things for the dog rescues. She throws these elaborate events… And then he hits me with – She’s looking for someone to pitch her concept to the networks.

RS: There’s obviously Laura Souza, the Pet Fashionista,

Right there, I told Gabe I really wasn’t shooting anymore sizzles for awhile and that risk-reward in the industry is just too high these days. I really didn’t want to spend anymore money investing in shows and great concepts that went nowhere. He told me to think about it, and to just talk to her. I told him I’d think about it.

And then there is Phyliss, “the Enforcer,” Laura’s personal assistant and friend, who makes sure that Laura’s scheduling and administrative work is taken care of, as well as making sure that all of the crazy “FurBaby Mama’s” don’t cause any

A couple of days later, Gabe calls me back pushing me to at least email her. I give in and I email her. That led to a phone call, and a few weeks later I find myself with Shaun Schofield, my EP and Showrunner, in Jupiter Florida at the International Dog Event and the year’s biggest gala, “The Cotillion,” filming a sizzle and character reel of Laura and her G Girl Dream Team. It’s funny because I remember looking at Shaun and him looking at me and saying, “How the hell did we both get here?” But thank God for Gabe’s persistence and his belief in helping out people who need it, and doing the right thing. If he didn’t push me, I never would have met this amazing woman, or her team of loyal friends, or Jody Miller-Young, or YOU. And it really is an amazing feeling to be a part of something that is so giving and caring and that comes from such a genuine place.

Queen B. Then there’s Jonathan David, the “Award-Winning Master Groomer,” who is Gianna’ (Laura’s Dog’s) personal groomer, Assistant Director of sorts, and time-keeper to make sure the events go off without a hitch. Next is Nanette DeRonda, the premiere “Couture Pet Fashion Designer, “who personally dresses Gianna for all of her appearances and helps Laura to coordinate and make sure that all the FurBaby fashions are up-to-par.

“FurBaby Drama” – at least not around Laura. And finally there’s Gus, “The 5th Wheel” and Laura’s husband and heart. Deemed the “Mayor” of all the events, Gus knows every move before she makes it and no matter what, he always has Laura’s back. LM: Where do you envision the action to take place?

RS: Because of Laura’s ever-growing demand and popularity,

we see this show taking place all over the country. She’s even had phone calls from rescues all over the world asking her to come help raise money for their rescues, too. So eventually, we can see this going international. Honestly, wherever there are FurBabies in need, Super Laura can be. LM: When do you think we might see the script come to a big or little screen near us.

RS: We anticipate “Fantabulous FurBabies” to start

production sometime in the spring of 2018 and to be released sometime during the 2nd quarter of 2018.

RS: Well like I mentioned before, we now have a 3rd partner

on board for the future of Salmon Sky, but Heidi and I have huge visions for the company and life. We have a very aggressive plan to produce and/or sell over 75 feature films and TV series over the next 5 years starting in 2018. We are in the process of establishing our seed money and preparing for phase one of the master production plan. We are extremely excited to go to work every day and do what we love to do. Isn’t that the dream? And as passionate as we both are about making films and TV and telling a great story, we are just as passionate about starting up a few charities. I’ve always promised the universe that once I was able to, I would do all I could to give back and really help. The charities I want to affect the most are kids with cancer and people with heroin and opiate addictions, specifically teenage and early adult addicts. I know Heidi has told me that she wants to start something for domestic violence and sexual abuse. We both want to leave our mark on this world when we exit stage left.

of super cat. You’re right, looking at Raven, you wouldn’t think so, but I think she accidentally almost killed Heidi with kindness, LITERALLY! Hey you never know, I’ve seen crazier shows make it – wink, wink.

Heidi comes from an arena of life where she has had a very successful career and an amazing son, and although she really leapt off a cliff into what can look like a dark abyss, she has had those successes and parts of her life that I have yet to explore. Like I said earlier, I finished my first novel 22 years ago, have worked on and off in this industry since 1997, and have taken some risks that maybe I should never have taken that have set me back a bunch in achieving financial as well as personal success. But Heidi and I met for a reason, and we both come from recent tragedies and painful pasts that I think have formed an even stronger bond between us. I know we will ultimately be the reason that we will have the united success that I don’t think either of us could have had without the other.

LM: You mean we won’t see a new “R World/Salmon Sky” reality show with Heidi as the star and a bevy of Fashion felines as co-stars any time soon?

LM: Have you any advice for potential pet reality fashionista stars and wanna be’s out there? Ladies who might want to get a cameo on the new show?

RS: I think Heidi prefers to stay behind the camera, but if

RS: I wish I could say that I even knew what the formula was

we did produce that show, which I think is genius by the way, we’d definitely have to get Robin Wright or Jodie Foster to play her. Actually, Heidi has been brainstorming a dramedy/ sitcom she wants to produce based on her transition from a highly sought-after defense contracting consultant to a film & TV development executive after escaping an escalating domestic violence situation.

to do so. But what I can tell you, Barbara, is that you don’t have to worry about your role on “Fantabulous FurBabies.” You’re a lock. But for the women, and men out there who want to be part of this series, “get involved.” Adopt a FurBaby and participate in these wonderful charity events. Volunteer your time with Laura and you’ll quickly find yourself on camera by default.

LM: Tell us about the Dream Team of Rob and Heidi and your vision together. Plans and differences in the roles you play in life?

LM: Well, we will stay tuned to the big and little screen... “Fantabulous FurBabies” Coming Soon!

LM: Your partner Heidi seems to be the target of her black kitten Raven, aka, Shadow Killer, who is killing her with kindness. Tripping her in her “love attempts” So far she has put Heidi in a neck brace (I think she broke Heidi’s neck?) And later inadvertently she tripped Heidi and did something to her hand. Do you think Heidi and her cat will be the food for a new “R World/Salmon Sky” thriller? Lol!

RS: Being Heidi is Ex Military, that cat’s gotta be some sort




lick - museum of compassion

An Act of Dog Mark Barone’s intention as an artist is to restore the soul of animals who have been lost and to ensure that others have a second chance at a beautiful life. He considers this project his calling. Mark is creating 5,500 portraits of shelter dogs representing the estimated 5,500 dogs killed in US shelters daily. He envisions the 5,500 portraits in a working/interactive museum, where kids will come to create for an animal cause or other social injustices they are passionate about. They can turn their art into a product and build social campaigns to raise money and awareness for change.


Wild Zambia! by Beverly Houwing

Two male lions patrol the open grasslands of the Busanga Plains in Kafue National Park.


ctober and November are exciting months to visit Zambia, a gem of Central Africa. With many national parks and unspoiled wildness areas, the animals roam free in large, untouched regions of the country. This time of year hosts special migrations of species of birds, in particular the Carmine Bee-Eaters. These small, bright red birds fly in from coastal African countries to make their nests in the steep, sandy banks of rivers during this dry period of the year. One of Zambia’s most incredible spectacles is the annual migration of over 10,000,000 Straw-colored Fruit Bats that literally overwhelm a 400 meter by 1 kilometre forest in Kasanka National Park, located in northern Zambia. At dusk and dawn they fill the sky as they fly to and from their roosting place in the small forest. For a truly unique safari experience, Zambia is a must!

Photos by Beverly Houwing


The strong bond of the females and cubs of the Busanga Plains pride. 125

A territorial battle between two male Puku ends with one flipping his opponent.

Carmine Bee-eaters flying back to their nests.

Bats fill the skies at sunrise as they return to roost in the forest following a night of feeding.


Madison, Peejay & Halle

Beloved Girls of their mom Helene



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