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“superhero Burt Ward!”ssue 10 I



editor’s letter Who’s your superhero ?

A super hero is a figure especially in a comic strip or cartoon, endowed with superhuman powers. They are usually portrayed as fighting crime or evil. The Merriam-Webster dictionary gives the definition as “a fictional hero” having extraordinary or superhuman powers; or an exceptionally skilled “successful person.” Some of the better known super heroes and heroines of our time include the cartoon figures many of us grew up with like: Batman & Robin, Superman, Wonder Woman etc. But we all encounter super heroes every day of our lives. Super heroes come in all shapes and sizes, all ages, all races, all religions and sexes . Everyone needs a super hero in their lives perhaps to save “their”day! Our pets can be super heroes too as they are always there for us and many would put their lives on the line without a second thought if an archenemy appeared. So.. “Thank you” to all our everyday Super Heroes! They make every day a Super day!




Publisher/CD/ED/CRO Barbara Jayne

Barbara has 30 years experience in Publishing, Advertising and Media working with notable entities from Andy Warhol’s “Interview Magazine” to Conde Nast’s “Self Magazine” and her own digital pet publication “Lick Magazine”.

Production Director/ Contributor Beverly Houwing

Contributor Mark Finley Mark is a multi-media artist currently exploring photo-collage. Mark’s compositions reference pop culture and the idols of a generation. Dudley, his dog, is Mark’s “muse”.

Beverly Houwing is an award winning photographer whose work appears in magazines and galleries. She is also a graphic designer.

Editor Denise Fleck

Denise Fleck is The Pet Safety Crusader having taught 20K humans animal life-saving skills. Author of more than a dozen books, learn more about her at www.PetSafetyCrusader. com and...check her out in the pages of LICK Magazine!

Social Media Nikki McFarling

Nikki is the founder of the podcast “Livey and Opinioned”. She loves to write short stories and poetry but is also a master at social media helping many Hollywood VIPs, including LICK, keep their latest happenings current.!



Beverly Houwing

Daniel DiCriscio

Onnie Hull

Daniel DiCriscio is a TV and Media Personality, Celebrity Hairstylist, Recording Artist, and Model. Daniel is most widely known for his historical makeover on Paula Jones, his work on Pamela Anderson, Stevie Nicks, Barbi Twins, Anna Nicole Smith, and his TV interview with Sacha Baron Cohen / Da Ali G Show. Daniel is active in various animal rights causes. Stay tuned for his upcoming Hollywood Tell-All book. @danieldicriscio

Onnie is a pet portrait photographer with a studio in Manhattan Beach. In addition to providing beautiful artwork to her pet family clients, Onnie donates her skills to several animal rescue groups, as well as offering her services to her local police department k9 team’s events. Find her work at or @onniehullphoto.

Neil Tandy

Neely Elvidge

Neil is an English born and raised photographer who spent half of his life living in Johannesburg, South Africa and now resides on Long Island, New York. Neil has been published in South Africa and the USA both in print and internet media. He has done photography for corporate websites and has exhibited in both solo and joint shows. He has also contributed his photography to many charity event campaigns.

Carmen Rustenbeck

Neely Elvidge, aka The Diva Dog Mom, began photographing shelter dogs while working with rescues in South Florida. Her love of dogs and photography blossomed into a pet photography business. She now runs Hoosier Bulldog Rescue in Indianapolis Indiana. She currently has six bulldogs, two Sp‑hynx cats, and African Grey Parrot.

Carmen Rustenbeck is the founder and CEO of the International Boarding & Pet Services Association (IBPSA), a non-profit association dedicated to the pet care services industry. She has been named a Pet Age Woman of Influence and Silver Stevie Award winner. She is a frequent national media and television expert on safe pet care and serves on the Leadership Council for the National Small Business Association (NSBA). For more about Carmen and IBPSA visit:

Beverly Houwing has had a passion for photography and a love for animals as long as she can remember. She feels photos have a lot of influence on our lives in general. Her photography has been exhibited at the G2 Gallery, Annenberg Space for Photography, Calumet Photo and curated exhibits, as well as featured in Smithsonian and other magazines. Check out more of her work on her web site:

Michael Huls

Devin Johnson

J. Michael Huls is an academician, zero waste proponent, and business leader. He is the CEO and the co-founder of Online Marketing Staff (digital marketing solutions), and the Principal of Sustainable Environmental Management Co (SEMCO). In his career spanning 45 years, he has consulted to the World Bank and United Nations, the US EPA, the Chemical Manufacturers Association, Fortune 500 businesses such as IBM and Verizon, and over 100 municipalities.

Devin is a graduate of NYU with a BA in Film & Television. He co-founded a video production company ( that specializes in real estate and has filmed over 300 apartments in NYC, as well as filmed web series pilots, client testimonials and photographs events. In his free time Devin likes to make short comedy videos.

( watch?v=2KHZwKhI9c4) (

Lola Teigland

Laura Gianna Souza

Lola Teigland is writer/resident artist of Lola & Pooch, where dogs in clothes live like people. She uses her unique skill-set (7th Avenue designer, Nipon & Dior/pro writer 10+ years) to tell the story of dogs as man’s equal, as fashionable parodies of pop culture and human foibles. Lola sees our pets as a uniting force in a divided world, there to celebrate the things that make life better. She gives them the voice to do that.

Laura is the owner and fashion impresario of G Girl Productions, West Palm Beach, Florida. She created the Chicago, IL event and The “Enchanted Forest”, which took place in Nashville, TN for this issue. You can check Laura out on her Facebook page or at a G Girl fashion event coming to a town near you. Ggirlproductions/


my favorite lick - pebbles

Photo by Beverly Houwing

lick superhero

In Recognition

Alice Antonio, a shooting victim, was paired with his Service Dog, Alice from Guardian Angels Medical Service Dogs in Florida. His Mom, Tara says, “Alice is a hero in our eyes, because without her, Antonio would not be able to do the simple things in life that we take for granted�. 29

lick spotlight - john hoyt “The Humane Society of the United States” was established in 1954. It is the largest anti-cruelty organization in America. The HSUS has enacted more than 1,000 state and federal laws and has improved the lives of millions of animals in the process. They have advocated for every type of animal from farm to domestic. John Hoyt was at the helm of the HSUS for almost 3 decades taking his vision of what the HSUS could be and bringing it the distance. John developed the institution from under 100,000 members to over 5 million members and growing. Its annual budget blossomed as well under his tutelage from under 1 million dollars to over 50 million by the time he retired. Originally a Presbyterian minister, John likened his position to that of leaving one church for another. John also helped found the “World Society for the Protection of Animals” and the “Humane Society International.” He passed away at almost 80 years of age and is survived by his wife and 4 daughters. John was and will forever be a powerful force in the destiny of Animal Welfare as his work lives on through the efforts and the continued success of the “Humane Society of the United States” today. Thank you John.

“Don’t breed, Don’t buy..”

The Humane Society of the United States

Tribute To John Hoyt 31

Superhero Love

by Daniel DiCriscio

Superheroes. We all want or wanted to be one at one time or another, and maybe you still do. It’s part of our pop culture society, our childhood & adult fantasies and we even name our pets with Superhero names. We buy them Superhero outfits for our pets public outings. I’m sure you have at least seen a Superman dressed pup one time or another, lol! Online you can buy your pup almost any superhero outfit for your pup as well as collars and more. It seems whether it’s “Superman,” “Batman and Robin,” “Wonder Woman” and the list goes on.. What makes superheroes such an enigma is that we even think of our pets as superheroes. The Eisenhower’s even cite “Robin” as the superhero their pup would be! Superheroes present such a strong and admired image in our world, past and present, and bring us happiness. Burt Ward, who we all know and love as Robin of Batman and Robin fame made such an iconic mark as Robin that even today his character, Robin, is still on everyone’s mind, his image plastered everywhere, still played on tv, and a favorite superhero to so many. Maybe it was Robin’s boy next door good looks,

naïveté, loyalty, and youthful boy power to save the day...or Robin’s super cool costume .. that enchanted generations with more generations to come. Robin, I feel, is still a legendary pop-culture figure up even in 2019 going into 2020. Robin has staying power and I feel is right up there alongside such great icons as Marilyn Monroe, Farrah Fawcett poster, and even great Presidents. I remember years ago my parents coming to Southern California (LA and Malibu) and guess who their real estate agent was that shows them some properties? Yes, Robin...err Burt Ward! My parents said he was the nicest guy! Of course he is.. he’s Robin, lol! He and his wife Tracy have a dog rescue organization called Gentle Giants and have 50 rescue dogs in their home as well! See, I told you...Good people! You go Robin..and Mrs Robin! Awesome! Thank you Burt aka Robin! Holy Batman! I think you mean Holy Robin! 50 years later and still going strong!


lick spotlight - dog superpowers What’s Your Superpower? I found my superpower the day hate stole our nation’s innocence. I’d flown into Pennsylvania the night before for a family visit. In the morning my mom woke me with the words, “there’s something on TV you should see.” I stumbled downstairs in time to see the second plane dive into the south tower of the world Trade Center. My first reaction: We’re at war. My second reaction: What am doing that matters? My mission changed from making money to changing the world. I found my superpower: my voice.

Superpowers emerge when you focus on helping others. I began exploring philanthropy, creating art events for Katina victims, then for our returning soldiers. My true power emerged after adopting my two dogs and seeing the state of our shelter system. We became fashion saving dogs, hosting rescue events and pet fashion events. Now the dogs are saving people through superpowers of their own. We make pop culture pet parodies, using fashion, photoshop and Instagram to amplify all that’s good in the world.

One thing we do is a weekly comic strip featuring our instagram friends.

Comic books and Jazz are our two great American art forms. Both emerged at a time when America was at a crossroads. The depression was ending, America’s entrance into WWII just beginning. Women went to work as the men went off to war, and hundreds of thousands of immigrants fleeing the destruction of Europe smiled up at the statue of liberty with dreams of a better life rimming their eyes.

This era of upheaval fired up the world’s artists, particularly the comic book writers, who found the inspiration to create eternal icons like Captain America, Wonder Woman, and Superman. Today we are also at a crossroads. Society is woke, but the wokeness has created a divide.

Whatever side you sit on, most everyone agrees: dogs brighten the day with their humor, honor and innocence. That is what inspired Meet My Friends. It’s a silly comic strip I post every Monday on my instagram account where BeaR ,and sometimes Woofie, reach out to their friends for help and advise. BeaR’s Holly-Go-Lightly personality leaves him with many questions about love, life and the pursuit of happiness. Woofie, being more of an intellect, mostly sits back and watches, offering pearls of wisdom when called for. And our friends, the dogs of instagram, breach the divide––––the most powerful superpower of all–––– through their simple and honest charm and delight.

by Lola Teigland


lick green guy - michael huls

“Green” Services & Pet Products Green Guy Recommends...

Pet Sustainability Coalition: A Pet Sustainability Coalition & Membership Standing for: Advocacy Core Values Transparency Collaboration Authenticity & Implementation of the above within the Pet Industry. To find out more/Visit them at:

Dog Rocks: This amazing product from Australia uses natural rocks to purify your dogs drinking water.. giving your pet the safest toxin free drinking water available, enhancing their health and life span. Great for humans too! To find out more/Visit them at:

Newflands: These unique health enhancing products from New Zealand contain oil from the hoki fish (a healthful fish, indigenous to this area of the world). Newflands products have been credited for their life enhancing attributes. Newflands products pledge an increase in the overall quality of life and life span of pets that utilize the oils as part of their regular diet. To find out more/ Visit Newflands at:


lick spotlight - pet care

Grassroot Changes in In March of 2020, the International Boarding & Pet Services Association (IBPSA) celebrates 10 years of serving the pet care services industry. As the founder of IBPSA, I was inspired to create this trade association after witnessing the passion and dedication of industry leaders and by the type of pride I see demonstrated today by Women In the Pet Industry (WIPIN) members in offering quality products and services to the pet owner community. Through our professional communities we elevate and learn from each other to better serve those pet owners. Over the last 10 years, IBPSA has not only built education and standards for the pet care services industry but has actively advocated for the industry as well. It is in the advocating part of the work, educating legislators, the media, and the public at large, that I have learned the most about this industry. The following are the top three things I’ve learned, and that I think you should know, so that together, from the ground up, we can make positive changes in pet care. Language matters. When I started in this industry 13 years ago the term was “pet owners.” Today, it’s “pet parents” or, perhaps, “pet guardians.” What does this evolving language mean about the future of pets, their humans, and those who care for them both? I submit that the humanization of pets has changed what is expected from pet care providers. Even though pets are increasingly considered furry children, the law still treats pets as merely property. Because, in the eyes of the law, a pet may have no value greater than, say, a piece of furniture it’s not surprising that the pet care services industry is mostly unregulated. IBPSA receives countless calls from pet owners whose pets have gotten sick or died in the care of a pet care provider—they are looking for justice from regulation that does not exist. While the law has not evolved, expectations from pet parents have and, because language matters, we can use it to help frame those expectations to keep their pets safer. More on that later.

There is not a consensus on regulation for nonveterinarian pet care in the United States. Your state may have no regulation but Colorado, for example, has regulation for pet care services providers who own facilities. California, by way of another example, has spotty regulation based in different cities. In a recent move by the state of California, a law was passed that would require standards for pet care providers in a facility, but that law is untested and may only kick in if a facility has a negative reported incident. In both Colorado and California, is exempt from any regulation that is in place. Why? As a marketing platform, Rover uses independent contractors to provide the work. For more than 60 years, this industry has been able to stay away from virtually any regulation to protect pets or pet care providers. When pets were considered more as property the law was pretty straightforward but, with pets today increasingly considered family members, the old laws (or lack thereof ) do not seem to fit. Historically, pet care services providers prided themselves on being able to self-regulate but as more people enter this now financially enticing multibillion dollar industry with little more than “I love animals” experience, and with the number of pet injury or death incidents happening with pet care found on marketing platforms, self-regulation is failing. The conversation needs to change from legislation to education and certification. Because self-regulation is failing, it’s fair to assess that regulation is coming. But, because language matters, instead of discussing regulation what if we discussed finding qualified pet care providers? Qualified pet care providers are individuals who have trained for their position through on the job training, participated in educational courses, and continue to educate themselves through certification. Pet owners widely believe that regulation that protects their pets is in place but, simply put, it isn’t. Pet owners must do their own research when hiring pet care. When I speak to pet owners, I encourage them to interview the potential pet care provider. Pet owners should

By Carmen Rustenbeck

Pet Care Services Industry expect their pets to be safe, not thanks to regulation, but thanks to educated, certified, knowledgeable pet care providers. Simple, upfront questions will let pet owners know the level of education and certification a potential provider has. Here are just some questions to ask: Are you trained in pet CPR and first aid? If so, is your certification current and can I see your certificate? What other certifications do you and/or your pet care facility have? For example, certified dog walker, pet sitter, dog trainer, groomer, or certified vet tech? Can you show me those certifications? If the facility provides doggie daycare, what training has the staff received? Do you have an emergency evacuation plan in place? If so, how often do you and/or your staff train for

emergencies? If my pet is sick or injured while in your care what is the protocol and is that protocol in writing? Can I have a pet care facility tour? For more questions, including a free downloadable PDF, visit Help pet owners by sharing with them how to ask the right questions. Help them expect more from their pet care, not from regulation, but from education. As as concerned pet guardians from the ground up, ‑we can advocate together for this industry and for pet owners. Let’s use the language of education and certification instead of regulation to help pet parents make safer choices for their furry children.


lick spotlight - k9 heroes

Sometimes, Superheroes.. I love superheroes. I cry at the end of movies when they defeat the bad guys. When the music reaches a crescendo and they walk toward the camera with self-confident strides and proud demeanor. The good guys are the winners. The bad guys, well, you know … they’re the losers. I’m not a hero, super or otherwise but, I do know some, right here in my own home town of Redondo Beach. My real-life heroes don’t wear capes or fly, or scale walls as they spin webs. But they do wear bulletproof vests, and they can certainly scale walls, albeit without the webs, and some of the members can even detect drugs and explosives with just their noses. That’s a superpower for sure! One hero puts on a badge and a uniform, as one dons a leash. My heroes are the Redondo Beach Police Department K9 Team. Heading off to work, to do the job of protecting their community from those that would do harm. To serve. To protect. To take a bite out of crime, so to speak. These dynamic duos are inspirational, and their history of feats of daring and bravery are remarkable and uplifting. And sometimes, they’re heartbreaking.

Robert Carlborg and his partner Boss were paired March of last year. Officer Carlborg has spent the last 25 years on the force, and prior to joining the K9 team working plainclothes in narcotics as well as a SWAT operator. Boss, a Belgian Malinois, was born and trained in Holland. He was certified in both Patrol and Narcotics detection. The duo shared more than a job. They shared a very strong bond of love and trust. They were partners who had each other’s back. Boss was the youngest k9 on the team but achieved an impressive 31 takedowns/arrests in just 8 months on the job. He served with honor and distinction. On July 2, 2019, in a ceremony before the city council, Boss was retired with gratitude and honor. A cruel diagnosis of spinal cancer had rendered him unable to fulfill his duties any longer. Boss, unaware of why he was showered with such attention, greeted everyone with a wagging tail and a big smile as the community offered its thanks with lots of pets and hugs. Robert was awarded permanent guardianship of his K9 partner at this meeting. As emotions peaked, the unit surrounded Robert and Boss. it was so moving to witness the bond among men and canine alike. It was just a short week later, Boss passed on. He left behind countless broken, yet grateful hearts. He served his community well and will be missed. He will especially be

Wear Fur

By Onnie Hull

missed by his teammates. The remaining Redondo Beach Police Department K9 Team.

calls. This team has a self-professed tenacious thirst for work and goofy personalities.

Officer Dave Arnold and K9 Balton - For the past two and a half years, Officer Dave Arnold and his K9 Balton have been an Explosives Detection team. K9 Balton, is a 4 year- old Yellow Labrador Retriever born in Colombia, South America is a single purpose, dual discipline explosives detection K9, which includes tracking and locating the highest concentrations of EOD and Vapor Wake trails (vapors or odors from explosives). K9 Balton also happens to be one of the first K9s of his kind on the west coast and in the South Bay area.

Officer Jarrod Evelo and K9 Brenden - Officer Jarrod Evelo and K9 Brenden also serve on the SWAT Team. Originally from Hungary, K9 Brenden is a three and a half-year old German Shepherd/Belgian Malinois and is certified in Patrol and Narcotics. K9 Brenden excels in his athletic abilities that include climbing ladders and chasing down suspects.

K9 Balton is very reliable and highly motivated to work, as successful searches are rewarded with playtime and his favorite ball.

Officer Aaron Plugge and K9 Axel - Officer Aaron Plugge and K9 Axel are the newest addition to the Redondo Beach Police Department K9 team. K9 Axel is a two- year old German Shepherd, born in Germany and brought to the United States in October of 2018. He is currently trained as a Patrol certified K9 and is scheduled to learn a secondary function in addition to suspect apprehension. This will most likely be explosive detection.

Officer Kyle Lofstrom and K9 Ammo Officer Kyle Lofstrom has been a police officer for 6 years, the last 2 ½ of which have been as a K9 Handler. K9 Ammo is a 4 year- old German Shepherd/ Belgian Malinois mix that originally came from Hungary. K9 Ammo was the first of two explosive detection dogs for the City of Redondo Beach and continues to work within and outside the City on mutual aid requests for explosive detection related

K9 Brenden is also a member of the Evelo family and spends his off-duty time playing with Officer Evelo’s three children.

When K9 Axel is not chasing bad guys, he enjoys chasing Officer Plugge’s four-year old daughter around their backyard.


Each of these teams, the humans, the canines, are front line warriors against crime. While others run away from danger, they run towards it, confront it and defeat it. They don’t hesitate. They rely on each other until the task at hand is accomplished, until the drugs are confiscated, the perp is in custody, the citizens safe. They are the true definition of heroes.

There are those other moments, of course, when they are called away ‌ when a crackling radio message is received, has them dashing to their cars and speeding off, lights flashing, sirens blaring, heading down the road to give assistance to someone in need and putting their very lives on the line. Because, that’s what heroes do.

The residents of the community, especially children, are always eager to meet them, to pet these magnificent working dogs and to ask questions of the handlers. The teams always make time to answer any questions and, to introduce the dogs to them. These are the moments that are so important to capture, share and preserve.

As their photographer for the past six years, I am honored to be around these canines and their handlers, to memorialize their journey with images And, I get to take the hero shots!!!


pet art

Mark Finley








pet of the month

Photo by Beverly Houwing


Naturally Healthy Pets

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Woman of the Year “2018”

Judy Morgan, DVM

Naturally Healthy Pets

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Gila Kurtz

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Dani McVety, DVM

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Lorien Clemens

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Darleen Wheelington

Waggin Tails

with love, Lick Magazine


lick superhero Tribute

Judy Morgan International Association of Top Professions Veterinarian on the Year. Judy is an author and veterinarian certified in acupuncture, chiropractic care for animals and food therapy.

To Celeste and Tom: “Congratulations & Love on your 25th Anniversary�

Love your fur babies Oliver and Madeline 57

The Winners’ Issue

Learn from Top Women what makes a great leader Find out what social media platform Top Women prefer See yourself on the cover Nominations open March 2020

Dr. Dani McVety & staff. Thank you for your support Women in the Pet Industry 59

lick superhero


Tommy LaSorda Major League baseball pitcher, coach, and manager, Tommy was inducted into the Baseball Hall of Fame in 1997 and led the Los Angeles Dodgers for two decades. Recipient of the Paws of Distinction Award and recognized for his support on behalf of animals.

Thank You!

Stacy Haynes Public Relations & Marketing for Canine Companions for Independence. Another great year supporting pets & people. 61

lick pet person

Animal Chat S

ince Politics is all the rage these days, I thought it would be apropos to have an Animal Chat with a “Political” per se, so why not an Eisenhower!

DD: Hi David! How did your dog Carson come into your

David Eisenhower, who is the grandson of former President Dwight D. Eisenhower and who Camp David is named after....yes, that Camp David, came to mind as a perfect pet loving candidate.

when our son, Alex, could not handle the puppy in his one-bedroom apartment. Alex had given Carson to his eleven year old daughter Kaia. She loved the dog so much and told us that she could not live without him remaining part of the family. So, despite the fact that we have three cats (one of whom has special needs), my wife Julie and I adopted Carson.

David has been a friend of mine and my family’s for several years now and is married to former President Richard Nixon’s daughter, Julie Nixon Eisenhower, who is also a friend. I had dinner recently with David and Julie on my last visit back east, like we do every time I go back there, one visit even going to a Yankees game at Yankee Stadium. When David started telling me stories about his dog, Carson, (that he & his granddaughter Kaia love to the moon and back)...I found my “Political” to interview for this Animal Chat and David graciously accepted my offer! Carson is a very lucky and much loved pooch! Maybe Carson should run for office? Carson Eisenhower for 2020! Wonder what his platform would be? Dog bones for all?! Lol! David’s a special guest in the latest episode of my show “Trendsetting with Daniel DiCriscio” - Today’s Politics available on Amazon Prime and all digital platforms. You can also see David on his PBS show “The Whole Truth with David Eisenhower”.

lives and how did you get him?

DE: Well Daniel, Carson became a member of our family

DAVID EISENHOWER & DANIEL DICRISCIO DD: Did you have any dogs or pets during your childhood?

DE: Yes, when I was very young, we had a dog. We had

several cats when I was a boy. But it wasn’t until I was married and had children that a beautiful and good natured golden retriever entered our lives and I realized how special dogs are. Daisy lived until she was 14. We did not think we could ever replace her, but then came Carson.

daycare. The staff tells me that Carson is a leader in group play because he wants the other dogs to catch him and, when they do, he lies down as if vanquished. In reality, he is the fastest dog out there!

DD: How did the name Carson come about and was he named after Johnny Carson?

DE: No, not Johnny Carson Daniel. Carson was named by our granddaughter, Kaia, because she loves that name and it’s so perfect and really fits him once you know him.

DD: Which Superhero would Carson be and why? DE: If I had to choose just one Superhero, which would

be very difficult to do because Carson truly has the best qualities of all the Superheroes. I guess Daniel, It would be Robin of Batman and Robin because Carson is always thinking of how he can help and how he can be the most lovable and true dog.

DD: David, I know you have a very busy work schedule so how do you incorporate Carson into it?

DE: I am still working full-time teaching at the University

of Pennsylvania and my students continue to amaze me. I love teaching but I always have time at night to take Carson on his bedtime drive.

DD: What kind of breed is Carson? Any unique qualities you can tell us that Carson has?

DE: Carson is super lovable, Daniel. He is mostly border collie, but we think he has some lab as well. He wants to please. When I am working, I take him to a wonderful

I find it calms him and unless it is raining, Cars‑‑on and I go out each night into the backyard and I hit fungos to him and he retrieves the wiffle balls, trying always to have at least two in his mouth! Carson is so amazing, really, we just love him so much!

DD: Thank you David and send Julie...and Carson (& the kitties) love!

DE: Thanks Daniel! Will do! We are looking forward to seeing you again soon!

Visit Daniel DiCriscio’s Website:


lick pick - book Puss ‘n Booze A feline inspired cocktail book featuring over 175 drink recipes for everyone’s taste! If you love cats and drinks — this book is for you!

All proceeds from the sales benefit FixNation. FixNation is a non-profit organization committed to cats, and to supporting TrapNeuter-Return. They also provide low-cost, affordable spay/ neuter services for tame pet cats. FixNation also partners with local humane pet stores and animal rescue organizations to facilitate the adoption of friendly strays and kittens. They are located in Los Angeles and have been operational as a non-profit since 2007.

Order your copy on!

“Animal Chat Revisited!”

Actress Carole Ita White, Daniel DiCriscio and Carole’s dog Charlie stopped for a quick pic backstage at the Garry Marshall Theater where Carole stars in the play ‘The Last Word!’ Well.. we will get the last word this time round.

Congratulations on the play and your photo reunion Carole and Daniel! 65

"LICK" ON...


lick spotlight - pet care

5 Strands Affordable A Mom on a mission can be a very powerful thing. That’s the Legacy of Lisa Blaurock, founder of 5Strands Affordable Testing. Struggling with weight and digestive issues most of her life, Lisa spent thousands of dollars on testing and surgeries. Still desperate for answers on why she was not getting better, she took a food intolerance test costing $850.00 and found out that she was intolerant to many of the foods she was consuming in her daily diet.

Several months later, her daughter was having digestive issues. She knew that she should have her daughter do the testing, but she did not want to spend that kind of money again! She searched for alternative ways to do intolerance testing and found a blood test for $250.00. Her daughter was away at college and cried at having to prick her own finger to collect the blood sample the home test required. Lisa thought there had to be a better and easier way to test for intolerances. With further research, she found a lab in Europe that was doing testing with hair! The lab was willing to partner with her and that is actually how 5Strands Affordable Testing was created. After about 8 months in business, Lisa found that customers were asking if they could test their pets. Being a pet parent to 4 pets, she decided the next progression of the business was to develop a hair analysis test for pets. The 5Strands Affordable Pet Test was brought to market shortly after. It tests for around 200 food and 100 environmental items. It is a simple at home test that utilizes your pets hair. It is painless, hassle free, and affordable. There is no vet referral needed. It is priced at $144.00. The test provides a comprehensive list of the items that your pet registers an intolerance to. This report can then be utilized to put together the appropriate nutrition plan. It takes the guesswork

Pet Allergy Testing out of a traditional elimination program and saves the pet parent time and money. The reaction from pet parents has been wonderful! 5Strands has been able to help solve so many unanswered questions for many pet parent’s struggling to figure out why their pet is having issues. Here’s what some of the pet parents have to say: “I cannot thank Affordable Testing enough! THIS test literally saved Diorabelle from loads and loads of painful allergy testing at the vets. Not to mention the thousands of dollars I saved!”

plan (eliminating trigger foods) she gained a pound (she’s now 4 lbs), only has occasional itching, bright clear eyes, her coat is coming in thick and lush (no bald spots), she has much more energy and her tummy issues are gone. She is a very healthy happy pup now. Affordable Testing is AMAZING! Don’t hesitate to order today and get your pet healthy too! You’ll be so happy you did!

Armed with the excellent easy to read information from Affordable Testing the owners were able to create a raw diet for Diorabelle (there is not one single dog food-kibble brand on the market that doesn’t contain at least one of her intolerances). Within the first week of eliminating those intolerances, they saw a big difference in Diorabelle. Her coat, eyes, personality, temperament, and energy level all improved greatly. There was also noticeably less itching after the very first day. Diorabelle’s pet parents had been struggling for two years trying to figure out how to help her get healthy. This test, along‑ with quick action started her healthy life in just three weeks. She barely looks like the same pup. What a difference a few months can make when armed with the correct information. Within four months of Diorabelle getting on the right nutrition

For More Information About Testing Please Visit: Or Contact 5 Strands Allergy Testing Directly at: 1-833-600-8378. Sponsored


“We Are All

The Dynamic Duo.. to life in real living breathing flesh and blood action figures. The dynamic duo of “Batman and Robin” (Adam West and Burt Ward) were cartoon figured caped crusaders brought to life. They always “saved the day!” They were the comic strip come to life! Good always triumphed over evil! The good guys always did the rescuing and peace prevailed in the city. A few years ago my good friend Jack from WPET Pet talk radio told me that Burt Ward the --original Robin of “Batman

Many moons ago I was eating my spinach and watching cartoons like Popeye and Betty Boop! They were colorful and fun animated characters and they always seemed to get into a heap of trouble but redeemed every situation with their sense of goodness and right prevailing over evil. These wonderful cartoon characters were always part of a tale that had a positive message and a happy ending. Batman and Robin which came on the tv scene in the 1960’s took the medium of the cartoon illustration and brought it

Burt & Tracy at the Hollywood Christmas Parade.

cover story

Super Heroes” real life super heroes!

by Barbara Jayne

and Robin” iconic fame-- lived in California and would be perfect as the cover of “Lick.” Robin apparently was still in the rescuing business except these days he was rescuing beings of the four legged variety. And yes he was still as famous and memorable as ever as “Robin” eternally alive in re-run mode somewhere. I picked up the phone and called Burt and his wife Tracy and they were down to earth and friendly .. just as wonderful as you would expect cartoon super heroes and heroines to be.

Burt at Fight Evil Gala

Robin, ( I mean Burt ), told me he was going to school and selling real estate when he was in his late teens. He had the opportunity of trying out for the part of Robin at the ripe age of 19. Burt went on the audition in the blind not really expecting to land the role and not knowing much about the character or part! Well, “just when you least expect it” ..that’s when things seem to come to be. Burt was picked over 1100 other actors for the Robin role. The producers picked both Burt Ward and Adam West not



“Our life’s cause, ...Is to help every dog live the happiest, longest life possible, and to make every person on earth realize that every one of us can be a superhero. We’re all superheroes if we do whatever we can to help animals or anyone in need. We’re very busy, but it’s a privilege to show that we can make a difference - and that’s what life is all about.” — Tracy Ward


necessarily for their exquisite acting ability but because both men exhibited in their natural personalities the traits of their Super Hero characters. Adam and Burt really were The real “Batman and Robin!” Adam and Burt together were a force to be reckoned with. Everyone had a good laugh with and at this duo. And Every kid in the world saw their show and wanted to be a Super Hero too! Adam West was taught early on to be honest and not take himself too seriously. He led his life and career in the same way and so did Burt. Victor Paul (Burt’s stunt man) always seemed to be off having coffee with Adam West at the worst times! It seemed like all the dangerous stunts ended up with Burt doing his own stunts! Burt was constantly in the emergency hospital. He was thinking he was just an unlucky guy.. Burt was blown off tables and singed a bit.

Bob Kane and Bill Silver from D.C. Comics created the original Batman character which was sweetened by a cast of over 250 guest stars and people who wanted to do the show including: Ann Baxter, Jim Brolin, Rob Reiner, Vincent Price and so many others.. Batman and Robin also had 3 Catwomen to deal with over the course of the series! That’s 27 in cat lives!! Julie Newmar, Eartha Kitt, Lee Meriwether were some of the sexy cat women in Burt and Adam’s on screen lives. Then of course there were the equally famous villains like Burgess Meredith, Cesar Romero, Frank Gorshin and more..

When he rode with Batman he rode in the lower side car. Adam would push a button and the side car would disengage careening away into the pier and splash! into the water with Burt inside or another time right into a chicken coop! Everyone thought it was very funny.. except maybe Burt! He was often left white knuckled and screaming! Executive producer William Dozier thought Burt was as close to the character of “Robin” as they could have imagined.

Lee Meriwether (Catwoman) with Burt Ward.

First came the successful series then the movie followed. The series was 34 episodes and the movie was utilized to sell the series overseas! And of course this was the 1960’s love era so that meant a lot of freer love on-screen and off for both of our superheroes! The director was actually a bit worried about the bulge in Burt’s tights and gave Burt special “medical pills” to shrink the manly superhero size that was in his “private parts area”. Burt of course quit the pulls Lickity split and started to discreetly use his caped crusader cape to cover the prominent family jewels. Oh the life of a prominent Super Hero!

This is “Arrow” a Great Dane (adopted from Gentle Giants) with Anne Carlson’s daughter Boothe.

Well, Burt almost lost the family jewels again when he met Tracy whose prominent VIP dad wanted Burt in all his caped crusader fabulousness to say goodbye to his daughter perhaps thinking that being entangled with a Super Hero was just not the role he envisioned for his special girl. But

Burt & Tracy at the Hollywood Christmas Parade.

Burt stood his ground and Love prevailed and Burt and Tracy have lasted over 25 years and are going strong. Burt and Tracy are wonderful giving souls and make up there own Super Hero team embodied in their “Gentle Giants Animal Rescue” in Norco, California that has rescued more than 15,000 animals including many Great Danes and larger size dogs since its inception. Plus, if that wasn’t enough.. Burt and Tracy are also the proprietors of “Gentle Giants” Dog food and products brand. (Burt was recently on the “Ellen” show talking all about it!) This amazing brand with its special ingredients appears to enhance the longevity of large breed dogs allowing many of the dogs on their Gentle Giants dog food diet to live healthfully into their twenties!

And Burt and Tracy are coming out with more exciting extensions to their product line in 2020.. so stay tuned for Gentle Giants for your cats too!! At the end of the day, Burt Ward may have played a Super Hero on both big and small screens but he is also a real life Super Hero in how he and his wife Tracy live their lives. They are everyday Super Heroes making everyone’s lives both pet and human a kinder Gentler place. Latest update: Burt and Tracy were just photographed for the upcoming Hollywood Christmas parade.. and Burt has an exciting “New Super Hero “show coming out for 2020! Details coming soon!


lick - featured event

Canine Companions for Independence HAUTE DOG | LA honored The Lasorda Family, With Celebrities and Dogs Galore in a One-of-a-Kind Doggie Runway Fashion Show for “Canine Companions for Independence”

celebrity judges, amazing auction items and more! Your favorite dogs (and their people) took to the catwalk for this fabulous Hollywood fashion show. Co-chaired by Bobbi Panter and Annette Ramirez.

The Eighth Annual HAUTE DOG | LA was held at th Skirball Cultural Center in Los Angeles, CA this year featuring a HAUTE DOG | “LA goes Hollywood” theme honoring The Lasorda Family and their ongoing support of “Canine Companions for Independence.” This always inspiring and fun event featured dogs and celebrities galore including:

About Canine Companions for Independence Canine Companions for Independence provides expertly-trained assistance dogs to children and adults with disabilities. Established in 1975, Canine Companions has six training centers across the country, including two in California, one in Florida, Ohio, New York and Texas. Canine Companions is recognized worldwide for the excellence of its dogs, and the quality and longevity of the matches it makes between dogs and people. Although the price to raise, train and provide ongoing support for our dogs is estimated at $50,000, we provide our assistance dogs free of charge to recipients.

Paul Shaffer, John O’Hurley, Julie Chen-Moonves, Michael Nouri, Laraine Newman, Tom Kenny, Ed Begley Jr., Tony Dow, Joanne Worley, Karen Sharp, Lee Sklar, Bernie Shine, Jackie Joseph, Peter Marshall, Laura San Giacomo, Matt Adler, Michael McDonald. HostsJ.P. Karliak and Kate Luhrinterviewed guests on the red carpet! The event presentation included cocktails, hors d’oeuvres, dinner, a doggie runway fashion show,

For more information, call 1-800-572-BARK or visit

Photos by: Onnie Hull & Devin Johnson and special thanks to Bobbi Panter and Stacy Haynes


Haute Dog!







pet fashion - chicago

6 Annual G Girl th

International Cotillion

.. another dog fashion extravaganza from the Queen of G.. Photos by: Amy Bissonette

pet fashion - nashville



Photos by: Neely Elvidge


Magazine ®

“Covers 4 A Cause”

photo: Neil Tandy


photo: Neely Elvidge

Kathleen Jennings & Autumn — Princess of the Fairies Enchanted Forest — Nashville, Tn

Laura Gianna & dog, Gabby


G Girl Enchanted Forest Winners Her Royal Highness

Prince of the Fairies

Princess Grace


Kathy Ledum

Diane Sparkowski

His Royal Highness

Mr & Miss Troll



Angie Cooper

Vicki Anders

Queen of the Fairies


Sasha Debbie Barnes

King of the Fairies Cooper Gardner Angie Gardner

Lisa Kerner

Mr and Miss Mythical Creatures Rudi Karen Ellison


Princess of the Fairies

Amy Cox

Autumn Grace

Best Costume Designer

Kathleen Jennings




lick spotlight - pet care

Senior Dogs Grrr…ateful Affectionate Dozer, an 8-years young, still full-of-life Puggle, was surrendered with his sister Zoey to the Norfolk SPCA. Time passed, and the duo waited and waited to be adopted. Sadly, Dozer appeared to have never received dental care in his 96+ months on the planet, and his teeth were in bad shape. Worried that potential medical bills might be scaring off prospective adopters, Norfolk SPCA put to use their grant from The Grey Muzzle Organization. Now Dozer has a smile that can brighten anyone’s day, a forever home and the chance to live an even longer, healthier life!

If your heart has been touched by an old dog, you know how much they have to teach us about loyalty, compassion and eternal love. The old dogs that share our hearts and homes are part of our family. Sadly, though, older dogs slow down, develop medical issues, and many find themselves alone, afraid and at-risk in shelters across the country. The Grey Muzzle Organization creates happy endings to these heartbreaking stories by providing grants to the tune of nearly $2 million along with other resources to almost 200 animal welfare organizations nationwide. According to the American Veterinary Dental Society, more than 98% of dogs with bad breath suffer from gum disease, and 80% of our canine friends develop it before they are three-years-old. Dental problems are painful and can become costly to treat, but left untreated…they can shorten your dog’s life! Canine Dental Disease and poor dental health is linked to adverse effects on the heart, liver, and kidneys, so it’s imperative to address any symptoms in elderly dogs as soon as they occur.

Animals in the wild eat a natural diet of uncooked meat and vegetation. Much of the food we feed our pets is canned mush or dry kibble, which turns to sugar and creates an environment that bacteria thrive in. Bacteria and saliva create plaque, which hardens on the teeth and turns to tartar. Redness or inflammation (gingivitis) soon appears at the gum line followed by pockets of infection that separate the teeth from the gum (periodontitis) and send bacteria into the bloodstream. Poor Bella! At the age of 10, she had been adopted at least 3 times and sadly, none of her prior families took the time to keep her teeth clean. Fortunately for this gorgeous Lab-weiler, Pets Alive, New York, received a grant from Grey Muzzle as part of their “Senior Canine Tooth Fairy Program,” and Bella became the recipient of dental treatment! She is all smiles now however it will be important for her new family to keep her pearly whites clean as dental care is a life-long process. YOU can help your dog of any age live a longer, healthier life by brushing his teeth at least every other day. Make it a bonding experience for you and your canine pal. Find a comfortable spot, don’t hold him too tightly, and do it when you are in a patient mood. The first few times, dip your index finger in salt-free chicken broth and rub your dog’s gums to get him used to your fingers in his mouth, but don’t let him nibble your digits! After a few days of finger massaging, use a toothbrush and paste specifically for your pet. A child’s brush is too rough for tender canine gums and human toothpaste contains detergent, so use pet specific tools. Wrapping gauze around your index finger is preferred by some.

Photos by Denise Fleck.

By Denise Fleck

for Dental Care Place your hand over your dog’s muzzle (his mouth can stay closed), lift his lip on one side and in a circular motion, brush the outsides of the top and bottom teeth – 30 seconds on the top set, 30 seconds on the bottom and then move to the other side. If your pooch is reluctant, clean a few teeth, praise him and try again the next day. The abrasiveness of the canine tongue generally takes care of the inside of the teeth. With regular care, you can keep your dog’s teeth, gums and mouth healthy if you… Brush your dog’s teeth at least every other day. Schedule annual exams and cleanings with your veterinarian. Provide chew toys, raw (never cooked) knuckle bones & raw vegetables to clean teeth naturally in between brushings.

The nice humans there took time to work with him and discovered what a smart dog he was as Mikey could open baby gates and let himself out to tour the lobby, but they also realized that Mikey was in need of dental care, so thanks to their Grey Muzzle grant, Mikey benefited and is healthy and clever! Taking proactive steps to keep your dog’s teeth clean early on will ensure that as he reaches his grey muzzled years, his teeth remain healthy and his dental care won’t break the bank. In hopes of helping more senior dogs like Dozer, Bella and Mikey, The Grey Muzzle Organization is launching its fourth annual Summer Smile Campaign to give senior dogs sweet new smiles. Our goal is to raise $20,000 to provide dental cleanings and procedures to hundreds of older best friends. Cleanings, extractions and sometimes even oral surgery can help golden oldies eat, play and rest better. Many Grey Muzzle grantees work in partnership with specialists, but still, these procedures can cost between $300-$700 per dog depending on what needs to be done.

Stay Vigilant to the Signs of Dental Disease: Bad Breath Loose Teeth Brown Or Yellow Stains Swelling Under The Eyes Difficulty Eating Excessive Drooling Red, Irritated, Swollen Or Bleeding Gums Loss Of Appetite Or Weight Loss Lethargy Or Loss Of Energy Behavior Changes

YOUR contribution helps give old dogs something to smile about, and…YOUR grey muzzle’s smile may end up in The Grey Muzzle Organization’s 2020 Calendar! Simply make a tax-deductible donation and upload your favorite picture of your senior pup.

(Pain can result in a grouchy pet. If your dog suddenly has bad manners, it could be a medical issue.) Eleven-year-old Mikey was a dog in need of a second chance. After many years as a family pet, he was surrendered to the Upper Peninsula Animal Welfare Shelter in Michigan.

Learn more at


Beverly’s Adventures in Magical Madagascar by Beverly Houwing

I put off visiting Madagascar for a long time, which I can’t even figure out the reason for. I think I kept visiting other countries on the African continent and didn’t venture farther east to this enormous island off the coast of Mozambique. Madagascar is a place that evolved completely separately from the rest of the mainland which it detached from millions of years ago. The species on the island are found nowhere else in the world and are quite remarkable. Impressive baobabs still form groves in a few places, but the lack of trees surrounding them show the devastating effects of cutting the natural forests.

Photos by Beverly Houwing

Madagascar’s most popular animals are the lemurs. September is a great month to visit, since they are having babies during that time. The reptiles are also very special, particularly the geckos and chameleons. They can be masters of camouflage.

The most unusual mammal is the fossa, which looks like a cross between a cat and a dog, but is more closely related to a mongoose. These are Madagascar ‘s main predator. And the bugs there are really awesome too! The giraffe-necked weevil tops my list. 5

Pet Memorial - Derby

Anne Carlson proprietress of Jiminy’s with her beloved great dane “Derby” (who passed away at the beginning of this year). Derby was a rescue and an amazing pup!