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A new local energy- and mobility-system

Robin Berg - Solar Future - May 26th 2016 Twitter @RobinBerg030

LomboXnet - ISP with own fiber network - 4.000 costumers in Utrecht

Christelijk Gymnasium Utrecht

Christelijk Gymnasium Utrecht

Binnentuinschool, de Meern

Luc Stevensschool

SBO de Brug , Vianen


2016: Boemerang-Oost 4.000 new panels on 10 schools

Microgrid Lombok

First solar powered public charging station in the Netherlands 2102: Directe levering aan laadpaal

First bidirectional charging station in Europe

First bidirectional charging station in Europe

June 9th 2015: First solar-controlled & V2G public AC charging station in the world

June 9th 2015: live demonstration during international V2G-meeting Nissan

Smart Solar Charging Lombok: • 20 Solar Chargingstations • 100 KW new solar • Shared EV’s

VPRO Backlight “Breakthrough of Renewable Energy”

Healthy Urban Boost: smart, green and healthy

Ambition Utrecht Region 2018/2019

1.000 solar chargers, 1.000 shared EV’s, 10.000 new solar panels, 100.000 users First region in Europe with clean energy- and mobilitysystem based on solar

Paris march 11: 150 ZOE’s & V2G with Renault

Smart Solar Charging Utrecht Living lab for Europe

400.000 orders in 2 weeks

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