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Lichfield Safe Centre Ltd Luxury Bespoke Safes

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ABOUT US We are a Husband and Wife family business of 30 years situated in the beautiful market town of Lichfield, Staffordshire. It’s here where we have our Showroom and Offices and, we are pleased to also have some of our High Security Bespoke Safes and Traditional Safes for our Clients to view and enjoy. Our Family ethos has always been about how we can help others with our ‘Customer Service’. It is of the upmost importance for us to fully understand what our Clients are concerned about or, what they wish to protect. Knowing this, we can work together to give the best Bespoke Service which every Client deserves. We offer a wide range of amazing Security Safes which are designed to be respectful of all Clients preferred style and budgets. We are here to help to make the selection of the perfect Watch Winder and Jewellery Safes, which will work perfectly for every individual Client. We care about delivering top quality Service at all times. We will keep our Clients updated through the whole process of their Bespoke Safe journey to ensure their individual Watch and Jewellery Safe is perfect for them and is everything they imagined. Gail & Michael Johnson

BESPOKE LUXURY Certified Euro Graded Safes which meet Security Standards We use AiS (Association of Insurance Surveyors) Approved Euro Graded Safes and occasionally, ECB-S (European Standard Approved) Safes for our High Security Bespoke Safes. These Independent Industry Standards means the Safes we choose have all been tested, certified and awarded a Euro Grade for their quality and robustness. All of our chosen Safes comply with these Independent Standards and, appear on the Approved Safe Register. Insurance Companies and Brokers use an AiS Approved List to refer to, when looking at Insurance Ratings to check how robust and secure Safes actually are for their Clients. Our Bespoke Watch and Jewellery Safes are all Certified Approved Safes and not just decorative Watch Winders and Drawers which are built in a lovely cabinet. This is important to know as this gives our Clients the peace of mind to know their Watches, Jewellery and Valuables are secure, organised and protected - compliantly. Perfect.

Hand Crafted in Britian We are proud to work with our very best skilled Safe Engineers and Craftsmen in the Customisation and Bespoking of our elegant and exquisite Watch Winder and Jewellery Safes. True Artisans in what they do… stunning British Craftmanship exemplified! Hand Crafted and Designed. You have the opportunity to choose a quality external paint finish,some luxurious individually controlled Watch Winders, Soft Close, personally designed Jewellery and Watch Drawers. All meticulously designed and tailored with the best materials to delight our Clients. We take the utmost pride, care and time in perfecting our beautiful and elegant Watch Winder and Jewellery Safes, to ensure our Bespoke Safes exceed expectations….It’s what we do!

OUR SERVICE TO YOU As a Family Business we are able to be flexible with our time so, we are able to best fit in with your schedule to offer you the best Service and experience in helping you make an informed choice about which Safe we should Bespoke for you. To help, we offer a range of useful Services to make this easy. This makes us unique in the Security Industry, which we are very proud of. • One to One personal Consultation with our Design Director • Personal contact with our Design Director throughout your Bespoke Safe being custom made • Home visits to look at seamless Logistics and where your Bespoke Safe could be best placed and secured • We offer a small Traditional Temporary Safe for your personal use, whilst your beautiful Bespoke Safe is being Custom made for you. We will bring you a compliant temporary EuroGrade Safe, which we will position and install for you. When we bring your Bespoke Safe, we will remove your Temporary Safe. This Safe often keeps your Insurance Company or Insurance Broker happy whilst your Bespoke Safe is being made especially for you... • We will send you regular updates, photos and images of your Safe as it goes through it’s ‘Bespoking journey’ and being custom built for you - quite exciting to see! • Our experienced Installation Team and experts are on hand to deliver, position and install your Bespoke Safe for you. We offer additional Services such as, any future Servicing and Maintenance and, we will also be pleased to return back to safely wrap and then move your Bespoke Watch and Jewellery Safe for you, should you want to move home and of course take your beautiful Safe with you

SECURITY GRADING The first and most important step in your Bespoke Safe journey is choosing the right Euro Grade for your Safe. This is sometimes requested by your Insurance Company or Insurance Broker or sometimes, it’s because you want to have somewhere secure, safe and organised to keep your Watches, Jewellery and Valuables. We always recommend ‘future proofing’ your Euro Grade Safe choice and, if the total of your valuables are close to one of the Euro Grade Certified Levels, then it is advisable to consider the next Euro Grade level for you to ‘grow into’ as most of us like to add to our Collections as the years progress! Euro Grades start at Valuable Rating of £100,000 and go up to £1,500,000 We can help guide you through this journey, it’s no trouble at all.

Certified Rating: Cash: £10,000 Valuables: £100,000

Certified Rating: Cash: £17,500 Valuables: £175,000

Certified Rating: Cash: £35,000 Valuables: £350,000

Certified Rating: Cash: £60,000 Valuables: £600,000

Certified Rating: Cash: £100,000 Valuables: £1,000,000

Certified Rating: Cash: £150,000 Valuables: £1,500,000

SIZES Our popular Bespoke Safes range from a Size 1 to a Size 5. Although, we can also look at alternative custom sizes. It is important to think about how you would like to use your Watch and Jewellery Safe as, this will often give you a good indication of the size required to accommodate which layout/design would work best for you. The size of your Safe is often based around the number of Watch Winders and number of Soft Close Jewellery Drawers you would prefer. Alternatively, if you have a location which you would like your Bespoke Safe to be located, we would be pleased to work out which size of Safe would fit best. We can let you know what choices are available and what combination of Watch Winders and Soft Close Drawers are suitable for that particular size of Safe. We are happy to help work out what would be best for you.

Size 1

Size 2

Size 3

Size 4

Size 5

EXTERNAL FINISH Paint Finish Our Bespoke Safes can be customised in a High Gloss Lacquer, Matte Paint, or in a High Gloss Lacquer with a hand painted Wooden Effect to suit your style and decor. These Safes are designed to be admired and are High Security Furniture which will look stunning in your home. Our Clients normally adorn the top surface of their Bespoke Watch and Jewellery Safes with complementary table lamps and beautiful works of art too. These elegant Safes sit beautifully in Dining Rooms, Studies, Sitting Rooms/Snugs, Lounges and Bedrooms. They are best placed where you can see, use and enjoy them. There are over 1600 different RAL Colours to choose from so, a colour to match any room decor. We are happy to help best match the colours for you.


LOCK OPTIONS & HANDLES Digital & Key Locking


When you commission your own Bespoke Watch and Jewellery Safe, you have the choice of opting for either a Key or Digital lock for your Safe.

Our external handle and internal drawer handles can be in the popular Chrome, 24 Carat Gold plated, or a shade of Rose Gold, if you prefer. You can choose from the Traditional 3 Spoked Turn Handle or an Ergonomic Oval Handle, both are elegant. We can design Bespoke internal handles to include inlays of Mother of Pearl or your own design.

The most popular locking option by far is the Digital Lock for your ease of use and being able to conveniently open and close your Safe without having to find your keys every time you want to use your Safe. Both the Key and the Digital Locks are as secure as each other in their robustness. It is also worth knowing that with your Digital Locks you can change the battery from the outside cover of your Digital Key Pad, so this means, if your battery is low, you can change it with ease (we even have a short video to show you how!) If you decided the Digital Key Pad is for you, then for that additional touch of elegance, you can also have an exclusive and unique Digital Key Pad Cover which we can Bespoke with your Initials or perhaps Surname. It’s a lovely way of personalising your Watch and Jewellery Safe.

All of our Bespoke Soft Close Drawer pulls are designed for ease of use.

INTERNAL FINISH Bespoke Custom Cabinet

Rapport Watch Winders

Every Safe is made to the Approved Insurance Standards (AiS). However, typically this means that internally Safes are slightly different. This is no trouble, as our expert Cabinet Maker will measure your Safe exactly, then build your Bespoke Cabinet to house your design of Watch Winders and Soft Close Jewellery Drawers. Each Bespoke Cabinet is designed for you, and, you can choose from a range of beautiful Wood Veneers such as Burr Walnut, Pippy Oak, Wenge or, if you have another wood type you prefer, then I’m sure we can do this for you too. We also have a wide range of Contemporary Colours to choose from for your Bespoke Cabinet, it’s really just down to your personal style and preference. They are all stunning!

For the watch connoisseurs amongst us, we would be pleased to build in some lovely Rapport Watch Winders to hold your automatic Watches and keep them in perfect working order. Our Watch Winders are all individually controlled which means that you can determine the correct TPD (Turns per Day) as set out by each of your different Watch Manufacturers. This will keep all your Watches in their best working condition and ready at the correct Date and Time for you to use! All your beautiful Watches looking perfect in rows waiting to be chosen for wearing…Ideal.

Hardware Your Hardware, such as your Handles and Bolts, are also customised for you and gives you an elegant, classic and opulent finished look to your Bespoke Safe. We can organise Chrome, 24 Carat Gold Plating or Rose Gold for your custom Bolts, Bolt Pockets, Internal and External Handles to best suit your style and decor. All of our Bespoke Safes have an internal light which operates with a sensor and lights up when you open your Safe door making the selection of your valuables a lovely experience…Perfect!


Soft Internal Fittings

Our Cabinet Maker will Bespoke the layout of all your Soft Close Jewellery Drawers so, your Valuables and Jewellery are displayed and easily accessible for you to select and wear.

You will have an amazing range of Alcantara colour choices for your internal lining of your Soft Close Drawers, Cupboards and the elegant lining for the inside of your Bespoke Safe Door.

This is so much more convenient and easy to use, rather than storing your Jewellery in their individual boxes, as this can be time consuming to find your items and then, of course, time consuming to put them away safely again.

We only use the best Alcantara or Leather for your internal soft fittings. Some Clients love to contrast their external colours with their internal colours, whilst others prefer to match the same colour tone or hue to give a more blended look.

We will design your Jewellery Drawer layout to best match your own collection of Watches and Jewellery. You can see your items for selection in your custom drawer layout which can be designed around your Rings, Cuff Links, Bracelets and Watches.

Whichever you prefer, your Bespoke Safe will look stunning. We are happy to advise and help with your personal design journey… This is what we do!

Your Soft Close Drawers will display all your Jewellery and Watches for you to choose from. This makes deciding what to wear, easy and simple. Also, it’s straightforward to put your items away again. For larger items we can design a useful soft close cupboard at the bottom of your Safe. This is practical for your larger boxed items and, perhaps your important paperwork, passports and certificates… Perfect.

For your personalised quotation, please contact us and we will be pleased to help you. 01543 268 631 1 Church Street, Lichfield, WS13 6DZ

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Lichfield Safe Centre - Luxury Bespoke Safes  

Hand-Crafted Bespoke Luxury Safes Representing The Pinnacle In Safe Design And Craftmanship We are a husband and wife family business of 30...

Lichfield Safe Centre - Luxury Bespoke Safes  

Hand-Crafted Bespoke Luxury Safes Representing The Pinnacle In Safe Design And Craftmanship We are a husband and wife family business of 30...