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LIB ERT Y S C I E N C E CE N T E R A N D O U R E D U C AT I O N I M P E R AT I V E In many ways, Liberty Science Center is a dual-purpose institution: serving families, on the one hand, and students and teachers, on the other. LSC’s role as a public nonprofit institution is well known. More than 500,000 children and adults visit us annually for engaging science experiences in our multiple exhibition galleries, theaters, labs, and the Jennifer Chalsty Planetarium—the biggest planetarium in the Western Hemisphere. Liberty Science Center also serves a second audience: 280,000+ Pre-K - 12 students and teachers who participate in an extensive suite of immersive STEM education programs in eight laboratories in LSC’s Center for Learning and Teaching, in other unique learning spaces throughout the Center, and in their own schools and communities throughout New Jersey, the region, and beyond. LSC’s team of STEM educators provides dozens of specially tailored science programs on site, off site, and online. During the past five years, 2,935 different schools have participated in LSC programs. This is the story of LSC’s work on the front lines, getting K-12 students excited about STEM and into the pipeline towards science and tech careers. You’ll learn how LSC assists teachers, providing them with important and unique opportunities for professional development in the teaching of science, and about LSC’s special dedication to the 90,000 students from our most vulnerable communities. Working with outside experts and partners, LSC also provides opportunities at the Science Center with free Community Evenings, Special Needs Days, and Rare Disease Day. You will also learn how LSC adroitly pivoted in early 2020 as the COVID-19 global pandemic hit. Our STEM team drew on years of experience providing remote learning to convert all in-person programming to virtual delivery. Not only did this conversion enable us to fulfill our education mission throughout the six months that the Science Center building was closed, it also helped expand our reach and impact for the long term. LSC now delivers its high-quality STEM programs throughout the nation and around the world. LSC's mission of inspiring the next generation of scientists and engineers and helping prepare young people for STEM careers, could not be more important to New Jersey and, indeed, to our country. Our nation needs more scientists, and the children participating in LSC progams today are our scientists of the future.

Paul Hoffman President and CEO


See how a year in the life of LSC adds up.

750,000+ total annual visitors 280,000+ students 90,000 students “at risk” 2,050 teachers in professional development programs 52,000+ hours of volunteer service by 588 volunteers 14,000+ Family memberships 89- foot domed screen in Jennifer Chalsty Planetarium 400 seat capacity of the all-digital LSC Giant Dome Theater 832 summer campers at LSC Science Camp 2 queens of our naked mole rat colony—a rarity for this species 3,300+ Live Science presentations 5,539 overnight campers at our Camp Ins 9,700 students experienced Live From Surgery procedures 110 species of animals in our collections 2 million volts of electricity produced by our Tesla Coils Statistics current as of March 31, 2020.

Liberty Science Center has been at the forefront of advancing STEM education throughout the tri-state area for more than 20 years. We are an established leader in informal STEM education, serving over 280,000 Pre-K 12 students and teachers each year and partnering with nearly 3,000 schools over the past five years. We have been pioneers in delivering live virtual programming for more than a decade with our Live from Surgery programs and electronic field trips. We offer world-class resources, such as our Jennifer Chalsty Planetarium, and top-notch educators who deliver programs across a broad range of science content areas. As the demand for rich and engaging science content and support grows, Liberty Science Center will continue to provide high-quality, thought-provoking, and interactive STEM experiences. We model and advance best practices in STEM education that promote having students learn science by doing science collaboratively. We equip teachers with tools and techniques that will enable them to provide their students with more meaningful opportunities for sense-making through questions and discourse, in person and remotely. We redefine expectations around STEM programming by providing dynamic content that maximizes learning time with increased connections to current science and technology, the inclusion of mathematics and language arts concepts, and ongoing opportunities for collaboration and problem solving. Liberty Science Center creates and curates transformative experiences that enable students and their teachers to practice science, explore new technologies, interact with knowledgeable and passionate STEM professionals, and discover new STEM career pathways. The power to spark and sustain interest in STEM is Liberty Science Center’s indelible mark on education.

Ivory Williams Vice President, STEM Education




Every summer, LSC welcomes promising future scientists and researchers to its prestigious Partners In Science program. After more than 30 years—longer than the Science Center has even had a physical building—the program remains a pillar of our student-oriented programming. Each year, high school students apply to LSC to be matched with scientists in labs in their specific area of interest. The application and interview process is rigorous and competitive, and ultimately the field is narrowed to approximately 25 students. In addition to the opportunity to work side by side with scientists and researchers at companies and universities, students receive a stipend and have their communication skills polished during the program. At the end of the summer, students present their research to mentors and family at a culminating symposium that celebrates everyone’s work. To date, approximately 1,250 students have participated in Partners in Science, and many have gone on to successful STEM careers.


Operations Engineer Stryker, a medical device manufacturer

“I was interested in STEM from my early high school days, and the LSC Partners in Science program encouraged me to continue pursuing a career in STEM. My internship, between junior and senior year of high school, focused on research in proteomics at Rutgers University. I was working in a lab setting for the first time, and I was grateful to feel supported as a young woman in STEM and to meet other members of the program. The opportunity to present my work at the final symposium was helpful exposure to professional presenting. After the program, I felt prepared for research opportunities during my undergraduate studies at the New Jersey Institute of Technology, including a lab studying human balance and a remote research program for medical device development—the field I work in today.”



DR. AMINA MOGHUL Major, U.S. Army Director, Mologne Cadet Health Clinic U.S. Military Academy at West Point

Without Liberty Science Center, her life would have gone another way. That’s what Dr. Amina Moghul says of LSC’s Partners in Science program. “I was a child of immigrants living in Jersey City 20 years ago, and it was rough. Starting with an after-school program in the eighth grade, LSC helped me focus my interest in science. I completed two summer internships through the Partners in Science program researching the genetics of multiple sclerosis at the University of Medicine and Dentistry of New Jersey in Newark. There I met mentors who helped guide my education and career choices, and I stay in touch with them to this day. The Science Center understood my circumstances and even gave me a small stipend that allowed me to participate. Many of my equally smart peers never had the chances I did through the Science Center, and their talents have been wasted. I wish many more young people had the opportunity I was afforded at LSC.”

CHRISTINE HO Yale University student

Christine Ho has a long history with Liberty Science Center. She visited with her family as a child and later spent two summers working in labs at Rutgers University thanks to her participation in the LSC Partners in Science program. Christine is broadly interested in science though she is gravitating towards a career related to chemistry. “Liberty Science Center made a huge difference in my life,” she says. “Science is a way to explore and understand the world which has always appealed to me, and LSC was an outlet for that when I was a child even though we lived 40 miles away in Bridgewater, NJ. Partners in Science gave me the opportunity to understand what being a scientist really means, and certainly helped me jump into college science classes with confidence.”

LAUNCHING HIGH SCHOOL RESEARCHERS’ CAREERS In partnership with Jersey City Public Schools, LSC mentored 225 students who developed 68 different experiments that could be conducted in space. An international judging committee reviewed all 68 and selected a medical experiment designed by four students from Jersey City’s Dr. Ronald E. McNair Academic High School. The experiment focused on the effects of microgravity on a drug’s speed and effectiveness at repairing muscle tissue. After months of preparation, SpaceX’s Falcon 9 lifted off from the Kennedy Space Center in Florida carrying the McNair students’ experiment as part of the Student Spaceflight Experiments Program (SSEP). The ISS crew conducted the experiment alongside the students down here on Earth. Afterward, the students analyzed the results and shared them with the science community. Mission accomplished!




PROFESSIONAL DEVELOPMENT Teaching teachers how to teach science—better—is one of the most important things LSC does. In a single year, more than 2,050 teachers participate in LSC’s Teacher Professional Development programs. Since 2014 when the state adopted the New Jersey Student Learning Standards - Science (NJSLS-S), LSC has been at the forefront of transforming teacher professional development. Teacher training must now address significant changes in science instruction, most notably the inclusion of engineering, technology, and applications of science and crosscutting concepts. LSC is the regional leader in teaching educators how to unpack the standards and working with them to effectively implement the latest thinking in their classrooms.

OPENSCIED SERIES Liberty Science Center is the only New Jersey institution certified to provide OpenSciEd professional learning to science teachers. OpenSciEd is a research-based middle school science curriculum aligned with the current educational standards. Teachers learn and practice new instructional strategies and gain access to invaluable classroom resources. So far, with generous support from the clean-energy company Williams, LSC has provided this virtual resource to teachers throughout New Jersey as well as Kentucky, Tennessee, Arkansas, and Delaware. The NJ Department of Education’s Science Office has designated LSC as the state’s preferred provider for OpenSciEd training.

ANDREA POPPITI Grade 8 Science Teacher Westfield Public Schools

OpenSciEd has completely changed the way I think about science teaching. The program values student voices and gets them directly involved in “doing” the science themselves. Students pose their own questions, design and analyze investigations, and drive the instruction in a way I had never experienced before. My students’ high engagement and deeper conceptual understanding with OpenSciEd prove that middle schoolers are natural sense-makers. Figuring out phenomena together has been a fun and rewarding experience for all of us!

COMPUTER SCIENCE TEACHING AND NEWARK PUBLIC SCHOOLS With generous support from Prudential, the LSC STEM team is providing professional development sessions for Newark Public School computer science instructors. The training is focused on using the Tinkercad design tool in classroom instruction. LSC also offers participating teachers access to student learning opportunities with LSC’s STEM educators.




LEARNERS LSC has a special commitment to creating programming for our earliest learners in Pre-K through grade 2. LSC’s team of talented educators works with our youngest students and teachers creating curriculum and activities that promote scientific reasoning and thinking. Programs for these budding scientists include regularly scheduled virtual instruction, on-site activities at LSC Junior Days, and a monthly series of explorations designed for home-schooled students.

AFTER-SCHOOL PROGRAMS STEM educators deliver weekly programs to three different preschool and early childhood classes from the Step by Step school in Hoboken. After the school day ends, each group works directly with an LSC specialist so that students can ask questions, share observations, and be guided through handson experiments appropriate to their learning level. Through this partnership, LSC delivered 110 sessions to 679 preschool students. LSC provides all of the materials for each session. Topics include animal adaptations, chemistry, physics, Earth science, astronomy, and more. Each lesson is designed to meet the developmental needs of the group while also leaving open the option of further discussion, depending upon students’ prior knowledge.

LSC’S HOME SCHOOL DAYS This monthly series of courses serves home-school families and others who wish to supplement their science curriculum with an engaging, inquiry-based adventure inspired by a diverse group of scientists and engineers.


“Kingston and I ended up living in London, unable to return to New Jersey due to the pandemic. Schools were shuttered, so we scrambled to figure out how to best educate him and keep his interest in science going. A friend who had been homeschooling for the past three years suggested that I enroll him in the Home School Days program with Liberty Science Center. This hour on Zoom was his highlight. He really enjoyed Mr. Kengo’s teachings and was delighted to see his friend on the computer during each class. It gave Kingston a unique perspective on science and a connection to his home state of New Jersey, which he missed dearly. We just moved back and are so happy to be able to visit the Center in person again!”




PARTNERSHIPS JERSEY CITY PUBLIC SCHOOLS New Jersey’s public school system is decentralized, allowing individual districts opportunities to program learning according to their unique student populations. State standards, such as NJSLS - Science, apply to all schools and students. LSC works with its partner schools and districts to curate offerings and deliver meaningful programming for both students and teachers. Among our partner schools, we feel a special kinship with our close neighbors in the Jersey City Public School district. Together, we have planned and implemented a comprehensive after-school program delivered virtually to students from the Mahatma K. Gandhi School #23 and the President Barack Obama School #34 as they learned remotely from home. Supported by a multi-year 21st Century Grant, the program gives Jersey City students access to technology tools such as Earth Nullschool, which records and graphically displays weather data, and Piskelapp, a digital art open-source application that permits students to design still or animated models linked to their learning. The long-term commitment of time and resources allows us to gain familiarity with the school communities and build on the knowledge gained session after session, and year after year. Throughout Jersey City, a total of 3,459 elementary students participated in LSC after-school programs.

MORE PARTNER HIGHLIGHTS River Edge Schools: A Long Partnership Since 2015, LSC has provided science programs for Grade K - 6 students at the Roosevelt School and Cherry Hill School in River Edge, NJ. Each 45-minute program focuses on a different area of the science curriculum.

Union City High School and Deron School: Job Shadow Program This annual program invites students with special needs to visit LSC and explore a career by shadowing one of our team members. Students meet the STEM team and learn all about the excitement of working at a Science Center.

Yeshivat He’Atid: LSC Provides All Science Instruction At Yeshivat He’Atid in Teaneck, LSC is the sole provider of STEM instruction to students in Grades K - 5. Under this exclusive arrangement, LSC’s STEM team delivers ten weeks of programming to students in each of the six grade levels.




SURGERY Via high-definition video conferencing, this unique program allows students to stand next to surgeons in their operating suites and converse with them while they perform actual surgeries, including cardiac bypass, neurosurgeries, kidney transplants, and fetal surgeries. In addition, students are also introduced to all the members of the surgical team and exposed to potential career opportunities in medicine from surgery to biotechnology. Each year LSC offers dozens of live surgeries, viewed by nearly 10,000 students since the program's inception in 1996. Some of the best medical centers in the region help us bring the Live From Surgery experience to LSC. • Morristown Medical Center: Cardiac Classroom • Overlook Hospital: Neurosurgery • RWJBarnabas Health: Kidney Transplant • Hackensack Meridian UMC: Robotic Surgery • Newark Beth Israel Medical Center: Heart Transplant/VAD • Advocare the Orthopedic Center in Affiliation with Morristown Medical Center, Overlook Hospital: Pediatric Orthopedic • The Bristol-Myers Squibb Children’s Hospital at Robert Wood Johnson University Hospital: Neonatal

LIVE FROM SURGERY PLUS The Live From Surgery Plus program was developed and piloted in 2020 to enrich the experience by making thematic connections to exhibits and other programs at the Science Center. The first three programs are Live From Surgery Plus Bacteria Detective, Live From Surgery Plus Antibiotic Resistance and Live From Surgery Plus Career Panel. The Bacteria Detective course explores hospital-acquired infections and teaches lab techniques like gram staining to identify microbes to provide medical treatment. The Antibiotic Resistance program examines the misuse of antibiotics in livestock and its impacts on humans. The Career Panel connects students with an LSC-curated group of professionals in the medical field or a supportive field to foster career exploration and interest. These extensions build on the excitement and inspiration students feel after witnessing live surgery and give a deeper glimpse of what a future as a medical professional might look like.


Chairman, Surgeon-in-Chief and Director of Renal and Pancreas Transplant Surgery Saint Barnabas Medical Center Livingston, New Jersey

“I have done a lot of significant things in my career, but one of the most meaningful has been the ability to introduce young people to the miracle of transplantation through the Live From Surgery program. Students come to LSC and watch a live feed as a living donor kidney transplant is performed. Over the course of two hours, they observe the laparoscopic removal of the donor kidney and its implantation into the recipient. As we talk, students learn about medical careers, organ donation, and healthy lifestyles to help them avoid future medical problems. The middle schoolers are my favorite. They have fewer inhibitions than older students and ask very direct questions. The Science Center’s Live From Surgery program is tremendously impactful and I’m proud to have helped build the program over the past 15 years.”



“Live From Surgery changes entire families. The medical staff talks about careers in medicine but they also explain risk factors for cardiac disease and those discussions hit home in this multicultural neighborhood. Children leave LSC understanding more about healthy lifestyles and they urge their parents to slim down and adopt a better diet. Some of my students have chosen to go into healthcare thanks to Live From Surgery, which is great, but the program also has a wide influence on my students’ family health.”

“About 90% of the students in my advanced pre-med class go on to healthcare professions. I teach the academic side of medicine but watching live surgery and talking to the OR staff is a powerful experience. We have attended several different Live From Surgery programs but the most important is watching kidney transplants. Students learn about organ donation but also about improving their lifestyle choices and encouraging their families to do the same. It’s a real eye-opener!”

Middle School Science Specialist PS 11, Queens, New York

High School Science Teacher Clark, New Jersey




O U T R E AC H SPECIAL NEEDS GUESTS On Special Needs Days, LSC opens its doors, free of charge, to guests with special needs and their families. Working with outside experts, LSC’s extraordinary staff reimagines spaces, labs, and programming and adapts experiences to a special needs audience. Staff members have created a sensory map marking locations that are loud, brightly lit, or otherwise overstimulating. Guest ambassadors are prepared to secure quiet spaces for guests who might become agitated, and to turn off the iconic Hoberman Sphere so that visitors on the autism spectrum won’t be startled by the sphere’s unpredictable openings and closings.

RARE DISEASE DAY As a result of relationships within the special needs community and companies researching treatments for rare diseases, Liberty Science Center hosts an annual Rare Disease Day. Partnering with key pharmaceutical companies like Ovid, LSC creates a fun day for patients and their families dealing with rare diseases such as Fragile X and Angelman’s Syndrome. Hundreds of guests enjoy lunch, special hands-on programs, and the opportunity to tour LSC free of charge.

COMMUNITY EVENINGS By tradition, Liberty Science Center opens its doors several evenings a year to welcome families, free of charge, from under-resourced communities throughout New Jersey. On those evenings all activities, movies, labs, and shows are available free of charge to our guests. Often special programming such as basic health screenings is available from community partners. During the COVID-19 pandemic, with generous support from the Bank of China, LSC was able to create Virtual Community Evenings. These virtual events provide students and families from New Jersey’s highestneed districts with fun and engaging educational experiences, including highlights from our amazing stage shows and hands-on learning in our Science of Flight virtual laboratory program, all from the safety of their homes. LSC in the House content is also shared to promote continued exploration and investigation. This rich, living portfolio of resources includes at-home experiments, videos that explore the world of LSC’s animals, a library of Planetarium Online and Live From Surgery programs, videos of STEM stories read aloud, inspirational science videos, and more.

Communities invited to these events include but are not limited to: Asbury Park, Monmouth County

New Brunswick, Middlesex County

Bridgeton, Cumberland County

Newark, Essex County

Burlington City, Burlington County

Orange, Essex County

Camden, Camden County

Passaic City, Passaic County

East Orange, Essex County

Paterson, Passaic County

Elizabeth, Union County

Pemberton Township, Burlington County

Garfield, Bergen County

Perth Amboy, Middlesex County

Gloucester City, Camden

Phillipsburg, Warren County

County Harrison, Hudson County

Plainfield, Union County

Hoboken, Hudson County

Pleasantville, Atlantic County

Irvington, Essex County

Salem City, Salem County

Jersey City, Hudson County

Trenton, Mercer County

Keansburg, Monmouth County

Union City, Hudson County

Long Branch, Monmouth County

Vineland, Cumberland County

Millville, Cumberland County

West New York, Hudson County

Neptune Township, Monmouth County




Liberty Science Center is grateful to the following institutional partners for their generous support. We offer a variety of opportunities to organizations who share our vision. Please contact us at to learn more. $100,000 and up ADP Amazon Bank of America BD Bristol-Myers Squibb Celularity Exxon Mobil Corporation EY Horizon Blue Cross Blue Shield of New Jersey Horizon Foundation for New Jersey Johnson & Johnson Family of Companies JPMorgan Chase & Co. The Prudential Foundation PSEG Foundation Public Service Electric & Gas Company (PSE&G) State of New Jersey State of New Jersey Department of Education U.S. Department of Education Verizon Wells Fargo

$50,000 - $99,999 BASF Corporation Google Lord, Abbett & Co. LLC National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA)

National Science Foundation (NSF) NJM Insurance Group United Victoria Foundation

$35,000 - $49,999 Bloomberg Philanthropies David R. Clare and Margaret C. Clare Foundation Goldman, Sachs & Co. Investors Bank

$25,000 - $34,999 Atlantic Health System Bank of China BNP Paribas Investors Foundation F.M. Kirby Foundation, Inc. New Jersey Space Grant Consortium Pfizer Inc The Williams Foundation

$15,000 - $24,999 Cognizant Day Pitney LLP Hackensack Meridian Health PNC Foundation Regeneron Verisk

$10,000 - $14,999 Accenture AIG American Express Company ASTC BNY Mellon E.J. Grassmann Trust Equitable Langan Merck MetLife Morgan Stanley Novartis Pharmaceuticals Corporation Picatinny Arsenal PNC Bank Prudential Financial, Inc. RWJBarnabas Health S&P Global UBS Wiley

$1,000 - $9,999 Anonymous Autism Speaks China Construction America The Coca-Cola Company Cogen Technologies Linden Venture Colgate-Palmolive Company Concrete Architectural Associates Day Pitney LLP

DTCC Exhibits Development Group The Henry and Marilyn Taub Foundation HLW Architecture, LLC IDEKO on behalf of Twitter, Inc. Infineum USA L.P. The Johnson Company The Kean Foundation Kimmel Properties LLC KPMG LLP The Liberty Group McCarter & English, LLP Nanoscale Informal Science Education (NISE) Foundation NEC Laboratories New Jersey Institute of Technology NJCU Northeastern Chemical Association Optimus Partners, LLC PKF O’Connor Davies, LLP Potomac-Hudson Environmental, Inc. Provident Bank SILVERMAN Skanska USA Building, Inc. Ultragenyx Pharmaceutical Inc. Willis Towers Watson


Liberty Science Center is grateful to the following individuals for their generous support. To help us keep world-class science learning accessible to all, visit or contact us at or 201.253.1327.

$100,000 and above David Barry Jennifer A. Chalsty Paul and Phyllis Fireman Charitable Foundation Frank J. Guarini Foundation Mr. and Mrs. Stephen R. Howe, Jr. ROBERT WOOD JOHNSON 1962 Charitable trust Bruce and Rhonda Levy Jeffrey M. Mandler John and Laura Overdeck Gregory Tusar Judy and Josh Weston Mr. and Mrs. Joseph D. Williams Norman A. Worthington III and Susan Marie Keating

$50,000-$99,999 Brian Carlin Susanne D. Ellis Richard Hodosh and Helga Fisch Chirag and Priti Patel John and Suzanne Willian

$25,000-$49,999 Alma DeMetropolis Dr. Janet L. Denlinger Bob and Kathy Hugin Mitchell and Joleen Julis

$10,000-$24,999 Darren W. Cohen Michele Holcomb

Kannan Family The Honorable Thomas H. Kean Gerry Ohrstrom Carolyn and Bob Slaski Finn and Kim Wentworth Linda A. Willett

$5,000-$9,999 Susan and Ira Akselrad Dennis and Denise Bone Bronstein Family Russell and Stephanie Deyo Louis V. Henston David and Noreen O’Brien Minal Patel and Asra Warsi David Rosenberg and Laura Popp-Rosenberg Richard D. Schibell, Esq. Peggy and Gary Shilling Anthony Skiadas and Celeste Campos

$2,500-$4,999 John E. Abele Bertram Amad The Kaplan Family Private Foundation George Karnoutsos and Raquel Lewan Dr. Amit Rakhit and Mr. Brad Senatore Carlos and Eileen Rodriguez Sharon Stamm and Jerome Zeldis Tom and Anne Stanton Laura Stern and David Bauhs David Welsh

$1,000-$2,499 Michael Benz, MD Ann and Stan Borowiec Brandman Family Bridgewood Fieldwater Foundation George Church Kevin Crego/Crego Group Miami Paul Goody Brian and Donna Gragnolati Miriam Hernandez-Kakol Barbara and Robert Koster Hamlin Hill Science Robert and Mary Litterman Dr. Jessica Marinoff and Mr. Jim Charatan W. Nevins McCann Jeffrey S. Morrison Dr. George Naseef and Dr. Jill Rathyen Pawan Patel and Tania Chakroborty Richard and Kayla Pechter Popat Family Rickert Family Fund of the Community Foundation of New Jersey Rossini Family Arthur and Joanne Weinbach Robert Wiesen, Clifton Budd & DeMaria, LLP Lynette Wilson Anonymous (3)

List current as of June 30, 2021



LSC is supported by a number of important corporate partners and among our largest and longest-standing supporters is Johnson & Johnson. In 2008, J & J challenged LSC to deliver programs to students in New Brunswick Public Schools almost every day of the week! Ever since, the LSC team sits down with colleagues at J & J and administrators from New Brunswick Public Schools annually to set the programs LSC will deliver to students the following year. Over the past five years, LSC has worked with more than 20,000 New Brunswick students. We also have delivered professional development programs to more than 200 teachers.

Companies that value science education as a means of building a top-notch future workforce are joining forces with LSC to make it happen. Here are some current partners and the programs that reflect their values.


Amazon has come aboard to support LSC’s Green Programs, a range of sustainability-themed science courses for K - 12 students.

Manager, Employee Engagement Johnson & Johnson Global Community Impact

At Johnson & Johnson, we remain committed to supporting our communities to create a healthier and more equitable future. Our partnership with Liberty Science Center to support New Brunswick Public Schools helps marginalized populations continue to grow and develop while preparing them to pursue higher education and careers. This partnership helps to create a continuous loop that will prime the community to make valuable contributions in the future.


The clean-energy company Williams underwrites OpenSciEd training for teachers, helping them learn to incorporate current standards and best practices into the science classroom.

Prudential generously provides professional development courses for computer science teachers who work in Newark, their home school district.

The BASF chemical company sponsors a series of family chemistry labs at LSC with fun, accessible themes and materials.

VOLUNTEERS From the very first day the Science Center opened its doors in 1993, an army of enthusiastic volunteers has made our mission possible. LSC volunteers have an incredible range of backgrounds, from high school students to highly trained professionals. Corporate supporters have volunteered in teams to tackle projects close to their organizations’ mission. Sometimes entire families volunteer together to greet and guide our guests. Retired seniors often volunteer to build or maintain their connection to the community. In the most recent year that the Science Center was fully open, volunteers donated more than 45,000 hours of service! LSC’s Teen Docent program trains high school students in STEM concepts as well as customer service, and its participants gain valuable and impressive experience as they head off to college and careers. The Science Center now offers virtual volunteering opportunities for those who cannot join us on site. Our long-time volunteers tell us that the time they spend helping at LSC is its own reward. But the real reward—the return on the investment of their time—is the long-term success of the Science Center’s mission through the years.





In the winter of 2020, news reports about the COVID-19 pandemic grew more concerning by the day. As reported cases climbed in our region, CEO Paul Hoffman and his executive staff made the science-driven decision to close the Science Center for the safety of guests and staff beginning March 12, 2020. A few days later, government leaders made it official: Non-essential public spaces were ordered closed in an effort to stop the spread of the virus. Suddenly, we had to meet our guests where they were— at home. Enter LSC in the House, a rich, living portfolio of asynchronous resources housed on LSC in the House features at-home experiments, videos that explore the world of LSC’s animals, archived Planetarium Online and Live From Surgery programs, videos of STEM stories read aloud, inspirational STEM videos, and current science events. The planetarium team took to the LSC Facebook page to live stream its programs to fans and followers. From April 2020 through April 2021, 217,415 people watched LSC’s Facebook Planetarium Online shows. Simultaneously, the STEM team focused on converting more of its formal, curriculum-aligned programs for delivery to teachers and students during their virtual school day. In the early weeks of the shutdown, the high-needs Title 1 schools we serve were offered STEM programming free of charge.

In the background, LSC team members prepared for the eventual safe reopening of the Science Center building. The building’s air filtration and exchange system was upgraded to far exceed the requirements for public spaces. Floors in the galleries and common spaces were marked to indicate optimal spacing for social distancing, and signage about the requirement of masks and other new rules was developed. While some experiences could not be reopened right away, most were cleverly adapted so that LSC could safely welcome the public as soon as restrictions were lifted. On September 5, 2020, the Science Center opened its doors again—albeit to just 25% of its usual capacity, in order to keep everyone safe. While the Science Center safely reopened, the region’s public schools remained closed. LSC’s education team spent months building and diversifying the catalog of virtual STEM programming. Many institutions were offering packaged, recorded content. But the LSC team focused its efforts on live remote science instruction, allowing students and teachers to interact with the educators and more closely approximate an in-person experience. Our program reach expanded both nationally and internationally as we partnered with educators across the U.S. and in at least 9 foreign countries. The Live From Surgery program reached a record 11,259 students in one year! The team also presented 19 science assemblies—our Virtual Center Stage Shows—to 2,110 students during the school year. Additionally, through both existing and new school partnerships, LSC delivered 124 virtual planetarium shows to 9,752 students. The COVID-19 pandemic is one of the toughest challenges LSC has ever faced. However, the solutions our team devised to continue to deliver on the mission have resulted in a lasting expansion of the Science Center’s virtual capabilities and global reach. | OUR MISSION, OUR IMPACT | MEETING THE COVID-19 CHALLENGE



HEART AND SOUL To observe Heart Health Month in February 2021, educators had to find a way to reach students who were still learning remotely from home. With the help of a generous grant and a lot of creativity, the Jersey City Free Public Library, Liberty Science Center, and the Jersey City Public Schools' Department of Special Education collaborated to present a virtual field trip to LSC. More than 1,000 Jersey City students enjoyed a virtual connection to LSC’s Heart and Soul program, an exploration of heart health that culminates in a wild dance party—also known as a cardiovascular workout! Students were introduced to the work of Dr. Edward Hawthorne, former head of the department of physiology at Harvard, and his research on the cardiovascular system. During an era when Black doctors were not well represented in the research community, Dr. Hawthorne conducted a comparative study of species’ pulse rates. Viewers of the LSC program used his results to predict pulse rates of humans. The session made clear connections between the physiology of the cardiovascular system and the positive choices young people can make to preserve their heart health. As part of the same initiative, LSC later presented the Live From Surgery: Heart Transplant program to 300 middle school students in Jersey City. In the spring, the NJ STEM Networks awarded LSC and its partners in “Heart and Soul” the STEM Collaboration of the Year Award.

BRINGING THE UNIVERSE TO FANS AROUND THE WORLD During live-streamed planetarium shows, our planetarium educators ask the audience members to comment with their location. 50 states and from countries all over the world, including Italy, India, Chile, and so many more! One email from a future astronomer in Pakistan named Aeliya— whose telescope also has a beautiful name!—was especially encouraging to our team members:

“I STAND FOR SCIENCE” HEROES The next generation of geniuses is already hard at work shaping the future, right here in New Jersey. LSC honored these brilliant overachievers at its first-ever virtual Genius Gala—held safely through a virtual connection during the pandemic. That gala’s theme, “I Stand For Science,” reflects our commitment to science and scientists as the means to meet the world’s challenges. These remarkable young people stand for science, and LSC is proud to stand with them.

TAYLOR BROWN, a rising high school senior, took part in LSC’s Partners in Science program over the summer, working with public health safety experts to guide new protocols that have helped the Science Center safely reopen to guests. She also became a certified contact tracer, and plans to pursue a career in medicine.


18, recently placed second in the 2020 Regeneron Science Talent Search for his work in artificial intelligence and machine learning. He is currently a first-year student at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology.

RAMZI SABER spent his childhood in Casablanca, Morocco, where the stars are clear and bright over the Western Sahara. Once relocated to New Jersey, he kept his eyes on the skies—and gathered the first concrete mathematical, visual, and chemical data of an exoplanet 125 light years away.




HIGH SCHOOL Soon, the Science Center will welcome students and faculty to a brand-new school that will have direct and enduring impact on Hudson County communities: Liberty Science Center High School. The state-of-the-art public school will be built right next to LSC on the campus of SciTech Scity, a 30-acre “mini city of the future” where students, entrepreneurs, and scientists will work together to create a community for learning and innovation. Liberty Science Center High School will offer a robust STEM curriculum for grade 9 - 12 science-talented students from across Hudson County. The magnet school will leverage a workeducation program around the technology start-up companies and entrepreneurs that will call SciTech Scity home. Students will have access to LSC’s unique assets, and to internships and mentorships at the cutting-edge start-up companies in SciTech Scity’s Edge Works business incubator.

Liberty Science Center High School will be part of the Hudson County Schools of Technology. Hudson County will float bonds to cover the school’s construction. The city of Jersey City donated 12.5 acres to SciTech Scity and will provide, along with Hudson County, financial assistance for the school's operating costs. By spring 2021, LSC had raised $40 million in philanthropic donations and corporate support for the SciTech Scity innovation campus, including $5 million specifically for the public high school via a generous matching donation from Laura and John Overdeck. Some of the funding will support special programs for middleschool students in Jersey City and Hudson County who want to attend the world-class science high school but could use extra help getting their prerequisite skills (for example, math skills) up to the level needed for admission.

LAURA OVERDECK Vice Chair of LSC’s Board of Trustees Chair, Overdeck Family Foundation

“Ever since Thomas Edison’s light bulb, New Jersey has been famous for scientific innovation and the brilliant people who make it happen. Thanks to the foresight of LSC and the leadership of Jersey City and Hudson County, this new high school will provide our students a whole new trajectory for learning that prepares them for cutting-edge STEM careers.”



LIBERTY SCIENCE CENTER’S UNIQUE ASSETS • The largest planetarium in the Western Hemisphere—The Jennifer Chalsty Planetarium • 110 species of animals, each with a unique science story to tell • 60,000+ honey bees, pollinating plants in Liberty State Park and fascinating LSC guests • 90-pound drum fish and other local marine life in Our Hudson Home aquariums • A 100-mph hurricane wind and rain simulator and earthquake shake tables to test the strength of skyscrapers • A suspended, cantilevered playground enclosed in 19 miles of protective mesh (Safe physical challenges throughout LSC build children’s confidence and motor skills.) • Indoor lightning bolts, courtesy of twin one-million-volt Tesla coils • Live From Surgery program connecting life-science students to surgical teams in action • Highly trained STEM educators leading our student programs and providing teacher professional development • Microbes Rule! Art made from bacteria that reveals the good side of microbes • Making Mammoths exhibit exploring the effort to bring back mammoths from extinction, featuring a lifelike woolly mammoth replica • Science On a Sphere showing real-time climate data from the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Association • The MakerLab, where students each have their own 3D printer • Dino Dig Adventure, an outdoor paleontology experience incorporating three separate dig zones, unique rockwork, permanent buried faux fossils, and a permanent canopy, inspired by the shape of an Ankylosaurus.




2,935 1199 Future of America Learning Center 16th Avenue School 21st CCLC Long Branch Schools 21st Century Academy for Community Leadership 21st Century Community Learning Centers 21st Century Program 4H Rutgers University A. Harry Moore School A. Philip Randolph Campus High School A.W. Becker Elementary School ABC - Kidz Academy Learning Center ABGS Middle School Ability School Abington Avenue School Abraham Clark High School Abraham Lincoln School #14 Abraham Lincoln School #6 Abundant Life Academy Academia Learning Center Academy 1 School Academy Charter High School Academy for Allied Health Sciences Academy for Health Careers Academy for Urban Leadership Academy House 5 Academy House CDC, Jersey City Academy House CDC, Plainfield Academy of Allied Health and Science Academy of Law & Public Safety Academy of Our Lady Academy of Saint Dorothy Academy of Saint Elizabeth Academy of Saint James Academy of St. Joseph of the Palisades Academy of St. Therese of Lisieux Academy of Urban Planning Academy Street School Accion Academy Acelero Learning, New Brunswick Acelero Learning, North Brunswick Acelink/Purdue Fort Wayne Achieve Community Charter Achievement First Elementary School Adamsville Elementary School Adelphi Academy Adelphi University Admiral William F. Halsey Jr. Health & Public Safety Agape 1 Ahlus Sunnah School Al-Ghazaly Jr. - Sr. High School Al-Hikmah Elementary School Al-Minhaal Academy Alan B. Shepard Elementary School Albany Community Charter School Albert Payson Terhune Elementary Albio Sires Elementary School

PRE K - 12 EDUCATION PARTNERS We are proud to serve so many schools across the region.

Albrook School Aldrich School Alexander D. Sullivan Elementary School #30 Alexander Denbo Upper Elementary School Alexander Elementary School Alexander Hamilton Academy Alexander Hamilton Preparatory Academy Alexander Street School Alexandria Middle School Alfred Zampella Elementary School #27 AlGhazaly School All Saints Academy All Saints Catholic Academy All Saints Episcopal Day School All Season Childcare and Learning Center LLC Allegro School Allen W. Roberts School Allentown High School Allenwood Elementary School Alpine Montessori of Milburn Alpine Public School Alteres Bais Yaakov Althea Gibson Academy AltSchool Brooklyn Heights Amani Public Charter School American Christian School AMG Medical Institute Amsterdam Elementary School An-Noor Academy Anastasia Elementary School Andalusia School Andover Long Pond School Andrea Surova Angel’s World Day Care Angelo L. Tomaso School Ann Blanche Smith School Ann Street School & Annex Anna C. Scott Elementary School Anna L. Klein Elementary School Anne Hutchinson School Annex #4 Anthony J. Infante School #31 Anthony V. Ceres Elementary School Apple Montessori Hoboken Apple Montessori Mahwah Apple Montessori School, Edgewater Apple Montessori School, Riverdale Apple Montessori School, Wayne Apple Montessori Schools - Metuchen Apple Montessori Schools of Middlesex County Applegarth Elementary School Appleview Early Learning Center & Preschool Apshawa School


Aquinas Academy Arbor Elementary School ARC of Essex Stepping Stone School Arcade Elementary Archbishop Stepinac High School Archer Elementary School Ardena Elementary School Ardsley Middle School Arleth Elementary School Arthur L. Johnson High School Arthur M. Judd Elementary School Arthur S. May School Arthur Stanlick Elementary School Asbury Park High School Asbury Park School District Ascension School Ashar Yeshiva School Asher Holmes Elementary School ASPIRA of New York, Inc. Assumption Catholic School Atmosphere Academy Charter School Audrey W. Clark School Augusta Street School Auten Road Intermediate School Avalon Elementary School Avenel Middle School Avenel Street Elementary School Avenues: The World School Avon Avenue Community School Avon by the Sea Elementary B.Y.C.C. Of Pomona Baby World Preschool Bacchus Marsh College Badr School Bais Esther Bais Miriam Leah School Bais Rochel School, Brooklyn Bais Rochel School, Monroe Bais Tova School Bais Yaakov Academy Bais Yaakov Academy for Girls Bais Yaakov High School Bais Yaakov of Adas Yereim Bais Yaakov of Ramapo Balahadia Group Bamboo Shoots Banyan High School Banyan School Barack Obama School Bard Early College School Bardonia Elementary School Barnegat High School Barnstable Academy Barringer S.T.E.A.M. Academy Bartle Elementary School Basis Independent Brooklyn Basis Independent, Manhattan Battalion Christian Academy Battle Hill School

Bay Head Elementary School Bayberry School Bayonne High School Bayonne School District Bayshore Jointure Commission Bayshore Middle School Bea Fuller Rodgers PS 528 Beach Haven School District Beacon Center at MS 35 Beacon Christian Academy Beatrice Gilmore Elementary School Bedford Stuyvesant Collegiate Uncommon Collegiate Charter Beechwood School Beit Rabban Belleville High School Belleville Middle School Belleville School #3 Belleville School #5 Belleville School #9 Belleville Therapeutic School Belmar Elementary School Belmont Runyon Elementary School Beloved Community Charter School Belvidere High School Ben Porat Yosef Benjamin Banneker Academy Benjamin Franklin Elementary School, Newark Benjamin Franklin Elementary, Edison Benjamin Franklin Middle School, Ridgewood Benjamin Franklin Middle School, Teaneck Berea Elementary School Bergen Arts and Science Charter Middle School Bergen Boulevard School Bergen Center for Child Development Bergen Community College Bergen County Academies Bergen County Christian Academy Bergen County Special Service, Paramus Bergen County Special Services SD Bergen County Special Services, Hackensack Bergen County Technical High School - Paramus Bergen-Lafayette Montessori School Berkeley College, Clifton Berkeley College, Woodline Park Berkeley School, Bloomfield Berkeley Terrace Elementary School Berkeley-Carroll School Berlin Community School Bernards High School Bernards Township School District Bernardsville Middle School Bertrand F. Gibbs Elementary School Best Prep Academy

Bet Yaakov of The Jersey Shore Bethany Cares Inc. Freedom School Bethesda Seventh Day Adventist Church Bethpage Library Betsy Ross Elementary School Big Apple Academy Biotechnology High School Birch Family Services Birchwood Elementary School Bishop George Ahr - St. Thomas High School Bishop McHugh Regional Catholic School BJ Wilkerson Memorial CDC, Paterson BJ Wilkerson Memorial CDC, Prospect Park Black River Middle School Blairstown Elementary School Blessed Hope Day Care Center Blessed Sacrament Blessed Sacrament, Staten Island Bloomfield Board of Education Bloomfield High School Bloomfield Middle School Blue Oak School Blueprint Middle School BMCC Upward Bound Bnos Bais Yakkov Bnos Devorah Bnos Menachem Bnos Orchos Bnos Satmar Bnos Yaakov School Bnos Yaakov, Lakewood Bobov Girl School Bogert Elementary School Bogota Jr. - Sr. High School Bonnie Brae School Boonton High School Boonton Township School District Bordentown Wiz Kids Bound Brook High School Boy Scouts of Northern New Jersey Boynton Middle School Boys & Girls Club of Hudson County Boys & Girls Club of Lodi Bradley Beach Elementary School Bradley Gardens School Bragg School Brainiac Child Care Branch Brook School Branford Hall Career Insititute Brayton Elementary School BRICK Peshine Academy Brick Township Board of Education Brick Township High School Bridge to Employment Bridgewater Raritan High School Brielle School Bright Beginnings Learning Center Bright Horizons at Eastridge Bright Horizons at Somerset Bright Horizons at TimberRidge Brighter Tomorrows Children’s Academy and Enrichment Ce British International School Bronx Arts and Science Charter School Bronx Charter School for Better Learning

Bronx Collaborative High School Bronx Community College TRIO Pre-Collegiate Programs Bronx Haven High School Bronx Institute at Lehman College Bronx Preparatory Charter School Bronx School for Law, Goverment and Justice Bronxville Elementary School Brook Lawn Middle School Brookdale Community College Brookdale Elementary School, Bloomfield Brooklake Elementary School, Florham Park Brooklyn Apple Academy Brooklyn College Brooklyn East Collegiate Charter School Brooklyn Environmental Exploration School Brooklyn Excelsior Brooklyn Landmark Elementary School Brooklyn Star Daycare Brooks Crossing Elementary School Brookside Elementary School Brookside School Brownstone School Bruce Street School for the Deaf Brunswick Acres School Brunswick School - Lower School Bruriah High School Building Blocks Montessori School Bumble Bee Early Learning Center Burch Charter School of Excellence Burlington County Institute of Technology, Mount Holly Burlington County Institute of Technology, Westampton Burlington Township Middle School Burnet Hill School Bushwick Leaders High School for Academic Excellence Buzz Aldrin Middle School Byram Hills High School Byram Intermediate School Caedmon School Cairo-Durham Intermediate School Calais School Caldwell University Calhoun High School Calvary Academy Calvary Baptist Preschool Calvary Christian School Calvin Coolidge Elementary School CAMBA All-Stars at PS 114 CAMBA at PS 139 Camba Kids Unite at PS 170 Cambridge Elementary School Camden Big Picture Learning Academy Camden County College Camden County Educational Services Commission Camden Prep Elementary School Camden Street Elementary School Camden’s Promise Charter School Camp Calvary Camp Rock Canfield Avenue School Care About Me Program

Caring Hands Childcare Carl Sandburg Middle School Carlstadt Public School Carteret High School Carteret Middle School Carteret School Casamir Pulaski School Catherine E Doyle School Catholic Charity Catholic Charties of Newark Cattaraugus-Allegany BOCES CDI Head Start Cedar Drive School Cedar Grove Elementary School Cedar Grove High School Cedar Hill Elementary, Basking Ridge Cedar Hill Elementary, Towaco Cedar Place School Cedarbrook School Center for Allied Health Education Center Grove School Centereach High School Central Avenue School Central Elementary, East Hanover Central Elementary, Glen Rock Central Elementary, Great Meadows Central High School, Newark Central Jersey College Prep Charter School Central Michigan University Central Middle School, Parsippany Central Regional High/Middle School, Bayville Central School, East Brunswick CESA 11 Chancellor Avenue Elementary School Chancellor Avenue School Chapel Field School Chapel Hill Academy Chapel School Chaplain Charles Watters School PS 24 Charles DeWolf Middle School Charles E. Trefurt School - PS 8 Charles H. Stillman Elementary School Charles J. Hudson School #25 Charles J. Riley School #9 Charlton Heights Elementary Charter School of Educational Excellence Chatham Day School Chatham Middle School CHCF/Science Girls Cheder Chabad of Monsey Cheesequake Elementary School Chein Bais Yaakov Cherry Hill School Cherry Lane Elementary School Chester M. Stephens Elementary School Child Center of New York at PS 89 Child Center of NY Children’s Academy Preschool Children’s Garden School Children’s Studio Chittick Elementary School Christ the King Preparatory School Christ the King Regional School Christ the Teacher School Christa McAuliffe Elementary School #28 Christian Brothers Academy

Christian Pentacostal Preschool Christina Seix Academy Christopher Columbus Elementary School #15 Christopher Columbus School #8 Churchill Jr. High School Churchill School Cinnaminson High School Circle of Life Learning Center Circleville Elementary School Citi - Oswego County BOCES City College of New York Clara Barton High School Clara E. Coleman School Claremont International High School Clarendon Elementary School #4 Clarks School for Hearing and Speech Clarkstown Junior High School Class Academy Classical Academy Charter School of Clifton Classical Charter School Claudius School Clayton High School Clayton Huey Elementary School Clayton Middle School 21st CCLC Cleveland Elementary School Cleveland Street School CLIC Cliffside Park #5 Cliffside Park High School Cliffside Park School #4 Clifton High School Clifton School #12 Clifton School #9 Clinton Elementary School Clinton Public School Clinton School Clinton Township Middle School Cobble Hill of American Studies Colin Powell Elementary School College Achieve Central Charter School College Achieve Greater Asbury Park Charter School College of Saint Elizabeth College of Staten Island College Recovery Collegiate School Collier School Collingswood High School Collins Elementary School Colonia Middle School Colonial Road School Colts Neck High School Columbia High School Columbia Middle School Columbus Elementary School, Carteret Columbus Elementary School, Lodi Columbus Elementary School, New Rochelle Committee for Hispanic Children and Families Commonpoint Queens PS 206 Commonwealth Charter Academy Community Baptist Christian Academy Community Day Nursery Community Education Center Community Hills Early Learning Center Community School Concordia Learning Center Conerly Road School Coney Island Prep Elementary School

Connected North Connecticut Farms School Constable Elementary School Cornelia Bradford Elementary School #16 Cornell Cooperative Extension Orange County Cornerstone School Corpus Christi School Corpus Christi-Holy Rosary School Cottage Lane Elementary School County College of Morris County Prep High School County Road School CPC High Point Adolescent School Craig School Cranbury School Cranford High School Cranford Public School District Creative Concept 1 Creative Concept 2 Creative Leaders After School Program Crescent Elementary School Crescent School, Hempstead Cresskill Junior-Senior High School Cresskill Middle School Cresthaven Academy Charter School Creston Academy Cristo Rey Brooklyn High School Crockett Middle School Crossroads Christian Academy Crossroads Middle School Crossroads School Crossroads South CSI High School for International Studies Cultural Academy for the Arts and Sciences Cumberland County College Gear Up Cumberland Regional High School Curries Woods Early Childhood Center Curtis High School Cypress Hills East New York Beacon Cypress Hills Local Development Corporation D.J.’s Angels Day Care Daniel F. Ryan Elementary School #19 Darul Arquam School Day Camp Sunshine DCF Regional School - Ocean Campus Deane-Porter School Deerfield School, Mountainside Deerfield School, Short Hills Delaware Valley School Delbarton School Demarest Middle School Democracy Prep Harlem Elementary Dennis B. O’Brien Elementary DePaul Catholic High School Deron School DeWitt D. Barlow Elementary School Dickinson High School Dionne Warwick School Directions for Our Youth Inc., Cornelia Connelly Center Discovery Charter School Discovery Christian Montessori Discovery Years Divine Mercy Academy Dogwood Hill Elementary School Dominican College Don Bosco Preparatory High School

Douglas Developmental Disabilities Center Douglas Grafflin Elementary School Dover Elementary School Dover High School Dover Public School District Dr Marion A. Bolden Student Center Dr. Albert Einstein Academy School #29 Dr. Antonia Pantoja School #27 Dr. Charles P. Defuccio Elementary School #39 Dr. E. Alma Flagg School Dr. Gerald H. Woehr Elementary School Dr. Hani Awadallah School Dr. Herbert Richardson School Dr. John Grieco Elementary School Dr. Kelly Aliano Dr. Lena Edwards Academic Charter Dr. Leroy McCloud Elementary School Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. Educational Complex Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. Middle School Dr. Maya Angelou - PS 20 Dr. Michael Conti Elementary School #5 Dr. Orlando Edreira Academy School #26 Dr. Paul Rafalides School PS 33 Dr. Richard Izqueirdo Health & Science Charter Dr. Theodore A. Atlas Foundation Dr. Walter F. Robinson School Dr. William H. Horton Elementary School Dream Charter School Drew University Dual Language School Duanesburg Middle School Duarte-Sánchez-Mella School No. 5 Annex Dumont High School Durban Avenue School Dutchess County Board of Cooperative Educational Service Dwight D. Eisenhower Elementary School Dwight Englewood School Dwight School E. Raymond Appleby Elementary School E. Roy Bixby School E.C.L.C. of New Jersey E.L.C.C. Christian Academy E.S.M.T Early Childhood Center Central Early Learning Academy East Brook Elementary School East Brook Middle School East Dover Elementary School, Dover East Dover Elementary School, Toms River East Meadow High School East Newark School East Orange Campus High School East Orange Community Charter East Orange School District East Side High School East Side Middle School Eastern Christian Elementary School Eastern Christian High School Eastlake Elementary School

Eastside High School Eastview School Eatontown Public Schools Ebbetts Field Middle School Ecole Francophone d’Airdrie Ecole Toussaint L’Ouverture Elementary School Edgemont Elementary School Edgewood School Edison Job Corps Academy Edith A. Bogert Elementary School Edward H. Bryan School Edward J. Patten Elementary School Edward V. Walton Primary School Edward W. Kilpatrick School Edward Williams Elementary School EF Explore America EF International Academy Egbert IS #2 EIRC Educational Information & Resource Eisenhower Intermediate School El Mundo Del Nino Preschool Eleanor Van Gelder Elementary School Elementary School 1, Fort Lee Elementary School 3, Fort Lee Elementary School 4, Fort Lee Elijah Stroud Middle School #353 Elite Prep Academy Elizabeth Avenue School Elizabeth High School - Halsey House #83 Ellenville Middle School Elliott Street School Elmora School No. 12 Elmwood Elementary School Elsinboro Township School Eltingville Lutheran School Elysian Charter School of Hoboken Ember Charter School Emerson Elementary School Emerson Middle School Emma C. Chase Elementary School Emma L. Arleth School Emmanuel Children’s Mission Empowerment Academy Englewood Cliffs Upper School Englewood on the Palisades Charter School Equality Charter School Essex County College Essex County Newark Tech Essex County Vocational Technical School District Essex Fells School Essex Junior Academy Ethel McKnight Elementary School Ethical Community Charter School Euclid Elementary School Eugenio Maria de Hostos Early Childhood Center Evergreen Elementary School Evergreen School Excellence Boys Middle Academy Charter School Excellence Girls Charter School Excellence Girls Middle Academy Explore 2000 Middle School Explore Charter School Explore Empower Charter School

Ezra Nolan Middle School #40 F.E. Bellows School Fair Lawn High School Fairleigh Dickinson UniversityUndergraduate Fairmount School Fairview Elementary School Fairview Public School District Fairview School Fallsburg Junior-Senior High School Family Life Academy Charter School II (FLACS 2) Family School Fannie Lou Hamer Freedom High School Fanny Meyer Hillers Far Brook School Farmingdale Elementary School Farragut Middle School FDU Fei Tian Academy of the Arts Felician University Fernbrook Elementary School Ferris High School Fieldstone Middle School, Montvale Fieldstone Middle School, Thiells FieldTripZoom, LLC First Avenue School First Christian Pentecostal Academy Fishkill Elementary School Fleetwood Elementary School Flexschool Florence M. Burd School Florence Township Memorial High School Florham Park Library Flushing YMCA Fontbonne Hall Academy Fordham High School for the Arts Forest Avenue Elementary School Forest Avenue School Forest Street Elementary School Forrestdale School Fort Lee High School Fort Lee Public Library Fort Lee School #2 Fortis Institute Forum School Fostertown ETC Magnet School Foundation Academy Foundation Academy Intermediate Charter School Fourteenth Avenue School Foxhill School Frank J. Dugan Elementary School Frank K. Hehnly School Frank R. Conwell Elementary School - PS 3 Frank R. Conwell Middle School - MS 4 Frank W. Gavlak Elementary School Frankford Township School Franklin Avenue Middle School Franklin Elementary School, Bergenfield Franklin Elementary School, Franklin Franklin Elementary School, Hempstead Franklin Elementary School, North Bergen Franklin Elementary School, Union



Franklin Elementary School, Westfield Franklin High School Franklin L. Williams School MS 7 Franklin Middle School Franklin Middle School at SGS Franklin School, Bloomfield Franklin School, Kearny Franklin School, Lyndhurst Franklin School, Saddle Brook Frederic W. Cook Elementary School Frederick Douglass Academy II Secondary School Frederick Douglass Academy VI High School Frederick Douglass Academy VIII Freedom Prep Charter School Freehold Borough High School Freehold Borough School District 21st Century Freehold Township High School Frelinghuysen Township Elementary School Frenchtown Elementary Friends Academy of Japanese Children’s Society Friends Seminary Friendship Summer Enrichment Program Fulton Science Academy Private School Fusion Academy, Montclair Fusion Academy, Morristown Future Foundations Academy Future Generation Academy Future Stars Daycare G. Harold Antrim Elementary School Gantner Avenue School Garfield Auxiliary MS/HS Garfield East Elementary School Garfield Elementary School Garfield High School Garfield Middle School Garfield Public School District Garvey School Gateway Academy Gateway Institute Gateway School Gayhead Elementary School Gear Up St. John’s Geller House School Genesis Preschool & Academy George E. Wilson Elementary School George F. Baker High School George Fischer Middle School George G. White School George Grant Mason Elementary School George Ross Mackenzie Elementary School George Washington Carver Institute George Washington Carver School George Washington Elementary, Mahwah George Washington Elementary, Union City George Washington Junior High, Wayne George Washington School, Edgewater George Washington School, Hillside German School Manhattan

Gilbert Avenue School Gill Saint Bernard’s School Girl Scout Troop 40220 Girl Scout Troop 40846 Girl Scout Troop 503 Girl Scout Troop 698 Girl Scout Troop 97272 Girl Scouts Heart of New Jersey Girl Scouts of Northern New Jersey Girl Scouts Troop 20264 Girl Scouts Urban Day Camp Girls Preparatory Charter School of New York Gladys Cannon Nunery School #29 Glen Ridge High School Glen Rock High School Glen Rock Middle School Glenfield Middle School Glenn D Cunningham Early Childhood Center Glenwood Elementary School Global Community Charter School Gloucester County Institute of Technology Goddard School, Iselin Goddard School, Matawan Goddard School, Norwood Goddard School, Princeton Golda Och Academy Golden Door Charter School Golden Gate Good Shepherd Academy, Irvington Good Shepherd Academy, Nutley Good Shepherd Christian School Good Shepherd School Goshen High School Gouverneur Elementary School Governor Clinton Elementary School Grace N Rogers Elementary School Grace Wilday Junior High School Graham Elementary Magnet School Grandma’s Place Grandview Elementary School, North Caldwell Grandview Elementary School, Piscataway Grant Elementary School, Ridgefield Park Grant Elementary School, South Plainfield Great Meadows Regional Middle School Great Memorial Campus Great Oaks Charter School Great Oaks Legacy Charter School Great Oaks Legacy Downtown Elementary School Great Oaks Legacy Downtown Middle School Greater Bergen Community Action Greater Brunswick Charter School Green Brook Middle School Green Grove Elementary School Green Hills School Green House Preschool Greenbrook Elementary School Greenburgh Eleven Greenburgh Graham Union Free School District Greenwich Academy Greenwich School


Greenwood Lake Middle School Greenwood School Gregory B. Jarvis Middle School Gregory Elementary School Gregory School, Long Branch Grimes Elementary School Grove Street School Grover Cleveland Middle School Grover Cleveland School Grunin Performing Arts Academy H.C. Johnson School/Jackson DayCare Grade 4-5 H.W. Mountz Elementary School Hackensack High School Hackensack Meridian School Of Medicine Hackensack Middle School Hackensack Public Schools Hackettstown Public School District Hackley School Hainesport Township School Haldane Elementary School Haledon Public School Hamburg Boro Hamilton Bicentennial Elementary Hamilton Elementary School Hamilton High School West Hamilton Intermediate School Hamilton North-Nottingham Hamilton School Hampton Bays Elementary School Hamza Academy Hands in 4 Youth Hannah Caldwell School Hanover Park High School Hanover Township School District Happy Face Day Care Center Happy Times Too Pre-K Harbor Child Care Harding Township School Harding Township School District Hardyston Township School District Harlem Prep Elementary School Harlem Village Academy Leadership Harmony Preschool Harmony School Harmony Township School HARP Academy Harriet Tubman Charter School Harriet Tubman School Harrington Park School Harrison Avenue School Harrison Elementary School, Livingston Harrison Elementary School, Roselle Harrison High School Harrison Public Schools Harry L. Bain School #6 Harry S. Truman High School Hart’s Hill Elementary School Hartshorn Elementary School Hasbrouck Heights Middle School Haskell Elementary School Hatikvah International Academy Charter School Haviland Middle School Hawes Elementary School Hawkins Street School Haworth Public School Haworth Public School District Hawthorne Avenue School Hawthorne Christian Academy Hawthorne High School

Hawthorne Park Elelmentary School Hazel Avenue Elementary School Head Start North Health Links Program Raritan Valley Chapter Hearts of Gold Hedgepeth-Williams Middle School Heights Elementary School Helen Smith School Hellenic Classical Charter School Henry B. Milnes Elementary School Henry B. Whitehorne Middle School Henry Beck Middle School Henry Harris School Henry Hudson Regional High School Henry P. Becton Regional High School Herbertsville Elementary School Here We Grow Preschool Heritage Middle School Herkimer Boces Hewitt School Heywood Avenue School High Bridge Elementary School High Bridge Middle School High Meadow School High Mountain Road School High Point Regional High School High Point School of Bergen County High School for Environmental Studies High School for Health Professions and Human Services High School of Language and Innovation High Tech High School Highbridge Gardens Cornerstone Program Highbridge Green School Highland Elementary School Highland Falls Middle School Highland Middle School Highland Park High School Hightstown High School Hillcrest Academy South Hillcrest High School Hilldale Elementary School Hillel Yeshiva Hillsborough High School Hillsborough Middle School Hillsborough Public Library Hillsborough Township Elementary School Hillside Arts & Letters Academy Hillside Avenue School Hillside Elementary School Hillside Elementary School Hillside High School Hillside Intermediate School Hillside School Hilltop Elementary School Hillview School Ho Ho Kus Cub Pack 54 Ho-Ho-Kus Public School Hoboken Catholic Academy Hoboken Charter School Hoboken Middle School Hoboken Montessori School Hola Hoboken Dual Language Charter School Holdrum Middle School Holland Township School Holmdel Township Public Schools Holmstead School

Holy Cross Elementary School Holy Family Catholic Academy Holy Innocents Elementary School Holy Rosary School Holy Spirit School, Pequannock Holy Spirit School, Union Center Homes for the Homeless Homestead School Honor Ridge Academy Hoosick Falls Jr. Sr. High School Hoover Elementary School Hopatcong Borough Schools Hopatcong High School Hopatcong Middle School Hope Academy of the Bronx Hope Township School HOPES CAP Headstart HOPES CAP Headstart, New Horizon Horace Mann Elementary School, North Bergen Horace Mann School, Bayonne Horace Mann School, Bronx Horizon High School Hovnanian Armenian School Howell High School HS 475 Richmond Hill High School Hubbard Middle School Huber Street School #3 Hudson Arts and Science Charter School Hudson Catholic High School Hudson Country Montessori School Hudson County Schools of Technology Hudson Elementary School Hudson Montessori Hudson School Hudson Valley Homeschool Hudsonview Christian Academ Hudsonway Immersion School Hugerford School Hun School of Princeton Hunter Business School Hunter College Elementary School Hunter College High Hunterdon Central High School Hunterdon Preparatory School Hurden Looker School I Am’s Temple Christian Academy Iams Temple Christian Academy Icahn Charter School #2 Icahn Charter School #3 Icahn Charter School #4 Icahn Charter School #5 Icahn Charter School #7 ICPC- Story Time Ida R. Posner School #165 Ignacio Cruz Early Childhood Center iLearn Bergen Arts & Science Charter School iLearn Hudson Arts & Science Charter School iLearn Passaic Arts & Science Charter School iLearn Paterson Arts & Science Charter School Immaculata High School Immaculate Conception High School Immaculate Conception School, Annandale Immaculate Conception School, Somerville

Immaculate Conception School, Spotswood Immaculate Heart Academy Immaculate Heart of Mary School Indian Hills High School Indian Mills Memorial School Infants Toddler Daycare Center Infinity Institute Innovation High School Innovative Education Programs North Ward Innovative Educational Programs Iron Bound Insight PA Cyber Charter School Institute for Health Professions at Cambria Heights Intellichild Academy Intellichild, Fair Lawn International Academy of Trenton International School Of Brooklyn Intervale Elementary School Iona College Iona Prep, White Plains Iona Preparatory School Iprep Academy School # 8 Ironbound Catholic Academy Irwin B. Somerville Elementary School IS #125, NY IS #145, NY IS #187, NY IS #201 Dyker Heights IS #206 Ann Mersereau IS #218, NY IS #223, NY IS #239, NY IS #24, NY IS #25, NY IS #27, NY IS #281 NIA Afterschool Program IS #51 Sports and Arts IS #7, NY IS #75, NY IS #98, NY Iselin Montessori Academy Islamic Society of Basking Ridge Island Heights Elementary School IVDU Schools Ivy Hill Elementary School Ivy League School Ivy Prep Early Learning Academy Manhattan J. Garfield Jackson Sr. Academy J. Watson Bailey Middle School J.C. Stuart Elementary School J.P. Stevens High School J.V.B. Wicoff Elementary School Jackson Avenue School Jackson Liberty High School Jackson Memorial High School Jamaica Gateway to the Sciences James Caldwell Elementary School James Caldwell High School James F. Murray School PS 38 James Fallon Elementary School James G. Shawger School #4 James Hunter James J. Flynn School James Madison Intermediate School James Madison School #10 James Monroe School James Russell Lowell Elementary School

Japanese Children’s Society Englewood Cliffs Japanese Children’s Society - Port Washington Jardine Academy of Cranford JCC Camp by the Sea Jefferson Elementary #1 Jefferson Elementary School, Bergenfield Jefferson Elementary School, Plainfield Jefferson Elementary School, Summit Jefferson Elementary School, Union City Jefferson Park Daycare Center, Elizabeth Jefferson School, North Arlington Jefferson School, West Caldwell Jefferson School, Westfield Jericho High School Jerome Dunn Academy School No. 9 Jersey City Community Charter School Jersey City Global Charter School Jersey City Public Library Jersey City Public Schools Jersey City Regional Day School Jersey College Jersey Shore Baptist Academy Jersey Shore Preschool Jesse F. George School Jewish Educational Center Jewish Institute of Queens JHS #117 - Community Schools Program John A. Carusi Middle School John Adams Elementary School John Adams High School at St. John’S John Dewey High School John E. Dwyer Technology Academy John F Kennedy Elementary School, South Plainfield John F Kennedy High School, Paterson John F Kennedy Middle School, Port Jefferson Stn. John F. Kennedy Elementary School, Jamesburg John F. Kennedy Elementary School, Wayne John F. Kennedy School, Kingston John F. Kennedy School, Newark John F. Kennedy School, North Bergen John G. Borden Middle School John Greenleaf Whittier Elementary School John H. Walker Middle School John Hill School John Jay Senior High School John M. Bailey School John Marshall School No. 20 John P. Holland Charter School John V Lindsay Wildcat Academy Charter School John Witherspoon Middle School Johnson & Johnson Johnson & Johnson Child Development Center Jonas Salk Middle School Jonathan Dayton High School Jose Marti Freshman Academy Joseph A.Citta Elementary School Joseph Battin School No. 4

Joseph Bolger Middle School Joseph C. Caruso Elementary School Joseph E. Soehl Middle School Joseph H. Brensinger Elementary School #17 Joseph Kushner Hebrew Academy Jotham W. Wakeman School PS 6 Joyce Kilmer School Juan Pablo Duarte - Jose Julian Marti #28 Jugando Aprendemos Care Center Julia A Traphagen School Julia A. Barnes Elementary School #12 Junior Prep Preschool K. Pulaski Polish School Kahlil Gibran School Kaplan Learning Center Katherine D. Malone Elementary School Keansburg High School Kearny Christian Academy Kearny High School Kelly Elementary School Kensico School Kent Place Passport Program Kent Place School Kent Primary School Key Element Learning Keyport Central School Keyport High School Keys Recovery High School Kiddie Academy of Freehold Kiddie Academy of North Brunswick Kiddie Academy of Secaucus Kiddie Academy of Upper Freehold Kiddie Korner Learning Center Kidville Kidz Inn Daycare and Learning Kidz Kastle Learning Center Kinder Care Learning Kinder Kastle Childcare Kinder Kastle, Bridgewater KinderCare at Manalapan Kindergarten Success Academy Kings Collegiate Charter School Kings Road School Kingsway Regional High School Kingwood Township School Kinnelon High School KIPP Academy, Bronx KIPP New Jersey BOLD Academy KIPP Newark Collegiate Academy Kipp Newark Community Prep KIPP SEEK Academy KIPP Thrive Academy Kiryas Joel UFSD Kisthardt Elementary School Kittatinny Regional School Knollwood Elementary School Knollwood School, Fair Haven Knowledge Beginnings Koinonia Academy Kolbe Immaculata School Kossmann Elementary School Kradle 2 Kindergarten Kuser Elementary School L.E.A.P Program L’ouverture-Lafayette School #6 La Casa de Don Pedro La Cima Elementary Charter School La Vida Childcare 1 La Vida Childcare Center Too

Lacey Township Gifted & Talented Lacey Township High School Lacordaire Academy Lady Liberty Academy Lafayette College Pre Med Club Lafayette Elementary School Lafayette Estate School #25 Lafayette Mills School Lafayette Street School Lafayette Township School Lake Hiawatha Elementary School Lake Nelson Seventh Day Advent School Lake Parsippany Elementary School Lake Riviera Middle School Lakehurst Elementary School Lakeland Regional High School Lakeside Middle School Lakeview School Lakewood High School Lakewood School Lamberts Mill Academy Lanes Mill Elementary School Langston Hughes Elementary School Laning Avenue School Laurel Plains Elementary School Laurel School Lavallette Elementary School Lavelle Prep Charter School Lawrence Brook Elementary School Lawrence Intermediate School Lawton C. Johnson Summit Middle School Leadership Prep Ocean Hill Leagers Linden Leagers Marshall LEAP Academy University Charter School Learning Community Charter School Learning Depot Preschool Learning Institute of Union City Learning Ladders School of Excellence Lefferts Gardens Montessori School Legacy College Prep Charter School Lehman College Leman Manhattan Preparatory School Lenape Meadows School Lenox Academy Leo F. Giblyn School Leonard V. Moore Middle School Leonia High School Leonia Middle School Leptondale Elementary School Leroy Gordon Cooper School Levitt Middle School Lewis F. Cole Middle School Li’l Masters Academy Liang and Kennison Liberty Academy Liberty Christian School Liberty Corner School Liberty Elementary School, Great Meadows Liberty Elementary School, Newark Liberty Elementary School, Newark Liberty Elementary School, Valley Cottage Liberty High School Liberty Middle School Liberty Montessori: A Place for Learning

LIFE – Jonathan Williams Child Care Center Life Academy Life Center Academy Lifestyles for the Disabled Lifetime Learning for Autism Lightbridge Academy, Iselin Lightbridge Academy, North Brunswick Lightbridge Academy, Rutherford Lightbridge Academy, Westwood Lillian M. Steen School Lincoln Elementary School Lincoln Annex Lincoln Avenue Elementary School Lincoln Community School Lincoln Elementary Lincoln Elementary School, Bergenfield Lincoln Elementary School, Caldwell Lincoln Elementary School, Harrison Lincoln Elementary School, Hasbrouck Heights Lincoln Elementary School, New Brunswick Lincoln Elementary School, Newark Lincoln Elementary School, Pompton Lincoln Elementary School, Rockaway Lincoln High School, Jersey City Lincoln High School, Yonkers Lincoln Middle School, Hawthorne Lincoln Park Elementary School Lincoln Roosevelt Elementary School Lincoln School, Cranford Lincoln School, Dumont Lincoln School, Dunellen Lincoln School, Edison Lincoln School, Fairview Lincoln School, Garwood Lincoln School, Kearny Lincoln School, Lyndhurst Lincoln School, Rutherford Lincoln-Hubbard Elementary School Lincroft Elementary School Lindbergh Elementary School Linden Avenue School Linden High School Linden Public Schools Linden School 9 Link Community Charter School Linwood Middle School Little Chief Learning Station Little Darlings Learning Center Little Egg Harbor Community School Little Explorers Learning Center Little Falls School #2 Little Falls Township Public School # 3 Little Falls Township Public School #1 Little Lamb Preschool Little Red School House and Elisabeth Irwin High School Little Scholars Little Scholars Preschool Littlebrook School Littleton Elementary School Livingston Avenue School Livingston Elementary School, New Brunswick Livingston Elementary School, Union Livingston High School Livingston Park School Livingston Public Library Lodi High School

Long Beach Catholic Elementary School Long Branch High School Long Island School of the Gifted Long Valley Middle School Lord Abbett LLC Lord Stirling School, Basking Ridge Lord Stirling School, New Brunswick Lou Gehrig Academy Loudonville Elementary School Louise A. Spencer Elementary Lounsberry Hollow Middle School Lower & Middle School, Brooklyn Lower Alloways Creek Elementary School Lower Cape May Regional High School Lower Lab School Lower Manhattan Community Middle School Lubavitch on the Palisades Lucy N. Holman Elementary School Luis Munoz Marin Elementary School Luther Lee Emerson School Lyceum Kennedy French American School Lynbrook High School Lynbrook South Middle School Lyncrest Elementary School Lyndhurst Adult Services Lyndhurst High School Lynn Crest Elementary School M.E.T.S Charter School, Jersey City M.E.T.S. Charter School, Newark Maarif School Mabel G. Holmes School #5 MacAfee Road School MacKenzie Elementary School Macopin Middle School Madden Outdoor Education Center-Boces Madison Avenue Baptist Church Madison Avenue Elementary School Madison Elementary School Madison Elementary, Irvington Madison Elementary, Rahway Madison High School Madison Junior School Madrasatul Ahlis Sunnah MAE Class Magen David Yeshivah Magen David Yeshivah Celia Esses High School Magen David Yeshivah ES Magic Garden School Magic Years Preschool Mahala F. Atchison School Mahatma Gandhi Elementary School #23 Mahwah High School Malcolm S. Mackay School Malcolm X Shabazz High School Mamaroneck Avenue School Manasquan Elementary School Manasquan High School Manchester Regional High School Manchester Township High School Manhattan Business Academy Manhattan Charter School Manhattan Charter School #2 Manhattan Christian Academy

Manhattan East School for Arts & Academics Manhattan High School for Girls Manhattan Village Academy Manito Elementary School Manville High School Maor Yeshiva Maple Avenue Middle School Maple Place School Maple Ridge Maple Road School Maplewood Middle School Margaret Mace Elementary School Margaret Vetter Elementary School Maria L. Varisco-Rogers Charter School Marian E. McKeown Elementary School Marie Katzenbach School for the Deaf Marie V. Duffy Elementary School Marine Academy of Science and Technology Mario Drago School # 3 Marion P. Thomas Charter Middle School Marion P. Thomas Charter School Marion P. Thomas Select Elementary Marion T. Bedwell Elementary School Marist College Liberty Partnership Program Marist College Upward Bound Program Marist High School Marlboro Elementary School Marlboro High School Marlboro Middle School Marsh Avenue School Marshall Hill Elementary School Learning Unlimited Marshall W. Errickson School Martin Center for the Arts PS 41 Martin J. Ryerson School Martin Luther King, Jr. Elementary School #11 Martin Luther King, Jr. School #6 Marwah Academy Mary A. Hubbard Elementary School Mary McDowell Friends School Marymount School Marymount School of New York Lower Middle School Mater Dei High School Mathematics, Science Research, and Technology Magnet HS Matheny Medical and Education Center Matheny School Matthew Jago School #28 Maurice Hawk Elementary School Mawbey Street School Maximum Tours Maxson Middle School McGalliard Elementary School McKenzie School McKeown School McKinley Avenue Elementary School McKinley Elementary School, New Brunswick McKinley Elementary School, Newark McKinley Elementary School, North Bergen McKinley Elementary School, Westfield



McKinley School McNair Academic High School MCVSD - LPN MCVSD - Middletown MCVSD - PCA Meadowbrook Alternative Program Bellmore-Merrick Meadowbrook Elementary School Meadowbrook School Melvin H. Kreps Middle School Memorial Day Nursery Memorial Elementary School, East Brunswick Memorial Elementary School, Maywood Memorial Elementary School, Montvale Memorial Elementary School, Paramus Memorial High School, West New York Memorial Junior School, Whippany Memorial Laurence Harbor School Memorial Middle School, Cedar Grove Memorial Middle School, Eatontown Memorial Middle School, Fair Lawn Memorial Middle School, Little Ferry Memorial Middle School, Spotswood Memorial Middle School, Woodland Park Memorial School, Union Beach Mendham Township School Menlo Park Elementary School Mercer County Community College VIP Program Mercer County Technical School Mercer Elementry School Merit Preparatory Charter School of Newark Merriam Avenue School Merritt Memorial School Metropolitan Washington Mensa Metuchen Christian Academy Metuchen High School MG Elite School Middlesex Community School Middlesex County College Middlesex County Vocational Academy of Math, Science & Engineering Middlesex County Vocational and Technical School, East Brunswick Middlesex County Vocational and Technical Schools, Piscataway Middlesex High School Middletown Day Nursery Middletown High School Middletown Village Elementary School Midland Elementary School Midland Park Jr. - Sr. High School Midland School #1 Midtown Community Elementary School Miftaahul Uloom Academy Mildred Barry Garvin Elementary School Milford Brook Elementary School Mill Lake Elementary School Millburn Middle School Millburn Township Public Schools Miller Elementary School Miller Middle School

Millhill Child and Family Development Center Millington Elementary School Millstone River School Millstone Township Elementary School Milltown SACC Minisink Valley High School Miraj Academy Mission Society of New York Mohawk Avenue School Mohonasen High School Monmouth Academy Monmouth Beach Elementary School Monmouth County Vocational School District Monmouth Junction School Monmouth Ocean PAL/Gables Elementary School Monmouth Regional High School Monroe Campus YABC Monroe High School, NC Monroe Township High School Monroe Township Middle School Monroe Woodbury Middle School Montague Township School Montague Township School District Montclair Board Of Education Montclair Child Development Montclair Community Pre K Montclair Cooperative School Montclair High School Montclair Kimberley Academy Montclair Kimberley Academy Lower School Montclair Public School District Montclair State University Montebello School Montessori 31 Montgomery Academy Montgomery County OIC - Camp Xtreme Montville Township Public Schools Morgan Elementary School Morris Catholic High School Morris County School of Technology Morris County Vocational School District Morris Hills High School Morris Knolls High School Morris School District Morristown Beard School Morristown High School Mosaic Prepatory Academy Mosdos of Greenville Most Blessed Sacrament School Mother Seton High School Mother Seton Parochial School Mott Elementary School Mott Hall IV Middle Mount Arlington Elementary School Mount Arlington Public School District Mount Carmel Guild Academy Mount Elementary School Mount Horeb Elementary School Mount Olive High School Mount Olive Middle School Mount Olive Township School District Mount Pleasant Elementary School, Livingston


Mount Pleasant Elementary School, West Orange Mount Prospect Elementary School Mount Saint Mary Academy Mount Vernon Avenue Elementary School Mount Vernon City School District Library After School Mount Vernon School Mountain Hill School Mountain Lakes High School Mountain Park School Mountain View Elementary School Mountview Road School Mrs. P’s Small World MS 126 John Ericsson Junior High School MS 136, Brooklyn MS 219, Bronx MS 328, New York MS 35, Brooklyn MS 358, Jamaica, NY MS 447 Math and Science Exploratory School MS 571, Brooklyn MS 61, Brooklyn MUA Mudpies Learning Center Muhammad University of Islam Mullica Township Primary School Multicultural High School Murray Avenue School Murray Hill Academy Murray Hill Neighborhood Association Mustard Seed School My Little School My Little University Myers Corner School Myles J. McManus MIddle School N.E.W. Christian Academy Naaleh High School For Girls Nacaw Day Care Center Nasry Michelen Day Care Center Nathan Hale School Nathaniel Hawthorne Elementary School Nation Builders Academy Navesink Elementary School Nellie F. Bennett Elementary School Nellie K. Parker School Neptune High School NEPTUNE TOWNSHIP SCHOOL DISTRICT Netcong Elementary School Netherland Reformed Christian New Bridge School New Brunswick High School New Brunswick Middle School New Brunswick Pre-K Programs New Brunswick Public Schools New Concepts for Living New Directions Secondary School New Dorp High School New Egypt High School New Hanover Township School New Hope Missionary Baptist Church New Hope School New Horizons Community Charter School New Jersey City University New Jersey Institute of Technology

New Jersey Regional Day New Jersey United Christian Academy New Milford Public School District New Pathways Academy New Point Residential New Providence High School New Providence School District New Roberto Clemente School New Testament Church School New Utrect High School New Visions Charter High School for Advance Math & Science New Visions Charter High School for the Humanities III New World Prep New York Center for Interpersonal Development - SONYC New York Edge New York Institute for Special Education New York School for the Deaf Fanwood Newark Academy Newark Christian School Newark Early College Newark Educators Community Charter School Newark Museum Newark Prep Newark Public School Head Start Program Newark Public Schools Newark School 10 Newburgh Free Academy Newburgh Prep Charter High School Newell Elementary School Newmark School Newton High School Newton Public School District Nicholas Copernicus Polish School Nicholas Murray Butler School #23 Nicholas Oresko #14 Nicholas S. Lacorte-Peterstown School #3 Nicolaus Copernicus Elementary School #25 Nishuane School NJ Regional Day School NJIT/Center Pre-College Programs Noble Leadership Academy Noor Ul Iman Nord Anglia International Norman S. Weir Elementary School Normandy Park School North 10th Street School North Arlington Middle School North Bergen Head Start North Bergen High School North Bergen Public Schools North Bergen STEM Academy North Boulevard School North Bronx School Of Empowerment North Brunswick Township High School North Cliff School North End School North Haledon School District North Hudson Community Action Corporation North Hudson Community Action Corporation Head Start North Hudson Community Action School

North Hudson Head Start, Union City North Hudson Head Start, West New York North Jersey Elks Developmental Disabilities Agency North Plainfield High School North Plainfield Middle School North Plainfield School District North Star Academy North Star Academy - Alexander St. North Star Academy Charter School North Star Academy Clinton Hill Middle School North Star Academy Downtown Middle School North Star Academy Elementary School North Star Academy Lincoln Park Elementary School North Star Academy West Side Park Elementary North Star Academy West Side Park Middle School North Warren Regional School District Northeast Elementary School Northern Highlands Regional High School Northern Valley Regional High School At Demarest Northvail Elementary School Northwest Christian School Norwin High School Norwood Public School Notre Dame Academy Notre Dame Interparochial NS Community Improvement Council, Inc. Number 2, Linden Number 3 Elementary School, Fairview Number 4, Linden Number 5, Linden Number 6, Linden Nut Swamp Elementary School Nyack High School Nyack Middle School NYJTL at PS 219 NYU Best - Benjamin Banneker Academy Oak Grove Elementary School Oak Hill Academy Oak Knoll School of the Holy Child Oak Street School, Basking Ridge Oak Street School, Lakewood Oak View Elementary School Oakcrest High School Oakwood Avenue Community School Ocean Avenue School Ocean County Christian Academy Ocean County Vocational Technical School, Brick Center Ocean County Vocational Technical School, Jackson Ocean County Vocational Technical School, SD Ocean Hill Collegiate Charter School Ocean Road Elementary School Ocean Township High School Office of Community Schools Office of Science, Newark Ogdensburg Borough School District

Old Bergen Child Developement Center Old Bridge High School Old Farmers Road School Old Turnpike School Oliver Street School Ollie E Culbreth, Jr., School #14 Omega Child Development Center One World Middle School at Edenwald Oradell Public School Orange Avenue Elementary School Orange County Community College - Bio Club Orange High School Orange Preparatory Academy Orange School District Orange-Ulster BOCES-ISS Oratory Preparatory School Orchard Elementary School Orleans Niagara BOCES Ossining Children’s Center OST Willamsburg Our Children’s Academy Our Lady Help of Christians Our Lady Help of Christians School Our Lady of Czestochowa School Our Lady of Good Counsel Our Lady of Grace School, Bronx Our Lady of Grace School, Fairview Our Lady of Guadalupe Academy Our Lady of Mercy Our Lady of Mount Carmel School, Asbury Park Our Lady of Mount Carmel School, Elmsford Our Lady of Mount Carmel School, Middletown Our Lady of Mount Carmel School, Tenafly Our Lady of Mount Carmel, Boonton Our Lady of Peace Our Lady of Perpetual Help Our Lady of Sorrows, Hamilton Our Lady of Sorrows, White Plains Our Lady of the Assumption School Our Lady of the Lake School Our Lady of Victories School Our Lady Queen of Martyrs Our Lady Star of the Sea, Cape May Our Lady Star of the Sea, Staten Island Overlook Childcare Center Oxbridge Programs Oxford Academy Middle School Oxford Street Elementary School Pace Charter School Pack 24 Den 6 Packanack Elementary School Packer Collegiate Institute Palisades Children’s Center Palisades Country Day School Upper School Palisades Park Jr. - Sr. High School Paradise Knoll Elementary School Paramus Catholic High School Park Avenue Elementary School Park Elementary School Park Ridge High School Park Side Preschool II Park Slope Collegiate Parkside Preschool Parkside Preschool III Parkview Elementary School, Milltown

Parkview Elementary School, Westville Grove Parkway Elementary School Parsippany Christian School Parsippany High School Parsippany Hills High School Pascack Valley High School Pascack Valley Learning Center Passaic Academy for Science and Engineering Passaic Arts and Science Charter School Passaic Arts and Science Charter School, Clifton Passaic County Community College Passaic County Technical Institute Passaic County Technical Institute: LPN Program Passaic County Vocational School District Passaic Family Head Start Passaic Gifted and Talented Academy School No. 20 Passaic High School #12 Passaic Preparatory Academy Passaic Public Schools Passaic Valley High School Paterson Academy for the Gifted and Talented Paterson Academy for Urban Leadership Paterson Arts and Science Charter School Paterson Charter School for Science and Technology Paterson Family Center Paterson Pre-Collegiate Teaching Paterson Public School #12 Paterson Public School #26 Paterson School #24 Paterson School 13 Patricia M. Noonan Elementary School PS #26 Patrick M. Villano Elementary School Paul Robeson Community School for the Arts Pave Academy Pe’er Bais Yaakov Pearl R. Miller School Peddie School Pelham Academy of Academics and Community Engagement Pelham Preparatory Academy Pemberton Township High School Pennsauken High School Pennsylvania Elementary School People’s Preparatory Charter School Pequenakonck Elementary School Perry L. Drew Elementary School Personalized Learning Academy Perth Amboy Catholic Elementary School Perth Amboy Catholic Primary Perth Amboy Catholic School Perth Amboy High School Main Campus Perth Amboy High School South Campus Perth Amboy Public School District Peter Cooper School Philip G. Vroom #2 Philips Academy Charter School

Philips Academy Charter School of Paterson Phillipsburg Middle School Phipps Neighborhood P & J Phipps SONYC Afterschool Program at Bronx Academy Phoenix Preschool Phyls Academy Pierrepont Elementary School Pieter B. Coeymans Elementary Pillars Prepartory Academy Pine Street School Pines Lake School Piscataway Public Library Piscataway Vocational and Technical High School Plainfield Academy for the Arts and Advance Studies Plainfield High School Plainfield Municipal Utilities Authority Plainfield Public Schools Play and Learn School Play and Learn School 2 Playhouse Child Development Pleasantville High School Pleasantville Middle School Pocantico Hills School Pohatcong Township School Point Pleasant Borough High School Polish Supplementary School Polish Supplementary School of Karol Wojtyla Pomona Middle School Port Colden Elementary School Port Jervis Middle School Port Monmouth Elementary School Port Richmond High School Portugese Language School of Union Post Road School Poughkeepsie High School Poughkeepsie Middle School Poughkeepsie Seventh Day Adventist Praise Kids Camp President Barack Obama Elementary School #34 Pride Academy Charter School Prime Time Center Prime Time Early Learning Center, Edgewater Prime Time Early Learning Center, Paramus Prime Time for Kids Upper School Primetime Center Primoris Academy Primrose School of Warren Princeton Day School Princeton Junior School Princeton Montessori School Princeton Public Schools Prodigy Learning Professional Children’s School Project Eco PROMESA Promise Academy Charter School PS - IS #323 PS - IS #48 PS - IS 30, Brooklyn PS - MS #138 Sunrise PS - MS #29 Melrose School PS #1 West New York PS #107 Bronx PS #11 New York

PS #11 Paterson PS #11 Woodside PS #111 Seton Falls PS #112 New York PS #114 Ryder Elementary PS #119 Bronx PS #123Q Jamaica PS #127 East Elmhurst PS #129 New York PS #139 Alexine A. Fenty PS #146 Edward Collins PS #146 Howard Beach PS #15 Jackie Robinson School PS #15 Paterson PS #15 Patrick F. Daly PS #153 New York PS #154 X PS #158 Bayard Taylor PS #16 Paterson PS #16 Staten Island PS #160 PS #161 Ponce De Leon PS #166 The Richard Rodgers School of the Arts and Technology PS #170 Brooklyn PS #172 Beacon School of Excellence PS #176 Brooklyn PS #178 Dr. Selman Waksman PS #178 Saint Clair Mckelway PS #179 Bronx PS #18 Edward Bush PS #189 New York PS #194 Countee Cullen PS #2 New York PS #2 West New York PS #20 Brooklyn PS #20 Jersey City PS #208 Alain L. Locke PS #218 Bronx PS #219 Flushing PS #229 Dyker PS #23 Annex, Jersey City PS #23 Staten Island PS #230 Doris L. Cohen PS #244 Richard R. Green PS #245 Brooklyn PS #28 Paterson PS #29 Yonkers PS #3 New York PS #3 Staten Island PS #3 West New York PS #30 Jersey City PS #30 New York PS #306 Brooklyn PS #310 Bronx PS #32 Staten Island PS #329 Surfside PS #354 Sheltering Arms PS #360 Bronx PS #362 Far Rockaway PS #372 The Children’s School PS #38 Roberto Clemente PS #380 John Wayne Elementary PS #39 Staten Island PS #4 Cliffside Park PS #42 Staten Island PS #44 Thomas C. Brown PS #45 Staten Island PS #46 Arthur Tappan PS #5 Staten Island PS #5 West New York PS #50 Children’s Aid Society

PS #52 Sheepshead Bay PS #527 East Side School for Social Action PS #53 Staten Island PS #54 Hillside PS #54 Staten Island PS #54 The Magnet School for Environmental Science, Tech PS #58 The Carroll PS #59 William Floyd PS #6 Paterson PS #6 Staten Island PS #60 Staten Island PS #63 Author’s Academy PS #63 New York PS #65 Brooklyn PS #68 The Port Richmond School Of Visionary Leari PS #69 Journey Prep PS #75, Bronx PS #79 Whitestone PS #8 New York PS #861 Staten Island PS #87 William T. Sherman PS #889 Brooklyn PS #89 Bronx PS #89 Cypress Hills PS #9 Ryer Avenue Elementary School PS #90 Edna Cohen School PS #91 Camba Afterschool Program PS #92 Adrian Hegeman PS 18, Staten Island PS 35, Staten Island PS 36, Staten Island PS 52, Staten Island PS 67 Charles A. Dorsey PS 74, Staten Island PS 748, Brooklyn School For Global Studies PS 78 Cornelius Vanderbilt Purchase School Purnell School Putnam Northern Western BOCES Quarter Mile Lane Elementary School Queen City Academy Charter School Queen of Peace Elementary School Queens High School for Information Research & Technolog7 Queens United Middle School Quitman Street School R.D. Wood School R.P. Connor School R.T. Hudson School Rabbi Jacob Joseph School Radburn Elementary School Radcliffe Elementary School Rafael Cordero Elementary School #37 Rafael Hernandez School Rahway High School Rainbow Land Preschool Rainbow Land Preschool 2 Rainbow Montessori School Ralph R. McKee Career and Technical Education HS Ralph S. Maugham School Ramapo College of New Jersey Ramapo High School Ramapo Ridge Middle School Ramaz Middle School Ramaz School Randall Carter School Randolph High School

Randolph Middle School Ranney School Raritan High School Raritan Valley Chapter, The Links Incorporated Raritan Valley Community College Raymond Voorhees Elementary School Reaching Individual Student Excellence Reade Street Prep Readington Middle School Rebecca Turner Elementary School Red Bank Charter School Red Bank Middle School Red Bank Regional High School Redshaw Elementary School Redwood Elementary School Reenas Bais Yaakov Renaissance Charter School Renaissance Institute Renaissance Middle School at the Rand Building Rev. Dr. Frank Napier, Jr. School Reverend Dr. Ercel F. Webb PS #22 Reverend George Brown Elementary School Richmond Avenue School Ridge High School Ridge Ranch School Ridge Street School Ridgefield Memorial High School Ridgefield Park Jr. - Sr. High School Ridgefield School District Ridgewood Avenue Upper Elementary School Ridgewood High School Ridgewood Montessori School Riker Hill Elementary School Ringwood Christian School Rise Academy Rising Ground Rising Star Academy, Bergenfield Rising Star Academy, Union City River Edge Girl Scouts River Edge Public Schools River School, Exchange Place River School, Jersey City River School, NYC Rivera Community Middle School Riverdale Country School Riverdale Public School Riverdale School Riverdale-Kingsbridge Academy Roberge Elementary School Robert E. Bell School Robert Frost School Robert Fulton Elementary School Robert Fulton School Robert Fulton School Annex Robert Gordon Elementary School Robert Graves Elementary School Robert H. Goddard Middle School Robert J. Kaiser Middle School Robert L. Craig School Robert Morris School Robert Morris School No. 18 Robert Moses Middle School Robert N. Wilentz Elementary School Robert Treat Academy Charter School

Robert Waters Elementary School Roberto Clemente Elementary School Roberto Clemente School Robertsville Elementary School Rocco Laurie 72 Rockaway Valley School Rockefeller University Rockland BOCES New Vision Health Careers Rockland Country Day School Rockland County B.O.C.E.S. Rockland Jewish Academy Rombout Middle School Ron Brown Academy, MS #57 Ronald Reagan Academy School No. 30 Rondout Valley Intermediate School Roosevelt Elementary School, North Arlington Roosevelt Elementary School, Rahway Roosevelt Elementary School, So. Plainfield Roosevelt Intermediate School, Westfield Roosevelt Middle School Roosevelt School, Kearny Roosevelt School, Lodi Roosevelt School, Lyndhurst Roosevelt School, Manville Roosevelt School, New Brunswick Roosevelt School, Ridgefield Park Roosevelt School, River Edge Rosa International Middle School Rosa L. Parks School of Fine and Performing Arts Rosa Parks Elementary School Rose Grammar School Rosehill Manor Roseland Child Development Roselle Catholic High School Roselle Day Care Center Roselle Park Middle School Roselle Preschool Roselle Public Schools Roseville Community Charter School Ross Street School Round Valley School Rowan Pre-Health Society at Rowan University Rowan University Roxbury High School Roy C. Ketcham High School Roy W. Brown Middle School Royal Montessori Rumson Country Day School (Horizon) Rumson Fair Haven Regional High School Russian Mission School of the UN Rutgers Cardiac Stenography Program Rutgers Day School Rutgers Future Scholars-Newark Rutgers NJ Medical School-SMART Program Rutgers NJMS Rutgers Prepatory School Rutgers School of Health-Related Professions Rutgers SEBS International Programs Rutgers University Newark-CIMIC Rutgers University Seeing Eye Puppy Raising Club



Rutgers University, New Brunswick Rutgers University, Piscataway Rutgers-Newark, Urban Teacher Education Program (UTEP) Rutherford High School Ryerson Elementary School S.A. Myrtle Middle School S.A.R. Academy S.S. Seward Institute Sacred Heart Elementary School Sacred Heart School in Monroe Sacred Heart School, Camden Sacred Heart School, Jersey City Sacred Heart School, Lyndhurst Sacred Heart School, Staten Island Saddle Brook High School Saddle River Day School Sage Day School, Boonton Sage Day School, Mahwah Saint Adalbert’s School Saint Agnes Cathedral School Saint Aloysius E.S. Saint Andrew the Apostle School Saint Ann’s School, Lawrenceville Saint Ann’s School, Yonkers Saint Anne’s Roman Catholic School Saint Anthony Learning Center Saint Anthony School, Elizabeth Saint Anthony School, Yonkers Saint Augustine of Canterbury School Saint Augustine School Saint Bartholomew School Saint Benedict School, Holmdel Saint Benedict School, Newark Saint Bernards School Saint Cassian School Saint Catherine School Saint Cecilia’s Saint Charles School Saint Clare School Saint Cloud School Saint Dennis Saint Columbus Saint Dominic Elementary School Saint Dominic School Saint Elizabeth School Saint Francis Academy Saint Francis Cathedral School Saint Francis Xavier School, Bronx Saint Francis Xavier School, Newark Saint Genevieve School Saint James Elementary Saint James School, Basking Ridge Saint James School, Woodbridge Saint James the Apostle School Saint Jerome School Saint John School Saint John the Apostle School Saint John Vianney High School Saint John’s University - STEP Program Saint Joseph Academy Saint Joseph Elementary School Saint Joseph Grade School Saint Joseph of the Palisades Elementary Saint Joseph School for the Blind Saint Joseph School, Carteret Saint Joseph School, East Orange Saint Joseph the Carpenter School Saint Joseph’s Hill Academy Saint Joseph’s School, Bronxville Saint Joseph’s School, Jersey City

Saint Leo the Great, Lancaster Saint Leo the Great, Lincroft Saint Leo’s Elementary School Saint Margaret of Cortona Elementary School Saint Margaret School Saint Mary of the Assumption High School Saint Mary’s School, Fishkill Saint Mary’s School, Hackettstown Saint Mary’s School, Ocean Saint Matthews School Saint Michael’s School, Cranford Saint Michael’s School, Lyndhurst Saint Michael’s School, Newark Saint Nicholas School Saint Patrick School Saint Paul Interparochial School Saint Paul the Apostle Saint Paul’s School Saint Peter’s Preparatory School Saint Peter’s School Saint Peter’s University / RYSCE Stars Saint Phillip the Apostle School Saint Pius X Saint Raphael School Saint Rose Grammar School Saint Rose of Lima Saint Rose of Lima Academy Saint Rose of Lima School Saint Stephen-Saint Edward School Saint Teresa School, Staten Island Saint Theresa School, Kenilworth Saint Thomas the Apostle School, Bloomfield Saint Thomas the Apostle School, Old Bridge Saint Veronica’s School Saints John and Paul School Salem Drive School Salem High School Salome H. Long Memorial School Salome Ureña Elementary School Salon Professional Academy Salt Brook Elementary School Salvation Army / Brownsville Day Camp Salvation Army Summer Camp @ PS 17 School Salvatore R. Calabro Elementary School Samoset Middle School Samsel Upper Elementary School Samson G. Smith Middle School Samuel E. Shull Middle School Samuel L. Berliner School Samuel R. Donald Elementary School Sandshore Rd. Elementary School SAR High School Sara M. Gilmore Academy Sarah Ward Nursery Satellite Academy Saugerties Junior High School Sayreville Middle School Scarsdale High School Scholars and Leaders Academy School #1 Clifton School #10 Linden School #10 Paterson School #11 Clifton School #14 Clifton School #16 Clifton


School #17 Clifton School #18 Paterson School #19 Paterson School #2 Clifton School #2 Passaic School #2 Paterson School #21, Paterson School #21, Yonkers School #22, YOnkers School #27, Paterson School #29, Paterson School #3 Cliffside Park School #3 Clifton School #4 Clifton School #5 Clifton School #5 Passaic School #5 Paterson School #6 Cliffside Park School #8 Paterson School #9 Yonkers School of Architecture and Construction Trades School of Medicine at Seton Hall University School of St. Elizabeth School of the Future Brooklyn School One School Settlement Association PS #34 School Street School School-Based Youth Services at Snyder High School Schuyler Colfax Middle School Schuyler Elementary School Science Park High School Science, Technology and Research Early College Scotch Plains Fanwood High School Sea Girt Elementary School Sea Shore School Secaucus Board of Education Secaucus High School Secaucus Middle School Seneca Middle School Seth Boyden Elementary School Seton Hall University Seton Hall University School of Diplomacy Seton Hall Upward Bound Seven Bridges Middle School Shalom Torah Academy Shalva High School Shark River Hills Elementary School Sheltering Arms Children and Family Services Shepard Prep High School Shepard School Shewsbury Borough School Shiras Chaim Shongum School SIBS Place Sicomac Elementary School Sinai Christian Academy Sinai Special Needs Institute Sisters Academy Sixteenth Avenue School Skillman Child Development Center Sleepy Hollow High School Sloatsburg Elementary School Slocum Skewes School Smart Start Academy Snyder High School Soaring Heights Charter School

Solomon Schecter Day School Somerset Bible Baptist Christian Academy Somerset County Vocational and Technical High School Somerset School Somerville Elementary School Somerville High School South 17th Street School South Amboy Elementary School South Bergen Jointure Commission South Bronx Charter School South Brooklyn Academy South Brunswick Community Education South Brunswick High School South Hackensack Memorial School South Main Street Elementary School South Middle School South Mountain Annex South Mountain Co-Op South Mountain Elementary School South Mountain Elementary-Annex South Orange Middle School South Orangetown Middle School South Plainfield High School South Richmond High School South River High School South River Middle School South Street Elementary School Southbay Junior Academy Southern Boulevard School Southern Regional Middle School Southwood Elementary School Sovereign Avenue School Sowing Seed School Spanish American Day Care Center Spark Academy Elementary School Sparta High School Spectrum 360 Lower School Speedway School Spencer Miller Community School Speyer Legacy School Sports and Arts 271X Sports and Arts at JHS 144 Sports and Arts at PS 40 George W. Carver Sports and Arts In Schools Foundation 238Q Spotswood Cares Spotswood High School Spring Academy Spring Creek Community School Spring Garden Elementary School Spring Lake Heights School Springfield Genius Academy Springs School SS Seward St Bartholomew’s Academy St John Vianney School St. Ann School, Raritan St. Ann’s School, Brooklyn St. Athanasius School St. Bridgid Catholic Academy St. Dominic High School St. Ignatius School St. John Villa Academy St. Joseph School St. Joseph’s School for the Blind St. Luke’s School St. Martin De Porres School St. Mary High School, Rutherford

St. Mary’s School, Williamstown St. Patrick’s School St. Paul School St. Paul’s Day School St. Stanislaus Kostka Catholic Academy St. Stanislaus Kostka School St. Vincent Martyr School Star Academy Star Career Academy Stars Academy Starting Points of Hudson County Staten Island Christian Home Educators Staten Island School District 31 Staten Island Technical High School Steinert High School Stellar Academy STEM Academy Middle School STEM Alliance of LarchmontMamaroneck STEM Innovation Academy of the Oranges STEM Institute of Manhattan STEMCivics Step by Step Step to Success 7 Stephen Gaynor School Stephen J. Gerace School Stepping Stone Nursury School Stepping Stone School Steps To Success 3 Steps To Success 5 Stevens Cooperative School, Hoboken Stevens Cooperative School, Jersey City Stevens Institute of Technology Stevenson Elementary School Stockton Borough School District Stony Brook Elementary School Stony Brook School Stony Lane Elementary School Stony Point Elementary Storm King School Strathmore School Stuart Country Day School of the Sacred Heart Success Academy Success Academy Bed-Stuy Middle School Success Academy Bronx 1 Middle School Success Academy Bronx 2 Middle School Success Academy Bronx 3 Middle School Success Academy Bushwick Success Academy Charter Schools Success Academy Fort Greene Success Academy Harlem 2 Success Academy Harlem North West Success Academy Harlem West Middle School Success Academy High School of the Liberal Arts Success Academy Hudson Yards Middle School Success Academy Midtown West Middle School Success Academy Union Square Success Academy Washington Heights Success Academy Williamsburg

Suffern High School Suffern Middle School Summerfield Elementary School Summit School Summit Senior High School Sunny Brae Elementary School Sunshine Learning Center SUNY Orange SUNY Rockland Community College Super Kids Learning Center Supertots Educational Center Supertots II Educational Center, Inc. Susan Wagner High School Sussex Avenue Renew School Sussex Middle School Sussex-Wantage Regional School District Sweet Peas Learning Center T. Baldwin Demarest Elementary School Taft Elementary School Tamaques Elementary School Tappanzee High School Tati’s Small World Team Academy Charter School Teaneck Community Charter School Teaneck High School Technology High School Temple Hill Academy Terence C. Reilly School 7 Terrill Middle School Tessa International Tewksbury Elementary School The Academy Charter School The Barack Obama Green Charter HS The Benjamin School The Birch Wathen Lenox School The Brick Church School The Bridge Academy The Bronx Charter School for Better Learning The Brunswick School The Cathedral School The Catholic High School of Baltimore The CEA School The Center School The Chatham Day School The City of Linden/Raymond Wood Bauer Promenade The Community Charter School of Paterson The Cornwall Central Middle School The Creston Academy for Responsibility and Excellence The Deron School of New Jersey The Doane Stuart School The Early Childhood School-West The East Flatbush Community Research School The Elysian Charter School The Embankment School The Evergreen State College The Family School The French American Academy The Goddard School, Denville The Goddard School, Sparta The Goddard School, West Windsor The Goddard Schoolm Englewood Cliffs The Good Shepherd of the Little Ones The Growing Tree The Harmony School

The Harvey School The International School at Dundee The International School of Brooklyn The Jesse Kaplan School The Kingsborough Early College Secondary School The Lang School The Leaguers Inc. Headstart Centers The Learning Center for Exceptional Children The Learning Circle The Learning Experience, Edison The Learning Experience, Englewood Cliffs The Learning Experience, Hoboken The Learning Experience, Lyndhurst The Learning Experience, North Bergen The Learning Experience, Old Bridge The Learning Experience, Whippany The Learning Experience, Woodbridge The Metropolitan Soundview High School The Montessori Children’s Academy The Neighborhood Charter School of Harlem The New Jersey Japanese School The Newmark School The Peck School The Phoenix Center The Pingry School The Polish School of Staten Island The Quad Manhattan The Red Oaks School The Salk School of Science The Sapling School The School at Columbia University The SEEALL Academy PS #180 The Shefa School The Studio School The Summit House The Summit School The Sundance School The United Synagogue of Hoboken Learning Center The Urban Assembly School for Criminal Justice The Village School For Children The Vision School The Waldo School The Washington Market School The Wilberforce School The Winston School The Young Women’s Leadership School of Brooklyn Thelma L. Sandmeier Elementary School Theodore Roosevelt Elementary School Theodore Roosevelt School Thiells Elementary School Thirteenth Avenue/Dr. Martin Luther King Jr Thomas A. Edison Career and Technical Education High Sc Thomas Edison School Thomas G. Connors Elementary School Thomas Jefferson Elementary School Thomas Jefferson Middle School, Rockaway Thomas Jefferson Middle School, Teaneck

Thomas Jefferson School, Morristown Thomas Jefferson School, North Arlington Thomas P. Hughes School Thompson Middle School Thorne Middle School Throggs Neck Girl Scouts Thurgood Marshall Academy Thurgood Marshall Elementary School, Asbury Park Thurgood Marshall Elementary School, Irvington Timothy Christian School Tinton Falls School District Tiny Tots Haven Day Care Center Today’s Learning Center Toll Gate Grammar School Tomer Dvorah Elementary School Toms River High School East Toms River Intermediate School South Torah Academy of Bergen County Torah Academy of Long Island Torey J. Sabatini School Tots World Tottenville High School Township of Ocean School District Tranquility Adventist School Transfiguration Academy Traveling Homeschoolers Llc Travell Elementary School Trenton Central High School Triangle Elementary School Trinity Childcare Trinity Christian School Trinity Lutheran School Trinity Preschool Trinity Temple Academy TRIO Talent Search Trivium Academy of NJ Troop 2775 Troop 40152 Troy Hills Elementary School TSBT Partners Inc. Tulsa Trail School Tuscan Elementary School Tutor Time Tuxedo Park School Ulysses Byas Elementary School Ulysses S. Grant School # 7 Union Catholic High School Union City Day Care Union City Early Childhood Learning Center Union City High School Union County College Union County Educational Services Commission Union County Teams Charter School Union County Vocational Technical School Union High School Union Hill Middle School Union School Union Settlement Union Square Academy for Health Sciences Union-Endicott High School United Activities Unlimited at PS 45 United Activities Unlimited at PS 55 United Nations International School Unity Charter School

University Academy Charter High School University Elementary School University Heights Charter School University Heights Elementary School University High School University Middle School University of Indianapolis Upper Greenwood Lake School Urban Scholars Community School Vails Gate Magnet School Valley Cottage Elementary School Valley Road School, Clark Valley Road School, Stanhope Valley Stream Christian Academy Valley View School, Califon Valley View School, Watchung Van Derveer School Venture Program Vernon Township High School Veterans Memorial Elementary School Veterans Memorial Middle School Veterans Memorial School AMSA Viaquenti Preschool Vibrant Kids Child Care Center Victor Mravlag School No. 21 Villa Maria Academy Village Charter School Village Elementary School Viola Elementary School Virgil I. Grissom Elementary School Virgin St. Mary and St. George Summer Camp Visions Day Care Visions Early Childhood Learning Center Visitation Academy Visitation School Von E. Mauger Middle School Voorhees High School Voorhees Middle School Voorheesville Middle School W.L. Antheil Elementary Wahlstrom Early Childhood Academy Waldwick High School Waldwick Middle School Waldwick School District Waldwick Seventh Day Adventist School Wall High School Wall Intermediate School Wallace Elementary School Wallkill Valley Regional High School Walnut Avenue School Walter B. Howard Elementary School CSD Walter O. Krumbiegel Middle School Walter Stillman Elementary School Walter T. Bergen Middle School Wanaque Elementary School Wantage School Ward School Wardlaw-Hartridge School Warnsdorfer Elementary School Warren County Technical School Warren G. Harding Elementary School Warren Hills Regional High School Warren Middle School Warren Point Elementary School Warring School Warwick Valley Middle School

Washington Academy Washington Avenue School Washington Community School Washington Community School #9 Washington Elementary School, Edison Washington Elementary School, Hawthorne Washington Elementary School, North Arlington Washington Elementary school, Roselle Washington Elementary School, Summit Washington Elementary School, Union Washington Elementary School, Washington Twp. Washington Elementary School, West Caldwell Washington Elementary School, Westfield Washington Irving Elementary School #4 Washington Middle School Washington School, Caldwell Washington School, Kearny Washington School, Lodi Washington School, Lyndhurst Washington School, Millburn Washington School, Nutley Washington School, Rutherford Washington South School Washingtonville Middle School Watchung Elementary School Waterfront Montessori Watsessing School Weehawken Board of Education Wesley D. Tisdale Elementary School West Brook Middle School West Caldwell Vocational Tech High School West End School West End Secondary School West Essex Regional High School West Essex YMCA West Hempstead High School West Morris Central High School West Morris Mendham High School West New York Board of Education West New York Middle School West New York PS3 West Orange High School West Point Middle School West Ridge Elementary School West Road Intermediate School West Windsor-Plainsboro High School North West Windsor-Plainsboro Regional School District Westchester Day School Westchester Torah Academy Westfield Friends School Westfield High School Westhampton Beach High School Westlake School Westmoreland Elementary School Weston Science Scholars Westwood Junior - Senior High School Whippany Park High School White Plains High School

White Rock Elementary School Whitney Young, Jr., Elementary School PS 15 Whittier Elementary School Whole New World Academy Wilbert F. Mays Seventh Day Adventist School Wildwood Elementary School Wildwood Programs Willard Elementary School William A. Carter Elementary School William Annin Middle School William B. Cruise Memorial School # 11 William C. McGinnis Middle School William E. Grady Career and Technical Education High Sc William F. Halloran School No. 22 William J. McGinn School William Paterson University William Woodruff Elementary School Willow Grove Elementary School Wilson Avenue School Wilson Elementary School Wilson School Windsor Bergen Academy Windsor Learning Center Windsor Preparatory High School Windward School Winfield School Winfield Scott School No. 2 Winfield Township Elementary School Winslow Township Middle School Winston Preparatory School, New York Winston Preparatory School, Whippany Winthrop Elementary Wood Ridge Intermediate School Woodbridge High School Woodcliff Middle School Woodcrest School Woodland Elementary School Woodland Hills Private School Woodmont Elementary School Woodrow Wilson Elementary School, New Brunswick Woodrow Wilson Elementary School, Westfield Woodrow Wilson High School Woodrow Wilson Middle School Woodrow Wilson School #10 Woodrow Wilson School #19 Woods Road School Woodside Avenue School Woodside Elementary School Woodstock Day School Word of Life Learning and Resource Center World of ABC World of Wonder Daycare Center Wyoming School Yaldeinu School Yalzeinu School Yantacaw School Yardville Elementary School YDE School Yeshiva Kehilath Yakov Yeshiva of Central Queens Yeshiva Ohavei Torah Yeshiva Shaarei Tzion Boys School Yeshiva Tifereth Moshe

Yeshivah of Flatbush Joel Braverman High School Yeshivat He’Atid Yeshivat Netivot Montessori Yeshivat Noam School Yeshivat Ohel Torah YingHua International School Yonkers Christian Academy York Prep School Youth Advocate Program



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